Meth Head (2013) - full transcript

Kyle Peoples never wanted to be the man he has become in his 30s, an accountant stuck in a dead end job, with a lover who is more successful than he and a family that doesn't get him at all. So when a night of partying leads to a new family of friends and fun, Kyle sees an opportunity for escape from reality. But Kyle's new friendship with Maia and Dusty and the trio's love of crystal meth eventually cost Kyle his job, his companion, his home and his family. Kyle's escape becomes his trap, the party is an illusion and the crystal is slowly killing him, physically and psychologically. When he finally bottoms out and is no longer the young man his father once boasted about with pride, Kyle must choose: life or meth.

(heavy breathing)

Carlos: You scared now,
little fag?

Where is it?

(hitting sound)

Kyle: I didn't take it.

Carlos: I'm not playing no more.

Where is my fucking Rolex?

Oh no, no you don't.
No you don't.

No you don't. No, no.

That motherfucking
Rolex is real.

My old lady bought it for me
and I want it back.

If you think it's
worth your life,

we can keep playing this game.

(loading gun)

Then again, what have you got
to live for, really?

Kyle: I didn't take it.
I didn't take -


(music plays)

Carolyn: Bonnie,
would you like one?

Julian: Come here.

Hi baby.

You having a happy birthday?

I'd be happier if
you'd marry me.


And this is what
I'm marrying into.

Carolyn: You are officially
part of our family, Julian.

Kyle: You bitch! Don't you dare.

Carolyn: You might as well
know the ugly truth.

Kyle: No, no, Mom. Not you.

Julian: Oh my God. Look at him
in his little swimsuit.

Kyle: No, Mom!
I'll tell him myself.

Yeah. Okay. I love you, too.

Carolyn: When are you going to
tell him?

Kyle: It doesn't really matter.

He's going to hate the idea.

Carolyn: He could surprise you.

Kyle: He won't.

George: Oh my God.

Carolyn: God, you should have
seen Dad's face

when Kyle first
showed up in that.

Julian: Your mascot
was a bunny?

Kyle: I was a jack rabbit.
Jack rabbits are fierce.

I was fierce.

Pete: Mascot is a very
important job.

Kyle: Oh, that's nice, make fun
of the birthday boy.

Yeah, you should wear
that tomorrow night.

That's hot.

Kyle: The fundraiser.

Oh, George, how formal is it
going to be?

Maybe I should go shopping.

Julian: You have a million
things to wear.

You're not going shopping.

Kyle: Every party has a pooper.

Julian: That would be me?

Kyle: Mmhmm (affirmative).

Julian: All right.

Kyle: Pooper.


(dance music plays)

Kyle: I know her.

Julian: Yeah, that's Lindsey.

Kyle: Yeah from

Julian: Yeah, yeah.

Announcer: Welcome to our
Tweakers Project fundraiser.

We're raising money
for meth educa -

You know why we're here.

Come on, let's get
the party started.

(crowd cheering and clapping)

(camera shutter)

Kyle: Phew! It's getting past
my bedtime.

Julian: Hey. Can we get two
vodka Red Bulls?

Kyle: You having fun?

Julian: Yeah, you?

(camera shutters)

Dusty: Adorable.
Hey. How's it going?

Can I get your name?

I just need your name for the
Tweaker Project website.

Julian: Yeah. Sure.
I'm Julian Adano.

Dusty: Julian Adano.

Julian: And this is, um,

This is Kyle Peeples.

Dusty: Kyle Peeples.

You look a little wiped out.

Definitely hot,
but a little tired.

Julian: Yeah. You should have
stopped at hot.

Kyle: My God are you flirting?

Julian: Yeah, I'm flirting
a little bit.

Dusty: I can help you out
with the tired part.

A little pick-me-up?

Julian: For old time's sake?

Kyle: It has been a while.

Julian: Okay.

Dusty: Come on.

Julian: Come on.

Kyle: How much?

Dusty: Don't worry about it,
man. It's my treat.

Julian: It's kind of chunky.

Oh! Shit, shit! It burns.
That's not coke, right?

Dusty: It's the same thing,

except better.

Pumped with crystal,
party lasts all night.

Come on, man. You're not
going to let him do it

by himself, are you?

Go for it.

Kyle: Ow. Wow, that does burn.


Julian: Okay?

Kyle: Yeah.

Dusty: It's going
to feel great soon.

Kyle: Okay.

Dusty: Come on.

Julian: Phew! Shake it off.

Kyle: So much for meth-free.


(rock music plays)

Julian: Babe, I'm home.

Sorry it took so long.

Kyle: Hey babe.
I'll be right out.

Julian: Oh, but we got Save Me
in our queue.

It's supposed to be good.
Ted Allen is so cute.

Kyle: One sec.

(door opens)

Dusty: Hey-

Julian: Hey? You don't knock?

Dusty: The door was open.

Hey man.

Kyle: Yo dude.
Dusty: You all right?

Kyle: Yeah, totally.

Jules, so, Dusty got us on
the list of that new club

on Robertson.

Julian: I thought you were
staying in tonight.

I was going to make one of our
decadent Sunday dinners

and maybe watch a movie.

Dusty: Fuck that, man.
You should come with.

It's going to be really fun.

I'm starting to think
you don't like me.

Julian: Yeah. Go
with your instinct.

Kyle: Come. We can do nothing
tomorrow night.

You should come with us.

You haven't been out
with us for weeks.

Julian: You haven't
stayed home in weeks.

I'm asking you to stay
home with me tonight.


Kyle: Baby, tomorrow night.
Okay? Just you and me.

I'll make it up to you. Promise.

I love you.

Dusty: Bye.

Hey. What's your name?

(rock music plays)

Dusty: Hey! Watch
the fucking camera.

Bouncer: Don't ever let me
catch you tweakers selling

that shit in my club again.


Dusty: That's the third
club we got thrown out of.

I'm running out of
places to sell.

Let's go to the bathhouse,
find buyers there.

Kyle: I don't know, man.

Julian's going to be
so pissed off at me.

Dusty: What is he, your dad,

Come on. Party's waiting.

(alarm beeping)

(phone ringing)

Julian: Hey, Carolyn.
Is Kyle there?

Okay. Bye.

Yeah, no. I'm fine. Bye.

(door closes)

Julian: Oh, so you
still live here.

Kyle: You're supposed
to be at work.

Julian: Yeah, so are you.

I can't live like this Kyle.
I really can't.

You were gone for three days.

Kyle: I called.

Julian: When you knew
I'd be gone.

Jesus, I thought you were dead.

Julian: Fuck, Julian, I don't
need you babysitting me.

It's my life. I was having fun.

Julian: Yeah. You know what?
You're right.

You're absolutely right.

It is your life and you should
do exactly what you want to do.

So should I.

Goddammit, living with you
these last few weeks,

you either stop with the
crystal or it's over.

Kyle: Over? Baby, come on.

