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McBain (1991) - full transcript

Santos attempts to lead a people's revolt in Colombia to overthrow the oppressive El Presidente. When his revolt fails and he is killed, his sister Christina goes to New York to find McBain, a lieutenant Santos rescued during the Vietnam War. McBain agrees to avenge Santos' death, calls up his old war buddies, raises the necessary funds by killing a few drug dealers and threatening the mafia, then leads an attack to topple the corrupt government.

("Brothers in Arms" - Ann Corfield)

- Jesus Christ, we came in
here completely unchallenged!

What if we had met enemy troops?

- Shit, you'd be dead major.

- Dead meat.

- You boys have your bags packed by 0900.

The war is over, we're going home.

- Did we win?

(woman mumbles)

- Shitheads.

- Yo, did he say the war's over?

Shit, let's boogie!

Get the hell outta here.

("Brothers in Arms" - Ann Corfield)

- Take us home, dog.

- [Man] Hey Santos, how about me?

- [Sergeant] Santos get your ass in here,

they've already got enough of our money.

- [Man] Let's go bro.

- [Pilot] Fox fire, this
is 1-4-3 we are in the air.

- [Soldier] We're going home!

B.C. right there, breaking left.

Holy shit!

- [Copilot] I guess he
doesn't read the paper.

- Do you see it?

- It's a bamboo dome!

- What do you wanna do?

- I wanna check it out!

But the war's over, it's up to you guys.

- Let's do it!

- Hey man, the asshole down
there took a shot at us.

He don't know the war is over.

And if it is a bamboo
dome, it looks empty to me.

- Of course it looks empty from up here!

We're talking about American POWs.

Do you wanna go through
the rest of your life

wondering if it was?

- Oh man!

- Take us down to the east, ten clicks!

- It's me.

- What do we got?

- B.C., POWs upstairs,
heading this way, five clicks.

- How many?

- 25 BC, 10 POWs.

- Let's do it.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- Shut the fuck up.

(sinister music)



- Motherfuckers! Come on!

(explosions and gunshots)

- Duck! (gunshot)

- Steady.

- War's over, let's go home.

- I owe you.

- If the other half of
this bill ever finds you,

you can pay me back.

The name is Roberto Santos.

- McBain.

(dogs barking)

- [Christina] Roberto.

- Christina.

I told you I'd be back.

- They're looking for you everywhere.

- That's why I must do it now.

- It's such a dangerous plan, Roberto.

- God will protect me.

- How can you speak of God?

God wouldn't allow El Presidente to live

and the children to starve.

What will we do if you don't come back?

- If you ever need help,
I mean really need it,

and I'm not here I want you
to look up an iron worker

by the name of Bobby McBain in New York.

This is his address and the
phone number of his union.

Give him this bill.


- Si.

- Our time has come.

This time the CIA said they will help us.

- Ah Roberto, the day you believe the CIA

is the day you die.

- [Roberto] I'll be back.

You know I will.

(children playing and dogs barking)

We'll go.


(children yelling farewells in Spanish)

(sinister music)

(speaking in a foreign language)

- A gift for El Presidente
from Simon Escobar.

(speaking in a foreign language)


(speaking in a foreign language)

- My fellow Colombians,

once again our farm figures

have far exceeded our expectations.

I am hopeful we will soon be able

to lower our petroleum prices.

And I'm also very happy
to announce that soon,

the Cuban Ballerinas will
be visiting Bogota again.

I know how much we all
enjoy to watch them dance.


- Hands on your head!

On your head!

Get back!

Over your head!

Move, move, move!

Take him, take him!

The Liberation Army has
seized control of Colombia.

We call on the government of
the United States of America

to recognize us and provide
us with immediate support.

We pledge that within six months,

we will have free and democratic elections

and will turn El Presidente over

to the American judicial
system who has indicted him

for murder and drug trafficking.

As I speak, El Presidente's
forces are moving in against us.

