Mistletoe Match (2022) - full transcript

Journalist Olivia goes undercover to the successful Mistletoe Match event. There, she meets single dad, widower Thomas. Sparks soon fly, but with a promotion on the line, will she risk losing it all for the romance she never saw c...

[dramatic music]

[upbeat pop music]


Hi! This is Olivia Hayes
with The Morning Tribune.

I'm calling to confirm
my interview

with Mayor Galloway
this evening.

No problem! I'll hold.

Perfect! 7 PM is great,
I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, oh! Five days in a row.

You should play for the B's.

Those bums couldn't afford me.

So, who was that on the call?

Was it a hot date
for the office Christmas party?

Try an interview
with the Mayor.

The only thing hot is gonna be

my headline flying
off the press.

You were supposed to be
my wing woman!

You don't need a wing woman!

I see the way Marcus
looks at you.

Trust me.

He barely knows
that I even exist.

The meeting. Let's go.

Yeah, yeah, coming.

Tanya, you will be covering
the grand opening

of the new art gallery on 14th.

And very well done
on your proposal.

You really outdid yourself
this time.

Marcus, you will be covering

the mayor's rumoured

Actually, Lucille,
that was my pitch.

And the best part
is I got him to agree

to an interview.

You can pass all those details
on to Marcus.

To Marcus? But what about...

Not to worry.

I have your assignment
right here.

Now, let's talk about timelines.

Christmas is coming
and we are working on some

very tight deadlines, people.

Tardiness will not be tolerated.

First drafts are expected
by email no later than 9 AM,

one week from today.



[light music]

Christmas plant.


You almost ready
to get going there, kiddo?

Pine tree... No.

Holly. Poinsettia?



Nine across, mistletoe.

Now I'm ready to go.

Hey. Backpack.


Lucille, hi. Can we talk?

It's about my assignment.

Ah, yes. An exposé
on Manhattan's most famous

Christmas matchmaking event.

I'm excited to see
what you uncover.

About that, I don't think
I'm the right person for it.

Uh, I'm not really
into Christmas.

Plus, I was under the impression

that the Berlin position
was still available.

Look, Olivia. This isn't
some sort of punishment.

The event promises a
90 % success rate.

I don't buy it.

You're my top
investigative journalist,

if anyone can uncover
the truth, it's you.

So, you're going.

And if you do a good job,

I will consider you
for the position

at the Berlin office. Got it?

I'm on it.

Thanks, Lucille.

Okay. Good afternoon,

I said, good afternoon,
everyone. Yes.

First, I need to thank you all
for your great work last week.

You did so well.
We're now 25 % on our way

to our goal, and that's
all because of you

and your hard work,
so thank you.

And now, for today. Craft day.

Today, you'll be creating
a hallowed Christmas ornament.

That's right. And once
you've finished your ornament,

bring it up here and together,

we will share
in decorating our canvas.

The Christmas tree.

Okay, hop to it! Let's go.

Alright, Thomas.
Hand it over.

- Hand what over?
- The letter,

I know you have it.
Whoa, okay. Easy.

[clears throat]

- So, it's in there?
- Uh, yeah.

- Let's have a look.
- I... I...

I thought I put it in here.
Oh, come on!

Don't tell me you're
having second thoughts.

May I remind you
this was your idea?

- What, was it?
- Yeah!

I thought you said you were
ready to get back out there

and start dating again.

Did I?

Look, I know, okay.

It's just between work
and Erin and...

trying to secure enough donors
to keep

this arts program running,
it's just...

Maybe Christmas
isn't the right time.


In all seriousness,

I know it can't be easy
to put yourself out there.

Especially after what you
and Erin have been through.

But I think you know
deep down it's what Patty

would have wanted.

Plus, whatever the outcome,
Mistletoe Match is a ton of fun!

And if you're lucky,
you might just meet a new love.

Like I did last year.


I haven't been able to open it.
Oh! I will open it.

You know I will.

Oh, my man!

Time to dust off your best suit

and dancing shoes.

You are going
to Mistletoe Match!

[soft music]


I snagged some cookies
from the break room.

Oh! Thank goodness
for cookies.

I thought that'd give
you a little boost.

Finally, something about
Christmas I can get behind.

This, on the other hand...

That bad, huh?

It's Christmas and love
mixed into one,

it's literally my nightmare.

- What? No way!
- Yes, way.

Lucille was one of last year's
past participants.

I guess things didn't exactly
pan out in her favour.

My mind is blown right now.

But it makes perfect sense.

- Right?
- Mm-hmm.

Who's that?

Okay, that's Mia,

the event's new coordinator.

Claims she met the love
of her life, Alfie,

at the event, last year.

I mean, check this out.

The website says that
90 % of participants

are gonna find
their one true love.

It's a total cash grab!

Who better to profit off of
than the hopelessly romantic?

I just wish I didn't
have to spend

the next two weeks of my life
trying to prove it.


I really thought
this was gonna be my year.

Now, look at me.


[soft music]

"Welcome to the 10th annual
Mistletoe Match.

Are you ready to find
your one true love?"

Well, that's ironic.
Considering no one is here.



[ding! ding!]

Does anyone work here?

- Are you here for the event?
- Oh! Uh, sorry.

I didn't see you there.
Yes, I am.


Excuse me?

- Lead the way.
- Okay, then.

Um, follow me.

Thank you.

Are you working the event?

No. No.

What makes you say that?

You just don't seem very
excited to be here, is all.

Oh, uh...

My apologies. I guess
I'm not very good with...


Well, it's supposed to be fun.


I mean, if you think exploiting
the holidays is...

I don't mean that exactly,
I mean more like,

taking advantage of the holidays
to force people...

I mean, to entice people
into believing

they're making
an emotional connection

is fun, then yeah.

That's why I'm here.

Well, Mistletoe Match
appears to be thriving,

so they must be doing
something right, you know?

And what is it that you think
they're doing right, exactly?

Well, for starters,
they're really attracting

an open-minded
and eager clientele.


Yeah, well that's me.


I'm... just not
a huge fan of Christmas.

And I don't believe
in forcing love.

You know, it has
to happen naturally.

Then, why are you here?

If you don't mind me asking.

I do, actually.


Oh, sorry.

Almost forgot.

The service here has been
impeccable. Seriously.

Five stars.

[soft music playing]

Oh. Thank you so much.

Oh, you have got to
be kidding me.



Alright, alright,
gather around, everyone.

Hi. Welcome,
I'm Mia, your host.

And I am very excited
to welcome you all

to the 10th annual
Mistletoe Match.


Yes, this is a matchmaking
event and yes,

90 % of you will find love.

But it's also so much
more than that.

Every evening, you will receive
a surprise email

with the next Mistletoe Match

I'll give you a hint,
classic holiday traditions

inspire all seven
of our secret events.

Now, what do you say we make
this year's success rate 100 %?


Our first event
is a real crowd pleaser,

decorating gingerbread houses.

Your sweater twin
will be your partner.

So, good luck and have fun.

[upbeat music]


- Oh boy, what are the odds?
- What?


- Are you here for the event?
- Mm-hmm.

You're not the concierge.


Then, why didn't
you say something?

- Hmm.
- And you took my money.

Yeah. Well, five bucks
is five bucks.

Plus, I kind of have a feeling
like I'm gonna earn it.

[soft Christmas music playing]

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?

- Hmm?
- I thought we were doing

a Winter Wonderland theme here.
Blues and whites!

What's the point in art
if you can't improvise a little?

- You've been improvising?
- You haven't?

[both groan]

No, no. It's okay. It's okay.

I can fix this.

You sure take gingerbread
decorating pretty seriously

for someone who hates Christmas.

