Mile 22 (2018) - full transcript

An elite American intelligence officer, aided by a top-secret tactical command unit, tries to smuggle a mysterious police officer with sensitive information out of the country.

I don't think this is it.

Because she said
a white house.

It says 111 Christmas Street.

I know 111 Christmas
but this is a blue house.

I don't know,
maybe it was Christmas Circle.

Well, did you put
Christmas Circle

or Christmas Street?

Honey, I don't know.

I don't know what I put it as.

Okay, well, she said
it was a white house

and this is a blue house.

Well, why don't we ask?

It's not a big deal.
We're lost.

Just check one more time.
Which one...

There's, like,
four Christmases around here.

Why don't we just ask?

Can you just check
one more time?

Honey, you told me...

Just check the e-mail
that she sent one more time.

All right. Okay.

I feel like
such an idiot because...

No, honey,
we can't help it. Just ask.

Take a deep breath.

Let's just go ask.

It's not a big deal.

They have beautiful flowers.

Which one did I say?

Which one did I say?
Which street?

You told me 111th Street.

I typed it in, and now
I'm not sure where we are.

What do I
do, just ring on the doorbell?

I mean, these people
just ring the doorbell.

Relax. It's not
a big deal. We're lost.

Check one more time
which one.

Honey, it says 111...

It could be
five minutes away from here,

and we could be at the wrong
place and not even know it...

Vitals are stable.

I don't know
if it's Christmas Street,

Court, Lane, Circle.

Mother to Child-One.
We're at set-point.

- I copy. Over.
- Running kismet.

I read you,
Lima Charlie. Help me, over.

- Drone in position.
- I read you same.

Awaiting further instruction.

Thermal is up.

Getting in the networks.

We are validating

on our primary
and secondary routes...

Social media is clear.

How's our airspace?

Residential alarm offline.

I've got eyes inside.

what's your count?

I've got two
in the kitchen and...

One in the back room.

One in the living room.

I have one upstairs.

- I count five.
- I'm counting five.

I got five, too.

Child-One, there's
five subjects in the house.

Copy, Mother.

Child-One, conditions are set.

Let's get in and out
real quick today. No drama.

Here we go.

and Five engage.


You got a female
coming your way, unarmed.

Hi. I'm so sorry
to bother you,

we're looking
for the Larkin home.


My friend's supposed to
have given this address.

111 Christmas.

My wife, apparently,
gave me the wrong address.

We're visiting friends
and they just moved in.

But they might have given us

the wrong address.
I don't know, honey.

You have the wrong house.

Honey, I told you
it's the wrong street.

We're looking
for 111 Christmas.

Maybe a Christmas Lane...

...or a Christmas Circle?

Look out!


You, stop. Let's go.

You, here, hands on the wall.

Checking the rear.

- One.
- Two.

You, hands on the wall.

Be advised,
we're internal.

On the wall. Closer.


Get up.
Against the wall.

Put your hands up.

Sweep upstairs.


One unknown.


- Clear.
- That's five.

We got five, let's go.

Five subjects
in custody.

Start the sweep. Commence SSE.

Roger that.

Doug, close it out.

Roger that.
Working on it now.

- Four minutes, 30.
- Clock is ticking.

Turn around.


To the left.

I see two computers,
four racks.

What about the safe?


Turn around.

Against the wall.


I'm in.

Child-One, commencing
full dental impressions

for database crosscheck.

Confirm collection
of all SSD drives.

Roger that.

Let's go, people,
the clock is ticking.

Two minutes.

Hands up.

Receiving data dump.

Downloading scans.

My ostensible crew.

My titular crew.

What's that?

Hey, Bishop.

Got a faint heat signal here

on the second floor
on the south-west corner.

Can't really make it out.
Sir, I'm trying to.


What is it? A squirrel?

If that's a squirrel,
it's a big fucking squirrel.

Child-One, Mother.
Strong thermal. Second floor.

Strong thermal
on the second floor.

Copy, Mother.
Child-Two, Child-Three?

Go look into that.

You got 90 seconds,
make it quick.


I'm seeing a room
to your left.

There's nothing on my left.

I'm seeing a room
to your left.

There's a door to your left.

It's just a wall,
not a door.

I'm seeing a room...
Fuck. Gun. Gun, gun, gun!

Mother, Child-One,

looks like you were
a little light on your count.

I think
the vest took that.

- You got him. You good?
- I'm good. Let's go.

Sixty seconds.

what are we doing?

Stay put,
we're on the clock.

You got to be
kidding me.

Assault-One KIA.

Child-One, Mother.
Collection is terminated.

We are weapons free.

- Confirm, capture to kill.
- Confirm.

- Confirming capture to kill.
- Confirm.

They're gonna torch it.

- ...Christmas Street.
- 911...

...just sort of
really loud explosion...

Fire and Police
have been alerted.

ETA two minutes.

Thirty seconds.

Twenty seconds.

Okay, so you want me
to waste this guy

in broad fucking daylight?


You're making a mistake.

I've made a lot of them.

the cavalry is en route.

Get the hell out of there.

Kill CCTV-1, CCTV-2.

Let's go.

Child-One, Mother.
You're clear for four miles.

We are gonna be with you
for full exfil.

Continue on the current route
to the park exit.

There will be a parking lot...

