Memories of Murder (2003) - full transcript

In 1986, in the province of Gyunggi, in South Korea, a second young and beautiful woman is found dead, raped and tied and gagged with her underwear. Detective Park Doo-Man and Detective Cho Yong-koo, two brutal and stupid local detectives without any technique, investigate the murder using brutality and torturing the suspects, without any practical result. The Detective Seo Tae-Yoon from Seoul comes to the country to help the investigations and is convinced that a serial-killer is killing the women. When a third woman is found dead in the same "modus-operandi", the detectives find leads of the assassin.

Based on the true story of an
unresolved criminal investigation,

set under a military dictatorship.

Junk car! Junk car!

Get out of here, kid.

I told you to get out of here.

October 23, 1986

- Go home, kid.
- Go home, kid.

- Little brat.
- Little brat.

- What the hell are they doing?
- What the hell are they doing?

- Hey you!
- Hey you!

- Put that back!
- Put that back!

Hey, leave it there. Go away.

- Hey you!
- Hey you!

- That's important, don't touch!
- That's important, don't touch!

- Those kids.
- Those kids.



You dated the dead girl
and she dumped you last August?

Is that right?

That's correct.

That's correct?

Take off your hat
you damn punk.

Do women like guys like you?

After watching Body Heat...

Body Heat?
That an action movie?

A, c, t...

Damn punk...

since it's a rape
and murder case and all...


If she was sexy or pretty
that sort of thing.

Your impressions?


she didn't seem
like a country girl...

Don't blink.

You blinked, didn't you?

Hey, look at me.

Don't look at the ceiling
look at me!

Was he born that way?
One, two...

Didn't you want to go
to the Military Academy?

Did you take the exam?

You need to study hard
to get in there.

- Receipt!
- You didn't ask for one.

What? I told you to bring one.

- I told you.
- No you didn't.

That's what you said last time...

Here's one, here.

You answered the phone
you lying bastard...

I need a receipt from the restaurant.
Not from a bicycle shop.

Directed by BONG Joon-Ho

Why didn't you rope the place off?

At least get some sticks
to drive them in, morons.

Inspector Park, over here!

- What is this?
- It's a footprint.

- When did you find it?
- This morning, sir!

Go help those jerks over there.

You called the forensics team?

Yes, they're on their way.

But, where's the person
who reported this?

No forensics team
this is total chaos!

Jesus, look at him!


Get out of here!

Who received the call on this?

Did you find out
who reported it?

The phone... The crime
site is getting ruined.

Damn forensics team's not here
this is a mess.

What are you talking about?

Take pictures when I tell you!

Why'd you bring
so many reporters?

They were all here when I arrived.

Reporter Park's not here.
Must be on vacation.

I don't see him.

Feels great with
that shithead gone.

Why does this have
to happen to me?

How can I investigate like this?

Hey, tractor!


Tractor, stay away! Detour!

If someone waves
shouldn't you look?

Shit, is he deaf?

Shit! Look at this.

Now those bastards show up.

What the hell took you so long?

The crime scene's ruined!

Jesus, look at these sliding fools!

What's going on?

How can you look at
those photos while eating?

If I keep staring at them

one moment it'll hit me.


Are you a fortune teller?

Open up a shop then.

Chief, I may know nothing else
but my eyes can read people.

It's how I survive as a detective.

There's a reason people
say I have shaman's eyes.

OK, then.

You see those two guys there?

One of them's a rapist
and the other is the victim's brother.

He caught the guy doing this to
his sister, and dragged him in.

So tell me
which one's the rapist?

- Hey.
- What?

I think it fell out.


Let's do this properly.

I'll give this to you
especially today.

I'm so grateful.

It's just a flu shot.

Know how much this costs?

- Kwak Sul-young?
- Yeah?

You must be earning more
now than at the hospital.

I hear everyone in
town comes to you.

Shh. I got something to tell you.

I heard this from the
old woman at the mill.

You know the Baek family
meat restaurant?

The Baek family?

You know what people call them?


The Baek Lady Killers.

- Ladies?
- Yeah.

But the son's a little
bit retarded. Kwang-ho.

Kwang-ho used to follow
Hyang-sook around all the time.

The one who was killed?


She was found with
a girdle over her head?


Even more important,

the night she was killed...

that old woman saw
Kwang-ho following her.

- Really?
- That's what I'm saying.

I heard that old hag
went senile last year.

No, she's fine.

That kid... Wait.

Kwang-ho? What's he look like?

This side of his face is a bit...
you know.

Tell me in detail.

Anyways, he's a poor little kid.


Let's talk man to man.

You see a pretty girl
you want to do her.

When I was your age
I'd go out with friends

I understand.

You never intended to kill
Hyang-sook at first, huh?

How aboutjust
touching her breast...

I couldn't touch it.

So you killed her?
Kill her, then you can touch it.

No, I didn't.

That guy coming down now
he's had a hard life, like you.

He's nice.

He's really sweet.

He never beats anyone.

But sometimes you know

if he gets worked up
about something...

God, what an ugly face.

Just looking at this face
makes me angry.



This is so it won't
leave scratches, you punk.

Hey, hey...

What's with the army boots?

Doing this to the kid...

