Married by Mistake (2023) - full transcript

After losing her dream job, Riley gets drunk with Nate and the next morning they find themselves married. Accepting Nate's proposal they travel to Tennessee to rescue his family's business, but will they be able to keep up the dec...




- Hi.
- Hi.

- Sorry.
- What?

- What?
- Where are we?



We're in Vegas.


We're in Vegas.

There's a ring on my finger.

Oh, no.

Wait, did we get married?

To finally getting that MBA!



Step one...

Graduate business school.

Step two...

Conquer the world!

[Nate] Think big, win big!

My girl Riley is going
to dazzle Beacon America

with her marketing prowess!

Yeah, I'll be lucky
if I'm even noticed there, so.

Would you rather go on a date

with that handsome,
strapping gentleman over there,

or Nate?

Okay, well,
that's not really fair,

because that guy's super-hot,

and Nate's a nice guy.

"Beacon America CFO arrested."

"A grand jury has indicted

the CFO
of a sporting-goods giant,

Beacon America,

for embezzling $80 million

"over the past five years."

- [gasps]
- Wait, what?


Okay, so all hiring is on hold?

Right, I was supposed
to start next week,

so that can't be.

I would...


You look like
you needed some "compny".


Thanks, Nate,

but I don't really
feel like talking.

You know, I just want
what everyone else wants.

I want a job that doesn't suck.

And I want to pay off my loans,

and I want

maybe a house.

I don't know.

I don't need, like,
a white picket fence

or a Lexus in the driveway
with a ribbon.

What are you going to do?

My family business
is going through a rough patch.

Dad's counting on me
to come home,

help turn things around.

They could use a dose
of what you've got.

She spent years

trying to get me
to become a doctor.

Why didn't you?

Vasovagal syncope.

You mean something's wrong
down there?

What? No.

"Vasovagal" means that
my blood pressure drops.

I faint when I experience
trauma, I guess.

Like if you see blood?


Yeah, I'm just down.

Blood, fear.

Anything, really, that triggers
my fight-or-flight reflex.

The last thing you want
is boring.


To not being boring!



It's nice to see

the idea of marrying me
makes you nauseous.

Not nauseous. Nauseated.

I mean, just, like,

I'm not this girl.

I don't get blacked out in Vegas
and get married.

You know, I'm the girl
who gets locked in the library

because I was studying too long.

Yeah, I don't do
this stuff either.

I've been dating the same girl
my whole life.

It's my high-school girlfriend.

We broke up after graduation

and got back together
senior year of college,

and we've been trying

to make it work long-distance
ever since, actually.

That sounds really complicated,

and I feel like we should
unpack that at a different time.


Look, I don't understand.
How could this happen?

I don't know, Nate.

I don't know.

The last thing I remember

is you were

you were trying to convince me

to help turn
your family business around.


Yeah, that was silly, huh?

Oh, my god, my family,

they're gonna freak out.

I mean, we have to get divorced.

- Right.
- Yeah.


- We have to...
- Right.

Although, if you think about it,

it's not that silly at all.

Not the marriage part.
We'll obviously get it annulled.


But you're smart
and resourceful.

That's exactly
the kind of exec we need.


Riley, just

I'm telling you,
it's a big opportunity.

If you'd just take the time
to consider what I'm saying.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on.

Are you asking me for real?

Yes, I am.

No, I'm a west-coast girl.

You know?

I like to go hiking in Marin.

And eat pork buns at Wing Lee's.

I don't think I'm gonna fit in
with your

little family business
in Tennessee.

Do you know what I mean?


If you change your mind,

there'll be a ticket
waiting for you.

If I were doing
a case-method analysis,

(I would say that a)

It's a legit job offer,

(and b) the cost of living
is way cheaper than here.

Plus, Nate's kinda cute.

Okay, well,

my response would be

(a) I don't need a guy
to make me happy,

(and b)

It was

a mistake!

Doesn't look like a mistake.

Hell, this thing looks real.

I doubt it.

I think he got it at, like,
a drive-through chapel.

I'm so proud of you.

You finally did
something spontaneous.

Hey, thank you so much.

Girl, I love you,

but you can't plan
every minute of your life.

"It takes courage

to grow up and become
who you really are."

Are you throwing Oprah
at me right now?

No. E e cummings.

Oh, that's it.

Oprah said,

"You get in life

what you have the courage
to ask for."

Okay, what does that

have to do with this ring?

Maybe it's time
to stop planning.

Do something outrageous.

Like move to Tennessee

and work for
a mom and pop company?

Would you rather
move you and Herb

back home with your parents?


I got a call
from your Aunt Joan.

She says your cousin Kaitlyn
just bought a new home.

With a guest house
for Aunt Joan.


Kaitlyn must be doing very well.

Yeah, Mom,
surgeons make good money.

Let's eat!


where did you get that shirt?

My AP Bio class gave it to me.

Did they give you those shoes?

No, no. Knock-offs.

I got 'em at BuyRite.


What's wrong with BuyRite?

Well, they underpay
their employees,

their stuff is cheap

because it's cheaply-made.

Listen to you,

who buys half her clothes
at thrift shops.

Not thrift.

It's vintage.

Don't worry, Suzanne,

from now on,

Riley's gonna get me
all the sneakers I need

at Beacon.

Yeah, so, um...

Oh, yeah, it won't be long

before you're running
that whole company.

Am I right?

And don't forget to bring
Aunt Joan a nice gift

when you get to L.A.

Why, Mom?

It is the right thing to do.


you have to stop
comparing me to Kaitlyn.

Joan does the comparing.

She forgets that
your brother would've been...

A great doctor, yeah.

Okay, we both know
how hard you work.

No daughter
makes her parents prouder.

Aside from Kaitlyn, of course.


Come on!



When the time is right,

I promise I will be happy
to have you move in with me.

Not without a guest house.

