Moment to Moment (1966) - full transcript

A psychiatrist's wife thinks her French Riviera lover is dead. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


What's the matter?

You've got to help me.

Come in, come in.

What is it, darling?

Kay, what?

What is it?

In the kitchen...

He's dead.

I should be...

Is it who I think it is?


Come on. Right down.

Come on.

Now, tell me.

What is there to tell?
It's done. I, I...

Come on, you've got to get
a hold of yourself.

This has to be faced.

What happened?

You remember, a week, ten days
ago, I don't know.

Louise went off on her vacation.


It was a Saturday.

There was no school for Timmy.

We drove her down to the bus...

down to the pier.

Au revoir, Louise.
Bon vacances.

Merci, madame.
Au revior, Timmy.

El sois bein sage.

Oui. I will.

- Bon jour, monsieur.
- Bon jour, madame.

Well, I told you what our Ensign
would do with his shore leave.

The Picasso of the Sixth Fleet.

Hey, Mark, we're going up
to the casino later.

Why don't you join us?

Nope. Picasso saves his dough.

Okay, Grandpa Moses.

Hi, sailor, sir.

Hi there.

I'm an American, too.

You are? What ship are you from?

Crazy. Which is yours?

The carrier out there.

- You're a pilot, huh?
- Engine room.

What're you drawing?

Right now, that medieval tower
over there.

In the old town.

Why don't you get closer to it?

I will eventually,
if I can get a cab.

You want a ride up there?
We'll drive you.

- Who's we?
- Why me and my mom...

Come along, Timmy, I think
you've bothered

this gentleman long enough.
I'm sorry if...

He's from the carrier, mom.
The engine room.

He wants to paint
that old tower close up.

He can't get a cab
and I said we'd drive him.

You've got a nice hospitable son

but believe me,
I don't want to intrude.

I know how kids can speak out.

Not at all. I'd be delighted.

I just have to drop him off
at the house to meet a friend

and I'll drive you on.
It's only a few minutes farther.

Well, it'd be the nicest ride,
I ever thumbed.

- But you're sure?
- Absolutely.

The car's right there.

I'm Kay Stanton.
Mrs. Neil Stanton.

Mark Dominic, here. Ensign.

Very well, Mr. Dominic.
We're off.

- Come along, Timmy.
- I'll help him, mom.

They're not here yet.

We might have to wait a little
for the children's bus.

Would you like to come in?


Funny, the names
on these French Villas.

That means "Roosters."

I figured that one.

My next door neighbor has a
quaint one, "Le lit d'un Ange."

Let's see the bed of...

That's right,
"The bed of an angel."

Sounds like a peaceful


Get your jacket, Timmy.
It'll be cool by evening.

Okay, mom.

They really do these
very nicely.

Genuine Sixteenth Century
Provencal farmhouse.

Built around 1950.

How'd you know that?

I've always wanted
to be an architect.

Bon jour, Madame Stanton.
Monsieur. Where's Timmy?

Bon jour, Pierre.
Timmy. Pierre's here.

Alo, Pierre. Je suis pret!
Un moment!

Mais no use sommes en retard!
Les roches! Le piquenique!

Now, Timmy, you don't have
to take Julius...

But I want to take Julius, mom.

He needs the exercise.

So long, sailor, sir.
Hope I see you again.

Same here, Tim.

- Bye, mom.
- Have fun.

We will.

Oh boy, a rock hunt.

AU revior.

Pierre's mother runs
the school Timmy goes to.

They're off on a rock hunt.

And who's Julius?

A small, green, and rather
unhappy lizard.

On a rock hunt?

I give up.

I'll put these in water
and we're on our way.


Well! Hello.


Where's Kay?

Mrs. Stanton?
Arranging some flowers.

Little celebration of some sort?

- I don't know.
- Oh, I'm Mrs. Fields.

Daphne Fields,
the next door neighbor.

I'm Mark Dominic.

An old friend of Kay's?

Just met. I'm off the carrier.

She was kind enough to give me
a ride up the hill.

Well, bully for her.

- Daphne!
- Oh, there you are, darling.

Look I'm in a frightful dither.

Half the Navy's going to arrive
in a few minutes

and I'm out of vodka.

Could you manage
a couple of bottles?

Sure. You've introduced


How about you breaking down
just for once,

and inviting this charming man
to the party?

Oh, no thanks really.
I must be shoving off.

He's an artist.

He wants to paint the old tower
up on the hill.

There goes Louise, she's locked
the liquor cabinet.

She claims the gardener will
steal a bottle

and then try to attack her.

Gee, you ought to see Louise.

She should be that lucky.

Now, look what I've found
in her room.

She told me she wanted one,
I said

absolutely no, and she went
ahead and got one.

- Is that loaded?
- I don't know.


These things go off

if you breathe on them.

It's loaded.

Honestly, Kay,

that woman's simply dotty.

When that psychiatrist husband
of yours comes back

from traipsing
all over the continent

I'd have him put her
on the couch.

We certainly can't have this.

That'll do it?

Thanks awfully.
That is sweet of you.

Well I must fly.

Oh, uh, listen, Kay's allergic
to my parties,

but if you should
change your mind, drop over.

Really, I can't this time.

Alright, I'll give you a rain
check on it,

any time you're in port.

It's Le Lit de'un Ange.

And don't take it literally.
Au revior.

Now, what'll I do
with that gun?

With Timmy around I have to...

Up high some place,

where he's least likely
to come across it.

Let me see. I know the kitchen.
Would you, uh...

- Sure.
- Please help me.

There, how about
in one of those?


I'll put this here

and... there.

That should do it.

Thank goodness.

Neil would have been furious.

Your husband's a doctor,
I gather? A psychiatrist?

Hmm. He's in Zurich now,
at a convention.

Does he practice here?

No, he's
Professor of Psychiatry

at Columbia University.

We're over here on his

a vacation supposedly.

Excuse me.

Mrs. Fields? OI' Dick Blogett
told us to drop by.

This is
Lieutenant Commander Lee...

I'm sorry gentlemen,

you've got the wrong house.

Mrs. Fields? Right next door.

Oh, pardon me, ma'am. Thanks.

Uh, but I sure would settle
for this one.

- You ought to switch names.
- How?

I mean her place should be
called the Rooster

and this place the Bed of an...

