Marry F*** Kill (2023) - full transcript

After their friend's suicide, five friends reunite to attend her funeral, only to learn that a game they played in college has come back to haunt them. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Bind, bed,
bury. What is thy will?

Love has all the power,

lust will devour,

and the heart can
never be still.

Bind, bed, bury,

Grant Feigen I will.

Love does devour,

lust grabs all the power

and my heart can never be still.

Deyan anay tasa Asmodeus.

Deyan anay tasa Asmodeus.

Deyan anay tasa Asmodeus.

Welcome to Shithole,

population... who gives a fuck?

It's a bus stop, Vickie.
What were you hoping for?

Uh... a drug dealer,

a sexy guy up to no good,
I mean, I'm not picky.

You know, the bus
station of a town

tells you a lot about a place.

Oh, yeah? Well, what's
this one telling you?

-That people die here. -Vickie!

- That's in really bad taste.
- Of boredom, Helen!

They die of nothing but boredom.

Well, I had cell
service, but now... nada.

Beth's aunt said
she'd meet us here.

Yeah, I'm not exactly
worried about getting lost.

- What are you doing?
- Planning my escape.

Who would expect anything
different from the inventor

of the Double Dutch Exit?

Two middle fingers to the back
of their head and I'm gone.

You guys lost? Is there someone
here I can direct you to?

Uh, yeah. We're looking
for the, uh... Gref House?

Ooh. What you want
with the Gref House?

Nothing good
happening over there.

Well, our friend
Beth lived there.

Oh. The funeral.

Yeah, sorry to hear that.

Well, best get in and out
of town as fast as you can.

I try and keep things
copacetic around here,

but some folks
ain't so friendly.

Thanks for the
heads up, Officer...

- Jack. You can call me Jack.
- Jack.

You want to head down that way.

You hang a left at the house
with the sycamore tree.

It's got a sign out front,
makes it clear as day.

Do I know you, son?

-Can't see how. -Okay.

Well, have a great day.

My condolences
about your friend.

-That was weird. -Yup.

Beth lived here?

I mean, it could
use a new coat of paint.

And possibly
an exorcism.

But the bones look
good, and I love an old house.

I hope you mean
bones metaphorically.

Hmm. Yeah, do I?

-Hmm. -Let's go explore.

Don't chicken out. You owe Beth.

I know.

Welcome! Welcome.

- I'm sorry I didn't meet you.
- No problem.

I was getting the
house ready for you,

and I just lost
all track of time.

-Simon. -Hi. Yeah.

Yeah. Beth always told me
you were a fashion plate.

My condolences on the
loss of your friend.

Thank you.

-Aww. -Thank you.

- And to you too.
- Yeah. Thank you.

Come here.

Thank you for taking us in.

- We're really going to miss her.
- Mm.

I owe it to Beth.

Beth was supposed to
attend my funeral,

not the other way around.

Look at me, trapping
you on the verandah.

Come in. Come in.


Thanks for suggesting
we stay here, Stephanie.

But if it's too much,
we could get a hotel.

- No bother at all.
- No, no, no. Don't be silly.

You should stay here
to be close to Beth.

It'd be what she wanted.

Besides, Cedar Grove isn't
the most welcoming of places.

Yeah, you're the second
person to tell us that today.

Old town, afraid of the new.

But you're only staying a
couple of nights, right?

Just long enough to
pay your respects,

and then scoot back
to your regular lives.

I mean, sure. After the reading
of Beth's will, of course.

She mentioned you in her will?

According to her lawyer, yeah.

Yeah, he reached
out to all of us.

That's how we found
out that Beth had...

Is that a problem?

-No. Just a surprise. -Right.

Uh, well, I'm... I'm sure
you all have lots to process,

so... before I go, though...

a little present.

My garden grows on
the intersection

of two important ley lines.

They're conduits
of the supernatural

and earthly energies.

My plants do some...
strange things.

So I warn you, a
little goes a long way.

- Thank you. Yeah. So much.
- Oh. Yeah. Mmhm.


Hey... It'd warm her
heart, you being here.

She spoke about you most of all.


Her one true love.

You're in touch
with the universe.

Ugh. This place
gives me the ick.

Uh, if you were serious,
there is a motel in town.

-Ugh! -What?

Vickie's not the only one that
gets to have an escape plan.

We'll be fine in this
house for a couple of days.

It'll be good for us.

Um, sharing a bed?

With someone I'm
also not fucking?

Yeah, hard pass.

Well, I'm
not sleeping alone.

I'm happy to bunk with Helen.

And someone can crash in here.

- Oh. - What?

It's Beth's bedroom.

You don't think Beth
did it in here, do you?

- I don't know.
- I didn't want to ask.

My God, it's so Beth
in here, you know?


Even after not seeing her for
so long, it's like I can...

sense her.

Heh. Not depressing at all.

There are so many
photos of us here.

Hmm. She looks so happy.

No one puts up
sad photos of themselves.

I should've stayed in touch.

I mean, I sent a
couple of texts, but...

I wanted to visit her,
but she wouldn't let me.

