Mix Up in the Mediterranean (2021) - full transcript

A small-town cook impersonates his big city chef twin to compete in a culinary contest and falls for the woman in charge of the event, who thinks he is the brother who is married.

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Josh, Mrs. Rayburn says

she's gonna start
eating the placemat

if her lunch isn't ready
in the next two minutes.

Yeah, I know. I just--

I got a little inspired,

I thought we could
try something.

What is that?

It's a baked Alaska.

It's my mother's recipe,

with a few little twists
that I added onto it.

Josh, you are a cook

in a diner in Yakutat, Alaska.

The customers want pie!

Just stick to the menu.


(horns honking)

Julia, I want this hotel.

And you know what happens
when I want something,

so let's just skip
to the part where I get it

and save ourselves
some time, okay?


Acquiring a hotel
in a castle in Europe

is harder than I expected.

(chuckling) Well, sure.

I mean,
who can't relate to that?

No, I know.

I'm a few minutes late.
I had to pack.

I'm flying to Malta tomorrow?
- Oh, yeah.

That cooking show is this week.

Dad, the 87th Annual

International Escoffier
Culinary Competition

is not a "cooking show".

It's like the Olympics
for rising chefs.

You could always come back
and work for me again.

Event planning
is what I love to do,

and I wanna do it
without the help

of my father and his company.

Westcott Enterprises is
the most prestigious hotelier

in the world.

Both: We have properties in
more than two dozen countries.

I know.

Including Hotel Phoenicia
in Malta

where you're doing
your cooking--

culinary competition.

And I appreciate you
letting us host it there.

I really need
to prove myself.

What's the point
in building an empire

if your only child
doesn't wanna run it?

It's because I want
to build my own empire.

I need mushrooms.

Julian, where's Julian?

Somebody get me Julian.
Ooh, mushrooms!

(phone ringing)

Hello. Please tell me
this is somebody offering me

a free trip
to a deserted island.

You're going to Malta
next week, Henry.

Pretty sure that's an island.
What more do you want?

The list is long, Josh,
my friend. Very, very long.

Right. Hey, where's Julian?

Where do you think he is?

He's shaking hands
and kissing babies.

Mr. Westcott.

I saw your name
in the reservation.

Listen, I just wanted
to introduce myself.

I am Chef Julian Northrup.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.

This is my daughter Meg.

- Hello.
- Hi! We're act--

Mr. Westcott, I would just love
to talk about working together.

Perhaps partnering my
restaurants with your hotels?

Well, we have a food
and beverage department,

although we need
someone to run it.

Dad, I'm sure he has
bigger things to worry about.

He's one of our chefs.

I'm sorry,
"one of your chefs"?

Uh, yes. I'm actually running
the culinary contest in Malta.

Oh, I thought that Heike Mueller
was in charge of that.

Oh, yes.

Uh, well, she runs
the Academy and the contest.

I am running the event.

but you're not in charge

of the actual
picking of the winner.

Uh, no.
That would be the judges.

Oh, well that's okay.
That's okay.

Of course someone
has to be there to, um,

make sure that the trophy
can be handed to me when I win.

Of course.

Wow, you're very confident.

Well, that's a good thing,
isn't it?

Mr. Westcott, I'm gonna whip up
something extra special

just for you.

Bon appétit.

Brother's on the phone.

Julian on phone:
What's up, little brother?

Okay, you're
five minutes older than me.

Oh, still counts. How's AK?

Cold. How's NYC?

Same. But, you know,
with fewer moose.

(Josh chuckling)

I just wanted to call

to wish you luck
at the Escoffier.

Listen. Um,

I am allowed one extra guest
for the competition

and I was thinking maybe
you would want to come.

To Malta? That--
Yeah, I can't do that.

I can buy you
the plane ticket

if that's what
you're worried about.

I can afford
my own plane ticket, Julian.

I didn't mean that!

Didn't mean what?

That you're a big, fancy chef
with your bistro in New York

and I'm just a lowly cook
at a diner in Yakutat?

Josh, why are you still there,

It's not like it's even
a famous restaurant anymore.

Yeah, well, it's gonna be.

L'histoire se répète.

Why do you pretend
that you're French?

I hate that.
You grew up in Alaska.

What does that even mean?

It means history repeating.

You are passing up
on a trip to Malta.

You passed up on my offer to
get out of that greasy kitchen

and come work here
when Dad died.

You passed up on a scholarship

to one of the best
culinary schools in Paris.

That was 15 years ago.
Somebody had to stay behind.

Mom had just passed away.
- Dad wanted us to go.

Well, I wanted to stay.
And I still wanna stay!

Josh, come to Malta.

Some of the best chefs in
the world are gonna be there,

you can see what cooking's like
outside of Yakutat.

And besides, Henry and I,
we haven't seen you

since our wedding and talking on
the phone once every few months

is just not good enough.
For him.

Kinsella: Three cheeseburgers
and a grilled cheese!

And no fancy stuff!

Fine, I'll come. I gotta go.
Talk to you later.

Oh my gosh! Annie, hi!

- Oh!
- Oh!

I was so happy to hear
you were managing the hotel.

It's great to see you.
It's looking fabulous!

Oh, just wait
until you see it on camera.

And it's going
to be livestreamed

for the entire world
to see.

Oh my gosh!
- Oh! Oh, I'm sorry.

I am so sorry. I--

Uh, I was not paying attention
to where I was going.

No, it's, uh...
that was my bad.

(nervous chuckling)

So, welcome to Malta.

Thank you! Yeah, it's um...

..it's beautiful, here.

Is it? I actually haven't even
had time to explore yet.

Uh, you know, I actually
have the same suitcase.

Really? I'm pretty sure
this one's mine.

See, it's, uh...yep. Got my
lucky hat in it and everything.

That's actually where I keep
my extra chocolate.

Your extra chocolate?

I always travel
with an emergency stash

just in case
I can't find the good stuff.


Don't tell anyone.

Well, your secret
is safe with me.

I'm sorry,
can you just, um...

can you tell me where
the front desk is?

Uh, yeah. It's right there.

Thank you!

Uh, maybe we'll, uh...we'll run
into each other again sometime.

- Uh, yeah!
- Yeah.

Who was that?

Julian Northrup?

He's one of our chefs
in the competition.

That was very interesting.

Interesting how?

Last week when I ran into him
in New York, he seemed so...

But today he seemed
really nice!

And he looks
so different.

So casual.

And handsome?

He has a husband.

Oh, I can see
how this would put a crimp

in your dating plans.


(doorbell ringing)

Well, you can take the boy
out of Alaska

but you cannot take the Alaska
out of the boy.

Well, it's good
to see you too, Julian.

Come here.

Yeah, whoop.


All right.


Hello! Look at this.

- Josh.
- Henry.

It's so good to see you!

- Oh, man!
- It's been too long.

I know! What- three years
since the wedding.

It's too long.

Look at you two. It's like
somebody picked up Julian

and dropped him off
in the wilderness

and left him there
for a few weeks.

Well, I'll tell ya,

after a few weeks
in the wilderness,

he would look a lot worse
than this.

- I concur.
- Hey, hey, hey.

No ganging up
on the chef, okay?

I have to concentrate
on the competition.

Mm, it's too bad I got all the
culinary talent in the family.

Oh, please!
I can cook circles around you.

Okay, I'm a better chef,
and I'm taller.

You are not!


Um, yeah, I should go crash.


So, uh...all right!

See y'all tomorrow.

- Goodnight, Josh.
- Of course. Goodnight!

