Miénteme (2022) - full transcript

It follows a couple as they try to match their friend Barbara with Julian. When they realize that Julian is not what he seems and try to warn Barbara, she's too infatuated with Julian to believe them.

♪ This dumb girl ♪

♪ Got tired of your lies ♪

♪ Of being a toy of your life ♪

♪ Another one from your collection ♪

♪ Don't call me ♪

♪ What are you sending me flowers for? ♪


Oh! Uh...

Hey, babe!

Hi. Oh, you don't know
what happened to me.

The car broke down.

No, it's a mess.

It doesn't stop blowing smoke.

Here, in a workshop on the road.

No, it's a horror.
No, because, besides... Wait. What?

Don't tell me
you don't have it for me today.

No, because I need it for today.

It's a joke.
They won't give it to me today.

I'm not gonna make it to your birthday.

No! It's all wrong. Too bad.

I want to be the first
in greeting you for your birthday, love.

Yeah, yeah, the seminar was good.

Because Rizutti wasn't there, the son
of a bitch of Human Resources. I hate him.

Well, honey, I'll call you anyway.
At twelve o'clock.

I'll be the first one.
See you tomorrow, my love.

Too bad I can't be there.

I love you so much. Bye.


♪ You want me to forgive you?
If you have no heart ♪

♪ It's over
Your lie is over ♪

♪ It's over ♪

♪ And I tell you
it's enough, enough, enough ♪

♪ You've a lying ♪

♪ Lying heart ♪

♪ You have no forgiveness ♪

♪ And you're so crazy ♪

♪ You've a lying ♪

♪ Lying heart ♪

♪ You're gonna regret it
when I'm with someone else ♪


Oh, oh, give it to me!

Please, a bit more.

Oh, give me a little more time.

I knew this one.


Happy birthday!

My love...

Happy 50th birthday, my love.

What a surprise!

Thank you, my love.

And what about the car?

Just a little lie for love.

- Oh...
- I wanted to... surprise you.

- You surprised me!
- Oh, yeah!

- You're the biggest thing there is, love!
- Hi... oh... oh...

- I love you so much.
- Me too.

- Is there a place in the bed for me?
- Yes.

What's that?

Wait, I can explain.

Barbie, wait.


- Are you okay, Emi?
- No.


Can you explain to me what Emilio Rizutti
from Human Resources is doing in my house?

He came to greet me for my birthday.

- Hi...
- In his underwear?

It's a hot day, my love.

Oh, no, I broke my knee.

Were you...?


Are you...?

- Yes.
- No.

- Yeah.
- No.

Huh... It's okay, Barbie. Yeah, yeah.

- Yes.
- Rizutti and I were busy.

Oh, rightly so!

No wonder!


- No, no, no, no.
- Now I get it.

- No, wait.
- Now I get it...

why you kept me away
this whole time at the voluntary retreat.

- You're fucking my boyfriend, right?
- No.

No, no, it's not like that. No, really.

You're leaving my house.

- It's not what you think.
- No.

- Get out of my house.
- Something's missing.

- Something's missing. I'll explain.
- Get out of my house.

- Okay, okay.
- Or I cut off your dicks!


We're leaving.

Easy, easy, easy.

It's okay, Barbie, it's okay.
The problem...

You are not the problem.
You are beautiful.

You're a doll.

He has the problem, he doesn't like women,
and you didn't notice.

- Hi, Barbara.
- And who are you?

I'm Paula, from Administration.

And this is Lisa from Customer Service.

- Outsourced.
- Huh?

- Oh, it's terrible what happened to you.
- Yes.

- Terrible. We heard everything.
- Everything. A nightmare.

- We didn't know you were with Horacio.
- No. We wouldn't have come. Excuse me.


- Oh!
- Oh, what happened?

Sorry, my bad.

Turn that off, please.

It's live, Eva.

- At this hour?
- It's about 4:00 p.m. in Australia.


How strange! We should go check it out.

- Are you going?
- It's match point.

Who's there?

Yeah, what... Oh, come in.

- Barbara.
- Horacio.

- But she can't come at this hour.
- You were awake, moron.

No, sir, we're not going out.

Go put some clothes on!

Come here. Come on, Vito.


Oh, poor thing, my friend...

That guy wasn't for you.

- No.
- I always knew that.

It's okay...

Thanks, my friend.

You have nothing to thank me.

I called both of you a lot,
but you wouldn't listen.

Oh, we were in bed.

Did I interrupt something?

I wish.

Excuse me.

But I can't sleep alone.

Ah... I get it.

But I'm taking the dog.

No, no, no. Vito stays here.

- Come on, Julian!
- What's the matter?

Are you in a hurry to lose?


I don't know how you run
in those little pants.

- Why would I run if I beat you on foot?
- They don't squeeze your balls?

- A little, but I give you a head start.
- Hmm.


Look how sexy they are.

Sorry, this is the first time
this happens to me.

We didn't start playing.


Luis Suardi will call you on behalf of me.

He wants to buy some cars.

He has a security company
and he wants to renew the fleet.

- Good recommendation! Thank you!
- I do not charge you for tennis lessons.

- And, also, I recommend you clients.
- Stop showing off. What are you doing?

Look, you idiot.

- They're coming.
- No way.

Hi, girls.

- Hey.
- Want to play a doubles match?

You don't mind?

No, not at all.

No, of course.
What about a mixed doubles match?

Hey, I prefer to play with my friend.

- Shall we?
- Okay.

Did it seem to me
or the brunette was staring at me?

I think it seemed to you.

Just what I needed to hear.

Let's play!

Let's play nice...

Are you all right? Oh, sorry.

I'm fine, I'm fine.
I slipped with the red clay.


I didn't know you liked me so much.


That you liked me so much...

As a worker.

I got a call from an architect
on your behalf. What did you think?

As a worker.

Yeah, it's a big construction site.

- But first you need to finish here.
- Yeah, I'd never let you down.

Good morning!

- Good morning!
- Sorry, my friend.

I thought I was gonna get here sooner.

- It's all right. How are you?
- I'm doing bad, very badly.

It's good to see you better.
So, what do you think?

I quit.

- What?
- I quit.

I was refused voluntary retirement.

