Menorah in the Middle (2022) - full transcript

♪ Sarah is the girl ♪

♪ A sweetheart, a pearl ♪

♪ A Paris vacation ♪

♪ Such romance, such joy ♪

♪ Her family's in California
She's in Illinois ♪

♪ Chad the boy, he's a goy ♪

♪ Her parents
Frank and Linda ♪

♪ And her brother Jake ♪

♪ They run
The family business ♪

♪ A bakery, they bake ♪

♪ You'll meet
The Baum sisters ♪

♪ Such drama await ♪

♪ But oh, not to rush ♪

♪ They're still in Paris, oi ♪

♪ The lovely Sarah Becker ♪

♪ And Chad, the goy ♪

Okay, let's talk
about the future.

Great, let's tomorrow start
with the Champs Elysee,

then hit up the Louvre,

lunch at La Cafe Marly,

a walk down the Seine,
perhaps a pre-dinner crepe?


Oh, no, my trainer
has me on a paleo diet.

You know that's
for cavemen, right?

Have you seen cavemen?

They're very fit.

They also bonk women on the
head and drag them into caves.

Unlike you, who goes to Paris
for a nine-month anniversary.

Oh, come on, wasn't a big deal.

Please, I have cream cheese in my
fridge older than our relationship

and it never took me to Paris.

Well, I had to go
to Switzerland anyway.

Chad, stop trying to spoil it.

It's romantic, you took
me to Paris, the end.

Oh, maybe the beginning.

You know, this Swiss deal
is huge for me,

like next-tax-bracket huge.

And I was thinking maybe we could
enter that tax bracket together.

It makes so much sense
for us to get married.

What do you say?

This is all moving so fast,
you haven't even met my family.

Well, but I'm flying
home for Chanukah,

I'm gonna see them
in a few days.


That's what I said.

I'm proposing to you,
not your family.

You've never dated a
Jewish girl before, huh?

But they're gonna love me,
just like you do, huh?

What do you say?

Do we close the deal?


I do close the deal, I do!

Let's go over the
basics one more time,

how many nights
of Hanukkah are there?

Nice try, that's a tricky one,
changes every year.

What, no, the dates change every
year based on the Jewish calendar.

No, you said December 8th.

I said there were
eight nights of Hanukkah.

Let's move on, my family runs a?

A bakery,
but not just any bakery,

"Becker Family Bread: A pillar of
the community for three generations."

My dad's name is?

- Frank.
- Mom?

- Linda.
- Brother?

- Oh...
- Think fast,

'cause he's picking this up
in like two minutes.

Oh, I got this one.


- Sagar?
- Yeah, he's picking us up, Uber Black.


Yeah, I figured we could
use a nice ride to the hotel.

Hotel, what hotel?
We're staying with my parents.

Think of the hotel
like a life raft,

we don't have to stay there,
but we have it if we need it.

- A life raft on the Titanic.
- Eh?

You've never met my parents.

Staying at a hotel
would be beyond scandalous.

I'd have to wear
a scarlet H on my shirt

- for the rest of my life.
- Hey, calm down, baby.

I just need a place to work.

This Swiss deal has
to be closed by New Year's.

I'm gonna be with your family
for dinner and Chanukah stuff,

but sometimes I need to work
and I need stable Wi-Fi.

My parents have Wi-Fi.

Like stable, like
video-conference stable, huh?



Yeah, babe, that's Sagar, I'm gonna
go to the hotel, get some work done.

You have fun
with your big brother,

put some FaceTime in and we'll reconnect
with your parents later tonight.

- You promise?
- Yeah, cross my heart.

Oh, don't tell them
about the engagement, please.

I wanna do that together, deal?

Deal, you wanna shake on it?

You might want to
take that ring off.

Yeah, off.

So Esther Schwartz,
do you remember her?

- Yeah.
- Right.

She tells me the bagels
tastes different.

I said,
"They do not taste different."

She said, "Jacob,
the bagels tastes different."

I said, "Esther, we haven't
changed this recipe in 80 years."

But, no, if you think they taste
different, the bagels taste different."

Oh, my God, I thought that arguing
with customers was dad's job.

Mostly he just
kinda putzes around,

keep it... and smiling a lot.

Mom's still handling the books,
but I have been running the bakery.

That's amazing, you're like
taking over the family business.

I missed you.

I really did, how long has it been?
It's been like almost two years.

I know, I missed you too.

It turns out that giving up
your corporate job

to start an
independent food blog

doesn't leave much money
for vacations.

Oh, you know who came home?

- This is fun.
- Who?


- Ben's here?
- Ben's here.

What, I'm just surprised.

It's like, I just thought
he traveled around the world,

taking amazing photos.

It's like he's in a
different country every week.

Shut up.

I can't believe
the Baum sisters grew up

in Sol Viejo just a
few grades above us.

Look at them now,
they're like the Julia Child,

they're like the Julia Children
of our generation.

Yeah, and I'm a food blogger who can't
even get verified on social media.

How'd they do it?

Know what dad always says.

- Oh, he's not still saying it.
- Oh, yeah, he is.

"Rachel and Becky Baum"

used to come into our bakery
every day after school

for two pieces of rugelach.

Nothing made them happier
than my rugelach,

"it's probably
why they became chefs."

It's so embarrassing.

It's humiliating,
but imagine if it was true.

I'm pretty sure that...

Where's your boyfriend?

Okay, I'm gonna pull around
back, I'll meet you inside.

Oh, wait, wait, wait!

I really wanna see
mom and dad's face

when you tell them that Chad's
staying at a hotel. So, wait for me.

I need this.


- Oh, we missed you, kiddo!
- I missed you too.

- Mum.
- You must be starving.

I'm fine.

- Are you kidding, I can practically see through...
- Mom.

What's the last time you had a.

Oh, come on, give her a break.

Hey, okay, I'm gonna go out
and meet Chad

and I'm gonna help
him with the bags.

Oh, Chad's not
here at the moment.

Oh, honey, what's wrong?

Oh, no, no, nothing,
he's in Sol Viejo,

he's just not like
right here in this room.

Well, exactly, because
he's getting the luggage.

See, there's nothing
to worry about, honey.

No, Dad, Chad has a lot of work
to do over Hanukkah,

like a lot of video
finance conference calls.

