Morphine (2008) - full transcript

The year is 1917. We are in the Russian countryside. It is the middle of freezing winter. A pale young, newly educated doctor arrives. Having to deal with one medical challenge after another he soon becomes the center of everyone's attention. To soothe the impressions of human suffering he turns to morphine.

Year 1917

We waited so long for Your Majesty!
For so many days!!

I'm not any Majesty.

Call me a doctor or Michal Alekseyevich.

And what's Your name?

Pietrow Wlas.


based on autobiographical novels of

- Good Morning Doctor!
- Good Morning.
- Good Morning.

- Good Morning!
- Good Morning.

Good Morning mr. Doctor!
At last You're here!

Jegorycz, leave that
I'll take it mayself

Be so kind and put the samovar on

let me introduce myself...

Anatolij Lukicz Demianienko.

Local surgeon.

Dr. Polakov, nice to meet You.

We are awaiting You .. from spring.

We were writing and writing ...
Yours predecessor, Leopold Leopoldowicz,

began to make efforts but...

but how to work without doctor?

Necessary to send patients...

- to the town.
- Yes.

Please I take Your coat.

They noticed us at last.

or we have to wait till spring again

But that's understendable, now You
can't drag here anybody even by force.

Yes... please let me introduce

Our midwifes...

and also sisters of mercy.

Anna Nikolajewna...

Pelagia Iwanowna.

Doktor Polakow... Michal Alekseyevich.

I... You know ... I've frozen a bit

and like to warm up.

- Warm up...
- Oh, yes, on God!

Yes of Course. This is Your home

I'll take Your things.

Right away... right away
Come in , please.

Aksinia will be your cook

You'll warm up soon.

I'll put the samovar on...

and Aksinia.. and she'll cook the rooster

Maybe a bit of vodka?


Here is a study...

Leopold's ...that means now it's Yours.

Earlier, gentleman from ...

Nikolski district patronized us.

Leopold Leopoldowicz constantly ordered the books...

from catalogue.

And we have enough medicines for two revolutions

And when this in february happened ,
he disapeared..... at once!

He left even the gramophone.

records ... also his

He liked russian music.

here he slept.

here please...

And it is our pharmacy


Can You hold it ?

It... here is our pharmacy

ointments... acids... leeches

We have them also!!


cafeine ... campfor...


incipine ... the last jar...


please here...

Ju?, ju?, ju?...

And here is operating/surgery room .

And ... how many they bring to delivery here?

Well ... people aren't educated here ,
they still call for witch doctors first

They bring them here after
their so called... operations

Once one of them decided

to cut the bag of waters ...

they bring the child here after 24 hours

whole head cutted by knife

But... Leopold Leopoldowicz
was great specialist...

on complicated child births.

- You have decent equipment here.

sometimes it happened that he operated from dusk till down

He ordered only the best equipment from Germany , yes!

- And what was Leopold's family name ?
- a... family name?

We always called him by fathers name ...

after fathers name... hm...

So how he signed the receipts?

usually... Leopold.

Let's go there... o!

I made bed for You upstairs, and if it will be
too cold , an extra duvet is in the cabinet.

and if You wake up and need something
please tap onto the oven doors,

we will be here , downstairs, on that side

a bell which someone torn off...
ah yes , Leopold Leopoldowicz, yes...

Let the God protect You
please rest,

Maybe they won't bring anyone tonight .
Chamber pot is there too.

Well, thank You.

Thank You... let the Christ protect You.


Your Majesty!

Your Majesty!

Your Majesty , Disaster... your majesty!

Doctor !
A man is dying there!

dying? what's happening?

he tosses on the floor,and he is blue already.


- Where is surgeon ?
- He sleeps there.

Please wake him up.

Anatolij Lukicz!

It's the end.

Heart stopped to beat.

So what was the reason of his death?
We have to write a certificate.

Eh better don't bother with it .

His family will moan , they'll
say that he was butchered in hospital!

They don't need any certificate

Anyway they won't agree with what's in it.

What a nonsence , You know that he died
of diphtheria, they should know about it

He died of heart attack.
he get sudden attack and died.

Diphtheria have nothing to do with it


I understand.

heart attack or they'll keep telling that I was unable
to cure him from child illness

I killed my first patient.

Michal Alekseyevich, I prepared You a
vaccine against diphteria.

Tell Anna Nikolajewna, that it looks like
I have alergic reaction for vaccine,

- so let she come and take a morphine with her.
- I understand.