Kwang-ho, get up.

Are you really innocent? Huh?

Look in my eyes.


Where the hell's he looking?

Look in my eyes!

Turn yourself in
or may you rot and die.

Excuse me, miss...


Oh, miss?

Are you all right?

Why are you following me?

No, I just wanted
to ask directions.

Let me help you.

Let go!

What's wrong?

Rolling in the fields, huh?
Is this town rapist's paradise?

You shithead.

What the hell?

Who are you?

Get over here.

Hey miss, the victim
needs to file a report!


Where is she going?

Are you a detective?

You should have told me.

My mistake.

How can a detective
be such a bad fighter?

How can a detective have
such a bad eye for criminals?

What's that smell?

Oh, sneakers.

They smell bad?

But these here are
evidence item #28.

Develop these quickly, huh?

- Uh, chief.
- What?

This guy here... from Seoul.

Nice to meet you!
I got the call...


your face...

Did anything happen?

- No, nothing.
- A desk, you need...

Oh, I prepared a desk
over there with lots of sunlight.

I think... I like that corner.

Okay, okay! As you wish.

Inspector Jo, say hello.

From Seoul

Suh Tae-... yoon, senior officer.

Jo Yong-gu. Nice to meet you.

He volunteered to assist
with this investigation.

Quite an uncommon thing.

Well, go arrange your desk.

Yes, sit down.

Inspector Chief

The song is great.
The opening song.

I always watch
Inspector Chief with Dad.

What was my phone number?

Just eat.

Right, I need to call Dad!

I should call. Oh, it's Dad!

Hey, Kwang-ho.


This footprint was found at the
site of Hyang-sook's murder.


And these are sneakers
we found at your house.

You wear these? Right?

Now, look closely.

The footprint in this photo
and the sole of your shoe.

The same, right?

This pattern?

The circle, this indentation?
Exactly the same.

Am I right?

This part was smudged

don't worry about that.

You killed all
those women, right?


You didn't kill them all, right?

So you didn't not kill only
Hyang-sook, correct?

I didn't kill anyone.

We've got the evidence here!

- Where's our shovel?
- Shovel?

Look at you...

Hey, bastard. Give me that.

Can't you even shovel right?
Watch me.

Loosen the dirt first.
Then push with your foot.

- Kwang-ho!
- Yes?

You punk.

Did you come here to play?

You know where this is?

We came here to bury you.

- What? Why?
- Why?

Because you won't listen
you bastard.

- I'm a good boy.
- Then tell me!

Out here in the fresh air.
With that face.

Hey, come here.

Women hate this face don't they?

They grimace and
all fucking run away.

It's true.

I'll kill them all.

Everyone who
grimaces at my face.

I'll kill them all.

Those women who grimace
they're all in my head.

- Hyang-sook too?
- Hyang-sook?

You always followed her around.

- Hyang-sook is pretty.
- Oh yeah, she's pretty.

But Hyang-sook grimaced too, huh?

She said, "Fuck, get away!"
didn't she?

Because you liked her.

So you killed her, huh?

By the train tracks.

In that rice paddy.

The train tracks? Right.

Her throat.
Hyang-sook's throat...

strangled it tightly.

- With what?
- Her brassiere.

- Brassiere?
- With her white brassiere

strangled her tightly.

- And then?
- Her stocking.

- Her stocking?
- Pulled off her leg.

Then it was the stocking.

This guy's smart, huh?

And then?


What was it?

Something with a strap?

A handbag strap?

Right, a bag strap.

Strangling Hyang-sook's
throat with it tightly.


Then, Hyang-sook's
body shook a bit.

She looked completely dead.

And then?

Her head was covered up.

With what?

Her panties.
Covered her head with her panties.

Do you mean a girdle?
That women wear?

Right, girdle!

Looked like it covered
her head right up.

And then?

Um... had to dress her again.

And why was that?

I don't know.
Put the clothes back on.

Why was that?

How would I know?

You were doing well!

Bastard! What did you do next?

- Then... running!
- Where?

- It was raining!
- Where did you run?

- Kept running.
- Oh, you little shit!

The lightning struck!

Where the hell were you running
you bastard!

Yong-gu, start digging.

Huh? Digging?


Citizens, this is a
civil defence drill.

The air raid siren has begun to sound.
This is only a drill.

The entire country is now
under a civil defence drill.

A blackout is called for
in all buildings and houses.

Please find cover in the
nearest underground space.

Follow the instructions
you hear in this broadcast.

Please move all flammable
materials to a safe place.

Unplug all cords, then hurry
to an underground area...

Shut off the lights!

Hey, you!

Come here.

Put this on. Everyone ready?

- Yes, sir
- Get in the car.

Turn around.

Take off your pants.

What'll the headline be?

Crime-Fighting Trio or
"Smiles of the Unstoppable."

Inspector Park, in the back.

Make a straight line now.

Miss Kwon, big party tonight!
Reserve a room.



This time, hold up your fist.

- Come take a picture!
- That's okay.

Come on!

Wait a second.

With these webbed fingers

you can't even hold
chopsticks, right?

They've always been this way?
Go on.

this is the spot, right?

I don't know.

What's he talking about?
It was here.