We need our privacy.

Your father can get loud.

- Ew.
- It's true.

- Stop.
- She probably knows already.

I mean

I don't even know
why I'm considering it.

I don't know anything
about them.

Nate's family
probably says stuff

like "what needs washed?"

And they probably love
Miracle Whip.

And you know how I feel
about Miracle Whip.

But Mom and Dad
want me to be a big success.

Yeah, I know.

I wish you could give me a sign.




♪ There's an old man
on the corner street ♪

♪ Kickin' his heels
and playin' in the heat ♪

♪ Smilin' though
he's down on his luck ♪

♪ He don't seem
to care that much ♪

♪ Gotta keep it up

♪ You gotta choose

♪ Stay positive
or sing the blues ♪

♪ You gotta keep it up

♪ And work your way...

[radio announcer] Radio 102.4...


What can I getcha?


Do you have boba?

Excuse me?

Taiwanese bubble tea.

With tapioca balls.

Trust me, they don't have it.


I'll just take
a chocolate shake, please.


It's my

it's my first visit
to Cedar Falls.

It's... it's nice.

It's quiet.

The people
seem friendly, though.

You know that studies show

the reason that people
from small towns are friendlier

isn't altruism.

It's actually necessity.

Yeah, because,

you know, due to
the small population,

it's more likely
they'll, you know,

need help in the future.

Do you always use
scientific data

to lure people
into conversations?

Not always.

Is that a turtle?

Oh, yeah. That's Herb.

When I was little,

they didn't allow dogs
in my apartment complex,

so I got Herb.

He's a good listener.

You just take him around
everywhere you go?

No, of course not.

But I can't exactly

leave him in the car
with my luggage.

Well, I probably could.

There's no laws against it,

which is...

Yeah, well, I'm not a monster.

So do you live here?

I used to live here.

Oh. Why'd you leave?

Are you a reporter?

Here you go.

Oh, thank you so much.

Oh, actually...

It's better for the environment.

Thank you.


Sorry. You were just telling me
why you left?

Actually, I wasn't.

I feel like you were.

I created
a financial services app

in Seattle.

I got married,


sold the app,

and I came back home.

Doesn't sound like
it was your idea.

My grandmother wields guilt
like a samurai sword.

That's lovely.

My mom's a stealth fighter...

But in pink butterfly scrubs.

Success depends on a company's
willingness to evolve.

You know,
we need diverse voices,

young voices in the boardroom
to connect with the consumers.

Nothing's going to change

until someone like me
has a seat at the table.

My dad and I didn't connect,

and it's only gotten worse

since he married someone
10 years younger than me.

But every summer,

my mom would take me camping
to the Smoky Mountains.

We would sit by the fire
and talk for hours.

Some nights,
when I look up at the sky,

I feel like
I'm back there with her,

under all those stars.

Sometimes, I feel like
it was my fault.

You know, if I hadn't

asked my brother, Danny,
to take me to the mall...

Yeah, sometimes,
I just feel like

she wishes he was the one
that was alive.

I'm sorry, I'm rambling.

You're awfully nice
to listen to me.

I'm not being nice.

Studies show I'm just worried

I might need
something from you someday.


you have an eyelash right there.

Make a wish.

[cell phone rings]



Can't it wait?

Okay, fine.

I said, fine.

Sorry, I

I got to go...



I'm going to say something
that I never say.

I think you're an amazing woman,

and I can't imagine

spending the rest of my life
without you.


♪ Ooh, baby

♪ I think I'm falling in love

♪ Ooh, baby...

[needle scratching record]



I was just saying,

I don't usually enjoy meeting,
well, anyone,

but it was really nice
talking to you.


See you, Herb.

I don't understand it.

Now is when I should be

building my career, you know?

Not just fantasizing
about some stranger.

Plus, I don't need a guy...

To make you happy. Yeah, yeah.

Aren't you there yet?

I'm lost.

You know, I don't know
if this is a good idea.

I'm not sure how I'm going
to fit in here.

Then don't.

"Why fit in when you were born
to stand out?"

Maya Angelou?

Dr. Seuss.

Um, I gotta go.

Okay, love you. Bye.

No, I know, I know.

So I said to him,

"Carl, if you wanna go
drinkin' after work,

least you can do

is pick up the kids from school.

Hell, I don't care
if you take 'em with you,

"as long as
I don't hafta get 'em."

Oh! I'll call you back.

You must be Riley!

Nate told me
to keep an eye out for ya.

That Marie Kondo

says to surround yourself
with things that bring you joy.

'Mingos bring me joy.


Come on.

- I love your suit.
- Thank you.

[man] I'm tired

of you questioning
everything I say.

In case you haven't noticed,
I am in charge here,

so pack up your crap
and get the hell out of here.

You're fired!

[woman sighs]

Hey, Ma.

Don't you look nice,
Mother Faye.

Pretty as a peach in June.

I see we lost
another Marketing VP.

All he did was gripe
about his budget.

I told him how to save money.

I told him to use Kaylee
in the campaign.

Used car dealers
feature their wives in ads,

not national brands.

I do have
my own YouTube channel.

Don't you have somewhere to be?

Son, we are already facing
another quarter in the red.

Your daddy
would be so disappointed.

Look all you want, Ma.

You won't find him up there.

This young lady's
here to see Nate.

He said to bring her in here.


This is probably a mistake.

I'm looking for Nate Fisher.

That's my grandson.

Nathaniel Fisher Bynam.

I'm his dad, Nathaniel Sr.,

but 'round here
everybody calls me "Buck".


As in the owners of...

BuyRite Department Stores?


Sorry, I was on
a conference call.

Riley, are you okay?

BuyRite is your family business?




Herb! Herb! Did you catch Herb?

- [Nate] He's fine.
- He's okay?

[Nate] Yeah.

I think you had one of
those vegan-bagel things.


