Mother's Boys (1993) - full transcript

Jude Madigan abandons her husband Robert and her three sons without any explanation. Three years later Jude inexplicably returns to reunite her family. However Robert and his new lover Callie see Jude for the true psychopath she is and try their best to protect their sons. Jude embarks on a non stop stalking and harassment campaign against the family, and even seduces her eldest son Kess into committing her acts of violence.

[ Woman ] He's not gonna
get away with this.

You understand you set this in motion
the day you left.

I never said I wanted a divorce,
just some time away.

I was suffocating.

That was several years ago.
You haven't been back since.

And my boys. How can he think
I'm gonna give them up ?

Robert wouldn't divorce me.

I know him.

There must be someone else.

I'm not gonna let it happen.
I'm going home.

You'll only hurt them again.

[ Man ]
As you can see,

there are many differences
between a frog's anatomy and--

Now, one of those differences...

is that when the mother frog
lays her eggs in the pond,

she then abandons her young,
leaving them to fend for themselves.

In your trays
is a fully mature frog specimen.

Why don't we have a little fun now ?
Those with scalpels, pick them up--

[ All Complaining ]

- Oh, how gross.
- [ Teacher ] Now, that's not fair.

Now, we can have a little fun here.
Please pick up the scalpels.

Okay, very fabulous. Now, I'd like you
to make a very precise incision...

right down the middle
of the frog's abdomen.

Moving down to the leg,

and the other person assisting,
peeling back the skin.

You may have to use a little force
to break the skin.

[ Woman Laughing Faintly ]
Kes ? Kes ?

[ Clears Throat ]
Ah, Kes ?

Listen, pal, you got yourself
a championship frog there.

- What d'ya say we give it a go ?
- Come on.

I mean, the frog's dead,
extremely dead.

My personal guarantee to you.

- Come on, just get it over with.
- What d'ya say, pal ?

[ Shrieks ]

[ Class Screaming ]

- Excuse me !
- [ Screams Continue ]

Come in.

Stabbed a dead frog in science.

A few times.

Cynthia's the geek
that knocked everything over.

It has to stop, Kes.

It doesn't have to
be this hard.

Two weeks cafeteria duty.

Pay off those lab costs.

Gonna tell my dad ?

No. You can handle that.

But this is the last time
I wanna see you in here, okay ?

[ Bell Ringing ]

[ Cheering ]

- How'd you get so dirty ?
- Look who's talking.

- [ Youngest Boy ] Callie's here !
- Hi, guys !

Your dad called. He asked me
to watch you 'til he gets home.

- Yes! Nintendo!
- First dibs.

- No way. I said it first.
- You just said "Nintendo."

You know the rules.
Homework before anything.

But I gotta pee.

Pee's definitely before homework.

[ Younger Boys Arguing ]

Come back here !
I'm gonna get you, you little twerp !

I'm not a twerp !

[ Callie ]
Slow down !

- I hate to be the bad guy.
- It's only a game, dork-brain.

- Well, then you wear the handcuffs.
- But I'm the cop.

Why don't you play Trials ?
Then you can be the judge.

- Then who'll be the bad guy ?
- You !

-[Callie] No. Oh, no.
- Oh, yes ! [ Laughing ]

- [ Callie ] Put it on Ben.
- Okay !


[ All Laugh ]

[ Bolt Sliding ]

Hello, Mother.
I didn't mean to scare you.


It's good to see you.

- You look well.
- I feel good.

Ah. So how long
will you be here ?

[ Sighs ]
How's Robert... and the boys ?

You realize Robert's filed for divorce.
Frankly, I've encouraged him.

- Have you met his girlfriend ?
- Yes. They come here every weekend.

Mother, I know that you love
Robert and the boys very much,

and that you want
what's best for them.

But so do I.

You left those boys.
You've been gone for three years.

I know.
It took me a long time...

to get back here,
to understand...

and to forgive myself.

Jude, do you realize...

Kes nearly lost his mind
when you left ?

I want my family back.

Oh, Judith. I don't know that
that would be best for them.


Help me.

- [ Callie ] Bye, guys.
- [ Younger Boys] Bye!

- Hi. Mmm.

- Is everybody all right ?
- Fine. How'd it go ?

- We got the contract.
- You did ? That's great !

- So maybe I'll see you tonight ?
- Okay.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- I'm home !
- [ Younger Boys ] Hey, Dad.

How you doin' ?

- I'm okay.
- Sorry I was late.

I finally get to build
the real one.

So, what happened today ?

- Callie told you ?
- No, she didn't tell me.

I can see something's buggin' ya.

