May-December-January (2022) - full transcript

Claire and Migoy's relationship is tested when Claire falls in love with Migoy, her son's best friend. This further complicates when it is revealed that Migoy is also secretly in a relationship with the boy who has been calling he...

Man it's cold.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

I'm not used to studying
when I feel all greasy.

It's cold.


Where were we?

Big Bang Theory.

That's so easy.

According to some scientists
the universe began

14 billion years ago
as a single dense point of energy.

Then it exploded with
unimaginable force creating matter

and propelling it outward
to make billions of galaxies.

- That's why it's called Big Bang?
- Yes.

It is so strong, a titanic explosion
that created our universe.

And do you know how many days it took?

Seven days. Can you imagine?


Did you get all that?


I was asking if you got it.

Yeah I wanna get it.

Hello dear.

Here I bought you some clothes.

Got you pants, shirts and even briefs.

Mom you didn't need to do that!

Good evening ma'am.

Good evening.

It's a good thing your friend's stinginess
didn't rub off on you.

It's been years
since he bought new clothes.

And I give him a large allowance.

Hey. You have briefs in there.

- Yeah Mom.
- Okay!

Look at your room it's a mess.
Have some shame.

Migoy is used to the mess.

That's why it's embarrassing.

I'm glad you're my son's friend.

We know you so well,
you're like family.

Thank you ma'am.

Mom, we're good.

Okay. Okay.

I'm not going to ask
what you need, alright?

You've slept over here
enough times already.


No need to be shy.

- Mommy.
- Thank you ma'am.


Okay. Okay.

Don't forget to take your medicine
before sleeping.

Yes mom.

- Thank you ma'am.
- Good night.

Sorry about my mom.

She's very particular.

She still treats me like a kid.

Our maid has to go home every day

so she can still take care of me.

I think it's cool.


You try living here.

You know your mom just loves you a lot.

You mean she's overprotective.

When I was a kid, they discovered
that I had a heart defect.

My aorta and pulmonary arteries got switched.

They called it TGA.

Transposition of the Great Arteries.

They had to operate to save my life.

They put a... shunt?

I wasn't completely cured so...

my Mom has become paranoid

that the defect could come back any time.

That's not going to happen. Look at you.

You're so healthy.

Look at your biceps.

What about your dad?

We haven't had contact with him
since he left us.

So you mean your mom never remarried?


That's why her entire
life is focused on me.

I told you.

Hey, where were we?

Big Bang.

Good evening ma'am.

You're still awake.

Do you need anything?

I was just going to get some water.

I'm sorry I didn't bring some upstairs.

It's fine.

- Here let me.
- No it's okay.

I'll do it.

Maybe I should've
gotten a mini refrigerator.

That way you don't need to
come down for water.


How are your studies?

You know Pol is...

I love you.

What did you say?

I love you ma'am.

I've been holding this back
for so long but...

I can't anymore.

I'm practically your mother.

Like what people always say...

"age doesn't matter."

It does matter.

You still address me as an elder.

Sometimes we're not sure about our feelings

especially the younger ones.

I am sure.

For a long time now.

And I'm not a child anymore. I'm 19.

I know what I want.

I think it's better
if you don't come here for a while.

Hi Migs!

We'll start early tonight okay?

Have dinner here as usual?

- Let's separate before you ruin all our things.
- I don't care about our things.

I don't think
I'll be able to make it tonight.

- I'll be busy tonight.
- Let's split up.


I need your help with my paper.

Would you rather we work at your place?

Is there a problem?

No it's okay.

- That's the only thing you're good at! Cursing!
- How about this… let's just work there again.

But you should text your mother first.


Just tell her that
I'm going to sleep there tonight.

Okay. No problem.

I didn't know you were coming tonight.

I could have prepared.

Sorry ma'am.

I did tell Pol that I
couldn't make it tonight.

Mom, we have exams tomorrow.

Migoy is my secret weapon.

All that natural science stuff
is so easy for him.

