Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts (2019) - full transcript

Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts follows fan-favorite Ghost-Spider teaming-up with the Secret Warriors to bring down the villains Sheath and Exile for good. Can team leader Quake convince Ghost-Spider to join the team for good?

[motorcycle revving]

- [yelps]

[punchy music]

♪ ♪

- Miss me?

I know you're a villain,
but I feel like we bonded and--

- [frustrated grunt]
[car honks]

- Guess not.

- ♪ Be your superhero ♪

♪ Shine in different ways ♪

- Run all you want, Sheath.

After what you did to Kevin,

I'd chase you
to Canada and back.

- ♪ Hear you all around ♪

♪ Don't need to fit
into the crowd ♪

[phone rings]

- Dad?

[tires screeching]



[sirens wailing faintly]

[sighs] Sorry, Dad.
I-I just can't.

Not now.

Practice too?

- Aww, no.
[door bell jingles]

Do you have any idea
what organic jelly costs?

Ghost Spider?
You took that poor kid's life.

Don't come near me.
No, wait, stay there.

The cops said there's
a reward for you,

- Of course there is.

It doesn't matter that
I'm innocent and

right in the middle of
chasing the actual criminal.

- Hey, wait!
My reward!

[soft suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

[music escalates]

- You should've
kept running, Sheath.

- [laughs]

I don't need to anymore.

Exile here's agreed
to help me get rid of you

once and for all.

- Exile?
[laughs] Really?

- Laugh while you can,
"Ghost Spider."

You don't have long.

[bright tone, whooshing]

- Huh? You?

both: You!
- You.

- You!
- You?

- You?
- Hey, you!

[upbeat rock music]

♪ ♪

[tense music]

- Guys, get Exile.

- [grunts]

[suspenseful music]

- Sheath's mine.

- No way, Ghost Spider.

- Patriot, no--stop.

Exile's the one who helped
the Kree abduct people

and my phone says
he's still here.

He's the mission, not her.

Everyone else,
get your game faces on.

Fan out.
Find him.

- [sighs]

♪ ♪

[phone rings]

- What's with
the new entourage?

I thought you said you were
SHIELD forever, Daisy.

- I go by Quake now,

and I'm still helping
stop guys like Exile.

I just do it secretly.

- You know, it's funny.

The main thing about secrets

is usually not telling
people about them.

- Secret or not,

this chase has lost
its charm for me.

Is this how you
catch up so quick?

♪ ♪

- [yells]
- [grunts]

- [hollers]

- And that's why I work alone.

- [groans]
Exile, help!

I need--

[dramatic musical sting]

Get us out of here.

- Only 'cause
you asked so nicely.

- Shut up and go.

- Are you okay, GS?

Ghost Spider!
- [grunts] Get off!

You and that teleporter
just cost me Sheath.

- Don't worry,
we can track Exile--

except he took my phone.

- Exile's got your
tracking program...

- Don't worry.

Once I re-download it and tweak
the program to respond faster,

we'll be able to
track him again.

My program picks up
Exile's energy signature

when he teleports.

If you want Sheath,
we're your best bet.

- You want her to join us?
She's a criminal.

- No, Sheath framed her.
I've seen the proof.

- Well, I haven't,
which is surprising

because I thought
we were partners.

Even if she isn't guilty,
she's a loose cannon.

- I do not need
your judgment, okay?

And I don't need anyone's help.

- Uhh...

Okay, did she
smell like donuts,

or do I just
really want a donut?

- [chitters]

- Mission debrief in five.

- Or post-fight
nut bars right now!

- Whoa, no way, nut bars?
- They're the best.

- I haven't had those
since I was a kid.

- [chittering]
[indistinct chatter]

- [sighs]

- Hey, come join us.
It'll be fun.

- [scoffs]
I'm not here to have fun.

We're supposed to be training

to be the best heroes
we can be,

not acting like rookies

who can't even coordinate
a basic attack.

I'm trying to be professional,
even if no one else here is.

[device chirps]

[rock music playing]

♪ ♪

[mic feedback]

[intense drumming]
- Gwen?