When you marry me, it's
supposed to be for better

or for worse.

Julian: You know what?

Maybe it's better that the
worse happened when it did.

Kyle: What are you doing?

Julian: I'm packing your shit,

because I can't live like this
anymore, Kyle.

I really can't.

Kyle: Where am I
supposed to go?

Julian: Go call your fuck
buddy, why don't you?

Kyle: We're not fucking.
He's not even gay!

Julian: Okay, because that
matters when you're tweaking.

Kyle: Look, stop. Just stop,
okay? Point taken.

I love you. I love you.
I'm sorry. You're right.

I'll try to do better.
I will, okay?

Julian: You can't try.

You have to quit.

Kyle: Okay.

Fuck. I know. I'll quit.
I will quit.

(music plays)

Carolyn: Hello.

Julian: Hey.

Pete: Hey, sicko!

Julian: Hey. Just in time. I
need your help with the drinks.

Carolyn: Want to
come talk to me?

I told him you had the flu.

Kyle: Yeah, it really knocked
me for a loop.

Carolyn: Kyle. Julian told me
what's been going on.

What were you thinking?

Kyle: Don't make a big deal,

I was just blowing off a little
stress with some fun,

it got out of control.

It's handled.

Carolyn: Maybe you have
too much on your plate.

Kyle: Why would
you think that?

Did Pete say something about
my work or something?

Carolyn: No. I just thought

It isn't weakness to ask
for help, you know.

You've got a big job.

Kyle: I have it handled, okay?

Carolyn: Do I need
to be worried?

Kyle: No. Just drop it,
okay, Lynnie?

Pete: Now, wait a minute.

Julian says that he's not
joining us in Iowa next week.

Now, if he's not going, why
am I stuck with your dad?

Carolyn: For better or worse,
you married into this family.

You have to be there when
we do family things.

When Kyle and Julian
tie the knot,

Julian will have to come home
and be miserable, too.

Kyle: Yeah.

Pete: Thank you.

Carolyn: Oh, none for me.

Kyle: Really. Interesting.

Julian: You know what.
Why don't you lay off today,

after that nasty cold.

Pete: Oh, Kyle,
while you were out,

Frank Guerrmo put in
his two week notice,

so I can't promise anything,
but if you want to apply.

Kyle: Really? I'd so love to
apply. That's awesome.

Pete: Put together
a presentation,

I'll set it up over at
the design center.

Kyle: Okay. That's great.
Thank you.

(music plays)

You like it?

Julian: It's beautiful.

Kyle: It's inspired by you.

Julian: Yeah?

Kyle: Makes me want to
sit on it.

Julian: (laughs) Yeah.
Promises, promises.

Kyle: If I could get this job,
Jules, you know,

if I could go home
with a design job,

he'd have to admit I
could be a success,

that my minor in design
wasn't just fluff.

Julian: No matter what
happens tomorrow,

you're a success to me.

Hey! Knock them dead!

(car starts)

(music plays)

Pete: It was clear that you put
in a lot of hard work

on this, Kyle.

Unfortunately, it's not going
to work out this time.

You just don't have enough
experience, yet.

Just keep working, though.
You had some good ideas.

Julian: I heard. Carolyn called.

Kyle: He didn't even look at
my portfolio.

He obviously just took to me
because Pete asked him to.

Julian: I'm proud of you,

Kyle: My designs were good,
though, weren't they?

Julian: Yes. They were
very good.

Kyle: How am I
going to tell Dad?

(airplane sound)

Radio: It's mid September
in Sioux City

and there's already
a chill in the air

as the election race heats up

between incumbent
Mayor Peeples and con -

Kyle: Still confident
of a win, Dad?

Mr. Peeples: Too early to tell.

I don't want to take
anything for granted.

Take a load off.
I'll put these in your room.

Hi dear.

Carolyn: Looks like I won.

Pete and I had a bet whether
you'd actually show.

Kyle: So, Pete bet against me,
did he?

Carolyn: No. He thought
it was 50/50.

Mom called. She invited us
for breakfast tomorrow,

if you want.

Mr. Peeples: He just got here,
Carolyn. Let him relax.

Highland single malt,
you'll like this.

Pete: That was a fast
turnaround at the airport.

I guess the plane was on time?

Mr. Peeples: Grab a glass, Pete.

Pete: Hey. I was just admiring
your impressive collection

of scout badges.

Mr. Peeples: Yeah. I found a
whole bunch of them

when I was renovating
the office.

Pete: Yeah, he framed them.
All 50 of them.

Mr. Peeples: Well, it was
an accomplishment.

Pete: I can understand the bird
study and the cooking,

but auto mechanics
and home repair?

Kyle: What can I say?
I'm handy with power tools.

Mr. Peeples:
He was a good camper,

not to mention a hell of a shot.

Kyle: Luckily, they never made
me actually kill anything.

Mr. Peeples: Oh,
you're a good hunter.

He's just being modest.

Kyle: No, Dad, I'm not.
I don't like killing things.

I told you a thousand times.

Mr. Peeples: Well, you've got
a whole slew

of those duck decoys
we carved together.

What were they for then?

Kyle: Objet d'art.

Mr. Peeples: Huh?

Kyle: They're decorative, Dad.

Mr. Peeples: I know what objet
d'art means, smart ass.

I just didn't get your point.

You can dismiss
your badge record,

but you earned them all, as
much as you might like

to think you're above it,

since you're a hotshot LA
furniture designer now.

Carolyn: Dinner's ready, if you
want to come sit down.

Kyle, will you help me
in the kitchen?

So, what's the strategy?

Do you want me to bring
the engagement up?

Would that be easier?

Kyle: I don't know if now
is such a good time.

I'll just send him a copy of the
announcement when it's over.

How's that?

Carolyn: Kyle. He doesn't even
know you guys are living together.

Julian deserves
better than that.

Don't make me out you.

Kyle: It's my business, pushy.


Carolyn: Not right now.

Kyle: Wait a minute.

Are you pregnant again?

Carolyn: No. Kyle, Kyle, shh.
No, no. Please.

Kyle: Oh my God, you are.
Carolyn: No, no, no.

We're not saying anything.

Kyle: (laughing) Carolyn: No, no, no.
Kyle, come on.

Kyle: Dad. Hot news flash.

Carolyn: Kyle's getting married.

Mr. Peeples: Now that's funny.

Tell me you're kidding.

No offense, but
what's the point?

Marriage is for making family.

It's something you need
a man and a woman for.

Isn't that right, Pete?

When are you going to make
some grandbabies, anyway?

Pete: Jack, I think you're

Kyle: Maybe it's so we can
legitimize our relationship

like everybody else is.

Mr. Peeples:
Well, that's idiotic.

What difference does it make?

Kyle: It makes a lot of

Mr. Peeples: If you're serious,
I would appreciate it,

you not announcing it
all around town.

It is difficult enough dealing
with a son who likes to

Just respect that this is my
home and my community.