I wouldn't judge Daphne
too harshly.

She's had an unhappy marriage
and she's just searching.

Looking I guess. She's a very
warm friend by the way.

It's 2 o'clock, we must go.

You've been so darn nice.

May I take you
to lunch some place?

- Oh, no really...
- Look I'm hungry.

And I'm sure you must be.

Well... Louise left a bowl
of chicken salad for me.

I'd be glad to share it
with you, if you'd care to.

That'd be wonderful.

We can eat out on the patio,

if you wanna go out
and take in the view.


I'm sorry. I didn't offer
anything to drink.

Oh, no, thank you.

- Sure?
- I don't drink.

That's a surprise from a sailor.

Oh, I've made a noble try,
but only a couple of drinks

and then depending on my mood,
I either wanna

laugh myself stupid
or tear the town apart.

Very sensible.

Chicken salad coming up.

But here I'm telling you
the story of my life.

Go ahead.

My mother's death really hit dad
pretty hard.

And you see, having been Navy
all his life

he retired a chief.

He wanted me to be an officer,

and go to Annapolis,
and he sure scrimped

to give me the education
to make it.

I couldn't disappoint him.

Of course not, Mark.

Mother, she... thanks
for the Mark, by the way.

Why not?

Just thanks.

Anyway, Mother, she understood
the architecture bit,

but dad, he claims all good
Greeks have been seafaring men.

But I'm sure some
of my ancestors

must have designed
a temple or two.

You've got a decision
to make, haven't you?

I'll do my three years anyway.

It's nice to talk
to someone like this.


Kay, have you gone?

Out here.

Oh. Here you are.

Well, how very cozy.

So you didn't go
painting after all.

You know, darling, I can quite
understand your wanting

to keep him to yourself.

What is it, Daphne?

Well, you'll never believe it,
but I need another bottle

of vodka. I've got
an endless stream of guests.

You'd think they were Russians.

Of course.

Why you little devil you.

Honestly, darling,
where did you find him?

I didn't interrupt
your posing, did I?

Daphne, you're behaving
like a complete idiot.

Now take this and go.

Well, I don't blame you
with Neil away all the time.

Oh, goodbye, Mr. Dominic.
Don't forget my rain check.


Remember, darling,
don't be like me

have the game
but avoid the name.

I apologize for her.

Oh, a little stoned, I guess.

- I'd better get going.
- Yes, we should.

Oh, no thanks.
I'll just walk down the hill.

The exercise will do me good.

I'd be happy to drive you up
to the old town.

No. The light's gone now anyway.

I sure thank you for the lunch.

You're very welcome.

Sometime whenever we're in port,

would you like to bring Timmy
out to the ship?

If my husband's here,
we'd be delighted to.

He comes home Wednesday.

Oh, that'd be fine.

I'm sorry, your afternoon
was wasted.

It wasn't wasted.
Not wasted one bit.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Thank you.

Dr. Stanton ici...

- Mrs. Stanton calling.
- Oui.

- Neil?
- Kay!

Kay, sweetheart. How are you?

Oh, fine.

Well no, let's face it,
I'm lonely as all get out.

I'm counting the days
until Wednesday.

Mister, will you get a welcome.

Honey, look, Wednesday's out.

I'm just about to leave
for London.

I've been asked to give a series
of lectures at the Academy.

Then on up to Edinburgh
for a week's seminar.

Neil. This is supposed to be
your sabbatical, remember?

Your vacation, ours, remember?

Not to mention we planned
and looked forward

to it for seven years.

You think I don't miss you too?

Please try to understand, Kay.

I will.

I do, dear.

- How's Timmy?
- Oh, fine.

He and Pierre took Julius
on a rock hunt.

- Oh! Great.
- Your cab is waiting, sir.

Oh, uh, look, honey...
Oh, I hate to ring off

on my best girl like this,
but my cab's here.

I gotta run.

I'm too far away
to hold you, get going.

I'll be staying
at the Dorchester in London.

I love you. Goodbye now.

Me too. Goodbye.


Are you up?

All dressed.

Can I turn the percolator on?

Thanks, dear.

Hey, I just looked out
the window, the fleet's gone.

That's good.

Why is it good?

I mean they're... they're off
on exercises.

It shows somebody's
minding the store.

What store?

The country's store.
Yours and mine, dopey.

Oh, yeah. I get it.

I love you, mom.

"Dear Mrs. Stanton. Realizing
that your husband is home

“by now, I'd be delighted
if you and he and Timmy

"would join me on the terrace
of the Carleton Hotel

about noon this Saturday."

"It will be visitors day
and I hope you'll allow me

"to take the family aboard
for Timmy's sake

"as well as mine.

Sincerely, Mark Dominic."

Sorry, I'm late, darling.

Well, where's young
Captain Hornblower?

He said around noon.

I can't imagine him
standing you up.

Anyway, here I'm as promised,

your protective camouflage.

Daphne, would you please stop
trying to read

something into this
that isn't there.

Listen, you could have had him
paged, you know.

Left a message explaining,
polite but firm.

- Oh, Daphne.
- Oh, come on.

I'm only pulling your leg.

After such a nice decent

the least I could do is...

Here he is.


Nice to see you again.

You remember Mrs. Fields.

- Of course.
- Few men forget, sir.

Um, Dr. Stanton's bringing

I'm sorry. Dr. Stanton's still
in London.

I know he'd would have
enjoyed it.

Oh, that's too bad.
But what about Timmy?

There was no way to let you
know, but Timmy's had

this weekend planned
for a long time.

Madame Dubois and her husband
have taken the children

up to the mountains
for the last of the snow.

Anyhow, it was nice of you
to show up.

And Mrs. Fields, of course.

Well, as I said some other time
when Neil's home.

You bet. May I buy you a drink?

- Nothing for me, thank you.
- Wait a minute.

You're the would be artist,
aren't you?

Architecture or something?

Well, the least we can do
for this poor lost soul

is to give him the grand tour.

You know, the old hillside towns
back of here.

Have you seen them?

I've wanted to do that
since we first

dropped anchor. Can we?

It's a marvelous idea, Daphne.

Leave the station wagon here
and with the top down

on my car
he'll have a much better...

Darling, you don't think
I'm including me?

