Manic (2001) - full transcript

Lyle Jensen is subject to sudden and violent outbursts, and he is committed to the juvenile wing of the Northwood Mental Institution. Several other youths are there with a variety of serious problems. Lyle interacts with other patients and staff on a human, and sometimes not so human level. The psychological problems of the patients also forms the fabric by which we see what's right with them, and what's wrong with the society that affects them.

Go ahead and turn your head a little bit.

I'm going to clean this off.

And let me just take a look at it

a little bit closer here.

I'm sorry.

I'm going to put a little bandage on that.

Does this hurt?

I'm fine.

- Got it, yo?
- Yeah.

How you doing, Lyle?

I'm David Monroe. I'm
the staff psychologist here.


Did you get your ass kicked?

- No.
- No?

What's that? Was it cigarettes?

You smoke out?

Yeah. I've done that before.

- Angel dust?
- Never.

Speed? Methamphetamine?

- Crank? 'Shrooms?
- No, no, no.

So, were you high today?

- No.
- Didn't get high today?

Get up.

Fuck off!

You just pissed?

You just pissed?

Kind of like how you feel right now?

It's kind of coming off
of you in waves, Lyle.

Where's my mom?

Ok. I'll be back in a second.

What the fuck is this?

Just stay cool for a minute, Lyle, ok?

Let me explain. You committed
criminal assault today.

Let me explain. You committed
criminal assault today.

No, I... That's bullshit.

What were going to do right now

is take a trip to the unit.

Now, how you get there is up to you.

I'm not fucking crazy.

I'm not saying that, but you
can walk with Charlie...

Mom, what the hell?

Or they can carry you.

Mom, just tell them I'm not crazy!

That's the way it's going to go.


- Guys...
- Mom!

Come on, just relax. Come with us.

Come on, chief.

- Hey, fuck you!
- Take it easy!

- Take it easy!
- Hey, fuck you!

- Come on!
- Fuck off!

Mom, tell them I'm not crazy!


- Mom!
- Sorry, Lyle.

Don't fucking touch me!
Don't fucking touch me!



No! Get off me!

Get off me!

No problem.

Who are you?



Everything ok?

What is that?

It's a medicine pouch my dad gave me

to protect me from evil, bad things.

How old are you?

Almost 13.

Why am I fucking shoeless?

We get them back for recreation.

And so my mom said
we couldn't go downstairs,

and I said, you know,

"why not? What's the problem?"

You know? She said, "well",

"you know, young ladies
don't hang out on the streets

at 5:00 in the morning."

At 5:00 in the morning."

And so, I was like, "fuck that," you know?

"I'm going outside."

And so I went to go outside,

and she grabbed me. And I said,

"I want to get the fuck out of here."

And she went pfft!

And smacked me across the face.

And, you know, what,
just because she's my mom

I'm not supposed to hit her back?


You know, I turned around, and I went crack.

And then, you know,
she threw me into the wall,

and I slammed my head and fell on the floor.

And she was just like...

Is this the first time

is this the first time

that you and your mother had a fight

where it became physical?

Yeah. That was the first time

she actually, like, hit me.

- And you hit back?
- And the last time.

- And the last time?
- Yeah.

Why do you say that?

Well, because I don't think

she expected me to hit her back.

You know?

I mean, an eye for an eye, right?

I mean, she had... If somebody hit you,

you'd hit them back, right?

I have.

It hasn't always solved the problem.

All right, but, I mean,

at that moment, you're not thinking that.

At that moment, you're not thinking that.

That's what we're
talking about, though, is...

In those moments,

how to, you know, apply your brain.

I mean, that's why you're here
with us right now, right?

Does that sound like
anything that's happened

with anybody else at their house?

It's happened with everybody.


You got to stand up for yourself.

You know what I'm saying?

Parents included.

Parents are the worst.

You know, I do one little thing

and the motherfucker gets mad,

and the next thing I know, I'm up in here

with you crazy motherfuckers.

You know what I'm saying? It's bullshit.

I'll knock a motherfucker out.

I don't give a fuck.

I don't give a fuck.

Bitch, I swear to god.
Don't look at me like that.

Why don't you lick me, dyke?

You guys. Hey, hey, Mike,

I don't want to hear that
out of your mouth again.

I don't care what the excuse is, all right?

You all know we have
someone here new with us.

This is Lyle Jensen.

He's going to be here with us.

Just show him the ropes.

Let him know how we do things here.

Show him your arm.

This is bad-ass.

That shit is nasty.

- That's fucking sweet.
- You like it?

It's fucking gross, yo.

It's fucking gross, yo.

Ok, ok.


You want to talk to us today?

I'm Tracey.

No shit, genius.

Shut the fuck up.

What is wrong with you, ok?

Ok, who wants to level drop?

Go ahead, Tracey.

I'm working on my self-esteem.

I'm working on my self-esteem.

Thank you, Tracey.

Lyle, you want to try it? Why are you here?

You want to tell us why you're here?

Lyle is working on his anger management.

I heard Lyle got in a fucked-up fight

with a baseball bat and,
like, killed some kid.

Aw, hell, no.

Yeah, I heard that, too.

That's bullshit. Look at him.

What you weigh, about a buck twenty?

You had to get a baseball bat?

