Monument Ave. (1998) - full transcript

Bobby O'Grady is a low-range member of Boston Irish gang run by Jackie O'Hara. Jackie demands absolute, total loyalty from him. When Jackie kills one of Bobby's buddies, Teddy, Bobby and others have to keep it an absolute secret, even from their and Teddy's relatives.

Funny. Very fuckin' funny.
That’s nice, Bob.

Hey, mouse,
it’s not the car you steal,
it’s the car you bring in.

That’s right.
Speakin' of which,
that car there?

Alarm on, club... you
name it. The guy wanted

to make it look real
in case you got caught.

That’s what burn jobs
are all about.
That’s why they pay more.

Jackie told me to take out
1,200 '’cause you bet
the patriots last week.

You bet
the patriots?
It was plus 12.

You’re gonna
have to do burn jobs
makin' bets like that.

You been goin'
fuckin' nuts lately.
What do you mean?

The crazy bets
you’re makin'.
Stop takin' 'em.

I’m a bookie,
not a social worker.
Put it back, mouse.

I can’t figure you out, Bobby.

You’re the only one who'll
work the neighborhood

stealin' yuppie cars
for 500 bucks a pop.

Yeah, least it’s safe.
Jackie’s got a sweet
dealership job up in Saugus.

No. I’d rather watch his
sister get her ass waxed.

She's lost a lot of weight.

One car,
20 grand, fellas.
Holy shit.

Forget it. It’s fuckin'
suburbs. Cops up there
are worse than this.

They see a mosquito
from out of town,
they pull him over.

All right. You know
what Jackie’s gonna say.
Fuck Jackie.

He’s not the one
behind the wheel.
Don’t be fuckin' with my tools.

All right, here’s your cabbage.

You get a gun for
your cousin Seamus yet?

I got a beautiful .45.
Nah. What’s the line
on the Celts?

Celts layin' at five.
Yeah? Gimme a "g"
on the Celts.

Why don’t you buy the gun
and blow your head off?
It’s less painful.

How’s the diet goin'?
Pretty good. I lost
20 pounds this week.

Probably just water weight.
I don’t give a fuck if it's
hair loss! It’s gone!

Fresh prick.

That’s nice and hot.


Hey, shit. You know
what, gimme 50 on Mickey

pat. Come on. Nah, you’re out.

- Let me in, huh?
- It’s my fuckin' money.

All right. Let’s go, Mick.
Come on. Mickey!

Fitz, you’re a fuckin' pussy.
You’re goin' down, fitzie.

Come on, Mickey. You can do it.
Fitzie, you suck.

Come on, Mick.
You’re goin' down, fitzie.



- How’s that for a quick 50?
- Guys, how you doin'?

All right. Yeah.
Enjoyin' your
stay here?

Your cousin showin' you around?
Gettin' ya laid?
That reminds me...

Finney said he saw Teddy
Timmons the other night.

Finney’s a fucking glue head.

How could he?
Teddy’s got
three years left.

Maybe he got off
for good behavior.
He ain’t a rat.

I ain’t sayin' he’s a rat.
Where you guys goin'?

We gotta get goin'.

Where’s the party?
Give me a drink
of that beer, will ya?

There ya go.
Oh, you guys are real nice.
Where you guys goin'?

See ya later.
Thanks a lot.

Call Finney and ask him.

Hey, bros,
how about one on the arm
for old time’s sake?

How about one up the ass
for old time’s sake?

Hey, who are
those two magician guys
with the white tigers?

Sigfreid and Roy.
They’re pretty funny.

Are they?

What did you think?
They’re married to
each other, right?

No, wait, the other guy’s
married to the tiger.

Roy. Brave man
to fuck a tiger.
Got a light?


Come on.
Come on, come on.

Uuh! Fuck.

Come on, come on!

Come on!

Keep lookin'.

Run, run, run, run!
Rise and shine,

That was
a fucked-up ball-buster, huh?

I thought you were gonna put
your foot through that last one.

Some ass left the lights
on again. Holy shit.

Fuckin' "a."
Look at this.
Hey, hey, hey.

Ah, fuckin' digger.

Hey, dig.
Hey, glad I caught ya.
Seamus, what’s up?

- How you doin'?
- What’s happening?

- Hey, digger.
What the fuck’s up?
- Ahh!


Hey, I got this great book
for you. He likes to read.


What’s it called?

I forgot the title.
The cover’s gone.


Are they holdin'?

- Are they holdin'?
- Huh?

Are we holdin'?

Gotta be up in the mornin'.
How about you? You holdin'?

Yeah, I’m holdin'.
I’m holdin' this.
You’re holdin' your dick!

Hey, dig.
Yeah, what?

Okay, bye.
Good night.
Yeah, good night.

Good seein' you.
All right, Seamus.
Hey, mouse.

Is Shang
still at Brosni's?

All right,
I’ll catch ya's later.

Much later.

I like digger.

- Be nice. Be nice.
- Move, move, move.

Seamus, back in Dublin,
what kind of penitence
you get for jerkin' off?

I don’t know.
I never confessed to it.
You confessed to jerkin' off?

Just once, to motherfuckin'
moorland. I had

to clean every toilet
in the rectory though.

Hey, that ain’t
no fuckin' eight ball.

Fuckin' Jackie, man.

It’s fine. Do you want to
stay up the rest of the month?

In what country would we find...

Winona Ryder’s
a cracker.
I love her.

Do you like her?
I love her.

Yeah, she’s a cracker.
A cracker.
Great tits.

She's fuckin' beautiful.
Pfeiffer’s a given.
Michelle Pfeiffer.

Without a shadow
of a fuckin' doubt.
Michelle Pfeiffer.

Jamie Leigh Curtis.
Huh? Come on.

Remember heart? Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
The rock chicks? Yeah.

Oh, Jessica lange?
She's a given.
She's fuckin' beautiful.

Soccer never has fights.
Soccer’s about skill.
It’s about finesse.

Do you know what is
a boring game? Baseball.
What’s a boring game?

Ah, Jesus!
Baseball is boring?

No, it is!
What’s that game?

If you go to the bar,
don’t talk about this

fuckin' shit, okay?
What’s that game? Cricket.

an English game.
Huge fags.
Huge fags.

Jesus Christ!

Shh, shh, shh.

What the fuck is that?

I don’t know.


The tree hater!
Yeah, yeah.

The fuck is that?
Shh, shh!
I don’t know what it is.

Shh, shh.
Stop tappin'.
I’m stoppin'.

That’s all.
Gone, I think.
Fuck that.

Fuckin' weird, huh?

In no particular order:
Winona Ryder, she’s in.

Kim basinger.
Kim basinger is in.

Michelle Pfeiffer
is definitely in.

Michelle Pfeiffer is definitely
in. Jamie Leigh Curtis is in.
Yeah, yeah.

Her mom to get to her.
Uhh... Jessica lange is in.
Jessica lange is in.

Madonna is in.
Nah, I didn’t
say that.

Big-time in.
I don’t like her.