Kyle: Don't worry, Dad. I
wouldn't want to cost you votes

in your election.

Mr. Peeples: Where you going?

Carolyn: Dad!

Pete: Leave him be.
Carolyn, he's a big boy.

Carolyn: Kyle, please come
back to eat. Come on.

You know he didn't
mean any harm.

At least he accepts you're gay.

Carolyn: Accepts it?

He hasn't accepted it.
He tolerates it.

You know what the definition
of "tolerate" is?

It's to put up with, to endure.

My father endures me.

Carolyn: No. He loves you
in his own way.

Kyle: What does that mean?

He loves me when I'm
Mr. Badgemaster,

when I can cock a gun,

but not when I'm school
fucking bunny rabbit.

Carolyn: Kyle, please,
he'll hear you.

Kyle: Oh well, fuck it.

Mr. Peeples: What is going on?

Why is he so sensitive
all of a sudden?

Kyle: Wait 'til he finds out
Julian's Latino.

I wonder what he'll hate more,

the gay thing or the
interracial thing.

Carolyn: Give him a chance
to know Julian.

He can't help but like him.

Kyle: You have no clue,
Miss Sunshine.

Everything you do is perfect.
Everything I do is shit.

Me being gay is just icing on
the cake in his disappointment.

Don't wait up.
I'm off to get nailed.

(rock music plays)

Pay UP-

Sissy: Hi.

Missy: Hi.

Kyle: Hey.

Sissy: Mid State High,

Missy: We were freshman
when you were a senior.

Sissy: The Baker sisters.

Kyle: Oh my God.
The Party Peanuts.


Missy: Missy.
Sissy: Sissy.

Kyle: Sissy.

Hey, how are you?

Missy: Right as rain.

Sissy: How about you?

Missy: We heard
you moved to LA.

Kyle: Yeah. I'm doing
interior design out there.

Missy: Wow.

Sissy: Neat.

Kyle: It's good. It's just me
and a couple employees,

but it's good.

I can't wait to get out of
this backassward town.

I'm bored stiff.

Sissy: We might be able to help
with the bored part.

Missy: And the stiff part, too,
if you're lucky.

Kyle: Some things
never change.

What do you got?

Sissy: Come with us.

Kyle: Okay.

(knock on door)

Kyle: Pete.

Pete: You have a minute?

Kyle: I was just about
to come get you.

I've been working on
the spreadsheet.

Pete: Yeah. Look, about that.
You have something on your

I'm going to have Jim do a pass
on the spreadsheet.

Kyle: What? Fuck, Pete.

I've been working
my ass off on that.

I know you've been
working really hard, Kyle,

and all the long hours, I do,
and I appreciate it,

-- but...
Kyle: But what?

Pete: You know what?

Why don't you just
knock off early today?

You just take a
nice long weekend

and then we'll reopen
this next week.

Kyle: Whatever.

(door opens and closes)

Kyle: Babe.
Kyle: Hey.

Julian: Looks like I'm a lucky
boy. What's the occasion?

Kyle: Just because.

Julian: It's a little early for
Halloween decorations, isn't it?

Kyle: Do you like them?
I was feeling festive.

Julian: Yeah, I can see that.

Kyle: Pete gave me
the night off early,

just sort of because,
as a bonus.

It's been so long since we've
had any time to relax at all.

I'm working nights so much.

(phone ringing)

Julian: Hello.

No we were just sitting down
to dinner. What's up?

Kyle: I made your favorite.
Shepherd's pie.

Julian: Are you sure?

All right. Thank you.

Kyle: Pete is full of shit and
he's fed Carolyn a pack of shit

and she's of course
going to back him up.

She's turned into
a fucking bitch.

Julian: Okay, so where did
the crystal come from?

Kyle: Are you taking
their side now?

Julian: I'm trying to give
you the benefit of a doubt,

but it's hard to
ignore the signs.

Kyle: What fucking signs?
What signs?

I'm sick of everybody
butting into my business.

They wonder why I'm having
problems at work

when everybody
keeps dogging me.

Julian: What are you
talking about.

Kyle: I'm never going to
get that promotion,

because they'd rather have
a good accountant

and they just keep me down to
avoid having to reward me.

Julian: You're ridiculous.

Kyle: I can see it.
I can see it.

Julian: Yeah.

Kyle: I can see it.

Julian: Me too.

Kyle: They think I'm stupid,
but I can see it.

Julian: Okay. We're all stupid.
You're the smart one.

Kyle: It's just
fucking bullshit.

(dog barking)


Mia: Turn that shit off. Hi.

Kyle: I'm looking for Dusty.

Dusty: Dude. You made it.
Mia, this is the Kyle,

the dude I told you about.

Kyle: Hey Mama.


Dusty: Mia dude, not Mama.

Kyle: Oh sorry.

Mia: Don't be. I like it.

Dusty: Come in.

(door closes)

Mia: Help me get the door.

Dusty: Dude, seriously?

Mia: Yeah, you don't like it,
you can leave.

Dusty: It's really
fucking bright.

Kyle: Who's the old lady?

Nora: I don't want that.

Dusty: She owns the house.

Mia: Eat it!

Nora: No. I don't want it!

Mia: I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to yell.

Dusty: That's it.

Mia: God!

(music plays)

Mia: Carlos, you going
to let me in or what?

Carlos: What's up, baby?

You've been hiding from me.

Mia: No, man. I'm just trying
to behave myself.

Carlos: What can I do for you,

Mia: I'm just looking for a
hookup for my boys.

Carlos: These two little
tutti fruttis outside?

Mia: Yeah, they're cool.

Carlos: And you think they can
handle themselves, Mia?

Mia: Yeah, sure.
Kyle's got the cash.

(phone ringing)

Carlos: Shut that
fucking shit off.

(phone ringing)

Recording: You want me,
leave a message.

Julian: Yeah. I've actually
left five messages.

I'd like to at least get a
courtesy, I don't know, text.

Just call me and at least let
me know that you're okay.

Okay, please?

(music plays)

(phone ringing)

Carolyn: Hello.

Julian: Listen. You guys
should probably come over.

We need to talk.


Carolyn: Maybe it's coke.

Not that that would be good,
but it would be better, right?

Julian: No, it's meth. For sure.

I knew it. I did.

And I should have
done something,

especially after the last
time he disappeared.

Pete: Last time?

Carolyn: He could be hurt.

Julian: Carolyn,
he's taken money

out of the bank account
and not a small amount.

We both have to stop
making excuses for him.

Pete: Why didn't you tell me
about this before, Carolyn?

This is serious.

Carolyn: Because I didn't want
you to overreact,

like you're about to right now.

Pete: Don't suppose howl
might react. That is not fair.

If Kyle has a serious problem,
it doesn't affect just him

-- or just you.
Carolyn: Pete, please.

What do you think we
should do, Julian?

