Maui (2017) - full transcript

A disabled Vietnam vet rediscovers the Hawaiian warrior within to protect his family, defend their land, and clear his father's name.

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"In grade school, we pledged allegiance to
the flag of the United States of America."

"But they never told
us the truth"

"about the overthrow of the
monarchy in 1893."

"Or manifest destiny."

"How they stole the land from
our people."

"My father taught Kuleana

"He also said life prepares
us for death."

"For target practice."

"The mayor has voiced his
opposition to the bombing"

"numerous times over the past two years."


Grandma, it's Nohea.

I'll be home early tonight. Promise.

I'm sorry.

"It's another glorious day in paradise."

"And your tuned in to KMVI,
the voice of the Valley Isle."

"We're really excited to share the brand
new album from the Sons of Hawaii."

"This is Hawaiian music as you've
never heard it before."

"Our ancestors descend
from the war god, Ku"

"A thousand years we
fought and died in Hawaii."

"Not me. Enough already."

"I've had it with this place.
I'm thinking California."

"Maybe Texas."

"Anywhere but here."

Hey brother,
can I bum a ride to Kihei?

- Not going over there.
- What about Paia?

- I ain't your brother.
- Far out...

"My father trained me as..."

"a warrior of light.
The army taught me to kill."

"That's about all I do well."

Good. Yank 'em, boy.

Not in this house.
Clean up this mess.

Nohea, we have visitors,

Auntie Rose and Kimberly.

Grandma, Uncle Bossy told me
that girls only make trouble.

Dad? Can I have your spear?

The Palaoa From your

It's heavy.

It's your Kuleana

Nohea. Protect our family.
Defend this land.

We don't wish to interrupt.

Family is always welcome.

Excellent. My best student. Nohea,

take your spear and go pick
flowers for Auntie.

What did she say?

She said Malama Pono

Take care and be in balance.

And you?

A hui hou
Until we meet again.

"In celebration of statehood, the
merchants at Kahului shopping center"

"are offering great bargains..."

Careful with the fancy
stick, bwana.

It's my father's spear.

Can see that. Just don't want anyone
getting hurt, a fine day as this.

Kimberly? Mind Nohea, hear?
Don't dirty your dress.

Your mother will
have a fit.

"You guessed it. Only 50 cents!"


"Kim and I used to play together
every single day."

My family's all buried
here. Scary, yeah?

"She used to follow
me wherever I went."

"Drove me up the wall."

Spears are for warriors.
You're not a warrior.

The Palaoa?
It makes you the chief.

You can wear it, but you
have to give it back. Promise?

- Now everybody has to listen to you.
- Everybody?

Yeah. Everybody.

- Let's sing a song.
- Warriors don't sing.

- "Can I be the warrior now?"
- "Please stop talking."

Goodness sakes, woman.

Your wife is waiting, Mr. Coyle.

Kimberly! Please,
call me Victor.

And tell me, how many acres do you
have here, a hundred? More?

We've never counted.

There's never been a
better time to sell.

It's not ours to sell.

But surely, you do
own the property.

No. We take care of the
land, that's all.

Maybe your husband holds
a contradictory view.

- He left a long time ago.
- Where might I find him?

In Honolulu?
Maybe on the Big Island?

Or maybe under
your house.

It's no secret to me what you people do.

If you don't like Hawaiians,
why you live in Hawaii?

What does it matter to
you, Mrs. Kanekoa?

Everything matters, Mr. Coyle.

What did I tell you
about your dress?

Your mother is not
going to be happy.

Will you sing for me?

You have the voice
of an angel.

My angel.

What happened
to your arm?

Did this happen on
the playground?

Sweetheart, you can tell me.

Did Nohea say you
could keep that?

He said "don't tell."

Nohea? Who said don't tell?


When did daddy say this to you?

In the bath tub.

Victor! Excuse me! Your yard
is perfect as always, Vic.

Not as perfect as your
lovely wife, Hensley.

- Tell him.
- What now?

Cane spiders again?

A parade of natives marched
through our yard last night.

Right on through. No regard
for the property line.

We spoke about this. Fishermen
are entitled to coastal access.

These fellas weren't goin' fishin'.

Okay. I'll hire security.
Is that it?

We've been hearing
screams at night.

- A woman.
- Probably the wind. Or a goat.

- Maybe a wild boar
- Show him!

Fresh from our garden.

I've served my country,
Vic, five tours.

And believe you me,
that ain't no pig! Wait a minute.

About them critters. I'll have
an exterminator in next week.

I got more to say to you.


It's not worth it, let it go.

