Mother's Little Helpers (2019) - full transcript

When Joy Pride, a groovy 70's burn-out on the caboose of the flower power movement, learns she has weeks to live, her estranged children come together to do right by a mother who always did...

You know what takes up so
much space and luggage? Jackets.

- I hate it.
- Dave, can you come here a minute?

What's up? You okay?

I knew it! I knew it!
I knew it when we were doing it.

- I love you.
- Oh, my God. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

It was the night after Alex and
Jane's place, by the way. I called it.

- It was New Year's Eve.
- Well, come on.


So you think we should
wait and tell people this time?

Oh, we wait. Lesson learned
on that one, right?

Someone keeps calling me. Shut up.

No one's gonna take our moment,
no matter what.

God, who the fuck is calling me right now.

- It's my fucking mom.
- Don't answer it. Don't...

- I know, I... I haven't been...
- Don't let her do this to you.

Don't let her do this to us.

- Do I go?
- No, you should definitely...

- Goddammit, she keeps calling like six times.
- Oh, God.

- I'm just gonna fucking take it.
- I see.


You what?

Okay, okay. Can you just
give me a minute and I'm gonna

talk to Jude,
I'll talk to the girls and then

I'm gonna call you back, okay?
Okay. Bye.

- No.
- She said that she is dying.

Oh, come on. You do not...

need to unfuck every situation.
You have three siblings.

but if she is then, like...

Someone doesn't have to be
my wife and my child.

- Love you.
- I love you. I gotta go.

- Okay. Go, go. Okay.
- I have to leave.

Are you gonna take care
of yourself? I'm annoying.

- I'll take care.
- Do what you need to do

- and I gotta find my jacket.
- Okay. Okay.


Jude. Jude.

- What were you doing outside?
- Nothing.

Doesn't your ankle bracelet
alarm go off when you go outside?

- I was in the driveway.
- Who is that?

A friend.

From where?


Mom says that she has cancer.

- And you believed her?
- That's exactly what I'm saying.

Listen, Jude,
could you just make sure

this does not roll
onto her shoulders again?

Are you available
to maybe go visit her?

Low battery, recharge unit.

- Okay.
- My guy is here.

KXRF getting the lid out on a
Friday with a Led Zeppelin rock bloc.

Let's turn it over to the ladies about
to play a little bit of Joan Anne.

Joan Anne and Joni Mitchell, no love
lost between those two. Check it out.

♪ Grandma told
The doctor's son ♪

♪ Boy, without love
You can't go on ♪

♪ It makes the whole world
Turn around ♪

♪ The love machine ♪

♪ The love machine
Makes a woman feel bound ♪

♪ Love started to weep
And dream ♪

♪ Day overcame the first grief ♪

♪ And now just in time
To learn ♪

♪ The love machine ♪

♪ The love machine
Makes the world turn around ♪

The mailbox is full and cannot
accept any messages at this time. Good bye.

You've reached the
office of Dr. Lucy Pride.

If this is an emergency,
please hang-up and dial 911.

leave a message after the tone.


I'm still
shocked that you're here.

What's going on?
What'd the doctor say it was?

Mom, you called your kids and you told
them that you were dying of cancer

- but you didn't actually go to the doctor.
- No,

I do not go
to the doctor, you know me,

- and that is not a thing that happens.
- Mom,

the thing is is that you don't actually
know if you're dying of cancer or not.

- So...
- Oh, like... like... like I'm lying?

It could be pneumonia and then we
could just give you antibiotics, or...

Or you could rattle off
names of all kinds of diseases

from here to next week.
You could do that.

- What does that even mean?
- It's a waste of time.

You could have died in a... in
a plane crash on the way here.

We don't know what... we don't know. But
something's gonna get every last one of us.

Okay? And I... I got the drugs.
I got that taken care of.

You know that's right.

You know that's right.

Can we just go
to the hospital right now?

- Does the van work?
- I don't know if the van works or not.

Good luck with that.
I don't know where my keys are.

Smartypants, I don't...
I don't miss that at all.

She hasn't even gotten
her test results, so, you know,

we'll see
what's actually going on.

I... I just worry
about you.

You promised you're gonna
take care of yourself.

I will.
Oh, I did try calling my aunt.

Aunty Trashcan is off the map.
My mom got some interns

to help
with organic worm farming.

Well, I'm just
really worried about you.

I don't want her
to bring you to the dark side.


- Hi, Dr. Watson.
- You got to see this mushroom.


How long do you think?

Hello, can you hear me?

Hello. Hi.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Hi, Julia.

So amazing. Oh, my God.
We're all on this thing.

Wow, I haven't seen you
in so long.

This is so amazing.
You guys do this all the time?

- No. No, we definitely don't.
- Yeah. I do.

- Where are you right now?
- I'm at Mom's house.

- Hey, Sadie, you're at Mom's house right now?
- Mm-Hm.

Yeah, where is she?
Can we say hi to her?

She's asleep. Um...

I wanted to call you guys, I don't want to,
like, do any like grapevine calling but, um,

I talked to the doctor.
She has lung cancer. It's stage four.

Wait, I can't...
I cannot hear. I can't hear anything

with... hey, Jude, can you... I can't...
their munching is a lot. I can't hear...

Can you... Jude, can you just...
Jude, get off your fucking phone, dude.

What the fuck. You guys...
you guys just shut the fuck up and listen.

Mom has stage four lung cancer.
She's gonna die.

- You need to calm. I can't hear you.
- What?

Mom has stage... oh, my God.

- Please, I... just please let Sadie...
- You guys,

Mom has stage four lung cancer
and she's gonna die.

So this is the time where you
stop making it all about you.

She's gonna be dead.
She's not gonna remember.

And you're gonna have to live with
whatever the fuck you decide to do.

So you can come here
and do the right thing

and come to Texas
or you can just fucking continue

being obsessed with yourselves.

That's a really shitty way
to tell us, Sadie.

