Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2021) - full transcript

Feature adaptation of the animated short film interviewing a mollusk named Marcel. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

Okay, are you ready?

I guess.

And speeding.

What's that?

I want to start
with some questions.

Oh, got it.

Is it hard for you?

Has it been hard
for you since...


Not in the way that I think you
would think it would be, but...

Uh, it's pretty much
common knowledge

that it takes
at least 20 shells

to have a community.

That that's about the minimum
that you need to survive, so...


I think at first

I was thinking
we're not gonna make it.

But sometimes you just have
to disregard those rules

and think, "Well, actually,
the rule is

"that I want to be
having a good life

"and stay alive, and...

And not just survive,
but have a good life.

Tell me about
what's life like now?

It... Me? Uh...

I appreciate
its different beauties,

but it... it's not the way
I would've done things

if I was still in the group.

But they're not here.

So, that's why I have
the electric mixer.

- Ready?
- Mmm-hmm.


I mean,
I don't want my voice in it.

Well, that's up to you.

So, stop asking me
questions is what I'm saying.

Oh! Oh, okay.

Do your parents work?
Have you ever met a chef?

What happens
if you break this?

Have you ever eaten
a raspberry?

Um, and what was that like?

Are you gonna ask me


Oh, man, this is weird.

I don't want
my voice in it.

How am I supposed
to ask you questions?

There are actually
only two of us now.


...and my grandmother,
Nana Connie.

Back when the man
and the woman lived here,

there were a lot of us.

More sounds and smells

and, uh, things to say

'cause there were
more people to talk to.

- There... A stage.
- All right!

Ah! Up.

These days, it's quieter.

Give me some levels.

Give... Give you some levels?

Just, like,
talk a little bit.
Like, oh, uh...

- Hello, my name is...
- Darn it.

It's not the first time
I've done that.

My name is Marcel,

and I'm partially a shell
as you can see on my body,

but I also have shoes,

and, um, a face.

So, I like that about myself,
and I like myself,

and I have a lot of
other great qualities as well.

That was perfect.

Is this
the wild tone right now?

- Yes.
- Ugh.

Just stay still
for 30 seconds.

How long you gonna...

What are you trying to do
with all this?


I'm making, like,
a little documentary

that I might put online.

- Online?
- Yeah.

Eh, you lost me.


Are you okay?
Itchy. Are you recording?

Right now?


Well, what should
I be doing?

Just, well,
don't do anything.

Just do whatever
you'd normally be doing,

like if I weren't here.

Where'd you
get the rope?

Uh, It... I... I'll show you.

I come to the bathroom,
I get these curly hairs.

They're the strongest

'cause you have to uncurl it,

but, um, then you can see
it's really long and strong.


Hey, what are you laughing at?

We call 'em hardy hairs.

This is the arboretum,

a collection of trees
that a community keeps alive,

but I do like to talk to them,

and plants like to have

classical music played for them.

Mozart and Brahms,
it helps them grow faster.

This is my bread room.

Uh, it's a bedroom,

but I sleep
on a piece of bread,

so I...

Whoa, sorry.
He's just saying hi.

I actually

like the concept
of having a dog.

Oh, God, I can smell his face.

But I just tie a hair
to a piece of lint,

and I drag it around.

I love you.

Come on. Come on.
That's it.

Sometimes, people say

that my head is too big
for my body.

And then I say,
"Compared to what?"

Sometimes, if I don't have
a way to itch my itch,

the only thing I can do is
I just stand there.

I just let it get me
and I just...

I just have to scream it out.

He's your best friend?

Don't you know any other

guys or...


Hmm. I never get it
the first time.


Oh, dang it.

Oh! Go, go, go!

Boom! There it is.

You miss a 100% of the shots
you don't take.

That's a quote.

I didn't make that up.

It's by a famous sports player
named Wayde...

Wayde Gansdy...

What is it?


Way... Whale...

Whale Gensky.

Are you thinking of Wayne...
Gensky. Whale...

Could that be his name?

Whale Jetski?


- Wake... Lake... Jake?
- Well...

Wayne Jet... Jet... Get...

This is my stockpile.

All right,
so, we got your basics here.

I got couple of almonds.
I have a dozen peanuts.

It's basically your dry goods.

