Monday (2000) - full transcript

A salaryman wakes up in a posh hotel room, totally clueless about how he got there. Slowly, he recalls what happened a day before - attending a funeral, dating but annoying his girlfriend, getting drunk in a pub and getting to know a yakuza and his beautiful mistress, having a gun in his hand and...

The forecast calls for sun, with a southerly
wind. Waves will reach .5 metres today

and 1 metre tomorrow.

The forecast for Chiba calls for sun,
with strong southerly winds.

Tomorrow will be cloudy,
with south westerly winds.

The day after tomorrow will be partly cloudy
with winds increasing.

Where am I?

I can't...

remember a thing.

Purification Salt

Kondo Family Funeral

Thank you... for taking the
time to join us today.

I'm sure...

Mitsuo is happy that you're all here.

A great picture.



It's a great picture.

It was my brother's favourite picture.

He's so cool.


He used to be a hair model.
The photo was taken then.

Hey, I've seen it before.

In the barber shop.

...on that corner.

Is north that way?


I thought it was this way.

What are you talking about?

His head should point north.

His head is pointing south mother.
It's pointing south.

Oh dear, what shall we do...

No! What should we do about it.
He has to face North.

Let's all move him.


I'm sorry.

The incense over here...

Take it slow.

No need to rush.

Okay, ready?


All together now.

Turn that way.



Let's put him down.

Thank you so much.


Won't you look at him one last time?

He looks just like he's asleep.

You're right. He looks like he's asleep.



Don't get me wrong, but he's beautiful.

He's so lucky.


Because he'll never age.

She's right. When we're all old ladies,
Mitsuo will be as beautiful as he is today.

In our memories he'll always be the same.

Excuse me.

Yes, this is the Kondo family.




But that's...

The red wire...

The red one?

I understand.

Who was that?

That was his doctor.

He says Mitsuo's pacemaker is still on.


Which means...

If we cremate him...

he'll explode.

What should we...
What about the doctor?

He's on vacation and can't come back.

What are we supposed to...

He said to deal with it ourselves.

What does "deal with it" mean?

If you open up his chest, there's a red and
a white wire. He said to cut the red wire.

Open his chest... as in cut open?

He said he just put this new one in,
so cutting it will be easy.

Won't you mind doing it?



Hey... Takagi, you're into radio
controlled cars, aren't you?


So you're good at wiring and stuff.

I- uhm...

You're not?
You are, right? You must be.


Takagi's really nimble-fingered.

Yeah, you'll be great.

Won't you please?


All right then.

Let's move this.


Uhm... please use these.

Hey, don't both wires look red?

She's right.

Maybe that's from the blood.

Which is the one?

Cut 'em both.

That's not right.

I think that one looks redder.

Now that you mention it...

I'd say this one's redder.

You've also got a point.

Make up your mind.

What? Right...

His sister should decide.

I totally agree.

This one.


Here goes...

What the hell was...

"Fighting evil with evil..."





Mon- What?

I can't believe you dragged me all the
way here.

Why didn't you just come over to my place?



There we were, celebrating my birthday

and you take off for some wake.

The cake's still sitting there.

The thing is... about the-


No, um...

At the wake today-

They served cake?

They don't serve cake at a wake.

So what'd they serve? Sushi?

No sushi, no.

Just green tea and sweets...

Apple juice?

No apple juice either.

Looks good.

Your suit.

You look good in black.
Black kind of pulls it all together.

So, what's up? You wanted to talk?


What is it?

What are you so down about?

You're a guy, spit it out.


The thing is...

At the wake-

Oh, you forgot the funeral donation.

No, nothing like that.

What'd you forget then?

I didn't forget-

Here's your order.

Hey, I know.
Can you name the 23 wards of Tokyo?

Today, I was the only one
who knew all of them.

Like I said, at the wake-

Here goes...

Setagaya-ku, Shibuya-ku, Shinjuku-ku,
Nakano-ku, Su-ginami-ku,

Itabashi-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Chūō-ku...

Taito-ku, Koto-ku, Arakawa-ku,
Bunkyō-ku, Edogawa-ku,

Shinagawa-ku, Ōta-ku, Kita-ku,
Nerima-ku, Toshima-ku...

Sumida-ku, Meguro-ku...

Katsushika-ku! Amazing, right?


You were saying?

Oh, the wake.

Forget it.

Oh, no. Are you upset?

So, what was it again?
What exactly did you forget?


Forget it.

Tell me.


Just forget it.

Oh, c'mon.

No, it's fine.

Oh... come on!


at the wake,


The corpse-

The corpse-


The corpse blew up.

Come again.

Yes! Hello. Hello!

What the...


It's hopeless, just hopeless...

That bartender's only
got three months left...

You know about auras?

Yeah, sort of...

I can see 'em.
I can't help it. I just see 'em.

Really, truly hopeless, hopeless...

Is he sick?

His mind and his body are out of balance.

Auras reveal your state of consciousness.

So, like, if you've been dumped by
your girlfriend, I can just like, see it.

Not bad.

Show me your palm.

