Mary Queen of Scots (2018) - full transcript

Mary Stuart's attempt to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England, finds her condemned to years of imprisonment before facing execution. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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Yah! Push!


Come on!

You must be tired.

I am quite well.

A supper has been prepared.

We can have it brought up
to your chambers if you like.

Yes. Thank you.

How long are you staying?

At Holyrood?

In Scotland.

Are you already planning
my departure?

Of course not.

We've long awaited your return.

Kate will show you
to your chambers.

This way, madam.

Lord Bothwell,

do you intend to stay as well?

I swore an oath to the queen's
mother to protect her.

Well, she is
well protected here.

I'll uphold my oath,
just the same.

And what reward
does your loyalty command?

I'm driven by duty.
Not ambition.

Madam, your cousin
has returned from France.

Her protector is Lord Bothwell,
an able soldier.

So, she comes ready for war.

She may well depart
once married,

but I cannot profess
to know her purpose.

What says her brother?

Moray is only
her half brother, madam.

I believe his allegiance
is fully with us.

What proof?

He pledges to protect the
Protestant Church from Mary.

And yet he has no power
to make such a pledge

- if he is no longer regent.
- The nobles respect him.

But can he control her?

If she is anything
like our queen,

then she does not yield
to a bridle.

So says our Master of the Horse.

By "bridal,"
do you speak of matrimony?

You may tell Scotland

that we wish to love
the Stuarts as our kin.

But they must love us
in return.

Madam, if I may speak?

While she is on this island,

she must bow to you,
not to Rome.

Our Catholics must know
that a papist

will never again sit
on the English throne.

What would you suggest?

Kill her hope,
and hopeless, she may return

to the comfort
of the continent.


Bravo, monsieur.

Is your hand
as good as your French?

My hand, madam?

We are two sisters
bound by womanhood.

Two princes on the same island.

Ruling side by side,

we must do so in harmony.

And not through a treaty

drafted by men
lesser than ourselves.

I wish us to make a treaty
of two queens.

I would acknowledge
your rightful place

on the English throne were you
to name me your successor.

I hope we might meet in person,

that I might embrace you...

...and we might resolve
our destinies.

What do you see, Bess?


Fair, if the painter
does not lie.




She would have no trouble
securing a husband,

even without her throne.

Nor would you, madam.

Forgive me.

Elizabeth will not
accept my hand in marriage.

You cannot be certain.

I know,
because I know her heart.

The moment I betray it with
ambition, I lose her heart.

Would you rather
she lose her crown?

You exaggerate.

How much blood has been spilled
in Rome's name?

If a Catholic queen
bears a child before our own,

have no doubt
blood will spill again.

Muster your courage.

Save us from her reticence.

She will not produce a child
because her council

fears the Queen of Scots.


Nor will she marry.

She suspects all suitors
of wanting her throne.

- She will not have me.
- Nor would I

have a commoner be king
were we not in need of an heir.

I have her trust;
you have her affections.

- You can succeed where I c...
- Good morning, William.




Would you?

That's William Maitland
of Lethington.

Secretary of State.

John Knox, Church of Scotland.

Uh... loose string, ah?

Let us begin.

- Lord Lennox.
- My Lord.

I would ask our mistress

to beseech Queen Mary
that I be allowed

- to return to Scotland so...
- This is not the place.

It would be wise to have
a Catholic servant there.

- My influence...
- It is your influence

which emboldened papists here!

You humiliate yourself, Father.

But your queen is
in Scotland now.

When my beloved Fran├žois
passed to God,

I could have married
any number of suitors.

Portugal, Denmark, Sweden.

I declined them all.

Just as I would not have

a political marriage
imposed upon me...

I will not impose an uncertain
fate upon my subjects.

They remain free to worship
however they so choose,

Catholic or Protestant.

Pastor, you look displeased
with our tolerance.

Any realm that is ruled by the
Pope is not tolerant, madam.

It is enslaved.

Stand when I address you.

There is one true God,

and therefore
one true religion.

Such rhetoric incites revolt.

If a prince strays
from God's will,

it is not in doubt
that they may be resisted.

And in your case...

as with all women,

their sight is but blindness,

their strength weakness,

her counsel foolishness,

her judgment frenzy.

Are we to abide
a papist and a woman both?

Well, then I perceive that
my subjects shall obey you

and not me.