I'll never look ancient bricks
in the face again.

Beginning to look
a bit like mirrors.

- Daphne?
- Besides I've got a date.

Actually, he is a bit ancient

Nice to have seen you again.
Have fun.

And if it's clear when we get up

you can see the snow peaks
where Timmy's gone.

Oh, yeah, sure. Timmy.

Did he take Julius
with him this time?

Julius is no longer with us.

- Deceased.
- No.

Escaped. Pierre was holding him
and, uh, he decided to bite,

so Pierre dropped him
and he got away.

Lucky Julius.

You know you're much prettier
than most French bus drivers.

Thank you.

Here we are, Mougina.

Mm. This is something.

See anything you'd
like to paint?

Plenty. Here.

It's a beautiful fountain.

It only needs your profile
in the foreground.

I think you caught me studying
it when we started out.


Don't give me
that old Greek coin bit.

We're gathering a crowd.

Ever played boule before?

No. Spares and strikes?

You see how close you can come
to that little yellow ball.

Vous permettez, messieur?


- You stand in this circle.
- Um-hmm.

Then you take two balls.

- You're on.
- Nothing to it.

No, no. You have to click them
together first.


Don't ask me.

Nothing to it.

That was practice.

Nothing to it.

- Magnifique.
- Merci, Messieur.

Make a fool out of me.
It's not fair.

We play that all the time
at the house.

- Now, where?
- Well, let's see.

You certainly should see
the new art gallery

in St. Paul-de-Vence.

You've been to all these places

a million times before,
haven't you?

Yes, but...

Look, I don't feel particularly

arty all of a sudden.

Something more exciting, huh.

How about the casino?

No go. Not in uniform.

Oh yeah.

How's this? Horse races in Nice.
French Provencial style?

No kidding?
You like horse races?

I love them. If we hurry,
we can catch the last four.

- Come on.
- Oh great.

You're trailing.

I'm just being polite.

Look at her. Look at her come.
Look at her run.

Well now, how about tomorrow?

I'm busy tomorrow.

Monday then. I've got three days
leave and...

- Mark.
- What?

I'm not going to see you again.

Why? Just because I...

Because it's wrong.

I'm married to a wonderful man

and I love him very much.

I know.

You're just lonely, sailor.

Really now. You should accept
Daphne's invitation.

She knows every pretty
unattached girl in town.

I might.

Good luck, Mark.

Thanks, Kay, you too.

Hi. I was just coming in
to say goodbye to you.

Where are you off to?

Villefrance, for a couple
of days or so.

Well, of course that rather
depends on him.

Do I know him?

No you don't. But just wait
till you do.

I'm upping myself in rank.
A full commander.

Man of distinction type.

You know handsome, touch of grey
on the sides

a widower and independently

Every goody in the book.

When are you going
to stop being so naughty?

That's rather easy
for you say, isn't it?

You've got Neil and Timmy.

Still, don't stop me trying.


I'm sorry, I had no right
to say that.

Rubbish. You had every right.

Let's face it,
I should get a V for vagrancy.

Oh, how was yesterday
with young Hornblower?

We had a very pleasant time.

You seeing him again?

No. I'm not going
to see him anymore.

I thought as much.
You're smart.

Well, wish me luck.

I might break the bank
with my three striper.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Good morning, Dorchester Hotel.
One moment, please.


Mrs. Stanton calling
sir, long distance.

Oh, put her on please.

Go ahead,
Mrs. Stanton.


Sweetheart, hello.
How are you?

Fine, dear. Just fine.
I just took a chance.

I thought you might have gone
on to Edinburgh.


No lecturing on Sundays,
darling. Tomorrow.

Neil, I've had a marvelous

Why don't I pack up Timmy
and myself

and join you in Scotland?

But look, Kay,

it's not such a good idea

to take Timmy out of school

just now, is it?

No, I suppose not.

Oh, well it was just
an idea anyway.

Heaven knows I could do
with a look at you.

But Louise is on her vacation,
isn't she?

And you could hardly leave him
with Daphne.


Oh, well.
What are you doing today?

They're picking me up
and taking me out to, uh...

Lord and Lady Somebody's place
in Surrey.

I think they're having
a cricket match.

Hmm. That'll be relaxing
for you, won't it?

Give my best to the wicket.

Kay darling, don't be angry.

Is anything wrong?

No, I'm fine.

Just being mean
because I'm lonely, that's all.

Let me know where you're staying
in Edinburgh, huh?

And, uh, hurry on home.

Will I?

I love you.

Me too. Bye, darling.

Bye, sweetheart.

I, I tried to call you
from the airport.

I took a friend to the plane,
but your line was out of order

then disconnected or something.

Mark, I thought
you understood what I...

Oh, I know.
I kept the cab waiting.

I just wanted to drop by
with a present for Timmy.

It's a game for everybody
as a matter of fact.

That's very sweet of you, Mark.

It's a sort of a farewell
present really

because I won't be hanging
around here after tomorrow.

We got orders last night. We're
pulling out in the morning.

Going back to the states.

Anyhow, it's all been great.

So, so long, Kay.

Bye, Mark.

Maybe, if I'd write
you'd answer, huh?


I was just about to drive
down for a swim.

Would you like to come along?

Would I?

Hey, le addition.
Pour le taxi. Vite, Vite...

That was fast.

Battle stations.

Is that your dog tag
in case you get wounded?

If you're in that big a hurry,
let's go.


Ooh, it's freezing.

Come on.

Ooh. It's cold.

Let's see now.

"First one that makes it topple
is a Square."

The second time you're
a character and the third time

you're a blockhead and out.
You're through.

The boys aboard ship pass around

quite a lot of money
playing this.

It's fun. Where'd you find it?

Nice airport.
The last set they had.

The girl didn't wanna
sell it to me

because there was
a piece missing.

That little, yellow heart-shaped
piece there.

It had fallen out
on display or something

but you can still
play without it.

I've had too much sun, I think.

If we wanna go to
that Art Gallery

at St. Paul-de-Vence,

we better get started.


I'll do that. You hop to it.


You like this place?

It's beautiful.

The Colombe d'Or?

The Golden Dove.

But why Golden?

The birds are all white.

You'll find out. Any moment.

What more can I find out?

What's the name of that, piece,
please? It's lovely.