So, he rented
an office for the week.

Oh, like a work week.

Exactly, except it has
a bed in a concierge.

Chad's staying at a hotel.

Thanks, Jake.

I beg you to wait for me.

I don't understand, did we
do something to offend him?

- You haven't even met him.
- And that offended him?

No, he's just
getting some work done

and then he's gonna come here
and eat and then stay.

Oh, good, because your mother
prepared her famous briskets.

Okay, if he can't make it, I'll
just put his brisket in the freezer.

- Don't do that.
- I don't want it to get cold.

Let's get you settled sweetie.

Come on, my daughter
is home for Hanukah,

best gift in the world.




What are you doing down there?

Honestly, trying to decide

if I should tell my Juliet joke
or my Rapunzel joke?

Let's hear them both
and I'll decide.

Okay, they are both terrible,
just know that I know that.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel,
let down your hair,

unless you are an Orthodox Jew,
in which case it's a wig

and I will definitely break my
neck should I try to climb it.

Not a wig, also not
long enough to climb,

but if you don't mind
waiting there, say 20 years.

Fine by me.

What's the next one, Romeo?

- Oh, one sec.
- Where...

- Hello?
- -I think your phone's broken, I'll get you new one.

No, my phone's fine.

But I texted you
two minutes ago.

I'm here.
Bakery looks closed though,

I can make somewhere else.

No, no, no, stay right there,
I'll be down in one sec.

- I gotta go.
- Oh, hey...

Come over for the first night
of Hanukkah tomorrow,

I want you to meet someone.


There he is.

- Hey, Frankie.
- Whoa.


We've heard so much about you.

Oh, you didn't tell me
you had a sister.

Don't tell me you're Linda.

Mrs. Becker?

No, no, Mrs. Becker is your mother,
'cause you're Sarah's sister.

Hi, he's funny.

Yeah, Linda, Linda.

Okay, what do you
do with your wife?

This is my wife Linda, Chad.

I see rubbing
the cradle back then.

- Hey, Chad, I'm Jacob.
- Hey.

I already know
I look good for my joke.

No, no, you look like
a Jewish Ben Stiller.

You're right mom,
he's a real card.

Well, my frat voted me ask clown
if that means anything.

- It really does, yeah.
- Who's hungry?

Yes, come on in.

Come on in,
Linda made a beautiful feast.

So, Chad, Sarah tells us
you're in finance.

Yeah, well, real estate,

Crypto, NFTs, PCP,
follow the money,

you know how it is.

Not really, our family has been
in the same business

for three generations actually.

Well actuaries,
that's another sector I crashed.

Cool, do you know
who is from the SV?

Oh, here we go.

Rachel and Becky Baum.

Oh, the cooks.

The chefs, but yes, yes.

They used to come
into our bakery

every single day after school,

They loved my rugelach,

it's probably
why they became chefs.

My husband,
inspiration to the stars.

Hey, hey, hey, it ain't bragging
if it's true.

All right, we haven't let
you get a word in edgewise,

you must have a million
questions for us.

Yeah, there's something I've
been wanting to ask you.

Go ahead, we're an open book.

What's the Wi-Fi password?


It means a lot to me
that you're here.

So, when should
we tell my family.

About what?

That we're getting married.

Oh, that.

Well, Chanukah begins tomorrow,

how about after we
light the candles?

Perfect, can't wait
to wear my ring again.

Is this a twin?

It's a queen,
it's at least a full.

Really, can I see the receipt?

Come on, it's romantic.


Babe, couldn't sleep
in the doll bed,

rolling over to the
Double Tree with Sagar,

back by breakfast, XO, Chad.

There's nobody around for miles,

the big guy, huge dude,
grabs my camera,

smashes it on the ground,

hog time, he stick
a gag in my mouth.

- Benjamin!
- Then what happened?

Okay, so then they force me
to the ground, onto my knees,

hold up their rifles
right at my head and bam,

I wake up, it was a dream. I fell
asleep on the Trans Siberian railway.

You are a wise guy.

It was a very
intense dream. Mr. B.

My God, Jake,
did you hear Ben's story?

I'm brightening the color, Mom.

There she is, hey, sweetie, look
to stop by, Ben from next door.

Not ringing any bells.

Oh, I also go by
Benjamin if that helps.

Sometimes I go
by Ba, ba, ba Benny,

if I'm performing with the Jets.

Oh, weren't you the kid that
got stuck in the hollow mirrors?

No, I don't think so.

Yeah, county fair,
summer of seventh grade.

- Maybe.
- Oh, no, you'd remember,

they had to shut it all down and
extract you through the roof.

Oh, so you're saying I got to
ride for free in a helicopter

and get my face on the front page of the
SV Courier because that would be awesome.

Ben was sweet enough
to take some photos

of the bakery
for socialized media.

Speaking of which,
here they are,

hot off the press.

The photos are in this?

Yeah, crazy, right?

I'm sure one of your kids
can show how to view them.

I'm sure
they have no idea, Jake...

Still great, Mom.

So, who is it you
wanted me to meet?

Oh, where is Chad?

Don't tell me we scared him off
before the first night of Hanukkah.

Doesn't he want to crush
the Hanukkah sector?

No, nobody scared anybody,
Chad just had a work thing.

He has a lot of business overseas
and with the time difference.

You wanted me to meet a
business man named Chad? Got it.

He's really sweet
once you get to know him.

Greetings beggars,
I come bearing gifts.

Feel free to take anything
you want, I got multiple...

How thoughtful.

- I love panda bread.
- Yeah, who doesn't?

You know we are right above
a bakery right this second.

Yeah, but this one was open.


You weren't on my flashcards.

I'm Ben, friend of the family,
happy to make you a flashcard.

Oh, nice to meet you, friend.

Okay, who's ready
to hit the beach?

I brought my long board
and I'm stoked.

We need to tend the bakery, but
you and Sarah should go, enjoy.

I actually have some work to do for the
blog holiday recipes, get the most clicks.

Oh, you you want me to call
Sagar and take you to the office?

We have a fiber optic Wi-Fi.

You know, I think
I'll just stay here and work.

Jake, you should go with Chad.

I would love to, but the
is not gonna bake itself.

