Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) - full transcript

Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, along with some familiar allies, race against time after a mission gone wrong.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Do you, Ethan, take Julia
to be your lawful wedded wife?

I do.

To have, to hold, to love,
cherish, honor, and protect?

I do.

To shield from
terrors known and unknown?

- To lie, to deceive...
- What?

To live a double life, to fail
to prevent her abduction,

erase her identity,
force her into hiding,

take away
all she has known...


...in a selfish, futile,
fleeting attempt...


...to escape
your own true self?

Please, stop.

And, Julia, do you
choose to accept?


- I do.
- No.

You should have
killed me, Ethan.

Fate whispers
to the warrior...

A storm is coming.

And the
warrior whispers back...

I am the storm.

Good evening, Mr. Hunt.

The anarchist Solomon Lane.

Since you captured him
2 years ago,

his absence from the world stage
has had unintended consequences.

His Syndicate of rogue covert operatives
continues to wreak havoc around the globe.

The CIA's
Special Activities Division

has relentlessly hunted Lane's
elite network of hostiles.

But many remain unknown
and at large.

The remnants of this
extremist splinter cell

refer to themselves as
"The Apostles."

They have since adopted
a policy of terror-for-hire,

making them
an even greater threat.

They are responsible for
the recent smallpox outbreak

in Indian-controlled Kashmir,

along the borders of China
and Pakistan,

threatening one-third
of the world's population.

The epidemic
is being contained,

but intelligence
would indicate

that a new client has hired the Apostles
for a more ambitious operation.

They have been contacted
by this man,

an unidentified extremist known
only by the code name John Lark,

author of this
apocalyptic manifesto

calling for the destruction
of the current world order.

It is believed Lark is responsible
for the disappearance

of Norwegian nuclear weapons
specialist Nils Delbruuk.

Dr. Delbruuk's security
clearance was revoked

after he expressed
fiercely anti-religious views.

Meanwhile, the Apostles
have been in contact

with elements of the Eastern
European underworld,

who are in possession
of three plutonium cores

stolen from a missile base
in eastern Russia.

This would indicate that
John Lark and the Apostles

are working together to acquire
functioning nuclear weapons.

NEST estimates that a man
with Delbruuk's knowledge,

using the materials in play,

could complete three nuclear
weapons in as little as 72 hours.

These devices would be

and deployable anywhere
on Earth overnight.

In the hands of John Lark
and the Apostles,

these weapons represent
an unprecedented threat

to countless millions.

Your mission, should you
choose to accept it,

is to prevent the Apostles
from acquiring plutonium

using any means
at your disposal.

If you or any members of your
IMF team are caught or killed,

the Secretary will disavow
any knowledge of your actions.

Good luck, Ethan.

This message will
self-destruct in five seconds.

He's late.

- He's never late.
- He'll be here.

I don't like it.

Something about this guy just
really gives me the creeps.

Okay, just relax.

I'm relaxed.

You don't sound relaxed.

Luther, does he sound
relaxed to you?

He sounds terrified.

I'm not terrified.

I just have
a bad feeling is all.

I thought you said
you were relaxed.

It's entirely possible to be relaxed
and extremely uneasy at the same time.

- No, it's not.
- You do it all the time.

- No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.

No, he doesn't.

I'm supposed to believe that
you are perfectly relaxed,

- right here, now...
- Benji.

...in a dark alleyway, waiting to buy
black-market plutonium from a psychopath.

Benji, I won't let anything
happen to you.

- Okay.
- See, Benji,

you're perfectly safe.

That's easy for you to say,
you're in the van.

Well, you wanted to be
in the field, tough guy.

And tonight, Luther, I would
like to be in the van!

He's here.

Oh, God.

Have that
money ready, Luther.


Ethan, do you copy?

Do you copy?

Are we finally gonna
do this or not?

I have survived in this business
with the help of a voice in my head.

This voice is never wrong.
And whenever I meet you,

it tells me the same thing.

What's that?


I'm here to do business. Tell
the voice to flip a coin.

What's that?

This is a beryllium rod,
which is causing

a reaction with the plutonium
inside the core.

That's them.

The money?

The money.

Bring the money.

Luther, bring the money.

We're gonna need
that money, Luther.

Kill them.

I got it!

Luther, do you copy?


Luther, come in.

Luther's not here
right now.

What can the Apostles
do for you, Hunt?

- What do you want?
- You're boxed in, Hunt.

Give us the plutonium
and walk away.

Benji, get the car.

- I don't think I can do that.
- Benji.

Get the car.

We'll make you
a deal, Hunt.

Give us the plutonium and
we won't kill your friend.

Don't you do it, Ethan!
Not for me!

I'm gonna
count to three.


- Two.
- Luther...

- ...I'm sorry.
- Three.

I'm sorry. I didn't know
what else to do.

We're good.

- You okay?
- I should be dead.

We should all be dead.

Why aren't we?

Where's the plutonium?

It's gone.

If you're just joining us,

three massive explosions
have gone off simultaneously

in what appears to be
a coordinated attack.

This image is live in Rome,
looking toward the Vatican

and is as close as
our cameras can get.

It is believed that
the Pope was in residence

at the time of the blast.

Also live, we're looking at Jerusalem
from just outside the city.

Also live,
the holy city of Mecca

from the USS Ronald Reagan in the Red
Sea off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

Radiation has been detected,

indicating that
nuclear weapons were used

in these unspeakable attacks.

Ethan, it's time.

No word on casualties yet,
but we can assume

the death toll
is catastrophic.

Early reports suggest
the weapons used

would require
highly specialized knowledge

that very few people possess.

The question now is who would attack all
three of these holy sites? And why?

The attacks occurred
at precisely the same moment,

just over an hour ago,

at 4:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

Within minutes
of the attack...

...Congress ordered
an emergency recess

and the Capitol Building
was evacuated.

The President left Washington
on Air Force One.

The White House has declared
a state of emergency,

placing the military
on highest alert.

