Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding (2020) - full transcript

Lifetime's first-ever Christmas sequel! Follow Jacquie as she and Tyler try to plan their perfect destination Christmas wedding. Naturally, Jacquie's plans go awry when her boisterous ...


[Jacquie] I can't believe

what a whirlwind year
it's been.

So much has happened
in a short amount of time.

First, I got the "Queen of the Castle" deal.

They're launching
a new tech division

and they want you to run it.


Then, right after that,

Tyler and I started dating,

and it didn't take long

before we were
completely inseparable.

This snowman
driving a convertible

is kinda you.

His two adorable children

are slowly warming up to me,

and this past summer...

Will you marry me?

[Jacquie] Of course,
I said "yes,"

and now here we are,
exactly one year later.

It's Christmastime again
and we're getting married,

and as long as my family
stays in their lane,

it's going to be...

The Winter Wonderland
wedding of your dreams.

Garrett, I just love it.

And I love how
you totally get me

and know exactly what I want.

Great minds think alike.

I mean, a Christmas Eve wedding
is already so romantic,

but you have taken it
to a whole 'nother level.

[chuckles] Smoothie?

Oh, yes.

Thank you.

You're very welcome.

And as for today,

everything is
right on schedule.


I have your gorgeous cake
arriving shortly,

the flowers are on the way,

the photographer, videographer
and the DJ have confirmed,

and the caterers
wanted to double check

that none of your guests
have any food allergies.

Nope. None that I'm aware of.

I think we're doing great, then.

What about the string quartet?

Tuning their instruments
as we speak.

I've worked with
all these people for years

and they're exactly
on top of their game

and 100% reliable.

That is music to my ears.

You just go about your day

with your beautiful
soon-to-be family,

and leave everything else to me.

Thank you, Garrett.

Now, you call me
if you have any questions,

and as usual,
I'm entirely at your disposal.

-All right.
-[Garrett] Ta-ta.


Thank you.

[Garrett] Thank you.

Hi, guys.

[kids, sullenly] Hi.

Come on.

Dad, please.


How'd that go?

Everything's right on track.

We're gonna be married
in two days!

My Christmas bride.

Good morning, Josh and Coco.


Good morning.

So what's the plan for today?

The hotel's organized
a Christmas scavenger hunt,

which I thought
sounded like fun.


Then we'll come back here

for a quick
30-minute lunch break,

then, after that, I thought
if we have enough time,

we could go take a trip
up the mountain in a gondola.

How does that sound?


Oh, come on, guys.

This is awesome! All right?
I'm excited for it.

Okay, Dad.

[phone buzzing]

Oh, my gosh,
my parents are here.

-You know how they are

with Christmas.

They probably couldn't wait
to get up here

so they could start decorating.


[phone buzzing]

My parents are here, too.

Look, Josh! Dad, they're here!

Yay. They're here!


Oh, it's so good to see you!

There's my daughter-in-law.


Uh, where's all your stuff?

What? This is it.

That little bag

wouldn't hold my mom's
Christmas bows and ribbons.

-[both chuckling]
-Speaking of my parents,

I'm going to go say hi to them,

and I'll come
and meet you guys later.


-Hi, Grandpa.
-Hi, Grandpa and Grandma!



You look good enough to eat!

How you doing, son?

Hey, guys.
Come on over, guys.

Got it.

You said you wouldn't be here
until this afternoon.

We couldn't wait to get up here
and start celebrating.


-That's right!
-Right, honey?

-Hey, sweetie.

[chuckles mirthfully]

Oh, no, my friend,
you're gonna need a bigger cart.

And bring some friends.

I didn't think it was possible,

but you may have even outdone
yourselves from last year.

Well, of course, we did.

We had Christmas
and a wedding to pack for.

And here comes Kiara.

♪ Hi!

My sister's getting married!

[laughs and squeals]

Hey, sis.

You look fabulous,
as always.

I know.

Thank you for
not bringing your dog.

I learned my lesson.

And first, let me--

[tersely] We all agreed

that we were gonna be
on our best behavior.

-This is going to be

a drama-free Christmas
and a drama-free wedding.

Right, Kiara?

Why are you lookin' at me?

I'm not gonna be a problem.

I am your Maid of Honor.

I'm here to make
your life easier.

Now, what do you want me to do?

You are totally off the hook.

I've been working with

the most amazing
wedding planner,

and he's got
everything under control.

So that's why
you seem so relaxed.


He's the best.

I mean, he's got
a waiting list a mile long,

but he did me this huge favor

because we've worked
together before,

and we totally get each other.

Then what am I supposed to do?

-You can--
-[cutting her off] You...

can help us

because our room
is going to be Christmas Central

and we gotta do it up right.

That's right.

Okay. I guess I can do that.

Hey, Dad needs some help here.

But first, let me unpack
and get the lay of the land.

I gotta see
what we're working with, sis.


Come help me with this tree.

All right, Daddy.

Oh, Mom.

You're early.

Well, we wanted to spend
some time together

before all the wedding craziness
got started.

Dad, you woke up
at the crack of dawn,

you just drove, like,
four hours to get here.

Why are you wearing that?

That's my comfort
bow tie, baby.

It is?

You know it is.

You look handsome.

You tell him, Mom!
That's where I get it from.

And from you.

Grandpa, you have to have
a Santa Claus waffle with me.

Do you think Santa will know
we're here at this hotel?

Santa always knows
if you're good or bad, right?


So I think
it's pretty safe to conclude

that he'll be aware of your
current geographic location.


Dad, he's seven.

I just need a cup of coffee.


How are things going
with you and the kids so far?

We've been doing
a lot of fun stuff,

but they're still mostly
giving me

the one-word-answer treatment.

Oh, sweetheart,
they'll come around.

You just be patient, okay?


Merry Christmas
and welcome to Summit Springs.

Hey, reinforcements!

Now, that's what
I'm talking about.

Wow! I see you actually
brought your own tree.

I don't think
you're actually supposed to--

Don't tell me I'm not allowed.

No, it's just,
the thing is--

I said don't tell me.

Just hurry up
and help me get it down

before everyone else sees
and they want one, too.

-Don't tell me.

Honey, honey.
I-I got this. Sweetheart.

♪ Here comes the bride...

Put that away!

No way.
I'm documenting everything.

-You'll thank me later.

Ava! What's going on?


Hi, Auntie J.

-I've missed you.
-I want a hug!




-You look amazing.
-Merry Christmas!

-Nice to see you.
-What's up, big bro?

What's going on?

Where's Royce?

Oh, he's in London
with his father for Christmas.


Aaron got this big promotion

and had to pack up
his whole life

and move there
in, like, two weeks.

-Oh, my gosh.
-What does that mean

for you in Chicago?

It means Royce and I will be
moving back to California!


Oh, that's the best news!

Do you know where
you're gonna be living yet?

I'm not sure yet.

I mean, it just
all happened so fast, you know?

-Well, you're more than welcome

to stay with us
for as long as you need.

Thank you.

Yeah, same goes
for you, right, J?

I mean, I just thought

you'd be moving
back to Southern California.

Well, I don't know yet.

Might be nice to start
somewhere new

and still be close
to the family,

and that would be you.

-That would be you!
-Yep, yep.

Are Josh and Coco here?

Yes, and they can't wait
to see you.


Enough of this standing around.
I want to see your dress!

Oh, my god, my dress.
I'm so excited.

-Oh, I hope that's

that fancy blender
I put on your registry.

We don't need another blender.

I know, but I do.


Excuse me. Take this.

Thank you.
Put this somewhere safe.

Thanks, bro.

That's our sister.

No, that's your sister.

Oh, this is gonna be so good!

-The Liddles are here!
-You got it, baby.


I like your pin.

Thank you.
I like your hat.

-Thanks! Merry Christmas.
-Thank you.

[muttering] I love my family.
I love my family.