No, I didn't say
I hate Christmas,

I said Christmas isn't my thing.

Eager, open-minded
and competitive.

Look at us getting
to know each other.

Well, since we're getting
to know each other,

you should probably know that
it wasn't my idea to sign up.

I was forced to do it.

Well, if it makes
you feel any better,

I also am a little skeptical
about being here.

My friend Alfie
actually signed me up.


Like, Mia's Alfie.


They met at the event
last year, right?

Yeah, I guess they thought
it worked for them,

so it should work for me, too.

To be honest,
I'm a little doubtful.

Right? I mean, do they really
expect us to believe that?

As far as I'm concerned,
they just got lucky.

I guess we'll see.

I guess we will.


- You tipped him?
- Yep.

After I almost completely
blew my cover.

Thankfully, I convinced him that
a friend forced me to sign up.


Well, as far
as he's concerned,

you're just another
stubborn woman

who won't admit that
she's ready to find love.

You don't find love.
Love finds you.

I mean, picking the same
ugly Christmas sweater

doesn't make you soulmates.

Or does it?


[phone beeps]

Oh. It's tomorrow's
event details.


Speed-dating event.

That is exactly what you need.

I swear you're enjoying
my suffering way too much.

No, no, Liv.

Speed-dating is basically

It's the perfect way
to gather the information

about the other participants.

You're right.

Finally, something I'm good at.

[light music]

Welcome to day two
of Mistletoe Match.

Everyone, don't worry,

this isn't your typical
speed dating event.

These are Christmas

Your answers to these
questionnaires will be used

as conversation starters
for our speed dating session.

And don't forget, the person
with the most matched answers

to your questionnaire
will be your partner

for our next secret event.


Ooh, thank you, thank you.
It's so kind. So kind.

You know, actually,
this is better.

It's better, yeah.

It's my back, you know,
it's more support.

I apologize. Just having
a little bit of fun.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Who said chivalry's
dead anyhow, right?


Okay, then...

It's good. It's funny. Yeah.

[clears throat]

Your favourite
Christmas dessert.

I don't think carrot cake
is a Christmas dessert.

Says who?

Keep your eyes off my test.

You're lucky it's not a test,

otherwise you'd really
need my help.


Let the speed dating begin.


[upbeat Christmas music]

- Hi, I'm Olivia.
- Thomas.

So, what brings you
to Mistletoe Match?


Good, that was fun, great.

Hi, Thomas.

You're related to Santa?

Sorry, your grandmother
got run over by a what?


No, no, I think your rendition

of the Chipmunk song is...

quite charming, actually.


Which do I prefer?

- Garland.
- Tinsel, definitely.





Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Hi, hi, my name is Thomas.

Wow, Thomas, firm handshake.

I'm Vanessa, but you can call me
Nessa or Nessie if you want.

Or Vanessa's fine.
Uh, what about starting

with our favourite
Christmas jokes?

Sure! Yeah.

What do you call a broke Santa?

Saint Nickel-less.


I don't know if you've ever
been to Costa Rica,

but it is just the most
wonderful place

in the whole world.

I'm actually planning
on having my wedding there.

Wow! That's really good.

I'm an accountant,
so I've never...

Can I write that down?

Tropical flowers,
bare feet in the sand.

Sun, on my face.

It's "Nickel-less",
'cause it's less.

'Cause he's broke!
[awkward chuckle]

That's good,
that's really good.

- And you have pets?
- Cat, yes...

- Okay.
- for a while,

but it passed away.
Oh. Okay...

See, I work in accounting.

Are you familiar
with spreadsheets?

Spreadsheet? Like, numbers...

I colour-code things,

I go red, orange,
yellow, purple...

Actually, sorry, I go red,
orange, purple, green...

- Oh.
- Red, blue...

Do you want to have kids
at any point?

I have a daughter, actually.

You have a kid!
Oh, just what, tiny?

Like a little...


Accounting stuff.

- Oh, that's fine.
- Bad accountant!

- Hmm...
- Like me.

'Cause I'm an accountant, so...

[soft music]

Dentist, lawyer,
pilot, "accountant".

They're certainly covering
all their bases.

Ooh, I didn't realize
there was an all-you-can-eat

buffet over here.

Ugh, you again.

Okay, then. Good.

Oh, no. No, no.

Hey, hey, pretend like
we're getting along, okay?

- What?
- Improvise!

- Thomas!
- Oh!

[exaggerated laughter]
Yeah! I really enjoy that.

Yes, I'm just so happy

that we're both fans
of postmodern art.

Yeah. And did you hear about

the gallery opening up
on the 14th?

Yeah, I did, actually.

Great, would you maybe
want to go check out

the exhibit next week?

Since we just have
so much in common!

[exaggerated laughter]
That sounds like fun!


- Who was that?
- I don't know.

Are you hiding from her?

Maybe a little bit, alright?

She's very nice, but just a lot.

I feel you.

There's just so much
pressure on this thing.

Whoever we match with today
is gonna be our partner

for the next event.

Is it too late
to back out of it now?


Mm-hmm, I am... Ooh, hey!

I have an idea.
[clears throat]

Okay, see you. Oh, hey!

What if we pretend
to like each other?


No, it...

If people think that
we're a match,

then we don't have to get,
you know,

partnered up with
any of the others.

No, I don't think
this is a very good idea.

Listen, we don't want
to be here, right?

- Right.
- You don't want to be mingling

with strangers anymore,
I definitely don't want to be

Mistletoe Matched
with anyone, period.

It'll work! We'll coast through

the next two weeks
together, easy peasy.

- Easy peasy?
- Mm-hmm.

Have you seen
your acting skills?

And I was like, have you
ever even been to Costa Rica?


[Chris]: Oh my gosh! Amazing.

Oh, I'm really enjoying this.

- It's a deal.
- Deal!

Yeah, great.

[soft music]

Thank you so much,
we'll see you. Okay.

Chris, Vanessa, hi.

Hi! Oh, Chris and Vanessa,
I like it.

This was really good, though...

This is a bad idea,
I can't do this.

Wait, no, no.
You are not backing out.

We'll be fine.
We just rigged our answers,

so according to this,
we are compatible.

Mia knows me very well, okay?

She's gonna see right
through this

and right through that.
Well, I didn't say

this was gonna be easy.

No, you said it was gonna be
easy peasy!

Hi, you two.

Okay, fine.
We need to cover our bases.

Pizza, thick crust or thin?

Thin, hands down.

New York style
is the only way to go.

No, thick and stuffed
with cheese, always!

What do you do for work?

Uh, I'm a journalist

for The Morning Tribune.
What do you do?

A journalist? Wow.

I'm a middle-school
arts teacher.

I also run an after-school
arts program

at the Brooklyn
Community Centre.

- Thomas.
- Mia.

- Olivia.
- Hi!

Hi! I take it your
Mistletoe Match

experience is off
to a strong start?

- Oh, it sure is.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

And we really have
so many similarities,

I did not expect
it at all so soon.

Wouldn't you say?

That is so great.

Anyway, I'll see
you two tomorrow?

You sure will.

What did I say? Easy peasy!
Easy peasy?

Hey! Kiddo!

Ah, how was volunteering

at the community centre
with Uncle Alfie?

Good, yeah.
I helped him decorate

the whole entire lobby.

It's much more festive now.

And more hands
make light work.

They do, yeah.

Okay. Uh, who's this?

Oh, well, uh...

I'm Erin.

Nice to meet you.
Hi, Olivia.

It's Olivia! I'm Alfie.

- Nice to meet you.
- Very nice to meet you.

Well, we should probably
get going, yeah?

Yeah, I need to go as well.

- Alfie!
- Hmm?

