Men Don't Leave (1990) - full transcript

A mother of two sons finds life considerably difficult on her own after the death of her beloved husband. Due to debt she must move them to Baltimore, and deal with the hardships and all that comes with the city life. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
What I remember most
is coming home

when it was dark and cold.

My fingers and toes hurt so bad,

I thought they might fall off.

Sometimes I got real scared

because I was all alone.

I remember getting home

and mom would make me
something warm.

My dad would make this big fire

and rub my hands and feet,

and then...

I was saved.

What time is it?

It's Saturday.

Then I can go back to sleep.

Yeah, go back to sleep.

I'm still sleeping.

I'm sleeping, too.

Are you still sleeping?


Should I lock the door?

It's locked.



Did dad say you could use that?

I asked him.

Here, could you test it for me?

Yeah, sure.

You ready?



I'm selling girl scout cookies.

You like them with or
without razorblades?

Thank you.

Matt. Oh, my god,
it's stuck.

Chris, let me out.

Is your mother home?

Come on, Chris!

I'm serious.
It's not opening.

Shh! You're going
to wake your dad.

Chris is being mean

and we're hungry.

Will you fend for yourself?
I'll be out in a minute.

Your night thing is wrong.

Sometimes I wear it like this.

God is great, god is good...

Matt, would you keep it down?

I'm trying to read
the sports page.

And we thank him
for our food. Amen.

Mom, these eggs are
extremely slimy.

[Refrigerator rattling]

Dad just touches something in the
back, and it stops.

Don't put your hand back there.
You can get electrocuted.

You know, it actually
happened to somebody.


[Rattling stops]

Did you take the seeds
out of my orange juice?

Yes. I strained it

this thing still doesn't work.

John, the new tiles
came yesterday.

I have to go down
to the site for a few hours.

You said you'd do it
this weekend.

Tomorrow. It'll be
a great new kitchen.

It was a great old kitchen,

remember when we had walls?

Tomorrow. First thing.

You want to drive to the site?

Yeah. Give me
the keys.

Beth, what did you do
with my sunglasses?

What did I do with them?
Open that.

I know I gave them to you.

He did give them to you.

Thank you.


[Chris] They simply disappeared.


Would you find them for me?


Thanks for breakfast, mom.


Later, creator.

[Car engine starts]

It's got a nice fit, really.


Keep up the good work, alright?

This thing has to be poured
Monday morning.

John, I'm pumping now.

I'll have you
roughed in tonight.

Don't fool around with me.

Hi, dad!

[Car approaching]

Where have you been?

We went to the movies.

You weren't in.

It was a great movie.

There was this fat kid,
and he had never done it.

His friends got him
this prostitute.


They watched him from a
closet while he did it.

But it was interesting
and educational too,

because it had
this really good story.

This kid had this dream
to have a mustang.

It was like flashdance
but not as deep.

It was good, mom.
It was excellent.

What does it mean when
a girl says "I'm late"?

I don't get it.
I'm late.


There were prostitutes
in this movie,

but it wasn't about prostitutes.

[Telephone rings]

What was it about, John?

It was about guys

and coming of age
and growing up.

Guys. It was cute.
It was shit.

Dad, phone!

Beth, you're making a
very big deal out of this.

It was nothing.

Come on, John, admit it.
You're always doing this.

The backhoe operator hit a main.

I have to get down there.

Oh, can't someone else go?

Ok, you go.

Oh, very funny.

There is no one else.
I'll be back as soon as I can.

Give the kids some dinner, ok?

It could go on a while.

We'll wait.

Mom, can you come out here?

Not now, Matty.
I'm busy.

Mom, you'd better come out here.



There's been an accident.

Is John alright?

He's at the hospital.

There was an explosion.

Is John ok?

Excuse me.


I'm looking for my husband.

Is he a patient?


A visitor?



I... see, I've come
to identify him.

He's deceased?

You want the estelle Simon wing.

Take the north-bank
elevators to the lobby,

transfer to the east bank,

take it down one floor.

There should be somebody
there to help you.

Dr. Simmons,
line 2142.

[Speaking cantonese]




Hey, you!
Piggy face!

Hey, Matt, you want a plate?


I'll get you
a couple of meatballs.

Um, I'd like
to give you a number.

This is a counselor

that my mother saw
after my father died.

You don't have to use it.


Buy yourself something,

something really expensive.

You'd be surprised.

Excuse me.

[Children shouting]

I wanted to put my arms
around him. I didn't.

I was about to cry.
I didn't want...

I was embarrassed.
All my friends were there.

I didn't want
to break down or something.

No one could do what he does.

Just... you know,

it's like he...

He's, like, in charge
of everything,

and... he runs everything.

How could you get by
without him?

Oh, my god.


Oh, take it easy.

I'm not going to cry.

Matty, it's good to cry.

I'm not going to cry.

Why not?


Tell John's subs you
can't write any checks

until the estate
is out of probate.


Now, I'm coming up with
the figure of $63,000.

That's what John owes.

Jesus Christ.

Well, that's everything.

That's carpenters, electricians,
masons, sheet metalist,

everyone... all there.

What about life insurance?

Well, I'll get a job.

Beth, we're talking
about $63,000.