For the re-enactment
you have to act well.

There are a lot of reporters here.

How's this?

A bit lower.

- What do we start with?
- Wait.

It's best to write down
the correct order.

Then why didn't you do it?
I'm fucking busy.


The re-enactment
isn't going to work anyway.

Call it off before it
becomes an embarrassment.

Hey, I told you to stay away.
Why'd you come back here?

Just give them some excuse.
The suspect is sick, or...

Inspector Suh!

You're dumping shit
on cooked rice here!

I told you before
Kwang-ho isn't guilty.

Just shut up!


The cords around their necks
were tied with three tight knots.

Look at Kwang-ho's hands.
Could he do that?

- Get out!
- Even a child can see that.

Get the hell out!

Grab the brassiere strap...

Hey, concentrate!


Kwang-ho! It's me!


Hey, you're innocent!

I know! I didn't do it!

Mr. Baek Kwang-ho!
Are you denying a crime?

He didn't kill anyone!
My son's innocent!

You were tortured, weren't you?

My team never tortures suspects.

It's all gone to hell.

Don't bring it up.

Hey, did you see the look on
prosecutor Choi's face back there?

Fuck, how can he
revoke the warrant?

We even had evidence.

Evidence? That footprint?

How can they set him free?

What can we do?

All we had was a confession.

It was no ordinary confession.
You heard the tape.

All the details of the crime
came pouring out his mouth.

Things he'd never know
if he weren't the killer.

Like how she was strangled.

You heard it too.

Be honest, didn't you
rehearse that in advance?


Quiet. Eat something.


What? I said to separate
the noodles and bean sauce.

What the fuck!

Investigative Team Reshuffled

Murder Case Shrouded
In Mystery Once Again

The location of
the first homicide

and the second homicide.

Now, a distance of...

approximately 1,000 meters.

A length of not more than...
one kilometer.

The victim
on the 12th and the 16th

both days at twelve o'clock...

Ah, December 16th.

On December 16th

at twelve o'clock,

Location: Yangji Teahouse

Han Sung-geun

a 32-year old office worker.

An arranged date, maybe?

Anyway, at the crime site

were found a footprint
two drops of blood

and a drop of semen.
Semen? They found semen?

What? Yes.

The two dead women...

Did they have anything in common?

In common...

Well, first...

Both of them were single.

They were both
extremely beautiful.


The murders all
took place in the rain.


He murdered them
on rainy nights.


And red clothes.

They all wore red clothes.

Both of them?

No, all three of them.

Three of them?

What are you talking about?

Three were murdered.

We just haven't found the third body

This is a missing person form.
The name is quite unusual.

Dokko Hyun-soon, age 27.
It was two months ago, July 18.

Oh, her? Dokko Hyun-soon?
I know that girl.

Everyone in this town knows her.

A pretty girl, that Hyun-soon.

Even a Miss Korea
is no match for her.

Did you process the missing
person form, Yong-gu?

Oh, shut up.

This is no ordinary incident, Chief.

If you look in detail.
Documents never lie.

It says she was
wearing a red shirt.

It's right here in writing.

What's that?

Marked here is the weather
on the day she vanished.

It rained on that day too.

Rain, red clothes...

She was murdered.
By the same person.

You don't know this town
that's why you talk nonsense.

She always said she'd
go to Seoul one day...

I have an idea where the body is.

Look at the map.

Right here...

I marked where the victim went
and where the body might be.

Give me two squadrons of cops.
I'll find her in two days.

You sure of this?

You know...

university students
when they go on orientation...

people say they
guys all get laid

a big group, guys and girls
in one room going at it...

Is that true?

I don't know. Hurry up.

You went to a 2-year school
didn't you?

Student trips, orientation...
Did you go on those?

Go ask Suh, he went
to a 4-year university.

Whether he had group sex...

Shit, four years.

I spent 4 years in high school.

Shit, put that away.

You know
I miss Dokko Hyun-soon.

You too?

She was just
too good for this town.

I'm telling you
she went to Seoul.

What is it?

Lot of snakes down there.

Each part of a corpse
decays at a different speed.

Look. It's old

but the inner thigh is still firm.

There's evidence of rape?

A bit of semen was found.

But it's so old
we can't determine the blood type.

Oh, Hyun-soon...

This time too he used
items belonging to her.

Right, that's her stocking
around the throat?


The victim's panties on her face

as with Hyang-sook.

Her hands were bound
the same way too.

His methods of killing
are quite professional.

He's thorough.

And polished.

So there hasn't been
a single witness yet.

Would you like
a bit more tenderloin?

That's okay. We're fine.

Where did Kwang-ho go?
I don't see him.

Is anything...?

I bought your son something
give it to him later.

What's this?

Oh, last time
taking a look at his sneakers

they smelled so awful
I felt bad for him.

I thought
I'll have to buy him new shoes.

So I picked up some Nikes.

You didn't have to...

That punk, he's always sleeping
in the strangest places!


This here...
your shoe size is 250mm, right?

Here, Nike. Try them on.

Give me that sneaker.

These are "Nice", not Nike.
N, I, C, E.

Nice or Nike. Who cares?

If you buy him sneakers
you should get the real thing.

Cool, huh?

Have a drink.