Way to go.
Yeah, really good work there.

- Well...
- I'm gonna go.

No, no, no, no, Jude, can you
stay here for just a minute?

- I'll see you guys later.
- Hey, Jude, can you stay

- for just a...
- Wait.

Alright, I'm gonna go, too.
I love you, guys. Bye.

I don't know how
to hang up on this.

I don't know how to stop
the thing from going.

- Can you come?
- Huh?

I'm saying everyone's hanging up
and... and you guys spent

20 minutes trying to get me
on this Google,

this Hangout thing,
and now I don't know how to...

I don't even know
how to press no.

You just click the red button.
Just move your...

move your mouse down
and then there's a red circle,

just wiggle it
over the red circle.

What red button?

There's a...
just wiggle your mouse.

Do you know what...
like, find the arrow

and then push the red button.

It's Paul's laptop.
I don't even understand.

I mean this took
so long to get me...

Yeah, it's real,
it's happening.

And looks like I'm gonna be
here a while.

None of my siblings are coming.

Don't internalize it,
all right?

Don't let it go to your...

Sadie, what I think
I'm trying to say

is I love you and I am worried.

I know you're trying
to help but you're not.

So can we just change
the subject?

She saw us all the band photos

from the '70s when she
was still out on tour.

You're a wonderful
daughter, whatever she says.

You know you're tired
and I am so tired.

We never know this might be
your last night.

Can we take a selfie
before you go to sleep?

Gross. Yes.

- Without your tube?
- Yes. Yes.

Am I gonna kill you if
I take it out of your face?

- Please.
- I'll put it right back down.

- Does that feel okay?
- It feels great.

Okay. We need
something to show the kids.

- Is this really happening?
- Yeah, we are doing it.

This is what's happened
to photography.

Yeah, I am a professional, so I
do actually know what I'm doing.

I may not have taken any famous
record covers, yet, like you,

- but I do do it for a living.
- That's beautiful, honey.

I actually canceled
a shoot to come to you.

- So you'll lose the money?
- A lot of money.

Now I feel guilty.

I remember like...

putting a camera
in your hands one time.

I remember that.

And I remember how excited
you were.

Yeah, that makes sense
that you're doing this.

Yeah, and I would like get
the cats and dress them up

in Lucy's baby clothes.
It was a big deal.

- Yeah, it is a big deal.
- I'm a big deal now.

I mean not as big
a deal as you but...

So what are you shooting?

Weddings mostly.

Well, you know,
got to start somewhere.

- They're cool.
- They're cool weddings?

Yeah, I... all my weddings
look like band albums.

I mean I was published like
in the New York Times

and had a lot of blog,
you know, coverage this year.

It was actually
a really good year.

I mean don't settle.

Keep dreaming.

You got your whole life
ahead of you, I mean...

you know what I'm saying?


Paycheck is a paycheck,
don't get me wrong,

but I'm just saying.

You grew up in this house. Okay?

Can I get a hit of your oxygen?
I'm feeling a little...

Thanks, Mom.

- I'm tired.
- Me, too.

Maybe we've been
too hard on you.

Not now, Sadie,
Mom is not feeling good.

Sadie, I know you can make
yourself a bowl of cereal,

I've seen you do it.

Mama is sleeping,
go ask your aunty.

Go find Aunty Trashcan, alright?

Go find Aunty Trashcan.

- I have a request.
- Okay.

I'm just wondering if maybe I
could move this to my mom's house

so that
I could take care of her.

I mean that's definitely
within reason.

I mean your mom's
not doing so hot

and, yeah, like, I don't see why they
wouldn't approve something like that.

And then like... look at that.

- It's like an app.
- Eww, wait, what?

It's an app
for plastic surgery.

But what... is she
carrying that or did

- she just get that done?
- No, that's like post-op.


- Okay, chill the fuck out.
- Dude.

- Can you not be talking about...
- She can't hear anything.

Okay, okay,
you need to calm down.

I haven't seen her
in a long time. I don't want you

- to be talking about...
- Shut out.

- I just don't want to be talking...
- Okay.

You all be quiet,
I'm trying to sleep.

Hi, Mom. Good morning.

- Hi, Mom.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Look at Mommy.

- Hi.
- Julia, where is she?

How are you, Mom?

What are you all doing here?
Chill me a little bit. Hi.

- Hi.
- Hello, honey.



- Oh, not you too.
- Hey, you too.

Not you too, little sneaky
little thing over there.

- Hi, Mom.
- Hi.

You look so good.

I would... you would never know.

Boy, you hadn't
changed a bit.


No. No. Y'all,
this is so funny

that y'all
are all here right now 'cause

it reminds me
so much of this one time...

one of many times, whatever...

when Van Morrison was coming through
and we used to go to every concert,

you know,
you all know that, and... anyway,

- Van Morrison, I was backstage...
- Uncle Van.

Yeah, he used to put me like
on his shoulders.

- He was funny.
- It was the Grateful Dead.

Yeah... I can't...
you know what, I think it could have been.

- It could have been.
- That's what you told me.

I was there.
It was Van Morrison.

Anyway, it was a band...

- Could have been either one.
- ...they came to her house

and had some fun and I woke up

and they were all there.
And that's what reminds me...

that's what brings
me back to this moment.

Nurse is here.

I don't need a nurse.

- Hi.
- Hi. How are you?

- Good.
- Hi.

- Hey, buddy. Hi Ms. Pride.
- Hi.

- Hi. How are you?
- I'm... I'm good. I'm fine. I'm fine.

You know... you know you should
put that back in, alright?

- Okay.
- Yeah. You need to get your oxygen.

- I know.
- Yeah. Let's go ahead and check your level.

No, I haven't
stuff off my nostrils.

That stuff up your nostrils
is gonna help you breathe.

- Okay. Yeah, alright.
- Let's go ahead and I'll check this for you.

- Yeah, so your oxy is a little low...
- Okay.

- I'm really gonna need you to keep that in, okay?
- Okay.

