Moneyboys (2021) - full transcript

Fei works illegally as a hustler in order to support his family, yet when he realizes they are willing to accept his money but not his way of life, there is a major breakdown in their relations. Through his relationship to the headstrong Long, Fei seems able to find a new lease on life, but then he encounters Xiaolai, the love of his youth, who confronts him with the guilt of his repressed past.


Brother Benny sent me…

Sit down.

My name's Max.

I'm Jackson.

Benny sure is a lucky bastard.

Where did he find you?

What do you mean?
I don't understand.

It was a compliment,
don't you get it?

Thank you for choosing me
for the threesome.

Just tell me what to do
and I'll do it.

Don't be nervous.

This guy comes very quickly.

Let's go.

You look good.


But it's too expensive.

Don't worry, let's go.

Here I laugh, here I cry.

Here I live, and here I'll die.

Here I pray

and here I feel lost.

Here I seek, and here I miss.

Beijing, Beijing

almost the distance
between the neon lights and the moon.

In the midst of their struggles,
people comfort and hug each other.

Searching and chasing,
grasping at shattered dreams.

Here we laugh, here we cry.

Here we live, and here we'll die.

Here we pray.

Here we feel lost.

Here we seek, and here we miss.

Beijing, Beijing.

It was great.

You're not going to come?

I have a client later.

I can't let him down.

Big Brother.


How are you tonight?


That's good.

Come outside.

Big Brother, I'm sorry.

Brother Bao, I'll be right back.

Brother Bao, he's a very good friend,
I'm sure it's urgent.

What about me?

Brother Bao, don't be angry,

I'll come back
and drink three glasses, okay?

Okay, go, and then three glasses.

Thank you, Brother Bao.

Let's beat it, this guy's a psycho.

Don't interfere, okay?

Listen to me,
I've seen plenty of guys like this.

You can earn money any way you like,

but I can't.

I can't let my mom down.

I know you take care of your family,

but please
think about your situation.

Do you know what kind of guy he is?

Are you finished?

I got you breakfast.

I shouldn't have treated you
like that yesterday.

Brother Bao!

Where are you?

I'm here…

Brother Bao!

Brother Bao!

Brother Bao! Where are you?

There he is!

Brother Bao!


Xiaolai on the fifth floor.

The young man's okay.
What happened?


How are things at home?

Not bad,

except Grandfather has gotten worse
since his stroke.

Thanks for everything you do.

If I can help in any way,
you must let me know.

Don't worry,

we can take care of him.

By the way, when you get a chance,
give Dad a call.

Tell him he shouldn't drink so much.

Though he never says it,
I know he misses you.

You haven't been back
since Mom passed away...

I know.

I'm coming soon.

Babe, does it feel good?

You didn't come.

You're the star of the show.

As long as you're happy, I'm happy.

But that's not okay.

Even friends need rules,


Got it.

I'm off.



This guy's really something.

Treating you like an innocent girl.

If you think he's so great,
I can introduce him to you.

Why not someone
a little more generous?

If you're looking for someone
more generous,

go ask your Xiangdong.

Why would I bother him?

He's already switched sides.

By the way,

how much money are you gifting
Xiangdong and Lulu for their wedding?

Why should I gift them money?

It's a fake wedding.

They already have
the wedding certificate.

We're the ones pretending for them,

they should be gifting us money.

Just pretend it's for Lulu's efforts.

She is playing a fake wife by choice.

Is it just for the money?

Aren't you done being angry?

Why should I be?

I'm just afraid
your generosity will bankrupt you.

Well, we can't go empty-handed.

Let's recycle this.

Xiangdong, Lulu and we
are very special friends.

But for you,

this arduous journey
wasn't easy either, was it?

- So let's drink another toast.
- No, no need, thank you.

You're all taking
good care of Xiangdong.

He talks about you guys all the time
when he's back home.

So it's not necessary,
you're welcome.

- Come.
- Sit down. Sit down.

The bride and the groom
didn't toast with us. So here I come.

Let's drink.

Don't drink so much.

Congratulations, and...

As your friend,

I've witnessed your love marathon.

It was never easy, not easy at all.

Sister Lulu, are you okay?


- Not so much.
- It's fine.

Xiangdong, this one's for you.

From now on, treat her well.

Lulu's my dream lover,

if you let her down,
I'll kick your ass.

Such a happy day, the bridal couple
needs to toast each other, right?