You got a craisin
with the raisins,

but the craisin
sits to the side

because it is a treat. Uh...

Is this an inhaler?

It's like... It's like a slide
or something...

Like, I don't even actually
know what it this is.

Where did
you get that from?

From one of the people
that stayed here for a night.

Did you take anything from me?


What is wrong with you?

I didn't know.

Give me that.
I didn't know what it was.

So, these are
all the parts put together.

And then now what?

I'm gonna put it
on the Internet,

and people can watch it.

Oh, no.

Your soda can
is almost empty.


Hold on one second.

All right.

I don't know
why you would...

What... What is
cleaning the house

if all she does is
move things around,

and disturb
the entire environment?

She doesn't.
She's doing dishes right now.

She's the harbinger
of the vacuum.

I can't tell her
to go home.

I mean, that's her
scheduled cleaning.

But why?
She was hired

by the lady that is, like,
the Airbnb host.

What? The...

Mmm, what is Airbb?
To clean.

Oh, that's you! Oh, who's she?

Oh... I don't...

Oh, wow, wait, what?

That's outside of here.

Somehow, this has
kind of turned

into like a computer hotel?

Sort of, yeah.
Why did you decide...

Why are you here?

I had to move
out of my old place,

so I'm staying here
until I find a new one.

Why did you have to move out?

Uh, that's personal.


You never talked to anyone
who stayed here before?


People don't usually
notice us.

Aw, dang it.

I got to go check
on Nana Connie

if this lady's gonna
be running the vacuum.

This is the rover. Ow!

It's a good thing I don't,
like, "care" care

about this car because I can't

figure out
where I'm going in this thing.

Oops, what was that? Sorry.

No, no, no. Arthur.

Hopefully, she's right
around the corner here.

And there she is.

That's a load off.

Can you just wait here
for one sec

because I do think that
with you and with the camera,

- it's just I... That I...
- Okay.

I just want to warn her. Yeah.

Brown head-hair,
and he has glasses.

You want me to leave?

No, no, no, no, no! I want you
to stay is what I...

- Yeah.
- Just careful

- where you step.
- Yeah, I know.

- I just brought him by.
- You're making what?

A documentary.

It's like...
Oh, it's like a movie,

but nobody has any lines,

and nobody even knows
what it is

while they're making it.


That's sort of a way
to put it, yeah.

No, I just am making
a little video portrait.

- About Marcel?
- Yeah.

- A... A film?
- Uh, yeah.

It's like the truth, kind of.
It's a...

And it's the truth
about Marcel?

I mean, I hope so.

I guess
he could really spin it,

and make me
look like a total...

So, this is your garden
out here, huh?

- Yes.
- Beautiful.

Thank you.
Thank you for the aromas.

My house
was very popular.

I had lots of friends.

And if you told me then,

many years ago,

that I would've spent
so much time in a garden,

I would've said,
"Are you kidding?"

Okay, you see these ones?

You can feel them.

They're not quite ripe,

but in a few days,
they would be.

It wasn't easy.

I didn't know anything
about farming.

Because when the couple
still lived here,

there was always food.

In the pantry, in the kitchen,

there were stacks
here and there.

But when they went away

the food disappeared.

So, I had to taught myself
how to farm.

"Planting, harvesting..."

She's always been
a pretty tough cookie.

Everything has a function
with her.

There's no one button
that's there for decoration.

- You know what I mean?
- Mmm-hmm.

She's just
like a backhoe.

But I will say you can
really see her tender side

when she's working
with the bugs.

Is she okay?

Yeah, she's okay,

she's a little loopy.

She had a little bit too much,
uh, nectar.

Vino fiore, right, Franny?

My community
found the bugs

to be deeply unlikeable.

Okay, we'll put her
here in the sun.

And in a few seconds,
she'll be dry.

But Connie's
made friends with many of them,

and in return, they actually
help her with the gardening. first,
found them a little yucky

but now I see their beauty.

I cannot
stand this thing.

Because they turn the soil,
they break it...

It's wonderful to have them.

His whole body looks
like his pants are off.

It reminds me

of Whoopi Goldberg
in Sister Act,

how she helps them
to do graffiti

in a meaningful way
or something, and...

Oh, there she goes.

- Oops!
- Ow, ow, ow.

She's gone.

Uh, sort of.

