Minari (2020) - full transcript

A Korean family moves to Arkansas to start a farm in the 1980s.

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David, look!

Look at that.



- Wheels?
- They are wheels.

It's like a big car.



Is that a house?

I don't see any houses.

- Over there.
- Yeah.


Garden is small.


Garden of Eden is big.

Like this.

You OK?

Is the heart murmur getting louder?

Keep backing her
up, slow, slow now.


Alright, listen up, everyone.

Now, this here, is Mr Jacob

and Mrs Monica Yi.

Mr Yi is an expert chicken sexer

has worked in California
and Seattle, so, uh...

let's give him a big Arkansas welcome.


OK, here we put the
males in the blue bin

and the females in the white bin.

OK. Go work.



you read the E volume
and I'll read the C volume.

Mom, what can I do?

It's good.

Let's give them Mountain dew.

No, I need water. OK?


Write it big.


Oh, no.

My favourite.

My favourite.

Just set it down anywhere.

Is it down?
- Yeah.

I'm thinking about water.

I'm thinking about
water, let stick do the rest.

I find it every time.

So it's

two fifty

for one good clean water well

and three hundred for two.

Three hundred?

I tell you what then,

fella before you thought
he could save money too

you know what happened to him, huh?

No, we don't need.

Let's go back.


We use our minds.

Where will the water go?

High place or low place?

Low place.





- Why?
- Cause trees like water.


For the house, we have
to pay for water... huh.


Now, you're a common sense man Mr Yi.

Taking lands folks
too scared to buy.

- I admire a thinking man.
- Thank you.

Now, I’m-ma tell you,
farmer these days, you

gotta go big or go home,
that's just outta here.

It's good time for it.

Reagan's out to make sure
that the farmers are happy.

And I'll be right here to help you.

Thank you very much.

You brought your helper.

Would you like a sucker?

They are not bad.

You would like a blue one.

- What do you say?
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

If there's is some wrong, you can call
the owner, I'm just the one hauling it.

Hey there. My name's Paul.

Say hello.


- Two thousand.
- Thank you.

You know Mr Yi,

if you want,

I drive these things all
day, I'm driving in my sleep.

I'm a good worker.

Thank you, but...

these are Korean vegetables,

Korean fruits.


I wanna show you something.


you better take a look at this.

Look at this.

This is old money,

This is Korean war money.
- Yes sir.

I was there, it was a hard time.

I'm sure you know.

You wanna take it?

David, what do you say?

You know, it's funny,
the minute I saw you...

I knew we're gonna be friends.

Can I pray?


Thank you.

Thank you God.

Thank you for the Yi Family.

Thank you for this divine appointment.




Big things.

You got big things
for this family.



Of course.



David, come.

Thank you grand ma.


You might wanna check by
doing something out here.



You know what exorcism is?


You know,

what happened out here

that's no good.

Something like that

not good.


Out in the name of Jesus!


Out in the name of Jesus!



Now things,

things will grow.

How come you put
them so close to the other,

you don't want to put them
so close to the other like that.

You gotta put them like
further apart, like that.


- Is that right?
- Yeah this is right.

Otherwise, these are not gonna grow...
tinier than lettuces

They won't grow like, grow up.

No, it's here to here.

Shoot man...

We're growing in the Arkansas way.

You know?

You'll be happy.

I'm telling you.

You'll be happy.

I don't want...

No, no, no. Get that away from
me in the name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, get
that away, choo, choo, choo.

You're crazy man, you... crazy.

- Just don't pass those cigarettes to me...
- OK, let's do it, OK.

Come on. Let's get this soil wet.

You ready? Yeah.

Wow. OK.

That's free water.

Stop David.

Go back.


Go back to your room, stop!
- David. David.

Go to your room, David. Come.

There is a Korea smell.
- You've never even been to Korea.

- Grandma smells like Korea.
- David...

I want some.

No, this is mine.

Yours is right there.

You know, she can't even read.

She isn't like a real grandma.

You like grandma?

Thank you.


I'm going down.


David. Come up here now.

I'm telling mom.

Good boy.

Good boy.

Only for kids.

Do you want to try?



Is this a dream?
Is this a dream?


Penis broken.

Penis broken.

It's not called the penis,
it's called the ding-dong.



What a wonderful day to
be in the house of the Lord.

If you're here with
us for the first time,

please stand.

Now, don't be
ashamed, y'all stand up.

What a beautiful family.

Glad you're are here.

Yeah, you be...

be seated, thank you.

- Oh, hi.
- Hi, I'm Monica.

How long you've been in town?

- Uh, I'm..
- Where you've been hiding?

I'm sorry. My English
is not so good.

No, it's OK. We'll
teach you English.

You're just too cute.

Thank you!

- OK, thank you.
- Okay.

So cute!


Can you stop me if I say
something in you language?


Chinga Chinga Chong,
chuma, chuma choo.

Why is your face so flat?

It isn't.

My name is John.

What's yours?


Nice to meet your David.

Hey, David!

Lobomo, komo, romo?



That means "Aunt" in Korea.

That is so neat.

But I don't like Grandma.


Why can't you?


Broken ding-dong.
Ding-dong broken.


What are you doing?

It's uh...

It's Sunday.

It's my church.

OK, do you need a ride?

No I gotta finish this.

I'll see you in Monday.

See you Paul.

Pretty boy, pretty boy.

- Pretty...
- I'm not pretty, I'm good looking.

Is this a dream?
Is this a dream?

Ah! Good boy, good boy, good boy.

Good boy, good boy.

Good boy.


- Paul.
- Yeah.

Why is this so dry?

Yeah, it's dry.

Is that dry over there?