Can I just say one thing?
Simple minds.
What? Fucking great!

Fucking great!

They’re not faggots,
they’re great.
I don’t
mean fags, like they’re fags.

I mean, like they’re faggy.
The breakfast club.
Yeah, I know what you mean.

The breakfast club... > There was
loads of great movies then.
Like what?

Oh, yeah.
Are you nuts?

Ferris Bueller’s
day off.
Risky business.

Risky business
is a good movie.
St. Elmo'’s fire.

St. Elmo'’s fire>?
Are you fuckin' retarded?
Another fuckin' classic!

No, I just thought
it was a good movie.
St. Elmo'’s fire>?

With fucking what's-his-name?
Rob Lowe?
What a great actor.

Remember that time Rob
Lowe did somethin' and

walked over there with
a dimple in his chin?

Ya fuckin' idiot.
Jesus Christ.

I love tits.
Me too.
Fuckin' love 'em.

You know what I love?
You know what I love?


They're fuckin' great.
You like big tits?

I like all tits. Small tits,
big tits, I love them all.
Small tits?

Hard tits?
I don't like 'em so hard.
I like '’em like...

I like real tits.
I like real tits.
I don't like the fake tits.

Have you ever felt
fake tits?
I hate fake tits.

Feel that.
That's what they feel like.

That's nice
and hard.
Can I have a go?

Why hard ti...
Tits are supposed to be soft.

What're you doin'?
I'm cuttin' lines.
What do you mean...

You got a fuckin' mess.
You got coke everywhere
all over the fuckin' mirror.

You gotta keep it
in the center.

You can't have it out here.
Bits here, bits here.
Here, look.

Okay. You know what, Hitler?
Take the fuckin' mirror.
Fuckin' asshole.

You know what...
Fuck this.
Fuck no.

It's a ridiculous list. All the
people we’re talkin' about...

Would never fuck us
in a fuckin'... the last day
on the face of the earth.

If there was
a fuckin' earthquake,
there's no guys left...

And you had the last cock on
earth, they wouldn't fuck us.
You never know.

Believe me, we know. Look in
the mirror. We fuckin' know.
Yeah, we know.

Go back.
Go back to what?

One at a time!
Hang on.

Jesus, right there.
Michelle Pfeiffer's
left tit.

Huh? Huh?
Yeah. Yeah.

Oh, look at that.
You can see the left one.

Fuckin' gorgeous.
Look at that nipple.

Get the Demi Moore tape.


It's a fuckin' country.
City. City.

It's a fuckin' country.
It's a fuckin' city.

It's not a fuckin' city,
it's a fuckin' country.

Okay, fuck it.

Amsterdam... okay, okay, okay.

Amsterdam is over here, but
Holland is over fuckin' here.

There not even
near each other.
No. If Holland'’s over here...

You know where
Amsterdam is? Right in the

middle of fuckin'
Holland, '’cause it's a city.

Yeah? Then what's this
fuckin' Netherlands bullshit?
What's that all about?

The Netherlands is
another name for Holland.
What do you mean?

Uh, it's like
callin' America
the United States.

No, no.
What's that?

That's my beer.

Maybe we should get
another eight ball.

Should get
another eight ball.


Nah, man. It's late.
Let's go to fuckin' bed.

I don't mind.
I... we’ll call shang
and it’ll...

She’ll still be up.

We’ll call shang,
we’ll go around.

I’ll get the money and...
We’ll get another eight ball.

Gram. Gram.
Gram. Yeah, that's better.
Yeah, it makes more sense.

You two guys,

You two guys have been so great
to me since I come over.

I just wanted to kind of
let you know that, like,
I appreciate it so much.

And I... you know...
That's great.

Thanks. You know,
thanks a lot.
That's great.

I really, you know...
I... I... you know,
really like you.

It's good to have you.
It's great that you're
my cousin, and you’re great.


Is the huggin' over now?

Nah, fuck it, man.

No. Come on.
It's late.
Let's go to bed.

If you want to get a gram,
get a gram on your way home
or somethin'.

You could stay here
if you want.
Yeah? I... I could sleep over?

You stay in your bed in your
room. I’ll sleep on the couch.

You sleep on the barcalounger.
Yeah. '’cause I don't
want to go out now.

All right. Sleep in the chair
and it’ll sleep here.
Goin' out... it's cold.

It's freezin'.
Unless I was goin'
to get another gram.

Sleep on the chair.
No? Okay.

Funny. Very fuckin' funny.
That's nice, Bob.

where's the party? Come on.
Give me a drink of the beer.

I ain't sayin' he's a rat.

Why don't you buy the gun
and blow your head off?

Up and at '’em, boys.

Come on, mouse.
Time to pay the Piper.

Did you have to leave
the boots on?


Would you like some more,
Whatever it is,
pile it on.


Look what the cat dragged in.

Seamus, you called
your mother this week?
Maybe tonight, auntie Faye.

You found him
any work yet?

We’ll get him somethin', ma.
Don't worry about it.
Don't forget, on Sunday...

We have to visit
uncle Eddie and your father
at the graveyard.

Go tell digger we need the cab.

Okay. That's enough,
ma. Thanks.

Ryan’s got an offer
on the house.

It's a lawyer in Washington.
Lucky stiffs.

He’ll be movin' to Danvers now.

Only your father and I
had the sense to buy a place
on that side of town.

They're goin' like hotcakes
over there.

You’re kiddin' me, right?


Hey, you know Tommy Sullivan?

Tommy with the big head
or Tommy with the small head?
No, the one with no teeth.

Oh, yeah, Tommy the tooth.

His mother works over
in the housing department.

She says the mayor’s tryin'
to stick another colored family
in the projects.

Finally put a goddamn
Guinea in the mayor’s

office, he wants to put
niggers in the projects.

Fuckin' wop. Why don't we put
'’em over in his neighborhood,
huh? All of '’em...

Niggers, spicks, zipper heads...
Put '’em all in the north end.

You know what I'm sayin'?
Hey, guys!

Let's get to work here,
for chrissakes.
I did my job.

I stole the fuckin' thing.

You know what, red?
You should run for mayor.

Platform like that,
you can't lose.
Look, I ain't no racist.

Our mothers can walk around
3:00 in the morning,
no one’s gonna touch 'em.

You stick outsiders
in the projects,
the whole system falls apart.

They’ll be sellin' drugs in the
street and drive-by shooters.
You Mark my words.

It ain't like they all
wanna move here, you know.

They wanna live amongst
themselves like us.
It's all this liberal bullshit.

Harvard egghead motherfuckers.
Jack Kennedy wouldn't have
pulled this crap.

Put the pucks back, Murphy.
You hear the shit about
Teddy Timmons?

Aw, Christ.
Who told you that?
Someone said they saw him.

I heard things.
You heard. Did you see
it with your own eyes?

No, I just heard things.
It's just people talkin'.
If he was out, I’d know.

Hey, mouse.
Yeah, what?

- Gimme the tape.
- Come on!

You know what? You’re
turnin' into a klepto, man.

You should call
a doctor.
Thank you.