Yes, thank you.

I thought you said that
your last name was "Fisher".

I used my mom's name in school
to attract less attention.


So, son, you wanna
catch us up here?

Yeah, Dad, this is Riley Smith.

We went
to business school together.

[Riley] Hi.

And this is
my grandmother, Faye.


- Welcome to Cedar Falls.
- Thank you.

So you're here for a visit?


Well, actually,
she came to live.

We're married.

I thought that you said
we were getting an annulment.

I'm sorry I blindsided you
with all that.

Dad's been acting so erratic,
the board froze all hiring.

So, the only way to bring you in

is if we stay married
just for a little longer.


I don't agree with any
of BuyRite's policies.

At all.

Then help change them.

Look, BuyRite used to be
a great place to work.

But the industry's changed.

Since Mom died,
we've had to close 80 stores.

We're not done.

Well, you obviously

can't shut down Boise.

There's nothing for 50 miles.

You'd just be turning your backs

on the customers
who need you the most,

and you'll be
creating a PR nightmare.

- You see?
- Do not look at me like that.

You understand both sides.

We'd offer a generous salary.

Living rent-free with me,

you could pay off your loans
in no time.

Are you trying to bribe me?


- 'Cause it's working.
- Great.

Oh, it's working.

No, it can't work.

I can't work for BuyRite.
This is.

I can't go to my parents.

My dad might not be able
to work much longer.

- Welcome back.
- Emily!

Oh, someone's working out?

Oh, it's just
some interval training.

- Hi.
- Hi. I'm Emily.

Director of Corporate
Communications and Promotions.

Oh, nice to meet you.

And Nate's old girlfriend.

I'm Riley.



wife, I guess.

You're married?

It was very impromptu.

Musta been.

You didn't even have time
to get her a ring.

Uh, yeah

I actually have it.

It's in her purse, yeah.

It was just getting resized.

Traveling, so.


Nate actually
has said a lot about you.

- Really?
- Yeah.

He never mentioned you.

[Winnie speaks on intercom]

can you tell Emily

another bouquet
arrived from Andrew?

That boy
is such a cutie-patootie.

[Nate] Thank you, Winnie.

Andrew Baker?

High-school football captain.


He's... so thoughtful.

You know,
we should go to dinner.

The four of us.

Yeah. It would be fun, right?




This is where you grew up?

[Nate] Look, I know that was
a lot for everyone.

They just need a chance
to get to know you better.

We're normal.

They'll love you.

You're normal?


There's, like, 15 garages here.


It's called "Find Your Bliss
With Kaylee Bynam."

So I get my squad together,

and we talk about
female empowerment.

You know, like being responsible
for your own orgasm.

Mother Faye, there's nothing
wrong with enjoying sex.

My dear,

I was owning my own orgasm
long before you were born.

Some things are best
left to yourself.

I also bring on guests.

Last week, I talked to a girl
who writes sci-fi erotica.

And not just Captain Kirk
getting it on with Mr. Spock.

Classy stuff.

Okay, so it's a video podcast
and people subscribe to it also?

From all over.

Even men in prison.

Especially men in prison.

Yeah, maybe that's enough talk
about the podcast, babe.

I'd like to propose a toast.


I'm real proud of you.

Sorry I couldn't make it
to the graduation.

Thanks, Dad.

It's good to be home again.

We're in this together.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

I don't know why
you had to get married so fast.

No family.

I couldn't move back
without her.

Riley's very special to me.

Well, now,
that doesn't explain why

I understand that BuyRite's
been around for over 60 years?

So what was your focus
at Stanford?

Socially-conscious marketing.


What is
socially-conscious marketing?

It's a lot of nonsense,
that's what.


No, it's a...

It allows consumers
to connect with companies

in a more meaningful way.

So, like Verizon
with women in tech,

or Dove's
positive-body-image ads.

That's the fatties
in the underwear, right?


it's a load of woke PR
is what it is.

I think companies

have a responsibility

to better society
in any way that they can.

My company provides jobs.

We don't get anywhere
near enough credit for that.

You do get tax breaks, though,

which leaves towns

with less money for schools
and emergency services.

What Riley's trying to say
is our brand needs a makeover.

Her perspective will be valuable
to our marketing department.

[Buck] Will be?

You just hold on
a minute there, son.

[Faye] I think

the company could use
a fresh pair of eyes.


You know,

BuyRite obviously can't compete
with online companies

offering free delivery, so.

There's a news flash.

You're saying
we should concentrate

on bringing customers
into the stores?

[Nate] Yes.

Cedar Falls used to be
one of our best outlets,

but it just had
its worst quarter in five years.

Now, if you're talkin'
about give-aways...

It's not about gimmicks, Dad.

We need to revitalize the brand.

You know,
improve the retail experiences,

bringing in younger customers.

There's a lot of room to pair
with social-media influencers.

I'll give you Cedar Falls.


Come up with a plan
to turn things around

and we'll talk.

And because leadership skills
are important,

I've asked Rhys to return.

[Nate] What?

What, Rhys is joining BuyRite?

Just to keep the Board happy.

Once we're back on solid ground,

he can go
where he damn well pleases.

Who's Rhys?

I told you about Rhys. Remember?

You didn't know
that Nate had a brother?


Sorry I missed dinner, Grandma.


So let me get this straight

Mr. Milkshake,
the man of your dreams,

is your husband's brother?

Yes. Well, no.

I don't know.

Stop laughing.

This isn't funny.

Oh, what should I do?

Off the top of my head

move up the annulment!

I can't move it up.

Well, because this is
kind of interesting.

The plan is
we have to be working.

Plus, his grandma's very cool.

[Buck] Riley?

Yeah, you gotta go.

Mr. Bynam.


I don't know what kind of game
you're running here, missy.

I think you have
the wrong idea. I...