- Xiangdong, Lulu, drink together.
- Yeah! Not even a toast yet!

Come on, drink!

Okay, after the first toast
comes the second.

Haven't you had enough?


No way!

They didn't even kiss
on their wedding day.

Shouldn't they kiss at least once?

Right? Kiss at least once!

Kiss, kiss, kiss...

Can you finally give it a rest?
Stop it!

Xiangdong did it right.
He quit after earning enough money.

He finds a fake marriage
to keep his family satisfied.

With your beauty, you could too.

You just need to try harder.

I'm far from that.
Sometimes it's just fate.

I went to dinner with Lulu
the other day

and saw a street singer.

She said he was once the most
successful money boy in Changsha.

Fate has hit him hard.

What's up with him?

He fought for someone
and wound up crippled.

And he also spent
two years in prison.

That's rough.

I heard that it was for his lover.

But when he was arrested,
his lover disappeared.

Heaven knows he'll be punished.

Maybe he had his reasons.

What reasons?

That guy's ruthless.

If you want to talk
about ruthlessness,

my Xiangdong's ruthless too.

Here, eat something.

Is he really crippled?

He's quite handsome,

but you wouldn't think so
when you see him walk.

It's raining.

He's inside.


You're suspected of prostitution
and distribution of drugs.

We have a search warrant.
Please cooperate.

Search the premises for drugs

or other prohibited items.

Keep your hands to your side,

palms facing forward.

Turn the music off!

Stay in that position and don't move.

What's that music?


Why is this door locked? Open it.

Open the terrace door.



Captain, nothing to report.

Let's go.

Get dressed,
you're coming to the station.

Or don't you like wearing clothes?

Ladies and gentlemen,

we rent imperial costumes
from the Qing dynasty.

Rentals are at the corner,

so you'll get photos of unforgettable
memories of our picturesque village.

We also offer plenty
of local delicacies for you to enjoy.

How many tickets?

What tickets?

You want to go to the village?

30 Bucks.

Brother Fei!

It's really you.

Long, I almost didn't recognize you.

Are you ripping off tourists again?
Fei's from the village.

Brother Fei.

Let's get on.

Take care, Brother Fei.

A lot's different.

- Didn't you leave to find work?
- Yeah…

But I wasn't happy, so I came back.

Where were you?

Your sister said you were in Yiwu.

So I went there.

But I didn't find you.

I wasn't in Yiwu very long.

Then I went to Shenzhen.

Fei, how long are you staying?

It depends.


Why didn't you tell me
you were coming?

I wanted to surprise you.

You look even better now.

Why's your hair so short?

It makes your ears look bigger.


Did you eat?
I can make you something.

- Let's have lunch together.
- Okay.

Li Kang!

- My little brother's back.
- Dad isn't here.

- Doudou.
- He went to the neighbour's.

- This is Uncle.
- Hello, Uncle.

Good boy. Give Uncle a hug.

Your uncle held you
when you were little.

I brought a toy for you.

This is for you.

Doudou, no.


Fei's here to visit you.

This money offering is from Fei.

Use it where you are now.

The family's all doing fine.

Dad and Grandpa are the same.

Last week,
Grandpa had a doctor's appointment,

there are no big problems.

Please protect him.

Also protect Fei.

Make sure he's safe.

Fei, say a few words to Mom.


is everything alright where you are?

I wasn't a dutiful son

and couldn't come to see you
in the end.

I hope you're not sad.

But don't worry,

I'll take good care
of Dad and sister's family.


I miss you.

Take this.
Have it made into a ring.

For your lover.

Don't be so picky.

You know what they say:

The only ones left
are the ones nobody wants.

Hurry up and get married.

Don't be like Fei, who's on his own

and all alone.


it's me, Fei.

I'm back.





Dinner's almost ready.

Go wash up.

Come, drink.

This is
how men are supposed to drink.

A Cai, tell your mom to stop cooking.

It's enough.

It's not that much, keep drinking,
there are more dishes coming.

A Jie, what are you doing?

Give me my water gun back.
Stop messing around.

A Jie, I'm your grandpa!

Quit playing around!
You have no manners!

What naughty kids.

Sit down or you'll be in trouble
with your dad.

A Cai, come here

and control your kid!

No manners at all.
He sprayed water on me.

A Jie, stop messing around
or I'll beat you to death.