Seven people believed to be

members of Russia's FSB,
or State Intelligence Service,

formerly known as the KGB,
were found dead

in, what sources say,
was a Russian safehouse.

Sources inside
the US intelligence community

indicated that this was
an FSB hit on its own,

perhaps an attempt to
manufacture what appeared

to be an assault
on Russian civilians,

but was, in fact,
a kind of suicide...

This is clearly
a slaughterhouse

turned in on itself.

...what they
describe as a quiet, safe,

and friendly community.

One of
the victims, disturbingly,

an 18-year-old Russian male.

This is uncharacteristic for
the KGB to be targeting...

The victim,
apparently 18 years of age.

And this is truly shocking...

White House
official indicated

that this was
a Russia-led operation.

More information
will be coming out.

They have been playing it very
close to the vest of the FBI.

your non-disclosure.

We're transcribing
and recording.

There might be a finding.

We live in a new world.
These are bloody times.

Evil exists. Horror exists.
The great game continues.

If you have patience,

you wouldn't have expected it
to end, so...

Most governments have
very little patience.

What is a government anyway?

Does a government
have a heartbeat?

Does a government have
ten fingers and ten toes?

A government is capable
of vengeance.

Is a government
capable of slaughter?

The American
people do not see their work

or know their names.

Lieutenant Silva
showed exceptional courage

in extreme danger.

Subject, James Silva,
age seven.

He's not
like other little boys.

Mrs. Silva, I believe
your son may be gifted.

There's nothing
wrong with you, Jimmy.

Your mind just moves faster
than the other kids.

Snap this
when you can't slow down.

Just like that.

We need to talk
about your anger, Jimmy.

A tragic scene on

Jericho Turnpike
this morning...

a mother and her twin sons.

A third son,
11-year-old Jimmy Silva,

is in critical condition.

We do have
some other activities.

I won't discuss those other
activities at this time.

It requires
a change in tactics.

A tightly knit,
highly efficient machine.

We will direct
every tool of intelligence,

until there's no refuge.

...ramping up
of these wars

outside of the war zones.

Grade 546...

Eyes on a blue sedan.

You're clear to engage.

You're authorized

to go break the law
in other countries,

and you have the presidential
authority to do it.

The real
abilities that we have,

this is something
nobody can even understand.

James Silva,
welcome to the new wars.

I need to know before we start
this conversation

how bad of a mood are you in.

What you want?
Like one to ten?


Seven and rising quickly.

There's no caesium
in the crate, Jimmy.


What was in it?

Twelve cases
of M4 rifles,

18 guns per case,

180 M67 grenades.

We broke them to pieces,
no caesium.

There were paintings.

We tore the canvases
off the frames.

There's no caesium.

Repeat, no caesium.

Repeat, no caesium found.
Just some grenades.

We tore
the whole fucking thing apart.

- Paintings?
- Fakes.

Munch. Norwegian.

Munch as in The Scream?

Yeah. But it wasn't
The Scream.

Well, this is
a big fucking problem.

Where's Alice?

Where is she?
It was her source.

We all thought the source
was credible, Jimmy.

Just shut the fuck up.

I never liked this lead.
Causing avalanches.

This is basically what
this is, this is an avalanche.

'Cause we have now what?
Sam, what do we have now?

- What do we have now, huh?
- Nothing.

- Dougie, what do we have now?
- Nothing.

Six sets of caesium
still missing.

Eleven discs per set.
That's 66 missing discs.

That's 66 dirty bombs.
At least. Right?

We all thought it was real.

Oh, it is very real.
This is a big fucking problem.

What is this?

It's Sam's birthday.

It's my birthday.

Oh. Happy birthday.

No birthday cake.
No birthday cake.

Your source sucked.

- What, he lied to you?
- It happens.

We are well outside the realm
of "it happens," Alice. Okay?

This is not a case
where shit can happen.

We are not talking about

stolen fucking
ice cream cones here.

I'm handling it.

Oh, you're handling it?

Do you need help with that?

No, I don't.

- Who is the source?
- Local special forces.

You running a cop?

Since when do we trust local
special forces? Jesus, Alice.

He's been an excellent source.

Is that supposed to mean
something to me

that he is
an excellent source?

Do you want me to tell
John Porter,

"Oh, he's
an excellent source"?

No, I don't think so. That
story does not work for me.

It's not a story, Jimmy.
It's the truth.

No, this cannot not work,
all right? I trusted you.

Does that mean anything
to you?


I'm handling it.

You know
what's in the container?

Edvard Munch.
You ever seen a Munch?

I mean,
this guy is dark as fuck.

Sounds perfect for you, Jimmy.

You know,
I don't appreciate that.

I actually resent that.
Thank you.

Wow. 120 million at auction.


He was a Sagittarius,
just like you.

I should have been a painter.

Take a breath.

Go outside.

Yeah, the sign outside
says "ladies."

He hears everything,
never listens.

He listens
to what works for him.

So, what works for him?

Actionable intelligence.

And pain.

The definition
of a war zone

is an interesting thing.

Being a cop in Baltimore might
be every bit as dangerous

as being a cop in Baghdad.

The cops played
the politicians

and the politicians
played the cops

and I don't think anyone ever
knew who is on whose side.

I think he got scared, Jimmy.