Well, a good job.

I think that's a great idea.
Maybe we know somebody.


I have a customer

whose sister runs a chain
of these fancy food stores

in Baltimore.

They sell gourmet spaghettis.

But it's in Baltimore.

That's a two-hour commute.

No, I'm not going to move.

I'll find something here.
I know I will.

Something good.

I will.


Oh, Beth.


Hi. How are you?

I haven't seen you since, uh...

How are you doing?
How are the boys?

Fine, fine.
We're all fine.


I have a job.

Oh, great. Really?
Doing what?

[Telephone rings]



What ad?

Yeah, we have
a silver gmc truck.

It's not for sale.

It's a mistake.


It's mine, goddamn it!

[Engine starts]

Maryland state lottery presents
the big spin

with this week's lucky winner.

Please help me welcome
Mr. Richard hoverty.



Hey, can you come down here?


Chris, this is Sam Burrows.

He's the manager of the store.

He's interested
in buying the truck.

Where is the truck?

The truck's not for sale.

Well, actually, honey, it is.

Well, actually, honey, it's not.

Chris, where is the truck?

I don't know, Sam.

I'm sorry I dragged you
all the way out here.

Don't worry about it, ok?

Christopher Michael!

Folks, luck is really
nothing more

than preparation
meeting opportunity.

How dare you talk
to me like that!

You're not selling the truck.

That is not for you to say!

It's not fair!

Dad said it was
going to be mine!

Where is the truck, Chris?

What are you doing?
You don't smoke.

You want to die of cancer?

Tell me where
the truck is, honey.

No. Sell something else.


Something of yours, for instance.
How about that?

Well, it's all mine.
What about that?

The car, the truck, the house,

the bills, the debts,
you and Matt...

He left it all to me.

You can't do anything till
the estate's out of probate,


Come on!


I've never won anything
before in my life.

Thanks for joining us.

We'll see you next week
on the million-dollar minute!

Don't forget
to buy your tickets!

[Speaking cantonese]


[Dog barking]

What was that noise?


What are you doing up?


We have to have a talk.

You know, in the past,

when things... when
we had problems,

we'd work them out.

We didn't have
problems in the past.

Oh, sure we did,

but there were two of us then,

and we worked them out together.

You boys were young,

and that's what parents do.

But now...

Now I need your help.

Does that scare you?

It doesn't scare me.

It doesn't scare me.

Well, good.

[Kettle whistles]

Now, here's the thing.

The last couple of weeks,
I've been a little worried,

just a little bit,
about money, you know,

because we don't have
a whole lot of it,

and I was wondering...
I was thinking...

What you might think

if I sold the house.

Where would we live?

You're selling the house?
This house? My house?

Our house, yes.

Forget it.

If we move,
I could get a better job.

Why can't you get
a better job here?

We could live in a place

that has a real
kitchen with walls

and a landlord who fixes
things when they're broken.

Would I have to change schools?

Forget it. No way.

I didn't tell you
the best part yet.

This is stupid!

You know where I
think we should move?

To Baltimore.

No way. Forget it.

Now, I know how much
you both like Baltimore

because it's got wonderful
stores and restaurants,

and you're always
wanting to go there.

No. We were lying.

What do you want me to do, huh?

Do you want food and clothes?

I'm selling the house
because we need the money.

Why didn't you save
for a rainy day?

Well, we did save some.

You know,
your father worked very hard,

and we own this house.

He took real good care of us,

and he was a good father.

If either of you ever
say anything at all...

I didn't mean that.

I don't know what else to do.


Maybe you could get a good job.

Maybe you could
make a lot of money.

Then maybe we can come back.

Think we'll ever be able
to come back?


[Engine starts]

Sometimes you got to let it
warm up for a few minutes.

I wouldn't take it to
any of those car washes.

Those brushes can really
screw up the paint job.

I won't be washing it that much.

Just a truck, right?

Children feel right at home
in this house.

Notice the original flooring,
the original woodwork,

and that lovely carved molding?

The kitchen is right in there.

The dishwasher has
already been installed,

and the stove...

[Doorbell buzzes]



[Jackhammer drilling]

[Shouting in Spanish]

Where to?

Yeah, um...
Just down the hall.

That, that, that second
bedroom will be real good.


This is a swell place, mom.

They even have
suicideproof windows.

Why are there so many
locks on the doors?

To keep us from escaping back
to our real house,

where we should be living.

Just try to be helpful, Chris.

Mom, where do we eat?

In the dining area, of course.

That the part of the living room

with the table and the bikes?

Why don't you get a job
in an air-conditioner store?

It's hot in here.

Why don't you go get us
some cold drinks?

Can I come with you?

No, thank you.


What are you doing?










My little brother did that,

pushed all the buttons.

I didn't want you
to think it was me.

Why do you care what I think?

I haven't exactly had
this kind of experience before,

but, um...
I am interested in food.

I love food.

I know food.

I, I, I eat food.

Do you smoke?

No, no, I don't, absolutely not.

I never smoke.

Annie, could you get me a
pack of vantage ultra lights

and a bottle of ramlosa?
Thank you, babe.

I was told you had
some experience.

Well, I could cook, and I could sell.
I could learn to...