Yeah, she called and...

asked to meet me
in person, but I...

I blew her off.

What did she want to talk about?

I don't know. I never gave
her the chance to tell me.

Still, she didn't give
you any indication

that she was gonna... you know?

We were on the phone
for, like, five minutes.

I would've done
something if she had.

- These are from you.
- Yeah. From way back.

This makes no
sense. Beth hated us.

- Not all of us.
- You know what I mean.

After that night, after
she walked in on...

and then walked
out on all of us.

And then, years later,
she comes back here,

builds this shrine
to our friendship,

and then, somehow, sweetly
leaves us in her will?

It's a fair question.

It was probably the last time
she was legitimately happy.

Yeah. I'll take the couch.

Ooh. I got dibs on the
big one downstairs.

Fine. The bathtub.
Anywhere but here.

You okay to sleep
in here, Helen?

- Yeah. - I'll get my bag.

-Sorry. -No. It's okay.

-What? -Marry, fuck, kill.

Oh, my God, Beth. Come on.

Not that stupid
game again, please.

Marry me...

and I'll fuck you.

And then what? Someone
dies? No, thanks.

We can fuck just fine

without anyone dying.


But marry.

Call me old-fashioned, Grant,

I just...

I want to wait, okay?



Fuck this shit.

Cedar Grove might
be weird as fuck,

but they make a good pie.

What was that game we always
used to play at pizza nights?

Mm... fuck all your friends?

- Before that.
- Marry, fuck, kill.

-Oh. -Right.

- Ding, ding, ding.
- Beth was obsessed with it.

You know, she told
me once it had roots

in some old Wiccan spell.

Come on. It's a
mean and silly game.

- How could it be a spell?
- Was it that the...

the repetition of
marry, fuck, kill,

marry, fuck, kill, it...

summons something
from the other side?

No, no, no. That's Bloody Mary.

You say it three
times and she appears.

Bloody Mary, Bloody
Mary, Bloody Mary.

Oh, no, no, no, I remember
the original spell was

bed, bind, bury.

And it was both a
love and a hate spell.

Love and hate. Boring. But
bed, now that I can get into.

- You're so predictable.
- Helen, you're up.

-Oh. -Marry, fuck, kill.

-Hmm. -No thinking, just say it.

Okay. Marry Simon.

-I'm honoured. -Um...

Fuck Paige.

And kill... Grant.

-Oh. -Ooh.

- Simon, you're up.
- Ah, bah-bah-bah.


- Fuck Grant. - Obvious.

-Marry Helen. -Yes, please!

Mmhm. And kill Grant.

Yikes! - Sorry.

-Vickie, you're up. -Vickie?

Um... Hmm.

- Well, I think I'd marry Helen.
- Thank you!

- Cute.
- Fuck... probably myself.

- Yeah. I see that for you.
- Wow. Classy.

- And I would so kill Grant.
- Wow!

- Three kills for Grant!
- Ouch.

Uh, Paige?


-I'd marry Simon. -Obviously.

-Fuck Helen. -Mm!

And, sorry, yeah, Grant.

- Kill, kill. -

Wild how those
votes have changed.

Yeah, I'm so surprised everyone
wants to marry Mr. Moneybags.

Well, I'd like to think it's
a little more than just that.

Wait. Simon chose to
fuck and to kill Grant.

I mean, he's the only one
here with a penis, so.

He's my one fuck wonder.

Wait, you're saying
it was a technicality?


Wow. Sorry, Grant.

You used to be on
top, but now...

How the mighty have fallen!

I guess it is
true what they say.

Familiarity breeds contempt. Mm?

Yeah, I mean... I think
the contempt we feel is

more around you
breaking Beth's heart.

That's why we're
all here, right?

Pretty sure it
was you and Vickie

who got everyone fucked up,
which led to a DL sex party.

Mm, yeah, one that you were
more than welcome to join in on.

-True. -This isn't a joke.

Beth had a nervous breakdown,

and when she was finally
allowed to come home

and lick her wounds, she
slit her fucking throat.

- Y'all have a good night.
- Grant.

We were Beth's entire world,
so imagine the betrayal

she must have felt
walking in on all of you.

Paige, stop!

Some people change, okay?

And some people stay
exactly the same.

Like you, Paige.

You're still a judgmental bitch.

You okay?

- Been better. -

You're no worse than any of us.

It feels like I'm worse. Heh.

Or doing worse, I guess.

What I did to Beth...

I don't know.

I just can't escape
remembering it,

being in this house,

around all of them.

Forget them. Forget Beth.

Forget where we are.

-Okay? -Okay.

Don't mind me.

You just look so
perfect, sitting there.

Hey, about what I
said back there...

- I'm sorry.
- Oh, don't be. You're right.

It wasn't just Grant's fault.

We all screwed over Beth
by sleeping with him.

Well... except you.

- You're an angel. -

Don't believe me?


What are all those?

Um... I d...

Maybe my lens is dirty?


- Maybe they were ghosts.
- Oh, you!

Can I say something that I'm...

probably gonna kick
myself for saying

as soon as I sober up?

Please. Join the club.