He's an honest guy.
He's been 100% reliable.

there's a big difference

between honest and reliable,

I'll handle it.

How's that going, by the way?
Do you want me to take that?

- Let me get the phone.
- I want to get it later.

No, you'll take it now and
end whatever is happening

on the other side
of that phone

so you can return home
from that planet to this one.

I need you here with me.
Do you understand?

Can I help you, sir?

Sir. Ma'am,
you have a walk-in.

You know what,
I'll take the walk-in.

You're gonna take the walk-in?

I said I'll take the walk-in.
Is that okay with you?

- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
- Are you sure?

- You want to take the walk-in?
- No, sir.

Okay, then,
I'll take the walk-in.

Alice, handle the ex and then
we handle the source, okay?

Can you do that for me?
Let's go. Show me the walk-in.

I want a solution, okay?
Not a bunch of excuses.

I'll handle
the fucking walk-in.

Hey, how are you?

I'm well, how are you?

Excellent, thank...
Wow, that's a beautiful pin.

The government is going to
seize my assets.

I have $1.3 billion.

That's very impressive.

I know a lot of people
in America.

It's beautiful.

I know Warren Buffett.

- You know Warren Buffett?
- Yes. Mr. Warren Buffett.

I can pay whatever it takes.

You're offering me
whatever it takes or...

No, no, no. No, no.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I'm sorry
I missed all those calls.

I need to confirm

that you are not going to be
at her school on Mother's Day.

You just wanted
to confirm that?

Diane is gonna take her...

You know I can't be there.

- Are you recording this?
- Pardon me?

You know it's illegal
to record me, Luke.

I am just trying...

I'm the 17th richest person
in this country.

They liquidate my accounts,

my whole family is
going to be ruined.

I will have nothing.

Well, that's a shame.

Are you familiar with
Lincoln's First Inaugural,

delivered March 1861?

Better angels and the bonds
of affection? No?

All right. Abraham Lincoln
was from Kentucky.

You ever been to Kentucky?

What about Nebraska? Where
your friend Warren was born?

Hi, Mommy.

- Hey.
- Look.

You got your ears pierced?

Oh, wow.

You look so grown up.
Your dad took you?

No, Diane took me.

Are you coming
to Mother's Day?

I thought you would make
blue cupcakes with me.

You know I can't be there.
I'm really sorry.

Okay, I'll save one for you.

You know what America
does not need?

Another rich person

scared about the liquidation
of her accounts.

- It's just earrings.
- You know that I would...

Don't give me the attitude.
She wanted the earrings.

And by the way, it's not

Warren Buffett anymore.
It's Buff-ay.

- Ba-ffay?
- Bu-ffay.

- Buff-ay?
- Buff-ay.

Warren Buffett. He doesn't
live in Nebraska anymore.

He lives in Paris.

You need the French Embassy.

You speak French?

I'm the mother, Luke.

Oh, right. And Diane will be
the step-mother,

and she's actually able
to be there.

I'm gonna give you
the personal mobile number

of the French Ambassador.

He's a very good friend of
mine. He's gonna hook you up.

He's single, by the way.

You tell him that Steve Bannon
sent you, okay?

- This is his number.
- Thank you, Mr. Bannon.

You think you're the only one
that's out there working?

You think it's so easy?

- You motherfucker.
- What? I can't hear you.

- You motherfucker!
- Bingo.

Alice, good job.

Welcome back to
the FamilyWizard, sweetheart.

- No.
- Yes. You're wizard-ed.

- Wait.
- Goodbye.

Tell her that I love her. No!

Fucking motherfucker!

Are we done here now?

Let's go.

Sam Snel, you have a walk-in.

Sam Snel, you have a walk-in.

If he's alive.

in twenty-four hours...

we have failed.

Everyone thinks

they know everything now.

You think you know
about election hacking?

You think you understand
the definition of "collusion"?

You know nothing.

Last night we had
a seven-man team at the port,

acting on what we believed
was accurate intelligence

regarding four pounds
of stolen C-139,

a new form of caesium-137
radioactive powder.

Just to understand
the magnitude,

four pounds is enough

to make six major cities

We identified the container,

there was nothing in it
but weapons and some fake art,

all of which Doug and Sam
meticulously disassembled.

No caesium was found.
The intel was bad.

Whose source was it?

That'd be on me, John.

- Whose source?
- It's on me, John.

How much
are we paying him?

He didn't want money.

We tried to pay him,
and he gave it away.

- To who?
- Local senior citizen center.

- FamilyWizard.
- What?

He's been accurate on
everything else, John, 100%.

And he appears driven
and motivated

by something
other than funding.

- Fix this.
- Oh, it's gonna be fixed.

Every one of
these events occurred

as a result of a failure
of imagination.

Your job is not to predict
tomorrow based on yesterday.

That's what academics do.

Your job is to prevent
the end of tomorrow

by using your brains
and your imagination.

If you don't find the caesium
before it's too late,

you will be held responsible

for the single largest
intelligence fumble

since a flight instruction
school in Florida

failed to grasp
the significance

of a 19-year-old
Al-Qaeda terrorist

saying he didn't need to learn
how to land.

So fucking wake up.

Very impressive list, John.
Greatest Hits of Shit Show.

You didn't give
the French Ambassador's

mobile number to a walk-in?
Did you?

Uh, yeah, maybe I did.