No big deal.
Stabbed a stupid frog in biology.

You what ?

It was already dead.

It's really sick, you know.

These frogs, they have babies
and just leave them to die.

Oh... well, nature...

is sometimes hard
to understand, you know.


Aw, Kes, if something's buggin' ya,
I wish you'd just talk to me about it.

It just makes things a lot easier.

Are you going
to her house tonight ?

I was planning to.

Why can't you just do it here ?

Wait 'til we're
asleep or something.

Jesus, Kes !

It's not like we don't know.


I'm sorry.


[ Sighs ]

- Back in the bag. After dinner.
- What ?

Isn't it amazing how much they eat ?
I have three boys at home.

[ All Laughing ]

All right, you guys.
We're ready.

It's ready.
Who wants the first one ?

More fun than a barrel of monkeys.
Mmm. You're such a good kisser.

- [ Ben ] I think I'll have a bun !
- [ Boys Laugh ]

They're almost asleep.
Ben asked if you'd kiss him good night.

Sure I will.

This is starting to feel
like a family again.

Callie, move in with us.

I'm not sure Kes is ready
to have another woman in the house.

You saw him tonight.
He was happy. We all were.

Marry me.

- How can I help you, Miss... uh--
- Mrs. Roberts.

I'm sorry.
This probably isn't allowed, is it ?

I'd like some information
on the school, if I may.

Didn't I see you yesterday,
talking to one of our students ?

Well, I'm glad to hear that you
keep such a close eye on them.

We try to.

I was just asking him
a few questions.

I find that children are much more
honest than adults. Don't you?

Depends on the adult.
[ Chuckles ]

We just moved into the area,
and I'm checking out the schools.

You know how it is,
having a large family.

I'm not married.

Uh... the buses.
Are they safe on the windy roads ?

Only one accident in 15 years.

A drunk driver
rear-ended one of our buses last year.

Everyone was fine.
Not one lawsuit.


- Children have no place in court.
- No, I suppose they don't.

I'm glad you agree.

Well, shall I show you around ?

No. Actually,
I think I've seen enough.

Thank you.

- Hey, don't do that !
- Why ?

Backwashes, butt-brain.
It's disgusting.

C'mon, let's go.
Everybody in the car.

[ Barking ]

[ Barking Continues ]

Whose car is that ?

[ Barking ]

Somebody must be in the house.
Jocko's goin' nuts.

[ Ben ]
A burglar ?

- Boys, stay in the car.
- I'm comin' with you.

Stay in the car.

[ Barking Continues ]

She's very attractive.

- Where'd you hide my pictures ?
- I want you outta here.

I just wanna see the boys.

- Don't. Not like this.
- I just wanna see the boys.

Wait up there for me.

If you come out,
I'll break your neck.

Wait up there.

It's okay, guys.
It's one of my clients.

let's get the groceries inside.

Bags in the kitchen,
then right upstairs. Chop-chop.

- Can we get something to eat ?
- No, Callie's making dinner tonight.

- Something smells.
- [ Robert ] Perfume.

In the kitchen,
then right upstairs.

[ Sniffles ]

They're magnificent.

Kes is so tall.
He looks just like my father.

What d'ya want, Jude ? The house ?
It's yours. You can have it.

Oh, I just wanna
come home, Robert.

Please let me come home.
I'm sorry.

- I should've never left.
- Right. You should've never left.

I know I can make it right
if you let me try. Please.

It's over, Jude.

I've taken an apartment in town.

I'd like you to bring the boys by.

I owe them an explanation.


She was here when we got home.

She tell you
she came to my office ?

I didn't know who she was,
but she knew me.

She wants to come back again.

What do you mean, "again" ?

She left once before for three months
when Kes was just born,

and then she came back home expecting
everything would go back to normal.

And I let her.

I didn't know what to do.
We had a three-month-old baby.

And she actually thinks
she can do it again.

- Can she ?
- Callie, I'm divorcing her. It's over.

Oh, don't walk away.

Don't let her do this to us.

[ Callie ] It's getting late.
I'm gonna start dinner.

Kes, can I get in your bed ?

Yeah, c'mon.

I was thinkin' about us
talkin' to this judge, Kes.

He just wants to ask us
a bunch of stupid questions.

About Morn ?

She didn't like
to be called Morn.

Call her Jude.

What if I don't remember stuff ?

Well, that's okay.
It's not a test.

[ Sighs ]
I saw her, Kes.

She was at school.

She didn't think I knew her.
But I did.

- What you guys doin' ?
- Ben says he saw Jude at school.

He's full of it.
He was too little to remember her.