What was I going to do? I couldn't stay
in that office and see those two idiots.

Well, that's it. At least you're done
with that stage of your life.

Fucking shit!

I don't have the money
of the voluntary retirement.

I must ask for a credit
to finish this. Right?

And then?

I don't know, it doesn't matter.

Good vibe, good energy. We'll find
a solution. What did you want to show me?

Come on, I'll explain.

We have a couple of options.

- Mhm.
- I think this column will look bad.

It was an accident.

- It wasn't on purpose.
- It's all right.

- Let me see.
- No, it's fine.

- Don't be shy, you freak.
- It's nothing.

- Let me see. Does that hurt?
- Oh, oh, oh...

- You both deserve them.
- Thank you.

I haven't played such an intense match
in a long time.

- Yeah.
- Aren't you professional tennis players?

I'm a lawyer. What do you guys do?

Tennis, I see you don't.

No, I work at the World Bank.

- Banker? Great.
- Hmm.

- And you?
- I have a car dealership.

- Wow!
- Claudia loves cars.

- Really?
- Yeah, I even want to change mine.

If you have a card, great.

- Yeah.
- I have a collection of old cars.

- Vintage cars.
- Mm...

President! No way!

- I'll be there this week.
- Sure.

Oh, sorry about the nose.

- It's all right.
- Oh, that sucks. I don't have my card.

Hey, how about dinner, all four of us?

Oh, excuse me.

Rupture of cruciate ligaments.


- Rizutti.
- Yes.

He had a rupture of cruciate ligaments.

Because he slipped on the chantilly cream.

I traveled miles to go
to his childhood's bakery

to buy a four-kilo cake
for that poisoned dick

- to celebrate his birthday.
- Stop it with Horacio.

I need you to focus on your business,
on your restaurant, on you.

- Okay, I'm cool now.
- Hey, look.

- Well, this column...
- You can't deny me

I'm unlucky.

You can't deny it. I'm unlucky.

I attract them all.
One worse than the other.

You never fell in love with
a guy who was decent.

Never. Never. I have a magnet.

I attract cheaters,
liars, sons of bitches.

- All the sons of bitches come to me.
- Interesting reflection, huh?

Remember the pilot?

He didn't take off.

The Uruguayan guy with curly hair?

- Disgusting.
- Pedro?

- Early ejaculation.
- Alfredo?

The finger-explorer.

Well, at least that one was cool and...
But that finger was disgusting.

- But he tried to be cool.
- Come with me.

Where are you taking me?
I get all the sons of bitches.

- Yeah.
- I don't know what's wrong with me.

My botox went up in my brain.
Something happened to me.

You're a goddess. Look at you!

- You think?
- Yeah, but your radar's broken.

You know what I think?

You don't like good men.

- They're invisible to you.
- Not a single one!

Not one of them sticks to me.
Not even one more or less like people.

See? There's the proof.
You don't even see them.

I don't know, you can feel them
miles away, I don't.

You want me to pick them out for you?

- You think?
- Yes, but listen to me about this!


I want to know this.

When will I be able to thank you
as you deserve?

- Tell me.
- You just did.

No, I mean, with a nice dinner.

With a delicious Chilean wine
that I imagine you like.

If you give me a Chilean wine,
I'm not gonna get mad.

How long are we going to deny
what's happening to us? I mean, to know.

- Holy shit, I gotta go.
- No, wait.

Dinner, yes or no.

Lunch, Monday.

Hello, yes.

Yes, I'm coming.

Pulling up.

Di-da-di-da, di-da-di-da...

Di-da-di-da, di-da-di-da, di-da-di-da...

Anything new?

For the moment...


Were you able to have sex
during the fertile days?

- Yes.
- Nice.

- Once.
- Once?

- Throught the month?
- But it was very precise, Doctor.

Surgical. I have a lot of faith in it.

Well, let's see.

We'll have to keep investigating
to see what's the obstacle

that's keeping
this little fish from blooming.

- Hmm?
- What does that mean?

That we are going to have
to keep doing some studies.


I think he knows it won't work.

- Why do you say that?
- Because it's the truth.

It's just a matter of continuing to try

and commit.

Are you going to reproach me again
for being late?

I'm talking about my commitment.

It's easy to talk about commitment
sitting there, while I'm putting my body.

I'm doing my thing, too!

Every time you have to shake it,
you complain as if it were

- an open-heart surgery!
- I don't like jerking off away from home!

I don't know if I want to start
all over again with another treatment.

We can take a break.

Yeah, we should take some time to think.


- You scared me, moron!
- Sorry, Pipi.

Why are you talking to me like that?

This is Julian, Julian, Eva.

- Eva, Julian.
- Hi.

- What's up?
- What happened?

He forgot the racket in his house.
I came to get one.

Well, at last, I put a face to your name.

Matias talks to me a lot about you.

Good things, I hope.

This is Vito, my guagua.

The cutest little baby in the world.

- My beautiful boy.
- Are you Chilean?

- Yes, from Santiago.
- From which district?

- Las Condes. You know where is it?
- Sure, I studied in Las Condes.

- You're fooling with me, moron!
- I'm not fooling with you, moron!

- And which school did you go to?
- The Grange School.

Oh, that's great.

Are you an architect?

Yes, I came to Buenos Aires 20 years ago
to finish my master.

Wow, this is good. What is it?

It's an organic food restaurant.
From a friend, Barbara.

What do you do for a living?

I work at the World Bank.

- Ready. Shall we go?
- Are you an accountant?


- Where do you live?
- In San Telmo.

- Why so many questions?
- We're getting to know each other.

- Couple?
- No.

- Do you have kids?
- No.

- Are you gay?
- No.

A KGB interrogation.
Let's go or we lose the court.

- Let's go.
- What are you doing on Friday?

- Nothing. I don't know.
- You want to come over for dinner?

- No, he doesn't want. We are late.
- I'd love to.

- See you at 8:00 p.m. On time.
- Okay.

- Bye.
- Thank you!

Dinner Friday night?

- Or another day.
- No, it's not about that.

I just didn't give you permission
to host a dinner party.

You told me you'd listen to me.

No, I told you I'd listen to you.
But not to organize my schedule.