I don't need phone calls from
the French Ambassador, Jimmy.

- Is she all right?
- I got her.

I don't need
radioactive powder discs

floating around
unaccounted for.

This is such shit.

This is the worst fucking shit

of all the fucked up shit
we've ever seen.

This is the shittiest,
most fucked up shit...

I got it, okay? Relax.
Calm down.

- Go take a little nap.
- Fuck you.


It's a divorce app.

Cuts out direct communication.

- It lowers conflict.
- It's working.

Edits your emails,
copies them to the lawyers.

It doesn't like certain words.

Like what?

"Prick. Whore. Cocksucker.
Male whore, sadist.

"Fucking asshole,
fucking psychopath,

"fucking deadbeat,
fucking idiot,

"fucking parsimonious,

"abusive motherfucking..."

I got it. You're upset,
suck it up, okay?

I have no ability
to communicate

with my daughter now.

You're never gonna do
something normal

until you die.
That's what this job is.

I think I've lied to every
person that I've ever met.

So what? You really
wanna get into this now?

- No.
- "No," what?

No to your black vision
of everything.

If you can't fucking tell,

I'm not in the mood
to be light-housed.

This is dark work, Alice.
And you requested it.

And I'm not gonna be washing
strawberry jam

out of my swimsuit
this summer,

I get to wash blood.

Only maybe not
because they don't make

a detergent for that.

And you can forget about sex
on Sundays, there are no

- Sundays in our world.
- None.

- The job comes first.
- You said it.

- You said it.
- You said it, and you've

learned well. You're starting
to make me proud.

- I'm not you.
- You're pretty close.

Just take the fucking
medicine, Al, okay?

It's halfway down your throat.

- You need a vacation.
- For what?

- You need a week on a beach.
- This is my beach.

I love it here.

There is no absolution, Al,
all right?

There is no washing out
what we do.

Unless, of course,
you try that Jesus guy.

I mean, they say
he's very forgiving.

They also say,
"Thou shall not kill."

You and I have put up some
serious numbers, young lady.


We were not there
to keep the peace, all right?

There was no peace.

We were there
to limit the violence.

Hey, get back!

Sometimes that's all it takes
for a guy to take a risk.

For a guy to do
the right thing.

You, get back!

Asian male
approaching. Please advise.

Be advised.
There's one male subject

right at the front gate.

People are rarely rational.

- Put it down.
- A gift.

People are highly

On your knees.

The definition of an unknown
known is a thing which exists,

but which
you don't know about,

and which you cannot
even imagine.

Back up! End of the road!

Let me see both hands.

Back. Get back.

Put your hands in the air.

Get back!
End of the road!

What the hell is that?

Get back!

Most sources
lie right to your face.

When they have what you need,

they know they have the power.

Let's get in the air.

We are about to do something...

much more powerful
than kill a man.

We're about to kill...

the idea that...

we are weak.

That's my asset.

- Who is he?
- Li Noor.

I don't wanna know his name,

I don't wanna know
what he does for a living,

- I wanna know who is he?
- A loner.

No kids. No family.
100% accurate and reliable.

You marked him
or he marked you?

I marked him.

He says
he has the exact locations

of all six sets of caesium.

He's locked it on a disc.

He says only if we get him
out of the country

and give him asylum
will he open the disc.

You're gonna deal with this
or you want me to handle it?

I got it.

This is serious, right?

Oh, very.

Oh, fuck.

- This is an ouroborus drive.
- What the fuck is that?

It means
it's gonna self-destruct.

The entire program is gonna
eat itself in eight hours.

It's gonna be gone.

He's smart. Time is insurance,
so he gets what he wants.

You fucked me.

No, I didn't.

You didn't?

Open the disc, Li.

I want out of this country


Open the disc now.

I want out of the country.

The information on the disc

will lead to the safe return
of the stolen caesium

and to the complete political
collapse of the country.

Which country?

The country
you're currently sitting in.

Get me out of this country.

and I will give you the code
to unlock the disc.

Are you under the impression

that you are in a position
to make demands?

I tell you what I want,
and you give it to me.

Open the motherfucking disc.

You're wasting time.

Do you think
that because I'm a woman

I'm less capable
of extreme violence?

I'll go get a sledgehammer

and an ice-axe
and I will fuck you up.

Take a closer look
at the paintings.

Li was a man
of his word.

He gave us the exact location
of the caesium.

He was telling us the truth
on the crate.

So we took him at his word
on the remaining

caesium locations.

Certain operations require
a level of violence

not palatable to most people.

And certain operations require
a higher level of deniability.

- This is Overwatch, John.
- Give me a moment.

You and I both know this is
an Overwatch operation.

What was that thing about
"unadvisedly or lightly"?

Oh, some things
should not be entered

into unadvisedly or lightly

but reverently, discreetly
advisedly, soberly,

and in the fear of God.
That thing?

- Yeah.
- That's the thing.

I'm not gonna authorize it,

But you can warm him up.

- Oh, I'm gonna warm him up.
- Discreetly.


I really
don't like diplomats.

Diplomacy never works
once the match

has been lit
to start the fire.

"Oh, look at that fire.

"Let's drink tea and talk
about hearts and minds."

No. I don't think so.

How can
I help you, gentlemen?

I'm here to see
Ambassador Brady.