Can I have a talk
with you guys?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Come back here.

See you. Okay. Bye-bye.

You keep that thing
in your nose.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Thanks, Lucy.
- Love you.

No, no, no, that's my seat.
That's my seat.

- Are you serious?
- Yes.

- Oh, my God.
- What do you mean?

That's your seat.

- Your name is Nurse Cool?
- Is that your real name?

- That's so cool.
- That's a great name.

Wait, do you have to deal with
people doing that all the time?

- Um, yes.
- Thank you.

I get it 'cause, you know, I like to
keep myself calm. I'm very calming, so.

- Yeah, and cool, okay.
- Let's get started here.

So, these are your...
your... your mom's final days

and I'm here to help
you guys prepare for that.

And everyone needs
to do their part,

alright? Your job is going to be
to help keep her comfortable,

to administer
her medications.

- I'll do that part.
- It's very important.

You and I can...
talk about that afterwards.

- You have experience in that field?
- She's a doctor.

- Oh, you're a doctor?
- I am.

she's gonna be taking opioids.

And we want to keep

- the dose on a time schedule.
- Yeah, I know that. I get it.

We're gonna need someone
to take her vitals.

This, that I've been using here,
tracks her blood oxygen level.

You just put it
on her finger like this.

Also you're gonna want
to start thinking about

funeral arrangements or funeral homes.
I have a list that I can suggest.

And I want
to suggest this book.

It's called
Gone from My Sight.

It talks
about the dying experience

and it helps the family cope.

They give the book to everyone,
it's just like Dying 101.

Also I'm gonna ask that
you guys do a caring journal.

I think that's very important.

You can just jot down
how you're feeling.

- You can keep one...
- I am not doing the journal.

Not everyone has to do a journal.
You don't have to do a journal.

I will do the journal.

I would just like just
to be able to do as, like...

I want to be able to know that
we've done absolutely everything,

like, when Mom dies,
I don't want

in a few months
from now we hear about like a...

like a drug that, you know,
we didn't know about

or we didn't do the research on,
I know that you're doctor and

you're nurse but, like, have
you, like, had any experience

with crystals or, like,

certain incense,
like some oil...

I mean I don't think
incense is the best...

- she has O2 machine but it's okay.
- Okay.

It's okay.

I'm gonna leave you my card.

If you guys have
any questions at all,

- I want you guys to call me.
- Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- Thanks, Cool.

Thanks, Nurse Cool.

- Hey, how's it going?
- It's good.

I wanted to make sure
that everything's working...

working out with your move
with your mom.

Yeah, they are. Um...

thank you for setting this up
for me. I appreciate it.

Yeah, you got it. You got it.

Well, look,
this is a routine call.

I just wanted
to make sure that, uh,

you're in your new location
and everything's good.


So what's going on with you?

Just, uh...

just checking up
with my clients.

That's what I call
my... my perps.

Oh, am I a perp?

Well, look, I...

I just wanted to call
and make sure that you...

are okay. And...

I'll be making these calls
every so often just to make sure

you're doing
what you need to be doing.

And it sounds like you are.

I will talk to you
again later.

- Alright.
- Bye.


Mom wants
to throw a party.




This book, dude,
is freaking me out.

What to expect when you're
expecting someone to die.

We got a checklist.

- Irregular breathing.
- Yeah.

- Then it goes back to normal.
- Maybe.

- Surge of energy.
- Possible.

- Decreased blood pressure.
- Not every time.

Fish-out-of-water breathing.
What the fuck is that?

You know when you do your fish out
of water and it tries to breathe.

- That's awful.
- I just feel like I'm like a loaded gun just

waiting like, is this the surge
of energy? Is that the breath?

What's a blood pressure and like,
you're just waiting for that second.

Here's something that
will give you no solace at all.

People die in all sorts
of different ways at anytime.

What's it like
when it's like it's?

I had to lie to a family
just the other day.

I look at this guy
and he's actively dying

and the family is like,
"Is there anything we can do to save him?"

And I have to look this beautiful
crying family in the eyes

and make them believe that there
is still some kind of hope.

I notice like... feel
like there's some sort of list,

- like, I can just...
- Fish out of water breathing?

- Yeah.
- Did you guys know grandpa?

- I did not know. I had no grandpa.
- No. Apparently, he sucked.

Grandpa took me fishing
and I remember he, like,

took this beautiful fish
out of the water. It's like...

feel like it was called
like rainbow trout and, like,

so beautiful. I don't know
if it was rainbow trout,

but he, like, pulled,
we were waiting all day and then

he pulls this fish out
and it was like this being

and it comes up
on just like, ah!

And then it like... I just sat
there and I just watched it...

die on the dock,

going bah...

Yep, that's the breathing.

Okay, alright.
We'll keep an eye out for that.

Adjust this
slightly up, okay?

- How high should I go?
- Around eight.

- Okay.
- Around eight is good.

See we're already seeing
an increase.

- Wee!
- That'll do it.

I don't mind him
coming around.

Hey, Mom.



- What? What in the world are you doing in here?
- Just...

- Taking inventory?
- Taking inventory, yeah.

Oh, good. Yeah,
you got to count those pills.

That really matters now, right?
My little fancy Lucy.

My little fancy doctor.

Who would've thunk it, huh, one
of my offspring become a doctor.

Thanks, Mom. You know I still
don't know if it was worth it

or if I should have just
dropped out and become a mime...

Or be a painter, Lucy.

Didn't have to just like
so much more fun though

than taking care of sick people
like me. Gross.

- I don't know how you do it.
- I kind of find it fulfilling.

Can you say the same
about what you do?


- I...
- Yes, you just

went running as fast as you could
in the opposite direction, I guess.

Yeah, I definitely
learned what I didn't want.

- You're welcome.
- I found it. Look at this! Look at this!

- Look...
- Sadie, what in the world...

- Look at this.
- You can snoop it around.

I cannot believe
that you found this.

