Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? (1996) - full transcript

Laurel has the boyfriend of her dreams: Kevin. He can and will do anything for her. He is totally devoted to her but the down-side is that he never leave her alone. When she tries to get some distance he responds with aggression. It finally dawns on Laurel that he is not good for her. Laurel's mother Jessica has already started to suspect that something is wrong with his background.


* if i told you the story

* of my life

* would you break down

* in laughter

* or run from me?

* hide from me in fright?

* 'cause i'm stormy

* again

* with your questions

* not knowing
what's right... *

kevin shane
just dropped me off.

no. a whole bunch
of other kids.

we all met at
splash palace...

i don't know.

i'm not sure
if he really likes me.

oh, him. ugh!

he's just so dramatic.

the way he's all over me.


i just got to do it.

we got to cut him loose.

yeah. mm-hmm.

(doorbell rings)

oh, somebody's at my door.

ok, later.
i'll tell you how it goes.

oh. didn't i say i'd
meet you at flookie's?

i thought, just as easy,
i'd pick you up.

i was thinking
about you.

oh, my god, billy.
it's beautiful.

* 'cause i'm stormy

* yes, i'm stormy...

hmm. not now.

i can't help myself.
your body's so perfect.

what if somebody
comes in?

let's go up.

it's too hot upstairs.

oh, no, no, no.
just to lay down.

my room's
a disaster.

we're not going
to take everything
off, just snuggle.

no! let's just go
ahead to flookie's

and meet the others.

no, come on.
five minutes.

singer: * with
your blood-soaked lips *

* whet my appetite...

my pictures, my poems.
why'd you take 'em down?

why are they
in a box?

this disgusting

my dad said
he'd repaint

if i cleared

you know, you're not
a very good liar.

i didn't lie.

get off,
get off!

get out!


oh, i'm not good enough
for you anymore?

i bet if my name
was kevin shane...

what's kevin shane
got to do with it?

because i don't drive
a four-by like him!

get out!

i'm talking to you.

not in that tone
you don't.

erin, if you
don't love me,

why did you make
love to me?

you're the one

that made it into
this big serious thing.

all lies, right?

i didn't lie.
shut up.

don't tell me
to shut up!

get out, you idiot.
i'm calling the police.

don't you ever
call me an idiot.

i'm calling the police.

stop it! let go!

* 'cause i'm stormy

* again

* 'cause i'm stormy

* again

* ooh ooh ooh

* you would die for me

* you would die

* you would die for me

* you would die

* ah ah

* you would die for me

* you would die

* you would die for me

man: and every time i
reread "daisy miller,"

i like to recall
how it was poe who said...

that the death
of a beautiful woman

is the most affecting
subject for literary art.

ah, miss lewisohn?

miss lewisohn,
do you think

henry james
was foreshadowing

the modern
feminist movement?

well, he sure isn't

foreshadowing the sexual


right, but we're talking
about the 1870s here.

this girl is
practically crucified

for holding hands in public

with a guy who's
not her fiance.

but isn't james
making a statement

about daisy's

yes. and she pays for it.
he goes and kills her.

very good,
miss lewisohn.

(bell ringing)

ok, ok. i want
everybody else

to finish reading
"daisy miller"
for monday.

thank you.

that's all.



hey, how's it going?


oh, hey, jackson...

i've been leaving you
messages and e-mail.

oh, yeah, i got
to get to practice.

i wanted to ask you...

i'm sorry. i'm on,
like, total overload.

i don't know if you've
seen the flyers yet,

but my band's playing
friday night at
the wild coyote.

you know, they haven't
posted the names yet,

but i think i'm
traveling with the team

to the practice meet
in portland.

oh, great.
i mean for you.

but if you get back on
saturday, you know...

saturday. saturday's
a travel day.

and then
i have all this laundry,

and i have to get
my paperwork in for
my chinese fellowship.


oh, you know,
i've sworn off going
with guys in bands.

well, it's not
a very good band.

did you see the review
in the "student voice"?

they called us...

"derivative with
no sense of
rhythmic identity."

oh, uh, you know,
i'm...i'm sorry, jackson.

i just have

a really heavy class

and, plus, i've started
seeing somebody.

hee hee!

