Moonlight Express (1999) - full transcript

Hitomi mourns day and night for the death of her fiancee Tachia in a fatal car crash. What a surprise in a visit to Hong Kong that she bumps into Bo, a local undercover cop who bears a strong resemblance of Tachia. With a twist of fate, Bo is in danger as he has been betrayed by a colleague. He flees to China with Hitomi. The two fugitives fall for each other in this life-and-death-journey. However, Hitomi's love over the late Tachia has been haunting and eroding her heart and soul constantly. She is too confused that she returns to Japan. Later, Bo is relieved to clear his own name, yet has been too miserably missing his love. He returns to the Victoria Peak where he and Hitomi once tried to overlook the fantastic night scenery of the Hong Kong harbour. There he finds...


Let's get married.

Marry me.


It's dangerous.

Take a picture.

- Now?
- Yes, now.


Marriage always
makes a woman prettier.

No, come on, take it together.

No way, you're too photogenic.

I'm not, Tomoko.

- Forget it.
- Smile.

Take it yourself.


Come and farewell to this house.

More pictures.

Thank you.

This means a lot to you,
I shouldn't take it.

This music box
can make dreams come true.

The old man
from the antique shop told me.

Crank it and it really works,
and make you wish.

You're such a good friend.

I envy you for
having such a cute husband.

Take this camera along,
it'll help you kill time.

Thank you!

Mr. Tatsuya doesn't
look like Chinese.

He was born in Japan.

This is his first time
living in Hong Kong.

Hotel Manager at such a young age?

Why can't I have your luck?

It doesn't matter.

You don't care about me anymore.

Don't be silly, Tomoko.

With this music box
your dream will come true.

- Tatsuya.
- Lend it to me.


I love you.

Do you believe there's a God?

I'm God.

Do you believe there's a God?


I am God.

Excuse me.



Let's eat at the country club?


What did you learn today?

Do you believe there's a "lip"?

Not "lip", it's "God".

Believe there's a "God"?

I'm God.


Do you worry about
living in Hong Kong?

A little, I've never lived abroad,

you'll become
the only one I know there.

If we fight, I'll be helpless.

But I'll feel more helpless
without you.

Silly, I'll take you around.

Promise me to get me a purse.

Of course, I've reserved
the best French cuisine.

- Really?
- Yes.

And a night view at
The Victoria Peak.


Look at you, yes man.


- You sure?
- Yes.

There's a blue sea beside him.
A deep blue sea.

Sounds of peaceful waves
keep him company.

Tatsuya is not lonesome.

Take a care of yourself.

And let Tatsuya rest in peace.

I can't.

Look down!

I made the first move to Tatsuya.

Really? Not him?

It was the first time
I spent Christmas alone.

I went to the movie by myself.

I was 5 minutes late.

So I ended up reading posters
in the lobby,

a cloud of smoke blew in my face.

Like this?

There was a man smoking beside me.

I asked,
"won't you join me for a drink?"

And then?

I was rejected.

He rejected you?

He had to get back to work.


We watched that movie again
the following day.


Let's get married.

Marry me.

I must go to Hong Kong.

We'll see the nightview together.

Tatsuya never lied to me.


Take it along.

And keep to make your dream
come true.


Kim sent you over?

Get over here.

This's Mr. Tatsuya office.

How much a gram?

Ten thousand.

20 million for 2,000 gram?

$200,000 bucks for all that.

Bros, you're kidding me.

I don't have time.

Take him in.


You know who I am?


Get lost, idiot!

- Stay back!
- Don't...


What the hell.

Stop fighting.

Stay and be sensible.

You know who I am?

You know whom you're talking to?

You see

Anti-Narcotic Department is
all over you.

You'll run out of business.

My boss Kim wouldn't mind
dealing with you.

Let's compromise,

take half, what do you think?

I forgot to introduce myself.

I'm Karbo.

"Tatsuya Misawa."

Can I take this?

Karbo, cops are here,

probably heading your direction.

There's staircase going down
to the lobby.

Gene, I'll arrange the meeting.

I've been waiting for you so long.

Be quiet.

Squad 3, search from up to down.

And we'll start down here, over.

What the hell,
why was the police on the "spot"?

Mistake, false information.

I talked to their department head.

They know we're following up
this case,

they'll stay away.