Oh! Turn around, turn around.

-Oh, my goodness.
-I can't wait.

Come on.

[both] Oh!

It's stunning, J.

I hope Tyler doesn't see you
in this before the wedding,

'cause you won't make it
down that aisle!


It's exactly what I wanted.

It's beautiful.

Oh, this deserves a toast.

-Where's the champagne?

It's only 10:00 in the morning.

So what?

You're getting married!

-And it's almost Christmas!

Okay, you twisted my arm.

Oh, my gosh.

Wait, sis,
you need help in this.

Okay, there you go,
there you go.

The bride to be!


You are going to look
so gorgeous in that dress.

Thank you, sis.

I couldn't have styled it
better myself.

Thank you, Kiara.


I just hope that zit
on your forehead

clears up in time--

-What zit? a timely manner.

What's she talking about?
On my... on my--

I don't see anything.




Hey, I'm pouring, okay?


You know what I was
thinking the other day?

-How we used to play dress-up

and pretend
it was our wedding day.

And we'd cut flowers
from the garden for the bouquet

and get in trouble every time.

Oh, yes.

And we would fight over
who got to be the bride.

Oh, yeah.

We fought over a lot of stuff.

Oh, that's true, we did.

But you know what?

My favorite memories
in the world

have always included
the two of you.

I'm so happy you're here
with me now.

I love you guys.


-Cheers to you guys!

I love you, too.

-I love us! I love us!


Ho-ho-ho! How many days
till Christmas?


That's perfect, Coco.

That's right!

Oh, Candis, I'm so glad

that you remembered to bring
your own decorations.

You know,
it's just not Christmas

if you don't pull out
your old, cherished ornaments.

They're like little
time capsules, aren't they?

In fact, this one here,

Tyler made for me
when he was about six years old.

Seems like
just yesterday, doesn't it?

And now they're all grown up
and getting married!

Honey, do you remember
this one?


We bought it in Venice
on our honeymoon.

[Candis] Good memories.

You've been to Venice?

-Oh, a couple of times.

[Candis] We love to travel.

Uh, yeah, you know, we talked

about going to Europe
once Wade retired.

I'm still waiting
for him to take me.

Well, you know
how I like my own bed,

I like my own
favorite coffee mug

that you got me,

and I like my newspaper.


[Calvin] You know,
traveling isn't for everyone.

You do have to put up with
some discomforts along the way.

Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about.

And adjust
to unfamiliar customs.

Yeah, but that's
part of the fun.


[Wade] Ah... come on.

Long flights,
you got jet lag...

That's when you co--

That's when you--

You're like that
when you come off planes.


Ava, do you want
to put the angel on the tree?


Okay, let's go.


One, two...


[Wade grunts]

There we go.

Good stuff!

Yes, you did it, Ava!

[families applauding]

Our angel is magic.


Yep. Last year,

the power went out for, like,
a really long time,

and that angel turned
all the lights back on.


I wonder what
she's gonna do this year.

I don't know,

but I'm just glad
that she's here with us now,

safe and sound,

after all she went through
last year. Right, Ava?



[Julian] This is going to be
a perfect weekend.

Yeah, There we go.



Did you do that?

I also booked us
a couple's massage

and arranged for a candlelit
dinner in our room tonight.

Well, look at you.

Well, I may have
a few romantic surprises

up my sleeve myself.

Oh, really?


Well, nothing's going to top
you convincing your parents

to have Ava stay with them,

That wasn't so hard.

They get that we're...

long overdue
for some quality alone time.

-"Quality alone time."

What does that look like again?

Let me show you.

[phone rings]

What's that?

Oh, that's my Facetime.

Hi, Hailey!

I told your parents
they could Facetime us

as much as they wanted.

Hi, sweetie! How are you?

But doesn't that defeat
the whole--?

Here's Daddy!

Daddy's right here.

Hi, baby!

We miss you.

[both gushing]

Oh, look at that face.

Smile for Mommy.

-Smile. Blow kisses.
-Yes, sweetie.

[Hailey coos]

Yes, she did it.

Roses on Mommy.
Roses on Mommy's head.

[both gushing]

[Garrett] All right,

the Christmas tree
should be coming on Friday,


Let's start
with the wedding arch,

but please be careful with it.

Mm-mm, mm-mm.

Did someone win
the Kentucky Derby?

What is this?


Step aside, please.

Please tell me these aren't
the only flowers you brought.

And who are you, exactly?

I'm Jacquie's sister,
the maid of honor.

Your sister and I
have spent months

going over every detail
for this wedding,

and everything
is exactly to her liking,

so I'd appreciate it

if you kept your opinion
to yourself.

I see you've met my sister.

Isn't she hilarious?

That would not
have been my description.

When I agreed
to plan your wedding,

we discussed that yours would be
the only voice I listened to.

I've had more than my share

of meddling family members
in the past,

and it never goes well.

I totally get it.

I turned down
five other Christmas weddings

to be here,

and one of them
was at a French chateau,

all because I've always
liked and respected you,

but please, don't make me
regret that choice.

I won't.
Thank you, Garrett.

I really appreciate
everything you've done for me.

Jacquie, who is that?

What...? Ooh...

What is...?

You are my maid of honor,

which means you are supposed
to be reducing my stress,

not adding to it.

-I just--
-No buts!

You stay away from him.
It's just that simple.

I don't want anything
messing up my Christmas wedding.

But it doesn't look like
a Christmas wedding

with all these white flowers.

We've never had
the same taste in anything,

but that doesn't make
my choices wrong.

Kiki, my wedding's in two days,

and I don't care
what you do or say

after that,
but until then,

I need you to leave him alone.


Hey, Jacquie.

Hey! Looking good, Chris.

Yeah, glad you think so.

This is the outfit
I'm gonna wear for the wedding.

I wanted to just take it
for a test run.

Oh, ha, ha. You are funny.

You remember my sister, Kiara?



Nice to see you again.


How was your ride?

It's gorgeous up here.

It is.

How's everything going
with the wedding?

Oh, my gosh.

I'm so excited.

Our big day
is finally almost here.

I know how busy you are.

I'm so glad
you could make it.

Of course. You know, I wouldn't
miss it for the world.

-You know, this is my boy.
-I know.

If you need a hand,
just, you know, holler.

-Of course.
-I'll catch you later.

Okay. Sounds good.

What's your problem?

I don't have a problem.

Did something happen
between you and Chris

at the engagement party?


Then why are you acting
so weird towards him?

[voice cracking]
I'm not being weird.

My goodness.

That is Tyler's best friend
and best man,

and it would be nice

if you were a little friendlier
towards him.


What is that look for? What?

I just forgot
how bossy you could be.

And I forgot
how annoying you are.

Oh, really?

Let's try again.

I brought your favorite

dark chocolate-covered

And I got you
that peppermint bark you love.


We are gonna be
so fat and happy.


We could take some walks
in the woods.


Or maybe
we'll never leave this room.


[knocking at door]


Stay there.

I got it.


Hey, bro. What's up?

Hey. Oh--

-Everything okay?
-Not really.

Kiara just had a run-in
with my wedding planner,

and he can be a little...

and I don't need her getting
in his way right now,

so could you please
do me a favor

and keep her away from him?

Of course.

I'm just gonna grab--

I'll try and do the same,

but we're going on
a Christmas scavenger hunt,

but I don't want her anywhere
near him while I'm gone.

[Treena] Got it.


Uh... okay.

Amazing. Come on!

[Treena sighing]


Come on, chocolate.

This is going to be perfect.

Yeah, I think so, too.

Have you seen Kiara?

No, why?

Jacquie asked me
to keep an eye on her.

She doesn't want her

to have any run-ins
with the wedding planner.

What are these?

Why would anyone want
something dead on display

at their wedding?

[Garrett sighs]

Small, white lights

will be woven
through the branches,

and I can assure you,

the effect
will be quite stunning.

