Moses (2018) - full transcript

He's an unlikely hero, exiled and insecure - until God calls him to free the Israelites. Experience the epic story of MOSES in jaw-dropping scale, brought to life on stage with massive sets, spectacular special effects and live animals. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Mama, this is the place.


What do we do
if the Egyptian soldiers see us?

I don't know. I'm trusting that
God sees us.

Miriam, hurry! Get down!

Quiet, my son.

I think I hear a baby cry!


You see anything?

No, nothing.

Keep moving.

Why are they taking
all the Hebrew baby boys?

I don't want to give my brother
to them.

We're not giving him to the

we're giving him to God.

Mama, look how good it floats!

This will keep him safe.

I'm going to miss that little

My son, I love you so much,

but I must let you go now.

I must.


Mama, are you going to let go?

Into Your hands

I send him

In faith

I release him
He is Yours

Please, God, show him the way

Into Your hands, we send him

In faith, we release him

Please keep and protect him

Oh, God

Kiss the morning sunshine

Kiss the morning dew

Kiss the morning colors of gold
and blue

Kiss the morning sunshine

Kiss the morning dew

Kiss the morning colors of gold
and blue

Kiss the morning sun

Kiss the morning sunshine

Kiss the morning
Kiss the morning

Kiss the morning

Kiss the morning sun

Ohmma! Ohmma!

Yes, my child, what is it?

It sounds like a baby, in that
basket, floating on the water!


Safiya, bring the basket to me.

It's a Hebrew baby.

A beautiful little boy.

-I will bring him to the

Princess, all infant sons of
the Hebrews must be drowned in
this river.

Well, today,
the waters of the Nile have
brought life,

not death.

He's hungry.

My Queen?

If it pleases you,

I could find a Hebrew woman
to nurse the baby for you.

Why you rude little slave girl,
get away from us!

Actually, I think that's a
wonderful idea.

Run and get one now.

Yes, My Queen!

Have you lost your mind?

No, I've found happiness.

Finally, a son of my own.

But, Ohmma, don't I make you

Yes, Neferure,
daughters can make their mothers

but sons can make them powerful,

and this one has been blessed by
the gods.

How could you ever trust a

This one, I believe I can trust.

When the child is weaned,
bring him back to me.

Nurse him for me, and I will pay

You are to call him Moses,

because I have pulled him out of
the river.

You may go.


What is she doing?

I'll take this.

What? That's ours!

My daughter, they can have the
ugly basket.

The boy belongs to me.

Papa! Papa!

Aaron, Aaron, they're back!

Papa, God heard our prayers!
He really heard our prayers!

Yes, praise God!

God, by Your hand

He's come back to me

He's in my arms again

By His hand, He's there to guide

In His hands, we rest our faith

And I know He's right there
beside you

To help each day
To find your way

For you belong to God

Now, God has sent you back to me

My joy, my hope

And someday I know

I must let you go again

Now, in your tears, I see your

In your hands, I feel your

And in your eyes, the wisdom to
bind us

To lead the way to a brighter

For you belong to God

Finally, he's mine.

Let him go!

Moses, do you remember Mama

telling you about the nice house
you're going to live in someday,

and the nice people
who will take care of you?

Do you remember?


Well, it's now time for you to

I know you're frightened.

Mama is, too,

but you are going to become
someone very important someday,

someone great.

Promise me,
you will always remember the
Greater One.

Come, my son, come to your

But you're not my mother.

-He stutters!
-What have you done to him?

He's never done that before.

I'll fix it.

Come, my son.

God is watching over you, Moses.

He will always be watching over

I love you, Moses!

Safiya, take him and clean him

Scrub every bit of Hebrew filth
off him.

He's Egyptian royalty now,

the gift from the gods!

He belongs to me!

Now, just a child

A mound of clay

My future, I can see unfold

I'll mold him well

And time will tell

If we will ever see the throne

For now, I see my destiny

And he belongs to me

He'll be a man who cries out for

Be the man to lead us all

By the hand of God there to
guide him

To light the way to a brand new

For he belongs to God

-You'll be a man
-You'll be a man

-Who cries out for justice
-Strong and bold

-Be the man to lead us all
-The future, I now see my son

-By the hand of God there to
guide you
-I'll be there right by your

-To light the way to a brand new
-Mother of the mighty one

-For now I see
-Now, let yourself be

-Our destiny
-What you're destined to be


-Belongs to God
-Belongs to me

And, music!



Open the doors!

Louder now.

More feeling!


It's good!

And now,

Queen Hatshepsut, her daughter

along with Thutmoses III!


And now, Moses, Pharaoh's

Where is Moses?

Where is Moses? Find Moses now!

And now, our ruler and our god,

Pharaoh Thutmoses II!

Magnificent! Perfect!

Except the person all this is
is nowhere to be seen.

Semnet, where's Moses?
Isn't he supposed to be in his

-One would have hoped.
-Well, where is he?

-Here he is!
-Here he is!

Moses, right this way. Quickly,

I need to speak with Pharaoh.


Moses? What is it?

Pharaoh, the people
have been waiting for hours.

We must proceed with the

Moses and I will come later.

All right. We will wait.


While the rest of the parade
marches through all of Egypt!


I want to thank you
for the opportunity to be your

Well, all right,

but you've earned it, Moses.

In all my kingdom, there's not a
mightier in words and deeds.

My gods have honored you,

and you will honor them.

That is why I must refuse your


I can no longer worship your

and I will not lead others to
worship them.

Is this supposed to be humorous?

No, Pharaoh.

You know I have worshiped the
God of my mother since I was
a little boy.

I don't care what you worship

as long as you also worship
the gods of Egypt.

I can only serve one God,

the God of the Hebrews.

The God of slaves?

He did not make them slaves,

you and your fathers did!

My husband, the magnitude
of this day is very
emotional for Moses.