I just wasn't up to
breaking in a new girl.

Ok. I'm sorry.

Listen, I appreciate...

Fuck it.
You're here.

Assistant manager, right?

Yes. Yes.


This is what I want you to do...

Run to the grocery.

Get a head of lettuce,

some strawberries,
and two lemons.




Ok. Do you like
doing this? No.


You feel like
an idiot, Beth? Yes.


The most fun thing
I did this summer was

that I went on a raft trip
with my parents.

My brother fell in the water
and almost drowned.

It was real fun.

Uh, Matthew macauley.

The most fun thing
I did this summer was...


What was it, Matthew?

The most fun thing
I did this summer was,

my ma took me to see something.

That was the most fun thing.

You didn't say anything
about school today, Matty.

I had fun.

Mom, are you going to
be working every day?

Well, I have to, honey.

I smell vomit.

That's parmesan cheese, Matt.

Smells like vomit.

I heard you the first time.

Chris, what are you
walking like that for?

I told you I got
basketball tryouts.

I got to stretch
my achilles tendons.

Be a lawyer.
Lawyers make a lot of money.

She can't just be a lawyer.

I can if I want to.

Sure, you can.

I can be anything, Chris.

I need you to believe in me.

It's important
that you have faith in me.

I have faith in you.

I have faith in you.


So now, what do we do?


- You sure you don't mind?
- Uh-uh.

Here's the address.

It's a big building.
Can't miss it.

Well, maybe you can.

[Brakes squeak]

[Music playing]

♪ ah

♪ ah


♪ ah

♪ ah

♪ ah

[indistinct singing]

[Music gets louder]

♪ ah


[Clickety-click click]

[Click click]

[Clickety-click click]

[Ding ding]

♪ ah

♪ ah... ♪

[clickety-click click]

[Whirl whirl]

[Clickety-click click]

[Singing gets louder]

[Music gets louder]


[Click click whirl]



Don't worry. You can't
break a sandwich.

We have cold roast chicken.

That's mine.

Uh, pasta with, uh, asparagus.

I don't appreciate having my
food served from the floor.

Eggplant prosciutto.

That's not what I heard.

I am so sorry this happened.

Oh, no. Please.

We were having
a lethal rehearsal.

I should thank you for
putting us out of our misery.

I'm Charles.

Uh, Beth.

So, Beth...

Uh, we're playing
here Friday night.

It's a very weird program.

Do you like weird music?



Bring a boyfriend

or a husband or whatever,

and afterwards,
we'll get together,

and we'll all throw
food on the floor.

Friday night.

8 o'clock.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I can't.


I'm just sort of
under the gun right now.

Don't pull the trigger just yet.

Macauley, think fast.


I was just looking at this.

I wasn't going to take it.

You're a very tense person.

You ought to do something
about that.

What apartment are you in?


You don't have a view.

It's ok.

This is my second
apartment in the building.

Somebody died,
and I got one with a view.

You want to see it?

Come on.
I'll show it to you.

Come on.

Would you like a Pellegrino?

Is that beer?

No. It's bottled
mineral water.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure.
Those are really good.

You're really sweet.

I'll get you a juice.

This is a little snack for you.

Use this chair.


Are you a nurse?

No, but I help people.


I'll be right back.

When did you move here?

Three weeks ago.

How come?

We sold our house.

Why did you sell your house?

My mom wanted to.

I would never sell a house.
How's your snack?

It's really good.
Thanks a lot.

[Telephone rings]




Just a second.

I'm sorry.
You're going to have to go now.

Oh, right.

Can you come back sometime?


How about Thursday?
I'll make dinner.

About 8:30.



Is it comfortable?

Does it make your hand sweat?

You like milk duds?


Last one.

Go ahead.


You're welcome.

You done yet?


Take your time.

Do you want another one?

Start running.

You like vcrs?

Alright, get over here.

Mike's my second cousin.

Now, here's what I did.

I took out
all the talking parts.

That just left
the meat, you see?

Now, check this out.




♪ Keep rollin',
rollin', rollin' ♪

♪ though the streams
are swollen ♪

♪ keep them dogies
rollin'... ♪

all right, all you little girls,

get out of my face.

♪ Rain and wind
and weather... ♪


Matt, one thing.

You never saw nothing in here,


Because if you
ever said anything,

it wouldn't be a good thing.

You know, I'd have to hurt you.


So, now you know.


[Music playing]

[Clickety-click click]


[Clickety-click click]

[Whirl whirl whirl]

[Click click]


[Rattle rattle rattle]

♪ ah

♪ ah

♪ ah

[clickety-click click]

[Indistinct singing]

[Whistle whistle]

[Click click]

♪ ah

[whirl whirl]


[Clickety-click click]

♪ ah ♪

[music, sounds stop]

[Playing softly]

[Harmonica playing]

Well, I won't be long.

Ok, honey.

Make sure everything's
locked up, will you?

Alright. I love you.
Bye, Matty.

[Door closes]

It's smart to have babies
before your body gets funky.

Ian and I are going
to have a child.

Are you pregnant?

No, but we'll start trying soon.

Start now.
Then we can all help.

wouldn't Ian be a good father?

Now, how would I
know that, Carly?

Well, you're a father.