Hey, man, show Chad around town.

I can hold down
the fort for one day.

Frank, the doctor said
you should take it easy,

that means less work, not more.

What I think he said was that
you should take it easy on me.

I'm serious,
I think this is a good idea.

You know, I can help.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I wanted to grab some candid,
save Mr. B in action, anyway.

Hey, hey, hey, remember tonight
is the first night of Hanukkah,

I wanna see
all your lovely faces

back here at sunset for the
lightning of the menorah.



Sarah, bear.

What was the all that
about dad and the doctor?

As hard as it is to believe,

your parents are aging and...

Is he sick?

No, but he has
to be more careful

about everything these days.

What he eats, what he drinks, how
hard he works, how hard he plays.

Thankfully, we have Jacob

and your brother's just doing
more and more every year, so.

Is that what Jacob wants?

Right? I think he'd tell us
if he was unhappy.

Well, what can I do? I mean, I'm
here to help, I wanna do something.

You're doing everything, you're gonna
create the best food blog there ever was

and slap it up there on .net.

What are you... Haven't
you ever heard of knocking?

I knocked like five times.

Well, I was working.

Your dad wants me to get some
shots of you for the new ads.

Highlight the family
aspect of the business.

Why are they doing all these ads anyway?
We never used to do marketing.

Have you walked around town
since you've been back?


Grab your shoes,
time for you to see the new SV.

This spot, remember
what that used to be?

- Remember Greg's?
- Greg's!

Closed last month?

I love Greg's.

- And the bookstore.
- I know.

- Remember that? It's gone.
- So unfortunate.


What happened?

Corporate America finally
found us, that plus internet.

Let's scope out the competition.

Free sample.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Is this old?

I've had better bread
on airplanes.

I don't get it,
why is this place so busy?

Same reason all chains are busy.

Spent a ton on marketing and they
cut corners to keep prices low.

There's gotta be
something we can do.

Why do you think I'm here?

Spent the last decade
traveling around the world

and anytime I wasn't on
assignment, I came home to the SV.

Each time, another local
business was closed,

came back this last summer

and there's only a handful
of the businesses left

from when we were kids.

So, I decided to stay,
see if I could help save them.

The bakery.

It's doing better than most.

Thanks to a bunch of old Jews
who would rather starve

than eat a black and white
cookie your family didn't bake.

But they're getting old.

My parents?

Their customers,
and the younger generations,

they leave for college
and never look back.

I'm part of the problem.

What, no. That's not...

You have a great life
in Chicago with Chad.

Oh, we gotta get home,
it's almost sundown.

Oh, time to rock the dreidel

I wish Zayde Max was here.

He is here.

Who's ready
to get their dreidel.

I am, I am.

I'm sorry,
are we playing for dimes?

It's just a way to keep score.

Care to make it
more interesting?

You don't even
know how to play yet.

I assume you're gonna show me.

It's pretty simple, really?
You just spin the dreidel.

So the name of the game
is spin the dreidel.


It's got four sides,

shin, hei, gimel, nun.

And depending
which way it lands,

you either get dimes
or you lose them.

There's one more rule, fellas,
it's a house rule.

You land on nun,
you gotta drink some.

No one wants locusts, right?

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on,

Here we go, here we go,
here we go.

Come on, come on.

Yeah, whoa!

I am the man, one, two.

Okay, everybody,

this man is a dreidel hustler.

Guilty, guilty.

The gloves are coming off,
Frank, yeah.

Oh, bring it, bring it.

- Oh, no, no.
- Come on, bring it. Bring it.

- Let's go, come on, bring it.
- Oh God.

- Dad.
- Frank.

I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine.

- Vini.
- Dad.

♪ What will become of Frank ♪

♪ Took a hard one
To the upon him ♪

♪ Will his injury destroy him ♪

♪ Inflicted by the goy ♪

♪ Our heart
They will for Frank ♪

♪ Even though they don't know ♪

♪ It suck ♪

It's just that it's been hours,
and so I'm a little worried.

Could you look one more time?
It's Frank Becker.

I don't mean to be a pain, but
we haven't heard anything, still.

Why are you still here?

Out of concern,
why are you still here?

Well, I just put my soon to be
father-in-law in the hospital.


Oh, wow.


Yeah, that's not a good thing.

It's just that it's been hours
and we haven't heard...

These are my children,
this is Sarah and Jacob,

could you just look up
Frank Becker?

Frank Becker.

Mrs. Becker, I'm Dr. Bruce.

Oh, Doctor, how is my Frankie,
is he gonna pull through?

Frank is fine, but I do have
a few concerns,

number one being his drinking.

His what?

Well, we ran some tests and his blood
alcohol levels were quite elevated.

No, he drinks on holidays
in Bar Mitzvahs, we're Jewish.

I see, well, my other concern is
his blood pressure. It's a bit high.

Again, we're Jewish.

All the same, we'd really like to keep him
here a few nights and run some more tests.

Well, can we see him?

Of course, he's in recovery,
might be a bit tired,

but should be fine, right?
Come on back.

Oh, God.

What a way to spend
the Festival of Lights.

And more like, more like...

Hundred bucks says it
goes with lights out.

- Festival of lights out.
- There it is.

You're gonna be fine.

Here at Big Wayne's used cars,
we've got them new, we've got...

Oh, just seeing
if I can get the game on.

- What game?
- Any game.

Its Hanukkah week
in our kitchen,

Vodka, Google, jelly donuts
with weird names.

Let's show you how to make
this Hanukkah the Baum,

and join us next week
for Christmas cookies.

Those ladies are from Sol Viejo.


Rachel and Becky Baum.

They used to come into my bakery

every single day after school,
love the rugelach.

I gotta get back.

- Wait, what are you doing?
- No, it's Hanukah, it's the busiest time of the year.

No, I gotta...
I can't sit here eating Jell-O.

Dad, dad, the doctor
said you have to rest.

Okay, so what? The doctor's
gonna pay our mortgage

or wave the hospital bill.

Frank Becker, you stay
in that bed or I will never,

and I mean never
rub your feet again.

You're bluffing.

Try me.

Dad, I can help out
at the bakery while you recover.

And I know every big order we
have, I'll make sure we get paid.


What, I already worked there.

Yeah, but covering for me.