Would you excuse us, please?

Dr. Delbruuk.

We know who you are.

We read the manifesto,
we found your lab.

"There has never been peace

"without first
a great suffering.

"The greater the suffering,
the greater the peace."

See, this will
unite them. Hmm?

When they read this manifesto,
they'll all understand.

Nobody's gonna
read that manifesto, ever.

I can promise you that.

What day is it?

How long have I been here?

What's the last thing
you remember?

I was driving.

Someone hit me.

That was two weeks ago.

- Two weeks?
- Two weeks.

This is yours,
isn't it?

It's how Lark
communicated with you.

- Lark?
- John Lark.

- We know all about him.
- You know nothing.

There's information in this
phone that could lead us to him.

And you have
the passcode.

You think
Lark is the enemy, hmm?

But you,

well, whoever you are,
you are the enemy.

You're why
the system survives.

- Why the suffering goes on.
- Shut up!

We don't care about you.
We want Lark.

What if we make a deal?

there's no deal, Luther.

Step outside.

Give me five minutes
with this guy.

Ethan, I can't let you do that.
That's not who we are.

Then maybe we need to
reconsider that.

What if they read
the manifesto on the air?

What? You can do that?

We can do it
with a phone call.

Well, if he reads
Lark's manifesto...


I'll give you the passcode.

Ethan! Ethan!

Think, Ethan.

Think of the greater good,

Yeah, you do that.



No, he won't cooperate.

Yes, sir.
If we read the manifesto

on the air.

I'm sorry, sir.

and global markets plummeted.

Stand by. I'm told we're about to
get some additional information.

I've just been handed a
document from Nils Delbruuk,

a nuclear weapons specialist

who claims to have built the
weapons used in these attacks.

I've been asked to read this
manifesto in its entirety.

"There has never been peace

"without first
a great suffering.

"The greater the suffering,
the greater the peace.

"As mankind is drawn
to his self-destruction

"like a moth to the candle,

"the so-called
defenders of peace,

"the church, the government,
the law,

"work tirelessly
to save humanity from itself."

It's not gonna
help you now.

"But by averting disaster,

"they serve
to delay a peace..."

What's done is done.

"...that can only come through
an inevitable baptism of fire.

"The suffering I bring you is
not the beginning of the end.

"It is the beginning

"of a greater mutual

Did we get it?

"It is the first step

"toward the ultimate
brotherhood of man."

We got it.

"The suffering I bring you

"is the bridge
to ultimate peace."


Did we get it?

Of course we got it.

I told you we'd get it.

I don't understand.

The attacks
didn't happen?

The car accident you were
in, that was an hour ago.

I was driving
the other car.

What's done is done,

when we say it's done.


That phone you unlocked
led us to a server in Iceland

where we managed to
decrypt a communique

between John Lark
and this woman:

Alana Mitsopolis,
activist and philanthropist,

whose charity work

has earned her
the nickname the White Widow.

It's all a front for her real trade:
arms dealing, money laundering.

Extensive political connections
provide her with protection.

Lark and the Widow
are meeting tonight

to negotiate delivery
of an unspecified package,

which we can only assume
is our missing plutonium.

They'll make contact in a private
lounge at the Grand Palais in Paris

during her annual
fundraising event.

The details are in the file.

If Lark isn't there
by midnight,

the Widow will leave

and sell the package
to the highest bidder.

Which gives you two hours
from now to find Lark.

Sir, I think there's
something you need to know.

I'm gonna
stop you right there.

You had a terrible choice
to make in Berlin:

Recover the plutonium
or save your team.

You chose your team,
and now the world is at risk.

Some flaw
deep in your core being

simply won't allow you to choose
between one life and millions.

You see that
as a sign of weakness.

To me, that's your
greatest strength.

It also tells me I can count
on you to cover my ass.

Because coming over here from the CIA was
a lateral move, some say a step down.

But I did it

because of you.

Don't make me regret it.

Make the call.

Shut 'em down.

What do you think
you're doing, Erika?

It may be your mission,

but this is the CIA's plane.

It doesn't take off
without my say-so.

We don't have time for this.

I have a team in Paris ready to grab
Lark as soon as he leaves the Palais.

A G5 standing by
to rendition him to Gitmo,

where a waterboard
is waiting.

Spend 24 hours we don't have to
pull a confession we can't trust

from a man we haven't
positively identified? No.

We need reliable intelligence,
and we need it now.

This scenario is precisely
why the IMF exists!

The IMF is Halloween, Alan.

A bunch of grown men in rubber
masks playing trick-or-treat.

And if he had held on to
the plutonium in Berlin,

we wouldn't be having
this conversation.

And his team
would be dead.

Yes. They would.

That's the job.

And that's why I want one
of my own men on the scene

to appraise the situation.

Agent Walker,
Special Activities.

His reputation precedes.

You use a scalpel.

I prefer a hammer.

The answer is no.

I have operational authority
here, direct from the President.

You have a problem with that,
you take it up with him.

I have already, and he agrees with me.
My man goes

or no one goes.

No one comes between
you and that plutonium.

Not Hunt, not his team,
not anyone.

The White Widow has spies
at every level of government.

This plane is posing
as a commercial airliner

so we can jump
into France undetected.

The Widow's meeting Lark
in the VIP lounge at midnight.

No one will be admitted without a
pre-issued electronic I.D. band.

We have acquired
the unique RFID number

for Lark's band,
allowing us to locate it

with these.

Find that I.D. band,
you find Lark.

Then what?


I assume his identity and
make contact with the Widow.

She takes us
to the package.

People actually
fall for this shit?

How do you intend
to make Lark cooperate?

I bump him in the crowd.

In ten seconds he'll look like
any other drunk at the party,

and completely pliable.

After I borrow his face,

you walk him out the front door and
hand him to Sloane's extraction team.

You're not getting rid of me
that easily, Hunt.

That's not
what this is about.

Sure it is.

I know you don't want me
on this detail.

