Maniac Cop 2 (1990) - full transcript

Officer Matt Cordell, the undead cop, returns from the grave. Again. This time he is after the criminals who murdered him in the prison, and he is not doing that because he wants to forgive them...

Hold on a sec.
Let me call for backup.

This is car 46044
requesting a backup. Pier 14.

Let him go, Cordell!

Teresa get these cuffs off.

The keys.

Hold it there!

Brass button, blue coat

Cannot catch a nanny goat

And what can I do for you?

Figure it out.

I got not money.

It all goes down
that slot into a safe.

I don't know the combination.

The boss don't trust me.

In the 22 precinct
we got a 10-30 in progress.

Silent alarm at Julio's Bodega
at 72514th Street.

This one's for us.

22-Adam responding.

I need the money.

Look. No money.

Take merchandise.
Anything you want in the store.

Dios m?o!

That's gonna be you all
over the walls in a minute.

So, when does your boss come in
to open up the safe, huh?

Uh 6-

I'll wait.

Okay. But you don't have to hang around.

Why don't you try running
for the door, huh?

No. No it's- it's okay. I-I stay.

Hey. Hey.

Let's open up some Lotto tickets, huh?

Sure. Sure. See? Okay.

- Maybe I'll be a winner.
- Okay.

I feel lucky!

Nada. Mira. Nothing.

- Keep going!
- Okay.

Nothing again.
We'll go through the whole bunch, huh?

Okay. Nothing.


I think you're lying!

No. I'm calling them
the way they're coming up.

Nothing. Nada.

No I think I'm a winner.

I'm telling you.

N- Holy shit.

Ay, Dios mio!

Mira. 5000 bucks.

5000 bucks.
You won 5,000 bucks.

Thank God you got here.

Can you believe it?
The fucker just won 5,000 bucks.

I mean, I guess he don't win it.
I guess I win it, eh?

Like they say eh?
Goodness is its own reward, eh?


What for?

Hey! Hold it right there!
Drop it!

Now! Put the gun down!

It wasn't me man.

- Put it down, man!
- It was one of you!

Hey call an ambulance will you?

Get a broom.
Look at this.

Hey Frankie, get on the horn.
Come on.

He blew the clerk away too.

4194 your request for backup
is confirmed. Over.

Well, officer Forrest

officer Mallory-

you've been cleared of all wrongdoing.

In fact you're gonna get commendations
for your actions.

So, uh does that mean
we're back on active duty again?

Not just yet.

Commissioner... um... What about Cordell?

What about Cordell?

You didn't find the body in the river
because it wasn't there.

Current must have swept it out to sea.

No. He's still alive.

You're starting with these
ghost stories again?

Cordell died in Sing Sing
more than two years ago.

I want you to see
this police psychologist.

- What?
- Her name is Susan Riley.

She's got an excellent rep
at helping officers readjust.

Aw, come on commissioner
we're not crazy.

Of course not.

So you shouldn't have any objections
seeing Officer Riley.

She's a cop too.

I set up a meeting for tomorrow at 3:00.

Be there.

We've got a 3:00 appointment-

Um officers Mallory and Forrest.
We're a little early, I guess.

That's right. Um... Why don't
we go get a cup of coffee.

Are you gonna find us unfit
to go back on the job?

Well, I hope not.

What do you think? Well I think
we're both just as sane as you are.

Well, then you both realize that this
Matt cordell was killed in prison.

Yeah, right but you see we
both just saw him on the pier.

So, what? Does that make us nuts?

What you saw was a very large man
with a horribly disfigured face.

- Did he say he was Cordell?
- No. He never spoke.

Well then it could have been anyone
in a policeman's uniform, right?

A homicidal maniac with a grudge
against the police force maybe.

Hey look, if this is the official line
that the department's gonna use great.

No, that's a lie.

Would you excuse us for a second?


Teresa all I know about
is being a cop.

I don't know about you
but I need this job.

When you think about it, I mean- What the
hell difference does it make who he was?

Because you can't kill the dead.

Tere- Let her go.

Doc do me a favor will you?
Don't put that in your report.

Jack I'm afraid I'm gonna have
to give her a negative evaluation.

Let me at least just talk to her will you?
She'll come around.

I cannot let anyone out on the street
that's got a gun with emotional problems.

McKinney! You okay?

Never better.

We were covering the front.

That's why I came around back.

