Mindfulness and Murder (2011) - full transcript

When a homeless youth is murdered in the grounds of a Buddhist monastery in Bangkok, the Police do little to investigate, leaving Father Ananda - a former homicide detective - to try and solve the crime. With the help of an orphaned boy named Jak, Ananda travels the canals of the city to unravel the clues and catch the killer.

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Father Ananda.

Come with me quickly.

What is it, Father Abbot?

Just follow me.

There it is.

It's a dead body.

Just as I thought.

What do you want me to do?

You used to be a police detective.

Go take a look before anyone else sees.

Well, what do you think?

I think we should call the police.

Good morning, Reverend Father.

Good morning, Inspector.

Where's the body?

Over by the bathrooms.

This is Father Ananda.

He used to be a police detective.
He will show you the way.


You found the body like this, Father?

No, actually.

I found the body in the
water jar over there.

I pulled it out myself.

Who do you think it is?

Probably one of our temple boys.

They come from a homeless youth program.

But I don't remember his name.

What are you waiting for?

Take some pictures!

Yes boss.

The killer stuffed a candle in the
victim's mouth and suffocated him.

What a vicious thing to do.

From the state of the body,

the victim has been
dead for 24 to 30 hours.

That's enough pictures.

Please arrange a cremation
for the body, Father.

You mean you're not going to
investigate this, Inspector?

It's not like I don't feel sorry
for the victim, Father.

But I have lots of
murder cases stacked up.

Every one is important.

He's just a homeless kid who got killed.

No one really cares.

But you can't just do nothing.

Then you'd better investigate it, Father.

But I'm a monk!

All done, boss.

In that case, let's go.

But this is a murder case, Inspector!

Sorry, but I can't do any more to help.
Good day Father.

The kid isn't important enough, right?

Well then?

What did the Police say?


They're not going to do anything about it.

He was just a homeless kid.

He means nothing to them.

So it really is one of
our temple boys then?


It was his burden of karma.

Looks like we need your help.

Please look into this matter for me.

I would like the file
on the boy named Noi.

I've already prepared it for you.

The boy came from Ubon.

There are no parents' names listed.

The Abbot doesn't insist
on seeing parents' names.

He just wants to give them
a roof over their heads.

But we still need to
inform his next of kin.

Yes, Father.

From the looks of his profile,
he was a troubled kid.

He was most like a drug addict too.

It's nothing new, Father.

I'd like the files of all
the boys in the program.

Sure, Father.

Are you sure this is the body of Noi?

Yes, Father.

People around here knew this kid well.

The kids in the program
might know him well.

But some of us never knew him.

Who would want to murder a kid like this?

If you don't know, Father,
we certainly don't.

You're the one who used to be a police
detective, didn't you?

Pass me that broom over there.

It's an amulet.

Why does it look so new?

Why indeed?

It may have belonged to the victim.

What are we looking for, Father?

I can't tell you for sure.

Maybe we can find something
connected to the crime.

The murderer might have
left some evidence.

Okay Brothers, see what you can find.

Look carefully.

Stop complaining. Keep looking!

Father, I understand that you
worked in homicide before.

Why did you quit?

The eyes have been gouged out.

Some gangs do this to their victims.

As an ex-detective, what
are your thoughts on this?


We've found something.

He's not likely to find it.

I'll call you back later.

I need to find a safe place
to keep these clothes.

Are they evidence?

They belonged to Noi who was murdered.

Sure, Father.
I will lock them up in the drawer.

Was the boy really murdered, Father?

Yes. It seems that way.

Who do you think did it, Father?

It might even be a monk.

A monk?

You heard me.

Nobody cares about a
murdered, homeless youth!

So it really is one of
our temple boys then?

Please look into the matter for me.

A monk?

Do you realize what you're suggesting?

Kick it over there!

Father Ananda. What can I do for you?

I've come for Noi's personal belongings.

The Abbot said you'd be coming for them.

I've collected his thing.

They're in my room.

You left the goal open!

