Modern Romance (1981) - full transcript

Robert Cole, a film editor, is constantly breaking up with and reconciling with long-suffering girl friend Mary Harvard, who works at a bank. He is irrationally jealous and self-centered, while Mary has been too willing to let him get away with his disruptive antics. Can they learn to live with each other? Can they learn to live without each other? The movie also provides insight into film editing as Robert and co-worker Jay work on their current project, a cheesy sci-fi movie.

- Hi.
- Hi.

L'm starved.


l'd like to talk, so I have to get
back to work, so can we order quickly?

- Yeah. Do you know what you want?
- Yes.

I guess l'lI have a chef's salad.
That ought to be good, huh?

I think everything's good here.
Could we order?

- Hi.
- Yes?

Do you want to do it or.... l'lI do it.
L'lI have a mushroom omelet.

Cooked with very little butter...

whole-wheat toast, dry,
a little butter on the side.

Ice coffee.

L'lI have a chef's salad with herb dressing
and an iced tea.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Thank you.

What's the matter?

- What was that?
- Lipstick.

I don't feel real good lately,
and l'm trying to figure out what it is...

and l think it's probably us.

I don't want to get into this now,
let's talk about this after dinner, okay?

- Well...
- We can eat and talk about it later. All right?


How's work?


We finished a rough mix...

so there's nothing to do
until we go down to Dallas...

and then we'll preview,
and then we'll see what happens...

and then l'll probably have to go back
and recut the whole film.

David did say l was the best editor
he ever worked with. So that's very nice.

It's a nice thing to say.

Think it's gonna be a good movie?

Well, l can't tell
because l've been looking at it so long...

l don't quite know
what l'm looking at anymore.

But l do think a lot of it was saved
in the editing.

Why do you say that?

What do you mean?

I mean, do you say that
because you're editing it?

Sure. Of course.

I wouldn't even know about it
if I wasn't editing it.

But, I mean, even if I wasn't, it still
would've been saved in the editing.

Some films are.... Wait a minute, l....

l don't want to talk about this.

This is more serious than you think.

Is it?

I don't think that we
should go out anymore.

I mean, l just think it's over.

- Okay. It's over, again.
- No, not again. This is it.

This is the last time. It's for real.

And you don't love me?

I do love you. l mean, love has nothing
to do with this. Yes, l love you.

I mean, that makes it very confusing,
but l just don't think....

l mean.... You've heard of
a "no-win situation," haven't you?

- No.
- No?

Really, no? You've never heard of one?

Vietnam, this.
L'm telling you, they're around.

I think we're in one of them.

I don't know, Mary,
l don't know what to say. l'm trying....

l don't.... l'm not doing well at it here.

No, l think you've already said it.

Okay. So what do you want to do this time?

It's not this time.
This is it, this is the last time.

I don't want to go through this anymore
than you do and l think that this is....

l mean, look, we're both free and clear...

and that's the only time,
l think, to do something like this...

'cause God knows l don't want
other people coming in here. l'm not....

It would kill me.
L'm sure it would be hurtful to you, so...

l think now that we're....
We are both free and clear, aren't we?

Fine. Right. You're right,
this is a good time.

Wait a minute, wait. What do you mean
"good time"? l didn't say "good time."

This isn't good. I didn't use that word.

Maybe we're not free and clear
if you think it's good.

Are you seeing somebody else?
God damn it, l'm psychic.

I knew it. l hate the word
paranoid, but it applies here.

- You're seeing somebody, aren't you?
- You know everything.

If that's what you want to believe,
that's fine with me.

- Well, l...
- And don't call me, l mean it.

- Well...
- Don't call me this time.

Okay. Fine. l won't call you.

Wait a minute, though.
Come back. We can at least eat.


Mary, l'm sorry.

Don't apologize.

Okay, fine. l won't apologize.

- And don't call me either, okay?
- Drop dead!

Very sweet. Thanks.

That's exactly what l'm talking about.
"Drop dead."

That's lovely.

- Hello, Jay.
- Hi ya, Bobby. Did you bring me anything?

There's an omelet and a chef's salad.

Jesus, great. Good choice.

What kind of dressing is this?

House dressing. l don't know. Jay...

l broke up with Mary.

It's over, we're through.

But l thought you said
it was going so good this time.

No. No, no. It wasn't going good.
It's never gone good.

I don't know what happened.
I really feel bad, though. Jesus.


it'll work out, okay?

I mean, it's not the end of the world.
Listen, David called.

And he saw the movie
and everything's fine...

but he wants to go back into Reel 2
and rework one part.

What's wrong with Reel 2?

David says, and l don't necessarily
agree with him on this...

that the whole secret
code part is confusing.

He wants it cut down.

L'm telling you,
you can't give a director video cassettes.

He'll look at this thing,
he'll change it every night.

It's not confusing. It's fine.

Well, l know, but what can we do?

- I think we should get into it right now.
- Now? l'm not going to work now.

I can't work now. l'm a mess. Look.

Maybe l should work.

Maybe l'm taking the wrong attitude.

Yeah, l'm wallowing in this.
Let's work. Come on, let's get into it.

We'll do the best work we've ever done.

Right. That's the right attitude.

Great. Get the comp track and the picture.

- You got it.
- Let's do it.

L'll be all right.

L'm telling you, it's gonna be okay.


I can't work. l'm not that kind of person.
L'm going home.

L'll tell you what. Let me go home...

l'll just settle down,
and l'll come back, all right?

Okay. You know, if you don't feel up to it,
you don't have to come back.

- Good.
- I really think l can get through with dinner.

- Yeah.
- I don't think we're under any pressure now.

- Yeah.
- And listen, if it's any help to you...

l think you did the right thing.

Really? You're not just saying that?

No, no, l mean it. Really.

Look, you two didn't get along,
you said it yourself.

- All you ever did was fight.
- You're right. Thank you, thank you.

That's all we ever did.

L'm telling you, we fought and fought
and then we had great sex.

We never really could talk.

- Do you need to talk?
- "You need to talk"?

That helps? That's supportive?
"Do you need to talk?"

Come on, please, we're men.
Can we have a bond?

Okay. Fuck her.


See you later.

Wait, wait.

Here, take a lude.

L'm alone now. l don't want a Quaalude.

- Take it.
- What am l gonna do, hug myself?

Please, l don't.... Okay.

You got another one?

L'll go to sleep or something.

I mean, Jay, look. l was thinking
about this driving back here.

There's 10 million people
in this city alone.

How difficult can it be
to find one perfect person?

- It's not that big a deal.
- I haven't, but maybe you can.

I don't know.

"l haven't"?
That's how you're gonna send me out?

- Please, come on.
- Okay, you can find the perfect person.

And so can you.

And so can l.

You gotta look. You have to open your eyes
and look. They're out there.

Okay, thanks.

- L'll talk to you later.
- Okay.

- Take it easy, Bobby.
- Okay.

Who called me?

I didn't turn this on. l can't believe it.

Why buy it?

You gotta turn it on
if you're gonna buy one.

A great day. It's a great day.

At the tone the time will be...

8.?04 and 20 seconds.

She's always right.


- Hi, Jay.
- Bobby.

- How you doing?
- Okay. You got home okay, huh?

No, l'm in the hospital.

Yes, of course l got home.
What do you mean?


Listen, do you want me to come back
and help or something?

No, no, Look....
I'm really doing really good here.

- Yeah?
- No, I don't mind working alone tonight.

You know, that's funny you said that.

I was thinking, driving home,
alone's kind of a nice place to be.

I don't mean just in work, l mean in life.

I mean, it's good to be alone sometimes,
isn't it?

- Yeah.
- One isn't the loneliest number.

You know what l'm trying to say?

Yeah, I do.

