Men of Plastic (2022) - full transcript

A natural-born networker is set out for his kingdom in Apgujeong The most glamorous part of Seoul, Apgujeong thrives with new possibilities. Dae Gook who's a native of Apgujeong and rules its ground is eager to start his own groun...

Any similarity to persons living or dead,
agencies and institutions,

or actual events
mentioned in the film

is purely coincidental
and is a work of fiction.


-Good morning, Mr. Kang.
-How's the spicy katsu selling?

-Very well.
-See? I was right.

Mr. Kang. Morning.

-No problem in these neck of woods?

I'm killing it!


Good to see you, Dae-guk.

I sold your boss this valet business.

-You know that?

-Dae-guk, going somewhere?
-To meet you.

Since you open only during the day,
you should open a bar at night.


Hey, Sook.

Korea's national comedian, Sook.

-Who's your friend?
-Oh, yeah. Her name is Han-bi.

She's training to be an idol.

-Hey, there.
-Good morning. I'm Han-bi.

Good, good. Train hard.
It'll do you good to know me here.

If you need anything, let me know.

Dae-guk, can we get
a plastic surgery sponsorship?

Plastic surgery?

-No, not that.
-Come on…

Let's fix her up for the screen.

Don't get plastic surgery.
Natural is the best.

Don't ever do that, okay?

If you need anything, call me.
Except for plastic surgery. See you.


I don't have his number.

What does he do?

I actually don't know what he does.

He's originally from here.

He always says he does business,
but he doesn't really do much.

Still, he's got tons of connections,
so it's good to know him.


This is my good friend's business.

I gotta sell this to cover
credit card bills, so help me out.

You're a celebrity with no work
and no money.

-Ever gonna shoot a movie?
-I actually have an audition later.

Oh, good morning.

Dude, I'm in an important meeting.
Let's meet up later.

Sit down for a bit.

Sit down.

He has some German medical devices,

and since we're friends,

I'll give you the first dip,
buy it from him.

It's good for you.

Dude, it's not smuggled?

Hell, no. Of course not.

Come on. It's not smuggled.

It's probably not imported
through official means.

So it is smuggled.

You stupid idiot.

I don't believe it.
Is it that important, though?

Do you even know what business I'm in?

How would I know?

Even gangsters like us
can't do shady dealings.

So buy them off legally, with money.

Do it at your home. Shoot lasers and shit.

Dude, you're unbelievable.

Buy it.

All right.

-Stay here for a bit.
-Good. Hurry back.

I'll just wait here.


Dude, so it's smuggled?

-That's "smuggling," asshole.
-Look over there.

I think Tae-cheon is leaving.

No way. I'm waiting here. He'll…

I know that guy.
He's a famous plastic surgeon.

-Plastic surgeon?

Looks like they know each other.

Hey, I'm parking.

I'll be right up.

Got it.

One hour.

I'll invest exactly an hour.



This way.

As director of the clinic,
I'll manage the overall business.

I'll use my guys for small
and standard surgeries,

and you can take over
facial contouring, implants,

and other difficult surgeries.

It'll be a huge hit.

I heard you wield the knife well.

"Wield the knife"?

Isn't that Mr. Jo's area of expertise?

Mr. Jo, I hear what you're saying,

but I didn't come to this meeting
begging for a knife-wielding job.

I came to see if you are capable
of putting wings on my back.

Getting a taste, huh?

I believe that someone with skill
must be respected,

treated as such,
and get paid according to his worth.

Of course! You're so right.

Ji-woo, let me pour you a drink.

One moment. I'll drink it instead.

Tae-cheon, you left?

Dude, you followed me?

You gotta see the merchandise first.

Look it over and buy it tomorrow.

Did you just scoff?
Did I just hear you scoff?

-Don't sit down!

-What was that?
-Come here.

-I'm chatting with him.
-Come over here for a sec.

-Over there.

-What was that?

Why did you randomly drop in?
Tae-cheon's doing business.

I have something to discuss with him.
What's with you?

What the hell is he up to?

He's starting a plastic surgery business.

Plastic surgery?

You know he manages nine buildings.

I heard they're all owned
by China's Wong or whatever.

A private clinic is among them,
and he's expanding it.

That's why he's starting
a plastic surgery business?

He's greasing that young man
for that reason.

I can tell with one look.

He'll probably be used as a ghost surgeon.

That's what they're doing?
A ghost surgeon, eh?

You know?

No. What is it?

Secretly doing surgery
on someone else's patient.

I've seen him somewhere.

Park Jae-woo, right?

Okay, I got it.

I told you I was in an important meeting.

Why do you keep texting and calling?

Will I magically produce money
if you do that?

You sure act like a loan shark.

What? Hello?

If I'm screwed, you are too.

If you want to get paid,
send some good vibes instead.

Wait, wait.

Aren't you Park Jae-woo's brother,
Park Ji-woo?

-Who are you?
-It's me, Dae-guk. Don't you remember?

I was the top dog at your bro's school.

I visited your home many times.
I was in complex 81, and you were 84.

You were just a little kid,
pooping in your pants.

All grown up.

-Hold on, dude. Is your mom well?

See you later.

Hold up. Are you busy?

Oh, yeah. You're a doctor. You must be.

I'm so happy to see you.
I'll give you something nice.

Here. My business card.

Let's grab a drink sometime.

Call me if you need anything. Got it?

I do…


Big business.

VP Kang Dae-guk?

FC Barcelona Futsal?

What a load of shit.

-Ji-woo, are you leaving?
-Yes. Time's up.


That filler clinic from before--
They really want to meet you.

Give them a call.

Hong Kyu-ok…



Doctor, good to see you.

-Have you been well?
-Yes, of course.

-Any mail?



You really should change your address.

-I'll take care of it.
-Sure thing.

-It's really dusty here.
-Sure. Take care!

Who is he?

Ex-director of this clinic.

He still thinks he owns this place.

This is his profile I managed
when he was a hotshot.

You're managing my profile too, right?

What a pile of dog shit.
Where would I ever use yours?

-At least pay your bar tab.
-I will, when I make it big.

I'll never get it, then.

Do you still work as a matchmaker?


-You're really pissing me off.

-Cupid agent!
-Same shit.

Because of big corporations
gobbling up all my clients,

I'm helping out at the wine bar
to maintain my connections.

Ji-woo graduated
top of his medical school.

What's more important is that
his skill is among Korea's best.

The basics of surgery
is the separation technique,

separating skin from the muscles
accurately and quickly.

The pinnacle of plastic surgery.

Then you pull the separated skin
as much as possible,

cut off the remaining skin
and extract the fat,

and stitch them back together.

-That's the highlight of a face-lift.