He won't talk.
He doesn't feel safe.

Oh, does he want
to go back outside?

'Cause I'm not sure
he'll feel safe there either.

Listen up.
We have a situation.

Deputy Foreign Minister
is here. He wants the cop.

So whatever you guys
are doing here,

I suggest you chop-chop.

Well, that makes things

a little more interesting,
don't it?

Do not give him up, Brady.

I wasn't planning
on giving him up.

You have
any other advice for me?

Anything else? You sure?

No, no, just making
a friendly suggestion.

Thank you. You cracked it yet?

I'm gonna need
a little more time.

You need time?

I don't have any time.

Didn't they teach you anything
about caesium at Harvard?

I didn't go to Harvard.

You didn't graduate Harvard
with Mark Zuckerberg?

Actually Mark Zuckerberg
didn't graduate.

I'm not talking to you.

Were you born
on second base or third?

'Cause I can never remember.

- I'm Scottsdale, Arizona...
- I don't give a shit.

They didn't teach you anything
about caesium at MIT?

I didn't go to MIT.

Well, let me give you
a little science lesson then.

You know what happens
when you ionize a protein?

You ever read Hiroshima,
by John Hersey?

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer,
essay on the atom bomb.

'Cause John Hersey wrote about
the survivors, all right?

He wrote about
how he reached out

to take the hands of women

in the wake
of the bombing in Japan

and their skin
slipped off like gloves.

And then you know
what happens next?

Your kidneys fail.
Your lungs collapse.

You cannot breathe,
you cannot think.

Your thyroid just evaporates,
all right?

Then your lymphocyte
cell count takes a nose dive.


We're looking at approximately
60,000 people

becoming Jell-O
on our watch, all right?

That's what this shit does.

Caesium-139 is Hiroshima
and Nagasaki combined.

Only you don't need

sophisticated planes
to place it.

You only need a kid

who can empty an envelope
on a sidewalk.

Do your job
and crack the code.

You know,
I think I'll go meet

the new
Deputy Foreign Minister.

What exactly is Silva's
psychological problem?

He doesn't like
computer people.

Fuckin' nerds.

He's in the embassy.



What is your name?

Li Noor.

- Repeat after me. Blue.
- Blue.

- Strange.
- Strange.

- Coffee.
- Coffee.

- Egg.
- Egg.

Do you know what it feels like
to fall in love?


What does it feel like
to kill a man?


- Repeat after me. Green.
- Green.

- White.
- White.

Are you an agent
of the Israeli government?


Are you an agent of
the Pakistani government?


Are you involved
in acts of espionage

against your own government?


Do you possess the code
to open the disc?


Can we trust you?


- Romeo.
- Romeo.

- Juliet.
- Juliet.

- Where is that code?
- In my mind.

If transported
to the United States,

will you open it?


Two cups of sugar.

And a cup
of blueberries, you...


So here's the thing...

We take our request for asylum
extremely seriously.

If you have him, Brady,

we'd like him back.
That's all.

He's wanted for espionage.

- Espionage?
- Yes.

- What do you mean?
- How's everybody doing?

If you have him, we would
very much like him back.

Somebody lose a dog?


You good?


Any last words for your mother?



He's crying wolf.

He's a witch.

A witch? What, like a good
witch or a wicked witch?

Like a witch with a big nose
and a broom?

Axel, this is
a friendly meeting.

We're talking about a corrupt,
low-level cop.

I think the fact
that you're sitting here

indicates he's not
so low level.

I can assure you
that the appropriate choice

is to hand him over.

You assure me?

I mean, can you assure me
that those

circling helicopters
are in our airspace

for a cop not worth my time?

- Jimmy...
- Do you know

how airspace works?

Do you know there's, like,

a silo that goes up
from this building

all the way up to Heaven?

You send choppers
into that silo,

you're in violation, speaking
of what's appropriate.


I'm just stating the facts.

This is Brady.

Be careful.

Oh, you fucking be careful.

Where were they found?

Is the situation contained?

You should trust me, James.
It's good for your health.

Do you have men
wandering our embassy?

- Absolutely not.
- Good.

Because the men
who were wandering

the embassy
are now absolutely dead.

Let's go.

Get up!

Hands behind your head!

Hands behind your head!

Turn around!

About the fog of war
and imagine chaos

on a battlefield.
Armies. Tanks. Smoke. Fire.

But it depends on your
definition of battlefield.

A battlefield can be
a room with two people in it.

That's chaos. That's fog.

The assassination attempt

meant that Li had to be
a very high-value asset.

Or a direct threat to them.

Prepare my resignation papers.

Either way,
we had to protect him.

Warriors don't wear uniforms

There are no uniforms
in war now.

The little girl
that looks like

your little sister's
hippie friend on holiday

might be a weapon of
mass destruction.

The start of
an operation is just

like the start of
anything else.

Everything could go right.
Everything could go wrong.

Diplomacy is option one.
Military's option two.

When option one and option two
are abandoned,

there is only one thing left.

Which is us.

We are the third option.

Special situations teams.
Special missions units.

Smart people on short notice
to solve problems.

The two teams,
they are by design

2,000 miles from one another.

The Overwatch location

is America's most closely
guarded secret.


How does it work?

As soon as he's on the move,

They'll switch networks.

That's the loophole,

that's our way in.