We have the support of the people.

But without the support
of the United States,

we will be unable to survive.

(tires squealing)

- [Man On Radio] Manhattan
this is Cardinal.

We've got a message for King Fisher.

- 10-4 Cardinal this is Manhattan.

(upbeat music)


- You're telling me that
these rebels acted entirely

on their own, without any
assurances whatsoever from us?

- The State has had absolutely

no prior contact, Mr. President.

- It's possible Mr.
President, that a CIA agent,

totally without authority,
may have led them to believe

that we would help.

A CIA agent--

- You guys are fucking
with the wrong president.

Get the director up to the compound, now.

If we wanted to help them out, could we?

- As we had no prior knowledge, Sir,

there's nothing we can do.

- How long can they last?

- I'm sure the CIA can
give you large reports

and lots of graphs, but by
the time you finish them,

it will be all over.

The rebels aren't going
to live to see the sunset.

(crowd chanting)

- Santos!

We're in position, but nothing
yet from the Americans.

- What about El Presidente's army?

- Nothing.

(crowd chanting)

- [Roberto] We cannot
hold out much longer.

Once again we call on the government

of the United States of
America to please help us.

(crowd chanting)

(gunshots and screaming)

Get up.

(speaking in Spanish)




- [TV Announcer] Kevin
set a club record for RBIs

by a Mets short stop a year ago at 55.

- Can I get you something, more pie?


- [TV Announcer] If he
duplicates in the second half

what he's done in the first half,

he'll drive in about 75 runs.

- [News Anchor] We interrupt this program

to bring you a special report.

In Bogota, Colombia, earlier today,

rebels briefly occupied
the Presidential Palace

as thousands demonstrated
outside the gates.

The leader of the attempted coup

has been identified as Roberto Santos,

who has been wanted by
Colombian authorities for months

in connection with his
rebel group's alleged

subversive activities against
the Bojorquez government.

The footage we are about to
show you is extremely graphic

and viewer discretion is advised.


Mr. Santos, upon surrendering,

was publicly executed
on the palace balcony

by President Bojorquez himself
before the stunned crowd.

We do have an unofficial report

that Colombian born Roberto Santos,

a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran,

may have been receiving
aid from the United States

to back the coup attempt.

There has been no official
comment from the White House.

We will continue to update this story

as events unfold in Bogota.

We now return you to your
regularly scheduled programming.

- [Roberto] War's over, let's go home.

(gentle music)

♪ Colors colors ♪

♪ Flags in the wind ♪

♪ Broken dreams ♪

♪ Shattered schemes ♪

(shouting farewells in Spanish)

(children laughing and playing)

♪ This is my song for freedom ♪

♪ This is my song
against terror and fear ♪

♪ We are are the power ♪

♪ We are the people ♪

♪ This is my song of a revolution ♪

♪ Colors colors ♪

♪ Flags in the wind ♪

- Excuse me, Mr. Bobby McBain?

- Yeah he's up there.

- I've been expecting you.

- It was like cancer.

At first, there were no
signs, everybody was happy.

Escobar and El Presidente
let the money trickle down.

They gave the peasants
coca leaves to chew on.

Everybody was stoned, everybody was happy.

So they stopped planting food,
all they wanted was coca.

And the people lost
interest, they grew thin,

they ignored their children.

Before, I remember no matter
how poor the people were,

the kids had new clothes for Christmas.

Now they don't have anything.

Slowly, Escobar bought the country.

If a newspaper criticized
him, he blew it up.

If a judge interfered with
his affairs, he blew him up.

So my brother couldn't
stand seeing it any longer

and he started to fight back.

At first it was impossible,
but Santos is such a good...

Was such a good talker.

So Escobar got greedier and more ruthless

and I guess that helped.

- When I was about 17 I went to this

famous concert, Woodstock.

Getting there, the traffic was so bad,

they closed the New York State freeway.

