Me and My Gal (1932) - full transcript

Young New York cop Dan falls in love with waterfront waitress Helen. Helen's sister Kate falls for gangster Duke. Dan must do in Duke.

- Hi, Frank.
- Hello, Dolan.

How's it going, boy?

I see where the Metropolitan Opera House

is gonna open this season
with Paglliacci.

Yeah? That reminds me.

I think I'll go to
a Burly Q show tonight.

How do you like this?

Mr. Brisbane says that
the capitalistic depression spasm

Is only a slight chill.

He does, huh?

Politicians are all alike.
They are all crooks.

Here's a piece about social economy.

Social economy, huh?
I'm nuts for social economy.

What's on the sporting page?

Here. Wrap your kisser around that.

Socha. We've missed
many a meal together.

She ain't never miss another one.


Is that all you got to do?

It's all I can do. For him.

And if I had nerve enough,
I'd go with him.

He looks as if he might be
a pretty good pooch.


Maybe I can find a spot for him.

- Can you?
- Sure.

You mean that, officer?

Oh, yes.

You got a home, boy.

Maybe... Maybe a real bone.

Go ahead.


Goodbye, old friend.

Hey, Joe, take care of this mutt
a minute will you?

I'll go over to the joint on the corner
and get him something to eat.

Hey, buddy.
Give me a half dollars worth of bones.

Hey, are you going to eat them?

There's an argument
for prohibition, huh?

Where can I get some worms?

Worms? Want some worms?

Worms . Long slimy things with no eyes?

No nose and no expression?

And yet the fish are crazy about them.

You better lay off that varnish.
It will have you jumping over matches.

What are matches?
I'll match you quarters.

Come on, sit down. Take it easy.

Put your puss in there.

Ha ha…. Oh…. .Say…

You're a policeman, aren't you?

Why? You want to make
something out of it?

I'll tell you what I'll do. Listen.

I'll hide something and
see if you can find it.

- Look.
- What?

I'm gonna hide my foot in a minute.

I don't want to look for it.

You won't have to look for it.
You'll know where it is.

Here you are.

That's a lot of bones you're buying.

Yeah. I've got a little dog
over here in the precinct house.

I picked him up.

He looks to me like he
hadn't eaten in about three days.

So I went to give him a little treat.

- You're new around here, ain't you?
- Brand-new.

Hiya, Red.

- Here's half a buck.
- Yeah, I know what it is.

The name's not Red.
And besides, I'm blonde.

Whatever you are, it's very beautiful
hair. Where did you get it?

Oh, go take a walk and feed your dog.

All right, baby. I'll see you later.

Yeah, lots later.

So long, Bosco.

Give my regards to your wife.

I'm not married.

Not married, huh? What a lucky woman.


Who's gonna pay that check?

Does it make any difference
who pays for it?


Then you pay for it.

I'm going fishing.

A-fishing I will go…
A-fishing I will go…

Say… Did you know Ed Tilly?

- What's his name?
- Who?

Go on. Scram, will you?
You're scaring the dog.

Oh… That's a nice dog.

You bet he's a nice dog.
What about him?

Does he got worms?

Will you get out of here?

- What kind of dog is it?
- A police dog.

- Is it yours?
- Certainly.

That's no police dog.

That's a stool pigeon.

Oh, you can't get away with that.

Come on! Come on!

Aw, come on, fight!

Oh, I...

Who broke that window?

- He did.
- I did not!

Here, here. What's the matter with you?
Wait a minute.

You know you're breaking the law.

I ought to haul you guys in for this.

- What's your name?
- Sean.

- What's your name?
- Mikey.

- Can you lick this guy?
- Yeah.

- Are you sure about it?
- Sure.

Well, don't let me see you fighting.

Who won?

Who won what?

The Spanish-American War.

Hey, you. Watch your step.

(Be your last drop, Joe Morgan.

Hello, Al.
What are you doing down here?

The captain sent me down
to look for Duke Castenega.

- He's on the boat.
- Yeah?

He's a pretty tough guy, ain't he?

Pretty bad hombre.

Shot his way
out of three or four scrapes.

What are you gonna do?
Run or make a pinch?

But you can't pin anything on him.

But someday his foot will slip.

Not him again.

Say, you're an officer, are you?

Sam Doo, the magician.

And you're a detective, right?

Sure I am.

Well, listen.

A fish just stole my bait.

Now what are you going to do about it?

What are we going to do about what?

I'm an American citizen, ain't I?

Okay, American. What you want?

I'm entitled to protection, ain't I?

Sure, you are.

Well, a fish just stole my bait. Now…

What are you going to do about it?

Hey, what's the matter with you?
Are you drunk?

You ought to know. You're a detective.

- Wiseguy.
- Who is?

- No, you.
- Oh.

Where do you get your liquor?


Do you know of a place to debase?

You do.

Certainly, I do. But I thought
you knew a better place.

I do not drink.

Well, I do.

I know you do. You drink like a fish.

I drink like a fish?

Oh, that reminds me.

Listen. A fish just stole my bait. Now…

What are you going to do about it?

I'm gonna throw you in the hoosegow
if you don't shut up.

You're gonna do what?
You... And you too.

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Hey! Hey, listen! Hey! Hey, look.

Get a rope! Get him a rope!

Get back! On your way!
Come on, get back! Come on.

You would fall in, you halfwit!

Come on, pull the rope!
Pull the string!

Give him that rope!


Get a ladder! Get a ladder!

Come on! Come on!

Come on!

Give a hand here.

Goodbye, Mr. Castenega.

It's been a great pleasure.

- Goodbye, Mr. Castenega.
- Goodbye.

It's been a grand trip.
I hope to see you again.

- I hope so too.
- Goodbye.

You had a pretty narrow escape.
You know that, don't you?