Oh! A boy.


I have a great joke.

There were these three dogs,

an architect's dog,
an accountant's dog,

and a musician's dog...

The musician's dog ate,
humped the others, and split.

Hi, everyone.

How are you?

Fine, Charlie.
I'm surprised to see you here.

Why is that?

This is my half of the city.

Ha ha!

You got the aquarium.

Scotch? I thought
it gave you headaches.

That's not
what gave me headaches.

I believe you've lost
an earring.


Beth's lost her fucking earring.

[Door closes]

I want to show you something.

Come on.

How long did I say
we were separated?

14 months?


That's right.

We don't have to
talk about this.

Oh, yeah.

Perhaps we shouldn't.

I mean, um, uh,
unless, of course,

you know, you want to.



[Horn blows]

So it wasn't an affair
or anything.

Yeah, it was.

Not mine,


Where were you?
I've been waiting up.

You said you were coming home,
and you didn't.

Where were you?

I was with Charles.
This is my son, Chris.

What if something
happened to you?

Nothing will happen to me.

Chris, I think...

You watch yourself, bud.

Is your father this rough
on all the guys?

I'm thinking of
buying myself a Jeep,

cute little white one.

Whatever makes you happy.

A Porsche would make me happy.

Didn't I tell you to
order fettucini with veal?

I don't remember that.

I stood here
on this spot yesterday,

and I said, "Beth, get
fettucini with veal."

You said it to me.

Leonard can't
get it till tomorrow.

You're all
starting to look alike.

What is this?


Those are some muffins I baked.

Aren't we getting ambitious.

When would you make these?

Well, I bake sometimes
when I can't sleep

or if I need to relax

or if I need to earn
some extra money.

We'll call them Beth-cakes.


This lettuce is torn up.

We need whole leaves
for garnish.

Lisa, you told me...


Look, just run next door

and get another head, ok, babe?

How old is your sister?


We're going to need her.

Why do we need my sister?

You know my mom lost her house?


I'm going to
get it back for her.

[Glass shatters]

Over here.
I found it.

Let's take this one.

Let's take the VCR.

[Lock turns]

Somebody's here.


Is it ok now?

It looks fine.

[Doorbell rings]

Matty, get the door.

How about the texture?
Is it dry?

Does it feel like brillo?

No, honey.
It looks just fine.

Hi. I'm Charles.

You must be Matt.

Something's wrong
with the texture.

Maybe some new creme rinse.


I was just
40 or 50 blocks south,

and I thought I'd stop in.

Well, come on in.

Great box collection.

Well, we're still unpacking.

It's taking us a while.

Did you meet Matt?

He let me in.

Did you say hello, Matt?



Well, come on in.

Oh, you know the six-month rule.

Uh, anything still in the box

six months after the move

will stay in the box forever.


God, that was witty.

God, I wish
I would have said that.

Matt, you play handball?


I'll teach you.

It's a great inner-city skill.


What's next, avoiding dog shit?

Well, thank you, Chris.

You remember Chris, don't you?


Your hair.


Is something wrong
with your hair?

What are you talking about?

I don't know.

Maybe it's your creme rinse.

I'm out of here.

Chris, what time
are you coming home?

I hate parties.

Then why go?

I don't know.

It's warm in here.

Oh. Well,
I've been baking.

Yeah. I saw.

Ha ha ha!

Let me have your wrist.


Just for a second.

It's an old baker's trick.

You feel anything?

Yeah, sort of.

Kind of.

Not really.


That's your napkin.
You can use it.

Oh, yeah.


I never cook for myself,

but I love to cook for others.

[Soft music playing]

You cook?



Sometimes popcorn.

What do you think
we should do after dinner?

After we eat?



After dessert.

Well, we could go to a movie.

You can't visit in a movie.

All right. Um...

We could make popcorn

and watch TV.

Here's what I thought...

You finish dinner,

and then we have dessert.


All right.

Then I take you for a drive,

show you around the city.


And after that,
we come back here,

and then, if we still
like each other,

we make love.

Reese memorial's two blocks up.

That's where I work.

You want me to pull over?

No. I'm fine, really,
all right?

You sure?

I have this thing
about chicken, you know.

Sometimes I faint when I eat it.

You sure?
The hospital's here.

No. Really. All right?

This is as good
as I get. Honestly.

You want to see what I do?

That was an event.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

You're uncomfortable
with my being here,

and if I were really a nice guy,

I'd let you off the hook
and I'd leave.

No. You really are.

You are a nice guy.

Look, I'm doing the best
I can right now.

I have to work...

And I have to keep
my boys together.

Having an affair is not high

on my list of priorities.

If you don't get it, I'm sorry.

I... I'm sorry.

I made you feel bad.

That's exactly the opposite
of what I'm trying to do.

I like you.

I'd like to be closer to you.

If it can't be physical,
let's go bowling.

Do you smoke?


[Click click]

You don't take drugs, do you?


You have a girlfriend?


Want one?

Move your shoulders forward.

They are forward.

A little bit more.

Now, hold still.

Don't move.


[Turns on microphone]

Now, take a deep breath

and hold it.


[Machine hums]


Ok, you can breathe now.


I have an interesting
job for you.

Are you artistic?