- I don't want a blind date.
- It's blind to him.

For you, I have all the information.

Do you like him?

- No, he's not my type.
- You gave every asshole a chance.

Why don't you give him a chance?

Let me pick him out this time.

At least, until you calibrate your radar.

I love your mermaid hair!

No, you're gonna keep it in your hand.

Hey, where's Barbara?

- Why did she send her little sister?
- Oh, what an idiot.

Hey, did you have surgery?

What? They're mine. I'm using a push-up.

No, I mean, did you get
a cornea transplant?

- What?
- They're contact lenses.

Don't tell her that.
She's already nervous.

- I'm not nervous.
- Yes, you are.

That little thing you do with your mouth
when you're nervous.

I was trying to calm her down.
You're making her more nervous.

- I don't have anything in my mouth.
- Yes, you do.

You take care of your friend.
He's running late.

Julian is usually very punctual. And he's
a very good man. I'm his guarantor.

We're guarantors for you both.

- What's this?
- Don't spit.

- It's tofu, vegan, I made it.
- It's awful!

I know who I'm not inviting
to the inauguration.

I'm gonna go, but with my own food bag.

- Do whatever you want.
- You're terrible.

Look at me.

How do I look?

- Like a Barbie.
- No, come on...

Are you comfortable?

- Hey, how are you?
- Fine. I thought you might like it.

- Come in.
- Thank you.

Thank you very much.

- What's up?
- Dude.

- She's our lifelong friend.
- Hello.

- Barbara.
- Hi, Julian Acosta Stanley.

Barbara... Saenz.

Just one last name.

Did you really go to Japan?

- Yes, in '98. I came back in '99.
- Okay...

And what about you, Barbara?
So... gastronomy?

Uh... yeah, well, not really.
I'm, uh, an accountant...

- Oh...
- Uh...

I left the company where I worked.

And I'm with a personal undertaking
of organic food.

Oh, that's good.

- Yes.
- I'm gonna be your client.

- That's good.
- Yes.

I decided to eat only organic food.

No more meat, flour, everything.

It changes your life a little bit, right?

- Completely.
- See?

You breathe better, you sleep better.


Excuse me, this lab formula
gives me instant happiness.

Well, luckily,
Julian brought wine for the adults.

You know a lot about wine
or do you have a tic with the glass?

No. I worked in a winery.
And I studied to be a sommelier.

- Mmm...
- Really?

Yeah, when I was in my 20s.
It was paradise.

Oh, how nice.

I've something very special
to make you taste.

Mm... a very nice place.
I got married there.

Are you divorced?

No, I was widowed.

Sorry, we... we didn't know anything.

- No, it's fine.
- And where did you study Economics?

Yale, Connecticut.

- Wow!
- Good!

I love economics, you'll imagine that...

I studied everyone. Smith, Keynes, Marx.

- Well, the classics.
- Viognier.

Another great economist.

No, no, the wine is a Viognier.

- This one.
- What?

Maybe Julian is a very good economist,

but when it comes to keep track
of matches... he fails a little bit.

I was wrong only once, thief.

Come on, in every game
you steal a little bit from me.

Oh... you're a bad loser.

- But I'm a very good winner.
- I never got a chance to check it out.

I can't believe what time it is.
Time flies!

- Hopefully, we will repeat it soon.
- Okay.

That car is so nice, isn't it?

Someday show us the Camaro.

- Julian collects vintage cars.
- I'm restoring the Camaro.

He's in a friend's workshop.

Are you sure I'm not diverting you?

Look, Barbara lives in the boon... okay.

No, not at all.
I'll take you, really. With pleasure.



Everything was great, huh?

Sorry, I don't have air conditioning.
But we'll roll down the windows.



They will fuck.

I kept thinking about Viognier.

- Didn't you?
- What are you talking about?

The grapevine. It's fashionable.
Even I know it.

I mean, he studied to be
an economist and a sommelier.

But he confused the grapevine
with an economist.

It's weird!

What? I made a comment.

Yeah, he got confused. So? It's not weird.

Good night.




- Good morning.
- Hi.

Come in.

- See you tomorrow.
- Hi. I'm looking for Matias.

Well, he is the owner.

- He knows me. Can I talk with him?
- Claudia.


- All right, Rodrigo, I'll take care.
- Okay.

Hi, how are you?

Oh, I'm sorry I didn't warn you.
I was in the area and I said,

"Well, I'll check out some models."

What are you looking for?

A sportsman.

Or a sports car. How about you?

- Uh... sell cars.
- Oh!

What a freak!

I keep thinking about you.

Uh... come here.

But I'm talking about your passing shot.


I don't know if I can teach it,
but I can try.

Oh, I give myself completely.

I'll show you the models in the garage.


- Bring me the wine, please.
- Yeah, sure.

Mmm... It smells good.

Costillitas a la barbacoa.
Barbecue ribs in English.

- My specialty.
- Mmm...


- My specialty.
- Hmm...

Hey, are you a skydiver?

Yeah, I'm a member of a flying club.

I often go there.

It... it broke.

Okay, put your finger inside.
It's all right.

No, that's a sin.

Shall I put it?

No, I've got it smaller.

We used to go skydiving with Matias.
A century ago.

The feeling of freedom is great.

If you want, I'll take you this weekend.

You have to dare to jump into the void.

Oh, shit.

What happened?

Oh, no, wait.

Wait, don't do anything.
No, don't do anything.

- Wait...
- Get it up.

Raise your arm over the heart line.
Let's see, some ice.

A little. Help me. Come here.

Let's see, flex this.

Breathe in, get down, get down slowly.

Let it go, that's it.

- Mmm... Oh...
- Mmm...

- Oh...
- Hmm...

Great. Perfect.
I thought it wasn't going to get out.



Oh... wow...

That one, I want that one, okay?

- Can this be it, please?
- All right.

Oh, I am so excited...

So, how do I look in it?


Oh, the leather seats.
They're fantastic... Oh!

Oh, yeah...

This to fuck...

It's something...

Oh... oh, I think I broke it.

- No.
- No...

- It's not working.
- Let me see.

- Maybe it got stuck.
- I'm sorry, did I break it?

- Excuse me. Oh, sorry.
- Let me see.