I don't really follow. Then what?

Then the jawline comes alive
even without double-jaw surgery.

-Like me.
-They did a really good job on you.

-She looked like me before.
-She had work done on her?

Too bad for him.
He had a surgical hit job done on him,

and he got screwed.

What's that?

It's a tactic done
on young hotshot doctors.

When Ji-woo was opening his clinic,

he pulled money from everywhere,
including loan sharks.

He was a bit greedy.

Someone lured one of the nurses
to steal propofol

and framed him for it.

He lost his medical license,
and his clinic as well.

Due to the shock, his mother passed away.

He's still paying off the debt
from those days.

-Until you get your license back…
-You're doing the surgery right now.

If something goes wrong,
you're responsible.

-I mean…

What was that? You got a text.

Ji-woo, wouldn't it okay
to do my ghost surgeries for now…


…and reveal yourself later?

He's been backstabbed so often
that he's got trust issues.

You guys are friends now?

He's my friend's brother, and since when
were you two on a first-name basis?

It'll take two years for him
to get his license back.

It looked like Dr. Jang is greasing
his junior to speed it up.

His junior?

Yeah, I took him on as a client
because Dr. Jang asked me.

This is him. He's an uptight type.


It's taking too long.
It's easy to get the license back.

Look, Ji-woo's here.

-He's getting jacked by the loan sharks.

Small world, eh?

Our clinic is exclusively for VIP members,

so the aesthetic shop closes at 6:00 p.m.,

and treatment starts at 9:00.

It could be a better deal
than being a ghost surgeon.

Word will spread quickly.
How do you manage security?

Our clientele includes the wives of
district chiefs, the police commissioner,

and lovers of high-ranking officials.

Sit down.

I'm okay.

But to work here,
you'll need to do some milk delivery.

I thought I'd only be doing
filler treatments.

That's part of the job.

You know VIPs often have amnesia
because of stress.

-You'll be visiting their homes to help--
-Excuse me.

I think you need a drug dealer
more than a doctor.

Isn't that why we're having a meeting?



We'll be best friends at this rate.

Why do you keep making me--

What? What?

Hey, man.

-What's going on?
-Did I startle you?

Come sit down.

You know these guys.

They're my boys.

Ki-cheol, I boxed with him,
and Sung-jae, he wrestled.

I'm not curious at all.

Ji-woo is practically my own brother.
Got it?

I heard he borrowed some money.
Can you sort it out for him?

Excuse me?

Listen. We'll delay payment by six months,

and we'll just take the principal
and call it even.

Just the principal payment.

All right, I hear you.
Let's give him a bit more time.

One sec.

-Let's go with one year.
-Very well, sir.

Good. Very good.

Is that good?

I know how you feel. Sung-jae.

-Yes, boss.
-He's older than you.

Take good care of him. He's only 27.

-I'll treat you as my brother.
-Please don't.

I waited until you got here
so we can eat together. Dig in.

We'll just say hello and leave.
We won't stay long, okay?

This is a soiree for Mi-jung's clients.

It'll be a big help to you.

There he is!

Ministry of Health, Mr. Choi.

Mr. Choi?

Yes, Mr. Choi. Come with me.

I recently found out about Mr. Choi here.
He works at the Ministry of Health.

You work at a health center?

-You nuts?
-He's a civil servant.

Anyway, this guy right here,

half of this country's workload
has to go through his approval.

-That is incredible!
-No, of course not!

-Hey, Ji-woo, Ji-woo?

Pour Mr. Choi a drink.

-Pour him a drink!

-You guys can be blood brothers.
-You two are the same age?

What the hell?

Could we do that?

Go on, do it.

Yes, of course.


Get him some freebie skin care treatments?

-Mind your own business, dipshit.
-Let's all have a drink.

-Right. Raise your glasses.
-For Mr. Choi.

For Mr. Choi!

Had we met earlier,
I could've sorted everything out, right?

-I'm really thankful.
-Go on.

But do you want something from me?

Well, I…

How can I put this delicately?

Right. This is what I do best.

If this cigarette needs a lighter,

I hook one up for it,

and if it needs an ashtray,

I hook it up.

That's what I do best.

So this time,
I want to hook you up with me.


I'm starting a plastic surgery business.

And if I partner up with you,

it will be blissful.

Think about it.

You gotta work hard
and get your clinic back.

How long will you live in a rental
and get hassled by thugs?

Those who tasted Apgujeong
can never leave here.

Can you drop your pride
and move to the outskirts?

You can't.

-Are you listening?
-Well, yes.

-I'm so thankful for everything.
-Yes, yes.

But I really don't know you yet.

It's too soon to have this conversation…


-Didn't Mr. Choi leave something?
-Oh, yeah, he did.

Good. Why didn't you give this
to me earlier?

This is for you.

Open it.

Oops. I don't smoke.


How did you…

If one wants to work with
an amazing man like you,

isn't this the minimum amount of effort?

Ji-woo, this is who I am.

Know what I mean?

I want to know what you mean.


Wait for it, you bastard.

Sir, could you raise the volume?


Yes, Dr. Park.

I heard about the stakes from Dae-guk.

Yes, let's do it that way.

Let's meet up soon.

How did you take care of Park Ji-woo?

He only listens to me.

Anyway, thank you.

I'll have to pay you for your service.

I took care of it because you're like
my little brother, not for money.

I almost made a big mistake.

You almost did.

What do you want?

You clue in so quickly.

Let's partner up now.

You really think you could work for me
as a gangster at your age?

Why would I want to be a gangster,
ass licker?

I'm talking about
the plastic surgery business.

You know Wong's 15-floor building? Let's
turn it into a plastic surgery center.

Put surgery, skin care,
pharmacy and everything,

and make it impossible
for people not to spend money.

Incredible, eh? You feel me?

Stop your bullshit
and take the money for your trouble.

Will you give that shit a rest?

Dude, I'm not the same Jo Tae-cheon
as before.

If the old you glared at me like that,
you'd get whipped.

I'll do my best.
That's all there is, right?

Thanks, Tae-cheon.


Don't want it?

I'm off!

How could you sell my home
without asking me first?

Someone's moving in now.

You say you'll buy
when it comes on the market.

How many years have I heard that?

It's not like you're bringing me
a deposit.

How can you just tell me not to sell it?

That's my home. It was originally my home.

I've been living there for so long.

I've been there
since that apartment was built!

You lived there until 1997.

But not anymore.
What is the matter with you?

I can't trust anyone around here!

How long have you known my family?

-You know what I mean?
-Yes, of course.

He's the weird one,
you backstabbing snake.

Fine. I'm buying it next time for sure,

but I'll sign with the next-door Realtor!

