Maria's Lovers (1984) - full transcript

Ivan Bibic returns to his Pittsburgh PA suburb after surviving a Japanse POW camp, causing regular nightmares. All the time he remained faithfully devoted to his childhood love, fellow ethnic Yugoslavian virgin Maria Bosic. She dates him again, thus ruining a virtual engagement to captain Al Griselli. Against Ivan's dad's advice, they get married. But Ivan became psychologically impotent, feels unworthy of her and starts wondering, even looking for another girl. Meanwhile slick guitar-and-song-busker Clarence Butts moves in to South-Western PA, and seduces Maria.

Him and I were the last two left
out of the original...

And when you were shelled,
how did you feel?

I don't know. I just...

After Norman got hurt... Killed, why...

I was all right when we were moving up,

or attacked, or anything like that,

but when we'd get pinned down,

I'd start thinking about him
laying back there.

I believe that your profession
is calling it nostalgia.

- In other words, homesickness.
- Yes, sir.

It was induced when,
shortly before the war,

I received a picture of my sweetheart.


I'm sorry. I can't continue.

That's all right.

Well, when I was in combat, Mindanao...

Can you speak louder?

- I have trouble hearing you.
- Yes, sir.

During that time...

I got word that my brother,

he was killed at Guadalcanal.

What is your name?

Ivan Bibic, sir.

You feeling okay, Ivan?


What are you thinking about right now?

Home, sir.

Going home.

So, how many medals did they give you?

Just one.

I thought your chest
would be all covered with them.

Did you kill all the Japs, or leave some?

- We got most of them.
- Good.

Of course...

If I'd been there,
it wouldn't have taken so long.

I heard they had you in one of their camps.

Why didn't you get away?

Was it rough?

Well, thank God you survived.

You were gone so long
I was afraid you were dead.

I thought I'd have to make
some new babies.

I saved your old Harley for you.

- No.
- Yeah.

It's under a tarp in the back of the barn.



But you don't understand the movie, Al.

She died because she needed his love.
Do you know what I mean?

Al, please don't. Don't go too far.

Baby, just let me put my hand there.


- Come on, why not?
- Please. Yes. No!

Baby, I know what you want.

Al, just listen.

Could you love me like that?

Like what?

Like the movie.

Through life and all the way into death.

Of course. Of course, baby.

Why do you even ask me that?

Now, come on. Just this once.

Oh, please, no.

Jesus Christ! What the...

I'm sorry.

Maria, it's...

Do you remember me?

I don't believe it!

Al, this is my friend Ivan Stuska.

I mean, Bibic.

Ivan, this is Colonel Al Griselli.

- Captain.
- Captain.

Hi, how you doing?

I guess I'd better be going.

Yeah, we'll see you around. Take care.

No. You go, too.

Well, good night, everybody!

Good night.


I can't believe it's you.

Al, you know,

when I came with my mother
from Yugoslavia when I was little,

Ivan was the very, very first person
I met, you know.

You can't believe what
wonderful times we used to have.

Good to have you back.

So, this was your guy before the war, huh?


No, it was a long time ago.

Oh, yeah. I was just a girl, you know.

- Real little.
- She's some dish now, huh?

Think I better go.

Carry on.

Will we see you soon?

So, you saw Maria.


She's fine. She's okay.

She's got a boyfriend.

He's a big cheese, a captain.

Like I always told you,
she's too good for you.

Like her mother.

Oh, my God.

What eyes her mother had.

Like they could turn you inside out

and pick out the good from the bad.

You know,

every time I looked into those eyes

I felt pain.

Like she could see everything lousy
I'd ever done in my life.

It's... To remember girls like that...

To Maria.

Now, that's what I call
a real woman. Mrs. Wynic.

Mrs. Wynic! Come in.

Meet the greatest hero
of the Second World War.

Oh, my God!

I heard you were home.
I couldn't wait another minute.

Look at this face!

How about a drink?

Oh, no!

I meant to bring goodies.

I have cakes and fresh wild raspberries,

but I was so excited!

I just rushed right over. Oh, God!

I'll be back. Oh, God.

Ivan, why don't you come home with me

and help me bring over
some special treats?

That's okay.

No, no, go.

Oh, no, you darling boy!

Now, listen, you tell me what he was like.

- Who?
- Tell me the truth.

General MacArthur. Was he a nice man?

