Monstrous (2020) - full transcript

A young woman goes searching for answers after her friend mysteriously vanishes in Whitehall, NY, an Adirondack town known for its Bigfoot sightings. She quickly learns that hiding in the ...

This place is really
out there, isn't it?

Yeah, tell me about it.

This is the turn coming up.

Yeah, this is the straight,

and then the house is just
a half mile up on the left.

Thank God.

What the hell was that?

Haley, let's just go.

Haley, Haley.

There's something
else out there...

Hey, Haley,
seriously, let's go.

Seriously, Haley, let's go.

Haley, get in the car.

Haley, get in the
car, get in the car.


Oh, my God.

- Is anyone out there?
- Hello?

- Hello?
- Haley!

- Haley!
- Haley!

- Hello?
- Haley!





- Is anybody out there?
- Hello?


- Hello?
- Haley!


With sightings
all the way back to the 1970s

by locals and before that by

the Iroquois and Algonquin
nations, Sasquatch,

wow, look at that, very scary,

has been named the
official animal

of the village of Whitehall.

The legend of bigfoot has
been around for quite some time

and obviously there are lots
of mythical monsters that

people claim to have seen;
Loch Ness and things like that,

but there's something about
bigfoot that really endures,

and this town in particular,
Whitehall in New York.

Whitehall, New York has been
a hotbed of bigfoot sightings

over the last several
years, several decades even.

Now, whether there's
any truth to them,

hell, I don't know.

Deer there,
somethin' spooked 'em.

Who knows what.

Could've been us or it
could've been the bigfoot.

That's what we're out here for.

Up here, Whitehall, New
York, the Adirondacks.

I found some classic
bigfoot prints,

but next to them, some
small, similar prints.

Which suggests that bigfoot
may have had an offspring.

Oh, I believe
that bigfoot exists.

The sightings
are very credible.

They don't seem very fake.

These are people who didn't
want to see this thing.

In particular, the stories
from Whitehall are fascinating.

I can't keep away.

This one was kind of a
big blast of foot prints,

but in the past they would
kinda turn up here or there.

In addition to
finding the new tracks,

I put this together with
reports of several young women

having gone missing from
Whitehall in the last few months.

I've seen his prints up here.

I know he's out there.

Sir, are you at
all concerned for your safety?

I'd like to say, I'm not,

but you don't know
what's out there.

Hey, Jamie.

Syl, are you
still coming by later?

Yeah, I'm just finishing up
with the last dog right now.

All right, I think
I found something, okay?

So, hurry up, I'll
see you in a bit.

All right, see ya later.


Whoa, hey, hey, hey, hi.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi.



Come on, Lilo.

Oh, yeah.


- You want in on this?
- Nah, I'm good.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm not hungry.

It's Taco Loco, come on.

It's my treat.

Didn't that place
get like a C rating?

Better than a D,.

All right, what are
the veggie options?

Yeah, what are your
vegetarian options?


Oh, wait, can you get my
mom a chicken quesadilla?

And a chicken quesadilla.

Oh yeah, oh yeah,
that'll be good.

That's all, thank you.

Oh, oh, yeah, yeah.

Oh, my God, how many times
have you watched that thing?

- Hm, hm.
- Yeah?

We need all the
facts that we get.

Did you watch the
documentary I sent you?

- No.
- Hm.

Tomorrow, I
promise I'll do it.

I just, can we
just chill tonight?

I need you to
listen very closely.

- Here we go.
- Oh, yeah.

March 14th, 2015, a
firsthand sighting.

Susan Klein's disappearance,
March 15th, coincidence?

July 7th, 2018, firsthand
sighting, photographic evidence,

and also, a local
noise complaint.

July 12th, Molly
Jenkins disappeared.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

All in the very woods
the sightings occurred.

All vanished.

It's the Squatch.

I said we're not
calling it that.

You know, it's weird
because never before was there

a reason to believe
that it was aggressive.

Sasquatch keeps to himself

in the woods like
a goddamn ghost.

I mean, that's
why no one can get

a good fuckin' picture of 'em.

Something pissed it off.

No, Jamie, come on.

Come on, there's no
bigfoot, there's no Squatch.

What, yeah, I know, I know,

I agree there's
something weird going on.

I think we should
just focus on that.

Which brings me
to my next point.

Come, take a look at this.

You remember that
guy named Alex?

The mystery man who
paid Dana to take him

to the Adirondacks
before she went missing.

Well, guess who
posted another ad?

You're meeting up with Alex?

More like we are.


- Hear me out...
- No, Jesus.

You wanna meet up with a
potential serial killer

and go on a road trip with him?