Well, I'm going to get back to work now,
ail right?




I feel horrible.

I mean, l really feel bad.
I don't know what's the matter.

This is affecting me much worse
than l thought. l feel real bad.

Take the Lude. You'll feel better.

I took them. l took them both.

I took them before l left
and l don't feel any better.

- You took them both?
- Yes. l don't feel any better at all.

L've this little tingling,
but l don't feel better.

- You should just Lie down and relax, okay?
- Were these good?

Were these good or bad?

Of course they're good.

Well, why don't l feel better?

You feel tingling, right?

- Yeah.
- Tingling is good.

- All right?
- Right.

- Okay.
- Okay.

All right. You sure you don't want me
to come back and help?

I really would stay in for the night
and get some rest, really.

All right.

- Okay?
- All right. Maybe l'll come back.

- L'll leave it up to me.
- Okay.

- Okay.
- Positive thoughts.

- Okay.
- Okay?


I feel better.

I feel pretty good.

L'll go lie down now.

I can't sleep.



Hi. How you doing?

L'm doing fine. How are you?

I'm okay. You all right?

Jay, listen.

I didn't tell you this before,
and l think l should tell you now.

I love you.

I mean, in the right way.

I think you're an amazing guy...

and l think l just love you.

The ludes kicked in, right?

"The ludes kicked in."

Give me some credit, will you?

"The ludes kicked in."

Look, this has nothing to do with ludes.

It's just a person saying
to another person...

- that l love you, okay?
- Okay.

I mean, sometimes
you go through a whole life...

and you don't say it and it's too late.

How many times have you wanted to say it
to your parents...

and then your parents are in the grave
and then it's too late. Okay.

Okay, you're right. Thank you.

- Okay. Okay.
- It makes me feel good.

I had a friend in high school, l don't
know if l ever told you about this...

but he was a very, very
good friend of mine.

He was the kind of guy who...

no matter what he had for lunch,
he gave it to you...

- Yeah.
- to me.

Well, l loved him.

And the fact is that he was hurt...

in an automobile accident and l never
really got a chance to tell him.


Yeah, Bobby, Look, I'm gonna get back
to work now, okay, pal?

Yeah. Okay. l just....

You understand what l'm saying?


- I just love you, okay?
- Okay.

- Okay.
- Okay.

You're a beautiful guy.

And you're the best assistant editor
l've ever met.

- Okay?
- Yes, thank you.

You take that as a compliment?

- Yes, I do.
- Okay.

Okay, Listen, you've had a rough day.
Why don't you get some sleep? Okay?

Okay. Can you get more ludes?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Well, l'd like to get maybe a hundred.

- A hundred Ludes?
- Well, see what you can do, okay? l'll pay.

- Yeah, all right.
- All right, don't worry about it. l love you.

- We'll talk tomorrow.
- Okay.


That's a great guy.



That's a great guy, Petie.

If you were a guy, you'd love him.

Or if he were a bird, he'd love you.

I want to hear some music.

God, l have so many great albums.

I love my albums. l love them, l love them.

Here's an album.


Music is the...

doctor of the soul.

What do you think, Petie? Good beat?

Good beat, good beat?

I don't like this song.

It makes me sad.

It's no time for music.

God, Beethoven was an amazing guy.

He was deaf and yet he still made music.

Actually, that probably was a plus.

Look at my friends.

Look how many friends l have.

God, l got a lot....

l got a lot of nice friends.


Ellen, Ellen, out of the past.

Ellen. Petie, Ellen.


- Hello.
- Ellen?


Robert Cole.

Robert! Hi.


- Yeah.
- I know.

Ellen, hi.


- Do you know why l'm calling?
- No.

'Cause l have deep feelings for you.

What are you doing tomorrow night?


Okay. l want to take you out, okay? 8:00?

- Would that be nice?
- Yeah, it's fine.

All right. Here's what l want to do.

Now listen to this,
'cause you're not gonna believe it.

L'm going to surprise you,
it's going to be like The Price is Right.

It's going to be like a game show.

You don't know where we're going,
l don't either...

but l'm gonna plan it,
l'm gonna plan a restaurant...

l'm gonna go to the beach.
We're going to have like a....

l'll blindfold you, l'll pick you up,
l'll handle the whole evening.

And, Ellen, you're gonna have the best time
you've ever had in your entire life.

And, Ellen, this could be serious. Okay?


I didn't even think you liked me.

Ellen, don't be paranoid.

"Didn't think you liked me."

Please, Ellen, l have love for you.

Okay? Okay?


Where do you live?

On Clark. Remember?

Okay. l didn't have the address here,
but now that.... l was there, right?

- Yes, you were.
- Same place.

Okay. l will be there at 8:00.

Ellen, this is gonna be special.

- Okay?
- Okay.


Petie, Ellen and Robert.

Can you say "Ellen"? Ellen. Ellen.

A call. A call.

Mr. Popularity. Mr. Popularity.

- Hello.
- Hello, Robert?

- Hi.
- Harry.

Harry. How you doing, Harry?
What a great pleasure to hear from you.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

Listen, I've got to ask you something.

Who's gonna work on that Schlesinger film?

What do you mean?

Do you know
if they need an assistant editor?

L'll tell you something, you're the best
assistant editor in the world...

so l think you ought to work on it.

You want me to put a good word in for you?

- You'd do that?
- You got it.

- That'd be great.
- You got it.

By the way, how's Mary doing?

What do you mean?

Well, I just gotta tell you, I mean...

she's a great girl. I mean...

you don't see girls Like her very often.

I just think she's terrific.

You're a very Lucky guy. You really are.

What do you mean?

Well, she's really incredible.

I mean, usually when a
girl’s that beautiful...

they're an asshole, but not her.

She's really terrific, that's ail.

Okay, l'm not going with her
anymore, okay?

Jesus, I'm sorry.

Yes, okay, l'm sorry, too,
but l'm not going with her anymore.

What happened?

Well, you know what happened,
just the way nature makes it happen.

L'm not going with her. It's just....
That's all l can tell you, okay?

So let's not praise her anymore, okay?

This is really crazy, but...

would it be rude if I asked her out,
do you think?

I mean, I don't even
know if she Likes me...

but if she did, maybe, you know,
we could....

I mean, do you think that'd be rude?

- You're a scumbag.
- What?

You're trash.
You ought to go live in an ash can.

- Wait a minute.
- What the hell do you mean, ask her out?

- You said you weren't going out with her.
- Well, maybe l'm lying.

What are you, Mr. Scumbag?
Why don't you move right in?

Here, l'll tell you what. l'll move
out of my house, you move right in, okay?

- C alm down.
- You want my parents' number?

- You want to get my will?
- Hey, calm down, all right?

What do you mean, calm down?
Come on, Attila the Hun.

Jesus Christ, Harry,
what the hell are you doing?

You're Mr. Trash Can.

- I'm just trying...
- "Can l take her out?"

Why don't you find your own dates? Okay?

Calm down.
I'm just trying to meet people, that's ail.

Well, go to a dating service. Go to a bar.
Go to some place.

Don't move in on my territory.
Jesus Christ!

I mean, this is incestuous. Okay?

Incestuous? We never even see each other.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

Apparently we....
But you call me for work, don't you?


Jesus Christ!
You know what l'm talking about?

Hey, Look, just forget I called, okay?

Okay, okay. Go back in the trash can,
get a good night's sleep.

Mr. Scumbag!

Jesus Christ!

Harry and Mary!

Don't have sex with Harry.


Don't have sex.

L'll be there in five minutes.

I think that we should talk.
I think it's the wise thing to do.

KIIS-FM is K-I-I-S-FM, Los Angeles.

Be there in a minute.

L'm just.... l'll be there in five minutes.

makes me feel Like growing up.