I beat you because
I care for you.

So if you see me on the street
don't run away.

Yong-gu feels bad about...


Hey, where are you going again?

You see, Chief.

That boy is the exact opposite
of the type we're looking for.

Dragging in suspects like that
is a waste of time, so...

Inspector Suh!

Have some meat before you speak.

I don't eat burnt meat.

♪ When the Spring flower blooms ♪

♪ You said you'd come back to me ♪

♪ Like the singing swallows ♪

♪ On the hills ♪

♪ Singing birds
and blooming flowers... ♪


♪ Alone on the hill ♪

Hey, Seoul city bumpkin.


Why did you come here?

Out to the boondocks? Huh?

To catch the killer.

Is Seoul that big?

Huh? Is it big?

Bigger than America?

Give me a banana.

Let me tell you about America.

They've got the F.B.I.!

If you watch how they investigate...
You know how?

Their heads are
spinning like a top.

Analyzing things...

You know why?

It's 'cause they got
so much fucking land!

If you don't use your brain
it's too much ground to cover.

So they have no choice
those F.B.I. bastards.

But our Republic of Korea...

using just your two legs
you can run all over it.

You know why?

'Cause our land's
the size of my dick.

So it's said, Korean detectives
investigate with their feet.

That's folk wisdom, you bastard.

So brainy geeks like you
can go the hell to America.

- Go there and...
- Shut your fucking mouth!

You bastard!

- Let go of me!
- What? You f...

Give him this.

Take it away! Take it!

Everything's clearer now.
That's much better.

I've got it now.
About the killer.

That bastard

he'll do it again.

The next night it rains.

So we need to keep
one step ahead of him.

Pre-emptive! Okay?

And if you two ever start fighting
in front of me again

I'll kill you both! Understood?

Ladies and gentlemen!

In just a moment

our President
will be driving past.

Wait a minute...

It's raining nice.

You ready?

Ooh, Gui-ok's looking nice!

Shut up.

What if he grabs her for real?

Inspector Suh should be following
close behind her.

Shit, do we have to do this
every time when it rains?

But thanks to this

Gui-ok puts on that red skirt.

With makeup
she looks like a different person.

- So what?
- Was she always that pretty?

You getting hard?

- Wait, what are you doing?
- Let's check.

- We're on duty now...
- Oh, Yong-gu!


So do you really
keep watch here?

These days
nobody ever goes outside.

Someone's coming.

Hey, kids!

Over here.

That's cold.

You're so wet!

Hey, stay here
until the rain stops.

That umbrella's useless.

And we just picked it up
in front of the school.

Someone threw it away.

Miss, are you going
that way too?

Hey, she's a detective.

No way!

She's in the
Violent Crimes Division.

- Really?
- Sure.

Wait a minute.
We'll give you a ride.

Wow, in a police car!

Hey, you two.
What are you doing out so late?

We always stay together
so it's okay.

You'll be fine
even if you go alone.

Nam-ju, tell them about
what you heard at school.


You know, during cleaning time
about the murderer.

Right! You know why
they can't catch the murderer?

This is the truth.
We go to Ansong Girls Middle School.

Behind our school
there's an outhouse.

They say a crazy man lives
under there, the murderer!

He stays there all day

and when night comes
he sneaks out and kills women.

So when he comes out at night

you must be able to smell
the shit from miles away.

That's not the story.

Yoo-jin said a crazy woman
fell in there and died.

Then I'll meet you in front of
the factory with an umbrella.

It's okay.


I'll see you soon.

♪ Stand by me, don't leave me ♪

♪ I still love you ♪

♪ Walking by myself... ♪


Everyone stay where you are!

Don't touch anything near you.
Don't move one step!

Hey, you!

I'm talking to you!

Wait for the forensics team.


These are genuine footprints.

You see the
Remicon factory there?

He caught her near the factory

and quietly pulled her
over 400 meters to here.

The footprints
look like a bride and groom's.

But you didn't find anything
aside from the footprints?

I hoped to find fingerprints on
the umbrella, but no luck.

Not only that due to the rain

the footprints are all smudged.

Even after such a thorough
investigation, nothing.

Therefore, Chief
I think this could be a hint. Hint!


The fact that
we found nothing at the scene.

Always in rape cases

at the crime scene

there's one or two of
those hairs left behind.


I'm saying the criminal must not
have any hair down there.

You mean hairless?

That's right, hairtless.
A total baldie.

He can't leave hair behind
because he doesn't have any?

For example

a Buddhist monk who
shaved the hair down there.

It's a perfect crime.

Well, then.

Yongdeok Temple
is just next door.

Should we start there?

Hey Gui-ok
you've got the radio on over there.

How would you like your coffee?

Lots of sugar for me.

- Inspector Suh!
- Yes, sir?

Do you have any more ideas?

I don't know. As you saw today,

this criminal is flawless.

- So?
- Therefore

our standard procedures
aren't going to help.

So what are we going to do?


Excuse me, but I've got
something to show you.

What will she show us today?

What's this?

These are documents
from an FM radio station.

Looks like a broadcast schedule.

Yes, it's an evening music program
I listen to.

There's someone who keeps
requesting the song, "Sad Letter".

