Maruthi Nagar Police Station (2023) - full transcript

Revolve around four close friends seeking revenge for the murder of their friend - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Chennai - January 27th 2023 - 10.30 PM

Yeah, tell me.

Jai, where are you?

I called you a couple of times.
You didn't pick up.

Got held up at the office.

Had to stay late for work.

I'm going home now.

Did you eat?
- Yeah. You?

Not yet, I have to.

It'll be ready at home.

Okay, are we going for
that drive this weekend,

or are you gonna make up excuses?
- Help!

Someone help!
- Jai.

- Hey.

Hold up, I'll call you back.


Keep quiet! Shut up!

Shut up! Don't shout!
- Please let go off me!

Let go off me!

Brother, please!
- Are you gonna stay put or not?

I want to go home! Let go off me.

I'm scared!

Let go off me!
- Hey, shut up!

Brother, let go off me!

Let go off me.
- Stay put.

Let go off me!

Hey, go bring the ropes.

Let go!

Let go off me!

Hey, stop! Stop!
- Sir.

- What happened?

Hey, careful.
- Sir.

Hey, what happened?
Who are you?

Why are you so tensed?

Calm down. Calm down.

Want to drink some water?
- No, sir.

Sir, I was on my way home from work.

I got a call, so I stopped the bike

..near cotton factory & was on the phone.

There was an ambulance there.

There were 4-5 people
carrying away a girl, Sir.

I feel there's something
wrong happening there, Sir.

So, I came down to inform you guys.

Oh, alright.

Damn, the driver just
went out to eat now..

Fine, let's go in your bike.
- Come, Sir.

Let's go check.

- Hello, didn't you say you'd call back?

Are you busy?
- It's not that Archana

- Sir

Hang up.

I'll call you back.
- Tell them you'll talk later.

- Let's go.


Right here, sir.
- Oh, here?

Yes Sir!

Hey, that girl's intact right?

Yes, brother.
- Are our men there?

They are.

See, Sir! It's them.
- Don't torture her too much.

Hey you guys, take good care.
- Their place has to become ours. Got it?

You're right.

There's something wrong here.
- Yes, Sir.

Let's go in and check.

Okay, Sir.

Come, Sir.

Greetings, Sir!

Open the gate.


Open the gate!


Turn off the lights.
Turn it off.

You stay here & keep watch.

I'll go check it out.
- Sir?

Sir, I'll come too.
- No

It's safer for you here.

Hey, Seenu!

Ask our men to be alert.

Hands up.

Everyone stay right where you are.

If anyone moves,

...I'll shoot him.

So...'re the gang leader?

Hey, what's to look there?

Are you the gang leader?

Tell me.


You're a great actor.

Like you aren't.

I was afraid for a minute there,
-Yes, brother.

...wondering if he turned a good cop

Why make such an
entrance at this time?

I'll tell you.

Hey, Seenu.

Come here.


Got any brains?
Got any brains?

How many times have I told you?

That you've to keep an eye out
everywhere when you're working.

Some upstanding idiot on the
road saw everything happening here,

& came to the police
station to report it.

Thankfully, it was my station.

Or else?

Don't stare, moron!

Go get him. He's over there...

Hey, he was right over there.
Go, go search for him!

Go! Go get him!
- Guys, move!

Hey, stop there!

- Catch him, guys!

We won't let you get away!

Get him! Get him!
Don't let go!

Hey, stop!

Hey, stop!

Once I get my hands on you,'re dead.

Where's he?
-Where'd he go?

I can't find him boss.

Hey, look around!

Hey, search guys!

Go there!

Hey, he's over here!

Come on, guys!

Hey, stop!
-We've got him!

Hey, stop!

Don't let him get away!
Go! Go! Go!

You're trapped now!
- Come!

Surround him!
Surround him all over!

January 28th 2023
8.00 AM

Since when did you say
your daughter is missing?


Tell me.

Madam is here to see you.

Ask her to wait for 5 minutes, I'll call.
-Okay, sir.

Go on.

She left for school yesterday morning.
Hasn't been home since.

When asked at the school, they say she
left after class yesterday evening.

She didn't go to the tuition.

I inquired with all her friends.

They say they saw her at school last.

Her phone's switched off.

She always informs if
she's gonna be home late.

But, yesterday she didn't.

Any lover or boyfriend?
- No sir.

No sir.
-She isn't like that.

You say you're daughter's been
missing since yesterday evening.

You're filing a complaint now.


Do you doubt anyone?

Yes sir.


A thug called Naga.

Who? Pallavaram 'Potlam' Naga?

Yes, sir.

He's been asking us to sell our
property for over 2-3 months.

We said that we're not interested.

He threatened us saying he'll make us sell.

What if...

Don't take me wrong.

I've a daughter too.

Your assets will keep coming and going.

But children?

That Pallavaram Naga,

isn't a small time thug.


Okay, meet the writer and
give a detailed complaint.

I'll do what I can.

Okay, sir.


Cut the call and handle this case.
- Okay sir.

Go, give this to him.

Okay Sir.
-Go, be brave.

Madam, come.


Your daughter's missing.

Can I expect meat?

So I'm eating Upma I made.

I hear you placed a complaint
at the police station.

And you mentioned doubting me.

You did right?

Why do you want to put
yourself through all that?

Did I ask for that property
at an unfair price?

I asked for the market price, right?

Pour water.

I've washed off my hands

Are you gonna wash off that
property or your daughter?

Take the call.

We'll register over the property sir.

This is what responsible parents
of a daughter seem like.

Don't worry.

Your daughter's safe.

Like the apple in your fridge.

Two Months Later
March 27th 2023
5.00 PM

Mail the case files to me & Sir.

What're you staring at?
-Okay Madam.

When did I stare?

Buzz off.

Look, mind your language.

What're you going to do about it?

Don't create problems.
- Seems like there's an issue, come.