(whistle blowing)

ok, ladies, i want to start
with some split training.

lewisohn, can i
see you for a sec?

i, uh...i thought

you were going to post
the team today.

i am.

well, i've been
putting in some great
times, you know.

every meet i keep--
i keep moving up.

laurel, as coaches, our job
is to protect the health

of our student athletes.

and an eating disorder
can be a real problem.

did...did my mother
talk to you?

she was concerned enough
to drive all the way here

and let us know
of your condition, yeah.

concerned? no...

it's sticking her nose
where it doesn't belong.

all right, look.

before we start going
off on your mom...

when you first tried out
for this track team,

you were asked about
any medical conditions.

yeah, ok.
i dealt with that.

i went in
for treatment.

frankly, laurel, i can see
you've been dropping weight.

i'm hitting my peak.

no, you're overtraining.

you're not
taking me, right?

kyla butler is a senior,
and she's worked very hard.

but i beat her by
more than a minute

at the

laurel, i'm sorry,

but it's not always
about who's best.

you know what?
let's make this easier
for everyone. i quit.

laurel, come on!

what right do you have
to keeping crashing in,

trying to run my life
and screw up everything?

i worry
about you, honey.

you don't know your
limits. you do too much.

i am taking care
of myself.

i'm way more

you chose a double major.
you're studying for china,

and on top of all that,
you do all this running.

yeah. it's called
growing up, mother.

honey, i realize
i can get out of hand.

can we make a deal?

i promise not

to stick my nose
in your business.

you promise me you won't
get in over your head.

well, i met this
great guy, mom,

and he's really
funny and he's smart

and guess what.
he's not in a band.

mm, can i meet him?

well, i guess one
of these weekends

i can ask him to come
down with me to seattle.

on one condition,

i promise.

no judgments.
no judgments.

(both laugh)

(knock at door)


the only time
in her life she's
ever been on time.

hi, darling.

wow, you made good time.


oh, mom,
it smells good.

thank you.
ha ha!

ah, home cooking
again, huh?

sorry, darling.
bringing you up alone

and working did
not leave any time

for cooking lessons.

sue me.

i'm kidding,
all right?

oh, mom...
you, uh...

you might want
to put the oven on.

my lips are sealed.

so where is he?

oh, he just ran down
to pioneer square

to get some flowers.

but, mom, act surprised,
ok, when he comes.

you bet i'll act surprised.

none of your other

ever brought anything
but laundry.

i think you're really
gonna like him.

look at this.

i'm impressed.

i think he likes me.
ha ha!

(knock at door)

wait, no. wait.
wait. wait, mom.
be nice, please.

i promise.


mom, i'd like you
to meet kevin shane.

mrs. lewisohn:
hi. ha ha. thank you.

laurel didn't tell me you

were such a terrific cook.

thank you so much.

(mom clears throat)

so anyone want
coffee with dessert?

coffee's a really
good idea

considering we have that
2-hour ride back to campus.



uh, kevin has
a motorcycle.

medical school

doesn't leave any
money for a car.

um, i'll get
the coffee started.

ahem. shall we?

i just hope you
don't become

one of those
overpaid specialists.

with all the misery
in this world,

i want to use what
i learn to help

the people that
really need it.

my father was on
the board of directors
at care share.


i have a friend who works
with care share--dr. zola.


it-it's a great

well, it's refreshing
to see a young man

who wants to help
other people.

i told laurel--

with her
language background,

i mean, she should
get into journalism.

i mean, then we
can work

in the same places.

we never have to
be apart.

mrs. lewisohn:
aren't you thinking
a little far ahead?

no. i don't think so.

hmm. laurel tells me
you lost your parents.


a helicopter skiing
accident in austria.

they were killed
with eight other people.

the whole side of
the mountain came down.


but they died doing
what they loved.

well? this is
a serious thing?

sex. mother.
the word is "sex."

sex. that's what you're
really asking, right?

well, honey, if
it's gone that far,

i hope
you're being careful.

yes, mother.
that's our deal.

i use my head,

and you will let me
live my life.


well, i'm just glad

he doesn't have a ring
through his nose.