You need not worry, he will not
fail you.

I am not doubting his ability,

only his loyalty.


I came today
intending to give you this royal

Even now, that is still my

Take it.

Lift it up.

Feel its weight, its power.

With this scepter,
whatever you command will be

I have great plans for you,
Moses, but you must be
loyal to me,

to my gods, and to Egypt.

No, I can't.

-No! No!
-Stop this!

If you choose to worship the God
of slaves,

you will live as a slave.

I would rather suffer with the
people of God,

than enjoy the rotting riches of
this world.

-He has made his choice.

-No, he hasn't.
-He has rejected me for

No! That is where you are wrong!

-What is this?
-Moses, watch your temper!

You and your gods hate the weak,
and the poor.

But the God of my ancestors
strengthens the weak,

and cares for the poor!

Fine! As Vizier, you'll have
power to help them have a
better life.

They don't need a better life.

They need to be set free!

Set free?

-I've heard enough!
-Wait, wait!

Now, Moses,
stop this daydreaming and face

They are not your people!
They don't want you!

-Your own mother didn't want
-That is not true!

She got rid of you, and I
kept you. You belong with me.

Enough now, Hatshepsut. Let him

No! I will not let him go!


You are being foolishly

Your faith in the Hebrew God
is that of a five-year-old.

You can't possibly reject
all this because of some
childhood bedtime story.

-Enough now.

You can't allow this!
The gods gave him to us to make
me great!

Hatshepsut, as Pharaoh,
I command you, silence!

Moses, by leaving now,
you surrender all your rights,


and protection as a member of my

I understand.

I don't ever

want to see you again,


Hatshepsut, come now.

My people are waiting.


the cape.


I can't believe what I have done

I've finally made my stand

My day has come

No going back, I've made my

Now, I must find my way

And find my voice

I've played a part for all these

While my people suffered grief
and tears

I must shed this life, though I
am shamed

I must let this spark become a

I feel this fire

A yearning to be free

A burning desire

To find my destiny

I'm feeling something there

Something strong

Something yet to be

Something greater than me

I see my gray skies turn to blue

As I turn the page and start

I must hold on to this and make
it last

I must find my future, lose my

I feel this fire

A yearning to be free

A burning desire to find my

I'm feeling something there
Something strong

Something yet to be

Something greater

If I'm not the man I was

Then who am I now?

It's a new life that I must live

God, show me how

I feel this fire

A yearning in my heart

A burning desire

To make a brand new start

I'm feeling something there
Something strong

Something yet to be

Something greater

Than me

Heavy these bricks, heavy these

Clay and straw, breaking our

Call out to God with each breath

God won't hear, life is death

Every year is just the same

Every day we toil and sweat in

Every second an eternity

In Pharaoh's game

Mothers, fathers, children, all

Do what you're told when Pharaoh

Feel the whip

Bend your knee

Rest when you die

Then you're free

Get back to work!

What, what?

Jacob, Jacob,

just pick up the bricks
and put 'em over there.

You know, we've been doing
the same thing for 350 years,

it's no different today.

Excuse me?

Excuse me,
can I speak with you for a

Idle lips bring the promise of
the whip.

Your voice.

Could you look at me again,

If you haven't noticed, we're
all slaves here.

The guards don't approve of us
entertaining strangers.

I see.

I see.

But they approve of this?

This prophecy there over
the door from the great

"The Lord will surely visit you
and bring you out of this land.

"When you have been delivered,
take my bones with you."

The guards can't read Hebrew.

How can you?

I studied it in Pharaoh's

Pharaoh's library?

All right, who are you?

I'm a man searching the
brickyards of Goshen for my

I was told a man named Aaron
worked here.

Well, there are many people
in the world named Aaron.

Could one work here?

It's possible.

All right, if your name was

and your parents
were Amram and Jochebed,

and you had a sister named

and a brother who looked a lot
like me...




My brother!

I can't believe this!

Why are you here?

I'll explain everything.
But first, I have to know

is mother...


No, she's been gone a long time

but our sister Miriam...


It's me.

-My baby brother Moses!

I cannot believe you are
actually here,
in my arms.

-I have missed you so much.
-Let me look at you.

-God did hear my prayers.

I knew he would, Aaron.

Miriam, all these years

I've wanted to thank you for
protecting me,
but I stayed away.

It's all right. You were chosen

No. It is not all right.

My entire life, I lived in a

with everything at my
while you, Aaron,

and mother suffered here in this

I could've done
something, Miriam.
I should've.

Baby brother,

you're here now and that's all
that matters.

It's God's plan.

Here, you've come a long way,

come and sit down
and have something to eat and to

Here, sit right here, Moses.

I hope you like leeks and


Come on.

I had no idea
how bad this really was for you.

They always kept it a secret
from me.

How long have you lived like

Well, we don't live long.

A life of bondage devours a
man's potential,

defiling his dignity,
corrupting dreams into

Aaron! Aaron, you speak better
than some members of Pharaoh's

You should not have said that,

You really think so?

Now, he'll never stop talking.

You know, I've always known.

I've got this amazing ability

to communicate thoughts and
so that people can understand,

be inspired
and learn from what I have to

Humility is not one of his many

You know, I often wondered,

"If only I had the opportunity

"to grow up in Pharaoh's

"as you have, Moses,
what could I have done?"


Yet you were chosen to
grow up in golden splendor,

and I slaved my life away
in bitter obscurity. Why?


Why does God choose one man to
be a king
and another a slave? Why?

-Aaron! Stop talking!



We don't even know why Moses is

I have turned my back
on all of the riches of Egypt.

I've renounced it all,

to serve the Lord,

and to live with you, the people
of God.

That is the most stupid thing
I've ever heard in my life.

Well, to me, it's the most

You gave away
all of your authority and

for this?