(door closing)


Ms. Mueller!
Welcome to Hotel Phoenicia.

Why are there
so many flowers?

The food should be
the star here, Meg.

Uh, Ms. Mueller,
this is Annie Leroux,

she is the general manager
of the hotel.

It's nice to meet you.

You must be excited to be
having a worldwide audience

for the competition this year.
- Of course.

The board approved
your plan, Ms. Westcott,

but I shall be
watching closely.

She seems nice?

Julian: Hey, the blue tie
or the green tie?


You didn't even look!
- I didn't need to.

It's perfect for spring
and it brings out your eyes.

Well, I just love
that you know that.

(knocking at door)

It's open!

Ta-da! (chuckling)

Is this better?


- What's wrong with it?
- You're gonna be a room

with the culinary elite.

The crème de la crme
of the cooking world.

You need to dress as if you were
going to a fancy restaurant.


This is literally
how I would dress

if I was going
to a fancy restaurant.

- Agh.
- We are not related.

There is no way
that I share DNA with this man.

Come on, let's go.

(sighing) I can't believe
I'm still dressing my brother.

I'm putting you in blue!

Julian, just be
a bit more careful with the--

Ow, oh! Ooh!

Oh, it's my back again.

Julian! What happened?

He injured his back
when we redid the house

and he tried to lift
a big stove.

It was crooked, okay?

Can you stand up?

Stand up.
Can you stand up?


- Henry: Oh, my goodness.
- Julian: Yep, yep, yep. Okay.

- Lay down, lay down.
- Okay.

Julian, you gotta register
in the next 20 minutes,

otherwise you can't compete.

Well, can't you go
register for him?

No, no. I have to do it.

I can....
- Be careful.

I can do this. I...

No, Julian. Just don't. You're
gonna make yourself worse.

Nn-mm. Nope. Nope.

(sighing) Oh my gosh.
What am I gonna do?

Oh! Oh. Give me your ID.

Excuse me?

I'll go register for you.

it's not gonna be the first time

that we pretended
to be each other.

We used to do it
all the time!

No, no, no. We were kids. Okay,
what if someone finds out?!

Yeah, I just gotta go
sign a form, right?

I don't really think you've got
a choice. Give him the ID.

Give him the ID.
- I...

Ugh, fine! Gimme.

(sighing) You be friendly, okay?
And you smile.

And try to say French words
every once in a while.

Uh, yeah.
I don't know French.

Oui, bonjour, merci!
Stick to the basics.

Okay, okay! Jeez. I can be you
for like, five minutes, right?

Hey, no, no, no.

Not looking like that you can't.

(Soft jazz playing)

- Julian?
- No.

Julian Northrup?
Is that you?

Uh, oui! Yes, 'tis I,
Julian Northrup.

And-and you are?

Etienne Leduc!

I put on a few pounds.

You probably remember me
from culinary school?


I have the weakness
for the cream sauce!

Cream sauce, yes!
Culinary school, I remember.

- Classmates, now competitors.

How fun, huh?
- (laughing)

Oui. Oui, yes, fun. That is
exactly how I would put it.

- I need to--
- I think it's, uh,

I think it's very generous
of them

that they allow you
to participate.

Generous, how's that?

It's no secret
your restaurant is struggling.

- No. It is not.
- It's nothing to be ashamed of,

huh? I mean, not everyone can
have the kind of success

I've had with my bistros.

But you know, I'm sure
simply here will help, huh?

So, do not worry
if you get cut out

from one
of the early rounds.

Well, excusez-moi,

but I don't intend
to get cut at all.

That's the spirit, huh?

Lovely to see you again,


Chef Northrup, hi!

Are you ready now?

Oh, hi! You, uh...

Bonjour, bonjour-- ah,
and ready for what?

To register.

I have everything set up
for you right over there.

Oh! You-- yes, you work
for the Escoffier.

Of course! That's just--
très bon!

Oh! That's right,
you trained in France.

J'ai étudié à Paris.
Je parle Français.


(stammering) Uh, so,
where is your husband Henry?

My husband is packing.

Unpacking. He's unpacking.


Uh, well,
I look forward to meeting him.


You two, I have to say,
make the most handsome couple.

Ah! (chuckling)

Well, hey, I am--
(clearing throat)

Um, so it says here
that he is your sous chef?

- Mm, yes.
- And you have one other guest,

your brother Josh?
Is he a chef too?

Uh, more of a cook, but yeah.

Oh, well maybe one day
he'll be at the competition.

(laughing) Maybe.

Okay. So, I just need you
to sign the contract.

- I'm sorry, um, this contract?
- Yeah.

It just says that
you understand the rules,

you agree to be photographed,
you are who you say you are.

- (chuckling)
- You can just sign right here.

You need my ID.
Do you need my ID? I have it.

No, no. I know who you are.

Unless you have
an evil twin or something.


(clearing throat)
So, where do I sign?

Uh, right where it says
"chef's signature".

Wow, yes. (chuckling) That's...
Gonna sign.

- Yeah.
- Yep.


Oh. "J Northrup".
Staying on brand.

- Yeah. Something like that.
- I like it.

And also, can I see
your right wrist, please?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

Just put it through there.

Is that tight enough?



What is this?

It's your chef bracelet.
- Oh.

There's a chip inside
that you'll need

at your work station
before you use it.

It's our way of keeping
the culinary espionage

down to a minimum.
- (chuckling)

Okay. So, when I need to take
it off, like for a shower...

Oh, it's waterproof.

You keep it on until
the end of the event.

If you take it off before,
you can't compete. So--

What if it-- it breaks?

Oh, these things
are indestructible.

(chuckling) Good luck.



I think we have a problem.

I'm gonna have to drop out
of the competition.

Josh: Hey, so what's going on
with the restaurant?

Because I ran into,
uh, Etienne?

Is that something?

He said that
J Northrup was in trouble.

Well, this just keeps
getting better.

The bank's
about to foreclose.

We overextended
with the renovation

and we need the prize money.

Along with the recognition

that comes with
winning the competition.

Without it, we're sunk.

I'm gonna lose
the restaurant.

No, you won't.

I can't compete
without the wristband.

- Exactly.
- Then I will compete as you.

What? That's crazy.
Why would you do that?

Why would I--?
Because you're my brother!

And the Northrup family
needs a win.


You can teach me
all the recipes.

Henry's your sous chef.
I'm sure he knows

how to make everything
just as good as you do.

Josh, these people
are professionals. Okay?

They're gonna be watching your
every move from how you mix,

to your knife skills.

They're gonna take
one look at you and--

And see what? That I'm just
a diner cook from Alaska?

I know my way
around a kitchen!

It's not the same.
Tu ne m'écoutes pas!

Stop talking in French!

All right, stop it, both of you.
Both of you stop.


Tomorrow is apprentice day.

We show up
and we see what happens.

What have we to lose? Huh?

He can't just cook like me.
Okay? You have to be me.

You have to dress
like me, yes,

but you'd also have to
carry yourself like me.

I can do this.

Okay. Okay!

But we're not practicing
in the competition area

with everybody watching.

We're gonna have to go
somewhere else

and you're gonna have to do
everything that I say.

You will follow the recipe.


- Deal.
- Henry: Yes.

- Hors d'oeuvre?
- Ooh...

So we'll mingle for five minutes
and then we'll slip away,

all right? Just remember
it's an elegant event--

- Yeah, yeah.
- Cocktail party.

It's not some bar
with peanut shells on the floor.


Chef Northrop!

Hi! Welcome.

Ah, Miss Westcott.
Ah, bonjour.