Yes. Yes,
I'd like to think

I have certain abilities
in that area.

That's awfully
symmetrical, Beth.

I was thinking something more...

I don't know... fun.


Let's see. Fun.


So much for fun.

Why don't you run out and
get me some more basil?

I don't run places, Lisa.

If you want somebody
to run for you,

you should have hired
a thoroughbred.

Well, excuse me.

The next time you
ask me to run, babe,

I'm gonna run out that door.

I'm gonna keep running
till I find another job.

If that's offensive
to you, then fire me.

Okay, you're fired.


You're fired.

Hey, mama.

Mom, I need a protractor.

A what?

I have a quiz tomorrow.

Couldn't you have
told me before?

The stores are all closed.

I told you last week.

Couldn't you have reminded me?

I remind you of everything now.

I never used to have to.
You never listen.

I listen, Matthew.

I listen to you.
I listen to Chris.

I listen to everybody.

A protractor.

That's that thing
with the point, right?

Oh, no, that's a compass.

That's a half-moon thing, right?

I'm not stupid.
I went to high school.

I'm artistic.
I'm creative.

You're home early.

I'll get you a protractor.

It doesn't matter
that the stores are closed.

I'll find a protractor
store and I'll break in.

Mom, this is Jody.

She lives around here.

Hello, Beth.

Could I talk to you
for a minute, Chris?


if my presence here makes
you feel uncomfortable,

I apologize.

I know what a difficult
time you're going through.

Oh, do you?


And if I can be of
any assistance to you,

please don't hesitate
to get in touch.

I'm pretty good
at helping people.

Bye, hon.


Good to meet you, Beth.

[Door closes]

I don't remember
giving you permission

to have company... Hon.

I didn't know
I needed permission

just to talk to someone.

Hey, look. If you're going
to be entertaining nurses,

yes, you need my permission.

You're damn right
you need my permission.

Dad wouldn't have cared.

Dad isn't here,
and I'm making the rules now.

I wish it were
the other way around.

I'm going out for a walk
and a protractor.

Who gives a...

Hey, don't push it.

[Door slams]



How are you?


I feel so...
Very sad.

Would you like to go to a land

where there is no sadness,

where everybody's
fatter than you

and you can feel smug
and good about that?

Would you like
to go there right now?

[Polka music playing]

Do you dance?


You don't dance?

No, but I'll watch.

You sure?

All right.
I'm going to sit in for a tune.

There's some chairs over there.


See you.


Come on, dance.

Let's dance.

No, I don't.

I'll teach you.

I don't dance like this.

Yes, you do.
Come on.

♪ Hey! E-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ oh, e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ hey! E-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ oh! E-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ oh, e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ oh, e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ oh, e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o ♪

Oh, my god, Charles.
You're bleeding.


You're bleeding.

It's not me.
It's your nose.

My nose. Your nose is bleeding.

Oh, my god!
I'll get something.


Oh, my god!


I'm so sorry.

Oh, no.
Don't be sorry.

I'm so embarrassed.

No, please.

It's not stopping.

It'll stop.
It's not stopping.

It'll stop.

I think I'd better
head for home.

Oh, no. No, please.
Don't go.

This is really...

Oh, this is interesting.

I've never had a real
stigmata experience before,

not while kissing, anyway.

Please. This is
really exciting.

Oh, I forgot my sweater.

I'm so sorry.

I really wish you'd stay.

Oh, god! I can't.

I'll put on some appropriate
music... the entombment of Christ.

We'll sit around,
we'll feel guilty,

we'll watch each other bleed.

What do you say?

Here. Can I
take this one?

I'm sorry.


Where were you?

Oh, honey.

I was out with Charles.

Jeez! What did he
do to you?


Did he hurt you?
I'll kill him.

I got a bloody nose.

Sure, you did.

Keep your voice down.
Don't wake up Matty.

Matt's not here.

He went to Winston's.
He was afraid to be alone.

But he was with you.

He was afraid.

But he was with you.

He was.
Now he's not.


I'm Beth macauley, Matt's mom.

I came to pick him up.

He's sleeping.

Who is it?

It's Matt's mother.
She's come for Matt.

I'm sorry.

Well, I'll go get him.

He's sleeping.


He had a really good dinner.

Hi, darling.

Are you still sleepy?

His clothes are in the dryer.

You washed his clothes?

Yeah. I hope
you don't mind.

I'll go get them.

Oh, I'll help you.

Are you o.K., Matt?

Chris said you were
afraid of something.

Are you afraid?


Not anymore?


He showered tonight.

His hair might be
a little bit wet.


Can I stay here tonight?

Don't you want to come
home, Matty?

I'm too tired.

Well, you can sleep in the car.

I'm too tired.

Well, if it's all right
with Mrs. Buckley.

Matt's always welcome here.

I'll pick you up first
thing in the morning, o.K.?

O.k. Bye.

I love you, ma.

I love you, too.


O.k., good night.
Good night, Beth.


More coffee, hon?

Just half a cup.

Thanks, babe.

This is very interesting.

What's that?

Reading about
political repression

as it affected the gang of
four, the people's Republic.

I didn't know
you read that stuff.

What is that,
the foreign affairs section?