Oh, wow.

What is, uh...
What is this?

- Hmm?
- What's that?

What are you doing now
with Marcel?

Oh, I'm making a movie.

A documentary.

- About Marcel?
- Yeah.

A documentary? Uh, a film?


Ah, Marcel.
You remember, Nan,

we were just talking about it.

It's a movie,

and we're doing it
together, but...

- what I just said before.
- That's what you...

And we just joked about it.

- Yes.
- It's the truth,

but it's the truth about me...

She has lost
a small piece...

...of a very large puzzle.



Once or twice a week,
I'll find her in here,

snoozing in
the laundry basket and...

Is it bad for her
to be in here?

Yeah, it's not
the safest place to be.

You know, my cousin
fell asleep in a pocket,

and that's why
I don't like the saying,

"Everything comes out
in the wash,"

because sometimes it doesn't.

Or sometimes it does,

and they're just like
a completely different person.

'Cause after that,

my cousin would
just sit by the window

and wait for fire trucks
to go by.

Guess what I use
to tie my skis to my car.

A hair.

Guess what my...


Guess what my skis are.

Toe nails from a man.

Wait, hold on.

So, you're telling me that
84 different people have

just watched?

Yeah, isn't that cool?

I mean... Geez.


Just... Wow.

What do you
do when you get bored?

Uh, I move around.

I could tell
he's performing
a little bit for you,

- you know?
- Mmm-hmm.

Da, da, da, da.
You're giving him a stage.

It's good for him.

One, two...

The stage makes him feel good.

Playful. He needs that.

He hasn't been able
to get that

since the others
were taken from us.

Okay, so do you just want me
to start at the beginning?

I don't actually know
how it started,

but the man and the woman
started to yell at each other

more often than they would
talk to each other.

You'd just hear
these big noises from the sky,

and my cousin's house
fell down this one time

when the office door
got slammed.

We started
to have a shelter plan.

We all go to the sock drawer,

and so everyone
will be safe there.

This was a Sunday,

and everybody gets together,

and we all watch 60 Minutes
as a community.

60 Minutes, the...

Yeah. So, this is
where we were...

- And...
- Every week, all of you?

Yeah. We love it.

We just call it "The show."
That's how much we love it.


Who's Lesley?
Lesley Show.

She likes Lesley Stahl.

I'm Lesley Stahl...

She blows cases wide open,

and she's got class.

...tonight on 60 Minutes.


We could tell
that something was the matter

because the clock
started ticking...

...and it was just
the two of us there.

It was a big one.

And we had...

We had no warning.

What we think is that

everybody scooted

into the sock drawer,
and, uh...

And the man just...

...dumped all the drawers
into a suitcase.

And then he left.

And that's...
That's how they got moved.



Do you want a tissue?


Do you mind if I just
plop into it real quick?



This can be
our last thing.


It's always what they say
on the days

when you have

a really keen sense
of being lost

or losing something,

that it...

It often feels like
the sun shines the brightest.

And then the next day,

there was a really sunny day
with a good breeze.

And I just remember thinking,

"if I was somebody else,

"I would really be
enjoying this."


Whoa! Geez.

Okay, here it is.

So, tell me a little bit
about who you put on here.

I put,
first and foremost,

my parents,
Catherine and Mario,

next to each other
with a heart.

My brother is here and here...

...and I put my music teacher,
The Maestro.


I love that one,
it sounds like Taps.

Do you know that?

Yeah. Do you want
to hear Taps?


Do you feel angry?

Uh, I just feel angry

that we didn't have
a better goodbye.

Who would you
say goodbye to?

I'd like to say goodbye

to my neighbors, the Costas.

Goodbye, the Costas,

even though we had
a language barrier.

You were my neighbors.

You always liked to garden.

Goodbye, Richard, you were
the worst singer in our class,

but I loved how you let me
cut you in line.

Goodbye, Anka,

your sense of timing
is one of the worst.

Bye, Sandra,
you were my favorite author.

Goodbye, Mrs. Kim.

The time that you ate
a pepper flake

and it made you fly
into the wall

was one of the funniest
yet most serious accidents

any of us ever witnessed,

and you bore it
with great grace and bravery.

Goodbye, Brad.

Thank you so much

for rolling that marble
into my bread room.