Hey, babe.


I'm about ready,
I'm just gonna get my stuff.

And then, I'm so excited

for our Christmas
movie marathon!

But I can't.

What? Is everything okay.

I'm so sorry, Mia,
I completely forgot,

I was just about to jet,

I've got all kinds
of errands to run,

can I get a rain check?


Okay, no worries.

Okay, you're the best!


- Bye!
- See you.

[soft music]

Please, it's time to go, so...

- We'll walk you out.
- Oh, thank you.

Let me just grab my stuff
and then, I'll meet you.

Okay, great. We'll just
be at the front doors.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- Bye, Olivia.
- Bye.


Mia and Alfie.

Does Mistletoe Match
lead to lasting love?

I guess we'll see.

Did you convince Lucille

to change your assignment
or something?

Even better.

I found a foolproof way

to coast through
Mistletoe Match.

I found my angle.

Okay, let's hear it.

Thomas Kade.

Mr. Sweater Dude?

Yeah. We're gonna
pretend to be a match

so we don't have to get matched
with anyone else.

Plus, by fake matching,
I'm proving once again

that Mistletoe Match is a sham.

Yeah, but doesn't Thomas
want to find love?

Well, I pitched it
to him and he agreed.

Okay, well,
he technically doesn't know

what he's agreeing to.

It's a mutually
beneficial deal.

Don't worry. Plus, get this,

he's best friends
with Mia and Alfie,

one of the supposed success
stories from Mistletoe Match.

Thomas is the perfect in
for me to uncover the truth

about their relationship.
Okay, back up.

Why do I think
this is not gonna end well?

You and Thomas
hardly know each other.

Well, I know enough.

He's a decent guy,

he's got a wonderful daughter

and we're partnered up
for the next event,

so there's no turning back now.

I mean, as if your scheme

wasn't risky enough,
he's a single dad!

[phone beeps]
Another day,

another matchmaking event.

To what end will Mistletoe Match

go to exploit Christmas
and orchestrate love?

It's time to find out.

Today's small group challenge
is all about communication.

Behind me, there are two
undecorated snowmen.

One person from each team
will be blindfolded

and the other person will help
guide their partner

with verbal instructions only...
We got this.

To find their
snowman's clothing.

Which I will be placing
across the field. Ta-da!

There's a hat, scarves,
mittens and a carrot nose.

Team one, your snowman
is wearing blue.

And team two, red.

The first team to dress
their snowman wins.

Well, I think
it's pretty obvious

who should be
wearing the blindfold.

- Agreed.
- Oh, ha! Nope. That's you.

This is a communication

I'm a journalist,
I'm great with words.

You're an artist, you're good
at decorating things.

What? But I'll be blindfolded.

Exactly. Less chance
you'll have to improvise.


People like my improvisation,
I'll let you know.

- Hmm, not everyone.
- Okay, then.

Three, two, one.
[air horn blasts]


Go, go, go!

Straight, go straight,

straight, straight!

Stop, stop! Get down.
Right on your knees.

[indistinct yelling]

Yes! Put it on your head!

You're killing this!

Get up, go... To the tree,
to the... Straight!


Ah! I'm so sorry!

I'm so sorry, my bad.

Put your hand up on the tree,
grab it! Grab it!

Yes! You got it!
Follow my voice.

- Yeah, I hear you.
- Follow my voice.

- Yeah.
- Down! Down on the knees.

- Yeah.
- Reach your right hand out,

right there!
Oh, yes! I got the carrot!

I got the carrot!

[upbeat music]

Hurry! Yes!

The carrot, the carrot!

[air horn blows]

And the blue team wins!

[excited yelling]

Oh, my God! We won!


You did it, you did it!

Oh my gosh.

[phone beeps]

Forcing connection

through shared success
and shared defeat.

Well played, Mistletoe Match.

Well played.

Want me to take your photo?

[gasps, laughs]

Uh, no, no.

Oh, come on!
Thomas, get in there with Liv.

You two killed it today
and you need to document it.

Okay, then.


[clears throat]

[soft music]


Scooch a little closer.

Scoochie-scoochie. Yeah, yeah?

I think we're just gonna
have to go for it.

Alrighty, then.

Say, "Hot cocoa!"

[both]: Hot cocoa!

[shutter clicks]

Three, two, one!
[air horn blasts]

Should we place bets
on who we think will win?

Sure. My bet is on that guy.

Okay. I'll go
with team blue, the underdog.

The loser buys the winner pizza.

I am so hungry at this point,

I would even give
your stuffed crust a shot.

I never thought I'd be turning
down my stuffed crust,

but I've actually got to get
home early tonight.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, of course.
You got big Christmas plans?

No, actually. I'm applying
to a grant for my arts program

and tonight's the deadline.
What grant?

It's the Brooklyn Creates
Art grant.

Oh, yeah.

That's a really
great initiative.

Make sure you include
testimonials from the kids.

The grant committee is a huge
sucker for that kind of thing.

Wait, wait, you're familiar?

Yeah, I actually wrote
an article

about it for the paper.

How a community arts grant
changes lives.

Changes lives.

I like that, can I steal that?

Yeah! I could put in
a good word for you

at the grant committee.
Really? You...

That would be...
That would be amazing!

Of course!
It's the least I can do.

For the community.

For the community.


[soft music]

Olivia Hayes.

[footsteps approaching]

Hey! You're ready for
the Christmas movie marathon

on Channel 6?

Yeah, perfect timing,

I'm just about finished here.

Whatcha doing?

Oh, just finished up
that grant application.

- Oh, really.
- Yeah.

Olivia Hayes?

It's research, right.
She wrote this article about...

- Yeah.
- She's a journalist

for The Morning Tribune.

Oh, I love
The Morning Tribune!

No wonder you have
a crush on her.

What? No...

It's okay, Dad.

Internet-stalking your crush
is perfectly normal.


[light music]

[phone ringing]

Tell me when
the coast is clear.


Are you still trying
to hide from Marcus?

Girl, what happened to trying
to get his attention?

And I did!

And then I panicked
and I froze and...

You know what,
I'm just gonna lay low

for just a little bit until
he forgets the whole thing.



So, how is the exposé
coming along?

Well, it's coming,

I'm gathering a lot
of information,

but no solid evidence yet.

I do have my headline, though.

"Christmas Match
or Christmas cash grab?"

- Nice!
- Thank you!


Who is that?

Oh, this is just research.


Is that Thomas?

- Uh...
- You didn't tell me he was hot!

Okay, this changes everything.

[clears throat]

This is Thomas's art program.

And he's applying for that grant
I wrote about last year.

Uh, and I said I'd put in
a good word for him

with the grant committee.

That's nice of you.

Okay, so tell me again

why you're pretending
to match with him?

I mean, he seems
like a total catch.

Well, you know that I'm not
interested in love right now.

And if I were,
I'm gonna be in Berlin

sometime in the new year.
You know, hopefully.

Oh, yeah.
That's why I came in.

Lucille changed the deadline.

She wants drafts due
end of day tomorrow.

- Wait, tomorrow?
- Yeah.


Doesn't she know that I'm busy
playing in the snow

and decorating gingerbread?

[phone beeps]

Day four of Mistletoe Match.

What do sports and love
have in common?

Can an exercise-induced
mood boost

create a false sense
of connection?

And if so, can that
connection endure?

Hey, Mia.


Oh! Olivia. Sorry about that.

- Hi.
- Let me get you all signed in.

If I could just find
my sign-in sheet.

[phone buzzes]

I swear I just
had it a second ago.


- Is everything okay?
- Oh, yeah.

Just the usual,
it's just a bit tricky

coordinating Alfie
and my schedule.

Especially during the holidays.