I have a lot of regrets
about that night.

Including one very, um...

selfish one.

Oh, yeah? What?

That you weren't there.

-Wow. -Wow.

Well, that was a
blast from the past.

Yeah, that was, uh, hot.

God. I
should feel guilty.

-Hmm? -But... nope. Nada.

Carpe diem, Beth.

And I only took Latin for,
like, a month in high school,

so that might be a little
less sex related than I think.

-Hey. -You called me Beth.

Come on. Don't be
ridiculous right now.

It was a mistake, all right?
It was an accident, Vickie.

Oh, way to go. You got my
name in only two guesses.

- Come back to bed. Okay, Vickie?
- Not really, no.

- You're a so-so fuck at best.
- Oh, wow. Thanks.

Whatever. I'm over
it, and I'm splitting.

Okay. Where
are you gonna go?

You can't just sleep in the tub.

No, idiot. I'm leaving.

I'm leaving.

The last bus for the
city leaves in an hour.

I'll be on it by the time you're
washing your sad little dick.

Fuckin' loser.

Fucking kidding me.

Creepy as fuck.

If this is a joke, it
isn't fucking funny.

Who leaves in the
night without saying goodbye?

Vickie does.

I'm sure she gave us all
silent middle fingers.

She couldn't have waited eight
hours to bury her friend?

I mean, the reading of the
will alone should've kept her.

It's what Vickie does.

She'll probably ask us to
email her all the details.

It's not like she
wanted to be here.

Nobody wants to be here.

But it's the right thing to do.

The respectful thing.

Funerals are extra hard
for people like us.

People like us?

I'm an empath.

You know, those with the gift.

- "Stephanie's Second Sight."
- Just down the road, in town.

You have the sight too.

You're not yet in a clear
relationship with your powers.

Powers? I don't have any powers.

You don't feel
things? See things?

When Beth went off to
college and met all of you,

she thought she'd
finally escaped.

I did too.

Escaped from what?

The Grefs aren't
just any old family.

We have a storied lineage,

one that's been ripped apart
by tragedy for generations.

My brother disowned me

for standing by my niece.

I failed her, but I
will not fail you.

You're susceptible to the
dark arts, like she was.

When the funeral is over,

escape while you still can and
promise never to come back.

Everything okay?


We were just saying how...

peaceful she looks.

Yes, she really does.

Remember what I told you.

What was all that about?

Some bullshit about
a family curse

and me having psychic powers.

- What?
- And that we need to leave.

Ah, yes, which very conveniently
gets us out of town right

before Beth's will is read.

I don't know. She seemed
legit concerned, okay?

Did you see her reaction when
she found out about Beth's will?

Stephanie is playing you, Grant.

Let's sit down.

-Yeah. -Yeah.

mourned Beth's death.

I think it's time...
we celebrate her life.

Couldn't hurt.

Agreed. Anything to
make this better.

-Paige? -Weed fucks me up.

Yeah. It's supposed to.

More for us.

Paige, you are missing
out, let me tell you.

No, I'm really not.

You guys remember that time you
convinced Beth to do 'shrooms?

-Oh, God. Yeah. -Whoa.

She tripped super
hard, didn't she?

She was really into UFOs then.

She drove me nuts with all
that little green men shit.

She used to stand in
our dorm room window,

praying to be abducted.

You remember when we convinced
her that we were the aliens?

When we covered the common
room in foil and made it look

like a medical experiment
room on a space ship!

Yeah, and she kept
asking to be probed.

She did not understand
why that was so funny.

No, she could not figure it out.

Oh, God.

"Probe me!"

She could not...




Jesus! What the fuck?

What are you doing up here?

Me? What are you doing up here?

I followed you to make
sure you were all right.

- You're high as a kite.
- Yeah, I...

I don't know. I... just
thought I saw something.

Like what?

Nothing. Just forget
about it, okay?

You're not acting like it was
nothing. What'd you see, Grant?

Not what... who.

It looked like it
was Beth, okay?

I know what you're gonna say,
it's the drugs and I'm stupid.

No. No, it's not stupid to me.

You two had something flawed
but special, and this place...

it's like I can feel
Beth everywhere, like...

like she wants us to know
something... some secret?

This house is like
a shrine to her.

Glad I'm not the only one.

Yeah, it's not easy.
None of this is.

At least we have
each other, right?


Whoa! What are you doing?

Shit. Uh... I'm
super high right now.

-Sorry. It's... -So?!

High, not high, this
you all the time.

And you know...

the only reason you
wanna get with me is

because I'm the only
one who won't let you.

Hasn't your dick
caused enough problems?

Okay, but I am not
nearly as fancy as you.

No, but you did win the Most
Promising New Artist Award.

- I saw it online.
- It was not that big of a deal.

It was a huge deal.

Compared to
you, Mr. Junior Partner?

We're both doing great. Okay?

Yeah, but we're both
not making six figures.

Yeah, you're right
about that one for sure.

What do
you make in a year?

A lot.

Not getting in on the
cheque-measuring brag-a-thon?


Am I...

How are you...

It's all right. Calm down.

Am I here or am I
on the other side?