Julian: I just, I don't know
how to find him.

I don't even know
where to begin.

Pete: Wait. I own his cellphone.

I can legally have it tracked.

(music plays)

Mia: Hey. Wake the fuck up.

Dusty: Fuck.

Mia: Dusty, you know
the fucking rules.

You want to stay,
you watch Nora.

Dusty: I know.
I said that I would.

Mia: That means
no fucking sleeping

until I get back from work.

Dusty: That's why you should
give me my own room.

Mia: Okay. You don't pay,
you don't stay.

Julian: Yeah,
I'm looking for Kyle.

Mia: Dusty. Deal.

Julian: Kyle. Kyle, come on.
Get up! Come on. Get up.

You stay out of it. I swear to
God. I'll fucking kill you!

Come on.

Kyle: Come on, dude.
Julian: Come on.

We're going home.

Kyle: No, I'm not.
Julian: Come on.

Kyle: I'll go home
when I'm ready!

Julian: You'd rather stay here
with these people

than come home with me?

Kyle: Right now, yeah.

Julian: Yeah? Okay. We'll see
how long you last

without access to
the bank account.

Kyle: You can't keep me from
using that account.

That's our account.

Julian: You want to bet?
You want to bet?

That money is keeping a roof
over our heads

and paying for the bills,

not to shoot up
your goddamn nose.

You want help?

Pete and Carolyn will pitch
in and we'll get you help.

Kyle: I don't want help.
I don't need help!

Julian: Kyle. You're
a fucking addict.

You're worthless on this shit!

Kyle: Fuck off!
Carolyn: Julian, are you -

Julian: No. You know what?

You want to self destruct,
that's fine. Go ahead.

But I'm not going to watch.
I can't bear to watch.

You're fucking pathetic.

I don't even know who
the fuck you are.

Carolyn: Kyle.

Pete: Come on.

Carolyn: We can't just
leave him like this.

(car starts)

(cat meows)

Kyle: Baby.

Kyle: Baby. (knocks on door)

(door rattling)


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just

Where do you get off,
Mr. High and Mighty.

You started speed, too, so
don't act all holier than thou.

Fuck, what do want

You think I won't leave?

You'll be begging
me to come back!

I'm leaving.

This is fucking bullshit.

You're like all the rest.

(bangs on window)

Nice to know what you're
really all about, fuck head.

You love me?
You want to marry me?

Really? Really?


One little fuck up with money
and that's it?

So, now I know that money
means more to you than I do,

so that's good. That's good.

I'm glad to know it, dickwad.

This is the last time you're
ever going to see me,

so take one long look at this
and kiss it goodbye.

(car starts)

(phone ringing)

Carolyn: Hello.

Kyle: Hey. Julian
and I had a fight.

Can I crash with you
until he calms down?

Carolyn: He just wants to stay
for a night or two.

Pete: No. No.

Absolutely not.

Your sister's already
miscarried once.

Carolyn: This doesn't
concern you, Pete.

Put Lynnie back on.

Pete: It most certainly does
concern me.

You're out of control.

We'll get you help, but we
won't enable you.

Kyle: Who are you, Dr. Phil?

I don't need fucking help!

Look, Julian just got pissed

because I spent some of
our money.

It's supposed to be our money,
not his money,

our money, but obviously this
whole let's share our lives

and all this and all that is
fucking bullshit.

Carolyn: Just one night, Pete.

Kyle: I can't believe you guys
are taking his side.

Carolyn: This is ridiculous.
He's my brother.

Pete: Until you can admit that
you have a problem

and ask for help,
you're on your own.

Carolyn: What did you just do?

(rock music plays)

Must be kind of scary

To watch me gain
my confidence back

Must be kind of
strange to find

That you don't have
control of that

Must be kind of bitter sweet

To think that
I'm so independent

You can try to break me...

(siren blares)

I don't see much you can do

It must be kind of scary

To think I could be

Kyle: It'll just be a loan, Dad.

Mr. Peeples: Well, what happened
to your big shot designer job?

Kyle: Nothing happened.
I just

I felt it would be good for me
to go out on my own,

be an entrepreneur, you know?

Mr. Peeples:
As a house painter?

Kyle: As a color consultant,
wall treatment specialist, Dad.

It's a foot in the door of
my own business.

You're always complaining
about being a company man.

Well, I wouldn't be a company
man anymore.

That's good, right?

Mr. Peeples: That is a lot of
money for painting supplies, son.

Kyle: Dad. Jeez Louise.
I never ask you for anything.

Can you please help me out of
a jam, just this once?


Dusty: (laughing) Let me stay,
you won't regret it.

Kyle: Promises, promises.

Pinky: Those things aren't going
to watch themselves, sweetheart.

This isn't the safest

Mia: Hey yo, Pinky girl. You
trying to scare my boy?

Pinky: How's your grandmama?

Last time I saw her
she was so confused.

Mia: I know.
She's getting worse.

Pinky: Sugar, I'm so sorry.

What's your name, darling?

Kyle: Kyle.

Pinky: Well, Kyle,
if you need anything,

Pinky's upstairs at the end
of the hall, okay?

Anything at all.

Kyle: Thanks.

Hey. Need help?

Bobby: I got it, thanks.

You're the new guy?

Kyle: Yeah, Kyle.

Bobby: Bobby Blue.


I live right there.

Kyle: Okay.

Bobby: You want to
come in for a bit?

Kyle: I still have some
unloading to do.


Kyle: This will never do.

(rock music plays)

Dusty: Anything we want.

Mia: This is fucking horrible.

Kyle: Okay. There you go.

That's the right place for it.

Dusty: Billie.

Billie: Hey, Dusty.

How's it going, gorgeous?

Can I get a pitcher?

Billie: Of course.

Dusty: You guys, I decided
that this is my alter ego.

He's called Mr. Upright Citizen.

Billie: Who's the new goose?

Dusty: This is my buddy, Kyle.

Dude, this is Billie.
Billie is the shit.

You ever need a place to chill,
you come here.

Bailed my ass out more times
than I can count.

Billie: Literally.

Dusty: Just that once.

Billie: Mi casa es su casa,

Mia: I'm going to go to
the little girl's room.

Be right back.

Dusty: Dude, you are addicted.

What do you need all those
pictures for?

Dusty: I was thinking,
I'm going to do

like a tweaker coffee table
book one day.

I mean, don't you think that
would be fucking hot?

Kyle: A tweaker coffee table book?
Dusty: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah, but tweakers
don't spend money

on stuff like that, dude.

Dusty: I don't know. It's just
all I know how to do.

Kyle: Yeah, but you're
good enough, though.

Dusty: Really?

Kyle: Scout's honor.

Dusty: Thanks.

Dusty: Doing a little business
in the john?

When are you going to teach us
to shoot up?

Mia: Never. You're
way too pretty.

Dusty: Smile. You're sexy.

Hello, Kyle.

That's amazing.