What the fuck

- is wrong with you...
- No, no, listen to me.

You won't ever have to

be near him, okay?

He thinks that I'm a girl,
but I'm gonna surprise him,

and then he'll have
to let me drive him

to his place or
it's gonna be weird.

All I need you to
do is be my backup.

I just need you
to drive behind me

in case something happens.

Dana might still be alive.

We're not gonna have
another chance like this.

I need to know what happened.

Or I need to figure it out.

She deserves that much.

Taco Loco.

Hey, mom.

Yeah, no, this morning.

I was just calling to see

if you were gonna
be back for dinner.

I was calling to see if you
were gonna be back for dinner,

I got you a quesa...

Bye, mom.


Sylvia, the plan's off.


I said the plan's off.

Are you okay?

Taco Loco got me again.

Are you kidding me?

You were right, okay?

You planned this whole
elaborate thing out,

you guilt trip me into coming,
and then you bail on me?

Sylvia, everything is leaving

my body from
everywhere right now.

Just please try and understand.

What did you say
Alex looks like?

I don't know.

He said, tall, dark hair,
and a denim jacket I think.

I think
Alex is a girl.


You're sure
this is the same ad?

You know that I am.

I'll do it.


No, Sylvia, this, it was
okay when you were gonna be

my backup, but neither of us
should be doing this alone.

- I'm gonna do it.
- No, it is a bad idea.

Look, she already
thinks I'm a girl, right?

I'll just play along.


Just remember if things get,

if things get like
out of, hold on.

I'm gonna go, Jamie.

I'll talk to you
later, feel better.


Hey, yeah, um, Jamie?


- We said 50 each way, right?
- Mm hm.

- Thanks.
- Mm hm.


So, you always do this?


Road trips with strangers.

Oh, first time.

Well, I appreciate it.


So, why the big rush to
get to the Adirondacks?

A wedding.


Oh, I'm the photographer.

But you're actually saving me.

My ride bailed last minute

and I need to get
there before Monday.

So, thanks.

Oh, yeah, it should take
like a day and a half, I think.


You're still okay
sharing a room, right?

I mean, if I could
afford to I would, but.

No, it's, it's fine.

- Great.
- Great.


I gotta say, I'm
relieved you're so cool.

I wasn't sure what to expect.

Trust me, I'm not that cool.

Someone checking in on you?



It's not really what I go for.

Yeah, me neither.

Yeah, I thought so.

Um, excuse me, you
assumed my sexuality?

- Not cool.
- Well, well,

uh, just a guess.

Don't post something
mean about me online.

Fine, but only because
you're so private on Facebook.


I looked you up when you
answered my ad, and honestly,

I was a little nervous
you were the dude,

but I figured I could just
bail if things got creepy.

You know, it's weird we didn't
run into each other at all.

It's not exactly a big town.


You know, I was
only there a week.

Didn't really see anything
worth checking out.

Yeah, it's a shame we
didn't meet earlier.

We should get going.

- You.
- I, it's fine.


So, how deep in
the woods are you?

Should I know how
to fight a bear or?

No, the house is great.

Um, but, honestly,
it's kind of isolated.

So, yeah, study up.

Wait, seriously?

No, no, no, no, it's fine.

There have actually been
some disappearances lately,

but, I mean, as long as
you stay out of the woods,

and you should be good.

Do you think
someone killed them?

No, I think it's more
like people got lost,

but you never know
what's out there, so.

People are weird.

You're right about that.

So, what makes you weird?

Probably a lot of things.

What uh, what makes you weird?

You don't wanna know.

I'm gonna go wash my face.




What are you doing?

I'm so, I must've
been sleep walking.

I'm sorry.

It's so embarrassing.

I thought, I didn't know
I was gonna start again.

It's okay, you just scared me.




No, no, I can't hear you.

You're breaking up...

Reception's a bitch out here.

Yeah, I'm getting that.

The GPS doesn't work anymore,
but we're close enough.

I know the way.

How long have you
been sleep walking?

I don't know, 12, I guess?

Hm, that's
pretty old to start.

- Maybe I was 10.
- 10.

12 or 10?

Why does it matter?

Well, I just
think it's pretty weird

not to know unless you're lying.

I think we should slow down.

I said, are you a liar?

We're going too fast!

So, you think this is fast?

Stop it!

What the fuck is wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?

I'm not the one snooping
through your shit.

I told you, I
was sleep walking.

You steal in your sleep, too?

Why do you have it?

I hunt.

Where I'm from,
everyone has one.

What are you doing?

Don't like when strangers
touch your things?

Stop it!

Why, you have
something to hide?