D'un instant a L'autre, madame.

A moment to moment.


Funny, that's me.


Moment to moment.

That's what I'm living
right now.

There they go. Now watch.

It's breathtaking.

See? They've turned to gold.

Every afternoon
just as the sun sets

they fly out
to say goodbye to the day.

Me, I can't.

We should go, Mark.

Your hand is shaking.


I don't know.
The storm, the mistral.

It always makes me
a little nervous.



It isn't the storm

and I can't say
goodbye to the day.

I can't say goodbye
to you again, Kay.

Mark. No.


Kay, I thought you were...

You're so beautiful.

So beyond anything beautiful.

No, Mark, please.

You have to listen to me.

What, Kay? What's wrong?

Almost everything.

Now that I realize what
I've done. Everything.

Wrong? What's happened
to us is wrong?

I'm in love with you, Kay.
It's right.

And it's going to be that
from now on. Forever.

All we have to do is
to decide what to do is...

Oh, Kay, darling, for you
to think that what...

That's just it.
That's the wrong.

I've led you to believe
something that isn't true.

What is true then?

Because of you.
Not stopping to think or care.

It was some sort
of animal hunger

with no thought of Neil
or my life with him.

I'm so ashamed.


Please, forgive me.

Well, what's to forgive?

Hunger and ashamed, huh!

Well, if you can toss it off
with a drink, I guess I can.

Mark, I'm trying
not to hurt you.

I wouldn't hurt you for anything
in the world.

Am I bleeding some place?

You can forget this.

Sure, place it away
in my memory book

along with my high school

Don't drink anymore.

Why not, huh?

Maybe it will put things
in proportion this time.

Spell it all out clear.

Why sure. It's simple.

She just played hard to get,
that's all.

Not like that English dame with
a neon sign, but very subtle.

She teases you along.

- Part of the jollies.
- Oh, Mark.

Watch out for the gal
in the red Citroen, fellows.

She sends her little boy
over to pick you up.

And the maid's on a vacation.

And the husband's out of town.
The poor chump!

She stages it beautifully.

First off she listens
to the story of your life.

The next she gives you
the tired bit

about not seeing you anymore.

But you're hooked, mister.

Because at the same time
she let's you know

you've rung that little bell.

Oh, yes, and her little boy's
away for the weekend.

Up in the snow.

Then she takes you
around the old towns

and shows you the architecture.

Then she takes you swimming

and gives you an eyeful of hers.

Then she starts to simmer.

All of a sudden you wind up
in the henhouse, buddy,

and you're one of the roosters.
You crow at midnight!

Oh, Mark!

But she's, she's classy.

She's top drawer.

We always pay accordingly, huh?

There's a 150 in that.

Pick it up.

Pick it up.

Damn you, pick it up.

Kay, Kay, Kay, Kay.

Darling, I'm sorry.

Please open the door.

No, Mark!



Mark. Mark, stop it!

I'm gonna shoot
the lock of that door.

Nobody's gonna lock
you away from me.

Mark, give me that gun, Mark.

Maybe, you and I go together,




Kay, let me in.

Kay, it's me, Daphne.

Did you hear that shot,
then a scream?

Yes, I thought it might be a car
and some tire scraping.

Oh, it didn't seem as
if it came from the road.

It was almost as
if it came from here.

It scared me to death.

I... I'm sorry.
I, I don't, uh...

Hey, what's the matter with you?
You alright?

Just groggy, I guess.
I took a sleeping pill.

Oh. Do you mind
if I take a drink?

I'm cold and still shaking.

I thought you were
in Ville France.

I just got back.

He's rather a dear,
my commander.

Do you know I could quite easily
fall in love with him.

- Oh, well.
- I'm sorry, Daphne.

I'm afraid I'm not very good
company tonight.

- It's late and...
- Oh, that's alright, darling.

There's always tomorrow.

- 'Night.
- Goodnight.

You know that's funny,
I could have sworn

that was a shot and then...

Oh, well, if it was a murder or
something, we'll hear about it.

Go on back to bed.
See you in the morning.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Daphne! Daphne!

What's the matter?

You've got to help me.

Come on inside. Come on.

Not a clue.
Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Well, there's nothing here.



Oh, it's no use looking,
it would

certainly be
on the front page.

It's been four days now.

I'm going out my mind.

He could still be
lying out there.

Don't be ridiculous, darling.
You phoned the police.

Which wasn't such a good idea

but I couldn't stop you.

You told them exactly
where he was.

The shrine and everything.

Anyway, I've got to know.
I'm responsible.

I, I practically killed him.

And with Neil coming home...

Listen, darling, you've gotta
pull yourself together.

And leave well enough alone.

It's quite possible the Navy's
is keeping it quiet.

Anyway, I've got to know.

- Kay.
- Are you coming with me?

Certainly not.
Now listen to me, Kay.

I'm going now.

You're out of your mind.

Alright. Just one minute.

Have you thought what you'll do,
if he's still there?

Madame Stanton.

One moment please.

A word, please?

You're Madame Neil Stanton?

At least your license plates
are registered in that name.

I am.

Allow me.

- Yes.
- I'm here on business, madame.

I'm Inspector Albie of Cannes.
Officer Givet.

Lieutenant Commander Hendricks,

head of the American Shore
Patrol in this area.

How do you do.

May we continue this
conversation indoors, madame?


Forgive me for being
rather puzzled.

I should enlighten you, madame.

What a charming interior.


I so dislike leaving Paris
during the season

but now I am compensated.

Yes, Madame Stanton

can you explain why you
stopped your car

on the road to Vallauris
about an hour ago?

Opposite the roadside shrine.

Certainly. My scarf had blown
off and I stopped to pick it up.

You did not then,
uh, let us say,

drop it over the side
of the car?

Uh, no. How utterly ridiculous.

You were observed
very closely, madame.

Inspector Albie's binoculars.

They've been used continuously

to cover that area ever since

the body of an American officer

was found in the ditch there.

A body?

Exactly. That of an Ensign.

Ensign Mark Dominic.

A prepossessingly
handsome young man.

Even in...
Well, did you know him?

I'm sorry.

- How perfectly awful.
- Isn't it?

Uh, do you or your husband
own a small firearm,

say the type of a 25 caliber?

Of course not. I wouldn't have
such a thing around the house.