Yes madam.

Hey, who's creating problems?

Looks, don't lay your hands on me.

Mind it!
- You mind it!

Hello! Why are you
fighting in a public place?

Madam, it was him
- He was the one who's creating problems.

Madam, he's the one creating problems here.
- Who do you think...

Ask him to take his hands off me.
-Hey! -Madam!

Don't touch me.
-Take him away.

Mind your business.
-Thinks he can touch cops.

I'll break your face
- Hey, move along!

-Hey, come!

Sir, let me go.
- How dare you touch a cop? Go!



You piece of...
-Don't raise your hands!

Put him in the cell.
-Okay madam.

Once you step out...
- Make him sit on the bench.

Okay madam.


Once sir is back,
inform him & file an FIR on both.

Okay madam.


Get in!

Sit down.

Maruthi Nagar Police Station.




How many days since I
asked to repair this phone?

Can't get it done?

I'll do it tomorrow madam!

It's been 2 months since
I came to this station.

You've been saying
the same since then.

I'm not someone who speaks
one thing a day, madam.


I said I'll do it tomorrow, madam.

Do something.
Like repeating the same things.

- Yeah?

Did you notice something?
- What?

We complain when the Phone is damaged.

But has the phone ever
complained it has been damaged?

What a mystery!

Shut up and work.

Needless annoyance.
- Cool. Cool. Cool.

Chill bro.

Don't test my patience.

Come on.


I want to file a complaint, Sir.

What happened?

Near the water tank bus
stop, I lost my wallet.

Do you want to report that it's lost?

Or that someone stole it?

That someone stole it, Sir.

Because you can't
complain that it's lost.

You can maybe grumble that it's lost.

What was in your wallet?

My Debit Card, License,
& Rs.8000/- in cash, Sir.


Go to madam.

Okay, thank you Sir.

Raj, get that file.

Madam...My wallet...I...
-I got that.

Go sit on the bench.
He'll call.


Isn't this the file
for court tomorrow?

Here, just check it once.


Note down any corrections.
- Okay.

Sir, I want to file a complaint.

Hmm, tell me.

My dog's been lost since
the afternoon, Sir.


A. Ramesh.

Not yours.

The dog's.

Sir, the dog's name is A.Ramesh.

Your name?
-Suresh, Sir.

You don't have an initial?


Okay, go to Madam.

Okay, Sir.

Madam, my dog...
- I got it.

Sit there.
-Okay, Madam.

Ask Madam to check.

Excuse me.
- Huh?

Not there. That bench.
- Okay, Madam.


Did you notice something?
- What?

When the dog is lost,
the owner comes & complains.

If the owner is lost, has any dog
ever come to complain about it?

What a mystery!

I'll repeat.

Shut up and work!

Don't test my patience.

Will someone lose their
patience over such things?

Chill bro.
Come on.

Madam, tomorrow's court files.
Please check.

Okay, Madam.

Make the entry.

'Dog'...You, & 'Wallet'.
All 3 come here.

Sit. Take this stool.
- Okay, Sir.

Tell me, Ramesh.

Ramesh is my dog's name, Sir.

My name's Suresh.

Oh, is that so?

Explain in detail, Suresh.

What happened to Ramesh?

Sir, I'm a Software Engineer.

Usually, I tie up Ramesh in the backyard.

Today was Work from home.

I tied it up in the main gate,
because it was barking endlessly.

When I went to give the afternoon meal,
Ramesh was missing along with the chain.

Metal Chain?

- Metal Chain, right?

Yes, Sir.

Got a passport size picture?

Passport size...

Hey, oldie.
Are you mad?

Ask for a picture.
Not a passport picture.

Correct. Correct.

Yeah, got a picture?

Sir, mine or Ramesh's?

Are you missing or your dog's missing?

Dog...Sorry Sir, it's Ramesh, Sir.

Give Ramesh's photo.


Yeah, nice.

Pin it with the complaint.

Okay, Sir.
- Here


I asked you to
write a complaint.

You're thinking as if
you're gonna pen a poem.

You write one too.

- Sir, pen.

Thank you, Sir.


Why are your hands shivering?

Are you one of those who
starts shivering at dusk?

No, Sir.
First time at a Police Station.

So, I'm a bit nervous.

You haven't killed someone
& come to the Police Station, right?

No, Sir!
No, Sir!

Write the complaint soon
& go sit on the bench.

Okay, Sir.


Okay, go sit.

- Excuse me, sit here for a minute.

Filed the complaint?

Yes, madam.

I'll get you the acknowledgment
once the inspector is here.

You can wait there.
- Okay, madam.

Hey, nagger.

What's it, Raj?
- Be clear when you talk.

The Corona virus took away so many
good ones from our department.

Exempting people like you.


What a mystery!


Save the Station from this man.

Chill bro.
Come on.

Here, Sir.

Alright, go sit on the bench.

Here, Sir.

- What?

What does this photo
remind you off?



Please shut up and work.

Don't annoy me.

Chill bro.
Come on.

Go sit on the bench.
-Okay, Sir.

Two Months Ago.
January 27th 2023
11.00 PM

Yeah, tell me.

Jai, where are you?

I called you a couple of times.
You didn't pick up.

Got held up at the office.

Had to stay late for work.

I'm going home now.

Did you eat?
- Yeah. You?

Not yet, I have to.

It'll be ready at home.

Okay, are we going for
that drive this weekend,

or are you gonna make up excuses?



Hold up, I'll call you back.

- Hello, didn't you say you'd call back?

Are you busy?

It's not that Archana.


Hang up.

I'll call you back.
- Tell them you'll talk later.

Let's go.


Did you listen to
the voice note?

Yeah, we did.

It isn't clear.

He's whispered because
there's someone close.

He's in panic.

He hasn't reached home yet.

Is he in trouble?

Not sure.
You guys do one thing.

Come to the orphanage.
I'll be there too.