Too bad you didn't kill him.

Yeah. Too much fucking paperwork.

Come in.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Lieutenant McKinney?
- Yeah.

Come on in. Have a seat.

Thought there'd be a couch.

- Just a chair.
- Yeah.

So how you doing?

Not bad.

I haven't been to confession
in over 20 years.

But if the priests looked like you I
probably would have gone more often.

- You mind if I smoke?
- Actually, I do.

Thank you.

So, do you wanna tell me
about the shooting?


Well, what's there to say?
I mean, I shot him before he shot me.

Look Doctor, let's make this easy.

I feel great about what I did.

If you wanna psychoanalyze someone why don't
you psychoanalyze the lawyers and judges...

who put that kind of scum
back on the streets?

First of all, I'm not a doctor.
I'm a clinical psychologist.

- And I realize you're here under protest.
- Well, that's good.

So you can tell me how long
my ass has to warm this chair...

before I satisfy the mandatory requirements.

Well, every officer involved in a shooting has
to see one of us for counseling at least once.

Okay. I've been seen.
You counseled me. Thank you.

Excuse me, Lieutenant.
Did you have a partner?

Sergeant Joseph Minelli?

Yeah. Joe and I were a team.

He made an appointment with
me once about six months ago.

He phoned and requested help.
That's a little unusual, isn't it?

One of you asking for help?

Well, he was a...

sensitive guy.

I never found that out.
He stood me up, never showed.

It was a Friday. The following night he
committed suicide with his service revolver.

I know all about that.
I found the body Monday morning.

I didn't know that. Well there's a
lot of things you people don't know.

Well someone talked him
out of showing up here.

Probably told him he'd be a wimp if he
admitted something was bothering him.

- What are you getting at?
- You tell me.

Please don't slam the...

- Hey, Harry.
- Oh, Officer Forrest.

- How you doing tonight?
- It's you.

They tell me you got
your picture in the paper.

I guess congratulations are in order.

That's not such a bad picture.

I'll tell you what, Harry.
I'll take a dozen of 'em.

A dozen it is.

How often do I get
a celebrity around here?

Okay, Harry give me your hand.
Okay, look, this is a five, okay?

- You trust me?
- I trust you.

- All right. You keep the change.
- Thank you. Thank you. All right.

Okay, let's see what they said about Terese.

Jack! What's going on?
What's happening? Jack.

Talk to me. Talk to me.

Police! Police! Police!

Strangled like the rest.

All strippers.

Sure picks the pretty ones.

Lovejoy, you look sick.

Well I hate being around stiffs ever since they
made me kiss my grandmother at the funeral.

Remove the sheet.

Could you do it, please?

Do you have any idea what the family
wants done with the body?

I'll call his mother in Florida.

Teresa can you think of anyone
with a motive to kill Jack?

You were at the lounge in headquarters.

You had an argument. You got angry.
You walked out. Where did you go?


You didn't wait outside the building
and try to make up with him?

I'd have no reason to kill him.
I loved him.

Well maybe you loved him too much. Huh?

Maybe you- Maybe he thought
you were crackin' up.

He didn't wanna marry you
and you got angry.

This is bullshit!

Why don't you ask Commissioner Doyle
who killed Jack?

Look, I'm just following procedure.

You know as well as I
that nine out of 10 times...

the prime suspects are usually family,
relatives or friends.

- That's where you find the killer.
- You bastards.

Why don't you ask Commissioner Doyle
who killed Jack?

I don't like what you're asking me
to do to Officer Mallory.

You know as well as-

We're just doing it for the good of the department.
We don't even consider her a suspect.

It's just our way of putting her
on the defensive for a while,

keep her under control so she
doesn't go to the papers.

My time would be better spent
finding out who killed Jack.

Your time, Detective,
is to put more pressure on her!

That's a direct order.

Damn it.

- I don't like it either.
- You should talk.

Your report described her as mentally
unsound and unfit for duty.

How am I supposed to really judge her?
She's out there on the streets being a cop.

I sit behind my desk like a social worker.

I just don't like people who try
and get inside other people's heads.

Yeah, you made that very clear to me
in my office yesterday.

Is there any particular reason?

My wife was under the care
of a psychiatrist for over a year.

You know standard problems, cop's wife.

Oh, I admit I'm not the easiest
guy to live with.

But she couldn't make a move without him.

Stopped communicating with me,
only him.