I had to walk the last 25 miles.

When I got there, I had no
food, shelter, just music.

For three days, I sat in the rain,

smoked dope, was happy.

When I got back to the city,

I read about it in the newspaper.

One reporter said he'd
found a dark side to it.

500,000 people sitting in the mud,

stoned for three days, not minding.

At the time I thought, what a
fool, he just doesn't get it.

Looking back 25 years,
I think maybe he did.

Does this rebel army have any money?

That's not enough.

Is there a quarter in there?

- Despite huge losses, possible
inability to repay debt,

and a stock that has lost
47 percent of its value

in one year, you still refuse
to cut executive salaries.

How can you possibly justify
a course of action like that?

(buzzer sounds)

- Your two minutes are up, next.

- Mr. Barton, Westitron
owns two gulf stream jets,

which cost us over $3
million a year to operate.

- Detective Gill, I'm sorry,

Corrections Officer Ortega
died on the operating table.

- [Announcer] Dr. Janice
Jern to OR Emergency.

- [Woman] What about that guy in OR Six?

- What do we got?

- Crack deal gone bad, six
bullet wounds, two to the head.

- Alright, let's stop the
bleeding and see what we can do.

- Only you and your family and
friends are allowed to use!

- I don't have to take this crap.

- What are you doing?

Stop that man!

- [Nurse] Explosion, he comes flying

through the bathroom door
with his ass on fire. (laughs)

- If it's not too much
trouble, I could use a stat.

- Well why bother?

This one's dead.

- His heart's still
beating, he isn't dead yet.

- Look at the brain
scope, he's a flat liner.

Why don't you call it?

We can use the parts.

- He's all yours.

- You were supposed to protect Mr. Barton.

- Well sir, it sounds like Mr. Barton

was supposed to protect them.

It looks like we both screwed up.

(beeper goes off)

- Hey man, good to see you!

- How you been?

You've got a minute for me?

- Sure.

So what brings you here, huh?

- A couple of cocaine cowboys tried

to bust a friend of theirs
out of a prisoner caravan.

I was riding shotgun.

It was like a bad night in Vietnam, man.

- You alright?

Did you get hit?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

I rode up with the van driver.

He was showing me pictures of his kids

while we were waiting for
the prisoners to get dressed.

He had two kids Carl, two beautiful kids.

- And he didn't make it?

- And he didn't make it.

- Shit.

- I didn't feel like going home,

I didn't wanna be alone.

I figured maybe I could buy you a beer.

- Come here.

Anytime, anytime I'm here, day or night.


- They killed Santos, man.

They shouldn't have done that, Carl.

- I know.

(birds chirping)

- Good afternoon, Mr.
Bruce is expecting you.

He's down at the beach.

- You think it's real, Bobby?

- It doesn't look real.

- Well she's definitely real.

- [Christina] I don't
think even Simon Escobar

lives like this.

- If you took the weight of the population

of Washington D.C. and
turned it into gold,

it'd be worth less than the
annual worldwide drug trade.

The dollar amount of
the worldwide arms trade

is four times that.


- Bobby, it's good to see you.

It's been a long time.

My man.

- You too.

Nice spot you've got here.

- Thanks.

- I need some help.

- You know, I'm not surprised
to see Eastland here,

but I am surprised to see you.

- Santos is dead.

You remember Santos.

This is his sister.

- Yeah I remember Santos.

It's a hell of a thing they did to him,

but there's nothing we
can do about it now.

- You know, I get up I
the morning, I go to work,

I go to the same bar each
night, drink the same beer,

I laugh, I talk.

But when I saw Santos on TV, I got jealous

because he was doing what he did best.

- What, do you miss the smell
of napalm in the morning?

$10 million, pay or play

and I don't deliver to any hard LZs.

- Oof, the landing zones
are gonna be the best part.

- I know you think I'm an asshole McBain,

but just because you're
bored with your life

doesn't mean you gotta go
off and get yourself killed.