I was not !
Callie saw her too.

She asked me if I knew her.
I said no.

Why'd ya say no if ya did ?


I knew Dad was Iyin'.

- Dads don't lie.
- Oh, yeah ?

Think she's comin' back ?
Are we gonna get to see her ?

I don't give a shit
about seeing her, okay ?

But she's our morn.

Supposed to be.
She left us.

I don't even care if she dies.

Take that back !

Take it back !

[ Ben ]
Stop it !

[ Barking ]

Stop it !
Stop it !

Knock it off !
What's goin' on here ?

They said you lied about Morn.

I did. But I...
I was trying to protect you.

By lying ?

Your mother's come back,
and she wants to see you all.

I don't wanna see her.

You don't have to.
She's y-your mom, and she gets to ask.


Can Callie go with us ?

- We'll see.
- [ Sighs ]

C'mon, everybody, back to bed.
Let's try to get some sleep.


[ Softly ]

You bitch.

Why'd you have to come back ?

[ Sighs ]

Why 7


First time, she leaves one kid
for three months, she's a lousy mother.

Second time,
three kids for three years,

it gives us a history
of abandonment, a pattern.

She's unstable.
That'll work for us.

Mark, I don't want her
to see the kids.

We gotta be prepared
if this goes to a trial.

The court must be convinced...

that you're acting only
in the best interest of those boys.

Explain to me how it could be in their
best interest to see a mother who--

The bottom line is,
she's still their mother, Robert !

“Mess she's smok'm' crack
and deem“ drugs,

and even then,
the law is on her side.

- She's their mother.
- So there's nothing you can do.

We could request everyone go through
a complete psychiatric evaluation.

- If she fails, you're in great shape.
- If she passes ?

- You could lose the boys.
- So I have to let her see them.

- Yeah. I mean, unless--
- I kill her.

I can't advise you about that.

Just don't get caught.

[ Robert ]
All right, fellas. Let's do it.

Come on, Kes.

- Thanks.
- I'll see you tonight.


[ Honking ]

[ Elevator Bell Rings ]

My boys.
[ Sighs ]

You're so grown up.

Are those for me ?
They're beautiful.

Callie helped me pick them.

They smell nice.

Why don't you go wait
in the apartment ?


Hello, Kes.

- You okay ?
- [ Sighs ]

I'll pick you up at 3:00.

Oh, we won't be back
from the planetarium.

- I'll pick you up there.
- Great.

If you never want to see me again after
today, I promise you won't have to.

Okay ?

Boys ?

I hope you like 'em.
Go on, open 'em up.

- Cool !
- Do you like it ?

- Wow ! Game Boy ! Thanks !
- I'm glad you like it.

Didn't you like your game ?
I was sure that you would.

Why 7

'Cause the guy at the store said
it was the most challenging.

Kes, are you trying to punish me...
by starving yourself ?

I'm not gonna starve
if I don't eat one dumb sandwich.

You don't have to talk to me that way;
I just asked.

Kes, I want us to be together.

You're too late, Jude.
Dad's marrying someone else.

- Well, how do you feel about that ?
- She's fine.

- But you don't love her.
- I said she's fine !

But you don't love her.
Do you ?

Wouldn't you rather
have a real mother than...

a substitute teacher ?

She's not a substitute teacher.
She's an assistant principal.


Kes. Children belong
with their mothers.

Yes !

Why'd you have to go, anyway ?

I wanted to take you with me.

What about Michael ?
What about Ben ?

They were babies.

They were young.

Anyway, you and I...
we always...

shared a sense of adventure.

Then why didn't you take me ?

Because your father
wouldn't let me.

It was probably her influence.

Oh, come on.
Dad didn't even know her then.

Kes, sometimes daddies lie.

[ Beverage Falling, Spilling ]

I'm sorry.

See ? Milk spills.

Boys, one more game, and then
we're going to the planetarium.

[ Tape Rewinding ]
Hi, Robert. It's Callie. You there ?

I was just calling
to see how it went.

Call me as soon as you can, okay ?

[ Beep ]
Hi, Robert. It's Jude.

I was thinking it'd be great
if you could join us at the show.

I know the boys would love it,
and, uh, so would I.

We're havin' a great time.


[ Laughs Softly ]

[ Planetarium Narrator ]
Like inseparable binary stars...

bound together for eternity...

to spin in the universal seas
of the cosmos,

and as the seasons change,

so do the heavens.

[ Audience ]
Wow ! Ooh !

[ Narrator ] For centuries, men have
looked to these heavens for answers.

They envisioned their gods
illuminating the night,

constantly watching over them,

judging them,
even predetermining their every action.

