Mania (1985) - full transcript

That's us.

Noone helped us either!

Quiet, boys!

Is he saying we'll mess
with doctors now?

What will Minas say?

You knew since yesterday?

I must be sleepwalking.

I'm always the last one to know...


...and my luck is in!

Isn't it?


Look, grandma!
They only had these in white.

I got a red one for me, is it okay?

Of course, honey.

Shall we light them now?

No, at night.
Now wash and have lunch.

Mommy is here, too.
Now go and keep quiet, honey.

Yes, okay.

Bye now.

- Hi, mother!
- Hurry, you're late!

Too hot!... I have to go again
in ten minutes.

- What's for lunch?
- Zoe is already eating.

- She's here?
- Since one. She finishes earlier now.

She was on the phone and said
she's going to America.

What is this, Minas?
You know anything?


Don't say I told you, she'll be
furious again!



What's new, woman?
Did they lay you off?

I have to be back at work
in half an hour.

Tell me.

You do the eating,
I'll do the talking.

I have to be in Piraeus in thirty.

So... Eat and listen.

The results from L.A. arrived.


...from A.P.S.

An incredible guy.

Who is?

Hartman called me.
Three choices.

Me, Makis and the Cypriot.

We're the first team.

We're off next Friday, ninety days
in Chicago headquarters!

Your dear Vaso, she'll come to help too.

Did you get a raise?
How will you pay Vaso?

From the workout fund.

I got you there.

You're late, too.

Be back at eight for
the "goodbye party".


Drop the feminist parties...

Us two will meet at eight.

- Okay?
- We've been through this already.

Besides, honey...
I always get my way.

Daddy is here!...

Your mother is emigrating,
you know that?

Your daughter's been invited by
a computer.

- See, I'm only the husband...
- Where to?

How can she leave a baby behind?

Come my boy, come to grandma...

His grandma will feed him,
my child...

...whose wretched mother...

I know well enough...
Eat it, my boy...

Eat it, oh my poor child...

No brains for motherhood...

Where are you taking those,

- To the window sill, it's Analysis Day.
- Analipsis! -Ascension Day-

Why put candles?

We'll light them at night... that...

..the souls can see...

What is this again, mother?

Candles and souls...

and nonsense...

- "Ascension Day" and such...
- Why ma? It's a custom.

Leave them Katerina.

The sun will melt them now.

We'll place them after our park walk.

Go eat lunch, Katerina.

We'll walk in the park together.

Long live ma!
Long live ma!

Praise thee, oh God!
How come?

Quickly or Lukia dies!

You seek us, Vangelis!

You seek!

Hurry Lukia, you'll die soon!

Women talking: Barbarians...

Did you read what he did to her?

Work and all work...

and beating her all day...

300 years backwards...

Child: She spilled blood on him!

You never know a human's fate...

I know, technology and that crap...

What's technology to do with it?

- She said she got a blur...
-'s the Middle Ages...

What can I say?

Her daughter came to the hairdresser's
the other day...

A real mess she was...

While getting her hair done...

She cried her heart out...

...but in the lime? The lime?

The beast! The beast!

Didn't throw a human in!
We're civilized people.

You may divorce,
talk to a lawyer... Not in the lime...

- If you were in her shoes...
- She could've broken his head...

- She had him all "sit and listen"...
- Oh, well... Talk about other girls...

What's her gain now?

A lifetime in prison...

She got blurry, saw red...
She was right...

I'm done!

Damn it!...

Took me an hour the damn card...

- Behave!
- The uncle, the uncle!

Where is the fox, the bear?


Where's grandma?
Came by yourself today?

- Want to see the lion!...
- We want to see the beasts.

I'll show you where monkey is...

Today she...the one in red...
came to the park...

- This wasn't a park here...
- What was it?

A graveyard, an old one...

All this came later... Then, it was
tombstones, crosses all around...

What? Down here?

Down here's full of ancient ones...

...armoured ones...