May I sit, madam?


You may remove yourself
from this council and my court.

My council is among
the faithful disciples I serve.

We have as little need
of this court as it has of us.

I pray for your soul, madam.

I beg you to reconsider.
He has the trust of the people.

Did I not give deference
to his faith?

Yes, but...
we must be delicate.

Allegiance does not happen
by proclamation.

Where is his delicacy?

That he should speak
to a monarch so?

Would he challenge
Elizabeth thus?

With what cause? He would
welcome a Protestant queen.

Which is precisely why we must
not push him into her arms.

Show him love.

You are wise, brother.

There are times for wisdom,
and there are times for love,

but there are also times
for strength.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Your queen asks for approval,

but how am I to grant her wish
when she offers no suitors?

She would prefer
an English nobleman.

And a Protestant.

If it pleases Your Grace.

As long as what pleases me
pleases Elizabeth.

Perhaps I should wed you.

Then I would have
my English nobleman.

I do not think God wills it.

If it be God's will
for Mary to marry,

then Mary will marry,
and only who God intends

for Mary to marry.

I pray he wills
Elizabeth marry, too.

No, no, no.

No, no, no. Oh!

You share good company.

Maitland dotes
on Mistress Fleming.

The only difference being
that he does not have a wife

as you do.

We have a scourge
upon our land.

'Tis worse than pestilence
and famine.

'Tis a woman with a crown.

Who only pretends
to worship Christ,

when in truth
she kneels before the Pope.

We do not take instruction
from Rome.

We resist those who would
tempt us with indulgences,

deny those who worship luxury,

respect not those
who flaunt their excesses

and whore themselves to wealth
and the degradations

of the flesh.



Just be wary of these men.

Their love is not the same
as their respect.

Might I ask...

since we've not
known it ourselves...

what is it like?

To have a man?


I have only lain with Fran├žois.

He shook terribly from fright.

The poor boy did his best.

But it was over
before it began.

So y-you never...

No. We tried but once.

Beauty's fading flower

Grows ever fresh with her in heavenly wise

Suffice that Love
hath built his bower

- Between my lady's lively shining eyes.
- Mm.

I cannot, Robert.

You know that.

I should like to marry again,

to know how it feels
to have a man fully.

But not if I am owned.

You're early.

Mary will seek
a marriage that strengthens

her claim to your throne

and makes
her children Catholics.

What sayest our ambassador?

She feigns disinterest, madam,

and informs me that the matter
of choice in marriage

is perhaps a matter
best left to God.

She is formidable, madam.

We should marry her
to someone loyal to our queen,

someone you control.

Do not ask this of me.

If you wed her, she is ours.

And what of us?

What "us"?

You, Elizabeth...

and I, your Robert.

Marry the beautiful
Queen of Scots,

and we can control her.

With Mary,
you, too, become a prince.

If I am noble enough
for one queen,

I am noble enough for another.


England is not Scotland.

We would delight in holding

our sister's hand in ours.

Let us settle
on a meeting place

before the summer
brings discomfort.

Let our nations
cherish each other,

as we would.

Two kingdoms united.

Meanwhile, accept this portrait

as a sign of gratitude
for yours.

And please accept this suitor,
who presents

both his love and mine...

the Earl of Leicester...

...Lord Robert Dudley.

Do you think it might stand
with my honor

to marry my sister's subject?

It is true that an earl
is not a prince.

Surely there can be
no greater honor

than to match yourself
with a nobleman

by whom you inherit
such a kingdom as England.

I have such inheritance
by blood,

regardless of who I marry
or do not marry.


We must discuss succession
before marriage,

not the other way around.

We hope we
do not vex thee, Earl.

Not in the least, madam.
I appreciate your honesty.

We see why our cousin
is so fond of the earl.

I shall respect
Elizabeth's crown

as soon as she names me
its successor.

Uh, madam, my queen will not...

If she has any concerns
about this proposal,

she may express them
to me directly.

Plans proceed for us to meet next month.

Aye, madam, in York.

We shall accomplish far more
without envoys between us.

How like is it
unto your mistress' face?

Halt! Halt!

Why can't she meet me in York?

Could her council
not wait till her return?

Their business
was urgent, madam.

The Huguenots sent an envoy.

And she receives them?

England wishes
no more bloodshed.