Hmm, okay.
- Okay. -Okay.

- Hello, didn't you say you'd call back?

Are you busy?

It's not that Archana.


Hang up.

I'll call you back.
- Tell them you'll talk later.

Let's go.

- Hel...

This is our last conversation.

And after that,
the voice note on the group.

There's a voice
in the background.

Is that someone we know?

How does that matter?

Let's not waste any
time & file a complaint.

Don't be hasty

What if we report it & that
leads to some complications?

We'll search first.

Archana, please don't mind.

We'll first legally report
it & then search for him.

I mean...
- Archana.

Isn't he right?

Even I feel it's right.

Let's not waste time
& risk it with Jai.

I've the same concern as you on Jai.

Your actions don't seem
to reflect concern on Jai.

It seems like you want to show
off your Police intelligence.

Just shut up. Don't talk rubbish.
-Guys, please.


What now? You want to
file a Police complaint.

Right? Come, let's go.

That's what I'm saying.
Let's go.

Archana, please calm down.

This isn't the time to fight.


Be it any case, I follow my intuition.

And 99% of the time I'm right.

In case of Jai, I feel we
shouldn't go to the Police for now.

Just listen to me & trust me.

Let's split up and search first..

I'm scared, Archana.
- Hey.

Don't be negative.

He'll be unharmed.

♪ Come as a verse, speech or prose! ♪

♪ Come as a poem or a proverb! ♪

♪ Come as drops and shower as rain! ♪

♪ Become a stream and come! ♪

♪ O' friend, O' friend. ♪

♪ O' pure one, O' pure one. ♪

♪ Oh light shining in the eyes, ♪

♪ ...come running joyously. ♪

♪ Oh wave of affection, ♪

♪ ...come searching swiftly. ♪

♪ You're blood that runs through life. ♪

♪ You’re melody ringing in the ears. ♪

♪ You're a moment born on Earth. ♪

♪ A piece of art across this world. ♪

♪ Come, merge along! ♪

♪ Come, bloom out.! ♪

♪ Come, merge along! Come, bloom out! ♪

♪ That's enough of a game. ♪

♪ O' friend, O' friend. ♪

♪ O' pure one, O' pure one. ♪

♪ Come as a verse, speech or prose! ♪

♪ Come as a poem or a proverb! ♪

♪ Come as drops and shower as rain! ♪

♪ Become a stream and come! ♪

♪ The branches & leaves are apart, ♪

♪ ...but they're off the same tree. ♪

♪ Our wombs & blood are different, ♪

♪ ...but our heart is the same. ♪

♪ We became flesh and blood. ♪

♪ We've been through heaven and hell. ♪

♪ Where O' Where are you? ♪

♪ Oh the true meaning of friendship! ♪

♪ O' friend, O' friend. ♪

♪ O' pure one, O' pure one. ♪

♪ Oh light shining in the eyes, ♪

♪ ...come running joyously. ♪

♪ Oh wave of affection, ♪

♪ ...come searching swiftly. ♪

♪ Come as a verse, speech or prose! ♪

♪ Come as a poem or a proverb! ♪

♪ Come as drops and shower as rain! ♪

♪ Become a stream and come! ♪

Yeah, Archana.

Zahir, I need your help.

Bit of an emergency.
- Tell me.

My friend's not been in any
communication since 11.30.

Okay. - He isn't home.
We've searched everywhere too.

I need you to track his mobile.

Oh, I'm driving from to
Chennai from Madurai now.

You come to the office tomorrow at 7.00 AM.
- Okay.

I'll give you all the details.

Okay, thanks Zahir.

Thanks, I'll see you in the morning.


7.00 AM

Your friend Jai's number, last night
received only 2 incoming calls.

Both were yours.

No calls in-between.

Your first call was received at 11.00 PM.

At that time, Jai's number was
in the cotton factor tower range.

Second call was
received at 11.15 PM.

At that time, Jai's number was in the
Maruthi Nagar Police station tower range.

After that, till 11.58 PM Jai's number
was in the Cotton factory tower Range.

And then, no traces.

Okay, Zahir.

- Hmm?

Please don't mind.

Since this is a missing case,
it's better to file a Police Complaint.

Since he is your close friend,
the department will put extra effort in it.

11.00 - 11.50,
for almost an hour.

Jai's phone has been in the
Maruthi Nagar Police Station limits.

You can meet the Police Station's
Inspector and ask for help

A minute, madam.

Since when did you say
your daughter is missing?

- Sir!

Madam is here to see you.

Ask her to wait for 5 minutes, I'll call.
-Okay, sir.

Go on.

She left for school yesterday morning.
Hasn't been home since.

When asked at the school, they say she
left after class yesterday evening.

She didn't go to the tuition.

I inquired with all her friends.

They say they saw her at school last.

Her phone's switched off.

She always informs if
she's gonna be home late.

But, yesterday she didn't.

Any lover or boyfriend?
- No sir.

No sir.
-She isn't like that.

You say you're daughter's been
missing since yesterday evening.

You're filing a complaint now.


Do you doubt anyone?

Yes, Sir.

-A thug called Naga.

Who? Pallavaram 'Potlam' Naga?

Yes, Sir.

He's been asking us to sell our
property for over 2-3 months.

We said that we're not interested.

He threatened us saying he'll make us sell.

What if...
- Madam.

Don't take me wrong.

I've a daughter too.

Your assets will keep coming and going.

But children?

That Pallavaram Naga,

isn't a small time thug.




Okay, meet the writer and
give a detailed complaint.

I'll do what I can.
-Okay, Sir.


Cut the call and handle this case.
- Okay sir.

It's not that, Archana...
-Boy, hang up.

I'll call you back.
- Tell them you'll talk later.

Let's go.

Go, give this to him.

Okay Sir.
-Go, be brave.

Madam, come.

Cut the call and handle this case.

Boy, hang up.