Dusty: Dude, fuck that.
Let's do something.

Let's hit the boulevard.

Let's get ourselves into
some trouble.

Kyle: I hate to tell you, but
we're almost out of money.

We only have enough for like
another eight ball.

I have to make my
fucking car payment.

Dusty: Call your dad again.

Kyle: Why don't you call
your dad?

Or like call one of your
publicist friends or something,

get a temp job,

Dusty: What are you
talking about?

Kyle: To take pictures at an
event, like when we met.

Dusty: Dude, I wasn't
actually working.

That was just a front
to find customers.

Kyle: Oh.

Well, we could
pawn your camera.

Dusty: Are you high, dude?

We're not pawning
my fucking camera.

Kyle: Just until we make enough
money to like buy it back.

What are we going to do then?

(music plays)

Mia: You should let me brush
your hair every day.

Kyle: Not to point out
the obvious,

but you two look nothing alike.

Mia: So.

Kyle: So.

Mia: Grandma just found me on
the street and took me in.

Kyle: Just like that?

Mia: Just like that.

Kyle: No questions asked.

Nora: Not as many as you.

Kyle: So where are your
real parents?

Mia: Who gives a fuck?

(knock on door)

Jude: Hello.

Mia: Hey.

Jude: Hey, is Luke here?

Mia: Yeah, he's upstairs
on the right.

Kyle: Luke?

Mia: Yeah.

Dusty: Hello beautiful sister.

Jude: Hi honey. Dusty: Hi gorgeous.
How are you?

You want something to drink?
Any water or -

Jude: You called.
What do you need?

Dusty: Well, first of all,
I want to let you know

I have been clean
now, for a month.

It's been really hard,
but I feel really good.

Jude: Good. I'm glad to hear it.

Dusty: And I got a
job at Benny's Diner.

You know the one
on Santa Monica.

Jude: Good. I'm glad.

Dusty: The only thing
is I just started,

so I'm only bussing and I'm
not making any of the tips.

Jude: How much?

Dusty: $1500. This
is for real, Jude.

I'm serious. I'm
two months behind

and I can't hold down
a job if I'm living

on the streets and I
can't go back to...


Kyle: Hey Pinky.

Pinky: Well, hi.

I'll save you a trip to the car.

Kyle: Motherfucker.

Pinky: Pinky told you to
read the street signs.

Alternate side of the street
parking here,

in this neighborhood, come on.

Jude: I love you, you know.

Dusty: I love you, too.

Kyle: Nice car.


Dusty: She didn't believe me.

Pinky: Well, what did you
expect, handsome?

Your sister ain't no peabrain.

Kyle: So, what are we
going to do now?

Dusty: We've got to have
a few rules, okay?

Kyle: Mmhmm (affirmative).

Dusty: Most important, and
you've got to live by this,

seriously, no bareback, ever.

No matter how much money
they offer and they will,

because once the word gets out
that you do it,

all you get are
HIV infected tricks,

because no one else
will risk it.

Kyle: Okay.

Dusty: Two, if we're
doing this together,

you've got to stop
the picking, dude.

It isn't a good sell.

Kyle: I never pick my face.

Dusty: They're not going to be
looking at your face, sweetheart.

Kyle: (laughs)

You really think this
is going to work?

(rock music plays)

Dusty: Come this way.

(knock on door)

Dusty: Ready for this?

Mia: Ow.

Male: What the fuck
is she doing here?

Mia: Ow.

Male: Yo man, she's totally
fucking with my high, man.

Dusty: She's cool, man.

Male: No. She's
not fucking cool.

Just five more minutes. No.

Kyle: No five minutes. No.

Nora: No, I don't want to.

Mia: Grammy? Grammy!

Male 2: Come on, Ma. Let's go.

Nora: Where are you taking me? Male
2: We have to hurry. It's 10 o'clock.

What was that?

Mia: No one invited you here.

Male 2: I know that.

Look, Mia, I'm not going to
argue with you, okay?

I'm not.

You have no standing
in this family.

I'm not going to allow you
to let my mother live

in this corrupt environment.

Mia: Fuck off. You don't show
your face around here

for years and now you
come around for what,

your inheritance?

Go back to your
own fucking world.

Male 2: Oh, I will go back to
my own fucking world,

trust me, but with her.

Mia: Don't you
fucking touch her.

Male 2: My mother loves you.
I have no idea why.

I never have, but if you force
this, I will get a court order

and I will come back here
with the police.

You are not blood and
you will not win.

Mia: Blood doesn't make
a family. Fuck you.

Male 2: Okay, but it also
doesn't make a law.

This is illegal and
this is illegal, too.

Mia: You look like a pimp.

Did you let him in?

Nora: I didn't. I didn't
he just came in.

Mia: It's okay.

(Nora crying)

Dusty: What's your
fucking deal, dude?

Bobby: You think I don't know?

I was spinning on ice
when you were still

picking your butt in high
school, so don't.

And you, listen to me. It's not
too late for you to stop this.

If I can do it, you can do it.

You want to get off this ride,
you know where to find me.

All you have to do is ask.

Kyle: Morning.
Mia: Morning.

Kyle: What is with all
the clickety clack?

Don't you ever take
your shoes off?

Mia: Hey, be nice, or
you're not getting any

of Mama's chicken pasta
and for dessert

Dusty: Oh shit, Mama, looks
like a good night's work.

Mia: It sure was.

Dusty: Who was that
dickwad the other day?

Mia: That was Grammy's son.

He's acting like he gives
a shit. Whatever.

Dusty: Oh. That is disgusting.

Mia: Hey!

Dusty: That is totally disgusting.
What the fuck is that?

Mia: It is French.
It's rosé, you barbarians.

Kyle: Here, I'll fix it.

Dusty: Oh, thank you, Kyle.

Count on the gay boy to fix
a crappy tasting wine

with vodka.

I'm going to tell Billie
to put this on her

drink list at the bar.

She can call it
the Homo.

Fucking Homo.

Kyle: What the fuck, dude?

Go make yourself useful.
Pour me another Homo.


Kyle: Do you mind?

That nauseates me.

Dusty: Don't be jealous, man.

I love you, too.

(helicopter sound)

Dusty: Oh shit.

Mia: Fuck.

Kyle: It's alien probes.
I've seen them outside.

(knock on door)

Kyle: Don't answer the door,
seriously. Seriously.

Pinky: It's Pinky.

Kyle: That's not Pinky. It does
not sound like Pinky.

Pinky: You better open up
this door in ten seconds

or I'm going to break it down
and beat you with it.

Then you'll know it's me.

Dusty: It might be Pinky.

Kyle: Pinky. Hi, Pinky.

Pinky: What are you all
doing in here

that you don't hear this poor
woman wailing

in the hallway?

Nora: I got lost.

Mia: Grammy, Grammy just go
downstairs, okay?

I'm sorry.

Pinky: When was the last time
you checked in on her?