(laurel laughing)

ok, ready to go?

a ring
through my nose?

you should
have told her

i was the high
priest in
a satanic cult.

ha ha! clergy's good.

i love you so much.

not here.

i'm going to be
late for loeb.

so how come you never
talk about your father?

what happened there?

well, after
they divorced,

two years later,
he died.

you remember him?

no. not well.

yeah, i know.

i didn't know
my folks either.

they were always away.

well, we have
that much in common.

we have each other,

yes. and you will
protect me from anyone

and everything
forever. right? hee hee!


i'll see you later.




i called you.

you just
jumped out at me.

you said you were going
to be at the library.

what happened?
where were you?

i had to get out
and run.

for two hours?

laurel, you're not
on the team anymore.

what are you,
my bodyguard now?

ha ha. well, yeah.

what a body.

i got worried.

you know, you're not
supposed to be here.

it's not a coed dorm.

why didn't you
return my calls?

what? was there
an emergency?

were you bleeding
to death?

yeah. when i don't see
you, i bleed to death.

i have to go copy
my notes for study group,

but let's do something
really fun on saturday.



oh, for crying out loud!

that's four days
from now!

yeah, four days you'll have
to really appreciate me.

can't you see that
i am crazy about you?


i got plans. i want
a future for you and me.

i-i-i don't have a life
unless you're in it.

whoa. wait.

you know, maybe
this is moving
a little too fast.

you don't even like me.

where did you
get that from?

of course i do.
you know i like you.

come on. just call
me saturday, ok?

oh, now i have to call.

kevin. please...

no, no, no. fine.

whatever. you need
your space, right?

no. i...

laurel? is he gone?

i'm sorry.


(dance music blaring)

(instructor shouting

keep it up. excellent.


step-touch, step-touch.
step-touch. good.

keep it up. excellent.
keep it going, ladies.

this is a heel-jump.
looks good.

keep it going. keep it up.


(bicycle bell ringing)

instructor: excellent.

good. looks good.

keep it up. jump.

um, i'm looking
for a miss lewisohn?

over there.

keep going.
yeah, that's it.

looks good, ladies.
keep those arms up.

so you're
the lucky lady?

oh, thank you.

who's it from?
oh. oh.


four, three, two, one.

good job, ladies.

(knock at door)

(knock knock)


i, uh...i was just
in the neighborhood.

the flowers...

were really

they really
touched me.

what time is it?

you want to come in?

no. i'm...i'm already
late for class.

after each fight,

my father would bring me
these coloring books,

and he would bring
my mother

these huge
bouquets of flowers.

and eventually

i guess there was more
fights and less flowers.

i would never stop
the flowers.

that stuff

the other day
at the dorm...

i was way over
the top.


you kind
of got in my face.

i know.
i have this thing

about being
abandoned, you know,

and when you wanted
to send me away,

i thought i was
never going
to see you again...

like my parents.

i wasn't sending
you away.

i want to get closer.

i want to...

i want to get
close to you, too.

i love you so much.

* well, i've seen you goin',
and i've seen you comin' *

* and i've seen you
runnin' *

* i don't know who from

* and i've seen you win

* and i've seen
you lose *

* and i've seen you
with some fine girl *

* but i don't know who

* i've been
shut out from sun-up... *

hi, motor inn?
this is kevin shane.

i'd like to make
a reservation.

i'll be arriving


hey, it's laurel.

i can't get to the phone,

so leave a message
after the beep. thanks.

(answering machine beeps)

laurel's mom:
hey, stranger, it's mom.

i wanted to see
how you're doing.

i can't keep up
with your love life,

but if you're
still seeing

that motorcycle guy--
kevin shane?

well, if not,
i wanted to ask you

about my inviting this
terrific law student

who's been helping me
around the office.

let me know, ok?
love you. bye.

you keep talking
about all these plans,

but by the time you get
out of medical school,

i mean, things change,

people change.
not us.

we're going to be
together. i know it.

i don't think
i'm a snob,

but i just--i don't know

about chasing plagues
and famines. i mean...

what ever happened
to good old-fashioned
family medicine?

i just think that
it's something
that i've got to do.

it's something...


i've been given
an opportunity to
put back some good.

you're turning me
into an oil slick.


i just want to keep
your body perfect.

hardly perfect.
come on!

it's the truth.


what? you're laughing.

no. no, it's just...

sometimes you
get so serious.

i am serious.

i mean...

you're so close to
the perfect woman.

i'll never be perfect.

have you ever
thought how you'd
look as a blonde?


you would be

i think you're trying
to turn me into
something that i'm not.

beautiful, hot...

so incredibly hot.

my mom would
have a conniption.

your mother's jealous.

she's always going to
try to keep you down.

shut up. my mom does
not want to keep me down.

you want me
to prove it?

yeah, mom.

um, kevin and i want to come
for a visit this weekend.

yeah. ok, great.

what? no.

mom, you don't have to
worry about the cooking.

ok. oh. and, mom?

i'm going to have
a surprise for you.