Oh, here we go again
with all the white.

[Treena] Yeah, it's not really
a Christmas vibe.

It's more like we're crashing
Elsa from Frozen's wedding.

And how's it going to look
in all the pictures?

I'm sorry,
are you paying for any of this?

No. My daughter
wouldn't let us spend a dime.

Exactly. So you don't really
have a say here, do you?

Excuse me?

[Garrett] No, excuse me.

You're in my way
and on my nerves.

You are very rude.

Remember when
I asked for your opinion?

Yes, neither do I!


Don't take out
the orchids just yet!

No, he didn't.

What just happened?

But now I get

why we need to keep Kiara
far, far away.

Yes, we do.

Let's go.

Dad, we found the candy cane!

That's great, Coco!

Now take a picture of it
so we can

-check it off our list.
-Nice job.

"Candy cane."


Look! Over there, Josh.

[Jacquie] Was it crazy of us
to plan a destination wedding?

You wanted to celebrate
the season we met

without the Liddle family
showing up

and dropping another
neutron bomb on your house.

Maybe I should go back
to the hotel, just in case.

Stop worrying.

I'm sure everything's fine.

We came up here
a little bit early

to spend time with the kids,

which is what we're doing.

Well, I wish I could say
that it was making a difference.

Come on, let's go.

You're doing great.

All right? You just need

to take into consideration
their age a little bit more.

Well, what do you mean?

Okay, well, what about the time

that you ordered
marinated olives

and artichoke hearts
and bell peppers for the table?


Yeah, you meant well,

but slimy veggies
are the last thing

that Josh and Coco would
ever want to eat in this world.

I mean, who doesn't
love goat cheese?

Me, and I own a restaurant.


Hey, but don't be
discouraged, all right?

'Cause they can see

that you're trying
really, really hard,

and they appreciate it.

They just need a little bit
more time with you, that's all.



Oh, honey!

Are you okay?

-Can I help?

Hey, buddy.

-Are you all right?
-You okay, bro?

Where'd you hurt yourself?

-Is he good?
-I think he's going to be.

There you go.

Just a long, thick red ribbon
wrapped around each bouquet,

or a little holly
mixed in with the flowers.

That could add a pop
of color, too, you know.

Does your sister mean
so little to you

that you think nothing
of disregarding her wishes?

How dare you say that!

-No, how dare you!
-I love my sister.

Insulting my style
and my expertise--

What is going on?

I'm just--

No, Kiara, I asked you
to stay away from him!

Why is everything so white?

I'm just trying to help
in the best way possible here.

Because it's what I wanted--

a classy, elegant
winter wonderland.

But you said you wanted
a Christmas wedding.

Where's the joy of the season?

Kiara, you are out of line.

I'm sorry, Jacquie,
but I warned you.

I am too old
and way too successful

to have to put up with this.

You got the old part right.


[whispers] I'm sorry.

Wait. What are you doing?

I'm quitting,

and I'm taking
all my vendors with me!

You can't do that!

Don't be ridiculous.

Yes, I can.

We had an agreement,

but your family
has repeatedly violated it.


Merry Christmas.



Garrett! Garrett, please!

Seriously, Garrett,
be reasonable!

Don't you dare.

Talk about overreacting.
I mean...

What? That was a bit much.



-[all gasping]

[cake splatting on floor]

[exhales in fury]



It's broken.

It was not my fault.

Yes, we're looking for
a sit-down dinner

for 60 people
with open bar

and passed appetizers

and, yeah, a wedding cake.

My beautiful wedding cake

with cascading roses
and encrusted pearls.

Okay, well,
you don't have to laugh.

-You could have just said "no."
-I wouldn't have said no.

I would have said, "I do!
I do take this man

to have and to hold
from this day forward."

Yeah, thanks
for calling me back.

It's a Christmas Eve wedding.

[chuckles] Yes.

"I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride."


Hey, you okay?


You're gonna get cake
all over you.

I don't care.


[both laugh]

Can you spare
any lights, candles, ornaments?


I'm very sorry,
but we're already using

all the decorations throughout
the common areas of the hotel.

Well, can you at least
cater the reception?

It wouldn't have to be
anything too fancy, you know.

Of course, uh,
I can double-check,

but we are fully, fully booked.

Can you double check again?

-I can triple check.

Yeah, fully booked,

But I'm pretty sure the kitchen
won't be able

to pull that off
with such short notice anyway.

Well, can we at least borrow
some chairs for the reception?

All of our chairs
are being used at the ceremony,

but, if you'd like,

you guys can move 'em
back and forth yourselves.

You mean like,

to the bride and groom,

now please
grab your own chair

and drag it to the reception?"

Are you nuts?


-Can I call you Melvin?

Here's the thing, Melvin.

My sister is ready
to disown me.

I need a lifeline.

Please help me.



Uh, I'll tell you what.

There is a Christmas market
right in town.


They might be able to help you
out with some decorations.

I love a "might".

It's just a couple miles down.

Thank you, Melvin!

No worries.

Thank you.

Okay. So much, Melvin!

You're welcome.

Okay, where is this?


Your mom just called
an emergency meeting.

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!


Late again.

Come on, please have a seat.

[Marchelle] This has been

an unexpected,
unfortunate turn of events.

I'm sure
I speak for everyone

when I say
how very sorry we are.

Honey, we only ever
want what's best for you.

I don't know,

sometimes, our good intentions
don't always have good results.

I know Garrett can be
a bit of a loose cannon.

I just thought
we'd all pull through.

We are so sorry, Jacquie.

I'm so sorry, J.

[claps authoritatively]

Okay, that's enough moping.

We are not
throwing in the towel.

Oh, no! On the contrary.

We'll all need to step up
in any way we can

to make this wedding happen.

There is no quit in "team"!

Is that a little family saying?

-I think it might be.

Now, we've only got two days
to work with,

but I know we can do it,
and I'm going to start.

I'm going to make my mother's
famous buttercream cake.

How about all of you?

Go ahead! Go!

Uh, I can keep shooting videos
and be the wedding videographer.


I could do
Jacquie's hair and makeup,

like we did
when we were teenagers.

Excellent! What else?

I did speak with the concierge,

and he told me that there's
a Christmas village nearby,

and I can get some candles
and decorations for the tables.

I like it! Next?

I can make a playlist
for the reception.


Ma, you want to help me
cook the food?

You bet I will.

We'll make
Grandma Colette proud.

Then we got our food covered.


Don't you worry
about a thing, baby,

because we are
going to make this right.

Let's do this!


-All right.

-Come on.
-Let's do it.


Bring it!

All right,
the Liddles and the Brooks!

All right, "Christmas wedding"
on three.

One, two, three!

[all] Christmas wedding!

All right, you ready?

Oh, I can't go enjoy
a couple's massage

with Jacquie's wedding
in shambles.

This is supposed to be
our romantic getaway.

And it still will be,


right now, I need to be there
for my sister.


You know, this is our issue
right here in a nutshell.

What is?

Today, it's Jacquie's wedding,
and I get it, that's major,

but we never
put ourselves first.

We have young children.

We can't just ignore them
when they need us.

I know.

Speaking of Ava,

I'm gonna go see
what she's up to.

Okay. Hey, come here.

We'll find time to be together.

I promise.


Well, of course.

Thank you so much for calling,
Mr. Gutierrez.

Well, have
a good afternoon, too.

Okay, bye.



What are you doing in there?

We're playing hide and seek.

I love hide and seek.

Do you want to play with us?

I-I can't right now.
I'm working.

Do you like Christmas?

Oh, yeah, of course.

I love Christmas.

Me too, except my sister and I
are worried

that Santa won't know
we're here.

You've come
to the perfect person.

Come with me.

I just happen to have
a contact up at the North Pole.

In fact, why don't I
just send her an email right now

and we'll let Santa know
that you're a guest with us?