Please follow me, Father.

I'll be back in a moment.

Don't lose the ball.

What are you kids doing in here?

Look at this mess.

Here you are.

What can you tell me about Noi?

Noi was a kid with problems.

I think he was taking drugs too.

That explains why there were needle
marks all over his arms.

This cell phone is the latest model.

I don't know how he could afford that.

Do you know who might
have wanted to kill him?

I can't think of anyone.

No one dared to mess with him.

Think carefully.

I really can't think of anyone.

Thank you, Brother.

What's this, Father?

Noi's personal belongings.

I just got them from Brother Khantiphalo.

Look at this.

"Stop bothering me, or else..."

Signed by "C".

Who would use the initial "C"?


it could be one of the kids' initials.

Or maybe...

it could be a monk, just like you said.

Excuse me.

Are you Joom?

That's me.

What is it, Father? I'm kind of busy.

It's about Noi.

I'm not bailing him out again!

I'm fed up with him.

He won't need to be bailed out.

Noi is dead.

How did he die?

I'm trying to find that out myself.

When did you last see him?

Two or three months ago.

He came for a meal and left.

How are you related to him?

His mother was my half-sister.

But she went and hanged herself last year.

Noi had a tough life.

Then he got into drugs.

He started stealing.

I didn't know how to help him, Father.

Father, can you help
with the lottery numbers?

My sister's numbers came up,
but not mine.


- You bought just this one ticket? - Yes

Let me see.

Well, a win is a win.
You only need one ticket to win.

How much savings do you have in the bank?


Really? Well, that's going to change!

You didn't win because...

something was standing
in the way of your good fortune.

As soon as you leave, I want you
to change your hairstyle...

from short hair to long hair.

Right now people can't tell
if you're a man or a woman.

Both from the front and back.

Grow your hair long.

Even better,

maybe you could dye it
in the colours of the rainbow.

That would scare away the evil spirits.

What day were you born on?


Sunday - that gives you the number 'one'.

You need two more numbers for the lottery.

The number nine and...

Nine and three.

One of these will come up
after the number one.

...after the number one.

Don't forget to make a donation
to the monks before buying a ticket.

Place a bunch of bananas and
some rice in their alms bowls.

The monks pass by
your house every morning.

- Okay.
- And don't forget about your hair!

I didn't win last time.

This time, I'd better
make a donation first.

If I win the lottery, then
I'll donate more.

You really don't have to.

But it's good of you
to support the temple.

You have made good merit today.

When you get home, don't
forget what I have told you.


Be blessed.

Please sit down, Father.

Are you making any progress, Father?

Yes. I am.


There's a monk gone missing.

Brother Banditto.

No one has seen him all day.

Maybe he ran away.

It's possible.

Maybe it was him who killed the boy,
then he panicked,

So he ran away.

But we can't assume anything
yet, Father Abbot.

The murderer may still be at large.

In that case you need to be
thorough in your investigation.

...and watch out for yourself.

Oh, I nearly forgot.

I've got this one young temple boy.

I'd like for you to take him
under your wing.

His name is Jak.

He was crippled by polio,
but he's a clever kid.

I think you'll find
he can be useful to you.

But I really don't need anyone
getting in my way, Father Abbot.

You are a monk of this temple.

I am your Abbot.

And the monks must follow
the decisions of the Abbot.

There's one person I don't trust at all.

I suspect it was Brother Banditto.

He behaves quite suspiciously.

He's got tattoos all over his body.

I wouldn't be surprised
if he was the murderer.

Because, last night...

Noi, the boy who died, came into my dream.

He told me that Brother Banditto
stuffed him into the water jar.

Here we are.

What is it, Father?


It looks like it.

But why didn't he take it with him?

Maybe he was in too much of a hurry.

But someone who's on drugs like this...

is unlikely to leave it behind.

Just like people who smoke.

The one thing they never
leave behind is cigarettes.

So what does it all mean, Father?

Right now,
Brother Banditto is our main suspect.