Well, do you remember when Zayde
got sick and you stepped up?

Well, now it's my turn.

Plus, I can easily it's not...

You are such a munch.

I can help too.


Well, you said something
about a mortgage,

if you're struggling
with the payments,

I can talk to the bank
and lower the interest rate.

For that, I'll need the assets,
balance sheets,

inventory, that kind of stuff.

You'd really do that?

Yeah, your bread and butter
is well, bread and butter,

but this is my bread and butter.


Oh, if you'll excuse us,
Sagar is here, let's go, babe.

So, what do you think?

Look real leather.

Touch it, feel it.

Sagar, you're spoiling us, huh?

Wait, where are we going?

Oh, if I'm gonna
help your family,

I need a good night's sleep.

And also I need
to get some work done.

You're staying
at the hotel again?


I can't believe
that actually worked.

What's up?

My dad's doing okay,
in case you're wondering.

I know, I slipped out
after the doctor told you.

You didn't say goodbye.

Yeah, well seem like more
of an immediate family vibe.

You're basically family.

No, but hey Chad will be soon,
Mazel tov, by the way.

Can we go somewhere and talk?

It's the middle of the night,
there's nothing open.

I know a place
that might be open.

Haven't been here in years.

You know what this place
makes me think of?

Hard lemonade
and clove cigarettes.

Junior prom, I asked
you to be my date here.

Yeah, and then the next day,

Tad Yost asked you to be
his date and you said yes.

I had a huge crush on him.

Come on, it wasn't
like I ditched you.

No, we all went together
and then I went home,

and you came here with Tad Yost.

You still mad about that,
like 20 years later?

Mad, no.

No, I actually learned something
really valuable from that,

that I never want to
be anybody's backup.

I know you'll
find someone great.


Are we okay?

Yeah, we're good.

We should probably get back,

your fiance is gonna wonder
where you are.

Come on.

Where's my schmear?

Frank always tosses
in some schmear.

I don't think we sell
cream cheese.

- Here you go.
- Thank you son.

Greet your father,
I hope he feels better.

Say a hello to Harry for me.

We do sell cream cheese.

No, that's Philadelphia,

just keep it around
for Mr. Paper.

Got it, who's next?

Thank you so much, thank you.

Okay, bye.

Okay, Linda, let's kick
the tires on this jello bean.

Kick away, come upstairs,
I'll open the books.

Thank you, honey,

I wish your father
was still with us.

- He's not dead, Mom.
- I know, I just miss him.

- It's gonna be okay.
- I know.

Okay, who's ready
to spin some more, huh?

I don't think we're gonna
do that tonight, Chad.

Nun, you have to drink.

So, how's it going
with the accounting stuff?

I think it's going well, Chad?

I'm gonna stop by the bank later
and talk shop with the suits.

Thanks, babe, I mean so much.

I do have a question,

this bakery has been in the family
for three generations, right?

Why do you still
have a mortgage?

We took out a loan
when Sarah got into college.

Oh, college, well,
where do you go to college?

At the Becker
Culinary Institute.

- Where's that?
- It's downstairs.

Our Zayde passed away the summer
Jake graduated high school.

Zayde ran the bakery,
so when my dad took over,

he asked Jake
to stay and help out.

Well, financially speaking,
it's a good thing

you both didn't go
to fancy colleges,

once it is Panda, put a bagel
size hole in your finance.

Anything you can do to help,
we appreciate Chad.

No, should we tell them?

Tell us what?

Nothing, not nothing, something,

but not now, when my dad's back.

I'll get it.

Just came to drop
something off for your mom.

- Is that Ben?
- Yeah!

Let him in.

Would you like to come in?

Hi, sweetheart, please join us.

Oh, thanks Mrs. B, I can't stay,
I just wanted to drop off these,

I got some great photos
for the new ads.

I'm glad you're here.

- You are?
- You are?

Yeah, you know, Linda and I discussed
it and we agreed to put a freeze

to all non-essential expenses,
no more photos.

Oh, well,
I wasn't charging for these.

Yeah, but it cost money
to use them,

ads, marketing materials,
printing cost, ah, it adds up.

Well, you can still keep
the photos in, use them later.

I guess you're not understanding,
look, no more photos.

Okay, the thing
is that I promised Frank.

Yeah, do you see Frank?

Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank,

Frank, Frank.

Not here, no Frank, no photos.

Okay, I'm gonna go,
happy Hanukkah everybody.

- Sweetheart...
- Ben, wait.

Let him go,
this between the family,

not the neighbors.

Thank you my good man.

Remember Frank,
take it easy, all right?

No strenuous activity,

you need to get lots of rest and
keep your stress levels down.

Mainly you need to relax.

Can I get that in writing
so I can show my wife?

- I'm serious, Frank.
- Thank you, Doc.

And you,

ah, Dr. Bruce, my stress
levels are rising.

Is this right?

Thirty thousand dollars,
this is crazy.

That ambulance ride cost more than
our entire honeymoon, go figure.

God, $15 for an aspirin.

To be fair, it was two aspirin
and it did the trick.

How are we gonna pay for this?

I think we've gotta ask Chad.

Poor kid, he just met us

and now we're dragging him
to our family mishigas.

He wants to help,
he's at the bank as we speak.

Grab my foot.

These numbers are not great.

Yeah, tell me about it,
what can we do?

Depends on the angle.

Bottom line, I don't want my
future in laws to be homeless.

What'd you say the address was?

263 Valencia Street.

I'm in real estate,

one block from main.

Yeah, and great building too,
I checked with the county.

It was built 1948,
a post-war classic.

- Good bones I bet.
- Great bones.

So what's the play here?

Technically, the bank holds
the building, so you tell me.

Alpha by Delta.

Alpha man flourish across the
land, take that rich bounty, woo.

I'm sure we can
work something out.

- Hey, my man.
- Knock it out.

Thank, you son,
that was beautiful.

Okay, if I could have
everyone's attention.

Up, oh, up is good, right?

These are your expenses, Frank.

Where do he get the pointer?

I think he travels with it.

Can we keep the chit-chat
to a minimum?


This are your profits.

Wait, sorry, I don't
understand, business is fine.

Yeah, but the cost of doing
business has risen over the years.