Hey, what's the idea
of pushing me overboard?

What you mean? Push you overboard?

And you helped him, too.

What's the matter with you?
Are you crazy?

No, not crazy. And another thing.

When you pushed me off of the pier,

you both dived in and sat on me.

And tried to drown me.

Yeah yeah. And you're all witnesses.

Give me your names.

Hey, we better beat it
before we get in trouble.

This is no way to treat a citizen.

I've been a fisherman all my life.

You know those crooks must've
got away when we were in the river.

Certainly, they did. What did
you think they were gonna do?

Hop in after us to keep us company?

Well, even if they did get away,
you saved the fella's life.

I just hope Chief Inspector
John O'Brien hears about it.

It'll do you a lot of good.

Bob Maroney is the guy
who ought to hear about it.

That is a great guy.
And a square shooter.

I wouldn't be surprised
if you got a medal.

I don't want a medal.
I want a dry suit of underwear.

What happened to you folks?

We fell in the drink.

The first bath I ever had
with my clothes on.


I fell in. And he hopped in.
And pulled me out.

Don't believe him. I fell overboard.
And he helped me out.

Well, guzzle lather.
It'll warm you up.

Aw boy, that hits the spot.

I'll be seeing you.

Hiya, Red. Meet my friend, Al.

How do you do, Al?

Well, now that you
introduced me to Al,

why don't you get somebody
to introduce me to you?

You got a sweet little disposition.

How would you like to go
over to the park with me

and help me trim down all the flowers?

With feet like yours,
you don't need me to help you.

Let me know when you get
a day off, will you?

I'll take you to a nice trip
to the cemetery.

Love to. Let me know when
you're making your last trip.

All right, sweetheart.
I'll be glad to do that for you.

Just charge the coffee
to me, will you, baby?


Oh, somebody found himself
in a bowl of chowder.

What are you doing back here?

I want my change.

What change?

The change for my breakfast
this morning.

I gave you the money.

Now you get out of here.
Or I'll call a policeman.

You'll call…? Oh, that reminds me.

I just saved two policemen
from drowning.

I'm a hero.

That's right.




What you gonna do about it?

So... Oh...

Come on, you! Do it again. Do it.

Come on. And do it.


Two chowders, Joe.

Give me Beakman 3-8-500.

Hello, Mr. Bagknoll.

This is Helen.
Can I talk with my sister?

Hello? Hello, Helen.


Yes, we're gonna be married this month.

I told Pop about it this morning.
He was tickled to death.

I'll tell you more about it tonight.


Oh, Mr. Castenega.
We haven't seen you in a year.

We've been traveling in South America.

Well, your things are still safe.

Always safe. That's our motto.

- How's business?
- Oh, splendid.

You'd be surprised

how many people have converted
their securities into cash.

And put all of their valuables
into safety deposit boxes.

Well, that's just what we're here for.

To add to our little nest egg.

Oh, come right in.

By the way, what was our number?

Miss Riley, what's the number
of the Castenega box?

- 8-0-6.
- 8-0-6.

Hello, Katherine. Long time no see.

I thought you were never coming back.

You haven't forgotten me, have you?


Just a little remembrance.

That is positively the last one.

I've gotta go back to work.

You know,

if you do what we want,

you'll never have to work again.

Oh yeah?

Just one more little brandy?

No, thank you.

I’m going.



Are you gonna do what I ask you?

Aw, Duke,
why did you have to come back?

Just when I was beginning to forget you.

Just when I managed
to get things straightened up.

Then you don't want to see me anymore?

Oh, no. I didn't mean that.

You want to see me again?

- I'll take you to dinner.
- All right.

- What luck?
- She'll give me the numbers.

Hadn't you better get them
before the brandy wears off?

I guess you're right.

I'll drop in at the barbershop.

Then call for her at the bank.
And take her to dinner.

See you back here about midnight.

Good luck.

Well, we're lucky to have a brother
who works so fast with women.

If it weren't for women,
he wouldn't work at all.

But you're right.

He certainly polishes them off.

Duke, you're gonna
take a little walk with us.

Where to?

Oh just down to headquarters. Come on.

That'll be all today.

Get your coat and hat.

Say, you haven't got anything on me.

If you don't think so, you're crazy.

Come on.

Well, can you beat that?
Who pays who and how?

You're a credit to the force,
Patrolman Dolan.

And for saving that man from drowning,

I'm gonna recommend your promotion.

Detective Dolan.
How's that sound to you?

Jake, sir.

And as for you, you, uh –

What do you suppose you
were sent to Pier 13 for?

- To fish?
- Duke wasn't on the boat.

No. But he was on that boat.
And he got off that boat.

We know that.

He must've sneaked out the back door.

The back door of a boat?

Say, listen.
The only thing that can save you

is for you to stick around here
with Dolan.

Do what he does, the way he does it.

And then maybe you'll learn something.

Aw, take him away.

- Good day, Captain.
- Good day, Captain.

Well, I won't be needing this
much longer.

Now I know I'm going to change
that derby I bought the other day.

- Well, hello.
- Never mind the hello.

I gotta tell you this hat
I bought is no good.

Come in to tell you the hat's no good.

Well, what are you kicking about?
You only got one.

I got hundreds of them here.
And none of them are any good.

How do you think I feel about it?

Yeah, how do you think
he feels about it?

Yet, how do you think he –??

You got me doing it now.

Come on now. All kidding aside,
I want another hat.

You got a nice one?

Sure, I got all kinds of hats.

Hard hats for hard heads.

Round hats for round heads.

And soft hats for soft heads.

Remember that
if you ever want to buy a hat.

Here you are.

The happy warrior.

There's a hat I sold to Al Smith.

There's a hat Smith wore
when he ran for president.