But let's face it:

If you'd made
the hard choice in Berlin,

I wouldn't be here.

And if you hadn't
gunned down

every Syndicate agent
they sent you to find,

I wouldn't be here.

That's right,
I know all about you.

You're why we don't have a living
witness who can identify John Lark

or the Apostles.

If you have a problem
with my methods,

you can always stay behind.

"Your mission, should you
choose to accept it."

Isn't that the thing?

Two minutes to decompression.

Suit up. The Widow is
meeting Lark in 30 minutes.

Ten seconds
to decompression.

Is your oxygen on?

There is no atmosphere
at this altitude.

I don't need you
blacking out on me.

Hey, your heads-up display has
a built-in guidance system.

Follow it to the target.

Open your chute
when the system says,

not before and
definitely not after,

or the last thing that
goes through your mind

will be your kneecaps.
Is that clear?


We got to talk.
We need to rethink this.

Out of my way, Hunt.

Walker, we've got a problem.
There's a storm. We need to...

Enough talk.

I'll see you in Paris.

Come on, come on, come on.

Altitude: 25,000 feet.


What's the matter, Hunt?
You afraid of a little lightning?

Altitude: 20,000 feet.

Son of a bitch.


Do you copy?



Come on.

Altitude: 15,000 feet.





Altitude: 10,000 feet.


Oh, shit.









Deploy. Deploy. Deploy.

Deploy. Deploy. Deploy.

Deploy. Deploy.

Oh, God.

Looks like
you lost your oxygen.

That's where the Widow
is meeting Lark.


- Walker.
- Ethan, if you can hear me,

I've got him.

Say again. Where?

He's headed for the bathroom.

- Where's the needle?
- Didn't need it.

Get him up.

Hey, hey.


- Can you still make a mask?
- I need a face to make a mask.

Sorry. I was aiming
for his chest.

- What are you doing here?
- It's good to see you, too.

I'm sorry, I'm confused.
You are...

An old friend.

Cancel extraction.
We're code blue.

Send sanitation.

North men's room.

You didn't answer my question.
What are you doing here?

That's it. Just take it easy.
That's it.

Just keep your head back
until the bleeding stops.

What is it? Eh?

You're not here by accident.
Who sent you?

I can't tell you that.

What are you doing?

I have a date
with the White Widow.

He had a date with the Widow.
You look nothing like him.

And now we have to hope
they never met.

- Hope is not a strategy!
- Oh, you must be new.

I have no other choice.

The White Widow's
our only lead.

I got to be this guy
for five minutes.

- Don't do it.
- What?

What is it?
What aren't you telling me?

You don't understand
what you're involved in.

I don't understand
what I'm involved in.

I don't understand
what I'm involved in?

What am I involved in?

If you're meeting the Widow,
she leaves in three minutes.

- Ethan!
- I'll make it work.

- Ethan!
- I'll make it work.

The name's Walker.

Yeah? You're welcome.

What do you think
you're doing?

- I'm going with you.
- Like hell you are.

People have been
sent here to kill Lark.

No shit.

No, not me. Contractors.
Paid assassins.

They don't know
what he looks like,

they only know he's meeting
the Widow at midnight.

If you go through with this,

they're gonna believe you're
Lark and they're gonna kill you.

How do you know all this?

I can't tell you that.

You should've stayed out
of the game.

You should've come with me.

This charity was started
in honor of my mother.

Those of you who knew her
understood her strength,

her tenacity,
her resourcefulness.

But there was
another side to her,

a side most people
never saw.

It is that part of her spirit
that has brought us

all together tonight.

Max was something
of a paradox.

She had a fascination
for paradoxes,

a fascination
she passed on to me.

Max had no illusions about
the world we live in today.

But she had dreams
of a very different future.

One in which her unique talents
were no longer required.

All she earned from
the way the world is

went ultimately to making it
what it could someday be.

That future isn't here yet.

Tonight, your contributions have
brought it just a little closer.

Thank you all for coming.

Enjoy the party.

You can't possibly
be John Lark.

I'm not, actually.

It's an alias.

I suppose it's better
than John Doe.

Is there another name
you prefer?

Is there somewhere
we could talk privately?

In fact I like "Lark."
It does have a certain ring.

We don't have a lot of time.

'Cause I'll be honest.

A man of your reputation,
I was expecting someone


Don't let looks deceive.
I'm as ugly as they come.

And I'll be honest with you.
Your life is in danger.

Don't you touch her.

Relax. It's my brother.

You're being rude
to our guest, Zola.

It's time to go.

Don't turn this into a scene.

You don't want to
be with this one.

- You were saying?
- Your life is in danger.

And who would
want to kill me?

The Americans,
for starters.

If that were true,
I would know it.

You think you're the only one
with spies in the government?

There are people here who don't
want this meeting to happen.

Don't believe me?

Look around.

I know
what you're thinking.

Maybe they're not
here for you.

Maybe they're just
here for me.

Are you willing
to take that chance?

You have something I want.

Right now, that makes me
the only person you can trust

to get you out of here alive.

Or would you rather leave
that to your brother?

I think I'd like to go
home now, Mr. Lark.

The French government took receipt
of the asset at noon today.

Delivery will be via air
to the Finance Ministry

at 8:00 a.m.
tomorrow morning.

An armored motorcade
under heavy police escort

will transport him
via this route.

We'll create a diversion
at this intersection, here.

The motorcade will
automatically take

the preplanned
alternate route here,

where we'll extract
the asset.

Extract the asset?

The asset.

We paid a great deal of
money for this information.

They gave us everything
but this man's name.

You don't happen to know
who he is, do you?

His name is Solomon Lane.

British Special Agent
turned anarchist.

He used rogue
covert operatives

to create a terror network
called the Syndicate.

Sabotage, assassination,
mass murder.

As ugly as they come.

He was captured by
American agents two years ago.

Since then, he's been in
a never-ending interrogation,

passed around from
one government to another

to answer for his crimes.