It's 8.?21. I said growing.

Ron here, and KIIS-FM reminds you...

make money learning skills
in the secretarial field.

For more information,
call SER/Jobs For Progress.


- Good morning, Liz.
- Good morning, Ron.

I haven't said good morning to you....

You did it.

You got through the night.

You helped yourself
make it through the night.

You didn't get a hold of her, that's fate,
now you're on your own.

Your first new day.

You look all right. You're doing okay.

Oh, shit!

A great start. Great start.

Hello. Hello!

- Hi.
- Hi.

Say, l have a dead battery.
Do you have any jumper cables?

- I think my husband has some in the garage.
- Great. Could l use them?

- Sure, be my guest.
- All right, l'll push my car back...

No. l need your car. l need your car!

- Jay?
- Bobby.

- How you doing?
- Great. You feeling better?

- Yeah, l think l do. l feel pretty good.
- Good.

L'm gonna be late.

I have to jump-start my car.
I have a bad battery, okay?

It's okay, don't worry about it. I think
I did some really good work Last night.

- What did you do?
- Well, I made those changes in Reel 2.

- Yeah.
- You know, the ones we talked about?

- Yeah. They work?
- I think they work fine.

When does David want to see this?

Sometime tomorrow morning.

L'm wondering if you really
even need me today. What do you think?

No, I'm fine.

I mean, l'll tell you here,
l'd like one whole day...

to just kind of get my life back in shape,
and it sounds like you did good.

Maybe l'll just kind of not come in.

- Okay.
- You're a buddy.

L'll check in later anyway,
you know, by phone.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- Feel better.
- L'll talk to you later.

- Bye-bye.
- All right. That's great. All right.

Robert Cole, everything you do
from this moment on...

will only make you feel better.

Better, stronger, and healthier.
Just keep repeating it.

Better, stronger, and healthier.

Health, health, vitamins.
Let's take vitamins.

Where are my vitamins?

Out of B?

Ginseng. No ginseng.

I got E. l got E.

The old standby.

Got to get some new E.


- Hi. How you doing?
- L'm doing okay.

L'll tell you, l just broke up with
somebody, so l'm trying to feel healthy.

- I want to get some new vitamins.
- You broke up with somebody.

Yeah. You're gonna need C, magnesium....

How you doing?

- Fine. How are you?
- How do l look?

- You look fine.
- Hit this.

L'm in great shape. How about yourself?

L'm all right.

- Okay. You're a new runner, huh?
- Why? Do l look out of shape?

No, it's just that you're looking
at cheap stuff.

- This is not serious running stuff.
- Why?

They put everything in one box,
and then they knock the price down.

- You buy it, you wind up bringing it back.
- Oh. All right, well, l am serious.

Here's the thing,
l just broke up with somebody...

and l'm trying to start a new life...

and l feel that running
should be a major part of it.

You want happiness?

Get away from the box. Come over here.

- What size shoe do you wear?
- 1 1 "D."

You're a lucky man. l got one left.

It's the best we got.


This whole box says $70.
I mean, isn't this a lot for just shoes?

Those shoes are made out of old tires.

Is that the way
you want to start your new life?

No. All right, l'll take these.

- Good choice.
- L'll try them on.

No, you don't have to.
That's the beauty of them.

They're guaranteed to fit.
If they don't, bring them back.


Okay, sweats. l'm 6'4".
What are you, about 5'1 1"?

- L'm six feet.
- Okay, how do you like these?

- Pretty nice.
- $75.

That's too expensive. l don't think....
l mean, that's expensive.

I got cheaper stuff. But if you
sweat in it, you get a skin rash.

All right. l'll take this.

Take them? Okay, you'll need two.
That's $150.

- No, wait. l'll take one. l don't want two.
- And the shoes?

What are you going to do
if one's in the wash?

Maybe l won't run that day.

I misjudged you. l'm not perfect.

- Buy the box. You'll like it.
- No, no. It's all right.

L'll take these.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

All right, then,
let's get some other little things.

You'll need socks.

You probably don't have
salt tablets, do you?

- No.
- Okay, we got 50.

This should be enough salt tablets.
We got ankle weights, headband...

sweatband, supporters.
You have any supporters?

Okay, l'll get you three of those.

And a wrist wallet.

- That should do it.
- Wait a minute. What's a wrist wallet?

Where are you gonna carry your money?
You gonna run broke?

- No, but there's a zipper in this thing here.
- It's better to keep it on your wrist.

- Okay.
- Okay.

One, two, three.
I don't even miss her, two, three.

One, two, three.
I don't even miss her, two, three.

It's okay.

I miss her. That's okay,
'cause it's a new life.

On your mark, get set, go!

Fidelity Savings.


Mary Harvard, please.

Are Jim and Mary back from Lunch yet?

Jim and Mary.

Jim and Mary, oh, God.
I don't even want to know who that is.

I'm sorry, they're not back yet.

They should be back soon.

L'm sure they will.

L'm sure they'll have kids, too. Thank you.

I beg your pardon?

All right, that's two times and no contact.
Now that's the way it's supposed to be.

You're not supposed to get her, that's
fate. That's what fate is all about, okay?


I can't go out tonight.

I gotta tell her.

I have to stay and be alone.
I just have to be alone.

It's the right thing to do.

Hi, this is Ellen. I'm not home...

but please Leave a message
when you hear the beep.

Ellen, Robert Cole.

L'll be there at 8:00.
L'm just calling to confirm.

All right? See you at 8:00.
Looking forward to it.


Come on, you'll have a good time.
Stop being so negative.

What does she look like?
I wish l could remember.

L'd better buy some dope.

L'd better get some dope.
I don't even have new sheets.

I should get new sheets.
I don't have food here.

L'm not prepared to get laid.

Oh, no.



Hello, honey?

- Mom? Hi, l can't talk.
- I called you at work.

L'm running out. l'm exercising.
May l call you back?

You're exercising.

L'm just through exercising, l'm running
into the shower. May l call you back?

- Where are you going?
- L'm running in now.

I just came in and l'm....
l have to go out again.

- Let me just call you later.
- Okay, all right.

- Wait a minute. How's Mary?
- What?

- L'm not going with Mary anymore.
- What?

Yes, we had a fight and we broke up...

- so let's not talk about her...
- You broke up?

- I don't want to hear her name.
- I thought you two were getting along well.

No, we're not getting along well,
and please don't mention her name. Okay?

- L'm trying to forget her.
- Okay, okay.

- All right.
- Wait a minute. What did you fight about?

It's the same continual fight.
We don't have enough in common.

Sweetheart, you know you have to work
towards having things in common...

no matter who it is.

I'm just wondering how much you've tried.

What do you mean "how much l've tried"?
L'm your son, side with me, will you?

L've tried a lot.

Honey, I'm not siding with anybody.

I just want what's best for you.

All right, it's best l hang up now.
So l'll call you later.

- Okay.
- Okay?

AII right. But Listen...

- Love you...
- I'II be at the beauty shop.

Good, l'll call you there.

- If you feel Like talking, call me.
- I know the number.

- All right, bye-bye.
- Okay, dear, bye-bye.

Fidelity Savings.

Mary Harvard, please.

One moment, please.



All right, that is fate.

That's three times and no contact.

What am l worried about?
Why am l like this? l've got a life.

L'm on my own now. Things are good.

Things are good.

Missing a real good dinner, Mary.

It could have been you

- What are you doing here?
- Where'd you get that dress?

L've had this dress.
What are you doing here?

You're going out on a date, aren't you?

I think you should leave. This isn't fair.

Now you promised me
you wouldn't bother me.

Wait, there's no fair or not fair here now.

You have a date, right?

Robert, l'm closing the door.