You don't have to be a genius

to see that Nate's in
over his head,

so cards on the table.

Am I gonna be a grandpa?


Oh, no.

No, no. I'm not

pregnant, so.

Okay, then I will pay
whatever is in your prenup.


Oh, sweet Jesus.

Mr. Bynam, I

I don't want anything from you.

Really. I'm

Nate thinks BuyRite
is worth saving,


I can help.

I'm gonna...

Why didn't you tell me
who you were?

Why didn't you tell me
you were married?

Oh, it's so nice having
my boys back in the house again.

You're not afraid we'll end up
killing each other?

Oh, well,

that's a distinct possibility,

but it's a risk
I'm willing to take.

Congrats, by the way.

Thank you.

I was referring to Nate.

Clearly, he got
the better end of the deal.


Why'd you have to go
and say that?

She thinks I'm a catch.

No one thinks
you're a catch, Nate.

I think you're a catch, Nate.

I see you gave her mom's ring.

It's not like you were using it.

It's good to be home.


What do you got in there?


Like, what?

Dead bodies.

Oh, it's just up here.

And off we go.

Oh, watch out.

- Be careful.
- I'm okay!




everything's set up.

You can take the guest room.

- Okay.
- Unless you want to sleep in...

No, no.

'Cause married people,
they stay in the same bedroom.

We're not really married.

The guest room is perfect.

Thank you.


is your mom's ring.

You didn't mention that.


Thank you
for trusting me with this

while we

you know, do this.

It's really...

Not a problem.

It was for Emily, huh?

Were you going to propose?

We've been trying

to keep things going

She was supposed
to fly out for graduation,

but she called the night before,

and said

she'd met someone else.


Okay. That's why
you got so drunk.

She was tired
of being taken for granted.

She said, um

she said I didn't
appreciate her enough.

She was right. I blew it.

Okay, Nate, it's...

No, Riley, it's fine.

She moved on.

So should I.

You know, I could probably
get a plant or two in here.

You know,

warm up the space.

I don't plan
on staying here long.

Have you done any work in sales?

Well, I worked
at Urban Outfitters

when I was a teenager
during the summer.

- Does that count?
- [Nate] Yeah.

So she knows
how to up sell stoners.

It's perfect for us.

I don't think you understand

what you're
getting yourself into.

My dad is looking
for anyone to blame.

And he's a bit unhinged.

I think
I can handle myself, Rhys.

I have an MBA.

[Nate] Why do you always
attack him?

Why do you always defend him?

You know he's been this way
since we were kids.

He thinks
the world is against him.

Seventh grade, summer camp,
laser tag,

no one wanted to be on his team

because if poor, little Rhysie
didn't win,

he was furious.

He'd always complain
that his vest wasn't working.

My vest was not working.

No matter
how many times he got hit,

he always refused
to leave the game.

Faulty vest.

I guess some people
expect a trophy

just for showing up.

[intercom beeps]

[Winnie] Rhys,
your father wants to see you.

Well, that went well.


there's something
you don't see much around here.


No, no, don't, don't.
They're beautiful.

I'm Demarcus. From Operations.


Nice to meet you.


Well, how can I help you?

Well, Nate wants you
to go undercover,

scope out the Cedar Falls store.

Oh, okay.

Well, um

let me check my schedule.

She says,
pretending she has a schedule.

Sorry, yeah.

That's... that's exciting.

Do I have, like...
Like a back story?

Or a disguise?

Simmer down, Veronica Mars.

I told the manager

you've been transferred
from Memphis.

And you'll wear these.



I know, honey.

Don't even try to explain it.
It's a waste of time.

Like watching golf,

or eating kale.

My theory is,

they designed them
back in the '70s

to prevent workers
from hooking up.

I'm guessing
it worked out pretty well.


Nice to meet you!



[man] Heads-up!


Knock it off, man!

Sorry, Maria!

Cooler display!
Aisle 12. Let's go!

Yeah, but I was just...

No, no, no!
O te patearé tu trasero.

All right, boss.

[speaks in Spanish]


Come on, let's go.

Well, he responds
to "I'll kick your ass,"

so that's... that's good.

He's a good kid.

You just need to know
how to reach him.

Got it.

- Riley?
- Yes, sorry.

- Hi.
- Hola.

I'm Maria.

The manager's not here
so I'll take you around.

- Great.
- Come this way.

Now, that was Kenny,
and he's not gonna change.

[Riley] Okay.

We like to rotate the newbies
through each department.

we have a high turnover rate.

You see,
morale isn't exactly high.



Man, where is everyone?

Kenny! Kenny! No, no, no, no!

That's going to...

- Whoops.
- Fall.

As I was saying,

we have pretty good barbecues,


Can't stand to lose, huh?

Have you met Riley's parents?

Not yet.

What about siblings?

I think she's an only child.

How much do you know about her?

We've been friends
for two years.

You really think
it was a good idea,

surprising Dad like that?


He'll come around.

You always did
believe in miracles.

[girl] I'm hungry.
I want these cookies.

You can't keep taking cookies
from the shelves.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Who's this?

She was separated
from her family.

Oh, no.

Hi. What's your name?


Amalia? Okay.

I'm sure we can find them

They're probably not far

Riley, why don't you take
a break for lunch?

I'll go find her mom.

- Oh, are you sure?
- Yeah.

Of course.

- Okay.
- Thanks.

Come on.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Hello there!


I'm Ted, the store manager.


- Hi.
- Hi.

If I'd have known
you were this pretty,

I would have been here
a lot sooner.

Well, Maria's been doing
a really good job, so.

Yeah, she's pretty good
for a part-timer.

Love her spunk.

Yeah, that's good to know


[Riley] I mean,
the store's a mess,

and Ted, he...

That man sucks.

Yeah, that's a non-starter.

Ted is Faye's nephew.


That's the only reason
he's had this job for so long.