Oh, did you take
this picture, Mummy?

- I did.
- I found the record.

- Why, I'm certain...
- I found the Joan Anne record.

- The record?
- The record.

- Oh, my God!
- Isn't that nice?

Yeah. I know.
I was just backstage

- and right there.
- Oh, my God!

I'm here to tell you,
it's like back in the day

of Stevie Nicks,
Joni Mitchell and Joan Anne.

There she was.
And there I was snapping away.

The backstage,
it's pretty awesome.

Oh, my gosh. Do you guys
remember when I dyed my hair

to look just like Joan Anne and I
did, I looked just like her.

Oh, my gosh, Mom,
and when I went off to college,

- there is like this...
- You went to college?

Oh, my God, I went for two months.
It was right before...

Let's not talk about it.

What we should be talking about
is should Julia go blond again

and as a blond, maybe
you should stop wearing Crocs.

- Ooh, interesting. Compelling argument.
- Controversial.

I have had
so many conversations.

I think I've had
multiple conversations

with each of you
or at least one conversation

with one of you
about these Crocs.

I am telling you,

you have not even experienced
this level

of comfort and luxury until
you put them on your foot.

- It is like done.
- None of us are gonna do that.

- Do not... No. Do not do that.
- What does... why... why won't you put your foot into the Croc?

- Because it's a Croc.
- You know what, Julia...

- Just put your foot in it.
- Excuse me.

I've actually been
thinking about this a lot.

What I would really,
really love

is that when y'all lay
my body down, okay...

that you put those Crocs
on my feet

and bury me in those Crocs.
That's what I want.

Mommy, that would mean
so much to me.

You know that way
I could rid the shame

that those Crocs have brought
to this family, for real.

- Alright.
- You know what I mean?

That's not us. I didn't
raise you that way, Julia.

We're too good for Crocs.

- You are not even a gardener.
- Are you joking?

Or do you want
to be buried in the Crocs?

Hey, we're just picking up
worms for your mom.

So you grab one.

- Jesse, chill dude, why going so fast.
- They're worms, dude.

You're gonna put them in shock
and they'll stop working.

Hi, Mom.

Hey, Julia.

Hey, I made
you a cup of tea.

Oh, my God.

- Thank you so much.
- Of course.

I was just dreaming
about this cup.

Mom, that's weird.
That's so connected.

I know. Julia, we've always had
like that... like that weird,

- like...
- Like, I've always...

I've always thought of you
as a very powerful,

you know, spiritual leader
of the community.

And I feel
like right now more than ever

you might be having some, like,

Jesus like... I feel like you're
a little bit like Jesus.

But, Mom, I wanted to ask you,
and you don't have to...

you don't have to answer
this if you don't want to.

In fact...

yeah, you know what,
it's too dark.

- Julia.
- It's too dark.

Julia, spit it out, honey.

So, like, you're here now and soon
you'll be taking a very exciting...

vacation which you
will never return from.

I just wanted to know...

I wanted to know your thoughts and opinions
about how you would like to be buried

and what type of religious
ceremony you want to have.

No religion whatsoever.

I was thinking I could call
the local parish

- and see if they have somebody available.
- Oh, hell no. no, no.

No, honey, I don't believe
in any of that crap.

You're not gonna save my soul right
now, if that's what you're trying to do.

You told me you believed
in God multiple times

and I feel like
you're backtracking on those...

- belief systems maybe.
- Oh, God, that was weird.

- What happened?
- No, it was like...

it was like your face went back to
like when you were six years old

and then back to an adult and then
back to six and then back to an adult.

Oh, now that was weird.

Mommy, I can't tell right now
if you're being really cute

if you're having an acid
flashback or if you're dying.

No. But I liked it. That was cool,
like, to see you when you're a little.

Not really. I was never
much of a singer, Julia,

but you used to listen to me
and used to tell me I was good.

I remember you being able
to sing better than Joan Anne.

Honestly, Mom,
you're like a beautiful...

Do you remember
that song, it was like...

♪ This is a story
About four wet pigs ♪

♪ Two of them little
And the other two big ♪

♪ Two of them little
And the other two big ♪

♪ They danced all night
At the big town jig ♪

You told me it was about
the four of us. I remember that.

♪ Big as a barn
And tall as tree ♪

♪ Take them all down
To the factory ♪


♪ Well, slice them into
Pork chops Bacon and hams ♪

♪ Squeeze them into sausage
Pork spam spam ♪

♪ Throw them little eyes
Out in the rain ♪

♪ Pickle them feet
And scramble them brains ♪

♪ Open their goodness
That they never gave big ♪

♪ It is though not
At the big town jig ♪

I'm tired.
I'm so tired, Julia.

- You should take a nap.
- I'm going to go.

I'm going to go.

Okay, Mom.
Just take a nap.

♪ My young love said to me ♪

♪ My mother won't mind ♪

♪ And my father
Won't spite you ♪

♪ For your lack of kind ♪

♪ As she stepped away from me ♪

♪ Till her wedding day ♪

That's our opener
right there. Yeah, I liked it.

- I think it's great.
- That was great. That was beautiful.

Definitely let's do it.
Let's put it in the party.

Julia sings opening number.
And then I think, you know, we need...

- can you be on food?
- Yeah, I'll call that cornbread guide and get that barbecue.

Perfect. And can you guys
go call people through the Rolodex

and that's just your divide and
conquer. And then I can talk...

- I don't know about that.
- Just going through the Rolodex,

- so just calling...
- I don't want to do that.

What if you take care of Mom and
you just be her point person,

just the go-to?
Does that sound good?

- Okay.
- Okay. That's what I need to do.

I'll do music.
And then I think

that we've got
ourselves a fucking party.

Fucking hootenanny.

We have a fucking hootenanny.

This is great, guys.
This is awesome.

Next performance.

Here he goes,
turpitude dance performance.

I always thought
your dancing was too sexy.