Not with an inquisitive
eight-year-old son.

Most sensible.

After you picked up your scarf

you stood for a while looking,

I always enjoy
the view from there.

Ahh, but most of the time
you spent

looking down into the ditch
and it was noted

that your expression
was quite disturbed.


Inspector De Fargo, have you
ever seen a woman

who has forgotten her
marketing list

and is trying to remember
what was on it?

Touche, madame.

Yet later you spent almost

an hour in the church.

Still trying to remember?
Or at confession perhaps.

Inspector, this is a startling
case you're working on.

Why haven't... Cigarette?

No, thank you.

- Gentlemen.
- Thank you, mademoiselle.

- You're saying, madame?
- Thank you.

Why haven't I been reading
about this in the papers?

Well, we kept it from the press
because I rather felt

that a woman
who telephoned the police

the night of the shooting,
would one day return to the spot

to make sure the body was gone.

I see, I'm beginning

to understand why you should
jump to the conclusion...

And also the temptation
of the criminal

to return to the scene
of the crime.

Of course.

Did you telephone the police

about the body in the ditch?

Inspector De
Fargo, once and for all...

Do you speak French, madame?

- Yes.
- Then this will aid you.

Will you please repeat to me
in French the following.

"You will find the body of an
American officer in the ditch

on the road to Vallauris,
opposite the roadside shrine."

Is this cloak and dagger
really necessary?

Do me the honor, madame.

Vous trouverez le corps.

Much faster.

Vous trouverez le corps d'un
American dans le fosse juste

en face d'un petite chapelle
sur la route de Vallaruis.


You speak excellent French,

Thank you.

But of course,
a trace of an accent.


The lady who telephoned
the police that night

also had an accent,
either American or English

we're not quite sure.

Madame Stanton, that Sunday
night, where were you?

I was here.

With your husband?

Dr. Stanton was in London.

Now in Edinburgh.

The servants?

Our maid's on her vacation.

And your young son?

He was away for the weekend.

So you were alone.


Americans and others who live
in Cannes frequently

entertain members of the fleet
when the ships put in here.

On Sunday night were you

an American officer, perhaps?

Inspector DeFargo.

After all, the young men
are a long ways from home.

And so is my husband.

Forgive me, but sometimes that
offers an ideal opportunity

to entertain a male visitor.

Please have the good taste
not to waste my time

or yours by being insulting.

My apologies.

Now, Madame Stanton, I want you
to consider very carefully

before you answer
my next question.

Did you shoot Ensign Dominic?

Or did he possibly
shoot himself?

Inspector, I thought I conveyed
to you that I...

You see, madame, report radioed
from Ensign Dominic's carrier

included the fact that
the previous evening

he had just drawn his pay
about a $150

and it was found on his person.

So that indicates that
the event did not happen

in some low establishment.

The motive was not robbery,
but possibly stemmed

from some sort
of extreme emotion.

N'est ce pas, madame?

Aren't you nearly through,


The bedrooms are up here,
of course?


It would not be too difficult.

One man could have handled it.
Or two ladies.

Particularly, if one lady
owned a station wagon

such as you neighbor,
Madame Fields.

Inspector, I have a great
many things to do.

I realize.

We have inconvenienced you
too long.

Come, gentlemen.

I must ask for your passport.

My passport?

We think it would be better

if you did not leave the country

before this little matter
is cleared up.

I'm not even sure where it is,

My husband always takes care
of that sort of thing.

When will your husband be home?

He returns the day
after tomorrow.

Very well then.

Inspector Albie
will present himself

and pick it up at that time.

Wait. I, uh, just remembered
where it might be.

Albie will wait for it.
Au revoir, madame.

Yes, they've already
transported the body.

Your passport, please.

We'll have it checked
for fingerprints.

- Oui.
- Oui.

- Madame Fields.
- Yes.

Inspector DeFargo,
Police Judicial, Paris.

Lieutenant Commander Hendricks.

Would you allow us
a few moments?

Uh, please. What on earth
have I done this time?

I haven't had a parking ticket
for ages.

A few questions, madame.

I know what it is.
Don't tell me.

It's those terrible old

sour-faced Bouche's sisters
just across the street.

They threatened to complain,
you know, but quite honestly

I didn't think
they'd have the nerve.

I swear to you inspector
that my parties

are the absolute utmost
in decorum.

I keep the record player low
like that all times.

And I mean, the boys
from the Fleet

are such absolute darlings
and so well behaved.

I mean just a few drinks
and some dancing.

Uh, would you like something?

No thank you. Madame...

Honestly, the way those two old
bags carry on

you'd think I was running a...

Well, I... I know it's quite
possible they might slip out

on the lawn or the back porch

for a quiet bit of smooching,
but looking at you, inspector,

I'm sure you understand.

Madame, your entertaining
is not in question.

Do you know a young officer,
Ensign Mark Dominic?

Dominic? Dominic?
No, I'm sure not.

In any case ensigns are rather
young, aren't they?

Where were you
last Sunday night,

around midnight?

Last Sunday night...
Now, let me think.

I was here at home. Yes, alone.

During the evening did you hear

anything sounding
like a gunshot?

A shot? No.

Why? What happened?

Please read aloud in French...

Albie... what is on this card.

"You'll find the body
of an American officer..."

- You mean there was a murder...
- If you please, madame.

I'll not keep you further.

- In French?
- In French, please.

Vous trouvez le corps

de el official

de American dans... dans.

What's the word for ditch?

- Fosse.
- Dans la fosse.

Well, it's all very well for
you, but I can tell you frankly

that I haven't gotten
very much further

than la plume de ma tante.

Anyway what is this,
a French lesson?

Thank you very much, madame.

I'm sorry I've disturbed you.

Merci, madame.

Ah-ah, oh, Inspector?

This is terribly exciting
and really rather juicy.

It isn't secret, is it?

I mean I can tell my friend,
Mrs. Stanton.

I think she might be very

Yes, Louise?


They've just been to see me
and they came here.

I told you not to go up there.

I knew it would start something.

Well, it's done now.

Well, what did you say,
what happened?

I denied it.

Covered as best I could.

I'm sure he suspects something.

I know it. Did he give you
that tape recorder business?


- Were you talking to Louise?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, what's gonna happen
when she gets back?