I still keep it to this day.

Yep. And that...
And there they all are.

- Guess why I smile a lot.
- Why?

Uh, 'cause it's worth it.

Uh, whatcha doing?

Looking for apartments.

So, do you have
any plans tonight?


I'm gonna...

- Give me that.
- No! No!

Marcel, look at this.

It... Aren't I...
Wait. Is this normal for you?

No, this never happens.

- It's so cool.
- 22 million?

It's wonderful.

Yeah, it's, uh, broad...
Broad spectrum of emotions.

I didn't even know
there were that many people.

now jump really hard.

Have you guys seen
Marcel the Shell?

It's a YouTube video.

My name is Marcel,

and I'm partially a shell.

My name is Marcel,

and I'm a shell as you can see
on my body, but...

Oh, so nice. a beanbag?

A raisin.

The wildly popular
online character,

Marcel the Shell
With Shoes On...


Marcel the Shell
With Shoes On.

"When the kush hit..."

"Kush"? What is kush?

It goes so deep, and...

They got tattoos.

It's just
so many people, I...

I kind of regret this tattoo.

Here it is.

It's like a snail.

Um, I just saw it online,

but it was like super puffy
the day after,

and I don't know why,

and the tattoo guy
couldn't say why.

And then,
a couple of months later,

I found out that I...

Today, I'm going to be
popping popcorn

with a magnifying glass.
So right now we have...

all these people,

and... And we're all
looking at the same thing,

and we're all doing
the same thing.

We're watching the guys...

It's beautiful. And...
And it feels like...

I don't even know
how to describe it.

It feels like something.

Move, move, move!

It's really lovely.

Are you okay?
Yes, yes. I'm okay. I'm okay.

So, are you
going to eat it?

You can eat this stuff?

Yeah, dude!
What does it taste like?

Oh, my gosh,
you're gonna love it.

So good, isn't it?

It's all been really fun,

and having
all this happen, and...

And, uh...

You know, it's so big feeling,
and it's so nice.


Let it go! Let it go!

The other part of it
is I think I find

my mind wandering a bit
just thinking,

what would my family think,

and really noticing

that they're not here
to share it with me.

I do wonder what...

What my dad would say,

what my mom would say,
and, yeah...

I think they'd like it a lot.

Oh! There she goes.

Oh, beautiful.


There must be
so many others like me.

It's impossible
that there wouldn't be,

and not just my family.

They're out there.

Somewhere out there.

Every time I do this,
that dog goes totally crazy.

He sees something
truly elegant in the sky,

and this is his reaction?

What a sad type of idiot.

Wow, this is...

Well, yeah, I don't
think that's gonna yield much.

No. Right, but...

- Probably.
- You know...

What's the matter?

Do you think
they could be out there?

Uh, I mean...


All right,
I think that's it.

We are live streaming.

And do I look at you,

or should I look
right into the thing?

Quick, uh, no, the camera.

It's gonna take a picture.

Okay, well...

Hi, everybody.
It's Marcel from before,

and I'm recording this video

because I'm looking
for my family.

They were last seen
with this man.

His name is Mark.

They disappeared
from the house

owned by a woman
named Larissa.

Here it is.

What we do
is manage properties

that are on the short-term
rental market,

so if somebody's
out of town for a long time

and just wants to rent a place
for a while, we do that.

So would you
give me her number?

If there's a problem
with the property,

I can send someone out,

but I can't give you
any personal information.

Uh-huh. Hey, have you
ever eaten a raspberry?


Darn it.

Just go for it.

This is what they
look like. Uh, right here,

and here and here.

Um, I made this
just to give you a sense

of who to be
on the lookout for.

Sorry. I think I need
a little help here.


Oh, Dean, come on.
Because of what you're doing.

It's exciting.
It's a good scene.

You could...
You could still film it.

You can just put
the thingy on the thing.

How would you do it
if I wasn't here?

There's a lot of times

where I just don't get stuff
that I need.

You are here. That's actually
what the truth of it is.

Yeah, but I don't
want to be in it.

That's, like, defeats
the whole point of this.

You know, Dean,
have you ever thought that...

your life might be
a bit less lonely

and a bit more integrated

if you took the time
to connect with somebody

and not just make videos
about them?

Thank you.