(knocking continues)

coming, honey!


for you.
thank you.

they're beautiful.

come on in.

so? what do you think?

come on in, honey.

(rock music playing)

you know, it's
a switch to actually
go out with a guy

who knows what he wants
to do with his life.

i don't know.

i think he just
wants to dominate you.

he loves me,

and he's not afraid
to let me know it.

come on.
he's just weird.

i mean, why doesn't he ever
want to hang out with us?

you know.


hi, jacks.

pull up a chair?

(nervous chuckling)

i'm sorry.

where you going?
it's early.

she's going home
to feed her watchdog.

good night, guys.

good-bye, laurel.

so what are you
guys drinking?

* she forgot too late

* she forgot too late

* now, would you please
catch me if i fall? *

* i know...

i love that cabin.

too bad i missed going
up there last summer.

i need to drive up
there and check it out.

i haven't been there
in about six months.

can't you just
call the caretaker?

i don't mind going.

gives me a chance
to enjoy the place

without all the kids
and jet-skis.

it's not that far.

i can go up there
some morning.

it terrifies me to think
of you driving around

in that car.

why don't you let me
help you find
something more reliable?

i like my car.

besides, it's
finally paid off.

kevin says it just needs
some timing adjustments.

well, whatever kevin says

i am not taking you
off my auto club card.

you know, if you
decide to come up...

here. just
bring these.


kevin's always
talking about making
some big dinner.

last summer, he was
a sous-chef at some
resort in aspen.

i thought he said
he volunteered
with care share.

i don't know. maybe
it was two summers ago.

that first dinner--

he must've known
it was take-out.

no, he thought
it was great.

i can make a reservation
at saddle restaurant.

you don't have to put
on the act anymore.

i know
that you hate him.

when did i ever
say that?

look, mom, this is
the first guy
who truly gets me.

he understands me.

he wants me
in his life.

in fact,
i've decided
to go volunteer

with him next summer
in guatemala.


what about china?

honey, you worked so hard
to get that fellowship.

(chuckles softly)

kevin's right.

what's the point
of studying languages

when people are incapable
of real communication?

honey, this doesn't sound
like you at all.

yeah, well, it is me.

i guess you better
get used to it.

(sea gulls calling)

hey, ben.

jessica, what are
you doing here?

jessica: i know you.

if you're not with
your patients,
you're on your boat.

ha ha!


is something wrong?

i hope not.

it's just...
it's probably nothing

but i need some

how can i help?

well, you're still
with care share, right?

yes. why?

well, laurel's been
seeing a young man,

and the relationship
troubles me.

i wanted to find out
more about him.

and how does
care share fit in?

his father
was on the board.

you mean
ivan kinsolver?

no, the family name
is shane.

as far as i know,
there's never been
a shane on the board.

well, not anymore.

he died in a skiing
accident last year.

well, it couldn't
be care share.

there hasn't been
a board vacancy

in three years.

it's a gold card.

mm-hmm, yeah. shane.

that is the name
as it appears on the card:

"kevin shane."

my mother's maiden name...


uh, yeah, vickery.

as in "vickery dickory


well, lost, stolen--
i really don't know.

is there some way
that we can...?

well, if you can pull
it up on the computer,

then we can go over
the last charge records.

yeah, that might help.


thursday in whistler.

no. yeah, no, that was me.

i've been on the road.


friday in vancouver.

no, that's me again.

so what is the last charge
record that you show?

reservation guarantee--
in seattle?


the motor inn tomorrow.

(kids laughing)

hey, kevin.

oh, man.

kevin shane.

billy jones.

hey. what a surprise.

well, you changed.
what's different?

no, not much.
oh, my hair.

so what,
are you staying here?

no, no, i'm working.

maintenance and stuff.

so what made you
move to seattle?

finally decided i wanted
a first-class education.

this seems
like the place to be.

that's good, man. i just
never got the impression

you were on
the college track.

hey, look, be a buddy

and grab the rest
of my bags
from the jeep, huh?

i mean, you didn't
even hang around
for the grad bash.


after my family died

i just packed my jeep
and left.

weren't you already
admitted to college?

yeah, but i just
kind of needed

some time for myself,
you know?

and now i'm ready
to get back.

all right!
the man is back.

we ought
to celebrate.

the first thing i'm going
to do is hit the shower

and get rid
of this road grime.

hey, billy, what ever
happened to that girl,

uh, erin meadows?

beats me.