So, a little birdie told me

that you got off
on the wrong foot with Buck.


Word of advice...

Don't poke the bear, honey.

That could prove dangerous.


Oh, you're not
in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

And I sure as hell
ain't the wizard.

That's too bad...

There's a pair
of ruby slippers in footwear.

Just my size.

I am so sorry.

I'm not talking about
a complete restructuring.

I'm just saying

if you pay people like Maria
what she's actually worth,

then it would be...

Do you know how much
it would cost

to provide benefits
to part-timers?

Well, she's not
actually part-time.

You guys just call her that
because it's a way

I don't call it anything.

I'm just here
on a temporary basis,

and as soon as
things get in shape...

You will be on your way.
Yes. I'm aware.

You should just take it off.
The stain's gonna set.

You know, so you can soak it,

or the shirt will be ruined.


Okay, well...

Oh, I'm not gonna do it.

You can.

Take this. Here, you...

You can just scrub it.

Well, don't scrub it.

Dab it.


What's going on?


I had the coffee and...

She came around the corner,

and then the...

- The stain...
- All over it, so we're just...

Dad and I decided.

We're closing ten more stores.
Including Boise.

Okay, then.

By the way,

your wedding announcement's
gonna be in Sunday's paper.



My parents don't know yet.

It's the "Cedar Falls

They'll never see it, okay?

Can I, uh, get my shirt back?


Here you go.

Um, I'm gonna...

You can... yeah.

[Leila] You always do this.

Do what?

Miss the cues.

Remember that professor?

He just gave me his umbrella.

During a thunderstorm.

You're ridiculous.

And what about that waiter?

You really think
he comped our entire table

just 'cause your fish was dry?

Leila, I know what you're doing

and it's not going to work.

You know, you're trying
to make this

into something it's not.








That used to be

one of my favorite books
when I was your age.


so you're not...

You're not lost again, right?


Okay, well, enjoy the book.



Okay, so we've got
the ad guys in New York

and then we'll meet
with the regional managers

on the way home.

We should only be gone a week.


Don't worry.

You're not missing out
on anything.

It'll just be one boring meeting
after another.

Oh, yeah.

I'm not worried.

You sure you'll be all right
on your own?


I'll be fine.

- For a week?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Okay.


I... um...

Give me a kiss.

Come on.

[Riley] What are you doing?

Give me a kiss. Please?

I'll get the door for you.

- Thanks.
- Right.

[Riley] Okay, fly safe.

[Nate] Yup. 'Kay.



[Riley] I don't care

if something
happens between them.

Plus, you know, Nate never said

that I couldn't
explore my options, so.

No, I can't come clean to Rhys,

because then I will blow
this whole thing.

Plus, I don't even know
if he feels the same way.

I just.

I don't know. What do you think?

You're absolutely no help.





Oh, I'm feeling dizzy.

[line ringing]



so this is silly,

but I

I cut my finger


and I'm just calling because

you know,


there is so much blood
in the radio.



Hey there.

I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have called you.

No, no. Don't apologize.

I was just afraid it might look
like a crime scene.

Thank you a lot for...




I think this is yours.


Is that your brother?

Yeah, that's Daniel.

Well, let's... let's get you up.


Sure you're okay?

Yes. I'm... Yeah, I'm okay.

No more...
No more sharp knives, okay?

Copy that.

You know, when in doubt,

PB&J is always a safer bet.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Take good care of her, Herb.




- Oh, do you want...
- Yes.

How was...

How was your weekend?

It was good.

How was... how was yours?

Well, I had
a near-death experience,

but, luckily,

I was rescued

by a very swift-moving,
good doctor.

Looks like he did a good job.


You know what

when we met,


Kind of hit it off.

And now things are very awkward,

and I just don't want

I don't want this
to affect work and stuff.


Thanks for inviting me
to dinner.

Thank you.

Wow, this is amazing.

Well, it may be the boonies,

but we know how to live well.

What have you learned
about our flagship store?

Uh, well

morale is incredibly low.

But there is
this exceptional employee.

Her name is Maria Mercado.


she's motivated,

she's responsible,


honestly, everything you want
in a store manager.


look, I know that
Ted is your nephew...

Ted's an idiot,

but he's family.

We'll find
something else for him.

Will all due respect, ma'am,

it's a much bigger issue
than Cedar Falls.

When I walk into BuyRite,

back in San Francisco,

I feel like I'm walking back
into the '80s.

The company needs
a serious update.

It needs new systems,

new marketing,


How did it get this bad?

My husband didn't always
trust Buck very much.

But he respected Elizabeth.

She understood the business,

shared his desire

for Rhys and Nate
to run it one day.

After she died,

it all fell apart.

Having the boys here helps,

but Nate is

like his dad.

He always does better
if he has someone to...

Help him see the big picture?

It isn't always easy

meeting up
to family expectations,


you and Nate
would make an effective team.

If that's what you really want.

You wanted to see me?

I hear you've been helping
Riley get the lay of the land.

Oh, yes, indeed.

She wants to learn
as much as possible

about BuyRite.

Oh, I bet she does.

Now, listen.

I need you to do
something for me.

If you deliver,

it could be good
for the both of us, hmm?

Come on.

So, you want to go around Buck

and get Faye
to approve your plans?

He is convinced

that I'm pretending to like Nate

so I can maneuver my way
into the executive suite.

[Leila laughs]

Yeah, I know it looks like that,

but we both know it's not.

Where are you?

At the store.

The alarm went off.

Maria said that birds

have been triggering
the sensor thing,

so I told Nate
that I'd check it out.

You can come home, you know.

You don't have
anything to prove.

No, that's not it.

I just need to prove to Faye
that I know what I'm doing.

It's all locked up, Miss Smith.


Plus, once we get
Cedar Falls up and running,

we can use it
as a nation-wide model.

You know?