Tattoos all over his body.

...one person I don't trust at all.

One of our monks has gone missing.

Brother Banditto.

Maybe he ran away.


the killer is a monk, just like you said.


Don't call me Dad.

I don't have any children.

Just call me Father.

I know, but I'd rather call you Dad.

Brother Kittasaro is calling you.

You have a phone call.


I am the sponsor of the
homeless youth program.

May I ask who I'm speaking to?

I am Police Major General Chao.

I didn't donate to the program
only for the boys to end up murdered!

Of course not.

But right now I don't
have much information.

I only know that the
victim's name was Noi.

He was killed on Monday.

Then one of our monks
disappeared yesterday.

Can you give me the name
of the missing monk?

Brother Banditto.


That's right.

Well, thank you very much, Father.


Yes, that's no problem.

Of course.

I'll take care of it.

Where are we going, Dad?

So many questions!

I need to visit someone.

What's wrong?

It's the other boys at the temple...

What about them?

They call me one-legged Jak.

So I got upset.

Don't listen to them.

Come on.

Here's the bus.

I'll call you back.

I'm here to see a reporter named Jenjira.

One moment please.

Hello, Jen.

There's a monk here to see you.

Yes. Yes of course.


What can I do for you, Father?

I am Father Ananda.

I have some things to ask you.

Do you have time?

Just a minute.


I'm nearly finished with it.

Okay, bye.

I don't seem to have any time.

I only have deadlines.

So how can I help you, Father?

The thing is...

I found this card in the
pocket of a boy named Noi.

He's the boy who was
murdered in our monastery.


Then you must be from Wat Manahat, right?

That's right.

I'm wondering why Noi
had your business card.

Did you know him?

Yes. I met this kid.

He came to see me here about
two or three weeks ago.

He had information about drug
dealing in the monastery.

Selling drugs in the monastery?

No need to be shocked, Father.

All kinds of people enter the monastery.

There are both good and bad people.

And there are people who take
advantage of being in the monastery.

If there really is drug
dealing in the monastery,

you'll write a story
and make us look terrible.

How about this, Father...

I'll tell you everything I know.

In return, I'm the first person you tell

if you discover anything newsworthy.

Can I have your direct number?


What can I do for you today, Father?

I found this amulet.

It had fallen in the water jar where
we found Noi's body.

Father, take a look and see if this
might help your investigation.

Probably the footprints of the murderer.

One-legged Jak shoots the ball!

Everyone is saying
Brother Banditto did it.

We've got no proof.

Don't go shooting your mouth off!

I think he killed Noi
and ran away for sure.

Don't speak about a monk
like that. It's bad karma.

Sit and wait here.

Tonight at 6pm and 7,30pm.


Father, you forgot these files.

It's the info about those boys you wanted.

Sorry I've been busy.

You should just make a
computer database of them.

Just create a table and
input the parameters,

specify the indexes,

and create a password.

What language are you speaking?

Good afternoon.

Father Abbot is out at a ceremony.

He's blessing a new convenience store.

Be blessed.

Have we notified Brother Banditto's
family about his disapearance yet?

His file seems to have disappeared.


That's convenient!

Does this computer of yours have a list
of all the monks in the monastery?

Yes, of course.

I'd like you to print out a
list of every name.

Then we can see which names
have files missing.

Yes Father.

And one more thing I'd like you to check.

I'd like you to check
the records of all the monks...

to see whose hand-writing matches this.

Of course, Father.


We have work to do.

What kind of work,Dad?

I told you.

Stop calling me Dad.

Can't help it. You're my Dad now.

We have to check all the
sandals in this monastery...

and see which sandals
match these footprints.

But the temple is full of sandals!

Get started.

This instant.

Over there first.

Well then.

Any news?

Father, look at this.

What is it?

Whose name is signed at the bottom?

You see the first letter of their name?

It belongs to Brother Chitakhutto.

Please call Brother Chitakhutto
over the tannoy.

Right away.