So what I have to tell her?

- That I got illness from vaccine.
- Aha...

Just... give her that

Thank You.


Michal Alekseyevich!

- How You slept?
- Excellent. Thank You.

Why haven't you woke me?
Is there anybody to examine?

There was one, with a tooth.

Michal Alekseyevich, people are talking
that in Petersburg ...

-is a new revolution, again.
- I havn't heard about it... they are talking about it?

Yyy... Yes they are talking

Put on samovar and water to wash!

- How are You, Michal Alekseyevich?
- You have precious hands, Annoa Nikolajewna!

I wake up completely healthy.

Michal Alekseyevich, won't You try
my jam from gooseberry?

From gooseberry?
With pleasure.

I decided to make jam from
goosberry this year.

Pelagia Iwanowna make jams better...

Yes... probably better

I'm not sure, not sure...

Anatolij Lukicz,how many patients were today?

22 persons.

two of them we left in hospital.

But when the snow storms starts, it happens,
that no one cames here even for a week.

Please drink You tea, Michal Alekseyevich,
before it gets cold.

In whole it's time to go to sleep,
You must be tired.

O... someone is coming!


Looks like we wanted to
go to sleep too early.

I'll go and see... Delivery for sure

They drove a breeding woman, from Zalewsk.

- Please look , looks like transverse
lying fetus .
- A... yes that is !

Well, Pelagia Iwanowna, please prepare
everything ,I'll come in a minute

We must do a podalic version.

It's nothing , nothing, don't be scared,
right now doctor will do the turn, right now , right now.

Prepare chloroform.

I'll need a cigarette, will be right back.


It's sugar.
For sure a witch doctor poured some sugar.

If child isn't coming out,
they encourage it by pouring sugar.

- Savages.
- Please wash!

- Hold !
- They are even capable...

of hanging the pregnant by legs from a ceiling...

so the foetus can move into right position.

Eh better save Your breath...

- She fell asleep?
- Yes.

So ... we will do a podalic version



A girl!
Nice little one ... hush, hush,hush

You performed podalic version very well

- Pulse?
- Normal.

You're a genius, doctor.


Don't hurry, don't hurry

- Good Morning , Anatolij Lukicz.
- Good Morning.

- Anatolij Lukicz, please take him
- Yes Yes.

She ... She is from Nikolski district...

a widow after colonel Szyfirow,
who drunk himself to death.

so You are our new doctor?

Doctor Polakow.



Please don't lit, don't lit it


Mr. Doctor anything You want...
I'll give you money ,any sum You want,

- i'll be providing food... if only he survive!
- What happened?

A swingle dragged her! Oh God!

- What's he talking ?
- What swingle?

- Linen ... she swingled linen.
- What linen?

- Doctor, maybe we don't cut, do we?

- She will die in a minute.
-I ordered - camphor!

I'll wash hands!

Prepare a drip with physiological salt





- Pulse ?
- Weak.

- More camphor?
- Please Inject.

Anatolij Lukicz, please help.


Maybe we shouldn't touch the second leg?

Only bandage it... You know ,
then they won't say that she died on operating table .

Prepare plaster.

Is she dead?


Surely You made a lot amputations so far?


Please call me if she dies

- Even Leopold wouldn't do that better!
- Yes!

And You ... call the father.


Good morning , Your Majesty!

And where is Anna Nikolajewna?

-So, is she alive?
- alive, alive.

I think all will be OK, she's sleeping now

- Good morning, Anna Nikolajewna.
- Good morning, doctor

Anna Nikolajewna, I...

I want only to say...
They have bring a several more.

Turn Your head to my side.

I didn't want to disturb You after...
such operation...

One of them have a inflammatory condition,
maybe we should do...

an ear wax removal?

Yes, of course, please perform it.
Please perform it.

Anna Nikolajewna, I think , that
You have to do injection again.

-To whom?
- One more injection.

- Morphine.
- Pops, I'm dying!

Please let me go home, let me die in my own bed .

Just a moment , doctor.

I'm feeling so weak , and something is squeezing my chest.

Will You drink tea with me ,
Anna Nikolajewna?

I 'm almost sure that somebody will arrive

I feel it.

Pretty woman.

-It's your wife?
- No.

It means...a friend ... an ex one

- A singer.
-Pretty woman.

You are also a pretty woman, Anna Nikolajewna.

Are You German?


- Were You in Moscow , in Bolszoj Theathre?
- Yes I were. Two times.