- Frank, you've got the house.

You've got the beautiful girl

swimming laps in your indoor pool.

You have three Ferraris,
a yacht, a house in Aspen.

Yet, when I come to see you,

you're sitting in a chair like an old man

staring at the ocean.

You having fun yet?

- It's a good price we pay.

I'll give you a deal for the old days.

- I know.

Thanks, see ya.

- Yeah, just like old times.

- [Christina] Do you think you
can come up with the money?

- I can try.

Ah, look at that.

I told you.

If I do get the money and you go back

and all the rest happens, a
lot of people are gonna die.

- I know.

- You still wanna do it?

- Yes.

The Berlin Wall came down in two weeks,

I know it can be done.

- From out here, it's
hard to see what's wrong

with that city.

- Yeah, but you still live
in one of the best countries

in the word because you have the right

to do something about it.

You know, that's all my people want.

- Well, if I can't talk you
into sailing away with me,

I guess I'd better take
you to the airport.

- Thank you.

- [Carl] Good morning.

- Morning.

Thanks for cleaning up.

- Who won?

- Gill did.

You passed out after the 35th beer,

but Gill was still able to talk.

- What did I say?

- You lay face down on the floor

and you said that you had
never had so much to drink

and still been standing.

- I took Christina to the airport.

Let's go sit out on the deck.

- Sit. (heavily breathing)

You know, if somebody shot
me the way they shot Santos,

I'd expect you guys to
do something about it.

I'm in.

- Man you know I'm in.

- So am I.

But where do we get the money?

- Gonna use some of Dad's.

(car horn honks)

- Stay out of the road, assholes!

(heavy rap music)



- You ready?

- Oh yeah, I'm ready.


- [Man] Who's there?

Hey, who's there?





(car alarm sounds)

- What the fuck do you want?

- Money.

- Money?

Shit man, take the money.

You guys sure killed a lot
of people for a little money.

- People, who gives a fuck
about people like that?

Or people like you for that matter?

- Oh I get it, dealers of death.

Like who cares about people
that sell drugs to 8 year olds.

Hey man, you expect 'em
to work in Burger King

making $3.75 an hour?

I pay them $200 a day.

You know, they're just
trying to make a living.

Do I look like the kind of
guy that could get a job

in one of those glass towers?

As far as dealing drugs to 8 year olds,

do you see any 8 year olds down there?

All I see is a bunch of
assholes from Jersey.

You guys want money,

why don't you go after what's
his face, John Gumbatti?

He's got the money.

All I got is table drippings.

You gonna do it, do it.

- Where'd you get that jacket?

- Same place you did, motherfucker.

- Let's go.

- Man I love steak, but you
know ever since Big Paulie

everybody's afraid to go to a steakhouse.

- Hey boss, check it out.

- That's a New York cut, huh? (laughs)

(metal screeching)

- Hey yo, you come with me pal!

Now get in the car, get in the car!

Shut up!

(tires squealing)

(church bells ringing)

- Jesus Christ!

Who in the hell are you guys?

Do you know who the fuck I am?

- We know who you are.

We know who your wife and kids are.

I know who your girlfriend is.

I even know where your grandchildren live.

- No one can get away with
hurting me, you bastard, no one!

Anywhere you go, someone will find you.

- You sound like my boss.

- Screw your boss.

I'm the top, nobody is
more powerful than I am.

- Compared to the people I
work with, you're not much.

You recall Munich, we
tracked down and killed

everyone responsible,
including their family

for three generations.

Even the Iranians don't fuck with us.

- Munich, I had nothing to do with Munich.

- If you had something to do
with Munich, you'd be dead.

- You mean that you work for... (laughs)

Hey, some of my best friends are Jews,

I got nothing against you guys.

- That's why we're here.

You see, this is our
annual fundraising drive

and we would like you to
contribute $10 million.