Yeah? He might've worn the hat
when he ran, but he didn't win.

I couldn't help it. I could run for him.

It's a little small.

- Yes, it is. It's a bit small.
- Yes I heard.

All right.

You know I was disappointed.
I thought Smith was gonna win.

Me too. There's enough Smiths
in the phone book to elect him.

- Yes, that's better. Much better.
- Too small.

I want a black one, anyway.

Hey, that one don't look bad.

Try this one.

You know Smith might not have
made a bad president, at that.

Well, you can't tell.

It took two Smiths
to make a cough drop.

Yeah, that ain't bad, eh?
It's all right.

- I think I'll take this one.
- He'll take it.


Maybe I ought to put your initials
in it so nobody will steal it.

Nobody will steal it?
What are you talking about?

I'm a detective.

Nobody will steal it. He's a detective.


There's a fine detective.
I sold him his own hat.

Oh, hello there.

- Nice day.
- It was.

Say, didn't I meet you somewhere once?

- I've been somewhere once.
- That's where I met.

Well, once was enough.

Excuse me, Miss Riley.
Meet Officer Dolan.

What do you mean, officer?
I'm a detective.

Yeah, you can tell by your feet.

Oh, fresh, huh?

Fresh, huh?

Say, I just want to remind you
of the wedding tomorrow night.

Oh? There's gonna be
a wedding tomorrow night, huh?

There's going to be a
wedding tomorrow night?

Don't forget now.
There's a wedding tomorrow night.

I do.

With this ring, I thee wed.

With this ring, I thee wed.

For as much as you have thus
consented together in holy wedlock,

I now pronounce you man and wife.

And may the devil take the first one
that goes between you.

Just a minute.

Just a minute. Wait.

There you are.


Who wants a drink? Eh?

Come on!

That's good beer.

Why, it's a sea lion.

How you doing?

Hey, spiked.


There's a sea lion here.

Hey, Mike, come over here.

Hello, Joe. How are
things going out here?


- Pass this along.
- How's things on the inside?

Oh, no fights yet.

That tugboat captain that Pop invited

is in there eating like a sea lion.

The Baby Face's coming up.

Well, Baby Face,
who invited you to this wedding?

Oh, I just happen to be
in the neighborhood.

And thought I'd like
to congratulate the bride.

Well, make it short.

Hello, Kate.

I see they got that strong-armed
brother of yours after all.

You don't think they can keep him
locked up for long, do you?

As far as I'm concerned,
they can keep him locked up for life.

Is that a nice thing for your sister
to say about my brother?


Well, here's to the bride.

So you waited until
they locked my brother up.

And then ran out on him, eh?

- Oh, no. No...
- Well I'll tell you something.

He'll be out in a week.

Still working in the same place?

- What if I am?
- Oh, so you are, eh?

I can square it with the Duke if you
give him list of numbers he wants.

Oh, no! Please!


So you're still crazy about the big boy?



Well, he's still mad about you.
You know that, don't you?

He can talk of nobody else
each time I see him.

Oh, don't remind me. Don't.

Well I'll tell you something.

And I'll tell you something.

Kate is through
with the Duke for good, see?

And we're through with you.
So get out.

So you're through with us, eh?

Well, wait and see.

I knew he'd come in here with bad news.

Who put all those hats on the bed?

I told them it was bad luck.

What'd he want around here?


Well, it better be nothing.

Doesn't he know you're married?

He just came to wish me good luck.

The best luck you ever had was
the day you got rid his brother.

I know it.

He's out of my life for good.

Shake on that.

I mean it.

- On the level?
- Yes.

That's the way to talk.

Now, come on. Snap into it.

Remember. This is your wedding.


Though your feet are dancing there,
I know

That your lonely heart is aching so.

Keep smiling, my poor gigolo.

What is gigolo?

A gigolo is a man who takes money
for dancing with women.

Not in my house, he don't. Come on!

Out the window, you must go.

So long, gigolo.

Here comes the cops.

What kind of a joint is this?

What is going on here anyway?

Yeah, what's going on here?

Who are you?

Oh, were just celebrating
my daughter's wedding, that's all.

Oh, uh, just celebrating...


So you're getting married, huh?

Well, cut out the noise. All of you.

Yeah., cut out the noise. All of you.

Not my daughter Helen's
getting married.

It's my other daughter, Kate.

Oh, it's Kate that's get--
You're not getting married, huh?

I thought you were...

Who said you were making any noise?

Yeah, who said you were
making any noise?

Yeah, who said we were making noise?

My name is Danny Dolan. What's yours?

Pat Riley.

That's the best handshake
I've had for years.

He's no crooner.

- Hey, what's that?
- Yeah, what's that?

That lad?

That's Eddie, my new son-in-law.

He's all right. Eddie!

Eddie! Come on out and
smile for the man now.

Come on. A big one.
There you are. You see.

He's just a young horse.
You can tell his age from his teeth.

Come on. Have a drink.

Naw, no, no.
Never drink when I'm on duty.

No, never drink when I'm on duty.

They never drink when... ah.

What's this? A brother act or something?

- Come on, have a drink.
- Naw, no, no.

- No, we gotta get back to work.
- No, we gotta get back to work.

So long, Eddie old boy.
Good luck to you.

Good luck with the bride.

And you know what I think of you.

You know what he thinks about you..

Say, Sherlock.

Just what do you think of me?

- I think you're a pretty fresh bezark.
- Pretty fresh bezark.

- Wait downstairs.
- Downstairs.


And what's more,
you got a lot to learn.

More to learn.

What are you trying to do, kid me?

Good old Sherlock.
You catch right on, don't you?

What was that?

The bridegroom must
have dropped his teeth.

You know, you ain't
such a bad kid after all.

Say, uh, you want
any of those palookas thrown out?