I don't even know why we have Natural Science
when our course is Mass Comm.

Good thing he's good in all our subjects.

Thank you for helping Pol.

Pol can do it, he just needs
a bit more confidence.


Thank you.

That one's dirty.

- Hurry up. Get dressed.
- Later.

Come on and get dressed.

Pol might see you.

Why? We aren't doing anything wrong.

This is the last time we're meeting okay?

Are you regretting what we did?

Huh. You're not talking politely anymore.

In this world people of all ages,
gender and nationalities make love.

But it's no big deal
because they love each other.

That's what I want to know.

Do you love me too?


That's alright.

All I know is I'm sure.

Maybe we should take our time okay?

Why? Don't you want to see me anymore?

I do.

You know, Claire.
We don't need a formal relationship.

We can just go along and see
what will happen eventually.

All I know is I want a
relationship with you.

You sound so sure of your feelings.

I have never been more sure
in my entire life Claire.

Let's just take our time okay?

This is my first time.

This is my first time too, Claire.

All I ask is you don't tell Pol about us.

And that we can only meet here.



Hello Alma?

I'll be a little late,

please tell Mr. Gonzales to wait for me.

Prepare everything
we're going to present to him.

Yes ma'am.

I fixed everything last night.

Okay, see you.


(Migoy: Good Morning)

(Claire: Morning. But don't text me,
Pol might see it.)

(Migoy: I understand. Love you!)

(Claire: Bye!)

(Migoy: I said, "Love you".)

(Claire: Love you!)

My earliest memory with my Mom
is whenever I have a problem at school

or when I'm not feeling good,
she always brings me here.

She always tell me to look around
and I will see endless possibilities.

That we can achieve anything.

That's why I should never limit myself.

But she did ever since my Dad left us.

Then when she found out about my heart defect,

the transposition of the great arteries.

She gave up on her dream to be a writer

and looked for a regular job.

But I've been saving for a long time.

Mom's not aware but

I save all the money she gives me.

Someday I'll give it back to my Mom.

So she can stop working
even if only for a year and just write.

You really love your Mom.

These days I don't feel like being around her though.

I feel suffocated by her attention.
She micromanages my life.

You just need to try to understand her.

You're so lucky to have her!

That spot's beautiful.


Over there.


I see it.

Let's go there.

- Hi Mom.
- Hi ma'am.

We'll have early dinner. Barbeque.


I just told Migoy we need to be thrifty.

Yeah. That is my favorite.


We'll have dinner soon.

Come on?

Come on!

I love you.

I love you too.

I love you.

I love you.


Are you awake?

We should talk.

I have to tell you something.

What is it?

I'm in love with your Mom.

She likes me too.

Are you angry?

You think it's wrong?

Since when?

A couple of days ago.

If you guys are happy,
there's nothing wrong.

You mean you're okay with it?

Oh my God.

I'm so happy.

You really are my best friend.

What do you mean best friend?

I may be calling you daddy soon.



don't hurt my Mom okay?

Why would I do that?

I love her.

You can't imagine how happy I am.


I'll make her the happiest woman
in the world.



What a waste.

This attic hasn't been used in a long time.

Well you don't come up here anymore.

You told me not to

because I bothered you while you wrote.

I loved watching you write

so I kept coming back.

I was fine listening in from the stairs.

But Dad got mad because I wouldn't listen.

That night... was the only time
I ever saw him so mad.

Your Dad left us that same night.

I chased him to the garage.

I told him.

I wouldn't go back to the attic
so long as he stayed.

He left us for another woman.

I know

but I never went back
to this attic since then.

I thought if I stayed away,
he would come back to us.


why did you stop writing?

Because I needed to work.

Mommy you should write again.

Didn't you have some novels
you haven't finished yet?

I've gotten rusty.

I don't have time for that.

I need to work.

I already know Mom.

Know what?

About you and Migs.

I told him not to tell you.


Mom, I told him that it's alright with me.

If you're against it, I'll end it.

