Miracle (2021) - full transcript

A young nun sneaks out of her monastery to attend an urgent matter but never makes it back and a police detective's investigation into her fate, uncovers clues and revelations that lead not only to the truth but a miracle as well.


It’s late.

Take the bag.
Here’s the cell.

- I’ll try again.
- Try.

The car’s already by the side gate.

God Bless.

Don’t let anyone see you.

God Bless.

Keep the phone. Don’t lose it.

Thank you.

Sit up front, next to me...

Come here, don’t waste my time!

Sister Mina said I’d be
your only passenger.

Maybe, but she’s not driving
the car, is she?

To each his own. I mind my cab,
she should mind her prayer beads.

Can we stop first,
so I can change?

- Change into what?
- Street clothes.

You want to change
into street clothes?

Here, behind the houses?!

Later, then?
Wherever you can.

I don’t know. If we have the time,

Haven’t we met before?

Yes, at Pentecost. You drove
some of us to the hermitage.

You were up there, too,
with the crazy blizzard?

Good God...
This world’s gone tits up.

We’re tanning in the Winter and dig
our cars from the snow in the Summer.

How’s my sister?

She’s well.

She’s been assigned to the kitchen.
They moved her from the garden.

- When?
- Last week.

She did something wrong?

Not at all.

She must have done something
wrong if they moved her.

No, her turn came up.
Mother Superior moved her.

Then you girls did something wrong.

Considering my sister’s cooking, it’s
obvious Mother Superior punished you.

You’re all in hot water.

Keep my sister away from mushrooms, she
can’t tell the good from the bad ones.

Well... after all those years gardening,
this change will do her good.

How old are you?

19. I’ll be 20 in November.

They ship you off to the monastery
so young?

No one shipped me off,
I wanted to go.

Right... You kids know what
you want this early in life...

Your head is in the clouds.

People shouldn’t rush into
this nonsense, it’s a damn shame.

Take your time, make a good choice...

Life never gives you a second chance.

I’ve made my choice.

Damn these morning drunkards...

Fucking morons...

Wasting time all day long,

drinking their social security away
till they’re dead.

I told them in June, ”Come get free hay,
all you have to do is mow it.”

Did anyone show up?

And why would they work,
if, come month’s end,

they get their cushy allowance
from the state?

Much better to drink your
life away at the pub.

Where should I drop you off in the city?

The hospital.

Ah, that’s actually perfect.

The gentleman is going there too.

Did Mihaela tell you
about the ride back?

Sister Mina?


Good. I’ll see you at 5,
at the train station.

Don’t be late, I won’t wait for you.

- You have my number?
- No.

Taxi Albu. The number is written
on the back, in pen.

God Bless you.

Call her what you want inside there,

but out here my sister’s name is
Mihaela, not Sister Mina.

For God’s sake,
what’s taking him so long...



Where are you, it’s late!

What are you doing here?

Don’t wanna talk to me?

It’s forbidden to park here.

Don’t let me catch you again...

Great songs as always,
old music for our listeners...

The front mask
and both headlights, shattered,

the car roof all mangled up...

What about the guy?

The guy was fine.
The horse got hurt.

The carriage went upside down in a ditch,
the guy fell on the grass. He’s ok.

Jesus Christ!

- Good morning, young lady.
- Good morning.

Your wife’s running up quite
a bill for you, doctor.

Plus the horse and the carriage,
the guy’ll seek damages.

The guy isn’t the problem,
I’ll deal with him.

It sucks with the car, though,
the repairs will take a while.

Yes, time is most precious nowadays.

You were brave to let your wife
get a license.

What the...

Your mindset’s different.

I, for one, wouldn’t dare with my wife.

- Why are you starting the meter?
- What do you mean?

Come on, don’t get me mad.

- Can’t do, doctor.
- What do you mean?

Can’t be doing things like before.
They’re checking cars now.

They’ll fine me, they may
suspend my license.

Who’s gonna pull you over at this hour?

If you’re gonna be like this
every morning,

I’m better off taking the bus.

Stop that darn thing,
take this and let’s go.

We’re holding up this poor nun.

You’re killing me, doctor...

Did you start the meter for her too?

Come on... Wouldn’t be right.

Wait, so it’s on for some,
off for others?

How’s that fair?

Nothing against you, young lady.

It’s the principle of it.

Why should someone get
preferential treatment

just because they are
in the church business?

No one’s getting preferential treatment.

Yeah, right.
Land, properties, tax exemptions.

Did you see their fancy cars?

That’s completely different, doc.

Not at all. People are going hungry...

while they get everything.

Wherever you turn your head
you see a new church, a convent...

Is that fair?

Convents have their place...

I was told you’re also going
to the hospital, right Miss?


What’s the problem?

My head aches.

Every now and then, or all the time?

It varies.

The pain is just on one side, or all over?