Yamaha amp blowout
at Mr. Stereo!

Everything half-price or less!



Could we do something
about your shirt?

It's really not
that flattering on you.

You don't like my shirt?

Try one of these.

Hey, thanks.

Try one on.

Right now?

Right now.

This is really great.

[Doorbell rings]

I thought of you
when I saw them.

I'll get a lot
of use out of these.

O.k., Chris.
Get your things together,

and let's go home.

Enough is enough.

Morning, mom.

I'm having breakfast.

You can have breakfast at home.

Chris, I don't know
what's going on here,

but you are not to
spend the night again.

Beth, perhaps...

Mrs. Macauley, hon.

Mrs. Macauley, perhaps this
isn't your decision to make.

Oh, you don't think so?

No, I don't.

Come on.
Right now, Chris.

Mrs. Macauley, I know you're going
through some personal problems...

You're my problem.

I know you have some problems.

No, you're my problem!

I'd like to help you.

Where the hell
did you get that shirt?

Jody bought them for me.

I kind of like them.


Mrs. Macauley, I really
don't want you in my house

if you can't treat us
with some degree of courtesy.

Why don't you hit the streets

and find a nice
little 10-year-old,

and then you can
really go to town.

Chris, I want you home.

Tonight is family night.

You will be with your family.

Chris, did you set?

No, not yet.

Let's set the table.
I'm ready to serve.

From now on, every week,

we'll be together,

doing different things
as a family.

This is great.

It's educational, too.

Could we go now?

Come on. We'll all
share with each other

our thoughts and experiences
from the past week.

So who wants to go first?

All right.
Well, then I'll go first.

Well, I'm still
looking for a job.

I'm pretty hopeful that I'll
find something next week.

I don't want
either of you to be afraid,

but we should watch things
for a while.

Chris, if you feel you need,

you know, more spending money,

you might consider
the possibility

of getting a part-time job.

I think the part-time job
idea is a good one...


Because I'm moving in with Jody.

The hell you are.

You know, mom,

remember we had that talk,

and you told me I was
going to have to become

more of the man of the family?

I guess that's
just what happened.

You're only 17.
How are you going to support this girl?

What about school?

I'm still going to go
to school and everything.

She gets paid lots of money.

She makes more than you.

How much?

Uh, could I say something?

It would make things
easier for you,

at least money-wise.

How much does she make?

Could I add something?

Maybe it's not such a bad idea.

I'll still be in the building.

I can help out and stuff.

This is not a good idea.

Maybe there's another way
to look at it.

I can't believe
you're defending him.

I'm not defending him.

Well, yes, you are.

You're taking his side.

Wait. Wait a second.

Who's talking about sides here?

We are.

We're talking about
sides, you and me.

You're sticking up for him.

You always do that.

I don't always
do anything, Beth.

I haven't been
around here long enough

to always do anything.

I'm going to take a walk.

Wait, mom. Mom.


This sucks.

I'm out of here.

Wait, Chris.

Wait, Chris!
I want to ask you something.

Have you looked
for work this week?


Has any been offered to you?


O.k. Sign here, please.

[Arf arf arf]

O.k., I got it.

We're splitting
everything, right?


This isn't bad.

I could go about 40.

I could do that for you.

This one has four heads.

Oh. Thank you
for telling me.

It's worth more.

I don't see a remote.

Did you guys forget the remote?

I don't know. No remote.

If you had a remote,
I could go 60, maybe 70.

The way we're looking
at things now,

we're talking 25, tops,


You know, picture it...
You're on the couch,

you got your drink,
your food, your girl,

you're watching a nice pornie,

now you want to fast-forward
the talking parts.

Are you going to go
to the set each time?

Nobody's going to do that.

Would you do that?


I'd use the remote.



Anything else?

Yeah. I need
some lottery tickets.

How many you need there?


Hey. I thank you,
my father thanks you,

and god bless you.



These are good.

They look sharp.

Did you check the rise?

The rise is fine.
Better check.

I said it's fine.

We're fine.


Let's try these.



♪ ♪ ♪


[Telephone rings]




Give me a hug.

Squeeze me. Squeeze me.


Ha ha!

Faking to the left.

Going up
for a jump shot and... oh!

7, oh, 6. 8.

She's going back for...

One more shot. Shot put!

Out the window.

Here we go.

Here we...

Take the whole goddamn tray.

How about that?



This is so weird.

Why would mom buy a bird?

I don't know.

Its name's Mary Louise.

How long has she been resting?

Four days.

This is so weird.





Mom, it's family night.

What time is it?

It's almost 5:00.
Are you still tired?

You can sleep if you want to.

Let's do this tomorrow,
o.K., Matty, huh?


I don't feel good right now.



Matty, do you want me
to fix you something?

Did you eat anything?

I'm all right.

Let me fix you...

I'll fix you something.

Do you want some milk?


No milk.

How about some juice?


No juice.

How about some water?


Do you want anything else?

No. This is great.

Let me know if you
want something else.

God is great, god is good.

God, we thank you
for our food. Amen.

Hey, Chris.

Um, did I borrow
this album from you?

No, I don't think so.

It's not yours, huh?

It's so weird.

Chris, is everything...

Is everything all right?