What, did they take your lunch money?

Mike. You want to talk about it, Lyle?

Mike. You want to talk about it, Lyle?

Big bad-ass fighting machine.

Do you know how close you
are to a level drop, Mike?

You've gotten one already last week.

You want one this week, too?

Come on, Lyle.

I'll fucking kill you.

Come on. Come on, then. Get the fuck up.

- Guys.
- Baby.

- Mike.
- All right.

Ok. Maybe later.


Give it up.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Go ahead.


That's what I thought.

I'm not crazy.

I'm not crazy.

I'm not crazy. I'm...

Here, here, here.

Traveling. Give it up.

It went out.

Bullshit. Give me the ball,
you little faggot punk.

Yo, dude, Mike, relax, dude.

What, are you calling me a liar?

What, are you calling me a liar?

It hit the fence. It's out.

Man, give me the fucking ball.

Chill the fuck out.

All right, let's go, little man.

Dudes, dudes, like Tex all over the place.


Come on.

Fucking relax.

Let's play. Come on.

Ok, let's play.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, be cool.

Break it up. Hey, hey. Hey, hey.

Break it up. Hey, hey. Hey, hey.

Hey, break it up, break it up, break it up.

I'm gonna fucking kill you, bitch!

What the fuck was that?

You want to fight, let's fucking fight!

He started it!

- Come on!
- I don't care!

Fucking bitch shit? You fuck...

All right. Just chill. Goddamn.

Unh! Damn it!

He fucking started it, man.

I don't care who started this shit, man.

Get up against the...

Get the fuck off!

- Relax.
- Get the fuck off!

Yeah, come in. It's open.

Hey, Lyle, you mind sitting down?

Did you lock him up?

Yeah, we'll give him a
couple hours to cool off.

Are you going to lock me up?

I wasn't planning on it.

Michael's a big guy.

You're lucky the staff
showed up when they did.

That dude's a fucking pussy.

How'd you feel during the fight?

How'd you feel during the fight?

I mean, you must've had a pretty good rush.

Can I get out of here soon?

You got work to do, Lyle.

You don't think you chose the actions

that caused you to be in this room

right now sitting in front of me?

I didn't choose to be here.

You didn't choose to bash that kid's head in

with a baseball bat?

Yeah, you can give me the silent treatment

if you want to, and...

You know how to do it. You're good at it.

I'm sure you've done it before,

and it's worked for you.

Sooner or later,

you're going to have
to think about yourself.

You're going to have
to think about yourself.

There's not much else to do here.

Lyle jumps up, flies over to them,

and he's just, like, boom! Boom! Boom!

Fucked him up, man.

Fucked him up.

Ladies and gentlemen, the
ultimate fighting champion

of the northwood psycho ward.

That was bad-ass.

Did he bust you down?
Did he give you a drop?

Because I was totally arguing your case.

Because I was totally arguing your case.


Foosball anarchy!

What are you...



Get up.

Get up.

Fuck off!

Get him off me!


Fuck! Let me go!

Dude, this one time,

a girl got, like, put into isolation, right?

Like, they juiced her up bad.

But when she woke up, she was pissed,

and, like, she started
kicking the door, right?

And they didn't even care
at first 'cause, like,

they didn't think anything of it.

But she just kept kicking
the door, and kicking it,

and ramming into it,

and she knocked it off the hinges, dude.


- It opened, dude.
- No way.

Yeah, dude, she just ran out.

- Seriously?
- She knocked it off.

Is she, like, big Bertha or something?

Do you just cut yourself for no reason?

No, there's always a reason.

It probably had to be seventh grade.

I remember. I was taking a shower.

And I tried o. D.'Ing before that.

I was taking a shower,
you know, just shaving,

and I cut,

and I didn't stop.

I just let it keep going up my leg.

And it was the most relief
I'd ever felt in my life,

and so I just kept cutting since then.

On your thighs?

On your thighs?

I have an anarchy sign right there.

It looks like someone branded your leg.

Get back in your room.

Honey, wake up.

Tracey, you're dreaming.


Come on.

Come on.

Come on.


Ok. Ok.


Ok, you can go. I got her.

Get back to your room.

All right.

All right.

Ok, there you go.

There you go.

There you go.

It's ok to cry.

Mike, do we dare venture into Mike world?

What's goin' on?

What's up? Why are you here?

Mainly 'cause my dad's a bitch.

What are you workin' on?

I get into fights. I like to fight.

You know?

You know?

I like to smoke. I like to drink.

I smacked this fool
over the head with a bottle,

gave him 6 stitches.

You don't think you have
anything to work on?

No, other than getting rid of my parents.

I friggin' have the responsibility

of a 20-year-old, but my parents still

cram shit down my throat.


Like, they want to make
me do all these things

that I shouldn't be doing at 16...

Paying bills and shit, and...

But they still treat me like a 16-year-old...

But they still treat me like a 16-year-old...

"be home at 10:00 at night."

I'm, like...



You want to talk? Why are you here?

I did stuff that I shouldn't have done.

Chester the molester.

Shut your big, fat fucking mouth...

- For one fucking second?!
- Why don't you make me?

I'll fucking make you.

Yeah? Go ahead. Why don't
you get on your knees

and suck my motherfuckin' balls?