- Same thing.
- Same thing, what?

It varies. It’s on one side
one day, and all over the next.

This sounds like intracranial pressure.

You shut up and watch the road!

How long has it been?

Can’t remember.

A week, a month, or more?

About two-three weeks.

Have you tried any medication?
Pills, I mean?


Of course not. Why would you,
when you can pray?

She says a few prayers and
in a couple of days she’s cured.

Except apparently she’s not!

Let her be, doc.

Fine, except it’s them who
won’t let us be.

When something hurts,

they don’t take anything,
don’t see a doctor...

They rush to the convent,
that’ll fix you right up.

Convents are important.

They brings tourists
to these forgotten places.

Tourists should go, not sick people.

The world’s gone mad.

People are dying, children too.

Who’s dying?

Who?! Can you pray cancer away?

Can you vaccinate kids with holy water?

Look miss, if prayer’s the ultimate answer,

how about I come over in the morning,

line you all up and test your blood?

You should all pass with flying colors.

A monastery full of Supermen,

every last one of you.

Since you spend all day praying,

there shouldn’t be one person with
elevated blood sugar, or high cholesterol.

- That’s impossible, doc.
- Of course it’s impossible.

I mean...

She’s from the nuns’ convent.
You won’t find any Supermen in there.

Give me a break!

Maybe the other... what do you call her?

My granddaughter got one...


We’re just joking around.

It’s no joke, Albu.

People believe in their shit
and are dying because of it.

Miss, I’ll take you straight to see
Dr. Mihăescu, from Neurology.

I’m a different speciality.

Thank you.

Please, don’t forget to stop somewhere
so I can change.

Hold on till we get to the woods.

I can’t stop here, can I?

Welcome to 104,6 MHz, up next
another famous Romanian oldie.

Look at that!

What the hell is he thinking?

Come on, moron...
Your milk is spilling on the road.

See if you can find a place
here to change. Hurry up!

Doc, help me push it to
the side of the road.

Albu... how much should I charge
for pushing your car?

Come on, doc!

Put the break on!

Oh God!

Thanks, doc!

We had good music, back in the day.

Not the strange noises
that pass for music now.

Our grandparents used to say
the same thing, doc.

Only their music was good music.

Assuming they had radios...
Poor souls, few had them back then.

Fantastic voice...
What a shame, the poor singer!

A great shame...

It’s like we’re cursed!

Maybe someone, someday, will come
to look after this country of ours.

You still believe in miracles, Albu.

I’ve seen a lot in life, and my job.

We’re all the same, a bag
of bones, guts and fat.

No one can perform a miracle
to lift us out of this shit.

Don’t forget. The train station, at 5.
Call me if anything comes up.

Are you going back at 5?

- That’s when my shift ends.
- Great, I’ll join you.

How about you pick us up here?

No, doc. Come to the station and
I’ll pick you both from there.

How am I supposed to
get to the station?

OK, I will call you later and we’ll see.

Don’t mind the doc... Station, at 5.
Good luck!

God Bless you.

Miss, come with me please.

- My respects.
- Good morning, doctor.

- Is Dr. Mihăescu in?
- Yes. Just a minute.

- How are you, Ivan?
- Same old.

I hardly see you.
Still on the ground floor?

Still. But I’ve only been coming
Mondays and Fridays since January.

Can you manage on just that?

I can. I fixed it upstairs,
the pay’s the same. And you?

Getting old. I’ve got 3 or 4
years left to retirement.

Better than me.

Please see this young lady next,
she travelled far.

All right. I’ll finish in here
and get to her right away.

What the hell are you doing,
cutting in line like that?

Hold your horses, lad,
the man’s a doctor.

What’s wrong with you?

I’ll try to stop by later, ok?

Thanks so much.
It’s all good. See you at 5.

Thank you, good-bye.

I’ll call you when I’m done.

You guys...
Trouble with your neurons?

It’s over, it’s over...
Sit down... Sit down.

Sit here for as long as you need to.

Don’t leave until you feel better.

You got some water?

Give her some water now and
food in a couple of hours.

Here’s my number.

If something goes wrong,
call me.

Here’s the prescription for
painkillers, it’s all good.

See you in 3 days.

Cristina Tofan.

Cristina Tofan!

That’s me.

Come on.

- Should I bring my things?
- Yes, come on in!

Don’t be afraid!

Dr. Natalia Marcu.

Undress and tell me when you’re ready.

Marieta, have them start
the machine, please.

Get the gloves ready.

Come, don’t be afraid!

Step aside.

Wait a second please.

Yes, they’re here.

Why are you staring at me like that?

He hasn’t seen a beautiful lady
in a while, Lizuca.

Should we leave you two alone?

Give him a break,
he’ll get what’s coming.

Yes, please!

Come closer!

- Speak up.
- Is the Inspector in, at office 25?

Is he still on our floor?