And lastly,
this picture here

shows the car
that Mark drove away in.

It is a teal Mishibibi.

- Mitsubishi.
- Mitsi-ibitsy.

- And...
- Mitsubishi.

What is it?


Please leave any tips
or any helpful comments

in the section below.

Thank you. Have a great day.

Update, guys,
I think we found it.

It's Marcel's house.
It's Marcel Shell's house.

Do you think you can
get in there right now?

- Oh, someone' s coming.
- Go.

We got to go.
Follow for more

- celebrity homes.
- Just keep going.


Are they...

Are they here to help?



Don't feel that
this is the task force

I was hoping for.

There's so much nothing.

"She's the best."

"She"? What?

But my dad has pink shoes.
So did my grandfather.

So cute.

Ugh. Peace.

Uh, yeah. Obviously peace.


What a weird thing
to try to test

to see if someone else
is into.

Like, of course
I'm into peace.

No, sorry,
I'm a real war person.

No, war actually.

I sign all
my personal letters, "war."

"Let the battle begin.


You know, there's...

There is nothing in here
about finding them.

It's still a group of people,

but it's an audience.
It's not...

It's not a community.


Oh! What about the car?

What do you mean?

Mark drove away in a teal car.

So we can go look for it.
Like, if we find the car...

I don't think that's like...

That's not the way to...

Wow! Okay, so it actually
doesn't even seem that big.

I mean, it's big
but what we just need to do

is get up high,

and then maybe
we'll be able to spot his car.

What's, like, your mantel?

Like, when I need to
look out over the whole rug,

I get up high.
I get up on the mantel.

Do you see what I'm saying?
'Cause I can see...

Yeah, no, I got it.

Great, so we'll just head up
to the top of this thing,

and then
we'll be able to see it.

I don't think
we'll necessarily be able

to see it.
I actually disagree.

I don't think
it's a good idea because

if we're... if we don't
have, like, a plan,

then we're just,
sort of, flying blind.

And we might just
waste a lot of time

going around in circles.
Just put that there...

What's that for?
It's just in case
we get in a fight.

We're not
gonna get in any fights.

You said it was dangerous
out there.

It's dangerous
in a different way, so...
And you know what else?

I should probably
bring this match.

You don't need that.

Uh, just give me
one more minute.

I need some sort of a helmet.

All right,
so you've got the book.

You've got
a little bit of a raisin,

which I really don't think
you're gonna finish,

but you can go to town.
Go to town.

Also, you have

two drips of...

Look over here.

You have two drips of water.

You got an LED flashlight
in case the power goes out.

You just got to step on it
like this. See?

See how it... Whoa.

Sorry. But don't stand
right in front of it.

Finally, this is
the sparkler.

What you do is you light
this end on fire,

and then you step back.

This can act
as a flare, all right?

Why would I need it?
That's if you need
to signal for help.

And Dean's gonna leave you
his phone just in case.

What? No, I'm not.
Who will see the flare?

You know what? Now that
I'm thinking about it,

why don't we just
put the colander over you now

if you want?

All right, how's that?

You must let me out of here.

Do you want
Alan in there with...

- Oh, my God.
- It's okay.

I'm so sorry.
It's not a big deal. It's tiny.


I think I'm okay.

God, I am so sorry.

Oh, my God.

How many times a day
do you throw up in your car?

There's a car. That...

That's a teal, but, uh,
but that's more like, mmm...

I've never seen a lake
except for in a picture.

Let's do it.

Uh, I think I'm gonna cry.

It's very beautiful.

There's fountains in the lake.

And another car. And a car.
And a car. And a...

There's a lot of places
to get tattoos.

"Psychic love expert."
Wow, I bet... Wow.

I could use
one of those.

What would you want her
to say?

Uh, I don't know.

There's more fish in the sea.



Look, you got a lot of
smoocheroonies in your future.

- I can see it now.
- Yeah.

Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, yeah.

Ooh, baby, baby.

Ooh, baby.

I've seen people kiss
on television.

I'm so sorry.

Up here, yeah?

Oh! Is it?
Oh, this is it!

- This is it.
- Let's check it out.

Whoa, we're really going up.

Up, up, up.
This is gonna get high.



What are all the little dots
on the hills?

Those are houses.


Yeah. Those are houses
like yours.