If you look, it lists the dates
this song was broadcast.

Actually, this isn't a very
popular song.

It's quite rare.

A song? What letter?

"Sad Letter"
The singer is Yu Jae-ha.

Jo Young-pil's band.

- Sure, I heard it.
- So?

The song was broadcast on the
same days of the murders here.


October 20.
That's Park Bo-hee's murder.

December 19 was Lee Hyang-sook.


on last night's murder too
this song was broadcast?

Yes. I listened to it myself.

The DJ read out the postcard
containing the request.

Sent by a lonely man
from Terung District.

Please broadcast it
on a rainy day.

Miss Kwon, nice! Good idea!

You read too many mystery novels
as a student?

That was a nice story.

Chief, this can't
be a coincidence.

Look at this.
Documents never lie.

Christ, here we go again.

It seems he's a real psycho.

As soon as he hears the song
he goes crazy.

Oh Chief, now you're doing it too.
This makes no sense!

It does make sense, sir!
It's quite simple.

Assemblies start with the
National Anthem. It's the same.

Did you get the postcard?

I requested it

but the radio station's
a bit disorganized.

Find it quickly.

Check the postmark
fingerprints and handwriting.

Yes, sir!

Officer Kwon, call the station
and follow up on this.


- What about that?
- Huh?

What we mentioned before...

Hairless, sir!

How do you investigate?

Pull the pants off passing men?

The postcard from yesterday.
I asked you to keep it!

What postcard?

You read it on the air yesterday!

Look how many we get here!

Hey, mister!

Nothing. Get dressed.


They've already
carted off yesterday's trash.

It's no use.

You're not going to shower?

Enough showers, for god's sake.

My skin feels like it'll burst.

You couldn't find
any hairless men?

Like looking for dog's horns.
Just paid sauna fees.

Shit, can't even get reimbursed.

At least your face is clean.

How many times in a day...
dressing, undressing, dressing...

I'll lose my hair there too.

I asked the workers
at the sauna there

to call me if they saw anyone

Bastards just smirked at me.

Don't do it all yourself
have someone else do it.

What's that guy from Seoul
doing these days?

- Researching pop songs.
- What?

Shit, it's nothing
you've heard of.

Is he still talking nonsense?

Driving me crazy.

If you feel that way
go see a shaman.

A shaman?

Sure, one that
tells fortunes well.

Ask her
where the murderer is hiding.

A problem at the main gate
of the police station.

It should be moved about
10m to the southwest.

A face just passed by me.
I think he's the one.

Is his face among
these pictures here?

Take those dirty photos away.

- Hey, just look...
- Put them away!

It's bad fortune.

Take this, and do what I say.

Don't try to sell that charm.

Wait, wait a minute.

You have to mix in dirt
from the crime scene.


She said that was most important.

Now pour it.



Once this dries

this stain will form the
shape of the murderer's face.

That's ridiculous.

Quiet, you'll break the charm.

Know how much this costs?

So shut up!

Who's that?

You've heard?

Criminals always return
to the crime scene.

Wait a sec.

What the...

What's he doing here?

Why'd he come?

What the fuck...

We need science here!

What the hell's that?

Still, he's got style.

Stop there!

Hey, you!

It's getting narrow!
Single file!

Miss, did a strange man
just run past here?


- It's that policeman.
- What?

- At the guard post.
- You know him?

Damn, he's a fast little bastard.

He's not there?

Did you check the
alleys properly?

You think you know this village?

You stepped on a
stick back there.

A stick or a shit pile
who cares?

He stepped on it.


Over there... Hey, you!


Jesus, not again.

Hey, over there.

Black clothes, black clothes...

Everyone's in black except you.

Everybody stop!

Don't move an inch!

- Inspector Jo!
- Yes?

Gather them together.

Hey, stop.

Gather together.

Lift up your heads.

Everyone stand in line.

Look in my eyes.

Give me that.

What is it?

- You bastard!
- Go away.

You ran away from us?


Is jerking off a crime?

It's not a crime.

Why'd you run away?

Someone jumped
out of the woods and ran at me

so I panicked.

Sure, but why'd you go
all the way out there to do it?

There are kids at home

and the air's nice in the woods.

Or did you go back to
fantasize about the dead girls?

Your husband likes
to go out at night, huh?

What's this?

Gimme that.

What did you make these with?

These days, you know

real events in our town are
stronger than the magazines.

When I read the newspaper

I start fantasizing.

I ask myself why I do this

but when will this
chance come again?

According to neighbors

he looks diligently
after his sick wife

never misses a week at church

that he's honest.

All perverts are like that.

Nice on the outside.

But my eyes can't be fooled.

One look, and I know.


I put socks in here.
Change them after dinner.

Don't forget, or they'll smell.

I'll take care of it.
Go feed the kids.

Watch out for protesters.

Release Jo Byung-soon!

What now?

I heard Byung-soon
confessed last night.

Who says so?

Oh, Chief!

When will you make
an announcement?

We know nothing.
Just wait a bit more.

You've held him 4 days
without a warrant.

People are saying
he's detained illegally.

This time be realistic
like in a movie.


You did a good job just now.


So, you were hiding
behind the outhouse

and you saw Park Myung-ja

coming towards you
with a flashlight, right?