All right, close it.

You have a good time tonight.

L'll tell you something.
I don't know where you get this strength.

But l'm sure it's available.
L'm sure it's in stores. l'll find it.

How can she have a date so quickly?

I can't believe it.

I mean, my date was made stupidly.
It was chemicals.

But l'm sure she made a natural date.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- Robert.
- Hi. You wanna come in?

No. Just come on out.

I'II be right down.


Who are you?


- Ellen.
- Yeah.

- You work for Peter Bogdanovich?
- Right.

And we met at the Nickelodeon wrap party.

- Yeah.
- Great. Okay.

I have to level with you.

Last night when l called you,
l had no idea who you were.

I mean, l did on an unconscious level...

but consciously
l was real screwed up last night.

See, l just broke up with somebody, and....
It doesn't matter.

I do know you.
We're going to have a great time. Let's go.

- So you just broke up with somebody?
- Don't even mention it. It's in the past.

It has nothing to do with my life now.
This is the first new date l've had.

- Any place special you'd like to eat?
- It's up to you.

Okay, l know a great
restaurant at the beach.

- Okay.
- Ready?

- Yeah.
- Here we go.

Hey, how you doing tonight?

Here's a special request from Santa Monica.

Mr. Michael Jackson.

- L'm dating too soon, Ellen.
- What?

Listen, l'm sorry,
but l have to go do something.

Let me do it and l'll get all through...

then l'll call you again and maybe we'll
go away for maybe a whole weekend.

Does that sound good?

- Okay.
- That'd be nice, huh?



- Thanks for calling.
- Thank you.

L'll call you again. l had a nice time.


I broke up with somebody,
l'm just gonna buy a few gifts.


Mary, she'll love it.


- Excuse me. l need some help.
- Yes, sir, what can l do for you?

Yeah. Which one of these talk?

- The only ones we have are these right here.
- Okay.

Do any say names of people?
I need like, "Hello, Mary."

No, l don't think so.
They just say general stuff.


- That's about it.
- All right, thanks.

Let me ask you one more question.

Do any apologize?
"l'm sorry," something like that?

Look, l don't have kids
and l don't play with them.

- Sorry.
- All right. Okay. That's all right.

I Love you very much.


Okay. She loved the presents.

Hi, honey, it's Mom.

I haven't heard from you.

Anxious to talk to you.
Give me a call, dear. Bye.

Okay, bye.

Oh, my.

- Hello.
- Hello, dear.

Oh, Mom, l can't talk right now.

L'm expecting a call,
and also l'm right in the middle of work.

There's 20 people here, okay?
Let me call you right back.

You're working so late?

Yeah. We had trouble in the editing,
some electricity went out.

Hold it, l'm coming. Okay?
L'll call you right back.

- How's it going?
- Everything's fine.

But l gotta go now, okay?
Just a minute. l'm coming.

L'll call you right back, okay?

- What happened with Mary?
- Mary's fine. l'll call you back. Okay? Bye.

Wait a minute. Have you...

- Hello.
- Hi ya, Robert.

I can't talk right now.
Can l call you right back?

- Okay. Do you know who this is?
- No.

- Tommy Phillip.
- Tommy, let me call you right back.

- L'm in the middle of something, okay?
- AII right. You have my number?

No, l don't. l'll get a pen. Just a minute.

- AII right.
- All right, got it. What is it?

- 6-5-2...
- Yeah. Just a minute.


Yeah, 3-0.
L'll give you a call right back, okay?

- AII right, great, thanks.
- Okay, bye.

I can't stay home. l gotta get out of here.

What time did you get home?

No, l went by your house,
the lights were out.

Are you dating that doctor again?

There's someone waiting for the booth here.

Why don't l just come on over?

He's there now, isn't he?


I wasn't born yesterday.


This is it. This has got to be it.

I like the giraffe.

Robert, what are we gonna do?

I miss you.

- Hi.
- Mary, l love you.

I love you so much. l love you.

- L'm sorry. l'm sorry. Okay? Really.
- Well, we have to talk about this.

- It happens too much.
- Okay, okay.

Come on, we'll talk about it. Come on.

This is only happening a lot
because l love you.

Yeah, well, sometimes l think
you don't know what love is.

Okay, let me ask you something.

If a person's not home,
and you start driving around their house...

and you drive around and around...

and then you start driving around the city,
and you're going 90 miles an hour...

and you call them every four seconds,
and you don't think about anything else.

What is that? Is that not love?

Maybe that's movie love.

Maybe you've seen that. Maybe you've
worked on so many of your pictures...

that that's what you think it is.
I don't know.

Come on. "Movie love."

l didn't edit one picture in my whole life
where a guy drove around the city.

And anyway, l know the difference
between movie love and real love.

I don't know
what makes me do these things.

It's just some lizard brain in me
or something.

The only thing that makes me think that
it's wrong is that you don't do it.

I do it in different ways.

- You do?
- Yeah, in different ways.

- Really? You drive all around the city?
- Sort of.

And like when you walk into a supermarket,
people won't look at you...

and you can't really talk to anybody
and nobody seems to like you?



This part is perfect, isn't it?

- Yeah.
- Well, we can work out the rest.

- I don't know.
- You do know.

No, we're not on the same wavelength
in every area.

Mary, of course
we're not on the same wavelength.

What are we, air traffic controllers?
I mean, come on.

You can't expect that.

I don't.... Okay.

I don't think you can get everything
from one person.

I don't agree with that.

Okay, well, maybe l don't agree either,
but sometimes we have everything.

- Yeah, l know.
- Okay.


- You love me now, don't you?
- Yes, l love you. l just feel funny.

Well, don't feel funny.

Yesterday you told me
you didn't want to see me.

Cheap talk. l'm here, aren't l?

Maybe because of a weakness?

No, not because of a weakness.

Because if they blindfolded me and they
hid you in the United States, l'd find you.

And if l didn't find you...

l'd find somebody else
and l'd tell them about you.

Sometimes you say beautiful things.

Well, that one l did get from a film.

Remember in Easy Rider,
Dennis Hopper said that to the cop.

It was a nice line.

You don't know nothing.

Where are you? Where you going?

L'm going to work.

No. No. Honey, you can't go to work
dressed like that.

- Why? What's the matter? Don't you like it?
- Look, we have to do some sewing here.

Sweetie, look, put on something else.
Look at that, really. Please.

You're just saying that 'cause you love me.

No, l'm saying that
because your nipples look like eyeballs.

- Honey, put something else on, really.
- I gotta go.

You have wool. Honey, wait a minute.

Why don't you take another dress,
just in case?

Honey, there's people that only rape.
That's all they do. They're out there.


No, change your blades.

Wait, just a moment.

New York...

for an hour, and then New York for an hour.

10:00 at night, 6:00 in the morning.
Those are very private hours.

It's a long call. 10:00 is what?

6:00 is 1:00, and 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00,
10:00 in the morning in New York.

1:00 in the morning in New York,
10:00 in the morning in New York.

Who's in then?

Probably just a person
you're having sex with.

Stop, come on. It's a phone bill.

Now where's the phone bill again? l see it.

Two hours.

What am l doing?

It's none of my business. l'll stop.

Enter. Enter.

We may be trapped here,
but we can do something about it.

You're acting Like little weasels.

How'd you ever make the fleet?

I can communicate
with the fleet’s central computer...

if I can figure out the code.

We've got to have that information.

I believe I know the code, sir.

You know nothing.

Now, I want you to spread out
and search the ship. Go!

Okay. Now, what did you do?

Remember when
Kennedy went down the line...

and he was accusing everyone
of having the codes? "Do you have it?"

- Yeah.
- I cut that.

Great. That's a great cut.
Okay, that's great.