Now, he's just like every other
"deliverer" that rises up
against Pharaoh.

Big dreams, no power,


Stone by stone

Toil and fear

Brick by brick, year to year

Where is He now

This God of our fathers?

Long ago, so we sing

He was there in everything

Where is He now

The God of our fathers?

Where is His promise in the

They've gone away, no lights

We dream in darkness and live in

We're all alone

He's silent as stone

Still, we look to the God who

Nothing left, broken dreams

Empty hearts, silent screams

Where is He now

The God of our fathers?

Where is His promise in the

They've gone away, no lights

We dream in darkness and live in

We're all alone

He's silent as stone

He's silent

As stone

No, it is not hopeless.

The Lord will deliver you.

-He will deliver you through me.

Through you?


From the moment I read this
of the great Joseph, I knew!

I knew why
our mother put me in that

-And why Pharaoh's daughter
found me.

The Lord has prepared me for

He has raised me up
to deliver all of you from

I knew it! I knew it all along.

I've been saying it since he was
a little boy.

-Our brother was born for

Born to save His people
and set the captives free.

Born to humble the proud
and exalt the humble.

-Aaron, please...
-Born to lead us to the Promised

-flowing with milk and honey.

-Stop talking.



Listen, I know you're all

and you don't know who I am,
but you can trust me.

You can trust!

I have led armies to victory
on the battlefield,

I have overseen the building of

I speak many languages.

I can help you.

We need to go!

What's happening, what is that

It's the guards telling us
the work day is done.

Go, it's Hunchback and his two
We cannot delay...

-We must go now.

All right, you lazy jackals,
back to your huts!

We'll see if you made your quota

He's in my seat.

Why is he in my seat?

Get up, old man, you know the

I don't feel well.

I don't care, get out of my

I can't. I can't.

Am I gonna have to help you


Stop beating him! Let go of me!

Why is no one helping him?

Get out!

-Don't let them see you.
-I don't care!

Stay here.

Well, drag him out of here.

You'd think these animals would
just learn to do what you tell

A whole lot less painful.

I will follow you in a moment.

This is no time to act out of

You need to...
You need to walk away, all

-Just, just cool down.
-Yes, come, Moses.

You don't have to
protect me anymore, Miriam.

That's your sister.

Well, what have we here?

Are you hungry?

Are you hungry?

So am I.

I've got just the place for you.

In you go. A little hot at


What's that?

Who are you?

I am Moses.


The Moses?

We heard you got yourself
kicked out of Pharaoh's court.

What an idiot!

Why are you here?

To stop you.

Listen to this. It's true!

The mighty Moses can't even

You will not treat people this

What people?

They're animals.

They’re stupid, lazy, dirty

Did you see that?

That Moses killed Hunchback!

Good for us, bad for him.

Well, I'm getting the rest of
that stew!

Not 'til I get mine first!

Hey! Get back here!

Keep your hands off of it! It's

You always take it all!

No, you don't! Come here!

No you don't! No you don't! No.

A rat!

That's mine!

-No, you don't! That's mine!

-Give it back!
-Don't eat it!

Hey, kids, stop it!

What are you doing?

Go get the elders.

You shouldn't treat each other
this way,
you're children of Abraham.

We're slaves who don't get
enough to eat.


Why are you striking him?

This is not
how you should treat your

Who made you judge over us?
And who are you to talk?

Are you going to kill me
as you did Hunchback?


That's him! He killed Hunchback!

-What are you talking about?
-I saw it!

Your great, all-wise brother
just murdered Hunchback.

No, no you're a liar.

I mean, that can't be true.

It is. I'm sorry.

-Why would you...
-I was only trying to help!

Help? Why would you
do something like this?

You have ruined everything!

When the rest of the guards find

they're going to make us all pay
for your crime.

-Yes, it's true.

They need to know that he did
it, and not us.

Moses must pay for this!

Grab him! Take him to the

Get him!

There he is!

There he is!

Run, Moses! Run!

Moses, here, put this on!

Move it! Move it!

He went that way!



You're right,

I have ruined everything.

No, no, no. I should not have
said that.

Here, take this.
There's some bread in here for

-Miriam, please forgive me.
-We must find Moses!

I love you, Moses!

He's got to be somewhere close.

Here, quick. Get inside.

Help! Help!

An Egyptian with a Hebrew tunic!

He stole my money and ran off
that way!


They're gone.

You're safe.

The gods brought you to me
once in a basket,

and now they bring you to me


Hatshepsut? How did you know?

I've followed your every move.

I could not lose you.

You’re too late. I am already

No, you're not.

I'll fix everything, and
you'll be back in Pharaoh's
favor again.

-Look, it isn't right.
-Who cares?

Whoever's on top of the pyramid
decides what's right,

and that's where you belong.

I don't know where I belong.

Here, with me!

Now, you see what I told you was

Your mother didn't want you,

those Hebrews don't want you,

but I always have.

Ever since I was a baby,

I have been drifting through
life, alone.

And you, you have held on to me,

hoping I could help you become
but I can't.

I won't.

It is time you let me go.

No. I can't do that.


You always have a plan, don't

I have to. I've always had to.

Take him to Pharaoh.



You think I just wanted to use
to gain power for myself,

and that is partly true,

but I really just wanted
someone I could love,

who would love me,

and you came closer to that than

Release him.

But, My Queen,
he killed an Egyptian soldier!

You heard me!


I'm letting you go.


All alone

Grief and tears

Step by step

Year to year

Nothing left, broken dreams

Empty hearts, silent screams

Slow down.

Don't waste water.

This always takes forever.

We're almost done.

One bucket at a time, girls.

Look, it's the Ethiopian

They're so handsome!

They are wolves in sheep's

But they travel to such exotic
I want to go with them!

Not a chance, little lamb.