I'm so excited! I can't believe you're here.

Come here.

This is a nice house.

Thank you.

Can I help you?

They tell me
the oriental women are different.

You know what I mean?

Oh, no. Oh, don't tell me!

You'll make me blush.

You're such a man now.

A hero.

- Sorry.
- Oh, my God.

I'm sorry.

I'm helpless.

The oriental women,

they were so small, so...

Oh, no.



Soldier, do you like to dance?

Oh, my God! I mean...

What are you doing?

Want to dance?

- Boogie, boogie, boogie!
- Oh, God.

- I haven't danced in so long.
- Oh, God!

I was lonely. Watch your hair!

A penny for your thoughts.

You seem far away.


I love a mystery.

What is it?

Do you know the sound
of a head being cut off?

It's just a snap.

Just a snap. Like you break a match.

That's what the Japs use to do
if they caught you

trying something in the camp. No warning.

One night it was raining.

Rained all the time. It was like having
a kettle boiling in the room.

It was so wet you'd pick your finger...

Pick your mold off between your fingers.

I heard this screaming,

and they had a guy pinned down
for maybe 10 seconds,

screaming like it was 100 years. And...

Then, through the air,
the whoosh of the sword.

And then a crack,

and a muffled plop like...

Like a ripe melon falling in the mud.

And then nothing but the rain.

I'm lying on my mat in the mud

and I think I hear something.

I look and I see it's a rat.

And I think it's a female, pregnant,

because it's dragging its feet

and leaving a trail of blood.

And then, as it passes me, I see that its...

Its fur has got blood on it.
Just its fur, and its...

Its belly is full,

and it's dragging its feet.

And I know what it had for dinner.

After that, I...

After that, I...

I married Maria.

No, in my mind, see?

Because then I didn't have to...

I didn't have to see it anymore.

And everything I looked at was Maria.

Everywhere I looked.

All day I worked for her,

all night I made love to her.

In your dream.

Yeah, in my dream.

Here he is. A speech from our hero.



"I"? You mean we, my son. We made it.

We made it.


We all went over there.

A lot of guys never...

I guess I was lucky.



Al, can we dance now?

Do you mind? I'm just getting into this.

Yeah, tell us what happened.

So, then it's like this ball of fire from hell.

It's coming straight towards us,

right out of the sky.

- Joe, will you dance with me?
- No.

So, where was I?

- Ball of fire from...
- Yeah, right.

Like a lightning bolt!

All four engines in flames.

Have I told you this one?

- Do you want to dance?
- No, I want to hear this.

- And I said...
- I want to go home. All right.

Do you mind? I am trying to tell this story.

Go on, Al.


I got a hold of the guy, pulled him out.

The son of a bitch up and dies on me.

Al, won't you dance with me just once?


Hold that.

I guess I'll stretch.


I was so...

You know.

This is great. This is really great.

This is really something.

- Oh, yeah?
- Thank you, Harry.

I hate this party.

I hate everyone at this party.

- Me?
- Especially you.

Take me out of here.

Get your hands off me!

You two get the hell out
and stay out.

Do you remember this place?

Of course.

But I never came here without you.

Yeah, it's a long way.


I said it's a long way.

Hey, look, our chair's still here.


I always said this was a magic place.

I just want to see something.

Come on.

What are you doing?

Just wait a second.

Wait a second.


Okay, now.

Let me do this right.

Do you remember before I left for the war?

Do you remember?


I asked you to come here and meet me.

I'm sorry.


Would you open it now?

Oh, Ivan!

Oh, they're beautiful.

How precious.

Don't look.

It's over. The season.

For berries, I mean, you know.

So I only got these.

You're different.

Before you were the same.

But now you're different.

I'm older, you know.

Same eyes.

Same lips.

That's mine.

Same freckles.

Say more.

You know,

I think I've loved you all my life.

I just never realized it.

- When did you?
- Now.

Just now.

I bet when you were over there
you never even thought about me, huh?

Let's go home.

Al will kill me.

- Hi, Al.
- Okay, that's it.

You, get out of here.

- Al, what do you think you...
- Get... Hey!

Don't get on your high horse
with me, baby, you understand?

- I want to know who the heck you think...
- Al, come on, please. Just talk to me later.

We've been out all night...

You're damn right
you've been out all night.

- I want to talk to you.
- So talk.