Eat with the others. You hear me?

Let's drink!

You're just the same.

I keep telling you

you need to teach your kids manners.
But you don't listen.

If A Jie keeps this up,

you'll be really sorry someday.

Dad, I have to get up
before sunrise for work.

How can I find time for that?

His mother can take care of him.

That's just excuses.

Raising kids these days is hard.

And you have two. That's not easy.

That's life.

Fei, do you have a girlfriend?

Your dad has been waiting
for grand kids a long time.

Not yet.

Just so you know,

young people these days
are hooking up before marriage.

Fei, is your uncle right?

I don't have money or a career.
No one's interested in me.

Getting married isn't difficult.

Just find someone
who'll work hard with you.

Girls have high standards these days.

Then stay here and I'll introduce you
to a girl from the village.

You're almost 30.

If you wait longer,

even the village girls
won't want you.

And then your family will lose face.

Liang Guixiang,

you're his father.

Aren't you worried?

He's gone all year.
I can't control him.

Let him deal with it on his own.

Yes, Brother,

city people and village people
think differently these days.

Don't interfere
with the affairs of others.

So based on what you're saying,

city people don't need
to get married?

Look at Guo Lao Yi's oldest daughter,

she's over 30
and doesn't want to get married.

You can't tell if
she's a man or a woman.

She must be one of those perverts.


do you want to be
one of those perverts like her?


Uncles, enjoy your meal.
I'm going to check on Grandpa.


what your uncles say
is for your own good.

You dare show your face
to your grandpa?

You realize he's sick
because you made him so mad!

Why is it my fault?

What you did in the city,

you know very well.

Your family lost face because of you.

Even we, the Zhang Family,
are ashamed.

Do you get that?

Fei, please sit down.


Are you trying to
kill your grandfather?

- Stop right there!
- Dad!

- Dad!
- Fei!

Stop it!

- Damn it, get out of the way!
- Dad!


Only after leaving did I realize
this is a good place.

I went also to Shenzhen to find you,

but I didn't.

I found a job in a factory there.

Sixteen hours a day.
I never even saw the sun.

Fei, you always beat me at swimming
when we were kids.

If you meet the right person,

don't let them go.

The opportunity may not come again.

Life is so long.

I don't want you to be lonely.

Don't worry about Dad.
I'll take care of him.

You need to start
thinking of yourself.

Take a nap.

My cousin's son died yesterday.

The one with money.

Her son drowned in the reservoir.

This kid was always very well behaved

and got good grades.

His parents let him
take all kinds of lessons.

Piano, painting.

It's hard
to get into a good university.

He went on holiday
with his classmates

and drowned.

He was their only child.

In the past few years,
they worked hard and earned a lot.

What good did it do them?

You didn't show up.
Our godfather isn't happy about that.

He says you're ungrateful.

The old jerk.

He says
he won't help you out next time.

Did you give him my money gift?

You can trust me.

I just got 3000,

I'll transfer it to you now.

And I'll get you the rest.

Forget it.

Just invite me to dinner
the next time you get paid.



I've brought you
everything you like to eat.

Smoked ham.

And also...

Thank you.

Have you eaten?

- I'll invite you to dinner.
- Okay.

- I'll take this up first.
- Okay.

You can wait here.


Why did you suddenly come here?

Does your uncle live here?

Do you have friends here?

You're my friend.

Does your grandmother know
that you're visiting me?

She doesn't know anything,

Fei, why aren't you eating?

How long do you plan on staying?

I'm not going back.


can I stay with you for a while?

It's not convenient.

This is my cousin,

Long. This is Brother Yong.

Brother Yong.

Just call me Yong.

Let's go.
I'll introduce you to the owner.

Damn, does everybody
from your village look so hot?

I can give up hooking right now.

He doesn't do that.

A delicious piece like that
shouldn't be wasted.

Stop the nonsense.

Can you find him a place
to stay tonight?

Let me think.

Don't you have to work
during the day?

I haven't had a day off in weeks.

Why are you drinking?

Because you've been ignoring me.

I said I've been busy lately.

If you're busy, I could help you.
I can clean your apartment.

I can also cook for you.

Just because
we're from the same village,

doesn't mean we have to be friends.

Don't drink so much.

You should go find someone else.

If it's a question of money,
I can double it.

That's not what this is about.

I've never kissed a man in my life.

Young man,

please consider it destiny.