Mommy, I've always wanted you
to fall in love again.

Thank you.

You don't know how happy you've made me.

I think this is the right time for me
to confess something too.

What is it?

Mom I'm gay.

Of course.

I know.

I'm just waiting for you to tell me.

Is it obvious, Mom?


But I'm your Mom.

Migoy doesn't know okay?

There's no problem.

Do you want me to tell him?

No, mom.

Why not?

It's OK to come out

while you're young.

Just go.

Be happy with who you are.

Do you want Migoy and I to go with you

to those places that gays like going to?

We could go to gay bars or the sauna place.

Or we could sign up
for those pride parades.

That would be fun.

Come on!

Find a boyfriend so we can double date.

Come on.


It's okay if you're not ready.

You can experiment and then...


There's nothing wrong
with doing flings, alright?

The most important part is that

you just practice safe sex.



Mom, why would I have sex with just anyone?

I want my first sex to be with
the one I love.

That will only happen once.

I agree.

So fall in love quickly.


I want you to marry again.

Migoy and I are still in the
"getting to know each other" stage.

But if we're going to
talk about marriage...

Don't worry.

You'll be the first one to know.

I'll bring you to the altar.

Who else?

The wedding should be held
at your favorite spot.


Only family and close friends
should be invited.

And we'll fill the place
with your favorite flowers.

Then we'll play your favorite sappy songs.

So you think they're sappy.

They're not sappy.

I love you Mommy.

I love you too.

A pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes.

You're so gross!

While lions can mate
for up to 50 times a day.

But that's purely
for procreation.

While humans and dolphins are the only
species that have sex for pleasure.

How do you know so much about sex?

I just read about it.

Read huh?

Where are you going?

I'm just going to get something
from the car, Mom.

Stop it.

What do you want to eat tonight?

Thank you.

This is for you.

Add that to the tip I left.

Thank you so much ma'am.

You're so generous.

I guess that's why you're lucky.

You're gorgeous

and your sons are handsome too.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Come on Pol.

Let's get married.


From bed to church?

That fast?

Why not?

Because you're still young.


Stop telling me that.

No. What I mean is

that we should take our time.

That's all.

Cause why not?

Do you really love me

or are you just letting out
your pent-up sexual energy?

Wow. You think that's all you are to me?

No. Seriously.

Answer me.

How much do you love me?

Are you fishing for compliments?

Come here.

I love you

from your toes to the top of your head.


From the Big Bang

to a pig's orgasm.

Okay, more.

From now

until forever.


Do you know
why I'm certain that I love you?


Because I don't know why.

Now it's your turn.

What is it?

I want to introduce you to my parents.



You and Pol can have dinner at our house.


No, no.

That's awkward.

Please, please.



You already refused my marriage proposal.

If you regret this, don't blame me okay?


Did you say you're in a relationship?

Yes, Dad.

Just recently.

You mean you're going to be
my daughter-in-law?

We aren't going to get married yet,

he just wanted me to meet you.

You've met Pol, haven't you?

What will you live on?

Dad she's the one with a job.
I'm still a student.

Pardon my husband.
That's just how Noel is.

He talks without thinking.

All I have to say is
don't rush into things.

Getting married isn't like something

that you can take back so easily.

It's not like that.

Yes, I agree.

The menudo is great by the way.
Did you cook this?

Yes I did.

Enjoy the dish.

I'll give you the recipe later.


I'm really sorry.

I couldn't stop myself.
I won't do it again.

Please, can you look at me?

You have nothing to be ashamed of.

I was just surprised
because I didn't know you were gay.

Mom is the only one who knows.

I'm not gay.

I know.

And I'm in love with your mom.

Please don't tell her.

Can we pretend that nothing happened?

Maybe it's best if you sleep in Mom's room.

I'm sorry.


I should be the one apologizing.

You're still my best friend.

I just want you to know
that you didn't offend me.

Thank you.

You're still my best friend.

Come here.

This will go away.