All right, well,
what's your name?

My sister's name is Coco.

Coco. Perfect.



"It has come to my attention
that, on Christmas Eve,

two children
will not be located

at the address you currently
have for them on file."

There's also my cousin, Ava.

I'll add her, too.

[Julian] There you are, Josh.

What's going on here?

I'm just writing a letter

to one of Santa's helpers
to let him know

that Josh, Coco, and Ava
are gonna be with us this year.

Good idea.
That's nice of you.

Josh, where's your sister
and Ava?

I don't know.
We're playing hide and seek.

Ava's it.

Okay, let's go find them,

and then no more running
around the hotel, okay?


Take care, Josh.

Bye. Thank you.

So how's Jacquie holding up?

Not great,
but I'd really love 30 minutes

to talk about anything
other than the wedding.

No problem.

So what's new with you?

You still seeing
that girl from the gym?

Nah, that didn't work out.

What happened this time?

I don't know.

Chris, man,
every time I see you,

it's the same story.

You don't want to give
anybody a chance.

I'm too busy
for a relationship.

Oh, wow, so, so you think

you're the only one in the world
with a lot going on, huh?

You are the bravest person
I know.

You go on medical missions
to Africa,

but when it comes
to your heart--

I'm just gonna say it, man--

you bail early 'cause
you don't want to get played.

You're wrong about that.

How am I wrong?

I'm not worried
about getting played.

I'm just not sure
I believe in love.

Oh, that's nice.

Did you put that
in our wedding card?


Where are you off to?

Christmas village.

You need a hand?

I'll catch you later.

Yeah, all right.

I thought you were mad at me.

I'm not 10 years old.

I was just... hurt.

But this isn't about you,

this is about saving
Tyler and Jacquie's wedding.

Jacquie's wedding.
Right. Exactly.

And besides, who doesn't like
a little Christmas village

to get in the holiday spirit?


-All right.
-Should I come with you?

-Come on!


Thank you so much.

How's it going?

Uh, this stuff looks
way too homemade

and crafty-looking
for Jacquie's taste.

Nope. Thanks.


I got you a gingerbread man.

Thank you.

All right.

I could see you looking good
in one of these.

Of course, I would.

Who doesn't look hot
in a bonnet?



You know...
thanks for helping me.

You're welcome.

You still haven't told me
why you ghosted me.


I thought we had
a bit of a connection

at the engagement party,


you were the one
that kissed me.

You kissed me!

[laughs] Whatever.

We kissed

and it was kind of amazing.


I'm sorry. I-I don't...

I don't know
what you want me to say.


Just tell me
that you're not interested.

Tell me
I misread the signs.

But don't just be a coward
and disappear.

You should take this, too.

Um, what's that?

It's mistletoe.

Perfect for
your Christmas wedding.

Consider it a gift.
Here, try it out.

[chuckles nervously]


Okay! Thank you...

so much for this.

Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas.
Thank you.


[family singing]
♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells

♪ Jingle all the way

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh

♪ Hey!

[all laughing]

Hold one up for the camera.

Got it.

Josh, that looks really good.

[Julian] Got you!

Good stuff.
Good work, Coco.

Hey, you got mine.


Would you mind if I disappear?

We have
so much wrapping to do.

-I'll help you.

They sure are wrapping
a lot of presents.

Okay, speaking of presents,

who wants to help me
go get some?

[kids] Me!

Okay, let's go.

-Let's go!
-Race ya!

[wearily] Oh, man...

[Marchelle sighs]

And how are you doing?

You hanging in there?

I really appreciate everyone
trying to pitch in,

but it's not exactly
what I had in mind.

Yeah, you certainly
have been thrown a curveball.

Sometimes, I feel like

if this wedding
can't come together in time,

maybe it was never meant to be.

Maybe this is the universe
trying to tell me something.

You don't really
believe that, do you?

[kids] We've got presents!

I can't wait for Christmas!

Hey, gingerbread. Ooh.

[Wade] Hey.

Hey! Hey, put
a little "W" right there.

-No, no, put that--
-Put a "W" for me.

I'll tell you what.

Just take this to Julian.

He forgot his phone.
Take it back.

I get a cookie.

I'll bring it back.
I'll bring it back.

Boy, what am I gonna
do with him?

I think it's time for us
to take a break

from all this wedding stress,

go outside,
and have some fun.


Who wants to go outside?

-[kids] Yes!

Lie back.

-All right, come on.
-What are you doing?

Oh, okay.
Yes, treat me like a queen.


Wait. Aren't you gonna
peel it for me first?

Oh, um...




-Come here.
-[knocking at door]

Don't--Don't get it.

[groans] What if
it's Ava and she needs us?

-I'll just be right back.

Um, just--

One second,
one second, one second.

Oh! Hi, Daddy.

Julian forgot his phone.

Oh, thanks.
I'll give it to him.

No, I'll give it to him.
I've got time.

Hey, baby--Dad!

Forgot your phone.

Uh... Thank--thanks.

Yeah, yeah, no problem.

[Treena sighs loudly]

What are you guys doing?

-Well, we were--
-We were just about--

Is that smoked Gouda?

I haven't had smoked Gouda
in so long.

He just walked right in.

I like it
with the cheddar cheese, too.

I just got a text.

[loudly] Everyone's going
to a snowman-building contest,

-Snowman-building contest?

-Now, that sounds like fun.

-Daddy, you'd better hurry

if you want to join 'em.

-If I want to join 'em?

Well, Mama needs you.

We're all going.


-[couple] No.


[couple protesting]

It's okay.
You know what--

As soon as we change hats,
he's gonna king snowman.

Mr. Mayor, look at this.

Take a look.
Take a look, see? [laughs]

This looks so good.

Isn't she the most stylish
and glamorous snowman

you've ever seen?

She's ready for it all.

Put this boot on,
and we'll be good to go.

Hi, Mr. Mayor, this is
our Christmas-themed snowman.

She's ready to bring joy
to the world.

Honey, you know nobody's
gonna think of this kinda idea.

Be cuter. Be cuter, come on.

-Look at that face.
-I'm so proud of you.

No, you can stay for a minute,
Mr. Mayor.

Just look at that.

Did you see her hat?

Hi, hi!

It's beautiful, right?

They were very creative

and made sure
that it was, like, perfect.

[crying out]

-We got it.

It's all good.


Mr. Mayor, ours is ingenious,
and it's just--

it's just better than those.

What do you think?
What do you think?

[all] Oh!

[laughter and cheering]

Oh, my gosh!

Whoo-hoo! First place!

That's what I'm talking about!

And still snowman champion
of the world!

-[snowball splats]


It's gorgeous.

[gasps] Whoa!


These pine cones will be great

for the decorations
for the tables.

We just need to find
a few bigger ones.

Oh, there's more over there.

Oh, please.

-Thank you.

So that's what
you wear on your feet

when you go into the woods?

[chuckles] Oh, ho, ho,
this is what I wear.

I'm not a very outdoorsy person.
I'm more indoorsy.

Yeah, I can see that.

There's that smile.

Be great to see it more often.

Well, yeah.

If you were funnier,
maybe you would.



Thank you. [chuckles]

I do go outside.
I have a dog I walk every day.

Oh, yeah?
I got a dog, too.


A Border Collie.
Yeah, she'd love it up here,

but I knew better
than to bring a dog

to a Christmas wedding.


Oh! That one's perfect.

I need this one.

Okay, yeah.

Get it. Can--
You can't reach it?

No, here. Why don't you
just get up on my shoulders?


Up to you. Do you want
that big cone or not?

I do.

Okay, how do we do this?

Put that down.


Now, you want to take
your left leg,

you want to wrap it
around my left shoulder.

-And you take your right leg,

and you wrap it around
my right shoulder.

Are you sure about this?
Is this safe?