Being from France yourself,
you must understand.

You may tell my sister
that we pray for swift peace,

that we may meet soon.

I will tell her at once.

Stay with us the night
at Holyrood.

I'm certain Mistress Beaton
would welcome your company.

Thank you, madam.

She hides behind her council.

You do not think she postpones?

I don't think she intends
to meet until you recognize

her legitimacy.

A false promise, then.

Retaliation, perhaps,
for refusing the treaty.

For refusing Dudley.

This is a matter of the heart,
not the state.

They don't mix well.

Wouldn't you say,
Mistress Fleming?

I'm afraid I don't understand.

Your mistress mocks
our affections.

Not so.

They sometimes have value.

It's late.

I must attend to my mistress.


Don't attend. Don't attend.

Think of your wife.


Nothing we spoke of.

Of course not.

The pox, madame.

There is no envoy.

She has the pox.

How grave?

Quite grave.

Go rouse my brother.

Dress me.

Do you think me sinful?

He has his plan.

It will please you to know
that I have warmed

to the prospect
of wedding Lord Dudley.

We shall do so
upon one condition:

While we wish you
a long and healthy life

and that no injury
or illness befall you,

we shall only do you the favor

of betrothing
your special friend,

Lord Robert Dudley...

...once you name us heir.

She knows.

My "special friend."

She wants him.
She wants him for her.

My Robert.

My crown!


Get out! Out! Out! Quickly out!

Out, out! Out now!

Out, out, out, out, out!

- Out! Out!
- Out!

Get out!

- Robert.
- Out!

Out, out! Get out!

- Look away! Look away!
- Out! Out!

Get out! Out!

Look away! Out!

Out! Out!


I am yours.

Forever yours.

But how... I to refuse her
what I myself suggested?


You look exquisite,

Is it a sin that I feel more
a sister to you than a brother?

Forgive me.

I-I forget myself
in your company.

Be whoever you wish with us.

You make for a lovely sister.



We have visi...

We have visitors.

They are Stuarts?

I shall talk.
You say nothing.

- What, not even to...
- Silence.

The fourth Earl of Lennox.

His son, Henry, Lord Darnley.

Forgive me.

I do not know
my queen's visage.

Let me, Father.

I give you verse.

Unsheathing my quick wit

to see who among you
it quickens.



should I fail
to choose correctly,

'tis my soul
that shall be sickened.

For shame.

Returning to our native land,

only to be deprived
of kissing... queen's...



Elizabeth was kind enough

to grant us passage, so...

here we're free to worship
as we choose.

I doubt it's faith
that brings you.

Rather the lands
your father seeks,

or even the throne.

The throne?

Why leave Elizabeth's court

if not to regain
your influence here?

And by laying suit to me,
does not the House of Lennox

lay suit to all of Scotland?

I amuse you?


Madam, you must
not be Elizabeth.

How so?

Well, the woman lives
in fright.

She's always
suspecting intrigue,

- always fearing revolt.
- Her fears are wise.

We both have nobles
who would have us deposed.

Have I vexed you?

You dare touch a sovereign
without her permission?

I can speak for neither
my father nor Elizabeth,

only for myself.


speaking for myself...

you have a loyal subject
in your Henry

who would rather worship
at your feet

than at a Catholic Mass.

I shall just keep walking
with you until you object.

You remain?

The queen scarcely knows
Your Grace.

But... I shall play

and hear nothing.

We cannot.

We won't.

This is not that.

I promise.

Have faith in me.

Do you need to...?


No, don't worry about me.

Without a treaty signed, this
union strengthens her claim.

You need not to condescend.
We are well informed!

Forgive us. We merely seek
to protect your crown.

You cannot wed him, madam.

I do not wed him blindly.

He has promised no ambition.

He understands
he will only be your consort,

a husband to a queen,
not a king in his own right?

- He does.
- I find it difficult to believe

that any man
would settle for as much.

Two Catholics wed?

Two Stuarts, madam?

He has a claim of his own,
even without betrothal.

Together, they make a union

- of two claims.
- She has chosen an Englishman,

as I asked.

What recourse do I have?

Implore her
to marry Lord Dudley.

I will not offer my lord if it
means naming her successor.

She will not accept him

Then let her refuse him.

On succession, I agree.

But Darnley imperils us more.