Meanwhile, your prices
have not changed enough

- to cover that difference.
- Chad, we get by.

Yeah, but the hospital bill
changed all that.

That's you.

So, what are you saying? That
we have to raise our prices?

Okay, price of a bagel,
no longer 50 cents, 75 cents.

For a plain bagel,
are you insane?

It's too late for that, you
would have to charge $5 a bagel,

it's allowed every day
to even make a dent.

So what are you saying?
We're finished, kaput?

Not yet.

This is the real estate
market in downtown Sol Viejo.

Oh, great.

I'm sorry, I don't understand,

what does this have to do
with saving the bakery?

Not save, sell.

He wants us to sell the bakery.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa,

sell Becker Family Breads,
and then what?

We move to Boca Raton?

You would make enough
profit in the business,

Boca Raton is totally doable.

Yeah, okay, I've heard enough.

No, stop it,
he's only trying to help.

- How is this helping?
- I don't know.

Frank, with the hospital bills
plus the bakeries expenses,

you don't have enough
in the accounts

to pay the next
mortgage payment.

It's due a week.

How short are we?

Okay, so we have
until the end of Hanukkah

to raise $40,000, no problem.

You haven't had
a $40,000 month since ever,

we are talking about
a $40,000 week, friend.

So what, youknow the Maccabees,

they had enough oil
for one night, it lasted eight.

I have no idea what that means.

I know what it means Chad,
it doesn't make any sense.

There has to be another way.

If you don't make
these payment to the bank,

they seize the property
and sell it themselves.

You know, okay,
then let's get baking.

Okay, Jacob, Jacob,
go fire up the oven.

Honey, I want you to
go into my office,

find a file marked
corporate clients.

I want you to call every
single one of them tomorrow

and tell them that we are gonna have
a special on catering holiday parties.

Dad, what can I do?

Just being here is enough.

If you didn't wanna be my backup
plan, how come you never ask me out?

Well, there are a few reasons,

which one do you want to hear?

Start with number one.

Okay, well you
were my first kiss,

summer after seventh grade,
Camp Shalom.


When we got back from camp,

things were weird
between us for like a month.

We were 13, kissing
is weird when you're 13.

Okay, fair,

but it wasn't
the last time we kissed.

There were three more.

Very good, Halloween,
ninth grade.

I was Hermione.

I was Bob Dylan.

You grabbed me and kissed me, but
you wouldn't take off your sunglasses

'cause you were so cool.

No, I was so nervous.

I remember thinking
that if you rejected me,

I was gonna reject
you back and say,

how does it feel?

Third time I kissed you,

in the cemetery.

You were confused.

And I was sad.

Your bubbe was,
she was the greatest.

She was my best friend.

I know

And then when she was gone,
you were my best friend.

That's what you needed,

I didn't wanna let you down.

Boyfriends come and go,
but you needed a best friend.

You still did kiss me
one more time.

Oh, yeah, well that time
I had no choice.


Well, you were oing to college.


So, wondered if I never
saw you again?

I wasn't gonna miss my last
chance to kiss Sarah Becker.

♪ Talking about
Kissing and kissing ♪

♪ It's close but missing ♪

♪ Talking about
Kissing and kissing ♪

♪ It's getting there
But missing ♪

♪ It's kinda like
Going to a breast ♪

♪ And they don't
Actually cut a thing ♪

Bad example?

♪ Talking about
Kissing and kissing ♪

♪ It's close but missing ♪

- Thank you, Chad.
- All yours.

So, honey, where are we at?

So, the temple placed
a big Shabbat order, $800.

Oh, and you know Barbara,

she's been doing my hair
since the last millennium.

- Oh, yeah.
- So she's retiring...

Honey, I'm sorry
about your hair,

but you need to
focus here, okay?

Eye on the prize.

And the salon is throwing her
a retirement party,

and they gave us
the order, $300.

Ah, oh, that's great,
anything else?

- Not yet.
- Okay, well hey, that's $1,000 down,

$39,000 to go,
who's next, Jacob?

What's up?

What do you got for us?

What was I supposed to do?

Come up with an idea
to help us save the bakery.

Oh, okay, how about this?

Instead of going to college,

I'll just spend
my life working here

six days a week for no pay,

just room and board,
and that's my final offer.


Okay, just make sure
she's firing

on all cylinders
this week, all right?

Okay, so, Chad,
how did it go to the bank?

Any luck getting us
the extension?

Heading over there
as soon as we wrap up here,

taking the suits out to lunch.

Great, schmooze
them until they cave.

That sounds illegal, Frank.

It just means turn on the charm.

Oh, no problem.

Excellent, okay, that leaves
Ben and Sarah.

I spoke to the SV Courier this
morning, told them what's going on,

they offered to run
a free ad for the bakery

all the rest of Hanukkah,
half page.

- It's wonderful.
- I'm gonna turn the blog into a giant ad

for the bakery all week.

The theme is family,
friends and food,

Becker Family Breads
through the years.

- Oh...
- I love that.

And, Mom,
do you have any pictures

of Bubbe and Zayde
when they ran the bakery?

Do we know each other?

Well, I'm gonna need those, and then
pictures of me and Jake when we were kids.

I don't have any.

And if anyone has
an idea for a hashtag,

we wanna get something
trending on social media.

Hash, hash, hash what?

- You know, the number sign, Frank?
-$40,000, that's the number,

Hashtag $40,000
by Shabbat, how's that?

You know, Ben and I
can figure it out.

Yeah, we got it.

All right, great, so come on,
people, let's get to work.

Right, okay, okay.

Thank, you everyone.

And we have three more
orders for tomorrow.

Ugh, that's my girl.

Chad, any progress
with the bank?

I think we are
getting somewhere,

- should know more soon.
- Okay.

Sarah, whatever happened
with that tick tack toe.

Oh, the hashtag raise dough?

- We got it trending?
- Is that good?

Unfortunately, it hasn't
translated into any business.

Was it supposed to?

Yeah, Dad,
that's the whole point.

But wait a minute,
that is not social networking

for Jews of a certain age.

I mean, they don't get
the news from Face Jam.

- Face Jam?
- Well, we put an ad in the courier

if that's what you meant.

No, wait, wait,
hold on, hold on.