You and me.

Ivan is my oldest friend, all right.

So, if you have something to say to me,
say it in front of him.

We're getting married.

But you never asked me.

I never asked you?

You stay out all night

with this so-called friend of yours, right?

Was I engaged to you?

No, I guess you weren't.

I guess I just made a big mistake.

- Al...
- You don't want to marry me?

Well, fine. Good.

Damn you, baby.
And damn you, too, clown.

Al, wait!


My car!

Hey, you son of a bitch, you hit my car!

Anybody home?

Remind you of anything?

I made one just like that

for your mother.

Of course, better wood
before the war, but still...

And it's so beautiful.

Thank you.

I still have a good hand.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's okay.


Just a second. I'll be about through.

Just about through.

- Hello.
- Just a second.


How are you?

She's deaf as a post.

Come on.

Come over here. Relax.

You're a good girl.

You keep the house nice,

you know, you take care of your babushka,

but it's too much for you.

You need a good man.


I was thinking that myself.

You ready to marry, then?

Some strong, healthy man
from a good family

with nothing to be ashamed of?

Established, not poor.

I want to marry Ivan.


My son Ivan?

You're too good for him.

Well, at least I'll have grandchildren.

Let me kiss you.

Listen, I'm almost your father.

Fathers don't need to ask
their daughters for a kiss.

It's just that once.

Before you become my daughter.

Oh, my God, those eyes.

Be exalted like unto Abraham,

O bridegroom, and be blessed like Isaac

and multiply like Jacob, walking in peace

and keeping God's commandments
in righteousness.

How many children we'll have?



Three, four, five?

- Come here.
- Six, five?

Come here.

My train!

I'll be right out.


Love you.

What are you doing?

I want to look at you.

- No, don't. Don't.
- Yes.

I'm your husband. I want to.

You're so beautiful.

Just relax, my beautiful.

Just let me.

Please, don't be scared.

I love you, every inch of you.

Please, my darling, just relax.

Just relax.

Let me kiss you.

Look at me. Look at me.

I'm not scared.

I'm not scared.

Come, my love. Come into me.

Come, come, come!

Come, come.

I want your baby.

I want your baby right away.

Right away.

I want your baby.

I want you.

I want you.

I want your baby.

I don't get it.

I'm so happy to be with you,
but I just can't.

Is it...

- Am I making you...
- Oh, no.

I must have. I mean, I know.

I know you, you know...

With other women and stuff, I know that.


I love you so much,
my whole body falls apart.

Could you love me less?

I don't want to love you less.

I don't want to.

It's true.

You really can see it.

You can?



What was it like?


Was there blood?


Come on, Dave.

Get that dog out of here.

Ain't no dog.

What's that animal look like to you?

A pig.

I can triple your business in a week.

No joke, pal.

I did it in Chestertown.

I can do it here.

How come you left Chestertown?

Family problems.

Look, nobody brings in the ladies like me.

I got the face of Robert Taylor,

the voice of Sinatra.

I got other tricks, too.

Bet you a quarter on this one.

Put salt on your peanuts.

You'll have them drinkin' like
the ground after a summer drought.


I got the job?


Yeah, well...

Got a club date in Philly, anyway.

Come on, Dave.

See you later, girls.

Bye, Harry.

Bye, Harry.

You know, in some ways,
I'm sorry the war is over.

They look so swell in their uniforms.

Especially Al.

Would you look at that!

No, no, no.

Never from you, cutie pie.

So, any requests?

Do you know Makin' Whoopie?

Mister, you can't do this.

You know, she's a nice girl,

and this is a rotten thing to do.

- Maria!
- Maria!

Name's Clarence Butts, cutie pie.

No if's, and's, or's.

I'm just passing through,

but I'll be back for you.


Hi, Rosie.

Watch it there.

Maria, come here.
I gotta tell you something.

You won't believe it. You won't believe it.

We're gonna get married!

- That's wonderful.
- Isn't it?

- We need to drink to it. Have a beer.
- Yeah, take a beer.

- Ivan, isn't that great?
- Sure.



- Did you smell my new perfume?
- Maria, take the chocolates.

It's from France.

- Take the chocolates. Come on, the best.
- Take 'em.


Maria, you look so happy.

I'm glad you're happy.

I'm so happy. You're so happy.

Everybody's happy.

A party, engagement party.