Now she's my ex-wife.

Is that reason enough for you?

I'm sure the doctor was just doing
what he thought was best.

I don't buy into this psychology stuff.
I think you're all full of shit.

So you can take your Carl Jung and
Sigmund Freud and shove 'em up your ass.

And just to clear up matters-

I talked Joe Minelli into canceling
that appointment with you,

and I don't feel guilty about it.

How could you feel guilty?

- You're a cop.
- So are you.

Hey stop! Don't do it!

Oh, for God sakes you already did it!

Hey hey, hey hey! Come on.
Can't we talk about this?

I'll move the car. I was just
coming back to move the car.

- I got here first.
- Yeah, but I'm here. I'm right here.

- You can't tow me away.
- Read the back of your summons.

Hey look, you're all alone.
Can't we work this out just between you and me, huh?

- What? You're offering me a bribe?
- Not at all.

But if you tow my car I won't be
able to get to work tomorrow.

- I'll lose a whole day.
- You can afford it.

You enjoy this. You son of a bitch.

You got a shitty nothing civil service job-
Oh, careful of my fender with that.

This is a new paint job.
I just had the whole thing waxed.

You'll be towing fucking cars the
rest of your life. You know that?

You'll never be anything.
You can't even do this stupid job right.

I'd like to see the piece of shit you drive.

You better start thinking about getting out to
Brooklyn early tomorrow to reclaim this beauty.

A lot of cars get stripped in our lot.

Stereo, the tires the whole engine.

That's why I wouldn't own a car in this town.

Good night, Harry.

Good night.

Happy holiday.

- Here you go Harry. Good night.
- Excuse me.

Hi. I'd like to talk to you.

Do I know you?

I'm from the police department.

I talked to the cops already enough.

I'm not an investigator like the others.
I'm a psychologist.

- I'm trying to do a profile on this killer.
- I've got nothing to say.

I'm trying to make a living.

Maybe you could tell from his footsteps
is he a large man...

or perhaps he said something.

No footsteps.

I just heard Jack screaming and-
That's all.

Did you touch him?
Not the victim, the killer.

Why did you ask me that?

You did, didn't you? Tell me.

I lost my sight in combat in Sicily.

A German grenade went off in my face.

Killed all the others
in the foxhole around me.

I lay there more than a day

surrounded by these dead bodies

buried in them.

At night they froze.

Them being on top of me
kept me from freezing too.

I never thought I'd feel anything
like that again.

Frozen dead flesh.

Then I touched his hand.

Just for a second, mind you,
and I was back there again...

with the dead.

Ow! You killed him you son of a bitch!

Ow! Take it easy!
Look if he wanted to tow my car, so what?

You don't kill anybody
over bullshit like that!

Well if you didn't kill
him who the fuck did?

You wouldn't believe me.

- Why don't you try me, punk?
- All right. All right!

It was a great big cop.

Six foot three, maybe more all scarred up.
And he never said a word.

- You know something?
- Ow!

I don't believe you!
Get the fuck out of here!

Take a look at these reports.
It's happening again.

I got on this job two weeks ago.
Give me a break.

I'm talking about a man
who killed your predecessor.

A man who may try to pull
the same number on you.

Then the wrong guy died in
that truck in the river?

When this leaks out people are not gonna
want to pick up the phone and dial 911.

They're gonna want to defend themselves.

We're looking at a bloodbath here.

Citizens blowing each other away
like there isn't any law.

Tell me the truth.
Do you think it's a cop?

Some officer that's gone off the deep end?

Doesn't fit the description
of any cop I know.

Six three feet, scars all over him.

Except one.

Don't say it.

Don't even think it.

- What are you talking about?
- Nothing. Nothing.

We've got to get this killer.

Better assemble a new task force.

Get some aid from the governor.
Well, I got a lead.

This policewoman Teresa Mallory.


Oh, my God. Not her again.

Yeah, her.

Killed the boyfriend.
I figure he's gonna go after her.

I don't get it.
He's had a lot of opportunities to kill her.

Why hasn't he killed her?

Maybe he enjoys making her afraid.

I'm beginning to think
maybe you're not so crazy.

Great. Then you'll be out of a job too.

They've asked me to certify you unfit
but I can't do it.

I read all about Cordell
and what happened to him.

Look if you want more
information just tune in

to Criminals at Large
television show tonight.