Or am I just a figment of
your drugged-up imagination?

Does it matter?

All that matters is you're far
more than any of our friends.

A true original.

Your thoughts and
emotions run deep.

They always have.

Come, gaze at the moon with me.

Every group has a
charismatic centre.

And it sure as hell isn't
any of those duds in there.


Not even close.

Well, look at them all trying

to impress each other still.

"I'm an important artist."

"I make six figures
in my designer suit."

Anybody who really matters...

doesn't give a shit
about any of that stuff.

Like you.

You can just... be

in your power.

But when you have
power like yours...

you have to be careful who
you wanna share it with.

You can't just
unleash it to anyone.

They have to be able to take it.

I can take it, Grant.

I can take it all.

I thought you said you wanted
to wait until you got married.


Forget what I said before.

Give it to me.


- Oh... - Yes.

Give it to me.

Give it to me.

Give it to me!

What the fuck...


-Milk? -Yes, please. Thank you.

-Mmhm. -Wow! It's alive.

We were wondering
when you'd show up.

We couldn't find you anywhere.

Yeah. I, uh...

crashed outside last night.

Ooh. Braver than me.


I'm pretty wrecked,
though. You guys?

That pot is pretty potent.

But I don't think
anything's potent enough

to have me out sleeping
under the stars,

hanging a wang for
the neighbours.

Don't do that.

Someone woke up on the
wrong side of the bed.

Huh. Yeah.

Seriously. What's going on?


I, uh...

I saw Beth last night.

Yeah. And I didn't just see her.

We... talked, we...

I've seen things on pot before.

This was more than just
seeing things, okay?

You're letting that crackpot
Stephanie get to you.

There's no such
thing as ghosts or spells

or family curses.

Oh, yeah? Then how
do you explain this?

And this isn't
the first one, either.

I keep getting these
apparitions on my pictures

and it only started when
we got to Cedar Grove.

It's called a coincidence.

You're so goddamn sure
of yourself, aren't you?

In this instance, yes.

We're born, we die,
and we try to fuck

as much as we can in
between, and that's it.

Wow. Thank you so much for your
TED Talk on the meaning of life.

You guys know I'm right!

People always worry about
this meaning of life bullshit.

Well, it's... it's simple.

You just get what you want now.

And that's what made
you so successful?

Being ruthless, grabbing
what you want by the balls?

Oh, yeah, what, as opposed
to dropping out of college

after one stupid mistake?

Okay, okay. We don't need
a testosterone-off, boys.

But I do need you all to eat up.
The lawyer will be here soon.

Beth Gref, having no
siblings or issue,

has left the entirety of
her estate to those present.

I will now read the will.

"For her friendship, help
and unwavering support,"

"I leave the land at
Feragun Creek to my aunt,"

"Stephanie Gref."

Too kind. Far too kind.

"And all of my remaining assets,
both liquid and otherwise,"

"including Gref House and
everything inside it,"

"I leave to those who I
hope will live the rest"

-"Paige Ludlow..." -What?

"Helen Ellison,
Simon Carpenter,"

"Vickie Kavanagh
and Grant Feigen."

"May my house and the beds
in it bind you all together"

"and bury the troubles
that once tore us apart."

This can't be right.

I assure you, it
was Beth's wish.

She made these
changes weeks ago.

How dare she leave
me some crappy old creek bed

and everything else to them?


You stay here...

and Beth has signed
your death warrants.

It'll take a few days for
the paperwork to go through,

but for all intents and
purposes, welcome...

to your new home.


Holy shit.

No signal. Again.

She's okay, right?

This small-fry town
having no cell service

has nothing to do with Vickie.

Still, it's weird,
her just leaving

in the middle of
the night like that.

Have you met Vickie?

Sure, but... what if she
wants to sell the house?

- What do we do then?
- We don't have to keep it.

We could... buff it up,
slap some new paint on it.

I don't know. I never
thought I'd own a house.

Grant. You're awfully quiet.

Uh... Yeah, I guess I could
do with starting over too.

Not that it did Beth any good.

Well, we don't have
to decide tonight.

I mean, we can't until we get
in touch with Vickie anyway.

Something tells me we haven't
heard the last of Stephanie.


I bet she thought all this
would end up going to her.

So expect more "run for
your lives" mumbo jumbo.

Beth left us this
house and its contents.

- People like antiques.
- Yeah, I like antiques.

But, uh, most of this
crap is pretty run down.

Unless all the good stuff's
locked away somewhere.

It's not the easiest kind
of lock to pick, but...

I might be able to pull it off.

Would a coat hanger work?

-Mm. -You pick locks now?

Somebody took a dark
turn after college.


Oh, Jesus! Jesus!

What is it?!

I just saw someone in there.

And they were looking
right back at me.

You saw someone in there?

Yeah, 'cause he smoked
more of Stephanie's weed.

No, Simon. I didn't.

Whatever. Okay.



Oh, wow.

Guys, this is, like...
like, real silver.

Not just silver-plated.

Think Beth knew
all this was in here?

I'm guessing yes, and
that she wanted all of us,

or at least me, to have it.