No. They'll all be
passing out pretty soon.

Well, anytime you want
a favor done, just sing out.

You can do me one right now.


Put that derby on straight.


Hey, bezark.

You want to do a favor for me?

What is it?

Park that wad of gum.


Hey, Danny.

That was a funny wedding we blew
in on the other night, wasn't it?


Remember the guy with the big teeth
who got married?


I heard that he fainted
three times just before the ceremony.

- He did.
- Yeah, but it didn't help him any.

They went right on with it anyway.

Calling Car 4-8-7.

Calling Car 4-8-7.

Investigate a disturbance
at Ed's Chowder House.

Opposite Pier 13, a drunken man.

Ed's Chowder House? That's where
that blonde bezark of mine works.

Give it the gas.

Calling Car 4-8-7.

Calling Car 4-8...

Proprietor, this drunken man
struck me with the fish.

And I want him arrested.

You'll have to tell it to the cops.

They're on their way over here now.

Tell it to Sweeney.

I don't think my friend knows
Mr. Sweeney.

Then, I'll introduce him.

Proprietor, I insist on
this man being arrested.

He again struck me with the bloater.

You're wrong actually. It was salmon.

I know what it is. It's a bloater.

I don't like to be contrary.
But you were struck with a salmon.

What's the use of wrangling?

I know the difference between
a bloater and a salmon.

You're both wrong. It's a halibut.
A halibut.

Let –

Pardon me, old boy. You made an error.

It's not a halibut. It's a striped bass.

Call me that again.
Call me that again.

Wait a minute. What is going on here?

Oh, you're the guys that
pushed me off the pier, ain't you?

What are you gonna do about it?

Hiya, Red. What's going on here?
What's the trouble?

Oh, just a little argument.

Argument? I was struck
in the mouth with a bloater.

You call that an argument?

You're quite right, actually, my boy.
That's more than an argument.

Who's looking for an argument?

Take it easy. Take it easy.
Take it easy, you.

Come on. Come on now.
Who hit who, with what and how?

It seems these two Spaniards
were quarreling.

Don't call me a Spaniard.
I can't stand that. Please.

Listen, if you don't shut up, I'll...

So you're drunk again?

Come on, Archibald.

You had no right to strike
this gentleman in the mouth.

Who struck me in the mouth?

Oh, you struck him in the mouth!

All right. All right. All right.
Go over there and sit down.

Come on. Cut out the comedy.
Who slapped who and with what?

This gentleman got it. Right here.

Aw, now we've got it.

He was struck in the mouth
with a salmon.

I tell you it was a bloater.

It was not a bloater. It was a salmon.

All right. All right, Charlie.
Take it easy. Take it easy.

How about it, Frank?
What happened? Do you know?

I was sitting there
with my beak in a bowl of chowder.

And this stew comes in
with a big shad in his mitt.

This Chinaman here said
"waiter, where's my fish?"

And the stew bum says "Here it is."
And wraps it around his puss.

Sir, I am no Chinaman.

And furthermore, it was not a shad.

What difference does it make whether
it was a shad or a swordfish?

Ah, my boy, a vast difference.

Had it been a swordfish,
you would've been dead.

I want to be paid for my fish.

Well, I shan't pay for it.

Well, I won't pay for it either.

And I positively refuse to pay for it.

I'll pay for it.

You bet you'll pay for, Charlie.
Come on with me.

Come on. Come on.

Come, come, come with Papa.

I'll be back.

Yeah, in thirty days.

Now listen to me, Cock Robin.

Oh, did you kill Cock Robin?

Naw naw naw.

But I'm gonna kill you,
you cute little devil you.

Never touched me.

Back here, Oswald, and I'll plant
this number nine right up your –

I'm gonna date that dame up
tomorrow night, Al.

You better watch out.
Her old man is a tugboat captain.

He'll wrap a funnel around your neck.

If I can date her up, he can wrap
the whole tug around my neck.

Beakman 3-8-4-6.

Hello, Kate.

I see your boyfriend
got sent up the river.

Yeah yeah, I…did hear about it. I did.

Who is that?

It's Helen.

I can't talk to you now.

Eddie is getting ready to leave.

I'll call you back later.

Are you sure you got everything, Eddie?

Aw. My pajamas.

I knew you'd forget something.

Well, dad. Anything I can
bring you back from Cuba?

A bottle of three-star brandy, huh?

These days you're lucky
if you can get two stars.

I almost forgot.

You got a letter here
from the War Department.

I'll read it to you.

"Sarge John Collins. Sir,

"Dr. Thomas Reagan reports
a general paralytic condition.

"We hope does not affect
your sight or hearing.

"Proper treatment, which
the government will provide,

"will prevent the
condition from spreading.

"But a complete cure is
considered extremely doubtful.

"The Veteran Administration's
Bureau of Pensions…

"will continue to send
your pension indefinitely.

D. W. Morgan, director."

Ah, don't let that worry you, dad.

I'll get you a real good doctor.

And in three months, he'll have
you talking like a wash-woman.

What do you say, old-timer?

Well, honey, I'll be writing to you.

You did it.
And Eddie, no drinkee drinkee.

I promise.

So long, Dad.

Oh, Eddie.
Everything's gonna be all right now.

Why, what do you mean? Everything
has been all right, hasn't it?

Of course.
But it's gonna be even better.

Ah, sure.

- Well, so long, honey.
- Goodbye, Eddie.

Yes, sir, folks. This is the far-famed
Nightingale 16-tube radio.

I'm not going to tell you
anything about this radio.

Because this radio speaks for itself.

But think of it. There are 16 tubes.

Each tube means more power.

More power means more stations.

More stations mean more fun.

And more fun for Rileys.

Now can the Rileys afford
not to have fun?

Now can the Rileys afford
not to have fun?