- Why would you go on that show?
- Why not?

They alert the public to wanted criminals.

A half dozen or so have been caught
or turned in as a direct result.

And who's gonna believe you
the lunatic fringe?

- Will you come with me?
- I can't.

What are you gonna say?

There's my cab.

All right, I'll go with you.

I'll even pay for the cab.

Oh, where to, girls?

Mayflower Hotel.

Sounds good to me.

I just jumped out to get a pack of smokes.

I hope you girls weren't waiting
in the cold too long.

No it's okay.

When I saw the bag I said
"'This is a run to the airport."

Guess you can't win 'em all.

I don't see anyone following us, Teresa.

Some ex-boyfriend giving you a hard time?

Yeah sort of.

The shows are gonna be letting out now.

Um, maybe I can beat the crosstown
traffic if I cut down this way.

No no! Stay on the busy streets.

Hey what's going on here?

You ever seen one of these?

Yeah, I seen plenty of them.

And it usually means I ain't gettin a tip.


- What's the matter?
- I don't know.

I think one of my tires is going flat.

Driver, just stay in the car.

- Don't get out.
- You kidding?

- Drive.
- On my rim?

Teresa take it easy.
Anybody can get a flat tire.

Look, cop or no cop I own this cab.

I'm not gonna fuck it up for anybody.

Holy shit.

You're making it worse than it has to be.
Nobody's following us.

Just stay in the cab.

When you left your cab
to go for cigarettes, somebody must...

have messed with your tires.

Damn kids, I'll bet.

Where the hell you goin?

Teresa stop it.
What are you doing?

I knew it. I never should
have let cops in my cab.

- What's he want?
- I don't know.

Keep down!




Goddamn it!

Jesus Christ!


No! No please!


No! No!





Are you all right in there?

Hey who handcuffed you, lady?

What the hell is going on?

All right, easy does it.

We'll get you out of there.

Radio in for a hacksaw up here!

We got to get these cuffs off of her!

All right, just take it easy.

We're gonna get you out of there. Relax.

You better lie still.
Your wrist is broken.

Better fix me up quickly.
I gotta be on TV in a few hours.

I'm Detective McKinney.
I'm gonna ride inside.

You okay?

I was on my way to Teresa's apartment
when the report came over the radio.

I guess you don't have to worry
about her doing any more talking.

I'm not feeling too great about all this.

I doubted her in the beginning too.

But I saw him.

I saw what he did.

What'd you see? Big guy in a
bulletproof vest dressed up like a cop?

Sean, I saw Matt Cordell.

Tonight, Criminals at Large
goes after a serial killer...

who's claimed the lives
of beautiful young girls...

working as exotic dancers and strippers
in New York City.

And you the audience
may help us to catch him.

Welcome to Club 69, here in
the heart of Times Square.

I'm your MC.

Tonight you'll meet detectives
assigned to this case.

But first I would like you to meet Deputy
Commissioner Edward Doyle of the NYPD.

Do you want another drink?
- Yeah.

Just what has your department done
about this case so far?

We've contacted and alerted
young women...

who seem to be the
killer's prime target group.

We have a special late guest here.

Actually, she's one of your lady cops.

She's also a police psychologist,
and her name is Officer Susan Riley.

- Susan, welcome to the show.
- Thank you.

Mr. Brady, the murders of these exotic
dancers is a very tragic situation.

Now, my concern is another series of
killings going on that's being covered up.

Pardon me. Mr. Brady,
this is utterly nonsense.

The so-called "maniac cop"
did not drown in the river, as reported.

Well commissioner what-
what do you have to say about this?

Well the homicides that Officer
Riley is talking about...

were deliberately set up
to imitate the earlier killings.

Then tell me something commissioner.

Why is this being kept from
the public and the press? Hmm?

The killer craves publicity.
We're denying him that.

We hope that his behavior
will become foolhardy...

and he'll expose himself show himself.

Then we expect to nail him.

Mr. Commissioner why
don't you just admit that

Matt Cordell is responsible
for these killings?

Cordell died in prison.

He was brain-dead but still breathing
when his body was released.

He recovered and came back
to avenge himself...

upon the police department
and the city officials

who railroaded him into
jail in the first place.

You know how many people
have been murdered already?

And yet their replacements still insist upon
hiding the facts. The commissioner's trying-

We're running out of time here.
I'm gonna have to cut you off.