Dudley is her puppet.

He offers no advantage.

Unless she promises
to make you heir.

Where is this promise?

He would provoke revolt
amongst our nobles.

Do you command
so little respect

you could not discourage them?

We must not delay.

You must forbid this marriage.

- Is that the top?
- Aye.

And no subject
should ride before his queen.

Would he?

How it must feel,

ruling all that you see.

- I am but its servant.
- Ah.

Are you prepared to be
its servant?

It is right for the man
to ask, eh?

Then ask.


before God,
before all of Scotland,

- before all the world...
- Yes?'ll be my queen?


And I your king?


And your master?

My husband.

England does not
consider Lord Darnley

a suitable husband.

He and his father

are English subjects, madam.

If my queen orders
their return, they must.

She asked that I marry
an English nobleman,

and now she deprives me.

Her wish is that you not marry
this particular nobleman.

You may tell your mistress
I shall do so,

with or without her blessing.


before you act rashly,
please consider...

It is enough my own lords treat
me as though I'm but a girl.

I will not be treated
as such by Elizabeth.

I will be the woman she is not.

I shall produce an heir,
unlike her barren self.

Prepare the ambassador's horse.

Reckless child!
I have worked too long

and too hard,
with too much bloodshed,

to secure peace in our land!

Do not let your
cursed passion rule you!

'Tis your voice raised, sir.

And you would lower it
in my presence.

If my counsel

no longer has value,
then I am obliged

to withdraw from court.

If you must.

You have neither
husband nor children,

and you approach an age
whereupon you cannot bear them.

You must confront
the truth, madam,

displeasing as it may be.

I have confronted this truth.

You understand that I cannot.

Will not.

And do I understand?

No more than I understand God.

It is my choice.

God would have a woman
be a wife and a mother.

So you defy his will?


I choose to be a man.

And marriage is dangerous.

Such a man as I might marry,

finding himself disappointed...

He would conspire.

No prince's revenues
be so great

that they satisfy
the insatiable ambition of men.

- This I understand.
- Which is why

you are the closest thing
I shall ever have

to a wife.

I shan't mention your proposal to Lord Dudley.

This world is a brutal place.

We men must be wiser,
mustn't we?

Tell me what to do.

We must make civil war
in Scotland.

You would have me depose
a sister monarch?

It is either civil war there
or civil war here.

I want to know nothing of it.

The arrangements
shall be mine alone.

By the pleasure
and will of God,

we proclaim complete
the bond of marriage

between our sovereign,
Mary Queen of Scotland,

and the noble Prince Henry,
Lord Darnley.

The authority of women,

which I call not true authority

but carnal bondage,

bringeth forth monsters.

By their crimes,

realms and nations
which used to live free

are brought into bondage
against the will of God!

Their cankered consciences
must be called to account.

We must take up arms
with our defender Lord Moray.

We must make civil war
with this false queen!

We must make plain war against

all false professors
of Christ's holy gospel!



Ah. Ah. Ah. Oh, no.

What will you do now?

Bravo, Rizzio!

Where do I sit?
Where do I sit?

Where do... Ah.

Rise and prepare yourself.

Elizabeth has funded
a rebellion.

He is in your care.

Dress yourself.

- Please! Please!
- Go!

No! No!

A word.

Let him approach.

That I betrayed you this way,

I have no excuse.

And I beg...

- I beg that...
- Stand.

You have not betrayed
your nature.

I cannot fault you

for succumbing
to his charms as I did.

But we must be
more careful now.

Moray is marching southwest,
towards Dumfries.

The English can easily
supply them there.

If we make good time,
we'll cut them off

before they reach the gates.

Why give chase?
Let them come to us.

What would you have us do?

If we lose sight,
they can flank us.

I want to flank them first.

There's a bridge they
must use to cross Annan.

We can ambush them there.

Give the order.


I was speaking to you.

Yes, I heard.

Are you afraid, Henry?


Good. Because our swords
are not just for show.

Whence come you?

The Highlands, madam.

These two are from Inverness,
and I'm from Thurso.


- No, madam.
- And you?

He doesn't know Scots,
madam, only Gaelic.

Tell him I'm grateful
for his service.

He says he's proud
to serve his queen,

and to give his life
if he must.

Tell him, if any of us
should die today,

we all go to the same Heaven.

Walk like men, not boys!