You'll get me into a lot of trouble.

Karbo, trust me.

We've talked it out,

I promise that
it won't happen again.

Better not?

I've been tracking this case
for a long time,

I don't want to mess it up.

Why didn't you keep us informed?

Inform? I never had to.

If you inform us early,

we won't end up in a mess.

There was never a problem
in our cooperation.

Contacting you can reveal
my identity easily.

Hold it, officer Ko,
you don't trust me?

That's not what he means.

We're just worried about you,

like others, getting longer,

and acquainted with those criminals.

I know what you mean.


I've sacrificed to a lot
for this case.

What are you trying to say?


Karbo, I don't care
how you handle this case,

but remember, you're a cop.

I got their transaction record.

I'll make an arrangement,
then you can bust them all.

Karbo, take care anyway.

Tung, I don't trust him.

I do.

He thinks he's a hot shot,
too many ideas.

Sometimes a drug deal,

sometimes the accounts,
all bullshit.

He's probably a betrayer.

You meant
he's a betrayer of those triad?

Or he'll betray the criminal case,

and affiliated to our officers?

How do you feel?

Where is he?

That man?

The one that brought you here?

He left.


Please... car.


Did he desert you?


Bastard, what a heart of stone.

I'll get you and give you a lesson.

You think you can get away?

Follow that car.

Please, excuse me.

Please, excuse me.

Miss, we're closing.


Waiting for me?

Aren't you here for this?

You know what I'm saying?

You look like him.


Your boyfriend?

Go to find him then, why me?

Men are all alike.

women to us, not a big deal!

Be smart.

Tatsuya's dead.

He is dead.

Don't stay too long.

Close the door when you leave.




Karbo's, not me.


Sportsmanship please!

Karbo, I've never seen you up here.

There's always a first time.

You must be here for a purpose.

A girl waiting for you at home?

You're avoiding her.

Tell me,
have you ever troubled by a girl?

Yes, you fatso.


"I've borrowed your shirt and coat,
return to you later, Hitomi."


Good morning.

Good morning.

Where have you been at
this early hour?

Many bad guys are around here.

In this building.

Tatsuya was the best tenant,

rent always on time.

his death left you widowed.

I understand.

Because I've been through it.

Dinner at my place,
my nephew's coming over.

He's an architect, in his 30's.

Do you get what I mean?


Sorry, bye.


- Tomoko.
- Where have you been?

I kept calling you.


Are you happy there?


Today, I ran into a man
that looks exactly like Tatsuya.

- Tung.
- Yes.

- It's me.
- I waited for you all night.

How's it going with Kim?

Nanfung Factory, noontime to-day.

Be careful.


My signal is: It's fake,

then you can bust a move.


Karbo, when cops enter,

get down but no guns.

That's our signal.

They know there's undercover.

But don't know who,

your identity must be kept secret.

When it's done, you're free.

I know, it's not my first time.

Get me a video game for
your daughter.

Promised her a birthday present.



- Take care.
- Same with you.

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday?

"I still hear your voice."

"Softly calling my name."

"But I know my answer's in vain."

"Cause I couldn't be with you."

"When you needed help and rescue."

"From the darkness
that took you away."

"Happy Valley."

"At the story's conclusion."

"Or will there be just
endless pain?"

"I still hear your voice."

"Softly calling my name."

"Although destiny torn us apart."

"You still burn like."

"A flame in my heart."

Hello, I'm Tatsuya Misawa.

I'm not home,

leave a message after the beep.

Please leave your message,
have a nice day.

Hello, I'm Tatsuya Misawa.

I'm not home,

leave a message after the beep.

Please leave your message,
have a nice day.


I love you.

I expected to make a fortune

The damn horse lost again.

I want to burn the Jockey Club.


burning down the place won't help!

Kim, you won again yesterday?

Not only yesterday but everyday.

Is it the inside news or the Jockey?

Never the inside news.

Those bastards,

who always give false information.


You sound like a pro.

Big bucks don't come from
the Jockey Club.

They take away a lot from the pot.

The reminder then goes to the pool,

and we fight for the leftovers.

If you want to win some money,

we should aim at the air heads.

Who don't know shit about
horse racing.

And anything about horses.

Kim, tell me how the horses sleep?

If you screw a woman
whole night long,

what will she look in bed?