Oh, sorry!


Oh... oh...


Shall we go out and try it?



Oh, well, forget about the kiss.
We'll fly on Saturday, right?

- Yes.
- Do I book?

- We will see.
- Okay, we'll see.




You're buying three machines, huh?
You won't regret it.

Luis, she's my wife, Eva.

- Nice to meet you, ma'am.
- Hello.

Should I wait for the paperwork?

Don't worry,
we'll take care of everything.

- Who was him?
- A client Julian recommended me.

I just sold three units in 15 minutes.

- Congratulate me.
- Is your hair wet?

Yeah, I took a bath at the club.

I ran a lot. Julian made me run.

But the tennis bag was left in the car.


Julian had to lend me clothes.

- Listen, I've got some news.
- Thank you.

And that smell?

Uh... I went to a new construction site
and they were making roast meat.

- A barbecue?
- Yes, barbecue ribs.

What a gourmet barbecue!

Oh, don't be prejudiced.

I was uneasy about Julian.

I asked at the bank. They told me that he
doesn't work there. Isn't that odd?

- Did you call the bank?
- Yes, of course.

I wasn't going to go personally...

- Call the notary. Why did you call?
- Because I'm worried about my friend.

I want to take care of her.
How well do you know Julian?

Pretty good. He helped me sell three cars
without asking me for commission.

I'm not talking about cars.
I'm talking about my friend.

Barbara's an adult, Eva.

Are you listening to me?

Julian is not on the bank's staff.
And he also thinks Viognier is...

Again with the name of the grapevine?
I'm not a criminal lawyer.

But to confuse a grapevine
with an economist is not a crime.

But it's not just that. I googled him
and he doesn't have social media,

he has no job references,
he's nowhere to be found.

As if he didn't exist!
You don't think that's weird, either?

Many people don't like to tell
their life on the Internet.

But there are many things
that don't add up, you moron!

It's not funny that my friend

is with a lying porteño who thinks
he's superior like all Argentine people!

Why not? You married one.

I'm in time to fix it.

Let's remove all doubt right now.

Hey, Juli, buddy.

How are you? Luis Suardi just left.

We closed the sale. Yes, I owe you.

Listen, I'm with Eva.
She wants to ask you something.

Yes, I'll hand the phone to her.

Here you are, Eva.

Hi, Julian, how are you?

Yeah, I wanted to talk to you
to ask you if...

if you want the four of us to hang out.

I don't want to seem invasive.

Yeah. Oh! What a good plan!

Okay, we'll do that.

I'll hand the phone to Mati.

Dude, what's up?

Yeah, well, changing the subject...

You work for the World Bank, don't you?

Yeah, and in what sector, exactly?

No, for nothing in particular.
I was talking with Eva and...

Oh, okay. Shall we play tomorrow?



He's an external consultant.
Satisfied, Sherlock?


I was hot on his heels the whole race.

And on the last corner...
I reached the first place.


Champion that year, 2002.
Regional champion.


You said you were working in a winery
and you wanted to be a sommelier.

You have a good memory.
Yeah, I can be confused.

I was a Road Tourism pilot
after studying in Connecticut.

Yale, where you studied Economics.
Keynes, Marx, Viognier...


Come on. Let's go.

I remember that year-end
Eva came home to spend the New Year.

So, we were with the whole family,

and she was coming down the stairs.

That was a hard hit.

She hit herself against the railing.

- In the middle of the crotch.
- No!

- Horrible.
- No!

And my grandmother said,
"Eva, are you okay?"

And she said, "Yeah,
but my empanada got fucked up."

- The empanada...
- In Chile, "empanada" means...

- Yes, the empanada.
- Sure.

And I remember she gave us
a Chilean master class

of how they refer to the vagina.

Chola, cholga, "toad"...

Chucha, "canoe," "vixen,"
"toad," pussy and "monkey's mouth."

- Chile, country of poets!
- Great New Year's Eve.

I'll pay.

- I love you.
- No, no way.

I want to thank you
for introducing me to Suardi.

What? I must thank both of you
for introducing me to Barbie.

- Oh, you are so nice.
- No, please.

- Okay, say no more.
- Thank you very much.

Well, let's toast
for this new couple.

- Cheers.
- With your little eyes...


- Shall we tell them?
- No.

- We'll tell them.
- A surprise?

- What's your surprise?
- He's moving in with me.


But... how long have you been dating?

Ten days, but it's a lot. It's a lot.

- It's a lot.
- Aw...

Ten days is fine.

I know it may seem a little impetuous,

but... I'm remodeling my house.

I considered going to a hotel.

And Barbie said, "Stay in my house."
It seemed to me the right thing to do.

- Yeah...
- Barbie...

- Yes?
- Give me more...

- Did you go to his house? Where is it?
- I have no idea.

- I don't know too much about it.
- That's it.

- It's in front of the MALBA Museum.
- MALBA? Nice neighborhood.

Did you buy your house long ago?

No, I bought it... before I was widowed.


But now that I'm with Barbie,
it's not a good idea to live there.

No, you have to live with me.

Cute. Short, little tongue.

Excuse me, I'm going to the bathroom.

- Stop it...
- What? Does it bother you?

- No.
- Come.

Keep going. I'll be right back.

Eva, is there anyone else?

- Are you alone?
- Yes.

Come in.

You fucked up!

Lots of cash, not even a credit card
with his name on it.

That is strange, isn't it?

This is a robbery, Eva.

Julian Acosta, I owe you "Stanley."

- You're a thief and a snob.
- Just one credit card.

But his name it's not on it.
And the others are to add points,

make discounts, coupons, anything.

He's thrifty. What's wrong with it?

His name is not on them either!

Eva, I understand your concern,
but you "stole" his wallet.

- Why are you using the quotes so badly?
- Give that back, Eva!

If he worked in a bank,
he'd have credit cards.

Black, sapphire, gold,
all the fucking colors.

There's no such thing.
There's a condom, mustard and sugar.

Got it? Besides, who's "A. Martelloni"?


Oh, no... no, no, uh...


- Leave me alone.
- What else are you gonna do?



I've got it!

Who has documents
with different identities?

- The intelligence services.
- Sure, how come I didn't notice?