And this sales associate,
Maria Mercado?

She's incredible.

She's young, she's dedicated.

She's the perfect image
for the future of the company.


Maybe you should get behind me.

I... I gotta go.


[Maria] I feel awful about this.

Here you go.

Oh, gracias.

- Have a good night.
- You too.


I started working at BuyRite
since high school.

I was planning to go
to community college,

but then I got pregnant
with Amalia.

Did you take maternity leave?

We don't get maternity.

They said I could take
two weeks unpaid.

- What?
- Mm-hmm.

Any more than that,

they'd fire me.

So I took two weeks.

Do you have any, like,
family that could help out, or?

Um, we'd been living
with my mom,

but she died a few months ago.

I just couldn't keep up
with rent,

so the landlord threw us out.

I just

I couldn't leave Amalia
in a shelter while I worked.

Yeah, of course.

So we moved into the store.

And it never affected my job.

It never affected my job.

I had
a really, really nice neighbor

who would watch her
during the day.

And I would work overtime
so I could close up.

Maria, have you ever
thought about

you know,
applying to be a manager?

You're so good.


You just need a college degree.


I'm gonna share with you

what my mom's
favorite saying was.

You can dress a goat in lace,

but you can't make a silk purse
out of a sow's ear.

So, what she meant was

don't try and be something
you're not, mi hija.

Don't aim too high.

I had such dreams for her.

I just never thought that
we would end up like this.

Hi. Can you tell Rhys
I need to talk to him ASAP?


[phone ringing]

Mom, Dad.

Hey, what's up?

You got married?

Uh, how did you hear that?

[Dad] Aunt Joan sent us a link.

She was living in the store?

- Why didn't you tell me?
- [Mom] Why didn't you tell me?

Hold on one second.
Rhys, I was going to...

[Dad] Oh, Riley, honey, wait.


Rhys! I...

[Mom] Where did she go?

[phone buzzes]


How mad is she?

Remember when
you built that volcano,

and Mom warned you

not to erupt it
inside the house?

And ketchup sprayed
all over the good carpet?

This is worse.

Much, much worse.

Dad, I was embarrassed
when Beacon fell through.

I needed a job,

and Nate said

that it would be easier
to bring me into the company

if we were married.

So you're just pretending?


It seemed like a good idea
at the time.

And now

it is not working out
the way I planned.

And I have no idea what to do.

Plus, his dad is looking for
any way to fire me.


I've never known you
to back down from a fight.

Don't start now.

Thanks. Love you, Dad.

I love you, too, Riley.

No, I don't care
what my father says.

We're not doing
a stock buy-back.

Thank you.


In all fairness to Buck,

a free month of Weight Watchers

with every plus-size swimsuit

was a good idea.

But we should've let customers
sign up for it themselves.

You try to do something nice.

I had no idea
she was living in the store.

She's a really good person

and she's great
at what she does.

Let me handle it.

[Emily] ...It may not be enough
to appease to satisfy customers.

To help deal with the fallout,

PR's brainstorming options

like having a brand ambassador
do targeted press.

I would never do anything
to harm this company.

Or this family.

I believe that.

[Emily] ...Plus-size options.

And with that,
I hand it back to you, Buck.

BuyRite began
as a family company.

Over the years,
that family grew.

But it gets real complicated

when we open the door
to someone who's not kin.


my father taught me

that the most important quality
in an employee

is loyalty.

And it's because of that...

We'd like to acknowledge

the hard work and sacrifice

of all of you

who have kept
this business going.


It won't be easy
to fix what's wrong.

But Buck and I have faith

in the next generation
of Bynams.

Right now, Nate, Riley and Rhys

are polishing an ambitious plan.

And we look forward
to unveiling it

at the next
shareholders' meeting.

[Buck] Thank you all for coming.

That will be it for today.


What just happened?

I think we got tagged.


first thing we do

is we expedite
the architectural plans.

Let's have them mock up
a 3D rendering for Faye.

And you should talk to Emily.

We should run focus groups
to improve customer service.


have Demarcus
generate productivity reports

so we can expand the departments

that are yielding
the highest revenue.

And then I will review
the marketing analytics,

and then I'll get started
on the mood boards

for the new aesthetic.

Well, I guess
she's running point.


Okay, so this is just
low-tech spitballing,

but based off
of Emily's promotional ideas,

I kind of came up with
some temp print ad ideas.


These are really good.

This could work.


[Emily] Buck won't like it.

Yes, I know rebranding BuyRite

is like
putting socks on a rooster.

You've been here too long.

[Emily] Damn, so have I.

Andrew must be worried sick.

Guess we should all head home.

[Riley] Well, actually, no.

Rhys and I have
some budget stuff to go over,

so I'll just meet you.

All right, yeah.



Thank you.

You'll need
a cost-benefit analysis

for that proposal.


And... what's

what's this?

Oh, um,

Demarcus and I,

we mocked up
a management training program.

You know, something
employees can do

during their lunch break.

That's rather ambitious.

Yeah, well,

you know, shoot for the fences.

I'm so tired.

Can I show you something?


My mom created this

as a place for employees
to escape after a long day.

I come up here to think a lot.

Smart woman.

It's quite the view.


Daniel used to teach me
about the constellations.

I wish he was here.

But, you know, I think
he'd be really proud

of what we're doing.


Look, Riley

I know you mean well,

but this company...
It's a sinking ship.

You... you can't save it.

So what you've been doing
is just humoring me?

No, I'm supporting you.

I just don't want to see you
get your hopes up on this.



You know, you can't
shut the world out

just because
things didn't work out

the way you planned, right?

I actually did
my research on you,

and when you started
your company,

the housing market
was out of control,

so you bought old buildings

and you turned them
into apartments

so that your employees could
have more affordable housing.

That was
purely a business decision.


Because you know good ethics
makes for good business.