And, punk, if you happen to be out there
listening, I just want you to remember this.

When it comes time for your execution,

you can't con Con Edison.

Good night.

Officer Riley.

That was a pretty stupid thing
you did up there, young lady.

I'm gonna see that you're suspended.

Teresa Mallory's dead because
she knew the truth.

Let me tell you something Commissioner.

Cordell's gonna pay you a visit
and you'll see him.

Just like I did.

Oh boys, look at this blondie here.
Isn't she beautiful?

Take 'em out, blondie.
Take em out. Let 'em breathe.

Oh boy! Aren't they lovely?
Ooh, baby!

And on the other side, there's Red.
Take 'em out, Red. Let 'em breathe too.

And be generous, boys with that cash,

because these girls are dancing
here just for you.

Let's have a round of applause
for these two lovely young ladies.

And don't forget.
They'll be back later, boys.

We're open 24 hours.
Don't go nowhere. Hang around.

And now for the first time on any stage,

the lovely Cheryl!

Let's have a big round of applause, boys.

Come on! Let's hear it for Cheryl.

She's making her debut here
in the big city at Club 69.

Lsn't she lovely? No one has ever
had this girl on the stage before.

We always are the first ones
with the best talent in New York.

So just keep your eyes on Cheryl.
Oh, boys, tell me.

Isn't she lovely?
Just keep your eyes on her.

You'll definitely get an eyeful.

Oh! God, isn't she gorgeous boys?

Be generous. Spread out that cash.

Yes, Mom there's plenty
of room for advancement.

Are you eating well?

Yes, I'm getting plenty to eat.

They have an employee cafeteria.

- Where are you living?
- Well, um...

I'm sharing this lovely
apartment with... um...

a few of the girls from
the secretarial pool.

- Are they nice girls?
- Yeah, they're really sweet.

- Make sure you call us when you can.
- Okay.

Well then, as soon as I get my phone
I'll give you a call and give you the number.

And your address so we can write to you.

All right. Okay.

But in the meantime, please just
don't worry about me. I'm fine.

I love you sweetheart.
Take care of yourself.


Oh, and give my love to Dad.

- I will sweetheart.
- All right.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Of course my typing's getting better, Mom.

Who is it?

Who is it?

- Desk.
- This is 404.

Someone is trying to break into my room.

I'm telling you there is somebody out there.

- He'll go away.
- No. Please, call the police.

- Please get me some help.
- We don't want any trouble.

Call them! Or give me a line out,
and I'll call them myself.

Have it your way.
But if I was in your line of work-

I called the cops.

They're coming so you
better get out of here.

Whoo! I feel like John fucking Wayne! Whoo!

Now, you got to listen to me.
Listen to me!

Now, I've been watching you,
and I say you're asking for it. Right?

- Tell me! Come on!
- The police are coming.

I don't care about no police.
This ain't gonna take long.

What are you gonna do?

Think about it.
What do you think I'm gonna do?

Come on. What do you think?
What do you think?

You killed those other girls.

No. Let's just say...

that I need another 8x10
glossy for my collection.

Oh, trying to do some dirt to me, huh baby?

I love the way you feel.

Oh, yeah. Ah.

You got to be proud because you're the
prettiest one in my collection so far. You are.

And the best dancer clear out.

You could be in a Broadway show.

But no you've got to be up there
on that stage dancing like some whore!

You never know what type of person's
gonna walk in, now, do ya?

Do ya honey?

That's them in the lobby.
They're comin' up to get you.

It's a slow elevator.

This ain't gonna take a minute.

Hold it! Police!

Don't hurt me.
Don't hurt me.

Oh, you ain't no cop man.
I know who you are.

Damn, she was talkin' about you on TV.

You was in the headlines
last month and everything.

See you're front page stuff.
But me, I'm back on page five.

You know why? You know what did it for you?
That uniform.

See that was a gimmick.
See, that's what got their attention.

I got a real nice apartment.

I mean, it's quiet.
Nobody ever comes down there.

Private you know?
Uh, you could come there.

I mean, I ain't queer or nothing.

See but.. but you'd be safe there.

And I've got a collection to show you.

The city at night.
That's where and when I do my work.

You know I feel like I'm a crusader...

against the whores of the world.

That's me. Turkell, crusader of the night.

You don't talk much but that's okay.

Was it the accident the same one
that screwed your face up?