My father had that.

Hey! Let's go.
Wrap it up time.

Off the ice.

Look, he's my brother.
We slept in the same room
for 22 years.

He was a fag, I think
I would know about it.

Maybe he didn't turn
into a fag till last year.
Don't work like that.

They're born with it.
Does that mean
there's baby fags?

Let's go over.
Come on.
Nah. I don't wanna.

I'm fine where I am.
Let's go over. Come on.

I know I might like her,
but sometimes she's
a different person.

I don't know what she's gonna
be one moment to the next.
Don't say anything.

What's goin' on?

- Hey, Sheila.
- Hey, mouse.

That's a nice sweater.

- It's a, uh, blouse, mouse.
- Yeah, it's nice.

You gonna get me a drink
or what?

Absolutely. Yeah.

Make it two.
Get me one too.
I’ll be right back.

Oh, yeah, my pleasure
to get you one too.

That's a nice
fuckin' blouse!

I’ll be right back.

♪ Do, do, do, do, do ♪

Mmm, nice ass.

Hey, what're you doin'?
What happened?

What's up?
Your place?

Yeah. Yeah.

What time?
Say, 1:00.

Say 1:00.
Yeah. Yeah.

Good idea.

1:00. You sure.
Bye. Uh-huh.

You’re gonna be there.
Don't forget.
Mm-hmm. Okay.

Nice outfit, by the way.

Thanks. Guess who's down
at Brosnihan's.


Hey, red.

He's in the head.

How's he doin'?
He's fuckin' coked up
out of his mind.


Hey! Hey, I saw Maureen brown
up at the street hockey rink
last night.

Jesus Christ, she put
some fuckin' weight on.
Oh, yeah?

Oh, can't even see
her tits no more. It's

like she's wearin' her
hips on her shoulders.

Fuck, what the...
What was the name of that girl?

Ah, goddamn it, I
used to jerk off to her all

the time and I couldn’t
remember her name.

Uh, little cheerleader...
Uh, Noreen O'Rourk.

Yes, yes, yes!
That's fuckin'...
Wait, wait, wait! No, no, no.

Mm. No, no, no.
That ain't her.
What's, uh...

No, no, no.

Fuckin' head... hair...
The redhead?

Oh, wicked nice tits.
Devlin, devlin, devlin
was her name.

- Yeah, Debbie devlin.
- Debbie devlin.
You want a blast?

How long you been out?
I just got back.

- Great to see you.
- Hey. Hey.

So, uh, anything I need to know?

No, nothin' at all.

You seen Jackie? Huh?
He say anything about me?

He hasn't said
anything yet.

Not yet?
Not fuckin' yet?

What's so...
Anything I need to know?

No, no.
About what? No.

I'm fuckin' back.

- Teddy...
- What?


You know what?
Take some money. Do me a favor.
Hey, what are you doin'?

Put the fucking' money away.
I'm not goin' outta the game!
Don't fuck around!

- I got nothin'
to fuckin' hide, Bobby.
- You know what you’re doin'?

Look at me!
I got nothin'
to fuckin' hide.

Come on, let's get a beer.
I'm dyin' of thirst here.

L.B.J., he become

L.b.j. Shot j.F.K.?
Yeah, that's a...

What's your point?
What... all right.
Where's he from?

- From Texas.
- Right! Right?

- So where's Kennedy from?
- He was from here.

- Exactly. Right?
That's my point.
- That's your point?

Fuckin' turn yourself in!
Hey, I'm not the only guy
that's supporting this theory!

Fuck off.

I would say
we should do this together.

Just the two of us.
Just the two of us,
for a change.

I'm sick and tired
of you, if you want
to know the truth.

Tell me the truth.

Nice and easy.

Hey, boys, how you doin'?
All right?

Hey, mouse, move over.
Come on.

Here you go.

Hey, Bobby?

I heard you got a bad count
the other night. Consider that
a gift, all right?

Thanks, man.

Teddy fuckin' Timmons, huh?
I heard you were back.

You don't call me!

Well, no, you see, Jackie,
I-I just got back...

What are you boys drinkin'?
Hey, shang, get a round
in here, will you?

- Sure, Jack.
- Fuckin' Celtics, huh?

I-I-I g-guess you been
hearin' stories about me,
huh, Jackie?

I heard you was back is all.

Well, let me tell ya.
This is fuckin' hilarious.

You’re gonna piss your pants.
Remember that Perez, that
fuckin' spick from Dorchester?

What, the little guy?

R-Remember you sent me
and Gavvy down to talk to him...

- Gavvy, you remember that?
- Sure, I remember that.

So about a month ago
these f.B.I. Guys come
to talk to me in the joint.

And I don't even talk
to regular cops, ever,
you know?

Like when they came to me
after I got busted
with all that coke...

And they said "Jackie o,"
and I said, "I know the guy,
but I don't work for anyone."

- Hey, thanks for that,
by the way.
- That's no problem, Jackie.

So, these f.B.I. Guys,
they want to know about Perez...

'’cause they're building
a case against him, right?
You’re gonna love this.

I say, "you mean
junior Perez of
Columbia Avenue in Dorchester,

about five-two, got a fat-assed
girlfriend looks like
a fuckin' pit bull?"

They said yeah,
and I said,
"no, never heard of the guy."

She does look like a pit bull!

Right? So, so now
they roll up their sleeves.
They're not going nowhere.

And I sit there for three hours,
fuckin' sweatin', shakin'.
I almost start crying'.

It's like fuckin'
academy award time.
Finally I break down.

And, you know,
i, I tell '’em the truth.

I-I'm like
George fuckin'Washington.
I cannot tell a lie.

"I know Perez
and I used to work for him."

I-I give '’em Perez, that fat
fuckin' columbian prick
Menendez, locations, everything.

And then they come back to me,
and they want me to testify.

It's like witness protection
bullshit, and I'm like,
"fuck you.

"I'm not going
into any witness protection
bullshit fuckin' plan.

Fuck that!
We made a deal!"

So, now, this lawyer
they gave me is all over '’em.

I'm not even safe in the joint
with the witness protection
and shit, and they...

They got no choice!
They gotta let me go.

Fuck! Can you
believe that? Fuck!

Yeah. I tell ya,
it was a fuckin' nightmare.

Never trust those feds, man.
They fuckin' lie.
I'm lucky to be here.

- Yeah, fuckin' feds.
Cocksuckers, huh?
- Pricks.

They're in Boston looking for
Puerto Ricans. In Washington
they're stealin' us blind!

- Exactly.
- Absolutely right.

You got that right, Jack.
Hey, here's to Teddy.

Welcome home!

When the cops
gonna learn, huh?
This town don't talk.

Especially this kid right here.

A fuckin' chatterbox.
The gift of gab, huh?

Hey, guys, I gotta go.

Katy’s mother's
cookin' dinner.

Anyone got any Rolaids?

Hey, hey, Jackie,
uh, we’re cool, right?

Sure, sure, hey.
Give me a call on the weekend.
We got some work.