What a day. Going somewhere?

We're taking Oliver for a walk.

No. Rain's blowing in.
She'll catch a cold.

She's already missed
enough school.

We're in for the night,
little lady.

Did you hear about Bill Kanekoa?

What happened?

The word around town
has him missing.

But you and I both
know where he is.

So predictable, Hawaiians.

She won't talk?
Now she won't listen?

You know she's fond of him.

I know she's not alone
in that sentiment.

Is there a reason
supper's not on?

Kim spoke today.

What's it been, two months?

Since you told her not to tell.

Tell what?

You tell me.

That's quite a little
dream you're having.

More like a nightmare.

And you believe her?

You will not shame me.

Kimberly? Kimberly.

Stop. Stop right there. You've
upset mommy with your lies.


Is that what I think it is?

- Nohea let her play with it.
- You spend a lot of time there.

Bill Kanekoa, huh? Fess up.
Did you accommodate him?

- No!
- Did you?





Mr. and Mrs. Coyle?

The nicest couple you
ever wanna meet.

Who's this kid?

That's Nohea. Bill Kanekoa's son.

Why did you bring him here?

I think you might want
to talk to him.

He said the old man went out fishing,
and never came back.

Kind of a smart aleck kid,
I think he hid a something.

Did the neighbors see anything?


So, nobody besides Coyle
saw the suspect.

Just his wife.

- Don't say a word.
- The guy is a school teacher,

- How make sense this?
- I'll tell you what doesn't make any sense.

Building houses on this land.

Old ranch land? What's so
special about this place?

- Everything. Hawaiians believe...
- In superstition? I believe in the facts.

Body goes in the water? What?

From here? Straight to Kaho'olawe

That's if the sharks
don't get them first.

Mr. Coyle, ma'am?
Detective Tulba here to sort things out.

I tried to slow him.
He let me have it.

- Rose got it pretty good, too.
- Your daughter is adopted, right?

My wife, she can't have children.

Why you? Why Kimberly?

Bill Kanekoa was her first grade teacher,
the... the one who got fired...

For teaching the Hawaiian language
to kids. I read that in the newspaper.

She continued with him,
private lessons.

Her culture. Frankly, we felt
sorry for the poor sod.

Does his brother still
work for you?

No. I terminated Bossy last year,

Do you have other enemies?

- I beg your pardon?
- People you crossed.

You're quite sagacious.

- Sagacious?
- You know more than you let on.

I know that you're cozy
with Sheldon Zhang.

Never heard of him.

- What's this?
- Found this out by the cliff.

It's from a Mamo bird.

There's birds everywhere. So what?

The Mamo's extinct.

"After that day, our lives
would never be the same."

"August 21, 1959."

"Slide over, boy."

Slide over.

Are you going to pay?

Tonight. Tell Zhang he'll
have his money tonight.

- When?
- I'll have his money tonight.

I knew your father, boy.

He didn't do it.


San Jose, I've never been.

two hours. It's a new record.

Sorry, boss. I ran out of gas.

Where, at Buzzes?
At the Vineyard Tavern?

Uncle, spot me some bread.

You blew your check already?

- It's Grandma, she's sliding.
- I have my own problems.

I'm serious. We need to put
her in assisted care.

I'm serious, too. The cops are all
over me about that lady in 633.

- What lady?
- Coyle's wife.

- Auntie Rose?
- The cops checked her in.

Something's going down. If you see
anything, call it in. Understand?


- Auntie Rose?
- "Augusto?"

- It's Nohea.
- Who are you?

Nohea Kanekoa. Auntie,
are you okay?


I heard you were here.
Is this a bad time?




- What's that in American?
- Call me Norman.

It's okay. It's just Kaho'olawe.


The Navy uses the island
for target practice.

Our Navy? Since when?

World War II.

Norman, there are two kids in
the pool that don't belong.

- They're not guests?
- No.

Hey! Come on, guys. Out.

Told you.

What happened
to your leg?

I stubbed my toe. Why do you
guys want to come here?

Swim in the stream, it's better.

- It's dry over there!
- What do you mean, dry?

There's no water. Duh!

When you guys are done swimming,

go buy yourself shaved ice.

"Nohea. What's your twenty?"

Checking the perimeter, boss.

"This ain't the Army.
You're not getting paid to screw off."

- "Get back to your station, understand?"
- Roger that.

I said, get back to your station.

- Don't start with me.
- Screw this job. I quit.

Yeah, again!

Hey! Get your brown butts
out of the pool. Come on.

Somebody call the police!


Boss, man down.

It's your turn, cupcake.