I feel like when Jude would
dance at school dances and stuff,

it would be like... it would
be like record scratch.

Well, at least none of us
danced on the pole, right?

- What's up, Mom?
- ♪ the secretaries ♪

♪ Sayin', "Here, now
Mama, come on over here" ♪

♪ Instead, I'm stuck
Here rubbin' ♪

♪ These fenders with a rag ♪

♪ And walkin' home
In soggy old shoes ♪

♪ With them steadily
Depressin' ♪

♪ Low down mind messin' ♪

♪ Workin'
At the car wash blues ♪

♪ You know a man of my... ♪

Get here in the back.

Ah, cool.

Just... you can just... if you'd
just close it a little bit.

- Hey.
- Hey.


Oh, nice.

- Isn't it great?
- Yeah, great, dude.

- Ah, it's big.
- Oh yeah. Yeah. Thanks.

- Jude. Your name is Jude, right?
- Yeah.

It's kind of...

Hold on.

- Oh, that feels great.
- Yeah.


- No, it's not gonna.
- What is...

It's beeping. Goddammit.

- Are we in reverse?
- We can't. Just put me over.

Yeah, got it.
Do you prefer it from behind?

- Yeah, I like that.
- I don't like that.

- This looks like this seats eight.
- I know.

Oh, wow. Oh, this is better. This is better.

- Goddammit.
- No, this is good.

- No, I'm sorry. I can't.
- Is someone breaking into your car?

No. Just... just... One more...

Yeah, yeah.

- Very sensitive car, man.
- Yeah.

- That's good.
- Yeah.

- Is it your van?
- No, it's my mom's van.

Oh! oh! Oh, fuck.

- Fuck.
- Oh.

Oh. Thank you. Hold on. Hold
on. Oh, my God. You still going?

This is roomy. What is this?
This is not an Odyssey?


- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.

Alright. Bye.



You okay?


Alright. Sorry, it's just
I usually do the calling.

Oh, yeah. Is this weird?

Should I... this is weird.
I shouldn't have called you.

- I'm gonna hang up now.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, it's...

it's not weird,
it's just... it's just uncommon.

I guess I just hadn't heard
from you in a few days and I

wanted to check in.

Well, I... I appreciate that.

Usually, my checking calls
are just once a week.

- Oh.
- But...

thanks for being so proactive.


How's your week been?

It's been all right.

How's your mom doing?

What do you do? Like,

what do you do when you're not
like probation officer Sanchez

probing people?


I don't do much really.

I just don't believe that.

I'm pretty boring.

I have a dog.

What is your dog's name?


Your dog's name is Janice?

That is the dumbest dog name
I have ever heard.

I mean that's the best
you could come up with?

I didn't come up with that.

It was my niece.

First time raising
that's what she named her.

- Do you have any pets?
- No.

I can barely take care of myself.
I think you know that.

I think you're doing
pretty good,

and I think you're taking time
out to take care of your mom.

Not everybody would do that.

I don't want to go to AAA.
It's a cult.

My sister's in like
fifty cults and she is insane.

You don't have to go to AAA.

- You just can't drink.
- I think I'm a terrible person.

You're not.

You don't know me.

I know that you've...

you stopped your life so you can
go and take care of your mom.

That's pretty great.

- Okay, I should go now.
- Okay.


I mean it just feels so good
to be out of the house.

I have been there
for like days.

There were things to do, man.

- There were worms to play transforming.
- Get your worms.

- Gonna get your worms.
- That's a good Mom impression.

- Julia, thanks for driving.
- Just trying to keep the sanctity of marriage intact.

We just need a break.
Thank you so much.

- Later.
- Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Thank you.
- Bye, babies. Bye.

Okay. Cheers to that.

Whoop, alright,
here we go, driving in the city.



My God.

Oh, where am I?

What street is this?

What? Yeah? Oh! What? Uh...

Oh, shit! Oh, my God!
Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Um...

Hi. What is that noise?

Shit. Hello,
is there anybody in here?

Hello? Lucy! Lucy!


Hold on, Mom, don't die.
Hold on.

What the fuck...?

You fucking kidding me?

Hi Nurse Cool,
there's an alarm sounding

and my mom's gonna die.

Yes, I see it.

It's at eight.

Okay. Okay, Mommy.

Okay. Ah!

She breathes.


Yeah, it stopped. It's... I mean
you can hear it, it stopped.

No, I do... I remember now
that you told me.

Yeah. Right.
Totally normal.

Thank you so much.
And I will see you tomorrow.


Handled it.

Do you think that this was
the thing that kind of did it?

I think
it was one of the things.

It's like she was always trying to
get back up to that mountaintop.

Instead, she just dug
herself into a hole.

This one is so good.

Oh, I'm okay, thank you.


Can you keep a secret?


Love you.

- How many months pregnant are you?
- I'm like a week pregnant.

- Oh.
- I'm like, there's a possibility that it might stick.

You're like don't blow weed
smoke in my face pregnant.


Is Dave so excited?

He really wants it
to stick this time.

It will stick.

Super anxious
and stressed out people

still have babies
and super calm and chill

and Zen yoga moms
still have miscarriages.

I think it'll be great.
And I'm also certain

- that you'll fuck up some of the time.
- I'm... I'm prepared for that.

Hi. How are you?

I'm good.

Bring it in, bring it in.

I just had to come here and thank you
for helping me through my first marriage.

You were so great
to me and you comforted me

and you told me
what a period was.

Do you remember
the El Camino?

I do.

You're like, I'm... I was
just drinking my whole life,

- drinking, that's a crime.
- Who gives a shit, right?

You're just starting out.
Did you just high-five me?

You're just
always my hero. My hero.

Well, one thing I do remember
is you coming to the wedding

carrying this giant box,
wrapped in silver and gold, all sparkly,

and inside is a big
old boxy of wine.

We smuggled a lot of illegal
things in an open bed truck,

- I tell you, God.
- I have some happy news.

- I'm on husband number two now. Thank you.
- Oh, I like that.