Yes, yes, yes. It seems so.

Not it seems
you bastard, be precise!

I think I dreamed it that way.

Anyway, I snuck up behind her,

and I must have chopped
the back of her neck?

With my hand like this.


Myung-ja cried out
and I guess she collapsed?

So I laid her on the ground
and was about to take her

Hey, it didn't happen there
it was...

The pine grove!
I took her there.

It was from the rice paddies
to the pine grove.

According to the news
more than 200 meters, right?

That's so far!

So the rain was pouring
and I dragged her through the mud.

And then?

So I threw her down
in the pine grove.

Then I strangled her.

- With what?
- The bag strap.


Her stocking!


A brassiere! A Venus brassiere.

I wrapped it around
her throat like this

So the woman

she took a rock and
clocked me in the head.

Where'd she hit you?

Right here next to my eye.

It still hurts
even if it was just a dream.


Are you gonna keep saying
it was a dream

That's enough. Turn your head.

So this bruise is from the rock?

- No, this guy here...
- Shut up! Look here.

You've done well
now let's finish this.


Since she hit me
like this with the rock

I must have lost consciousness?

And after lying there a while
I woke up, and looking around...


I was in the bottom of an outhouse!
A shithouse!

And maggots were creeping
all over the place!

- Not the outhouse again.
- So after brushing them off

I grabbed some straw
and pulled myself up.

Even in a dream, it's hard.

But then I saw

this wasn't someone's home
it was a school toilet.

Walking to the playground

I saw huge swarms of girls

so many, and the smell...

Wait! Over here.

Where did you hear about
that school outhouse?

Everyone knows that story.

I saw it in a dream.

From below the gas attack
run in a direction...

perpendicular to the wind.

- Understood?
- Yes, sir.

Put it down. Hey!

Pretend you're dead!

Last time, who told you that
story about the outhouse?

You came because of that?

What's wrong?

I hurt myself in the chute.

There was a pebble in there.

Where's the nurse?

I'll put it on for you.

I'll do it.

Shy? You're just a kid.

Sit down.

Give it to me.

Lift up your shirt.

Think about what I asked you.

The murderer in the outhouse
coming out at night...

Who might have told
that story first...

How would I know?

It's like asking who
made up the elephantjokes.

Why don't you go to
the outhouse yourself?

Do I look like
I have time for that?

Even still...

Some kids talk
so you snoop around the outhouse?

You got that much time?

- Giving me a heart attack.
- Investigating...


Is investigating
such a dirtyjob?

Ah! Is that why they
made up the rumor?

I saw her myself once or twice.

That woman.


A crying woman.

When was it?

I was in the outhouse then too

when I heard a woman crying.

When I came out

there was a woman
working on that hill

who kept crying.

A woman was crying?


She kept crying on that hill.

It just seemed strange.


Excuse me.

Are you the person
who lives here?

Who are you?

I'd like to ask something.
I heard that...


Look here.

- I'm a policeman.
- Really?

You can't stay there.
Someone might see.

There's no one here.

Go, please.

I beg you.

Be assured
this will remain a secret.

As we're both women

tell me everything
comfortably and in detail.

That night

a light rain was falling.

When was it?

It was...

last September.

I had read all the articles...

about the women killed.

The methods he used
were exactly the same.

It was...

the same with me.

You saw his face?

I tried not to on purpose

keeping my chin down.

My panties covered my head,

but I closed my eyes tight.

If I saw him
he'd have killed me.

I don't know about the rest
but one thing I remember.

His hands were very soft.

The hand over my mouth

was delicate

just like a woman's.

We're done.
Let's get ourselves some sleep.

Once we get your seal
it's done.

It's all as you said.

Sound good?

Yes, of course.

Oh, it's finally over, right?

Please let me down. Please.

Let him go.
He's not the murderer.


Are you the murderer?

Yes, sir, yes...

Shut up. No you're not.

I think I am...

Let him go!

Write down everything she said...


You toying with me?

Are you having fun?

I caught the murderer, OK?

What do you mean
you caught him?

Did you hang him
from the ceiling?

Well, he kept lying, and...

Get hold of yourself.
Those journalists...

- Chief!
- Those goddamned bastards!



What is that?

- Is it live?
- It's being broadcast now?

Yes, it's live.

First, declare a
state of emergency.

And send me
two garrisons of men.

Because our
intelligence says so!

There'll be a murder tonight.

Hello, I need to
speak to producer Im...

What? He quit?

Get me the A.D. now.

The song that was just played
"Sad Letter".

Read the name and
address of the requester.

You must have the postcard.

What? Prank call?

It's the police, bastard!

I'll go myself.

Are the garrisons coming?

They don't even have
one man available.

They went to suppress
a demonstration in Suwon city.

Name: Ahn Mi-seon, age 28.

Estimated time of death
last night between 7:30 and 8:00.

When the two of you were
fighting like madmen. Right?

Wait a minute.

There's something in the vagina.

Looks like a peach.

Nine pieces.

Do you see this kind of thing
in Seoul often?


You were right.


These guys were a waste of time
from the start.


A call from the radio station.

I think she found the postcard.

I've got the postcard.
It has an address.

