Mere Hamdam Mere Dost (1968) - full transcript

Sunil lives with his mom and sister in a middle-class dwelling in Delhi, India. He works for Chopra & Co., Chartered Accountants. He comes across a beautiful woman posing for a painting, and thinks she is poor and needy, and gives her a tip. The woman's name is Anita, and both are attracted to each other. Sunil and Anita intend to marry, and Sunil even introduces Anita to his mom. One day when attending a party, Sunil is shocked to learn that Anita is a multi-millionaire. Stunned at this deception, he swears he will have nothing to do with her. When Anita attempts to sooth things over, Sunil does cool down. It is then he finds out that Anita's dad, who is serving time, had killed his father, and that Anita mother is still alive, after making her living as a former prostitute.

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Sunil come soon son.



So you think Mr Vishwanath...

-...did you get hit by that car on purpose?
- Yes.

but why?

I am...

By me...

I am...

Hariram had given
this death declaration.

That you ran him
over on purpose.

There is no plan.

That thief deserved
only such a death.

Look Ajith.

If the police arrest me.

After that you, take care of my future work.

And my daughter Anita.

Now it's up to you.

And my wife...

I kicked her out of the house.

Who is expecting another child?

Not even his shadow should
fall on my daughter Anita.

Run, the police are coming.

Run away... for what?

What is left of my life now?

Who is Mr. Vishwanath?

- I am.
- We came to arrest you.

- Good.
- Come on.


Sunil! is he your friend


Do you see this wall?

I need a picture of that place.

I will do it.

Listen to this!

Who made this balance sheet?

Melaram Dahanda, he makes it.

So that's the reason.

Hello Sunil.

- Welcome.
- Welcome.

Because you were busy.

I thought of going back. but...

- I didn't want to go back.
- Does that mean?

Why did you come here?

- I came to you for a special purpose.
- tell me.


- Who is this girl?
- Someone who "models".

Where did you find her?

She was near the Birla
temple. I brought her here.

- What is your business?
- Okay.

My boss Mr. Chopra...

She is like a portrait in herself.

What portrait do
you make of her?

How much do you
get for her photo?

Maybe three or four thousand.

- Yes, what did you say about Mr. Chopra?
- Yes.

Mr. Chopra...

How much does this girl pay?

Two or three rupees. Maybe five.

You are mean, Bharti.

You earn thousands.

She is paid only
three to four rupees.

Now tell me about Mr. Chopra.

Yes, Mr. Chopra wants
to buy a painting of yours.

Sir, someone from "Lalit Art" has come.

I'll be back.

what is your name?


Anita? That name...

Yes, indeed...

They also want to
be rich someday.

They too will get wealth one day.

They see money everywhere.

- what is this?
- A simple gift.

No, I didn't mean that.

I willingly give it.

I don't mind if
you don't accept it.

I don't know how to thank you.

But Mr. Bharti...

Why tell that to Bharti?

This is between you and me.


Well done Sunil.

- I will come to see Mr. Chopra tomorrow.
- Okay.

what happened?

Like a play.

You don't pay me.

But your friend, took pity.

I was given this money.

- You should have returned it.
- Why is that?

This is the first gift...

...someone gave it to me.

All others worship my money.

- Who is he?
- Sunil.

A very interesting person indeed.

You have to meet him and know him.

What would you like
to know about him?

- He works at Chopra & Co.
- Chopra and Co.?

But don't tell him who I am.

Are you going to meet him?

why not? It will be real fun.

- I fool him a little more.
- What are you talking about, Anu?

Sunil is a very honest man.

He may be, but I am not.

Let this game go for a while.

- Where are you going? sit down
- No, I'm going now.

- I want to come with Meena from the hotel.
- Mina, who?


- Where is Anita?
- There are

- She is now at Bharti's house.
- Alone?

Didn't you go with her?

- She said...
- I told you!

What did I keep you
for? did you forget

Advised you not to leave
her alone with a young man.

I made a mistake.

- Anita.
- Anita?

She is a rich woman.

Stores all over India..

Yes friend.

Mrs. Anita, please come
and have a cup of tea with me.

- No, thank you.
- Please, Miss Anita, a cup of coffee.

I said I don't feel like
drinking coffee now.

I made a poem
about you Miss Anita.

bless you.

Go home and read it
first in front of your mother.

Let's go Meena.

Pieces of this scarf...

...share among yourselves.


Yes, put it there.


What a beautiful saree.

- This color really suits you.
- No, wrong.

- I brought it for you.
- to me...?

- No.
- Look, Mina.

My things are the same as yours.

Eat, wear, be happy.

But don't worry, got it?

- Yes, but.
- But no stories.

- Joseph.
- Yes, ma'am.

Put those in Meena's room.

I forgot to tell you.

A strange drama happened
at Bharti's place today.

- A drama?
- Yes, you already know that he draws a picture of me.

A young man came there.

- Handsome?
- Listen.

- So are you.
- Then bless me.

Listen to me first. That
guy really thought I was poor.

Actually, Meena, he
didn't know that I was rich.

Look at the five pound
note he gave me.

No one gives me a single rupee.

bless you.

- This is the smell of love.
- Look where I am too.

- Bharti.
- Hello, Anita, you came at the right time.

- There is something to surprise you.
- Surprise?

- What is it?
- Gift.

- Sunil has sent you.
- Sunil?

He continues to think
that you are a poor girl.

Driver, drive the car.

Stop here.

- your...?
- Anita, you?

Yes, I received the saree you sent.

I don't know how to thank you.

You saved my
modesty in another way.

I was ashamed to come
wearing those tattered clothes.

what are you saying?

How do I look now?

- Great.
- Thank you.

- This necklace?
- Necklace?

- It was given to me by the landlady.

It has fake diamonds.

The fakes look more expensive.

you are right.

- But your landlady...
- She is very generous.

- Come on, I don't want to be here.
- Why is that?

Tell me you don't like me.

That's not the problem, Anita.

Ma'am, the car...

who are you Get out of here!

Look Sunil, some rich drivers... being sent after me.
- The rich...?

- Who are you?
- Let him go Sunil.

Don't get involved.

Hang on Anita, I'll teach him a lesson.

Why are they following me?

- Am I beautiful?
- Yes, Anita.

Simply put, or...

...Am I very beautiful?