Please, call me Meg.
Don't you look sharp?

Thank you. And you look, um...

I mean, wow.


Doesn't-- she looks
très, trs fabulous.

- Oh. Thank you.
- Mm-hm.

I'm-I'm Henry.
I'm Julian's husband.

Oh, it's so nice
to finally meet you.

I'm Meg Westcott.
I'm the event director

at the l'Élite
Culinary Institute.

Yeah, so you two have met?
- Mm-hm.

Oh, we go way back.


I'm sure he's told you all about
my obsession with chocolate.

No. No, no, he hasn't.

Why don't I introduce you
to the chefs?

- No.
- Yeah! They're right this way.

Yeah, I'd love to meet them.

- Yes.
- Come on.

Good afternoon.

Hi! I would love to introduce
you to Chef Julian Northrup

from the United States.

This is his husband Henry.

Patrick O'Shea from Ireland.
- Good to see you.

And then there's Chef
Deirdre Zidane from Germany.


And then of course
you remember Etienne LeDuc,

representing France.



You went to culinary school
together, right?

What was that like?


Oh, the stories
I could tell!

Please, I'd like to hear some
gossip about good old Etienne.

Yes, Julian,
I would love to hear some tales

of the good old days.
- (Josh nervous chuckling)

I could tell the story.


The story about when you were
in the last year at l'Élite,

and Etienne,

he shut himself away
in his room, uh--


--for three days,
trying to perfect the soufflé.

- Really?

And it was worth it,

'cause I haven't made
a bad soufflé since.

Soufflés are easy.

A German strudel, now,
that is a complicated dessert.

Oh, can I borrow you
for a second?

I'd love to get
your opinion on something.

I don't think that
that's a good idea.

- I--
- No.

(whispering) I mean,
it's better than staying here.


(sighing) Julian.


Chefs are allowed to start using
their work stations tomorrow,

and I just wanna make sure that
I have everything they need.

Would you mind taking a look?
- Yes, of course.

I mean, I know my way
around a high-end kitchen,

so I would be
the person to ask.

But why me?
- Well, for starters,

you didn't tell Henry about
my secret stash of chocolate

in my suitcase,
so you seem pretty trustworthy.

And, I don't know.
From my first impression of you,

you seem fairly brutal
with your honesty.

Which I could really use
right now.

Okay. Um, oh, God.
Look at this place.

I...I can't believe
I get to cook here.

I can get so creative.

So, you don't look at recipes?

Oh, uh, well I do like
to go with my gut.

You know, it doesn't always
work out but when it does,

it can be really
something special.

The kitchen, though.

The kitchen is...yes!

I mean, this is--
it looks perfect.

I mean, you must
really know cooking.

Oh, no. I don't cook.

I love events.
That's my passion.

You know, creating all this.
Coming up with ideas.

Making it happen.

Watching people just get lost
in all of it.

How long
you been doing that?

Well, I've done
a couple smaller parties

at the hotels
that my dad owns,

but this is my first
big, major event

and I need it to go well if
I wanna launch my own company.

Wait, your father's hotel--

Your father--
your father is Preston Westcott.


You met him last week
at your restaurant?

Yes! Yeah, of course.

Of course, it's just like--
the jetlag, it's just--

- Oh.
- --whew.

But your father
owns this hotel.

Yeah, he does.

But I don't really like
to advertise that

because I wanna build
my reputation on my own merits

before I launch my company.

Well, I mean, from what I can
see, you are more than ready.

Well, thank you.

And thank you
for calming my nerves.

You so didn't
have to do this.

It's probably
the last thing you wanna do.

No. No, it's--

I'm happy to help.

You know I--

I just can't
keep up with you.

It's like you're
two different people.


Hey, um, question.

We're not required to use
these work stations

to practice, are we?

You don't wanna get used
to the space?

Yeah, it's just,
prying eyes and such?

Yes, oh! I didn't even
think about that.

Yeah, no, for sure.
We could--

You know what? You can practice
anywhere you want.


Well, we should probably
head back.

- Yeah.
- Thank you again.

Yeah, any time.


- Who's that?
- That? I-- I don't know.



Julian Northrup?
It's so good to see you!

- Ah!
- Henry: Chester!

Chester Peele. Chester.

You remember
Chester Peele.

Chester Pe-- Yes! Chester!

I thought you said
you didn't know him.

I-- Well, you know,
it's just so bright. And I--

It is.

Julian and I were in Malta
a few years ago.

We bumped into Chester
at his restaurant,

Chester's By the Sea.

Remember? Yeah,
we became fast friends.

And uh, he's given us
a lot of fantastic advice

before we opened up
J Northrup.

Well, I hope you didn't listen
to me. Chester's is no more.

C'est la vie.
- Henry: Oh, sorry.

Chef Peele,
what are doing here?

This is
an invitation only event.

Heike, old friend!
I thought you'd appreciate

having a former winner
of the Escoffier drop by

to encourage your latest crop
of competitors.

You came because you knew
it would annoy me.

Well, yes, that too.

You see, I was the youngest
winner in Escoffier history

at the tender age of 25.

Heike's never really
gotten over the fact

that I beat her at
the very contest she now runs.

Ever since she took over
the Escoffier

my invitations to events seem to
have gotten lost in the mail.

Can you see that this gentleman
is escorted from the party?

Overseeing security is part
of your job, isn't it?

Oh. Uh, yeah.
I'll take care of it.

I'm going! But only because
Meg is so gracious.

Isn't she, Julian?

(nervous chuckling)

Yeah, we-- yeah, yeah.

You're being
very peculiar today.

Don't let this stuffy
little contest change you.

It isn't worth it.

Until next time!

Right this way, please.

- Seriously?
- Josh: Can we please leave?

You are rubbish.

Take this. Down it!

Terrible job!

Chester Peele
is the last thing we need

if we're gonna pull this off.
- Josh: Yeah, I know.

Well, what about Etienne?


I put Meg Westcott
ahead of both of them.

What is going on there?

Nothing, no. No,
she actually wanted my opinion

about the kitchen setups, so.

Actually, she wanted
Julian's "brutal honesty".

Her words.

- Hm.
- Hmm.

you need to be careful,

because if she finds out,
we're in big trouble.

(knocking at door)

That'll be room service.

I ordered you
an ice pack for your back.

You know what? I'm actually
feeling a little better.

Yeah, you look
the very picture of health.


Chester, um, oh--

(clearing throat)

There's two of you!

So, let me
get this straight.

You are pretending to be you
in order to compete

in one of the most elite
culinary contests in the world?


I love it!

Please don't tell anyone.

Tell anyone?

I want to know
how I can help.


Julian is not
gonna like this.

Well, it doesn't really matter
what he likes

until we can find a way
to sneak him out of the hotel

without people seeing
two Julian Northrups.

Well, I thought of a way.

(door closing)

what are you wearing?

If you're me, then I am you.

Okay, well first of all,
I don't say things like

"element-bluh", whatever.

Second of all,
what if somebody saw you?

Um, I would just say
that I'm you?

- What about your back?
- I told you it felt better.

Okay? Now if it wasn't
for that stupid bracelet,

I would compete myself.

This place is a disaster.
What happened?

Well, let's just say
my talents in the kitchen

far outweighed
my prowess in business.

I'm very sorry.

I really don't
miss it at all.

we're gonna need some supplies

if we're gonna
make this work.

Henry, you get the ingredients
for the prep.

I will make a list of things

for you to get from
the completely kitchen.

So you need me to go back
to the hotel?

Like, as me or as you?