Zipporah! You filled
the water troughs for us! Thank

The Lord has provided water for
in that well.

Come back this afternoon.

We are merchants.
We work with our minds, not our

I have strong hands!
I'll help you water your

Me, too! Me, too! I will also!

As one neighbor would help

Our neighbors can help
to our water,

one bucket at a time.

Zipporah, you are
just like the desert you live

tough and dry!

Come on!

How are we ever going to get
if you chase them all away?

Those are not husbands,
they're jackals with jewelry.

You deserve better,

and you will wait
until someone better comes

-I love you.
-Don't leave, I love you.

Azmah, Tzibyah, bring father's
sheep now.

Yes, Zipporah.

Those are not father's sheep!

Excuse me, sir,

but you're going to have to wait
to water your animals.

We've filled up the troughs for
our flocks.

Well, you can fill them up again
when we're done.

"One bucket at a time."

You can't do this. It's not

Whoever's strongest decides what
is right,

and that is me.

So, now, we want you

and your sisters

to get us some water!

Do we have to do that?

Leave her alone.

What? Who are you?

Just let them water their flocks

We take whatever we want.


And right now, we want these

to get us some water!

-No! No!
-I have a better idea.

How about you get me some water!

What is this guy?

This will not end well for you,
my friend.

Get him!


Get him off the wagon!

I got him!

Hey! No, no, no!

Come on!



All right, pretty boy.

-Look out!

No problem. Behind you!

No! No!

Get out and stay out!


Girls, control yourselves.

And go tell father what


That was amazing!

Thank you!

-Wait until father hears about
-Thank you!

You can water your flocks now.

You're hurt.

I am thirsty.

My name is Zipporah, daughter
of Jethro,
priest of this territory.

Your father is a priest?

Well, his God
didn't protect you today, did

But He did.

He sent us a deliverer, you.

I am no deliverer.

Look. There he is, father!
That's him!

He risked his life to save us!

He was incredible!

I see.

Thank you for protecting my
and my flocks.

Such bravery is rare,
especially in a stranger.

They needed help.
So, I helped them, that is all.

-You're Egyptian?

Then to what people do you

I don't.

I see.

-My daughters...

Go and prepare a meal
and a place for this man to

He shall stay with us.

I've never seen that look in
your eyes.

-What look?

You get back to camp,

and I don't want to hear
another word of that.

Thank you, but I need to be on
my way.

Where will you go?


The nomads have a saying,

"No matter where a camel goes,
his fleas are sure to follow."


I'm old.
And when you're old, you lose

your teeth, your eyesight, your

your sense of smell,

though that last one is a
when you spend all day with

But you do gain an understanding
of what is truly important in

Yeah, and what is that?

Stay, and you'll find out.


you don't know who I am.

No, you don't know who you are.

You're a fighter, a warrior.

But you're wounded,

and like most wounded men,

you will stay that way
for the rest of your life.

It doesn't matter.

It does.

It can keep you from becoming
the man
God created you to be.

I don't know who I'm supposed to

Well, I'm a priest,
so I'm going to tell you the

I believe the Lord wants to set
you free
from your past,

to show you who you are, in Him.

No, I tried that, it didn't

I understand, but now let Him

In His way. In His time.

Stay with us.

Stay here?

What would I do?

Become a shepherd.

I don't know anything
about being a shepherd.

Good! Then you're just
the right man for the job.

Egyptians hate shepherds.

Well, it's a good thing you're
not Egyptian.

No, I appreciate your concern,
but I need to keep going, all

So, you are a man
who would rather hold on to the

than grab hold to a new

A new beginning? For what?

God's best for you! Catch!

It might seem like a simple

To lead a shepherd's life

You must be firm, you must be

And patience you must find

Nice to meet you. Goodbye.

You must protect the little ones

When you lead a shepherd's life

With a gentle hand, they'll stay
in line

And follow rain or shine

The morning sun, the waning moon

Will guide you night and day

And you will know the man you

When you learn the shepherd's

You might think it quite mundane

To lead a shepherd's life

But living simple, living well

But what about that smell?

So all good things do
come with time

When you lead a shepherd's life

Time to think

And time to dream

And time to find a wife

-A what?
-A wife.

That's right!

The blazing sun, the twinkling

Will guide you night and day

And you will know the man you

When you learn the shepherd's

With just a glance and patient

They'll sense your every whim

Help me!

Your flock will always look to

As you must look to Him

So, look above and look to God

He'll guide you night and day

And you'll become the man you

When you know the shepherd's way

Yes, you'll become the man you

When you know the shepherd's way

Bound up in love
Hum-a-lay, hum-a-lay

Woven together
Hum-bai-lay, hum-bai-lay, hum

God's plan is complete, a

Who-ma-lay, who-ma-lay

Over the years
Hum-a-lay, hum-a-lay

Growing together
Hum-bai-lay, hum-bai-lay, hum

Making a life, a family

In good times or bad
In joy and in strife

It's the heartbeat of life
That is found in the rhythm of

Over the years
Hum-a-lay, hum-a-lay

Life lived together
Hum-bai-lay, hum-bai-lay, hum

Laughter and tears, a history

Who-ma-lay, who-ma-lay
Who-ma-lay, who

Children grow up
Hum-a-lay, hum-a-lay

Hearts will grow wiser
Hum-bai-lay, hum-bai-lay, hum

Family becomes our destiny

Who-ma-lay, who-ma-lay
Who-ma-lay, who

In grief and in hope
In darkness or light

On our journey together, we

On our journey together, we sing

We sing

On our journey together, we live

To the rhythm of love

And we do it again!

Papa, papa, can I come with you?

Me, too! I want to come along!

Boys, boys, listen.

The backside of the wilderness
no place for young explorers to

Someday, my son, but not today,
all right?

Be careful, the wilderness is a
dangerous place for anyone,
including you.