Oh, uh, did skunk mention
anything to you about that
dealership thing up in Saugus?

I don't know
about that, Jack.
Okay, we’ll talk about it.

- Okay, see ya, boys.
- See ya later, Jack.

Yeah, Jack,
see you around.
Take it easy, Jack.

See ya later.
All right.

You did all right.

I ever tell you the story
about the time mouse
broke into a yuppie apartment?

- No.
- Seamus, did you hear
this story?

This is a great fuckin' story.
This is fuckin' hilarious.

There was a place on
monument Avenue that mouse and I
were lookin' to break into.

It was gonna be the two of us,
but I was someplace.
Where the fuck was I?

- Who knows?
- I don't know where I was.

Anyways, mouse decides
to break in on his own,

You know mouse like I do...
Is a fuckin' wicked bad idea.

Like the time you ate
a whole fuckin' hot pepper,
one bite.

- I thought that was a pickle.
- This is worse that that.

So, anyways...
Not this fuckin' story.
You tell this story,

I'm gonna tell the one
about that broad was goin' down
on you and she puked.

Who? Connie feelin'?
Fuck, I'm proud of that story.

- Fat Connie feelin'?
- This is when she was skinny.

It wasn’t like I took her
to the prom. She blew me
and she puked. Big deal.

Anyways, he breaks
in by himself so he's in

this apartment, beautiful
fuckin' place, right?

And he's lookin' at the place,
admirin' the books...
The whole thing.

He figures he's got all the time
in the world, '’cause the guy
works nine to five.

It's like one o'clock
first thing he does,
he makes a sandwich.

That's what you always do
when you break into a place.
What was the sandwich?

Ham and three cheese.
With tomato sauce.
Right, three cheeses.

- It was, uh, Havarti...
- And blue cheese.

- Havarti!
- Blue cheese and, uh...

The gallopin' gourmet over here.
Anyways, he starts eating,
he's halfway through.

Now he's gotta take a shit.
So he goes downstairs,
he's sittin' on the throne...

Readin' some magazine.
What was it?
Time or> Newsweek?

- Current events?
- A good magazine.

Anyways, he gets done,
he goes upstairs, he

finds a water bed, which
he's never seen before.

He's only seen 'em on TV,
or he's heard about it.

So here he is, gettin' ready
to get in the waterbed,
and he finds...

What has he always wanted
to find his whole life
and can never find?

Baseball cards!
Worth a lotta fuckin' money.

A big photo album
full of fuckin' old
baseball cards, right?

So he's jumpin' up and down,
creamin' in his pants,
flippin' through the cards.

Fuckin' Mickey mantle's rookie
card, Tom Seaver’s rookie card,

He's so goddamn happy.
He feels he's gonna be rich,
he's got it made.

- He falls asleep.
- I was out of it
before I broke in.

Yeah, that's what I do
before a job: Downers.

Four hours later
he wakes up to the sound
of the key in the door.

Fuckin' Goldilocks here.

I wake up, I think
I'm at my mother's house.

But this guy's starin' at me,
guy in a suit,
big fuckin' guy.

He says to me, "excuse me,"
and I'm like,
"who the fuck are you?"

He's lookin' at me,
he picks up the phone,
he starts to call the cops.

I'm like, shit, I realize
where I am, so I bolt.

I'm out the door.
I dodge around the guy,
a bit of a dance.

Leaving everything
behind: The baseball cards,
the TV, everything.

So here's this guy on the line
with the cops, going,

"yeah, somebody just broke
into my apartment."

The cops are going,
"what did he take?"
He looks around.

"A fuckin' nap!"

Let's go. Come on.
Jesus Christ!

Jesus fuckin' Christ!
Everybody out!
Everybody out!

Oh, Jesus, this is bad.

Jesus, fuck!


That fuckin' Jackie, man.
The fuckin' cocksucker.

Come on, Bob.
Bob, come on. We gotta go.

Bob, we need to go now!

You too, Seamus.
Come on!

Come on, we gotta get
outta here. Come on.

Come on! Here you go.
You too, Seamus. Come on!
Seamus, let's go.

Now, Seamus.
Let's go. Now!
You can't be sittin' here!

Come on!

Lee, watch the door.

Got it.
Bros, what have
we got?

Teddy Timmons.

Ah, Jesus.

Teddy Timmons is your cousin,
isn't it, O'Grady?

Hey, you’re an o'Grady
too, right?

Yeah, sure. You’re Bobby's
cousin Seamus from Ireland.
Am I right or wrong?

I thought so.

Which means that's your blood
on the floor over there,
more or less.

I'm sorry for your trouble.

Sit down here.
I wanna talk to you.
Come on, it's all right.

I assume they already
explained to you the part
about keepin' your mouth shut,

so let me fill you in
on the rest of it.

You were in the bathroom.

That's right. Everybody in this
joint was in the bathroom
during the shooting.

Maybe you didn't know that
about this neighborhood.
Oh, yeah.

The barrooms around here
got the biggest heads
in America. Sure.

Just last month,
when Jay Monroe got shot
over at Rosie’s sub shop,

there were 22 guys
in the toilet then.

Can you imagine that?
Twenty-two guys all takin'
a piss at the same time.

Yeah, but that's just
around here.

You see, over where I live,
in west Roxbury, we got
a lot of Irish kids like you...

With no papers or skills,
just trying to make
an honest buck.

But we don't have
this kind of shit.

Ignorant punks hidin'
behind intimidation tactics...

And shit-eatin' codes.

When we have to go
to the toilet,
we go one at a time.

Yeah, well, this ain't
west Roxbury.

You got that right.

So tell me, O'Grady,
just for the record.

- I was in the bathroom.
- How about you, digger?

- The bathroom.
- Bros.

- I was in the bathroom.
- Murphy.

- I was in the bathroom.
- What about you, Seamus?

Where were you
during the shooting?

Look at me, son.
I was
in the bathroom.

Say again?
I was
in the bathroom.

You ask why I keep playing
these stupid games.

That's fine. We all know
who's behind it.

And I don't give a rat's ass
how many times
he pays the rent...

For some poor old grandma
down in the projects...

Or all the guy's he's whackin'
are hopeless cases.

This is still my beat,
and I'm gonna be here
when somebody talks.

Get outta here.

Go on.
Get the hell outta here.

Bros, gimme a beer.

- We should fuckin'
do somethin'.
- Yeah, we should fuckin'...

We should fuckin' what,
dig? What the fuck you mean?
Well, you know...

I saw who fuckin'
killed him!
Shut up, Seamus.

I won’t fuckin' shut up.
I saw who killed him!
Shut the fuck up! Shut up!

It's between Jackie and Teddy.

Teddy should have done his time,
kept his fuckin' mouth shut.

Instead, he decided
to rat Jackie out.
He dug his own fuckin' grave.

How do you know? Teddy said
he didn't rat anybody out.
Hey, hey!

Forget what Teddy said.
It was on the street.

That's it.
That's it?

That's the end of it?
Yeah, that's the end
of it, yeah.