Don't worry, this will go away eventually.

I know. I know.

Here what about my cousin?

Not my type. He looks too gay.

Why? What's wrong with that?

Enlighten me.
Do gays just like straight men?

Wouldn't it be more logical
if they liked gay men too?

Here. This is my other cousin.

He looks like he's going to beat me up.

Hey. He's really nice.

He just looks a little intense.

What's your type anyway?

Maybe you're looking for someone like me.

Don't be so full of yourself.

If only I had a sibling
who looks just like me.

How would that work out?

You're going to be my father.

And my boyfriend would be
my brother's sibling?

Then my boyfriend would be my uncle.

Stop playing matchmaker.

I know. Let's try Tinder.

Just let it go.

I just want you to be happy.

I am happy.

Happy like your mom and I?


Don't feel sorry for me.

I'm sorry Pol.

You're home early.

Mom I don't feel so good.

I want to rest.

Do you want me to make some soup?

No thanks.

I'll just rest upstairs.

Did you and Migoy have a fight?

Why do you think that?

He hasn't texted me for a while.

He's probably just busy.




I'm sorry.

His heart ailment recurred
and this time it can't be cured by surgery.

How are you?

I thought I was ready.

When Pol was young,
the doctor said he might not live long

and that his heart condition
might come back.

I kept hoping the doctor is wrong
because he had the operation.

I don't know what to do.

I don't know what I'll do if I lose him.

I don't know what I'll do…

What did the doctor say, Mom?


He said you should just rest
and to avoid stress.


I already know.

I've accepted it.

I'll just get more stressed
if you don't tell me the truth.


I've been prepared for a long time.

I'm actually lucky to
have lasted this long.

Don't talk like that.

The doctor is doing
everything he can, okay?

He's talking to a specialist in Singapore.

We will do everything we can, Mom.

But beyond that, we have to accept
what we have to.

Who wants to die?

But I should be grateful.

I knew long ago
that my life could be cut short.

I'm glad I was given a chance
to live this long.

Come on man.

Don't talk like that.

Let's look at it this way.

You with all that information in your head

what is the probability
of a person dying at any age?

Any time?

Even without a disease.

I could drown.

I could get run over.

I could even die in my sleep.

In the end,
we don't have control over death.

I might live longer than either of you.

Nothing's going to happen to you.

You'll get better soon, okay?

- Okay?
- Okay.

Come on. Let's go.

Pol, did you see my keys?

(Migs I thought I told you
to stop looking for a partner for me?)

(Why are you sending me photos? )

(Stop it. I've accepted it.)

(It's just too bad, I ended up liking you.)

(I'm not expecting anything, okay?)

(Just make my mom happy.)


I'll just leave the two of you.

Yes Ma.

Can we talk.

Can't do it at home.
Pol might overhear us.


Is there a problem?

I read the text message Pol sent you.

All this time I didn't know
he felt that way for you.

Why didn't you tell me?

He made me promise not to tell you.

Can you fall in love with my son?


I pity my son, Migoy.

If there's anything Pol hates the most,
it's pitying him.

And you think you know my son.

He has accepted
that I don't have feelings for him.

That you're the one I love.

He's happy for both of us.

And all this time he has been hurting.

He is sick, Migoy.

Are we going to change
what we feel for each other,

just because he's sick?

I love Pol too.

He's my best friend.

All I wish in this world
is for him to get better.

But we don't need to sacrifice
our feelings for each other for his sake.

We need to break up.


Isn't it obvious?

I can't bear hurting my son.

If we're going to break up,
it'll hurt all three of us.

But we have more strength to handle it.

He doesn't.

He's still young.

He can't handle the pain.

What about me?

Don't you feel bad for me?

I'm young too, Claire!

Now you're young too?

I thought you were old enough for this?

Have you ever tried
listening to Pol, Claire?

What do you mean?

You take care of him
but you never listen to him.

And what right do you have
to talk to me this way.

He's more mature than you think.

Sometimes more mature than us.