Get up, motherfucker. Come on, get up.

Sara. Sara, what are you doing?

Sara. Sara, what are you doing?

Come on. What are you, a pussy? Get up.

I'm not fucking scared.

- Go ahead!
- Get up!



I found out that even though
this kid was only 14,

he already tried to kill himself twice.

That means that...

Ok, you're so depressed,
you're gonna kill yourself.

It's, like, yeah, yeah.
We've all been there.

It's, like, yeah, yeah.
We've all been there.

But then you actually do it.

Right? You try it... twice.
And you still fuck it up.

You're gonna realize you're such a loser

you can't even get it right
on the second try.

Fuck, man. That's some fucked up shit.

I was, like, happy for the kid
after I heard that shit.

Wake up.


It's Chad.

Tell me you're not naked.

- Yeah.
- What?

Dude, you wanna go play some ball?

Hey, can... can you
tell this fuck to get up?

He's fuckin' depressing me.

Nah, he's gonna be there all day.

Nah, he's gonna be there all day.

You're going, right?

- Yeah.
- Sweet.

Kenny, we're gonna go play ball.

You want to play?


Get up.

Ken, get up!

Ken, get up!

All right.

I'm gonna count to 3...

And if you don't get up,

I'm gonna kill you.

Don't think I won't do it, either.



Did they tell you?

Did they tell you?

Did you write these questions, Dave?

These questions were handed down to me,

by Yoda, actually.


"How do you deal with your anger?"

Well, obviously, not very well.

That's why I'm here, but...

Is there anything that makes you feel calm.

Is there anything that makes you feel calm

when you're angry?

Now it's painting...

That relaxes me.

That's good. That's productive.


"If I had a million dollars, I would..."

Bitches and hos.

I'd buy myself a big old fat house,

just throw a big-ass party
for me and all my homeboys.

Hope I can come.

Hope I can come.


"What do I like the best about myself?"

I don't know.

"What's your favorite word, and why?"

My favorite word is "why."

The word never ends.

That's what I like about it.

Like, my uncle told me

that I was gonna come back in here.

That I was gonna come back in here.

And I was just, like, "why?"

And he would say,

"well, because blah blah blah blah."

And I said, "why?" And he said,

"well, because this and this and that."

You know? It's just...

There's no answer.

I think it's a fun word.

Yeah, when used properly,

and I bet you get a lot
of mileage out of that.

It's always used properly.


Fuck you.

Fuck you.


"Who is the most important person

in your life?"

I... I don't really think...

I've met that person yet.

But honestly, I think
it's just as well 'cause...

I mean, I almost hope that...

I almost hope that I never do meet him

I almost hope that I never do meet him

'cause if I do,

I know they'll just fuck me over.


"What is your family like?"

My family is like people

who live in a hotel.

We don't know anything about each other.

When we see each other, we're cordial

and we say hi, but that's about it.


"What's the last dream you can remember,

"What's the last dream you can remember,

and what do you think it means?"

I was...

I was floating in the ocean,

and it seemed like I'd been
shipwrecked or something,

but there was no other people.

And I couldn't move.

So, it was like I was an inanimate object.

I was just floating

with... with the swirls of the ocean,

with... with the swirls of the ocean,


The ocean was filling in
the... the big cavity,

and, I just went down with it.

Ended up in this mud slide,

and I just was, like,

part of this massive force.

Tracey, can I talk to you for a second?


You're still not smoking, are you?

All right. I'm just checking on you, man,

because you said you quit.

You know I quit.

You got everything in your head.

Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it.

I'm not worried about it, man.

Yeah? How's he doing?

He's doing all right.

Everybody's angry nowadays.

Everybody's angry nowadays.

You ok with this whole roommate situation?

I mean, it doesn't freak
you out or anything?

It's pretty serious stuff, actually.

He was in a youth ward for a while,

and they had to transfer him here.

Wandering hands,

you know what I'm saying?

Lyle? You up?

Lyle? You up?


Do you like the undertaker?

What, the wrestler?

He's the...

The scary one, right? Like, the goth dude?

That's who he used to be.

Then he changed.

I think he's, like, a harley guy now.



How's everybody feeling today?

Anything I can do for you guys?

Damn. The whole fucking bottle?

Did you pass out?

No, I just started hooking up

with this guy I didn't know.

Open up.

Let's see, Chad.

Let's see, Chad.


I didn't even like him.

So, why did you fuck him
if you didn't like him?

Chad. Open your mouth, Chad.

That's a good job. That's a good job.

This place sucks ass.

This place sucks ass.

It's, like, ignorance is bliss,

and this place is fucking Disneyland.

What do you listen to?

Slipknot, korn.

I like some punk, though.

I like, minor threat. Right?

I hate ravers.

I can never go to those things.

Man, they're all, like, this tall

man, they're all, like, this tall

and have really big clothes on.

That's one of the best fucking shows

I've ever seen.

Zach was, like... Going off, man.

Were you in the pit?

Were you in there?

I've never seen a pit like that.

I saw people putting, like, mouth guards in

before that show started.

I was just, like, "yeah, man, that's l. A.!"

You know? Rage against the machine show.

You know what I'm talking about, right?

Those big, huge pacifiers
they have around their neck.

They look like idiots. I swear.

They look like idiots. I swear.