Okay, okay, I lied.


I knew about the


Look, you weren't
online anywhere.

I just wanted to make sure you
were who you said you were.

Listen, Jamie, I
think I should just get

another ride from here.

You can keep the money,

I'm just getting a
little weird for me.


What do you want from me?

Want a drink?


It's cool, right?

I'm vegetarian.

We're not gonna eat it.

What's that noise?

Oh, it's this
frequency system.

The ringing will go away soon.

The deer hate it.

Jesus Christ.

Syl, pick up your phone, okay?

Um, I'm worried.

I don't know if you're
getting my messages,

if you're dead,
alive, who knows?

Hi, Syl, yeah, I
thought maybe 20th time

would be the charmer.

Apparently not.

I don't know if you're
getting any of messages,

or perhaps you're dead.

So, if you get a chance, maybe
just give me a call back.

If not, I'll see
you around 10:30

when I arrive there tonight.

Anyway, I miss you.


Where is this place?



You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.


Stay there.

No, I'm embarrassed.

Come on, you're fine.

Just relax.

You really aren't bothered
by any of the disappearances?

Are you seriously
bringing that up right now?

They just, they all
happened so close to here.

I mean, yeah, I don't
like it, obviously.

But I don't know, I just,
I don't think about it.

Why are you so obsessed with it?

My name's not Jamie.


It's Sylvia.

Why do you keep lying to me?

I had this friend, Dana,
best friend, actually.

She's one of the
women who disappeared.

I had this insane idea
that if I came here

I could find out
what happened to her.

She had answered an ad online

asking for a driver
to take her here.

The same recent one that
I responded to, yours.

You think I killed her?

Wasn't sure.

And now?

Look, I told the cops, she
drove me here and she left,

and I thought that
was the end of it.


I don't like liars.

I'm sorry.

Hello, yeah?

An enforcement action
executed by the U.S. Treasury.

- Ah, fuck you!
- Requesting...

- Come on.
- Your serious attention.

Ignoring this will be
an intentional second...

You gotta be fucking

kidding me.

Come on, come on.

Just give me one bar, just one.

Just one bar, just
give me one bar.

Oh, shit.

I let my sister die.


I was in high
school and I tried one

of my mom's cigarettes
in her room.

Lit some candles to
try to cover it up,

and I accidentally left one on.

There was a fire.

It was my fault.

I tried to get to
her, I just couldn't.

All that smoke, I just couldn't.

My mom, who was a nurse,

didn't come visit me
in the hospital at all.

I know she blames me.

She's right.

I killed her.

You aren't a monster.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Tell me.

Sometimes I think
I hate myself.

No, I look horrible.

You're beautiful.

Where are my clothes?

pick up your phone.

Yeah, I'm gonna be
there by 10:30 tonight.

So, maybe I'll see you there.

Or you can just
give me a call back

if you're not dead already.



What the fuck?


Oh, shit.

What's going on?

There's something out there.

You knew about it.

We're safe in here.


That ringing
you heard earlier,

it's an electromagnetic
frequency system

that thing can't stand.

The markers in the driveway.

It's really meant for deer,
but that thing hates it.

So, as long as
it's on we're safe.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

You're safe with me.

You trust me?

Let's go get a drink.

We're not gonna sleep tonight.

You're quiet.


Sylvia, I've been
living here for years.

As long as you're
with me, you're safe.

Did you make it to your car?


I didn't wanna leave you.

Well, I wouldn't
blame you if you did.


Seriously though,
why'd you come back?

I didn't wanna ditch you.

You know, I used to have this
old fat beagle named Banjo.

My dad and I used
to take him hunting

and he'd run ahead howling,
pointing at squirrels.

Once a year we'd
have a competition

to see who could
score a deer first.

We'd all split up and Banjo
would always follow me.

Every year I'd
lose because Banjo

was always right there howling,
scaring everything away.

When I was 16, though,
I had this perfect shot.

A giant buck with huge antlers,

lined up right in front
of me about 200 feet away.

Didn't even know I was there,

but out of the corner of my
eye I see old Banjo and he gets

this look on his face and I
know that he's about to howl.

So, I shot him and
then I shot the deer,

and then I won.

You shot your dog?

I won.

Okay, listen.


It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be fine now.



It's okay.

What is that?


I will be right back.

No, no, no, no, no.

- No.
- I won't leave you.

- Okay.
- I know what I have to do.


I won't leave you.

What's going on?

I thought I heard a noise.

I told you you're safe in
here and you keep wandering off.

I know, I'm sorry.

Well, now I'm up again, so.

So, tell me about your sister.