(water running)

so you know,
where did she end up?

i mean, weren't you trying

to get into her shorts
or something?

i was just a kid.

so what happened?
did she show up?

i just told you,
i don't know.

all right.

hey, billy, you want to
throw me some shampoo?

it's in
my shaving kit.

billy, come on. today.


(indistinct chatter)

those gals put
some locker rooms
to shame, mom.

go, girls.






oh. i miss kevin.

honey, i wasn't going
to say anything,

but we need
to talk about kevin.

what about kevin?

i mean...

who is he?

what do you really
know about him?

what's to know?

he's the boy i love
and want to be with.

honey, there are just some
things that don't add up...

things that kevin
told me

about himself
and his family.

ok, so he's a little

and he
tends to embellish.

i'm not talking
about embellishment.

look, i think he's
doing amazingly well

considering his
whole family
was wiped out.

this is
about his family.

i saw dr. zola today,

and he told me
something about it.

you've been snooping,

laurel, please...

no, you know what?
you seem to forget

that we had a bargain
here, and, look,

you're still
trying to run my life.

79, 80!

all right!

ooh, happy birthday.

happy birthday.

happy birthday,



(telephone ringing)

woman: your lungs
are still working!


i miss you, baby.

i miss you, too.

please come home.

i'm so miserable
when you're away.

as soon as
i can get out of here.

i got a surprise for you
when you get back.


my mother's
driving me crazy.

and, kevin,
i love you.

i love you, too.

i love you, kevin shane.

do you like it?

it's wonderful.

and you don't have to
worry about any neighbors

peeking in
your windows!

oh, it's a fantasy.

is it expensive?

i cut a deal
with these people.

ahh. it's perfect.

and--and there's
trails everywhere.

you can run, you can
study in peace...


it is awfully
far out.

that's the whole point.

it's out of
the campus scene.



what is it,
too small?

you don't like
the color?

i mean, tell me.

i'll paint it,
i'll fix it.

drywall it.

no, i just...

i kind of feel like
you're pushing.


it's not up to
your high standards.

is that it?

you know, nothing
i ever do is good
enough for you.

why, no...

i love everything
that you do.

look, i'm just now getting
a sense of who i am.

it just feels
so impulsive.

i know, i know...
i should...

i should be a little
more hang-loose,

but if i were to
hold back the way
i feel about you

then i would...
i would explode.

you don't want me

to go climb a tower
with a gun or...

do you?

no. ha ha!

i wouldn't want you
to do that.

you can go home
any time you want.

i'm just too cautious.

no, you're not.

i mean, it's fine.

we got...we got
so much time.

we got all the time
in the world.

woman: the number you have
reached is not in service.

please check the number
and try again.

(hangs up)


(line connecting)

the number you have reached
is not in service...

(hangs up)

hey. how's it going?

i got done early.

i wanted everything
to be done

before you got here.

oh, well, could i
help with any..?

no! um, heh heh.
open the wine.



oh, the food looks great.

have you been
cooking long?

no, about an hour.

oh, hey, did the phone
guy show up today?

oh, yeah...

still something screwy
with the wiring.

it's going to be
a couple more days.

a couple more days?

you know,
i really don't like

being out this far
without a phone.


damn it!

(bird cawing)

(bell ringing)

(indistinct conversations)



mrs. lewisohn.

what's happening with my
daughter? where is she?

if i see her...

don't give me
that nonsense.

you know perfectly
well where she is.

whatever your
relationship with laurel is

i don't want
any part of that.

i don't believe
you, kevin.

i don't believe

about you.

laurel listens
to me now.

i don't know
what your game is,

but i'm going
to make sure

that laurel knows
you're a liar.

laurel and i are in love.

both of us would rather die

than let you come
between that love.

laurel: you know,
i told my mom how
you love to cook,

and--hee hee--

and i thought
maybe next time

she comes up, you could
do something special.

'cause i know if,
you know,

the two of you got
to know each other...

(owl hoots)

you hardly touched
your food.

uh...i'm not
that hungry.

are you sure?

yeah. why?

no. no, nothing, nothing.

what's going on?

i don't want to
stir things up.

what are you
talking about?

your mom called me
the other day.

my mother?

why? what about?

to talk about you.

i can't believe this.


she said that you had
an eating disorder.

she told you?

well, she told me that...

she told me that it was
an emotional problem

and that you had to be
put in the hospital.

how could she do this?

hey, i'm sorry,
i'm sorry.

i had to tell you.

no. i understand.

she is completely
against us.

your mother...

is set on ruining
our relationship.

hey, where
are you going?

i am going to go
call her and tell
her to go to...

no, no, no, no...


that's what
she wants.

she wants
to make trouble.

this isn't about
your mother.

this is about
you and me--

you and me.

i mean, we got to
start our own life.

this is our home.

you don't have
to leave.

nobody is ever
going to run
your life again...