Didn’t they move him up,
the Economics department?

Not yet, we’re not getting
rid of him that fast.

Regarding what?

Tell me.

Go on Florin...
What do you have for me?

Yes, Chief.
Bordei Ciprian, 36, from Mastacăn.

Intellectual forgery,
use of forgery and fraud.

Oh, you’re the one with the
forged certificates, right?

You’re such an idiot!

Couldn’t you stop earlier?

You could have worked a couple of months,
switch to something else

and none would have been the wiser.

You let yourself be caught...
you have to bear the consequences now.

Dura lex...

Sed lex.

He even knows Latin!

If all criminals were like you...

Bodola, what did the guy say?

- Don’t know, Chief.
- Read a book once in a while, eh?

Florin, come on, it’s getting late.

The Inspector is at home.

He took time off till
the end of the week...

Can I take a message?


- Sure?
- Yes...

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Good afternoon.

Yes, can I help you?

I’m sorry,
I’ve got the wrong apartment.

Who are you looking for?

For... Dr. Ivan.

Dr. Ivan?

I don’t think any doctor
lives in this building.

What’s the address?

I didn’t mean to bother you,
I apologize.

No bother.
What’s his full name?

Finished already?

Go practice for 10 more minutes
and I’ll be right in, okay?

Wait, I’ll call a neighbor and
we’ll figure it out.

Good afternoon. Are you free?



Thank you very much.

Excuse me, are you free?

Thank you.

Do you mind the smoke?
Should I put it out?

As you wish.

Best to put it out...

Bloody cigarette...

You could’ve finished it.

Better this way. I’m trying to quit
but can’t seem to manage.

If you don’t mind me asking...
are you in some sort of trouble?

Excuse me?

I’m only asking because
you’re going to the convent.

Not at all.

- How old are you?
- 19.

Your family knows where you’re going?

You shouldn’t leave like that,
without telling anyone.

You should talk about your problems.

Especially with your family.

None of my business, apologies.
I should have kept my mouth shut.

No, that’s all right.

Can we stop somewhere later,
so I get changed?

Get changed? Of course.

Thank you.

Can you put on some music?

Radio or CD? Anything in particular?

What do you have?

Let’s see...

Julio Iglesias... Toto Cotugno...


Ricchi e Poveri...

Al Bano and Romina...

You like modern music.

My wife copied these for me,

she says they’re good for the road.

And when the wife says something,
it’s the law.

No idea what this is.

Gică Petrescu. You don’t know him.
You’re too young.

- Of course I know him.
- You do, really?

He’s our Elvis. He’ll never die.

Elvis died.

Gică Petrescu also died.
I was speaking figuratively.

Do you know what Tutankhamun, the
Egyptian Pharaoh, said

when they opened his grave?

You know it, that’s why
you’re smiling. You know the joke.

- No, I don’t.
- No?

So they take him out of his tomb

and first thing first, he asks
if Gică Petrescu’s still singing.

Should we have a listen?

Maybe try the radio?

Let’s see what’s on the radio.

Oldies on here too...

It’ll do.

- Leave it here?
- Leave it.

Are you returning with me or
are you staying at the convent?

I’ll stay there.

What does your wife do?

- Beg your pardon?
- What line of work is she in?

She’s not working anymore.

Looking for a job...

All good for now, she can
look after our little girl.

What are you doing?

Didn’t you say you want to
change? We’re almost there.

Where are we going?

Nowhere, I’ll stop down there.

Look at these potholes!

- Damn this road!
- You don’t have to go all the way down.

Poor car...

Don’t worry.


You can change beyond that
bridge. No one can see you.

I’ll show you.

I’ll wait here.

I’ll turn the meter off, no worries.

And we’re back once again,
a few famous tunes coming up...



Good afternoon.
I’m Mother Superior Sebastiana.

Inspector Marius Preda.

On the phone we agreed you
could search the cell,

not talk to the other sisters.


We say one thing and do another?

We do all it takes to get
to the bottom of this.

I can return with a warrant,
sirens, the press...

We can have it that way.
You decide.

Is it you?

Come closer, I won’t bite.

Were you good friends?

We’re all friends here.

I was told you were pretty close.

Did you know about her departure?


She never said anything,
never mentioned it?


Didn’t you two cross paths that morning?


But you told someone you saw her.

No, I didn’t.

Are you sure?


So you don’t know why she
took off without permission?

No, I don’t.

You know nothing at all?

Stop pushing her, please.
The girl doesn’t know anything.

Could you bring Mihaela Albu?

Go get Sister Mina.

Are you finished with the search here?

Yes, I am.

And? Did you find anything?

Then, I trust that’s everything.

We pray that you solve this
case as swiftly as possible.

Mother Superior...

You know what happened
to the nun, right?

I have a suspect who denies everything.

I have to cut him loose in a
few hours if I have nothing.