I'm begging you.

The owner agreed.

He'll deduct a month's pay
for the damages.

Just apologize to the customer.

I quit. And I won't pay either.

Are you aware
how Yong pleaded for you?

You think you can just quit?

Do you know how much shit
I put up with every day?

I'm not here
to live this kind of life!

Who doesn't work hard
for their money?

Life is just eating, drinking,
shitting, sleeping and earning money.

If I wanted to live like that,

I could've stayed in the village.

Be a tour guide and rip off tourists.

I would never have come here.

Why am I here?

For this moldy mattress?

I give half my pay
for this shitty place.


how can people live like this?

Who knows why we're alive?

You're not in the position
to make demands.

Just think about it.

A dog in a cage
stops barking after a few days.


how could you turn out this way?

People like us

can't expect our dream life here.

You should go.

This place doesn't suit you.

I think you live a good life here.

If you can make it,

so can I.

Can you?

You want to do it?
So let's do it right now!

If you sell your body,

everybody will look down on you.

You'll be despised
by your family forever.

Selling ​​yourself?

Who doesn't sell themselves
to make money?

My uncle worked in a tannery
all his life.

He ended up with cancer
and died alone far away from home.

Isn't that also selling your body?

Tell that to the cops

when they catch you.

Where are you going?

I'll go wherever I want to go.


Whether you help me or not,

I've already made up my mind.

He called to say how he loves me,
and he invited me to dinner.

He even booked a private room.

That day I didn't check,
I just let him go.

He said he works for city government
and wanted to support me.

He also said that he could
get me a new job or pay for college.

You're just too stupid.

Then I had to piss really bad
and went to the bathroom.

When I came back, he was gone.


- My phone, my wallet…
- You idiot.

Even my expensive sweater and
my fancy lighter, all gone.

Can you believe this guy?

So you are here
to steal food from our mouths?

You do your job, I do mine.

Who said anything about stealing?

Have you even done this before?

I bet you're still a virgin.

You need pubic hair down there
for this job.

Do you even have any?

I bet he doesn't.

If you can do it, so can I.

Okay, then show us what you got.

Take off your clothes.

I bet he's too scared
to take off his clothes.

Then show us your little brother.

You know what they say,
big talk, small cock.


Or do you need me to teach you how?

Take it off first.

He's really doing it!

Strip, strip!

Alright, cut it out.

This kid's pretty good, he can stay.

That's not a good idea.

Get dressed, we're leaving.

Thank you.


take your clothes off too.

Come help me with the dough.


would you mind leaving me alone
with Long today?

Whatever makes you happy.

So, Teacher Fei,

did I behave well today?

It's all fine.

Then why do you seem upset?

No, everything's fine.

Everyone has to die
when their time comes.

If you want to cry, cry.

Sister Lulu,
can you read my palm too?

I'm so beautiful, where's my prince?

Your lines are too complicated.

- You call yourself a beauty.
- Aren't I?

- I'll give you more soup.
- Okay.


When will Fei go home
for the funeral?

- His relatives don't want him there.
- He's not going back?

His uncle's family is really cruel.

Okay, come on, let's drink.

I'm not going back this year either.

Why not? You'll be all alone.

I can't stand traveling
during New Year's,

30 hours in a train
and then a bus just to get home.

You're happy to see
your family on the first day.

- Then relatives ask questions.
- Then it starts.

What do you do?
How much do you make?

Have you bought an apartment?

Do you have a fiancé?
Want me to introduce you to one?

Isn't that annoying,
the same questions every year?

That's why I'm not going.

When I go home for New Year's,
my stepfather's very good to me.

Every morning he heats my room.
He's afraid I might catch cold.

He tries not to wake me up.

He's crazy about having a son.

When I called him dad
last year, he almost cried.


I tell you,

you are one lucky kid

to have such a good dad.

Come, let's toast
to this kid's luck.

To a good dad.

Every time I go back
for New Year's,

my mom starts crying
three days before I leave.

Then I cry too.

Once we cry together,

I don't want to leave home anymore.

Don't talk nonsense.

Give me a hug.

Let's have a shot.

Yeah, a round.

Does everybody have
something to drink?

You have something, right?

And I'll pour some for myself.

That is my last drink.

I'm pregnant.

After New Year's, Xiangdong and I
will move back to Shandong.

Down it!

Congratulations, Lulu.
You're going to be a mother.