(plates, bowls
slide across table)

well, we had
a lit class at 2:00.

so i waited around
for, like, over
a half an hour

but she never

i don't understand
any of this.

mazie, who is
this kevin shane?

i don't know...

i mean, i know he comes
from the denver area.

pretty much keeps
to himself.

i can't even say
i've ever seen him

with any friends
or anything.

what'd they say
at the dean's office?


no laws have been broken,

so privacy laws
prevent them

from giving me
any information.

do you think
i'm crazy?

am i jumping
to wild conclusions?

of course not.

look, i just don't know
what set her off.

you know, monday,
i get back to the dorm

and her stuff had been
totally cleared out.

no forwarding address?

nothing. i even tried
phoning his apartment

but there was no answer.

(engine sputtering)

i don't believe this.

laurel: i had to walk two miles
to get to that pay phone.

i couldn't reach
mazie, nobody...

and if i miss another lab

peterson is going
to axe me for sure.

jackson: listen, you got
to get out. you got
to have some laughs.

friday night,
rymes with orange

is playing at the coyote
if you're interested.

thanks, but...

not like a date
or anything--

just a friend thing.

i can't.

why? oh, 'cause
of kevin.

man, that guy
practically owns you.

you used to laugh
and have such a good time.

yes. hi. this is
laurel lewisohn.

ok. i finally
got someone at
the phone company.

i don't know why they
can't put a phone there.

they can put a phone

yes, yes,
i'm still here.

no order?

did you look up
my name as well?


thank you very much.

there was never
a phone order.

he never put in
for a phone order.

he lied to me.

jackson, i just...

i know that he messed
with my car.

all he wants to do
is keep me a prisoner.

this way.

thank you so much
for this.

my son will be
very grateful.


he's sure he left it
behind when he moved.


i'll be upstairs.

call me
when you're done.


i told you on the phone,
mrs. lewisohn,

you are wasting
your time

coming all the way
to colorado.

there's nothing
i can do for you.

i just didn't know
where else to turn.

we have nothing
on kevin shane.

his parents died
in a ski accident--

nothing suspicious
about it.

he wasn't even here
when it happened.

no record?
no, i told you.

if there was something
as a juvenile,

it would be sealed.
i see.

sorry. look,
i'll keep my ear

to the ground. if something
comes up, i'll call you.

ok. thank you very
much for your time.

excuse me.
detective unger?

do you know who
this girl is--

erin meadows?

yeah. she disappeared
about two years ago.


kevin had a photograph
of her in his apartment.

i mean, it didn't have
the writing on it

but it's the same girl--
i'm sure of it--

and she looks
a lot like my daughter.

i busted my butt
on that case.

the parents
were devastated.

nothing ever came
of it.

did she know
kevin shane?

they may have gone to
the same school.

but i have
no connection.

could you find out?

yeah. i still
have my files, but
i would remember.

i had a very strong

about a boy named
billy jones.

the name familiar?


no. listen, i'm booked
out of denver tonight.

would you please call me
if you find out anything?

here's my card.

call collect anytime
day or night.

thank you.

oh, hi, jess.
it's martin price.

i'm at the office.
give me a call...

woman: hi. this
is lotus video calling.

you've got
an overdue tape...

hello, mrs. lewisohn.
it's detective unger.

i tried to page you
at the airport,

but i guess your flight
left on time.

anyway, i'm faxing you
what i have on kevin shane.

no priors,
no juvenile record,

pretty squeaky-clean
all around.

i don't suppose
this is much help to you,

but it's all we've got.

my god, it's not him.

hi, detective unger.

thank you
for getting back to me.

i just picked up
your page. is
everything all right?

that picture of
kevin shane--
it's not the same boy.

well, it's the only
kevin shane we've got.

well, what about
that other boy?

the one you think
killed the girl?

can you get me
his picture?

billy jones?

i'll see what i can do.

i'll get back to you.

ok. thank you.