Your palm.

Your fate line...

Your life line...

You're fine.
You're gonna meet a super lady.


And your lucky colour...



I gotta take a leak.

Oh, excuse me.

Not bad, man.

How things goin' man? You tight, man?

The sumo club...

What was that?

Whatcha drinkin'?

Oh... I'm fine.

Whatcha drinkin'?

No, I just- um...

Why, look at the time...

Drink this.

Oh, wow, thanks...

Down the hatch.

The man can drink.

I really should be-

You can drink plenty more.

Just one last drink and I should really go.

Says this is his last drink.

I can't...

Hey, you're a real trip.

Let's go drink at my bar.


That's right. I was with those yakuza...

And then...

And then...

And then what?

The best!

You're the best!

I swear you're the best!


What the fuck are you sitting around for?
Get my man a drink!

Get with it, you idiots!

Fucking idiots!

Hey, let's go drink upstairs.
Man to man, right, bro.

Man, I'm wiped.

Being a yakuza isn't all it's
cracked up to be, man.

Gotta keep a scowl on your face,
look pissed off.

Couldn't get the hang of it,
had to practice with a mirror.

I just couldn't figure out how
to look terrifying enough.

But, just recently, I finally got it down.

But hey man, try to keep scowling,
two hours at a stretch.

It'll give you a fuckin' headache.

What's your line of work?


Hanai Gang Boss, Hanai Kukuichiro, Jr.

Dad's still in charge

but you got a problem, you talk to me.
I'll take care of it.

Huh, salaryman, huh...

That's gotta be rough, no?

Say, why not come work for me?

Nothing bad. It's not gang work,
just a little business I run on the side.

And it's not even work, really.

Just selling drugs to guys at your office

who need a little boost.

Hey, I know.

Why don't you try some?
Otherwise, you'll never know, right?

No drugs allowed in the gang.
Except me, of course.

Where'd I put it...

Oh, here it is.

Hey, what the fuck?

Who the fuck do you think you are?

I'll blow your fucking brains out.


Give it here.

It's dangerous! Hand it over!

Wait a minute!

Son of a bitch!

Cut it out. Shoot me and you'll pay
for it in hell!

Son of a bitch!

Let go!

Let go... Fucking asshole!


I couldn't possibly kill anyone.

It was a dream..

Just a dream...

First of all, there's no evidence.

Thank god.

Hanai Gang Boss, Hanai Kukuichiro, Jr.

It's up to me.

What's up?

Hang in there, man.

No, no, no, no...

Who the...

Who on earth did such a...

It can't be.

Are guns here to stay?
Four shot dead.


Why would I...?

So you're saying Takagi is an alcoholic.

That's right.
Today we recognize alcoholism as a

disease with mental, physical and social

And the psychological symptoms are?

In the 6 to 8 hours after,
the effects of the alcohol have worn off.

You're overcome by anxiety and panic.

Then, as your frustrations explode,
you take it out on

whatever's at hand,
becoming verbally abusive and violent.

Live by the sword, die by it.

Absurd! You can't run around with a gun,
playing superman!

But if you've got a gun, you'll use it.

In this country, nobody "just happens"
to have a gun.

Don't you get it?

I'm not talking about the
legalities of owning a gun.

Just, if you have one,
you'll want to use it.

He got the gun in the first place,
because he intended to kill them.

But the mugging victim said that
Takagi tried to get his wallet back.

Fighting for justice is
no excuse for murder!

If we had this gun right here.

Would I be able to shoot it?


Even without any training?


I see.

...often observed waving their arms,
attempting to drive them away.

Which can at times, lead directly to deviant
or criminal behaviour.

For instance, if-

But you'd protect a friend in danger, right?
What's the difference?

I'm telling you, it's a slippery slope!
You're saying shoot before you're shot!

What we're discussing here is
how to eliminate evil people who kill!

Let's take another look at the videotape.

Security Camera Footage

Why'd you take off?

Why'd you run away?

Why'd you take off?
Why'd you run away?

Sorry man, but hey, you can walk.
You're fine.

Get out.

Not getting through.

Get the fuck out!

God, you stink of booze.

Get a little booze in you and you're a
tough guy, huh.

His briefcase. Back!


Give his briefcase back.

Shut the fuck up, man.
The fucking light's gonna change.

That's enough, now go away.

Give it back to him.

Enough out of you, asshole!

Lookin' for trouble?

Lookin' for trouble?

Shortly thereafter Takagi allegedly attacked
two youths

on the highway approximately 500 meters from
the first crime scene.

There, he stole an escape vehicle.

It seems we have a live feed.

Araki, what's the latest information?

The area was rocked by violence when
the Hanai gang demanded Takagi surrender.

It's been occupied by Special Police Forces
and the situation remains tense.

The situation inside?

Apparently all guests and employees have
been evacuated.

According to police, the latest...


Oh, my God!

In view of the suspect's extremely violent
behaviour, they remain on full alert.

Do we have any new information on how the
suspect got to the hotel?

According to employees here,
he was severely inebriated but

was nonetheless able to register by
name and show identification.