I don’t need God, or prayers.
I need help, not lectures.

Are we clear?

You’re wrong, you know...

She wasn’t a nun.


Cristina Tofan. She wasn’t a nun,
she was a novice.

She lived with us for a
couple of months... maybe less.

How come she wasn’t a nun
if she lived at the convent?

Anyone who arrives and wants to stay

is given habits and lodging immediately.

We don’t turn anyone away.

But the trial period
takes two or three years.

It can take as long as ten.

It’s hard. Many realize they
don’t have what it takes and leave.

Maybe they do, but not her.

She was coming back when
it happened, wasn’t she?

Inspector, let’s not mix her in
with the girls, or the convent.

The young lady wasn’t a nun,
nor a member of our community.

Please have some sympathy.

We live our lives away from the world,
quietly and in prayer.

That’s all we want.

Come in!

Please leave us alone.

Did you hear me?

Come closer.

I’m listening.

Do you know why the girl snuck out?


No clue?


Did you know she was planning to leave?

I knew nothing.

You didn’t speak that morning
or the previous night?

We didn’t know each other well.

I looked in on her, showed her around,
she was new here.

But we didn’t talk much.

So you, too, don’t know anything.


I understand.

Whose phone is this?

- Mine.
- How did it end up with Cristina?

I don’t know.

How is that possible?

- Did you give it to her?
- No.


Maybe she took it from my room.

We don’t lock our doors here.
We don’t value possessions.

- So you’re calling her a thief?
- No...

Yes, you are, since you claim she took it.

When did she take it?
That morning?


I see.

After you asked your brother to
give her a cab ride to the hospital?

Or before?

What did you think this was, confession?
You say just what you want?

To me, you spill out everything!

Calm down, we’re not after you.

How long have you known?

Two weeks, since she found out.

How did she find out?

She got the test.

How did she get a test in here?

You made the hospital appointment, too?

No. She handled that all by herself.

I didn’t help her with anything else.

Sometimes I gave her the cell.

Anything else?

How was she here?

Was she happy, have
you found her crying?

She was happy.

I saw her cry a few times,
but rarely.

Did she get along with others, or
did she have problems with anyone?

She was a good girl,
everyone liked her.

Did she ever talk about the
baby’s father?

No. She often tried calling,
but I never asked.

Fine. You can go.

Go on now!

You’re not getting your
phone back, it’s evidence.

Don’t go hard on my brother,
he’s innocent.

What do you mean, innocent?

You’re not to blame either, right?


Who helped the girl
get out of the convent?

Go now.

One more thing...

You shall not bear false witness.

- Are you a tourist, or what?
- Come, boss.

Hurry up!

- Keep the change, Sister.
- God Bless.


My respects.

Ready, boss.

First stop, precinct?

No. Let’s stop at the crime scene.

- Why?
- Because I said so, Mișu.

I got you a bottle too.



I bought you a bottle too...

To make up for all the junk
you’re stuffing yourself with.

What did you get me, holy water?

Pine syrup.

Why the hell would I need pine syrup?

Lots of reasons.
It fights colds, stress, rheumatism...

Fixed up my knees in no time!

One hundred percent natural,
the nuns make it right here.

Who knows the state of their kitchen...

And supermarket syrup is better?

All those additives and carcinogens
are killing us.

Young folks are dropping like flies.

Made in the convent, my ass.
“Made in Bulgaria.”


“Made in Bulgaria.”

No way, for fuck’s...

- Where, boss?
- On the bottom.

Must have been vinegar from Bulgaria.

The bottle, not the syrup.

Careful, before you drive us into a ditch.

Keep your damn syrup, I don’t need it.

Remind me to buy
two batteries in town.

- Which kind?
- Normal ones. Double A’s.

The bunny ones last the longest.

Anything new at the convent?

No one saw or heard or knew anything.

Maybe they really didn’t,
poor souls.

You know women, there’re no secrets
in a place like that.

That might be true out here,
in there it’s different.

Spare me! Spare me!

It’s a sign, boss.

Yeah, I know,
your God is angry with us.

Don’t laugh boss, it’s true.

Everything’s gone wrong,
can’t you see?

Children let their parents
starve to death,

spouses kill each other with axes...

Makes you wanna quit work for good.

Did I force you to be a cop?

I’ve seen my fair share,

but such an enormity is beyond me.

She’s a servant of the Lord.

God turned his back on us.

Cut it off with the religious stuff!
I’ll kick you out of the car.

Seriously, to force yourself
on a nun, to beat her like that...

Have you ever seen anything like this?

God forbid!

It’s incomprehensible.

- Poor nun...
- How many times do I have to tell you!?

- And the girl wasn’t even a nun.
- What?

Cristina Tofan, she was a novice.

So what? It’s the same thing.

God watch over us!

No one’s watching over us, Mișu.
No one.

Drive safe and we’ll get there safe.