Julian is a spy.

Don't mock me, he can also be a con man.

If he wanted money, he'd have accepted
the commission for the cars.

What if he didn't ask it
to earn your trust? Mm?

- He'd be a full-scale con man.
- Or a drug dealer.

That's why he had so much cash.

Hmm... excellent tennis player,

race driver, great dancer,
drug dealer. Obviously.

At least, recognize that there are
many strange things.

You're starting to worry me.

I don't know if I can have
your level of control.


No one noticed anything.

I did.

Why did you stop here?

Wait me a second.

I want to see something.

Where are you going? Eva!



What are you doing, Eva?

There's no house. They're all buildings.

And if there was
any kind of construction project,

there should be a dump truck,
building material or something.

They may have cleaned up today.
What do I know?

I talked to two doormen. Nothing.

I know if there's
a construction taking place or not!

- You scare me.
- I'm afraid of him!

Let's go, there's nothing more to see!

I have to thank to our car collector.

- Who?
- Julian, our mutual friend.

- Julian collects cars?
- Yes, he has many cars.

He didn't show you the photos?

No, he talked about
his gun collection.

- Guns?
- Yes.

I have a 19th-century Winchester.

I'm just an amateur.
But Julian knows a lot about it.

That's interesting. Are you close friends?
Where do you know each other from?

We always run
at the same time in Palermo.

One day we started talking,
and he turned out to be from Bergamo.

He has family in Bergamo,
in Northern Italy, like me.

What a coincidence! I thought
you knew each other from the bank.

No. Bank?

Why two different colors for the dishes?

Because one is for vegans, and the other,
for lacto-ovo vegetarians.

A brilliant idea that occurred to Julian.

Isn't it innovative?

He's very committed to your project.


Good morning.

Good morning.

This guy is so cute.

If I wasn't taken, I'd be with him.

Hey... Julian moved into your house yet?

Yeah. Well, he brought a small suitcase.

He's staying every other night
not to rush things.

He wants us to go easy.

And when he doesn't sleep
in your house, where does he sleep?

In his home.

Wasn't he remodeling it and he couldn't
stay due to the dust and dirt?

Yeah, but he wants to be there
for the builders to see him

and don't think there's nobody there.

He's very responsible.


You don't know how happy I am.

No. Not happy.

- Very happy.
- Okay...

I won't ever be able to thank you enough.

No. It was nothing.

No. How come it was nothing?

You calibrated my radar, like you said.

- What I told you was stupid.
- A very true stupidity.

- Holy shit.
- What happened?

Excuse me, architect.
You can keep talking.

With that body
he can break whatever he wants.

You know?

Don't hurry up.
Don't bring him into your house now.

- He's a stranger, after all.
- Why would you say that?

Because it's the truth.

He's Mati's friend,

they play tennis,
but they're not close friends like us.

And the truth is your relationship
with Horacio ended very badly.

But Julian has nothing to do with it.
My previous relationship was different.

And you introduced Julian to me.

You told me you know exactly what I need.

And I'm happy.

So, the green ones are for...

The green ones are for vegans.
The pink ones for lacto-ovo vegetarians.






I thought you'd complain
about the previous point.

It was well-earned.

- And the remodeling?
- Fine.

Slowly progressing.

What about your stuff? Coming and going?

No, I took the essentials.
I sent the other stuff to a warehouse.

Okay. And your gun collection?
Did you take it to the warehouse too?

- What?
- Luis told me you collect guns.

Oh, Luis is exaggerating.
It's not a collection. It's just...

He also told me that...
you were from Bergamo.

My wife was from Bergamo.

- Martelloni.
- How do you know her last name?


Oh, Barbara asked you to ask me?

Yeah? Listen, I know,
I know all of you are worried.

But... you have to trust me.

I'm in love with Barbara.
Right now, she is the woman of my life.

I'm very grateful to you.
To Eva, tell her.

- I mean it.
- I'll tell her.

- I love you, brother.
- Me too.

I kicked your ass!


Eva, call me when you have a chance.

- Hi, you freak!
- What are you doing?

I'm greeting you. How are you?
When will we see each other again?

- Hmm?
- I don't know. You know what?

- I'm in trouble.
- You didn't call me.

- So, I said, "Maybe he'll call me today."
- It's my wife. I'll call you when I can.

- But remember it, huh?
- Eva...

I have news. Julian...

I was right. See? I was right.

A credit card from a dead woman?


Let's see...
The card was issued this year.

So, his wife is alive.

So, he's married and has a family.

Maybe he's a gigolo, a con man. Women fall
in love and he takes everything from them.

Or much worse.

Much worse?

This guy has guns, Mati.

Maybe she kidnapped Martelloni
and she's in the basement of his house.

He says he's remodeling it, but nobody
can go there because the girl's locked up.

While her family sends her
euros from Italy, he uses her card

and look for his next victim.

- And no one investigates?
- No, no one suspects.

He sends emails
and WhatsApp messages from her phone.

I know it's hard to believe,
but these things happen all the time.

- And what do we do?
- We'll investigate.

Find out the truth.

Find out what this
"Julian Acosta Stanley" is hiding.

If that's his name.

That's why I used the quotes.

- Hmm?
- Sure.

Let's go.

The quotation marks...



Julian Acosta Stanley. Here.


- No.
- It's nice.

This one!

No! Not that one!




Who is she?

A colleague.

Great tennis player.

- Do you play with her?
- Ocasionally.

Get down!

Wait. How did she recognize you
if you can barely see from the outside?

I don't know.

He's coming out. Up. Oh...

- Come on, start up the car.
- What a fucking seat!

- Start up the car! He's leaving!
- Let's go!

- That's it.
- Backwards.


Let's see... Hurry! He's leaving!

I've got it, I've got it.

Come on, come on.


What is he doing paying bills there

a guy who "works in a bank"?

I don't think he works in a bank.

That's why I used the quotes.

Maybe you should use another code
for the quotation marks.

He's getting out. He's coming this way.

Here he comes. What do we do?

Is he still looking?

No, he's buying a burger.

No way!

He said no more meat, no more flour.

Call him and let him know,
maybe he forgot.

Watch out!

What's he doing?