I'm sure. I can't imagine

you have a lot of downtime,

Yeah. And with Alfie's
new schedule

at the community centre,

he's just been working
a lot of overtime.

Oh, really?

Uh, you know what?

I think I left it
on a clipboard in my truck.

I will be right back.

[light music]

- Hey.
- Oops!

- Oh!
- Oh, oops.

[awkward chuckle]


That's a lot of phone numbers.
What it all this?

I don't know, I was just
helping Mia find a clipboard.

Oh. Well, it's a good thing
we were here.

That's a lot of sensitive

we wouldn't want to fall
into the wrong hands.

Hmm, no, we would not.

Okay! Where were we?
Thomas and Olivia.

You both chose snowshoeing. Hmm.

[playful music]

- Oh.
- Okay, that's for you.

And for you.
Thank you.

Paired up together again.

What are the odds?

- Shall we?
- Yes.

- Okay. See you later, Mia.
- Have fun!


Hi! James and Samantha.

So, let me guess.

You left Colorado,
came to New York,

and fell in love with
the lights and the energy.

Yeah, just really fell in love
with all of it, you know?

Although, I won't lie,
there was a bit of time

after Erin's mother passed
when I was thinking

about moving back to Colorado.

I'm so sorry, Thomas.

Oh, no, it's just...

I just wanted to get out
of town, you know?

Shake things up a bit.
Expose Erin to something new.

I guess that's probably
why I wasn't so into

the whole Mistletoe Match thing
at the beginning.

Anyway, enough about me.

What about you? Why are you
so anti-Christmas, huh?


I wasn't always
anti-Christmas, I...

I don't know, I just...
The busier I got...

Christmas just isn't top
of my priority list anymore.

[soft music]


- What is this?
- Wow.

Mia has really kicked
up the romance.


I mean, this is all a little
overboard, don't you think?

Yeah, totally.

Why don't we just
get back to the loop?

We were starting to get a real
good rhythm there.

I mean...

we should take
the hot chocolate, for the road.

For the road.
Don't want to be wasteful.


I don't know,
the fire looks really nice

and I'm a little cold.
Do you just want to sit

and enjoy it here, maybe?

Yeah, maybe.

[soft music]

To faking love.
To faking love.

- Mm-hmm.
- Cheers!


I mean, who says sitting
around a campfire

has to be romantic, anyway?

- Right? Joke's on them.
- Joke's totally on them.

Oh, what's...

Oh, what's that?

Conversation starters.


Mia thinks of everything,
doesn't she?

Doesn't she?

Who was your childhood hero?

Mm, what is your
go-to karaoke song?

That is important.

Oh, this is a good one.

What do you love
about your career?

Well, there's a lot
that I love.

But if I had to pick one
specifically, I'd say...

I love how unpredictable
it can be.

- Hmm.
- You never know

where or how you're gonna
uncover a story,

but they're always
out there somewhere,

waiting to be discovered.

And how do you that?

Discover them, I mean?

Through research, mainly.

Meeting people, talking to them.

Inspiration is everywhere.

I knew it.
That makes a lot of sense.

Knew what?

That's why you're such
a good listener.

[soft music]

[clears throat]

We should probably get going.

Yeah, yeah.

- S'more for the road?
- "Sh'more" the merrier!


[phone chimes]

Oh, I should get this,
it could be Erin.


Is everything okay?

I can hardly believe it.

I got through to the next round
for the grant committee!

Yeah, I've got a meeting
with them, tomorrow night.

Oh my gosh, I knew
you would get through!

Better stop that.

Stop what?

Well, aren't we supposed
to be pretending

to get along? Remember?

[soft music]

- Hey.
- Hi!

Ah, thank you.
Just right there.

Hey, you haven't heard
from Alfie, have you?

He was supposed to drop off
Erin 15 minutes ago.

He was?


Right. He was.

I will let you know
when I see him.


[clears throat]

Um... Hi! Hi.

Just grab these,
thank you so much.

Maybe he's running late.

Mia did say that he's been
keeping busy

at the community centre.

Apparently, he's doing
a bunch of overtime?

Overtime? That's weird.

He has been acting odd, lately.

[distant laughing]

Did you hear that?

[man whispering]: Shh!
Okay, go for it!

I know that giggle.


[excited yelping]

[upbeat music]

[excited shouting]

That was the best.

Are you okay, old man?

- I'm not so sure I am.
- I don't think so.

That was epic.

You two were ruthless.

[both]: Wind up!


Oh, I got to run,

but I will catch you two
tomorrow night

at the community centre, right?
Oh, no. Unfortunately not.

- How come, what's wrong?
- It's good news, actually.

My grant got through
to the next phase

of the application process.

Oh, that is great news,

Thanks, it is.
But unfortunately, it means

we're gonna have to cancel class
for tomorrow night.

What? We can't cancel,
it's Christmas.

Maybe Alfie could
fill in for you,

like he did when you got
your wisdom teeth removed?

No, sorry. Tomorrow night,
I can't, I can't.

Because after work,
I've gotta go pick up

a big shipment
from the post office of books.

- Yeah, the books.
- Books.

- The books.
- Yeah.

How about Olivia?

Oh, me?

No, I'm sorry,
I'm not really a teacher.

Why not? You could
teach us about writing.


Erin, hey.
You know it's not polite

to put people
on the spot like that.

Plus, I'm sure Olivia
has a very busy schedule.


I mean, we do have a few days
off from Mistletoe Match,

I could prepare something.

You know what?
Sure. Yeah, why not?

You would do that?

- I would love to.
[Erin]: Yes!

We'll see you tomorrow, then.
6 PM, sharp.

- I will be there.
- Amazing!

[Mia]: Alfie!
- Coming, Mia! See you soon.

[soft music]



Oh, wow.

I remember Ruff-Ruff.
[clicks tongue]


"Why I want to be a writer."


"Believe in the magic.

My favourite Christmas

going to see
the Christmas tree."


"Cookies are the best food
in the world."

This is still true.

[phone ringing]

Lucille, hi. How are you?

Olivia. I'm glad
I could reach you.

Just finished reading
your article.


And... I like it.

Could be better.

I agree. I'm very open
to suggestions, though.

I want you to shift the focus

of your Mistletoe Match

Mia and Alfie are great,

but this Thomas character
is much more intriguing.

You know, the one
you've been using

to prove the event's a sham.

Well, I mean, "using"
is a bit of a strong word.

Single dad looking for love.

It's high stakes.
I want you to dig deeper.

Why is he really there?

How's he coping?

He has a daughter to protect.

If Mistletoe Match can't
find him his one true love,

it's really gonna hit home
with readers.

Keep up the excellent work,

Thank you, Lucille.

I really appreciate
that feedback.


[soft music]


Hello, everyone.

I'm Olivia and I'm going to be
taking over for Thomas tonight.

[clears throat]

Tonight's class
is about writing.

Writing is...

It's an art, just like
painting or sculpting.

It's a way of...

expressing yourself
and communicating

the stories that matter to you.

She works for
The Morning Tribune.

Now, before we dive in,

I wanted to start
with a little activity...

called brainstorming.

Brainstorming is a very
important part

of the writing process.
Thank you.

Helps loosen up the mind,
leads to new ideas.

And in keeping
with the Christmas theme,

our prompt will be...

"My favourite Christmas

I want you to write down
on these cue cards

as many words or phrases
that come to mind

when you think
about that prompt.


Okay, go!

Whatever comes to mind,

you don't have to write
full sentences,

just words or names
of a Christmas song,

your favourite Christmas movie.


Now, for your assignment.

Over the next week,
you're going to be writing

about what Christmas
means to you.

Now, there's no rules, okay?