I told you I don't talk to cops.

Then pretend he's a bartender.

Come on, boss.
I've been here all day.

- Then another hour's not gonna kill you.
- I'm late for something.

That's the Nohea we know, late.
Expect that from you.

Coyle's the one you should
be talking to.

Victor didn't find the body.
You did.

The cops still think your
dad kidnapped that girl.

Kim. So does that makes
me a suspect?

It's a suicide.
There's no suspects, ding dong

What do you think happened to her?

She probably jumped over the railing
just like that yo-yo a couple of months ago.

No, not Auntie Rose.
What happened to Kimberly, her daughter?

Who cares?
That was a hundred years ago.

- She was like my sister.
- You need to get back on the water,

- start paddling again.
- Paddling Canoe is boring.

Come on, I need you to go talk
to the fuzz. Get them to leave.

You probably shouldn't tell
them that you quit.

Hands up, brother.

- Hold it.
- "Apollo 15 astronauts David Scott..."

- "In local news, Mayor Elmer Cravalho"
- Hey guys! Come on!

- "has joined forces"
- I got your money.

"with the environmental group Life of
the Land to file a federal lawsuit"

"seeking the end of the Navy's use
of Kaho'olawe for target practice."

I don't like any of it.

I don't know why people care so much
about that worthless island.

- To Hawaiians, land is an ancestor.
- What do you want from me?

- You people have no aloha!
- Zhang.

- Coyle. Hey!
- I got the money!

Quiet down over there. Can't you see
we're having a conversation here?

It's not like the tide is rising.
It's going out.

- Someone I know?
- Someone who knows better.

I can get you the money.
Let me make a phone call. Come on!

- What brings you to me?
- Creative financing.

- Another motivated seller?
- Norman Kanekoa.

The teacher's boy?

You know him?

- Gambling is a common disease here.
- Yeah.

His grandmother's dying.
I want to help.

How, by taking her land away?

- By saving them from bankruptcy.
- It wasn't my fault!

You know, your marks on
a cold streak right now.

So we're gonna have to motivate him, okay?

- Appreciate it.
- Whoa! whoa! Yeah.

- So I can count you in?
- I wouldn't be here otherwise.

fish. I hate 'em.
Here, you take it off.

Take care of it, big boy.

By the way, why the urgency?

I'm not liquid for the moment.

It's a quit claim deed. Simple, really.

Yeah! I guess that guy was right.

The tide is rising.

How's that...

that little... pretty little
wife of yours? Rose, is it?

What does Rose
know anyway?

Someone's here to see you, detective.

You know, we're not supposed
to have any contact, Mrs. Coyle.



My daughter's dead, detective.

Your daughter was kidnapped
by the teacher.

You said so yourself.
The FBI is still looking for them.


- There was no kidnapping. We killed her.
- Slow down.

- Victor and... and I.
- Slow down even more!

I was pregnant by Bill Kanekoa.


Sorry. Where is Bill Kanekoa?

I don't know.

Victor knew he was missing
and he lied.

I lied.

Hold up.

My job is easy.
I do drugs, domestics,

and locals who beat
up hippies. Simple.

Except your husband. He's like every
trouble maker on Hawaii Five-O combined.

- Try sharing his bed.
- Why now? After all these years.

He bought a gun, detective.
He's back in business with Zhang.

Sheldon Zhang?
Did you tell anybody? Family?

I don't have any family.

What did you see in that jackass?

A better life.

I'm gonna put you in my protective custody
until all of this is sorted out.

It won't matter. He owns everybody.

Lawyers, politicians, cops.

- Why me, then?
- Because he hates you, detective.

Augusto. So Rose,
how did you kill your daughter?

It's okay. It's just Kaho'olawe.

Who said it was okay?

You know, my wife's out shopping.

Would you like to come in and
have a Mai Tai with me?

- Enjoy the show.
- "Ladies and gentlemen,"

how about a big round of applause
for our hula girl!

Detective Tulba, Chad Blake,
counsel for Mr. Coyle.

- Counselor, Vic...
- What is this about, Detective?

I was just reminiscing...

- about the good old days.
- My wife's gone missing.

Maybe she went walking
down memory lane.

- Quit with your games.
- Simmer down.

My client believes you know
of Mrs. Coyle's whereabouts.

With all due respect, counselor,

your client is a very
dangerous man.

- Where is my wife?
- Safe from you, Coyle.

You have no idea what
we go through.

- She's completely out of her tree.
- From the junk you have her on?

- I'm not her physician.
- She's ready to testify against you.

- Testify to what?
- Everything but Pearl Harbor!