What's all that?

That's the rest of the city.

Oh, right.
Right, right.


I had no idea.

Is this all there is
for out there?


This is like one part
of one big city.

And the...
But, uh...

But there are many big cities.

There's lots of them.
I mean, you've seen,
like, you know,

in movies and when it says,
like, "Tokyo" and...

..."Antarctica," those are
all different places.

Oh. Right.

There's so many places
that they could be.

Do you think it's impossible?

I don't think
it's impossible.

I think that's just, uh...

Look at that lady's dress.

I know.
It's really nice.

Thanks for the ride.
Yeah. It was fun.

Oh. Look at this.

They're right on the...
They're on the lawn.

- They came right up.
- Stop it!

You wouldn't get it.

Hey, guys. Guys.

I wanna be first.

- Hey.
- Stop it!

No, no.


Would you mind
just moving a little bit

so we can pull the car in?


Nan! Nan!


- Nan!
- Yes.

Oh, my God.
Nan, are you...

I'm just hurt
a little bit...
Oh, my God.

- ...but I'm okay.
- You are?

Please just...

Just lean
your whole self on me.

Put all your weight.
Don't worry, I can take it.

And I guess... Okay.

let's just take it easy.

I'm really not sure
exactly of what happened

because she won't tell me.

It could just be
that she doesn't remember,

and I think
that's probably the case.

Do you want me to stop?

But what I've been able
to piece together

is that she did get startled,
then she fell off the dryer.

No! No! Arthur!

Arthur, come here.

- Arthur!
- Dean...

Arthur! Come here.

He... He... He has got to go.

I cannot have him here
with Connie like this.

It's not that
I don't like Arthur.

Stop, Dean. I'm not kidding.

Stop that.

No! Oh, my God!

- No! No. Off!
- Arthur! Arthur!

All right.
A little bit more.


What's he, uh...

What's he being charged with?


Is he going to the jail?


Oh. Oh, phew.
'Cause I'm sorry. I thought...

I'm going to take him
to my wife's house.

Uh... You...


we got separated recently,

so that's why
I'm staying here.

I've been looking
for a new place.

That's why I'm here.

Why wouldn't you tell me this?

Uh, I don't know.
I didn't think to.


I told you so much. I...

I'm making a movie about you.

I'm not making
a movie about me.

But you're also here.
And I was sharing.

You didn't
also think to share?

And then you're just
pointing that around.

I do think about it.

It's not...

Why do you... Do you
always need to be filming?


I think you'll be glad

I have it, though. We have it.


Hold on.

Can we pause
the videos that we made

so people can't see them,

I can take 'em down.

I just can't have more
people coming to the house

like... Like how
it happened today.

I can't believe
I let this happen.

Well, you know,
she sleeps a lot.

And she hasn't been eating
very much.

It's looking good.
You just gotta keep on moving.

You're just one more little...

Let me do...
I can do it.

She's just not able to do

a lot of the things that
she used to be able to do.

- Yeah, that's...
- Hurts.

...over again.
Sorry, did you
shut the window?

I shut the window.

Don't help me here.
I don't need help.

I'm not even doing anything.


The skater rink,

you know, is usually
just for the holidays.

- Want to try...
- How am I looking?

You need, uh,
maybe once or twice more.


But I set it up just to...

...try to cheer her up a bit.

Pump it. Pump it up.
Come on, Nan.


All right!

Nana, pump it up.

No, no.
No, no, I don't think so.

Don't you wanna pump it up?
No, no.

When I say "jam,"
you say "Nan." Jam.

Well, she won't skate with me
anymore, that's for sure.

Get into it, a little bit.

Stop it.

But you know what?

She... She really
does like the dust.

For her, it's special.
She's not from here.

She's from the garage.
That's why she has the accent.

It's this wonderful smell.

She traveled here
by coat pocket

when she was really little.

I just feel...

And so I think
it reminds her of home.

Nan, look at this. Ready?


Grandma Connie,
we need to move!

Not that way. This way!

Get it out!
I'll get the rover!

Did I hit it?

Not coming over here?
Come follow my voice.

- Your left or my left.
- Your left.

At this point,
the good days

are harder to come by
with her.

I mean, he's right here.
He's on the couch.

Yeah, I'm looking right at him.