Yes, you're right. No! Another thing.

You don't need any ground.
You don't need any aerial.

All you need is a pair of ears
and the price to pay for it.

You get the long waves.
You get the short waves.

And then you hear about
the single waves. The permanent waves.

You can get Japan China,
Australia, India, Alaska.

You can get Alaska. You can get Chile.

If you get Chile, turn back
to Africa, you'll get warm again.

It brings the world to you.

Your mother. Your stepmother.
Your stepfather.

In fact, anyone who listens
in the same house with you.

I tell you folks –

that the Nightingale Radio is to
American homes what trees are to a dog.

They're absolutely no good
without them.


And here's my card
in case of any trouble.

But there won't be any trouble.
So you don't need the card.

Now folks, I'm going along.
I'll be seeing you again.

Not if we hear you first.

Gee this is dandy, Pop.

And so is the talking machine
that sold it to you.

Aw, Pop, put on your coat.

For what?

- Danny Dolan's coming.
- Who?

Danny Dolan. You remember.

The detective that was here
the night of Kate's wedding.

Wanted us to cut out the noise.

- What noise?
- What noise?

Oh, that fellow.
The fellow with a handshake.

Speaking of coppers, I hear flat feet.

Hurry up, Pop. Put on your coat.
Come on.

Oh, it's you!

Yeah, it's me.

Oh. Thank you.

Oh, that's all right. I won it.

Oh, hello there, Mr. Riley.
How are you?

Many times worse. But never better.

Welcome to my house, lad.
Sit down. Enjoy yourself.

- Thank you. Mere you are. Try this.
- Thanks.

That's okay. I won it.


Where's your hat, Pop?

Why would I want my hat?

I thought you were going out.

Out? No... oh.

Oh, yes. Yes.
I was going to see your sister Kate.

- Well, so long.
- So long, Mr. Riley.

Here's one for you, Dan.

The first time Pat ever saw a train.

It was dashing into a tunnel
about 60 mph.

And he looked out and said:

"Oh! You've got to miss that hole!"

The old man is feeling good, huh?

Here. I'll take that.

You afraid someone's going to steal it?

I'll check it. Give it to me.

You got it. Don't break it.

All right. I'll trust you with that.

Well? How do I look?



- Want another piece?
- Thanks.

It's all right.

Why don't you send for your trunk?

I did.

Well, it looks like I won myself a home.

I won't do it. I won't.

Oh yes you will.

You gonna do it sooner or later anyhow.

I won't. I tell you I won't!

- Are you gonna give me those numbers?
- No.

- Will you give them to me?
- No!

- Are you going to give them to me?
- No! You're hurting me!

- Are you going to give them to me?
- No!

No thanks, McGinty.
I'm on the water wagon.

I'm going up to see my daughter Kate.

Hello, Pop.

Hello, Kate.

How are you? Is the Sarge up?

Well, I'll see you Saturday night
at the policeman's Ball.

- Aw, Danny, do me a favor.
- What?

Put that derby on straight.

If you weren't like that,
people will really think you're tough.

That's me. From now on, hard-boiled.

- Not with me.
- Yes

With you and with everybody.

And you're glad I sent
for that trunk now, are you?

I saw a swell picture last night.

The name of it was "The Strange…
something or the other."

"Strange Innertube" was the name.

Oh, I know. I saw that.

That's the one
where the actors say one thing.

And then, a minute later,
say what they really think.


You know, you remind me
an awful lot of the leading lady.

Good-looking and that swell figure.

That ought to hold you
for a while, baby.

Come to think of it,
you remind me of the leading man.

So big and strong.

Probably won't be
able to get into that derby now.

What a squawk your old man
would put up

if he came in
and found us like this, huh?

If he does, it's every man for himself.

Well, it wouldn't be
anything to squawk about.

Not much.

If he walked in here
and saw me like this,

they'd have to put you under ether
to extract his foot. That's all.

You know, I like your old man.

The old guy's got
a great sense of humor.

His jokes are simply marvelous.

The old man's all right.

But a lot of those jokes of his smell.

I bet with an old man like that,

you can't fool around like
most girls do, can you? Hmm?

I bet you don't even
take a drink, do you?

Only when I have a cold.

Hope he didn't get a whiff of my breath
at Kate's wedding.

Hey, uh...

I bet you've never been
kissed either, have you?

Of course not!

I hope you didn't hear
about the firemen's picnic.

You know, I feel as if I've
known you for a long long time.

I think I better slip this dame a little
kiss before the old man gets here.

He kissed me. I'm so thrilled.

But I'll pretend I'm mad.

How dare you?

Oh, is that the way you feel about it?

Yes, that's the way I feel about it..

Oh, all right. All right. So. Uh.

If I had a big slug of gin,
I could warm this dame up.

Say, does that light kind
of bother your eyes?

- No.
- It don't?

Funny. It bothers my a little bit.

My eyes are all right. But a fella's
got a better chance in the dark.

What are you thinking about?

Oh, nothing.

What I'm really thinking of is –
is this guy the marrying kind?

Or is he just on the make?

- Why are you so quiet about?
- Oh, nothing.

Well, this dame didn't make much
of a squawk about that kiss.

I think I'll put out the lights
and give her the works.


What's going on around here?

All right, checkers.

What you mean, checkers?

Every time I make a move, you jump me.

And you think I was
trying to get fresh with you?

Not much.

All right. If that's the way
you feel about it, good night.

Hey, you better get somebody else
to go to that Policeman's Ball with you.

If you don't think I can, you're crazy.


"Jake" to you,
you big flat-footed bezark.


Yes, sir. Right away.

Hey, Duke, the warden
wants to go to Troy right away.

Just patching up the pipe slough.

Look out down there. I'm going out.