Ha! Some of this
stuff... super creepy.

Hey, what is that?

Looks like some
sort of witch book.

Oh, shit.
"The Gref family."

"One of the original families."

"Descended from the
necronomical sect"

"of Asmodeus."

"The Gref founded the
Dark Tern in 1432"

"and are said to be the
pre-eminent practitioners"

"of Soot, the long-lost art"

"of demonic jurisdiction."

Okay. What the fuck is
a "necronomical sect"?

Ooh, necro's never good.

Super deathy.

I vote we sell this house.

Yeah, let's sell it as fast as
we can and get the hell out.

It's the house... from
way back when. Look.

"Abigail Gref left Prussia
and built a new homestead"

"in Cedar Grove,"

"at the intersection of
two particular ley lines."

- Are you kidding me, man?
- This witch shit is getting old.

Holy shit.

Grant, it's you.

Hey, it must be a
weird coincidence.

Coincidence?! That
looks exactly like him!

This... this house must be built
on one of those ley line things.

Maybe that's why my
camera's been acting up.

Give me a break!

If we weren't all in this
creepy ass house right now,

we'd all be laughing.

need some air. Yeah.

So? What happened back there?

Uh, well...

there's a photo that
looks exactly like me

in some... fucked-up
book that we found

in a room full of occult stuff

in the house where
Beth killed herself.

Do you think I should be
acting any different right now?

Well, the Grant I knew wouldn't
be having trouble breathing

over a photo.

Hey. It's just a book.

And you don't even look
all that much alike.

Not really.

Your noses are different.

Oh, there's a crease in his
forehead you don't have.

And most importantly,

this photo is over
100 years old.

And it was taken in Ireland.

Beth's family was from Germany.

Uh, he's not related to Beth.

Different family entirely.

His surname was...


No connection to Beth at all.

It's a fluke. Nothing else.

Yeah. Uh...

Sorry I was so, uh...
dramatic back there.

Actually, watching cool-ass
you finally lose your shit

like the rest of
us this weekend?

It was kind of a relief.

If one of you assholes
is about to run in here

and pour a bucket
of ice water on me,

just know there
will be hell to pay.

Seriously, is someone there?
'Cause this shit isn't funny.


Get a fucking grip, buddy.


- Simon?
- Was that one of you fuckers?!

-What? -Pulling me under!

I don't understand. You think
one of us pulled you under?

Without you seeing us?


You were saying?

You scared the shit
out of us, man.

I... I swear,
something grabbed me.

Lay off the weed, bro.

Okay. You heard that, right?

Yeah... and it's
not the first time.

What is it?

If I'm gonna get
any sleep tonight,

I need to find out.


What, were you hoping for a spa?

It's an attic.

Creepy and cobwebs
are guaranteed.

I hate you.

-After you. -Mm-mm.

-You first. -Oh, fine.

Oh, boy.

So... what exactly are
we looking for here?

A mystical rat from
the fifth dimension.

Look what we have here.


- You wanna hold this for me?
- Yeah.


-Oh, boy. -Watch out.

Bet you there's
a nest up there.


Or maybe even Rat King.

-Yeah. -Yeah.

Oh, my God! -

Why is there a
giant collection of bones

locked away in the attic?

I swear to God, if these
things are fucking human...

Um... Yeah, these...

- These look human to me.
- Oh, God.

This is part of a human skull.


Huh. Interesting.
This isn't human.

You're okay with this?!
That looks demonic!

This is all probably just
from a goat or something.

- Somehow, that makes it worse.
- Yeah.

It's like a fucking
sacrifice or something.

Yeah, like something Satanic.

Human bones, goat bones mixed
together. Oh, God. Um...

- We need to tell the police.
- About what?

A murder that happened
a century ago?

You don't know that.

You don't wanna
have to admit it,

but you know something's
happened here.

Okay, sure. Listen.

There's lots of bones.
Some human, some not.

It's... it's very weird,

but also very real things.

All right? Go ahead.
Call the police, I guess.

- He's got a point, Helen.
- Thank you.

With the dust and the
cobwebs, whoever this is

was placed in here
a long time ago.

It doesn't matter
when it happened!

- Who would do this and why?
- Okay.

- Well, what do we do now?
- We get the fuck out is what!

- Yeah.
- The last bus left an hour ago.

And we're in the land
that Uber forgot.

- And cell service, so.
- There's a hotel in town.

- It's a motel.
- I don't care if it's a hostel.

Anywhere is better than this.


Are you fucking kidding me?

- Okay, what do we do now?
- Walk? Hitchhike?

Just get the hell out of here.

We can't walk the
whole way home, Helen.

Who knows? Maybe the town
jail's got some comfy beds.

I thought you guys
would be gone by now.

We wanna be, Officer.

We're looking for a
place to stay the night.

Well, there's no room at
the town's only major.

-Bad luck. -No.

They turned on the "No
Vacancy" sign when they saw us.

Well, I told you what to expect.

Please, we are
desperate here, Officer.

Desperate? I heard you kids
just inherited a whole house.