Goddamn it!

Stop! I'm walking here.

Dr. Jang,
Ji-woo told me so much about you.

He couldn't stop saying
good things about you.

Now that we're in the same boat,
I'll do my best.

From equipment, medicine,
and even interior,

you'll handle all that?

That's possible?

Head of admin isn't a position
anyone can just take.

He's not just anyone.

-Unlike someone who just yaps.
-He'll do well.

I'll back him up, so don't worry.

I'll do my absolute best, sir.

What about a drinking game?
Who wants to start off?


Dr. Jang.

Mr. Jo.
Two of us sucking Ji-woo dry is enough.

Why bring that useless bastard
into the mix?

I'll take care of him, so don't worry.

I'll sort it out soon.

You still live at Hyundai Residence?

No, the commercial area.

Ji-woo, come in.
This is my office and living quarters.

I've been living alone for a while now.

Cancer got my wife,
just like your brother.

Blood cancer's scary.

I got a bottle that I stole from Mi-jung.

Where is it?

Mr. Kang, I'll just stay for an hour.

Don't "mister" me. Just call me "bro."

It's right here.

What the hell now?

Barcelona Futsal…

When Barcelona was building
an indoor soccer field,

they said Messi would come.

-Total bullshit. Why would he come?
-Maybe he will eventually.

Anyway, we gotta make it big.

I'm gonna repurchase my home
and live with my daughter.

It was originally my home,
you know what I mean?

I don't know. If only I wasn't targeted
by the surgical hit job…

-Know what I mean?
-I know exactly what you mean.

If only it wasn't for that hit job, shit…
Sons of bitches…

Sons of bitches…

You gotta listen to natives like me.
Everyone else is a scammer.

That's right.
They're all trying to use you.

That's what I'm saying.

This is why pure people like us
have to succeed.

That would be a just world.

I have to get through this life
relying only on myself, you know?

I'm the only one I can trust.

Why only you? You got me now.

But do you trust me?

One look,
and I can read them inside and out.

You're different.

You're deep.

-I'm wide.

When we partner up, we'll hit it big.
That's true collaboration.

-Stop staring, bro.
-Sorry. I stared too long.

Let's have a drink and re-energize.

-What was your name?
-Park Ji-woo.

Ji-woo, Ji-woo. Sorry. I blanked out.

I keep forgetting.

This is a really good wine.

I heard it's a really famous wine.
It's made with grapes.

-All wine is made with grapes.


As you can see in the list,
no one can get that price except me.

Do you even know what it means

when you're buying equipment
at these prices?

That I'm frugal?

Buying something at less
than half the original price

means one of two things:

either they're faulty, or you fiddled
with the list to pocket money.

Dr. Jang, how could you say that?

Ji-woo, what's your take on this?
You must've seen it.

I can't tell just by looking
at the numbers,

but I think you're being uptight,
accusing him of this.


Park Ji-woo!

You were an unlicensed nobody
when I took you in.

And now what?

Nobody? You can't even perform
a surgery without me.

You goddamn ungrateful bastard!
Come over here, asshole!

Hold still! Don't do that!

-Is Dr. Jang in?
-Doctor, why are you leaving?

-Bring him out! Now!
-What's going on?

Something's going on. Go check it out.

Dr. Jang, of all people,
you dare to scam me?

I'm Mi-jung, you hear me?

What are you talking about?

What are you gonna do with them?

They have to get married.
You're responsible!

could you take off your sunglasses?

Look, they can't close their eyes!
They have to sleep with their eyes open!

-I did that?
-Who else?

-You're responsible!
-Let's talk inside. Come on.

Go where? What's there to talk about?
The entire situation is right here!

This won't do. Call the cops.

Ms. Kim, what are you doing?
We're better than this.

And what exactly are we? Let go of me!

-Do you even know who my clients are?
-My apologies.

-Let go.
-Come in.

All right.

I'm sorry.
This was due to my carelessness.

What the shit?

Dae-guk, why are you coming out of there?

those girls have their wedding dates.

If their weddings get canceled,
I'm done as a matchmaker!

-Calm down and drink your coffee.

Even if it's your clinic,
I can't settle this one.

I'm going to sue that bastard Jang.

Don't try to talk me down.

You definitely should.

-And do it quickly.

Quack Dr. Jang Won-seok! Resign! Resign!

Resign! Resign!

Resign! Resign!

Mi-jung is spiteful,
so she won't let this one go.


She's a famous matchmaker,
so she knows all the deep pockets.

And let's say you open with Dr. Kang.
Who will come now with his reputation?

If this reaches Wong or Wang,
he's not gonna stay put.


You got any ideas?

When a shop gets an upgrade,

the owner should too.


Thank you for coming.

We'll become Apgujeong's landmark.

Park Ji-woo Plastic Surgery, cheers.


Our doctor is so handsome!

You're so hot! Good luck, Dr. Park!


Oh, man…

As the real owner of this place,
that name really bothers me.

Wouldn't it bother everyone if it was
called Jo Tae-cheon Plastic Surgery?


Tae-cheon. Is Big Dick coming?

Dude, be careful what you say.

What? What did I say?

Let me tell you something.

Chairman Wong will never see you,
so don't bother trying.

-Why? Why?
-Why do you think?

Ever seen a mega-corporation boss
eating with factory-floor workers?

Even if you do see him, don't bother
bringing up the clinic business idea.

Screw you too.

Mr. Jo, then he won't ever
eat with us either?

-We're factory workers too.
-Park Ji-woo!

How could you do this to me, asshole?

Don't touch me!

-No touching!
-Get him out!

You think you can play doctor
in this town for long?

You fat bastard,
I hated you from the start!

Get that bitch! You stupid bitch!

That nasty little man…

-Everyone's gone.
-Good work today.

When will we clean up this mess?

-Don't you love this emperor chair?
-Why did you buy this useless thing?

Take a look.

A clinic with your name on it.

In name only.

It's something. This is just the start.

I've got a killer idea,
something that has never been done.

First, we need to gather people.

What the hell for?

We'll reveal the post-surgery look
along with pre-surgery.

"Look how beautiful they turned out!"

We'll show those side by side,
and people will go nuts.

It's just for you.

-What about the full face job?
-No, not the full face.

-Just one part.
-Just one? Why not the whole thing?

It's gotta be done by one person
to maintain the balance.

Hello, there. It's Oh Mi-jung.

They'll sue and kick up a storm.
Who wants to show off a pre-surgery look?

That's why we have to offer
a free surgery.

-For free?
-We need volunteers.

Doctor! It's Dr. Park Ji-woo!

What's past and present in English?
"Old" and "now"?

-"Before" and "after."
-Yeah, that's it.