An op is a living thing.

Once you launch,
the op has a life of its own.

- Sam, what's the op?
- It's classified.

- The op is classified?
- Correct.

Sam, we don't need
the attitude.

You know what, Sam?
Your attitude

is turning
into a real problem.

You know what?
I'll go work on it

after you go fuck yourself.
Okay, Victor?

This is a Title 50
Overwatch operation.

Overwatch protocols
will be in effect

for the next 180 minutes.

The package is Li Noor.

He spent seven years
in our host country's

elite tactical squad.

He has no known family.

The goal is to deliver
that package from here,

22 miles to our Angel.

Nine pounds of
radioactive isotope,

otherwise known as

otherwise known as
Fear Powder is missing.

Mr. Noor knows
exactly where it is.

He has locked the information
on a disc,

and it is deconstructing
even as we speak.

He wants asylum.
He wants America.

Only when we get him
to the plane

will he give us the code
to unlock the disc.

She can only stay on
the ground ten minutes.

So we are extremely limited.

Speed matters.

We have a team of
seven operators.

They are no longer employees
of the US government.

They are engaged in
a higher form of patriotism.

They are ghosts.

You're not a witch, are you?


Are you?

Prepare for
net changeover. Ready.

And in five,


...three, two...

Child-One, Mother.
We are active on new comms.

OK, lock in.

Do I believe
in Santa Claus?


Tooth fairy?


Did I believe that
my three ex-wives meant it

when they said that
they'd love me forever?

Absolutely fucking not.

Did I believe that the comms
were secure? Yes.

We all did.

- Hello, my old friend.
- Yes, Mother. All good.

Do you have your sneakers on?

Good to go.

Let's take a drive.

Angel to Mother.
We are wheels up.

Twenty-seven mikes to LC.

We'll be yo-yo
for the next 27 minutes.

So you're telling me

you really wanna bring down
this government?

Why don't you give me the
codes, save us some trouble?


Anonymity is a hard concept
for most coders to grasp

because it's a hard concept
for most men to grasp.

Most coders are men.

This was definitely written
by a woman.

Our friend
here has a little bit of

an ego. Changes ideology...

Do you know
why people commit espionage

against their own government?

It's mainly money,
right, Dougie?

That's been
my experience, yeah.

So if you're not into money,
which I hear you're not.

- Is that correct, Alice?
- Right.

And it's not ideology,

and nobody's forcing you
to do this.

There can only be
one possible exception.

You've got a big ego.

It's not ego.

It's everybody's downfall,
my friend.

Ego is not your amigo.

I'm gonna find out
what bitch wrote this script.

Change one number,
change the idea.

The package
will be received

in Ramstein, Germany.

- You don't know me.
- No, I don't know you.

This government
destroyed my family.


When that shit goes down,

if you can't go
to a grocery

'cause nothing's refrigerated,

where are you gonna
get your milk?

No. It's a very
lucrative business.

If you get yourself
the Ferrari of goats,

it's pretty expensive.

You wanna text me a link
when we're done with this?

Check out
how calm Meditation Mike is.

- You feeling calm, Alice?
- Not even a little bit.

- Are you?
- I'm totally calm.

That's because
you're mentally unstable.

Thank you.

Mother, Child-One.

Starting to slow down here.
You got another route for us?

Yeah, there's
an incident on this route

three blocks ahead.

Rerouting now.

Want me to clear out
some of this traffic?

I could pick 'em off, sir.

Maybe later.

How's Angel?

We're green
across the board, sir.

Cruising at 40,000 feet.

switching to alternate route.

Take your next right,
and we'll green-light you

through the next
three intersections.

- Slow your roll...
- All this Snapchattin',

Facebookin', and bookin'
a face and Instagrammin', sir.

Pick up a goddamn book.


Two, one.

You're approaching a "Y".

Bear left on the "Y".

Mother, Child-One.

Mother, Child-One.
Nice job on the green lights.

Make a left.

Seeing additional traffic.
See if we could open that up.

I've got seven motorcycles

approaching quickly.

They got bikes, Dougie.

I see 'em.

The fuck is that?

Dougie, Dougie,
get right, get right!

Where'd that come from?


- Watch that motorcycles.
- On your left!

- Dougie, get right!
- Get right!

Where's the signal?

Child-One, Mother.


Mother, Child-One.

Looks like the threats
are breaking contact.

Check the tape.
What'd we miss?

Rewinding footage.


This motorcycle's
placed something

on the side of the vehicle.

Base, Bretsky,
Reed, KIA.

Mother, Child-One,
contact, contact.

Vehicle is down hard.

Mother, we're
surrounded, need help.

Multiple hostiles
behind vehicles.

Alice, go!

Back up, back up, back up!

Mother, Child-One. We're
in contact. Major contact.

Child-One, Mother.

What is the status
of the package?

we have the package.

The car's down hard.
We're evacing now.

Sam, get cover.

Mother, Child-One.
We need a new car.

On it.

They're gonna need
another route.

- Big eye, what do you see?
- Yes, sir.



Scan all local
law enforcement.

I need to know
how much time we have.

This car looks good.

Child-One, gray BMW,

about 20 meters
in front of you.

Dougie, gray BMW,
20 meters, one o'clock.

- Yes.
- Get it.

Dougie, keep your 12.