I didn't mean to offend you now.
I'm sorry if I did.

This- This here's my place.

Home sweet home.

These are my girls.

They ain't gonna dance
in front of nobody no more.

Now they're Turkell's girls.

Uh, my first name is Steven.

Why don't you go ahead and sit down?

You know most of the time
I just talk to myself anyway.

So- So it's okay.

I mean, I don't hear voices or nothing.

I'm not like those guys that hear angels
and devils tellin 'em what to do.

You see, I know what to do.

Here, we'll have a drink.

You hate cops.

So you made a fuckin' mockery out of 'em.

I mean, for a while,
everybody was scared shit...

to walk up to a cop
in this here town.

And that was 'cause of you.

You know i-i never thought, really
that I'd meet you.

Or that- Or that w-we'd become friends.

All right. All right.

Why should you trust me?

I got to earn it.

I got to make you respect me.

But I-I think maybe you see
the possibilities in me, huh?

Can you write?

I mean, c-can you
write down your name?

Seethat way, I'll know what to call you.

I'll go get a pencil and paper.



That's the name she said on TV.

So, how'd you like me on TV?

I loved you.

The mayor loved you and the city
council was nuts about you.

Here. Check out your reviews.

The whole city's freaked
over this maniac cop.

Guess I really started something, huh?

Maybe I should just go home
and wait for the ax to fall.

No chance.

So you mean I can't do any more guest shots?


You think there's any reason why Cordell
would want to come back and get me?

I don't know.

But let me tell you.

If he doesn't shoot you,
the commissioner himself might kill you.


This... uh... stupid rhyme keeps
going through my head.

We used to say it
when we were kids in Brooklyn.

I mean, it's just nonsense
but I-I can't get it out of my mind.

It goes, uh

"'One bright day in the middle of the night,

two dead boys got up to fight.

Back to back they faced each other.

With their knives they shot each other.

A deaf policeman heard the noise and
came and killed the two dead boys."

You know that?
Yeah, I remember that when I was a kid.

"Two Dead Boys."

What about it?

I don't know.
I guess I'm just cracking up.

You oughta know.
That's your specialty.


Did you ever see anything so nasty?

Ooh! You got a big one too.

Boy, they really did a job on you, Cordell.

I mean, an honest cop.

What'd you think you'd get out of it?

You put the squeeze on the important people,

you end up in the slammer not them.

What happened to you?

Why don't you tell me what happened?

I mean, I've never seen nobody
cut... that bad...

that deep...

and still be breathing.

This young lady was attacked last evening...

by the man we believe killed those
strippers in Brooklyn Queens and Manhattan.

What can I do to help?

Tonight we're hitting
similar clubs in Lower Manhattan,

bringing cheryl here along,
hoping she can identify her attacker.

If he frequents such clubs- and we
think he does- he might show up.

We're gonna be going in and out
of these places as couples.

So we need a policewoman to make a foursome.

I don't have any experience
on the streets.

Why me?

Her assailant was rescued by a cop who
killed two policemen in the process.

A huge disfigured cop.

We put out a story that
cheryl died en route to Bellevue,

just to put her attacker at ease.

Did he do this to you?


Could you tell me
what his hands felt like?

Like ice.

So you want to come along?

- Do I have any choice?
- No.

You're under my protection.

Remember how to use a gun
Officer Riley?

What difference does it make?

Shooting Cordell is only good
for getting his attention.

Hey wait! Don't leave me here.
It ain't safe out there!

Oh. You're goin' someplace
I can't go, huh?

Got work to do.

Yeah, but you're comin' back, right?

You know I got things to do myself.

But then I'll be back here
waitin for you.

- How you doin'?
- Hey. Four.

Four. $20.

Enjoy the show.

You girls work hard.

Yeah, we do.
I can make a thousand dollars a week.

How much money do you make, Lieutenant?

Maybe I oughta take dancing lessons.

You see anybody familiar here?

Just a bunch of regulars from the other
clubs that I work but I don't see him.

Why don't we get out of here
and try someplace else?

Why don't we have a drink?
What the hell. We paid for it.

Lieutenant, it's him.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey watch it.
- Hey, man.

Hey look out.

I gotta get me one of those.

Hey, you.

I want to see my lawyer.

That's no problem.

What happened to your friend
the big cop?

He's my friend, all right.

And he ain't gonna forget about me.

How did you meet Cordell?