This is the number of
a Swiss bank account.

Don't lose it.

If the $10 million gets there quick,

we'll leave you alone.

If not, you're going to be
going to a lot of funerals,

including your own.

Oh, by the way, your
brother-in-law, he's screwing you.

- Yeah, well I thought he was.

I thought he was!

Now you get me the hell down.

Come back here you creep bastard!

Get me down!

- How did he know about
his brother-in-law?

- Everybody's being screwed
by their brother-in-law.

- I hope the real Israelis
don't find out about this.

(car engine starts)

- [Carl] Where to now?

- [McBain] Escobar ships
his coke out of Jamaica.

I think the least we could do
is borrow one of his planes.



- If we do not defeat the soldiers

at Simon Escobar's drug factory,

if we do not secure the airstrip,

then our revolution will be finished

before it has even begun.

But remember companeros,
nothing can stop the people

whose time has come.

(cheering in Spanish)

- Hey amigo.

- Where's the check Frank?

- I brought you a present.

- Where'd you get this?

- Right here.

Satellite receiver, mini computer.

You know with the right software,

I can tie into any spy satellite up there.

That came off a Russian bird that went by

at 4:30 this morning.

Now my C130's already in the
air with your merchandise.

There's the runway,
that's the drug factory.

The LZ's gonna be under control, right?

- Christina and the rebel
army are gonna secure

the landing zone or they're gonna die,

more than that I don't know.

- Can I come?

- Let's go.

- Battery switch, on.

Cabin door cargo door, locked.

Rotating beacons navigation lights, on.

Propeller area, clear.

Towards ignition start switch.

Look at that, it started.

- Hey buddy, when was the last time

you flew one of these things, huh?

- Huh?

- Dalton, I'm not joking.

- Don't worry, it's like riding a bike,

some things you don't forget.

- How long?

- 18 years.

- 18 years, shit.

(plane engine roars)

- I guess there's no
sense in asking the tower

for permission to take off, huh?

- I guess not.

- Under no circumstances
should the gross takeoff weight

exceed 1500...

How much do you weigh?

- What do you mean how much do I weigh?

- I mean, do you think all of us combined

weigh more than those
bags of coke we unloaded?

Oh wait a minute.

I guess not. (laughs)

(speaking in a foreign language)

We're flying into Colombian airspace.


(explosions and screaming)



- Shit, (mumbles)

- No, we're flying too low.

Something's tracking us.

- I'd better call my guys.

There's an airbase 400
miles north of here.

Something's headed our way.

Red Dog Two, Red Dog
Two, this is Red Dog One.

My fuzz buster just went off.

What do you see?

- [Red Dog Two] Red Dog One, Red Dog One,

Three F-5s closing on you.

- Dalton take us up in the clouds.

(engine roars)

- [Man On Radio] Mustang, go check it out.

- [Red Dog Two] Delivery
Van this is Red Dog Two,

don't give those F-5's an excuse.

Stay in international airspace.

- [Frank] 10-4 Red Dog Two.

Red Dog Two is a S211 escort for the C130.

If the airfield isn't secured
or if we're intercepted,

he'll turn back.

- Does he know who we are?

What we're doing here?

- Uh huh.

His father died in Vietnam.

He's ex-Army but he'll
fly for the right price.

- Red Dog Two, this is
Lieutenant Robert McBain,

what division was your father in son?

- [Red Dog Two] 101st Airborne Sir.

- 101st, the brave division.

We're all that's left of
the 143rd Ranger Battalion.

We sure could use some
help from the 101st.

- [Red Dog Two] Three
to one it's no problem

for the 101st, sir.

Hang on, we're coming.

- Thank you.

Hell from above.

- [Red Dog Two] Hell from above.

- [Frank] Delivery Van
holding and maintaining.

Happy hunt Red Dog Two.

(gunshots and yelling)


- Guys, I hate to tell you this,

but we've got company.