March on! Good trail there!

With your feet like that,
march on!

No, you're too slow.

This is too slow!


Hyah! Hyah!

Stand aside to let my men pass.

I charge thee, give way.

Drive them back.

Form up! Form up!

Man the guns!

Man the guns! Stand and fight!

Hyah! Hyah!

- You summoned?
- How much have you had?

I'm celebrating
our victory, my love.

What are you doing?


- Close your eyes.
- I...

You're almost there.

No, I can't.

I can't.
I've had too much to drink.

- Mar...
- Think of Rizzio.

Yes, yes.

That's it. That's it.

Yeah? That's it.


Pray for me.

He'll make a fine stallion.

If you have wondered

where your queen was
these past few months,

now there are no secrets.

The whisperings can end.

Spring comes bearing fruit.

My husband and I give thanks.

With Heaven's blessing,
we bring another Stuart

into this world,

heir to Scotland

and to England.

Heir to England?

She speaks for herself.

Do her councillors fail
to advise her?

Oh, we advise her
endlessly, sir.

Not that she heeds it.

You must do better.

Well, better than
your own queen's counsel?

How did the world come to this?

Wise men servicing
the whims of women?


And that man's power dies with
the birth of his grandchild.

It is a clear provocation.

She knew well
Lord Randolph would report.

And what would you have us do?

Go to war
over some reckless words?

Not us. Her brother.

He hopes to raise
a second army.

- If we were to assist him...
- As we did his first?

I shall not fail you twice.

Madam, we cannot let her name
your successor.

She has no right.

When I am dead and you are dead
and she is dead,

it matters not what names
we did or did not say.

The world will decide
for itself.

Now is not the time to soften.

It's a fine day, isn't it?

I shall see you inside.


Oh. Look.

He likes it, too.


Mary's power grows
with her pregnancy.

Your letter said
you had a proposal.

Once Mary bears a child...

Darnley will never be king.

There is no need for your son.

An infant cannot
grant you pardon.

It is right that you
should return from exile.

And it is right
my son should be king,

and we can rule through him

if we weaken Mary's power.

Mary, we must speak.

Can you open the door?

- Mary?
- Let him in.

Open the door so we can speak!


Mary, open the...

What are you doing here?

Come, Henry.

You would have David here
and bar your own husband?

When I am anointed king,

you will afford me
the respect of a wife.

After all,
that is what you promised.

Would you have his father
be nothing but a consort?

We know not if it's a he.

I am more than a sire
to a mare, Mary.

Please, I am tired.

Do you love me?

Do you love me?

You've given me an heir
to two thrones.

That matters more than love.

The queen is servant of Satan.

She is a fornicator

with a monstrous lust.

This pleasuring woman
is not fit to rule us.

Would we kneel before a polecat

who has bedded an Italian?

David Rizzio.

A Catholic who never leaves
her bed chamber!

How do we know her child
is not a bastard?

David Rizzio.

He is an impediment
to your rightful place as king.


We speak of Rizzio's
relations with your wife.

With Mary?

You're mistaken.

Does he not spend
more time with the queen

than Your Grace?

Why else would she make
a common minstrel

- her private secretary?
- No, it cannot be.

And what matter if it be true?

- Because I'm not a cuckold.
- Would you rather

the honest truth be told?

That you are a sodomite?

We must erase your sins.

And either you are
the adulterer, or it is she.

The other lords have signed.


Ah! You have been saving that.

You! Come with me, sir!

You dare charge
into my chamber unannounced?

- David Rizzio!
- David.

I am with child!

- No! No!
- Take her.

All that is done
is in Lord Darnley's name.

- Henry.
- Let go! No!

Get off!

- What have you done?
- It is done.

Look at me. Look at me.

It is done, Mary. Do not interfere.

No! No!



- Enough!
- No! No!

Stand aside.


Come on, Mary!



Please, no. Please don't.

Please don't. Please don't.

- William!
- Do not interfere.

No! - No!



You must make the final blow.

I can't.

Go on.

No. No.



He beguiled us, Mary.

Both of us.

He brought us dishonor.

Did he not?

You are trying to usurp
my crown.

Have I not brought you a child?

One minute makes not a man.

Beg forgiveness...

for your insult.

- Beg forgiveness now.
- I shall not.

Bothwell has escaped.