Well, you're not the first who
couldn't stomach that place,

but best get back
and tough it out

before some of the less friendly
folks let the hounds out.

Okay, I am so tired of this town
and its asshole inhabitants.

Let's just... do what he said
and go back to the Hell House.

- Do we have to?
- Beats sleeping on the street.

Why don't you guys go back
and try and get some sleep?

- While you do what?
- I'm gonna get us some answers.

Grant, come on. We
should stick together.

I'll be fine. Trust me.

I've been expecting you.

I don't want to
go back in there.

Hey, you'll be fine. I promise.

What was that?

It's Vickie's
phone. It's smashed!

Explains why she hasn't
been answering our calls.

She probably just
dropped it or something.

And then stomped on it?

Vickie's crazy, but
she's not that crazy.

Why are you so resistant to
everything that's happening?

I'm not. I just wanna sleep,
wake up and get out of here.

It's not just me, right?

No. No, it's not just you.

If Beth killed
herself, it wasn't

because I broke her heart.

- At least, not entirely.
- Then what was it?

That house! I mean, this town...

There is something...
wrong here.

Something evil.

You see, you do feel things.

The answers you seek in the
present lie in the past.

You need a crash course
in the Gref family.

Oh, yeah? Well...

I'd say I've got a
pretty good idea already.

So you do.

May I?

It all starts with Abigail Gref,

the hateful monster
who built this house

a century ago as a place
to practise her dark arts.


-That's me and Beth. -No.

That's Dillon Faodhagain
and Abigail Gref.

No. Screw this! This is...

This is just some
cruel, fucked up joke

by my so-called
friends, isn't it?

Helen's already been messing
with the pictures and...

- No, this has got to be them.
- It's not. I swear.

Now do you see why it's
not safe to be here?

You're his latest incarnation.

Abigail Gref and Dillon
Faodhagain are pawns

for the demonic underworld.


And their twisted
fornication, it is told,

begat the one who denies
the Father and the Son,

the Little Horn, the
Beast of the Sea.

What the hell are
you talking about?

They were murdered
to protect the world.

But now, Dillon and Abigail
have returned in the form

of you and Beth so that the
Antichrist can be born...

The Antichrist?!

What are you talking about?
That shit isn't real.

-And Beth is dead. -For now.

Nothing need be forever.


I know Simon wants to
explain it all away, but...

Vickie's phone is a bad sign!

We should... we should
call the police.

Do it if you want, but I have
a feeling they're gonna tell us

to wait the 48 hours.

Hey, I'm with you about
everything that's happening,

but the way Vickie lives
her life, she could show up

happy, high and giving
us the finger in 48 days.

Oh, I miss the city.

The glow, the noise,
cell reception.

This place, it's...

pitch black.

Silent like... death.

Part of me wishes
we'd never come.

- Uh, I'm sorry. I...
- I'm sorry. No, it's fine.

I get it. I get it.

I think Grant's back.

Like I've been telling
you, Aunt Stephanie,

she drives Beth to suicide,
now she's trying to scare

the shit out of you,
out of all of us,

hell, maybe she even put
the bones in the closet

up in the attic, all so
we return to the city

and never come back, and
she inherits everything.

Or... maybe it's real.

Some weird shit's
been happening, and...

you can blame Aunt Stephanie
and her weed all you want,

but even my goddamn
camera's been acting up.

Jesus Christ.

And you are either way more
scared than the rest of us

so you're searching for
rational explanations,

or you're trying
to fuck with us.

Seriously, Helen?

You think I'm doing all of
this just to get sole custody

of some... some crappy
house in a broke-ass town?

You were the one who jumped
at the idea of selling it.

I don't know, maybe
you need the money.

I've been being
modest. I'm loaded.

All right? -

My share of this place
would just be pocket change.

Okay, so to get
back at us, then.

Guys! Guys, I'm so over this.

Now, I'm gonna go smoke
this kickass weed,

conk out, and then get my ass
out of town in the morning.

And then, I'm going to go
join Vickie and press eject

on this fucked-up little
paranoid friend group of ours.

And if you have any sense,
you will do the same.

Payback is a bitch.

Simon, you fucking
asshole! Get out!

me the Great Goat Lord.

Heh! And after all the shit
you accused me of earlier...

you deserved this.

Fucking jerk.

You're losing
your goddamn mind.

Simon, I will fuck you up!

Hello, my love.


- You're pregnant?
- We are, Dillon.

I'm not Dillon.

And I'm not Beth.

"Marry, fuck, kill."

Why did I come back
here to the Gref House?

Why didn't I just run away

to Italy or Australia
like I always wanted?

College was supposed
to be an escape.

And now, thanks
to Aunt Stephanie,

I've figured out the truth...

what's been hidden
behind those doors

that my parents
wouldn't talk about.

The truth about... me.

About Grant. About our fate.

Which, if you're watching
this, means that...

I couldn't avoid it.


I failed.

Now, it's up to you.

Ah, fuck, Grant!

Oh, as if this house
isn't creepy enough.

- Can you feel her too?
- "Feel" who?


Um... No.

No one can. Beth's dead.