You seem displeased, Lark.

Perhaps I didn't
make myself clear.

I came to Paris
for plutonium.

Well, there must be
a misunderstanding.

I'm just a broker.

I connect a buyer
and a seller.

My seller's not interested in cash,
so if you want the plutonium...

Extract Lane

and make a trade.

That's right.

How do I know the seller
has what I want?

A down payment
in good faith.

A courier will deliver
two more within 48 hours

in exchange for him.

All right.

What happens
after the diversion?

Kill everyone?

That's your plan?

There will be no witnesses.

What's my guarantee that Lane
walks out of this thing alive?

He's in an armored box.

We'll pull him out
when it's safe.

You want your plutonium,

this is the price.

Or do you draw the line
at killing cops?

That's John Lark
you're talking to.

I murder women and children
with smallpox.

I have no line.


Sleep well, everyone.
Busy day tomorrow.

You have
got to be kidding me.

If you want Lane out of prison,
this is how it gets done.

I wanted Lark to break
him out, not Ethan Hunt.

I wanted Lark at the
exchange, not Ethan Hunt.

I wanted Lark to lead us
to the plutonium

and the Apostles.

You may still
get your chance.

Have you forgotten about
the corpse we pulled

out of the men's room
at the Grand Palais?

I'm guessing
that wasn't Lark.

More likely
one of Lark's recruits.

Not according
to our intelligence.

Intelligence gathered
by whom?


You've long held suspicions that
Lark was an American agent.

Someone who knew
our every move.

Someone who could
come and go like a ghost.

You're suggesting
Hunt is John Lark.

You're reaching, Walker.
Trying to save your ass.

It won't work.

Think about it. Would a man
as careful as Lark

really stick his neck out
like that?

For a face-to-face
with the White Widow?

- He'd send a proxy.
- A decoy.

And if he was really smart,

he'd have his lady friend
kill that decoy

in front of
a reliable witness.


The dragnet is closing in
on his terrorist alter ego.

So he pays a man
to play the part of Lark

and has him killed.

And under the guise
of serving his country...

Assumes his own
secret identity.

Free to operate at will

with the full support
of the U.S. government.


Why would Hunt turn?

Why did Lane do it?
Why did any of his Apostles?

They were believers
in a cause.

And when that cause
turned out to be a lie,

they turned
against their masters.

How many times has Hunt's
government betrayed him,

disavowed him,
cast him aside?

And how long before
a man like that

has had enough?

That is
a serious accusation.

Can you prove it?

This is the phone
we pulled off the dead body

at the Grand Palais.

I'm guessing it has
all the proof you need.

Is it true Lane gassed
a village of 2,000 people?


Is it true he brought down
an entire passenger plane

just to kill one man?


- Is it true that he...
- Hey, Walker.

Whatever you heard,
if it makes your skin crawl,

it's probably true.

Holy shit.

You're the guy that
caught him, aren't you?

How long do you think

he's gonna keep that
to himself?

We'll burn that bridge
when we get to it.

What the hell
is he doing?

Hunt? Where are you?

Don't wait for me!

What is it? What's wrong?

I'll meet you at the garage.

Benji, do you copy?

We copy. Go.

Change of plan. I'm blown.
Need extraction.

We're on our way.

Get in the car.

Zola wants a word with you.

We got to go.

Come on.

The name's Walker,
by the way.

Was the little car
your idea?

Jesus Christ!

What the hell was that?

- Everybody out.
- Go, go, go!

That was Ilsa.

Shut up.

Very interesting.

It's good to see you again,

Oh, look who's still alive.

There's a microwave tracker
in his neck.

Got it.
You know what to do.

Let me just assure you,
this won't hurt


Ninety seconds.

You and your Apostles think
we're gonna trade you

for the missing plutonium.

I'm here to tell you
that's never gonna happen.

"Your mission, should you
choose to accept it."

I wonder, Ethan,

did you ever choose not to?

Did you ever stop
and ask yourself

who it was giving you
the orders or why?

While every day the master you serve moves
one step closer to ending the world.

Strange accusation
coming from a terrorist.

Sixty seconds.

Terrorists are schoolboys
desperate for attention,

hoping to shape
public opinion through fear.

I don't care in the least
what people think or feel.

In my experience, they don't
do either for very long.

Oh, and I suppose that
justifies bombing factories

or bringing down
civilian aircraft.

Or strapping me
into an explosive vest!

Consider it unfinished business,
my funny little friend.

- Luther?
- Almost there.

You see the end
as clearly as I do, Ethan.

Governments the world over
are descending into madness.

The Syndicate was created to
tear them down, brick by brick.

The Syndicate was
a pack of murdering cowards.

The Syndicate
was civilization's last hope!

A chance to smash
the old world order.

That hope is gone now
because of you

and your pathetic morality.

You should have killed me,

The end
you've always feared

is coming.

It's coming!

And the blood
will be on your hands.

The fallout

of all your good intentions.

- Time.
- Got it.

Get him up.

You're mine now.

You're just
full of surprises, Lark.

Your brother's plan
was bad from the word go.

You'd have lost
all your men

and Lane would've been killed
in the crossfire.

I had to improvise.

Well, why not say
that in the first place?

Because I don't
trust your people.

Especially not your brother.

Family. What can you do?

So, where's Lane?

Certainly not at the bottom
of the Seine.

I have him. He's safe.

Where do I meet
the courier?

Let's talk about the woman.


She was with you
at the Palais.

Zola saw her again today.

She tried to kill Lane.

She had the chance to
kill you, but she didn't.


We have a past.

It's complicated.

Well, I'll make it
more complicated for you.

My price just went up.

Someone killed
four of my men today.

I'm assuming it was her.

I want her, Lark.

And you're gonna
bring her to me.

Otherwise, you don't
meet the courier

and the plutonium goes
to the highest bidder.

I'd hate for her
to come between us.

She's yours.

At the meeting. Not before.

Go to London.

Instructions will follow.