Can you write it down?

Jinan 1-ri, Terung District

# 32. Park Hyun-gyu.

Who are you?

We're policemen.
Where has Park Hyun-gyu gone?

He works at the
factory at this time.

Hey, Hyun-gyu.

Park Hyun-gyu!

Park Hyun-gyu!

Show me your hands.

They're quite smooth.

How long have you
worked in the factory office?

From September last year.

Then, a little before
the first murder.

So after doing your military service
you came to this town

and the murders all
began taking place.


Park Hyun-gyu.

You sent this postcard
to the station.


You sent several others too.


You asked it to be
played on rainy days.


"Sad Letter". You know that
each time this song played

a woman was murdered?


Look at the broadcast records.


The song played yesterday?
"Sad Letter".


- You listened to the program?
- Yes.

Your song played at 7:08
and the program finished at 8pm.

- You listened to the end?
- Yes.

- Continuously?
- Yes.

- What was the final song?
- I don't know.

- It was yesterday!
- I don't remember.

- Because you went out!
- I was home!

She was killed
between 7:30 and 8pm.

You weren't listening
you went out!

Don't make me laugh.

- Yong-gu!
- You motherfucker. Are you joking?

- Let go of him now!
- Hey!

Get back here!

Even kids in this town know
you torture innocent people.

- Shut up, you!
- Get back here!

Anyway, I wont be one of them.


Okay. Park Hyun-gyu.

You say you listened
at home to the end?

But you couldn't have forgotten
the last song.

Because the DJ introduced it

with some very striking words.

She mentioned you
and the many postcards you sent.

If you heard it
you couldnt have forgotten.

Tell me! If you really
listened to the end.

I don't remember.

You don't remember?

Should I explain it for you?

This is the recording of
yesterday's program.

Last night, you sat
listening to this song.

Outside the rain was
pelting down, you listened

and soon you started
itching with excitement.

There's something you always
do when you hear this song.

You heard a TV program playing
in the room of your landlady

you left the lights on in your
own room and crept outside.

And in the pitch dark
you wandered here and there.

Who will it be today?


You hid in a reed field
waiting for a woman to pass.

The rain drenching you.

But you find all this pleasurable.

Stimulating, right?

So yesterday you stuffed
this in that woman's body!

You remember how
many pieces it was?

One piece, two...

- Three pieces...
- Shut up!

Four, five...

- six, seven, eight...
- Shut the fuck up!


I told you not to hit him.

Didn't I?

You know why
journalists snoop around here.

You stupid bastard.

Don't even think about coming
into the interrogation room again.

I'm going crazy.

No eyewitnesses

not one piece of evidence.

We need something, shit.

Shit, we don't need
any damn witnesses.

Just a confession will do.

Just need to beat that bastard
to an inch of his life.

You've changed.

Try it and, you'll be disgraced.
Like with Kwang-ho.

Retarded Kwang-ho...

I always wanted to ask you.

When you dragged
him up the mountain

he talked about Hyang-sook's
death in so much detail.


Did you really not rehearse
that dialogue with him?

I told you I didn't!

But how did he know the way
she was strangled...

That's my point!

The tape... Where's the tape
from the mountain?

Miss Kwon? Gui-ok.

Then, Hyang-sook's body
shook a bit.

She looked completely dead.

Listen to how he speaks here.

Covered up Hyang-sook's head.

With what?

Her panties.

Her head was covered
with her panties.

He's talking like
it was someone else.

And then?

He's describing what he saw.

Kwang-ho is the witness.

Where did Kwang-ho go?


No, no. We came for a drink.

Some meat, please.

What are you doing here?

Control yourself, huh?

He's not in his room.
I'll check outside.

Try the game arcade.

How long have you been here?

Have you seen Kwang-ho?

It is now 23 months since
the incident first surfaced.

Before interrogating
Detective Moon...

They should cut off
all detectives dicks!

Nah, it's not worth it.

Stupid bastards.

Quiet, lets listen.

The trial of detective Moon
suspected of police torture

and sexual assault
opened today.

You fucked your professor
didn't you, bitch!

Your parents pay good money...

Hey, Yong-gu!


Kwang-ho! Don't run away!

Hey, Kwang-ho!



I'm sorry...

What's wrong with you?

We're not here to catch you.

Come down.

You're gonna kill me?

We'll forget that any of
that happened.

If a fight breaks out
that can happen.

It's okay just come down, huh?

If I do, you'll kill me?

I know it.

We won't kill you
just come down.

Okay, just stay there for now.
We've something to ask you.


You remember Hyang-sook?

Hyang-sook is pretty.

That's right.
You used to follow after her.

But that night

when it rained
you saw her killed, huh?

That? I told you already.

In the forest.
I told you already...

You saw when Hyang-sook was
murdered, didn't you? Here?

Yeah, here.

The paddy next to
the train tracks.

That night,

did you see the killers face?

- Yeah.
- Really?

Lightning, ka-rang!

I saw everything
from inside here.

So you saw his face?

Three times.

Do you remember him in detail?

He was handsome.

More than me.

Was this the face you saw?

Look at the picture.

You know how hot that fire was?

Look at the photo!

It was so hot!

Snap out of it!

Here, look closely.