This is your fault.

All of this, this chaos.

It's your fault.

You swore obedience
to me, Mary,

on the day of our marriage.

You swore obedience to me!

I am king!

You are a traitor.

As are you.

And until I am killed,
and forever after,

God will see you as such.

You will not be killed, madam.

Let us go.
We have much business.

Lord Moray will arrive soon.

My brother conspired?

Your brother returns
to assist your husband.

I want a drink.

Am I to be
imprisoned here alone,

or may I have the company
of my gentlewomen?

You may not, madam.

You are to remain
in this chamber.

Then at least
let my husband remain.

Or would you have
a drunkard for a king?

Come, Henry.

I do not feel well.

They forced me
into the room, Mary.

I swear.

And I didn't know that...

Not until they arrived.
I promise.

Maitland is very persuasive.


My brother even more so.


They will take your crown
as well as mine.

We should leave here.

It's best.

For all three of us.


It is important
that the people do not accuse

those who participated
as traitors.

They must be pardoned
so there's no doubt

of their loyalty to the crown.

When she pardons
all involved, you may go.

Am I to be told
what I may and may not do?

And by who? Hmm?

A mere lord
and a bastard half brother?

Am I not the king
to whom you promised fealty

before you carried out
your violence?

Let me remind you
that this king shall go

where he pleases with his wife
when it pleases him.

The Queen.

What is this?

The queen's army.

Your chambers are ready.

Do not make them use force.

They have at least 500.

More are on the way.

Then we shall raise
our own army.

There is no appetite for war.

Then let us stir an appetite.

When last we raised an army,

it was but half the size
of hers with England's help.

Without England,
we will be crushed.

She has outmaneuvered us.

My husband claims
he knew nothing of your plot

- until the day itself.
- That's not true.

He signed a bond
with his own hand.

If you wish it destroyed,

Not destroyed.

We shall sign this pardon

as soon as you produce
the bond.

Aye, madam.

The flowers are all
of one color.

Poppies are red.

I know of no other color

In the light, they are
many colors... red and others.

Nature is more subtle.

The council is met.

There is news from Scotland.

What do you think?


The flowers not too plain?

The news is urgent.

What news do I want
from Scotland?


Go conspire among yourselves.

Very well.

Burn it.

I shall begin again.

Burn it, I say!

You visited Mother and me here

before we left for France.
You remember?

Those were tumultuous times.

It was here in this glen
you lifted me high

when I said I wished
to be a bird.

If you say so.

I understand why you
wouldn't remember

a trifling thing like that.

Of what consequence are
the fancies of a little girl?

Not all little girls
are born to be queens.

I should like you
to hold my child up one day.

Make him fly as you made me.

He will be born a prince,

and one day, king.

I want him to love his uncle

and to be born
into a peaceful land.

- I wish the same.
- Then will you love your sister

as you would love her child?

For she still loves you.

And if it is a son,
she will call him James,

for both his grandfather
and his uncle.

I do not deserve your kind...

- James.
- ...your kindness.

My dearest cousin Elizabeth,

we have had our differences,

and what sorrow
it has brought my heart.

But before I bring a child
into this world,

I wish to reconcile.

I would our child
have two mothers.

"A mother who bears him...

"...and you,
his chosen godmother.

No child would be
more blessed."

I am told the labor was long.

But only with suffering
do we know joy.

What greater joy than to have
a son to call your own.

Humbly do I accept your
invitation to be his godmother,

as I might share
in your happiness.

What is more, we should return
to the issue of inheritance,

now that a new generation
is upon us.

Your terms are most agreeable.

It is only right that your heir
succeed you if you marry

and bear children of your own.

And should you not,
it is my son's great honor

to rule
by your sublime example.

If you grant her succession,

we are rewarding
her disobedience.

What disobedience?

She is not our subject.

And yet you would make us hers.

What have you produced

in all your travels
between our kingdoms?




And now you have the boldness
to doubt my judgment?

You had better question yours.

I regret that you
perceive me as a failure.

We serve you fully,

with all our hearts.

Any one of us
would gladly die for you,

but Mary is our foe
and a Catholic.

She is only your queen if
I should not produce an heir.

And will you, madam?

For you have given us
little hope so far.

Despite your every effort,
she has prevailed.

She has proven herself,

in fact, far more capable
than my own privy council!