(engine running)

(motorcycle approaching)

hey, laur....

honey, do you know that
your car's still running?

i was afraid
to turn it off.

the guy from
the auto club said
a wire's missing.

i know you did
something to it.

i would never...

i know you never
even placed an order
for the phone.

well, someone
must have screwed up.

stop lying.

all you want to do is
keep me locked away here.

that is not true.

i got this place.

i-i took out a lease.

i went into hock for us.

i know you follow me.

people see you spying.

your friends
are against us.

i told you that.

oh, you found
someone else.

yeah. how would
i have the time?

you're all over me
every second.

oh, well, then
take your crap!

here! take all of it!

go to hell.

what? are you going
to let me out?

laurel, laurel, laurel,
look, i know i'm obsessive,

but i wouldn't
be like this

if i didn't
love you so much.

no. this is not love,
not a normal love.

i don't know
what this is.

listen, listen.

i know you love me.

and i think we just need
to step back and relax.

i know you love me.

i love you.

kevin, please! please!

ok, let me help you
with your stuff.


let go!

laurel, listen,
listen, listen!

how about
tomorrow night?

i'll make reservations
at the carriage house.

we'll have a nice
romantic dinner!

don't you get it?!


(rock music playing)

hey, you guys, jackson.

you made it.

come on.
let's dance.

oh, no.

no, no, no strings,
no expectations.

look, it's just
there's, uh...

some unfinished
business between me and kevin

and until i...
sort things out

i don't want to feel
sleazy, you know?

i understand.



singer: * the silent seas

* yes, i believe

* i believe

* yes, i believe

* i believe

* yes, i believe

* in the silent seas

* yeah

* sometimes
when it's cold out *

* it's by your side

* what can i do?

* and sometimes
when i cry out *

* it's by your side

* what can i do?

* whoo-ooh

* whoo-ooh

* whoo-ooh

* whoo-ooh

* i see the silence

* i feel you turn it

* i see your touch

* ooh, i believe

* yes,
i believe... *

if i ever catch you
sneaking round

my girl again...

man, take a hike.

i'm warning you!

you don't go
near her!

little weasel.

you keep following me.

i'm really sorry
about what happened.

it was all my fault.

can we just talk?

i'm done with talking.

just to listen
to what i have to say.

i know i screwed up.

can you just give me
another chance?

i love you.
you know it.

no. i don't know

last chance.

i swear, last chance.

fine, but not here.

we'll talk...we'll
talk outside, ok?

we'll talk.
just talk, ok?

look, i know i've
been acting crazy.

i don't have a life
unless you're in it.

yeah, but i do have a life.

man: watch it, man.

what are you doing?

stay out of this.

big idiot! uh!

kevin, don't!

hey, come on...

he's got a knife!
let's get out of here!

let's go!

you'd better
move, boy!

(rock music continues)

(sirens, indistinct chatter)

so two years ago, they
tore the building down

pour a layer
of cheap concrete

and bingo, they had
a parking lot

for the new mall.

that was recession time.

now they're at it again.

erin meadows
two years ago.

why do you think
it's erin meadows?

because it's
a small town.

you really think it's her?

well, we'll find out

when pathology's
done with the teeth.

officer: if they
find any.

(police radio transmissions)

welcome back.

i just came
for my things.

i don't need any grief.

no. no grief, i swear.

i realize now i need help.

i need...
i need professional help.

but i drove you away.

i know.
i know what i did.

it's just, i never
learned to trust love, or...

how one minute
you could...

you could be so
sweet and wonderful.

i don't know.

i don't know how i'm
going to get over this.

i mean, it's--it's going
to take the kind of time

that breaks
mountains down.

there were good times,
though, right?

i mean, there were
some good times, you know?

weren't there?

i have to leave.

i know. i know.

i won't hold you.


ok, i'll just let you...


i just...i won't feel
like such a failure

if we can just end...
end as friends, you know?


we'll just toast
the good times.


you thought it was
going to be easy

to get away from me.

yeah. it's coming
over the fax right now.

unger: yeah. we had
a good picture on file.

oh, it's him.

billy jones.

are you sure?

yes. he's a killer,
and he's got my daughter.


you spoke to colorado.

that boy is a killer.

the boy was knocked
around a few foster homes.

that doesn't
make him a killer.

you talked to
detective unger.

they found
that girl's body.

he's got to
be a suspect.

a suspect in what may
or not be a homicide.

they haven't identified
the body yet.

officer, my daughter
is missing.

mrs. lewisohn, i
understand how you feel.

i have a daughter myself.

my hands are tied.

i can't make a move until
there's more solid evidence.

like my daughter's

i'm sorry,
mrs. lewisohn.

i have to go.