Drink a vodka bottle, say a prayer,
see if we’ll get there in one piece.

Let’s cut the bullshit.

We have to cut that animal loose.

How long do we have?

Six more hours.
Extend it with the license thing.

How do you think I did it so far?

Well, if he’s not confessing
after so much cross-examination...

Why did you even bother
with this case, boss?

You’re getting moved up anyway.

Put Radu on it.
He can gain some experience.

He’s single again, he has time now.

Eh, Radu...
I’d better keep my mouth shut.

I was thinking... before we let him go,

let’s give him that syrup of yours,
that will poison him.

Don’t laugh, if we poison him,
he’ll confess!

You should take a bottle with you,
for the wife and kids. It’s good.

Gimme a break with your syrup.
Give it to your sweetheart.

She’s one of those ecologists, right?
She’ll be happy!

You know, I’m considering
getting married again.

Are you scared
she’ll drop you for another?

- No. I was just thinking.
- Stop thinking, it’s dangerous.

Who else will I find this late?

The town’s small, getting empty...

Everyone left or is taken.

The town’s not that small.

Lots of girls, of all ages.

People getting divorced left and right,
can’t you see?

I can’t be wasting time.

And, to tell you the truth...

I want a kid, too.

- How old are you?
- Well... old enough.

Are you nuts?

I told you to stop thinking,
look at your ideas...

- Can you still do it at this age?
- Hell yeah!! I can do it really well!

I didn’t mean it like that.

Oh, we went to see the doctor.

He said it would be hard,
but not impossible.

Docs only say what they know...

If God wants to send you a baby,
He will.

If He doesn’t, He won’t.

- Lord’s will.
- Correct.

Pull over...

- What?
- Pull over!

But why, boss?

Step out of the car.

Step out?! We’re 5 kilometers
away from the bridge.

Fine, you’ll walk them.
Get out of the car!

- Walk 5 kilometers with my knees?
- Get out! I warned you!!

Enough with your gods and
guardian angels. Get out!

- I apologize... I won’t do it again.
- I need you to get out of the car! Now!


You want kids?
You need to get in shape.

I’ll wait for you there.

One last thing before the next
tune, a fantastic old song...

Mișu? How are you holding up?

Who combed the scene yesterday?

Send them here again, urgently.

And Ticu as well, with two more guys.

Found some tail light shards,
might be something...

‘Cause they’re idiots, that’s why!

I’ll text you the photos
from my cell. Forward them.

Have them take proper ones here.


Where are you?
I can’t see you.

Don’t sprint, it’s not the winning
that counts, it’s taking part.

Come with the boys here.

Don’t touch anything. Got it?!

Not a thing!

On the way back get those batteries.
I don’t have time.

The bunny ones, whatever.


The tragic way his life ended,

but luckily his music reaches us now.

It’s extraordinary how the feminine and
masculine harmonies go together here.

It’s difficult to combine
the voices of boys and girls.

It’s truly complicated, not an easy task.

The boys’ voices are deeper while
the girls’ voices are high-pitched,

but look how amazing the music was,
how full the songs were...

He was a legendary founder and
conductor of Romanian choral music...


Good afternoon. Inspector
Marius Preda, we spoke on the phone.

Yes, of course.

- Come in, please.
- Thank you.

- Apologies, I’m ten minutes late.
- No worries.

Marieta, I need five minutes
with the inspector, please.

Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday,
I was at the clinic.

- I had a full day myself.
- I can imagine.

What a shame, with this poor girl.

It can’t be easy for you either.

How do you mean?

As a cop, working these cases.

Equally tough being a doctor, I suppose.

If you love people,

any line of work you’re in
is beautiful.

Take a seat.

I’m fine, I was in my car all day.

I’m listening.

There’s not much to say.

The girl came in about 10:15,
or 10:30, at most.

Her appointment was at 9,
but I had a tough case before.

I was talking to my nurse,

the schedule got scrambled
that whole day.

I think she was on her own.

She seemed to be alone.
She was just sitting there, waiting.

Aren’t you writing this down?

Excuse me?

Don’t you have a little notepad,
like in the movies?

No, I’ve got a good memory.

She made the appointment herself?

- Yes, she phoned in.
- When?

About two weeks ago.
I could give you the exact date.

Not now.

No worries, it’s not hard to check.

Yes, it was on the 19th.

- How long was she in here for?
- 15-20 minutes.

The check-up, the ultrasound,
then she changed her mind and left.

Got up and left, just like that?

Yes. She said she didn’t want
to do it anymore, and walked out.

- Those were her exact words?
- Yes.

So she didn’t go through
with the abortion.

Just as I said, she changed
her mind and left.

She changed her mind
here, or before?

I couldn’t tell you.
Could be either way.

- The pregnancy?
- Two months and a half.


No problems as far as I could see.

You sure?

Of course.