Hot hot hot hot!

Look at the photo!

Hey. Kwang-ho.

When I was young

he threw me in the fire.
That man.

- Kwang-ho!
- You bastards!

What the hell!

Please forgive him.

You bastard!

What are you students doing?

We're police!

Then we're the F.B.I.!

Hey, Kwang-ho!

We're looking for you.


A train's coming! Come here!

Out of the way, quick!

It's dangerous there.

Out of the way! You idiot!

Stay away. Go...

It's okay for you to be here?
They'll be looking for you.

Yes, yes.

Journalists tend
to be like that.

Sir, as I said last time...




High-ranking bastards...

- Chief!
- What?

It's Investigative Crimes.
They found semen.

They found what?

Take a look.

The semen was found
on the victim's clothing

Maybe he masturbated
on the corpse

and semen fell on her clothes.



if the DNA in this semen

is confirmed to match
that of Park Hyun-gyu

then the game's over, isn't it?

Yes, that would be
quite strong evidence.

The problem is

we don't have
the technology in Korea

to carry out such tests.

It must be sent to America.

There's no other way.

Once the test's complete
the results will be released.

So we just have to wait for
the documents from America?

That's right.

You sent people to
watch over Park Hyun-gyu?

Yes! They're watching
him 24 hours a day.

Once the result
comes in from America

wait until we get our
hands on that bastard.

- What's wrong with your leg?
- Why?

Did you go to the hospital?

For this little scratch?
Come here.

It's okay.
I put on some medicine.

- What is that?
- Oh, that night...

It keeps swelling.

Come on, let's go.

Just get in.

So, you have to amputate?

Should I explain it again?

It was pierced
but why cut off a healthy leg?

If you don't, he'll die.

Tetanous is a brutal thing.

For rusty nails
you need to see a doctor fast.

Bunch of dim-witted boneheads.

Be grateful it's under the knee.

Crazy bastards.

Let's go.

Are you family?

He doesn't have any
but I'm like his brother...

Anyway, you came together,

The authorization for surgery.
Read it, then sign.

You fucker...

Hello, post office?

Its Suh Tae-yoon
Investigative Crimes.

Have the documents
from America arrived?

Have you checked 100%?

I keep calling because
it's important!

Since it's so important
please call as soon as it comes.


Uh, now?

Why'd you call me out?

Why? Can't I do that sometimes?

Your face looks worn

Are you sleeping well?

What kind of detective
sleeps well?

- What's wrong with you?
- Fishing? Damn free-riders.

Why'd you call out a busy man?

You look like a corpse.

It may be no use asking

but can you do anything else?

Can you quit your job?

Violent Crimes Dept!...

Violent Crimes!

How many visits in one night?

Is money that important?

Bo-kyung's grandmother
collapsed again.

I have to go.

You deserve a medal.

Get one from the Health Ministry.


Park Hyun-gyu hasn't
come home for 2 hours.

It's only six stops
from there to his house.

So he must have gotten off.

Would a man under
investigation act so wild?

He's capable of it.

- He's instinctively crazy.
- You seem like the crazy one!

Once the DNA tests arrive
he's through. Stop it.

I let him go...

Don't get so upset!


this is a civil defense drill.

A blackout is called for
in all buildings and houses...

Will you make any special
investigation into this incident?

A razor wound in the breast...

What the hell?

Something is stuck
inside of the vagina.

Looks like a ball point pen

and a spoon.


Look inside, closely.

Wait, what's that?

An old band-aid.

What are you doing?

Why are you touching a corpse?


Get up, you bastard!

You fucker!

Get up, you fucker.

Are you human?

Nobody will care if I kill you.

Tell me!

Tell me you killed them!

Tell me!

You killed all those women!


I killed them.

I killed them all.

That's what you want
to hear, right?


You feel better?

Inspector Suh!

The papers from America!

Read them!

You asshole.

You fucker!

You mocked us, didn't you!

You bastard!

You mocked us!

What's wrong?

There's a mistake.

This document is a lie.
I don't need it.

What does it say, huh?

It really wasn't you?

Look in my eyes.

Look in my eyes!

Fuck, I don't know.

Do you get up each morning too?


Just go, fucker!


That's enough.



You played computer games
all night, right?

Did you or didn't you?

Look in my eyes, son.

Eyes all bloodshot.

Do you play well?


You don't study
might as well be good at games.

If you won't study
go get some exercise.

Sitting in front of the computer...

I really didn't!

What do you mean you didn't?

Think you can fool my eyes?

He said he didn't. Believe him.

No, two days ago Manager Oh
called my company.

He kept saying you can't do this
to people, it's not fair.

You can't believe him.

Did I do anything wrong?

Oh, Chairman Kim...
I'm on the road now with our product.

Sure, let's have dinner
with Manager Oh.

It's been a while.

Chul-yong! Pull over a minute!

Is something in there?

Is anything in there?


Then why are you looking?

I'm just looking.

That's so weird.

What is?

A while back

a man was here
looking into that hole.

I asked him the same question.

Why he was looking there.

What did he say?

What was it?


He remembered doing
something here long ago

so he came back to take a look.

Did you see his face?

What did he look like?


Kind of plain.

In what way?