I knew if I followed her,
you'd show up eventually.

Are you okay?

Ilsa, I never
wanted to hurt you.

I know
you have your reasons.

I know.

You need to walk away.

I can't do that.

You weren't at the Palais
to kill Lark.


You were there
to protect him.


And you killed him
to protect me.

You wanted Lark
to break Lane out.

No. You needed him
to break Lane out.

Because you have to
kill Lane.

Who's making you
do this?



After we captured him
in London,

they tried to bring Lane home
through diplomatic channels.

But too many countries
want their pound of flesh.

A man like that,
what he's seen,

what he knows about
British Intelligence,

they can't have him talking
to a foreign government ever.

That's not what I'm asking.

Why did they send you?

This is how
I prove my loyalty.

This is how I come home.

But you were out.

You were free.

We are never free.

I spent two years
undercover with Lane.

To them, I'm as much
of a threat as he is.

I kill him,
or I never stop running.

Now tell me where he is.

I can't help you.

I will get to him
one way or another.

Please don't make me
go through you.


Are you here in London?

I am.

Are you ready
to meet the courier?

Yes. Where do I go?

Where would you
like to meet?

Mr. Secretary.

I prayed to God
that it wasn't true.

in his defense, sir,

if Ethan hadn't intervened,

a great many people
would have been killed.

Yes, Dunn, I'm sure that
the good people of Paris

and the nation of France as a whole
will take that into account.

So what the hell happened?

...at which point, we were
told to come to London

and await
further instructions.

And what happens now?


we meet the Widow
in 20 minutes.

She'll take us
to a courier

who'll hand over our missing plutonium
in exchange for Solomon Lane.

Or, in our scenario,



I'm sorry, what?

Luther and I are gonna
take you to the courier.

Walker stays here
and guards the real Lane.

Absolutely not.

Wait, wait.
Why do I have to be Lane?


Our mission, my mission,
is to recover that plutonium,

and I will do so
at any cost.

Even if I have to
trade Lane.

The real Lane.

And I will never let him go.

When the Apostles realize
that you're playing games,

you'll lose the plutonium.

You let us worry
about the Apostles.

As it stands,
we have a bigger problem.

A bigger problem?

- Ilsa.
- Ilsa?

Our Ilsa? Ilsa Faust Ilsa?

How is she mixed up
in all of this?

She's been ordered to kill Lane.
Direct from MI6.

Look, wait. So that was her
in Paris? On the bike.


Ethan, she tried to kill us!

- No, not us. Not us.
- Yeah.

Lane. She tried to kill Lane.
She has no choice.

And she will kill me!

I'm not gonna
let that happen.

Ethan, how exactly are you
not gonna let that happen?

- I'm working on it.
- Oh, he's working on it.

Right now,
we don't have a lot of time.

We have to get ready
for this meeting.

The meeting is a trap.

The White Widow
is working with the CIA.

She has been
since the beginning.

Bargaining for immunity
is her stock-in-trade.

Capturing the plutonium, and
the Apostles, and John Lark

buys her a lot of goodwill
with the Americans.

But if Sloane knew
the meeting was a trap,

why didn't she just tell us?

Because, in her mind,
anybody could be John Lark,

including one of us.

And now her suspicions
are confirmed.

According to that dossier,

a trail of electronic evidence
connects Hunt

to the theft of smallpox
from the CDC.

It also links him
to a lengthy correspondence

ending with the recruitment
of Dr. Delbruuk.

And, of course, Hunt
handed over the plutonium

to the Apostles himself.

Now, those facts,
coupled with

a long and incriminating
history of rogue behavior,

corroborate a CIA narrative

that Hunt has snapped.

And that his search for Lark
is nothing but a cover

to hide the fact
that Lark...

...is me.

I've got to
hand it to you, Ethan.

Normally, when people refer to
you as your own worst enemy,

it's just a figure of speech.

I'm afraid Sloane's got some
questions for her as well.

The Widow offered her up
at no extra charge.

And where did Sloane
get this information?

She didn't say.

She did, however, grant me the
opportunity to bring you in,

on the condition that
I terminate this mission

and hand over
Solomon Lane personally.

- Sir, you can't do that.
- Hunt.

I know Lane. And he has
no intention of going back.

That's why
we're taking him back.

Which means that's exactly
what he wants us to do.

- Ethan...
- Sir, what do you

think this is?
A coincidence?

That someone just
happened upon this?

Lane had it sent to her.
He knew how she would react.

Just like he knew
the Widow would turn us in.

Don't you see?

This, sir...

This is the trap.

- We are being directed.
- Hunt!

There are still two plutonium
cores in the wind!

And you lost them!

In fairness, sir,
we all lost them.

Respectfully, sir,
you weren't there.

So making excuses for him
is your full-time job now?

Good God, Ethan, don't make this
any harder than it already is.

I can no longer protect you,
don't you understand that?

This is as close as you're ever
gonna get to that plutonium.

Sir, you don't
actually believe this.

I believe I've been given
a choice to protect you

or the IMF, which is why
I'm bringing you in.

And if I refuse?

What do you think
he's here for?

You think
he's some observer?

He's an assassin!

Erika Sloane's
number-one plumber.

You go rogue, he's
authorized to hunt you down

and kill you.

It's the job.
No hard feelings.

Accept it, Ethan.

You've lost this one.
What's done is done.

No, sir. No.

I am not asking you. I
am giving you a direct order.

This mission is terminated.


Stickell, he's your friend.

Would you please talk
some sense into...

I'm sorry, sir,
but you left me no choice.

There's 15 minutes
before we meet the Widow.

You want the plutonium,
we're the only ones

who can get it for you.
You in or out?


- What are you doing?
- Benji needs to get ready.

- No, Ethan...
- There's no time, Luther.

I need you to trust me.

You all right?

Yeah, I just

got a bad
feeling about this one.

If you don't hear from us...

I'll do it my way.

Don't take
your eyes off him.

Enough games.
I'm taking you out of here.