As you. As me. As--

No, as me, I think.
Yes, wait, no. Yes.

I am--
I am you, you are me.


- Okay, please stop.
- Okay.

All right, let me show you
how to use your RFID.


You scan your wristband
right here.

Oh, okay.


Just like that, and then it logs
you in and turns on the power.

Great. And you're sure that it's
okay that I take a few things?

Yeah, of course.

Everything is there
for you to use as you see fit.

So, where are you
gonna practice?

It's uh--
it's just a friend's.


So, I'm assuming that, uh,

that everything's
going well with you?

Uh, yeah.
I mean, no major complaints

from the chefs so far.


I think Etienne is just dying
for something to go wrong.

Oh. Well,
I'd imagine that you deal

with a lot of difficult people
with your line of work.

Oh. Well, like I said, this is
my first really big event.

Unless you count
my grandparents'

40th wedding anniversary
when I was 16.

Wait, you planned
the whole party at 16?

Should've seen
my grandmother's face.

That is what I want.

Well, you know,
you became her hero.

Who doesn't wanna
feel like that more often?

What made you
wanna become a chef?

Um, my family
owned a restaurant

and my parents taught
my brother and I how to cook.

Oh, that's right. Your brother,
I-- I keep forgetting.

Uh, you said
he was a cook too?

Yeah, yeah. At the place
that we used to own in Alaska.

He wants to maybe take it
back over again someday.

He didn't want to go
to culinary school like you?

He actually got a scholarship
just like I did,

but he chose to stay.

That's nice. You know,
carrying on the family legacy.

As long as he's happy,
that's the most important thing.

He is happy, isn't he?

Yeah, I think so. You know.

I mean, sometimes he wonders,
I think,

what it would be like

if he had taken that
scholarship after all, but.

I get that.

My dad wants me to come back
and work for him,

and sometimes I think
it might be easier if I did.

but would it be better?

You know,
I have a little confession.


(chuckling) When I first met you
at your restaurant,

I thought you were--

well, thought you were
a bit of an arrogant jerk.

(Josh laughing)

No, that's, uh,
that is totally fair.


But under the bravado, I think
you're a pretty decent guy.

I'm really happy I'm getting
to know the real you.

Yeah, so am I.

Okay, well, let me know
if you need anything.

- Mm.
- (chuckling)

Okay, so the competition
consists of three parts.

Tomorrow, all ten chefs are
gonna serve up a bouillabaisse

with fish and vegetables.

Each chef provides
their own ingredients.

And five contestants move
forward to the second round,

which is chef's choice.

But you have to use
the Black Diamond truffles

that they're providing

Okay, so we supply
the ingredients

and they supply the truffles.
- Yeah.

They cost $900 a pound.


Okay, food should not
cost that much.

- No, good food should.
- (chuckling)

Now, if we make it
to the next round,

we are making a
handmade pasta

with wine-braised short ribs
in a Burgundy sauce.

Ooh, that sounds good.
What about the finals?

Well, the top three chefs have
to create a classic peach Melba.

Anything goes really,

but you have to include
the ingredients

that Escoffier included when
he created the dish in 1892.

Which is peaches, obviously,

and vanilla ice cream.

that could be really fun.

I can think of a few things
we could do with that.

No. We are going traditional.

Mueller does not like things
outside of the box.

(under his breath)
Okay, if you say so.

(Henry chuckling)

Well, that's so funny,
because I do.

Sir. Sir!

Excuse me,
can I please get some chocolate?

Or not.


What happened to the, uh,
emergency stash?

It's been a long week.

I didn't even have time
to eat today

and everything's
already closed.

Well, you still have
the hotel kitchen.

That's closed too.

Okay, but your father
owns the hotel, remember?


Listen, I know you wanna do
all that stuff on your own,

but I mean,
this is a little sad.

- You do have a point.
- Mm-hm.

Okay, yeah. Let's go.

- Yeah? Come on!
- Yeah.

What are you waiting for?

Meg: What was it like
growing up in Alaska?

Cold. But the people are warm.

You know, the few of them
that are there. (chuckling)

Does your brother
ever get lonely?

Sometimes. Yeah.

Um, I like to tell him
that he should go to a place

where the people
outnumber the bears.


Every now and then,
I think I prefer the bears.

You're so lucky
that you have Henry.

He's a really great guy.

Yeah, he really is.

Um, do-- do you
happen to have someone?

A boyfriend?


I-- no.

I, uh...I was dating someone
a couple years ago,

and then I found out
he was lying to me.

He told me
he was going to the office

when really
he had quit his job

and he was staying at home
all day playing video games.

Um, that's too bad.

Maybe he was just,
you know, scared

or ashamed to tell you
what was really going on.

Listen, if he had told me,
that would've been fine.

People change jobs
all the time.

But he lied about it

and he kept
lying about it...

over and over
and I just--

I hated that I bought into it,
you know?


Anyways, after that,
I tried to make it work

but he failed
the two-month test.

The two-month test,
what is that?

I read somewhere that
if you can't get over the hurt

or the anger after two months,
you probably never will.

It'll always be there.

- Huh.
- So, we tried again

for a couple more months,

I haven't really
dated anyone since.

It's not the easiest
for me to trust someone.

Well, you know,

I'm sure that you'll eventually
find the right person.

I mean, look at me.
I'm just the most arrogant jerk.

And I found the right guy.


Juli-- Have you seen Josh?

He's not in his room.

Have you--
have you changed?

Yeah. I couldn't take
another minute in that flannel.

It was so scratchy.

We've got to go
and look for Josh

and you can't go
looking like--


Well, I will be careful.

You all right?

Yeah, I look good.

So, uh, what are the qualities

that you look for in a guy?

(Meg giggling)

Other than not a liar?

- Hmm.

I don't know.
The normal stuff.

It would be nice
if he had a job.

A place of his own,
good teeth.

That would be a bonus.

Mmm, okay.
Employment, housing, dental.

Ooh, go on!

I love ambition.

I don't even care
what you do.

If you wanna paint, paint.
Or if you're a street musician.

As long as you have ambition.


I know I've been
really fortunate,

but I wanna earn
my own success.

I don't want people
to just think

everything's just been
handed to me.

Oh, I would never
think that about you.

I don't think anyone
would think that about you.

I mean, you're good.

(indistinct chatter)

I'm just--

I'm just so glad I met you.

Oh. Uh-- Julian.

I'm really glad
I met you too.

(mouthing words)


(sighing) I wish I could
meet a guy like you.


Except for the part about
you being happily married.


I mean, other than that,

we'd be just...perfect
for each other.

So, you have to be meticulous
but there is a time limit

and we have to measure

We have to be precise.

Taking instructions from Henry,


Uh, hello, Etienne.

You know,
Henry and I are partners,

so we work together.
We listen to each other.

And yet it is only your name
that'll go on the trophy,

should you win.

I don't think that is something

you should be worrying about.

Oh, Etienne.

Go and review your recipe

or hang upside-down
in the corner,

whatever it is
you do to prepare.

Such a delight,
Henry, huh?

I was only wishing
my good old friend Julian luck.

Oh, well, you know,
don't really need luck

when you have skills.
(scraping knives loudly)

You are becoming more and more
like Julian every single day.

- Think I scared him.
- You scared him!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen,
the first round

of the Escoffier Competition
will begin in 30 minutes.

Oh, come on.

What? You say something?

- (inhaling sharply) Chop.
- Yeah. Sorry.

(phone ringing)

Hi, Dad.

Preston on phone: Meg.
Good news, we got the castle.

Meg: Wow, that's great!