(police radio transmissions)

(tires pop)

(horn honking)

somebody really
screwed this thing up.

yeah, probably that
idiot at the dealership.

no guarantees.

let me write you up.

is this
miss lewisohn's card?


i called it in.

i have to have
a member sign for it.

well, i'll give it
a try if you want, man.

last time i tried, she
threw up all over me.

(radio transmissions)

good luck.

see you.

any way you can
put me in touch

with detective unger?

it's about
the erin meadows case.

yeah, right here.


well, can you have her
page me or something?

yes, that's
my cellular number.

please have her call
as soon as possible.

unit six.

do a full i.d.

the card was used
about an hour ago
near barrington lake.

lady! i need to see
your card again

and i need
some picture
i.d., please.

ok. is something wrong?

the dispatcher said
somebody just used

the same card
about an hour ago.

they want me
to check.

did they say?

barrington, she said.


that's on the way
to my cabin.

listen, can you fix
the tires here?

no way. i got
five other calls
waiting for me.

i really need my car.

this is an emergency.

yeah, lady, it is
always an emergency.

look, i'll take
your car to the shop.

they'll fix it there.

will this
fix it here?


this--this is
my mother's place. did you
find this?


you don't think
mom will approve
of us using it?

you drugged me.

god, i love you.

and i know
you love me.

we just need
some quiet time

away from
your friends,
your mother.

ohh. where are
the car keys?

why do you want
to leave?

this place is perfect...

you and me alone.
there's just...

there's nothing

there's no food.

there's no phone.


tomorrow morning,
you sleep in.

i'll go out and i'll
get us something.


this...this is

no, no, no!

ow! ow!

no, this is just
a guy and a girl

away on a romantic
weekend, that's all.

i said no! no!

why no? why no?

huh? you're thinking

about someone else.


you're thinking
i'm not good enough.


not worthy because
of where i come from,

because i never
had the money.

what money? what are
you talking about?

you're the one who
was always talking

about your parents
going skiing in europe.

i didn't have
any parents!

i didn't...

my parents were phonies.

they were trying to be
something that they weren't.

they lied to me,
like you.

no, no.

no, i never lied
to you...

from the beginning--
from the beginning...

you lied!

ok. shh. yes.

i did. i lied.

but i lied about
wanting us to break up.

it wasn't me
who wanted to end this.

it was my mother.

she hates you
because you
make me happy.

she hates you
because i love you.

you still love me?


i love you so much.

if you're lying
to me...

no. no, i want you...

to believe me, ok?

if you're lying to me,

i'll know by the way
you make love to me.

where you going?

(engine sputtering)

come on. come on!

ohh! ugh! oh, god!

(locks doors)

baby, why?

why do you want
to leave me?

open it!

come out.
we can fix things.

go away!
leave me alone!

baby, i'm sorry.

i didn't mean
to scare you.

come out. come out.


just drop
the axe first.

(locks door)

(groans, hits sill)

(axe blow)

you can't get
away from me!


jessica: laurel?




you're too late.



no! no!
i want them to
find us together!

i want the whole
world to know.

no! let go!

no! no!

let go! no! let go!

no! no!




i love you.








mom! mom!




oh, honey...

it's all right.

it's all right, baby.

it's all right.
are you all right?

yeah. how did
you find me?

your auto club card.

where's billy?


billy: good! now
i have both of you.

kevin, don't.

no, kevin, don't.

his name is billy.

billy jones.
he lied to you.

shut up.

he killed a girl.

i told you
to shut up, bitch.

you killed
erin meadows.

the police know
about you, billy.
they found her body.

give up now.

it's too late
for that.

laurel: no!

no, kevin! no!

she's the one.

she's the one that lied.

she lied about you
and me from the beginning.

she's the one who wanted
to break us up.


i believe in you.

i made a mistake.

i'm so sorry.

you still love me?

oh, yes.

forgive me.


he's gone.

it's over.

it's over.

(laurel sobbing)

are you going

no, i've got a date.

with who?


he's taking me out
to see his band's concert.

oh, you are
so lucky.

hey, preston.

singer: * jenny, jenny,
i'm your planet *

* the way i found it

* and you have many

* that's the way

* the way i give, no

* that's no way
that beats... *