People will be so curious.

We gotta use that in marketing.

-Will that work?

This is where they handed out flyers.

Park Ji-woo Plastic Surgery?

-These bumps right here.
-Doctor, cheekbones and chin for me.

Doc! My forehead is flat.

Could you fill it up?

Let's begin.

Since you also consult, it's not moving
fast enough. Too many people waiting.

What do you want me to do?
I gotta consult before surgery.

I'll bring in experts.


Doc, I'll do my best.

How can she fill that role
without any expertise or experience?

No experience?

Look at her face. It's like a battlefield,
she was knifed so many times.

An endless war.

-Oh, good luck.
-Yes, admin director.

Honey, let's work together.

They will take care of local
and growing Chinese clients.

-Yoga instructor from Beijing.
-Deep breaths.

-Tour guide from Shanghai.
-Let's move together.

-Diner waitress from Ansan.
-Diner waitress?

Proficiency in Chinese
is all that matters.

These gents will take over
the increasing male clients.

They were hot club MDs,
so they have vast connections.

Mi-jung, what should I do?

continue being friends with celebrities.

-So? How is it, honey?

-That was very good.


Where you going?

-Dude, what's an MD?

"Music dance."

I'm right.

If you perk up the nose,
the facial balance will be ruined,

so if you do breasts,
the nose line gets a 20% discount.

-If you do a double-jaw--
-Thirty percent.

-If you pay cash in full--
-You get a 15% discount.

All done. We can give you a 15% discount.
What do you think?

Is that it? No way.

An additional 15% discount
whenever you refer a friend.


Too cheap. Forgot two zeros.

If you lack the funds, I can set you up
with a low-interest tier-3 bank.

I'm doing you a favor
because I care about you.

I'll call you after, okay?

Who was it?


Why do I love sauna meals so much?

It felt really bad earlier. I can't seem
to fix my "relax esophagitis."

"Reflux esophagitis."

Can't you let these things slide?
I'll end up neutered.

-You punk…

Hey, hey!

The Rice Girls. They're in ads already.
They only debuted three months ago.

No one can go into entertainment
without getting worked on by you.

We need to put that handsome face
of yours on TV and ads.

Thanks to you, our clinic will become
an Apgujeong Land Rover.

Landmark! If you're dumb,
stop trying to use those words!

I'm off by only a little bit, man.

My neck hurts.

Your muscles tighten
because you get worked up.

-No way.
-Allow me. Come here.

I'm good at this. Come here.

-Go easy.

-It hurts!
-I gotta put that much pressure!

Who massages like that? Come here. Let me.

-Gotta go easy, smooth. Got it?
-Damn. Wow…

-Like this. Here.
-Not bad.

Feels good?

-This muscle in front too.
-Up here?

-This will feel so good.
-That is insane!

See? See?

We were…

It's not what you think.

-Your drinks are ready.

-We're going for lunch.
-Have a good meal.

Have a great lunch!

-So? Pretty easy, right?
-There isn't much to it.

-Maybe you could do the surgery too.
-I could probably do anesthetics.

-You sound like a psycho…
-Good afternoon.

May I help you?

We're from the Gangnam police.

We've received a report
of unlicensed medical malpractice.

Park Ji-woo worked unlicensed
at Jang Won-seok Plastic Surgery, right?

Dae-guk! What do we do?

Be quiet.

Jang must've found out
that we worked Choi and tattled on us.

Damn it…

-Don't mention it to Ji-woo.
-I already did.

I told him not to come
because cops are here.

Why? You couldn't stay…

Why are your lips so loose?



Christ! Then that license was a forgery?

Listen, I heard these cops
are infamous thugs.

They're trying to get a leg up on us
and rip us off.

-I'll take care of this.
-How can you take care of it?

You scammed me with a fake license!

I didn't scam you.
I issued a temporary license.

Why are you issuing licenses?
How did you make a fake one?

We got the real one from Choi
and opened this clinic. Isn't that enough?

How is that enough? What about cops?

Don't you dare lie to me
and sweep this under the rug!

Come on…

I can succeed only if you do.
Why would I lie to you?

Look at my face.
Do I look like someone who'd lie?

-You should've told me…


-It's Tae-cheon.
-You told him too?


Cops aren't the problem, Chairman Wong is!

He's a former police chief,

so he drops out at the first sign
of trouble with his foreign investment!

Our clinic and that
15-floor hospital idea are done!

You talked to Big Dick
about our hospital idea?

Is that important right now?

You're a funny thug.

-Of course it is. What did he say?
-Forget it!

Pay those pigs off like they wanted.

If you start paying off cops,
it'll turn into a habit.

Then what? Get my boys to work on them?

"Work on them"? Are you a gangster?
Right, you are.

Guys like him must be crushed
by their bosses.

Don't even have connections?

Man, I know someone in Major Crimes:
Chief Choi.

We're like blood brothers.
I'll sort this out.

Ji-woo, don't worry. I'll take care of it.

Hello. Wait…

The number doesn't…

-The line's busy. He's on the phone.
-I have one.

I've got a connection.

It's Korea's first
locally developed filler.

If you want to use my connection,
I gotta have something in return.

-What's the cost of this?
-Six dollars.

The ones on the market now
are US-made and $170.

Wait, $6 and $170?

Hold on. Six times two is 12,
six times three is…

How many folds is this?


If you swap this for
the expensive German-made,

the cost rises to $500,
and clients pay $1,200.

$1,200? Goddamn thieves… I'm sorry.

-Then why aren't people using this?
-Hasn't been approved by the FDA.

It's awaiting approval.

But the effectiveness is certain.
No side effects thus far.

Then what's your condition?

I'll supply, you sell,
we split the profit 50-50.


Then I'll set up the connection
as a bonus of our deal.

I've done so many terrible things
in my life while living here,

but that filler is…

Yeah, it's dangerous.

It really is. But there's no other way.
What can we do about the pigs?

You still can't reach
your detective friend?

His line is still busy.

What to do…

Don't do it?

No, Ji-woo.

One must earn like a dog
and spend like a beast.

So we should?

Coin flip.
Heads we do it, tails we don't. Okay?


Let's just do it.

I'm glad to proceed with our deal.

So, shall we talk about
the bonus we discussed?

Whom should I introduce you to?
The police commissioner's wife?

-Or his lover?
-Wife would be…

No way. His lover.

Married couples don't talk.

Please ask him to have
these officers off our backs.

Very well.

I'll talk to the commissioner.

No, to his lover…

Yes, I'll talk to him.

I've confirmed your deposit.

Make sure to send the remainder
on this date.

All right. It's just pocket change.

All done?

It's our home now.

Here's the money.

You don't dye your hair anymore?