- What?
[drumsticks clatter]

- I know you've been at your
grandma's for a few weeks,

but that drum line doesn't
go with any of our songs.

Get with the group!
- This group?

Maybe this group should
get with me because--

- You know,
I'm not feeling well.

Bad burrito.
Can we end here for today?

- Fine.

- Ugh, thanks for the
intervention, Gloria.

MJ is just
impossible sometimes.

- No, Gwen.
You're impossible.

What's going on?

You haven't been
to class in ages,

and your dad keeps calling
asking where you are.

I know how much you've been
hurting since you lost Kevin.

He was my friend too,

but I can't keep
covering for you.

- No, you have to.

Look, I'm sorry that he called.

I can't explain everything
that's happening, Glory,

but it's for Kevin and I can't
go home until it's done.

- Then get it done.
I can't live like this.

Gwen, where are you going?

- To finish things.

- Hi, cadets.
Captain America here.

There are the five steps
to the perfect Bolly kick.


It's just that easy.

- Easy?
It's hopeless.

- When was your last day off?
- [yelps]

Justice doesn't take a day off.

- Oh, that motto is hardcore,

but it's a terrible
way to live.

Listen, Patriot,
what you said yesterday,

about people not being
their best selves...

- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean you.

- You shouldn't
have meant any of us!

We may do things differently,

but there's lots of ways
to be awesome.

- No, there aren't.

There's working hard
and following the rules,

and then there's failure.

That's it.

- Really, 'cause my way
is relax and go with the flow.

Also, I can do this.


So, what do you think?

Care to learn the wisdom
of squirrel fu?

- Fine,
but don't call it that ever.

[mellow music]

- Where are we going?
- We'll be back before lunch.

- That's not a real answer.

[upbeat music]

- Yeah!

- I'm not feeling very relaxed.

- Yeah, I noticed.

Stop trying to plan
for everything.

Just breathe.

You don't need a perfectly
smooth ride.

You just need to hang on.

- [grunts softly]

- [yelping]

[grunts, groans]

- Looking good...mostly.

[upbeat game music]

♪ ♪

- [grunting]

You're not really fighting.
You're just bouncing around.

- Ooh, look at me.

- Ugh, I hate this.

- I waited,
I saw how you fought,

then I won.

That, my friend, is strategy.

- You must be Rayshaun.
It's about time you stopped by.

I was beginning to think
the Secret Warriors

were a little too secret.

[laughs] Get it?
All right, now.

Later, gator!

- You told your dad about us?
- Duh.

Where was I supposed
to say I was?

- Boarding school, like me.

- Well then,
where do your parents

send your homemade nut bars?

- I'm allergic to nuts.

- What?

That's--oh, that's so sad.

- It's not sad.
It's just different.

- See?
Now you're getting it.

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Huh?
Why is that...

Oh, no!

[alarms blaring]
- Intruder alert.

- Webs!

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

- We heard the intruder alert.

What's--wait, where are we?

- A restricted area.

Only Captain Marvel should
have access and she's not here.

- Why can't I get access?
I compute.

- SG, focus.
We have an intruder.

We need to organize
a search party.

- Or you could take a breath.

I have access too,
and I was here late

updating Exile's
tracking program.

I'm sorry.
I must have left the door open.

- Uh, yeah.
We'll go with that.

- [groans] But since the alert
triggers automatic lockdown,

I can't even open
the operating system.

- It's gonna take hours
to reboot.

- I know. I know.
I messed up.

But next time,
ask before you panic.

"By the book"
isn't always the best way.

Just go train.

Leave finding Exile to me.

- Exile, stop.

If you can't help me get rid
of that spider freak,

teleport me out of here.

- You wanna run?

You're gonna need
to help me first.

Inhumans deserve
to control this world.

I'm gonna complete
Hala's mission

and build the army
that ensures we do.

- Hala?
Hala's gone.

- I know.
I was there.

But her ship had tech
that could find Inhumans

and Quake's tracking program
taps directly

into SHIELD's
satellite network.

If we merge them,

we can find every Inhuman
on the planet.