The ancient Greeks...

identified the planet Venus
as Aphrodite,

the goddess of love and beauty.

Kes, watch your brothers for me.

I'll be right back.

[ Narrator ]
Venus attracts the naked eye,

but rewards it with little detail.

A telescope, however, allows us
to see just what kind of changes...

the planet performs.

They're having a great time.

- I need to talk to you.
- I don't wanna talk.

There are people who are trying
to watch the show.

[ Narrator ] Galileo was
the first astronomer to look at Venus...

with the aid of a telescope.

- Please.
- Its changing phases convinced him...

that Venus must orbit the Sun
and not the Earth.

- I just wanted to say thank you.
- Don't bother.

I can't tell you what it's done
for me today to see the boys.

"What it's done for you."
That's what this is all about, isn't it?

No. This is about us.

You know if you fight me,

I'm just gonna fight you back.

It's my nature.

The boys will be grown.

They'll hate you.

They'll hate me.

I miss you.

[ Laughs ]

Do you remember the time
we did it on the beach ?

Remember how cold it was ?

It was so good.

I love you, Robert.

And I know you love me too.

- How was the show ?
- [ Boys ] Excellent ! Cool !

Let's go outside
and wait for your father.

- You can tell me all about Kelly--
- Callie.

Callie. I knew that.

Sort of sounds
like Kelly, though.



Counselor ?

What's the prognosis ?

Well, I've spoken to
the court psychologist.

He feels comfortable giving testimony
regarding the first time you left.

Postpartum depression,
unsympathetic husband,

woman bails out until her hormones
get back in check, that sort of thing.

It gives us a shot
at joint custody.

- Custody ?
- Yes, custody.

- Isn't that what we're talking about ?
- No.

I want my family back.

All of it.

Well, you should have thought about that
when you ignored all Robert's letters.

I might get the boys back...

and the house;
I mean, it's yours already.

But your husband--
No lawyer can do that for you.

I thought
you'd be further along by now.

- So did I.
- They wanna see something tomorrow.

- I'll have it by tomorrow.
- Is everything okay ?


[ Phone Rings ]

Hello ?

Hello, Robert ?

[ Dial Tone ]

[ Laughs ]

Your work looks good.

Thank you.

I like this window right here.

- Close your eyes.
- Huh-uh.


- This can't happen.
- Why not ?

- I don't love you anymore.
- I don't believe you.

Jude, stop it.

I love Callie.

I'm gonna marry her.

Please go.

Please get out.

I can't believe I've been driving around
with this on my car.

Go ahead.

Jesus Christ.

I'm 28 years old, cautious my entire
life of committing to the wrong person,

really in love
for the first time...

and going through a divorce
with a fucking maniac.

- I won't let her hurt you.
- Do something !

[ Elevator Bell Rings ]

- Oh, Robert.
- Stay away from Callie.

Robert, I'm completely uninterested
in what happens with your little whore.

All I ever wanted was for us
to be happy, to get my family back.

You can't have this family back.
You broke it. It doesn't go back.

- You left us !
- I had to.

Y-You had to ? You--
How did you "have to ?"

Leave Callie and us alone !
Leave us alone !

No ! I will not
leave you alone, Robert !

Because in the court's eyes,
I'm still their fucking mama !

So unless you truly relish...

every penny you've ever earned in your
life ending up in your lawyer's pocket,

you really ought to
think about being nicer.

In the court's eyes, what you did
to those kids makes you a fit mother ?

Look at you. Is this how you are
when the boys are over here ?

No. I'm like this.

[ Laughing ]

And I want Kes for the weekend.

No. Never.

I'll see you in court.

You'll never see the kids again.
Stay away from us !

[ Tape Rewinding ] You'll never see
the kids again. Stay away from us !

Or what, Robert ?

You'll divorce me ?

[ Together ]
Good morning.

Is that your Volvo over there ?

I hear they're
practically indestructible.

Let's drop the pretense,
Mrs. Madigan.

We both know who sprayed
that obscenity on my car.

Your name is Callie, correct ?
Please call me Jude.

Am“ don't know what
you're taking about.

What do you want ?

It's Kes.
I'm... concerned about his studies.

I wish that were true.

- [ Snorts ] Well, then, why am I here ?
- Sizing up the competition ?

There is no competition.

- [ Door Opening ]
- Excuse me.

Oh, I didn't know you were busy.

Callie, could you come and see me
as soon as you're through in here ?

- Sure.
- Hello.


[ Sighs ]


I think I know
what you must be feeling.

But you left.

Robert and I--
We never planned this.