It can be fiction
or non-fiction.

And next week, we'll read them
aloud to each other in class.

Sound good?

Okay, let's open up our books,
start writing.

I hope the brainstorming helped.

Hey, Erin.

Are you okay?

I don't know.
My dad runs the art program,

so everybody expects me to be
creative and talented, like him.

Don't put so much pressure
on yourself. It'll come.

What if it doesn't?
What if I have writer's block?

You know, over the years,
I learned a little trick.

You write like no one
is ever gonna read it.

This is your chance
to experiment.

You find your writing style
over time.

Just takes practice.

When did you find yours?

When I started my own
community newspaper.


That sounds like
a lot of work.

It was. Especially at first.

But I didn't do it
because I had to,

I did it because I enjoyed it.

I wish I could enjoy
writing like you do.

Oh, you can. Trust me.

That blank page
is no match for Erin Kade.


Just write what you know.
Start there, see what comes out.

So, how did it go?

I think it went really well,

Yeah, they're gonna be sending
their representative

from the committee to come
audit our next class!

What?! I mean, what...?

And I think if that goes well,

then we should be in serious
contention for the money!

No pressure.

Hey, don't forget
what I told you.

You're not writing for them,
you are writing for you.

Uh, I'll meet you
in the lobby,

I have a lot of work to do.

Uh, I... Okay, then.


Um, I take it tonight's
class went well, then?

Oh, your kids are amazing.

You know, I really wish
I had a place like this

when I was growing up.

Thanks. That means a lot.

[phones chime]

Oh, my phone's buzzing away.


What does Mistletoe Match
have in store for us

on day five?

Oh! Cookie swap
in the ballroom.

[Olivia chuckles]


Ugh, we have to bring
a tray of homemade cookies.

What? Why "uh-oh"?

Every time I see you,
you have a cookie in your hand.

Eating them is my strength.
Baking them, not so much.


You know what?
I think Erin and I

could help you out with that.

Oh, no, no, no,
you don't need to do that.

- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- No...

We've got all the baking stuff
at our house.

You come by.
We're gonna do it anyways.

Plus, I think all the work
you've done for us,

we should really pay you back
a little bit.

Okay. Yeah, sure.

Yeah? Great!


I will, uh...

Text me.

- Text.
- Yeah.

I will text you my address.
The house, my house address.

- Yeah. Bye, Thomas.
- Bye, Olivia. Bye.

[whispering]: What am I doing?!

[doorbell rings]

[soft Christmas music]

- Hi!
- Hi!

Peppermint? Chocolate?

[Olivia]: Don't forget
the extra whip.

So, this is where
we hang our stockings,

and that calendar is how
I keep track of how many days

are left until Christmas!

You two certainly go all out.

What can I say?
We love Christmas.

Who's ready for some
baking therapy?

- You have no idea.
- Good, come on.

This one's for you.
Thank you.

- And this one is for you.
- Oh, thank you.

Oh, thank you!

What are we making?

You want to switch?
[Thomas]: Read my mind.

[soft music]

See what I mean?
He's good at everything!

What are you talking about?

Everything you touch
turns to gold.

You're my dad.
You have to say that.

No, I think he's right
about that one.

And that reminds me...
I have something to show you.

Everyone has to get
their start somewhere.

Wow. Was that your
Christmas tree? It's huge!

Yep! That was the year
we got a tree so big,

it barely fit through the door.

That's one of the greatest
things about being a writer.

You get to preserve memories
for yourself

and for future generations.

Will you read what I've
written for my story so far?

My dad says it's great,

but he says everything's great,
so I need an honest perspective.

I'd love to.

You did not write this.

I know, it's hard
to believe I made

so many spelling mistakes.

That's not what I mean.

This was clearly written
by someone who loves Christmas.

Wait, does that mean that
there might be hope for you yet?

Maybe. Or maybe that's just
all the cookies talking.

Olivia Hayes is warming up
to Christmas.

Now, that's a headline.

Thomas, there's something
I actually wanted

to talk to you about.

Good. Um, there's actually
something I've been wanting

to talk to you about too.

- Oh?
- Yeah, I just...

I've been quite embarrassed
about this,

but since you've been
so honest and open with me

from the beginning,
I kind of think I should. Um...

What is it?

Well, Alfie didn't sign me up
for Mistletoe Match.

I signed myself up.

I thought I was ready
to find love again.

But then that night
when I showed up I just...

I don't know,
I got cold feet, I guess.

And then you appeared, and well,

you were just my perfect out.

So I took it.

But now, funny enough,
I'm really enjoying myself.

A lot.

And you know,
I really think Erin has too.

It's pretty obvious that
she's just really taken to you.

Yeah, I just thought
I should apologize to you.

And well,
if you're upset with me,

I would totally understand.

No. No, no. I'm not upset.

I've actually been really
enjoying myself too.

[footsteps approaching]

Okay! Here goes nothing.

Okay, Erin.
What do you have for me?


Lucille called the other night.

She "likes" my
Mistletoe Match article.

But she thinks
it could be better.

She wants me
to change everything.

Okay, well, what's her angle?


A single dad struggles
to find love,

and Mistletoe Match
lets him down.

- Hm...
- What was wrong with my angle?!

Mia and Alfie struggling
to make it work

one year after the event!

I was this close
to breaking that story.

I know.

I really thought this
was going to be easy.

I had a plan. Impress Lucille
and get to Berlin.

And now, I don't know anymore.

How far is too far?

I mean, the only person
that can make that call is you.

What is the story that
you want to tell?

[soft music]

Yeah. Perfect.

Let's go with that one.

Mm-hmm, yeah.
It's her favourite song. Ha.

Uh, great. Can I call you back?
Yeah, okay, bye, bye.

Hey, Alf.

How you doing?
I'm doing.

Stage looks great.

You really did a good job
setting everything up.

Oh, yeah. Hey,

kids' Christmas concert's
gotta be big this year.

Awesome. Uh...

I didn't happen to
interrupt you there, did I?

No, not at all.

Good, good.


- I know something's up.
- What?

- Mm-hmm.
- Why would you say that?

Oh, I don't know,

just 'cause you're so subtle
about everything.

Yeah, no one suspects you
of anything, currently.

Okay, I'm your best friend,
Alf, I know when something's up.

What's' going on, man?
You can tell me anything.

Okay. Alright, come here.

Um, okay. I was going
to wait until tomorrow,

until everything was confirmed,

but this just arrived
this morning.


I'm planning on proposing
to Mia tomorrow night

at the Mistletoe Match
Christmas Eve Gala!


It's been so much work
getting everything arranged,

but now it's all finally
coming together.

- Oh, man. What a relief!
- Yeah.

Wait, what do you mean?

What do you mean,
what do I mean?

You've been acting
completely insane.

I'm pretty sure Mia thinks

that you're about
to break up with her.

- What?
- Mm-hmm.

Why would she think that?

Mm, I don't know,

maybe because
you've been ignoring her,

giving her the runaround!

Why wouldn't she think that?

I have not been ignoring her!

I've been trying to plan
the perfect secret proposal!


- Uh-oh.
- Yeah.

Oh no, it was supposed to be
the perfect secret proposal,

but now what is it gonna be?

Thomas, what am I supposed...
It's gonna be okay!

She thinks I'm gonna
leave her!

It'll be fine, alright?
I'll help you out.

I'm here for you, okay?

It's gonna be good.
We'll make a plan,

everything will be fine, okay?

- Okay.
- Good.

Just promise me one thing?

No more secrets.

I will promise if you promise.

- Me?
- Yeah, you.

Whoa, whoa,
what do you mean me?

Um... Spill the beans.

What's going on
with you and Olivia?