Anything else?
Did you ask her about the father?

Inspector, after all I’ve seen,
I stopped asking questions.

Our lines of work are not
that different, you know.

We both try to help people.


No, Inspector.

Better that way.

With our lines of work...

What is this for?

- You sure you want to know?
- Yes.

I don’t think you do.

Fine. Anything else?


So you do have a notepad.

That’s my number, in case you
remember something else, Doctor.

Got it.

You can call me Natalia.

Fine. I won’t keep you.
Thank you.

- You’re welcome. Good bye.
- Good bye.

- You forgot these.
- Thank you.

I forgot to ask you,
is it a boy or a girl?

The pregnancy?
It’s not at 16 weeks yet.

Even then, you can’t tell for sure.

Does it stand a chance?

If the mom does, the baby does too.

Thank you.

- My respects. Dr. Mihăescu?
- The doctor is doing the rounds.

- Thank you.
- My pleasure.



You look better than yesterday.

I brought you pine syrup
from the convent.

Have you changed your mind?

Is this the guy?

Look at the photos, not at me.

I’m not leaving before you
look at all the photos.

I have all day, if need be.

I’ll come back tomorrow,
and the next day...

You’re not getting rid of me.

Let’s start again.

Look at the pictures, not at me.

I’ll hold them up until you look.

I swear on all saints and all gods.

Tell me. Is this him?

You don’t have to speak,
just nod if it’s him.

Give a little nod.

Just nod, Cristina!

Don’t you want justice
for what happened to you?

Have the bastard pay
for what he did?

Don’t you want that?

Say something, please!

Say something!

Why aren’t you saying anything?

Have you forgotten
what he did to you?

How about I remind you, so
this child can hear it too?

You want this girl to get a ride
in that guy’s cab when she grows up?

Get taken under a bridge?

Whose fault will that be?

Is that what you want,
him going free?

I’m asking one more time.

Is this him?

Tell me, is this him?

All right, Cristina...

I’ll write in my report that you gave
a slight nod and identified him.

I’m telling you.

That’s what I saw.
You gave a nod and identified him.


I swear on my life,
he won’t get away with it.

How is she?

Much better.

It’s good she didn’t go
into a coma that day.

I see.

We’re not allowed to smoke in here.

Can I ask you something straight?

Sure. I’m listening, Inspector.

After all those blows, are you sure
her mental faculties aren’t impaired?


Sure? One hundred percent?

I’ve been a doctor for 40 years.

I know what I’m talking about.

She’s quite banged up,
but she’s fully aware.

Doctor, she was taken advantage of
in horrific ways.

The guy hit her like crazy,
tried choking her, cracked her head.

Left her lying there in a pool of blood.

And she won’t say a word.
Just keeps silent.

How can you be in your right mind
and protect such a vile scum?

Are you sure he did it?

I’ve been a detective
for some years, too.

She has no cognitive deficiencies.

I talked to her both yesterday and
today... What more can I tell you?

You’re a doctor. Have you ever
seen anything like this?

I haven’t.

This whole thing makes no sense.

I’ve seen so much over the years,
nothing makes sense anymore.

Can’t you see what’s around us?

Will the baby survive?

I think so. It’s a true miracle
she didn’t lose it yet.

Oh, you also have kids, don’t you?


I wish them health.

Good bye. It will be fine.

For those who love Romanian music,
we have, of course...

What are you two up to?

Mom left some stew and polenta for us.

Tell mommy
I’ll be working late today, okay?


Going to Udilă today?

No. Only Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Take care of your sister.
Love you.

- What are you doing?
- I forgot something.

- What?
- Some papers for work.

Staying for lunch?
I’m making sour cream chicken.

- Can’t. Feeling better?
- Yes, but still coughing.

Good thing you didn’t catch it.

- Don’t forget, Mirela comes at 8.
- I can’t make it.


- Eating?
- Yes.

Good job!
I brought desert, okay?

Got it... Is Mișu in yet?

Busy or not, send him to my office.

Yes, right away! Because I said so!

Okay, bye.

- Sir...
- Hi.

What is wrong with you?
Want to be the boss?

- Apologies.
- Sit down, your knees must hurt.

I’m in no mood for jokes, boss.

- Ticu texted you.
- I didn’t get it.

About those shards from
the broken tail light.

He couldn’t get there yet.

Didn’t I say it was urgent?

Can I get any clearer?

Chief held him up,
with those wine trucks.

What trucks, is he crazy?

What about Batin?

- How long have we got?
- Two hours, if that.

Get him out of holding.

You gonna question him again?
Really think he will squeal now?

If he doesn’t... mark my words.

- Where’s his file?
- Chief has it.

No, his driving file.

Didn’t you have it? I don’t know.

- Radu?
- At the Archive.

Send him straight down. Ticu, too,
with his camera.

Hello, Lizuca, please locate Radu

and tell him to come here
with the van.