Like a dog lying on bed,

buttock up.

You've got it.

At the race, it's a real battle.

Horses are you real friends,
not men.

Be a winner,
you must pay them a visit.

Try to observe their eyes.

- Get the stuff.
- OK.

If you see the fury in their eyes,

and bloody power...

Officer Tung,

we know they're trading firearms.

We take over.

My boys are in there.

Sorry! Direct orders.

Why is there rage in horses' eyes?

Because of injections.

Sure win.

this secret is only between us.

We then have advantage over others.

What? What the hell?


Damn! Get back!

Stay there.

One of us.

Come on!

Car 16 to Mongkok Garden Street,

we arrived
suspect Karbo's residence, over.

Car 16, this is Inspector Wong.

Be aware and block the neighborhood!

Landlord again.

It's okay!

Yes, I...

Here's your music box.

Can I come in, I'll have...

Why was there SDU?

- Tell me too.
- There was information.

They weren't dealing drugs
but firearms!

OK, where's the firearms?

But there weren't drugs either.

What do you mean?

According to your boy,

Kim has a drug trade in
Nanfung Factory.

Now that Kim is dead,
there's no evidence.

Karbo is missing together
with the drugs.

Tung, give me a better explanation.

You're trying to frame me,

and put all the blame to my boy.

I know, you're against me.

You want to set me up.

You know better than I do.

Get out.


I promise.

I'll be home early.

I've been waiting.

To make your favorite potato beef,

and have dinner together.

You okay?



Weird, huh?

Exactly the same.

His name is Tatsuya.

How'd he die?


Car accident?

Before our wedding.

I'll be leaving soon.

My name is Hitomi.

I'm Karbo.


You don't like taking pictures?

You don't have any at home.

Everything is in here.


She died a few years ago.

I've almost forgotten.


None of your business.

You better don't ask so much.

I'm not reliable.

Why didn't you come for dinner?



I know that
Simon is too old for you.


My nephew.

Gilbert is different.

He's a doctor, young and educated.


My other nephew, is he too young?

He'll be graduating next year.

But be the lovers first,

he has a promising future.

Younger husband is common in Japan,

He saw your picture.

He's fine with your age.

What? You got company?

Tatsuya just passed away,

and you've another man now?

- What?
- Ghost!

What happens?

One, two, three...

Up down, left right...

London bridge is falling down.

- Mandy.
- Mom's here.


- Are you happy today?
- Yes!

- Tung.
- Gift from Karbo.

A goodbye kiss.

Bye, dad.

- We're leaving.
- Bye-bye.

Mom, Uncle Karbo got me a present.

Communication problem again?

Are you hidden something from me?

I know what you're thinking.

I'm on it.

I still owe my superior a report.

Anyhow, I'll protect you, I promise.

Who needs your protection?

I just want to know what's going on.

OK, no one trusts me.

Then don't trust anybody.

I've always been the one
backing you up.

You know what?

I suspect that someone in the force
wants to frame you.


- Save your breath.
- Officer Ko?

No evidence, God knows!

I'll check it out.

You don't have to trust me.

But you shouldn't expose yourself.

Where can you hide? A safe place?

Don't worry, I'm OK.

I got Kim's transaction record disc.


Call me if you want it.

How was Mandy's birthday?


Well, you owe me $800 dollars.

I got her the video game for you.

She didn't even want my present.

You happy?

Of course.

- Really?
- Yes.

Then, in return,
I don't owe you, right?

You dare...


"Thank you, see you."

"Thank, bye."

You're back.


Your stomach tells that
you haven't eaten.

I've been waiting for you.

I cook your favorite dish.

Crap! I forgot!

I'll give you a shampoo after meal.

Let's watch some news.

Stock market
fell back to side line yesterday.

As a result,
Hong Kong dollars has often.

Let's eat.

Japan may have bank alliance.

The stock market soars 390 points

- Hitomi?
- Tomoko?

Are you done with my hair?

You've got new friend already.

Did I tell you before,

the man looks exactly like Tatsuya.

He's at your place?

Don't get me wrong,
we're not what you think...


He also has his voice.


Let me talk to him.

What are you up to?



Karbo, my friend.


Hey listen!
I don't care who you are.

I just want to let you know
Hitomi is a very innocent girl.