I can take care of myself,

Have you forgotten about the
five nomads
I beat the day we met?

Only because I had your back.

And I still do.

Come home soon.
I don't like it when you're

I love you.


Jethro. Thank you.

Thank you.

For what?

For being the son I never had.

My sons there,
they only know me as I am now.

They have no idea
I once held a golden scepter

and all of Egypt
would have followed my every

Well, now,
I lead a bunch of sheep with a

You still don't trust Him, do

-The Lord.

You're still running from Him.

You know, Jethro,
sometimes you say things...

That need to be said.

Moses, why do you think
these sheep follow you?

Because I lead them to food.

True, but they would follow you

to the endless sands of the
if you led them.


All right, I know
what you're trying to say,

I don't think you do.

See, these sheep know your

they study your every move when
bring warning, correction, or

They know their very lives
depend on you
as their shepherd.

They trust you, Moses,
because they know who you are.


I have earnestly sought the

studying His ways for 40 years.

How can you say I don't know

Because you don't believe He
loves you.

You're right.

I don't!

Because He doesn't love me.
How could He after all I've

Everyone fails.

No! No! No.

Not like me.

This is different.

Thousands of Hebrew babies
were drowned in the Nile,

and I survived.

I was trained in the finest
schools in Egypt.

I lived in Pharaoh's own house,

all of it to prepare me to go
deliver my people from bondage.

And what do I do?

I get angry and murder a man,

and ruin everything!

I was supposed to be the answer
to my people's prayers,

but instead, I'm their

That is a lot to carry.

And I am tired of carrying it. I
am done.


Now, your journey can finally

Your flock is waiting, Moses.

It is time for you to go.

Safe journey, my son.

The Lord be with you.


Lord above, we cry to Thee

You're still our hope

Hear our plea

Come to us now

Oh, God of our fathers

What is that?


Take off your sandals.

You are standing on holy ground.

I am the God of your fathers,

the God of Abraham,


and Jacob.

Why are you afraid?

Because you know who I am,

and what I have done.


I do know you,

and now I want you to know Me.

You do?

I have always been with you.

You are not alone.

You belong to Me.

Thank you.

Thank you, Lord.

As I have been with you,

I have been with my people,
enduring their suffering.

Now, the time has come
to deliver them out of bondage

and into the land of promise.

Yes, Lord! Yes.

I have chosen you, Moses,

to bring My people out of Egypt.


But I can't, Lord.

I don't speak well...

Go to Pharaoh,
and tell him to let My people

so that they may worship Me
here in the wilderness,

on this mountain.

But, Lord,
who am I to lead Your people out
of Egypt?

You are not alone. I am with

All right, suppose I do go to

and I say, "The God of your
has sent me to you,"

and they ask, "What is his
What should I tell them?

I am!

I always have been, and always
will be.

I am all you need.

Tell them I Am has sent you.

Yes, Lord, but what if they
don't believe me

and they say,
"The Lord did not appear to

What is in your hand?

A shepherd's staff.

What is it? No!

Now, reach out your hand
and take it by the tail.

This is so they will believe
that the God of their fathers

has appeared to you.

Now, put your hand inside your

Leprosy, Lord!

Now, put your hand back inside
your cloak.

It is gone.

I am God.


I create life, and I save from

Now, go.

I can't, Lord, please, please.

I’m sorry.

Please, Lord, send someone else!
I can't do this!

What about your brother Aaron?
He speaks well.

Yes! Yes, Lord.

He is already on his way to see

You shall speak My words to him,
and he will speak to the people
for you.

Now, take your shepherd's staff,

and you will perform all My
and wonders with it.

All right.

I will.

I'm feeling something there

Something strong

Something yet to be

Something greater

Than me!



Well, brother, here we are, the
brick factory,

just as you left it 40 years

All right, Aaron,

you do the talking.

You don't have to worry about
that, brother.
Speaking is my gift!

Children of Israel!

The time has come for us to be
set free.

The Lord has spoken!

He sent us His Deliverer, my
brother, Moses!

Come on!

Aaron, what happened to your

They're exhausted,
they need a moment to take it

Let's come back later.

No, no, just let me talk to

Don't worry,
I prepared something on the way.

Brothers and sisters, you must
listen to me!

Moses has met the God of
Isaac and Jacob.

He saw the Angel of the Lord
in a burning bush that never
burned up!

Our God spoke and said He has
heard our cries, seen our

and He has called Moses to come
and lead us out of Egypt,

into the Promised Land!

Be quiet and get back to work,

Look, we've had to do your job
while you were gone!

A burning bush that never burns

Why didn't you bring it back
so I don't have to fan these
flames anymore?

I'm telling the truth,
the Lord has spoken to Moses!

Well, if God did speak to him,

why isn't he the one doing the

"Speaking" is not his gift.

Now, I, on the other hand...

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
we know who you are, Aaron,

but we want to hear him speak.


Well, what do you have to say

Speak up!

-What is it?
-We're listening.


You can’t talk.

Way to go, Aaron!


-No, no, no! It's all right.
It's all right.
-It's sorcery!

Egyptian dark magic!

Do not be afraid.

Look and see the power of God.

Leprosy! He's a leper!

-It is magic!

No, no, this...

This is not magic.

This is the Hand of God,
reaching out

to us.


Because He knows you,

and He wants you to know Him.

Can I believe my eyes?

This stirring in a soul gone
still so long ago

I'm taunted to deny it

Did I just hear a song

Sung deep within my heart?

Sung by the God of Abraham and

For a hundred years times four

We've implored You

Might you end this cruel
oppression, Lord?

We've prayed

As a people, broken, before You

Could the God who was

Still be our God


If there is hope, it's in Your

The only God with power to save

To guide our path, to light our

A God who is

The One who's worthy of all

To whom our broken hearts we

You are the One we've seen today

Our God who is


Every tribe and every nation

Of His mercy and goodness will

We will sing of Your greatness

The God of yesterday is still
with us today!