Yeah, seeing as you're nearby,

how 'bout popping up
and meeting me here?

You know German
so you can translate.

Dad, I'm a little busy.

We're just about to start
the first competition round.

Okay, then maybe
when you're done then.

I have a job to do here.

Are you even gonna
watch the broadcast?

Well, I've got meetings
on top of meetings,

but I'll try and watch it later,
I promise.

(ending call)



Uh, Henry,
I'll be right back.

Juh-- J-- J--


Hey! Meg.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You should really
get your work station ready.

Oh, you know,
I have everything under control.

What happened?

My dad happened.

I know he loves me
and I love him too.

But sometimes
I just wish he would--

Why don't you just take
two months?

I don't really think
that works for family.


It just seems like
no matter how hard I try,

he still sees me
as this little girl,

running around the office
in pigtails.


I'm gonna need
to see pictures, so.

Don't make me laugh.

I wanna be mad some more.

Oh, yes, of course.
I can do that too.


I'm very-- I'm very angry.
Let's be angry together.

Look. Look, hey. I--

Family stuff
is complicated.

My dad was a great guy
and I really respected him

but I still think
that he didn't believe in me

nearly as much as he believed
in my-- my little brother.

You just gotta
believe in yourself.

And what you're doing.

Find your own confidence.

Your own swagger.

- Swagger.
- Mm-hm.

- (chuckling)
- Ooh, I found it.

I found it.

(both chuckling)

Thanks, Julian.

Heike on TV:
Welcome. I'm Heike Mueller,

president of l'Élite
Culinary Institute--

Julian, hurry up.
It's starting.

--of the 87th annual
Escoffier competition.

Ten of our brightest,
most promising chefs

have been chosen
to converge on this stage

for the most coveted title
in the culinary world.

I along with my
esteemed fellow judges

will be determining which of
these talented culinary stars

will earn 250,000 euros

and the lifelong privilege of
joining the Escoffier family.

The chefs will be split
into two groups of five

and each chef
will have two hours

to make a classic
seafood bouillabaisse.

May the best chef win!


Announcer: The chefs have
just 30 seconds remaining.

30 seconds.

You-- you've got to--
- I know!

10 seconds remaining.

Sorry, just gotta--


And time is up.


(judges murmuring)

Wait, that's it?

Yeah, that's it.

Now we just wait to see
who's in the semi-finals

at the reception tonight.

Oh, that was incredible!

All hail
the conquering heroes!

Let's not
count our chickens.

We haven't conquered
anything just yet.

Josh, your bouillabaisse today
was just perfect.

Well done.
- Ah.

Julian: Oh, yes.
I'm sure it was good,

but what were you doing
with the vegetables?

Uh, well,
I was cooking them.

Okay, but not in the way
that you were supposed to.

You were supposed to be
chopping them.

Instead you were
dicing them, okay?

The chunks were too small.

I saw everything
on the livestream.

How 'bout you should be thanking
me instead of criticizing me?

Are you kidding me?

This is my name
that we're talking about here,

and you're just
gonna go out there

and do whatever
you wanna do?

I'm sorry,
but we made a deal, okay?

And you used to
honor deals.

We used to be a team.

So, I don't know what happened.
You changed.

Oh, I've changed?

I'm sorry,
what happened to you?

Suddenly, you're some socialite
on the Upper East Side

who speaks with a bunch
of phony French words.

You're from Alaska,
Julian. So.

Nope. I'm--

what are you doing?

I am getting up

so I can storm out of this room
and slam the door.

Let me save you
the trouble.

- Josh.
- Yeah. Mm-hm.

(door slamming)

(indistinct chatter)

- Hi!
- Hi.

Is everything okay?

What, do I not look okay?
Did I--

Uh, no. You look fine.

It's just, your tie
is a bit crooked here.


What happens when
I try and dress myself.



No, uh,
you look incredible.

Well, thank you.

Where's Henry and this
mysterious brother of yours?

You know, they're in the suite
upstairs watching TV

and it's, uh, long story.

Like the story I told you
about my dad?

Yeah. Yeah, like I said,
family is, um...

it's complicated.

do you wanna talk about it?

You know, I think I might have
to take two months with them,

but...thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Congratulations on the first
round of the competition.

You're making our job
as judges very difficult.


But we can only take five of you
through to the semi-final.

So, without further ado,

the five chefs advancing
to the next round are...

..Etienne Leduc
from France.

(crowd reactions and applause)

Deirdre Zidane
from Germany.


Patrick O'Shea
from Ireland,

Angelo Perez
from the Philippines...

..and Julian Northrup from
the United States of America.

A congratulations!

(applause and cheers)

Wow. You're up early
and you look snazzy.


I thought you would've slept in
after your victory.

Uh, well someone told me
that it was more important

to look good
than to sleep.

He said you can sleep
after the competition.

(awkward chuckling)

Anyway, I'm gonna go
bring this up to Ju--

- To?
- Juh-- uh, your brother.

- My brother.
- Your brother.

I still can't believe
I haven't met him. Can we--?

- No!
- No, no, no.

He's, um,
he's not a morning person.

- Oh, no.
- No, he's not.

- Henry: He's not.
- (phone ringing)

Oh, this is my supplier.
Excuse me one moment.

Liz hi!

- Uh, excuse me!
- Hm?

You're getting too close to her.

There's nothing happening.

What does need to happen
is we have to prepare

for the Black Diamond
truffle round, all right?


- That's it.
- Okay. All right.

Hey. Oh, you look
like you've seen a ghost.

The truffles. They still haven't
shipped from France.

Okay, well, we'll get
some more. That's okay.

No! No, it's a disaster.
You know how rare they are.

I certainly do, yeah.

I'm gonna get fired
for sure.

Wait, wait, wait. Actually...
I think I can help.

I'm delighted
you thought of me.

Perhaps this will score me
an invitation

to the Escoffier events.

I know, uh,
Heike won't like that.

Chester, you do this for me,
you can come to every party,

every competition round,
every-- everything.

You can live at the hotel!


So, that's our man.

If he has any
Black Diamond truffles,

he'll have them hidden.

And he's very particular
about who he sells them to.

He doesn't deem you
worthy enough,

he'll send you away

Whatever you can do, Chester,
we-- we, I mean,

we truly appreciate it.
- Yeah.

Anything for
my dear friend Julian.

So, go and amuse yourself
in the market.

If he sees you watching,
it'll spook him.

- Right.
- Right. Let's do this.

Where are you going?

I'm popping into the village

to do a bit of shopping
before your brother gets back.

Ooh, great.
I'm gonna get my Josh costume.

No, no, no, wait, wait.
It's too risky.

Especially now that we're in
the semi-finals.

I mean,
we can't take any chances.

Eyes on the prize.

- Thank you.
- Thank you. You know what?



That's delicious.

Produce is always the best
when it is farmed fresh.

Okay, next question.

What is your favorite meal,
besides chocolate?


That-- that doesn't count!

(chuckling) I don't know!
To me, food, it's-- just food.

- Oh, no, no, no.
- It's fuel.

I know it's ironic,
considering my job.

There must be
something you like.

You're going to
sneer at me.

I don't think it's up to
Julian Northrup's standards.

I mean, maybe not, but I will
not ever "sneer" at you.


There is nothing better
than a really good cheeseburger.

- Ah!
- It's not fancy, I know.

Well, that's interesting.
Why cheeseburgers?

- It's comfort food.
- Mm.