How'd you know his name?

Shit! That girl that coldcocked me.

She's the one from that TV show
Criminals at Large.

Hey, you.

It's gonna take more than
a TV show to catch my friend.


This your address Turkell?

Wipe your feet on the mat.

- I think we got him.
- That's great.

You want some company?

Haven't you seen enough action
for one night?

Why don't you go get some rest?

No I couldn't sleep.

I think I'll go fire a few practice rounds.

I've never been much good with guns.

Under the circumstances I'd try to improve.

I've never seen you in uniform before.

I wanted to see if it still fits.

That's not a very good shot pattern.

Maybe you're better at
shootin' your mouth off on TV.

Did they assign you to a beat yet?

Maybe Spanish Harlem
or some nice place like that?

Maybe. Well listen, Susan.
Just, uh- Just keep trying.

You'll get the knack of it
in about a year or two.

Just tell everybody that that broken
arm was your good one. Right.

Come on in fellas.

We've got ourselves a serial killer.

Don't you forget me, Cordell

I'm waitin' for you here, Cordell

We'll both probably end up in hell

- You'll need-
- Motherfucker!

Will you hold it down?


Get more privacy when I get back
in the motherfuckin death house.

Is that where you're goin', man?
Sing Sing?

What the fuck are you Barbara Walters?

Shit, man.


Motherfuckin' mornin'.


I stalled them motherfuckers
for five years.


The Supreme Court it fucked me.

And it wasn't even safe sex.

It's cruel and unusual punishment.

No bullshit.

Listenin' to assholes like you is worse.

Hey be nice.

When my friend comes to break me
out I might take you with me.


I will hold my breath...

and my dick.

Oh, hi there pretty lady.

Boy, don't you look great
in that uniform.

You want me to autograph your cast?

Look, I still want to talk
to you about Cordell.

If you want to know about him
stick around here tonight.

You might learn somethin'.

What do you mean by that?

Hey, hey!


It must be visiting hours
'cause my friend is back!

Make sure that roadblock is set up.

What's going on?

He blew away half a dozen men
downstairs on the firing range.

I don't know how many he killed upstairs.
We just got the hell out of his way.

That's a good strategy.

He's got Susan Riley as a hostage
on the cell block.

- Is she all right?
- I don't know.

What are we doin' about this?

I got the tactical squad on its
way and a couple of SWAT teams.

Doyle's been notified.
He's on his way over here to take charge.

- Take charge? That's a joke.
- You got any ideas?

If he comes out don't interfere with him.
Just follow him.

He had a reason for coming here.

He's got a reason for everything he does.

Ooh, what'd you do to these cops?
Oh, I'd have loved to seen it.

See Blum?
I told you, treat me nice.

He's gonna get us killed.

Hey lady, close your eyes.
You may see something you like.

Going home.

How come he don't talk?
It's weird.


He just handed me
your transfer papers to Sing Sing.

I ain't goin' back there.

Well, I think that's
what he's got in mind.

Hey man, they gonna kill me!

No he wouldn't let that happen
to a pleasing personality like yourself.

You've been in Sing Sing before.
What's back there for you?

Come on. You're a bright girl.
Haven't you got that figured out yet?

We're goin' there...

to break out all them guys
on death row.

There's about 20 of 'em
up there on appeal.

Real lovable types.

Yes, that's-
that's what we're gonna do.

'Cause we're recruitin' an army.
Aren't we?


See 'cause it's like,
your thoughts are in my mind.

I got you figured out man.

We ain't runnin' away.
No, we're gettin stronger.


'Cause we got ourselves a leader.

Oh, I don't want no part of this.
I'm not goin' to no state pen-


Uh say listen.

We gonna bring her along?

All right, sweetheart.
Here's a jacket.

You lead the way. If there's any shootin'
you'll be the first to know about it.

Terrific. She puts on a uniform and
immediately gets taken hostage. Some cop.

- Why is he going back there?
- Shut up and get in.

Bumper cars!

Let me give you a ride commissioner.
We gotta talk.

I have my limo.

We need to talk.

All right, hold on, y'all.

Here goes!

I'm bad! Whoo!

That's right, eh, Blum?

Don't change your shorts baby
'cause this ride's just startin'.




What do you think of that, little lady?


Going in the wrong direction.
That's the parkway up ahead.

Same route Cordell took.
I think I know where he's going.