Seamus, we work
for Jackie, okay?

He paid for the clothes
on our back, and he paid
for your plane ticket over here.

I mean,
you know.
That's right.

Everybody wants the neighborhood
to stay the way it is.

No more outsiders.
Take care of ourselves.
Police ourselves. Fuck.

Jackie might as well be carryin'
a fuckin' badge right now.
That's the way it is.

I tell you one thing.

Fuck, man.
Fuckin' old days,

something like this happened,
you just settled it
with your fists.

You know?
You use your hands.

Worst that would happen, maybe
somebody would come after you
with a shovel, you know?

A baseball bat.

- Not anymore, though.
- Not anymore.

Look who it is.

- What's he doin' here?
- Patsy, how are you?
Good to see you.

Jesus, look at him. Must have
balls the size of barbells.

Just like fuckin' nothin'
happened, huh?
He shouldn't be here.

Hey, bros, Kelly, how ya doin'?
Sad day, huh? Sad day.
How ya doin', Jack?

Hey, Katy.
Hey, Jackie.
I'm a little busy right now.


Mrs. Timmons,
how are you?
Oh, Jackie.

I'm so sorry for your troubles.
Thank you.

Yeah, he was a great kid,
and we’re gonna miss him.

Hey, Mrs. O'Grady,
how are you doin'?

Thank you for coming,
Listen, if there's...

If there's anything I can do,
you know, please let me know.

Here, I want you to have that,
just to kind of... for the day.

Catch you later.
Don't forget:
Anything I can do.

Go ahead.

I hate this, man.
I know,
but it's gotta be done.

I’ll go over with you.
No, that's okay.
You stay.

No, it’ll go.
You stay. Yeah.
You sure?

Thank you, Herbert.
There you are, Bobby.
I hardly talked to you.

Teddy always loved you.
You were his favorite cousin.
He was a good kid.

When he had Scarlet fever
that time when you came over
every day after school?

Oh, yeah, yeah.
I’ll always
remember that.

They were good boys.

What happened,
Bobby, down in that barroom?
I don't know.

Was it over a girl, Bobby?
Someone said
there was a girl.

I don't know.
People were drinkin' and
anything could have happened.

Oh, Bobby,
I really need to know.
I don't know, aunt Margaret.

I-I haven't really talked
to anybody about it.
Was he on his own?

Was he on his own,
I don't think so.

I'm gettin' some coffee.
Can I get you some?
No, thank you, sweetheart.

I gotta get goin'.
Uh, see you tomorrow.

Bobby, wait a second.
I want to talk to you.

How are you holdin' up,
Mrs. Timmons?
You okay?

- What happened
down there?
- Ma, i-i...

Were you in there?
I told you mouse and I were
walking by after it happened.

We didn't see anything.
Well, somebody saw it.

Somebody should
say somethin' this time.

All these mothers,
and all they’ve been through.

All their sons gone.

Jay Monroe.

Billy Clark.

Mary McLaughlin’s kid.

You’d better believe
I’d say somethin'.

Pretty please.

What's goin' on?
What are you
doin', o'Grady jerk?

Where ya been?
She was passed out!


She was what?
She was passed out.
She was...

Come on, come on.

Come on.


Okay, give me this.
Where were you today?

I was around.
Just... here.

I'm tired.

Hold on. I'm just
gonna take my shoes off.

I missed you today.

I did.


Frank Hill's a fuckin' pig,
you know that?

- You wanna know
what he did to me?
- What did he do?

- He tried to hit on me. Prick.
- So fuck him.


I don't know.

Fuck 'him.

Fuck 'him.

Take your clothes off.
You know what?

Look... let's just...
Come on. Your mother's
passed out.

You know what I'm saying?

Just put your head down.
That's it. Just relax.

For one second.
Just for a second.

Okay. Mmm.
There you go.

How's that?
I'm wicked tired, Bobby.


There you go.

Teddy’s gonna be okay, right?

Yeah, he’ll be fine.

Sheila’s another one.

Yeah, she is.

Good night, Bobby.

Good night.

Hey, fellas.
Jackie, let's go!
We’re ready to play!

What's the rush, huh?

Hey, fellas,
how ya doin'?
All right?

Hey, Jackie.
How are ya?

Watch where you’re
throwin' the fuckin' sticks,
Bobby. Here.

- Jackie?
- What? Yeah.


Hey, Bobby.

Got any tape?
He wants
to tape his ass...


Let's go, guys.

Hey! What the fuck
is that?
Bring it around.

Come on, bros.
Red, what're ya doin'?

Don't make me get up
and come and play!

What the fuck?
Keep the fuckin'
stick down, man.

It's down.
Fuckin' stick's up over
your fuckin' shoulder!

Play the fuckin' ball!
Play, play, play, play!

Come on, shang!

What the hell are you doin'?
You’re lookin' up there!

Come on, Jackie!

Come on, shang.


Come on!
Fuck you!

Hey, what's... fuck you, mouse!

Fuck you!
Fuck you!

You fuckin' idiot!

Come on, Jackie.
Right through these
fuckin' guys, Jackie.

Come on, Bobby.
Right at '’em, Bobby.

Yeah! Yes!
Aw, fuck!

Come on, mouse!

On the right.
Come on.

That's it.
Come on.

I think Gavin’s gettin' tired!

He's dyin' on you now.
You got him.

That's it!


Come on!

There's the baby.
Here's my baby now.

Come on, mouse!
Do something!

Come on!
What is this? Ahh!

What the fuck...
What the fuck
is that, huh?

Your stick’s been up
the whole fuckin' game, pal.

You been smackin' me
in the back since I got here.
Do somethin' about it.

Mind your own fuckin' business.

All right.

Come on.
Let's go.

Come on.
Fuckin' hit him,

Come on, big boy.
Let's see. Come on.

You gonna jump?
Let's see it.
Let's see what you got.

Come on!
Hey, guys, what the fuck.
Come on. Let's play the game.

- Jackie, come on. Game.
- That's it, mouse.

- Faggot!
- Let's play hockey,
will ya?

You know what?
Double or nothin' on
that Celtics bet, okay?


Yeah, grand on the
next goal. You heard me.

All right, you’re on.
Come on, boys. Let's play.

Go! Come on!
Let's play!

Come on, Gavin!
What you need, a cigarette?

That's it, Billy!
Get that check, Mickey!
Keep movin'!

Come on, bros!
You play like a broad!

- Gavin!
Gavin! Gavin!
- Cover him!

- Aw, fuck!
- Yeah!

Nice fuckin' save, asshole.

Swiss cheese!
Talk to ya later!

We can still make
happy hour. Come on.

Sorry about that, Bobby.


Coulda kicked his ass, Bobby.

You coulda.

Look at him standin' there,
laughin' his ass off. Big man.

Give me three fingers, will ya?

Down on the docks,
in the old days, someone had
it comin', they took a beatin'.

Here's to
the money.


Hey, Jackie.
How ya doin'?

Okay. Come on in.
Sheila, how ya doin'?