He's sunbathing.

At least it's greener than a sunbed.

Let's see.

Hi, Julian, it's Eva.

Are you at work or can you talk?

Oh, okay.

Mati and I wanted to ask you

if you know what we can give
Barbara for her birthday.

No, I know it's in two months.

But we like to plan ahead.

It's okay. Think about it and tell me.

Well, thank you very much. Bye.

What did he say?

"I'm at work.
But tell me, everything's fine."

Now he's scratching his balls.

- I hate guys who do that.
- All men do that.

But now he's smelling his fingers.


What about this place?


That box?

I'm sure he has a Colt .45 inside.

How do you know so much about guns?


I'm going to look into it. Stay here.

No, no, no.



What are you doing?

Watching your back!


Everything's okay?

Let's go.

Yes? Can I help you?

- Excuse me, is it open?
- Yes. Come in.

- What are you gonna drink?
- Uh, beer.

- Two?
- Yes.

Excuse me, a friend just came in.

Jean. Shirt.

He had a briefcase.

He's at the back.

This place doesn't inspire me
any confidence.

They may be selling guns back there.

Or drugs.

There's a boy at the bar, Eva.

They use minors
because they can't be put in prison.

Let's go.

- No!
- Yes, let's go.

Come on, let's go!

There are kids from school.


What are you doing?

Are you going to play?

I'm faking it.

Go check it out.

Come on.


Come on!

There you go.
Come on, come on... Come on!

- Bravo!
- He's an idiot.

- Okay. Nice race.
- Come on, my Camaro!

He's got a Camaro.

He didn't lie about that.

The yellow one's still working! Right?

- He's coming out!
- Ah!

Come on, run!

Hey, the beer! Come on, here!

We weren't here, okay? Here you are.

Did he see you?

- No.
- Are you sure?

- I don't know!
- Okay.

We need to think about an excuse.

- Yes.
- With a lot of details to be credible.

- Yes.
- Okay, um...

We're here to see a fertility specialist.

- Yes.
- A Norwegian doctor.

- No, a Chinese specialist!
- That's it! He was kicked out of China

for opposing the state bringing a lot
of Chinese babies into the world.

He's coming out!

Oh, God...

- Now!
- Or never!

What are you doing?

I don't know, they activated themselves.

- Turn that off!
- What... I'm trying!

Turn. There.

- And who are those flowers for?
- I don't know.

Maybe they're for Barbie.


You are so naive.

I don't know. I'm just saying.

- Do you hear anything?
- Shh!


- What is he saying?
- Shh!

- So pretty, my love!
- Let me hear it.


- What is he saying?
- Shh!


"Oh, they're beautiful, my love!"

Muah! Muah! Muah!
What a fucking moron!

That's it, the riddle was unveiled.

He's married and unemployed.

But he's a tennis and Scalextric champion,
and a great dancer.

Poor Barbie. She won't stand
another moron screwing her up again.

- Get behind the wheel.
- What?

- What?
- Get behind the wheel.

Start it up.


Come on!

Come on, let's go.

- Let's go!
- Come on! Get in!

- I got them!
- You're a genius!

Everything has his wife's name.

Alicia Martelloni.

That's why he doesn't have a credit card.

He's in a lot of debt.

- Let's get Barbie out of this trap now.
- She must know the truth.

- Yes.
- Luckily, she has an excellent friend.

Well, excellent... both.


Beautiful, right?

Lots of details are missing,
but it's looking great.

Oh, it's lucky you're both here!

I wanted to talk to you.
I have some great news.

- Thank you.
- Sorry, it's not for you.

All right, listen up.

Remember about the credit
to end all this?

Well, nothing.
They asked me for a lot of things.

A guarantee, a credit history,

a business plan...

Well, a nuisance.

- So, Pupi started getting into...
- Pupi?

He looked into the numbers.
He started getting involved.

He doesn't just want to be my partner,
but he's also going to invest money.

- Isn't it great?
- Wait, who's Pupi?

Pupi. Julian. Come in.
Careful. Over there.

Careful with that, huh?

Go that way, leave it there.
On the table over there. Come in.


Barbie, we want to tell you something.


You're gonna have a baby.

- No.
- No no.

We want to talk about Julian.

Julian is not who he says he is.


We think he's been lying to us
about many things.

The house he says he has in front
of MALBA, which he's remodeling...

it doesn't exist.

There's no remodeling on that block.


But it's in front of MACBA.




I don't know, I'm a mess with art stuff.

The one I say is in San Telmo.



- We also went to the World Bank...
- Hmm...

Julian doesn't work there.
In fact, I doubt he's an economist.

Or a sommelier.

He doesn't work at the bank.

He's an external consultant for the bank.
I thought you guys knew.

- Excuse me.
- Careful with that oven.

- Don't break anything.
- Okay.

- In the kitchen. Come on in.
- Okay.

Barbie, there's one thing
which is very hard to hear,


Julian is married and lives with his wife.

Does he live with his dead wife?

Does he live with his deceased wife?
I don't get it.

- No, she's not dead.
- No. Barbie... no.

He probably lied about the wife, too.

She's not dead.

She's dead just in a percentage?

Seventy, 60, 40 percent?
How much? I don't understand.

And weren't you his friend?

- Uh, well...
- Didn't you act as his guarantor?

Or just when he sells you cars?

We wanted to tell you this because we want
to take care of you, warn you.

I don't want you to get hurt.

Is this a joke?

You introduced me to him.
You told me he was a candidate for me.

The truth is... I...

The oven, guys!

That's it, we've told her.

What else can we do?

Get to the bottom of this.

One, two, three.
Testing, testing, testing. Two, two.

I confirm image and sound.
Pay attention to the phone.

- I'm coming.
- Okay.

Mrs. Martelloni?

Yes, it's me.

How can I help you?

Uh, uh... uh... I'm Julian's friend.

He forgot a correspondence.

What a pleasant surprise. Please!

Come in.

- Okay.
- Come in, come in, dear.

Juliancito has told me a lot about you,
but he didn't tell me you were Chilean.

Oh, what a joy!

Too bad you came
when I'm dressed like this!

Because I'm very glamorous.
Come in, come in.

- Come in.
- Don't bother. I came to give you this.