Okay. I wish I was going with you.

There you are, boy.

That a boy. Yes

You really go after that ham, don't you?

You gotta go after that,
don't you, poochie?

Good show, old boy.

All right. Go on now.

Hello, Ginger.
Did you think I'd forgotten you?

Look out. Don't bite that dog.


Oh, hello.

What are you doing down here?

I just came down to get
a little fresh air.

No, you won't get it standing over
the garbage can, I'll tell you that.

Come on over here.

Well, what you doing here?

I thought you were going
to the Policeman's Ball.

My feet are too flat. I can't dance.

Well, mine are okay.

I'm on my way.

Aw, come on.
Stick around a little while, will you?

Well, I can for a little while.

But not long. I got a date.

With who?

Oh, a fellow. You wouldn't know him.

Helen, I'm awful sorry
about the other night.

- Are you?
- Yeah.

I don't know what to do
anymore nowadays. No kidding.

If you don't neck the girl,
she thinks he's too slow.

And if he does neck her,
she thinks she's fresh.


A girl don't know
how to treat a fella either.

If she lets him maul her,
he thinks she's no good.

And if she doesn't,
he thinks she's old-fashioned.

No, no. You're wrong about that.

That's the kind of girl
that every guy wants.

That is, you know, if he
thinks anything of her.

- Is it, Danny?
- Why, certainly.

Do you realize that I never
realized how much I liked you

until the other night when
you gave me the air?

Guess it's the same with girls.

They have a full heart
till they're dropped.

No kidding.
Is that the way you feel about it?

- Un-huh. How about you?
- Check.

Why, that's the way to kiss.

Gee, I'm acting like a gentleman.

Yeah, acting.

Hey, will you quit running around
like that? You got me dizzy.

Well, I don't mind it.

Well, you would. You'd spend
half your life on a merry-go-round.

Let's go up to Kate's.

Will the guy with teeth be there?

Why don't we go over to your house?

- The old man is there.
- Oh.

Then we better go to Kate's.

How about your date?

Oh, I just said that.

Oh I see.
Trying to make me jealous, huh?

No. As a matter of fact,
I am stepping out with a fella.

- With who?
- You!

All right. Let's step.

Danny. Do me a favor.

Sure. What?

Put your hat on straight.


News of the air.

This program comes to you every night

through the courtesy
of the Zack Hats Company..

A daring escape from state
prison was made today

by that notorious criminal
Duke Castenega.

The car in which he escaped was found

on a lonely road above Scarsdale.

The driver of the car was discovered
fatally wounded beside it.

A posse of 35 men

so far have failed
to locate the fugitive,

who from last report is heading
towards New York City.

All the police have been notified.

A description follows:

Six feet tall. Weight, 190 pounds.

Complexion, dark.

He was caring a gun.

Anyone seeing this criminal,
notify the police immediately.

- Oh, hello, Helen.
- Hello. Kate.

Hello, hello. How are you?

Whoa. Halt.

Hey, what's all the noise?

- What noise?
- What noise?

Oh, the wedding!

We've brought the dog
over for the Sarge.

Hey. Hey. Come here, come here, pup.

Hiya, Sarge. I've heard a lot about you.

- Ginger is for you, Sarge.
- Yeah.

He can do tricks in the house.

I said tricks.

Watch it. Watch it. Watch it.
Come on, sit down.

Sit down.

Sit up.

Tell the Sarge
you're glad to have a home.

There you are. How's that?

Come on. Rollover. Rollover.

Go on.
Show him how you get rid of fleas.

There you are.
Right on your carpet, Sarge.

Now, tell the Sarge you love him.
Go on.

Show him how you love him. Go on.

There you are. Cute, huh?

Well, looks like the pooch
has got a home.

And I've got one too.
Want to see me to it?

Sure. Sure.

Goodnight, Sarge.

Good night, Sarge. Great to have
seen you. See you again, huh?

No, you stay here . Go on. Go on.
Stay there.

- Good night, Kate.
- Good night, Helen.

Don't forget to feed him.

You know, you have to give him
something to eat once in while.

- Or he won't stay.
- All right, I will.

Good night.


Lend me a kiss till tomorrow, will you?

That's one you owe me.

Now we're even.

Come on.



Now this Castenega is still at large.

Not a trace of him.

We know he had a girl down
on the Lower East Side.

It's up to you to find her.

Any description of her, Captain?

Oh, yes A perfect description.

I believe she had a couple of feet
and wore a hat.

- Well, I was just asking.
- Yes, and was just telling you.

I'm promising a promotion.
And the papers are offering $10,000

to the man who gets Duke Castenega.

I want results!

Go out and get them!

- Dead or alive!
- Yes, sir.

- Oh, Captain.
- Yes?

- Can I touch you for10?
- You can not.

I can not.

You'll be safe here.

I knew you wouldn't fail me.

I did not want to help you.

But I had to.

Hey you. You're under arrest!

- What for?
- For resisting an officer.

What do you mean?

You refused to marry me, didn't you?

Aw, gee, you gave me heart failure.

Come on, get me a coffee, will you?

I'm doing you a favor, you know?

We're closing up.

I'm doing you a favor
by drinking this stuff.

Did you know that I'm balmy.I'm nuts.
I'm loony. I'm crazy. I'm insane.

There's something the matter with me.
I'm in love. I must be in love.

Do you think a guy would drink
22 cups of coffee a day

if there wasn't something
the matter with him?

You better cut it out.
Doesn't he keep you up nights?

Certainly it keeps me up nights.

Will you marry me
so I can get some sleep?

Maybe you're not as much
in love as you think you are.

Maybe I'm not... Come on!

Will you quit playing with yourself
and talk to me

I'm more in love
with you that I think I am.

I got a pain in my heart right now.

Probably indigestion.