So, what
ya doin'?
Oh, um, just
got our hair done.

Oh, yeah?
You like it?

Oh, yeah?
She did it.

Of course.
She do it
all to you?

Did you
do hers?


All of a sudden you’re into
hunting broads? What do
you know about broads?

You wouldn't know
what to do with a girl.
You wouldn't have a clue.

Annie, Marcy.
How you guys doin'?

- Ba-boom!
- Get outta here.

So what are
you guys doin'?
We’ve been drinkin'.

Okay, see you there.

Where's he goin'?

♪ wish I knew what
you were looking for ♪




Okay. See you guys
later. Hi.
No. Uh, hi.

I'm Annie.
This is Marcy.

How are ya?


So, um,

What do you do?

What do you do?

Uh, what do I do?
I, um... I do a lot
of things. I'm a...

I, uh... I work
with, uh, old cars.

I'm a... I, uh...
You know, i-i, uh...

I rebuild and detail, great.

Uh, antique, uh, cars.


Oh, I love old cars.
Oh, really?

Mm-hmm. My dad
has a '61 t-bird.

Wow! That's
a great car.
Yeah, red and black.

Mmm. Hmm.

So, what...
Let me buy you
a couple drinks.

Um... mm. Well, no.
Actually, we were
just leaving.

Oh, really?
Yeah, we have to be
up in the morning.

Oh, that's too bad.

Okay. Well, ya know,
it’ll walk ya out. Okay?

I’ll be your,
uh, escort.

All right?

Any guys that come along,
you’ll beat 'em up.
Oh, yeah.

♪ Might have known
what you would find ♪

So what street
do you live on?
I, um,

I live on the other side
of the square, actually.

Oh. Friend of mine
had her car stolen
from the square last week.


Yeah, I heard
that's been happenin'
a lot lately.

If you have one
of these stickers
in your car window...

That says "townies"...
I don't know if you've
noticed those...

Then they don't steal your car,
because that means
that you’re from...

You can only get one
if you’re from here,
or if you know somebody.

No. Really?
Yeah. But, hey,
now you know somebody.

Ya know, I'm gonna get you
one of those stickers.

You put it
in your car window.

I mean, the neighborhood’s
getting better.
It's definitely getting much...

Hey! O'Grady!
What the fuck is this?

What are you doin'?
I'm sorry.

Shut the fuck up!
What are you doin'?

What the hell’s goin'
on here? Fuck you!
It's nothing.

Go back in the bar.
No! I need
to talk to you.

Keep your voice down and go
back in. Annie, wait!
I need to talk...

Annie, wait up.
I don't
fuckin' believe this!


No, I have to go!

Please... I don't want
to get involved in this.
Let me explain.

I mean, this is
like high school.

It's okay, it's okay.
It's all right. She's
gone back in the bar.

It's okay.
You all right?

She's not
comin' back out.

you seem like a really
nice guy, but I don't ...

I am a nice guy. I just
saved your life, right?

Oh, that was insane.
I know. I know.
She's just...

She's a total alky
and a cokehead.
It's just...

Everybody knows
she's nuts, ya know?

Oh, these assholes.

Oh! They do this
all of the time.


- Come on.
Let's just split.
- Who’s the broad?

We’ll wait for you right here.

Come on,
Talk to you later, guys.

Hey, come on!

Annie, hey.

She's ditched you.
Come on.

Goddamn it!
Fuckin' assholes!

What's her name?
Hey, come on.
No secrets between us.

Come on!

What the fuck!

you laughin' about?

Hey, don't go!
We’ll give you a lift!

Get in.
She's gone.

Yeah, good night.

Nice goin', Bobby.

Where we goin'?

Patty Brown's
havin' a party.
Patty Brown?

Fuck! Slow fuckin' night,
you’re thinkin' of goin'
to Patty Brown’s.

I hate
that prick.
You hate every-fuckin'-body.

Gimme the blow.

Patty brown.
Fuck him.

Fat ass.
His whole family’s fat asses.

- You seen his sister lately?
- Crazy Mary?

Ass the size of Maine on her,
I swear to fuckin' god.

Holy shit.
Look at that.

- What?
- A fuckin' nigger.

- Right in our
fuckin' neighborhood.
- Holy shit.

A fuckin' nigger.

You believe this shit?

You know what we should do?
We should beat the fuckin' shit
out of him, huh?

We should just beat
the livin' piss outta
his black fuckin' ass.

Fuckin' smokes comin'
over here. I told ya.

Ya told me. Ya told me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Dig... hey, dig.

- Turn the car around. Go back.
- He's not doin' anythin'.

He's fuckin' here, ain't he?
What's he doin' here?
He's not doin' anythin'.

Let's make pass and
stare at him. God-fuckin'-damn
it! Jungle bunny...

Hey, digger.
Turn the cab around.

- What?
- Turn the cab around.

You packin'?

Gimme the gun. Just gimme
the fuckin' gun, asshole.

What're you doin', Bobby?

- Bob, what the fuck?
- What the fuck is this for?

- Put the gun away, will ya?
- Pull over.

Pull over.

- Fuck’s sake.
- Jesus.

Now what?
Yo, what the fuck?

I can
lose my license here!

Get in the fuckin' car,
man! Come on!

Get him in, quick!
Jesus! Come on!

Get outta here!
Fuckin' get outta here!

What the fuck you lookin' at?

Bob, this is fuckin' bullshit,
man! Digger, stop the car!

- Don't stop the car.
- Maybe mouse is right.

- Digger, stop the fuckin' car...
- Stop the fuckin' car, okay?

Put the gun down!
Shut the fuck up! Shut up!
Just shut the fuck up! Okay?

Fuck boy! Huh? Big mouth!
Fuckin' hotshot! Huh?

Fuck you! Huh?

All fuckin' talk,
no action, right?

You wanna fuck around?
We’re gonna fuck around!

What the fuck...
Digger, let me
out of here!

Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!

Stop the fuckin' car!

- Take a right up here.
- Huh?

- Take a right.
- Okay, okay. Fuck!

- Where we going?
- Shut up!

Don't speak till
fuckin' spoken to.

Get outta the car.

I'm sorry! I got off
at the wrong stop
on the subway!

Get the fuck up!

What do you think, red?
What do you think?
I shoot him?

Huh? Let's shoot
the jungle bunny, huh?
What do you say?

Let's shoot him!
Let's shoot him,
the fuckin' raisin-head.

The fuckin' jungle
bunny, huh? The fuckin'

Moolie, the spook.
The fuckin' nigger, huh?

What do you wanna do?
Let's fuckin' shoot him
right now. What do you say?

Tell me when.

Fuckin' pussy.



No bullets, asshole.

- Happy now?
- Yeah.

Get up.
Get up.

"T" station right there.
Ask around your school.

They’ll tell you
what's safe and
what's not. Screw.


Come on.

- Car.
- Get in the fuckin' car, man.

Gimme the bottle of whiskey.
Where's the rest of that blow?

Hey, go down bros's,
get a pop?

No. No.

Come on. Go down and
watch the first quarter.