Come sit, Madam.

Tell me.
- It's nothing, Sir.

Due to a personal reason, I'm gonna ask for
a transfer from Thiru Nagar Police Station.

Actually, I heard there's a
vacancy in this Police Station.

Come, you're most welcome.

Oh, okay.
Thank you.

This is a temporary building.

That's why there isn't a cabin.

We'll shift to a new
building in 6 moths.

- You can apply for a transfer by then.

Okay, Sir.

If you need anything, let me know.

I'll ask the Minister
& get it done.

Actually, I thought of coming
& talking to you last night.

But, I thought you'd be busy on rounds.

You could've.
I wasn't anywhere, I was right here.

Okay, Sir.

Where do you stay?

next to the Aiyappa Temple.

Didn't get the Quarters?

No, Sir.
Where are you staying, Sir?

Perambur Quarters.
- Oh.

Sir, if you don't mind,
can I get your number?

Yeah, sure.



...30. Okay, Sir.

I have an urgent meeting with the ACP.
-Yes, Sir.

I've to leave.
- Sure, Sir. Okay thanks, Sir.

Shall I drop you?
- No, Sir. I've got my vehicle, thanks.

Greetings, Sir.
- Come, where did you vanish once the work's done?

Sir, I came here last night at
12 and waited till 1.00 AM.

You didn't show up. So, I left.

Okay, keep it ready this evening.

I'll be there.
- Okay, Sir.

I've an important meeting. I'm leaving.
- Okay, Sir

Tell me, Archana.
- Zahir.

Don't mind.

One more number to track.
- Sure.

Got any news about your friend?

I'll tell you.
Note down the number.



Okay, Archana.

According to the call history, Gurunathan
& Naga have been in regular contact.

In fact, yesterday night,
before you called Jai the second time,

...Gurunathan & Naga were on a call.

What's important here is,

...while Gurunathan & Jai were in the
Maruthi Nagar Police Station tower area,

...Naga's phone was in the
Cotton Factory Tower Range.

Let me explain it to you.

Now, let's consider Cotton
Factory tower area as location A.

Consider Maruthi Nagar Police
Station tower area as location B.

When you called Jai's phone
the first time at 11.00 PM,

...Jai's phone & Naga's
phone were in location A.

Second time,
by 11.15 when you called Jai's phone,

Jai & Gurunathan
were in location B.

At this time,
Naga's phone was in location A itself.

After 15 minutes,

Gurunathan, Jai & Naga's
phones were in location A.

After 2 hours, Gurunathan's phone
has come back to location B.

As I said earlier, Jai's phone was
active at location A until 11.58 PM.

Right after, Jai's phone might
have probably switched off.

If the phone's movements are
considered as the person's movements,

Jai, Gurunathan, & Naga,
they've all met in one place.

That is cotton factory tower area.

You're right.
That's what I doubted too.


Gurunathan & Naga are
very dangerous & influential.

Handle them carefully.

Okay, Archana
- Thanks, Zahir.

It's okay.

What to do now?

Sugar Seenu.
Don Naga's first-in-line.

Nothing happens
without him knowing.

His main business - Drugs.

At a remote place, just for its
sake, he has a sugarcane juice shop.

Brother, 2 juices.
- Yes, boss.

Here, boss.

There's a party this weekend.

Need supply for 150 people.
Will you?

I don't have the capacity to
supply for so many people, boss.

We didn't ask for juice.



...who are you?

What do you want?

Brother, we came
because Madam said so.

Which Madam?

Get in.
- Hey, move the vehicle!

- Hey, who are you all?

Hey, let go off me!


Where's Jai?

I swear on my mother,
I don't know.

You dare to lie?
Better cough up the truth.

Speak, wastrel.

My answer's the same every time.
I don't know. I swear I don't know.

You're of no use to
us if you don't know.

This isn't a Police Gun.

It's illegal, just like you.

- I'll tell you. I will.

Get him!


Who is he?

Hey, throw him on the track per usual.
- Okay, brother.

Burn the bike too. No evidence.
- Okay, Sir.

♪ Oh tree that's been ♪
♪ planted, get up and come. ♪

♪ Oh harmony of music, ♪
♪ be born again and come. ♪

♪ You're blood that runs through life. ♪

♪ You’re melody ringing in the ears. ♪

♪ You're blood that runs through life. ♪

♪ You’re melody ringing in the ears. ♪

♪ Come back to life, ♪
♪ Come, merge along. ♪

♪ Come, grow out as a new seed. ♪

To run the orphanage,
just like before isn't an easy task.

Can we?

For sure.

It's the orphanage that gave us life.

I won't let it perish.

I'll bring it back to its
feet, & only then will I die.

Order, Justice, Law or Punishment.

I've lost faith in it.

While the likes of Gurunathan & Naga
with political & financial powers exist,

...expecting justice is wrong!

To take on the demon,
we must become demons.




Each one should be
killed without any mercy.

They should die painful deaths.

We should kill them as soon as possible.

Let's start with Seenu,
who's in our custody.


Where is he?

I don't understand how he escaped.

Before Gurunathan &
Naga hear about it,

let's us decide what
we are going to do

Let's go to the
Commissioner, directly.

No, wait.


Breaking News.

The notorious thug, Sugar
Seenu, has been shot dead.

Live from the place of incident,
our correspondent Kumar joins us.

Greeting, Kumar.
What has happened?

Greetings, Nalini.
-This morning, at the Vandalur Zoo area,

...the forest guard
discovered a man shot dead.

On informing the Police, the Police arrived
at the scene, & took over the dead body.

The dead man has been identified
as the notorious thug, Sugar Seenu.

On the preliminary
investigation, it has been

...discovered that the body
has been ridden with bullets.

The forensic team has now
arrived at the crime scene.

He escaped from us & got
caught with someone else.

What we planned to
do, someone else did.