Now, there's something else here
l think we can change.

This is gonna be good.

You're acting Like little weasels.

How'd you ever make the fleet?

I can communicate
with the fleet’s central computer...

if I can figure out the code.

We've got to have that information.

I believe I know the code, sir.

You know nothing.

Okay. All right. This is great.

- The guy who says "l believe l know."
- Yeah.

There should be just a reaction shot
on him...

where he's looking around,
he's not saying anything.

- We got that, right?
- Yeah, it's a trim.

- Okay, get it. This is good. Get it.
- Okay...

- you got it.
- Okay.

- Here you go.
- Okay.

Okay. This is gonna be great.

Here, hold this for a second.
Now, here's what l feel...

and l've felt this for a long time
and it just hit me.

I don't think there's any reason
to have him say:

"l think l know the code,"
and then be told that he doesn't.

Basically we find out in another hour
in the film that he does.

- Why tip it, okay?
- Okay.

Now, what l want to do is...

l'm going to take Kennedy's line out,
"You know nothing."

Then l will put this reaction shot.

Put it in here
and l think we double our suspense.

We'll get this guy looking around...

Kennedy doesn't see him,
the audience does. This has gotta be good.

This is gonna be great.


Okay, watch.


We may be trapped here,
but we can do something about it.

You're acting Like Little weasels.

How'd you ever make the fleet?

I can communicate
with the fleet’s central computer...

if I can figure out the code.

We've got to have that information.

Now, I want you to spread out
and search the ship.

- All right.
- Go!

"Go!" Great, great!

L'm telling you. All right, that's it.
That was it.

- Hello.
- David, hey, look at this.

- No, no, listen to me.
- What?

I think l got something...

that's gonna make the whole
last part of the picture work.

- What?
- Woke up at 5:30 this morning with it.

Can you get two more hours
of dubbing time tomorrow?

- Yeah, maybe.
- Okay, really great.

You know when
Kennedy takes the communicator?

- Yeah.
- And he goes all the way down to Level 4?

Wait, yes.

- And he's running around the passageway?
- Yes.

- He's coming right toward the camera?
- Right.

We've never had the appropriate footsteps.

What do you mean?

The footsteps we have in there
are the real ones.

I think they're muffled, l think we were
on like a carpet that day, remember?

Okay, so we go in there tomorrow
and we get the....

You know the kind of sound
l'm talking about for the footsteps?

You can hear almost a little echo on it.
You get him breathing heavy...

like he's gonna have a heart attack.

You feel his shoulder
come against the door.

It'll get just what we've missed all along.
We'll get that feeling.

- You want to add footsteps.
- No, l think he wants a whole feeling.

Yes. What do you think?

I think.... l don't think we need it.

I think the footsteps we have are fine.

L'm talking about going in there
and getting the "pound, pound, pound"...

and getting the metallic feeling
and going around the corner.

You're saying that's going to be as good
as a man just walking on a carpet?

I thought you'd really.... l'm nuts about...

Okay. Call Todd and see
what we can get tomorrow, okay?

- Okay.
- Good. All right...

- Do you understand what l'm saying?
- I think so.

- "Pound, pound."
- But l mean breathing, too.

Yes, heavy breathing and pounding.
Okay, good. Let me show...

- But that's why it hasn't been working yet.
- All right, we'll do it good.

Let me show you this. You're gonna love it.
Okay? Watch this.

- You're clear on what l'm saying?
- Yes, pound, breathing and walking.

- It'll make it better.
- It'll be good. Okay.

Watch this. l'm excited about it.
You're gonna love it.

- What? What are we seeing?
- Secret code part. Okay?

I think it finally works.

We may be trapped here,
but we can do something about it.

You're acting Like Little weasels.

How'd you ever make the fleet?

I can communicate
with the fleet’s central computer...

if I can figure out the code.

We've got to have that information.

Now, I want you to spread out
and search the ship. Go!

- The machine's broken.
- There.

Something's wrong with that.
What did you do exactly?

First we cut Kennedy going down the line.

Remember when he asks everybody
if they have the code?

Yeah, that's good, but...

where's the guy that says he has the code?

Okay, watch. He's here.

It's the line l'm worried about.
And Kennedy's line following.

Wait. See, there's the guy.
Now we just have a reaction shot.

We've eliminated his line.

What about Kennedy's line?

- What?
- "You know nothing."

No. He can't say that.
Now the guy doesn't say anything.

- I love that line.
- No, no, no.

- I love that line.
- I know, but look, l did a lot of...

I love that line.

I did a lot of thinking here,
listen, please, for one second.

We find out in an hour from now that these
two people are the people involved, okay?

That guy knows the code, Kennedy knows
he has the code. Why introduce it now?

Why not have a little mystery going?

- It's not a mystery, it's a space picture.
- Yes, l know, but it's just...

There's character in that.
"You know nothing."

No, l swear l think it's wrong this way.

This way the audience can see
a little shot of this guy...

That little shot, too. Look at his eyes.

"Something's gonna happen here."
l'm not crazy about that.

That's just what you want
if something's gonna happen here.

Not that way. l'd like to
do it a little subtler.

- I don't think we have any other takes.
- No, so let's do it all the way out.

Let's have him say,
"l think l have the code"...

and Kennedy says, "You know nothing."

You're going to tip it.
You're going to tip it.

Better that than to do
this little mysterious...

No, l totally disagree. Now look.
Here's what l'm saying.

If you're in a theater and you are watching,
the beginning of a movie happens...

and the character in the beginning
of a movie says, "l did it."

And the guy in charge says,
"No, you didn't."

They've already had their confrontation,
though he says, "No, you didn't"...

whatever that means. He's already met them.

This way, there is no confrontation
until an hour later...

yet the audience sees it
and Kennedy doesn't.

That way, what, the audience will
go, "ah," maybe, or maybe...

they'll know, maybe they won't know.
But l think it works better.

You may be right.
But let's do it the other way.

All right, we'll do it the other way.

- Okay.
- Okay.

It's getting exciting.
Tomorrow the footsteps?

- You'll do it?
- Yes.

- You know what l mean?
- Yes, pound.

- You need me there?
- No.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- This is where it really gets exciting for me.
- Okay. See you later.

- Robert.
- Yes?

- Walk me to my car. l just want to....
- Sure.

L'll be right back.

Okay, let me just ask you.
How do you like the movie?

- What do you mean?
- Is it good?

- I think it's pretty good.
- Pretty good?

Well, l mean, maybe it's great.
I just think it's too early to tell.

- I like that ship.
- The ship's good.

And that was the most important thing,
l think, to make it into a personality...

to have the ship almost like a character
that you cared about.

- Yes.
- Lf there are a couple of scenes...

- that aren't good, we'll always have the ship.
- The ship's always there.

You know how we always say,
"in the bowels of the ship"?

We put everything in the bowels of the
ship. We refer to it so many times.

Last night, l'm watching Alien on cable.
They say the monster is in the bowels.


The same word.
They use the same "bowels."

So what do you think?
What are you afraid of?

L'm afraid people will think...

- That we stole it?
- Yeah.

- Come on, Alien was years ago.
- But it was on TV.

I know, but every ship has bowels.
That's the way they refer...

Because l thought
if we were worried about it, we could...

dub in "basement" instead of "bowels."

No, "bowels" is great.
"Bowels" is fine. Okay?

- I love the music.
- The music's good.

I was thinking, they'll say it's
wall-to-wall, but l don't care.

I think it's making such a difference.

I think it's good.


- Okay?
- Okay.

- All right, feel good.
- Okay.

- No, l feel fine.
- Okay.

L'll talk to you later.

L'm having a party tonight at my place.
Bring your girl, come on over.

We'll have some fun.