If you wanna run after that,
good riddance,

but I saved you
back in that warehouse.

You owe me.
- [sighs]

Do you know where this tech is?

- After the humans yanked
Hala's ship from the water,

Tony Stark grabbed anything
in reach and stashed it away

right in there.

- Go, America, Taffy.

[upbeat music]

SG, Flying Squirrel.
- [hollers]

- Ms. Marvel, Boomerang.

♪ ♪

- Boomerang? Now?

- No, wait!

[all grunt]

You forgot step 37.

The Million-Fisted Hurricane's
an advanced move.

You can't just skip a step.

- If it's so advanced,

we're not gonna get it
on the first try.

- This isn't the first try.
It's the fifth.


Let's just get through it again
and focus on number 37.

- Oh, good job.

- [sighs]
Okay, I can do this.

Just get past
the lockout first.

It's not like
it can take forever.


- SG, Flying Squirrel.

- Scanning for Exile.

- Ms. Marvel, Boomerang.



- Guys, I found Exile and--
- [groans]

- what are you doing?

- The Million-Fisted Hurricane.

[all groaning]

- I can't feel my legs.

[alarms blaring]
- Intruder alert.

Intruder alert.

- Daisy, consider this
me checking in.

Is that somehow you?

- No.

- No, no, no, no.
Turn off.


[alarms blaring]

- There's no one here.

- Maybe not,

but I definitely plugged
my phone in before I left.

[mysterious music]

♪ ♪

- Hey, SG.

- What's wrong with your ne--


[playful music]

- [chitters]
- [grunts]

Back off, Tiny Terror!


I hate you, squirrel!
You better run.

- Ghost Spider?
Why are you here?

- [sighs]
I needed your program,

but I saw all of your drama
through the vents.

That's something I don't need.

- We're going after Exile and
Sheath is probably with him.

You wanna waste time swinging
across town, that's fine,

but if you want justice,
we are how you get it.

- Look like we're teammies.

- Yeah, not even close.

- To the individuals inside,
come out with your hands up.

- [grunts, groans]

- So, the knuckle-draggers
found us...[laughs]

I'm not leaving until
I find the sensor core

from Hala's ship.

Are you gonna
fight or cower?

- [grunts]


- After you, fearless leader.

[ominous music]


- [roars]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Fall back, Lockjaw.
I've got this.

- Ms. Marvel,
wait for the team!

- Embiggen!

[both grunt]

- Sheath's mine.

- The Ghost Spider?

- Captain Stacy, no.
Get your people back.

- Agent Johnson,
what are you doing with her?

Who are these kids?
- It's complicated, Captain,

and I'd love to go through
it all, but right now,

I need you to get back.

- You're not the
law here, Johnson,

so you put your hands up
right now and explain why

you're gallivanting around
with a known criminal,

or I'm putting you all
under arrest.


- No!

- Cool.
- You bet.

Watch this...

♪ ♪

- [roars]

- Ghost Spider,
I need your help.

We have to keep the cops
on the other side

and you're the most
agile person we've got.

- You cannot
ask me that, Daisy,

not after everything.

Sheath is here.
- I know.

But if she hurt Kevin,
she can hurt them too.

I swear to you, we won't
stop until you get her,

but this is where we need you.

- [grunts]
- Okay.

[gritty rock music]

♪ ♪

[both grunt]

- [yelps]

Get away from her, Exile.

Face me!

- Face you?

I'll crush you--what?


- [grunts]

Sorry to steal
your thunder, Inferno,

but this jerk's mine.


♪ ♪

- ♪ It's your last try ♪

- [grunts]

♪ ♪

- Patriot, toss me your shield!

[both grunt]

♪ ♪

- [hollers]
- [grunts]

- Oh, feels like at the park.

Double-M, look out!

- [grunts]

- Squirrel Girl!

[both groan]

- Squash them.
I'll handle the cops.

- No!
Quake, she's escaping.

- On it.

- [grunts]

You wanna save humans?
Save him.

[dramatic music]

- No!


- Ghost Spider, why?

- I couldn't save Kevin,
but I can save you.

- Hiding won't help!

- He's right.