Has the suspect made any kind of demand?

No, the suspect's made no
demands of any kind.

He's maintaining his silence and an
eerie quiet has settled over the area.

Can you bring us up to
date on events so far?

Yes. To give a brief overview of the events.

After the shootings on
the night of the 10th

Takagi arrived at this hotel at
3:05am on the 13th.

Hotel employees became aware of his presence
and notified police this morning...

Oh, my God.

...exactly three days
after his disappearance.

As soon as the police were notified, they-

Oh, my God.

A will.

I've got to write a will.

Dear Father

and Mother,

Please forgive me...

for dying before you.


I was so happy when you played model cars
with me by the river.


Thanks for making my favourite
dish on New Year's. It was delicious.


It was so great playing catch with you
when I was still in elementary school.


The meatballs you used to pack for my lunch
were the best.

Father, Mother,

Thank you for everything.

I hope you live long lives.

Kyoko, Taro, Hanako, Jiro,

Please look after Mum and Dad.

I know you'll be just fine
without your older brother.

One thing,
please don't forget to walk Pooch.

In the mornings, at 6:30am

and 9:10pm at night are just about perfect.

Takeda's bulldog is usually still prowling
around at 9:00pm

so be careful.

Also, in the springtime,
don't forget to take the clippings from

the hydrangeas and roses.

Graft the maple and the magnolia

and remember to plant the gladiola bulbs.

Oh, and try to protect the cherry tree

in the yard from diseases.

If you treat it with a lime/sulphur
mix diluted 120 times, from

after it blooms, until the end of May,
it should be just fine.

I'll cherish our time together.

I'll always remember our memories.

Thank you so much for everything.

Please forget about me.

You're so pretty

I'm sure you'll find
someone better than me.

Thank you for everything.

I depart this world, with memories of you
in my heart.

And there's just one thing, I'd really like
to get off my chest.

I really suggest you let people finish their
own sentences.

Otherwise, I feel sorry for the next guy
you meet.

You have a tendency to be short-tempered

and jump to conclusions.
You should really be careful.

If you can just fix that,
I'm sure you'll become a fantastic woman.

I genuinely pray for your happiness.

Fully prepared to attack..

Use extreme caution.

Roger that.

You take him alive,
that's an order from the top.

Roger that.

I've lived a quiet, serious life.

I was too scared to ever do anything bad.

I'd never say what was on my mind,

so people always used me.

Now, it's the devil that's using me.

I was just drunk.

That's all it was.

I am a truly unlucky man.



Is this what it means to
sell your soul to the devil?


It's not my fault... it was the gun!

If I hadn't had the gun,
this never would've...

I never would've stood up to them.

Shit, shit, shit...

Shit... I was trying to help him.
I was helping him, dammit!

You saying I shouldn't have?
Then what the hell happened to my morals?

That I never had any to begin with?
That I should have looked the other way?

Shit, shit!

For justice, justice, justice.

I am justice.
I did it in the name of justice.

I did it in the name of justice!

I helped him, goddammit.

There I went and helped him. Shit!

We're good to go.

Okay, time to flush this guy out.



Do you copy?

Takagi's taken out four men!

The situation is extremely dangerous!
Change of plans!

Out of the question! He's got to be
taken alive, that's straight from the top!

Talk to me!

Are you ready in the studio?
Camera, get a shot of the door.

A shotgun, a shotgun...

You really think you can get away with this?

Drop your weapon and turn yourself in.

Are you listening to me?

Lower your arms.

Lower both your arms.

Raise your right arm.

Raise your right arm!


I hereby swear,

that I will abide by the rules of
sportsmanship and play fair and square.

Take that!

All it takes to turn you into a puppet is
one of these.

Fuckin' drunk.


Son of a bitch!

I said sit!

You think

you can get away with-


I am God's messenger.

I am the law and I am the rule!

You amateur... waving that thing around.

How dare you...

"That thing?" What do you call this, then?

What's this, then?

This is okay to wave around?

Tell me, what's the difference?

They're both guns!

Yours too!

Hey, you.

Take off your mask.

Take it off!

You ever shot anyone?

I said, you ever shot anyone?

Well, I have.
I got drunk and I shot someone.

I didn't mean to kill.

It's all over. My life's finished.

Shoot me. Just shoot me.

If you shoot,
you do it in the name of justice, right?

So shoot me.

But if you do and I die,
then you're a murderer just the same.

Shoot, then. Go ahead.

Shoot one for justice.

But even in the name of justice,
murder is murder.

Just pull the trigger and you
wipe me off the face of the earth.

But you'll never erase the fact that
you killed me.

Shoot, go ahead.

Hurry up and shoot.

Hey, what are you waiting for?

Hurry up and shoot. You wanna kill someone,

That's what that damned thing is for, right?
You can't wait, can you?

Is your trigger finger itching?

Prepare to fire!

What the world needs now,
certainly isn't these.

What the world needs now, is a little bit of

and love!

Guns, we're better off without-

Okay, time to flush this guy out.

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