You remember Kimberly?
The teacher didn't kidnap her.

You've been a bad boy, Vic.

Detective, are there specific allegations
you wish to discuss?

Yeah. Ken Gutierrez, Steve Gatti,

Lee Pacheco?
Does that ring a bell? Huh?

Business associates of Mr. Coyle.
Disappeared. Gone.

Detective, is Mrs. Coyle in
police custody officially?

Stay tuned.
A warrant is being drawn up...

for your client's arrest.
Hope you didn't make plans

- for the next 50 years, big boy!
- What's goin' on in here?

I'm about ready to read this brother
his rights, that's what's going on.

Mr. Coyle, Lieutenant McFoler.
Your wife is dead.

She took her own life at a hotel.


I'm gonna need you to go down and
identify the body. My office, now.

"My father taught us that bones
contain the life force,"

"our mana."

"We're careful our enemies don't discover
the location of a grave."

"Only a proper burial releases our
soul, the 'uhane to the afterlife."

"Until a proper burial, the dead
are trapped among the living."

"We point the feet
to the ocean."

"The 'uhane escapes through the toes
to begin one's journey to Po,"

"the next world."

"And now ladies and gentlemen,
from our brothers and sisters"

"all the way from the South Pacific, Tahiti!"

Mrs. Agbuya, if you remember
anything, you call me.

Maybe we could have
dinner or cocktails.

Do you like fondue?

These are the two that found her.

You know Norman. Yoshi, he trims
the hedges she landed in.

Mitchell can take your statement.

Norman, your guess. Cause of death.

Uh, she hit the ground really hard.

Why do you have to be like that?

Where you was just before she...

With me at the pool.

- What about last night?
- Home with my grandma.

- Can she vote for you?
- No, she's... no, she can't.

Kinda funny, yeah? Out of everybody,
Rose Coyle checks out on your shift?

Kinda funny, yeah? Out of all the hotels,
you check her into this one.

- Gotta admit, that's amusing.
- Hilarious. Good one.

You were seen meeting
with Coyle yesterday.

Yahtzee! his wife is dead.

Do you work for him? Side jobs?

He's a friend of the family.

- Yeah, salt of the earth.
- Do I need a lawyer?

We're just talking right here.
So what do you remember...

about your dad and Mrs. Coyle?

He liked her, that's all.

Where is he, Nohea?

He didn't kidnap anybody.

I'd like to believe that. Just
tell me where is Bill Kanekoa?

You promise to leave
my family alone?

Where is he, Nohea?

He went fishing. Never came back.

How about a big round of applause
from Sika, from the island of Samoa!

"We're just hanging loose on KMVI,"

"the voice of the Valley Isle. And
here's one of our favorite songs,"

"going out to Honey Girl
from Chucky Boy."

"Hey, have you ever tried."

"Really reaching out for the other side..."

What the hell?

Where did you swipe that, huh?
The tongue of defiance.

Can't wear a Palaoa
like it's jewelry. Not cool.

You gotta be kidding me.

My dad.

Stay away from me. Okay?

Damn hippie.

"I'm drinking champagne, feeling
no pain 'til early morning..."

Change the song!

Do we have a problem?

Not here. No.

Myra English, local girl. Makawao.

Hey, brother, aloha.

Ain't your brother.

You're late.

Ten minutes. I'll have the bread,
promise. On my father's grave.

Yeah. Wish you reminded
me a little more of him.

"I'm havin' a fling with a pretty young
thing 'til early morning..."

Who's the mountain?

Friend of my dad.

- Same as this morning?
- Yeah.

Nohea's paddling with us tomorrow.

I'll believe that when I see it.

- My leg?
- See what I mean?

We're short a squid still, but we
landed the best captain on island.

- Don't tell me.
- Your Uncle Bossy.

Oh, hell no!

He's the best, and you know it.

Count me out.

- Counting you in, soldier.
- You're pulling rank?

- Damn straight.
- Can we get on with this?

First you tell Coyle to shove it.
Now you're desperate to sell.

The County served us final notice.
Grandma's losing everything.

They will still need a judgment.

She never paid taxes. Ever.
We've got no money.

You do now.
Here's the down.

The agreement was full.

My client had a rough day, as you know.
He needs more time...

- Not my problem.
- Vic will satisfy the lump sum tomorrow.

- Another day won't kill you.
- Don't be so sure.

It's quit claim deed.

There is no warranty of freedom from
encumbrances or other claims.

Pay attention!

You already said,
we walk away clean.

Coyle pays all of the back taxes.