That was, like, the baddest ending.

Everybody was thinking

they were gonna do "freedom" last, you know?

And then they did "new years day,"

and it was, like...

God, people were just getting nuts, man.

Like that end part, right?

With the guitar, right?

And it's...

Pop! Pop! Pop!

The place was just, like...


It was so fucking...

Dude, I'd be so fucking dead

without music.

Man, I miss getting high.

I would rather feel like
total shit sometimes

and god the rest of the time

than just, like, ok all the time, you know?

Fuck mediocrity.

Fuck mediocrity.

So, what, your parents make you come here?

No, I don't live with my parents.

My dad's gone,

and my mom has the same thing I do.

She's, like... She's, like...

Fucked up, manic-depressive,

agoraphobic. Right? Heh.

All right?

Yeah, go ahead.

Like, I live with my uncle now...

Uncle Cole. Heh.

He's, like, this fucking rich asshole.

He has all this money and no kids,

so he thinks if he puts me in here enough,

it'll fix whatever's broken,

'cause he doesn't want some freak

inheriting all his money.


You're inheriting a bunch of money from him?

You're inheriting a bunch of money from him?

How much? Like what, a million dollars?


Something like that. I don't know.

I can't believe you're fucking rich, man.

We could fucking take that money...

And just get the fuck out of here.

You're so fucking stoned.

No, I'm serious. I think...

Just... you and me just, like, go...

Just... you and me just, like, go...

Travel the world. I don't know.

Just get the fuck away from here,

and get away from, like...

My mom and, like... Your uncle, right?

Go to Europe, right?

Dude, you and me could go to Europe.

We could go to, like, fucking Paris

and just fuck hookers or something.

Go to Amsterdam.

Go to Amsterdam.

Dude, you know how fucking cool it'd be

to live in Amsterdam?

Just wake up, do whatever you want.

No one to tell you any kind of bullshit.

It's, like...

This shit's legal there. Did you know that?

You can just go to, like,
cafes on the street

and buy it.

Go there and, like...

And have, like, a real life, you know?

Are you scared?


Then why not?

Ok. Fine.

You mean, go live in Europe?


Fuck, yeah!



Nothing. Dude...

Why are you smiling like that?

Are you fucking lying?

I turn 18 next week, you know?

I get, like, a good chunk of my trust fund.

Like, a hundred grand, dude.

No bullshit.

A hundred grand.

Don't fucking tell anybody that.



Jesus. Put that in here.

We got to get out of here.

It's community music hour.

I hate that fucking song.

Shut the fuck up, bitch!

Shut the fuck up, bitch!

These just came.

Look at those. They're pretty.

She's not even here anymore.

Hey, Chad?

What's goin' on?

Did you take your meds today?

I definitely think that
Amsterdam is the way to go.

We can live there cheap,

stay there until we get bored,

and then move on, right?

Hey, I'm using that.

Do you like it?

Yeah, I do. Yeah.

They need a... A credit card.



The name on the card is Cole merritt.

What are you drawing?

It's this guy on a cross.

Is his name Jesus?


It's not Jesus. See?

He's got all that hair on his chest.

Jesus didn't have any hair on his chest.

She, like...

Makes me wear, like, really big clothes

makes me wear, like, really big clothes

and sweaters and stuff.

It's so fucked up.

I mean, she's your mother, right?

It's not a competition.

You know, calabasas
is full of fucking j. A. P. S

and little daddy's girls.

I didn't exactly have
the debutante thing goin' on.

One day I saw her at McDonald's

with the nose job crew.


That was before I knew
my place, so I sat down.

My friend rolls her eyes,
and she says, "what?"

My friend rolls her eyes,
and she says, "what?"

"You actually think you're good-looking?

"'Cause you walk around like you're all hot,

and you're really not."

Then the whole table started to laugh.

And I cried for about 3 days,

and then I fuckin' resurrect. You know?

I just realized that everyone I knew

was fucking full of shit.

And that's when I started
doing whatever I wanted

and not giving a flying fuck
what people thought.

And not giving a flying fuck
what people thought.


So I don't really have any friends.

I don't need any.

We're friends.


That's gotta be the stupidest thing

I've ever heard in my whole life.

Don't fucking call me stupid.

I didn't say you were stupid, butch.

I said your opinion
was stupid, because it is.

Wolverine has got steel
plates in his bones...

Wolverine has got steel
plates in his bones...

So what?!

And Batman has just a little fucking belt

and a little fucking cape.

What the hell is he gonna do with that?

Batman is so much smarter

and so much more intelligent a fighter...

Who gives a fuck?

He knows, like, 8 different martial arts.

He's, like, a ninja.

Batman is a fucking homo.

Batman is not a homo!

Batman bangs the hottest chicks

in Gotham city left and right, ok?

He's a player!

Superman could take them all down.


You all need to check your heads.

You all need to check your heads.

Shut up. Shut up, shut up, shut up.

Hold it, hold it.

I think that Lyle brings up a good point.

Let's talk about this
logically for a second, ok?

Now, Batman is an intelligent cat. No doubt.

And he is a damn good fighter.

I'll give you that. But he's just human.

My god.

Wait a minute. Let me finish.

Now, Wolverine is a flat-out
animal when he fights,

and he's got the skills to pay the bills.