Yeah, I do this with my nieces
and nephews all the time.

Trust me.

Whenever you're ready.

Of course. Thank you.

Okay. All right?

-You good?
-I'm good.


All right? Okay?

-All right.
-Can you reach it?

I got it. I got it.


Thank you.

Okay, hand it to me.


All right,
now, how do we get down?

Oh, um, this is usually

where I toss my niece or nephew
onto the couch.

They really
look forward to that.

Okay, we don't have a couch,
so where?

How are we gonna do this?

-Okay, no, um...
-Huh? What do we do?

-Well, you don't cover my eyes!
-Stop turning around like that.

-I can't--
-I can't see!

Ah! No! Hey, hey!



Oh, are you okay?

No! You dropped me!

Where does it hurt?
I'm a doctor.

[giggles] Don't touch me.

All right, help me up.

Get me up!

-Come on.
-All right. [laughs]

Come on.

You dropped me. [laughs]

I didn't drop you.

Do you guys like our sign?

What sign?

-What sign?

You see how meticulous she is
with all her artwork?

Hey, that's how she was
with her cookie decorating, too.

It looks fantastic, Coco.

-Let's go play.

Check this out.

Yeah, look at that.

She's got hands
steady like a surgeon.

Meanwhile, Josh is over here,

dumping half
a bottle of sprinkles

onto one cookie
and licking whatever's left off.

Are you getting excited?

And how are you doing?

You hanging in there?

I really appreciate
everyone trying to pitch in,

but it's not exactly
what I had in mind.

Yeah, you certainly
have been thrown a curveball.

What's going on?

[Jacquie] Sometimes, I feel
like if this wedding...

-Oh, can I see that?
-No, hold on--

...can't come together in time,

maybe it was never meant to be.

Maybe this is the universe
trying to tell me something.

You don't really
believe that, do you?

that's what you think?


I don't--

Tyler, please,

let me explain.

Julian, really?

I swear, I-I don't know
what happened.

I-I have no idea
how that got on there.

I'm so sorry, Jacquie.


Jacquie! I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

I don't even
know where he went.

He won't even
answer his phone.

Honey, just give him
a little time.

He'll come back.

I just feel terrible.

You guys just need to sit down,

have an honest conversation
about how you're feeling.

That's it.

I mean, this is one of
the biggest decisions

you're gonna make in your life,

and you want to be sure, right?

I am sure.

In fact, I'm positive.

Tyler is the man
I want to marry.

Well, there you go, then.

Then make sure you tell him that
when he gets back...

and he will be back.

I will.



Your dad said we're not supposed
to run around the hotel anymore.

We're not going to be
in the hotel.

We're going to be on the hotel.
That's totally different.

All right.

To the roof!

All right.

Wow! This looks nice.


We need to find a good place
for Santa to land.


Hey! Over there is good!

Oh, yeah!

Over here is perfect.

This is going to be
perfect for Santa.

What about the lights?

-Oh, yeah!
-Oh, yeah, the lights!

The lights.

-Looking really good, guys.


What do you guys think?

-It looks so good.
-Oh, yeah.


Now we need to find a plug.

There's one.

Good eyes!

-Nice job, Josh.

We did it!

It's beautiful.

No way Santa can miss us now.

High-five, guys.



Wait. What about
your dad's shoes?

He won't even notice.

Oh, we'd better get back down.

-Oh, yeah.
-Let's go.

-Oh, no, it's locked.
-No, let me try.

[grunting with effort]

-[thumping door]

What are we gonna do now?

I think we should just go back
and wait until somebody comes.


Hopefully, someone finds us.

["Santa"] Merry Christmas!

♪ I wish you
A merry Christmas ♪

♪ I wish you
a merry Christmas ♪

♪ And a happy...

Jacquie's gonna love this cake.

Mom! Sis!

Look. Look what I found
to decorate the tables.

Oh, that's beautif...ul.


Uh, have you see the kids?

No, but we were just outside,
and we didn't see them.

Want me to check their rooms?

No, I already did that.

I've got my hands full here.

Would you mind going
and seeing what they're up to?

Hopefully, it's nothing
too destructive.

Sure, no problem.

I-I'll come with you.


Let's go.


Oh... hmm.

-[Treena chuckling]
-Oh, that child of mine.

They're like little magicians.

Poof! They're gone.

Oh, my goodness.



Who do we know

who sheds red sequins

everywhere she goes?


To the roof.

Let's go.

I don't see 'em.

They must not be up here.

-Take a look. Take a look.

Just, just--

[all gasping]

Hold the d-- No! No!

[kids crying out]

What are you kids
doing up here?

Well, we tried
to build a runway

for Santa and his reindeer,

but we got trapped.

What do you mea--?
No, no!

Oh, shoot, I left my phone!

Oh, no.
It's gonna get dark soon.

And I really have to go
to the bathroom.

That's all right.

Why don't you guys just show me

what you guys were
making up here, okay?

It'll all right.
It's okay.

[knocking loudly]

On the bright side,

at least Santa will definitely
be able to find us now.

[kids] Yeah!

You're so lucky Auntie J
is gonna be your step-mom.

She's so nice!

Last year,
when I broke my arm,

she sent me
this adorable little teddy

with its paw in a sling

and a big box
of chocolate chip cookies

that said "you are
one tough cookie" on the side.

That's really nice of her.

Your own box of cookies?


I know I can be a big flirt.

That's always
a lot of fun for me.

[chuckles] But, um...

anything much more than that,
I always shut it right down.

Why's that?

I guess I'm just so focused
on my son all the time

that it's hard to imagine

letting anyone else
into our lives...

at least not yet.


I don't have the best
track record with dating.

Tyler's always
accusing me of being

too focused on my career

and not giving relationships
a chance, and...

Oh, is that so?

Pretty much.

It's just so easy to...

get caught up in
our day-to-day lives and...

Right. know, not think about
the bigger picture.

But after the engagement party,

I couldn't stop
thinking about you.


I'm so sorry about that.

It's okay.

You just gave me
a taste of my own medicine.


And I probably deserved it.

You probably did.

I probably did.

[laughing] Okay.

...The wording, the theme...

...the cardstock,

the calligraphy,

the font size.

All these little decisions
were so tedious,

but it was also so exciting.

What were
you most excited about?

That I'd be spending
the rest of my life

with the man I loved.


you didn't say anything
about your actual wedding

in that response.

What, are you
channeling Mom now?


Whatever else happens tomorrow,

you're gonna be
the most beautiful bride.

Thanks, T.

At least I still
have my dress.


That's the spirit!

Oh, but I wanted so much
to prove to Tyler

I wasn't
this annoying perfectionist

who gets uptight
over every little detail,

but that's still who I am.

Yup, that's still you,

but that's okay,

because that's also the Jacquie
he fell in love with.


-[phone buzzes]
-Oh, sorry. One sec.

Oh, it's from Julian.

He... can't find his room key.

You're gonna go let him in
and come right back, right?


I'd better go
help him look for it.

It sounds like it's really lost.

The only thing is, I just need
help getting out of...

[footsteps receding] dress.


How am I gonna
get out of this dress?

[annoyed] Oh. Buttons.

Ooh! Okay.

Oh! You gotta be kidding me.

This is a lot of dress.
What was I thinking?

Oh! Oh, my gosh!

-What is going--
-The door!

We got locked up here.

That's what the brick is for.



I come up here all the time
on my lunch to play my ukulele.

-Let's hear something.

All right.

Um, we don't need
a musical selection right now.

Come on, guys. Let's go.

Thanks for saving us.

All right, see you later.

Okay, thank you.

Thanks, man.


Can you give me a hand?


[dress rustling]

Whoa, you really
look like a princess.

Thank you.
I feel like a princess. [laughs]

But I'm trying
to get out of this dress,

and I can't quite
reach the buttons.

Do you think you could help me?

-Oh, awesome.