Yes, you are very beautiful.

Then. Let's go.

- Hello Anita.
- your...?

who are you

- I'm sorry I mistook you for Mrs. Anita.
- Come Sunil.

Maybe there is
someone else like you.

Yes, maybe.

Maybe she is a
rich and famous girl.

hmm may be.

Why don't you sit down?

Anita you are really very beautiful.

That's what everyone says.

But everyone just
wants to be friendly.

No one agrees to take
responsibility for marriage.

No. I didn't
mention you like that.

I feel more scared without you.

I too am an orphan, motherless and fatherless.

Don't your parents
ask you to get married?

Anita, I don't have a father.

Only sister and mother.

And they always
pester me to get married.

Mother wants me to get
married to a good family.

- But I'm not ready to do that.
- Why is that?

I really hate rich people.

Oh shit. why so?

There is a reason.

I will only marry a poor girl.

Have you found someone?

I'm looking for someone.

You are very shameless.

I leave.

I will take you to your house.

Home? No. I am not a child.

It's not my house either.
I am at a friend's place.

I won't take you
anywhere I can't seat you.

I'm going to Bharti's place, you?

I was returning
from a friend's place.

Let's sit down.

Come on.


- I won't be long today.
- Why, Anita?

I want to go home early.

- What's the rush?
- what to do?

I fear the people of this world.

God should not make anyone poor.


- Anita, I know how rich you are.
- I am?

very rich

What you call your
poverty is really your beauty.

your beautiful

- Anita.
- Hmm.

Sunil Someone is calling me.

will you be mine


But Sunil.

tell me something

- Do you hate people with money?
- There is a reason for that.

Let me take you home.

No, Sunil I will go.

I want to put you home, come on.

God Sunil, I will go alone.

- I have nowhere to go.
- Let's go quickly.

I will put you

- You go now.
- Hello, madam.

- Goodbye, dad.
- Welcome.

Listen to this! Anita, you said
you were an orphan, didn't you?

Yes, it is.

He calls me ``Ma'am'' and
I address him as ``Dad''.

Everyone makes fun of me in
different ways because I am poor.

I spend my days in the
garage of this bungalow.

Now you go.

- Do you live in a garage?
- No, yes. go now

Why do you want to send me?

I'll go check the garage.

Hello, madam.

Welcome! I was
very late today, sister.

Since when did I
become your aunt?

What does she say?

She is a Punjabi woman,
she doesn't want to grow old.

She wants to see herself
called "sister". I call her "Aunt".

- Madam, may I stop the car?
- Park it.

Why are you asking me?
Ask the owner.

- He's the same, the wretch!
- No.

No, he is not like that.

Listen to me.
All drivers are the same.

This is the owner of the house.
He is Sunil.

Sunil, talk to my landlady here.

I wore her necklace that day.

- Please come and sit down.
- No, thank you.

She is a good person.

Not all rich people are the same.

- Please come.
- No, I'll come another day.

Aunty, don't take my name in this.

I am telling you what I
saw with my own eyes.

If this is not the case...

...hold everyone together.

Be sure that some
trouble is likely to come.

- Hello, brother Dhand.
- Welcome.

Tell me some new information.

what's new It is not new now.

The whole city knows about it.

Well aunty, I will go now.

will come again.

- Sunil.
- Why mom?

I didn't think you would do this.

That you defame…

-...your late father's name.
- Mother!

If you didn't think about him.

At least they should
have thought about us.

At least you should have thought
that your sister was still unmarried.

What is happening to us now?

What's wrong mom?

We knew everything.

What did you find out? For
God's sake, please tell me.

God, speak up, what happened?

- You got married, didn't you?
- Married?

- And you have children.
- Children...?

I know.

This bastard Dhand, he came here?

- I won't let him.
- Sunil, do that later.

First of all, why
didn't you tell us?

What did I not say, mother?

You know how Dhand is.

He must have seen me
talking to Anita somewhere.

- So there is nothing there?
- Yes.

Why don't you understand that
even mountains are raised by Dhand?

He shows inches,
stretching hundreds of meters.

Mom, this is what happened.

I gave some money
and a saree to a poor girl.

And she came to thank me.

Did you take her to the
garden to give thanks?

- Yes, she was taken to the garden.
- Next...?

oh mom Then she went
back to where she was.

- I came to my house.
- Where are my grandchildren?

This stupid dhand.

what did you say? Anita has
been following him for days?

Check back often for Anita.

Let me know the details.

Isn't that why I keep you?

who is that


Like a wave in water.

You look so beautiful in this saree.

Did you send the contract papers?

I think after many years...

...I was given this privilege... call you 'Anu'
instead of 'Anita'.

please sit down!

on the chair

I heard you raised the price.

Yes, some of them have increased in price.

Some have gone down.

Does that mean?

This is the point.

Make a decision
on prices, I called.

A meeting of the directors
at the gymkhana at four.

At four today? No.

I have another job at four.

You can go after the meeting.

don't forget At four o'clock.

There is no one here.

Me, don't you look like a man?

I think we are on
time, they are late.

Let's sit on our hands.

No, it's fine here.

This is an opportunity... spend some time with each other.

When the wind changes its course.

It came to me.

Your fragrance filled
my heart for a long time.

Are you sure the director's
meeting is scheduled for today?

I may have
misunderstood the date.

Take today for us.

What do you mean?

How long will you
ignore me Anoo?

You know it.

In any case, I am
always at your disposal.


Yes, ma'am.

Bring some cigarettes from the shop.

We have cigarettes, sir.

No, I want imported ones.
Get me a packet of Rothmans.

Before that, bring tea here.

- Well, bring tea.
- Okay, sir.

I thought

You had no desire.

Who doesn't like Ajith?

What girl can
survive in this world.

- Without that?
- That is since your father passed away.

I keep waiting for you.

Waiting for a few more days.

That I would be allowed
to hold your hand.

- Really?
- Yes.

Now hold my bag.
I will be back soon.

Meena, what were you doing?

Nothing, just sitting and getting bored.

the liar

You live for others
and not for yourself.

How can such a person be bored?

Who do I live for?

Me too...

I was alone. It's depressing.

When Ajith was introduced.

His identification was
of little importance to me.

Regarding your acceptance of it.

What are you saying Anu?

Instead, you helped me.

By giving it a place in
your home and heart.