When we met, I was starting this job,
and he was a mess.

Well, now he's happy.
We're happy together.

And you just have to stop
whatever it is you're doing.

You really love him, don't you ?

Yeah, very much.

That's unfortunate.

[ Shouts ]

Stop it ! Stop it !

Help me !

I'm scrum "gust don't
have any better news for you.

Thanks, Robert. I spoke to
a friend of mine at the D.A.'s office.

It seems that she's considering
assault charges against you.

Charges against me ?

Well, that's what she says.

- It's-- It's a game.
- What about Callie's car ?

- No witnesses.
- She almost lost her job today !

Forget about the job.
You can't let any of the children--

Psychiatric evaluation.
We've discussed the risks.

- What risks ?
- She could pass the test.

- What are you saying ?
- Because she's probably a sociopath.

This is crazy !
She's violent.

Guys, let's look at the big picture.
The divorce hearing's coming up.

We'll get that settled.
Then we'll go for custody.

Until then, don't give her
any more ammunition for her case.

[ Horn Honks ]

- Ready ?
- Yeah.

Take care of yourself.
Call me if you need me; I'll be there.


[ Horn Honking ]

Come on.

- Seat belt.
- Okay.

Ah, it's a beautiful day, isn't it ?

- Yeah, it's nice.
- Thought we'd go to a movie.

- What do you think ?
- Great.

What'd you do to your head ?

Just a little accident.

Okay. You drive.

- Jude, I'm 12 !
- Your father doesn't let you drive ?

My father taught me
when I was ten. C'mon.

It's easier than riding a bike.
You don't even have to balance.

Okay, seat belt on.
Can you reach the pedals ?

- No.
- Okay, well, adjust the seat. There.


Okay ?
All right, now, car into drive.

Put on the brake.

Car into drive.
And... accelerate.

- [ Tires Squealing ]
- No! No!

- [ Brakes Screech ]
- [ Laughing ]

- You okay ?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Listen to me.

Foot off the brake.
Slowly accelerate.

Look where you're going.
Look up.

Turn a little.
Accelerate a little faster.

Turn a little bit.
You're drivin', kid.

Aaaah !

[ Jude ]
Okay, you first.

Oh, I'm freezing.
I need a bath. How 'bout you ?

- No.
- No ? What'd you think of the movie ?

- It was okay.
- I thought it was funny.

- I thought it was kinda sad.
- Sometimes sad is funny.

♪♪ [ Humming ]

♪♪ [ Humming ]

♪♪ [ Humming Continues ]

[ Splashing ]

Kes, would you bring me
the portable phone, please ?

Here's the phone.

I can't reach it.
Come closer.

Don't be silly.
I'm your mother.

Yeah, but you're naked.

Well, I saw you naked
plenty of times.

- I was a baby then.
- Yes, I know, and you were very sweet.

Come on.
Sit down and talk to me.

You know you can ask me anything.
I'll always tell you the truth.

Where'd you go ?

I was in Paris.

Traveled around Europe for a while,
then New York.

You never thought about me ?

Thought about you ?


You know, when I was pregnant
with Ben and Michael,

they couldn't wait to get out.

I'd get to the hospital,
and, boom, there they were.

But not you.

I was in labor for two days,
and nothing.

They tried everything,
but you weren't going anywhere.

You were so happy.

They finally had to cut me open
to take you out.

Kes, do you see this scar ?

Look at it.

See this ?

Wherever I was,
I would see that and think of you...

and about how much I missed you.

We're connected, Kes.

And no matter where I am,

I love you...

with all my heart.


How do you like your room ?

I like it.

I'm glad.

I think you pulled this book
off the shelf.

Would you like to keep it ?

I'd like you to.


What're we gonna do ?

About what ?

- About Callie.
- Callie?

I wanna come home, Kes,
and she won't let me.

I-It's as if she's got your dad
under some kind of spell or something.

Remember you asked me
about my forehead this morning ?

I went and saw her yesterday
at your school...

to talk to her,
to try to... reason with her,

and she... exploded.

She just attacked me
like a crazy woman, like--

You can ask your principal.
He was there.

I want you to hear something.

[ Robert ] You can't have
this family back ! It doesn't go back !

Leave us alone ! Stay away from Callie
or you'll never see the kids again !

Stay away from us !

Your father left that
on my answering machine this morning.

I didn't want to play it for you.

I didn't want to hurt you.

But I thought you should hear it.

It's not him, Kes.

I know it.
It's not him.

It's her.

She's doing it.


I need your help.

What can I do ?

What was that game...

that we used to play ?