He should get Ticu as well.

And a coffee for inspector Preda.


Where are we going?

To the crime scene.
He’ll confess everything there.

You know the Chief is not here.

Don’t worry about the Chief,
the Chief is not your business.

I’ll deal with the Chief.

And the lawyer?

What about the lawyer?

He should come here for the questioning.
We can’t just leave...

This lawyer does what he wants,
or what we tell him to do?

Let’s handle things properly,
for God’s sake!

You want to call him, call him.

He shouldn’t hurry.
He’ll get there when he gets there.

Go easy on the guy, boss.

I just heard
his wife and daughter are dead.

- Who told you?
- Radu, he grilled him.

Ten months ago, that overturned
bus, in the canyon.

What’s that got to do with anything?

Did you get anything from the nun?


After everything he did to her,
she still won’t say a word.

And haven’t I told you,
she’s not a nun?

I’ll see you downstairs, boss.

- I brought your coffee, Inspector.
- Thank you.

Bought the batteries. A four pack,
couldn’t find singles.

I’ll call you in about an hour,
you call me back 3 minutes after that.

You don’t have to say anything,
just call me back, got it?

Got it. Why?

Because I said so, that’s why.
Don’t forget! It’s very important.

I won’t forget, Inspector.

You’ll call me in an hour and
3 minutes later I’ll call you back.

Send somebody to move my boxes up.

You’re set. Don’t forget about us,
now that you’re moving up.

Stop by from time to time.


Did I say you could speak?

What happened to your face?
Slipped in your cell?

I told you to watch your step
on that slippery floor.

What do you want?

The lawyer...
When is he coming?

We called him, don’t worry.

But let him catch his breath a little.

We’re having a friendly chat.

If you didn’t do it,
no point worrying.

And the lawyer can join us later.

Do you know where I’m coming from?

- I asked you a question.
- I don’t.

From the hospital.

The girl looked at your photos
and identified you. Said you did it.

It wasn’t me, officer.

It doesn’t matter what you say.
It matters what she says.

Who are we gonna trust...

A nun from a convent, or someone like you,
driving without a license?

And there’s more.

Tracks, other stuff...

Not your business.

It’s pretty much over,
now that she identified you.

When did they suspend your license?

I don’t remember.
Two or three weeks ago.

Really, two or three weeks?!

Let me read what’s in your file.

June 22.

A month and a half ago.

60-day suspension per Article 101,
paragraph 3, violating traffic laws

by not giving way to an official motorcade
and cutting into said motorcade...

Are you nuts?

Don’t you know you need to
pull over when a motorcade passes?

And what were you thinking,
driving a cab without a license?

- I needed the money.
- You needed the money!

So you kept driving your cab
without a license?

It was wrong, officer... I’m sorry.

I shouldn’t drive without a license.

But again, I didn’t touch that girl.

I picked her up
to take her to the convent.

On the way, she changed her mind,
said she’d see friends in the village.

I dropped her off by the side of
the road and went back into town.

That’s where I stopped the meter,
you can check.

Did I say you could speak?

Just answer my questions!

And what friends in the village?

You’re wasting my time,
not to mention, your time’s up.

Tell me exactly how it went down.

You drove off the road
and pulled down by the bridge...

I left her by the side of the road,
and went back into town.

- I didn’t drive off the road.
- Yes you did! Tell me the truth.

She didn’t get scared
when you left the road?

I didn’t. I give you my word.

And the tire tracks up on the road?

Maybe from the U-turn, officer.
As the lawyer suggested.

The damn lawyer knows it all, huh?

I’ve just had a thought.

Maybe the lawyer raped her,
he’s a womanizer.

Who else, if not you?

Did you check the trunk for any
lawyers, when you left town?

He must have jumped out when you
did that U-turn and then raped her.

What do you think?
Let’s ask him when he gets here.

I’m wasting my time with you...

You know what these are?

Do you?

Photos of tail light shards.

And you know what these are?

Photos of your broken tail light.

You think it’s a match?

I bet it is.

No worries, we’ll get there
and you’ll tell us.

- Where?
- Where?!

At the bridge!

Look, you backed off and
must’ve clipped the bridge pier...

It figures. With no license,
you don’t know how to back off.

It’s really over now.

No lawyer can get you out,
the devil himself couldn’t...

Ticu, you got batteries
for that flashbulb?

Yes, boss, of course.

You still insist you
never left the road?

Then why is your car placed
at the scene of the crime?

Actually, it’s better
that you are quiet now...

You’ll start talking when we get there.

And why don’t you wear your seatbelt?

A sudden break, you’ll smash your
face and then blame us.

Mișu, he wants to blame us.

Give him a break, guys.

Turn on the radio please.

One more thing.

When we get there, it will be
just the two of us, no one else.

You got that?

All alone.

And we’ll talk until you spill your guts.

Got it?