Where's Hunt?

He's gone to the meeting,
with a copy of you.

Calm down.

Call the Apostles. Warn them.

I have no way
of contacting them.

For their safety and mine.

What I do have
is an extraction team with

satellite overwatch
and a prearranged rendezvous.

They'll know as soon as
we leave the building.

No, I'm staying here.

I haven't finished
with Hunt yet.

Why did you have to make this
so fucking complicated?

I don't understand
what you mean.

The deal was simple.

I help you frame Hunt,
you give me the plutonium.

You're wasting time.

"There cannot be peace without
first a great suffering.

"The greater the suffering,
the greater the peace."

When I wrote those words,

I wasn't referring to your
peace or Hunt's suffering.

The old world order
needs dismantling,

and we have the tools
to dismantle it.

All you seem to care about

is that Hunt lives
to take the blame.

That's not anarchy.

That's revenge.

Yes, it is.

And when I have
what I want,

the Apostles will give you
the plutonium.

Hunt's the only friend
you've got.

You're only alive today

because he didn't have
the guts to kill you.

Sloane was right.
The IMF is Halloween.

Nothing but grown men


It's just the job.
No hard feelings.

I've ruined your day,
haven't I?


And you were doing so well
up until then.

Now, I think
this one's loaded.

You want to find out?

- So, how'd I do?
- I never had a doubt.

I'm beginning to see why you
guys enjoy this so much.

Hats off, Mr. Secretary.

- The man's a natural.
- Welcome to the team, sir.

You're making a mistake.

No, the mistake was mine when
I saved your life over Paris.

This proves nothing.
I'm playing a role,

just like you are, trying
to recover that plutonium.

That doesn't explain why
you gave Sloane the dossier

and tried to frame Hunt.

He makes a good point,


He's paranoid. Delusional.

Just like the dossier says.

So where did Sloane
get the dossier from?

I have no idea.

I do.

Did you get all that,

I did.

I don't appreciate
being used, Walker.

Oops. Bad boy.

Where would you
like him delivered?

I'll come to you.

Nobody move!
Nobody move!

Weapons down! Drop 'em!

Hands in the air!
Weapons down!

Drop it! Drop it!

Weapons down!
Right now! You!

It's okay. It's okay.
It's all right.

I thought we had a deal.

We did. And now we don't.

There is too much at stake here
for me to take any chances.

I'm bringing you all in,
along with Walker.

The plutonium
is still out there!

And I don't trust a living
soul in that room to get it.

We'll sort out
who's who in Washington.

- Erika!
- Sir?

It's all right.
Let's just do what she says.

The only real threats are in
this room, and we have them.

Do you?


Where the hell is Lane?

Ethan! Ethan!

First team is down.
Send backup.


Oh, no, no, no.
Man down! Man down!

Somebody help!


Ethan, I tagged Walker,
but he's on the run.

You got to get him.


I'm sorry, sir.




Get that son of a bitch.

Come on, come on, come on.

Yes! I got him.

I'm sorry.

Talk to me, Benji.
Where's Walker?

He's about a quarter
mile west if you turn right.

To my right?

I can't do that.

Why not?

Because I'm being followed.

What do you mean? By who?

How do I know?
CIA, Apostles...

What difference does it make?

Okay, okay, just get
out of there and then go right.

I am terribly sorry.

Excuse me.

Why is he running
in circles?

Okay, you need to cross the street
on your left as soon as you can.

Ethan, did you copy?

- Left, go left, now!
- I'm working on it.

Now go across the street
right in front of you.

Ethan, he's getting away from you!
You're gonna have to go faster.

You're gaining on him!
Go straight.

Keep going straight?

Go straight, go straight,
straight, straight.

Okay, now turn right.



- Yes, right!
- Are you sure?

Yes, I'm...

No, it's left! Turn left!

Sorry, I had
the screen-lock on.


Thank you.

- What are you waiting for?
- I'm jumping out a window!

What do you mean,
you're jumping out of a...

Oh, sorry. I had it in 2D.

Good luck.

At the end of the bridge, turn left.
You've almost got him.

Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, Ethan, get him!

You're right on top of him!

That's it, he's right
in front of you!

Get him! Get him! Get him!

You can't do it, can you? Not
until you get your plutonium.

No. He still has
plans for you.

You're gonna turn yourself in
and admit you're John Lark,

then watch the old world implode
from your dark little cell.

And if I don't?

I'm her
guardian angel, Hunt.

If I see you again,
she dies.

If you try to warn her,
she dies.

Know when you're beat.

These are the designs we recovered
from Dr. Delbruuk's lab in Berlin.

That's a five-megaton
nuclear device.

That's greater than
all the explosive energy

released in World War II.

To disarm it, normally
we'd cut the fuse wire here.

What, "normally"?

Walker and Lane
have two plutonium cores,

meaning two bombs.

Yeah. And they're both linked
by a microwave fail-safe

which is accurate to
within one-tenth of a second.

Any attempt to defuse one bomb
automatically triggers the other.

Meaning once armed,
the bombs cannot be disarmed.

The countdown is started
by a remote detonator,

which is also a fail-safe.

Meaning once
the countdown starts,

it can't be stopped.

So the solution
to this is?

We're working on it.


technically, this is
a suicide mission.

What is it?

Have a seat. Please.

In all the years
that I've known Ethan,

he's only been serious
about two women.

One was his wife.

He's married?

No, he was.

What happened to her?

Well, she was taken

by some people
who wanted to get to Ethan.

It's okay,
he got her back in one piece.

Then he quit the game.

They were happy
for a while.

But every time something
bad happened in the world,

Ethan would think,
"I should've been there."

And she would wonder,
"Who's watching the world

"while Ethan's
watching me?"

Deep down, they both knew
that someday, somehow,

something truly terrible
was going to happen

all because
they were together.


- Where is she now?
- She's a ghost.

Good at it, too.

Taught her myself.

Every now and then,
she sends up a signal

to let Ethan know she's safe.