- And where is Your husband?
- he is a war prisoner in Germany

And as I predicted - someone has arrived .
He's alone.

So it means that he come for you doctor,

So I would go?
But where?

- You shouldn't go now .
- I must admit that I don't want to.

- Stop, where are You going?
- Leave me!

- Doctor, a letter to You
- Why are You in helmet?

I'm a firefighter , from Szalomietiev.

-A letter? from whom?
- From agronomist, who came for our
clerk wedding.

Agronomists daughter is marring the clerk,
yesterday was engadement party.

and soon after the clerk wanted to give bride a ride in sleigh

a trotter suddenly breaked...

a she was shaken hard ,
her head hit the stud, and she fell out.

We must watch the clerk all time
so he won't hang himself. He completely went apes !

Let's go doctor, I have fine horses,
we will arrive in no time !

But theres blizzard!

Doctor, my dove , please hurry!
She's dying!

Please sir... Hurry, hurry!

Hurry, she's dying!

Please sir!

Lew Aronowicz... I heard about You.
You are the nearest doctor.

- All our doctors...
- Where is she?

Prepare horses to the return journey.

She's gone ... please frorgive me
that I called you upon.

Fracture of the skull base, I thought that...
- What You thought?

Doctor Bomgard held high opinion about You.

Misza Bomgard? Where is he now?
I attended to the same school, he's two Years older.

I was his surgeon, in hospital
in Simonowce, and he...

how to say that ... he went A.W.O.L.

- Misza?
- Please give me a coat.

Can't be. How ?


It will be a good month since he went
to Moscow and havn't returned.

Maybe was killed or maybe he drawn,
I really don't know .

- We were friends.
- I understand.

I was expecting your arrival.

Only I don't know what to do with clerk.

- Let's go. Does he know that she...?
- No.

You must allow us to give
You a medicine

I killed her, I killed her!

Stop moaning!
You're disturbing us!


Ok, ok, it's ok, hush,hush

Ok, Ok, Fiedienka, please.

calm down all is over.

Fiedienka, it's all over... my dear...

You won't die, You won't die You will live

I killed her...

It's all over Fiedienka, get up.

get up , get up, You will lie on sofa

Come here , here...

It's ok, now lie , everything is all right,

All is over , calm down

So, are we going?

Your High Majesty , Mr. Doctor,
we can't go! Blizzard!

It's only 12 km and there are ill people there.
We will go!

- You know the way?
- I know , but maybe we better stay for the night?

Mr. Polakow, there is much farther to district,
than to Your hospital,

Can You borrow me 5 grams of Morphine?

I already ordered in district pharmacy,
will return it immidiately.

I have 30 beds filled , and no doctor

All right, lets go!

Go! It will be merrier in company.


- So are we arrived?
-No way!

I was telling to stay for the night,
but You sir said - no we must go

you don't feel pity nor for human nor for animals.

We lost the highway.
A road is nowhere to be seen.

Why are you shouting ?
Get to the sleigh, I will go first

Drink some spirit, you will warm yourself up .

A highway!

Thank you very much!

- Och, it's very strong!
-Pharmaceutical, the best one!

Get in!
We can go?

We get luck that we went aside not so far.

Something is chasing us!

I hear something!

Look , what's that... dogs?

Wolves !
Chasing us!

Wolves! They're catching us!

Faster... faster!

We escaped!

Doctor ,we owe You our lives!


And so..?

You think, Wlodzimierz Andriejewicz,
that this new coup d'?tat will last ?

Yes I think that.
We need to go abroad, Wasyl Osipowicz.

- Oho!
-To England.

There're no revolutionary ideas there.

Your High Majesty, that young doctor from Szalomietiew,
with surgeon have arrived.

they lost their way in blizzard, and froze to stiff.
Do You wish to see them, sir?

Ask the doctor here!

We will chat about revolution with him.

Maybe he's of German origin!

Ah ...and order to bring us wine

Please gentleman.

I'm glad to meet You

- Good Morning.
- Good Morning.

Doctor Polakow.

Beg Your forgiveness,
but we lost our way.

Wolves scared our horses.

- Wolves?
- Ah our nice doctor nearly get killed.

I will introduce with him in a while.

He's a wonderful doctor ,
first - he rescued me,

second , he's dearest
and most courageus man.

Only just pour him a
glass of champagne first

Good Morning, Jekatierina Karl...

You, Jekatierina Karlowna,
are a pure aristocrat.

Give him some Vodka, Siemion, a vodka!