Eternal hope is in Your name

The only God with power to save

You'll guide our path, You'll
light our way

Our God who is!

The One who's worthy of all

To whom our grateful hearts we

You are the One we've seen today

Our God who is
Our God who is

Our God who is today


And therefore, is here seeking
for all the damage done to his

which this man claims never

and in fact, has testified that
the cow in
question broke through his

Father, how much longer must you

I want to shoot arrows with you!

You do, huh?

Councilor, how many more cases
are there?

Well, endless, but five more
until we recess.

Magicians, butcher the cow,
serve it tonight for dinner.

You win. He loses. All right,
son, let's go.

But, Pharaoh...

I love my son more than
and when I enter into eternal

he will rule over your sons.

So, I suggest you honor him now.

I do and will continue to.

But, Pharaoh, there are two men

who have been waiting for days
to see you.

They claim to have a message
from their God.

Amenemhat, would you like to
a message from a god?

Is he powerful?

I don't know, let's find out.

Where are they?

Here they are.


Well, all right, who is your

The Lord God of the Heb...


The Lord...

God of the Hebrews?

The God of slaves!

Father, what do you think His
message is?

I don't know, maybe something

"Those slaves are tired of
making bricks,

"could they weave baskets

I needed that.

Councilor, tell these men
I won't even discipline them

for coming before me with such

All right, son, let's go shoot
some arrows.

The Lord has spoken,

let My people go.

That's why I'm the mouthpiece.

I can't stand any more of this.

Thank you for the entertainment.
Now, leave.


Please, Pharaoh, let me explain.

The God of Israel has said,
"Let my people go,

"so they may hold a festival to
in the wilderness."

The God of the...

Who is this God that I should
listen to Him?

I don't know Him, and no, you
will not go.

Please, Pharaoh,

let us take a three day's
into the wilderness

to offer sacrifices to the Lord
our God, or...

He will strike us with plagues
or the sword.

What? That is not what the Lord

Do you want to do this?

What are your names?

He is Moses,

and I am Aaron.



Why is that name so familiar?

Your stepmother Hatshepsut
raised me.



She loved you!

I hated her!

So, now, you have come back to
my slaves away from their labor?

Councilor, give these orders to
slave master and overseer in the

They are no longer to supply the
with straw for making bricks.

They will gather their own

But require them to make
the same number of bricks as

-Don't reduce the quota!

They are lazy,

and that is why they are crying

"Let us go and sacrifice to our

Make the work harder
so that they keep working

and learn not to listen to lies!

-Pharaoh, that's...
-Okay, that's enough!

Let's go.

So, the God of slaves has come

That's fine,

but he says for me to
hand over to him what's mine.

Just understand that I'm the god
I call the shots.

I say what's best.

And when I tell the Hebrews
to cut their own straw,

they'll do it with not one brick

How dare you waste my time?

How dare you stand there
making your demands?

You must think me a fool

Remember I'm the master of this

They'll stay in chains where
they belong

Perhaps you've talked with sheep
too long

So, to this point, I must

I'll not spare the rod and lash

And you will give me all I ask

Not one brick less!

Heavy these bricks, heavy these

Clay and straw, breaking our

Call out to God with each breath

God won't hear, life is death

Moses, you have made us a stench
in Egypt

and put a sword in Pharaoh's
to kill us!

Mothers, fathers, children, all

Do what you're told when Pharaoh

Feel the whip, bend your knee

Rest when you die, then you're

You liar! Deceiver!
Go back to where you came from,

You're no deliverer!

So your God sends
a mumbling shepherd with a staff

Into my land

Let My people go or else...

He says to me!
Well, here I am!

Hebrew God, it's either you or
A fight unto the death!

But in the end
You all will pray to me

So do your worst!

Bend your knee!

The god of Egypt demands

Not one brick less

Foolish, ignorant, useless
shepherd's staff!

The first two she made sunk.


Everyone thought she was crazy,

but she kept weaving these reeds
over and over until her fingers

coating it in tar and
covering it in pitch until
finally this one,

it floated all day
and it was completely dry


This is the basket
that mother put me in at the

You kept it all these years.

It reminds me of her,

and how God uses foolish
and broken things to accomplish
His work.

How broken do I have to be?

Enough to let go.

But I have let go of everything,

I left my wife, my sons,

the peace
and safety of my family to come

and look, look what I've done.

But why did you come here,

Because God told me.

Then who changed, Him or you?

The Lord doesn't speak to me

I pray to Him, but He doesn't

I just feel so alone, Miriam.

I need to go back home!

And run away again!

Moses, when mother put you in
this basket,

she didn't swim down the river
take you back when the water got


Where are you, God?

Why are You so silent?


Yes, Lord. Finally.

Here I am.

I will stretch out My hand
and perform mighty miracles.

I will take My people as My own,

and I will be their God.

Go to him again.

Tell him to let My people go.

Yes, Lord, I will.

If You will go with me, Lord, I
will do it.

I will make you seem like God to

and your brother Aaron
will be your prophet.

When I lay my hand on Egypt,

all will know that I am the

Yes, Lord!

Yes, Lord.


You were a great start,

but now it is time to finish!



Aaron, wake up!

Wake up, Aaron!

We have to go back to Pharaoh.

Yeah? Because that turned out

No. God is going to take care of
all of that.

Now, I need you to talk for me.


Moses, you've only been here a
short time.

I've spent my entire life with
these people.
I can't...

They can't take any more broken
and I won't do that to them.

Aaron! Aaron!

Do you believe that the Lord
He would set our people free?

I did.

Well, then, who changed,

Him or you?

Okay, now that was good!

Look, you don't need me to talk
for you.