Let's end this.

Don't set foot in my house.

Who's the childish one now?

I've made my decision.

Do you need anything else?

Sleep early alright?

Mom, I'm not an invalid.

Sorry my son.


Has Migoy messaged you?

He's not answering my calls.


I thought you said no secrets?

I won't be seeing him.


Did he do anything wrong?


Don't you love him anymore?

I do.


I read the text message you sent him.

I broke up with him.

Do you know what hurts me, Mom?

You hurt me.

You always treat me like I'm still a child.

You never listen to me when I tell you

that I can take care of myself.

You have to give me that respect, Mom.

Give me that at least.

That I'm no longer a child.

That I'm responsible.

Whatever I'm going through,

whatever problems I have,

I can handle it.

Can't you give me that?

What's keeping you awake?


Your Papa and I have been fighting a lot.

I understand, Ma.

At first, I was annoyed by it.

But lately I realized
that all that fighting

is just a part of your relationship.

That's part of how you love each other.

That's why I shouldn't judge you.

You have your own world

where you've decided
what kind of relationship you want.


You're right, you know.

I can't live without your fool of a father.

I'm sure he feels the same way.


It's Pol.


What about Pol?

He's sick.

Claire has stopped seeing me.









I'm sorry for what happened last night.

I know I overdid taking care of you.

No, Mom.

I should apologize

because I overreacted.

It's right for you to take care of me

and I should take care of you.


Can you please bring Migoy back?

I feel bad for him.

Yes, my son.




It's not true that I sacrificed
everything for you.

When I was pregnant with you

and your Dad left us,

I tried to abort you.

The abortion failed.

You survived.

You were a miracle.

You are a miracle.

Since then.

I blamed myself.

That maybe the reason
why your heart is weak

is because of me.

Because I tried to kill you.

So when your Dad came back,

I was consumed by my guilt.

I was never a good wife.

I was very selfish.

It's hard to admit one's faults.

And I have a lot of faults.


Mommy, you're not at fault.

















The fainting spell

is an indication that

his condition is getting worse.

Even the specialist in Singapore said

that they can't do anything about it.

How is he?

Better now.

He was probably tired
so I told him to go to bed early.

I missed you.

Love you.

I love you too.

I can hear you both.

Jim, Pol wants to talk to you.

Hi Dad.

Long time no see.

Hi Pol.

How are you Dad?

Pol I want to say I'm sorry

for all the years we never saw each other.

Thanks Dad.

You didn't use to have that accent.

Your siblings are coming in a bit.

Do you want to meet them?

Yes Dad.

You know, you look a lot like my youngest.


Son, how are you?

How are you feeling?

Well, Dad, I've been managing.

Don't lose hope, okay?

We'll fight it.

I have a request.

What is it?

I once told Pol not to
be afraid to experiment...

to fall in love...

to have sex.

He told me his first sex

should be with someone he loves.


While there's still time,

while his illness hasn't worsened,

I hope at least once

you can give that to him.

I know it's not easy for you to do.

But I hope you can do this for Pol.

He loves you so much.

I just want him to experience
this before he leaves us.

Do you love me?

So much.

I love you so much too.

And we love Pol, don't we?

Does he know about this?

Have you told him?

Not yet.

But if he says yes, will you do it?


It's not going to hurt me.

Nobody would get hurt.

Why would you think something like that?

What did Migoy say?

He said yes.

You don't need to pity me.

We aren't pitying you.

We just want to show you
how much we love you.

Through sex?

Why not?

I just want you to experience everything

that will make you happy.

I just want to give you
everything that I can.


you have given me everything.

It's not enough.

It's not enough.

Give me this.

Do this for me okay?

Do this for me.

This will make me happy.


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

I just want to pay for
the room reservation.

Okay ma'am. That will be 3,000 pesos.

I love you.

I love you too.

He didn't spend all of his allowance.

It's all here.

He saved it for you.

So you could rest for a year.

So you could write again.

(May December January)