No Meena you don't know... is much easier to give than to receive.

Just look.

The way I took care of you.

You were given clothes and jewelry.

You accepted it all happily.

That's a great setup you've done.

A great act of kindness.



Ajith is my manager right?

He must know everything about me.

But he has his own limitations.

He can't watch me all the time.

You tell him everything
on the phone.

It is very convenient for me.

I am truly grateful
to you for all this.

Now I am going to meet Sunil.

I know Ajith doesn't
like me meeting Sunil.

But whatever a man
hopes for cannot come true.

Atleast inform Ajith on phone.

i understood

I have committed a great sin.

Oh, I'm sorry Anoo.
Please forgive me.

No. do not say that.

Every time I look at you.

I feel like you are my sister.

Please don't embarrass
me by saying that.

I don't deserve it.

I don't deserve your love.

kick me out of the house

No. do not Cry.

Don't cry Pisces.

- Ajith.
- I'll take care of him.

It is not good to take time to change.

- Hello Ajith.
- Welcome.

- Where is Anita?
- Anita...

She is not outside.
are inside. Hello Sunil.

who is he

I didn't tell you.
He is my groom.

We recently got engaged.

Hello Sunil, you have come at the right time.

I got engaged today.

- best wishes.
- That's why Anita is late.

He is my groom.
Come, let me introduce.

Ajith... Sunil... my boyfriend.

- best wishes.
- best wishes.

- My bag?
- your?

Anita had taken it.

Well, then I'll go.


Hello, Anita.

How about my jewelry and clothes?

very pretty.

You're very kind.

kind? I can be very rude too.

- Come in
- No, I have to take Anita.

My boyfriend left me here.
OK, bye.

Anita, come on.
Mom wants to see you.

stay here I will
change my saree.

This is good.
Mom will be happy to see you.

Mother! Get in.

Mom, this is Anita.

Bless you, daughter!

This is your future sister-in-law.

Mom, do you like her?

My son, you do not
know that I am urgent.

- For a grandchild?
- For the wedding.

Now that you're here,
I can't blame him.

Don't worry. I
will do it for you.

Sunil, everything has been said about you.

Don't worry.

I will be a mother-in-law to him.

And you become a mother.


Anita, where are you going?

hey what happened to you

A time like this is coming...

...when one doesn't like bed.

Yes. It happens.

- A cable message arrived from London.
- A cable?

- Ramesh is coming.
- all right.

- Ramesh, who is that?
- he!

- When will he come?
- Tomorrow.

Anita, you?

Bless you, daughter!

Miss Meena, how are you?

Anita, he is Melaram Dhand.
For someone who is single...

...His advice is very helpful.

A very helpful person indeed.

Mom! It's Miss Meena.
Anita is the owner of the place.

- Hello, daughter.
- Welcome.

- Come on, daughter.
- Please come, Mrs. Mina.

Why did you come here?


The landlady's friend is coming
today from London, he is Ramesh.

- Ramesh... Ramesh Kapoor?
- Yes.

- We are also here to welcome him.
- is it?

He is Mohini's boyfriend.

- my goodness.
- Why, what?

Nothing, that's fine.

Come on. The plane may have arrived.

Sunil, wait a minute, I will come.

A big problem has arisen.

Ramesh is his friend.

You talk hot stuff.

You are always joking.

As soon as he arrives,
my true identity is revealed.

- Everything is revealed.
- It has to happen.

Why not allow it?

And Sunil already loves you.

Yes, but not
according to this trick.

God willing, don't worry about it.

Let's make his luggage
disappear from customs. Come on.


This is the problem.

One day I wore some old clothes...

...created a painting of me
in place of the Bharati artist.

Sunil came there that day.

From there this thing started.

From then on I had to act poor.

I, if I meet him well dressed…

...had to say I got
them from Mina.

Once poor, it is very
difficult to become rich again.

You're kidding.

- I really don't know what to do.
- What to do...?

Then throw a party
celebrating Ramesh's arrival.

Tell him to come.


thank you

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

Who is... Sunil?

Sunil, this is Anita.

There is a party at Miss
Meena's house this evening.

A party at her house?

Anita, I don't attend
rich people's parties.

He is coming.

He also takes
his friend with him.

This habit of his is very bad.

He refuses and finally repents.

- Just like women.
- Who is this freak?

Not a freak.
This is Melaram Dhand.

Stop it!

I am actually a
close friend of Sunil.

He is not a villain.

I say yes a hundred times.

I say I will come again.

Don't worry, I'll come with him.

Mr. Dhand, who invited you?

Although no one called me...

...I'm coming alone.

Nita why did you order kaju?
Cashews are not good.

Have chicken, duck, hot-dogs?

- Be quiet.
- OK, bring food without hot-dogs.

Please come, food is ready.

Mrs. Anita give
me one plate too.

I am very helpful.

thank you

- Hello, sir.
- Welcome.

where is the chicken

- Sunil.
- Yes?

- Why did you come here?
- Mrs. Meena invited me.

She is Anita's friend.
Anita is my girlfriend.

- Anita... your girlfriend?
- Yes.

What are you talking about?
This millionaire girl?

You are confused sir.

She is very poor.

She is Anita, who has businesses all over India.

With profits in the millions.

I am auditing her accounts.

He must have cheated on you.

- what are you saying?
- I'm right.

Now the opportunity has
come for Sunil to tell everything.

I don't have the strength for it, brother.

Meena, why don't you go?

Do something and bring him here.

why don't you go


I'm not waiting here.

Miss Sunil!

- Ninety, big question.
- Sunil left.


why this You seem very upset.

Who is this girl?

You are the one who gave money and saree.

Bharti, don't try to act.

Tell me clearly, who
is this young lady?

You seem upset, why?

what happened

No need for jokes.
Answer what I ask.

what to say This
girl is a millionaire.

And even every kid
in Delhi knows her.

- Why didn't you tell me earlier?
- She asked me to...

-...not to tell you anything about her.
- What else did she say?

And she said that
this game will continue.

So this is a game
he played with me.

You... What did you come here for?

I came to tell you something.
You have misunderstood...

- I don't want to hear anything. Get out of here.
- Sunil.

I wanted to tell you about
myself since a long time ago.

- But I was afraid.
- No need. Get out of here.

What happened to Anu?