Something like that.
Blows my mind that guy.

His wife plays solitaire and all
he cares about is your land.

Can't figure why she ever married
that soup sandwich to begin with.

- Soup sandwich?
- Here's the poop.

You have power of attorney.
Sign, done deal.

When do we have to move out?

By Monday. Does Bossy know?

I need to tell grandma first. But
she's been out to lunch for weeks.

Second thoughts,
we tear it up right now.

Sign here?

At least pretend to read,
for God's sake.

- I trust you.
- Victor said that, too.

Me? I don't trust anybody
with these deals.

The devil's in the details, brother.

You know that broad?

She's trouble.

She's watching you.
She's kinda hot.

- Yeah, if you like hippie chicks.
- Oh, I do.

Hey! Can I buy you a beer?

You're light.

I'll have the rest tomorrow.

Bet your life. Tomorrow, then.

Who are you?


Of course. Your mom's Rose Coyle.

This is nuts.

You're not Kimberly Coyle.
She disappeared 12 years ago.

The chief carries the flowers.

The warrior protects him.


Where have you been?


No, serious. Where did you live?


Come stay with us at grandma's.

Can you help find my mom?

I'll see what I can do.

Hey. Sorry I'm late. I was just,


this is Kimberly... Coyle.


My cousin, Hoku.


How's grandma?

Slept all day.
I'll bathe her tomorrow.

- I sold the property.
- What about grandma?

There's an open bed
at assisted living.

They can do more for
her than I can.

I don't mind helping.

I know. I appreciate
it. No choice anymore.

Night. Kim.

What happened to your real foot?

Kim, uh,

your mother, Rose,


she's dead.

How... how do you know?

We found her this morning
at the hotel where I work.

I'm sorry.

What happened?

I don't know. I mean I do, but I...

- I don't.
- Was it my dad?

That's my guess.

Man, I love this place.

You're a good haole Blake.

- What is that mean?
- You care about this place.

Our people. Not like Coyle. Pilau.

Is that how you see the world,
in colors?

You know what I mean.

People are people, my point.

Good, and not so good, like Coyle.

- How can you work for him?
- The cost of doing business.

- Keep a secret?
- You're hot for the fox?

The fox is Victor's daughter.

- She just showed up.
- Vic will want to know about this.

- She wants nothing to do with him.
- That's smart.

- How do you know it's her?
- Her pendant? It's a Palaoa.

A whale's tooth carved
into a curled tongue.

My dad gave it to me. I gave
it to her when we were kids.

What is the braided part?

Human hair.


What are you doing?

You look good in those clothes.

Glad they fit you.

How long since you paddled?

- With you.
- I'd like you to join our crew.

- They won't want me.
- I want you.

But I'm a girl!

That'll be our secret.

First thing about the
canoe, be on time.

- Why are you late?
- I had to pick up Yoshi.

- Who are you?
- Kim.

Your grandpa wore one
of those things.

Aren't you the cutest little thing?

All right. Shut your face.

Yoshi understands English.
But doesn't speak a lick.

But he's bitchin' with a shovel.
Yeah guys, follow Yoshi.

Key, is listen to me.

Second key, do what I say. March
to your own beat on the land.

"We're one big drum
on the water."

Canoe is our spear.
Go with the flow, not against it.

Number 5, turn the paddle around.
Same spirit that led

the canoe maker up into the
mountains to find a tree

"is the same spirit that led me to
seven consecutive championships"

between 1961 and 1969.
One hundred push-ups a day,

500 a week, 1000 every two
weeks, 2000 every month.

Twenty- four thousand pumps
of push-ups in this chest.

And when you are with me,
you guys become sharpener

"than you guys have ever been before.
The way stone sharpens stone,"

Kanekoa sharpens you. There we go,
guys. There's Duke Kahanamoku

and then there's Bossy Kanekoa.

Yeah guys, Nice timing.
There you go. Right there.

I thought you said canoe is boring?

It's not. You're right,
uncle. I need it.

They didn't listen
to a word I said.

Lucky nobody got hurt. Yoshi
almost drowned. Right, Yosh?

Brah, did you siphon my gas?

Sorry. I was angry.

Next time, steal from someone else?

You taught me that. I always wanted
to be like you, uncle. Surf, party.

- What do you want?
- My job.

You know how many chances
you wasted. Too many.

- Boss, did you know my mom?
- Split after you popped out. Why?

- I think I might find her.
- Why open that box?

My dad wouldn't talk about her.

Some big secret.

Life is messy. I'll dig around.


Grandma asked about you.
You should go see her.