- [Man On Radio] Twin Engine Charlie 704,

this is Colombian Air Force 102,

turn to heading 262, proceed
to and land at airfield

for search and inspection.

Charlie 704, put the plane down.

Do you read me?

Do you read me?

Charlie 704, put the plane-- (gunshot)

- We read you loud and clear.


- [Pilot 1] Guillermo,
what happened to Mustang?

Let's go!

- [Red Dog Two] Red Dog One, Red Dog One,

this is Red Dog Two.

I am ten minutes away and
you've got two new friends.

Red Dog One, Red Dog One,

closing in but still out
of range, just hang on.

- If he doesn't get here
soon we'll be dead meat.

- [Pilot 1] I have a bogie
on radar coming up fast.

- [Pilot 2] He's a fighter,
turn, prepare to engage!

- [Pilot 1] Bogie coming
into range in 15 seconds.

- [Pilot 2] Arm aircraft, full ordinance.

- [Pilot 1] Arming
aircraft, full ordinance.

- [Pilot 2] Come on just a
little closer, little closer.

Too far, too soon.

- [Pilot 1] I have a lock!

- [Pilot 2] Fire missile.

- [Pilot 1] Go away! Go away!

(alarm sounds)

- [Red Dog 2] Shit!

Let's play chicken.


One more chance, come on, don't black out!

Four, three, two, one!

(alarms sounding)


(relieved breathing)

That's it for you bozos.

(dramatic music)


Hell from above!



- Coming up on the LZ.

- Red Dog Two, this is Red Dog One.

Friendlies are on the beach,
the bogies are dug in.

They're in front of the fuel dump.

See you on the ground.

- [Red Dog Two] 10-4 Lieutenant.

(gunshots and screaming)





- Come on! Come on!

(speaking in a foreign language)

- 101st?

- Sir.

- You're as good as they say.

- Thank you, sir.

- We're gonna unload the
C130 as fast as we can

and get you out of here.

- Begging your pardon, sir, but
if those are the fuel dumps,

I don't think the S211's going anywhere

and without me, it's too
risky to move the C130.

- We'll get you out, over land.

- I'd like to stay, sir.

- That might not be a good idea.

- I'd like to stay, sir, please.

- Okay.

- Thank you.

- The rebel army waits
for your orders, sir.

- The last two of El Presidente's F-5s

are on their way here.

We've got 19 minutes before
this whole place lights up.

- Move the C130 over by the troops.

Find the stingers, set 'em up.

- Yes, sir.

- You got any fuel left?

- None for flight sir, no.

- In 16 minutes, light the candle,

switch on your radar, run.

- Yes, sir.

(dramatic music)

(frantically yelling)

- Talk to me.

- Stinger, (mumbles) air missiles

and extremely effective weapon.

Attach radar receptor to
launch tube phalanges.

Secure blast shield.

Connect battery pack, red
warning light should flash.

Alright here they come.

4695 stinger missiles
now ready for operation,

pull the trigger halfway,

the red missile warning
light should flash.

- It's not flashing, man.

- I ain't got shit!

- Jamming circuit's off.

- Fail to light, check
the battery connections

to make sure the power, it's not on!

- Thank you very much.


- [All] Yeah!


- Where'd you get the car?

- A gold card has its privileges.

- I hope you got the extra insurance.

- Well, we should take a picture huh?

- I've got a mini cam, so let's line up.

- [McBain] Say cheese.

- [Gill] Nah, say revolution.

- Okay guys, here we go.

- Get yourself in this.

Yeah, come on.

- Press it right there, sir.

- Hi.

- Dirty half dozen.


- [News Anchor] New developments
have been unfolding today

in Colombia.

Paul Gill is standing by--

- Um, just a minute.

- [Paul] Colombian President Majork

has announced on national television today

that CIA backed rebels have
engaged (mumbles) groups--

- Come in!

- The press is waiting, sir.