I was scared.

- Sunil will not come back.
- Did that happen?

I thought people
were afraid of poverty.

But this is the opposite.

I have an idea.

- What's the point?
- Why don't you use dhandwa to understand Sunil?

A really good idea.

- Hello, brother Dhand.
- Hello, Tikaram.

- Is there a strike today?
- Yes, apparently.


Everything in the world can be lost.

But news is never like that.
Today's breaking news is...

...Ruldu and Buta Dindorchi's
daughter Shilu has run away...

...with Toti Halwai's
son Moti Halwai.

Mr. Ruldu and Mr. Buta!
I was really sad to hear that.

- What is it?
- That's your daughter Shilu.

- Shilu...? What happened to Sheelo?
- She ran away...

...with Toti Halwai's son Moti.

- Who told you that?
- Just now Dhand told me.


Has Dhand started
dancing with us now?

all right. If we don't
teach him a lesson...

...we are no longer
our father's sons.

Uncle Dhand!

- Uncle Dhand!
- bless you.

I will go alone.
Where are you taking me?

- Behind the bushes.
- Behind the bushes?

- What are you doing there?
- What kings do.

- But I am not a king. Poor man, let me go.
- Let's take him.

leave me alone let me
go What are you doing?

Take off his clothes.

Clothes... what joke is this?

If anyone sees,
what are you doing?

keep quiet We
take your clothes off.

What am I missing?

Slow down, or
my pants might rip.

Put me in a wrestling suit.

In the end, a man's clothes will also be lost.

- Help!
- Let's hurry now.

Help! save me Catch them.

- They ran away.
- What happened sir?

What else will happen?

You came late.

Go mind your own business.

What is the beggar?
You always come, now go.

What's the point of being in this
world if your child doesn't know you?

I am your father.

Open the door.

Dad, why is this?

This is a secret. Only
God and I know about it.

Now that's right. There
was no such trouble before.

Tell me, why did you come here?

Hello uncle. What
happened to your clothes?

What can you tell me, Miss Meena?

- The opposite happened in Mahabharata.
- Does that mean?

I was swimming in the river with my friends.

Although the name is a beautiful girl...

...Radha came there
with a flute in her hand.

I took my clothes and climbed the tree.

Then started singing.

"Say Dhanu"

"Shall We Get Together Or Not"

I said we will definitely get together,
but she didn't return my clothes.

So I had to come like this.

Well Dhand uncle, I have
come for a special work.

I can do anything for you.

It's Anita's business, not mine.

You know she loves
Sunil very much.

But Sunil got angry with her
because she was very rich.

He returns to find
her and do something.

To come to her no matter the obstacles.

He will come, surely.

Tomorrow morning. Even his father will come.

- How is that?
- Leave it all to me.

OK, thank you very much.

will come again.

I was very young.

These beautiful girls sent me to old age.

She addresses me as 'Mama'.

There are many other terms in the dictionary.

A straw tree looks
like a big tree.

But to others it
looks like straw.

Brother Dhand, why is it so early in the morning?

I spread a rumor that day.

You tried to kill me because of it.

Today's newspapers say the same.
Read it. Get it here.

That millionaire girl
Anita has got engaged.

Anita is engaged to... me?

Who is responsible
for this publication?

I will not let that person.

what? Yes...

He belongs to a
very famous family.

- Very rich in heart.
- What joke is this?

Who is responsible for
publishing this news?

That's what we were
going to ask you.

- Is the modesty of a young woman a joke?
- Is this a joke?

Does this mean
you didn't publish it?

If it was done to us, we
would have asked you before.

Then it is announced.

- What made you want to do it like a thief?
- Why was it necessary?

- Someone from your side must be responsible for this.
- Yes, such a person.

One of us...? Now I
understand, this must be…

Dhand, gossip monger's nonsense.

What's going on now Pisces?

Everything is over.

We have organized a big party.

Many guests were invited.

If Sunil doesn't participate...?

Go tell the person who
messed this all up, Dhand.

Then you better go alone.

God bless you, just go.

- Why should I go? You did it.
- Yes.


I am not your enemy...

...even if you love someone else.

What is this news, did
you hide this from me?

We are also in that trap.

A lot of calls are coming.

Instead of my name, people
posted her name there.

We are trying to
correct this error.

You congratulate Meena.

- best wishes!
- Thank you!

- Please come, have some tea.
- Please come.

- Everything is messed up, Uncle Dhand.
- what happened?

Sunil came with the newspaper in his hand.

The newspaper is carried in the hand.

No, uncle, he is very upset.

A big party has been
organized for the engagement.

It would be a big shame for
Annie if he didn't come that day.

Why doesn't he come?
Even his ancestors will come.

Wherever they are may be in
hell or heaven. Listen to this!

Thank you very much.

- You handle the rest.
- Don't worry.

I will go...?

- Welcome!
- Uncle.

Sorry. you go

- Welcome.
- Welcome.

- Brother Sunil, Sunil!
- your...

A rascal, a rascal, a rogue.
Get out of my house now.

If you come here again,
I will break your legs.

why this

You seem so innocent
asking me what happened.

This is all your nonsense.

I didn't know you were
such a mean person Sunil.

What idiot has done this?

It is said that a bad man
is better than a bad name.

Even if someone's water
tap in the city runs dry...

...I have become responsible for it.

If there is any fight, I have
to be responsible for that too.

Even if it's an accident, I have to take responsibility.

- Am I a minister or someone else?
- If it wasn't you, who did this?

What do I know, who did this?

Every time I come you
jump on me as if to fight.

No consideration of
status or anything else.

Today I came to talk.

About my daughter Rani...

- About the queen?
- Yes.

I chose a young man for her.

I can't recognize anyone.

All young men look
like frauds to me.

I can't get into trouble.

So please come with me.

- It's about my daughter.
- Well, I'll come.

- Where should we go?
- To a party, that young man is there.

But listen, even the mother-in-law is there.

So, dress well too.

And with a nice
matching French tie.

Brother Dhand.

- Brother Dhand, such a big party?
- Yes...

It is not poor people like us
who throw parties like this.

It was some rich people who got the itch.

- Where is that young man?
- There are

He is near here.

Ramesh, you here...?

Dhand called me. I
don't know where he went.

- Mohini, what are you doing here?
- Came with Ramesh.