Linda, honey, when you
go to get your hair done,

what do the ladies talk about?

It's two subjects,
they talk about their children

and their grand children.

Uh-huh. Huh, huh?

Jewish geography.

Boom, you want all the people
who have been here over the years

to come back and help, support
Becker Family Breads, okay?

So you use the oldest slash
youngest social network

in the world,
Jewish Grandchildren.

Okay, so do we just start
calling kids from school?

Do you even remember
who was Jewish?

No, we could go by last names.

Yeah, but that could get tricky,

I've been to like two
Kirk Patrick Bar Mitzvahs.

- Good point.
- Yeah.

Oh, I got it.

Camp Shalom.

Duh, everyone at
summer camp was Jewish.

Even the people who weren't.

Guess it's finally time to reconnect
with me Old Color War tribe.

Okay, I'll start with Abrams,

you start with Zimmerman
and we'll meet in the middle.

Okay, except let me
trade you Stacy Rothman

for Evan Cohen, 'cause I
don't think either of us

-wants to make those calls.
- No, I don't, I really don't wanna talk to him.

I remember the first day
you came to work with me.

Yeah, I was 16 years old,
I wanted a car.

Can you hand me
the bench scraper, please.

You had just turned six,

it was me who wanted something,
not you.

What did you want?

I had just been offered
a job in Denver,

pastry chef at a five star
restaurant, my own kitchen.

I wanted out of the bakery.

You wanted out?

Very much so.

Brought you with me that day

because I had finally worked up
the courage to tell your Zayde.

I was just a kid,
you needed my help?

Sort of, nothing made my
father happier than seeing you

and your sister,

thought if he was
in a good mood,

maybe he'd be more willing
to go along with the plan.

Was seeing me really
that big a deal?

Oh, yeah, especially
after bubbe got sick.

My father worked
seven days a week

the last 15 years of his life.

He only saw you on Jewish holidays
when you came to the bakery.

- Can I ask you something?
- Of course.

What happened, what did he say?

He didn't say anything, Jacob,

because I never told him.

It took me years to forgive him

for not reading my mind
that day.

Imagine that.

Ruben, my man, we really,
really could use your support

at Becker Family Breads.

Yes, so we'd love
to see your mom and dad.

♪ Wherever you go ♪

♪ Wherever you are ♪

♪ Someone of the tribe
Ain't too very far ♪

♪ Hey there lunch month ♪

♪ Born under David Star ♪

♪ The people of the book
Ain't too very far ♪

♪ Columbus drops anchored
Jumps onto a log ♪

♪ What does he see ♪

♪ A lovely Santa Gog ♪

♪ Neil Armstrong
Steps on the moon ♪

♪ Cheers and he pivots ♪

♪ And whose there
To pour cup man ♪

♪ They might be
Wearing dreadlocks ♪

♪ While waiting on a sax ♪

♪ They might wear kafia
Or a cap like Sandy Kovac ♪

♪ They might wear light linen
Or a thick Polish layer ♪

♪ But what holds them
Together ♪

♪ Are heart full of player ♪

Sounds like you should
get some cream on that,

I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

All right, yeah,
use the internet. Okay, bye.

Yeah, of course, next time
I'm in the market for a carpet,

I'll call Josh, okay.

Okay, bye, Melissa, thanks, bye.

Melissa Kaufman says hi.

As does Tracy Kramer.

We did it, that's everyone.


Jewish geography, right?

More like Jewish pornography.


I think it's time
for a family meeting,

Oh, stick around, Ben,
you are practically family.

Becker family,
I have big news to share.

Okay, you asked for my help
and I've come up with the plan.

Is everyone familiar
with the concept win-win?


Is where you win and I win,
sounds fair, right?

What exactly are
you winning, Chad?

Your bank payment is due four
days and you're not gonna make it.

Great pep talk.

But that's the bad news,

but the good news
is I can make it.

What, are you willing
to loan us that money?

I thought about that,
but very little upset for me,

remember the name of
the game is win-win.

Okay, so what?

Ah, two part plan.

Part one, I'm marrying
your daughter.

I've already proposed, she
accepted that deal is closed.

Part two, hasn't happened yet,

but it will as soon as
you default on your loan.

I've already made
a deal with the bank

to purchase the building,
Sarah gets me,

I get the building property
stays in the family, win-win.

Okay, say we agree to this.

No, there's nothing to agree to.

What happens to the bakery?
You don't own the bakery?

Oh no, no, no, no,
that's all yours.

Okay, so how does that work?

We live up here, we work down
there and what we pay you rent?

We can get into
those details later.

I'd like to get into
those details now, Chad.

Oh, well I'll have to talk
to my business partners.

Oh, now he's got partners.

Yeah, to see the rent comps
in the area,

but if you wanna stay,
I'm sure we can work...

Okay, Chad, yeah, you know what?

I am so glad that you
gave us this presentation.

Because of you,
I'm gonna make sure

that Becker Family Breads
has its first $40,000 week ever.

Me too.

Our surfing secret is off.


Yeah, oh, it's happening,

this man wore a wet suit
on a boogie board.

Bro code, dude.

No, congratulations
on marrying my sister.

She's the greatest,
just ask Ben?

- What?
- I gotta go bake, but you all need to get some sleep.

We have to raise
$36,000 in four days.

♪ Wherever you go
Wherever you are ♪

♪ Someone of the tribe
Ain't too very far ♪

♪ Hey there Lunch Mont
Born under David Star ♪

♪ The people of the book
Ain't too very far ♪

♪ Columbus drops anchored
Jumps onto a log ♪

♪ What does he see? ♪

♪ A lovely Santana Gog ♪

♪ Neil Armstrong
Steps onto the moon ♪

♪ Cheers and he pivots ♪

♪ Who's there pouring him
A cup of Manny ♪

♪ They might be
Wearing dreadlocks ♪

♪ While wailing on a sax ♪

♪ They might wear kafia
Or a cap Like Sandy Kovac ♪

♪ They might wear
Light linen ♪

♪ Or a thick polish layer ♪

♪ But what holds them
Together ♪

♪ Are heart's
Full of prayer ♪

♪ And now we're on the set
Of the Baum sisters mister ♪

♪ No worries, no tourists ♪

♪ Soon, now be cooking
For us ♪

♪ They're famous, incredible
And deliciously edible ♪

♪ And by the way ♪

♪ If you find my narration
Kind of charming ♪

♪ Clever, disarming,
unassailable ♪

♪ DM me, I'm available ♪

Welcome back to the Baum.