Take care of yourself.

I'll raise my child well
with Xiangdong.

Why don't you say a few words?

We're not coming back.

These six years were
the most important of my life.

I used to want to stay here forever.

But now I want to start a real family
with Lulu in Shandong.

But these years with you

have been
the most precious in my life.



Cheers to you both.

I wish you all the happiness.

And take good care of yourselves

in Shandong.


Fei's here with money for you.

I'm not allowed to come say farewell.

I hope you're not too sad.


Fei's here with money for you.

Isn't it cool?

Where did you get this?

I bought it for us.

You can't waste money like this.

What's the point of earning money
if you don't spend it? Hop on!

Where are we going?

I'll go straight ahead,
then turn left,

then turn right,
then maybe turn left again.

- And then I'll spin in circles.
- You're crazy.

I may be crazy, but I'm happy.

Fei, what am I to you?

You're like a torch in the winter

the blazing flame warms my heart.

Whenever you sneak up near me

the fire illuminates me.

Your big eyes are bright and flashing

like the stars in the sky,
the brightest one.

You are like a torch

the blazing flame warms my heart.

The café is three blocks
from the square

almost the distance
between the neon lights and the moon.

In the midst of their struggles,
people comfort and hug each other

searching and chasing,
grasping at fragile dreams.

Here we laugh, here we cry…

This is my wife, Li Yu.

My son, Dabao.

Li Yong, Li Yin,
say hi to the uncles.

- Hello, uncles.
- Such good kids.

This is Liang Fei
and his friend Liang Dong.

- Liang Long.
- Hello, Liang Long.

Hello, Fei.

Let's sit down and drink some tea.

I ordered some dim sum too.

Pour some more tea.
Careful, it's hot.

Xiaolai didn't tell me he's married,

we would've brought gifts.

No worries, you're old friends.

He wanted to surprise you.


How do you know each other?

We're family.

- We come from the same village.
- I see.

That means we're family.


So you're very close.

Let me go.

Let me go!

I know what you're going through.

What do you know?

You don't know anything.

I know you want to repay him.

But you can't.

His leg's already gone.

I think he still loves you a lot.

Don't you care?

I think,

if you were truly loved,

you'd forgive him
for anything, right?

I know your story, Fei.

I think you're a…

Someone who deserves to be loved.

Are you happy?

Do you love Li Yu?


do you really think

that you're the only person
I'll ever love?

The past is past.

You should cherish Long.

You shouldn't visit me anymore.

No, frankly…

is this too expensive for you?

Real estate is 70,000 to 80,000
per square meters these days.

Pretty boy, lower the price a little.

Why don't you transfer
a little more money for me?

- No, I mean, this money…
- Forget it.

Bye bye.

Are you drunk?


I think Long's a very good person.


But I don't know…

If I can make him happy.

I don't know
where you learned that nonsense.

If you are happy yourself,
you'll make others happy.

Are you happy?

I'm very happy.

I'm like a spider,

weaving my web everywhere
and spreading my love.

I don't let anyone get away
and hold on tightly.

How much hair gel
do you use every day?

To keep it so neat.

Don't be so depressed, smile.

How about it?

Li Yong can call you Uncle No. 2.

And the baby will call you
Daddy No. 2.

Very interesting.

I just wish we could be all happy.

We can live together.

Take care of each other
like a family.

You, me,

Xiaolai and his family.

We can.

We can live together,

in a big house,

with a yard and a pool.

You really love him that much?

He lost a leg for me.

I could too.

Don't deceive yourself anymore.

You're always living for others.

Do you think
that makes you a great person?

The way you sacrifice yourself,

you constantly hurt yourself
and sometimes others too.

Xiaolai has left the pain behind.

I know that you love me.

We can have a good life together.

We can also live the life we want.

Isn't that good enough?

You are my family,

but he's my beloved.

I can't change that.

Do you think
I'm stronger than you are?

Do you think
you can hurt me like that?

I'm like a spider.

Not letting anyone go…

And loving everyone.

Is that so wrong?

You devoured me,

that's not love.

- There are still clothes to wash.
- Okay, be right there.

The washing machine's ready.
Please sign here.

Okay, thank you.


Will you teach A Yong
how to ride a bicycle?

- Mom, come on.
- Okay.

A Yong, I'm coming.

Open the door!


I don't need your pity.

I'm begging you, spare me.

Long's gone.