We’ll go down Gallie's,
watch the rest of the game.

No, Bobby, I wanna go home.

Well, let's watch
the first quarter,
and we’ll go back...

I want to go home.
I wanna go back home.

To Dublin?
Yeah, I think,
I think so. Maybe.

I don't ... I got
really scared last night.

Aw, man, that fuckin'...
That shit was just really
fuckin' speed, that's all.

I don't know what he cut it
with. My fuckin' heart's
pumpin' like a racehorse.

It's not just last night.
It's the whole thing.

I don't ... what?

It's fucked up!

Look... no, I mean... Jesus!

I fuckin'...
The night
with the police and Teddy?

I fuckin'
explained that to ya.
Last night as well.

I mean, Jesus,
it just never stops!

I don't get it.
I don't get you.

You’ve turned me
into a wreck!

You’ve turned me
into an absolute mess!

I’ve turned you> into a wreck?
That's fuckin' funny.
Yeah, you have.

It's not funny.
No, it's not funny.

You fuckin' called me. You
asked me if you come over here,
if I could set you up.

I fuckin' set you up.
I wanted to work!

I got you a fuckin' job.
You’re not workin'.

You’re along for the
laughs on most of these

jobs. You don't know
what the fuck you’re doin'.

You’re supposed to be
fuckin' learnin' shit.
You’re not learnin' anything.

Learnin' shit.
I'm supposed to be
learning shit.

Hey, fuck you, man.

Go back to fuckin'
Dublin, then. Work at
a fuckin' burger king.

Okay, I will.
Fuckin' make three fuckin'
bucks an hour if you want.

Fuck you!

I did you
a fuckin' favor.
What is your problem?

My fuckin' problem?

All right, screw!

I'm sick and tired
of sittin' in this bar.

It's a good bar.
What are you
talkin' about?

We only sit here
every fuckin' day.
Hey, Bobby.

Look who's here.
Great game, huh?


Can we go?
Hang on.

Little hair
o' the dog, huh?

Can't buy
a fuckin' winner, can ya?

Hey, bros, let me
get his drinks.

Gonna work out
some kind of finance thing.

Fuckin' Mick, ya.
For what,
the drinks?

Fuckin' drinks, eh?

I love this guy.
B.C. Loses by 18.
You’re burnin' my balls, Bob.

- Fuck you talkin' about?
- The bet. The bet!

- What bet?
- Hey, Jackie, come on.
Let's go, huh?

Will ya fuckin' hang on.

Five this mornin'.
Phone call to shang.

Hey, shang, he don't remember.
That figures.

Double or nothin'
on the hockey bet.
You took b.C.

You’re down four grand.
You’re back in the hole.

Never bet with your heart, pal.

All you guys.
Who gives a shit
about b.C., huh?

Anybody here
go to b.C.?
Hey, Jackie.

If you wanna spend so much
time with these guys,

why don't you just
fuck them, '’cause you
sure ain't fuckin' me.

Jesus, Jackie...
You mind your fuckin'
business, O'Grady!

Calm down.
I can't fuckin'
take it anymore!

You got your own
fuckin' problems
to think about.

I'm floatin' you
for four fuckin' grand,

and you’re placin' bets
Durin' blackouts?

Just lay off the fuckin' sauce.

And another thing:

You’re doing that
dealership job Monday night.
Don't forget.

I cut you off,
you’re back workin'
down in the wire factory...

Quicker than
you can wipe your ass.

End up just like
your dad. Got me?

Buy yourself a fuckin' drink.

Take care, Bob.

Son, I wanna talk to ya.
Get in the car.

Where you goin'?
Come on.
I'm not gettin' in the car.

Listen to me.
I'm on your side.
I'm Irish too.

I don't know the sights yet.
My mother's from
rush spring.

Listen, I can help you
with your green card.

I got friends
down at the I.N.S.
Hold on a second.

Give it over, will ya?
Come on, gimme a break.
Get in the car.

I wanna talk to you
about something.
I got nothin' to say.

You got a lot of things to say.
Come on, kid, get in there.
Come on, come on, let's go.

Come on. Watch your head.
There you go. Good boy.
Watch your legs. Let's go!

Aren’t you on our side?


You okay?
Let me see.
Yeah, I'm fine.

Does he
hit you a lot?

It's just... he's pissed off
about the dealership
and a bunch of other bullshit.

Fuckin' asshole.

Yeah, fuckin' asshole.

Are you okay, Katy?

- Yeah, I'm fine, Mrs. Turbody.
- Are you sure?
Can I get you anything?

No, Sheila’s on her way.
Thanks though.

I know you didn't fuck her.

The yuppie chick.

I always thought Sheila.


Kate, why don't we just
get away for a couple of days,
you know what I mean?

It's so fucked up.

Go to... go someplace.

You should just
fuckin' leave, Bobby.

- Get the fuck out
while you still can.
- What do you mean?

Nothing’s gonna change, okay?
Jackie'd go nuts
if he found out about us.

Might as well face the facts
and get it over with.

I mean...
Just standin' still here.

What are you gonna do?

Steal cars
and keep secrets from Jackie
for the rest of your life?


Fuckin' go.

Hey, Bobby.
What's happenin'?

Hey, Sheila.

I got her now.
She's gonna be fine.

Got you some ice.


See you later, I guess.

See you later.

Hey, he gonna be all right?

He's all right.

Come on. You gonna
be all right?

Come here.

It's gonna be okay,
I know.

No, thanks.

How hard you come down on him?

Both hungover.
I just told him...
I laid it out for him.

Jesus, I hope
he didn't go back
to Dublin.

Back to Dublin?
With what? His looks?

He couldn’t get across
the fuckin' bridge with those.
Wanna put the blow away?

What, you on the wagon?
Just keep your eyes
on the road, digger.

Okay, they're gonna lock
the shop up tonight at 9:00.

The alarm’s gonna be on,
so that's gonna guarantee
the insurance coverage.

The Ferrari's gonna be parked
at the top of the ramp
at the third floor.

The place is gonna be
deserted, so get in there

quick and don't draw
attention to yourselves.

All right.

Take the goggles off.
Take the fuckin'
goggles off.

What I want you guys to do
is break the window
on the ground-level floor,

reach in there
and hit that button.

Hurry up. Come on.
Go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go.

Once the glass is broken,
you activate the alarm.

This gives you two minutes...
I repeat, exactly two minutes...
Before the cops show up,

so don't be dickin' around.

Get to the third floor.
The Ferrari's gonna be parked
in the far corner.

You gotta hot-wire the car
to make it look real.
Why not let air out the tires?

Mouse, we’re talkin' about
a fuckin' Ferrari here.

If the alarm isn't on,
there's no insurance money,
and none of us get a dime.

Quit breakin' my balls
and cut the bullshit!
Skunk, skunk.

You guys bring the car
back here.

As soon as skunk
hears from the buyer,
you guys get your money.

Buy a lot of blow
for that.

Yeah, a lot of stepped-on blow
from you, Jackie.
You watch yourself.