Yes, I do. Miriam said that.

All right, okay, just don't hurt

We're better together, Aaron.

We are, aren't we?

-We go talk to Pharaoh again,

Again and again,

and again and again and again,
as long as it takes!

All right, brother.
You pray, I'll talk, and God
will deliver!

Let's go, brother!

Was it the leeks and onions?

You know, suddenly,
Pharaoh doesn't seem so bad.

Let's go.

Amenemhat, have you speared any
fish yet?

I'm not looking for fish,

I'm hunting crocodiles!

Is he safe?

I don't want him to get hurt.

He's fine, he's just like me!

Look, if it isn't the stuttering
and his exalted mouthpiece!

If you're looking for straw,
there might be some over there!

This is what the Lord says.

"By this, you will know that I
am the Lord.

"I will turn the water of the
and all the waters of Egypt into

"All its fish will die,
and you will not be able to
drink its water."

Amenemhat, get out of the water,

My son!

Father, what's happening?

The water in the pots
has also turned to blood!

Get me off the water, now!

Magicians! Make this stop!

Almighty Pharaoh, we, too,
can turn water into blood.

We just don't yet know how to
make it stop.

-You better figure it out, you
-Yes, yes!

Come on, Aaron. Let's go.

Moses, Moses, did you, I mean, I

The whole river turned to blood,

Well, that's what
the Lord said He would do,

I know, but...

He really came through!

And did you see Pharaoh's face?
He's not laughing now!

Now, he'll let our people go!

No. I don't think so. Not yet.

He's embarrassed, but not

Moses, tell Aaron to stretch out
his hand,

and from the waters, frogs will
come up

into every village, house, and

At first, you relent

You say we can go

Well, I've changed my mind

And I want you to know

I will never let you go!

I will never let them go...

Stretch out your staff, strike
the ground,

and from the dust, gnats will
cover the land.

He promised to set us

Pharaoh, enough is enough

-Promised to set us free
-He has hardened his heart

I will never give up

From the eastern skies, like
black clouds,

swarms of flies will descend
upon Egypt.

Pray for me, Moses,
that this plague might end!

He promised again to set us free

His words are lies

His deeds an act

His stubborn pride is still

I will never let you go!

Now, Egypt's livestock shall

but the Israelites' livestock
shall live.

By this, all will know that I am
the Lord.

Hear, our Lord, hear, our Lord

No! No!

Praise to the Lord

Our God

When will you bend your knee?

Hear, our God

And when will this end already?

Pharaoh, set us free!

I will never set you free!

Take handfuls of ashes
and toss them into the air,

and I will bring boils upon
the people and animals of Egypt.


No! What is this? What is this?

Pharaoh, now will you listen?

Pharaoh, listen, their God is

You will stay where you belong

Stretch out your hand toward the

and hail will fall, destroying
animals, and all the crops of

But my people will not be

Pharaoh, you must set them free

Pharaoh, you must set them free

Pharaoh, you must set them free

Pharaoh, you must set them free

-No, I won't give in
-He's the Lord of us all

No, no!

I will now send locusts to cover
the ground,

infest the houses of Egypt,
and devour everything left from
the hail.

Set them free!

Pharaoh has rejected the light.

Now, darkness shall descend upon
the land.

Go, worship the Lord.

Take your women and your
children and go!

But you will leave
your flocks and herds behind.

How can your heart still be so

Didn't you say your God
was the One who hardened my

No, it is what is inside a man
determines how he responds to
God's light.

I have no idea what you mean.

In the sunlight, wax is

but clay, it is hardened.

The same sun shines on both.
Yet it softens one, and hardens
the other.

It is the same with the hearts
of men.

Your livestock stay in Egypt!

We cannot worship the Lord
without bringing a sacrifice.

No. No!

Nine plagues have been
poured out upon you!

Each one an opportunity for you
lay down your pride and
surrender to Him,

and stop His judgment.

It is not too late.

Let my people go,
and save the lives of your

I am finished with you, Moses!

I know who you are,

and how my stepmother gave you
every golden opportunity and

and you threw it away!

A failure.

Your own mother got rid of you.

You're unwanted.

And you belong to no one!

And your God is nothing more
than a God of slaves.

This is what the Lord says,

"Israel is my son, my firstborn.

"I told you,
'Free My son, so that he may
serve Me'

"But you have refused to free

"Now, every Egyptian firstborn
son will die.

"There will be wailing in Egypt
such as never before,

"yet among the Israelites,
it will be so peaceful,

"not even a dog will bark!

"Then you will know that God
who belongs to Him and those who

Get out of my sight!

Don't come to me again!

The day you see my face, you
will die.

Just as you say,

I will not come to you again.


You didn't stutter once.

Tonight, at midnight,

I will pour out the tenth and
final plague.

Sh'ma Yisrael

Adonai Eloheinu

Adonai Echad

Hear, oh, Israel

The Lord our God

The Lord is one

Each man is to take a lamb for
his family.

It must be pure, spotless,
without defect.

Then, as darkness falls,

each lamb is to be sacrificed.

Baruch shem kavod


L'olam va-ed

Praise be to God

Forever and ever


Once the lamb has been

take a branch of hyssop,
dip it into the lamb's blood,

and apply the blood
upon the doors of your

the entrance into your homes,

for the angel of death is

But when he sees the blood,
he will pass over,

for the blood of the lamb will
save you.

-Sh'ma Yisrael
-Hear, oh Israel

-Adonai Eloheinu
-The Lord our God

-Adonai Echad
-The Lord is one

Eat the Passover meal
with your cloaks and sandals on,

and your walking sticks in your

for I Am bringing you out.

Hear, oh, Israel

-The Lord our God
-Praise be to God

The Lord our God

-The Lord is one
-And all of my strength

-Bless His name forever
-The Lord is one

So love the Lord your God

With all your heart
And all your soul

And all your strength

Hear, oh, Israel

Hear, oh, Israel

Remember this day
for all generations to come.