I'm assuming
that your mom taught you that.

It is clear

that she put her heart and soul
into this company,

and that is why you came back.

Would you want her
to see you like this,

just counting down the days
until you're done?

And pretending
like you don't care







Oh, crap.




This all you got?

Well, I'm still working on it.

Well, work faster.

I want her outta here
as soon as possible.

♪ Happy birthday to you

♪ Happy birthday, dear Mama
♪ Auntie Faye

♪ Happy birthday to you

Thank you! It's beautiful.

Looks like you're gonna need

a bigger cake
next year, Grandma.

There's a distinct possibility,

but as long as I'm still here,

I can cut my own cake.

Thank you.

[Nate] Let me take
the sparklers.

[Buck] Don't burn your fingers.

How about a big, old
corner piece

for your favorite nephew?

You're my only nephew, Ted.

[Riley] Hey.

Did you think
I wouldn't find out?

Uh, what?

You tricked
Nate into marrying you.

You're just after his money.

[Riley] That's

that's not true.

I just don't get
why he fell for it.

You're not exactly his type.

What's going on?

This little gold-digger...

She's not only flat-broke,

she's deep in debt.

Her folks
don't even own their home.






He's talking about my family.

Being in debt.

You know that I have
an MBA from Stanford?

I have a degree from Berkeley,

and he's talking about me
like I am trash.

This isn't about
the money, Riley.

It's not about the money?

What are you talking about?
Of course, it's about the money.

No. He's afraid of you.

[laughs] Okay.

Riley, he's afraid

that my grandma's
going to like your ideas.

That... that the Board

is going
to lose confidence in him

and force him out.

The Board thinks I am a nobody.

They don't care about
what I have to say.

They don't care.
They don't care!

They care, Riley, because
you have a seat at the table.

As Nate's wife,
you get a share of the company.



the other night, I...

Yeah, I shouldn't
have kissed you.

Sorry, I...

You're the only person
since my mom

that can actually make a change.

We need you here.

I need you here.


Based on our most recent
revenue reports,

we restructure
the stores' layout,

making the most successful

the easiest to access.

We also rebranded
the grocery department,

making it more modern
and customer-friendly,

with a wide variety
of fresh fruits and vegetables,

and also a designated area
for ready-to-go meals

for our busy shoppers.

Another feature of our rebrand

is the reboot of our displays
and our color palette.

You know, we want
our customers to see

that there's been a real change
here at BuyRite.

So, as you can see,

the most requested improvements

are flexible returns,

scan-and-go checkout,

and curbside pick-up.

But, at the end of the day,

BuyRite's biggest strength
is our consumer loyalty.

Online surveys show

that 68% of customers

have been shopping at BuyRite
for over 20 years.

So, as my mom always says,

in any good relationship,

it's important
to spice things up,

remind them
why they keep coming back.

Very nice.


[Riley] And tomorrow,
we'll walk through the store.

And behold our fabulous,
new produce section.

Now, these new shelves

have bar code scanners

that gauge when supplies
are running low,

then they notify the associates
via an app on their phone.


And when these changes
go through,

these smart carts

will allow customers
to upload their shopping lists.

The wireless system

tracks every item
placed in the cart,

then allows customers
to pay for it directly,

this reducing
lines at check-out.

Plus, they recommend
additional items

to customers,

which increases purchases
by 20%.

[Emily] And to pay for it,

we've partnered with
a number of national brands

whose products
appear on the screen

as shoppers
move down each aisle.

So we've updated our break room,

giving employees more reason
to eat lunch there,

which increases productivity.

And we've expanded
our management training,

creating the Elizabeth Fisher

so promising part-timers
can finish college

and become team leaders.

And because we want
our employees

to be able to take care
of their families,

we're going to help subsidize
the cost of daycare.

[Buck] We can't do that.

It'll bankrupt us.

Too much of our budget
goes to recruiting new hires.

And research shows

that affordable childcare

results in
lower employee turnover.

Very admirable.

Screw admirable.

Mama, do you have any idea
how much that will cost?

Well, some of it will be offset
by the free publicity we'll get.

Emily's put together
a nationwide campaign.

Live Right, BuyRite.

[Riley] People want to feel good

about the purchases
they're making,

and that loyalty
is passed on to their children.

So you're really going
to indulge them

in this bleeding-heart crap?

[Riley] Launching BuyRite
required a big leap of faith.

And we are asking you
to do that again...

Trust us to win over
the trust of the new generation.

An excellent execution
of a plan.

Well done, everyone!



What the hell was that?

What? You didn't like it?

We agreed.

You were going to sabotage them.

I paid you plenty.

Yes, you did.

But Rhys paid me more.


Oh, yeah?

Chip off the old block.

They loved it.

Oh, Riley, I'm so proud of you.

You haven't talked to Rhys yet?

I don't know
if there's any point.

He's convinced himself
he doesn't care.

But you think he does?

I know it sounds corny,

but I really do believe

that true love
is your soul's recognition

of its counterpoint in another.

Emily Dickinson?

Wedding Crashers.

I should go.

Nate's taking me to dinner
at the country club.



- Try to have fun.
- Yes.

Oh. Hey.

You're in love
with my grandson, aren't you?

Just not the one
you're married to.


You do know that
as long as you're with Nate,

he won't admit his feelings.


You brought me as your guest
to make Emily jealous, right?



You didn't want
to make her angry

so she'd come crawling back?

Okay, maybe,

but, look,

she doesn't love me anymore, so.

Are you sure about that?



Wasn't me.


Rhys thought of it.

Since you never had
a proper reception.

Enjoy yourself.

Thank you.

Faye looks about as happy
as a tick on a fat dog.

Come here.

- Oh.
- Come on.


there's no predictin'

whether this strategy of yours
is gonna work nationwide.

Well, I guess
we'll have to wait and see.