Brother Chitakhutto to the office please.

Please sit.

I would like to ask...

was it you who wrote this note?

And what did you mean by it?


Noi came to my room.

The first time was at night.

He barged in.

At first he told me that he just
wanted someone to talk to

From the state that he was in...

I decided to let him stay for a while.

But then he took off his
clothes and lay on the bed.

So I asked him what exactly he wanted?

He said nothing except...

that he didn't want to be alone.

I didn't know what to do.

What happened after that?

After that he started saying
that he wanted to kill himself...

that he had a life of suffering.

that since he was born no one loved him.

As a child he felt unwanted.

But after a while, he fell asleep.

I fell asleep too.

When I woke up in the morning,
he was gone.

Is that all?

He tried to come back.

So I told the Abbot.

I wrote this message for him,

and stuck it on my door
so that he would read it.

And he did.

Do you know who might
have wanted to kill him?

I have no idea.

Have you seen him with anyone else?

I once saw him with Brother Satchapalo.

Brother Satchapalo.

Can I ask you a few questions?

Sure, Father.

Have you ever had any contact with Noi...

the boy who was killed?

Yeah I knew him.

Can you tell me about him?

I just saw him around the temple.

Did he ever visit you in your room?

Yes, he did.

What did he want?

That crazy kid...

he tried to get intimate with me.

He was drunk and crying...

so I told him to get lost.

I told him not to bother me anymore.

Did he ever come back?

No, just that one time.

Why? Do you think I killed him?

I had no reason to kill him.

No way.

That wasn't what I meant.

So then...

do you know who might
have wanted to kill him?

He was a drug addict.

He brought it upon himself.

- Brother. - Yes

- May I ask you something?
- What is it, Father?

Do you know about your kids dealing drugs?


Do you know what you're saying?

I'm just telling you
what folks are saying.

So you believe all the local gossip?

There are twenty or thirty kids.
I can't keep my eyes on them all the time.

Then it is possible they
could be selling drugs.

Father, if you go around saying things
like that, it'll affect our funding!

I found out something for you, Father.

What is it, Brother?

In total, four files have gone missing.

There's Brother Banditto...

Brother Panyatharo...

Brother Chutintharo...

and Brother Satchapalo.

That's interesting.

I noticed these four monks
hanging out together.

Yes, so have I.

Brother Satchapalo is
also one of my suspects.

Thank you, Brother Kittisaro.

Noi's life was a struggle...

then he started taking drugs.

He wanted to expose drug
dealing in the monastery.

He said they'd tortured him...

You know, Noi was a difficult kid.

He was also undisciplined.

I had no reason to kill him.

He was a drug addict.

He brought it upon himself.

They went into that building.

Let's go.

You work Saturdays too?

Good day Father.

Just keeping ourselves busy, Father.

It's good that you dropped by...

I have some details
on the amulet you found.

This amulet here...

was made by a famous monk in Chiang Rai.

It became rare after he passed away.

It's very valuable, Father.

That's strange.

How did Noi have such a precious thing?

From Chiang Rai province you say.

It sounds familiar, Inspector.

Do you know anyone from the north?

Not that I can recall.

Maybe its where the boy came from.

I don't think so.

The kid came from Ubon.

Then it's possible that...

someone gave it to him, or maybe
it belonged to the murderer.

I'll call you back.

What are you doing here?

Just chilling out, Father.

Why don't you go "chill" somewhere else?

How about the rest of you?

What are you up to?

We're just playing football here.

I want you to return
to your dormitories...

and wait for me there.

Off you go!

Who do you think you are?

Why are you bossing me around?

You can go now!

Why is he snooping around?

It's because of that blond-haired kid.

Here he comes!

Do you know that blond-haired kid?

His name is Noom.

What are you lot doing around him?

He comes to hang out sometimes.

- Is this your dorm? - Yes.

Then wait for me here.

What are you doing?

Give it to me.

I said give that to me!

I know about the drug dealing.

But I don't want the whole world to know.