Should I die before my time,

we could do worse than to place
her on the throne of England.

Is this not your name?

- It's forged.
- Henry...

- I swear, this is an outrage.
- It's your hand.

You must believe me.

Am I not to see my own son?

I'm not to see him?

He's not to know his father?

For your child's sake,

be contented
with a pardon and your life.

We have procured
a house for you.

We are to live apart.

Bothwell will see you there.

You're moving.


- You must divorce him, madam.
- It is forbidden.

Not in the Church of Scotland.

He is the father of my child.

I will not do him
such an indignity.

- Darnley is cursed.
- He is harmless.

Not so.

He's still plotting
to take your crown.

My men heard him.
He spoke of regicide.

You have commanded armies
against armies.

Now you fear a single man?

- I did not claim to fear him.
- Then why advocate divorce?

My oath is to defend
your safety.

So you do fear him.

Just as you vowed
to protect me,

I vowed loyalty to my husband.

Any man who marries me
will try to make himself king.

I owe him
neither comfort nor title,

but I will not become
a lady Henry VIII,

dispensing with husbands
as he did wives.

Ow. Damn.


My lord,

you argued well in council.

May we borrow your wisdom
for a moment?

The queen should not cast aside
your protection.


It's Lord Darnley.

Attempt on his life.

Is he dead?

I'll take you to my estate.

It's not safe for you here.

James should stay
with one of your ladies

for his safety.

It's okay.

As soon as the women
are loaded, get us moved.

Come on!

- It's okay.
- Madam.

Madam, we have to go.

Mama! Mama!

Mama! Mama!

Mama! Mama!



Mama! Mama...


No need.

May we speak in private?

What brings you?

Parliament will ratify
a proclamation

demanding you wed
a Scottish subject,

now that you're widowed.

It has only been a day.

They meet tomorrow.

It's your council's advice
that you should marry me.

What have you done?


Did I not come to your aid
when your lords rebelled?

Did I not? I was loyal!


Refuse, and I will not come
to your aid

when they rebel again.



Undress your lady.

She has consented
to be my wife.

A whore of Babylon

who defies the sanctity
of marriage.

What's worse,

she has broken
the most solemn commandment:

Thou shalt not kill.

She had her husband murdered

so that she could wed
his rival.

Would we worship
a murderous harlot?

Queen Strumpet marries
another man

whom she bedded out of wedlock.

Our kingdom has become
a disgrace,

to God and all the world!

Death to the whore!

Death to the whore!
Death to the whore!

Death to the whore!

Death to the whore!
Death to the whore!

Death to the whore!

Death to the whore!
Death to the whore!

Death to the whore!

Death to the whore!
Death to the whore!

Death to the whore!
Death to the whore...

You promised I would be king.

If your betrothed
does abdicate,

you are abdicated also.

This was your intention.

Events have overtaken
all intentions.



Events? Aye.

Events by your design,
is that not true?

Speak, damn you.

Be men and own your treachery.

Did you not deceive me?

As they have done their queen
since the day she returned.

Were you fool enough
to trust these men?

Who took up arms against you?

You must abdicate, madam.

When your son comes of age,
he'll assume the throne.

Until then,
my lord will be regent.

- Brother.
- We found Mistress Seton.

The boy is now
in our custody at Holyrood.

You hold my son prisoner?

Not prisoner.

He-he's my ward
until he is old enough...

Your namesake, James.

Named for you.

If you wish him
to be king one day,

you must abdicate.

- I will not do it.
- You will, madam.

By force, if we must.

I shall meet force with force.

People believe you are
a traitor and a whore.

What army can defeat

an entire nation
turned against its queen?

They would sooner parade
your head on a pike

than bow before a harlot.

I for one would gladly
hold high that pike.

Well, he is right.
You cannot raise an army.

Many times you have said
I cannot do what I have done.

Then we are finished here.

This is beyond my control.

I ask you to reconsider.

All I have done is try
to unify this land.

I know.

To relinquish the crown
would be against God's will.

Oh, God will not protect you.

I will protect you, as my kin.

I wish that we were kin.

But we are no longer so.

I would.

Are we to do nothing
as my sister is deposed?

She's not your sister.

Nor can she be your successor.

Not a woman whose own subjects
call her a harlot.

This is Cecil speaking.

I speak for myself.