- Tell you about it tomorrow. Okay.
- See you guys around.

All right.

We're gonna live in Detroit!


Do you sleep, my darling?

Thanks, Harry.

Exhibit A, my friend.

Salty as the deep blue sea.

Oh, yeah.

Thanks, pal.

Still got the guitar.

Bring the ladies in. You won't regret it.

The guys pay to get them
all drunk and mushy.

My music gets them hot and bothered
and ready for the kill.

Not bad, Harry.

I don't know.

You play for tips?

Okay, okay, I'll give it a try.

- Get him a drink, Harry.
- Whiskey, up.

Stay there.

Hey, one condition.

You gotta get rid of that dog.

That look like a dog to you?

Well, to employment.

Talk to me later.

The name is Clarence Butts.

No if's, and's, or's.

Dave, time for you to give these up.

They already helped you score.

Here, take these.


Go out and get laid. Takes the edge off.

I can't make love to her.

I can't make love to her.

You dreamed about her too long.

She lives in your dreams,

not in your body.

I've been thinking, Ivan.

I've been thinking...

I've been thinking
that it has to be my fault.

If you don't love me, I won't hold you.

I would rather lose you
than destroy you, Ivan.

I know you don't love me.

And I don't care.

I love you, Maria.

You love me?

I'm so glad.

I'm so happy.

I wasn't sure, you know?

You don't feel well.

You poor thing.

- Oh, Maria...
- "I love you. " Yes, I know.

I know, my love, I know.

I feel so much better, you know.
So much better. I've been worried.

I've been so worried all this time.

I'm so glad.

Let's just show how much
we love each other

and go to bed, huh?

My true love.

Here I am, it's your wifey.

Just waiting, waiting for you.

Come on, let's go!

My poochie, what's the matter?

You drink too much, huh?

You stay up too late?

You love me too much, maybe?

Is that it?

- Please.
- "Oh, please. "

"Oh, please. "

You love me?

You love me?

So make love to me.

I know you can do it because I saw you.

I saw you with that filthy whore.

- Oh, Christ.
- Oh, yeah, you were doing it just fine.

Why were you spying on me?

Don't you dare.

Don't I dare?

Don't I?

You're crazy!

Are you crazy?

Put it down, Maria.



Cut it off.

That's what you want.

Okay! Come on! Come on!

- Stop it!
- Come on.

- Do it! Do it!
- Stop it! Stop!

You're disgusting. Oh, my God!

Come on. Do it!

I didn't even know if I was a man anymore.


Ivan. Ivan.

Oh, boy.

Wait downstairs, will you?


Here they are, the happy couple!

Throw your coats down. Come right in. Hi!

Maria, this is my Uncle Pavel,
this is my Aunt Martina,

and this is Sal.

You're late, pal.

Stayed in bed too long.

She'll be waiting.

Remember me?

Don't you want to be with your husband?

No, I want to be with you.

Okay. Hold it!

No, could I please... Could I please...

No, no, please. Everyone,

I can hardly say what I have to say.

- I can't be engaged to Rosie.
- What?

It's the wrong thing.

What's this all about, Al?

Please, forgive me, Rosie.

I love Maria.


- You let that son of a bitch talk about her?
- Shut up, Father.

- You ought to tear him limb from limb.
- Shut up, Father!

Let's go.

Hey, they're gonna kill each other!

- Oh, no. Oh, no.
- They're gonna kill each other!

Take it easy, now.

Everything's fine.

I'm sorry. That's the way it is.

But we can't help...

"But we can't help"?



Did you hear me? I said okay.

I said okay, sir.

Take her.

- Take her!
- I'm leaving.

I'm flying out of here in a week.

What do you think, fly boy?

Do you think I don't have eyes?

Do you think I didn't see that in there?

I saw.

I saw.

So just do it.

Just do it.

Go get her.

Get her dresses, get her stockings.

Get all her little doodads, her perfume

and her goddamn little underwear

and get the hell out of my life.

I really feel sorry for you.

What do you mean by that?

Because you don't know what you got.

- I don't know what I...
- You don't love her.

You listen to me.

I love her.

I'll show you how much I love her.


Where is Ivan?

He's gone.

Maria, please. Maria, he's crazy.

Please, come with me to Detroit.

Please, I beg you.

- I can't.
- Why not?

Forgive me. I don't love you.