Your sister,
what was she like?

I don't talk about her.

Why not?

It still bothers you that much.

Must've been a really
interesting kid.

Don't talk about her.

Just curious.

Are you happy you
figured it out?


What happened to Dana.

It's what you came for, right?

Didn't really make
me feel any better.


The closure didn't help?

Not like I thought it would.

I'm sorry.

I'm not really in the mood.


You know, whenever this all
ends, I'll be sad to see you go.

You're not like
other girls, you're,

there's just something
heavy about you.


I just feel like I
can relate to you,

and that doesn't happen often.

I can't stand most people.

I'm not angry.

Well, come on.

"Sometimes I think I
hate myself," remember?

Your words.

Where are you going?

I'm going to the basement,
I need to grab something.


What's the problem?

Let's go upstairs.


So, I guess you aren't
making it to that wedding, huh?


Must be hard to
find work out here.

Yeah, I guess.


Just because of
the no service.

Hey, what would you have
done if you were right?


If I was the one
killing all those girls,

what would you have done?

I don't know.

It was stupid.

Well, you would've
done something.

Come here.

You are so beautiful.

Do you think I'm
a fucking idiot?

I knew it.

I'm guessing you
saw my photo lab?

Shut up.

Look at you, big, big Sylvia.

I said, shut up!

There's the rage.

Stay, you fuckin'...

No, without
power, we're fucked.

I need to get downstairs.

No, you're not
moving a fucking inch...

Sylvia, you have no idea
what this thing is capable of.

I'm not letting you go.

You haven't seen
what I've seen.

It will make you
wish you were dead.

I have to get to the basement.

Shut it.

What did you do to my car?

What's the rush?

I saw her.

I saw all of them.


You're not like them.

Who are...



Oh, my God.

- Dude, where were you?
- I have no idea.

I saw it, I saw it.

The last thing I
remember is Squatch

beating the shit outta
me, waking up in dirt,

and then I, I, I, I get up

and I'm wandering around
looking for you and.

It's gonna kill us.

I think if it wanted
to kill us, we'd be dead.

You need to set it.


My arm, it's dislocated.

Fuck no.

You need a hospital.

- Jamie, come on.
- No, I can't.

It's a grave site.

That's how they bury each other.

You would know
that if you watched

that documentary I sent you.

The fuck?

Syl I, I don't get it.

I don't know why
it didn't kill us.

You know, all those
girls, but not us, I.

It didn't kill Dana.


But you.



You, you remember my
birthday last year?


Dana, she was
obsessed with hanging

those stupid twinkling
lights for it.

Oh, please, you
still have 'em up.

Because she hung
'em really high.

And then I had to show her

that stupid fuckin'
post the next day.

You know, I knew she
was gonna go, all alone.

It wasn't your fault.


You need to set it.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.


Talk me through it.

Come here.

- Sit down.
- Okay.

- Most important thing.
- Yeah.

45 degrees, you gotta pull it,

- put it back into place.
- I hate math problems.

- You ready?
- No.

But do it.


- One, two...
- Don't fuckin' count.


God, fuck.

- Oh, my...
- That was the worst.

Yeah, it wasn't
good for me either.

Put it down.

I said, put it down!

I'm sorry.

I have to go back.


To the house?

No, yeah, well what
about the fuckin' police?

- She has another girl.
- Shit.

Can you get to your car?

Yeah, probably.


Pick me up at the house.

No, no, I don't
want you going alone.

You can barely walk.

We don't know how much time
we have before she kills her...

Hey, what's your plan?

She has some kind
of frequency system

that keeps that thing away.

Like a deer repellent?

Yeah, something about the
sound, it can't stand it.

Look, if I can get to the
basement I can shut the power off.

Alex will have no where to hide.

I can grab Molly, I can
get her outta there.

She has videos.


You sure?

This can't happen again.

I couldn't live myself.

I don't think you could either.

Be careful, yeah?

Ah, fuck.


Fuck me.

Fuck me.

Don't, no, no.

You know what?

This might make everything you
did to me actually worth it.

For this moment.



Why not?

Ooh, boy.

Welcome back.

Sit down, I'm making tea.

You know, you're the only
one to ever suspect me.

Part of me didn't
even wanna kill you.

I mean, we had fun.

Could even have more time.

It was a lot less
complicated before.

I guess I pissed it off.

But it doesn't matter anyway.

It all would've ended the same.

We are what this fucked
up world made us to be,

and you're only here

because you let someone
else die, right?

But you're here.


Go ahead, you're already
a murderer, right?



No, no.

Hey, Syl.



You're alive.

I can't believe we
saw the Squatch.

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