He's got unbreakable adamantium bones,

razor-sharp retractable adamantium claws,

he's got mutant healing powers.
He's a bad-ass.

He's got mutant healing powers.
He's a bad-ass.

No doubt. He would kill Batman.

I'm sorry. Every time.

But, in a straight-up
brawl, Sara, toe to toe,

you know who's gonna
take home all the cookies

if superman's involved.

It's gonna be the big blue
boy scout every time.

No doubt. He would tear
Wolverine's head off,

he would tear Batman's head off

and use them like ka-Nick-ka-nacks.

These guys aren't even real.

What the fuck? God!

Ok, ok.

Well, let's jump into reality, then.

You want to talk about reality?

Let's talk about real fights.

Yeah. Hell, yeah. Hell, yeah.

You like that?

You like that?

- Yeah, dawg.
- Why?

I don't know. It's kinda
like fucking, you know?

It's just fun.

It's fun? What's so fun about it?

I can't explain it, y'all.

You know, or you don't.

I guess that's fair enough.

What do you think about fights, Lyle?

I think you're an expert on the subject.

He's totally an expert.

Just ask that kid from his school, man.

52 stitches, broken arm...

Shut the fuck up, man.

Jaw's wired shut. Might never see...

Hey! Shut the fuck up.

Hey! Shut the fuck up.

You want to talk about it?

There's nothing to say.

You certainly had
something to say on that day.

Don't you think that's why you're here?

I don't know why I'm here.

You tell me, 'cause I feel fine.

Please. If you were fine,
you wouldn't be sitting here.

Why don't you just tell us what happened

so we can stop assuming? I mean, what,

did you just freak out? It's not a big deal.

I did that one time. I took a hammer,

and I smashed all
the windows on the minivan.

No, I had a reason.

I don't just do shit for no reason.

I don't just do shit for no reason.

What was your reason?

It's none of your fucking business.

You know, I sure can't
make you tell me, Lyle,

but I would really like to know

what you think justifies hurting someone

to the point where you almost kill them.

I'm just curious how someone

as seemingly intelligent as you

could hurt another human being that bad

and have no remorse for it whatsoever.

He deserved it.

He deserved it.

Well, I bet Chris woods
would say it differently

if his jaw wasn't wired shut.

What did he say?

He said something mean.

My, my dad beat me up a few times

when I was a kid.


This guy Chris knew about it.

He thought it was really funny.

Now he doesn't think it's so funny.

If you say you wouldn't do the same thing,

you're fucking lying.

Or just a pussy.

Do you remember your dad, Lyle?


How did you feel about him?
Did you love him?

How did you feel about him?
Did you love him?

He was my dad.

No feeling one way or the other?

Just a genetic bond?

My mom never hits me.

She just... Is always saying

really, really horrible things to me.

It sounds kind of stupid
next to Lyle's, but...

If anyone said anything about it,

I'd want to hurt them, too.

That's not stupid.

That's not stupid.

Go ahead. Say more about that, Tracey.

She tells me how stupid I am,

how I'm a slut,

and she wishes I wasn't born.

Anyways, I kind of understand

what Lyle means.

It's... really none of
anybody else's business.

I wasn't sure if that was a bird

or that crazy dude over there.

That guy is insane.

That's what they say about all of us though.

What happens to you at night?

It's like I'm...

Surrounded with...

Badness, like in a war or something.

In here?

It happens everywhere.

Did you get raped?

If you ever want someone
to kill him, I'll do it.


I'm scared of you sometimes.

Does that make sense?

Yeah, it makes a lot of sense.

I'm scared of myself sometimes.

This one time,

my mom and I were, like, in a fight.

And we were just yelling
at each other, and, like...

She was standing, like, with her back

to a... to a cabinet in the kitchen.

And I just...

I kind of like punched through it.

You know, beside her.

You know, beside her.

I didn't want to do that.

Then she started crying.

She said, "you look just like him."

I'm not.

I'm not.

It's ok.

It's ok.

I'll never hurt you.

Then, boom...

I'm just, like, standing
right in front of myself,

except it's not totally me.

And I look down,

and I'm holding, like, this bad-ass knife,

and it's all, like, sharp and everything

and clean. I can, like, see myself in it.

And clean. I can, like, see myself in it.

And all of the sudden,
like, Chad 2 turns around

and takes off running,

so I take off after him.

And then I get him,
and I fucking jump on him,

and I pounce on his ass,

and I get him down on the ground.

And now he's got a knife, too,

so I'm just like...

And there's fucking blood
all over the place.

And he smiles at me.

And all the blood goes back in his body,

and all, like, the stab wounds

like, all close up and shit.

He gives me a second to catch my breath,

he gives me a second to catch my breath,

takes off running again,

so I go after him again,

stab him, like, 200 times.

The cuts all close up,

blood all goes away.

I just know it's going to go on forever.

That's it.


What do you guys think it means?

I think it means Chad needs
to be on 24-hour watch.

It means your shit is fucked up, yo.

No, that's not what it means.

What does it mean, Lyle?

What does it mean, Lyle?

It means nothing changes.

Lyle, things change all the time.

Yeah. When you have a problem,

you fix it.

Then you get another problem.

You fix that.

Then another problem. You fix that.