For this is the day
that I will cause death to pass
over you,

and give you life.


Moses, where are you?

No, no! My baby! My baby!


My baby! My baby!

My son.

My son is dead.

What have I done?

Quickly now, go, worship the

as you have requested,

you and all of the Israelites.

Take your flocks, herds,
everything, and go!

But first, Moses,

bless me, that the Lord would
spare my life!

May the Lord bless you,

as you prove yourself loyal to

Moses, we are not Hebrew,
but we believe in the God of

Would you take us with you to
worship Him?

Yes, of course!

You are all welcome. Come.

Thank you, Moses!

Children of Israel,
assemble yourselves by families!

It's time.

It's time to leave these
brickyards behind.

Last night, we went to bed as

but this morning, we woke up


We are going to a land
flowing with milk and honey!


So that all nations on Earth
will be blessed through us!


Keep talking!

Moses, let our people go!

Do we have the bones of Joseph?

Yes, yes!

These two young men
have volunteered to carry them.

Joshua, Caleb.

Good. The Lord bless you both
for serving.

The word of the Lord
through Joseph has come to pass!

The Lord has kept the promise
He made to Abraham so many years

We are going to be the people
He created us to be.

We are going to live in the
Promised Land.

Is there any God like our God?

Praise be to God forevermore!
Eternal hope is in His name!

-Our God has set us free!
-Praise be to God!

The God who is

He set us free!

Our God has set

Us free!

We're free!


So, in the end,
it is the cockroaches who

Now, who's going to make our

I will add the God of the
to the sacred gods we worship.

How can we worship a God

who has taken
our next generations of leaders

and warriors from us?

My husband, will you not avenge
the death of Egypt's sons?

Of our son!

Will my beautiful Amenemhat die
in vain?

It will take us years to recover
from this.

Wait until Nubia, Ethiopia,
and the Hittites hear about it.

We'll lose all the new territory
we've gained.

We'll just have to wait and see.


For what?

Until all the nations mock me,

and every slave in the land
he, too, will be free?

I have the most powerful army on

Will we now allow slaves to
and ridicule us as cowards?


Those ignorant, brazen Hebrews
need to be whipped and chained

-and marched right back into

Prepare for battle.

I want soldiers, horses,
chariots ready for war!



Moses, why have you led us away
from the wilderness, here to the

The Lord has led us here, not

But why?

He wants the Egyptians
to know that He is Lord.

He sent them 10 plagues. I think
they know!

Yes, they know.

Pharaoh's heart is still hard.
He's coming after us!

There he is, there's the

What are you talking about?

Was it because there were no
graves in
Egypt that you brought us out
here to die?

Didn't we say to you in Egypt,
"Leave us alone.

-"Let us serve the Egyptians?"

Hundreds of chariots
and thousands of soldiers are

We must escape.

We are surrounded by water on
three sides!

Well, there is no escape!

Moses has led us to our death!

Why did you deliver us?

It would have been better for us
to serve the Egyptians

than to die here in the

Send us back to Egypt! It's not
too late!

Send us back! We want to go



Now, you listen to me!

Moses did not lead you to this

God did.

God has led you to this place,
not Moses!

I knew it would turn out this

-He told us to believe, to trust
the Lord.
-Well, yes!

I'd been disappointed so many
times before,
I couldn't.

But then, the plagues came,
one after another,

and it seemed maybe
this really was God working on
our behalf,

so, I let myself believe!

And look where it's gotten us!

Trapped between the sea
and a sea of soldiers.

They're getting closer!

There's twice as many soldiers
as there were before!

Twice? There's twice as many.

You must keep your faith!

The Lord will make a way for us!

Aaron! Aaron, take this.

Hold them back.

Oh, my Lord!

I know You did not send an
entire nation of people out here
to perish!

Please, Lord, remember Your

Deliver us!

Moses, why are you crying out to

Stand up.

Raise your staff and
stretch out your hand over the

so my people
can go through on dry ground.

Help us, God! Please!

-Please, help us! We cannot do
-You must believe!

Yes, Lord.

-We cannot.
-Believe with your heart. I
don't know...


I'll take that now.

-Aaron, what is he doing?
-What is happening?

What is happening?


I am the Lord.

You must have no other gods
before me.

Do not make anything into an

Do not speak my name in vain.

Set apart the Sabbath day to
keep it holy.

Honor your father and mother.

Do not murder.

Do not commit adultery.

You shall not steal, lie,

and bear false witness
against your neighbor.

And do not lust after your
neighbor's wife,

house, or belongings.

Father, You have delivered your

and You have delivered me,

but these laws,

they are so holy.

We will never be able to keep

We are destined to fail.

I know.

That is why what I have written
on stone,

one day, My Son will write on
men's hearts.

I sent you, Moses,

to deliver my people
from the bondage in Egypt,

but I will send my Son, Jesus
the Christ,

to deliver the world from the
bondage of sin.

Like the Passover lamb,

He will sacrifice His life,

so others can live.

If there is hope, it's in Your

The only God with power to save

You'll guide our path, You'll
light our way

Our God who is

The One who's worthy of all

To whom our grateful hearts we

You are the One we've seen today

Our God who is


Eternal hope is in Your name

The only God with power to save

You'll guide our path, You'll
light our way

Our God who is!

I will sing to the Lord...

-The one who's worthy of all
-I feel this fire

-I will sing to the Lord
-To whom our grateful hearts we

You are the one we've seen today

For He is highly exalted and

-I'm feeling something there
-Something greater

The One who's worthy of all

To whom our grateful hearts we

You are the One we've seen today

Our God who is

Our God who is

Our God who is today



Our God who is

Our God who is

Our God who is today