Kyle: Maybe she's hungry?

You want something
to eat, Nora?

Mia: No, she's fine. Grammy,
just go downstairs

for another hour, okay?

Kyle: Jesus Christ, then
I'll take care of her.

Pinky: How are you going to do
your grandmama like that?

Nora: I know where
I'm going now.

Pinky: Shame on you.

Nora: I was looking
for little Mia.

She was such a
pretty little baby

and no trouble.

No trouble at all.

She misses her so much.

She cries at night sometimes.

Kyle: Who are we
talking about again?

Nora: The baby. Mia's baby.

The policemen took
her away from Mia.

You know, you're
a very nice boy.

Maybe you'd marry her.

She's a very good cook,
you know.

Kyle: I do know.

(heavy breathing)

Kyle: Jesus, get the fuck
out of here.

Get the fuck out of here!

Dusty: What's the problem?

Kyle: You're just
a fucking tease

and I'm sick of
putting up with it.

You want to fuck her,
get the fuck out.

Dusty: Fucking A man,
you knew I was straight

when I moved in here.

I didn't
promise you shit.

Kyle: You prance your
little ass around here

like it's doable any time you
want something from me.



Kyle: You motherfucker!

Mia: Kyle. Kyle,
fucking stop it!

Kyle! Jesus!

Stop it, Kyle,
you're killing him!

Get the fuck - Kyle!

Kyle! Fucking stop, Kyle!

Kyle: I'm sorry.

I just don't get it.

You suck cock for a living.

I've seen you come with
a dick up your ass.

Dusty: I come because
I'm fucking horny as fuck,

smoking that Tina.

There's no mystery, man.

No matter how deep you think
you're digging,

you're not going to find it.

The faggot Sorry. I'm sorry.

Mia: You just have to learn
how to accept it.

You know, God accepts us.

God doesn't exist, Mama.

If he did, he wouldn't be
loving on us.

Mia: Yes he does, Dusty.
He loves all his children.

Kyle: Like you love yours?

Mia: Don't you fucking say that.

I love my baby, Kyle.

I love my baby and
Child Services came

and they took my baby.

They fucking took her,

but I'm going to get her back.
I'm going to get her back, Kyle.

I just have to get clean first.

I can.

Kyle: You can.

So can I.

(phone dialing)

Julian: Yes?

Kyle: Jules.

I miss you.
I want to come home.

Julian: Are you high?

Kyle: No.

Kyle: We're going out, Mama.

Mia: So go.

Dusty: Hey. You've got to leave
those sores alone.

Nobody wants a scabby 'ho.

Kyle: Fuck you.
You aren't perfect.

Dusty: You, on the other hand,
you're practically old.

The only thing you've got going
for you is a big dick

and unless you want to
enter with it swinging,

stop picking.

Mia: Ow.

Kyle: Mama.

Mia: I fell asleep.

Kyle: I know you did.
It's time to go to bed.

Mia: Just five minutes, okay?

Kyle: Okay.


Dusty: Bye Mama.

Dusty: Weird shit.

Kyle: Is this right?

Dusty: No.

Yeah. So you coming in?

Dusty: Yeah.

Kyle: Hey.

Manny: Like-a?

Kyle: Nice.

Manny: So this how it
going to go down, huh?

I don't care who gives, but the
other one watches, yeah?

So, who's going to be
the watcher?

Kyle: Dusty will watch.

So, what can I do
to make you happy?

You want me to suck
your giant cock?

Manny: You want to
make Manny happy?

Shut the fuck up!

Shut the fuck up and you're
going to lick it and like it.

Fuck tard, I told you to watch!

You watch.

Dusty: Okay.

Manny: Or I fuck your eyes
out your skull.

Dusty: Okay.

Manny: Ooh yeah. Lick it.
Yeah, lick it.

Ooh. Ooh. Yeah. (laughing)

You must watch.

(heavy breathing)

You watch, fuck tard!


Get the fuck out of here!


Get the fuck out of here.

Get the fuck out of here!

You want to get paid, fuck
tard? Get the fuck out of here!

Dusty: I'm sorry. I'm really,
really sorry.

Kyle: It's okay. It's okay,
it's okay.

(heavy breathing)

Dusty: Are you okay?

Kyle: At least he paid.

Dusty: Fuck.

Kyle: I can't keep going on
like this. I can't.

I've gotta quit.

Mia: I'm going to find
that motherfucker

and I'm going to
seriously fuck him up.

Dusty: We don't need to
quit like totally okay?

Kyle: I can't risk that same
machine again, dude.

I can't.

I'm not sure I'd
live through it.

I feel like my body would just
crack and fall apart and

I'd be a bunch of pieces that
nobody could pick up again.

Dusty: That's why Mia

She's going to ask Carlos to
stake us our first out,

so we start dealing for real.

Mia: No.
Dusty: Yeah.

Mia: Okay, no. Heavy dealing
isn't a game.

Dusty: No shit, Mama.

Kyle: He barely trusts us to
buy our own stash.

Dusty: We have always been
good for the money.

This guy fucking needs us.

We could open up a whole new
clientele for him.

Come on. All those upscale
tweakers don't want to buy

off some Mexican illegal,
they want to buy from us.

We get a wholesale stash
and we make enough money

to stop tricking,
more than enough.

Mia: Too bad, because we have
to find another solution,

because I'm not getting you
guys involved in that.

(rock music plays)

Carlos: Okay. Okay,
my little faggots.

I'll front you your first
ounce. We'll see how it goes.

If you get popped, you
keep your mouth shut,

or you're dead. Comprende?

Kyle: Si, comprende, mi amigo.

Carlos: You ain't me amigo.

Let's get that fucking
straight right now.

Get this fucking
shit out of here.

Mia: Are you okay?

Dusty: I'm fine.

Mia: You're not fine.

Dusty: Okay, okay.

Dusty: Maybe it's not so bad.
Maybe I'm okay.

Mia: No, no, honey.
You're not okay.

Please go inside for Mama,

Dusty: Hey dude, can you
do me a favor?

Just guard my camera
for me, okay?

It's on the desk in the room.

Kyle: Okay.

Dusty: No pawning.

Kyle: Promise.

Dusty: Okay.
Mia: It's okay.

Dusty: I need to see a doctor.

Nurse 1: Did you cut yourself?

Dusty: No. I just
don't feel good.

Nurse 1:
Do you have insurance?

Dusty: No.

Nurse 1: There's a free clinic
on Santa Monica.

Dusty: I don't think
I can get there.

Nurse 1: I'm sorry.
I can't help you.

Dusty: I don't think
I can get there.

Nurse 1: Please, don't
raise your voice.

I can't admit you
without insurance

or a recognized form of
payment, like a credit card.

Do you have a credit card?

Dusty: No.

Nurse 2: What's the problem?
Cut himself?

Nurse 1: No.
He doesn't feel well,

but he doesn't have
any way to pay.