Of course, you
wouldn't feel her.

You two were never close.

-Vickie called it. -Called what?

The randomness of
our connections.

In the grand scheme of things,
you could've been really...


Dude, are you
sleepwalking right now?

What the fuck?


You're alive.

Thank God.

I'm not Beth.

I am not alive...

but that won't stop you and me.

Nothing will.

- Grant?
- No, no, no, no! Hey, hey, hey!


- Help! Help me!
- Oh, my God! What happened?

Shit! Come on, quick.
Shit, shit, shit. Come on.

- Put him on the table!
- Okay, come on. Come on, Simon.

Come on, buddy. Fuck! Fuck!

Grant, find a clean dish
towel. Soak it under hot water.

We need to apply pressure and
pack the wound. All right.

Stay with us. Come on!

- Hey! Hey, Simon!
- Fuck, dude! Here, here, here!

- Simon?! Simon! Come on!
- Grant. Grant, step back.

-No. -Grant, he's gone.

- Move back, Grant. Grant!

Is everything okay?

- Who's there?
- I heard screaming.

what happened?

I... I stabbed him...
in... in the chest.

It was an accident.

He's dead.

Are you sure? Maybe
we should call 911...

I tried to stop the bleeding.

It was too late.

It's the family.

This cursed place.

It's never satisfied.
It's never satiated.

- I warned you, all of you!
- Enough!

Our friend is dead.

Helen. HELEN!

-HELEN! -Grant.

Helen! Helen?

- Fuck is the light?! Helen!
- It's here!

Oh, my God.

- Where is she?
- I don't know. I don't know.

-Oh, my God! Oh! -Do you know?

Me? What do you mean?

It feels like you've been
subtly manipulating things

since we got there.

-Am I crazy, Grant? -Nope.

That's the first thing I've
heard that doesn't sound crazy.

You drugged us, put insane
thoughts into Grant's head!

I have been warning you!

With shit that's
feeding our paranoia!

Why would I do that?!

So you could get your
hands on this house!

- Oh, my God!
- Maybe you killed your niece.

- Beth killed herself.
- How the fuck do we know that?

- 'Cause you told us?
- I'm going home.

-The police... -No, no, no!

Are you the one that's been
creeping around this house?

Was it you up in the attic,
trying to freak us out?

-Get out of my way! -HEY!

-Hey! -Leave me alone!

HEY! You tell us right now what
the fuck you did to our friends!

I had nothing to do
with any of this.

Asmodeus? No...

No! Oh! - Shit!

She's... Oh.

Here. Something to
settle both our nerves.

Thank you.

- How did she fall?
- I don't know.

It was all so confusing.

What are we gonna do?


No police, okay? Uh...

I have a record.

With Simon and my past...

can we just talk this out first?

-Yeah? -Okay.

That name she called out,

it was like she saw
something... you think she did?

I think it was another
one of her games.

- And this time, it didn't work.
- So this was all Stephanie?

I can't believe I
fell for that shit.

We all did, to some extent.

Because of her, I killed Simon.

She knew exactly
what she was doing.

It just doesn't make any sense.

Why are you so calm? Hey.

- Did you fucking call them?
- No, of course not.

Stephanie must have.



You just lie there.

And I'll take care
of everything.

-Evening. -Hello, Officer.

-Is there a problem? -Uh, yeah.

I had a call about a
disturbance, some screaming.

Oh. Well, there's been
some carrying on, but...

no, no screaming.

Who called you?

Let me guess,
Stephanie Gref?

Yeah... Well, if you want
to be pressing charges

against anyone, it's her.

My friends have been smoking
Aunt Stephanie's crazy weed.

Oh, jeez. Not the first
time I've had that call.

- Uh-huh.
- Where are your friends, anyway?

Oh, well, I actually sent them
all to bed to sleep it off.

I don't imbibe myself,
resident teetotaller,

which they love to
remind me about.

I just want to make sure
no one thinks they can fly

out of a window or, God forbid,
choke on their own vomit.

-Help. -Oh, Grant!

Grant, come over here.
All right. I got you.

There we go. You really
need to sleep this off.

Ever since they made
this shit legal,

we've had to deal
with calls like this.

And I've told Stephanie,

her weed is way too strong.

Oh, understatement of the
year! I mean, look at him.

I even
had it tested once.

I thought that there has
to be something else in it.

Yeah, well, as you
can see, no screaming.

And I... I really should
be getting this one to bed.

You're not gonna die, young
man. You're gonna sleep it off.

And you're gonna have a hell of
a story to tell in the morning.

Yeah. You hear that, Grant?

- Thank you. Thank you, Officer.
- Yeah.

Well, we're lucky I
didn't have to kill him.


-Why? -Come on, Grant.

It's you and Beth.

All of this is.

Beth... Beth's dead.

Oh... Oh.

The veil between life
and death is diaphanous.

It can be breached.

We will bring your love back.

-Together. -You...

Who are you?

Not who. What.

Asmodeus. Your saviour.

How are you doing
over there, Grant?

Just wondering if you're
gonna kill me next.

Of course not.

Then why am I chained up?!