If it is, this stuff
I'm drinking won't help at any.

Aw come on, will you?

Come on. Be a good fellow
and marry me, will you??

Marriage is a serious business.

I know it's a serious business. Listen.

I gets 300 bucks a month.

See? And I'm liable to get more.

You can't tell what'll happen
in this business.

I might walk right out that door.

Right now I capture
a couple of famous criminals.

Get thousands of dollars reward.

They might even make me
a lieutenant or captain.

Or a general.

Or a general.
You can't tell what'll happen.

Hey, listen.
Think of all the fun we'll have.

Every night at six o'clock
when I get through work,

you can come over
to the station house and wait for me.

Come on! Will you?

Will I what, come
to the station house and wait for you?

Aw, no. No, no. Will you marry me?

Do you really want me to say yes?

Say, what, what do you think
I've been doing here?


Consider it said.

Give me your hand. Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.

Wait'll you see what I got you.

How do you like that?

Oh, gee. It's a beaut.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

You really gonna marry me?

I guess I'll have to. We're closing up.

Well, I'm closing in
before you close up.

After a kiss like that,
you'll have to marry me.

From now on, I'm Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.

That's to Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.
He's a dead one.

From now on, you're Mrs. Danny Dolan.

Alive and raring to go.

Give me another kiss, will you?

Hello, Ginger.

Hello, Ginger. How are you, boy?


You all alone, Sarge?

Go on. Hello, Sarge.

Kate must've gone to the store.

Come on. Put your feet up here.

Easy. Come on. Come on. Easy.

That's a boy. Atta, boy.

We've bought him a new collar, Sarge.
I won it.

There. See what I told ya?

The collar makes him
look like a sissy.

What's the matter, Sarge?

Look, Danny.

He's trying to tell us something.

Kate says he always talks
that way to Eddie.

Blinking his eyes.


- It was in the war, wasn't he?
- Yes.

What outfit was he with?

I think Eddie said
he was with the Signal Corps.

Sure, that's it.
He's trying to telegraph us.

Maybe he wants something.

And he can't make the folks
understand what it is.

You're right, Danny.

Don't be so surprised about it.
I'm nearly always right.

I'll show you
how to find out what he wants.

Look, Sarge, take it easy now, will you?

When you close your eyes
that's the dashes, huh?

And when you wink,
that's the dots, is that right?

All right.

I don't know what this is all about.

But we'll get a copy of the Morse code
tomorrow. And dope it out.

All right, Sarge, shoot.

There it is.

Can't be much, eh? It's pretty short.

Maybe he wants more sugar in his coffee.
Or something like that.


Maybe he's given us a winner
in tomorrow's handicap.

Hey, sit down, you're rocking the boat

Look at the bloodhound.
What's the matter with him?

Look at that.

Maybe he smells a rat.


What's the matter, boy? Huh?

Something in there?

Come on.

Want to go in?

Go on in.

Where are you going?

There's nothing in there.

Come on, come on, pooch.
Come on, there's nothing there.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Who's that?

What's the matter with you?
Did I scare you?

What is the matter, Kate?

You look as if you've seen a ghost.

Oh, nothing.

You kind of startled me, that's all.

How long have you been here?

We just stopped by to bring
a collar for you to Ginger.

- It's cute.
- Yes.

Say, by the way, where'd you win this?

What do you mean, where'd I win it.
Nix on that.

Kind of sudden, isn't it?

Yeah, it was kind of sudden.

- Sort of an accident.
- What do you mean, accident?

Well, accidents will happen.

Oh, I'm so happy.

And how about me?

Holy mackerel! I'm not that bad, am I?

No, Danny. I'm just happy. That's all.


Do you want to make me happy?

Start unloading that ice cream.

Yeah, it might cool you off.

Oh, wise cracker.

Hey, Sheba. Make mine a chocolate.

You'll take vanilla.

I don't like vanilla.
I want chocolate.

You'll take vanilla and like it.

I'll take it. But I won't like it.


What's the matter?
Don't you like vanilla either?

Sure. I'll save mine for the Sarge.

Say, what did Danny go upstairs for?

He went up to get Ginger.



Did you read about that bezark
used to go around with

breaking jail and killing a man?


I told you he was a bad egg.

And to think you were gonna marry him.

You don't suppose there's any chance
of him coming around here, do you?

Oh, no. Of course not.

Thanks for the ice cream.

Do you think the old man's home yet?

I don't think so. Let's hurry.

Who's downstairs?

Only Sarge.

And who was that guy who came up here?

That was my sister's beau.

He's the one
who gave the Sarge the dog.

They've all gone.

What about my brother?

Are you going to do it?

Why not?

I'll be back.

He ought to be along any minute now.

Here he comes.

Just a minute. I'm a detective.

You live one flight up, don't you?

- Yes, sir.
- I want to search the building.

All right.


- Hello, Mama.
- Hello.

This is a policeman.

Who are these people?

This is my wife and this is my...

Do you know what this is?

Why, it's a revolver.

Just be quiet and
nobody's gonna get hurt.

Sit down.

Sit down.

Who is this?

That's my brother-in-law.
And this is my sister.

Just the family.

One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight. Right?

Yes, eight. And three from the wall.

One two three.

Calling Car 1-6-2-0.

Calling Car 1-6-2-0.

Go to 43 Bleaker Street.

A woman beating her husband.

Calling Car 1-6-2-0.

Investigate a woman
beating her husband.

Calling Car 1-6-2-0.

1571. Start right here.

Sausage and an egg.

Here's a hot one. Another bank robbery.

Yet, who'd the bank rob this time?

No one. This time the bank was robbed.

Ah, they were double-crossed, huh?

Get a little dose
of their own medicine.

Can you imagine?

Six bandits held up a family
living over a bank.