I really wish we knew that
Million-Fisted Hurricane.

- You and me both.

If we'd only worked harder--or,

we can do this, Doreen.

We can do the Hurricane.
- Are you nuts?

- Trust me.

- You wanna go first, Patriot?

I promise to
make your end quick.

- You're the one
that's over, Exile.

We've got an ultimate
finisher just for you.

Hey, Secret Warriors!

Look, I know
I'm not the best teammate,

but you're the best team.

Have faith in yourselves.

We can do this.

Million-Fisted Hurricane!

Go, America!
- [hollers]

- Inferno!

Mr. Marvel, Boomerang.

- ♪ Crawling through the dark,
screaming no surrender ♪

- SG, Flying Squirrel.

- ♪ Fire in our hearts
when we come together ♪

♪ Scaling through
the heights ♪

♪ No-oh ♪

- You know,
I'm glad it ended this way--

just you and me.

- And us.

[both grunt]

- ♪ When you need somebody,
I will be somebody ♪

♪ Be somebody ♪

♪ Side by side,
you got me anytime ♪

- This isn't fair!
- I know.

It's better.

- [yelps]


- I'm sorry, Ghost Spider.

We almost lost her.

- Maybe, but if I hadn't
listened to you,

all of you,
I could've lost a lot more.

- Are you really so happy
I lived, Ghost Spider?

It doesn't change
anything between us.

You can't bribe me,
even by saving my life.

- Sorry, Captain,
but you're wrong.

Sheath here attacked Kevin.

If you examine his wounds
against her powers,

I'm sure you'll see it.

You've been after the
wrong woman this whole time.

- No.
No, you ran.

You've assaulted my officers.

- And she saved your life.

Isn't that worth
anything, Captain?

[soft dramatic music]

- Officers,
take these two into custody.

Get out of here
before I change my mind.

- Lockjaw, we're ready.

- This makes us even,
Ghost Spider,

but it doesn't make this over.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- I can't believe we finally
put that creep behind bars.

- And it's all
thanks to you, Patriot.

You did it!

- We did it together.

- But how did you know
we'd finally figure out

the Hurricane?

- I didn't, but I figured
you're all pretty awesome,

and if it failed,
we'd end up in a heap

with Exile on the bottom.

Not exactly
a SHIELD-approved tactic,

but like you said,

sometimes you just
need to go with the flow.

- I didn't mean for you
to risk your life on it--

wait, no, all our lives on it!

That's it!

Million-Fisted Hurricane
is off-limits.

It's way too dangerous,
and also, if I do it again,

I'm definitely gonna
dislocate my tail.

- [laughs]
Okay, fine.

Who's up for a debrief?

- [groans]
- [groans]

- Or a snack?

- Do you have
anything to hydrate?

- Yeah, absolutely!
Give me a snack.

[gentle music]

- You coming, Ghostie?
- That's okay.

Sheath's caught,

but Stacy's not
gonna stop chasing me.

- Maybe, but you're not
by yourself anymore,

not if you don't want to be.

I was alone for
a long time too,

but letting people in,
even if they aren't perfect--

it's made me better.

Do you need to be alone,

or have you just been alone
so long you're used to it?

- Yeah, 'cause
I'm so great with people.

I push away my friends.
I can't go home.

You don't want me.

- Chattering chestnuts!

Just shake hands already!

- [chuckles]

But I think I've got something
a little better than nut bars.

- Oh?

Vegan donuts!

- [chitters]

- The best vegan donuts on the

Heard what you did fighting
those crazies, kiddo.

I was wrong about you.

- Thank you,

and I was wrong
about these donuts.

You live, you learn.

- Hey, speaking of living,

I'm happy to have you
on the team,

but you know you still
have to go home, right?

You have to face your dad.

- My dad may be a little
easier on Ghost Spider,

but Gwen hasn't
been home in a while.

He's not gonna
forgive me for that.

- Gwen, parents don't call kids
every day for weeks

just to yell at them.

If I'm wrong, we'll hang up.

I'll be right here.

[line ringing]

- Hi.

[upbeat rock music]

♪ ♪