Can you keep this to yourself?

It's true there are
drugs in our monastery.

Undercover cops have disguised
themselves as monks.

There are four of them.

They are investigating.




and Banditto who went missing, right?

How do you know?

All of their files were missing.

Disguising yourself as a monk
is illegal, you know.

But they've been granted
special permission...

from Police Major General Chao.

He donates to the monastery too.

Then it's clear that some of our monks...

are involved in this drug dealing.

I'm just worried about
our kids being involved.

Everyone is concerned for their welfare.

But we have to be careful...

or we'll spook the drugs ring.

This is a serious matter, Father Abbot.

Our kids may be involved in drug abuse.

I almost didn't recognize you.

It's been a long time.

My father is inside the house.

This way please.


I was wondering who it was!

Good afternoon, Father.

Hope you've been well, Superintendent.

- Say hello, Jak.
- Hello


Seeing you as a monk, I understand
why I haven't seen you for so long.

What wind blows you in
your old boss' direction?

I'm doing a little investigating.

The Police haven't helped much.

I was wondering if you
can help me a little.

It's difficult to escape your past career.

Tell me where you are with the case.

One of our temple boys was
murdered in the monastery.

The Abbot discovered the
body outside the bathrooms.

He asked me to have a look.

The body was stuffed in a water jar.

I pulled the body out.

Then I saw that...

Both eyes had been gouged out.

A candle was jammed into the throat...

and there were cigarette
burn marks on his body.

Then on Tuesday, one of
our monks went missing.

From the evidence I had gathered...

that monk aws clearly the main suspect.

But it turns out...

that he's actually an
undercover Policeman...

disguised as a monk to infiltrate
a drugs ring in the monastery.

So we have a murdered temple boy,

and a fake monk who has disappeared.

I think the gouged out
eyes and the candle...

are there just to mislead you.

What is interesting is
the cigarette burns...

that indicate he was tortured.

That's something to concentrate on.

Was he a good looking kid?

I guess you could say so.

Is the Abbot hiding something from you?

What about the motive?

We have to think of a
motive for the killer.

All I know is that he was apparently
harassing some of the monks...

always trying to get into their rooms,

saying that he needed someone to talk to.

He didn't seem to respect
certain boundaries.

It could just be that this
was a crime of passion.

Don't dismiss that possibility just yet.

Could all the monks please come up...

and Noi's friends as well.


Father, that's not Noi!

Take this boy away.

He's speaking nonsense.

The boy's right.

This is not Noi's body.

This is Brother Banditto -
the monk who went missing.

We have to halt this
cremation immediately.

But then...

who knows were Noi's body is?

Anyone? Any of you know where it is?

In which case you better find out...

what has happened to Noi's body,
and quickly!


Do you smell something wrong here?

Crematoriums usually
smell like this Father.

It's not that.

Something is not right.

What do you mean Father?

How very clever.

This is where Noi
was about to be cremated.

Police Major Gen. Chao and
his men are on his way.


what I don't understand is...

why switch the bodies?

It's pretty clear to me.

Kill two birds with one stone.

Incinerate both bodies at the same time.

Father Ananda.

How did you end up with two dead bodies?

Why are you asking a monk like me?

You're the Police.

Isn't he one of yours anyway?

Lieutenant Ayut.

- Go and inspect the body. - Yes, sir.

Sir, you'd better take a look at this.

Looks like a needle mark.

I concur with that, Father.

So who prepared Noi's body for cremation?

That would be me and two
or three other monks.

So anyone could have come in after that.

What about the switching of the bodies?

I suspect there was a body in here...

before we brought Noi in.

The killer probably switched the bodies,
and hid Noi's corpse in the other slot.

The body was wrapped in cloth.

No one would have noticed the difference.

Look at the size of Banditto's body.

Looks too heavy for the killer to
lift up by himself.

Is this your room?

That's correct.

But that isn't mine.

Sir, we found a syringe
outside this monk's room.

I don't know where it came from.

But this is your room, isn't it?