Before the break, we added
the pumpkin mixture to pasta,

and sprinkled a little everything
with some bread crumbs.

Now let's bake our creamy
winter pumpkin pasta

for 15 minutes.

TV Gods, dissolve us
15 minutes into the future.

And now, we should
have a nice golden crisp,

let's take a look.

Can already smell
the wintery warmth.


Where's our sous chef?

Does anyone have eyes on Scott?

Why does this keep
happening Alice?

Does Scott hate us?

Tell us the truth.

I don't speak for Scott.

Okay, but say you did,
say you were Scott,

what would you say?

Shoot, I overslept again,

I hope those nice ladies
don't fire my lazy ass.

Oh, wait, who am I kidding?

They're total pushovers,

I've been late like 10 times now
and I'm still employed.

- Hell, yeah...
- And scene, thank you, Alice.

- Let's take five.
- Let's take five.

The network called they wanna
discuss your new weightless Mondays.

What, did we upset Big Cattle?

Hey, Layla.

- Layla.
- Hi, Mrs. Baum.

When did you put out
this guacamole?

I just put it out.

Why is it brown?

I think it's just the lighting.

Okay, well, why don't
we take a taste and see.

I'm good.

No, you're good, me too,
let's take a taste, cheers.

It's good, it was the lighting,
my apologies.

Becky, your therapist called to
confirm your session on Thursday.

Oh, okay.

You're going to a therapist,
are you talking about me?

What are you saying about me?

It's for my knee.

Oh, which one?

Bad one.

I haven't seen you limping.

She's a really good therapist.

- And your mother called.
- What does she want?

Well, she said
it was something important

and to call her
back immediately.

Well, important means either
like somebody died or...

Somebody else's kid did
something more impressive

than creating their
own food empire.

Poo, poo, poo,
let's hope somebody died.

Yeah, Alice, just tell our mom
that we really wanna talk to her,

but we can't because...

We're being silenced
by Big Cattle.

Thank you, thank you.

Take a walk with me.

Can I see the ring?

Very pretty.

I'm not really thinking
about it right now.

You should be.

The bakery, there's still time
that we can...

You know what my mother said to
me before I married your father.

He'll do.

Very funny, she said, this is
the most important decision

a person ever makes.

Things were different
in grandma's time.

It was, but she was right.

Jobs, careers,
homes, even bakeries,

they come and go,

marriage is for the rest
of your life.

What are you saying?
That I'm making a mistake.

It doesn't matter
what I think, you are so smart,

I know you're gonna
make the right choice.

Not for me or your father or
Becker Family Breads, for you.

Well, what if marrying Chad is the
only way for us to save the bakery?

I mean, if he's my husband, he'll
obviously let us keep it, right?

Why don't you ask him?

What's going on?
Who are these men?

These are my partners,
I told you about them.

Why are they
measuring the walls.

In case you want to put in
a salad bar.

Chad, why are these men
in my bakery?

Frank, relax,
I told you I had partners,

they just need to get
to know the place.

They have to do this now?
We have customers.

We, since when are you part
of the family?

Okay guys, we'll start upstairs.

Wait, you're
measuring our bedrooms.

Those men are from Panda.

Chad isn't buying this bakery,
Panda Breads is.

Sagar, this is a violation
of driver-passenger privilege.

All week I've been
driving this jerk around,

all he does is make plans to take
this bakery from the Beckers.

I didn't know you spoke English.

I'm from San Diego, idiot.

And I love Becker Family Breads
just like everyone in this town.

Well, I hope you like Panda.

Find someone else to file
your taxes jointly with.

Mom, this should
put us over the top.

It's fake sweetheart.

No, are you sure?

I worked at Macy's
before I met your father,

I know Cubic zirconia
when I see it.

Sorry baby.

I was gonna
replace it eventually.

All right, Becker Family Breads
is closing in 10 minutes.

- Place your final order.
- Hey, how did we do?

Well, we're short.

How much?

Ten thousand dollars.

Well, we had a good run.

We sure did.

Good evening, everyone,

if I could ask you to put
your phones in airplane mode,

keep them concealed
and clear the path

down the center
through the pastry counter.

I'm looking for a Frank Becker.

Does anyone here
know Frank Becker?

That's F-R-A...

I am Frank Becker,
can I help you miss?

Great, if I could just reposition
you to the center of the counter.

Sure, I can reposition myself.

Do you wanna buy something?

We're in position, Mezuzah
and Dredal are clear to land.

Okay, are you just
gonna order people around

or do you want to
order some food?

I'd like to order

two pieces of rugelach, please.

Oh, my God,
look how small it is,

I didn't think I could remember it.
It's small.

Oh, God.

Oh, Becky, look upstairs.

Wait a minute.

Hold on,
we wavered our initials.

That was permanent marker...

Becky, it's exactly
the same upstairs.


This is, you're the little...
This is the little girl,

you're the little girl
that was running around.

I remember you, you were
three when we used to come here.

Oh, you know,

when we were little girls,

the best sound in the world

was that final bell
at the end of the school day,

everybody loves that final bell
at the end of the school day.

And when you're in grade school,

it means you can go
play tag or climb a tree,

when you're in middle school, it's
what's soccer practice or the mall.

Yeah, and in high school
it's getting high in your car

or getting to second
base in your car,

or both, usually both.

But for us, the final bell
meant something very different.

It meant I was five minutes away from
the greatest sensation in the world.

The fresh, fruity, cakey taste

of Becker's Fresh rugelach.

Drooling, you know, we were
latchkey kids. Google it.

And we didn't know

that rugelach cost anything

because we didn't think
about money

because we didn't
have any money.

Now we have so much money

that we've like forgotten
about it again, it's weird.

It's ironic, we understand.

But the point is that,

well, we didn't know
rugelach it cost anything,

but it turns out,
it's 25 cents a piece,

and I probably
had one every day,

five days a week
for about 10 years.

- So did I.
- It was on the house, darling.

Well, we heard the house
could use some help, Frank.