If we see them now before the dinner,

we might make the evening news.

- Let's do it.

- [Reporters] Mr. President!

- Ladies and gentlemen, the
President of the United States.

You have five minutes.

- Mr. Rich.

- Mr. President, President
Bojorquez has accused

the United States of invading Colombia.

Is this correct?

- No.

Ms. Bates.

- President Bojorquez claims he has proof,

which he'll be presenting
to the UN Security Council.

He's threatened to take
over the US Embassy

and hold Americans hostage.

- No one likes to contemplate
the loss of American life.

But if Bojorquez takes
one American hostage

or violates the sanctity of our embassy,

I for one will consider that an act of war

and will order an immediate
appropriate response.

- Come in.

- Simon Escobar is here to see you.

- Show him in.

Gentlemen, what a pleasure to see you.

What a pleasant surprise.

He was the commanding officer in charge

of guarding your factory (mumbles).

He failed.

He claims he doesn't know who attacked him

but a few more moments with the babe

will refresh his memory.

- Ignorance is not a crime.

Failure is a crime.

- Sit down, Presidente.


- Surely, the Americans do not want

another hostage situation.

I think I scared them pretty good, no?

- No.

The Americans are the most
powerless powerful people

in the world,

until you give them a
legitimate reason to intervene.

Only an idiot would do that, no?

- You cannot talk to me like that!

I control the army!

- The last president
told me the same thing.

I still send him flowers every day.

He lives in a big white
house, you can't miss it.

It's right in the center of the cemetery.

You are still the president,
but Hans is in charge.

The rebel army must be wiped out

and the peasants must be taught

that the price for
helping them is very dear.

Sit down Presidente.

(rooster crows)

(dramatic music)

- Okay rebels, let's go!

(screaming and gunfire)




Ready, run!


(speaking in a foreign language)

- What's the matter, ma'am?

What is it?

- Her rib cage is crushed into her lungs,

she's in shock.

- Well can you do anything for her?

Can you help her?

- I'd have to cut her
and reinflate the lung.

- So?

- This place is filthy, she'd
die from infection alone.

- She's gonna die if you don't.

Just do it, like the old days.

- Alright, give me a lighter and a tube,

any kind of tube, anything hollow.

- Here.

Will this do?

- Alright hold her, keep
her windpipe clear, chin up.

- Hold her head.

- If I nod, breathe her.

- Right.

- Here we go, hold the arm.

Keep the windpipe clear.


You ain't going nowhere.

(rooster crows)

- Looks a lot different
down here on the ground,

hey fly boy.

Come on.

- I'd like to stay with the wounded,

I think I can help a few of them.

- When you're done have
one of the local people

take you to Christina and Eastland.

They're on the road to Talama,
they could use your help.

- Thanks.

- How about you?

1,000 is a lot of money
for someone like you.

- I haven't seen her.

- But you haven't even looked.

El Presidente really wants to find here.

Don't you want to help El Presidente?

- Help Presidente?

He's a piece of shit.

- Anyone else think El
Presidente's a piece of shit?


(rooster crows)



(crickets chirping)

- Wait!

- Where are the soldiers?

- Soldiers?

There are no soldiers here.

- Yeah, right.

Take us to center control, come on!

Let's go.

Stop right there, you too.

Don't make a move, you'll be alright.

- That satellite cam is something.

Depot looks just like the photograph.

No dogs, guards.

Too bad it can't see the future.

- Can't do that, but it
can give you a detailed map

of the area between here and the palace.

- Let's do it.

- See ya at the palace.

- We'll be there.

Give me that.

This detonator is impact activated.

Once you pull the pin, it's armed.

A big pot hole or sudden
stop could set it off,

so once you're all lined up,
secure the steering wheel,

pull the pin, get out.

- Got it.

- Let's go.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- Turn this thing on.

- (speaking in a foreign language)

A few years ago, we used
to have free elections.