I don't know where he went now.

- Mina, you, here?
- I'm looking for my friend.

I'm very sorry.

This is a strange party.

Everyone here is
looking for someone else.

got it? He is the young man.

- What young man?
- You are also young, aren't you? If not, what else?

- What do you mean?
- I mean, you are that person.

- And this is the girl.
- Dhand!

Congratulations, son!

Come, come that way.

She is Hariram's wife.

Then Sunil, Hariram's son.

Brothers and sisters!

The train was parked on
the platform for a long time.

Due to this, the traffic in the
entire city was at a standstill.

Its engine has finally arrived.

That means today in front of all of you...

They perform the 'coupling' ceremony.

It means that their
engagement will happen.

Who is the boss to remove?

It is not necessary now.

He dies a natural death.


- Brother.
- I don't want to.

- Please take it, brother.
- I said I don't want to, right?

Even if you are engaged, the
marriage will not take place.

This evening, at the party,
I will teach you a lesson.

A lesson you will never forget.

Hello friends!

This is my beloved girlfriend.

What is this Sunil? This cat...

From England...

Be with you, my dear.


Miss, wants to talk to you.

- Who are you?
- You don't know me?

I am the groom of this party.

Anita's boyfriend.

got it

What nonsense is this?

God, you burned my lips.

your lips My heart is on fire.

Do you work here too?


You are like Dev Anand.

A cold drink, right?

Give it to me.

who wants Come here and drink.

What nonsense is this?

Even a boy talks like a girl.

Those girls are Sunil.

Are these girls?

What a beautiful statue this is.

Why is this?

No ma'am. Women of India
cannot be allowed to be like this.

Ladies and gentlemen, dinner
is now served. please come

thank you.

Come, hurry and let us eat.

I'm hungry. I eat a lot.

aunt Aren't you hungry?

- Why is this?
- I'm very hungry.

Why is this, no bread?

He will bring it up later.
Drink the soup first.

Soap...? Are you telling me to drink soap?

It's not soap, it's soup.

Oh god Sunil.

ok dear

It is very hot.
Waiter, bring some ice.

see! My girlfriend's
cheek is red.

Drink hot.

God has given us a hand.
Why not eat them?

I eat with my hands.

Sunil, maintain table manners.

Please Sunil...


This one, dead, still flies.

Enough of these jokes.

- Do you want to eat both?
- Sunil.

So why don't you
make him understand?

sorry I must leave.

I leave.

Let everyone go.

Let's both eat. You eat
tomatoes, I eat radishes.

Nothing happened yet, ma'am.

This is only the first scene of the play.

Wait for the falling scene.

Hey guys, enjoy the drink?

Yes of course.

Boss, with every sip…

...Consciousness expands.

There are many aspects to drinking, boss.

But imported alcohol is useless.

Until such a moment,
I will drink homemade.

I don't get any character.

Give three more to Kallu's glass too.

She is here.

- Listen, you remember everything, right?
- Okay.

Why is this Sunil?

What kings do.


Why are you angry?

Come, I will introduce
you to my friends.

They are all my close friends.

Musk, Bablu.

Kallan, Anguri.

Saida, Bhola, Ramu,
Shyamu and Golu.

Meet him too.

I will not go that easily, madam.

i am your boyfriend

- Let's go, guys.
- Let's go.

My mistake was letting
this man get close to me.

No. It is not so.

If you hadn't been
poor with him...

...He doesn't do this.

What do you mean?

When you first met him...

...was he acting like a brute?

- No
- When you go out with him?

- no way.
- Then it is clear that he is not such a person.

He will answer you
in your own language.

His revenge.

Not just because you
played a trick on him.

Because you didn't tell
about the engagement before.

Yes Pisces, that's probably why.

But now those things cannot be changed.

What happens now?

Nothing is impossible in this world.

Tell me, what are you doing?

Only a big thing can
destroy a small thing.

I don't understand fish.

Anyway, get used to doing
things that make him jealous.

How is that?

Talk to a person close
enough to see him.

Hold his hands and hug him.

But who could be such a person?

- Ramesh.
- No.

Then stay at home.

Then fish. your...

Anyway this...

No, you have to do this.

your...? Anita is not here.

She will come here.

Where will she leave me?

So, you can wait for a while.

Watch like a watchman…

-...for the rest of your life.
- What do you mean?

you think....

...are you the only one in Anita's life?

Who else is in Anita's life?

Who else could love her?

why is that For example Ramesh.

Who is her childhood friend?

- Has she gone out with Ramesh?
- Yes.

What is she doing with Ramesh?


Both are young. Good looking.

- Both need each other.
- It can't be.

The impossible is possible.

You don't know about
these, Miss Sunil.

I did not know.

You are so naive.

Where did they go?

He said he was going to walk on Rajpur Road.

Don't go after them.

If you do, you will regret it.

Ramesh, you are very handsome.

Did you think I was
handsome after days?

I used to look at you
from my perspective.

Today I look at you with my eyes.

Foreign women
who care about you.


But I know.

Someone must have
held your hand like this.

You must be humble like this.

Someone might have hugged
you like this with his arms.

Must have done something like this.


What have you been doing, Anita?

Ramesh you are my friend.

Whatever I do is only
after proper thought.

I'll tell you later, come on.

Mom, pack up.

Pack your bags... why?

We are not here anymore.

We are leaving this town.

But why all of a sudden?

do not ask. I made a decision.

What decision?

Why are you talking like crazy?

Your marriage is permanent and
so is Mohini's marriage with Ramesh.

Ramesh....don't even
mention his name in front of me.

- Why is that?
- Don't force me.

His changes came about
with the move abroad.

His level now, you
can't even imagine.

- No, Ramesh is not such a person.
- He is such a friend.

- What is the evidence?
- My own eyes.

And I don't need any more proof.

You may not want to, but I do.

- Without knowing how I...
- Be quiet, Mohini.

I am responsible for the honor of this family.

It is my job to decide what is
good and bad for this family.

- Mom, you all want to go to Mumbai with me.
- Mumbai?

Sunil, do you know what
you are talking about?

- I know.
- But, brother.

But there is no need for talk.

You must do what I ask of you.




- Yes, ma'am?
- Where is Mina?

She is not here.

A young woman gave this letter for you.

a letter?

I know what happened to my brother.