- We had a good luck, you know.
- We did.

- Didn't we?
- Oh, hell, yes.

I mean we were supposed to die
a long time ago, weren't we?

- Over and over.
- Over and over.

So I just wanted to thank you so
much because I realized I never have.

Oh, you don't have to thank me for anything.
I'm glad I was there for you, honey.

- Oh, my goodness.
- Please say hi to my momma, please.

Best party ever! Whooo!

You guys got to sing, honestly.

♪ Ribbons and roses
And melodies ♪

♪ Under the sun like memory ♪

He missed his calling.

♪ When the daylight comes
Ever all away ♪

♪ I look at you and I think ♪

♪ I can't believe ♪

♪ That you are such
A beautiful ♪

♪ Wonderful
And beautiful woman ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ Yes, I do ♪

♪ Yes, I do ♪

♪ Na, na, na, na, na ♪

- ♪ Yes, I do ♪
- ♪ That's love ♪


I have
a few tricks in my bag.

- I got something to say though.
- Yeah? Hey. Hey, you guys.

- Cousin Bryan has got something to say.
- Yeah, I do. Yeah, you know...

- What are you talking about?
- Something we never talked about.

So I want to let you know how
I feel about everything.

You know, I was doing one of those...
one of those south the border runs for you,

and I drank a beer on the way
back and then I didn't mean

to fall asleep at the wheel
but I did.

And I'd never told you that, I appreciate
you watching out for me. I'd...

that concussion
just knocked me out.

So we had to have
someone to watch over me

for that 24 hours and it
was you. You never said a thing.

You never asked any questions.
You didn't care about the car.

And I just want
to say thank you.

- Repent.
- I did some dirty deeds.

Dirty deeds.

Just let know that
people really appreciate you

and we all love you.

- Thank you, Bryan.
- Cheers.

I remember that. Yeah, yeah, Mom
always take care of Uncle Bryan

and then I had
to take care of you guys

for a week and a half
and I missed school

and I had to repeat
fifth grade.

- Sorry.
- You okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

I'm better than okay.

There are people here today that
I have not seen in over a decade.

Danny Ray, where the hell
did you find him?

I can't believe
he left Patty for an hour.

It's a good party.

It's a great party.

I love you, Mom.

I love you too, son.

Jude. Honey.

Could you do mama
one more favor today?

- Yeah.
- I know you're worn out and you're tired,

but, you know, I just
feel like all these people

came here today to see me
and I kind of feel like

I want to give
them something.

- Okay.
- I want to give them some worms.

Cousin Bryan, he...
he bagged a bunch of them up for me.

So all you got to do
is hand them out.

Wait, the librarian
aged very well.

- Oh, my God.
- Come on.

- Guys...
- What? Did you know Mom and a librarian had a thing?

No. I was just giving Mom
her meds and I noticed

that some of the pills
are missing, some of her opiods.

How many?

I don't know,
at least like a dozen, more.

- That's serious?
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Okay.
- So do you think somebody came in during the party,

like, one of her
fucking hippie friends?

No, I... no one in the house.

No one was in the house.

Nurse Cool actually mentioned
that the other day.

- What?
- What did he say?

I thought he would
have told you guys about that.

- No. What did he say?
- Oh...

- he said that Mom's dailies...
- Yeah.

...were all in order and that...
but the bottle was missing pills.

I don't even know
where the bottle was stored.

I don't... but he said
there was missing pills.

- You should have told us.
- I thought that he was going to tell you.

- He's the official...
- Why didn't... why didn't he tell us?

- Fuck.
- I think I...

It's fucking Jude, dude.

He's like... like
this fucking close to a relapse.

You think Jude
has been taking drugs?

I mean, he had three DUIs,
like, in six months, like...

I told him that

- I was going to tell you guys and I forgot.
- Fuck.

And I also...

Oh, my God.

Do you think it was him?


You want to take this one?


What's going on?

I was giving Mom
her medication

and I noticed some of her...
drugs are missing.

Like, there was one rule

I'd let you live in my house
on one condition.

- Wait, just... if you did...
- No, no,

- No, no, no, no...
- Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

No, no, no.
No. no, no, no. No!

No, no, no.
I did not. I did not.

- I did not take those drugs.
- Hey, that's okay.

I don't know what you're talking
about. That was somebody else.

- Do not blame this on me.
- And... and... that's okay.

And if it was you, you could totally
tell us and it would be fine.

I would... I didn't... I...
I pro... I swear to God.

I swear to God. I swear to God,
I did not touch anything, okay?

So let's just forget this
because this... this... this is...

this is...
this is bullshit.

I am not... I am not, okay?
I'm not...

Fuck you!
Fuck you! Fuck you!

Good job. Good job.
That was nice.

- That was nice of you both.
- Where are you going?

- Where are you going?
- I'm sitting down.

- Do you want some ice cream?
- Yes.

- Hi.
- You doing okay?

No. I... my sisters are...

- killing me.
- First of all, why don't you tell me what's going on?

I don't have... I don't have time
to tell you what's going on.

- Have you been drinking?
- Fuck you. No, I have not been drinking.

And I am going to if you
don't get me out of here.

We did a lot to get you moved, it's not
gonna be that easy to move you right back.

You're gonna have to work through whatever
it is that you're going through right now.

It was pretty easy for you to
move me here in the first place.

No, it actually wasn't.

Do the thing again.

Dude, I need you to breathe.

I don't know what happened
but it's just that's right now.

You know what, you're full...
you are full of shit.

- Dude.
- You are not being, um,

- professional with me at all.
- I know that you have a lot on your plate right now, okay?

God, fuck you, I don't need a fucking
therapy session. Fuck it. Bye.

God fucking.



You need this?

Yeah. Yes, yeah. Yes, I do.

I can't...

leave. I can't stay. I can't
fucking get high. I can't...

Welcome home.

Tell me what's going on?

I'm fucking up.