Well, once you get the
importance of your role

through that thick skull
of yours, I'll free you.

But we have bigger
issues to discuss first.

Like what?

Simple. Beth.

Call me old-fashioned,
Grant, I just...

I want to wait. Okay?


You wanted Beth.

I just wanted to make
sure you got her.

Her thoughts...

her eyes...

her pleasure...

on Grant.


I found where Paige

hides her secret stash.

Her stash?

Since when does Paige have a...

-Yeah. -You know what?

I really don't care.

This is what you get
for not sharing. Hah!

Oh, we are gonna have
some fun tonight.

That wasn't pot.

So... it was some
kind of love drug?

The others stole what I
made for the two of you.

And wound
up in your bed.

That night ruined everything.

It was a problem.

But one night can't
undo your destiny.

Your family...


Beth's family... Gref.

Both tied to the dark arts,

both tied to each other.

And when Beth discovered
your destinies...

she summoned me.

- Paige, please...
- There is no Paige, Grant.

There never was.

Only Asmodeus.

And I introduced you to her.

-You... -Yes.


And that game I got
you all playing...

Marry, fuck, kill...

it is an old spell

suited to our purposes...

Bind, bed, bury.

What purposes? Beth's dead.

And you're talking
about marriage,

about us being together?

Oh, it doesn't
have to be wedlock.

It's binding,

connecting, attaching.

And as for Beth's death...

we're going to bring her back.


I convinced Beth to add
you all to that will,

to bring you all here.

And so now, we are going to
finish what Beth started.

et, omnis spiritus,

om satanica potestas!


prefer Asmodeus.

It's been you?

Aiding... guiding you

to what must come to be.

Help me, Grant.

Help me bring Beth back
to the mortal plane.

If you bind a piece

of all three of your
carnal friends together,

out of their sacrifice,

the sweet Beth you knew

and loved will return.

- Stronger. -

Ready to assume her
place by your side.

Their sacrifice? You
fucking murdered them!

-I murdered them. -Oh, Grant.


Given the chance, they
would do the same to you.

Marry, fuck, kill.

- It's a stupid game.
- They all chose you to murder.


There is brutal truth

to that game.

They mocked you behind
your back, and you felt it.

You were great once.
What are you now?


Wouldn't you rather
thrive in power

with your fated love, Beth?

Instead of spending

the rest of your life wandering,

lost, like you have been,

for the next...
30, 40, 50 years?

A life...

fully inconsequential?

Yes, that's it.

What do I need to do?

Cut my throat.

I humbly
offer you my throat.

Bind, bed, bury.

What is thine will?

Love has all the power,

lust will devour,

and the heart shall
never be still.

Deyan anay

tasa Asmodeus.

Deyan anay tasa Asmodeus!


Now, Grant! Now!

Beth! Hey.

Oh... Oh, Beth.


How are we going to
explain any of this?

Our friends disappeared.

You're back from the dead.

You know what?

We blame it all on Stephanie.


She deserves it.

And she's enough of a nut
that everyone will believe it.

We're together now.

We're going to spend the
rest of our lives together.

Rebuild this
family... this town.

And rule it like the
royalty I now know we are.

Our child will rule the world.

-I... -Shh. Shh.

But the most incredible thing...

is how you risked your own life

just to bring us back together.

I've returned the favour.

I've conjured you.

And now, here you are.

- It wasn't a love spell, Grant.
- Hmm.

Love... lust...


whatever it was,

it was for me.

It was for you...

but not for love.


A hate spell

to end the evil of my family,

of your family... to end it all.

A hate spell?

But Asmodeus said she
was the demon of love.

Lust and desire
can also be hate.

A lust for blood.

A desire to destroy.

Bedfellows bound
together forever.

Asmodeus oversees both.

I don't understand. You hate me?

I hate what we've become.

It's evil...

what we're fated to be.

And the only way to avoid
our fate was to destroy you.

Destroy us.

When Paige...

Asmodeus found out

what I was trying to do,

she fought back.

fate you cannot avoid.

This world shall be destroyed.

The one who denies
the Father and the Son

shall be born.


Nothing you say will come to be.

My fate is mine and mine alone!

NO! -

And now...

you've done Asmodeus's bidding

and brought me back
to the mortal plane.

Now, I'm gonna set you free.

♪ I live in a box
of my illusion ♪

♪ And rule the world
from my seclusion ♪

♪ I hold the key
but I don't go out ♪

♪ I go to sleep ♪

♪ Dream of the life
for which I'm cut out ♪

♪ Here in my cube ♪

♪ Sailing through
the stratosphere ♪

♪ Here in my cube ♪

♪ Waving in the atmosphere ♪

♪ Here in my cube ♪

♪ All my troubles disappear ♪

♪ Here in my cube ♪

♪ Now in this world
of no intrusions ♪

♪ I'm free to draw
my own conclusions ♪

♪ No need for gold
imbued distractions ♪

♪ Till I pop a tear ♪

♪ I am the master
of my actions ♪

♪ Here in my cube ♪

♪ Sailing through
the stratosphere ♪

♪ Here in my cube ♪