Though all your council agrees.

How cruel men are.

England does not look
so different from Scotland.

Aye. They are sisters.


Come away.

I rode ahead.

She'll be here soon.

Remain here.

Your Majesty.



Are you well?

Your voice is not
what I expected.

What did you expect of it?

I do not know.

How I long to see your face.

No one can know we meet.

Yes, I have been instructed.

If you speak of it to anyone,
I shall deny.

And I will regard
your words as treason.

Am I your subject now?


You are not my subject.

But you do seek my help.

I am grateful
for your protection.

I'm pleased to grant it.

How did it come to this?

May I see you, sister?

My eyes are weary from travel.

I should have stayed true
to your love.

I should have followed
your example and never married.

Then you would have no son.

Whose mother is
without a crown,

whose own throne is usurped
by his uncle.

You must have faith.

Your brother
will keep his word.

I have no faith in him.

I have only faith in you.

You would let them
show the world

that a queen
can so easily be forsworn?

Answer me, sister.

To war with Scotland

and betray my own clergy
on a Catholic's behalf,

no, I cannot.

You know I cannot.

Did you come so far
at such great risk

only to refuse me?

I came...

I came because...

If you refuse me an army,
say it to my face.

Do not force me to beg
to your back.

I will kneel
before you if I must.

It would make no difference.

You are safe here in England.

That's all I can offer.

I have been abandoned
by so many.

I am utterly alone.

As am I.


Then be my sister.

Be my boy's godmother.

Together we could conquer
all of those who doubt us.

Do not play into their hands.

Our enmity is precisely
what they hope for.

I know your heart
has more within it

than the men who counsel you.

I am more man than woman now.

The throne has made me so.

But I have no enmity with you.

Except to seed rebellion

and to deceive me
time and time again?

If you still seek
my protection,

you would do well
to watch your words.

I will not be scolded
by my inferior.

Your inferior?

I am a Stuart...

which gives me greater claim
to England than you possess.

I had this made...

because I wanted to present
the best version of myself.

I was jealous.

Your beauty.

Your bravery.

Your motherhood.

You seem to surpass me
in every way.

But now I see there is
no cause for envy.

Your gifts...

are your downfall.

What now, sister?

You will still have
my protection,

under my terms.

Until you have me killed?

I will do no such thing.

Wouldn't you?

As Henry killed your mother?

I am not my father.

But you share his blood.

As long as you
do not provoke my enemies,

you have nothing to fear.

Your fate rests
in your own hands.

If I seek to help your enemies,

'tis only because you
pushed me to their arms.

And should you murder me...

remember you murder
your sister.

And you murder your queen.

Take her somewhere
you can guard her well.

It's time.


evidence has been
presented to me,

written in your hand.

It shows that
you have conspired

with Catholic forces
against my life.

Whether these letters
are in your hand or not,

I must act.

I wish I could speak
these words to you directly,

but they exist only in my mind,

as both a prayer and a penance.

I hope that God will hear them.

Believe me when I tell you
how it ages me

to bear such a burden,

ordering to death
the only other woman

who knows what it means to rule
as a queen in this land.

You were right when we spoke
a half lifetime ago.

You said the day would come.

And that day has come.

I regret not doing then
what I do now,

so that I could have
spared you so many years

of imprisonment and misery.

If you would lay eyes
upon me now,

you would not recognize me.

I have relinquished
all sense of self

to the throne which rules
my every word and action.

But when I think of you,
I see not an aged woman,

but rather the young,
resplendent queen

whose portrait
I first gazed upon

five and 20 years ago,

and whose beauty shone
so brightly when we met,

despite her despair.

I know God's arms will
accept you in that likeness,

as the young, fierce queen

who I have always
loved and admired.

May your soul
have pity on mine.

Your Grace.

Your Grace.

By order of our sovereign

...Queen of England,
Wales and Ireland;

Overlord of Scotland;

certified by her privy council
and Parliament...

Mary Stuart
is condemned to death...

...this day, February the 8th,

the year of our Lord 1587.

She thinks herself a martyr.


my only son...

I pray that with your life

you will succeed
where I could not,

and for which
I am about to give my life.

In my end is my beginning.

I shall be watching you
from Heaven...

as your crown one day
unites two kingdoms.

And we shall have peace.

Subtitles by explosiveskull