Oh, just Olivia.

You're falling for her!

Hey, hey, I would not say
"falling," okay?

But... things...
things are going okay.

Oh, that's amazing. Amazing!

Yeah, who would've thought?

Pretending to like each other
actually worked out.

Mm-hmm... What?!

What did you just say?

- Did I just say that out loud?
- Yeah!

Talk about secrets!

You have a lot
of explaining to do!

[discordant piano notes]

You've got a lot of explaining
to do, my friend.


[jazzy piano music]

[indistinct chatter]

Olivia, hey, hi!
Can I talk to you?

Just for a sec.

- Oh, okay.
- Uh, it's about Chris.

I can't stop thinking about him,
I mean, we're so different...

- Psst! Thomas!
- on so many levels.

What do I do?

[Olivia]: Well,
maybe being different

isn't such a bad thing.

- You okay?
- Just... don't stare.

Can you see if Vanessa's
looking over here?

- Eh, well, I don't feel...
- Don't overthink it.

No, no, no, you're good.

She's talking with Olivia
right now.

- Okay.
- What's going on?

I have two tickets to
the Nutcracker Ballet tonight.

I want to ask Vanessa
to go with me.

- Well, that's great.
- No, you don't understand!

I have no idea
if she likes ballet.

And I am not good...
with rejection.

Family history.

So if she says no...

I highly doubt that's gonna
be the only thing that she says.

- That's true. You're right.
- Yeah.

- I'm gonna do it!
- You should.

Go do it right now.

- Thanks, brother.
- Yeah.

Thank you.

Well, maybe being different
isn't such a bad thing.

See, there was this guy
named Dave

when I was
in middle school and...

he invited me to go bowling,
but then he actually

didn't show up to the bowling...

Hey, Vanessa.

Oh. Hey, hi.


- Uh, are those...
- Galletas Maria's?

Yeah. I remember you mentioning
you were craving them.

So, here, have a little
piece of Costa Rica.

You know how I love
Costa Rica.

- I've heard. So many times.
- Mm! Oh!

Look at us!

The unmatchable become

Who would've thought, huh?

Thank you.

They'll get closer over time,
you know?

- I think so.
- Yeah.

Uh-oh. Are Mia and Alfie
still on the rocks?

Uh, not exactly.

Look, this is highly
confidential information,

obviously, but...

Alfie's actually been planning

his proposal to Mia
this whole time.


Right, that's why he's been
acting so weird.

And he's gonna do it
at the Christmas Eve Gala.

Wow. I did not
see that one coming.

No, neither did I.

You know, secrets and
relationships just do not mix.

Yeah. She looks
really stressed.

Well, I would be too
if I was in her shoes.

Although, I don't think
hers would fit me.

You okay?

Yeah, I...

I just wish there was
a way we could help them.



What if we use
our new matchmaking skills

to help Alfie surprise Mia?

We could do a romantic dinner?

At the community centre,
after hours!

That's perfect.
She'll never see that coming.

That's so good!

I'm gonna call Alfie right now
and set the whole thing up.

Liv, you're a lifesaver.

[phone beeps]

Mia and Alfie.

Does Mistletoe Match lead
to lasting love?

Well, it just might.

[phone beeps]

Isn't this breathtaking?

Okay, repeat after me...

I will not act suspiciously.
I will not act suspiciously.

I will be cool
and I will be calm.

I will be cool
and I will be calm.

I will be no more abnormally
awkward than usual.

I will be no more abnormally
awkward than usual.

[phone chimes]

Ah, she's here!

- She's here. She's here!
- She's here!

- She's here!
- She's here.

Okay, calm down.


And then today
at Mistletoe Match, I mean,

the couples were really...
They're just really bonding,

and I'm so happy with everything

that we've planned together,
you know?

Um, I just...
Babe, I have something.

Sorry, I forgot that I have
to do something real quick.

Oh okay, well, Alf,
that actually reminds me.

I wanted to talk to you
about something.

Sure, sure, sure.
Hold that thought.

- Okay...
- Hold that thought.

It's been on my mind
for a bit.


What is this?
For you, madame.

Did you... did you do this?


Look, I know that
I have been really,

really busy lately, okay?


And I just wanted to say
that I'm sorry.

Oh, Alfie!


Thank you. This is so beautiful.
You did this all by yourself?

Um, did I do it on my own?

I may have had just a teensy,
weensy little bit of help.

Oh, okay.

Good evening sir, madame.

May I start you off
with anything to drink?

Yes, please!

- Me too.
- The help?

Yep, absolutely. Yep.

Couldn't find
better help than this.


[soft music]


Come on, come on, right here.
Right here.



Who knew being a part
of someone's love story

could be so exhilarating?

The last few days
have been full of surprises.

I'm so happy things worked out
with Mia and Alfie.

Me too.

Oh... kay.
Alfie's got some moves.

I may have taught him
a thing or two.

Yeah, I'm sure you did.

You don't believe me?



Okay, show off. Okay.


Maybe I was wrong
about Mistletoe Match.

Oh, yeah?

Maybe it works
for some people.

I can't be alone
with this cake any longer!

Dessert is served.


Hey! Sorry I'm late.
I was caught up at work.

No, no, it's all good.
You made it,

that's all that matters.
It's good. We're good.

It's good...
Are you okay?

Hm? Fine! Fine, super fine,
actually, mm-hmm.

Hey! This is all gonna go
according to plan.

Okay? You got this. We got this.

What if she doesn't
like hot chocolate?

Mm! My goodness, does it ever
smell good in here!

Lisa! Thank you for coming.

It is so good
to see you again, Lisa.

Oh, thank you.
And you as well, Olivia.

How wonderful it is to see one
of our city's top journalists

getting involved with
our community's youth.

Well, how could I resist?

Thomas' program is unlike
anything I've ever seen.

So I've heard.

Ooh, a hot chocolate bar!

I knew that smell was familiar!
Don't mind if I do.

Please, please!

[whispering]: She likes
hot chocolate.

Of course she likes
hot chocolate.

Who doesn't like hot chocolate?
I know, I know.

[normally]: Good evening,

Thank you for coming tonight.

I love having you here,
as always.

Tonight, I know that some of us
might be a little bit nervous

about sharing our stories
with the class,

but I just wanted
to remind you all

that this here is a safe space.

- And nonjudgmental.
- Thank you for reminding me.

And sharing your art
can be just as fulfilling

as creating it.

Sometimes even more so.

And if there is anything
I've learned this Christmas,

it's that being open-hearted
always pays off.

Well said.

Okay, and now to business.

Which one of you fine folks

would like to share
your story with us first?

We've got our first volunteer!

- Okay!
- Come on, Erin.

Just take your time, okay?
When you're ready.

My favourite Christmas memory
isn't exactly what you'd think.

It's not snowball fights
in the park

or decorating cookies
with friends.

No. My favourite Christmas
memory is the time my dad

burnt the Christmas turkey.

Maybe it's because 15 people
were about to knock on our door,

or maybe it was my mom
frantically waving a dish towel

next to the smoke detector

like she was a helicopter
trying to take off.

Either way, we were stuck
in a tricky situation.

But as I'm sure you all know,

sometimes it's these moments
that can lead us

on the adventure of a lifetime.

And that is where
my story begins.

[indistinct chatter]

[Thomas]: Wow, that's an idea.

Maybe you should tell him.

I... I will. Thank you.

Hey. Nice job. Seriously.
Way to make me proud.

I couldn't have done it
without you, Teach.

Teach? Yeah, I could
get used to that.


[Olivia and Erin]: So?

She said she'll be in touch.

That's good!
That's really good!

- I think it's really good!
- Yeah, it is!