I'mma flank the fuck
out of these motherfuckers.

Stay with the package.



Go! We're getting
out of here now!

Where'd that
come from?


Threat, one o'clock.

Blue jacket, magazine stand,
grenade launcher.

Two threats advancing towards

the package
from the right side.

stay with the package.

cover the package.

BMW, now. Go!

Look at me.

I'm done.

You did good.

Child-One, get out.


Go, go, go.

What the hell
happened back there?

Our car is made.
We need a safe house.

We need to
regroup immediately.


Not a safe house!

How far is it?

2.3 miles ahead.

Is this your idea
of justice, huh?

Shut your mouth!

Take me to the airport.

Is it secure?

I had three hours
to vet the place.

Fuck vetting.
I don't wanna hear vetting!

Is it secure?

You know what?
I want the code.

And I want the code now!

I don't give a shit
about your family.

I don't give a fuck
if you had three hours.

I take you, and I throw you
out the side...

Yes, with high confidence,
it's secure.

See? That's all I needed.
High degree of confidence.

Just take me to the airport.
I'll give you what you want.

Take the next
two rights.

Take the next left.

2-1-4-7-2 is your intro.

Third garage on the right.

- 214.
- 72.

Entering the den...

Getting in the networks.

Visuals up.

Contact is bald, male,
48 years old, blue shirt.

This is everything
they asked for.

Examining for
possible threats.

Do you have
any identifiable threats,

weapons? Any hostiles?

No anomalous
behavior detected.

Clean vehicle
will be there in six.

Clean vehicle
will be there in six.

We're identifying the city.

Noor files downloaded.

Looks like maybe a study
abroad during university.

Why would that be redacted?

We need all police to

clear out
the West Papua district.

Be advised.
Police are being ordered

to clear out of the area.

Let's get ready
to move.

Jimmy, we don't leave
the reservation.

We've got
armed motorcyclist...

Armed motorcycles
on either side

of the entrance to the bakery.

Angel, Knight.
Unexpected delay.

Get the fuck
out of there.

Attack on an American officer
is an act of war.

I need him back right now.

Let me give you some advice.

You ready?


You hear me?


This is nothing personal, man.

- I'm just doing my job.
- I'm just doing mine.

Sir, I got the scope
on the man.

You want me to take the shot?


Please, sir?

I heard there was a little

unfortunate incident
on the highway.

A little incident?

I would really hate for it
to happen again.

Are you threatening me?

We can do this
however you wanna do it.

You gonna keep coming at me
until you kill us all?


That's a weird fucking game,
but okay, I'll play.

I mean, you have
home court advantage.

You have a larger team,

unlimited resources
due to the support of

a phenomenally
corrupt government

willing to kill
innocent citizens.

Plus, a local
special forces which

we designed and trained
and built for you.

Stop monologuing,
you bipolar fuck.

I think he's more

Or narcissistic disorder.

- Dissociative disorder.
- He's just an asshole.

And let's not forget
about your

absolutely medieval
moral compass

and nasty thirst for bloodshed

for which there has been
no legal repercussion

because you do not operate
under any rule of law.


- That's right, Jimmy.
- Yeah, but you know what?

What's that, Jimmy?

I think I might just be
a little worse.

Child-One, Mother,
move the package now.

Get him in the car now.
Let's go.

Let's go.

Bomb! Get down now!

Child-One, Mother.
Status, please.


- Anywhere else?
- I don't think so.

Let's go.

In the fucking car, now!

Let's go.

Child-One, gunmen.

Go. Move!

I've got package in tow.


Alice, status?

He is fine.

Come on, Dougie.
Get your shit together.

He is fine. You just keep
fuckin' driving.

You pull this shit
on me now?

Mother, package in tow.
We have one critical.

We need a new vehicle ASAP.

What's the ETA on the plane?

- Twenty-two minutes.
- How many miles out are we?

- Twelve.
- Child-One, no time.

Get your ass
to the airstrip now.

Copy, Mother.

- Go, go!
- Spread out, spread out!

Get him in the building
behind us.

Get out of my face.



I got you. Yeah.

You've got it?

Paradise Apartment Complex.

I got you. I got you.

Oh, you give 'em hell, Dougie.

You just get him
to the airport.

I will. All right, brother.

Every normal man must be
tempted at times

- to spit upon his hands...
- Alice!

...hoist the black flag...

you better be moving.

...and begin slitting throats.


- We got a car?
- I do.

Mother, Child-One.

You gotta get us
the way out of here ASAP.

working on extraction point.

Get to the south staircase.

Alice, this way.

I repeat.
Get to the south staircase.

Copy that.
Heading south.

Sir, I've got eyes.

Come on.

we are on the fourth level.

What's the route?

How the fuck
do I get out of here?

Extraction point is at the end
of the second hallway,

coming up on your right.

Child-One, exit is 20 yards
in front of you. R-447.

That'll take you
to the extraction point

in the rear courtyard.

Shit! Back up,
back up, back up!



Move, move. Back up!

Back up, back up. Now!

They're separated.


Jimmy, do you copy?

Jimmy, do you copy?

I have the package.

Do you have eyes on Alice?

- Mother?
- Negative.

Mother, Child-One, reroute us.

The route out is directly
behind you. Take it.

Stairwell, Romeo-445.