We used to have newspapers
that weren't afraid

to speak the truth.

We had judges that weren't
afraid of the criminals.

Now El Presidente lives in a palace

and the drug lords own 80
percent of the farmers' land

in our country.

Our children chew coca
and their eyes glaze over.

(fireworks and laughter)

When Santos, my brother,
told me what he was gonna do,

I begged him not to.

I was afraid.

But Santos was also afraid,

it's just that he could no longer live

in a land that had no hope,
in a land that had no freedom.

So when he stood up in that balcony,

he did it for all of us.

So now, God, now we must
stand in that balcony

for ourselves, Colombia, ours.

It belongs to us and we the
people are gonna take it back.

Help us.

Join us.

Come to Bogota just until
Presidente steps down.

Stop the buses, stop the
planes, turn off the lights,

stop the water, stop the country.

People are power.

And we are the people.

(cheering in a foreign language)

(alarms sound)

(dramatic music)

- Make the next left.

- No! Stay!

- You ready?

Pull the pin.



- I can't man, if I let go
of this wheel, we are dead!

- You're gonna die if you don't.

- I'm not gonna do that, sir.

- Jump!

- No!



- Get that.

Over there.




(gunfire and screaming)

- What's going on here?

We're under attack, open fire!

I said open fire!






- Reload the stingers.

- You got it. (beeping)

- Are we okay?

- So far, so good.

- Effective immediately, I
have ordered the Treasury

of the United States to begin printing

a new form of US currency.

This new money will be exactly
the same as the old money

except that instead of being green,

it will be printed on red,
white, and blue paper.

For a period of one
year, any legitimate bank

will be authorized to exchange
old money for new money

on a one to one basis.

Any transaction in excess
of $10,000 will of course,

be subject to internal revenue
and law enforcement scrutiny.

- How much longer?

- An hour and a half, two
hours depending on the roads.

- Is there an airport anywhere near here?

- There's a small airport
about 15 miles away from here.

- You get me to an airport,
I'll get you to Bogota.

- I'm glad I converted my assets

into Swiss francs last week.

It'll be good to eat
civilized food for a change.

(speaking in a foreign language)

(crowd chanting)

- No mas, no mas!

(speaking in a foreign language)

(crowd chanting)



(alarm sounds)

(inspiring music)

(crowd cheering)

- I told you I could do it!

- Yeah you did. (laughs)

(inspiring music)

♪ Colors colors ♪

♪ Flags in the wind ♪

♪ Broken dreams ♪

♪ Shattered schemes ♪

♪ People who didn't dare to dare ♪

♪ Isn't it right ♪

♪ If I want ♪

♪ Isn't it right ♪

♪ If I care ♪

♪ Isn't it right ♪

♪ If I want you to want ♪

♪ Exactly what you think is best ♪

♪ This is my song for freedom ♪

♪ This is my song
against terror and fear ♪

♪ We are the power ♪

♪ We are the people ♪

♪ This is my song of a revolution ♪

♪ Isn't it right ♪

♪ If I push back ♪

♪ Isn't it right ♪

♪ If I take a stand ♪

♪ Isn't it right ♪

♪ If I'm not afraid ♪

♪ To let freedom ring out over this land ♪

♪ This is my song for freedom ♪

♪ This is my song
against terror and fear ♪

♪ We are the power ♪

♪ We are the people ♪

♪ This is my song for the revolution ♪

♪ Tell me I'm wrong ♪

♪ And look into their hungry eyes ♪

♪ Tell me I'm wrong ♪

♪ We're going to keep it all ♪

♪ Tell me again ♪

♪ That I haven't got a chance ♪

♪ Tell me my sun's not going to rise ♪

♪ Then I will sing you a song of freedom ♪

♪ A song against terror and fear ♪

♪ We are the power ♪

♪ We are the people ♪

♪ This is my song for the revolution ♪

♪ Colors colors ♪

♪ Flags in the wind ♪