She also happened to say
that she would like us to submit

some of the class's writing
for their monthly newsletter.

Starting with yours.

- What?
- Yeah.

Oh, wow!
A published author already?

Yeah, I knew you were
going places.

I have to go tell Alfie.


You know what this means?

We get to take the leftover
hot chocolate home with us?

No. Well, yes. But no,
that's not what I meant.

What I meant is that if
this ends up going well,

I'll owe you.

Big time.

Mm. Very big time.

No, no, but in all

we really couldn't have
done this without you.

Well, actually, I should be
the one thanking you.

I had no idea that teaching
could be so rewarding.

I see why you're always
so happy.

I have been pretty
happy lately, haven't I?

I guess we both have.

[Lucille]: No.
They can't do that.

Well, actually, Lucille,
they have no choice.

The gallery was counting
on that funding

for the Christmas Eve
grand opening.

And now, they have to push
the grand-opening

to the end of January.

You know how I feel about
last-minute changes, Tanya.

I do.

Looks like we're going
to need a new piece

for the Arts and Culture

I want a new pitch on my desk
first thing.

Now, be a dear and tell Olivia
to join me in my office.


On it.


[phone ringing]

Hey, Tan. What's up?

Oh, you know, can't a girl

call her bestie first thing
in the morning?

What'd you have for breakfast?

Coffee. You?

I had eggs.

Three hours ago!

Liv, please tell me that

you're in the elevator
right now.

Oh my gosh. Ugh...

I was up all night
working on this article.

I totally lost track of time.
You think?

Lucille's been asking for you,

and she wants to see you
in her office,

like now!
Okay, yeah, yeah,

I'll be there.
Can you just cover for me?

Be quick. There's only so long
I can hold down the fort.

It's a heavy one.
Especially today.

Okay, I will be right there.


[birds chirping]

[soft music]

What do you think
you're doing?

Just doing some reading.

Catching up on local news
and what not.

If you're looking
for Olivia's column,

it doesn't come out
until Saturday.

How'd you know that?

Because, unlike you,
I actually read the newspaper.

Now, if you'll excuse me.
I have a crossword puzzle to do.

Just can't get nothing
by you, can I?

[phone ringing]


Hi. Uh, Thomas here.
Thomas, hi.

It's Lisa from the Brooklyn
Creates Arts Grant Committee.

How are you?
Good, good, Lisa.

Um, how are you doing?

I wanted to call you
as soon as I found out.

I think you should hear
this from me.

The mayor resigned this morning,

which means the city
has suspended

all non-essential spending.

But the arts program
is essential, though?

Right, Lisa?
In my opinion, yes.

However, the city has decided,

against our recommendations,

to postpone the program
until after the election.

I know this isn't the news
you were hoping for.

I do encourage you, however,
to reapply in the new year.

Your program was
our top contender.

Well, um, thank you, Lisa.

[clears throat]
I will.

Yes, very good. Have a good day.
[chuckling nervously]

[clears throat]

A seven-letter word
for navigates in a blizzard?!

Oh, man...

Well, you're not gonna
give up, are you?

I don't give up, I'm a Kade.

I just... need to clear my mind.

I feel you.

There's always one hint
that I can't solve.

It's like every pathway I try
just leads to a dead end.

Well, maybe we gotta start
thinking outside the box.

No. We need to think
outside the boxes!

It's a seven letter word.

Can I use your phone
for a minute?

Yeah, sure. Hang on, what for?

I need to call Olivia.

Oh. Wait, why are you
calling Olivia?

She'll know the answer.

She does work for
The Morning Tribune, after all.

That's it! You!
Oh, you're a genius.

Let's go! I'm losing my stuff,
It's all over the place.

Don't get too excited,
it's only a crossword puzzle.

Let's go, let's go.
I'll drop you

with Uncle Alfie on the way.

It went straight to voicemail.

It's fine, it's good.
You've solved it!

You're amazing! Let's go!

I am so close, I can
literally smell Tony's Pizza.

Okay, first you're late,

and now you're taunting me
with pizza?!

Code tall, dark and handsome.

Tanya! Just ask Marcus out

No! Not my tall,
dark and handsome,

your tall, dark and handsome!

Mr. Ugly Sweater Dude is here!

What? Thomas? Why?

I don't know!
Probably to see you!

Okay, um...

Show him to my desk
and I'll be right there, okay?

Good idea.

The less visible he is,
the better.



- Hey!
- Hey.

- You're here to see Olivia?
- I am.

I'll take you to her office.
Come with me.


Did you get to see
the full moon this morning?

I mean, I got up at 4 AM,
so I'm not sure if you saw it.

But anyways,
this is Olivia's desk, uh...

You are more than welcome
to sit there.

She'll be here any minute.
Okay, sure.


Make yourself comfortable.

[chuckling awkwardly]


How about I get you something
to read? To pass the time.

- Uh...
- Yeah, I'll do that.

Thank you.

That's right. She's got
everyone fooled.

Yeah, that's right.
Mistletoe Match.

Yep, she's even pretending
to hit it off

with some poor schmuck
to prove the event's a sham.

Oh yes, I think she'll be
the perfect addition

to the Berlin team.

Wonderful, we'll be in touch.

Olivia! You will not
believe who just...

You're not Olivia.


No. I'm not. Um...

I hope you like crosswords!

'Cause it's the
Christmas edition!

Okay, Tanya, who is this?

Oh, I'm just some
poor schmuck.


Don't worry,
I'll show myself out.

Okay, where is Olivia?

I told you to send her
to my office an hour ago.

Yes, and I was gonna tell you

that she needed to...
She's what?


[soft music]

Why is everyone
acting so weird today?

It's a full moon!

You know what they say
about full moons...

They get a little crazy.

Olivia! Where have you been?

You know what? Never mind.
Follow me.

We have a lot to discuss.

I don't have all day!


I know it's not the exposé
that I was assigned, but...

Oh dear.

You know how I feel
about surprises, Olivia.

I do. More than anyone.

How could I not
see this coming?

I'm sorry if I let you down,

But I had to be honest
with myself and our readers.

I understand if you no longer
want to consider me

for the Berlin promotion.

Hi, yes. No, no, no,
it's about the front-page story.

Move kittens at Christmas
to page six.

I've got something better.

I'm sorry, you were saying?

I was apologizing.

You should be sorry.

Why didn't you tell me
this sooner?

This is some of your
best work, Olivia.

You like it?

Do you know what keeps people

reading even more
than a juicy exposé?

Love. Especially at Christmas.

Congratulations, Olivia.
You just made the front page.


Good evening, everyone!

Welcome to day six
of Mistletoe Match,

our final event before
the grand finale

at the Christmas Eve Gala!

Tonight is all about
seeing how well

you've gotten
to know one another.

You've reached Thomas Kade.
Please leave a message.

I like to call
"Two truths and a lie"!

But of course,
there's a Mistletoe Match twist.

Instead of sharing facts
about yourself,

each one of you must get up

and share two truths and a lie
about your partner.

I've been trying to get
a hold of you all day.

We really need to talk.

I think I've heard enough,

Thomas! You're up first.

Thomas will be sharing

two truths and a lie
about Olivia!


Well, uh... where to begin?
[clears throat]


Well, she's full of surprises.

Miss Olivia Hayes. Yeah, yeah.

Her favourite food group
is cookies.

Yeah! Shortbread, gingerbread,
snickerdoodles, oatmeal raisin.

You name it, she'll eat it.




Well, secondly,

we actually met outside
those doors right there.

And she thought I was
the concierge.

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Tipped me five bucks.
[crowd laughing]

Even then, there was just

something about her, you know?

Made me want to get
to know her better.

[clears throat]

Third. Third...