She will find her gun gone.

The house full of police
asking questions.

She's bound to put
two and two together.

I know. I told her we were
going on a trip.

She could stay at her brother's
in Marseilles.

Well, you're keeping your head.

Mine, I'm not so sure.

They took my passport.



It gets worse and worse.

If Neil wants to go on a trip...

Oh, darling, don't.

We'll pull out of this.

Let them suspect.

They can't prove anything.

Not a thing.

- Mr. Singer.
- Inspector.

Sit down, please.

Thank you.

What's new in the Mark Dominic

You're acquainted
with a Dr. Stanton?

An American psychiatrist
living in Cannes?

Oh, yes. I've come to know Neil
and Kay Stanton quite well.

A wonderful couple. But why?

Well, he is returning home day
after tomorrow

and I would like you to ask him
to be of service to us.

How? In what way?

I have just talked
with Madame Stanton

and I picked up her passport.

I'm sure you will officially
sanction it.

Kay? Kay Stanton?

What the devil could
she have to do with this?

Let me inform you
of my progress.

We have been watching that road
to Vallauris near the shrine

and this morning...

- Hello, sweetheart.
- Darling.

- Hello, Timmy, how are you Son?
- Hi, Dad.

They called me from Dublin.

Want me to come over to Trinity

and give a week's seminar there.

- You know what I told them?
- What?

Gotta get back home,
my private practice.

Very special patient.

Boy, I never thought that plane
will get here.

What a headwind.
I almost got out and pushed.

Pushed, Daddy.

What are we stopping here for?

We have to get Timmy
back to school.

It's terribly late, as it is.

A few more minutes won't hurt.
First things first.

Everybody out. Surprise.

Ah, Dr. Stanton

Neil Stanton,
did you get my letter?

Oh, yes, Dr. Stanton,
everything is in order.

Your schedule and your itinerary

your accommodation
and the full amount.

Selling date a week from today.


Oh, Daddy, a trip on a boat.

Yes. On this beautiful boat,
right there.

Oh, boy.

Look, Daddy,
it's got two swimming pools.

You think that will be enough?

See, darling,
we'll be in Rome on the 15th

a week later Athens
around the Aegean

and back for the end
of Timmy's vacation.

Now did I come through
or didn't I?

But, Neil, I...

Your vaccination is in order.

Oh, yes.

You'll mail us a check,
Dr. Stanton?

- Sure thing.
- And I'll need your passports.

Well, I'll bring them when
I pick up the tickets.

- Thank you, Dr. Stanton.
- Thank you, sir.

Now, is that service, madame?

But, Neil, it's so expensive.
Don't you think we should wait?

For what? What's holding us,
are we in jail or something?

Jail. Oh, Daddy.

Boy, is it good to be home.

Hey, Louise!

Ma belle reve!

- Louise isn't back yet.
- No?

She asked for another week
and I gave it to her.

Oh, that suits me.

Especially right now.

Oh, Neil.

- I love you.
- Good.

You know, you were
a little uppity

when I talked to you in London.

You scared me.

Only you.. Forever.

Oh, hi, Bob, how are you?

But... but look, friend,

I just got in the house,
can't you make it la...

Really? That important?

Well, okay, I'll be there.

Alright. See you.

Bob Singer, he want's me
at the consulate right away.

I don't know what,
but he said it was important.

Oh, darling, I know.

I'll make it as fast as I can.

How lovely can a girl get?


What honey?


Yes, it is most gracious of you

and Monsieur Singer
to help us out.

Now, this is where he was found.

The shrine.

The ditch.

I thought it best
that you familiarize yourself

with the setting.

Outside of the voice of the
unknown woman on the telephone

this is the only evidence
we have.

Ah, what a charming house,
Dr. Stanton

you must be very happy here.


Kay, darling!

I'm up here.

Can you come down?

We have guests.


one moment.

Get you a drink, Inspector?

No, thank you. Never on duty.

Dr. Stanton, that paper
explaining the theory

you spoke of,
could you show it to me?

Well, sure,
it's in the study here.

- Ah, excuse us, please.
- Certainly.

Here you are.

Mrs. Stanton, I'm Mark Dominic.

Oh, yes, darling.
Ensign Dominic.

He has a problem
which Inspector DeFargo

has asked me to help him with.

Inspector, my wife.

A great pleasure, madame.

How do you do?

Neil, don't you think
you could excuse yourself

and get out of those
travelling clothes?

You haven't had a chance
to change.

You know, I'd like that.

You don't mind if I quick change
and shower, do you?

Please, go ahead.

Then we'll get back
to more questions, Mark.

I think we might be able to open
something up.


I was roped into this by Singer.

That young officer was found
shot in a ditch a while back.

They thought he was dead
at first.

They transfused him at the
hospital and he got off lucky.

The bullet just whizzed
around his chest

well, missing heart and lungs
and ended up right back here.

What do they want you to do?

Try and bring back his memory.

His mind seems to have
a complete blank

prior to his being shot.

Possibly from a heavy bruise
in the back of his head.

Either where he was struck
or had fallen.

He tells us that he remembers
his first shore leave

setting up his sketch equipment
near the pier

and then nothing until
he came to in the hospital.

How is that possible?

Why that's not
an unusual reaction

after a brain concussion.

It happens quite often
in automobile accidents

for instance.

Retrograde amnesia, we call it.

Inspector, see you a minute.

What about that little boy,

He could easily have been around
and would recognize him.

I will not involve a child
in what could be a tragedy.

Maybe as a last resort,
but we are progressing well.

You're the skipper.

Come along, Mark.


Boule. You have played it?

- Here perhaps?
- No.


It's just that...

I don't know.

Some other place, no doubt.

Come on.

Who is it?

Inspector DeFargo,


Inspector DeFargo, madame.

Oh, come in, Inspector,
the door isn't locked.

Will you be patient with me
for just one minute, Inspector.

If I break the rhythm, there
will be a complete collapse.

If you want to lead
a full and active life

you must as the boys scouts say,


Madame, please, allow me
to present Ensign Mark Dominic.

How do you do.

How do you do.

I thought you might have met
before... one of your parties?

You recognize Madame Fields?

This room?

- No, doesn't seem...
- Oh, no!

No, I, I certainly
would have remembered him.

Wait, is he the one you were...