Stay down.

What-what happened next?
I pulled a Sweeney.

A Sweeney?
What the hell’s a Sweeney?

Remember that time
when Sweeney and I
stole a bus?

We were bein' chased
by the cops,
and we jumped on the "t"?

We pulled a Sweeney.

Hi, how are ya?
How the fuck ya been?

Pulled a Sweeney
in the middle of a job?
Yeah, it was classic.

That's great.
Let's go have some blow, huh?

Yeah, right. No.
Come on, Bobby,
open up here.

What the fuck?
What the fuck's
goin' on over here?

That's digger's car.

Easy, buddy.
Shut up!
Hey, hey.


I'm sorry, Bobby.
I'm sorry.
Listen to me.

I just wanted
to fuckin' get
a sandwich.

He never said a word.

What'd you say?

I said, he never said a word.

Deaf, dumb and blind.
You picked him up?

Damn right, I picked him up.
He was eyewitness
to a murder.

Just a fuckin' kid
for Christ’s sake.

Yeah, that's right.
He was just a kid
for Christ’s sake.

Teddy Timmons had it
comin'. Probably would’ve

ended up back in the
joint if he’d have lived.

But this kid. This kid
just got off the boat! He had
his whole life in front of him!

Then you got ahold of him,
and you taught him the rules!
Now this!

So if you’re lookin'
for somebody to blame,
don't look at me!

Take a good look
in the fuckin' mirror!

You’re a fuckin'...
You want some of me?

You want some of me?
Get him out of here!

Come on, fuck!
Come on.

Come on, tough guy.
You want me?

You guys keep killin'
each other over here, then we’ll
keep comin' over the bridge...

Till one of you opens your mouth
and decides to talk!

Hey, Bob!

Hey, Bobby!

Where is she?

She's in the bathroom.

She's been at the bottle bad.
Where've you been?

I was out.

She put through
the call to Dublin.
After that, forget it.

Should've been here.

Ma, you okay?

I told Bridy
you’d call Ireland later...

And explain why her boy’s
comin' home in a box.

You have to take $2,300
down to the funeral home
and give it to Mr. Kelsey.

It’ll pay
for the plane too.

Mary McLaughlin says...

Jackie O’Hara
was up drinkin' at the a.O.H.
All night...

While Seamus was layin'
in the front seat of that cab.

Oh, you goddamn disgrace.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
The way you was raised.

Calm down.
Take it easy.
He's dead!

Calm down, calm down.
Take that gun
out of this house!

You hear that?
Get it out of this house!

Help me here.

I left the egg salad
on the kitchen counter.

Make sure you put it away
before it goes bad.


You know what, ma,
I was thinkin'...

I was thinkin'
maybe I might, uh...

Might leave for a while,
you know?

That'd be a good idea.

Where you goin'?
Over to Mouse's?

No. I mean...

I don't ...

Maybe, you know, go out
to the cape or something
for a while to get away.

Who’s after ya?

Honey, can we
talk about this later?


Thing is, I have...
I have some money
I can leave ya, ya know?

It's not a lot, but it’ll...

It’ll help, you know?

I don't know.

I just feel like i-i
just gotta get away...

Just to clear my head,
you know what I mean?

I don't know.

I just feel like...
I don't know...

I can't...
I can't think straight.
I can't...

I just need to start over,

ya know?



Let me get
your receipt.

Fuckin' prick.

Made us pay cash
when my old man died too.
Fuckin' asshole.

Well, listen, I'm tapped out.

Don't worry about it.
I told you it's all set.

We’re leaving for the airport
in a few minutes.
Wanna pay your last respects?

Nah, we’re fine.
We really need
to say good-bye to him.

You know where he is.

That guy.

We should say good-bye to him.

I don't know.
I don't know, digger.

This is Seamus.

He's a cousin.

I wanna say good-bye to him.

Jesus, Bobby,
he's wearin' your suit.

I'm sorry, kid.

I shouldn't have left him
in the car.

I should've taken you
right home.

It's a fuckin' tragedy.

You got your whole life
out in front of ya.

You know what this is?


A fucking bug.
You know where I found it?


My mother's phone.
You believe that shit?


She hears these weird sounds
and things on the line.

Check it out
and there it is.


In my mother's house.

See what I'm sayin'?

Fuckin' Teddy.
You want a bump?

No, thanks.

This is the kind of shit
I gotta put up with.

I just want
my money, Jack.
I know, I know.

I just wanna make sure
you understand
what I'm sayin' here.

I understand.
Shang, give me the package.

I can list 20 guys
who fucked me over the years.

Jay Monroe, McLaughlin,

Clark brothers.

Only guys I can trust
are right here in this room.

And Katy, of course.



Here you go, brother.
Don't worry about what you
owe me. It's on the house.

You’re out of the fuckin' hole.
Give me that.

Oh, and don't think
I don't appreciate how you
handled the Seamus thing.

I do.

You’re doin'
the right thing, Bobby.
I’ll take care of you for it.

From now on, you work with me.

I want you right beside me
from here on in.

Have a nice car, steady broad.

Get your mother something, huh?

Gonna make a lot of money,

Oh, shit.
A lot of fuckin' money.

Don't .

Come on.
Come on, Bobby.

Don't .

Hey, Bobby!
Hey, what's up with that?
Where you goin'?

Hey, Bobby, how's it goin'?

Over here.
On the hood.
Come on.

Spread out.

He's clean, Lee.
I got him.

Turn around, son.

I hear there was a big dance
up at the a.O.H. Tonight.

Did you go up there, Bobby?


I’ll tell you
how we’re gonna handle this.

We’ll play it your way
this time, all right?


See ya around, kid.

Let's go.

You did it, man.
Fuckin' did it, man.

Way to go, Bobby.

Happy for ya.

Hey, let's get
some shots here, huh?

Bobby, by the way, I'm holdin'.

All right.

Here we go.
Here we go.
This round’s on me.


You and Katy are all set, huh?

To Jackie o.
And the pine fuckin' box
he's leavin' in.

Fuck that.
Here's to Bobby o'Grady.


♪ yeah, yeah

♪ At 3:15

♪ I heard you leave

♪ where did you go

♪ are you alone

♪ am I the only

♪ one for you

♪ So tell me true

♪ I’d kill for you ♪

♪ it's sick, I know ♪

♪ but after all

♪ by definition

♪ of the word

♪ love is blind

♪ love is good

♪ I woke at dawn

♪ still you were gone

♪ I didn't phone ♪

♪ are you alone

♪ am I the only

♪ one for you

♪ So tell me true

♪ I’d kill for you ♪

♪ it's sick, I know ♪

♪ but after all

♪ by definition

♪ of the word

♪ love is blind

♪ love is good

♪ At 3:15

♪ I heard you leave

♪ where did you go

♪ are you alone

♪ am I the only

♪ one for you

♪ So tell me true

♪ I’d kill for you ♪

♪ it's sick, I know ♪

♪ but after all

♪ by definition

♪ of the word

♪ love is blind

♪ love is good ♪