Do you want to pop up there?




[Coco gasps]

What's wrong?

I'm sorry. I...

I broke it.



That's okay.

Buttons can be very delicate.

Besides, you know
who's really good at sewing?

Your Auntie Kiara.

I'm sure she can fix it.

[chuckles, relieved]

So is my daddy
your Prince Charming?

Your daddy is...

the man I want to marry.

But can I be honest?


I never really liked
fairy tales.

But you work
at Queen of the Castle!

That's true. I do.

You are so smart.

Here's the thing
about Prince Charming.

He was always the one
rescuing damsels in distress,

and I didn't want to be rescued.

I wanted to be the one
going on all the adventures.

Me too!

High-five, girl.


I'm gonna change
out of this dress.


Hmm. [gasps]

I know!

I could do your make-up
for the wedding!

Oh... uh...

how about we do a trial run,
just to see what happens?



Hmm, which color?

Dad, do you, uh,

do you believe our destinies
are written in the stars?

You know the story of
how I met your mother, right?

Yes, Dad.
You met at the hospital.

She was a nurse
and you were visiting Granddad.

I was just leaving
the hospital,

and she was just
coming off shift.

It was dark, pouring rain,

no taxis in sight,

then, finally, one pulled up.

We had agreed to share it,

and the rest is history.

So what are you saying?

I'm saying if my father
hadn't torn his ACL,

if there'd have been more taxis,

or if it hadn't been raining,

or if I'd have
remembered my umbrella,

we likely never would have met.

So do I think our destinies
are written in the stars?

I don't know.

Come on, Dad.

I am not one to link
celestial activity

to human experience,

except for, you know,
the Christmas Star.


Son... [sighs]

I don't know whether or not

our destinies
are written in the stars,

and, frankly, I'm not even
sure it really matters,

because the one thing
that I know for sure

is how I feel in my heart

every time
I look at your mother.

Thanks, Dad.


Take a look.



Wow! I'm a new girl.

Wait. Just a little more blush.

Are you sure?


I feel like
that's a lot already.

It's beautiful.


When did you know my daddy
was the one you wanted to marry?


When I saw...

how he was
with you and your brother...

and I saw how very much
he loved you,

and I knew he was special.

And I knew I wanted to spend
the rest of my life with him.

And you and Josh
make him extra special.

I'm gonna go check up
on Josh and Ava.





[humming] Hey, Dad!

Oh, hey!
Where are you off to?

I am going to find
Josh and Ava.


Also, Jacquie said
Josh and I are extra special.

Well, I think
she's right about that.

Boom! [grunts]

Bye, Dad.

Hey, no running.

Ah, fine.

Oh, that's a new look.

I looked for you everywhere.

I just needed
some time to think.

So what's going on over here?

Coco did my makeup.

What do you think?

-Just leave it there.


Looks like you guys
had a fun afternoon.

Yeah, we actually had
a little breakthrough.

That's good.

Well, they like the part of you
that's not so perfect.

It makes you
more relatable to them.

Then they're going
to relate to me a lot.

I notice you brought
the snow globe.

Of course.

It reminds me

of when I first started
falling in love with you.

I know what you heard
on that recording

must have sounded terrible,

and I feel
really sick about it.

I was just feeling
so overwhelmed

and frustrated with everything.

I mean, can you honestly say

not a single doubt
crept into your head

when our whole wedding
fell apart?

If you're asking me
if I had any doubts ever

about how much I love you?


Not one second.

As for the temper tantrum
of some spoiled wedding planner,

I don't think it has
any bearing on our future.

I really want
to marry you, okay?

That's all that matters to me,

and it scared me when you said
that you had any doubts.

I don't.

I promise.

-Thank you!
-You're welcome.

[gushing] Tyler...

So, on every single page,

I wrote down something
that I love about you.

[choking up] Oh...


You love the way I smile
with my eyes.

That's one of the first things
I noticed about you.

How long
did it take you to do this?

Not long.

I could've filled up three books
just like that.

"I love how your eyes
blink really fast

when you're telling
a white lie"?

I do not do that.

Yes. Yes, you do.
Yes, you do.

"I'm sorry, Josh,
but I don't think

that the batteries in this toy
can be replaced."

[laughs] I remember that!

[Jacquie still laughing]


I love you,

and I want nothing more
than to be married to you.

Did I blink?


I did not.

-Come here.

You have purple lipstick on.

Yes, I do.

I need you to promise me
one thing, though.

Of course.

You will never

let Coco do your makeup
ever again.


Oh... [humming]

♪ Jingle bells
jingle bells... ♪


I am very careful.

So pretty.


♪ ...In a one-horse
open sleigh ♪

Oh, enjoy it for a second,
why won't you?

Oh, oh. No, no, no.

♪ ...Jingle all the way

♪ Oh, what fun
it is to ride... ♪

Why not?

♪ ...In a one-horse
open sleigh ♪

♪ Dashing through the snow...

Oh, it's so beautiful.

♪ Glamorous...

♪ The bride...

[squeals] Ah-hah!


Oh, oh, oh, oh!

No, no, no, no, no!

Oh, no, no.




This was a Veronica Valdine
couture dress from Paris.

[Kiara] I'm sorry, Jacquie.

I don't know what else
to say.

At least I fixed the button.


maybe you can give us a moment?

You're right, you're right.

I'm sorry.

Come here.

Come and sit down.

I don't think we should
get married tomorrow.


I know how much it means to you
to have this magical day,

and this clearly
is not gonna be it.

I mean, look at your dress,

and we've lost the caterers
and the cake.

And the string quartet.

And the DJ.

And the hair and makeup.

-And the photographer.
-Okay, babe.

Just stop.

Okay, my dream wedding
has become a nightmare.

No! See, because you're still
gonna have that dream wedding,

I promise you.

It's just not gonna be
on Christmas Eve.

But we wanted
a Christmas wedding.

We did!
And that's okay.

But marriage is what matters,
not a date on the calendar.







[Tyler] Hey, guys.

Hi, Ma.
You want to take a seat?


[Tyler] We have
an announcement to make.

So we really appreciate
everyone's efforts

in trying
to salvage our wedding,

but we decided
to postpone it.


[everyone] What?

[disappointed exclamations]

-No, it's fine.

It's fine.
We're not breaking up.

We're just not getting married
tomorrow, that's all.

And not like this.

Baby, are you sure?

It's just been one thing
after another...

-...and we finally decided

it's time
to wave the white flag.

Yeah, and plus,

all this scrambling around
and trying to find

last-minute replacements
for everything,

it's just ruining Christmas,

Well, is there anything
we can do?

Yes! Can someone
email all the guests?

I mean, there's no sense
of having people drive

all the way up here
tomorrow for nothing.

I'll do it.

Thanks, T.

Yeah, so it's Christmas.
Come on, guys.


Anything else?

Yes. Where is the eggnog?


And please,
do not skimp on the rum.

I got you.

Thank you.


♪ You know
it's driving me crazy ♪

♪ Just being away from you...

Is that a snowman?

No. Okay.

Is it a jellybean?

Stacked rocks.

Oh, no, it has a moustache.

-Is it an elf?
-It's an elf with a moustache.

Why aren't there any elves
with moustaches?


There are.
They're called gnomes.

What? That's not true.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gnomes are from Norway.
Elves are from the North Pole.

I thought--

This conversation
is ridiculous.


Abraham Lincoln?

Those guards
outside Buckingham Palace.

What do you call
those guards, sweetheart?


Hey, hey, no gesturing.
That's cheating.

Okay, okay.
Buckingham Palace...

The Little Drummer Boy!

-[exclaiming, cheering]

Makes perfect sense!

-We got it, we got it!
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Oh, time is up.

-[grunts in frustration]
-[all groaning]

Time's up.

It's a nutcracker!

Oh, you draw like a nut.


Let me show you how it's done.