And that keeps him going.

Why are you
telling me this?


We're in this mess because
Ethan wouldn't let me die.

He's a good man.

And he cares about you
more than he can admit.

That's one more worry
than he can handle right now.

If you care about him,

you should walk away.


Is everything all right?

I'm coming with you.

I know.

So how do we find him?

Microwave transponder.

Traceable via satellite
anywhere in the world.

Lane had one of these
in the back of his neck.

We removed it in Paris.

At the same time, we put
our own transponder in.

Got it.

delayed activation,

in case Lane's Apostles
scan him.

So you planned
on letting him go.

Not this way, but yes.

He's gonna lead us
to the plutonium.

How can you be sure?

His plan to put me in
prison went to hell.

Now he's gonna want
me there for the end.

So when does
this transponder activate?

I got him. I got him,
I got him, I got him!

He's traveling east
over Europe at 500 knots.

He's airborne.

Shall we inform the CIA?

The CIA's been infiltrated.

I don't trust anybody
outside of this room.

We're gonna
have to go it alone.

So where do we go?

How we doing, Benji?

If there's a way to defuse
these bombs, I can't find it.

You'll figure it out.
I know you will.

Damn. Ethan,
we lost the signal.

Lane must've
found our transmitter.

- What's his last position?
- About 30 miles northeast.

Then that's where
he wants us to go.

- What's there?
- The Nubra River Valley.

There's only
a medical camp there.

Humanitarian Aid Overseas.

Why would Lane
target a medical camp?



Smallpox. The Apostles triggered
a smallpox outbreak in Kashmir.

Lane must've wanted that camp
there for a reason.

But what?

- Oh, my God.
- What is it?

The Nubra River is at the
base of the Siachen Glacier.

So a nuclear blast there
would irradiate

the largest natural irrigation
system in the world.

Fresh water from the border of
China to India and Pakistan.

They're gonna starve one-third
of the world's population.

"The greater the suffering..."

"...the greater the peace."

I still don't understand why
Lane wants a medical camp there.

It doesn't matter.

All that matters now is we find
a way to defuse those bombs.

Uh, I think I've found it.

Maybe. Um...

Look, there appears to be a flaw
in the bomb's operating system.

The remote detonator
requires that firing key.

If we remove that key,
then it should short out

the fail-safe and allow us
to cut both fuses.

So one of us
needs to get the detonator

and remove that key.


While the rest of us cut the
fuses on both bombs. Simple.

Yeah, but...

But what?

Well, in order
to make this work,

we can't remove the key
or cut the fuses

until after
the countdown starts.

But wait, just so
I've got this clear.

Our only chance
to safely defuse both bombs

is to let
the countdown start.

And then remove that key.


Both devices are now
connected to the detonator.

Fifteen minutes should
give you enough time

to reach
minimum safe distance.

My running days are over.

This is where it ends for me.

I'm getting signals
all over the place.

We're at a medical camp. X-ray
machines, CAT scanners,

radiological signatures

It's like
a needle in a haystack.

Process of elimination,
one at a time.

Let's split up.
Stay on comms.



Is that...


Does he know?


Uh, this is my husband, Erik.

Uh, this is...

Rob. Rob Thorne.
Dr. Rob Thorne.

- I worked with Julia...
- At Mass General.

Before New York.

Oh, you're kidding.

- What a coincidence!
- I know. I...

- What brings you all this way?
- I was, uh...

I was in Turtuk,
not far from here

and heard help was needed.

Oh, well,

actually we're just about
finished here.

The whole village
is inoculated. But, um...

What were you doing
out in Turtuk?

Rob's on vacation.

No. No, I'm...
I'm working.

You're a long way from home.

Yeah, yeah. Thanks to
our guardian angel.


Well, yeah. We were
running a field hospital

outside of Darfur when
the outbreak happened here.

And here comes
this phone call

from an anonymous donor,
out of the blue.

And he says
he's ready to underwrite

the entire operation.
One condition.

We run the whole thing.

Can you believe that?

I certainly can.

Yeah. Out of the blue.

Out of the blue.

That's quite a full life.

Yeah, you know, before
Julia, I never traveled.

I never even left New York.

Never left the hospital.

Seven days a week,
dusk till dawn. No vacations.

Ethan, I think
I found something.

I was on the fast track
to be Chief of Surgery at 50.

Heart attack at 55.

And she convinced me
to let it all go.

Help where
it's needed most.

So we've been
on the go ever since,

and I've never been
more fulfilled.

I'm happy for you.

Thank you.

- Well, we should get going.
- Oh.

We have a lot of
packing to do.

Oh, no, I'll handle that.
You two should catch up.

Oh, no, I should
get out of your hair.

Are you kidding?
You should stick around.

I'm just sorry you came
all this way for nothing.


Tell you what,
we'll pack,

and why don't we give you
a ride back to Turtuk,

you two can catch up
in the car? Yeah?

You're very kind.

Settled. See you soon.

It was good to see you.

I am so sorry, Julia.
I'm so sorry.

Take both helicopters.

No one else leaves.

Careful, careful, careful.

It's armed.

But the countdown
hasn't started yet.

The network signal's strong,
which means the other device

is close by
and the detonator.

About half a K
in that direction.

They're still here.

Luther, you keep
working on it.

You two, come with me.

Oh, sure. I got this.

Don't worry about old Luther.



Ethan, the countdown
has started!

We have 15 minutes.

Walker has the detonator.

Come on, come on!

We have to evacuate
these people.

There's no time.

This whole valley's gonna be
incinerated in 15 minutes.

It's too late!


I'm gonna get the detonator.

- What? How?
- I'll figure it out.

Find Lane!
Find the other bomb!

- What the hell is he doing?
- I find it best not to look.

How we doing, Luther?

Tripwires everywhere.
I don't have enough hands.

Just make it happen.

Where's Ethan?

He's gone after
the detonator.

Wait, where's the detonator?