Anyway, our next targets,
Gurunathan & Naga.

Let's tail them.

Gurunathan & Naga. To end them
both at the same time is tough.

Our first target, Gurunathan.

For that, I'll transfer to the
Maruthi Nagar Police Station.

You 3 shift to different houses, across
the Maruthi Nagar Police Station limits.

The time to kill Gurunathan is here.

While I'm on duty at the Police
Station, we're gonna kill them.

Is it safe?

He thinks he can do anything with authority.
We'll take him out with that same theory.

If you 3 execute him,
I can safeguard you.

That's my intuition.

Bala. Shiva.

You both fake a fight
tomorrow at MGR park.

I'll be on rounds there.

I'll arrest you both &
take you to the Station.

Bala, I'll put you in the cell.

Shiva, you'll be on the
bench near the cell.

Before you guys come to the Station,
I'd have bought in an illegal Gun.

Aravindha, exactly at 6.00
PM, come to the Station, complain about your
wallet being pick-pocketed.

With a laptop bag.

Keep the illegal Gun I
give you in that bag.

Around 7.30 PM,
Gurunathan will come to the Station.

At exactly 7.55 PM, I'll go to
Gurunathan to get some files signed.

check those files & bring them.

Shiva, at sharp 8.00 PM,

...fake needing to go to the toilet,
& turn off the power main near the toilet.

Bala, once the power goes off, Aravindhan
will give you the Gun from the bag

For Gurnathan's convenience to
sign, my mobile torch will be on.

From inside the cell, you'll shoot
directly at Gurunathan's head.

Aravindha, once he shoots,
take the Gun back from him

...throw it into the manhole
outside the Station & come sit back.

All of this should happen within 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, Shiva,
you turn on the power main & come sit.

That's the end of Gurunathan.

Who are they?
What case?

Sir, his dog is missing.

His purse has been pick-pocketed.

Mine, Sir.

Who's the new one in the cell?

Sir, the 2 were fighting
at the park in the evening

We tried to stop them
but couldn't control

We dragged them to the station,

...put one in the
cell for safety,

...& the other is on the bench.

You think you're some thug?

No, sir. I did it out of anger.

I won't behave like that publicly.
Let me go, Sir.

If you won't publicly,
you'll do it discretely?

I'll break your
knees if I step in.

- Sir.

The 'dog' case & 'pickpocket' case,
take complaints from them & send them.

We've taken it, sir.

We've to give acknowledgments.
We'll ready it & send them, Sir.

Hey, you fought along
with him at the park?

Yes, Sir.


Keep them here till 10.00 PM, get an
affirmation signed & then send them.

Don't even give them
water till then.

Okay, Sir.

- Sir.

Are tomorrow's court files ready?
- It's ready, Sir.

Archana, get it checked & bring it.

Yeah, I'm checking that, Sir.

Tell me.

Yeah, I'm at the Station.

'Wait till Naga leaves.'

Call the Electricity office.
- I'll call, Madam.

Raj, check what happened.

I'll check, Sir.
- Madam, where are you?

Sir, I'll bring a candle.
- Turn on the mobile torch.

What's with the Gun noise?

- Madam.

You call the ambulance.

I'll call the Asst. Commissioner.
- Okay, Madam.

Raj, inform the forensics.
- Okay, Madam.

I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Have you informed forensics?
- Sir, they're here.

Sir, he's dead.
The inspector's alive.

We've to shift him to
the hospital immediately.

Please go ahead.

The inverter isn't working?

No, Sir.
There's some issue.

It hasn't been
working for 3 days.

Aren't you ashamed?

To say it hasn't been working?

Who's the maintenance in-charge?

It's me, Sir.

Who are they?

They came to give complaints.

Nobody leaves the Station.

Until the inquiry’s done.

Sir, the guy who came to complaint
about his missing dog is missing, Sir!

Who's that? - The complaint
has his details & phone number.

Get it.
-Yes, Sir.

Wherever he is, find him.
- Yes, Sir.

- Sir.

Take over as IO.
I'll go check at the hospital.

Anything important call me. Carry on.
- Yes, Sir.

What's your name?

My name's Prakasan, Sir.

What did you do?

I stole a bulb, Sir.

You know what happened in the
Station, a little while ago?

Yeah, I suddenly heard 2 gunshots.

The Station was in panic.

I asked him about it.
He told me.


What happened?

- Sir.

Let him out.

Address proof, ID proof, Contact number.

Everything's collected?
Yes, Sir.

You've to inform if you're leaving town.

You should come whenever
called for an inquiry.

Yes, Sir.

Get going.

Hey, stop.

Come here.
- Sir.

What's in the bag?

Laptop, Sir.

Open the bag.


You call the Ambulance.
I'll call the Asst. Commissioner.

Raj, inform the forensics.

Why did you both stop?

Are you guys friends?
- No, Sir.

No, Sir.

You can leave.

- Sir.

I need Gurunathan &
Naga's 1 year call log.

Yes, Sir.


We'll get both their
call logs tomorrow.


Okay, let's go to the hospital.
- Okay, Sir.

A very critical state.
We can't say for sure if he'll survive.

We're doing our best.

- Sir

As soon as possible, I want the
first level Investigation Report.

Yes, Sir. - Okay?
- Sure, Sir.

- Sir.

Morning 8 am, assemble Naga's
men at the Station.

- Yes, Sir.

Note down my alternate number.

Call if anything.



Okay, Sir.
- Take care.


Yeah, Archana?

Something else happened.

Let it go. Don't worry.

I'll handle it safely.

Unless I say so,
we'll not meet out anywhere.

Use Whatsapp only.

Another strange thing.

What, Archana?

The day Jai died, the ACP called
him & spoke to him for 4:30 minutes.

I don't understand anything.

Don't get tensed.

I'll take care.


Did Inspector Gurunathan support
your Boss' business a lot?

Yes, Sir.

Were they both close friends?