♪ ...What time it is
I don't care ♪

♪ When you're runnin'
your fingers through my hair ♪

♪ So let's let
our love go on... ♪


[Winnie] Hey, you two!
Say "flamingo"!

- Flamingo!
- Flamingo!

[sobs happily]

You didn't have to do this.
Thank you.

We are not done yet.

Mom! Dad!

- You guys are here!
- Hi, sweetheart!

How are you?


Um, this is...

Well, this is Nate.

- Oh! Hi, Nate!
- Hi.

- Nice to meet you, Nate.
- Nice to meet you, too.

[Riley] I'm... I.

I'm sorry
that I didn't tell you.

I just...

You know, I didn't want you
to be disappointed.

We're not disappointed,
we're just surprised.

Me too. This is a surprise.

Rhys flew us first-class...

With fresh-baked cookies.

We wanted to join
the mile-high club...

But we decided to wait
till we got to the hotel.

[Mom] A suite, no less!

♪ With a Jacuzzi!

All those bubbles!

[Riley] Okay!
Thank you for that.

Oh, I've missed
our little chats.

Why don't I get us a drink?

- Yes. Great.
- Let's do it.




I'm so happy you're here.

Yeah, it was really sweet of
Rhys to do all of this for you.

Yeah, it is.

You know, my parents
didn't want me

to follow your father
to San Francisco.

For months, they wouldn't even
use his name,

they just calling him "Him".


They thought
I was making a big mistake.

But I went anyway.

Because I loved him.

And right after
I got accepted to med school,

I got pregnant with Daniel.

So I put it off.

And by the time you came,

it was too far out of reach.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because it was my choice.

I had a good job,

a good marriage,

and two healthy children.

That's what mattered.

Honey, I'm proud of you.

But I can't watch you
lie to yourself.

Not about something
this important.

Trust me, I'm your mother,

and I love you.

Come here.



- You guys having a good time?
- Yes!


Oh, your father and I

are going to take
a spin on the dance floor.

- Oh! Oh, yes.
- Mm-hmm.

- Yes, I promised her a dance.
- That's right.

On the dance floor. Over here.

Have fun.

You made quite the impression
on my mother.

She can never fly
Economy Plus again.

Thank you.


you know, thank you for

all of this.


really nice.

It's the least we can do
to welcome you to the family.

I wanted to tell you something.

[Faye] Check, check.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I think it's time
to toast the happy couple.

Oh, my god.

[Faye] Riley.

- Riley.
- [Riley] That's okay.

Here you go, sweetheart.

Here you go.



Um, hi, everybody.

Thank you guys for being here.

[man] Speech!

[Riley] Okay, yeah, speech.

You know,

my dad always says,

"Family is where life starts
and love never ends."

He probably got it
off of a meme.

He spends way too much time
on Instagram.

Um, but it's true.

I'm really lucky to have
parents who care about me.

Even when they expect
a lot from me.

I still feel their love.

And I'm so grateful

to be embraced
by this new family.

And I...

There's just.

I haven't been
completely honest with you guys.

Or myself, really.

And there's something
that I wanted to say.

Yeah, so I...


It's you.

It's always been you.

This thing with Riley,
it was a mistake.

We were drunk,

we didn't even realize
what we were doing

'til it was too late.

I'm sorry, Emily.

I was a fool.

When you left me for Andrew,
I was afraid...

You're right.

You are a fool.

I broke up with Andrew
weeks ago.

You did?

I love you so much.

I love you, too.

How could you do this to Riley?
After everything she's done!

Hey, hey. Wait, wait.
No, no, stop.

I know that he doesn't love me.
It's okay.

You do?


I don't love him either.

So this was just

a big joke?

Nate's my friend.

A big game?

No. This is
what I was trying to tell you.

You don't understand...

No, you know what,

I understand that
the more time I spend here,

I remember why I left.

Rhys, wait. Wait!

[Faye moaning]

[Faye moaning]

Yeah, Nate said
Faye's doing better,

so that's...


That's good.

The doctors, they agreed
to private home care.

Um, but she could be

convalescing for a while.

[Mom] Sounds like
she'll be okay.

Have you heard from Rhys?




- Hi!
- Riley!

I got you something.

Thank you, Riley!

You're welcome, sweetheart.

What's this?

Just something
to get you started.




You're welcome.



- Hey.
- Hey.

How is she?

She's drifting in and out.

Is that Riley?


Are you leaving?


Are you insane?

- Grandma! Not again!
- She's done this before?

Many times.

Well, someone has to knock
some sense into you!

Auntie Faye...

You're okay?


make yourself useful

and get me
a bourbon on the rocks.

Yes, ma'am.

And as for you...

Where I come from,

we fight for what we want.

Not run away from it
with our tail between our legs.

[Riley] I

Rhys doesn't want
anything to do with me, so.

He doesn't know what he wants.

He's too busy
running away from this town,

this family.

He needs something...

Someone to believe in.

I don't know where I'd find him.

You know.

What are you waiting for?

Go find him!


You heard her.

What are you waiting for?
Go find him.


I don't think
she's gonna find him.

[group] Shut up, Ted.

[phone ringing]




Thank you.





- Hi.
- So, um...

All my life,


I've lived up
to these expectations

of my friends, my family


and you're the first person

in a long time

who has seen me
for exactly who I am.

And didn't expect a thing.

I do see you.

For the first time
in a long time,

I feel like
someone sees me, too,

and I realize how rare that is.


Hired a lawyer.

I can't stay married to Nate.

Why not?

Because I love you.

I love you, too.


- Let's make a wish.
- Okay.

You're still here.

Yeah, I figured
I'd stick around a while.

You're not gonna
faint again, are you?


Good, 'cause I

I have a surprise.


Your grandma called, didn't she?

There's a distinct possibility.

♪ Love will be there
in the morning ♪

♪ If you'll be with me tonight ♪