The courtroom game
that your dad invented.


What do you think would happen
if you played it with her?

Once you made it clear
that she wasn't wanted ?

Sh-She'd go away.

She'd leave.

And we'd be together again.

We could be a family again.

[ Door Opens ]


[ Gasps ]

[ Croaking ]

[ Michael ]
One's getting out ! One's getting out !

Look, look ! I got one !
I got one !

I got one !
[ Laughing ]

Okay, we got 'em all.
Come on, let's go.

Look what we found.
Kes is gonna give 'em to his teacher.

If we freeze 'em,
they'll just go to sleep.

Thought I'd make it up to Mr. Fogel.
You know, for the mess and all.

There's enough for
a whole class to dissect.

That's very generous, but I don't think
we need a freezer full of frogs.

- It's not your house.
- Kes, no frogs in the freezer.

- Just 'cause she says--
- Frogs don't belong in the freezer.

Just take 'em back to the pond.
Let 'em go. 'Kay ?


Was an enterprising idea.

- I'm sorry.
- [ Chuckles ] It's okay. Really.

No, no.
It really isn't okay.

I gotta call the office.

- Put 'em in the lake.
- All right.

- What are we gonna do with this one ?
- [ Michael] Put it here.

[ Ben ]
I wanna keep this one !

You're very
patient with them.

I love them.

Well, they'll be lucky
to have you as their mother.

That must have been
really difficult for you to say.

Unfortunately, it would have
been harder not saying it.

Thank you.

As soon as Robert
filed for divorce,

“mew it was Mb; 3 question of time
before Judith came back.

The thought of losing anything
terrifies her.

[ Sighs ]

She worshiped her father.

You know ?

And she was his little princess,

and she went everywhere with him.

When she was just
a little older than Kes,

she went with her father
to his office one Sunday.

Judith was in another room...

when her father climbed
out of the window...

onto the 20th-story ledge...

and simply stepped off.

I think of her coming back
into the empty office,

looking out the open window and--

[ Sighs ]
Oh, dear.

I think of her
looking out that window.

And to this day, she blames me.

I think I do too.

I had no idea.


[ Door Opens ]

Design committee wants
to see me at 4:00.

[ Groans ]

I won't be home 'til God knows when.
Could you please ?

Why don't you let them stay overnight ?
They'll have so much fun.

And you can get them
in the morning.

Don't you two want to have
a little time alone ?

Thank you.


[ Croaks ]

[ Michael ]
Will Dad be mad at us ?

- She's our morn.
- I know, but still--

Don't you guys
wanna be a family again ?

- Can we still see Callie ?
- Sure, Ben.

At school. And besides,
Jude said she's just being nice to us...

so she can get Dad to marry her.

Once she does,
she'll want her own kids.

[ Michael ]
I don't think we should do it.

It's wrong, Kes.
I don't think we should do it.

Look, it won't mean nothin'
if we don't swear to never tell.

- Dad's gonna be really pissed.
- Jude said he won't.

What if Callie gets hurt
or something ?

Me and Jude planned it.
She's not gonna get hurt.

We're just gonna play to scare her.


Come here.

Now, you stop this immediately.

Grandma, it's just a game.

Don't lie to me.
I heard what you said. I heard you.

I'm going to call your father.

Grandma, we--
We were just foolin'.

- We're just playing around.
- You are doing something wicked.

- Please don't call Dad.
- You are wicked. You're just like her.

[ Gasps, Screams ]

[ Gasps ]

Grandma ! Grandma !

[ Breathing Shallowly ]

[ Beeping ]

Michael called me.
He was hysterical.

He said that Kes and Lydia
were fighting. What happened ?

She fell down the stairs.
Kes is in a state of shock.

- Shock ?
- Mm-hmm.

Has she spoken ?

Hasn't opened her eyes.

- Where are the boys ?
- Down the hall, in the waiting room.

- I'll take them home.
- No, you won't.

You'll stay with your mother and pretend
to care. I'll take the boys home.

Where ?
To your little whore ?

Take care of your mother.

I'm not going to let you do this.

You heard them, didn't you ?

Yes, dear.

I'm not going to let you do this.

It's nothing.

Oh, dear, what a shame.

My poor girl.

Poor girl.

I've told your father...

that we have to leave him.

He's committed
a great sin against you,

and against me.

He's dead.

I have to take you away from him.

[ Whispering ]
I have to.

Sh-Shut up.

I'm not going to let you do this.

Shut up.

- I have to take you away from him.
- Shut up.

- He committed a great sin.
- Shut up.

Wicked man. Poor girl.

Great sin...
great sin... great sin.