Tell her she's in my prayers. What
was that the cop said last night

about you and Victor Coyle?

I meant to tell you.
I sold the land.

- To Coyle?
- Yeah.

- About time.
- It was a mistake.

Mistake! We could use that money.

Boss, it's not ours.

You know what I mean. Open our
own hotel. People work for us.

Yoshi, you okay?
Do you want Saimin?

- Sorry for your loss.
- She's in a better place.

I was told Detective Tulba was suspended.
Is that a part of your plan?

More of a happy accident.

Tell me. What do you gain by destroying
Bill Kanekoa's family?

Pardon me?

I've done my homework.
You are playing with fire.

Kanekoa is more treacherous
than you can imagine.

Last I checked he was
a grade school teacher.

He also taught Ku'ialua.
Bone breaking. As a martial art,

Lua transcends
life and death.

You make him out to
be a boogey man.

- He'll turn your actions against you.
- He's dead!

My people do not fund revenge.
You got me flying up here for nothing.

Let's change that, shall we?

Polynesians hauled dogs thousands
of miles across the Pacific. Do you know why?

- They're a delicacy.
- Once on land,

a dog will find water
in one day.

Look right there.
Tell me what you see.

Impossible building

No. Empower your imagination.

Population doubles in 25 years.

Hotels, condos, golf courses
as far as the eye can see.

Mostly in desert conditions.

Only thing they'll need? H2O.

You're saying we control it?

Pipe it all over this rock.

Now what do you see?


Shelly, 50/50.

- Sixty-forty.
- Fifty-fifty.


You know who that is, right?

I don't have his money.

Grandma's dying,

trying to save her land.
That's why I bet.

Sold everything to
Victor Coyle.

Trying to live up to a promise I made
before I was born, my Kuleana.

Never made sense, does now.

So do what you
gotta do.

I don't have
his money.

Don't know if I ever will.

My family? We raised cattle.
Horses, pigs.

What happened?

About 15 years ago, a fast-talking
mucky muck rolled in.

My family was old.
My father died fighting that snake.


My Brother and sister?
They didn't want to get their hands dirty.

Forced a sale.

Maui Palisades.

Now me, boy? I wrangle deadbeats.

Don't make our mistake.

- What choice do we have?
- What would Bill Kanekoa do?

Do me a favor, boy.
When you see the old man,

don't tell him I bugged you.

He's dead.


What's the lesson here?

Do not wear eye-liner.

Never in a canoe. No.

Don't catch waves.

Outta sight. Yosh?

I'll drink to that.


Riding waves is fun.

You and I, we need to talk.

Nohea, what did you learn?

We need to listen to you.

We have a winner.

You okay, Kim?

Kim, where are you going?

I don't need help.

Not on the lawn!

- Beg your pardon?
- Meet Kimberly, your daughter.

- You think that's funny?
- My dad's not a kidnapper.

Yeah. He's a fisherman.

You're gonna tell everybody the
truth, how you pinned it on him.

- I'm gonna do no such thing.
- You ruined our name.

Your concern is misplaced, Norman.

You see, I also know where he is,

and it's illegal to be there,
lest you've forgotten.

"No! Kimberly!"

'Opihi. Portuguese
call 'em Lapas.

Eat 'em alive, right off the rocks.

Awkward, huh?

Better you both
come inside.

Suit yourself.
Norman, you coming?

Take a seat in the living room.


I'm not thirsty.

So what's your ploy?

New information.

Enlighten me.

What you did to your daughter.

Useless talk of the past. You ever stop
to consider what life would be like

without lies and secrets?

This great country was founded upon them.

Serve a purpose.
Make us feel safe, secure.

She's your daughter, man.
Doesn't that mean anything to you?

Your actress out there is no more Kimberly
than Bill Kanekoa is your father.

What does that mean?

You live a lie long enough, Norman,
even the truth can't set you free.

Fine. We'll go to the cops.

Rose went down that path. Whoops!

Count it.

Up yours. Deal's off.

Blinded by bravado. Property taxes

- don't evaporate.
- So we lose our land.

- And I acquire it at auction.
- You'll be in prison.

- Maybe we'll share a cell.
- How's that?

One credible witness to put you at
the scene. That's all it takes.

- Cops know I was there.
- In her room at the time of death?

The question they're
gonna have is motive.

Why would you push my
wife over the edge?

Angry with me,
that's why.

How much does that cost?

Less than you'd imagine. Your skin?

It's like the Massey trial,
same deal, guilty as charged.

And if that were
Kim out there?

How do you think she'd feel
if... if she discovered

you killed her dear mother?