Gotta keep my hair tidy
when I do business.

Yep, gotta keep it tidy.

A 15-floor one-stop shop…


It's not totally impossible…

We're golden once medical laws reform
and restrictions ease up.

-Think that'll happen?
-It's me you're talking to.

Anyway, when will you do my nose?

Don't do it. What's the point on that mug?

"That mug"?

What's wrong with it?

My nose got crushed by boxing
early in my days.

I wanted to learn piano instead.

My parents forced boxing on me,
ruining my looks.


Your nose isn't the only thing.
Look at me.

Here. Sharp nose, like this.

Appearance isn't everything.

-What the hell?

Could you do my cuticles as well?

What? Who is it?

The tenant under me is going nuts
about the water leak.

How could an apartment
in Apgujeong leak so badly?

Come check it out yourself, then!

How many times has it been?

No, I can't set up a time.
I'll tell you my pass code--

-Hey, hand it over.

Don't be too harsh. I'm behind on rent.

Yes, hello?

I'm attorney-at-law Kang Dae-guk,
a legal representative of Mr. Park.

Yes, I'm a lawyer.

-What for?
-Not "loyer," a lawyer.

Under the Housing Lease Protection Act,

the landlord must pay in full.

Breaking this act results
in a $20,000 fine

and two years in prison.

Please take care of it immediately.

Thank you.

-What are you talking about?
-That's what they understand.

You make a ton of money,
move to a better place.

I want to, but like I said,
I've got a debt to pay back.

Hey, Tae-cheon.


Okay. I understand.

I'm gonna hang up.

-Come with me.

Here. Open it.

-What's this?
-The company money.

I'm lending it to you, so move at once.

You're lending it to me?
It won't impact you?

It's Big Dick's money,
so it must be paid back soon.

But you don't need to worry at all,

because you're the director
of a 15-floor plastic surgery center.

Know what I mean?

That call earlier--
Did Big Dick approve it?

Very good!


-Oh, my. Here you are.
-Good evening.

It's been so long.

Good work.

This is Chairman Wong from China.

Big Dick!

-Ms. Lee from Gangnam Office.
-You are stunning.

All that work to make Tae-cheon look good?

We all worked so hard for you,
but he's the one who'll benefit.

And why is the center named JTC?
Isn't that Jo Tae-cheon's initials?

It's not like the building is his.

Gangsters sure are dumb.

Thank you so much for the investment.

-Here, here.
-The drinks are here.

Ji-woo, come with me.

Come, come, come. Drink up!

Cheers. Drink, drink!


Good evening, Big-- I mean, Chairman Wong.

Let's greet him. Nice to meet you, sir.

Well, this is the director of our clinic,

and he's the administrator.

He does all the miscellaneous stuff.


Great work, everyone.
I hope you continue the good work.

Thank you so much.

You've done great work.
He hopes you continue doing good work.




What's that? What's he doing?

I believe that our building
should be called Oasis, not JTC, sir.

-Our admin must be hungry.
-Shut up.

Your name, Wong Jin-su--

It means "oasis in a hot desert."

I believe that our building
must be named after you.

What do you think, Dr. Park?

-I too believe this.
-That's right.

I think that our clinic
should be like an oasis,

giving people hope
through plastic surgery.

Yes, that's right.

You gents are witty.

-He says you two are witty.
-Thank you.

Chairman, I'm actually…


What the hell are you saying?

What did you say?

I had reasons
to keep my birthright a secret.

Dude, you were born in Apgujeong!

I was born in Qingdao.

I grew up in Korea,
so I can't speak Chinese.

Even though I don't speak it,

I'm Chinese, with Chinese blood in me!

Please take me in. I'll do my best.
I want to be successful.


Where is the washroom?

-Did I say that right?
-What did you say?

-That's gotta be a good sign.
-No way.

Little brother,

your appearance instills zero confidence,

but I like your style.

He says you are fun and that he likes you.

-Master, thank you!
-He's hilarious. He's from Qingdao!

I farted! Thank you!

-I'm from Qingdao too!
-Thank you!


It's time, time to find me

Looking forward to another me

Time to find another me

Who's inside me

I'll love me
Let me try

Give me confidence

The most beautiful thing in the world

I have to find me

Change me like magic

Like water in the desert

Someone said once, from head to toe

My head, my face, my skin

Down to my fingernails

If there's a beautiful glow

That's the end of the journey

That's Oasis

It will make me beautiful

Run to it

Let me find me

Oasis, Oasis

Let's run to Oasis

Where I'll be reinvented

Oa… sis!

To Oasis!

Come in! Please come in!

Trust me! Trust us!

Let's go!


Ji-woo, this is the real beginning.
I'll make you a star doctor.

What are you saying now?

You know that show that I was on?
Love House?

-The show that fixes houses?
-She's the producer.

-Is that right?

Why did you want the intro?

Fixes houses?

Instead of fixing houses,

what about fixing faces?

How could you show that on TV?


The title will be…

Love Face.

A makeover show that changes your life,
this is Love Face.

Welcome to our first episode.
Hello. I'm Kim Kyung-ran.

Park Min-ju, 25

Having lost her confidence,
she was afraid of people's stares

and could not come out of hiding.

We will give her hope.

Min-ju, think of only good things.

It's time to face a miracle.

Reinvented by Love Face,
please welcome Park Min-ju!

I can't see her.

What miracle is waiting for her?

-Excuse me. Turn on the lights.
-Be quiet. Shut up.

Let's welcome her to the world.


So beautiful! She's so beautiful!

Watch it…

Park Ji-woo!




Very good. That's it.
Look this way slightly.

Stare into the camera with tense eyes.

To your left.

Very good. Smile a little.

I think that's enough.

Ji-woo might get tired.

Seeing you at the photo shoot,
you could be a model.

Should I?

Lastly, are you thankful for anyone

who supported and believed in you
to reach this far?


I'm thankful to myself
for believing in me.

-That's funny?
-Not funny.

Good work.

How do you thank yourself?
In front of the mirror?

Come on.

You did everything.

I'm thankful to you too.

I doubt it. I didn't do shit.

What's my TV schedule?

Dae-guk told me to cancel them
because of your surgeries.

-How could you, without consulting me?
-Why do I need to report every detail?

Shouldn't I know them too?

I'm the one in charge.
I'll take care of it.

Mind your own business
and focus on your work.

I'm drawing a big picture. Got that?

He did everything. Listen to that guy.

You did good today. Great!

Please take a look around.

Isn't this a parking lot?

What would you say
if your building rose up

in Apgujeong's most expensive land?


This is a business proposal
I'm working on with Gangnam.

The district chief is
my high-school senior,

so he's helping me push
this business forward.