Bored through the floor into the vault.

I remember that job. They got
away with 87 grand, didn't they?

That ain't a bad haul. 87 grand.

One of these days, they'll steal
the White House in Washington.

87 grand.
That's a lot of jack, isn't it?

If we had 87 grand, wiki get
married this afternoon. Honey.

Hey, stupid,
have you doped that out yet?

No-- yes.

Sarge wants me to do an errand.

- Why don't you do it?
- I'm going.

Two hamburgers.

I'll be back. You wait here for me?

I'll think it over.

An order of fried ham and eggs.

Where are your clams?

How about a check?

Nobody here to write out a check.
I'll write it out myself.

One cheese sandwich, 15 cents.

One java, 10 cents.


One rice pudding, two bits.

Another java.


- What's the matter with you?
- Nothing.

Don't tell me that, you fool you.

You've got the Duke hiding up
in the attic, haven't you?

No. I...

Well, I'll get them out of here.

Where is he?

Who are you looking for?

Get out of this house.

Who says so?

How did you know I was here?

- Did you tell her?
- No, Duke. No.

It was the Sarge.
He said there was a guy.

Listen, if I'm caught here,
she's in on it.

You know that, don't you??

Yes, that's why
I don't want them to find you here.

So… you're giving me a break?

No, it's Kate I'm thinking of.

You better be thinking of her.

Run down and get me a taxicab.

If I do, will you leave right away?

Get me the taxi.

A man wants a taxi. Wait right here.
He'll be down in a minute.

You don't have to wait, driver.
The guy won't be leaving in a taxi.

Danny, don't arrest him here.

Don't disgrace my sister.

I couldn't disgrace your sister.
She did that herself.

As for you,
I thought you were a square shooter.

Danny. Danny, wait!

For what?

Helping a murderer.
Yeah, and double-crossing me.

Danny! Don't go up there.
He's got a gun.




Oh, Danny!

You're bleeding!

Kate, call an ambulance.

Danny, are you hurt?

No, no, no. I am resting.

This your hat, Danny?

You know it's my hat.

Get it nice and tight, Doc.

I like to look neat,
even if I am wounded.

Well, you did a good job, Dolan.

You're the best man in the precinct.

Thanks, Cap. I'll say the same
for you when you get shot.

- How are you, Danny?
- I feel swell.

What's a little bullet between friends?

Tell me, what this man Castenega
doing in this neighborhood?

And what did he want up here?

Why, I... I...

I chased him up here, Cap.

- Yes?
- Oh, sure, sure.

I spotted this guy down on Pier 13.

The minute he saw me, he took it
on the run. With me after him.

I chased him over about 12 or 14 roofs.

And every cellar in the neighborhood.

Finally he broke his way in here, see.

Hopped right over the table.
And I hopped over right after him.

- Yeah he hopped over right after.
- Yeah I hopped over –

Well, you're the means
of saving that money.

So I'll see you get the reward.
Would you like a cup of coffee?

Yes, not a bad idea. Coffee, Captain?

No thanks. Never use it.
Coffee's bad for you.

- Coffee is bad for you.
- Coffee is bad.

Now just get all the rest you can.

And whatever you do,
lay off the coffee.

All right, Captain.

- Hey, Al.
- Yeah?

- Get me a couple of coffee.
- Okay.

Danny, I will never forget this.

I'll never be able to…to repay you –

Ah, what are you talking about?

Not have to repay anybody.

I don't...

All you have to do is
keep away from those sharpshooters.

And keep out of trouble. That's all.

You ought to remember
that you're a married woman.

And married women don't cheat…much.

Stick to Eddie there.

Sure. Even if he does look like
a runaway horse. Stick to him anyway.

Hey, how about a cigarette?

Thank you.

Was that a wedding
or was that a wedding?

Never saw so much rice in my life.

One guy threw his shoe at me and
forgot to take his foot out of it.

Wasn't it great the way everybody cried?

- Four dollars, please.
- Oh.

Now it's my turn to cry.

There you are.
Keep the change, you bandit.

Say, that wasn't a bad idea of mine.
Going out the back way.

- Nobody knows we're here.
- No one knows we're here.

No, nobody knows you're here.

Is he going with us?

- I do not know. Are you?
- I do not know. Am I?


Come on, Kate. Hurry.

You thought you gave us the slip, eh?

You wouldn't tell anyone
where you were going.

If you want to know real bad,
we're going to Bermuda.

That's where the onions come from.

Danny boy,
the Irish have a heart of gold.

Sure is great of you
to share your wad with the Sarge there.

What are you talking about?
It was great of him to share it with me.

And I'm going over
to tell him so right now.

Danny, you old cheat.

I thought you were going to marry me.

I'll give you a chance the next time.

- Where is Helen?
- She's outside. Go ahead.

How are you, Sarge?

What's the matter?
Don't you remember me?

I don't blame you. I guess it's the hat.

I'm still the same Danny Dolan,
Sarge, big feet and all.

Gee, it was great of you to come down
and see us off, Sarge.

You're pretty swell guy.
You know that, don't you?

That was a mighty nice thing to do.
Not to tip Eddie off about Kate.

But we know, don't we, Sarge?

She's a great gal.

And everything is going to be okay.
We know that.

Good luck to you. And lots of it.

Hey, I'll send you
some postal cards from Havana.

Goodbye, Sarge. Good luck to you.

Come on. Come on.

Goodbye, Danny. Bye Bye. Goodbye!

Not here! Not now!

You got to hold that boat!

I'm going with you.

That's right. You're the girl
I married, aren't you? Come on.

Bye Bye. Goodbye, Danny. Bye Bye.

Danny, do me a favor?

Sure. What is it?

Put your hat on the old way.


Well, it's all over.

Come on, let's have another drink,