My mom passed away
when I was a little girl,

and my dad was not exactly
equipped to raise me,

so whenever he thought
I was sad or...


had a bad day at school,

we'd go for cheeseburgers.
- (chuckling)

That's amazing.
You see, food is more than fuel.

It's what brought
your family together.

I don't know. It's just another
way to say "I love you".



You must be the brother?

Etienne, what do you--
what are you doing here?

How do you know who I am?

From the-- uh, 'cause
the competition on the TV.

Yeah, I'm Josh.

I'm-- I'm Julian's brother.
I'm Josh.

I figured, 'cause Julian
wouldn't be caught dead

in that hat.

You don't know who--
You wouldn't know that.

Julian and I are old friends.
I know him very well.

Dude, no, you don't.

How would you know that?

Because, we are very close.

He once told me that
you have nothing in common.

We have a lot in common.

Such as?

Such as, we-- both--



Ah, you were in a diner,

in Alaska?

Yes, I do. Do you have--

Is there something wrong
with that?

Ah, the Julian Northrup
I know

would find a lot
wrong with that.

Then clearly,
you don't him very well

because Julian
is very supportive of me.


Does he think I could be doing
a lot more with my talent? Sure.

Does he want me to experience
the culinary arts

in a way that I simply can't
in a diner in Alaska?

Of course, but, um--

So, he supports you

but wants you to change
everything to be more like him?



Did you-- you haven't
talked to Julian about this.


Uh, he's been avoiding me, so.

Aha. Smart man.

What's your favorite meal?

Uh, okay.
Well, that's easy.

Not a meal but my favorite dish
is baked Alaska.

- Ooh.
- Yeah, my mom used to make it

on special occasions
all the time.

Birthdays, holidays, whenever
one of us got an A in school.


Yeah, baked Alaska always meant
something good had happened, so.

Used to be
my brother's favorite too.

Maybe that's why
you both like to cook.

(chuckling) You know what?
I think you might be right.

it's like what you said.

As long as you're
doing something

that makes people happy,

what could be better
than that?


- Are those--
- They are.


Oh my gosh, thank you!

- You're very welcome, my dear.
- So much!


And thank you.
You saved me.


All right, let's, um,
let's get cookin'.

Practice went well today.

Josh: I don't know
if Julian thought so.

He is just so
- I know.

- Gah!
- Oh, I know.

- I don't know.
- (awkward chuckling)

I know, but you can't--
you can't blame him, can you?

He's just trying to prove that
he can compete at that level.

He's trying to save
the restaurant.

He's trying
to impress you, Josh.

- He's trying to impress me?
- Yes!

- (laughing) No! No, no.
- Yes, he is.

He might be
the slightly older brother,

but he looks up to you.

if that were actually true,

then I don't know why
he just doesn't trust me.

Scared of losing control.

I mean, he yelled at me

for grinding
the peppercorns too hard.

I mean, come on! He's not gonna
let me control anything.


Maybe you should control
your feelings towards Meg, Josh.

We're not gonna
do this again.

Can you honestly say that
there's nothing between you two?

It doesn't matter.
I'm not stupid.

Josh, you know that you can
never tell her the truth.

Even after the competition,
when we win or lose,

you can't,
'cause it'll destroy Julian.

You know that, don't you?

- Yeah.
- Come on.



I didn't-- I didn't know
anyone was gonna be here.

Uh, yeah.
Just wanted to make sure

I have everything
for tomorrow.

You know, crossing my T's,
dotting my I's.


I was actually gonna do
the same sort of thing

with my work station.

Yeah, you know what?

This is all stuff I can
probably do in the morning, so.

I should probably
go get some sleep.


Yeah, me too.

Well, goodnight.


Hey, are you hungry?


I thought
you would never ask.


I should take over
for the semi-finals.

You haven't got
a wristband.

Yeah, but there's gotta be
some way around that.

There isn't.

And if you lose it
or you break it,

then you're out
of the competition

and we lose everything.

you need to trust Josh.

I do, I do.

He doesn't think so.

Wait, he said that?


(Josh laughing)
That's so--

I thought you were
gonna cook for me.

You know,
teach a man to fish!

- Am I doing this right?
- Okay, okay, okay.

Listen, listen.
Don't be afraid of it, okay?

- Okay.
- Bring it back.

The secret to good cooking
is to get your hands dirty.


Rawr! Rawr!

Generally we don't wear blazers
when we cook, but.

Yeah, I was gonna say!

If your blazer gets a little
dirty, I'm so very sorry.

I'll pay for
the dry cleaning bill.

- (laughing)
- Come on!

I think it's gonna work.

So um,
tell me about Henry.

What was your wedding like?
Was Josh your best man?

He-- Josh was.

Indeed, my wedding was just--
was beautiful.

Yeah, it was just a few
family and friends,

a small wedding. Um--

- That's nice.
- Yeah!

- Is that a bun?
- Okay, good.

- Mmm! Mm-hm!

- Mm-hm?
- (chuckling)

You know, I might just have to
enter the Escoffier next year.

I mean,
I could be your sous chef.


Or maybe I take my talents to
the restaurant world.

- Mmm!
- You know?

Special, unique events,
special themes.

Yeah, you should do that
for J Northrup.

Wait, really?

You'd be interested
in that?


I mean,
working together?

(clearing throat) Sorry.

I mean, it's something that
we would have to think about.

I mean,
I have to talk to Henry

'cause he makes all
of the business decisions.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, no, of course.
Of course.

I mean, we wouldn't wanna get
too far ahead of ourselves.

Right, right. I mean, we need to
be focusing on the competition.

- Absolutely.
- Yeah.

Well, cheers to that.

- Well.
- (both chuckling)

Good morning!

Hello, hi, yes.
Good morning.

I'm really sorry
to bother you.

I know I probably
could've waited

until you came downstairs,
but I just...

I can't stop thinking
about last night.

Uh, last night.

What happened last night?

Well, you know.


The thing you said
about working

at events together at J Northrup
after the competition?

I-- I got all eager
about it and--

we've only known each other
a couple days,

and I work at l'Élite

and I didn't want you to think
I was taking advantage of that.

Yeah, I think that if I
suggested that we work together

at my restaurant it was probably
a little premature at best.

- Right.
- Yeah.

Okay, yeah.
Let's just forget it.


Do we need
to take two months?

Are we cool?

Yeah. Oh, yes.
Yes, we're fine.



Okay, well,
good luck today.



How'd you get down here
so fast?

I was literally just up
in your room a second ago

and you're already here?

- Julian?
- Hm?

Do you wanna come and join me
at the-- the station, please?

Yes. Yeah, um, sorry.

You know--

Uh, sorry,
this isn't working.

Wait, let me see.

That's so weird.

It's like there's no power.

let me check the--



- Oof.

That's warm. This is warm.
- It's ruined.

Well, I don't understand.

I don't know
how this could happen.

Whoa, hey.

It's all right,
it's all right.

We have an hour
until the semi-finals.

What are we gonna do?

Are you sure
you should be helping me?

We're supposed to be
supplying our own food.

You know, I should be
going to the market.

No, the competition starts
in 42 minutes.

You're not gonna
make it there in time.

Besides, you helped me with
the truffles, so I owe you.

The question is, is there
anything here that you can use?

I don't know.
tell me what you see.

A rack of lamb

Yeah, that's gonna take
too long to cook.

Oh, this looks
like swordfish.

- Does that go with truffles?
- I don't know. Maybe.

I don't know, I just--

I don't know what to do!

Okay, hey.
Hey, look at me.

- (sighing)

Confidence and swagger,


Besides, this is
what you love to do.

Being creative, experimenting,
trying new dishes.