It looks like I have only two km left...

So it is Kuziajewo?

You get complete lost, Michal...
- Alekseyevich.

Michal Alekseyevich,
a lucky odd threw You

to Kuziajewo estate , in Obliczewski district,
and Jaroslawska province.

The estate owner is our dear host,
Wasyl Osipowicz Sobolewski.

- A well respected politician.
- Nice to meet You.

And here is his charming heir, Osia.
Osip Wasiliewicz.

Wlodzimierz Andriejewicz Faworski,
man of the world,

traveller, just returned from Spain.

a future of great Russian painting.

I am a graphic.

and here is Tanieczka, she lovely sing and dance.

And ... this is my friend, Lew Aronowicz Gorenburg.

a German?

A Jew ... but Christened.

I remember You.

You are from Simonowce hospital,
from Doctor Bomgard,

- That was you that ...
- Yes It was me.

- Are You... from new Inteligence?
- No.

- I' a RSDWP member.
- Aha!

Well... I know what RSD mean,

- but what mean WP?
- Workers Party.

But somehow You don't look like a worker.

- Tanieczka wanted to sing us something.
- Yes, Yes, I remember.

Seems that some dances were also announced?

Please tell me , that really were a wolves ?

Oh... forgive me my lovely,
play, daughter, play

Please tell me , if such
complicated organism ,like a state,

can be managed by
uneducated workers?

A legal system , for example,
or economy,a war matters?

A new lawyers will emerge...

new commanders, financiers...

So in which these old are worse then ?

Gentlemen, please listen:

Why they want to crush an old regime?

Becouse, the current officials

takes bribes and trades vodka.

Why they want to destroy
those nice noble palaces,?

Becouse, the order and responsibilities
were violated there

Palace , which can be destroyed ,
is no a palace.

Kreml, which can be razed
it's no Kreml at all.

A Tsar , which himself throw down from his throne ,
is not a Tsar not anymore.

And it's not me who said that, it's a "white rhyme".

Aleksander Blok.

It's cold today, isn't it?

What can I serve, Your Majesty?

Well... maybe give me some vodka ?

- How are You, recovered already ?
- All right.

I warmed myself up a bit,
but I won't today...

go anywhere, no way

- Listen, brother, where is mensroom?
- Your majesty... here.

And then he took out his gun
and started to shoot.

Brothers, pour me another one ,
I just can't warm myself up.

Pour him, pour.

I don't like this surgeon.
And where is doctor?

Peasants said that he went to mens room.

- He's not there.
- Maybe he went outdoor?

you shove up again and again with those
stupid jokes .

And that whore of yours
is behaving obscene!

- A You still force her to everybody !
- Tanieczka, please calm down.

- Please let me in, I have to..!
- Go outdoor then!

Where have You been , Doctor?

For sure You flirted with Tanieczka?

- ..just wait and You see that Yourself .
- Aha!

Well... everything is undertandable from a surgeon.

And you Doctor, for which class you stand for?

I know two classes - the ill and the healthy

Tanieczka, please sing

YWhy are you crying today, a lonely,
stupid child,

Stunned by cocaine ,
on wet Moscow boulewards,

Your childish neck
barely covers by a stole,

Worn out... and all wet,

And laughable as are You.

Dazed by the rainy autumn
weather of the boulewards ,

I know , that by crying,
you can lost Your senses.

And when You die on that
nightmarish bench,

your lily body

A fog will surround like fence.


-So, she's alive?
- No, she died just before my arrival

It's Your collegue.

Lew Aronowicz Gorenburg.

Surgeon from district hospital.

- We already met.
- Good morning.

They are out of morphine , Please ask
Anna Nikolajewna, to lend him 5 grams.

To returning of course.

You are beautiful.

- What do You want?
- Call Anna Nikolajewna!

Anna Nikolajewna, please make me injection

Another one, Michal Alekseyevich?

I won't be preparing a solution for You

Annuszka, I...

I need it now, I'm ill.

- So You need to cure, Michal Alekseyevich.
- Where?

You can go to the district,
You won't cure Yourself by morphine .

I can't forgive myself , that than
I prepared You the second one.

Annuszka, so according to You
- I am a morphinist, or what?

-You become.
- So will You,or not?


Anna Nikolajewna, please give me
the keys to pharmacy.

Michal Alekseyevich, You must not
please , supress yourself.

So you give me the keys, or not?


You are only sister of mercy here,
I command You, as a doctor!