Brother Banditto came into my dreams...

and told me that Brother
Satchapalo killed Noi.

I don't trust Brother Satchapalo either.

He's got tattoos all over his body.

I don't trust him at all.

Fellow brethren.

Right now. our monastery is in trouble.

Two dead bodies have
shown up in our grounds.

Right now, Father Ananda is
investigating the matter.

If any of you know or saw
anything that might help,

please let Father Ananda know now.

Thank you all.

I once saw Noi crying outside
the rooms late at night...

I saw Noi on the back of a motorbike
with that blond-haired kid.

I saw Noi hanging around the rooms
of the younger monks.

I wondered what he was up to.

I notice the temple boys
always have new cell phones.

I wonder where they get the money from?

I once saw Brother Banditto
arguing with Brother Satchapalo.

Also someone found a syringe
outside Brother Satchapalo's room.

I saw that gang of kids
around Satchapalo's room.

I once saw Noi in Brother Banditto's room.

I'm not sure what they were doing.

I saw that blond-haired kid

talking to Brother Banditto
in the temple courtyard.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation.


Wait for me here.

If something's not right,
or if I don't come out,

go tell the Abbot immediately.

Yes Dad.

I don't believe they are
undercover policemen.

I would like to see their files.

I know you have them.

Calm down Father.

Major Gen. Chao asked me
to keep it confidential.

Since when do you take orders from him?

I'll tell you what...

Why don't you have a look at this.

Don't let things get worse
than they already are.

I'm sure you'll do the right thing.

These are details about
the undercover cops...

who claim to be investigating
drug dealing in the monastery.

I believe they may not be real Policemen.

Cops disguised as monks. Father?

Looks that way.

That's illegal, you know.

I know.

Let me check the names
for you then, Father.

I want to tell you who I really am.

So who are you then?

None of them are Policemen.

The names are made up.

What do you mean?

These names don't exist in the register.

The information you gave me is all fake.


Major Gen. Chao and the Abbot
are waiting to see you.

You have no right to
interfere with my work.

You even followed my people.

And today you went to our safe house!

Calm down.

I don't know what you are referring to.

You watch it!

Don't interfere with me.

It's no business for a monk.

And what about the fake Policemen?

- What do you say about that? - Ananda!

What's going on here, Father Abbot?

I already investigated your people.

No details on the Police register,

nothing in the National Database.

How could they have identities

when they are working undercover.

Not as clever as I thought!

So you invented fake identities?

Listen to me Father Abbot,
you will have to make a decision.

Either discipline this monk, or
I will take my donations elsewhere.

Threatening the Abbot?

How cowardly of you.

Are you going to shoot a monk?

Father Abbot.

No more donations.

Not a penny.

That's it!

- You haven't yet explained
the four fake cops. - Stop this!

You don't know who you're dealing with.

You have no idea at all!

Father, I've found out
more on the eye-gouging.

There's a mafia gang in Chiang Rai

that gouges out the eyes of its victims.

These cases usually involve drugs.

Just in Chiang Rai?

Yes, from what I've found.

I haven't found any other murder cases
that involved eye-gouging.

Noi's eyes were gouged out.

Does that mean there's a gang
selling drugs in the monastery?


Go and get help quickly!

I think its too much of a coincidence

that there was a cobra in your room.

It was probably Chao and his lot.

I haven't seen him

since the argument in the Abbot's office.

I was just trying to piece
together the clues.

Father, you should rest.

I see why the boy was killed.

I'm beginning to understand.

He tried
to leave the drugs gang.

So he had to be killed.

But killing Banditto and
switching the bodies...

It doesn't make sense.

What you need now is sleep.

Get some rest, Father.


go wash, then come and
watch over Father Ananda.

If that's all, I'll leave you now.

Thank you Brother.

This time the boss asked me to
sort you out once and for all.

Nothing personal, Father.

But you keep sticking your nose
in his business.


Daddy! Daddy!

I'll deal with you later.




Don't try to speak yet.