I wanna prepare for the footsteps
and get a good night's sleep.

Also we broke up and we just got back
together, and maybe we want to be alone.

- Come to the party.
- Okay.

Oh, gosh.

Stop complaining.
You're gonna have a good time.

No, l'll just get questioned a lot.

- Which is the bell?
- Ring the bell.

- Here.
- Don't give it to me. What do you think l am?

I don't know.

- Hey, Robert. Good to see you.
- How are you? l broke your bell.

- The house is rented, don't worry.
- Okay.

- Mary.
- David.

Good to see you. Glad you came.

- Come on in.
- Okay.

- Where's the bathroom?
- Over there, Jerry.

- Mary!
- Hi.

- How are you doing?
- Harvey, yes.

Did we discuss the retroactive...

Wait a second.
She knows somebody already.

- Did we discuss the retroactive thing?
- I think we did a lot of jobs.

L'll be over here if you need me.

- Ed.
- Ed.

Okay, first thing,
have you met George Kennedy?

No, l'm kind of shy,
l don't know if l want to meet him.

- Meet him.
- You know what l'm saying?

- L'll...
- Listen to me?

Tomorrow you have to dub his footsteps.

- L'll introduce you, you look at his feet.
- Look at his feet?

- Yes. It's a good way to do it.
- All right.

- Do it right.
- Okay.

George, this is Robert Cole.
He's cutting the picture.

- Hi, Robert, l'm glad to meet you.
- Hello. Very nice to meet you.

My best stuff, is it on the cutting
room floor or is it in the picture?

No, it's in my car. No,
it's in the picture.

- I think you did real good.
- L'm glad.

Tell him that great story
about your first day at work.

I just want to find Mary...

I do a lot of work over at Universal,
you know, the disaster films.

So on the first day,
l drive through the main gate...

l say hello to Scotty,
and l go on down to makeup.

I sit in the makeup chair with a guy
l've known for 20 years. He makes me up.

We have some coffee,
we sit there for half an hour.

He says, "Let me give you a lift
over to the set in my golf cart."

Did you tell him it was the first day?

- First day of our picture.
- L'm in a golf cart...

l'm driving around, he says,
"What set are you going to?"

l said, "l want to go to the one
where the space sequence is."

He says, "We don't have a set
with a space sequence."

- l said, "Where's the space sequence?"
- He says, "We don't have it."

l said, "Of course l'm going to the set
with the space thing."

- And you argued with him.
- Right, l argue with him, you know:

"Don't kid me, l know where l'm going."

- insisting a picture's there, you see?
- Yes.

Oh, God.

All of a sudden l realize
l've come to the wrong studio.

Meanwhile, across town,
David is having a heart attack.

God! l'm having it now thinking about it.

I get him on the phone, and l mean,
he's just happy to hear that l'm alive.

This is so perfect for the talk shows.
You just gotta do it on Griffin.

What do l have to do, tell everybody
in the world how stupid l am?

People make up stories like this
to go on that show. You got one.

That's a great story.

You're good for talk shows for years
with that.

I don't want to do that anymore.

Yeah, l didn't understand
the beginning part of it, but basically...

- He went to the wrong set.
- Wrong studio.

L'm waiting for him
and he went to the wrong set.

- That's crazy. l'm very happy to meet you.
- Good to meet you, Robert.

- On the first day.
- I know.

- David, l want to ask you a question.
- Yeah.

Who are these people?

- That's Meadowlark Lemon.
- That's right.

- But why?
- He's gonna star in my next movie.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Did you ever see him
with the Globetrotters?

- Sure.
- People love him.

- Come on.
- What?

- Wait, no, l don't want to. l mean...
- Come on.

Meadow, l want you to meet somebody.

Hi. This is Robert Cole.
He's cutting my movie.

- Yeah?
- Yes.

You cut it, huh? That's nice.

- Look, l want to talk to you for a second.
- Yeah? Sure.

Say, who's that girl you came in with?

- Why? What do you.... Why?
- Man, she is hot.

I mean, really hot.


L'll tell her. It was
nice to meet you, okay?

- Yeah, you take care.
- All right. Honey....


What do you mean "no"?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hi, how you doing?
- You have some white on your nose.

- Robert, stop it.
- Who's this?

- L'm sorry. This is my friend, Robert Cole.
- Hi, Robert.

Friend? l think we're more than that.
We're committed.

You wanna go in the bathroom
for a second?

No, l'm very hyper, naturally,
and l don't want to get paranoid.

Also l have to get up early,
so could we leave?

- What do you do?
- L'm a film editor.

- I cut the film David's working on.
- Great.

Anyway, what do you do?

L'm between gigs right now.
L'm slowly getting into film.

- Good.
- He banks at Fidelity.

- That's where l recognized him from.
- Really?

- You're at the best bank.
- I know, she works there.

I know. She has to get up early, too,
so maybe we could leave?

- I don't know, l'm kind of up.
- I wonder why.

Look, if you want, l'll drive her home.

Honey, you know, it's up to you, but
basically, l kind of planned a surprise.

- A surprise?
- We use the zoom too much.

- We what?
- We use the zoom too much.

- That's what was bothering me.
- Wait a minute.

- Look, you can stay if you want.
- No, l want to go. We'll go.

- Okay, good.
- You're going now?

- What about the zoom?
- I think it's great.

Because we could just come in at the end
with a couple of zooms.

We could just come in at the end
with a couple of zooms.

- Okay.
- Like two less would help.

- Okay, l'll think about it on the way home.
- Okay. Footsteps!

I mean, l don't want to be the grouchy one.
You could've stayed if you wanted to.

It's okay. l mean, l
already said it was okay.

You see, what l feel is
we should be alone now.

We're in a mending process,
we shouldn't be with other people.

But it just seems to me that
we're almost always in a mending process.

We don't mend anymore than normal.

Listen, l've got a great idea.

Tomorrow night, let's pretend like we've just
met, we'll have like a first date. Okay?

L'll pick a romantic restaurant
with flowers. Look at you.

I will have just met with you...

- Robert.
- Oh, my God.

What do you think?

I think what you've got is fine.

No, l know, but the director hates it,
so what can we do?

- What do you want to do?
- I want to get some kind of pounding.

Some kind of noise
when he's coming through that corridor...

like he's running hard and heavy.
Pounding, l guess, is what l want.

- Pounding.
- Do you have any stock stuff that's good?

Why don't you try to put in The Hulk?

Yeah, we should hear that. That could work.

- Let's try The Hulk.
- The Hulk’s too slow.

- No, we have Hulk running, don't we?
- Hulk running. Let's try that.

Even running is too slow.

Well, l'll tell you what, let's try it,
maybe we'll get lucky, okay?

Put up The Incredible Hulk
on Effects Number 3.

What do you want, Buzz, standard Hulk?

No, Hulk running.

Oh, no.

It'll take a few minutes.
I don't think he's going to find it.

I bet he does.
He always seems to eventually.

- We on a break now?
- Sure.

Okay, l'm going to go to my car, right?
L'll be back in a minute.

- Want a cup of coffee?
- Please.

- What time is it?
- About 4:30.

Fidelity Savings.

Mary Harvard, please.

Mary, telephone.

That's some dress.

You Look beautiful.

Thank you. Hello.

He likes those dresses, huh?
L'm telling you.

I'm real busy. C an I call you right back?

Yeah, that's okay.
L'm just checking about dinner.

L'm thinking maybe we'll go downtown
and eat Italian. What do you think?


When? What do you mean? Tonight.

Robert, Look, can I call you back?

What's wrong?

Listen, I may have to work tonight.

Why? What kind of work?

Jim is gonna take these clients out to
dinner and he asked if I'd come along.

You can't come along.
I mean, we have this planned.

We didn't make any definite plans.