Yes, madame.

I am sorry to have
disturbed you.

- Come along, Mark.
- Very nice meeting you.


Why did you go to visit
Mrs. Fields?

Why I have talked
with Madame Fields before.

I thought he might have attended
one of her functions,

but nothing.

Well, good try.
Come along, Mark.

We'll carry on in the study,

Please, don't let me
stop your game.

This is all

just like Houdini.

And that DeFargo character

bringing Neil in like this.

He's diabolical.

There's only one good thing
about it.

Mark is still alive.

I know I should care about
myself, but I...

I have to care about
Neil and me.

And Timmy.

Do you think Mark's pretending?

Realizing the situation
and being decent about it?

I'm sure not.

Besides Neil
could spot it in a minute.

What if Neil does bring him
out of it?

I just don't know.

Mark, do you usually sketch
or paint when you're ashore?

Oh, yes.

Why did you do nothing
during your stay here?

The reports from the carrier
said there was nothing

in your cabin but a
roughed-in-sketch of the bay

with an Old Town
on the background.

And two of your fellow officers,
Crawford and Vance

saw you working on it
near the flower stalls.

I... I seem to remember that.

But nothing more.

With your interest
in architecture

I mean, the old hilltop towns
around here

offer a wonderful material.

You must have visited them.

I, I remember

planning on it.

But... that's all.

Madame Stanton.

Could I have a glass of water,


Ah, the housewife
and her eternal shopping duties.

You are not thinking we are
staying for dinner, I hope?


An interesting case
your husband has taken on.

- No?
- A very.

When you planned
on visiting these towns

had you read about them?

Did you know their names?

- I knew...
- Now, wait a minute.

That's the Square
at Mougins.

And this is St. Paul-de-Vence.

Naturally the art gallery there.

- You know those names?
- Yes.

Well, you've been there.

But, how could I draw them when
I don't remember being there.

It's planted
in your subconscious.

You keep going, boy. Anything.

We may be on to something.

Inspector, look at this.


Look, doctor, the woman's head
in the foreground here.

A handsome young sailor
on shore leave, hmm?

One thing
and an oblivious one I think

we have touched on only lightly.

The little matter of sex.

- Mark!
- Yes, sir.

Mark, this woman's head here

does that mean anything?

Wasn't there any girl?

It seems as though.

I keep trying to...

But when it isn't a blank,
it's just all confused.

Got to shove off, doctor,
they want him

back at the hospital by three.

- Come along, Ensign.
- Yes, sir.

Well, we've gotten some place.


- Yes, darling.
- Mr. Dominic is leaving, dear.

- Now, about tomorrow.
- Goodbye, Mrs. Stanton.

- Very nice to have met you.
- Goodbye.

Tomorrow we drive you
up to Mougins and all the rest.

I think we might get somewhere.

Doctor, it seems ashamed

to keep you
from your charming wife.

After your having been away.

Perhaps Madame Stanton
would care

to go with us tomorrow?

Thank you, but I'm sorry
Mrs. Fields and I

are playing Bridge tomorrow.

It is our loss, madame.
AU revoir.

Now, don't scatter
your thoughts.

Only the things that you and
I have talked about already.

Now, tomorrow we'll go up
and see these places...

Now, this theory of yours,
the "triviality of association."

How does it apply?

Some triviality
he might have seen

when he was here could register
and start him remembering.

That little donkey cart.

That broken shutter
up at the window.

Even a phrase or remark
he might have heard.

A remark from someone
he has known.

Not necessarily. Anybody.

Does this place seem
familiar at all?

It seems. But I don't...

Every afternoon

just as the sun goes down

they fly out

to say goodbye to the day.

Goodbye to the day.

You remembered something, Mark?

Yes, vaguely, for a moment.

You asked me about it yesterday.

- There was a girl.
- You were with her, here?

It could be, the doves
flying up like that.

What type of a girl was she?

Surely not some midinette
or some little Poule? Not here?

Oh, no. She was very lovely.

Very beautiful.

Everything satisfactory,

Yes, thank you.
Ah, look we have a small wager.

Have you ever seen
this gentleman before?

Recently as a guest here

I'm sorry, monsieur.
It's impossible to say.

We have so many
American naval officers.

Thank you.

Look, Doctor,
could we return to your house

and possibly prevail
upon your gracious wife

to ask us for dinner.

I should be very grateful
if you could continue

to question your patient until
he leaves on the plane.

A good idea.
Let me telephone Mrs. Stanton.

Getting a little closer,
eh, Mark?

...I hope so.

But, Neil, with Louise away
and all...

Well, it'll have to be pot-luck.

I see.

Alright, dear.

Hmm. Bye, darling.

They're coming back here
for dinner.

Until he leaves for his plane.

Neil says
they're making progress.

You'll stay won't you?

Oh, now, look, darling, you've
been doing fine all by yourself.

But I'm shaking now at the very
thought of that DeFargo man

he's a cobra.

I'm terrified I'll say something
or do something that...

Wait, what about Timmy?

He'll be home, won't he?

Yes. I know.

I know.

Hmm. Looks like
we're in for another mistral.

- Oh, that door.
- I'll close it.

Thank you, Inspector.

Thank you.

Ah, there she is.
Martini, darling?

- No, thanks.
- Really?

- Just don't feel like one.
- Good evening, Mrs. Stanton.

It's nice of you
to invite me to dinner.

You're quite welcome.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Oh, honey, what about Timmy?

Shouldn't one of us
go fetch him?

He's staying at the Dubois
for the night.

She's taking Pierre and him
to the movies.

Oh, well, I'll call him later
and say goodnight.

I'm sorry, you missed him, Mark.
He's a wonderful kid.

Crazy about the Navy,
by the way.

- Good for him.
- Doctor.

May I use your phone?


Ah, this storm coming up.
Mistrals they call 'em.

They get pretty wild.

It's possible you could have
experienced one.

It's possible. I might have.

Madame Stanton, I regret
I cannot stay for dinner.

Some urgent business had arisen.

The police car is on its way
so to save time

I shall start walking
and meet it en-route.

I'm disappointed.

Then I am flattered, madame.

You are taking Mark
to the airport?

Yes, Mrs. Stanton and I.
I arranged it with Hendricks.