Yeah, it's fine.

Is there somewhere
we could talk?

Yeah. Yeah.
Let's, uh...

Let's go outside.

Are you and my mom
still friends?

I think so.

I mean, you don't
come around too much anymore.

Yeah, that's true,

but I like to think we're...

That I'm her friend.

You definitely can.
She's a good friend to have, too.

She's loyal.

She's got a great personality.

Everybody likes her,
everybody that knows her.

She's a terrific person,
your mom.

She is.
She really is.

So why don't you
come by anymore?

There must be some good reason.

Well, it's kind of
hard to explain, Chris.

Look, I know I haven't
been very nice to you

some of the time.

It's not that I don't like you.

It's just that sometimes
it takes me longer

to get used to new people.

Once you get to know me,
I can be real friendly.

This has nothing to do with you.
You were fine.

I wasn't fine!
I know that!

I apologize.
Give me another chance.

You and I can be friends.

I'll go to interesting
music concerts with you.

I'll mow your lawn
if you ever grow one.

Because my mom really
liked having you as a friend.

She doesn't know anyone here.

She's starting to get sad again.

When she had you as a friend,

she had someone to talk to.

I know I was
a real pain in the ass.

I promise I won't be.
You probably don't believe me.

Give me another chance.

I can't stand to see
my mom so lonely.


♪ This is the night

♪ it's a beautiful night ♪

♪ and they call it Bella notte ♪

♪ look at the skies

♪ they have stars
in their eyes ♪

♪ on this lovely Bella notte ♪

♪ side by side
with your loved one ♪

♪ you'll find enchantment here ♪

♪ the night will
weave its magic spell ♪

♪ when the one you love
is near ♪

♪ for this is the night

♪ and the heavens are bright ♪

♪ on this lovely

♪ Bella notte ♪

I guess she's not home.


Let's go.

[Playing looney tunes theme]

Thank you very much for
coming out this evening.

We appreciate your patronage.

Please drive safely going home.









Beth, can you hear me?

Do you know who I am?


Will you go away?

Did we take anything? Uh-huh.

Did we put anything
in our mouth?



A Beth-cake.

What's that?

Never mind.

Could I have
some privacy, please?

Hon, why don't you
head back to my apartment?

Give us girls a little privacy.

Why are we so groggy?

Can we sit up?

Will you please leave?

Why are we so groggy?

Well, because we've been
in bed for five days,

you nitwit!

Get out of my bedroom.

Are you sick?


What's wrong?

I'm sick.
You are?


Well, let's get you better.


Beth, I've made
some fresh coffee,

and I'd like you to join me.

Would you please go away?

Beth, I've made some coffee,

and I'd like you
to join me right now.


Get your damn hands off of me!


Are you crazy or what?

What is the matter with you?

Get your damn hands off me!

Are you crazy?

Let go of me!

Aah! Let go of me!

Aah! No!

O.k., that's it!

When you're clean
and quiet, we'll talk.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

I'm much better now.


You can go.

We're not finished yet.

We're not?


I'm much better now.


We're going to need
some warm clothes.

We are?

I'm fine, really.

Tell me what you'd like to wear.

Settle down, everybody.
Settle down.

Before we begin,

I have an announcement to make.

You may be wondering why
Winston was absent today.

Well, he's not sick after all.

We were informed that Winston
was one of the big winners

in this week's lottery...


And will become eligible
for the big spin.

Isn't that great?

O.k., that's enough.
Let's settle down.

Now, take your books out

so we can begin the lesson
we started yesterday.

Matthew, just a minute.

Everyone, stay seated.

Winston, Matt's here.

There's some delis
in the dining room.

Help yourself.
Don't be shy.

Hi, Matt.

Why didn't you tell me?

Tell you what?

That we won.

What do you mean?

We split everything, remember?

Come on,
that is not what you said.

You said split the tickets.

No. That's not true.

O.k., ask Dale if you
don't believe me.

She was there.

I got to go.

I want my share.

It's not your share.

I want my share.

I want my share.

It's not your share.

Hi, Matt.

Is there something wrong here?

The ticket was both of ours.

We split the tickets.

Matt got half, and I got half.

The winner was in my half.
Ask Dale.

You're such a liar.

Dale, could you come in here
for a minute, sweetheart?

Matt says the winning
ticket was his also.

Is this true?

They were supposed
to split the tickets,

and then Winston had the winner.

No. That's
not true.

This is for my mom.

She needs it.

Matt, try and be fair here.

If I don't get this,
she might die.

She really might.

Did you look at your tickets?

You might have a winner, too.

We stole things...

Hey, Winston! Come here,
you little millionaire.

Come on.
Come on.

Don't do anything fancy for me.

Sorry, Matt.

Everyone says that
Winston had the winner.

Do you want to stick
around for a while,

have a bite to eat,

or do you want to head on home?

I was thinking about
you the other day.

I was thinking,
what if someday I got married...

And I do want to...

And had this husband that I really
loved, and he died?

I'd be so sad that I'd be...

I'd be tired.

I saw a picture of him.

He was very handsome.

Chris doesn't say
much about him,

but he did tell me

about this trip you
all took to yellowstone

and how you had a broken toe

because Matt dropped
a cooler on your foot,

and John carried you
for 2 miles.