He is not ready to live in Delhi.

He asks us to leave
this city immediately.

Only you can stop him.

Even my mother thinks so.

Please come to our house anyway.

We are all waiting
for you - Mohini.

A letter from Mohini!

So Sunil went to Mumbai.

Dhand brother, Sunil...

I know the fool left town.

- What kind of love did you make?
- A love...?

I put up with his jokes a lot.

But he could not tolerate
a single thing from me.

I befriended Ramesh and
tried to make him jealous.

- You were burned by that fire.
- Yes.

Please save me brother Dhand.

- Am I a firefighter?
- You can do something about this.

believe me!
Ramesh is like a brother to me.

Sunil misunderstood me.

Yes, young people are like that.

I don't know where he went.

- Wherever he goes, somehow find him.
- I think he...

...Mumbai must have
gone. He was born there.

Brother Dhand.

Be it Mumbai or anywhere else.

I will find him. but...

- Yes, what?
- This will cost a lot.

I need thousands of rupees.

I have never been on
anything but a Boeing jet.

And I have not stayed in
any other hotel except the Taj.

- Don't worry about money.
- Don't worry about Sunil.

I will write to you
before I find him.


Don't worry. That's right.

Great place!


I am doomed. Everything was lost.

Dhand... you?

Not money. But not clean…

-...someone belonging to the house or town.
- Why did you come here?

I haven't come inside the house yet.

- Listen.
- Who gave you this address?

The address was given...

Mohini did you write to Ramesh?

Ramesh...? I did not write to him.

- Then you should write to Anita.
- No.

- Then?
- You worry about this family.

And my family...

- Rani.
- Queen?

- What happened to Rani?
- Aunt.

Rani is gone.

my goodness! when is that

- How did she die?
- If she died...

...I distribute sweets.

Rani ran away with a boy.

My actions bore fruit only for me.

Mom, he is reading nonsense.
I don't believe him.

Sunil. If you want
to throw luggage.

Throw them in.

I am begging you
touching your feet.

Even if they are dirty.

You are like my son.

That is what people ask God for.

Lucky to have a son
and not a daughter.

Tell me one thing, Dhand.

Did Anita or Ramesh
give you this address?

No. Can't you see,
my stomach is swollen.

If you open your mouth
about this place, I will stab you.

I never open my
mouth. if you want.

You might as well tape my mouth.

Brother Dhand.

Did you tell him?

I am not involved
in such matters.

Get out! Son, come on.

where is my room

- Hello brother Dhand.
- Welcome.

- How is Sunil?
- He is angry.

But don't worry.
A little effort will be required.

But everything will be fine.

Look, I already
did your job, but…

- But that...
- But what?

- A lot of money was spent.
- I said don't worry.

- Money, take as much as you want.
- Good.

Didn't Meena come?

She will come by plane in the evening.

- really?
- Of course!

But why are you asking about her?

If not me, who else will ask?

So this is the point.

But brother Dhand.
She calls you 'Mama'.

That's the problem Miss Anita, come on.

Sunil, please listen to me.

I am innocent.

- Get out of my way.
- Sunil.

No matter what I
did, it won you over.

But you left Delhi and came here.

Ramesh is like a brother to me.

Don't talk nonsense.
Aren't you ashamed to say so?

I am well aware of the reality.


Trust me Sunil.

- I never loved anyone else.
- Go away, Anita.


Now do you understand
that I am not such a person?

shall i go

I will be back.

- Really?
- Yes. I will come.

come with me


Yes, why are you surprised?

Can the shadow
ever leave a person?

So you found me.


Your father had given
me this responsibility.

you think

To this day I don't
know what happened.

And so I thought.

Because of Sunil and your meeting…

...he dies a natural death.

What do you think I should do now?

Let's stop cheating on both of them.

You are a puppet in my hands.

Who can compel me
to dance to the beat?

I can destroy if I want.

Don't threaten me and leave here.

Do something you like.


Ajith will have to do that today.

Which he should have
done a long time ago.

You will hate yourself after today.

You have to hide
your face from Sunil.

Let me go, you bastard!



what's up ma'am

- Nothing, Vasantha. go away
- Spring.


I am the servant of this house sir.
You get out of here.

what are you saying? go away


- Vasantha, don't let him in
- OK, ma'am.

Hello, madam.

- Why, what?
- Anita called you.

- She's in the car.
- Anita?

Yes. She called you
because it was important.

Wait, I'll come.

Is this Anita's bungalow?

It was me, not Anita,
who told you to come.

I have something important
to talk to you about.

- you?
- I will tell you everything. please come

You don't know me.

But I know you.

I am not a stranger.

Your husband Mr. Hariram.

A good friend of mine. please come

I owe him a lot.

Instead, today I...

Because he...

Because of this, it is my duty.

- I will not allow any harm to happen to you.
- A disaster...?

what disaster

Your son is going to marry Anita.

She is indeed a very
rich young woman.


Wealth is not
everything in this world.

Do you like this marriage?

By doing so, will it bring your
family name into disrepute?

Do you know that your
husband's soul is grieved by this?

- What are you going to say?
- I want to do my duty.

Anita's mother is...

my mom...? But she is dead.

She is alive.

If you don't believe
me go to this address.

No. 11/B , Juhu
Road Church, Mumbai.

Go and see for yourself.

- She is a prostitute.
- Mother!

You are a whore's daughter.

I will not let my son fall
even under her shadow.

Madam, Anita has come to see you.

Anita here...?

Who gave her my address?

How did she know I was alive?

- This is not what I did.
- This is not right Ajit.

I think you didn't
reveal it to Meena.

I didn't because of your advice.

I left her with Anita in Delhi.

So she doesn't know all this.

As far as I know.

They know nothing
about their relationship.

They must not know it.

Well, there you go. I will take care of this.


- Then you are alive.
- Does that mean?

Now you understand it.

Didn't you lose something?

What are you talking about, who are you?

Look at me and try
to recognize who I am.

I don't know who you are.

She lost her inheritance.

Who let you in?

Get out of here.

I will go.

That was after receiving
an answer to my question.

What is it?

What inspired you to live this life?

What trouble did you come here for?

You sacrificed the greatest asset.

A woman, her motherhood?

Lala...! Khan...!

Where did they go?

They don't care.

Why was anyone allowed in?