It's like this place,
you know what I'm saying?

You get out, you come back.

You get out, you come back.

It's true. The same shit

just keeps happening over and over,

and then we die.

That's just the way it is.

Is that the consensus?

Is that the consensus?

Ok, look,

let's cut to it.

I want each of you to tell me
something right now

that gives your life meaning.

Something that excites you,

that... that turns you on,

that you find value in.

Anything but drugs...

I don't want to hear any drug stories.

Anybody can jump in.

Sara, please help me out.
I'm dying over here.

Sara, please help me out.
I'm dying over here.


Doing whatever you want

and not giving a fuck what people think.


I play PlayStation.

Any particular game you like?

I like resident evil 2.

Anything where you can use your imagination,


That could give your life meaning.

Just keeping it real,
you know what I'm saying?

Just keeping it real,
you know what I'm saying?

Looking out for my boys

and fucking up punks who get in the way.

So, friendship,



Or love.

Love? Thank you, Tracey.

Boom. Ok?

Love. That's very important.

Sex is meaningful.

You've had sex?

What about you, Lyle?

What gives your life meaning?

I don't know.

So, what kind of progress

do you feel you've made since you...

Do you feel you've made since you...

Come on, man, give me a break.

You know I got to ask this.

I've learned how to jerk off
with little or no privacy.

So, Sara, what kind of progress

do you feel you've made
since you've been here?

Fine progress.

Big Mike...

My nigga.

What's going on?

So, what kind of progress
do you think you've made

since you've been here, buddy?

Just bangin', yo.

Just bangin', yo.

You're going to turn 18 in a couple days.

That means you're going to
be responsible for yourself

more or less.

How do you feel about that?


Is this what you think
being black is, Michael?

Wearing baggy clothes
and talking a lot of shit,

fucking up?

Can I get out of here this week or what?

You getting along with Lyle ok?

You getting along with Lyle ok?

So, what kind of progress
do you think you've made

since you've been here, Lyle?

Well, I'm recommending
that you go home Friday.


So, what kind of progress
do you think you've made

since you've been here?

None whatsoever.

So, what, you think you're the only one

so, what, you think you're the only one

who's ever been fucking depressed?

Look, this is freedom.

See these birds?

They're flying away.

I mean, look at the color.

How can you call it suicidal?

Because he killed himself
right after he painted it.

You have no idea of the kind of color

that can come out of depression.

All the great artists are fucked up.


Look at the birds.

Look... look at the sky. Look at the yellows.

This painting, it has borders.

It ends here, here, here, and here.

It ends here, here, here, and here.

All paintings are like that.

So what?

You're just seeing what you wanna see,

and that's it.

It is what's there. That's very simple.


Yeah. What's up?

Does your dad buy you a lot of things?

My dad's dead.

Do you have a stepdad?


My stepdad's coming tomorrow.



Is he cool?

He buys me stuff sometimes.

I'm getting PlayStation 2.

Cool, cool.

My dad...

Well, I broke my arm pretty badly,

and I had to go to the hospital
for a few days.

He came and picked me up.

He came and picked me up.


He drove me right to the bike
store and got me a bike.

What kind of bike was it?

It was a mongoose bmx.

It was a cool bike.

There was this one day I got on it

and just kept going...

Riding on it till I got to the beach.

The bike had this squeak in the chain

that was really annoying.

I was just listening to the squeak,

I was just listening to the squeak,

like, the whole trip.

When I got to the beach,

I was just cruising along,
like, looking at the ocean.

The squeak...

It kept getting louder.

And I just got off the bike,

and I smashed it into a street lamp.

Broke the shit out of it.

Broke the shit out of it.


Have a seat.

As you know, this meeting today

is so that your stepdad can see

is so that your stepdad can see

what kind of progress you've been making


See how close you are
to actually going home.

You do wanna go home, don't you, pal?

You know, your mother and I
have been thinking.

We'd like to take you up to pine bluff,

maybe do a little waterskiing.

Can I wake board?



I'm gonna leave you two alone.

Kenny, I'm gonna be right outside the door

Kenny, I'm gonna be right outside the door

if you need anything, ok?



What's going on?

You wanna tell me something?

Is there something
you wanna say to your stepdad

while I'm still in the room?

Can I talk to you outside
in the hallway for a moment?

I spent a lot of fucking
money on this place.

Mr. Jenkins, please.

I think it would be best if we talk outside.

I would at least like to be able

to talk to my son.

I appreciate that,

and I would like for that to happen as well,

but this may not be the proper time for...

But this may not be the proper time for...

What do you people do here?

Mr. Jenkins... Look at him.

Is this what you call mental health?

Mr. Jenkins.

I've took him out of a bad...

Mr. Jenkins!

I believe I've made a mistake,

so let's do this at another time.

Would you please accompany me to my office?


It's just... It's not the day for it.

Sorry, dad.



Mr. Jenkins.

Mr. Jenkins! Mr. Jenkins!

Mr. Jenkins! Let go!

Get off of him! Come here!

Get off me... Get out of here!

Go on, get out of here right now!

Get out of here right now.
Get off the premises.

Get off the premises right now!



He's gone, ok, Kenny? He's gone.


I'm really sorry.

What are you sorry for?

Just, like, about Kenny and all.