Yes, Sir.

Monetary exchange of sorts?

Yes, Sir.

Okay, who could've killed
Sugar Seenu 2 months ago?

Koyambedu Malasamy's men, Sir.

Oh? You know for sure?

Seenu attempted to
harassing Malasamy's sister.

Malasamy's men attempted
to kill Seenu 2-3 times.

He escaped then.
Then got caught the other day.

Hey, untie me, hit me,

...& show me if
you're manly enough.

Spare me, please!


Everyone should come when called.
- Okay, Sir.

They guy who complained about
his missing dog, Suresh.

Did you find him?
- No, Sir.

Phone's switched off.

He's skipped town.

I've asked the neighbours, inform if he shows up.

Okay, Archana.
Let's go to the hospital.

Yes, Sir.

Oh no, you've left us!
- Gone so soon!

You've abandoned us!
- You wouldn't hurt even an ant!

Where will we go?

This is the preliminary report.

No traces of alcohol in both their bodies.

No marks of them striking each other.

Death & Injury caused
because of bullet wound.

Inspector Gurunathan has
been injured in the throat.

Naga's injured on the forehead.

The bullet in Naga's
body is different.

The bullet in Gurunathan's
body is different.

We've handed over the
bullets to the forensic team.

Anything else?
- No Doctor, it looks clear.

Thank you.

Let's go to Gurunathan's house.
- Sir.

One Samosa, please.

Ask how much it is?

You want anything?
- No, I'm good.


You were fighting each other
on the street yesterday.

Became friends overnight?


Why are you tensed?

Becoming friends isn't wrong.

Take care.


I can't answer anything now, Sir.

I understand.

Once Gurunathan recovers,
I'll come for a detailed inquiry.

You have to answer a few questions now.
- Ask, Sir.

They say, your Husband & Naga
had a good understanding.

For Naga's illegal businesses,
your husband was an accomplice, they say.

That's all a lie.

My husband is the
face of honesty!

The face of honesty
is my husband.

This house.

Owned or Rented?

We rented it initially.

Then we made it our own.

How much money &
jewellery at home?

Nothing, Sir.

We sold everything to buy this house.

The locker maybe has
5-6 Pawns of gold.

Rs. 20,000 in cash.
That's it, Sir.

This is the bullet from Naga's body.

This bullet is from Gurunathan's.

These both have been shot
from a 1.5 - 2 feet range.

Gurunathan's fingerprint
from his Service Gun,

...the bullet from Naga's body,

...we can state that Gurunathan
shot Naga with his Service Gun.

But, the bullet from Gurunathan's body
has been delivered from a different Gun.

Who shot Gurunathan?

Couldn't have been Naga.

Because, there's no other
gun at the crime spot.

So, there's a possibility
someone else shot him & escaped.

What kind is this bullet?

To be honest, it's new to us.

Definitely, not a South Indian product.

Mostly from the North or
our neighbouring country, illegal fake brand.

He's kept all the accounts perfectly.

Let this pass.

We'll come back for an investigation.

- Sir.

Today morning,
Naga's men came to the station.

Yes, Sir.

At your 10 'O clock,
there's a guy hiding & looking at us.

Did he come?

No, Sir.

Who's he?

He's Naga's driver, Sir.

How are you so sure?

Umm, just a guess, Sir.

Bring him to the station.

Sir! Sir! Sir!

Don't hit me, Sir.

Sir, don't hit me.
I'll tell you the truth, Sir.

Only the truth.

Morning, when all your peers
came, why didn't you come?

Sir, there was no one with the Boss
at the hospital. So, I stayed there.

Yesterday night, it was you who
bought Naga to the Station, right?

Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!

What happened?

What did you see?

Sir, I bought the boss to
the Station at 7.45 PM.

He asked me to turn the vehicle
around & keep the engine running.

He didn't tell me why.

I followed his instructions & waited.

It was around 8.00 PM.

The power went off.

I heard gunshots from the station.
I was frightened, Sir.

Someone ran out of the Station, Sir.

Someone else, I'm not sure who, a gun from inside, threw it in the
manhole & ran back into the station, Sir.

I waited for 2 minutes.

Then, I fled with the car.

And then I found out,
someone killed the Boss.

Sir, that's all that happened.

Let me go, Sir.

The one who ran away from
the station was the one

...who complained about his dog
missing, Suresh.

Who's the one who threw the Gun into
the manhole & ran back into the station?

Was the one who threw the gun in
a normal attire or Police uniform?

Sir, he was in a normal attire.

- Sir.

The 3 overnight friends.

Ask them to come.

In the same attire
as yesterday’s.

Hey, be straight with me!

Out of the 2 of you, did anyone throw
a gun in the manhole, & run back in?

Out with it!

It was me, Archana.

What gun?
What happened?

When the power went off,
there were 2 gunshots.

That moment, a gun touched my feet.

I was scared & nervous.

I thought our plan's being executed, some confusion, I threw the
gun in the manhole & came back in.

Sorry, Archana.



Whatever they ask,
insist you know nothing.

Don't be nervous.

All 3 come to the Station now.


Don't come together!

- Okay, Archana.

Sir, those 3 are coming.
- Okay, fine.

- Sir.

Ask some men to come.
- We've to check the manhole.


Sir, I don't know who it is in light.

Turn of the Station lights.


No, sir.

No, Sir.

Not him, Sir.

I swear it's not these 3.

Get down.


Sir, I know nothing.

I have no connection with it.

If there's no connection,
why did you run away from the Station?

Why'd you switch off your phone?

Sir, when the power went off that
day, there were gunshots.

I ran away in that fear.

Frightened, I switched off my
phone & went to Mahabalipuram.


Just like you ran out from the
Station, run out similarly now.

Sir, not necessary.

I can confirm.

It was him who ran away from
the station, yesterday night.

Raj, take a statement
from him and send him out.

Okay, Sir.