You don't owe me anything.

This is where we fell in
love with food, so, I disagree.

Is it Linda?


You still the brains
behind this operation?

Well, I do the books.

Okay, what's a $1.25
a week times 10 years.

- Six hundred and fifty dollars
- Times two.

Thirteen hundred dollars.

And then interest.

- Oh, interest.
- Interest.

- So, five percent...
- Five percent interest.

If you insist, amortized?

- Yes, definitely amortized.
- Whatever that means.

Don't worry,
they won't even get close.

That's $3,184.35.

That sounds fair.

- Doable.
- Yeah, Alice?

Thank you, Alice.

We're still gonna be short.

They're still gonna be short.

After this, we're even Frank.

Wait a minute,
I don't understand.

This is for $20,000.

Frank, it's Hanukkah.

Hey, aren't you
forgetting something?


Oh, say thank you, Frank.

Cheers me.

Hey, Chad, now his is
what you call a win-loose.

Worst Christmas ever.

♪ Home of Hanukkah ♪

♪ Who will light
The chalice ♪

♪ Who will cook the lotas ♪

♪ Home, home, home ♪

How do you make those?

I'll never tell.

How long have you
been running this place?

Too long.

Move to New York, work for us,
we need a new sous chef.

Nothing would make me happier,
but you gotta understand,

my father wants this place
to stay in the family.

And, look, I get it,
it's kind of in the name.

Well, what about your sister?
Why can't she run this place?

No, she's busy
with her food blog.

That does not sound full time,

and don't you have
internet here?

Yeah, yeah, we do.

Okay, where's the guy
she's in love with live?

You mean Ben our neig...

No, how do you know that?

How do you know that
she's in love with him?

So, now what?

I'm gonna get you drunk
and take all your money.

And after that.

No idea.

I gave up my place in Chicago.

Something tells me I'm not gonna be
moving in with Chad anytime soon.

Well, you know,
you could always crash with me

until you figure things out.

And I only have a twin bed,
it's pretty uncomfortable.

Why are you so good to me.

Isn't it obvious?

No, I'm messy,
I'm impulsive, I'm picky.

I constantly buy fruit
that goes bad

before I get around
to eating it.

You refuse to drink tap water.

You have to pet
every single dog you pass,

you suck at throwing rocks

and you take a really long time
to figure things out.

Exactly, who needs all this?

Should we do it?

I mean, it's the quickest way,

it worked for you
in Jeff Schultz at Camp Shalom.

Oh, yeah, okay,
you're coming to New York.

Just watch this.

All right kids, we're gonna
play a little game, stand up.

This is a game my great aunt Esther,
our great on Esther taught us.

What's it called?

I'm glad you asked this
called Menorah in the Middle.

How do you play?

Well, with this menorah
between you,

and you stare deeply into each
other's eyes until I pull it away.

What happens when you
remove the menorah?

Well, that's the best
part of all, you kiss.

I'm going to New York,

I'm going to New York.

Can I talk to you for a second?


I don't know how to say this,
but I've been...

I said yes.

Oh, wait, but what about...

Don't worry, we'll be fine.

Just walk away
before he changes his mind.

Hey, you never told
me that Romeo joke.

Actually, I didn't have one,

I just always thought
of you as my Juliet.

Come on, come on, come on, you two it's
starting, come on, move it, come on.

It's time, it's time, it's time.

Here we go, here we go,
here we go.

We've got a huge show today,
not only are we making a pastry

that tastes like our childhood
wrapped up in a flaky crust,

but we are doing it with our
very own brand new sous chef

who's gonna tell us about
his very personal connection

to this very tasty concoction.

Please give a big long
welcome to Jacob Becker.

Tell us
what we're making today, Jake.

Becky, we're making rugelach,

which is a traditional
Jewish pastry.

And we're using a recipe
that was created by my Zayde.

That's grandfather
for you Gentiles out there.

Zayde means grandfather, and
would it be safe to say, Jacob,

that this is your Zayde's baby?
Because that's fun to say.

It is fun to say and it's true because he
taught my father, my dad passed it on to me,

and it is an honor to share it

with each and every one
of you watching at home.

And I hope
you'll bake along with us,

and if that's too much,

just follow along in the
shared spirit of tradition,

creation of a profusely dense
pastry of family and love.

Jacob, I don't know
if you know this,

but when Becky and I were kids,
we used to walk to school.

And every day on the way home, we
would go to your family's bakery

and your dad would give us
two piece of rugelach,

and, boy, was it delicious.

♪ Zayde and bubbe
Of blessed memory ♪

♪ Said opened up the store ♪

♪ Of Becker Family Bread ♪

♪ A blessing on your house
And a blessing on your head ♪

♪ Meanwhile
There's bread to bake ♪

♪ Get your tuches
Out of bed ♪

♪ A little heavy
On the Bechamel ♪

♪ Light on the Mayo ♪

♪ The secret for escaping
The ♪

♪ We finally have
A sous chef ♪

♪ Worthy of the name ♪

♪ Jacob Becker is gonna make
Himself famous in the game ♪

♪ I'm in New York on my own ♪

♪ But don't say I'm alone ♪

♪ I'm on TV and oi
I found a nice Jewish boy ♪

♪ I bake color in a spiral ♪

♪ My food blog's
Going viral ♪

♪ The bakery is for loving ♪

♪ Got a bun in the oven ♪

♪ I really made a killing ♪

♪ In these NFTs ♪

♪ Never will I set
Foot again in the SV ♪

♪ I got my taxi fixed
The insurance covered it ♪

♪ I no longer drive for Uber
I'm now a podiatrist ♪

♪ Frank watch
Your hypertension ♪

♪ Shift it down a gear ♪

♪ Is someone
Actually working? ♪

♪ I came in for some shmear ♪

♪ When you see the moon ♪

♪ Rising over Sol Viejo ♪

♪ Just know
I see the moon too ♪

♪ And I'm thinking of you ♪

♪ When you see the moon ♪

♪ Rising over Sol Viejo ♪

♪ Just know
I see the moon too ♪

♪ And I'm thinking of you ♪

♪ Just know
I see the moon too ♪

♪ And I'm thinking of you ♪

♪ Just know
I see the moon too ♪

♪ And I'm thinking of you ♪