Wow. When did you learn to do that?

Taking advantage of the Korean Wave

by using the title "K-wave Beauty Town."

It will align with the business
that the government is pushing.

How do you like it?

Dae-guk, a drink…

What's this?

-He says it's a wonderful proposal.
-Thank you so much.

I won't ever disappoint you, Big Dick.

I mean, Chairman Wong.

He won't disappoint you.

Thank you, thank you.

-One more thing.
-There's one more thing.

My son-in-law is about to graduate
from Johns Hopkins.

I think he wants to get into
plastic surgery.

His son-in-law is about to graduate
from Johns Hopkins.

He wants to get into plastic surgery.

Ah, your son-in-law is from Johns?

He wants to work in Korea…

He wants to work in Korea.

I see. I gotta babysit his son-in-law too?

It'd be our honor to work
with such a great man.

He would be honored to work with him.

But what about Dr. Park…

Dr. Park?

Holy shit!

You had a night surgery?

What did you eat? Where have you been?

Big Dick nagged me to come out.

For that big picture?

Well, not exactly.

He drinks distilled hard liquor
in a beer mug.

I thought I was a goner.

You're not hiding anything from me, right?

Of course not. Do you even need to ask?

Big Dick apparently has a son-in-law.


And are you hiding anything from me?

Can you not come here drunk?
Some people work all night here.

Dude, when you talk to me,
do you really need to frown and be cold?

Mr. Kang,

when talking to me at the clinic,
call me Dr. Park.

If there are any new updates,
report to me immediately.

I'm sure you've heard it from Ms. Hong,

but we are a very private clinic
that only deals with VVIPs.

You'll get plenty of free time

and a lot higher salary.

But I'll still be on a salary.

I don't really do well working for salary
under someone.

-Is that so?
-Yes, it is so.

I heard you're not actually the owner
of your current clinic.

-His name is Kang…
-Kang Dae-guk?

Yes, Kang Dae-guk.

Aren't you working under him
and being paid a salary?

He's an administrator,
and I'm the director of Oasis.

I run the clinic.

Do clients come to us
because of the administrator?

They come because of my name, Park Ji-woo.

-Dr. Park.
-Yes, that's my name!

I have a surgery coming up.

He's got vigor and is so full of himself.

Dr. Park. Oh, my.

-What brings you here?
-I was passing by.

I thought I'd drop by.

I wanted to see you.

It's nice to be just two of us.

-Dae-guk isn't here--
-Why are you here?


What's so urgent?

What are you doing, asshole?

What's that?

-Shit, did Tae-cheon tell you?
-Is that important?

He's trying to divide us by using this.
Can't you tell?

We're already divided.

Perhaps you were clueless
while getting drunk with Wong.

Why do you talk like that?
I'd tell you when it's all set up.

Setup? Wong's son-in-law is the setup?

Oh, that. Listen…

This is what you meant by collaboration?

-Are you drunk?
-Why? Changed your mind now?

That's the nature of hooligans!
I know that so well!

Hooligans? Do you want a beating?

Do I look easy? Is that it?

I did sports until middle school, asshole!

Goddamn it!


Which sport?

Table tennis.

Wong wanted to cut you off,

but I got on my knees and begged
and kept you on as co-director.

You took it all wrong.
You've changed, you know that?

You've lost your initial goal.

The best medical center will be built
in Apgujeong, the heart of Gangnam.

As you can see,
two floors are parking lot,

the second and third for a K-wave shop,
the fourth and fifth for a theater,

and sixth through 18th
will be total surgery…

Wong's son-in-law is coming next month.

Do you know what Dae-guk said
when cutting Dr. Jang?

"When a shop gets an upgrade,
the owner should too."

It will be the greatest medical resort
in history.

That's incredible!

-Good morning.
-Hey, hey.

Good morning.

Hey, there.

Why did you leave early
before a drink with Big Dick?

There's no place for me between you two.

What's with you again?

Someone took out my side mirror,
and I almost died while changing lanes.

Here. Take a look.

I took care of it.

This is who I am.
I'm Kang Dae-guk, Ji-woo.




This is why you met with Wong
without consulting me.

Why is the title so important?

It's not important at all. It's about you
having a bigger stake than me.

Ten percent is not a small number.

You can take 10%, then.

Oh, my.

Ji-woo is all grown up.

I was always taller than you.

You're the one all grown up.
An unemployed thug became a businessman.

Why do you have to talk like that?

I have to tell you
what I told Jo Tae-cheon.

-Go on.
-Do you know what I want?

Someone with real skill must be
respected and get paid properly.

If you want to exploit my skill and toss
in some equity, look for someone else.

Could you leave me, Mr. Kang?


-Afternoon, sir.
-I'm a bit busy, so I'll get to the point.

-I need to void our agreement.

Even if I'm the district chief,
my hands are tied if Seoul blocks it.

-I'm sorry about this.
-Wait, wait, sir! Sir!

What the hell…

The district chief and Jo Tae-cheon?

That son of a bitch!

I don't believe these guys…

Goddamn it. I'm busy!

All right! I gotta go!

The anonymous tip about fake fillers
turned out to be true.

This Cheongdam beauty shop
is at the center of this controversy.

-We're so screwed.
-It spread meticulously and discreetly.

The police are conducting an investigation

based on the testimony of known associates

and will expand the scope
to find more suspects.



What happened?

Jo Tae-cheon! Where are you?
Get over here.

I've had it with you.

You lured the district chief
and tipped off the police?

-I'll frigging kill you.
-Why would I screw up my own business?

Screw you! Come here.

It wasn't you? Like hell, it wasn't!
Say it straight up!

-Put that down, and let's talk.
-I ain't putting this down!

You son of a bitch.

What exactly happened?

You know what surgical hit job is.

For the police to move that quickly,

it was either an inside tip

or someone who knows
what a surgical hit job is.

Then our competition?

They could've targeted
any number of hospital violations,

but they only blew the whistle on fillers.

Who first contacted me
about our filler arrangement?

-That's right.

They're not targeting the entire hospital,

but it's a surgical strike on one person.

And that's me?

"Hospital director Dr. Park
administered illegal filler."

I'll get singled out.

We have to find and get rid of the rat
who tipped off the cops.

So who's that damn rat if it's not you?

You got my vote, no?

Dr. Jang is the obvious suspect,

but he's down with a stroke,
so he's not it.

People who know about
using those fillers are me, you,

Dr. Park, Ms. Hong and Ms. Oh.

-Five of us.

And if it's not you or me,
it's one of those three.

There's no way Hong did this to herself.

Then two remain.

Ms. Oh?

There's no way Mi-jung
blew the whistle. Fat chance.