Yep, thank you.
You're right.

Okay, well I've got
some fresh pressed juices.


What about
a truffle smoothie?


Okay, that's pushing the limits
even a little bit.

No, come on!

We could do a whole breakfast
theme, you know?

Truffle smoothies, truffle
pancakes, truffle syrup?

Truffle cream of wheat.

Truffle donuts.

No, no! Stop!


Well, I mean,
there's pancetta?

Isn't this
just like fancy bacon?

Yeah, we could go
with truffle pancakes.


Mmm. Is it weird
that I could eat this

straight out
of the Saran wrap?

Everything is better
with bacon.

Wait a second.
Wait, wait a second.

Wagyu tenderloin.

This is some of the best beef
in the world.

Do we have cheese?
- Oh yeah, there's a lot of it.


I have an idea.

And what we have here?

Here we have
milk-braised pork shoulder

with Black Diamond
truffle shavings,

haricot vert that has been
sautéed in a Burgundy reduction,

grilled portabella mushrooms

that have been brined
in a truffle sea salt.

Bon appétit!

Heike on TV:

Chef Northrup, explain.

Uh, well I wanted to show
that the right ingredients

can elevate even the simplest,
most basic meals.

So, we have a patty of ground
Wagyu beef with truffles,

four different kinds
of cheeses,

pancetta cooked with
a black pepper truffle sauce,

and French fries
in garlic and truffle oil.


may I present

the Black Diamond truffle
bacon cheeseburger.

And so, the three chefs that
will be advancing to the final

day after tomorrow

are Etienne LeDuc from France...


..Deirdre Zidane from Germany...


..and Julian Northrup from
the United States of America.


- I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.

We did it. Okay, I'm gonna go
and tell Julian.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Congrats.
- Thank you.

I couldn't have done it without
a little help from my friends.

Dad, I--

What are you doing here?

Well, I needed a break

from signing all those papers
for the castle deal,

so I thought I'd pop over
and see how you were doing.

You came to see my event?


Dad, you remember
Julian Northrup?

He's one of our finalists.

Yes, of course.

We met the other day
at your restaurant in New York.

Ah yes, we did.

That meal was fantastic.

Meg, this guy knows
what he's doing in the kitchen.

Oh, he certainly does.

Well, I'd better go
get checked in.

Aw, the little girl
in pigtails is happy.

Yeah. She is.


(mouthing words)


Actually, I'm gonna just catch
up with you a little bit later.

Oh, yeah. I mean,
I should probably go make sure

my dad's not telling
the front desk

any embarrassing stories
from my childhood.

- (chuckling)
- Yeah, you should. Right?

- Bye.
- Okay.

(loud whispering)
What are you doing here?

I have been trying
to talk to you all day!

Yeah, well I'm busy trying
to win you this competition.

Yeah, about that. I, um,
I think that I should probably

take over
for the final round.

You don't have the wristband.

Yeah, just tell your girlfriend
that you lost it

or you set it on fire
or something.

She's not my girlfriend.

Oh, really?

Because I thought that since
you offered up my restaurant

for her to do
her little events

that you guys were
more than just pals.

Okay, yes, I'm sorry.

I slipped up
but I walked it back!

Okay, Julian,

I am trying to help you.

Yeah, well,
I don't need your help.

I really think
that I can win this thing.

Okay. Fine.

Fine, but you're gonna
have to remember

that it's gonna say
Julian Northrup

on that trophy, not Josh.

Josh: Yes,
I am painfully aware of that.

And you'll stay away
from Meg.

Josh, promise me that you will
stay away from that girl.

Okay. I promise, Julian.

Get outta here.

Fine, you--

Miss Westcott!

Have you noticed anything off
about Chef Northrup?

Off? What do you mean?

You and him seem close.

Perhaps you already know
what I mean.

I promise I don't.

Well, I have some important
information I have to share.

Julian Northrup is not
who he says he is.

Chef Leduc, I understand
that you wanna win,

but sabotaging one of your
main competitors is beneath you,

don't you think?

Sabotage? No!

I am talking about the integrity
of the Escoffier.

I know I can't prove it,

but I suspect you were the one
behind the power failure

at Julian's work station,

so perhaps integrity is not
the card I would be playing

if I were you.

Have a good day, Chef Leduc.



Okay. Looks good.
Let's do it again.

It's peaches, ice cream,
and raspberry sauce.

it's not rocket science.

It's traditional.

Etienne and Deirdre are gonna be
pulling out all the stops

with their interpretations.

They're gonna be bold,
they're gonna take risks.

We should do the same.

Josh, I practically had to
pry you away from Alaska

because of this whole
respect for tradition thing.

Okay? You don't do bold.

Well, you know what?
Things change, okay?

Oh, and when I'm finally able
to buy the place back,

I am gonna do whatever I want
with the food I cook.

Well, great. Do that. But now
we're gonna do things my way.

I've been looking for you.

- Hi.
- They're having a banquet

at the castle in Germany tonight
for the local officials.

I have to go shake hands
and calm nerves.

But the final round
of competitions is tomorrow.

I was hoping you'd be here
to see it.

Well, I can't.
This is important business.

this is important to me.

Dad, this is what I wanna do
with my life.

Look around.

I did this. I planned it,
I organized it.

I'm running it. Me!

And I'm proud of myself and
people here are proud of me too.

Julian keeps saying that--
- Julian?

The chef from New York?

Yes. He's appreciating
what I'm doing here.

I don't think you should get
too wrapped up in his opinion.

You know his restaurant
is going under, right?

How do you know that?

The reason I suggested
lunch there last week

is because I'm looking
at buying the building.

I think I can get
a really good deal

once J Northrup goes under.

He didn't mention that.

Well, maybe
he doesn't appreciate you

as much as
you thought he did.

Dad, why are you even here?

Because this is
obviously important to you

and I wanted to see it
for myself.

I wanted to see
what's keeping you

from being part
of the family empire.

I wanna build
my own empire.

Then do it.

I'll give you
whatever you need.

Start-up capital,
office space.

No, no! Listen!

I want to do this
on my own.

You're a Westcott.

You can do
important things.

Well, have a safe flight.

Enjoy Germany,
enjoy your castle.

Miss Mueller,
we have to talk.

(birds chirping)

No, no,
stay away from her, Josh.

I-- Ugh.
What am I doing?

Hey, are you okay?



Uh, yeah. Me, I'm fine.
C'est magnifique.

Mostly magnifique.

But you first.

Turns out
my dad showing up here

wasn't the supportive gesture
I was hoping it would be.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Your turn.

Um, I am not really sure

what I'm doing
for the finals.

Or maybe what I'm doing
in general.


Sounds like we both
lost our swagger.

Ha-ha. Yeah, I guess so.

I mean, I had all these
big plans, you know?

I was gonna make my kitchen
into something special.

Make it a world
where I could just take

whatever kind of risks
I wanted and then--

it just never really
worked out.

So, if J Northrup
isn't what you want it to be,

why not change it?

Yeah, that's-- you know,
it's not that easy.

I mean, sure it is.

I already have so many ideas
what I could do with that place.

- Hmm.
- Add some warm colors,

some lights,
maybe candles, flowers,

make it a little bit
more romantic.

Sorry, there I go, taking over
your restaurant again.

It's the event planner
in me.

No, it's okay.

Seems nice, actually.


Um, it's just--
you know, being here

and all the encouragement
that I've been getting from...


I think I'm actually
starting to believe

that I could do anything.

I feel the exact same way.

I could've had my own
event planning company by now,

but I don't think
I was ready.