- From your father.
- Shut up.

[ Beeping ]

Shut up.

[ Beeps ]

[ Beeping ]

- What's going on here ?
- [ Jude Gasps ]

There's something wrong.

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Sobbing ]

[ Phone Rings ]

[ Callie ]

- Mrs. Madigan ?
- Who's calling ?

St. Martin's Hospital.
There's been an accident.

Oh, my God,
what happened ?

A car accident. Robert Madigan's
been critically injured.

Is this Jude Madigan ?

Uh, no, but--

- Could you find her, please ?
- Yeah. Yes, uh--

- I'll find her, but--
- Thank you.

[ Click, Dial Tone ]

[ Phone Rings ]

- Hello.
- Jude ? It's Callie.

- Robert's been in an accident.
- There must be some mistake.

- The hospital just called.
- That's impossible.

He just left five minutes ago.
We were fucking.

I can still taste him.

[ Receiver Slams Down ]

- [ Door Opens ]
- [ Robert ] We're home.

Fellas, why don't you go up
and get ready for bed ?

- All right.
- I should have called.

Lydia's in the hospital. She fell
down the stairs. She should be okay.

I'm gonna go back,
and I'll probably spend the night.

- [ Sobbing ]
- Oh, Callie.

Oh, she'll be fine.

Jude called.

I believed her.
It was so stupid of me.

- What ? What did she say ?
- That you'd been in an accident.

That you'd been hurt.

Oh, Callie.

[ Sobbing ]

Kes, Grandma's heard us.

She's gonna tell Dad.

- I promised Jude.
- What're ya doin' in all my stuff ?

- Do you have the key for these ?
- Yeah, somewhere.

Find it.
And, guys, relax.

Remember, it's just a game.

[ Vehicle Starts ]

[ Jocko Barking ]

[ Vehicle Drives Away ]

[ Teakettle Whistling ]

[ Kes ]
Hurry up !

Hey, guys.

- Yeah ?
- Thought you might like a treat.

- Why don't you take those to the table?
- Can't.

Michael, handcuffs off your brother.

Come on.


Kes ?

Your dad's gotta stay
in the hospital.

Probably won't be back 'til morning.

What a day.
I think it's time for bed.

- How 'bout a game or somethin' ?
- Yeah.

I don't know about you guys,
but I'm beat.

- Trials is an easy one.
- Yeah, ya just gotta sit there.

- I guess I can handle that.
- I wanna be the judge.

I'm the judge.
You guys are the jury.

All right.

Court is now in session.

So who's on trial ?

I say...

You. Colleen Harland,
you're the defendant.

- What's the punishment ?
- Ditz, she's not even guilty yet.

Put the cuffs on the prisoner.

Whatever happened to
innocent 'til proven guilty ?

- It's part of the game.
- Come on. It'll work better with 'em.


You got the key ?

Okay, why is the prisoner on trial ?

- The chocolate was too hot.
- Hot chocolate's supposed to be hot.

- She's too strict in school.
- Can't be guilty of doing my job.

Silence in the court !

- Kes, the table.
- I order the prisoner not to speak.

- Game over.
- Silence in the court !

This court accuses you of crimes
against the Madigan family.

- How do you plead ?
- You're scaring me.

All right.

If you don't take these cuffs off
this minute, I'm calling your father.

- Sit down !
- It's not funny, Kes.

They're hurting my wrists.
Now, unlock them now !

Prisoner is to shut up !

I will not !
Now, take these off this minute !

- Kes !
[ Ben ] Stop it '

Unh !

- Kes, calm down.
- She fell. She's knocked out.

- I need you to be calm.
- She hit her head.

She'll be all right.

Just don't let her leave the house
until after 10:00. Understand?

- It's very important.
- But why ?

You don't need to know.
Just do as I say.

Mother loves you.

[ Dial Tone ]

- [ Jocko Barking ]
- [ Ticking ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Barking Continuing ]

[ Michael ]
What are we doing here ?

We're just waiting, all right ?

Something's wrong with Jocko.

- He's just barkin' at the moon.
- Let's let him in.

- [ Sighs ]
- Kes ?

Kes !

What are you doing ?

You've been found guilty
of breaking up this family,

of making our Dad not want to be
with Jude and trying to take her place.

We sentence you
to be banished from this house.

Ben ? Michael ?

Do you feel the same ?


All right, let me go.

Kes !
I wanna leave now!

[ Grunting ]

I'm sorry, Callie.

You little shit !

Kes, listen.

This isn't you.
It's Jude.

- She's turned your head around.
- No !

She hasn't.
J-Just shut up !