No alternative, Norman.
Take the money.

Solve your problems.

Victor speaking. No.

"Weatherman says it's going to be
another perfect day in paradise"

"with mostly sunny skies and
trade winds"

"at 10 to 15 miles per hour."

Now look, Shelly, be reasonable.

A deal's a deal.

All right. What time?


- How'd it go?
- It went.

Kim saw her in the tavern.

- She saw Auntie Rose.
- But she's dead?

So was Kimberly, until yesterday.

Hello, baby.


Okay, thank you.

Auntie is trapped over here.

- What do you mean, trapped?
- Stuck!

Between here and there.
You folks have to help set her free.

Give her proper burial, you know?

Like you did for your dad.
Like you're going to do for me.

Coyle's planning a service.

Oh, go then. Bring her home.

- Do what?
- She's the love of his life, your dad.

You're not gonna believe
this, but Kim Coyle is...

- I already know.
- How?

Never mind. Too many questions.
Time for action.

We have another problem.
I... the county's...

I sold the land.

- Over my dead body!
- You'll have money.

- Money's not the reason why I'm here.
- Medicine.

Our family has lived
on this land forever.

It's not ours to sell.

We are not going to be
the ones to mess it up.

Grandma... I don't know what else
to do. Maybe Bossy can help?

Oh, no, no. Don't trust him.


if you can make the

you can fix the problem.

Can I get the number for Tulba,

Augusto Tulba.

- I thought you don't talk to cops.
- You're suspended. It was on the radio.

- Victor's bringing charges.
- She was under your protection.

I know some mean-ass people.

Nothing like him. What's
the deal between you two?

I blew it. I sold him our land.

I figured it was something like that.
So many times I tried to nail him.

The guy is frickin' Houdini.

Who's that?

- Meet Kimberly Coyle.
- Huh?

- Kim. She's back.
- For real?

- Why would I make that up?
- Kim Coyle.

- My father didn't kidnap her.
- She told me. I never thought he did.

But after all these years there
was nothing to go on.

- Where was she?
- Kaho'olawe.

That makes perfect sense.
Nobody goes there.

There's no water.
Does Victor know?

- He doesn't believe it's her.
- Probably live longer that way.

Hey, we need your help.

- People die when I help them.
- Do you have a key?

- For here?
- Yeah.

- What are you going to do?
- Relocate her body.

- That's crazy!
- Before Coyle buries her.

- Brah, you're crazy.
- She's family. It's what we do.

First you tell the truth.
Your father, where is he?


- And where are you going to put her mom?
- Next to nowhere.

The way that I figure it, he died

and you buried him when
you were a child.

- I promised not to tell.
- You broke the law.

Times change, Hawaiian. You cannot just
plant bodies anywhere you please.

He never let enemies
find his bones.

Now Coyle's going to own them.
I know that he did all of this.

- I don't know how but...
- What did Mrs. Agbuya say?

The maid. Nothing.

She's afraid of something.
Afraid of somebody. Understand?

I understand.

You never saw me.
I never saw you. You didn't call me.

I didn't see her.

Mrs. Agbuya is here
to see you with her daughter.

Mitchell, what are you doing here?

You should be home
with your family.

McFoler promoted me.
I... I start tomorrow.

- You deserve it.
- The guys are not too happy.

Never mind about them. Do your job,

do you best, detective.

- Mr. Tulba?
- Malaya? Ma'am?

- Mama doesn't speak English.
- That's what they say about me.

She's afraid of losing her job.

That's not going to happen and
we're not sending you back.

Mama saw the man,
but he didn't see her.

He went into her room and
then came right out.

Is this the man?

That's not the man?
Any of these guys?

You sure that's the guy.
All right. You stay right there.

I'm going to get somebody to
take your statement.

One more thing. Mama loves fondue.

Where's Easy Rider?

- Where's my money?
- Shelly, you can't expect me...

There's too many people
asking questions.

And there's no relief
from Detective Tulba.

Maybe we should relieve
him of life.

Negative. In contrast to
your irresponsibility,

there are codes.

Zhang, we're gonna own the water.

- You got water on your brain.
- We break ground on Monday.

We? This pains me.

No. Pain makes a very
different sound.

Bite your tongue or lose it.

Shelly, how long have
we been friends?

We've never been friends. Never.

There are lines in the islands.

Lines responsible men do not cross.

- Shelly...
- Don't Shelly me.

My money. And you leave
that kid alone.

Oh, it's my favorite part right

"Find my way back home."

I asked Bossy to visit.

He's angry because
I put you in charge.

Bad temper, that boy.