- No.
- Child-One, no what?

No! I'm want a route to Alice.
Reroute me to Alice now.

It's before Bingo Fuel.
Where's the package?

Ten minutes. We're counting.

Child-One, it's time.

You understand a little girl
who calls her mother every day

because she misses her?

Because her mother is not home
with her?

She's here with you.

She is here for you.

Option one,
open the disc and end this.


Option two, we let her die.

the order is to exit.


Let's go get her.

Let's go get her.

Son of a bitch.

Do not fuck me.

Let's go.

Mother, Child-One.
Make it dark in here.



Stay here.

Silva, do you copy?

Silva, do you copy?
Silva, do you copy?

Hey, Jimmy, all you had to do
was hand him over.

You mean the low-level cop?

What's the rush, Jimmy?
You got somewhere to be?

- Fuck you.
- I could do this

all day, baby.

Please. I'm a...

Please, I'm a mother. Please.

I have a...

I have a daughter.

Hey, Jimmy, you and I, we
could have made a great team.

You happen to have any more
.45 caliber ammo back there?

Here it is!

Let's go. Now. Move.

Fucking wasted 10 minutes
coming back for you.


Nissan pickup,
back parking lot.

Repeat. It's at the back
of the building.

Come on, come on.

Let's go.

Mother, Child-One.
What's our route?

stand by for new route.

We have their location.
Let's go.


Child-One, the route
is directly behind you.

Take it.

- Engines turning.
- Copy that. Roger.

We're buttoned up.
Oscar Mike.

- We are set.
- Let's go.

The end of an operation
is euphoric.

It's placing that last piece
in the puzzle.

You know
the euphoria cannot last.

Ten minutes
to Bingo Fuel.

Where is your package?

Window is closing.
We need to be wheels-up now!

Get your ass
to the airstrip now.

I'm working on that.

You tell yourself,
"This one time..."

If I wait, we're all
gonna die. Hurry the fuck up!

"...just might be different."

"Just might be different."

Have you confirmed
with the ground team?

Yes, they're ready.


"Today I just might be able
to just hold it, catch it

"in my hands
and look at it."

Tell them to stop the plane.
We're here.

Mother, we don't have time
for this.

- King.
- Yup.

Child-One, Mother.
My pleasure.

Target acquired.

Take it.

Let's go.

What's the status
of the plane?

The LZ's hot.
We're rolling.


You tell those fuckers
to wait.

They're gonna stay put
no matter what.

Overwatch is requesting...

The window is closing.

Tell those pilots
I don't give a fuck!

Tell 'em we're here.
We're on the runway now.

Holy shit! Abort!
Abort! Abort!

Abort! Abort! Abort!

Abort! Copy that.
We're aborting!

Okay. Tell me
when the package is there.


Let's go. Move.

Code. Now.


You got something for me now?



Mother, Child-One,
Rebel, Oz...


- Trust, Virgin,

- Oyster, triple-one.
- V-O-1-1-1.

This is a hard line of work.

What line is that? Witchcraft?

Our line.

We are not in the same line.

Respectfully, we are.

It stopped. The clock stopped.

We have five locations
of the caesium.

Five locations
have been confirmed.

They're being sent to Langley.

He's clear.
Put him on the plane.


Hands up.


He's clear.

This might actually work.

- Okay, we're rolling.
- Let's move.

Let's get this package
out of here.


You got six days. Go.

Go be a mother.


I'll be back in five.

Oh, hey.

Say hello to your Mother
for me.

My what?

Say hello to who?

What the fuck did you say?

What are you doing?

It's odd.
They're spiking.

Maybe he doesn't like planes.

Madam General.

It's almost time,
would you like to watch?


Bishop, look.

It's taking over our computer.

It's not done encoding.

Who's that?

Who is that?

What is this?

Meditation, Alice.

Keeps me focused on the job.

The code is Russian.

Jesus. All things Russian.

The code word is Russian
for Christmas.

It says 111 Christmas...

Christmas Street?

It's a Trojan horse op.

Take off, wheels up.

He's not a double agent.

He's a triple agent.

Oh, my God.

He's a Russian.

Child-One, Mother.
Keep them on the ground.

I repeat. Keep them on the...



This is
a very simple story.

Killed the wrong kid.

Eighteen years of age...

A mother lost her son,

and it turns out
she was a very powerful lady.

Failure of imagination.

You mean
the death of Overwatch.

Death of what?


You were the target.

Package is armed

and attempting hostile...

He did everything right.

He was unpredictable.
Highly trained.

when he was young.

He convinced us
he did not trust us,

and then convinced us
to trust him.

Do you wanna
talk about Alice?

Do you wanna talk about what
happened on that airplane?

Mayday! Mayday!

Cockpit has been breached!

Package is armed.
Direct to immediate LZ.


You already know this.

Tell me again.

I've already gone over this
with you.

They activated him
to make us activate Overwatch.

Say hello to your Mother
for me.

Bishop, come in.
Can you hear me?

Bishop, can you
hear me? Bishop? Over.

I think there is no defense

against someone
willing to die.

Someone capable
of cultivating our trust

by offering us
the one thing that we want,

and the one thing
that we need,

that's the real weapon
of mass destruction.

A killer
who looks like a hero.

The great game continues.

Today was yours.

I'll see you tomorrow.