You were very lucky to have
someone who loved you so much.

No one would ever
carry me 2 miles.

Oh, I'm sure they would.

No. I'm a size 12

I don't think so.

Where are we going, Jody?
Do you know?

A little further.

Oh, no.

Oh, no, no, no.

I did this with
another friend once.

My friend was very depressed,

suicidal, even,

and I thought of this.

What happened to your friend?

Oh, she's institutionalized now.

But I still like
the idea, don't you?

Mom, did Matt get back yet?

Isn't he with you?

He was supposed to
meet me after school,

and he never showed up.

He's probably at the Buckley's.

I called up there.
He left two hours ago.

He started out riding
off down that way.

Don't put me on hold.

Is that Matty?
Did he call?

I'm calling about my
brother Matthew macauley.

He's 9 years old.
He's got brown hair.

I don't know what to do.

I called the police.
I called the hospitals.

He's wearing a yellow
sweatshirt and blue jeans.

Look, he's not
at his friend's house.

We know what his habits are,

and we're not going
to wait 24 hours.

Now, damn it.
I'm a citizen.

I'm a professional musician,

and I want some action.

Mrs. Macauley?

Mrs. Macauley,
I'm officer Rogers.

This is officer rotiz.

We're checking up on Matthew.

Have you heard anything?

Anything from the neighbors?





Bless you.

Thank you.

He's in bingham.

He went to bingham.

He went home.

I'll wait here.

Hi, Matty.

[Doorbell buzzes]

It's a great doorbell, Matt.

It still works.

Oh, Matty.

Matty, do you miss this place?


I miss you.

Oh, Matty.

Are you mad at me?

Are you?

Matt, listen...

I want you to talk to me.

I love you so much.

I care about you more than
anything else in the world.

You must know that,

and you must know you
can always talk to me.

I can't.

I don't want to say bad things.

You don't always have
to be such a good boy.

I do.


Because you like me that way.

Oh, Matty, I love you any way.

I need you,

but sometimes, you know,

you have to tell me
what you need

and what you want.

I want...

What, honey?

I want to see him again...

Just one more time.

Does he know about me?

Does he know
I'm in the fourth grade?

Yes, I think he does.

Does he know I do bad things?

What bad things?


Well, he knows we'll
make things right.

Do you think he still loves me?

Yes, Matt, yes.

Will the hurt stop?

You know what I read once?

That heartbreak is
life educating us.

You understand what that means?

That we're learning
something from this?

That's right.

Raspberry genoise.

It's incredible.

White German chocolate cake.

It's incredible.

Hazelnut praline,

your favorite.

You'll love them.

Let me in.
Come on.

You know, it's funny.

Before, I used
to watch you work,

and I'd think,

here you are,
taking care of yourself,

prospering, even.

But most of all...


which I certainly do
respect you for.

I really do.

And I've seen how you use
your aggression and hostility

and inconsiderate

to great advantage, you know?

I mean, I've learned
something from you, Lisa.

I really have.

That you should be more
hostile, self-centered,

and what was the other one?

No, no, no, no, no.

No. You see,
I don't have to be.

You know why?
Because I got you.

I can stay the way I am.

It's a great...

It's a great partnership, Lisa.

It really is.

Yeah, I'm very excited about it.

It's a great opportunity,

and i... ahem...

I'm determined to make it work.

I really am.


There are a couple of other...


It's been almost four years

since my marriage fell apart.

You know how hard it was

for you to have been
left with two boys?

It was harder to
have been left alone.

I'm going to charge a
fortune for these babies.



You're Nina?


We never met.
I'm Beth.

Yes. Hello.

I brought this basket of food.

Could I just leave it with you?

Food? I...

Charles, I didn't want to
interrupt anything, really.

I just came by because I
wanted to say thank you.

You know, when I got
pretty crazy there,

I think maybe I scared
you a little bit.

Didn't I, just a little bit?


I know, and I apologize.

You know, you were...

You were real generous to me.

I don't why you did it,
but you did it,

and, uh...

And I want to thank you for it.

So, that's it.
Thank you.

You know,

I wouldn't ascribe
such pure motives to me.


I lied about the bowling.

So you guys are
back together, huh?


Joey's here.

She's picking him up.

Hey, man.



Well, they sure do love their
daddies, don't they?

[Matt] What I remember
most is family night.

Mom got pretty strict
about this idea,

so we had a lot
of family nights.

There is no way i'm
wearing this thing. Uh-uh.

I remember Chris stopped
wearing Jody's shirts,

but then he started cutting
his own shirts in half.

Matt wants to go for a ride.

Family night.

You know the deal.


Do you want to go with us?

Sometimes friends would
join us for family night.

Sometimes we'd just be
by ourselves.

All right, cool.
Later, creator.

I remember
once we went on some boats,

and I got to drive one
by myself.

That was good.

Most of all,

I just remember being together,

'cause then...

I was saved.

Captioning performed by the
national captioning institute, inc.

Captions copyright 1990
the geffen film company

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permission of national captioning institute

[Polka music plays]


♪ E-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ oh, e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ oh, e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ oh, e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ oh, e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o

♪ e-i-e-i-e-i-o ♪