I'm sorry.

You should have gone with him.

You know, when I came back home,

I think everything went backwards.

It wasn't what I thought.


I really hurt you.

I should've died in the war.

- Vera, look!
- Hey!

Hi. Do you remember me?

You got married.

It doesn't seem to have hurt you any.

Do you remember me?

Better than I'd like to.

Hard to get, huh?

You remember me, all right.
Nobody sings like me.

You come to bed with me,
I'll make your husband look like a warthog.

Feel that?

Not bad, huh?

You make me hungry.

You're like a flower stalk,
but you won't break.

Just bend,

flow with me like water.

Wind through the flowers.

- My husband.
- I don't care.

Next thing I know,
she's moved away, she's become a model

and dyed her hair blonde.

Can't you get anything
straight, knucklehead?

I told you to move those gut drums
over here, not hose the floor.

You been here three days already.

What do you got, bullshit for brains?

You don't really have to yell like that.

You shut up.

If your uncle didn't own this place,
I'd fire your ass.

My uncle does own this place.

Just you fly right, or you can hit the road.

I know guys that'd kill for this job.

Jesus Christ,
why do I put up with this crap?


I wouldn't let that horse's ass
talk to me like that.

It makes you look like a worm.

Nice place you got here.

Thank you.

You wanna go out for a drink
or something?

No, I can't.

My granny's sick. I can't leave her alone.

Hope you're feeling better.

- She's deaf.
- Deaf?

Where's your husband?

He's away.

Far away, or visiting-a-friend away?



Far away.

Wait here a minute.

I wrote this especially for you.

I never felt my heart
Until I looked into your eyes

I never dared to dream
Until I looked into your eyes

I never thought the joys oflove
Could touch a gypsy like me

Once alone and so free

Now my heart longs for you

I never felt the sun
Until I looked into your eyes

I thought the race was won
And then I looked into your eyes

I never needed anyone to sing
The songs that I sing

Now the words only ring
If I sing them to you

My love is there in your eyes

My soul is bare in your eyes

If I could gaze in your eyes ever more

It's the dream I live for
You can open the door

I led a life of crime
And then I looked into your eyes

My heart became a prisoner
When I looked into your eyes

I fell beneath your gaze
And felt as though my lies had been seen

All my sins became clean
What a fool I ha ve been

My love is there in your eyes

My soul is bare in your eyes

If I could gaze in your eyes ever more

It's the dream I live for

You can open the door to love

That was really something.

A virgin? Hot diggity dog.

- Hard to believe.
- Please.

What, are you kidding?

You hardly ever come across
this kind of thing.

A lot of girls make the claim,

but not that many can deliver the goods.


Come with me.

I never asked nobody this.

It's just been me and Dave.

- Dave?
- My dog.

Come on. We'll make a great team.

I can sing,

you can wash my socks, whatever.

You're a class act all the way.

Squeaky clean, no mileage.

Leave me now.

Hey, I'm asking you.

I'm married.

Listen, sweetie,

the guy's too dumb to screw his own wife,
she might as well take off.

Where you off to? Packing?

Guess you want to shed
a few tears, whatever.

Sure took it like a trooper, baby.

Hey, in there.


Go away.

- Don't you want to come with me?
- No.

What me, Clarence Butts?

Go away!

Some kind of woman.

I swear, I ain't never met no kind
of woman who wasn't crazy.

You hear me?

- You're crazy.
- Get out of here!

Crazy woman!

That girl up there's got bats in her belfry.

You're all crazy!

Come on, come on!

You want the good-conduct medal?

The girls are ready to go!

Let me just finish this.


Hey, Kathy, what are you doing here?

I thought you wanted me
to drop dead twice?

What am I supposed to do
on the Fourth of July, sell a flag?

Let's just all be friends.

Why don't you be nice to her for once?
It wouldn't kill you.

Ivan, I want you to meet
my new friend Joanie.

- She's Kathy's sister.
- Hi.

Hey, Kathy, how come you
never told me you had a sister?

Well, you were never exactly
interested in my family tree.

Ivan, come on, let's go.

Come on!

I hope I'm giving you enough room.

Oh, yeah. I got plenty of room.

You know, you remind me
of somebody I used to know.

Let's go.

You're a dead man.

They both got you.

Come on.


- I don't want to bother you.
- No.


I just wanted to tell you.