Yeah, it's pretty much dry all.

This one too, there is no water.

Bone dry.

We better check that well.

If it's water to your well

you won't get much further.

You know, if you want you can

look at this, you can try with these
guys, you ever see one these guys?

Right there, right there.

We need to find water somewhere.

If that soil ain't wet, we're
gonna loose the crop.

Mr Jacob Yi,

there are some good
stuff out here Mr Jacob Yi.

Oh, so beautiful.

It's so beautiful Mr Jacob Yi.

I think we better send it to Dallas.

- Paul.
- Yeah?

Good job.

- Very good job.
- Oh yeah.

Good job.

Good job.

OK. That's... that's enough.


- Come on.
- What?

Take it back.

- What for?
- Put it back.

What happened?

Take it back? Alright.

Where are they
getting their produce at?


They just changed it
like that, aren't they?

You know,

we still got some time Jacob with

you know, we find some place else.

Just, it ain't rotting on the van.

Korean people, big
city, you never trust them.

We'll forget... just forget about Dallas,

we'll forget about Dallas, we
just go Oklahoma City, Memphis.

We've got...

I'm still paying for water.

Well, take it there.

It's OK. It's gonna be alright.

I've to go to work, OK?

I've to go to work.

It's gonna be alright.



David, go change, it's time to go.

- Where?
- Church picnic.

This just gets better and better.

Strong, strong boy.

Strong boy.

♪ Wonderful, wonderful, Minari. ♪

♪ Wonderful, wonderful, Minari. ♪

I wanna come too.

Oh my God, oh my God.

♪ Wonderful, ♪

♪ wonderful ♪

♪ Minari. ♪

♪ Wonderful, ♪

♪ wonderful ♪

♪ Minari. ♪

♪ Minari. ♪


Why is she like that?

We'll call mom from
church, get dressed.

When Jesus comes again,

what a glorious day that's gonna be.

But what are you
gonna say, when he asks

I'm going to go call mom, OK?
- OK.

Why is Rick from work,

Su from the bank?

Why is Earl from the
grocery store, not with us?

Why didn't you preach the good news
of the salvation to those precious people?


When will they come home?

I don't know.

There is that cross guy.

You think he saw?

I heard he got dirt pores
and he shits in a bucket.

He got no water where he leaves.

How's grandma?

Mom said we can stay with friends.


Mom's friend keeps this here.

They don't mind.

Wanna try some?

Does it hurt?

Put it like this.

Only hurts if you eat it.

Don't eat it, stupid.

I'm a cow boy!

You won't get points that way.

Junk card

You'll get more money.

- This one?
- Yeah.

This is a great game.


Alright boys, breakfast.

There you go, come
here Brook, give me a hug.

Come on over here, come here.

Get over here.

You sleep good?

That's your buddy huh?

Hey, it's good to meet you.

Go on, eat your breakfast.

How's your daddy like that new farm?


He growing things
good, doing things right?


That's good.

I know the fella who was there before.

- Who?
- Bucky Reed.

Went flat broke.


I guess it's what a man does.

You tell you momma,
I was here all night.- OK.

And you help your dad
on that farm, alright?

You hear me?

Alright, Johnnie, I'll see
you in a while, alright?

I'm going to work.

Mom wants to go back to
California because of Grandma.


First they are going to check
your heart, and then decide.

Would you rather
leave with mom or dad?

I don't know.

Me neither.

David, David.

- Paul.
- Thank you, so much.


Don't put that kimchi too far away.

I like it.

It made me, sweat on
my head, you know?

You're OK?

I'm good.

You're our first guest here.

I'm honored.


She says something here.

- Right here?
- Yeah, yeah.

Look out.

Look out, it's gonna

cast you out.

Cast you out.

Cast you out.

Hear our prayers,

O heavenly father.

Hear ours prayer

come down.

Jesus, mi amore.

Only you can heal.

Only you can heal.

Hear the prayer that we...

It feels different, isn't it?

It feels like lighter.

- Yes, yes.
- Feel lighter.

Thank you, thank you Paul.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Wait here.

I have something.
- OK.


Do you,

do you want me to

pray for

you and...

If you want.


No need.


- I meant...
- Come early tomorrow.

OK? Lot of work.

This looks good.

- This looks good, you're all good.
- Okay.

Wait, wait, OK, just one more thing.

It's good, what do you think they
gonna say when they see that?


This is good, OK, this is good.

It's good.



They won't say no.

They won't say no!
- OK.

- OK.
- I love these.

This is a very exciting moment, this is
a very important moment, Jacob just...

- Yes!

Thank you.


Alright, buddy.

You can sit up, get dressed,
and go wait in the waiting room,

- how does that sound?
- Good, thank you.

Thank you.

Mr and Mrs Yi,
we're ready to see you now.

OK, see, this is where
blood flows out, like a door.

Open, close, open, close.

You see how close the hole is here,

now, this is why the
California doctor wanted

to wait till he's bit
older before surgery.


and are you ready?

It looks like the hole is getting smaller.


It's still there.

But in comparing measurements,
it's a significant improvement.

Right? This means,
we can rule out surgery.

And we can see, if the
hole close up on its own.

This is a very good news.

Sounds, they... got louder.

Yes, sometimes as the hole
gets smaller, the sound gets louder.

Loud is good.

Are we happy?

Yes. I'm happy.

Thank you.

Must be those Arc water.

Whatever it is you're
doing, don't change a thing.

Hey, what are these?

I'm guessing some kind of

Or maybe it's seeds.

It kind of looks like peanuts.

Kind of looks like
peanuts chopped in half.


Yeah, mark it.

Might be where it is.


Transcript by CLARITY :)