I'm doing everything I can
not to fuck up and I still...

fuck up.

This isn't a party.
This is a fucking...


Siamese cat party.


Siamese cat.

Mm-Hm, I heard you.

- What are you talking about?
- Like a Rolling Stone.

I have no idea
what you're saying.

The lyric from
"Like a Rolling Stone."

Back in the day,
the Hells Angels,

they... when they
were running drugs,

they used to put a Siamese cat
on their shoulder

to distract
the drug-sniffing dogs.

- What are you saying?
- What are you not getting?

What the fuck is a Siamese cat
had to do with this bullshit?

The worms.

Oh, my God, do I have to fucking
pull it out of you? Just tell me.

- Under the worms...
- Yeah.


She's been mulling drugs...

our whole life.

Fucking... I could have had...
I could have had drugs.

I could have had drugs.
I could have had free drugs.

Fuck you.
Lying fucking sack of shit.

Yeah, but us
accusing him might...

I think we should
just clean up and let him...

- What if it's not him?
- Let him learn how to use... Jude.

- Jude.
- Jude.


What are you doing?
Why you have the worms in here?

What are you doing with the...

Is that a big bag of weed?

- Shit.
- What?


- Don't touch it. Don't get your prints on it.
- Are you okay?

My prints?
Is that a huge bag of cocaine?

Is this yours?

It's Mom's.

Mom's doing coke?

She's been smuggling
drugs through us for years.

- What?
- Aunt Trashcan told me.

She's been smuggling drugs
underneath the worms for years.

Wait, what do you mean? She...

I mean that everything
she's ever told you,

everything she ever
pretended to be for you

is a lie.

And I've been telling you
this for years.

Wait, she used to...
she sent me on the school bus.

Yeah, I delivered worms
all through high school.

I did it, too.

That's what you came back
here for.

You guys, I'm pregnant

and I don't wanna
have a baby in jail.

I want to have it
at home with my husband.

- So I'm gonna get the fuck out of here.
- Congratulations.

- Thank you.
- Oh, that's great. Okay. Well, I am leaving too.

- Oh, wait, I can't.
- We gotta go.

- But Mom is dying.
- I would like to not have

my medical license, which I have
had for six months, revoked.

- No, you're not leaving.
- Six months ago.

- Nobody's leaving this house.
- We can't stay.

- Nobody is leaving this house.
- Julia, you're being crazy.

We are staying in this house,
we are helping our mother die.

Because that's what
we're gonna do

as sisters and brothers.

Because we love each other.

And this week has been...

absolutely the best week
of my entire life.

Oh, my God, you sound like
a fucking crazy person.

Are you serious? Do you understand
how much we have to lose?

I don't give a fucking shit
how much we have to lose.

You listen to me,
little pipsqueak?

We are staying in this goddamn
fucking house together,

otherwise I go to the police
and I fucking tell them

and we all go to prison.
That's twenty years for you,

twenty years for me,
twenty years for...

actually you'd be like
two life sentences.

And I'm not going back to Paul.

I am not going back to my life.
And I am not going back

to that Paul because you guys
don't you understand

I've been trying to get us...

back together...

ever since Mom left
the first time.

And I have been
taking the drugs,

not Jude. Oh, God.

- Yeah.
- You've been acting kind of high this whole week.

- I'm sorry.
- I just thought it was your personality.

I don't fucking know you.

You're literally a different
person every time I see you.

You know what it's fine.

How could you fucking
do that to him?

You ladies were pretty
ready to point your fingers.

I didn't exactly have to prompt
you too hard on that one.

Do you understand
what's happening right here?

We are being manipulated
by her.

This isn't between us.

- I'm gonna fucking talk to her.
- Every time you call me an asshole...

Wait, Sadie,
what are you doing? Sadie?

- I'm gonna fucking talk to her.
- Sadie.

- Sadie.
- It's okay. It's okay.

Julia, fuck off.
Fuck. Jesus.






She's alive.

Hey, Mom.

Pinch her right here,
she hates that.

- I'm serious. Pinch her right there.
- Julia.

Okay, this isn't good.
Can you call Cool?

Yeah, yes. Yes.

Tell him we're gonna
need more morphine.

I don't understand
how to open a cell phone.

- I don't even... who is...
- This is mine, here.


Hi, Nurse Cool. Hi.

- Mom, wake up. Wake up.
- Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

- Wake up.
- Hey, hey, hey. She is unconscious.

And Lucy wants to know
if you can-you... if...

that she can administer
more morphine.

♪ Give me the night ♪

♪ Just give me the night ♪

♪ Just give me the night ♪

♪ Just give me the night ♪

Okay, so Mom's comfortable.

I've given her morphine

and she's not going to wake up.

- She's not gonna wake up?
- No.

So now what happens?

We... we wait. It...
it could take...

hours, days, weeks.


There's no way to tell.

What's gonna make her...

Some people...

wait for loved ones
to visit them.

Some people are waiting
for permission.

Some people even wait
for forgiveness.

If there's anything I can do,

you guys have my number

and I'm available, okay?

- Okay.
- Thank you, Nurse Cool.

- You're welcome.
- Thank you.

Can I talk to you?

I am really sorry
about how I acted earlier.

It's okay.

I just don't really
know how much you know about

kind of how
things went down.

Is there something
you think I should know?

I just feel really guilty.

- Why?
- Because I... I want you to...

not have to know,
like, about everything.

Tell me.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah.

So, I was in college
and I was trying to do my thing

and I got a phone call
from a social worker

that you'd been taken
from the house

and that you were staying
with Aunt Trashcan

because Mom...

had been arrested and...

charged with possession
with intent to sell.

And she was sentenced
to five to seven years,

but she only served one year.

And we lied to you when
we told you that she was...

In Paris.

It was Paris, Texas,
a women's facility there.


So, I got in the car and I drove
back here as fast as I could

and I got back
to the house and...


had overdosed...

and he...


And I thought
he was gonna die that night.