Let me show you
how it's done.

All right, all right,
all right.

Figure this out.

-Do it.

-This is clearer.

You learning?

Pay attention.

Look at that.

-A squirrel...


She's good.

Yeah. Better than Julian.

Okay. What you call that?



-Nutcracker, right?
-And a squirrel. And a squirrel.

You got it, kids.

[overlapping chatter]

That's a nutcracker.

Mamba out.

Okay, there you go.

I like her.

I don't want to be
on Kiara's team next year.


It's okay, baby.
Baby, it's okay.

-Oh, I'm gonna go get that.


He really tried.

[all talking at once]

Look what just came
underneath the door.

It's addressed to Josh,
Coco, and Ava.

"Hello, everyone.

I have received the children's
change-of-address request,

and it was my pleasure
to inform

Santa and all the reindeer

of their current location
in the mountains.

Merry Christmas,
from Annika, Santa, Mrs. Claus,

and everyone
at the North Pole."

Santa's gonna find us for sure!

[everyone] Yay!


Did I ever need
a day like today.

You deserved every single one
of those spa treatments.

Aw, thank you.

Well, it's Christmas Eve.

I should've been
married by now.

-You okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

What's going on with you guys?
How are things with Julian?

Oh, everything's good.

We love working together.

We get to see each other
all the time

and have family dinners
almost every night.

That sounds perfect.

It is...

except Julian thinks

that we don't spend
enough time alone together,

and that I'm always letting
other people interrupt us.

Well, you've always
been like that, T.

You always help others
before you help yourself,

and we love you for it,
but he's got a good point.

You need to set aside time
for you and Julian.

I know.

Is that why you guys
are trying to make this

your second honeymoon?

Well, we've been trying,

but even that hasn't
been working out so well.

Even though it didn't
happen today,

I, for one, am really happy

you'll soon
be joining the family.

Oh, thanks, man.

I mean, before you came along,

this guy right here,

he was the closest thing
I had to a brother.

Now I got two brothers.


-Cheers, man.

What's your story, Chris?

You planning on tying the knot
anytime soon?


Pfft. No way.

What, you don't know? Chris
here doesn't believe in love.

-I don't know.

I just don't prioritize it,
I guess.

It's called--
It's called fear of intimacy.

-Okay, thank you, Dr. Brooks.

-I thought you were the doctor!

Yeah, okay.
Pump the brakes.

You don't know
what you're missing, man.

I can't even imagine
my life without Treena in it.

There's nothing better
than having

someone in your life
who loves you unconditionally.

That's facts.

Yeah, okay.
Maybe one day.

You know, what about you?

Are you excited to be
moving back to California?

Oh, absolutely.

Royce and I can't wait
to be closer to family.

Well, are you gonna be breaking
any hearts leaving Chicago?

-[laughing] No. No.

There is no one.

What about Chris?
What's going on there?

Mm, girl, he is fine.

And such a good guy.

How is it possible
he's still single?

I don't know.

Tyler keeps trying
to set him up,

and nothing ever sticks.

Because he hasn't met
the right person yet.


Maybe that's
where she comes in.



Oh, she likes him!



I might. I might.
I like him.


I mean, we have
a lot of fun together.

He doesn't put up
with all my drama,

and I think
I need a guy like that.

Yes, you do.

And you know someone very wise
once told me

I need to figure out
what I wanted,

go after it,
and make it happen.

"No more sitting
on the sidelines, girl."

What genius said that?

It was definitely Treena.

[gasps indignantly]


I have an idea.

Follow moi.

What about Kiara?

You guys have seemed
to be hanging out quite a bit.

Never a dull moment
with that one, that's for sure.

She's cool.


I like her, I guess.

Okay, I like

that she can make me laugh

even when she's not
trying to be funny.

I like how

she's so sure of herself,
even when she's so wrong.

That's Kiara.

Mm-hmm. [laughs]

She's super-feisty.

That's pretty irresistible.

Hey, fellas...


What is this?


Did you know about this?

No, I thought
you planned this.

No. No, no, no, no!


♪ Santa baby

♪ Just slip a sable
Under the tree ♪

♪ For me

♪ I've been an awful good girl

♪ Santa baby

♪ So hurry down...

We've been awfully good boys.
We've been very good boys.


♪ Santa baby

♪ A '54 convertible, too

♪ Light-blue

♪ I'll wait up for you, dear

♪ Santa baby

♪ So hurry down
the chimney tonight ♪

-I need to...

I'm gonna go in
for a closer look.

Yeah, it's getting--
I'll just put that there.

It's getting warm here.

-I'm marrying her.
-You definitely--

Yes. Yes, I am.

♪ I think of all the fun
I've missed ♪

♪ Think of all the fellas
That I haven't kissed ♪

That one on the far right,
that's my wife.

♪ Next year
I could be as good ♪

♪ If you check off
My Christmas list ♪

♪ Santa, cutie

♪ And fill my stocking
With a duplex ♪

♪ With checks...

♪ Okay?

♪ Sign your "X" on the line

Tell me where to sign.

♪ Santa, cutie

♪ And hurry down
the chimney tonight ♪



♪ And come and trim
my Christmas tree ♪

♪ Put some decorations
bought at Tiffany ♪

-♪ I really do...

They're getting close!

♪ ...Believe in you...

-Oh, we got--

-We got hats.
-We got hats.

-Let's go.
-Let's do this.

♪ ...Believe in me, too

I'll put on whatever you want.

♪ Santa, baby

♪ Forgot to mention
one little thing... ♪

♪ A ring

-I got her the ring.
-Yeah, yeah.

♪ ...I don't mean
on the phone ♪

You're supposed
to pay for it.

Don't worry about our finances!

♪ ...And hurry down
The chimney tonight ♪


♪ Hurry down
The chimney tonight ♪


♪ Hurry, hurry
Hurry tonight ♪

-[women laughing]

You liked it?

I loved it.
That was great.

Good, yeah.


Thank you.

All right, we did great!

A little something, something?

Encore! Encore!

That's all we got.

[laughter and chatting]

That was great, guys.

Oh, my gosh.
That was so much fun.

I've had a few, okay?


The guys have been
having a good night,

and you ladies
just made it better.


[together] Merry Christmas!


Oh, we gotta go,

because I have
a surprise for Jacquie.

-You do?

Well, what is it?

You'll see.

Okay. I'll see you all later.

Have fun.

-Will do.

That was so good, baby.

It's time for us
to put us first.


Oh, you mean now?

Right now.

Right now?
Um, Merry Christmas, guys!

Hey! Hey, guys!

Merry Christmas.

All right.


So it's just you and I.

[horse neighs]


this is beautiful.


Oh. Oh...

So even though Coco said
you didn't like fairy tales,

I thought a Christmas Eve
carriage ride would be romantic.

Oh, I love it.

Let's go!

[Tyler laughs]

All right.


what do you want?

What do I want?


Wow. Um...

I would like
to fall in love again,

maybe even
get married someday.

You know,
I've never had a wedding,

and to be honest

that's probably why I got
a little too involved

with Jacquie's choices.


I have this bad habit
of pushing men away,

even good guys like you.

Yeah, it's like I have
these two sides of myself

that are always at war.

I don't know
which one's going to win.

It's really frustrating,
you know?

Yeah. Uh-huh.

I meant...

...what do you want
from the bar?


Oh! Hi.

It's okay.


I actually do think

that the universe had
a say in this.

You do?


Didn't the stars align
last year

when your package got delivered
by mistake to my house?

If not for that,

who knows
if we would have ever met.

That's true.

Someone up there must be
pulling some strings.



I want to still be
holding your hand

when we're 90
in an old folk's home.


I want to still be holding
your hand when we're--

No, I heard you, I heard you.
I'm just practicing.

Oh, baby, don't do that to me.

I want to grow old
with you, too, okay?

[laughing] Okay.