- Well, l...
- Look, this just came up now...

and it's not even for sure.
Let me call you back, okay?

All right. l'll tell you what, though,
l'm still counting on it.

- I'II call you back.
- All right. Do you know the number here?


How would l call long distance here?

Dial 5-1.




Who is this?

Well, who is this?

Well, l'm calling a doctor.
Dr. Harman, please.

Doctor? No, babe, I ski.

- Not there?
- No.

- Is he in later?
- No, he doesn't Live here, okay?

All right, l got a mistake.
L'm calling a doctor.

- Okay, you wanna hear these Hulks now?
- Yeah. Yes. Thank you.



- Let's hear what this sounds like.
- All right.

- Careful, it's hot.
- I think it's a waste of time.

Good. We'll see it.

Okay, let's go.

Hold it, hold it, hold it.

- Kill the projector.
- What is that?

I told you, it's too slow.

Too slow? Forget that. The guy's screaming.

- It didn't say that. It said "Hulk running."
- Write in "Hulk screaming." That's the effect.


Okay. We're gonna have to
do this ourselves. All right?

L'll have to Foley it. So what kind
of surface can you give me to run on?

- What do you want?
- What do you have?

- Here?
- Yeah.

Linoleum, gravel or concrete. lf you
want anything else, it'll take a day.

No, it's now. What do you think?

What do you think that surface
looks like to you?

- That hallway.
- Carpet.

It is.
L'm just saying it more in terms of what...

in the reality of the motion picture,
it looks like.

What do you think? It's a spaceship.

What kind of surface
might he be running on?

I don't know. Space floor?

- Okay.
- Fine.

Look, why don't we just use the concrete,
okay? It'll work.

Would you set up
the concrete floor? Please.

Concrete's pretty heavy
for a spaceship, isn't it?

This is a real special ship.
Would you just set it up?

Okay, now, l have to carry something
to simulate that....

- The communicator.
- Okay.

How much do you think that thing weighs?

Maybe about 100 pounds.

- That could be a little heavy.
- Okay, what about 50 pounds?

- What do you think?
- What do l think of what?

The thing that George Kennedy's
carrying there, the communicator.

How much you think that weighs?

Maybe it doesn't weigh anything.
Did you ever think of that?

Maybe it's up on one of those planets
that has no gravity.


Could we please just do this ourselves,
all right?

Look, this could be good. Look, look.

- The water bottle?
- Yes.


This is good. All right?
Okay, now l gotta run.

- Don't go around the table.
- Okay. All right.

Gotta get out of breath.
He's running down the ship, okay?

- Okay. Here we go.
- One flight.

Okay, there's Level 1 . Okay, running.

Chase me. Chase me. Come on. Chase me.

- The coffee.
- Chase me.

Chase me. Damn it, chase me.
Jesus, here we go.

Don't chase me now. l've gotten away
from you. l'm going down the hall.

Look, l've escaped.

Here l come. l've escaped.
L'm gonna go. Go!

- That looked good. That's good, huh?
- Sounded great.

Okay, let's run it back.
Let's take a look at it.

Give us a little bit of echo
and some low end.

- All right!
- Fantastic. It works.

I think so. What do you think?

- I think you saved the picture.
- Okay, we're through. That's it.

It's a wrap.

Okay. We've got Heaven's Gate...

the short version, in here at 8.?00.



Mary Harvard, please.

She's gone for the day.

No, no, she couldn't be.

Could you look around?

No, sir, she's gone.

I think that's impossible. Where'd she go?
Do you know?

Well, I don't know. I just know she's gone.

Did she go home?

Who is this?

Look, this is her brother
and l have to get a hold of her.

There's an emergency.

They all went out, there
were a lot of people.

Okay. Do you know where they went?
There's some sickness, l have to tell her.

Where did they go?

I don't know. They might have gone
to the Imperial Gardens.

Okay. Thank you. You might have
saved a life. l appreciate it.

Yes, can l help you?

No, l'm just looking for somebody.
Thank you.

I see them. Thank you.

Yeah, Jim knows all about this stuff.
You should talk to him.


- Robert!
- Yes.

What are you doing here? Why are you...

What do you mean?
What are you doing here? l thought....

l thought we made that clear.

No, you made nothing clear.
Can we talk for a second?

- Hi. Jim, l think.
- Yes.

- How are you? Could we talk for a minute?
- Okay. We'll just be a minute.

Excuse me. Relatives.


And l'm catching a plane and l just
need to talk to her for a moment.

- L'm sorry.
- How are you?

- Be back in just one minute.
- Hello.

- Thank you.
- Why are you here?

I just wanted to talk to you.
Why are you here?

I told you, l'm working.

No, you said you were gonna call me.

I tried to call you. The line was busy.

The line was busy?
Just sit down for a minute.

The line was busy.

Even the phone company advises, try again.

It's an easy thing to do.

- Robert, these people are leaving. All right?
- Okay, fine.

Why are you the only woman there?

- I mean, l'm just curious.
- What do you mean?

I mean, why do you always
have to do the entertaining?

Isn't there one other woman in the....
All right, l'm being silly.

- Look, say goodbye, let's go eat, okay?
- You don't seem to understand.

L'm working now. Okay?
L'm going to eat here.

Now l have to get back over there.
L'll talk to you later. All right?

Wait a minute.
Maybe l'm being unreasonable...

but l think this hangs me up.
I think this is unfair.

L'm very sorry that it hangs you up.
You shouldn't have come here like this.

This is my job. You're embarrassing me.

What if l just
dropped into the editing room?

You'd never drop in the editing room.
L'd be thrilled.

- You don't care that much.
- This is making me very angry.

L'm going back over there.
L'm going to finish this dinner...

and l will talk to you later. All right?

Look, Mary, l don't know
what the hell we're doing.

Robert, do not yell in this restaurant.

- L'm not kidding. l wouldn't do this to you.
- I was not yelling.

What do you mean, you wouldn't do it
to me? We're fine. Thank you.

You did it to me. l'm here. l'm alone now.
L've got nothing to do.

What am l going to do?
Just wander down the street and eat alone?

I mean, l feel horrible.

What did you expect to find
when you came here?

What do you mean?

I mean, what did you expect?
Did you think l'd be fucking these men?

Did you think l'd just take my boss
and give him head on the table?

- That's what l think you think.
- No. Okay, all right.

- Do you want to know why l came here?
- Yes.

- You want to know?
- Yes.

All right, it's a surprise,
but l'll ruin it right now.

I planned a whole weekend, Mary.

The most romantic weekend
anybody could have ever had.

I made reservations,
and tonight was the night...

l was going to tell you about it. Okay?

- You didn't make any reservations.
- I didn't? May God strike me dead if l didn't.

All right? But that's okay.
L'll tell you what.

You go back, have dinner with them...

and l'll see you later. Okay?

You're not going to stop me, are you?
You're not gonna say, "Wait, darling."

You're gonna let me walk to the beach.
Come on.

Come here. Come here.

Now you gotta learn to
trust me a little bit.

This kind of thing can't continue to
happen. l can't function this way.

Mary, l love you so much that....

Look, just come away with me
this weekend, all right?

Where did you make reservations?

Well, l didn't.

But l'll tell you what, if God strikes
me dead because of that, l'll take it.

That's how much l love you. Okay?

Now, l will. l'll make them right now.
Where do you want to go?

L'll make reservations
anywhere in the world.

I don't wanna go away like this.
I don't wanna fight this way.

L've got a lot of work
to do and so do you...

so why don't we just wait a week
and we'll go away next weekend? Okay?

- Do you love me?
- Yes, l love you.

Then go away with me this weekend.

All right.

Great. That's what l wanted. Great.
I feel great.