Just, like, about Kenny and all.

Yeah? Why are you sorry about that?

Are you his dad?

Did you rape him?

I'm just sorry.

That's a stupid thing to say.

Sorry doesn't mean anything.

You think sorry means anything at all?

You think it does anything?

Are you that fucking stupid,

you think "sorry" does anything?


Maybe if you got some fucking sleep at night

instead of screaming,

you'd realize that everything is just fucked

and sorry doesn't mean anything!

And sorry doesn't mean anything!

Sorry doesn't mean shit!

It doesn't mean fucking shit!

What do you think about that?

Answer me!

I said what do you think about that?

I said what the fuck
do you think about that?

Answer me! Answer me!

Well, you all know what happened with Kenny.

You probably have some strong opinions,

emotions about it, so...

As always, this is the place to air them.

How the hell are we
supposed to trust you guys

when shit like this happens?

That's a valid question.

All I can say is that sometimes

things happen that are beyond our control.

So, where is he?

He's in another wing of the hospital.

He's in another wing of the hospital.

He's being taken care of.

You didn't have to let his dad in.

Well, it obviously went about as badly

as it could've gone.

No shit.

Just shut up, Lyle.

It's not his fault.

It's ok. Lyle can be upset.

It's all right.

Kenny's a sweet guy. It hurts.

He never hurt anybody.

He never hurt anybody.

Nigga, please.

He used to fuck around with little kids, yo.

That's just payback,
you know what I'm saying?

No, Lyle, no! Wait a minute!

No! Stop! No! Mike! Mike!

Let go. I got him.

No, no. Sit down.

Sit down!

Sit down right now, Lyle!

Ok. Do you feel better now?

Did you fix Kenny now?

Is Kenny all better now?

How about you, you all better now?

Do you think you're the only
one who gets pissed off

do you think you're the only
one who gets pissed off

and wants to fucking rage?

I can... I can break shit.

I can scream like a motherfucker!!

All day long!

Now what?

Kenny's still fucked up,
and I'm still miserable.

I guess I gotta break some more shit.

Get up, Lyle.

Get up right now, Lyle. Get up!


Didn't work.

I'm still pissed off.

Maybe I need to fuck something else up now?

Maybe I need to punch somebody
in the fucking face!

Maybe I need to punch somebody
in the fucking face!

Is that the solution?

No, that ain't the solution, man.

So what do I do?

I just get on with my fucking life,

and I try to make something of it.

Why are you here, man?

Why are you alive?

Do you want to be alive?

Life is a struggle, Lyle. That's it.

It's a struggle.
That's the way it fucking is.

Can you handle that?

Can you handle that?

Can you handle that, Lyle?

I'm gonna be in my office.

You guys sit here and
figure out why you're here.

Who wants some?

There's one player.

Aw, yeah.

That's how Shaq does it.
That's a good block.

Aw! Good pass!

Good pass.

It don't get no sweeter than that.

Yeah, Mike.

It was on the way down.

All right, first of ten, by one. Peace.

Since y'all like to bang bodies.

No fouls.

Time, time, time, time, time, time, time.

Go ahead, man. Work it out.

Yo, braveheart, can we play?

Play. Play the game.


I got Lyle, you got Chad.

Let's do this.

That's not legal.

What the fuck's wrong with you, man?

What the fuck's wrong with you?


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


Give me some!

Great game, tough guy.

Great game, tough guy.

Sorry about that.

It's all right.

It was a good day today? Fun?

I had fun.

Sorry I freaked out on you, man.

That wasn't cool.

It's fine.

So, you still think you're ready

to walk out of here at any time?


Well, what was that in group today?

Well, what was that in group today?

You're so full of shit.

You wanted to hit him, too.

That's totally irrelevant, Lyle.

Everybody wanted to
smack him upside the head,

but you did it.

He deserved it.

No. Fuck that, man. Come on.

The way your dad treated you,

did you deserve that?

That was different.

'Cause the people that you beat deserve it?

Lyle, what about you?

You burn yourself with cigarettes.

You burn yourself with cigarettes.

You cut yourself.

You slam your head into walls.

We both know you don't deserve that, man.

Lyle, wherever you're going,

you are still gonna be there.

Then what?

What am I supposed to do?

Come sit down.


Lyle, I'm not gonna give you

some hokey bullshit speech and tell you

that if you come to some
epiphany about your dad,

you're gonna make a breakthrough,

and everything's gonna be
pizzas and blow jobs.

Because the fact of the matter is,

it's quite possible that
you're gonna have this rage

it's quite possible that
you're gonna have this rage

within you somewhere until you die, man.

Either you're gonna learn
how to live with it,

or you're just gonna go on
like you've been doing

until you kill yourself
or kill somebody else...

Maybe somebody that you care about.

It'd be like couples that
got, you know, hooked up,

and they've been together.

No techs, no nurses or
anything in the whole place,

and so all the kids are going crazy,

and all the little couples
are sitting there making out

and all the little couples
are sitting there making out

while they have the chance and everything,

'cause there's no one around watching.

At vista, they had, like, little sensors

they put in the halls,
so if you opened your door,

it went, like...

And you couldn't get out of the room.

When I was at vista, this girl,

her friends snuck in a lighter,

and, like, at 2:00 in the morning,

she went by one of the doors,

and she lit the match.