And, if you don't mind,
I wanted to ask you a few questions.

I know it can be a little awkward,
but... it would help me understand.

- Are you...?
- Yes!

It's me, it's me!

I can't believe there's still people
who recognize me!

Oh, those were the days!

♪ Bim, Bam, Bum
There's happiness at Bim, Bam, Bum ♪

Oh, what a pity that nudes
were so frowned upon at the time.

Huh? Isn't that right? Today...

What would it be like today?

Okay, but sit down. Come on in, Barbarita.

So we get to know each other.

From Santiago, right?

- Uh-huh.
- I can see it from a mile away.

Would you like a sopaipilla, Barbarita?

- No.
- Come in.


Oh, I had given him up for lost.

Well, I thought that...
he had a limp wrist.

He never brings girls into the house.

Well, neither boys.

But when I saw the house full of priests,

oh, yeah, that's when I panicked.

Oh, but now he looks so happy
with you, Barbarita.

Hey, you must be great in bed.

And Julian...

performs well?

Yes, because my son is very well-endowed.


May I go to the bathroom?

Sure, my dear.

The one upstairs,
because the one downstairs is covered up.



Did you get your period?

Oh, here you are. Oh...

Anita, Anita was beautiful.

- Yes.
- Of course not as much as you, Barbarita.

No. Mmm... Oh, poor thing.

- What happened to her?
- Mmm... Something very painful.

Julian doesn't like
to talk about it. But I do.


They came from their honeymoon, oh, happy.
Happy because they had so much sex.

She was fat and got back skinny.

Skin and bones. What a way to have sex!

Shee started to feel bad.
We thought she was pregnant.

She went to the doctor, had some tests
done. The check-up went wrong.

In two months...

she ended up in heaven, she departed.

She was Ana Martelloni.

No, I'm Martelloni!

Alicia Martelloni.

She was Martinioni, Ana Martinioni.

They are similar. Ta, ta, ta, ta. Huh?

We were always joking,
we said we were from the same family.


What a way to laugh about it!

Oh, it's so sad.

That's why I'm so happy, Barbarita
that you're with Julian.

- Now I'm going to the bathroom.
- Yes.

- That's why I...
- I really want to go!

I'll wait for you downstairs.


My dear.

Hi, Mommy! I'm here!

Hi, my love.

Fucking hell!

Where am I going?

No! Here!


I swear I laughed with her.
What a nice girl!

Where did you meet Barbara?

At home. She came and wanted
to know everything about me,

about you, son, everything.

She's here, my love.

No, no, you're playing with me.

No, you don't understand. I'm telling you,
she's here in the bathroom.

She's taking her time.

Okay, that's it.



- Thanks, huh?
- Thanks? How did you get into my house?

Your mom let me in. She's charming.

Aside from the nudes,
that I didn't understand.

Don't play dumb!
What were you doing here?

Preventing another son of a bitch
from screwing my friend over.

Son of a bitch?
I would never screw Barbara over!

- Then why did you lie to her?
- Me?

You lied to my mom! You came into
my house. Don't be a scoundrel!

- Oh!
- You pretended to be Barbara!

But my lies don't nullify yours!

What's the matter, why are you arguing?

No, we're not arguing, Mom.
Go back inside.

No, my little boy, no.
You guys come inside.

- I'll make you a sopaipilla.
- Stay out of this, Mom.

- Leave me alone, go inside.
- Don't fucking treat me like that!

What do you think? I'm your mom!

Oh, what a cute couple.
You look beautiful.

- You love each other, such a nice couple.
- Mom...

- How are you?
- I'm fine, I fell from there.

- From upstairs, but I'm okay.
- Who is he?

- A little hit.
- It's her husband, Mom.

Oh, Barbarita's married!

No, she's not Barbara, Mommy.


- Oh...
- What? What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Breathe, breathe, breathe!

What? Mom!

- Ma'am, are you okay?
- Wait.

- Let me see.
- Wait.

- Holy shit.
- Oh!

Oh, that's disgusting!
She's my mom, you moron.

Fucking shit!


Relatives of Alicia Martelloni?

I am his son!

Okay, your mom's fine. It's not
a big deal. Just a blood pressure surge.

You'll be able to see her
in a little while.

Thank you very much.

Good thing it's nothing serious.

I never thought this would end like this.

Let's pretend nothing happened, Julian.

Barbie doesn't have to know.

She broke up with me.


She started asking questions.
She told me she'd talked to you.

I told her everything, and she left me.

I don't understand why you lied.

Why, you moron?

They kicked me out of the bank
due to a staff reduction.

I haven't had a job in years.

I'm in debt to the top of my head.

I had to go back to my mom's house.

How do you think people react here
if they see a Chilean man in his 40s,

unemployed, who lives with his mommy?

Because the way they see you,
they treat you.

I said a little lie and...
everything was fine.

A little lie to please.

And then another one,
and it got out of hand.

I screwed it up.

Oh, and I didn't go to Grange School.

What about Yale, Connecticut?

That was true?

Yes, a seminar.


One month.

On Zoom.


I'm sure Barbie
would have accepted you anyway.


What about both of you?

When I went to your house,
it looked like a police interrogation.

Barbara fell in love with my lie,
and I fell in love with her.

I even gave her all my savings

from the sale of my house
in San Telmo for her business.

Now how do I get out of this?

Excuse me, you can come in now.

- Go ahead.
- Thank you.

- Hey... hello.
- Hello, my love.

We've forgotten you.


Let's go for a walk!


Yeah, come in.

Who is it?



I know, my friend.

Come on.

Let's go, Vito.

Things are never what they seem.

You should take it easy.

Maybe the whole lie thing is
helping us to see a deeper truth.

No, I don't get you.

First, you tell me he's a good catch.

Then, that I've to leave him because
he's a liar, and again, a good catch.

In the end, who has a broken radar?

We all do stupid things...

with good intentions.

We all lie a little to please.

Remember when you met him.
You got extensions.

You changed your eyes' color.
You... Hmm?

Are you kidding me?

How are you going to compare a guy
who is lying about his life with a push-up

in the middle of my tits?

And when you went to that interview
with the your résumé half-invented?