Okay, now l will make reservations.
L'll plan the whole thing.

A big surprise. l won't tell you.

L'll pick you up tomorrow. As a matter
of fact, wait, let's leave right now.

- Come on, we'll make a stand. Let's go now.
- I can't leave now.

Okay, l'm acting stupid.

Go. Go in, finish your dinner,
have a good dinner...

when you get home, if it's not too late,
give me a call. All right?

- All right.
- You're not gonna call me, though.

No, l'm gonna work late.
L'll probably just go home and go to sleep.

- We'll go away tomorrow.
- Okay. All right.

I love you very much, Mary.

- I know you do.
- All right.

"l know you do." l guess that's
the same as "l love you, too."

Sure. Okay.

Hi, honey.

You look good.

Here you go. There you are.

I got some little fruit.

- That's nice.
- Look.

- You're sweet.
- Okay. Here we go.

Hold these. l love you.

- Where are we going?
- Come on, l want to keep it a surprise.

Oh, but it's not fair. You have to tell me.

All right, l'll give you some clues,
you guess.


- It's high in the mountains.
- Okay.

Warm in the summer,
yet it snows in the winter.

It's near Palm Springs...

and babbling brook by the door.

- Where is it?
- Where?

Come on, guess.

- I don't know.
- All right, l'll give you more clues.

- It snows in the winter.
- Okay.

- And it's in the mountains.
- No, you already said that.

- All right, then l have no more clues. Guess.
- I don't know. l can't guess.

- Okay, Idyllwild.
- Idyllwild? Where's that?

- You've never heard of that?
- No.

It's great. It's where they have
this summer music festival. It's beautiful.

It's way up in the mountains. Beautiful.

Can l have a grape?


- So what did you do today?
- Those men l had dinner with last night...

they came over
and gave the bank their entire account.

Really? What do they do?

- They work for Yamaha.
- The pianos?

The motorcycles.

- It's the same thing, isn't it?
- Yeah, but they work for the motorcycles.

Anyway, they've got this deal to construct
motorcycles in southern California...

and all of the money is going to go
through our bank.

- It sounds exciting.
- Yeah.

So what are you thinking about?

I guess l was thinking about that account.

What are you thinking about?

What if l told you l was thinking
about that account, too?

Wouldn't that be great?

No, l was thinking about work
and the preview.

And l'm thinking about the trip.

- L'm anxious to see this place.
- We're getting there.

Come here, l love you. Give me a kiss.

No, watch out,
you're gonna have an accident.

What, l'm not going to have an accident.
L'm fine.

A kiss is more important
than life anyway, isn't it?

Yeah, but just wait
until we get up there, okay?

All right.

But a kiss is more important
than life, isn't it?

Wait right here. l'll check in, okay?

- It's beautiful.
- Isn't it?

And do you know how close we are to LA?

- There it is.
- This is nice.

Isn't it great? Look.

Look, there's a little kitchen
and a little dining room.

This is great.

Sweetie. A little bedroom.

Nice? Romantic?

This is great.

Let me get this fire going.

Now look what they do here.
It's like a great hotel.

See, they make kindling and everything.
You strike a match and you're in business.

It snows here?

You suppose there's a phone
in here somewhere?

No. There's no phone in the cabin.
Well, l mean, there's a pay phone. Why?

- I have to call Susan.
- Why?

She said she might stay at my place
while l'm gone...

and l forgot to tell her
where l hid the key.

- Okay.
- L'll just be a minute.

Okay. Come back soon.


- Hi, honey.
- Hi.

Welcome back.

- That's a nice fire.
- Thank you.

Come over here for a minute. Sit down.

- You seem happy.
- I am happy.

I mean, you seem happier
since the phone call.

What do you mean?

Who did you call?

Susan. What are you talking about?

The other morning
when l was staying at your house...

l accidentally came across your phone bill.

And who would you call
in New York at 11:00 at night...

which would be 2:00 in the morning there,
and talk for an hour...

and then call at 7:00 in the morning
and talk for another hour?

Are you in love with somebody
in New York?

Why don't you go through
the rest of my fucking mail?

No, I wasn't going through.... Honey.

Just a minute.

Would you wait a minute?

I was not looking through your mail.
I was looking for a razor. Okay?

If you really wanted to know anything
about me, l'd tell you...

but you don't want to know
anything anyway...

so what the hell difference
does it make who l call?

It's just sometimes we have difficulty
finding a level on which to communicate.

We will never find a level on which
to communicate.

All right, stop it. Let's
not yell out here.

Mary, that's full of snakes.
Now come on, come back here.

This is silly. l mean, what did l do wrong?

Just tell me, okay?

L'm standing with lather on my face.
What am l supposed to do?

Okay, l don't want to talk about anything.
Now l think we should just go back.

What do you mean, go back?

Honey, what did l do wrong here?
What if you came across my phone bill...

what do you think you'd do?
You'd look at the numbers.

That's your whole life, numbers.
You work in a bank.

What difference does it make?

Do you want to know who it is?

It's my brother's girlfriend, okay?


All right, so l asked a question
and you answered me. It's not so difficult.

You don't have to tell me it's your
brother's girlfriend, if it isn't.

I mean, l can take it,
let's just get it over with.

Who was it really? Hurt me.

- God, there's something wrong with you.
- No, there isn't. l'm in love.

- That's not it.
- Yes.

- No.
- Yes, l'm in love. l love you.

I called the number, okay? A guy answered.

Obviously a guy isn't
your brother's girlfriend.

So who is he? You slept with him? Twice?

- L'm going home.
- All right, hold it.

Just stop. Give me the bag. Listen to me.

I could't help calling.
I called because l love you.

I mean, it's not so difficult to make a
call. You press a few numbers, it's done.

- How could you call that number?
- L'd want you to call the number.

- L'd want you to feel that way.
- It's an invasion of my privacy.

What should be private?

Look, we weren't even together then.
That was August. You left me, remember?

What was l supposed to do,
not make friends?

I didn't make any friends.
I didn't make one long distance call.

Do you want to see my bill
during those months? $8. $8.50.

All right, this is a stupid argument.

Look, l've got your bag here.

Can we just have some fun, please?

We can't even have one good night together.

We could have a good night together.
We're trying to work through this shit.

This is how people do it.
You have to work it out.

Sit down.

I don't think we should
go together anymore.

This is too painful for me.
I can't do this.

It's over.

Marry me.

- Marry you?
- Be my wife.

Listen to me, listen.

I know you think l'm crazy.

And l know about all of our differences...

but l love you more than
anybody l've ever met.

Why do you think l act the way l do?

Why do you think
l drive around your house?

Do you think l circle everyone's house?

I don't know what to say.

I don't think you want a man
who doesn't do that.

Do you want somebody who doesn't think
about you every single minute?

Do you want someone who doesn't care
where you are or who you're talking to...

or where you're going,
or what you're wearing?

I don't think so.
I want the same things you do.

I want to give you everything l can.

I want the house
and the white picket fence...

and l want to go to the country
in the summer...

and have a dog and animals.

I think we should have children, Mary.
I think we'd have great kids.

I mean, l love you. l know l love you.

You know l love you, too.
What do you think we're doing up here?

Now l think all of our trouble
comes from the fact...

that we haven't made the commitment.

I think if we just make it, it'll be fine.

I think that's the problem.
I know it, l know it is.

So, let's do it, all right? Just say yes.
L'm asking you to be my wife.

L'm asking you to marry me.

And l want you to say yes.

Please, please do it. Please say yes.

Say yes to me, please say yes.

- Yes.
- Yes?


- You said it.
- Yes.

I love you. l can't believe it. l love you.

Okay. Now you watch, you watch.

It's gonna be perfect. l promise.


Perfect. Perfect.