And then the bad days
are just actually astounding.

Oh! He can jump.

There he... There he goes!

- Ah, all right, all right.
- Yay!

I'm trying not to
treat her any differently,

but it's, uh, keeping me on
my toes, I'll tell you that.

I'm gonna close this.

Wow, look at this.

- You might be interested.
- Right?

Oh, my gosh.

I know.

With Lesley Stahl.

Oh, my gosh.

Ugh. This is a...

This is...

Oh, my God.

- It's amazing, isn't it?
- Mmm, yeah, yeah.

It's really...

We can't show this
to Nana Connie.

Absolutely not.

I mean,
I could ask them to keep

the crew really small,
then they wouldn't make

a big footprint.
No. No, no, no.

Can I ask them
how many people would come in?


I'm not taking the risk.

- There are a lot...
- What is the risk?

The risk? Look what
already happened to Nana Connie.

"We're wondering
if you might be interested

"to discuss doing an interview
piece with Lesley Stahl."

We can't do it, Nan.

The real Lesley?

it's the real Lesley.
Don't do that.

"Please let me know
if you're interested.

"We'd love to make it work."

This recovery
is not happening fast enough,

and now she has attitude,
and I feel bad.

We'll just do it
once she's feeling better

and moving around better.

How many of those
do you take? Don't take a lot.

I'm not taking,
'cause I don't know how...

when I'm gonna get
another one.

This is how I live.

We just had to work so hard
just to do this,

just to find
new ways of doing things

and learning
how to survive on our own.

And I guess it's...

I don't wanna end up
with less... than what I have.

I can't make
this decision for you, but...

No, you're not. I've already
made it for myself.

...this is a really
good way to find them.
I said no.

He's no fun to be around,
is he?

Do... Do you have
any corner pieces over there?

I want you to do it.

No. Nan, no. And we already...
We told them no.

But don't you want
to meet Lesley Stahl?

We need quiet, Nana.

We don't need a lot of people
coming in here and...

You don't...
You don't need quiet for me.

I don't want quiet.

I think you should do it.

You know, we're just
flying blind. I don't...

I don't even know what we're
supposed to be making here.

What is this
even a picture of?

Do you have any blue pieces?

He seems...
He's bound up, isn't he?


I think he's afraid of



Especially after
what we went through.

But life's not
gonna go on unless...

if you don't.

If you don't open up, right?

Do you know that, Dean?

Heh, heh, heh.

Who among us hasn't wished...

...we could read
someone else's mind?

Know exactly
what they're thinking.

Well, that's impossible,
of course...

I want him to...

I want him to dive in life,
you know?


I'm not gonna
be here forever. Hmm.

You know what I mean?

Uh, yeah, I think
he's just worried that...

Maybe he'll feel...

He'll sort of lighten up
when you're feeling better.


Feeling better.

Better. Better. Better. Hmm.

T-t-t-t-t-tch. Better.




It's weird because I did think
I heard her up. Listen...

What the...


Are you...
Look how fun this is. Look.

You're just out here?
I had forgotten how fun...

Yeah, how long
have you been out here?

Look, I can...

Oh! What is going on right...

Nan, you're really...

I have to work on my aim,
but look, look, look.

Yeah, I see that.

I've been trying
to get it.

I never understood the words,
but I could do it with...


I don't wanna
get ahead of myself,

but she seems to suddenly
have a lot more energy.

Do you know
what that is?

- It's the...
- They play that

- before the sports.
- Yeah, before sports.

It means
the sports are starting.

What kind of sports
do you watch?

They like running after balls
or squash them.


Put them over, like, a net
sometimes, they do that.

But the net is a hole, so
it comes right out.

Right, so it's just like,
why do you put it back in?

- It's really strange.
- I do notice,

I think, that she's definitely
been eating better.

Mmm. My favorite.

Nope, not for you.

Bup. Nan, you really...

Did you just eat
that whole thing?

Oh, yes, of course.
I love shish kebab.

- Wow.
- No, we're still friends.

Why did you
divorce her? Was your wife...

She's great.
We just grew apart.

You okay?
I'm totally fine.

Are you sure?
Maybe you should
be resting or...

Nan, maybe we'll think of...
Who decided to leave?

- You or her?
- It was pretty mutual.

You don't fool me.
It's never