So guess who never
got the message

that we postponed
the wedding?

-The minister.

How is that even possible?

She was on the group email list
I sent Treena.

I don't know.
She said she never got it.

-Was she upset?
-Not at all.

She's having a great old time
at a fancy resort on our dime.

I mean, I guess that's fair.


Did you get me
another present?


You've got a secret admirer.


It's from Kiara.

Ooh. Careful now.
It might be ticking.



Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!


This is for my wonderful Ava.

Ma, I have your stocking.

-Merry Christmas.

This is for my favorite Coco.

Thank you! Oh!

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Merry Christmas.

This is for my wonderful Josh.

Thank you!

Who needs one?

Here you guys.

Merry Christmas, baby.

Oh, thanks, honey!

[overlapping] Ooh!


Mom, that looks
adorable on you!

I'm sure
that I look très chic.


-[everyone agreeing]

Oh, I almost forgot.

There's another piece
that goes with that.

Gosh, I hope
it's a matching shawl.

Oh, it's something like that.

Let's see here.

Right now,
I just see a bunch of paper.

You're not trying
to trick me, are you, honey?


I tricked you
into marrying me.



I don't have on my glasses.

Jacquie, what do
these tickets say?

Paris, France.


Paris, France?

Oh... honey!


Oh, baby!

[Wade chuckles]


Je t'aime.

That's French.


I know what it means, honey.
I love you, too.


Y'all thought I was too cheap!
You thought I was gonna

take her to Delaware!

To jetlag in Paris.


Everyone, get together,
get together.

-Family pic, family pic.

That's cool.

...Find my baby girl.

All right. Three...

two, one--

Merry Christmas!

-It's perfect.
-Got it.

♪ Merry Christmas...

I'm ready.

♪ Merry Christmas...

Quick selfie. Quick selfie.

♪ ...I hear Santa calling

Got it.

♪ Merry Christmas...


♪ Merry Christmas
One and all ♪


Thank you.

♪ Merry Christmas
One and all ♪

I've got to see it.

Ava, I believe you have
some gifts over there.

Go check it out.

Oh, be careful!

-Oh! Oh!


Nice catch, Mom.

-She's okay?


Here comes the magic.

What do you have
up your sleeve?

Where'd Jacquie and Tyler go?

Oh, you know what?
I didn't even see them leave.

-[phone buzzing]
-Me neither.

It's from Jacquie.

"We have a surprise for you
in the archway.

Come in your pajamas."

Let's go.

-All right.


What in the world is going on?

[Tyler chuckles]

-Look at this.

Sit down, guys.

Everybody, sit down.

Welcome, guys.
Have a seat. Have a seat.

I know.
It's beautiful, right?

That's a chandelier.
Yeah, there's a chandelier!

Somehow, our minister
never got Treena's email

about postponing the wedding...

It was the angel.

-...So here she is.

And we figured

that we might as well
get married after all.

[scattered gasps]



[louder gasps]

-[women gushing]

I did that dress!

I made it, you know,
messed it up and I fixed it!

-It looks great. It looks great.
-Thank you.

Look at our baby.


You look beautiful.

Come. Come here.

Come on, come on, come on.

Ava, Josh, Coco, come here.

[Josh] Ouch.

Oh, honey, are you okay?


[Jacquie] You're okay.

You just scared yourself.
That's all.

Come on.

All right.

These are yours.

[squealing quietly]
The dress is so pretty!

♪ Remember
How it used to feel ♪

♪ When Christmastime

♪ Was almost here

♪ Can barely sleep
'Cause you've got butterflies ♪

♪ You got me like...

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells

♪ I'm so glad you came

♪ Oh, don't you go

♪ Say you'll stay

♪ When our seasons change...

Thank you.

♪ You make me want to believe

♪ Christmastime...

Tyler, do you take Jacquie
to be your wife?

I most certainly do.


Do you take Tyler
to be your husband?

Yes, I do.


Now we'll exchange the rings.

♪ Christmastime...

♪ Oh, Christmastime...

There we go.

[warm laughter]

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.


♪ You make my heart
Beat right... ♪



[cheering and applauding]


Just one last thing to do.



[applauding and laughing]



Thank you for fixing my dress.

[gushes] I really love it!

[squeals] Really?

Seriously, Kiara, you have
got to do something

with all that talent of yours.

You know, maybe I will
in my new city.

Because you absolutely should.


Thanks, sis.

What changed your mind
about getting married after all?

I just realized a wedding
is a promise between two people,

to love and to commit
to each other...



Everything else
is just window dressing.

And you are the window, okay?

-Cheers to that!

Cheers to that.

To my maid of honor
and my matron of honor,

my best friends.

I love you both.


-I love you.
-I love us!

Ooh! Look at Mom's cake!

[Marchelle] You like it?

Guys, come look at this.

That's you, Josh and Coco.

Look, this is
supposed to be us.

Grandpa fixed the top

and made those.

Thank you, guys.

You're welcome.

Can everybody gather around?

We all have a glass?

Mama wants to make a toast.

You know,
I love all of my girls...

...but you, Jacquie,
were my firstborn,

and I just wanted to say
that, as a mother...

you want nothing more than
to watch your children

grow up to become confident,
successful adults,

but what really...

[choking up]
...what really brings you joy,

is to watch them
falling in love.

And especially to someone
as patient and kind as Tyler!

Cheers to that!

Yeah, he sure is patient.

Who somehow, miraculously,
put up with all of us

and fit right into this family
like he always belonged.

It was easy.


May your marriage be long,

your arguments short,

and your love everlasting.

I love you.

-Thank you.
-Thank you, Mom.


I know it's not the wedding
you imagined.

In the end...

it was perfect.

Just like you.



[Kiara] Wow.

Look at all the Black love
in this room.

[Chris] Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Yeah, it's a beautiful thing.

It's magical.


What are you thinking?

That I don't want to watch
on the sidelines anymore,

and I want what they all have.


What about your bad habits
of pushing men away?

What bad habit?



And what about you?
What are you thinking?

I'm thinking how

Tyler's always accusing me

of being afraid
of falling in love,

that maybe he's right...

...but maybe I don't want
to be that guy anymore.

Oh, you sly fella, you.


Try again.


Hey, Kiara!


[laughs loudly]

She caught it!


[applause, laughter]

All right, turn the music up
a little bit.

Let's get this party
started, shall we?



♪ Let's get started...

♪ Let's get started


♪ Get this started


♪ Started


♪ Get this started


♪ Let's get started


♪ Get this started


♪ Get this started


♪ Let's get started



We're in-laws.

Then let's get together
again real soon.

For sure.


Hi. Good morning.



[blows air kisses]

Honeymoon in Bali.

I can't wait.


Where's all your stuff?

We're gonna stay
for another couple days.

Mom and Dad
are gonna watch after Ava.

Yes, we are.

That should've been
your plan all along.

No kidding.

[Tyler] That's a great idea.



Well, well, well,
what do we have here?

Oh, we're just going
for a little bike ride

before heading back
down to the city,

and then Chris is gonna

help me find a condo
in the Bay area.

So you're not moving
back to L.A.?

I'm just gonna try somewhere
new and make a fresh start...

and I'll still
be close to Jacquie!


Oh, I'm--
That just makes me so happy.

When is the next time
we're all gonna get together?

Well, for the baby shower,
of course!



I don't have any news.

I'm sorry.


You didn't talk about that.
Please, right, Ava?



♪ Family, gather round


♪ Haven't seen your face
all year ♪

♪ Here we are


♪ We've been waiting
for so long ♪

♪ Just to find...

♪ That special feeling
of Christmastime ♪

♪ It's been
one Christmas every day ♪

♪ We spread all the joy

♪ With each and every
one who comes our way ♪

♪ More than just the toys

♪ For the children
the greatest gift is love ♪


♪ All the time

♪ In my mind