I have your cash in the house.

I don't want Coyle's money.

Sorry. I didn't know what to do.

That's all right.
It's not over yet.

You'll think of something. Okay?

I wish dad were here.

He wasn't always what you remember.

He had to learn,
just like you, now.

Where's grandpa?


I wanna be next
to him.


Why did my mom leave us?

Raising a family is not easy,

it's hard.

You two will find out someday.

- Grandma?
- Yes?

Is my dad really my dad?

- What do you mean?
- Victor Coyle said he wasn't.

Words are his weapon, that guy.

Is Bill Kanekoa my father?
For real?

Am I even Hawaiian?

It depends what you feel inside.

Police are on the phone.

Uncle Bossy's in jail.

Did you give a statement?

"I don't talk to cops."

"We were at the pool, together."

Why are you protecting Coyle?

"He'll have me out in
a couple of days."

Yeah, no doubt.

We're moving grandma today.

"You know,
it's her fault. All of this."

How is that?

"She should have sold
a long time ago."

She didn't want to.

- "It doesn't matter what she wants."
- It's all that matters.

What do you think my father would say?

"Listen to you."

"All high and mighty."

Auntie Rose... Boss, why?

- "That chick was blowing our deal."
- Unreal.

"I've been broke all my life.
Enough already!"

"All the Haoles getting rich.
It's our turn."

- Money's not everything.
- "It is when you don't have any!"

Uncle! It's not ours to sell.

"It will be when she's dead."

Not done with


You asked about
your mother.

I know where she is.


We'll go see her, me and you.
The three of us together again.


I'm your father, Nohea.

Hear what I said?
I'm your dad.

"No you're not."

"My father is only a kidnapper."

My brother may have raised you,

but you're my seed.

"Anything else?"

Coyle was right.

You can't be trusted.
The Army screwed your head!

You think Victor is going to
let any of us off the hook?

Malama Pono


"We've got Surfer Steve standing by to
give you today's surf report"

"in just a few minutes.
But first, here's the song"

"that's climbing up the charts all
over Hawaii,"

"about divine advice given to a rich man."

"Kanaka Waiwai."

- I saw Bossy.
- Did you get your answer?

More than one.

Why didn't you tell
me I'm Bossy's son?

It's wasn't my responsibility.

Love you, grandma.

love you.

I'm proud of
both of you.


Give him my aloha.

I'm surprised your father's not here.

When the bulldozers arrive, I'm sure
he'll turn up. Alongside my wife.

My family is not leaving.
Not today. Not ever.

Perhaps you're new to property law.

Mr. Blake?

- Second thoughts, Mr. Kanekoa?
- The land is not ours to sell.

Native law of the land differs
from modern laws of the people.

- Isn't that right, Mr. Coyle?
- That's right.

Welcome to the future, Norman.

Interesting to note,
Mr. Kanekoa,

on page 37 the seller makes no warranty
of freedom from encumbrances

or other claims, and hereby... Mr. Kanekoa,
I gather your outlook has shifted?

- 180 degrees.
- And hereby reserves the right...

in his sole discretion to rescind
acceptance of this conveyance,

by this very day.

I've been party to
enough travesties.

I will see you lose your
goddamn license.

Fair trade for my soul.
The kid fought for our flag, Vic.

You oughtta respect that.

Coyle. I thought I'd find you here.

My son's Gong Gong went
missing last night.

- Wonder if you've seen him?
- Gong Gong?

Grandpa Zhang.

- Grandpa?
- My wife's father.

Never mind, it's not your problem.
Your problem is

the suspect confessed to
the murder of Rose Coyle.

- How is that my problem?
- He fingered you specifically.

- He's lying.
- I'll tell you what, make you a deal.

You turn yourself in, and I will make
sure the guards don't rape you.

- Your weapon.
- I don't carry a weapon.

Give up already, nobody's is going
to wave their magic wand for you.

- Shut up!
- If you're going to shoot, shoot!

- You shot me!
- You told me to.

You! Pick up
the money and get in the car.

If you care about Kimberly,
keep your distance.

Think I'm playing games?

I'll show you.

What are you doing?

Isn't this what you want?

Keep your hands off of me.
Stop that! Stop!


"Kuleana is not a burden."

"It's a privilege."

"Like raising a child of
your own or of another."

"As we honor those
who came before"

"and make the world a better
place for those who follow."

"Our family points the
feet to the ocean."

"The 'uhane escapes through the toes"

"and follows the light of
the setting sun"

"on a march to Leina the leaping
spot on the cliff."

"To begin one's journey to Po,
the next world."

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