You shouldn't be here.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Is that what I think it is?

get her out of there!

Where is she gonna go?

What can I do?

In the kit, the pliers
with the red grip.

- Are you insane?
- Mind your business, Benji.

This is my business!

Benji, do you copy?

Ethan! Ethan, where are you?

I'm in a helicopter
going after Walker.

Hold on.

How did you
get in the helicopter?

What, you can
fly a helicopter?

Did you say helicopter?

What the hell are you doing
in a helicopter?

Just... Hey, hey...
Did you find the other bomb?

We're still looking,
but finding the bomb

is not gonna matter
unless we have the detonator.

I know. I know.
I'll get it. I'll get it!

Uh, if he's in
another helicopter,

- how are you gonna get it?
- I'll figure it out.

You find the bomb,
I'll get the detonator.

I won't let you down.

I won't let you down.

- Be ready.
- Look, Ethan. Ethan!

Ethan, come in!

Benji? Benji? Luther?


I can do this.
I can do this.

What do we got here?

We've got airspeed.


Okay, power. This is power.

Payload. How do I get rid
of this payload?


Wire strippers.

I'm a doctor,
not an electrician.

Sorry, the thing
with the green grip.

- Got it.
- The wire in my left hand.

- The black one?
- My left hand.

- That's your left hand.
- Sorry, the other wire.

The red one?

Yes, the red one
in my right hand.

Just checking.

Oh, I like her.

Hold this for me, will you?

Holy shit!

Damn it!

Get up there!

That's right,


Oh, shit!

Son of a bitch.

All right.


Whoa, whoa, too much.
Too much.

Oh, shit!

Pull up. Pull up.

Terrain. Terrain. Pull up.

- Pull up.
- I'm trying, I'm trying!

Terrain. Terrain.

Benji, I'm not
finding anything.

I think we're looking
in the wrong place.

Signatures everywhere.

This is the perfect place
to hide it.

That's the point. I know Lane.
If we're looking here,

it's because he wants us to.

I'm heading to the village.

Just wait for me,
all right?


Ilsa, I think
I've found something.

Cut this wire right here.

Turn that screw
counterclockwise, very slowly.

Got it.


How is he?

Oh, you know.
Same old Ethan.


Oh, shit!

No, no, no, no, no, no.

- Benji, I see Lane.
- What? Where?

He's in a house
at the edge of the village.

All right,
just wait for me, okay?

Ilsa, wait for me!


Nuclear bomb.

Damn it!

Benji, I found the other bomb.

Ilsa, where are you?

I'm in a house...

Hey! What the hell
are you doing?

You're out of your mind!

I don't know
what's down there.

Pull up, pull up!

This crazy son of a bitch
is trying to ram us!



Benji, come in.

We're almost at the fuse.

We need to find
that other bomb now.

Did you just say
"other bomb"?

- Benji, do you read me?
- I'm working on it!

Ilsa, where are you?

You can't stop it.

Do you understand?
There's nothing he can do.

When the clock runs out,

Ethan Hunt
will lose everything

and everyone

he ever cared about.




Ilsa, where are you?

You don't want to see this.


- Ilsa!
- Benji!

Benji! Benji, stop!


Oh, no, no, no!

Stay with me. Stay with me.

No, no.
Not when I'm this close.

Not when I'm this close.
Come on, come on!

Thank you.

Tie him up.

Why won't you just die?

There's nothing else
you can do.

Go be with your husband.



Benji, where are you?

Okay, Luther, we're inside.
Tell us what to do.

You should see the red wire
attached to the motherboard.


You need to cut that
and the green wire

next to it simultaneously.

- Okay, ready?
- Mmm-hmm.

- Set?
- Mmm-hmm.


I told you.
It can't be stopped.

There's nothing you can do.

Benji, listen. Turn the screw


Remove that panel
and you'll see

the power and ground wires
for the fuse.

Got it.

When the time comes,
cut the green wire.

Do not cut it yet.

Okay. We copy.

Ethan, if you can hear me,
we're ready to make the cut.

Ethan, come in.

Benji, how do we know
if he's got the key?

He'll get it.

- Yeah, but how do we know?
- He'll get it done!

We're out of time. We just
have to hope he has it.

- Okay, we're ready.
- At two seconds we cut.

Wait, wait, wait! Why two?
Why not one?

You want to cut it that close?

It's a second
we'll never get back.

Can we make
a decision on this?

All right, all right!
We'll do it on one.

Cutting on one?

Yes, one.
All right, stand by.


- Two...
- One.



My man.



Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Don't, don't, don't.

Don't try to move.

Don't move.
You're pretty banged up.

You're a lucky man.

It's a miracle that crash
didn't kill you, Dr. Thorne.

If your friend didn't find you
an hour later,

you would've died of exposure.

- My friends?
- Yeah.

She got here
not long after you left.

Right in front of half
the Indian Army.

Can you give us
a few minutes, please?

See you later, Doc.


I'm sorry.

There's no reason
to be sorry.


I'm sorry

for everything. I...

Look at me.

Look at me.

Look at my life.

I love what I do,
and I never would have

found this
if I hadn't met you.

And everything that happened,

it taught me who I am.
It showed me

what I am capable of,
and I...

I am a survivor.

But what happened here,

- it was my...
- Nothing happened.

Because you were here.

And I sleep soundly at night
knowing you always will be.

You're happy?


I'm exactly where I should be.

And so are you.

Per your request,

I'm handing Solomon Lane
back to MI6.

Through a broker, of course.

Part of our
ongoing arrangement.

After what happened in Paris,

we prefer
to keep a low profile.

And that closes your friend's
account with British Intelligence.

The ribs. Watch the ribs.

I understand now
why Hunley believed in you.

The world needs the IMF.

We need people like you

who care about the one life

as much as they care about
the millions.

That way

I never have to.

You okay?

You've never looked better.

Don't. Please.

How close were we?

The usual.

The usual?

Please don't make me laugh.

Subtitles by explosiveskull