Well, I wish you bon voyage,

Thank you, sir,
and thank you for your interest.

I am sorry we could not have
been more successful,

but perhaps something
will reveal itself

between now and the plane.

More about the mysterious lady,

Could be.

Anyhow I'll compile my report

and, uh, give it to Hendricks.

Clever fellow.
Oh, I didn't tell you, Kay.

It hasn't been a total loss

we did discover that Mark here
had a romance.

Tell me, Mark,
if it wasn't just a pick-up

some little Poule
as DeFargo said

and she was as lovely
as you say...

We'll be ready to sit down
in a minute.

Right. Now...

May I say something,
Dr. Stanton?


You have a very beautiful wife.

I think so.

I think I'd like a smoke.

- Have a cigar, Mark?
- Oh, no, thank you.

It was sure a wonderful dinner.


Hey, what's this?

It's a game,
I bought it for Timmy

for his birthday.

the new bouncing game"

"for kids of all ages."

Oh, yes, the boys aboard ship
play it a lot.

Really? Well, come on,
let's try.

- Okay.
- Sit right over there.

It might touch off something.

Neil, please put it back.
I'm saving it for him.

Why? It's not birthday
wrapped yet.

When the kids are away
the grownups can play.

Who can tell. This is the sort
of thing we often use

for, uh, mental therapy.

Now, let me see.
How does that go?

First crash, square.

Character. Uh-huh.

Uh-huh. Well, let's try.

You better start, huh?

I think we start
with this as a base.

Then, build on it.

My turn, huh?

- There's a piece missing.
- Hmm.

The small yellow
heart-shaped piece.

This one.

Did you hear that, Kay?
You should complain.

Ah! Those shutters again.

That one's liable to tear
itself loose.

Take my place, darling,
I'll help you with the dishes

when we get back
from the airport.

No, I'll finish
clearing the table.

We should be leaving shortly
by the way!

That jammed it good.

- My play, huh?
- Hmm.


But when one brings a surprise
one does not knock.

What's this?
How did you happen to...

Long as I'm here
I want to get my book.

What's Timmy doing here?
He should be in bed, Inspector.

Madame Stanton, please,
allow me my little surprise.

At Madame Dubois we saw the boys
coming back from the cinema

and... and as I heard doctor say

he wanted to say
goodnight to Timmy

I took the liberty of driving
him over in person.

And I will drive him back

I showed him my credentials.

You hurry back over there,

Just came to say goodnight, Mom.

Gotta hurry back.

Goodnight, Daddy.

Goodnight, Son.

But, Timmy,
you haven't spoken

to your father
and mother's guest.

A real American Navy Officer.

Ensign Dominic.

Oh, hi, sailor sir.

Hi, boy.

Come on, please, mister.
Madame Dubois'|| get mad.

I congratulate you
on a fine son, madame.

Again, bon soir.

Well, that was a silly thing
for him to do.

I think
he just meant to be nice.

Isn't it time
for us to go, Neil?

Yeah, I guess it is at that.

It'll be cold out, Mark.
I've got an extra coat upstairs.

Thank you.

I forgot something.

I didn't tell you about Julius.
He got away.

Pierre claimed he bit him
and let him go.

Goodnight, sailor sir.
Goodnight, Mom.

No, escaped.

Pierre was holding him and, uh,
he decided to bite

so, Pierre dropped him
and he got away.

Lucky Julius.


No, Mark...

What's wrong, Mark?


I just felt dizzy for a second.

I thought you might have
remembered something.

No. No.

You better go.

Are you sure
you want to come along?

- Of course.
- Very well.

- There you are, Mark.
- Thank you.

Well, the storm doesn't seem
to have grounded you.


You could probably use
some reading material, Mark.

- How about a mystery?
- Why, I...

I'll pick up a couple.

You know, I remember now,
don't you?


I was a fool to put you
through all this.

But I'll never forget you, Kay.

We were both very foolish, Mark.

But it was my fault.

You'll forget.
You'll find your girl.

I wonder about that.

Having known you.

Have a good life, Mark.

Good evening.

Stop by and say...

I'm stunningly aware of that.

So, I said to myself,
"DeFargo has failed."

But then, little Timmy,
on the way back to Madame Dubois

tells me of his admiration
for you, Mark.

And how you stopped at the house
that first day.

Out of the mouths of babes,
n'est pas, madame.

Inspector DeFargo, I beg of you,
don't bring a child...

The details would be interesting
to pursue,

but if the parties involved
do not seem to wish it

why should the State?

The case is closed, madame.

Although you, perhaps
might have further difficulties.

My regards
to your talented husband.

Your passport.

To you both, bon soir.

It's ten francs, fifty centimes,

Thank you.
You want a bag?

No, thank you.

Just a moment...

That, uh, heart-shaped block

isn't that
from a set of Blockhead?


I sold a set
to an American Navy Officer

some time ago.
It was missing.

But I thought
if I saw him again...

Tell me, was it by any chance
that young officer

sitting over there?
By the pillar?

Talking with the lady
in the beige coat?

- Yes.
- Thank you.

Attention please.

Passengers flying to Paris
and New York

flight Caravelle...

Here you are.
That's your plane.

Thanks so much, Dr. Stanton.

Well, I'm, I'm sorry for...
for all the...

You better get aboard,

Yes, sir.
Goodbye, sir.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Mrs. Stanton.


Well, he's on his way.

- Nice young fellow.
- Yes.

I think I'd like to stop off
for a night cap.

Allard's, huh?


Ah, Madame Stanton.
Dr. Stanton.

Good evening.
Your favorite table.

Um, Vermouth Cassis.

The same, I guess.

Lovely piece, isn't it?


Mark Dominic reacted very
strongly to that tune

when they started to play it
this afternoon

up at the Colombe d'or.

Yes, Kay.


you know, don't you?


Oh, Neil.

What have I done to you?

To us.

To what we have.

Well, perhaps I haven't been
so smart either.

Like that game.

I was the missing
heart-shaped piece.

I wasn't around
when I was needed.

- Kay.
- Yes?

Do you still love me?

Oh, Neil.

Let's go home.

Hey, hon-bun, what's wrong?

I'm not that late, am I?

No, darling,
you're just in time.

Just to see how beautiful the
world is when it wants to be.

Isn't it though?

Isn't it?