Tell me, you got it?

Speak up, you fucking bastard!!

Did you get it, fuckhead?

Lizuca. In 3 minutes.


Inspector, the guy pissed himself.

What should we do with him?

The time is...

5 ’o’clock.

What should we do with him, boss?

Radu, take him to the bridge.

Have him see the shards.
Stick his nose in there.

Ticu, go and take pictures.

- Take them properly this time.
- Yes, boss.


How long have we got?

Less than an hour.
You think he’ll squeak?

I don’t know.

He’d better!
The Chief will tear us to pieces.

He’ll kill us, I’m telling you.

I asked Lizuca to call me...
I’ll pretend the girl died.

- Come, boss...
- Just to zap him a bit.

If he still doesn’t confess,
give me some time with him.

Let nobody see us. Got it?

- Boss...
- Just to scare him, nothing more.

Go and get him.

Bring him over. Come on!

Hey! Get him over.

Hurry up!

Did you see the shards?

- Tell me, did you see them?
- Yes.

- And?
- They’re not from me.

They’re from whom, then?

From the lawyer, right?

How did you manage to keep her calm
when you got off the road?

Tell me! As a cop,
I’m really curious.

How did you manage to keep her calm
when you drove off the road,

since I haven’t seen any
signs of struggle in the car.

Tell me!

- I didn’t drive off the road.
- You didn’t...

I’m not gonna waste all day with you.

If you behave, we’ll sort
this out quickly.

Tell me how you managed
to keep her calm.


There’s nothing to say.

Nothing to say...

I’m telling the truth.

See? We treat him nicely,
and he’s telling the truth.

He’s telling the truth,
fucking motherfucker!

The truth!!

Yes, put me through.

I understand.

You know who called me?

The hospital.

She died.

Did you hear that? The girl died!

Did you hear?

Tell me how you did it!

Tell me!!

You’re not a rapist now,
you’re a murderer.

No more kidding around.

Tell me how it went.

- There’s nothing to say.
- Nothing at all?

I’ll tell you one last time.

She paid the fair up there, got out,
I turned and went back to town.

- Mișu, go and pee, like we said. Go!
- Boss...

Go. I’ll call you.

- Go, Radu!
- Marius...

Come with me.

Come! Nobody’s gonna harm you.

Let’s go. Move, motherfucker!

Tell me, you piece of shit.

Tell me how you did it.

We’re not leaving until
you speak up.

We’re not leaving
until we turn back the time.

You tell me if you hit her.

You tell me if she felt pain.

You tell me if you strangled her.

You tell me everything, got it?

Do the right thing for once,
so this girl didn’t die in vain.

Get up, motherfucker.

Speak up!

She wanted to change.


She wanted to change her clothes.
That’s why she wasn’t scared.

- So you did drive off the road!
- Yes.

You see I was right...

Fucking motherfucker!

Get up, up I said!

Was it then the idea came to you?

Tell me, you got the idea when
you were waiting here in the car?

Or earlier, on the road?

Speak up!

What were you doing in the car?

- Tell me, what were you doing in the car?
- Listening to music.

What music, are you fucking with me?
Are you mocking me?

Up, up I said.

Come here and speak up.

- I was listening to music, officer.
- Listening to music!?

What did this girl do to you?
What did this nun do to you?!


- Why did you rape her?
- I don’t know.

- You don’t know?
- I don’t know.

Want me to tell you why?

What me to tell you?

Because you’re a
son of a bitch and an animal.

- Is that why?
- Yes, officer.

Let me hear you say it. What are you?

A son of a bitch and an animal.

That’s why you did what you did?

You worthless motherfucker.

Where did you rape her?

Show me where you raped her.

Show me... where?


You sure it’s there?

Show me one more time.

Very well!

Mișu, call the precinct.

Drop the gun.

Marius, put the gun down.

Hear me? Drop the gun.

Go to the water and stay there.
Stay there!

Hello, it’s Macarie.

Take some pictures, don’t just stand there.

Send two teams.

At the bridge, route 15.

It’s urgent.

It’s urgent, can’t you hear?


Nobody touches anything!

At the bridge.

Kilometer 9.

Ok. Got it.

Yes, doctor.



Inspector, the guy pissed himself.

What should we do with him?

The time is...

5 ’o’clock.

What should we do with him, boss?

Get him back in the car.

What, we came here for nothing?

Get him back in the car
and call the lawyer.

Have him come to the precinct,
if he’s not on his way here.

- Get a move on!
- Got it!

Wouldn’t it be better
to stick him in the trunk?

He stinks like hell.

- I won’t stay next to him!
- Me neither!

He’ll sit next to the boss.

You drank gasoline, that’s why you stink?

Leave him be!

- Why leave him be?
- Just stay away from him.

You guys are no better...

Let’s go.

Have a wonderful evening.
Until next time, be safe and healthy.

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