Hey, move!
- Sir! Sir! Sir!

You can leave too.
- Okay, Sir.

You should come when called.
- Okay, Sir.

Was the tea shop open yesterday?

No, Sir.

You 3 can leave.

You remember?
You should come when called.

Sir, there's a gun here.

The bullet from Gurunathan's body
could mostly be shot from this gun.

This has the no other fingerprints
other than the corporation labourer's.

Like I told you before,

...this gun is not Indian made.

- Naga, I'm Chezhiyan.

- ACP?

Sir, tell me.

Today night at 11.00 PM,
we're meeting at the Bike Cafe in ECR.

Us, Sir?

What's the matter, Sir?
- To discuss your future.

So that you can live
long, for more years.

Sir, I don't get it.

Nobody should know
about our meeting.

Including your
partner, Gurunathan.

If you inform anyone...

Don't come.

- Okay, Sir.

I'll be there, Sir.

Inspector Gurunathan has
many complaints against him

The Commissioner has assigned me to deal
with it officially, but confidentially.

This is the Order.

While inquiring, the connection
between you & Gurunathan will come out.

I think Gurunathan
somehow figured this out.

He plans to execute you with an
'encounter' shooting & portray himself well.

I can't believe it, Sir.

Are you telling the truth?
- Yes.

Before he kills you,
what if you kill him?

With your wife & children,
you'll go onto live a long life.

What are you saying, Sir?

I want the same position
you gave Gurunathan.

I want to earn a lot like him.

The Commissioner has
a lot of trust in me.

So, I'll be a far better
support than Gurunathan.

Okay, Sir.

If I've got the God's support
rather than the Priest's,

I can go about my
business fearlessly.

What should I do?

Coming 27th night,
confirm Gurunathan is at the station,

& go around 7.45 PM.

Keep talking to him, normally.

At exactly 8.00,
the power will go off.

Don't hesitate for even a second,

shoot Gurunathan in the head
with the Gun I give you,

& flee from there.

Throw the Gun into the sewer nearby.

I'll be the Investigation Officer.

Say you heard a gunshot,
it was pitch dark & you ran away scared.

It will be dark. No eye-witnesses.

I'll take care of the rest.

Sir, the plan seems very
interesting like in the movies.

But, will the plan not falter?

Do everything I say without any fault,

...I'll take care of the rest.

Okay, Sir.


Until I contact you,
you don't contact me.

Okay, Sir.

Okay, Archana. We can give the
Commissioner the Preliminary Report.

Okay, Sir.

Tell me, Chezhiyan.

Sir, some questions
don't have answers yet.

At this point,
as per the autopsy, forensic report,

...& some witnesses,
I have come to a conclusion.

Because Inspector Gurunathan shot Naga
with his Service Gun, Naga perished, Sir.

Naga shot Inspector Gurunathan
with the Gun he got.

That Gun was found 1 km away
from the Police Station manhole.

The gun Naga used was dumped
in the manhole by someone.

We don't know who.

The reason for them both
to shoot each other?

Possibly the transactions, Sir.

I don't get it, Chezhiyan.

Archana, give him the file.

Sir, this is Gurunathan
& Naga's call history.

As per this, Gurunathan & Naga have been
in contact for the past 2 and a half years.

In fact, Gurunathan has been supportive
of naga's illegal activities.

Of course, for monetary benefit.

Recently, there has been
some misunderstanding,

...between Gurunathan
and Naga's terms.

Yesterday, Naga called Gurunathan
& then came to the Station.

There was some argument.

When the power happened to go off,

..they shot each other.

First round of investigation
has panned these details.

This diary was recovered
at Naga's house.

Damn, if this gets out,
the Department will get a bad name.

He's just randomly put 'Commissioner' &
has written large amounts next to it.

My retirement's in 15 days.

This is a new headache.

Sir, can I suggest something?
- Please.

If we close this case differently,
we can save the Department's image.

Go on.
- Like,

...Gurunathan called Naga to
the station for an inquiry.

They both got into an argument,
& Naga tried to shoot Gurunathan.

So, to save himself
Gurunathan shot Naga dead.

Gurunathan survived.

If we close the case this way,

...transactions, diary, call log, or the
one who threw the gun in the manhole, complications as such.

Okay, go ahead.

- Sir.

Be with him.
- Yes, Sir.

Take care.

All the best.
- Sir. - Sir.

Okay, Archana.
Thanks for the cooperation.

Get all the documents sent to me
& start the court proceedings.

Sure, Sir.
- If you have any doubts, please call me.

Take care.

Tell me.
- Sir, Jaishankar?

He died 2 months ago.
What's the matter?

I'm an S.O.B credit card agent.

The outstanding amount isn't paid.

How much?
- 12,500. The 2-month statement.

Come back tomorrow at the same time.
I'll clear it. - Sure, Sir. Thank you.


Yeah, Bala?

A collection agent came with
Jai's credit card statement.

As per his statement, the day Jai
died, he went to Bike Cafe.

He's paid a bill of Rs. 460.

He informs us wherever he goes,
why did he not tell us this?

Actually, when I called him that
night he didn't tell me anything.

Anyway, I'll figure it out.
I'll call you back.

This is March 27th
evening footage, Madam.

Also, Madam, one more thing.

I don't know if I can tell you.

Day before yesterday,
Naga who died at your Station,

...the injured Inspector Gurunathan,

...both were met separately by
Nedunchezhiyan Sir on different days, Madam.

Can I see the footage?
- Yes, Ma'am, sure.

The ACP comes here regularly?
- Yes, Madam.

Gurunathan & Naga's shootout.

Jai's murder.

The ACP has some
connection with the both.

The wait is over.

It's time to attack.

Isn't this the gun you were
going to use to shoot Gurunathan?


But we too know a lot about you.

Gurunathan-Naga's shootout.

Jai's murder.

You're connected to both.