Who? Ji-woo?

All right. Let's summarize.

Who thinks of you as a source of headache?

And who's the one trying
to remove that headache?

If word got out that we used fake fillers,
then Park would tell the police,

"The real manager is Kang Dae-guk.

How could I have known
if it was fake or not?

Kang must have a separate ledger.
Look for that."

Then you'd get blamed for everything.

Am I right?

There's your answer.

Damn it!

-I just got--
-Yes, I'm at the hosp--

-I'll call you back.
-Let me call you later.

You haven't gone home yet?

No, not yet.



A supplier wanted a cash receipt.

-I see…

I came to check on tomorrow's surgeries.

Have to maintain our clients
at a time like this.

Yes, of course.

Focus on surgeries. I'll take care
of everything else, you know?

-Yeah, I know.
-Good, good.

-Did you find out who the rat is?

I'm not 100% sure yet,
but I see the picture.

What picture?

It's abstract,

but I'll let you know
when it becomes a portrait.


It's nothing.

-Good, yeah.
-Yep. Yeah.


He can be forgiven
if he confesses now, right?

He's a determined backstabber.
Why did he confess?

Yeah. So right.

All right.


I'll be there shortly. Stop nagging me.

Come on. I'm hanging up.

The important thing is securing
the smoking gun.

This is my smoking gun.

Kang is the one who made the payment
and signed for the fillers.

If you find his other ledger,
he can be charged with embezzlement.

Why are you telling me this?

Do you know the status
of the Apgujeong parking lot?

Do you think Kang's proposal
was the only one pitched?

The business can be anything
that aligns with the city.

Getting it signed off on is what matters.

You know about my gold VIPs.

Most importantly, my business philosophy:

"Giving respect and status
to my capable partners."

So? Deal?

Where is it…

I just got back in.

You should've told me earlier.

You're killing me, man!

All right. I'll be right there. Got it.

You should've said so clearly.

Damn it, you said it was $30,000 earlier.

All right. I hear you.

Damn it…

Okay, okay.

He's making me jump through hoops…


Look at you.

Stupid mosquito.

Whose blood was he sucking on?

It's not even mosquito season.


I didn't see it…

It started with zero…

No way…

He's smart.

Could it be my birthday?

Shit. Of course not.

The alarm will go off after one last try.
Either this or that…

Shit, my car key…


Son of a bitch…

What a hassle.

-Clocking out?

-You too?
-Yeah, yeah.


It's been a long day.

I parked on the first floor.

-Underground for me.

In any case,
thank you for making it this far.

You too.

Aren't needle ladies

people who make house calls
to give vitamin shots?

And this one does surgical hit jobs too?

She's a former army nurse officer,

so she only visits VIPs
and is a legendary surgical hit woman.

Came right on time.

-Yes. Hello.
-I'm Min Ki-cheon.

-Good evening.

-Why are you looking at me like that?
-You're not who I expected.

I have to work two jobs
to take care of my children.

-No kids?
-I have a daughter--

-Eyes forward.

I don't like to lock eyes.

I have to rush to pick up my kid
from an after-school class.

Listen to what I have to say first.

Looking at your file, he's the one
I worked on previously with milk shots.

-Eyes front.

Plenty of ways to cook him up this time.

Remember the girl on TV he worked on?

We hire her to say that she suffered
from post-surgery side effects

and get the tabloids to go after him.

Say that this doctor pretended
to help a pitiful girl,

but it was all a marketing ploy.

That's the perfect seasoning.

With an attempted suicide sprinkled in,
the meal's done.

The media will go into a frenzy.

Sparking this scandal

is the most important and difficult part.

That's it! Got my deposit?


-Could I talk to you for a bit?

-I'm running late!
-One moment.

-Please hurry.
-Give us a minute.

Bunch of amateurs.

This isn't a surgical hit,
it's a killing blow.

That's what this is.

If we don't hit first, we'll get hit.

Honestly, I can go to another hospital
for a job. And you?

I've seen you work so hard
to reach this far.

Will you throw all that away?


What's this?


That bastard…

Dr. Park Ji-woo? Doctor!

Is it true that you covered up
the Love Face cast's side effects?

Did you know she attempted suicide
because of the side effects?

Are you aware that other patients
are readying a lawsuit?

Dr. Park! One moment!

Dr. Park Ji-woo.

We're from the Gangnam police.
Remember me?

You must be here for Mr. Kang Dae-guk.

We need to question you for
violation of medical laws and malpractice.

-What are you…
-Dr. Park!

-Will you apologize?
-Do you accept your accusations?

Any comments?

-Out of the way!


Is he out of his mind?


The due date is next week.
Why is it by today? Hold on.

Shit, I mixed up the date
because I've been so busy.

Don't sell it to someone else.

I'll bring you the money by today
no matter what.


All right, I gotta go.

I already paid for valet.

Not valet,
Gangnam Police, Financial Crimes.

Park Ji-woo, that son of a bitch…

You're being investigated
for the illegal operation of Oasis,

tax evasion and embezzlement.

It's not embezzlement.
Forget it. I'm a bit busy today,

I'll take care of it
and come to the station, okay?

Are you kidding me? We're taking you in.

I'll stop by later, all right?

-Bring me my car!
-Come with us.

Hold on! I could lose my home
if I don't act on it now.

-Hold still!
-Hold on! I could lose my home!

I'm really sorry, but I'm in a rush!

Get off. Come on!

Get the hell off!


-Your call cannot be connected…
-Goddamn it!

Where am I?

A malpractice warrant has been issued
for a Gangnam plastic surgeon.

Park became famous
after starring in a TV show

and performed illegal plastic surgeries.

One of his patients even attempted suicide

due to post-surgery side effects…

I screwed Ji-woo,

and he screwed me…

I admit to greasing the district chief
without telling you.

And Tae-cheon met with the district chief.


Then you'd get blamed for everything.

There's your answer.

Excuse me. Who's the manger?

-I am, sir…
-Manager? Quiet, quiet! Don't move!

One moment.

Detective, it's Detective Park.
Why aren't you here yet?

You had a collision? Damn it.

I'll take care of it here, Detective Kim.

-Could you…
-I'm chasing after a gang leader.

I'm undercover. Hence the clothes.

I'm a cop. Listen carefully.

A few days ago, there was a reservation
under Jo Tae-cheon.

Show me the security cam footage.

-Hurry, hurry. It's urgent.
-This way, please.

-This way.

Okay, good. Could you bring me a soda?

Have a great meal.

That son of a bitch.

Rewind it just a bit.

Yes, Jo Tae-cheon, that bastard.

Great. Thank you.

Rewind it.

Wait, stop! Stop! Right there!