Wow. Well, Olivia...

Olivia came here to find love.


Like we all did.

And she was just so open
and honest with me

from the very beginning,

and she really made
that process easy.

It was fun.

She really was the perfect
Mistletoe Match.

So, you tell me what are
the truths and what's the lie.

Thank you.

Alright, thank you, Thomas!


Our next person for this evening

is... Chris!

Thomas. Thomas, come on, wait.
I can explain.

Save your breath, Liv.

I'll just read about it
in the paper.

You don't understand.

Anything that you heard,
it's not true.

Or it's not true anymore.
You just need to let me...

Were you, or were you not here
to write an undercover exposé

about Mistletoe Match
for The Morning Tribune?

[inhales deeply]

I was, okay? I'm so sorry.

I heard your boss
say it herself, alright?

You had us all fooled.

Mia, Alfie, me, Erin.

How could you just lie
to us like that?

I didn't have a choice, okay?

Lucille put me on
the assignment.

But over time, things changed.

I had you into my house.

I introduced you to my daughter.

Look, I know, I get it, okay?

We both agreed to pretend
to like each other. That's fine.

But I don't know,
somewhere over the two weeks,

it got real for me.

And I guess I'm just
a big dummy,

because I don't know,

I thought it got real
for you too.

It did. That's what
I'm trying to tell you.

I was wrong
about Mistletoe Match.

No, Olivia.

You were right.
Mistletoe Match doesn't work.

You got what you wanted.
You won.

Good luck in Berlin.

I finally open
myself up to love,

and then I just,
I go and I ruin it.

You know,
people make mistakes.

Sometimes big ones.

You need to apologize,
and you can make up for it.

That's gonna be pretty

considering it was
the last event before the gala.

Well, there's a couple days
before Christmas Eve,

so you have some time.

What are you working on?

The art gallery I
was writing about

postponed its grand opening.

So now, I have T-minus 10 hours
to write something new.

- What happened?
- The mayor resigned,

so the city postponed
all non-essential spending,

including some of
the funding programs.

Right before Christmas too.

Oh, my God.

That's why he was here.


Thomas' arts program,
it depended on that money.

Now they're in trouble.

Ugh, talk about a rough day.

I think I know
how to help him.

Can I pitch you a story?

[light music]

[phone ringing]

Hello? Thomas Kade speaking.

That's great, Roger.
No, thank you!

Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Yes, you will be hearing
from me. Thank you.

Absolutely. I'll let him
know you called. Thanks, bye.

Alf, Alf, you will not
believe this!

Alright, I just got off
the phone with someone

who wants to donate
to the Arts Program!

You have no idea.

My phone is ringing
off the hook.

Every person on that list
wants to donate.

I got four more
on hold as we speak!

Brooklyn Community Centre,

this is Alfie,
thanks for holding!

Dad! You have to see this.

What is this?

It gets better.



[upbeat Christmas music]

♪ Dashing through the snow

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh ♪

♪ O'er the fields we go...

- Mm-hmm!
- Hey.


Any signs of Thomas?

Not yet.

It doesn't matter anyways.
He's not gonna talk to me.

Uh, stranger things
have happened.

I mean, he has to be
around here somewhere.

Okay, there they are.

You have to talk to her, man,

you can't ignore her all night.

She doesn't want
to talk to me.

I wouldn't even let her
explain herself.

So what? It's Christmas Eve,

it's the last night
of Mistletoe Match.

Now's your change
to make things right.

What in the...

Did you invite Marcus?


I may have mentioned something,

but when I told him
that you'd be here,

he jumped at the idea of coming!

I told you he likes you! Yes!

Good evening, ladies.
You must be Tanya. Hey!

Oh, so nice to meet you.

- Liv.
- Hey.

[both]: Muah!

I wanted to thank you both.

This year was a really big
opportunity for me

to be able to prove myself.

And, thanks to you
and your article,

we've had
a record-breaking amount

of participants for next year.

Well, there's no story
without you, Mia.

All this... it's because of you.

Thanks, Liv. Well, you two

enjoy the evening,
and I will see you later.

- Yeah.
- Okay!

- Hi!
- Hi!


Alfie! The sleigh
has left the North Pole.

She's on the move!
Roger that, Erin.

Okay, trust me. You don't want
to leave anything on the table.

You will regret it.
Wish me luck.

Good luck, buddy.

Alright, let's do this.
Go time. Excuse me! Mm!

Uh, good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.

If I could please
have your attention, please.

- Alfie...
- Just one second.

Uh, welcome to The Mistletoe
Match Christmas Eve Gala! Yay!



Alfie, what are you doing?

Uh, just trust me, okay?
Just trust me.

- Okay.
- Stand over here.

You look so beautiful,
by the way.

Thank you, thanks.

365 days ago,

I was standing
in this very room.

And I was nervous.

Kind of like I am right now,

[Alfie chuckles]

But there was this girl.

She came in later
than everyone else,

but her smile lit up the room.


I remember wishing right there
that she and I would be a match.

Um, and we had our differences,
but I knew...

I just knew in my heart

that she was everything
that I had ever hoped to find.

Even her quirks, um,

which can make me
a little crazy, as you can see.


Even her quirks, I love.

Uh, she...

She makes me...
She makes me come alive.

Um, she...

knows the perfect song
for every occasion.

She makes the perfect latte.

For you.

And she brings out
the best in everyone.

Especially me.

Um, and thankfully,
she is a lot braver than I am.

Because 365 days ago,

she asked me to dance.

[♪ 12 Days of Christmas
playing on violin]

Tonight, it's my turn
to ask her something.

Okay, um...

There it is.


Will you marry me?


Yes! Yes!

[applause, cheering]
Yes! Yes!

- Woo!
- Yeah!

[bright music]





[upbeat music]

You know, your story
isn't over yet.

Oh, what the heck!
What do I have to lose?

♪ And I'm waiting for you
to come home ♪

♪ Here I am hanging up
the silver lights ♪

♪ Dreaming you were
here tonight ♪

♪ Stand right here
by my side ♪

♪ Baby next Christmas

[soft music]

- Hey, Thomas.
- Hey.

Um... You look stunning.

Thank you.

I loved your article.

And I just...

I really need to apologize.
I just really...


Why are you apologizing?
You didn't do anything wrong.

The other night,
I overreacted.


I should've let you
explain yourself,

but I didn't, and I...

No, I should be the one
apologizing. I...

I should have been honest
with you

when I started developing
feelings for you.

There's so much more
to love in life

than just finding
the next big headline.

- What do you mean?
- Well, I was wondering

if you needed a new
creative writing mentor

for your arts program?

- Like a partnership?
- Yeah.

'Cause I think we make
a pretty good team.

I think we're more
than a great team.

I think we're a Mistletoe Match.

[upbeat jazzy music]

♪ Here I am hanging up
the silver lights ♪

♪ Dreaming you were
here tonight ♪

♪ Sitting right here
by my side ♪

♪ Baby next Christmas

♪ You'll be here with me

♪ Putting up that
Christmas tree ♪

♪ Just have to wait and see

♪ Next Christmas

♪ Hanging up the silver lights

♪ Dreaming you were
here tonight ♪

♪ Sitting right here
by my side ♪

♪ Baby, next Christmas

♪ You'll be here with me

♪ Putting up that
Christmas tree ♪

♪ Just have to wait and see

♪ Baby next Christmas

♪ Hanging up the silver lights

♪ Dreaming you were
here tonight ♪

♪ Sitting right here
by my side ♪

♪ Baby next Christmas

♪ You'll be here with me

♪ Putting up that
Christmas tree ♪

♪ Just have to wait and see ♪

Subtitling: difuze