I am nobody, mother.

I am your daughter.

Perhaps your heart is
tempted to embrace me.

Get out of here.

Only once.

Call me by name.


Get out of here.

You are not the daughter and I
am not your mother, understand?

Even if you're not my mother.

Even if it's a lie, tell it once.

Call me 'Daughter'.

What's the difference, mom?

The reason is that she is born from a mother.

Who does the world call evil?

It is the parents' sin.
What is wrong with the child?

They have to suffer the consequences of their sins.

Just face it kids, this
is the rule of this world.

What world are you
talking about mom?

This world which is the basis of separation.

Is Sita pure from Lord Ram?

I don't want to hear anything.

The girl who will be my daughter-in-law.

It is impossible to be the
daughter of such a woman.

If so, hear me out.

Can't see your daughter-in-law.

And her and my future.

Then you cannot be
the mother of this son.

Hello, sir!

Madam went to the airport.
Leave this letter to you.

I leave.

i loved you

I tried to win you over.

But today.

Driver, take me to the airport.

Anita, stop!

why this

It is not necessary for you to
marry the daughter of such a woman.

Who is the world
pointing at you for?

All people.

Which world are you referring to?

I will explain to mother.

No Sunil. God leave me.

There is still time.

do you want to go

Well, then go.

This is his photo.

Yes, your husband's.

A very old picture.

Do you know whose
picture is next to this one?

The person who killed him.

did you forget

Do you remember who this person is?


Anita's father.

This cannot be. Why
does Anita's father do that?

Your husband worked
for Anita's father.

Anita's mother is a
woman of strange character.

So he got suspicious
about Hariram.

No. He is not that kind of man.

How is this saree?

This color really suits him.

Five hundred and fifty were spent.

Anita let me buy it.

No need to give this saree to her.

And this marriage
will not happen.

What happened mom?

What's wrong mom?

you can't say

It is a matter of life
and death for one.

Some things are more
important than life and death.

What is that, mom?

I appeal to you.
Please don't ask me this.

You have to tell me this.

I can't say that.

- And you won't be able to hear.
- I'll ask it, mom.

Would you marry such
a father's daughter?

whose father

- Whose father killed your father?
- Mother!

my dad.

Anita's father, was our father killed?

What is the reason?

I do not know. Really.
I don't know anything.

You know it, mom,
but you hide it.

You'll have to tell me.

- He had doubts.
- Doubt?

What is the doubt for?

Sunil is my son.

It's better if you don't ask.

Your late father's
name will not be insulted.

Your father was
working in his office.

Anita's father became suspicious.

- That's his wife. With your father...
- Mom!

No, mom.

Do you also consider it
true, mother, about my father?

I don't know anything.

We will have to find out.

We will have to get to
the root of this matter.

Mother. Give me the
address of Anita's mother.

No, Sunil.

You are not conscious now Sunil.

- What are you doing, son?
- Go, mom.

Sunil. wait Sunil don't go.

- Khan.
- Yes, sir.

- Where is madam?
- Upstairs, sir.

who are you

how did you get here

Don't come forward.

Don't you love your life?

- No.
- Get out of here.

- Khan.
- Don't shout.

- I want to ask you something.
- What do you want to hear?

What is that for?

Because the issues related to
this are also related to many lives.

To you, to your daughter, to me.

what daughter I don't have a daughter.

I knew you would say this.

- Anita, the owner of Empire Stores, is your daughter, right?
- No.

- Isn't Vishwanath your husband?
- No.

Your husband kicked you out.

That's why you
had to live this life.

- That's wrong.
- So is this also wrong?

You, that she had an affair
with her partner Hariram.

A blatant lie. I had
nothing to do with Hariram.

That means you knew
Hariram, didn't you?

- And Vishwanath is your husband.
- Get out of here.

Get out of here for God's sake.

Anita is really your daughter.

That is not right.

Forcing me to tell the secret.

It is buried deep in my heart.

- Who are you?
- My name is Sunil.

I am Hariram's son.

- Hariram's son?
- Yes.

And Anita's boyfriend.

I came here so I
could see that woman.

Who destroyed, not only my clan.

Her and her daughter.

Trust me son.

- I didn't do anything wrong.
- It's really your fault.

You didn't come out lying
to yourself all the time.

What proof do you have of this?

What is said now is true?

All I have is memory, son.

No other evidence.

I became a mother.

So I left home.

It's not right but it's a
blemish on my character.

My growing daughter
cannot tolerate its humiliation.

If this is correct...

..Why are you going
back to your daughter?

No, I'm not going there.

Wait for him.

And with both hands
he pushed me out...

...want me back.

I will not enter that house.

Is your husband alive?

Yes, spent time in
solitary confinement.

He was transferred
to a nearby prison.

He will be released in a day or two.

Catch the young man coming now.

Finish him off.

Make it a secret.

got it

Why did you go there?

the boss

I feel like shooting all of you.


- Boss, we didn't know that Minu would trick us.
- Shut up!



where is he?

- He, who is that?
- You don't seem to know.

your father

- He...
- Don't talk like that.

I know everything now.

He is there.


No, Sunil.

I met your mother today.

She had to accept that
Vishwanath was her husband.

Her husband and your father.

And she told me he was
sentenced to life in prison.

My father was sentenced
to life imprisonment, why?

He killed my father.

I went to see him today.

He has already been released from there.

- where is he?
- I do not know.

- I don't know anything.
- You know.

But it is not revealed.

I swear by you.

- He didn't come here.
- I will find him.

Take revenge for that father's murder.




were are you?


did you come back

Please don't talk to your
own daughter like this.

- Sunil told me everything.
- Sunil...?

- Did he come here now?
- No.

Where is father now?


I thought he would
come straight to you...

...released from prison.

Has he been released?

where is he He
didn't come here.

So, where did he go?


Mom, again...

Call me by that name again.

- I always wanted to hear that.
- Nito.

my child



come close to my heart

Put out that fire.

I was burned by it for years.

Oh, I'm sorry, I spoke to
you very rudely that day.

You said nothing, daughter.

That's what I told
myself after you left.

But Nito.

You were an arm's length away from me.

But I couldn't even reach out.

I was helpless.

I know. That's enough.

Don't say anything now.

This is enough for me...

...I got my mom.

Anu, why did you come here?