Gangnam's biggest plastic surgeon
is under investigation

for medical malpractice…

Oh, my, oh, my.

So, our building's tenants
were criminals, huh?

Kang looks great on TV, though.

He looks like a criminal.

He actually looks cute on TV.

Wait, Oh Mi-jung?

Rewind it a bit more!

I'm late.

Now that we're all here,
let's finish the equity talk.

Wait, wait! Stop! Stop!

Holy shit!

Those goddamn…

Jesus Christ!

How's JTC for our Apgujeong medical town?

Your thoughts, board members? Ms. Oh?

I liked JTC from the start.
It sounds like a big corporation.

-Ms. Hong?
-Well, not bad.

Why don't you answer?

Yes, Ji-woo?

What happened? The cops came.

They attacked as well.

Ji-woo, this is our last call,
so listen carefully.

I don't think you can be
my partner anymore.

What-- What are you saying?

But I kept my promise to get back at Kang,
so don't resent me.

You're the one with problems.

Be careful with who you pick
as a business partner.

You were just an accessory to Kang

instead of a partner.

Don't trust anyone in our line of work.

Kang Dae-guk, you bastard!

Is that so? That must've been so tough.

You'll get him for sure.

I trust you fully, Detective Oh.

Okay, take care.

Incompetent pigs.

How much do I have to feed them?

You shithead.

Goddamn thug…

You're subhuman.

You need a good beating,
like the old days.

What is it?

Are you out of your damn mind?

Come outside.

Come on, old man.

Let go.

Bam! Bam! Son of a bitch.

Get over here.

Dude, I'm not the same Jo Tae-cheon
as before.

What have you got?

So what?

Why are you up my ass?

-I'm your mother-in-law, asshole!
-What are you saying?

I always drop in unannounced, asshole!

You thought you could backstab me?
I'll kill you!

You should've listened to me
from the start, moron!


-Die, you thug! Just die!
-Dude, that hurts!


What's this?

Is this…


Why is there gasoline here?

What the hell?

What's going on? What's with the gasoline?

Hey! What the hell are you doing?

I'll get back at the man
who ruined my life.

Hey, stop! You'll be in big shit!

You sure sound like yourself.

There's no way
you'd leave all this money and take off.

It's not me. Tae-cheon,
Mi-jung and Hong schemed together.

We got backstabbed.
They put a surgical hit job on us.

You did it together!

Not me. I'm on your side, buddy.

You're on my side
but stashed that much money in there?

Was I trying to take all that for myself?

I bought you a car
and paid your home deposit!

You said it was company money!

It's at the company, asshole!


-What was that?
-It's nothing.

That was my fault.

Hey, listen. Hold on.



I have to send final payment for my home
right away or I'm going to lose it.

So let's get it together and start over.

-Start what over?
-I have a plan.

Shit. I was being used…

There's not a single normal person
around me. Not one!

Oh Mi-jung, Jo Tae-cheon,
Hong Gyu-ok, Lim Hyung-joon…

You're right. They're all weird.
Every single one of them!

-You're the weirdest one!
-Why am I weird, asshole?

Here, look at this!

I've had it. Just take a look.

These JTC pieces of trash, they worked us!

Look. What do you see? Take a closer look!

Realtor! Just answer it!

Why do they keep calling me?

Hello? I told you to wait a little!

Do whatever you feel like!
I'll sign it with your competitor.

Shit, my arm…

I don't believe it!

Listen, Ji-woo.

Ji-woo, I just lost my home.

And I lost my life.

I got no money, no family.

Goddamn Apgujeong…

All right.

I used you a bit to succeed.

To be honest, I lied to you a bit too.

But as I spent more time with you,

I had a revelation…

What is it?

You really are deep.

He really is insane…

Why do you have to do this?

Ji-woo, look at me.

If you calm down, all that money is ours.

We can start over.

Look at it.

Go on.

That's $13 million.

Ji-woo, please.

Trust me just this once.

I've got bad knees, so I can't kneel.

Please, trust me…

Yeah, Ji-woo. Put that down.

It's really hot. Be careful.

Good. Good.


Shit! You moron!

It's spreading! It spread!

Move! Move! Move! Fire!


-Mr. Kang, where's Park Ji-woo?
-There's a fire!

Ji-woo, move! Out of the way!

Don't use water!

Holy shit!

Get out! Go! Get out of here!

You bastard…




My money! Shit!

My money… My money…

It's my money. Mine…

The Eulji Hospital intersection.
Fire and smoke coming from the building.

Please come at once.

The director of the biggest Gangnam
plastic surgery hospital, Park Ji-woo,

and administrator Kang Dae-guk,
were arrested today,

as well as three others,
including a former gangster,

a hospital consultant
and the head of an illegal beauty shop.

The police will expand the investigation
to look into illegal Chinese investment.




So many plastic surgery clinics, right?


Dr. Park!

-Good to meet you. I'm Park Ji-woo.
-Yes, yes. Please sit down.


The Chinese population is huge.
The country is overflowing with people.

That's why you need to go there
and sweep up money.

Dr. Park, my business philosophy
is collaboration.


Not succeeding alone,
but doing it together.

I've heard that many times before.

Who else said that brilliant word?

That's why we need to collaborate.

Give Chinese folks hipness
and confidence too.

What do you say?

It's you.

You're the one
who's going around scamming.

Who are you?

I'm Ji-woo's friend.

I do plastic surgery without anesthetics.
Need a job done?

I had it done.

You did?

-That punk.

It's been so long.
Those pests still bother you?

-When did you get out?
-Not long ago. Was it tough in jail?

You know how it is.

-You got a nose job?

Since you wouldn't do it for me,
I got it done somewhere else.

I look hot now, you little shit.

You're still around in Apgujeong?

-Where are you?
-Not far from here. You?

I started a management business,
so I live in the suburbs now.

That's far.

Man, Park Ji-woo.

-See you again.
-All right.

-Yeah, what?

Thank you…

for that night.

Know what I mean?

Of course.

You thought I'd just let you go?

Holy cow…

I can't let you go like that.
I've got an amazing business idea.

What a load of shit. What now?

-This is the real deal. I'm serious.
-What scam are you scheming?

The schemers are Jo Tae-cheon
and his losers.

They're all still rotting in jail.
This one's a killer.

-A pure partnership, just you and me.
-Forget it. Not pure at all.

Just us. No one else.
You have to make a comeback here.

Can't you hear me out?

So, what's the business?
What do we have to do?

You can't be a plastic surgeon anymore.

You're not a doctor anymore,
and you have no license either.

So from here on, hear me out.

The business I'm thinking of is,
you know, a delivery service.

People nowadays…

Subtitle translation by: Tae Jo