How do you know that?

One of the escapees was scheduled for a
transfer to the death house at Sing Sing.

Cordell's making the delivery.
He's homesick.

How come you didn't
say anything about that before?

'Cause all the cops in the world
can't stop Cordell.

Only you can.

Stop this car.
I'm getting out.

- That's an order.
- You lost the right to make orders.

- You're going with me.
- No. No, I'm not going anywhere.

What's the matter Commissioner?
You finally believe in ghosts?

You oughta. You made him one.

Turn this goddamn car around.

That's a dumb fuckin' thing to do.

Well, what do you want me to do, huh?

Shove the gun in my own mouth?
Pull the trigger?

That's too easy.

I want you to reopen the Cordell case.

Get some judge to set aside his conviction
and then dig up his empty coffin.

- That's right. It's gonna be empty.
- Come on!

Then I want you to bury it
again with a police honor guard.

You're fuckin crazy.

Cordell got too close to you people
at city hall who were takin' payoffs.

So you framed him, put him in a
fuckin' rathole and set him up.

- You murdered him.
- You're pushin' me too far, McKinney.

Pull over!

You're right.

I'm responsible.

What am I supposed to do now?

- Sign a confession.
- I can't do that. I'd be through.

Well you're through now. You're not gonna
see retirement. He's gonna come after you.

You sure is pretty for a cop.

Do you wanna integrate?

This is McKinney. Deputy commissioner Doyle
wants to speak to His Honor the mayor.

It concerns the massacre at headquarters.

Open the gate.

Uh delivering the prisoner
Blum, Joseph T.

We weren't expecting this guy till morning.

I got a tip his friends might try
to create a little detour, you know.

We're just playin' it safe.

Open the gates.

Welcome home Cordell.

Put me through to the warden.

Warden Blum's just been delivered.

I got word from the city
that he'd been broken out of jail.

Well he just arrived under escort.

Seal off that section of the cell block.

- Put all men on alert. We're in trouble.
- Yes, sir.

Attention. Attention.
This is the warden.

Deputy Commissioner Doyle
wishes to speak to Matt Cordell.

- Cordell?
- He's alive. I told you so.

If he comes after me
I'm ready for that bastard.

Hey, death row people!

We're here to liberate you! Yeah!

This is Deputy Commissioner Doyle.

I'm here in the prison courtyard.

I'm taiking to Matt Cordell.


Judge Arthur Claypool
has ordered your case reopened.


Like you need a new trial, right?

Listen, cordell.
This is what you want.

- Hey you shut up. You hear me?
- Listen!

Keep going.

In your first trial, perjury was committed.

Even the presiding judge was influenced.

I myself was involved.

We're the guilty ones.

Cordell, you were a good man once.
A good cop.

Fuck him. Good cop.

- You're every good cop's nightmare.
- Yeah!

Cordell, I repeat,

your conviction will be reversed
by the state supreme court.

- Open this door now!
- Hey, come on! Open the door!

Where you goin' man?
Where the fuck's he going?

I don't know man.
Don't leave me.

Tell me what to do!

No! Hey!

Oh, God!


Don't leave me.

I've signed a confession.

I'm the guilty one.


He heard you.

I hope.




You never cared for me.
You were never my friend!

We commend our brother Matthew
to you, Lord.

May he live on in your presence.

In your mercy and love,
forgive whatever sins

he may have committed
through human weakness.

We ask this through christ our Lord. Amen.

And so the final remains
of Matthew cordell,

who died three years ago
are brought to rest with honors.

His remains have been brought here so he
may be placed beside his fellow officers.

But I feel sorrow for all of those...

whose deceptions and lies
were responsible for this tragic death.

That's something they'll have to contend
with when they meet their maker.

Detail. Attention.

Present arms.

Order arms.

I'll take that.

Detail dismissed.

What is it?


Uh... oh nothin'.

There's a piece of Cordell in every cop.

Every time arresting some mutt isn't enough,

because we know they'll be back on the
streets before we even do the paperwork.

Every time we pull a trigger and-
and it feels good,

because that's something
the lawyers can't reverse.

It all comes down to justice...

and pressure.

There's only that much difference
between a cop and a maniac cop.

One bright day in the middie of the night,

two dead boys got up to fight.

Back to back they faced each other.

With their knives they shot each other.

A deaf policeman heard the noise...

and came and killed the two dead boys.