I thought this was a trial.

The prisoner always
has a right to speak !

[ Coughing ]

I'm getting Callie some water.


Kes, I never wanted
to take your mother's place.

- Why'd you steal our father ?
- I didn't.

He was alone.

- Your mother left.
- Yeah, because of you.

You know she left two years
before I ever met your father !

You're a liar !

- You're a liar !
- Kes, no ! It's Jude, Kes !

- You're a liar !
- It's Jude.

- You're a liar !
- It's Jude, Kes !

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ]

- [ Groans ]
- [ Gasps ]

- [ Grunting ]
- Oh, my God.

Ow. Ohh.

Do you see what you've done ?

- [ Groaning ]
- Take these cuffs off now !

It's your fault. If you weren't here,
this wouldn't have happened.

Kes, he's bleeding bad.

[ Dialing ]

[ Phone Ringing ]

[ Chimes ]

Kes, he looks pretty bad.

[ Phone Ringing ]

- What if it's Dad ?
- Answer like you were sleeping.

Do it!

- Hello ?
- Michael, what are you doin' up ?

I'm in the kitchen
getting something to eat.

Grandma's doin' better.
I may get out of here tonight after all.

- [ Moans ]
- Dad, something's happened.

- Robert! Robert!
- What's goin' on there ?

What'd ya do that for ?

[ Barking ]

[ Barking Continues ]

- [ Ben ] What's wrong with Jocko ?
- [ Kes ] He'll be fine.

- I want Jocko.
- All right, all right.

- I'll go look for him.
- Kes, maybe we oughta let Callie go.

No. We're not letting
her go until 10:00.

That's what Jude said,
and that's what we're doing.

Stay with Ben.
I'll find dork-dog.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

Jocko !

Come here, boy !
C'mon !

Michael !
Listen to me.

We've gotta get Ben
to the hospital.

Jude said we're supposed to wait.

What for ?
For your brother to die ?

Jocko !

Come on, Jocko, where are you ?

[ Moaning ]

Help me ! Michael !

[ Kes ]
Come on, boy !

I can't. Kes'II be mad.

[ Kes ]
Jocko !

[ Kes ]
Jocko !

Dumb dog's nowhere.

What're you doing out here ?
I told you to stay with Ben.

- What are you doing ?
- She said he was gonna die.

She was taking him to a hospital.

Stop ! I grabbed the keys
when I heard you coming !

She ran with Ben toward the road !

It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.

Hey, look ! It's Callie !

[ Tires Squealing ]

Shit, Kes! I thought
you said you could drive !

The brakes are gone !

- [ Barking ]
- Stay !

[ Tires Screeching ]

Go, Jocko !

Watch out, Jocko !

[ Tires Screeching ]

[ Grunting Together ]

[ Branch Snaps ]

[ Moaning ]


Hold on !

[ Gasps ]

It's Callie !

[ Shouts ]

Hold on.

- Give me your hand.
- Okay.

- Come on. Hold my hands.
- [ Grunting ]

[ Grunting ]
I'm scared.

- You're gonna be okay. Hold me.
- Callie, I'm scared.

You can do it.

You can do it.

Now, I want you to climb up there.

[ Moaning ]

- Now it's your turn.
- Yeah.

- [ Shouts ]
- [ Screaming ]

[ Barks ]

I've got you.

[ Grunting ]

Hang on.

[ Grunts ]

- What're you doing here ?
- Kes.

[ Grunts ]
Let me help you.

- Kes, give me her hand.
- No, Kes.

Give me her hand !
I'm stronger than you. I can save her.

- Kes, don't do it.
- They're over there !

- Do it! - No, Kes -No! 0

She's slipping, Kes.
Let me have her.

- Now ! - Don't do it. - Do it !

[ Grunting ]

[ Shouts ]

[ Door Opens, Footsteps ]

[ Shouts ]

[ Screaming ]

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.
Daddy's here.

Daddy's here.

It's okay.


[ Panting ]

It's okay.

♪ Through the longest night ♪

♪ In your darkest dream ♪

♪ I'll be here ♪

♪ Always near ♪

♪ Never fear ♪

♪ My love ♪

♪ When the shadows fall ♪

♪ When the cold wind blows ♪

♪ In my arms you're safe ♪

♪ And warm ♪

♪ I'll keep you free from harm ♪

♪ My love ♪

♪ Oh, as the years go by ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Our love will never ♪

♪ Die ♪

♪ Dry your tears ♪

♪ I'll be here ♪

♪ There's no need to fear ♪

♪ My love ♪

♪ My love ♪

♪ My love ♪♪