Don't do anything stupid
to my best friend.

I know! Otherwise I could have
"get her laid".

Speak English, no Chinese.

Tomoko, what are you saying?

Hitomi... hello...

I'll call you back.


I'll do it myself.

Stop dreaming.

I'm not your fianc?.

Take a close look.

Go back to Japan.

For once, let me... persist my dream.

To be Tatsuya for a day.


What's get her laid?

HK cinema is not bad.

I thought it'd be dirty.

I don't understand, eat.

Great popcorn.

Japanese popcorns are dry.


- Toilet.
- OK.


Officer Ko could be
involved with Kim.

You still have
Kim's transaction record?

See if there's Ko's account.

If yes, we can arrest him.

Meet me at my place tonight.

You left in the house?

Don't worry! It's in a safe place.

Won't you joint me for a drink?

This way please.

Mr. Misawa Tatsuya, welcome!

This must be your wife.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Now I understand...

...what makes you
stay in Japan often.

I've reserved a table for you.

Please follow me!

Thanks for keeping me company.

Mr. Misawa.

This cake's for you.

Happy wedding.

"Just married."

Go ahead.



It's foggy.

Tatsuya planned all of those.

He left me a lot of memories.

It carries all his love.

I don't want to forget any of this.

I still can't accept the fact that
he's gone.

It was too sudden.

Well, just about,

and I'll be alright.

Don't worry.

I'll be alright.

Sorry, I get you involved.

I'll be sensible.

We're finished.

You don't look O.K.

Come on, I promise you.

See the most beautiful nightview

Who says we're finished?

Haven't even started. Come on!



One more left!

So cute!

I've a lot of coupons at home.

I'll give them all to you.


- Please.
- Thanks.

Look, you can trade...

...rabbit candies
as many as you want.

All yours.

I'm thirsty.

- Go to the fridge.
- Thank you.

There're some fruits, help yourself.


So much money here.

It was you all along.

You can't get away, Karbo.

Hurry... Jump...

"I, look at the moon"

"I see my crime."

"Thinking of you I lose my mind."

"It's something that
I'm quite sure is fine."

"Read my mind."

"Time, I thought
only time can kill the pain."

"Wash away all my sin remain."



Control, suspect Karbo
in the attacking police case,

got on a mini bus.

You don't have to follow me.

I'm their target, not you!

No! The night view!

We've not finished.

"I, look at the moon"

"I see my crime."

"Thinking of you I lose my mind."

"It's something that
I'm quite sure is fine."

"Read my mind."

"If only someone can find
that paradise."

"Where you and I can live
and never die."

"If only love can find
a place in our mind."

"Then you and I will never part."

Where are we going?

Shenzen, China.

Hitomi, you go first.

Meet me after the customs.



Be careful!

No problem.




You can go now.



Where have you been?

Getting a visa!

How come you've never questioned
my occupation?

You'd tell me what I need to know.

I'm an undercover cop.



Karbo is a brave detective.

I'm proud of you.

I'm being framed.

No problem,
I'll be your guardian angel.


I love to, so, can't I?

The latest news from the customs.

He went to Mainland China.

Should we get him there?

Don't bother. Let him go.

We don't want trouble.

We've the disc anyway.

No one knows...

...we're dealing with Kim!

Let him live!

Here we go!

Had a dream?


Sweet dream?

I can't tell you.

Where are we?

Hong Kong.

"Drugs lost,
gun battle in Nanfung Factory."

"Suspect Shek Karbo
sneaked in China."

I'll take you to a place.

I'll be back soon
after I settle some business.

I knew you'd be back.

I've prepared breakfast for you.




What make you smile again?

Let me introduce.

- Hitomi.
- How are you?


I'll get you a chair.

She's really nice.

Hitomi, coffee.


I'll help myself.

Make this your home.


Let me help.


How long have you guys met?

Five days.

Five days?

You're very influential!

You're... Karbo's sister?

We were colleagues.

He almost married my sister.

Your sister...

Committed suicide!

She couldn't tolerate Karbo
as an undercover.

They fought everyday!

he picked the dumb solution!

Horses are wonderful creatures.

Just be gentle,

they're very friendly.

Their emotions are direct,
not like human.

Do you like me?

He likes me!

You're very adorable indeed.

Feed him.