We've been really worried about you.

Satchapalo has disappeared.

I believe he was the murderer.

As for Chao, he's the head
of a gang from the north.

Where is Jak?

He's in intensive care.

He has a serious head injury.

Now he's in a coma.

No you can't, Father.

Don't try to get up.

Wait here and get some rest.



I'll call you back in a bit.
I'm really busy right now.

Okay bye.

Sounds like your deadlines again.

Something like that, Father.

Are you sure you want
to talk about it now?

I'm going to tell you everything I know.

Then you can write your story.


But I need you to write about
the boy who saved my life.

He's going to die

unless we can find
money for the operation.

Got it, Father.

But it has to be front page.

No problem, Father.

Good afternoon.

You must be Father Ananda.

I'm Natalie.

I just wanted you to know that I read
about that boy in the newspaper.

I wanna pay for the operation
and all the expenses.

Thank you very much.

Who is that foreigner?

She's a former Miss Universe.

Most importantly...

Jak will get his operation after all.

How can I be so stupid?

What do you mean, Father?

Jak's in safe hands for the moment.

Let's go.

We must hurry.

Around 6am tomorrow.

Please prepare for nine monks.

Be blessed.

Father Abbot doesn't want
you on the case anymore.

He wants you to rest.

Of course I will rest.

But I need details about
monks from Chiang Rai.

Remember the amulet I found?

It comes from Chiang Rai.

And where is Noi's file?

In the Abbot's room.
I'll fetch it for you.


What is it?

It's your file, Father.

"Policeman's family brutally murdered."

What happened to your wife and kids?

That was nearly ten years ago.


I know who our murderer is.

Call Inspector Somchai.

Ask him to bring his men.

Now have one of the Brothers
ring the emergency bell.

Have all the monks
assemble at the main sala.

Then after ten minutes,

tell everyone it was a false alarm.

Just wait here.

Found the evidence we
are looking for, Father?


Did you bring the syringe?

I'm going to wait in Brother
Chitakhutto's room.

You wait in there.

I need a witness.

Grab that stick

in case you need to use it.

Is the boy good looking?

I would say so.

It could just be a crime of passion.

Did you write this note?

- What do you have to say about it?
- Then Noi took off his clothes.

You used this, didn't you?

How did you know

that a syringe filled with just air

stabbed to the chest could kill someone.

Father Ananda.

Everyone knows that
Satchapalo was the killer.

You asked Noi to meet you, then
stuffed a candle down his throat.

He came to my room on his own.

And then what?

I told you already, Father.

I asked him to put on
his clothes, and then...

I want the truth.

When I woke up

I realized he was doing something to me.

I tried to make him stop, but he wouldn't.

That wasn't the only time.

It wasn't my fault!

It's a serious sin.

He harrassed me!

So you had to kill him?

I don't have to tell you anything!

I have all the evidence already.

Your footprints at the
scene of the crime.

It was your amulet that
fell in the water jar...

You left the temple, the day I
was checking all the sandals

because you were afraid I would find out.

I want to know why you did what you did.

- It's only fair to Noi.
- He wouldn't stop.

- What should I have done?
- What about Banditto?

Banditto was always giving me a
hard time, and making fun of me.

He said I had an affair
with a two bit whore.

He also blackmailed me.

He said he'd tell everyone
if I didn't bring him money.

It was Banditto's idea to
gouge out Noi's eyes

and stuff him in the water jar!

You killed Banditto,

dragged his body to the death room,

swapped his body with Noi.

and put Noi's body into
the crematorium slot.

You thought you fooled everyone!

You're just jealous

because I've been nominated
for a commendation.

Don't you know how hard I've
worked to get to this point?

And you think I'm just going
to let you take it all away?


You just made a full confession.

The Police are already on their way.

You are no longer fit to
wear the robes of a monk.

Father Ananda.

You're on the front page again.

"Drug operation busted
hiding behind saffron robes."

Dad, is that you?

Is there anything to eat around here?