Why did you call Jai
and meet him that day?

Why did you meet Gurunathan & Naga?

Why did you shut such a
complicated case so simply?

To save you 4.

For Jaishankar's death, avenge it.

Jaishankar, my own brother.

21 years ago he was lost, my brother.

My father is a retired
Police Officer.

He was an 'Encounter'

While he was serving,

...Tambaram's infamous thug
Shankarlingam was gunned down by him.

Shankarlingam's brother,
to spite our dad,

...with the help of Mani - a thug,
ordered him to kidnap & kill Jaishankar.

Mani didn't kill Jaishankar.

He left him in front of your orphanage
& fled to Mumbai with his family..

2 months ago, on January 27th, Mani came
home in search of us & revealed this.

I came to your
orphanage immediately.

It was closed.

I heard the orphanage's trust office
was nearby, and went there to inquire.

They gave me Jaishankar's details.
I called him immediately.


This is Chezhiyan.

ACP Chennai South.

I need to meet you.

Regarding what, sir?
Is there a problem?


Can we talk in person?

Sure, sir.

But, I've got work at office till 6.

Can we meet around 7.00 PM, Sir?

No problem.

Bike Cafe, ECR.

Sure, sir.

See you.

I don't know how to react.

I'm blank.

Now, what do you expect me to do?

Come home.

Sir, that is...


Call me 'Anna'(Elder brother).

Or call me by my name.

It's uncomfortable.
- For me too.

Coming home.

Living with the family.

All this,

...I don't know how it
is practically possible.

For 21 years,
my friends have been everything for me.

They've been with me always.

Now, if they find out
I'm not an orphan,

...and that I have a family,

...they'll feel as happy as,

...they'll feel sad too.

I don't wish to give them that sadness.

I won't, either.

I feel very happy and proud, be a brother to someone
as matured & clear as you.


I'd like to thank you for understanding me.

It's getting late.

My friends will be waiting.

I'll have to leave.


Just come and meet Dad once.


As per Dad,

let this Jai that was lost, remain lost.

Another new relationship,

...all of this is very confusing.


Anna, a small request.

Tell me.

Tell Dad in a way
that doesn't hurt him.

Let this be the first
and last time we meet.

don't try to contact me again.

If you do reach out to me,

...I'll go away somewhere
you can't find me.

Don't mistake me.


He's right, Dad.

Let's give him some time.

Give me some time too.

I'm going to sleep, Dad.

You go sleep too.

Good night.

You go sleep.

I'll sleep in a while.

Good night.


Morning, Dad.

Did you fall asleep here?

How can I sleep?

Chezhiyan, I need to see Jai.

I'll convince him & bring him home.

Call him.

'The subscriber is currently switched off.
Please try after some time.' - Message him.

He has sent some video clip last night.

Something fishy.

'Brother, let me go!'

This is Seenu.

Why has he sent his video to me?

I came to meet Sugar Seenu there.

That's when you kidnapped him.

I followed you.

I heard what Seenu had to say.

I was tailing you
till the cemetery.

Before you returned to Seenu,
I took him into my custody.

I told Dad about Jai's death.

He couldn't take it.

don't spare anyone who killed Jai!

Shoot down every
single one of them!


Please, Dad.

I’ll make sure everyone involved in
Jai's death is legally punished.

Some crimes don't fit
the law & order bracket.

Power & Money will
collapse the law.

If I've to die peacefully,

...none of them should be alive.

If you don't do it,

...I'll do it myself!

I eliminated Seenu who was in my custody.

After few days,
your transfer request to

...Maruthi Nagar Police
Station came to my table.

I suspected something and
bugged all your phones,

...I monitored all your communication.

Up until this moment.

I've been monitoring
all your communications.

You guys planned to eliminate
Gurunathan & Naga separately.

To reduce your risk,

at the same time as you were planning,

I planned to eliminate Gurunathan
& Naga at the same place.

I met Naga and brain-washed him
into eliminating Gurunathan..

Similarly, I met Gurunathan &
brain-washed him into eliminating Naga.

Commissioner’s orders.

He's asked for a confidential report.

I know everything.

The deal between you & Naga - the
friendship, partnership, everything

I don't wish to bring
everything out in the investigation,

...& for you to undergo
criminal punishment.

You're Police & I'm Police.

Your situation may
apply to me sometime.

Your family,
kids & everything will be shattered.

I don't wish to bring
that state to you.

What if when Naga is questioned &
he points his fingers towards you?

So, you're 'clean police'.

The only way for you to prove
Naga & you have no connection, for you to eliminate Naga.

We're Police.

We have the 'Encounter' excuse.

For better or worse.

For now, use that as an
excuse and eliminate Naga.

The Plan's mine, execution's yours.

What do you say?

Sir, can I trust you?

Are you using the phone to record this?

Your thinking is dated.

Think of something new.

Believe me.

I'm not forcing you.


The coming 27th night, 7.30 when you
come to the station,

...Naga will call you.

To ask if he can come to the station.

Ask him to come.

Once he's there,

...make him sit in front of you.

At exactly 8.00 PM,
the power will go off.

Without a moment's hesitation,

...with your Service Gun
shoot him in the head.

Though my plan was
successfully executed,

...I achieved only
50% of my task.


Unfortunately, Gurunathan escaped.

None of you should be
linked to the case.

Also, I wanted to eliminate the people
responsible for Jaishankar's death.

So I did.

Just a regret.

We both are supposed to be on the side
of law, from the Police department.

But, instead of following it,
we gave them an unlawful punishment.

Hey! I knew it that day.

That there's an alliance.

I knew it was him who threw the gun but
I intentionally didn't identify him.

I've been tailing you all since then.

I won't let this go.

All of you are done for.



You've achieved 100% of your task.

Gurunathan is no more.


I have a doubt.

In our plan,
I was supposed to cut off the power.

In your plan, who turned off the power?