After meeting
everybody here

and knowing that they think
I'm doing a good job--

A great job.

It's because I have
people like you in my corner.

It's really nice
to trust someone.

(knocking at door)

Chef Northrup, I presume.

May I see your identification,

Okay, Meg, I need to--
I need to tell you something.

Oh my gosh! I have to tell you
the latest with Etienne.

He was babbling on and on,

saying that you're not being
who you say you are.

That guy! (chuckling)
- Meg. Meg.

He's right.
- (phone ringing)

Oh, it's Heike.
Uh, sorry. One sec.

Miss Mueller, hi!
Is everything okay?

Chef Northrup,
I'm actually with him right now.


We'll make our way over.

She wants us both to meet her
in the contest area.

It sounded urgent.

Miss Mueller.

What's wrong?

I have been made aware of
a problem with Chef Northrup.

He's right here.

Oh, no. He is right here.

You're a twin?

You're not Julian?

Okay, Meg, I can explain.

You were pretending
to be your brother.

Why would you do that?

You lied to me.

No, Meg, please--

This wasn't Josh's idea.
He was only trying to help me.

Well, okay,
I don't care whose idea it was.

Miss Mueller,
I am so, so sorry.

(scoffing) It's a little late
for sorry, Meg.

She is not to blame.

Oh, there's plenty of blame
to go around.

This could have been
a terrible embarrassment

for the Escoffier.

Now, Chef Leduc has agreed
to keep this quiet,

provided Chef Northrup--

both of them--

are banished
from the competition.

No, Miss Mueller, please. This
is very important to my brother.

Well, you should have
thought of that

before you started
your little stunt.

I want you both gone
before nightfall.

And as for you,

Miss Westcott, the only reason
I am not firing you

is because we are less than
24 hours from the final round,

and you are the only one
who knows

how things need to run
to make that happen.

I understand.

Again, I'm really sorry.
- No, Meg.




I'm sorry I let you down.

You were just trying to help.
It's not your fault.

I really miss the days
when it was just you and me,

cooking with Mom.

It's not the same in Yakutat
without you there.

We used to be so close,

Something did change.

Well, yeah.
It changed when you left

and decided to be
J Northrup.

No. No, it changed
because I had to get out

of that small town, Alaska
where I did not belong.

And as for J Northrup,

I'm-- I'm-- I'm sorry

if I ever made you
feel guilty for staying.

Well, just because I stayed...

doesn't mean
that I didn't miss you.

Well, I miss you too.

You know,
for the record,

I don't wanna be that guy
anymore with no ambition.

And I owe that to you.

If you hadn't invited me,
I wouldn't have seen

just how great I could be.


So, thanks.
(clearing throat)

Whoa, hey. You okay?

- (Inhaling)
- You need some help?

No, I can--

Yes, I do.

Oh! Not too hard.

Okay. Hey, hey.

Have you talked to meg?

I don't think that
she wants to talk to me.

All right, well you need
to go fix that right away,

or else you're gonna regret it
for the rest of your life.


(footsteps approaching)


For what it's worth,
I'm sorry.

I don't know
if I can forgive you.

I couldn't tell you.

I had to help my brother.


But it still should've been
my decision.

You can still compete.

What are you talking about?

The contract says
that anyone who signs it

can't make
any false representations

about their identity.

Yeah, but I did.
I was pretending to be Julian.

But the contract doesn't have
Julian Northrup's name on it.

Because you signed it
"J Northrup".

You're the official

Right, but he was invited,
not me.

Doesn't matter.

There's a loophole in the
contract that nobody noticed.

They'll close it by
next year's event, but for now--

Listen, even I know
when it's time to call it quits.


Compete or not,
that's entirely up to you.

But it seems to me that
if you wanna take risks,

you won't do it
by giving up.

What about us?

There is no us.

I don't even know
who you are.

Well, this is ridiculous.

Some of us
have studied for years.

Is it fair
to let somebody

in this esteemed competition
on a technicality?

A technicality
that could result in a lawsuit

if you don't abide by it.

Mr. Northrup,
you are hereby reinstated.


Oh, and the rule book
also states

that if my sous chef
drops out,

then I can replace him
with someone else.

Oh, Julian.
I just feel like I'm gonna--

I have to drop out.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I'll have to take his place.

Well, there you go.
May the best chefs win.

C'est la guerre.

Okay, we have about an hour

to come up with
something incredible

to win the competition.

So, you don't think the
traditional peach Melba is it?

I think we have to be
more creative, you know?

We're competing against some
of the best chefs in the world.


So, what do we do?

We need to make a statement
about who we are.

You know, we gotta put the
Northrup family stamp on it.

Announcer: And now,
for the third and final round.

We wanted
to honor tradition

by using Chef Escoffier's
original ingredients

and pairing it
with a family recipe

that has been passed down
for generations.

Judges, may I present

the J Northrup
Peach Melba Baked Alaska.

(judges murmuring)

And now, the moment
we've all been waiting for.

The winner of the 87th Annual
Escoffier Culinary Cup.

Josh Northrup.



Thank you.

You know, I-- I couldn't
have ever done any of this

without your help.

All I did
was find a loophole.


No, you gave me a reason
to wanna win.

I thought Julian
was your reason.

It started out that way,

very quickly became
about something else.

Listen, I think I just need
some more time, Josh.

I don't know
if I can ever forgive you.


I will-- I will say

that a very smart person
told me once

that if you can't get past
something in two months,

you never will.

I want my two months.


Two months.



(phone ringing)

Dad, hi.

Preston: Congratulations, Meg.
You did it.

And I couldn't be prouder.
I love you.

- I love you too.
- I'll see you soon.

(call ending)

Well, we're all booked up
for tonight.

I'm sorry about that.

The earliest we have
is in four weeks.

And you said a--
party of eight, okay. Yeah.

Thank you.

Oh, you look dapper.

And you look...


Well, I'm still taller, so.


We did it.

Yeah, we did.

- Here's to J and J Northrup.
- Ooh.

Here you go.

- Cheers.
- Thank you.


Mm. Mmm!

I love you.

Still no word, huh?

(door opening)

(door closing)

Uh, Henry,

I think that we have a thing
that we need to discuss

in the kitchen.
- That thing, yes.

Got your invitation.

It's very interesting timing.

Almost two months.

Day after tomorrow.

This place is...

it's beautiful.

So, no more Alaska?

You decided to stop continuing
the family legacy?

Well, I mean, I--

kind felt I didn't have to be
in Alaska to do that.

my family's here now.

And you know,
there's fewer bears.

- Well, that's always a plus.
- Mm.


I'm actually
in New York myself.

And I decided to start
building my own empire.

- Really?
- Mm-hm.

- How's that going?
- It's going great.

I mean, it's a lot of work,

I'm doing it.

Well, that's excellent.

Uh, you know what?

Um, I heard that the, uh,
the new chef here...

put some really excellent
new options in this menu.

I thought maybe you wanted
to check some of them out.

- (chuckling) Is this a joke?
- No!

- This is the real menu?
- Yes.

"Meg's Black Diamond
truffle burger".

With a little extra chocolate
on the side.

I don't know,

I really think that people
are gonna love it.

I know I will.

I think I will too.

Do you know, I-- I think
I need to meet this new chef.


I'll get him.


Hi. I'm Josh Northrup.

I'm Meg Westcott.
Nice to meet you.

Listen, I know that it hasn't
been quite two months yet, but--

I think it's close enough.



Josh, we need to open
the doors, so...

Josh. Josh, Meg!

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