I can see.

And my granny died.

Yeah, well, I'm sorry.

I just thought you would wanna know.

I'm having this baby.

I need...

I mean, the baby needs a father.

What do you need? Money?

It's just...

He is not...

I mean, there is nobody.

Where's your boyfriend? Detroit?

Let's go home.

I don't love you anymore.

I dreamed you up
and I'm through with that.

I want to keep it that way.

Go home, Maria.

I will wait for you.

Don't bother.

You hear me?

I'm not coming back.

Don't wait for me.

You hear me?

Still stuck on her, huh?


I thought you might be hungry.

Is there anything
that I could do to help you?

No. Thank you.

I can triple your business in a week.

No joke, pal.

Did it in Minnesota, I'll do it here.

I can't believe it! I can't believe it!

Hey, come here! Come over here!

I'll buy you a drink, no problem.

Hey, Bob! Bob, can you hear me?

Bob, could we have
some food for this guy?

Bob's deaf!

You remember? Brownsville?

Where's your dog Dave?

Dave got married. Moved to Jersey.

Do you remember?

You saved my life.

I almost killed myself.

Frankly, pal, I've saved a lot of lives.

Refresh my memory.

You told me to get laid.

I was wondering where those got to.

- This is all just a big joke to you, isn't it?
- Did you say something?


I said I don't like watching you.

So don't watch. Pass the salt, somebody.

Now, what is this?

You say this guy told you to get laid?

That's how you think of it, isn't it?
"Get laid"?

- Harvey.
- No.

You are sitting here with a very sweet girl.

What about the other one?

- He means me.
- I don't mean you, no offense. No.

I mean the other one.

Now, wait a minute. What did I do?

Ivan, the girl who was having the baby.
I saw you.

No, you got that all wrong.

No, I don't got nothing wrong!

I saw you and I saw her.

That girl was like an angel.
You just threw her away!

It wasn't my kid.
It was just her tough luck.

No! I saw her and I heard her talk,
and you're lying.



Ivan, was it your baby?

Jesus! Lie to me, but don't lie to her!

- You jerk, sit down!
- Damn you!

All right, all right.

You want to know about that girl?
I'll tell you.

We lived together for a year or more.

Yeah. So what?

She made me crazy and she's crazy.

She's not crazy. I know what crazy is.

You sure do.

You and her, you'd make a good pair.

Well, thanks for the grub.

What seems to be the problem?

I didn't catch the gist of all that.

Harvey here is all upset
over some crazy broad.

Some girl trying to pin down Ivan.




I met this girl...

Looked like an angel.

Eyes like you wouldn't believe.

Skin like a baby's ass.

The whole bit.

But kind of shy, you know?
Like, always backing off and coming on.

Tells me she's married.

I knew I'd stick it to her.

It's just a question of when, right?

So, one night

she practically strips for me.

Peels off her little silk panties
like she can't wait to get it in her.

So, I fuck her.

She's a virgin.

And married!

You got that?

- You're kidding.
- No joke.

Loved it, anyhow.

Well, they all like it with me, sure.

The thing is, five minutes later,

she kicks me out of bed.

You figure it?

Really something.

Crazy up here in the head, you know?

Poor bastard that married her
probably couldn't get her to lie down.

But I did.

You want to know how?



I never felt my heart
Until I looked into your eyes

I never dared to dream
Until I looked into your eyes

I never thought the joys oflove
Could touch a gypsy like me

Once alone and so free

Now my heart longs for you

I never felt the sun
Until I looked into your eyes

I thought the race was won
And then I looked into your eyes

I never needed anyone to sing
The songs that I sing

Now the words only ring
If I sing them to you

My love is there in your eyes

My soul is bare in your eyes

If I could gaze in your eyes ever more

It's the dream I live for
You can open the door

I led a life of crime
And then I looked into your...

- What are you doing here?
- Waiting for you.

How'd you know I was here?


- Maria?
- Yeah.

She has a baby now. She's okay.

All alone.

She's waiting for you.


Want a drink?


I'm dying.



It's me.

I'm sitting on your bed.

Do you like him?

I love him very much.

I love him very much.


I'm home, Maria.

We're making love, Maria.

We're making our own baby now.

ARMY PSYCHIA TRIST; What is your name?

Ivan Bibic, sir.

What are you thinking about right now?


Going home.