Hold it this way.

What's his name?




My sister named him.

Bo almost died at birth.

Karbo, my sister and I,

stayed with him for 3 whole days.

My sister claimed that
he's our baby.

That's why he's called Bo.

Like Karbo's son!


Bo is also your son?

You like Karbo?

Give me the gun.

I just want to have a word with you.


You're finished, you know?

Trust me, I didn't keep the drugs.


All evidences are against you.

I'm being set up by Tung.

Why he?

They're doing under table business.

You can check Kim's disc.

The disc is missing,
it can be anybody.

You said you're innocent.

So prove it.

- Enjoy?
- Yes.

Come on!

Kick him.


Excuse me! Excuse me, Miss.

- Tequila Sunrise!
- Yes!

Tequila Sunrise!

Sorry! Not understand.

- Japanese?
- Yes!

Good evening...

Let's go for a movie.

Nice to meet you, please sit down.

Come on, just for fun, please.

Don't mind them,
go and help the kitchen.

She's a cute waitress.

- Cute?
- Yes.

Try my cooking.


- Great.
- Really?

Your hands are dirty!

What are you guys doing?

Customers are waiting!

Sis, let me do it.


You've been away a long time,
getting rusty?

- Sis...
- What?

I'm leaving tomorrow.

OK, don't ever come back.

Forget the past.

Can't you see time to go for her.

"I still hear your voice."

"Softly calling my name."

"But I know my answer's in vain."

I'll show you my sweet heart!

Sweet heart?

Yes! My sweetheart!

Mid-night snack.

They're so cute.


Good, huh?

Come on, eat together.

"I still hear your voice."

"Softly calling my name."

"Although destiny torn us apart."

"You still burn"

"like a flame in my heart."

"Will there be absolution?"

"All the story's conclusion."

"Or will there be just
endless pain?"


Promise me, take care.

You go back to Japan soon?

I'm leaving tomorrow.

I promise,
I'll take good care of myself.

I'll have my home.

I'll bring my lover to the movies.

Night view at the Peak.

Why do you treat me so nice?

I like you, so can't?

I don't know!

I'll miss the fresh air here,

and all the country smell.

Country boy!


you come across another man like me,

what would you do?

I'd ask who he is!

Taxi! Taxi!

I don't know how to say goodbye.

Like when I first met you.

This is for you!

Airport, please!


- Karbo.
- What do you want?

Drop the gun.

Drop it.

Karbo, no...

Get back.


Stay clam, let go of Tung.

Drop the gun and we'll talk.

Why didn't we talk yesterday?

This won't get you better anywhere.

Karbo, I promise.

We'll sort things out in the room.

Karbo, no.

Get back!


- Calm down...
- Karbo.

Go in.


This will lead you to a dead end.



- Bastard!
- Karbo, it's all my fault.

Why do you frame me?

I thought we were buddies!

I sacrificed my girlfriend...

...because of you.

Why are you doing this to me?

Karbo! Give me a chance...

Look at me!

You pussy?

Look at me.


Shoot me!


On your knees.

You son of a bitch.

I warned you to stay away from Kim.

You had to get in my way.

Tung, it's really you.

Right, it's me. I killed him.

I got his money,

so he forced me to be his informer.

He deserved it.

With this money,

my life with my daughter
will be easier.

When I kill you both,

no one will suspect me.

I'll be innocent, I'll be okay.

Karbo, don't blame me!

You leave me no choice.

The gun's only loaded with 2 bullets
and it'd been fired.

You guys set me up.

Karbo, welcome back.

No, I'm tired and sick.

Give me a break.

When Tatsuya died,

my soul had gone with him too.

Like a zombie,
living in the heart of darkness.

My paradise lost.

Until fate brought us together.

We're both alike in
persisting of love.

Time flies when we're together.

You light up my life again.

I wish for you the same,
well-lived everyday.

Truly, you give me hope to carry on.

Love is splendid.

this is what you've inspired me.

I wish both of us, everybody.

All can have a loving heart.

Remember I had a dream in the boat?

I dreamt of you holding me tight
in the Peak.

Was it Karbo or Tatsuya?

I could not tell.

I'm Hitomi, nice to meet you.

And you?

I'm Karbo, nice to meet you.

Where've you been?
I've been waiting so long.

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