I went to your house.
Why did you come here?

This is my home, she is my mother.

Your mother?

my sister

She is not only your
mother but also mine.

Anu, my sister.


The first time I met you... heart has said a thousand times.

- Even knowing that, Ajit...
- Don't even mention his name.

Today he tried to kill Sunil.

Tried to kill Sunil...?

- Ajit is not such a person.
- No, he's a murderer.

If I didn't save Sunil today...

...Ajith, kills him.

- What are you talking about fish?
- I'm right.

He is such a person.

Tried to use one
sister against the other.

- Who?
- Forget all this.

Today is a good day.

Your father was released
from prison today.

Seeing his daughters grow up.

He will be very happy.

When the whole world changes,
Ninety must also change.

How does she look?

- dear
- Really?

I wanted to see him grow up.

You didn't tell him I
was alive, did you?

How can I tell her about
it without your advice, sir?

It's good, but...

After so many years, she
must have forgotten me.

- How is that, sir?
- How stupid am I?

Can blood forget
its own relations?

At first she would look at me as a stranger.


her blood

And my blood.

Mr. Checker, the train that just passed...

...I saw a murder in it.

She is like a sister to me.

A small thing is
stretched to a giant size.

shut up

The station is near. I
will report it to the police.

Yes, let's go. I also want
to see what the problem is.

Sir, we got this purse.

This is the ID card.


Where is the aunt!

A big problem has arisen.

- why?
- Don't ask, aunty.

Sunset occurs only in the evening.

A murder! There were a lot of
people at the station at that time.

By Sunil, someone has been killed.

Sunil...? Come on, it's over.

I thought He will do
something like this.

You know brother Dhand's habit.

He creates a mountain
out of something small.

Mohini, today I am saying a
small amount of this big thing.

Sunil has...

Look, he's here.
Hey Sunil what did you do?

- What did I do?
- You killed someone on the train.

- A murder...?
- Yes, the police met...

...your wallet with your photo on it.

- Brother, you run away!
- They're coming here to get you.

- Run.
- Son.



- Speak slowly, I am Sunil.
- Sunil, you?

Why did you come here? The police are looking for you.

I came here with
great difficulty.

I don't worry about myself.

But what does Anita think?

I also said that I will take
revenge on her father.

So you did it. What
else do you want?

- I did not commit this murder, Dhand.
- do not lie.

I swear by your friendship.
I did not commit that murder.

There is some truth in your story.

Sunil, a woman was in that compartment.

She witnessed the
murder on a passing train.

A woman... where is she?

Find her address
or take me to her.

My photo is at home.

Show it to that woman.

If she says that
I did the murder.

I surrender to the police.

is it?

Throughout life...

...I haven't done anything worthwhile.

Now I have a chance to
repay you for all your help.

I will take your
photo to that lady.

But where will you meet me?

Dhand, huts near Juhu beach.

- I will meet you only there.
- Well, go now.

Hello, this is Anita.

- Anita, this is Dhand.
- Yes?

I called you to say something.

Sunil came to me while
hiding from the police.

He told me everything.

He sure didn't kill your father.

Look Anita, please
don't misunderstand him.

I can't believe it.

I have already given a
statement to the police.

That Sunil threatened me.

I will kill my father to take revenge.

You should not have done that.

OK, never mind.

The real culprit will
be found in a few days.

Until then I ask you not
to misunderstand him.

You may have already
seen the photo, ma'am.

Now tell me this
photo of the killer?

No. He is not.

Then save him.
Give your statement.

If this innocent person is given the death penalty.

I will die too.

I don't mind, I can testify.

But my husband...

...a real coward, like a rat.

- He doesn't let me get into any trouble.
- Trouble...?

what are you saying

Dr. Modi. Do this for God.

go out My son can't sleep
because of this disturbance.

- Seen, didn't I say?
- You are right ma'am.

Your husband is right.

In fact, I am the only one who is wrong.

It was really a mistake to come to Mumbai.

One does not care
about the death of another.

Looking away.

I am really shocked.

Please catch him.

Oh my God.
He is dead. He is cold.

Just like ice.

- What could have happened?
- do not know.

There is no other witness here.

We will now be trapped in his death.

Without witnesses, even
the innocent go to the gallows.

This is what I was going to say.

If your wife didn't testify...

...An innocent man goes to the gallows.

- My God, are you alive?
- Yes.

- I will give my testimony.
- No.

You keep quiet. If I
don't give my testimony...

-...he will die again.
- Yes, of course.

Let her testify.



Ma'am, this is Sunil.

There was a photo in today's paper.

Identify him, is he a murderer?

- No
- Listen!

Dhand, will take you to that place now.

Where the murderer lives.
If you recognize him…

...the whole matter is settled.

- Let's go.
- Well, let's go.

Go quickly.

Yes, I know.

what do you want

I want from your store.

100 mixed fruit tins,
200 cigarette packets...

-...or 300 packets.
- Yes.

But this is my home. Go to the store.

The queen of the city is with me.

She wants to deal with you.

Queen, please come.


That's him.

Soon, I will be back.

A big problem.

- Madam, he said that he was the murderer in advance.
- Now...?

I was a trouble free person.

Now that murderer
won't spare me.

Don't worry, doctor.

Madam will not be harmed
as long as I am there.

who are you

I am the one accused of murder.

- I am Modi to Doc.
- Docta Modi, I am Narang.

Where should I come? No.
10, Dadabai Navroji Road?

Now it is 9.30.

I will come at 10.
thank you Welcome.


- He is.
- Does that mean?

Who did you meet that day?

why did you come here

to meet you

- To reach a decision.
- A decision... with me?


It is with you.

He must have seen it all with his own eyes.

Murder on the train?

- Yes.
- I promise not to tell anyone.

You already said it.

A proof like you.

Cannot be kept alive.

Get out of here. I am
alone in this house now.

I know.

- your...?
- yes I'm.

I know everything now.

Leave him alone!

- Mother.
- Leave me alone.

Take him to the police station.

Mother, get him married soon.

And send her to our house.

You can get married soon, right?

There will be dozens of marriages.

What do you think about marriage?

marriage? Do you know
how old you are, uncle?

bless you!

Call me by any other name than uncle.

Okay, I'm not talking to you like that.


She called me uncle again.

How would you feel if
she called you "uncle" too?