And the fire escape went off,
and the doors unlocked,

and she got out.



Do you remember how you were feeling

when your uncle admitted
you in the hospital?

I do.

And I don't wanna see you

going through that same thing again.

Tegretol or depakote?

Same program. Tegretol.

Just give me pills, right?

And that'll just take care of everything

and just solve all my problems

and all the problems of the world.

Give everybody pills.

We can all fucking be the exact same person.

This is a treatable disorder, ok?

But not if you don't want it to be.

Come on.

Come on.

It's not up to debate.
You're taking your meds.

That's it.

All right.

Blow them out. Make a wish, man.

What about... What about that one?

You gonna blow that one out?

It's still lit. Go on and try it again.

It's still lit. Go on and try it again.

Hey, hey, hey!


Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Chad.

Happy birthday.

Here you go, man.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday.

Tracey, you gotta let her go, honey.

You got my number, right?



Take care of yourself.



It's ok, Tracey.

You'll be ok.


Happy birthday.

You all right, man?

Yeah, man.

So, we're still cool, right?

You and me?

What do you mean? Are you
talking about the trip?

'Cause the thing is, dude,


Who gives a fuck about Amsterdam, you know?

What are you talking about?

I mean, do you think that's
gonna change anything?

Do you really think

that's gonna make things any different?

I mean, what are you gonna be doing?

I mean, what are you gonna be doing?

You're gonna be breathing different air?

You're gonna be eating different food?

Of course there's a difference.

Here you wake up
in a fucking bullshit place.

You can't go anywhere.

You're trapped here.

This is fucking hell, man.

So what, then, you're gonna go over there,

and then everything is gonna be cool?

Even if you are as happy

as you could possibly be,

pretty soon you gotta let go of it all,

because that's just what happens.


Come on.

Why don't you just go, man?

It's a gift, man. Just go.

We're going, you and me.
You and me are going.


Guess what?

I ain't getting released this week.

You want to know why?

Because you suck cock.

Because you suck cock.

Think you're pretty
fucking funny, don't you?

You and Chad, you think
you're pretty fucking funny.

I ain't getting released
because of your punk ass.

If we were outside, I'd just
bust a cap in your ass.


But now I'm stuck in here for another week.

Nigga, I should kill you right now!

Do it.

Come on.

Just you and me, yo.

No little faggot friends to help you?

Suck that.

Hey, where you going?

Come on.

Come on.

It's just me and me in here.

That's what I thought. Pussy.

What are you doing?


No, this. What are you doing with this?

Don't touch me.

Cut this shit out, man.

You're gonna blow everything.

You're gonna blow everything.

Blow what?

I'm gonna be dead in 60 years,
and so are you.

That's stupid, man.

You're getting out of here tomorrow.

You're getting out of here tomorrow,

and you're gonna fuck everything up now?


That's fine, but you know

that it doesn't have to be that way.

It doesn't have to be that way.


I'm sorry.

It's your choice.

It's your choice.

Fuck you, then.

Chad's all fucked up.
He's cutting on his arm.

My god.

Hey, buddy.

How we feeling today?

It looks like you're
having a bummer of a day.

It looks like you're
having a bummer of a day.

I'd hate for you to leave us like that, man.


Anything I can do for you?

You can admit that you hate us.

Maybe you need a little time alone, Chad.


Jesus Christ! Where'd you get this?

Get j. C. Right now!

Get the fuck off!

Charlie, Charlie! Come on, go outside!

Go outside! Get out of here!

Go! Charlie, go! Get out of here!

Get the fuck off me!



You don't wanna do this.

- Chad.
- Fuck!

- Chad.
- Fuck!


How we doing today, Charlie?

You seem to be having a down day.

Chad, don't...


Chad, look at me.

Don't do that, ok?

What's going on?

Chad, Chad, talk to me.

What's going on?

Chad, wait a minute. Chad, Chad.








Charlie, hold on.


Tracey, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up.

It's just me.

Ok, I'm sorry.

Are you cold?

Are you cold?

A little bit.

Did you see it?

Fucking Chad.

There's 10... And I'm out.

What you got in your hand?

That's the game.

Let's... let's go again, man.

You plan on going home tonight?

You know, if I get in that car,

I'm not gonna stop
until I run out of gas, man.

He almost cut his head off, man.

He almost cut his head off, man.

On my watch.

It was my watch, too.

Well, we fucked up today.

That kid wasn't taking his medication.

Did we know that?

It wasn't your fault.

You're good at this job, man.


What's up?

How you been?

Wake up.

I can't stay long.

I can't stay long.

I just wanted to stop by and say hey...

See how you're doing.

So I'm gonna take off.

I'm going to Europe...


It should be pretty cool, right?



Dude, I know you can hear me.

I can tell. I can tell you can hear me.

All right.

I'm going to count to 3, ok?

And if you don't say something to me

and if you don't say something to me

by the time I get to 3,

I'm going to kill you.



2 1/2.

I brought you something.

Come on, dude, I know
you were looking for this.

I'm sorry.

I'll see you again, ok?

Hey, have you seen Tracey?

Naw, dog.

You rape that screaming ass bitch yet?

You know she wants some.

I was just looking for you.