Please immidiately give me
the keys to pharmacy!

Will You prepare it for me , or not?

Registrations opens.

- I'd like to see a doctor...
- Please wait.

- Whats the boy name?
- Kowalow.

How long does it hurt?

It don't hurt for some time ,pops.

-So why do You come ?
- Becouse a hand rots.

It will rot for shure!
We will cut it off and than You will understand.

What about You were thinking earlier?

Earlier I have a lot of work, pops.

You will go to do Anatolij Lukicz,
our surgeon with that paper.

And call the next one.

Good morning.

- Leave, I'll take it
- Yes lets take it.

-I take myself , go leave.
- I'll take from that side...


Forgive me.

It's my fault.

I shouldn't do a second injection then.

It's my fault.

You lost and I lost with You.

Don't cry.

Ania, I already reduced dose.
I will lose the habit.

And if no I can go to district, cure myself,
I have doctor friend there.

Surgeon is suspecting something, he spotted
the lack of morphine in pharmacy.

Tomorrow I'll go to district and order
as much as is needed.

You should go to Moscow.

If You want I'll go with You

Annuszka, give me a break , I'm not a morphinist,
I reduced the doses

What are you about?


I for You...

Maybe ... that Your singer can recsue You?

I don't need anybody apart You, Annuszka.

I want to get a Morphine injection myself!!

I want to understand why You like it so much.


Get off my wayi!



- 40 grams of Morphine?
- Yes.

We don't have as much.
I can give You 10 grams.

- Good Morning.
- Good Morning.

- Good Morning.
-Youare from Simonowski hospital,
what do you need?

Comerades , is it a conspiracy or what?
We don't have such quantities.

Excuse me but I ordered it,
a month ago.

I submitted order , and here's receipt!

Comrades, priority is for the front.
I have only 17grams to dispose

10 grams for him and the rest 7 grams for You .

In my hospital there is only 30beds ,
and I have 47 patients at the moment

I'm sure that in my collegues hospital is much less.

Mr. Bomgard... please believe me , that
for me is all the same whom I'll give it

- Please agree it with your collegue.
- I don't think that mr. Bomgard needs that much

Besides, you still owe me
the 5 grams.

- From when, You ...
- What?

- Well, with doctor.
- What?

I understand, he's young, handsome...

So why don't You marry Anatolij Lukicz?

He proposed marriage to You too.

And you said that he's too old .

Faster we get old, than he.

I'll probably leave ... to Moscow for holiday.

It's not my concern, in Moscov is nor better nor worse than here.

Misza, syringes need sterilization.

You already have spots, You can get infection.

Yes, Yes... sterylize them.

I'm not a sister I'm a doctor.

You have golden hands , you wonderfully inject needle.

To tell the truth I even don't know
how to prepare solution.

Do... please.

And ... most importand... don't increase the dose!

I was increasing at the beginning, and now ,
as you can see, I decreased.

Addiction to Morphinum Hydrochloricum
is a serious matter.

A nasty feeling.

It works.


Morphine is a good drug.

But I have feeling , Misza...

That it will destroy us

You are talking bullshit, Annuszka.

It's a higher step to show strenght of human spirit.

You must go.

You...must go.


- How are You feeling, Michal Alekseyevich?
- Wonderful. A lot of patients?

- About 15 persons.
- Any serious cases?

A girl, just arrived.

I'll be in a moment.

Laryngeal diphtheria.

- How many days is she ill?
- Fifth, fifth, pops.

- Shut up and don't interfere!
-It started last Sunday.

So what about were you thinking for five days?

- Help! Give her some drops!
- So maybe You suggest me what kind of drops ?

Pops, You know all better,
She will choke up!

Shut up ! and you stand up or
I'll won't bother to talk with you at all

Yes ... they are all the same.

They'll starve their children.

So, she will die?

-She will .
- Oh God, God!

Pops... she will choke up!

Well, it's too late, she has stucked throat,
She can't breethe, we must perform the operation.

We'll slit the throat and put a silver tube in it.
Or she will die!

Don't agree fo operation, don't agree!

If You won't give me permission in next 5 minutes ,
I won't be able to help her anymore.

- No,no operation!
- Well then , Anatolij Lukiczu...

Anatolij Lukiczu, throw them out
to the hall, they can wait there

Well...hags, get out of here!

When my husband returns... and learn about it... he will kill me.

He will kill me I'm telling the truth.

Anatolij Lukicz, prepare equipment and bandages,
and please call Anna Nikolajewna to surgery room!