- Remember.
- It has nothing to do with this.

We lie to hide our flaws,
the things that embarrass us.

I... I lie to Mati sometimes, too.

But you can't compare, friend, please.
You're in a relationship, you're in love.

You're gonna have a baby.

The truth is that we left
fertility treatments.

We were in crisis mode and..

And, well, I had an affair.

An affair?

I cheated on him.

Did you cheat on him?

Who with?

With Tito.

- You cheated on him with Tito?
- Yes. Shh...

Why didn't you tell me
you cheated on him with Tito?

There's nothing to tell.
I don't think that's a milestone.

How could you not tell me?


I'm leaving. Uh...



Excuse me.

Mati, listen to me. Mati, please!

Why did you do that to me?

- You betrayed me!
- No, I was wrong.

- I didn't do it to hurt you.
- But you did it! In my face!

You were seeing another man
while I was...

With another woman, huh?

What are you talking about?

Come on, Mati.

"A colleague, great tennis player."

You think I'm stupid?

What now?

How we go on?

You wanted to take some time?

You were right.

♪ Forgive me ♪

♪ If I ask for more than I can give ♪

♪ If I scream when I have to shut up ♪

♪ If I run away
when you need me the most ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

♪ When I tell you
I don't love you anymore ♪

♪ Those are words I've never felt
and now turn against me ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

I love you.

That's not going to change.

♪ Forgive me ♪


♪ Forgive me ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

How are you?

♪ If there's anything I want, it's you ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

No, Tito, please.

♪ If I ever spent a night away from you ♪

♪ In other arms,
another body and another skin ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

♪ If I'm not who you deserve ♪

♪ If I'm not worth the pain
that you paid for me ♪

♪ Sometimes ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

Look, look!

♪ Forgive me ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

♪ If there's anything I want, it's you ♪

♪ Forgive me ♪

Here's my favorite architect!

Hello, my friend.

Congratulations, it's beautiful.

It's lucky you came! This is yours too.

I wasn't gonna miss it.

- Hey! Barbie!
- Barbie!

- Excuse me.
- Go.


- Hi!
- It's amazing!

Did you see how cute it is?
It's spectacular.

Can I have a drink?

Thank you.

Hello, good evening.

It took a long time to get here,
but I made it.

Actually, I shouldn't say "I made it."
I should say "we made it."

First of all, I want to thank you
to my friend and architect, Eva,

who took over this project
and believed in me

when I didn't even believe in myself.

So, thank you, friend.

Give it up for Eva!

And I want to thank to my friend Matias...

who never did anything for this project

and he was the first to tell me that he
wasn't even going to taste this food,

but I have you to thank you
and my friend Eva,

because thanks to you I knew

my live-in partner
and associate... Julian.

- Come on, come here!
- No, no...

Come on.


I love you.

Well... uh... I don't know if this project
is going to be a success or a failure,

but as my soul friend Eva says,

we all do stupid things,
but with good intentions.

So here's to all

stupid things flourishing
but with very good intentions.

That's it! Cheers!

Let's dance!

♪ This dumb girl ♪

♪ Got tired of your lies ♪

♪ Of being a toy of your life ♪

Can I drink a little?


♪ What are you sending me flowers for? ♪

♪ You want me to forgive you? ♪

Come on, go.

♪ It's over
Your lie is over ♪



♪ And I tell you
it's enough, enough... ♪


♪ You've a lying ♪


Thank you. You too!

Why? I didn't do anything.

Yeah, you introduced Barbie her boyfriend.

Oh, well, it was all because of you.

How are you?


I'm getting to work early
for the first time in my life.

And you?

Fine, too.

What about Vito?

I miss him.

He misses you, too.

Yesterday, I watched the Australian Open.

Awake at 4:00?

It's the habit.

I need a drink, a wine, something.

A Viognier?

I don't think Barbara has a Viognier,

but maybe Julian has a "Marx on Engels."

- "Haha."
- Did I use them well?

Come on.

I liked this
of being a detective, huh?

But we screwed it up.

No, they ended up together.

Oh, it was a stupid thing.

But with very good intentions.

♪ Suddenly, I'm singing ♪

♪ Is it because I love you? ♪

♪ And I feel the wind
that passes through your hands ♪

♪ Everything is different
when I'm looking at you ♪

♪ I don't understand
Is it because I love you? ♪

♪ I sing at your own pace ♪

♪ And in the middle of January ♪

♪ It's spring ♪


♪ When we are together ♪

♪ I don't even know where we are ♪

♪ Who cares? ♪

♪ Is it because I love you? ♪


♪ That it is not difficult to fly ♪

♪ I fly, keep flying and I'll see ♪

♪ The crazy world over there ♪

♪ If I sing, I do it for you ♪

♪ For a love that appears
That it is born and that it grows ♪

♪ Inside and outside of me ♪

♪ Fly, keep flying and you'll see ♪

How are you?

♪ I fly, keep flying and I'll see ♪

♪ If I sing, I do it for you ♪

♪ For a love that appears
That it is born and that it grows ♪

♪ Inside and outside of me ♪

♪ I'm sleeping and I'm not sleeping ♪

♪ I'm thinking and I'm not thinking ♪

♪ I'm just singing ♪

♪ Is it because I love you? ♪

♪ If the world bursts ♪

♪ We'll move on ♪

♪ If the world bursts ♪

♪ Is it because I love you? ♪

♪ If I'm with you ♪

♪ Is it because I love you? ♪

♪ If I'm afraid ♪

♪ Is it because I love you? ♪

♪ If I'm your friend ♪

♪ Is it because I love you? ♪

♪ Because I love you ♪

♪ Is it because I love you? ♪

♪ Fly, keep flying and you'll see ♪

♪ That it is not difficult to fly ♪

♪ I fly, keep flying and I'll see ♪

♪ If I sing, I do it for you ♪

♪ For a love that appears ♪

♪ Fly, keep flying and you'll see ♪

♪ That it is not difficult to fly ♪

♪ I fly, keep flying and I'll see ♪

♪ The crazy world over there ♪

♪ If I sing, I do it for you ♪

♪ For a love that appears ♪

♪ That it is born and that it grows ♪

♪ Inside and outside of me ♪