Nurse 2: Thanks for covering.
I've got it from here.

Not feeling so great?
Chills, fever?

It's probably just the flu.

Go home, drink plenty of fluid -

Oh my God!

Carolyn: Kyle.

Julian: Kyle, come on.
We're here to help.

You called me.
You reached out.

Give us a chance and if
you want, at the end,

you can tell us all
to go to hell.

Come on.

Mom: Dear Kyle, I remember
you as a little boy,

always joyful, always -

Kyle: I wasn't joyful, Mom.

I was just pretending to
cover up how weird I felt

in our own family.

Mom: No one ever asked you
to be any different,

even when you came
downstairs dressed

in your cowboy outfit
and pearls, honey,

which killed your father.

Kyle: You left us,
how would you know?

Mom: I didn't leave you.
I left your father.

Kyle: This is a waste of time.
You aren't listening.

Dad couldn't even be
bothered to show up.

Mom: I am too listening.

Doctor: It was based on
discussions that I had

with your sister.

We all thought maybe it would
be more productive here

today without your father.

He's really concerned for you.

Kyle: Whatever.
This is bullshit.

Lynnie did cocaine in college.
What's the difference?

Mom: Lynnie!

Carolyn: It wasn't a big deal,

We all partied at one time
or another.

Doctor: Listen, 80% of people
who even try this drug

get addicted.

It's considered more addictive
than heroin.

Addicts have a 6% chance of
staying clean, 6%,

so please, can we just
stay focused on Kyle?

Mia: Where's Grammy?

Kyle: She's out front.

Pete: Kyle, come on.
Just have a seat, buddy.

Kyle: You're not my
fucking buddy, Pete.

Just psycho bullshit.

I like it. I don't want to stop.

Mom: Kyle!

Kyle: Hey! Hey, let her go!

Hey! Let her go!

Julian: Kyle! Stay out of it.

Male: Hey man, you better listen
to your friend, okay man?

Listen to your friend.

You don't wan to fuck with me.
Mia, I am sorry.

I really am sorry.

You're just going
to have to find

another Social Security check
so you can get high.

Mia: I never touched her money.

Male: Oh bullshit!

Mia: Why do you think
we rent the house?

Why do you think we rent
the house?

Please, she is the only family
I have left.

She's happy here.

Male: She doesn't know
any better.

Look at her. You smoke
this fucking drug.

I'm not judging you.
This awful fucking drug,

this soul destroying drug
in front of her.

Nora: I'm sorry if I did
something wrong, Mia.

Please don't take my baby
away from me, sir.


Male: I'm not taking your baby,
I'm not.

Mom, stop. I told you to
not do this shit.

Come on, let's go.

Kyle: Let her go.

(Nora yelling)

Male: Hey motherfucker. Julian:
That's enough. Come on.

Male: Motherfucker,
back up, dude!

Julian: Enough!

Male: Hey! You put a hand
on me, motherfucker.

Mom: Kyle. Stop, Kyle!

Kyle: Get the fuck off me!

Julian: You know what?
I'm done. I can't.

Nora: What did I do wrong, Mia?

What did I do?

(Nora crying)

Male: It didn't have to be
like this. Wake up.

Wake the fuck up. Come on.

This is the saddest shit I've
ever been through in my life.

Kyle: If I just walked off
this cliff right now,

do you think
anyone would care?

Mia: I'd care. Dusty would care.

Kyle: Sometimes I think it
might just be easier

on everyone.

I came out here
for this, you know.

Mia: Oh yeah, the high?
Kyle: No.

My freedom.

A chance to start over,
be who I really want to be.

Mia: Who is that?

Kyle: Not much, just a
fabulously wealthy gay man

with a hugely successful
design business.

That's who.

I am going to quit, you know.

I just don't need my family
telling me when and how.

They're half
the problem anyway.

Mia: I know. I get it.

Kyle: Fucking Julian, man.

Where was he
when I needed him,

when he was passing
judgment at me

and kicking me out of
my own house?

Mia: You still love him.

Let's go see Dusty.

Kyle: Okay.

Mia: Will you take
me somewhere first?

Pretty house, isn't it?

Kyle: Yeah.

Mia: This is where my kid lives.

Are you gonna knock?

Oh my God.

Girl: You're high.

Mia: Is the family
treating you okay?

Girl: Yeah.

I have to go. I'm not supposed
to be talking to you.

(music plays)

Mia: Those are for Dusty.

Kyle: Here it is.

Kyle: Hey.
Mia: Hey baby.

Nurse 1: Oh, I'm sorry.
Visiting hours are over.

Kyle: Oh, well, can we just
talk to him for a second?

We're family.

Nurse 1: You have to be quick,

He really needs
to get some rest.

Mia: Hey baby.

Dusty: It's good to see you,

Kyle: Good to see you.

Mia: I miss you so much.

Kyle: Yeah, we miss you.
Jude: Excuse me.

Can I talk to you guys
out here for a second?

Dusty: Okay.

Mia: Hi. How's he doing?

Kyle: How is he?

Jude: What are you guys
doing here?

Kyle: What do you mean?
We care about Dusty.

Jude: His name is Luke.
It's not Dusty.

You guys pick up these names
and you live these lives

to get high and it's killing
you and you don't even get it.

Look at my baby brother.

His insides are rotting,
because he's been smoking

and snorting,
God knows what else,

so he can put cleaning fluid
in his body,

because he thinks it feels good.

When he got here,
he had a peptic ulcer.

It's a little hole
in his stomach.

The doctors are surprised
that he even made it

through surgery.

Now, they've discovered
that his small bowel

is necrotic, which means
literally dying.

And did I fail to mention
that he has blood poisoning

from a sore that he picked so
much that it's an inch deep?

On top of that, he's detoxing.

That alone would have killed
a stronger person,

but he's clean, finally clean.

I wish that you guys
would just give him

a fighting chance
to stay that way.

Please, just stay away.

Kyle: Okay.

Mia: Fuck her, okay? Because
Dusty told me all about her.

The Ambien that she takes
at night to go to sleep,

the Xanax that she takes during
the day to stay calm.

She smokes weed, okay.

She's just a fucking
hypocritical ass bitch.

Bobby: Hey, you okay?

Kyle: What do you want?

Bobby: How's Dusty?

Kyle: Like you care.

Bobby: Is it HIV?

Kyle: No, it's not HIV.

Bobby: Good, because
I know how meth

can affect your judgment in
the moment, so to speak,

and you can think,
"What the fuck?

What difference does it make?"

It does, you know.

Kyle: He's not doing so good.

Bobby: I'm sorry, Kyle.
I'll be praying for him.

Mia: Ow. I did it again.

Kyle: Yes you did.

Dusty was right.

High-end hotels, houses
in the Hollywood Hills.

It's nice to finally be playing
the big leagues.

I just wish he would
get better soon.

(knock on door)

Kyle: Hey.