So... they agreed?

You feel bad, Anatolij Lukicz?

A... no, no, no... it's nothing , nothing.

How can You, pops, what's for?
Why you want to slit her throat,pops?

- Take that hag from here!
- She's stupid!

- I don't agree,pops!
- Go away you hag! Away!

- Go away, Everything will be fine!
- I don't allow You!!

All will be fine ,
A doctor knows what is he doing.

Prepare me one more dose
for the evening

Calm down !I'm telling You !



Anatolij Lukicz, please gape!


- I'll hold!
- Leave it!

- Please hold.
- I hold.



I hold now.

Thank You .

Remove hooks.

Please stitch.


Lets the God grace be with You!

- My wife also prays for You to him!
- Wlas, take it!

O mighty God have the Doctor under your protection.
Thank You.

So , how are you feeling?

- Let the Christ protects you.
- Good.

Listen, your father is rich enough.

I can give You adress in Moscow,
they will do you a prothesis there.

Really good.



Excuse me.


Your Majesty, Kuziajewo's on fire!

- What's that?
- Stay in bed.

Our master is badly burned!

Drive to hospital.

Why did You set me on fire?

I always were with You.

I always...

Why did You set me on fire??


Always with You...

Why did You set me on fire??

Room for wound dressing, prepare room for wound dressing!

- Everything is ready!
-Morphine, Morphine!


Tania... Tanieczka...

My daughter...

- Anatolij Lukicz, who is in worst condition?
- Wasyle Osipowicz. it's bad with him.

-And his daughter, I havn't seen the rest yet.
- and where is Anna Nikolajewna?

Doctor, I... later.

Wlas brought three more!

Patient... is dead!

Heart stoped to beat.

And a daughter?

looks like she's dead too.

She died.

There was no morphine .

I lied to you, when I talked ,
about reducing doses.

You made 2 percent solution,
and I secretly prepared 4 percent one

And to the empty jars I poured...

so they died from it.

- So I'm their killer!
- No, Misza, You're just ill

- Now they'll send me to ordeal.
- No.

No these days
they won't do you any harm for that ,

becouse they were landowners, the Kulaks .

Misza, You must leave and cure yourself.


A guests!

I'll lay the table in dining room.

I bring You my debt , doctor Polakow.


Maybe we drink some vodka?

It don't think so.

I must go to district.


- Tell Anna Nikolajewna, that I'll write to her.
- Yes,Your Majesty.


..nowadays a psychiatric clinic
is the calmest place.

Besides it's more quiet here than in Moscow

Wher some people are dreaming about a so called
"Revolution storm",

and we here have a calm and peace.

In one word - province.

Good Morning, Good Morning, collegue!

Wait... again to pharmacy?

No, no this time I come to You.

- Kiryl!
- What?


Please come in, mr. Polakow.

Here, this is Your bed.

To mensroom?

Here , on the right.

Mensroom is there!

For treatment?

From which room?



Polakow - room nr 10.
In the second half of the day. They will call for You.


I can give You a bit of vodka.

I'll pour it to the cup.

You got money?

- How much it costs?
- Well, lets said half a ruble.

You'll pay later.

Mensroom is there.

Best newspaper, you won't find better!

Latest news!

Good Morning, Elizawieta Pawlowna.
You look beautiful today.

Thank You Mr, Captain.

- Hey... Stop!
- Stop!

Do what I said!

- Whats the matter, soldiers?
- Come here!
- What happened?

Hey You can't...?!


Get down!

Everybody get dow , or I will shoot You!

- Shut up, You bastard! Shut Up, gadzie, shut up!
- Listen to me!

Take my advise and shut up!

This is a psychiatric clinic, they are the patients!

They cannot respond for their dues,
they are insane!

- Insane people!
- We will cure them immidiately!

They will beg for mercy!

- Here!
- Here, He ran that way!

Your papers!

- What?
- Your papers. Do You have documents?

I'm doctor Polakow.

Do You have any document?

I demand To give me medicines immidiately!

- Do You have an request?
- What request? You need a request from me ?

Do you know that by permission of Rewkom
I can arrest on You, here now?

- Okay, just a minute...
- Quickly!





Is it You?


Stop immidiately!

Polakow! You here?
How thats possible ?

You should go now.

It's time.


You know ... I don't have money,

Please take it ... I'll give You a watch.

-I won't take it , no, no, no!
-A fine watch.

Yes... please come in come in