And he... I mean he did die
for a minute.

And Mom was gone.

And I didn't go back
to college.

And I went and I...
and I found Paul,

so I could stick around.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry that you didn't get to do what
you wanted 'cause you were taking care of me.

Thank you so much.

♪ Did someone hurt you
Many years ago? ♪

♪ Did someone desert you
When you needed them the most? ♪

♪ And the pain stayed with you
everywhere you'd go ♪

♪ And it's been so long now ♪

♪ But you just can't seem
To let it go ♪

♪ Maybe it's time ♪

♪ Maybe it's time ♪

♪ Maybe it's time ♪

♪ To tell it
You don't need it anymore ♪

♪ Did you lose someone... ♪

Fuck! Fuck!

♪ 'Cause we ain't got
A long time ♪

♪ And there's a lot to do ♪

♪ Well, first you gotta decide ♪

♪ To leave some things behind ♪

♪ Maybe it's time ♪

How's it going out there?

I found out what Aunty Trashcan
is called Aunty Trashcan.

It's because she's been
smuggling drugs

from Mexico to Canada
my whole life.


I found out that the photo,
Joan Anne record,

she didn't take it.

And I thought that was
her thing, being a photographer,

so I decided to be
a photographer because of her

and she didn't fucking
take it.

So, basically, my whole
fucking life is based on a lie.

Sadie, you just take a breath.
Take a breath, okay?

I really don't want to do this.
I'm a wreck.

Let's... let's talk about this.

She has served
as a cautionary tale.

Listen, you guys need to just...

this isn't for you
to sift through right now.

I just wanna let
this all go, you know.

I don't know how to let her go.
I don't know how to let her just go.

She seems like she's suffering.
It seems like everyone is suffering

and I just want it to stop.

Maybe you guys
just need to lie.

Give her some kind of closure
that you know she's looking for.

I know that's exactly
what she's looking for.

You think I should lie to her?

You lie to your mother. You tell
her she was the greatest person.

You were so blessed
to be her daughter.

And these are her last days maybe
that's what she needs to hear.


I'm gonna do it?

I'm gonna do it.

Fucking lie to her.

What? Got a plan.

We did all the things
in the book

and what we haven't tried yet
is we're gonna lie to her.

We're all gonna lie to her.

About what?

Whatever the fuck
she wants to hear

we're gonna tell her

so she can die.


- We're gonna...
- You said like fighting fire with fire?

My mother lied to me
my entire life.

I don't want to lie.

Well, then why don't
you just tell her the truth?

Don't let your sister
or anybody else take this

and make it about them.

This is why you're there.

So far you're doing pretty good.

I'm really glad you called.

I am, too.

I love you

and I am so grateful
for this time


I forgive you.

I forgive you for all of it.

I remember when you slept through my
wedding that time and you were like,

"I don't really know about that guy Dave.
He seems like a scorer."

And I was like,
"Wait, I love him."

You know you might be right,

you know.
Maybe I deserve better.

Maybe I should like aim higher

and not like get all tied down
with kids, you know,

stay open, like you said.

So I just want you
to know that we are good.

You should feel...

you should feel good.

Joan Anne came to me
in a dream last night

and she said
that she was waiting for you.

She was there with Jimi Hendrix
and she was there with The Grate...

the Grateful Dead
and Janis Joplin

and they are having a party,
an acid party.

They'd put the acid in a huge,

like, forty-ounce
of Jack Daniels

with a little thing on the end
then we could all drink it.

And I don't forgive you for
nothing 'cause you're perfect.

I know
I'm gonna miss you a lot.

Why am I here, Mom?

I can't believe it.
I feel for this.

I feel for this.
I feel for this all again.

I don't want to say goodbye
because I don't...

know who I'll...
I don't know who I'll be

if I don't have you around
to blame for everything.

We're the same.

We both hate reality.

So we do anything we can
to try and...

avoid it.

Actually, I think I had
a really great childhood

even if you weren't in it
all that much.

They were
all the family I needed.

She's dead.

Mom's dead.

We should probably burn those
drugs before Nurse Cool comes.

We're gonna burn a bunch
of weed, send of smoke signals?

Or maybe we can flush the weed
and then burn the drugs.


Yeah, we gotta
get rid of those drugs.

- Hey, hey.
- What?

- It's fine.
- Okay.

There's some more in there.

Hey, pass me
some more, too.

- No, there's more in the bag.
- Yeah.

Well, that's it. That's all.

No, no, no, no, no...
we need to flush that.

We need to flush
that one down the toilet.

♪ Hello ♪

♪ Hello darkness ♪

♪ Step inside ♪

♪ Make the hours
Run thru' the night ♪

♪ Knowing that you're
Far from my heart ♪

♪ It's so hard to live on ♪

♪ But on the day
That you'll return ♪

♪ I know you'll make
My fire burn ♪

♪ When this night is over
You'll be mine ♪

♪ Hello, hello darkness ♪

♪ Step inside ♪

♪ Make the hours
Run thru' the night ♪

♪ Hello, hello darkness ♪

♪ Step inside ♪

♪ Make the hours
Run thru' the night ♪

♪ Hello, hello darkness ♪

♪ Step inside... ♪

Oh, that's nice.
Your mama mixing with you, KXRF.

I always call the Joan Baez
of Joni Mitchell's,

here is a beautiful
slice of Joan Anne.

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em when they tell you
That you gotta go to work ♪

♪ Fuck 'em when they tell you
That you'll always be a jerk ♪

♪ Fuck 'em when they tell you
You don't make enough money ♪

♪ Fuck 'em when they tell you
That your jokes aren't funny ♪

♪ Fuck 'em when they tell you
That you'll never get a girl ♪

♪ Fuck 'em when they tell You
that you'll never See the world ♪

♪ Fuck 'em when they tell you
That you don't know shit ♪

♪ Fuck 'em when they tell you
that you're never gonna get it ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

♪ Fuck 'em all ♪

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