Jude: Hey.

Is Luke's camera here?
I'd like to get it.

Kyle: I'd have to ask Luke
if I can give it to you.

He was counting on me
to keep it safe for him.

Jude: Luke's dead.

Kyle: These are the pictures
he's been taking.

Jude: Keep them.
I don't want to know.

You both seem nice enough,
but my brother was lovely

and he was smart
and really sweet

and I just don't understand why.


(electronic music plays)

Kyle: Motherfucker!

Billie: Where's the other

Kyle: He's right there.

Billie: (laughs)
He's looked better.

Kyle: You can't expect much
when you're dead.

Billie: What?

Kyle: He died, Billie.
He died on us.

Billie: What the fuck?
Just a second.

This Homo's on me.

(glasses clink)
To Dusty...

Mia: Hey baby, can I use
your computer

when we get inside?

I promise I'll give it
back to you.

Kyle: Sure baby.
What's on my computer

that you always need to get
in it so badly all the time?

Mia: Oh, you know, my kid.
She's got a page online.

Carlos: Where is my
fucking Rolex?

Mia: Kyle. (knocks on door)

Carlos: He's busy
right now, Mia.

Mia: Carlos, why is
the door locked?

Carlos: Kyle and I just have a
little business to attend to.

Mia: Carlos, open
the fucking door.

Carlos, for the love of God,
open the fucking door!

Carlos: You're not invited to
this little party, mija.

Neither are you.

Bobby: Open the door or
I'm calling the cops.

Mia: Bobby, fucking shut up.

Carlos: Are you scared now,
little faggot?

Where is it?

I'm not playing no more.

Where is my fucking Rolex?

Oh, no, no.
No you don't, fucker.

No you don't. No, no. (laughing)

And that motherfucking
Rolex is real.

My old lady bought it for me
and I want it back,

but if you think it's
worth your life,

we can keep playing this game.

Pinky: Oh good lord. Mia, why
do you have a knife?

Put it down.

Kyle: No.

Mia: Pinky, he's in there, you've
got to break the door down.

Carlos: Then again, what have
you got to live for, really?

Mia: Break the door down!


Mia: Oh God. Pinky,
did I kill him?

Pinky: He's dead.

Mia, really, now? Must you?

Mia, Kyle is okay.
He's okay, baby.

Let's get you untied,
let's get you untied.

Mia: He should've known not to
mess with one of my boys.

It's okay, baby. We've got to
get you someplace safe.

You don't think his boys
are going to wonder

where he's gone?

Pinky: Oh, jeez.

Mia: You don't think Carlos is
going to tell every one

of his fucking stupid
junkie friends

that you stole his Rolex?

Kyle: It wasn't real.

Pinky: Real, my dumplings,
is besides the point.

Kyle, you need to go
and pack your bags

and hide away for a couple of
weeks or three.

Go! Come on, come on, baby.
Over here.

Come on, baby.

It's okay, baby. It's okay.
Let Pinky take care of this.

Okay. We need to
clean this mess up.

Mia, honey, I think
you should stay, okay?

Pinky's got this.

Kyle: Thank you.

Pinky: Where's the step?
Watch the step.

Kyle: Oh fuck.

Pinky: What?

Kyle: My car. My car's gone.

Pinky: What do you mean
your car is gone?

Did you park it on
a different block?

Kyle: No, I didn't.
I parked it right here,

right fucking here.

Pinky: Did you pay those
parking tickets?

It must have gotten towed.

There's nothing about this
moment that Pinky likes,

nothing at all.

Kyle: We have to use your car.

Pinky: No, no, no.
Pinky does not like that idea.

Kyle: Thank you. Bye Pinky.

I don't suppose,
no I don't suppose.

Someone's sleeping
in my bed,

Someone's let
the genie in

I don't suppose,
no I don't suppose

You know who you are

Who you are...

Landlord: Yo, Mr. Peeples.

Kyle: Yeah.

Landlord: You plan
on paying your rent?

Your next week coming due.

Kyle: I know, jeez.

Landlord: Well, you know I
ain't running no charity case.

Kyle: I know. I'll have it.

Landlord: Don't be late.


(knock on door)

Kyle: Hold on.

Kyle: You don't look so hot.

Bobby: Neither do you.

Kyle: How did you...?

Bobby: Look, it's bareback
or nothing at all, all right.

I'll pay top dollar for it.

Kyle: You're my trick?

Bobby: Yeah, baby boy.
You want my cash or not?

Bobby: What's the matter?

You getting your period
or something?

Kyle: You're a 12-stepper.

Bobby: Yeah. It got old.
Life is hard.

Want some?

Straighten your arm out.

Come on, make a fist.

Consider it a tip.

Kyle: Thanks.

Bobby: See you around, Kyle.

(door opens and closes)

(phone ringing)

Mia: Hey baby.

Kyle: Mama.

Mia: How's my boy?

Kyle: Hi. You've got to
come get me.

I think something's wrong.

Male: I'm not paying you
to talk on the phone.

Mia: Listen, baby, Mama's busy
right now, okay?

Can I come out in
like an hour or so?

Kyle: No, I need you to come
get me now. Please.

Please, Mama.

Mia: I've got to go.

(knock on door)

Kyle: Mia?

Pinky: Kyle? Kyle, honey,
you in there?

Hi baby. Oh Jesus, lord in
heaven, you look awful.

Kyle: I have really,
really bad cramps.

Oh baby, what kind
of cramps?

They're in my stomach
and they hurt.

I haven't shit in a long time.

How long has it been?

I don't know, like weeks.

Pinky: Kyle, baby.

Kyle: I can't go in there.

Pinky: Kyle.
Kyle: I can't, I can't.

Just take me to like a pharmacy
or something

and get some laxatives.

Pinky: You're telling me you
haven't tried that yet?


Kyle: Thank you, Pinky.

Pinky: You sure you're okay?

I don't mind coming in
for a spell

and keeping you company.

Pinky: I'll be fine.
Truly, I'll be fine.

Pinky: Kyle. You know
I don't judge.

It's just you deserve
better than this.

Pinky wants better
than this for you.

Kyle: Thank you, Pinky.


What the fuck?



(shower running)

(music plays)

(phone ringing)

Mr. Peeples: Hello.

Kyle: Dad. I think
I'm in trouble.

If I don't come home now...

Mr. Peeples:
Can you get to LAX?

Kyle: Yeah. I think so,
I think so.

Mr. Peeples: There'll be a
ticket waiting at Southwest.

I'll have your sister
come meet you.

Kyle: Okay.

Thanks Dad.

(music plays)

Kyle: LAX, please.

I'll never walk away

You know I'd fix the time

Come slowly to me

It's gettin'
harder to breathe

Am I willing to survive

I'll be taken alive

I'll never be your fall

I'll never walk away

With nothing left to hide
I'll sleep soundly tonight

While the masses collide

Though my fortune's untold,
there's a long way to go