ELAS fighters...

Millions of them, millions...

Take us to see those.


I was passing outside
here one day and...

I saw this and said "this will be
a park some day"...

The soil is good!

Deeper down there's a burrow...

- A burrow.
- What is a burrow?

A subway tunnel.

Goes underneath....

...the whole city.

From there...

From there comes also the...

- The fairy of mid...
- The midday fairy.

Then you go tell it to your families...

Don't hear that...
She may come...

- But when?
-She may come...

- ...Today!
- It's a lie! You say that every time!

I know she'll come.
But she is scared of.....

-The beasts!
- The beasts.

They're all mixed together.
Lions, rattlesnakes...

serpents, bears...

All those, fighting one another.

Show us, show us!
Why don't you?

I keep them all in.

Where will the fairy come from?

Africa is in Egypt.
Here it is Athens!

Now they have softened.

Where will the fairy come from?

But now...

Now it is the plants.

They argue and they fight with...
with the trees...

Why do they fight?

They strangle one another

Nobody notices.

From the roots...

During the day they stand still
like this...

they behave...

And at nighttime...

They're only scared of
the garden Principal.

Every night he comes in with a saw
and swoops down on them...

"If you're a dog, eat me
if a wolf tear me apart"

"and if you are my sweet mother..."

"bend down and kiss me".

You're always finishing on me.
Never anyone else!

Let's get him!

I won't seek!

Vangelis, you'll seek!

No, I won't!

This one's blocked, boys.
We'll go through the other entrance.



A bit closer, Valia!

We're almost done.

Keep it up.
That's good.

The Queen is very beautiful.

Giorgos, put that a bit more
to the middle...


Turn it a little, so that we see the label,

You pour... That's good...

And you give it to her...

Hold it in your hands a while...

And then?

Very good, you just...

You take a sip...

That's very good.

That's excellent, Queen...

Have you hurt yourself?
How did you fall?


I didn't fall.

I mean...
I don't know...

Perhaps the dog frightened you?

Are you all right?

No, I was sitting here
and I fell asleep...

Looks like it...

You are not injured, are you?

Can I help you?


You give some?

- Gimme!
- Please, help yourself.

When a crowd of people are
gathering... witness a...


This happens because...

it is as if there... radiates...

a wave of ...


Definitely. I saw it myself...

- He stood up and ...
- Run the Marathon...

Give us a break, it's midday.
That's women's storytelling...

A man's face is clay-made...

Science is merciless.
Miracles abolished.

If not for night....

- ...we wouldn't know day!
- What's he talking about?

I'm telling you solid proof...

I'm a witness, it was a true miracle!

- He stood up and...
- Eeeh, this country lives on miracles.

And you believe them?
There's one every week. So what?

Spyros, you made a mistake,
come now. Sorry, he made a mistake.

Looking for you for hours!

I wanted to see the ducks
and you left me alone!

Mum, I'm talking to you.
I want to get them some food.

Why speak so loud?

You lost your mummy?

Stop it, I say. Give me some money!

I have no money.

I'm not mummy.

Excuse me, perhaps you saw...

Do you know the child's mother?

You are my mummy and you do this
to scare me.

Come now, child. Don't bother madam
any more.

Where did you leave your mum?

Don't tell her off.

She can't remember.

What's your name, child?
What's your name?

You don't remember that, either?

Come on... remember.

What is madam's name if
she's your mum?

You know that?

Her name's Zoe.

My father's called Minas,
my grandmother Margarita,

the baby Baby,
mum is going to America...

and will get us things and dad will
take us from home and...

- ...he'll get us things.
- Well, look at this!...

No such children...

This is a joke, eh?

And we fooled her.

You say then, what is my name?

Say what do they call me?

They call me...

I won't say!

What do they call you?



They call me...

I don't know.

Ah, they call you "I don't know"?

What do they call him?


They call...


"I don't know" they call him.

Mum, we're playing now, are we?



They call you...

They call you...
You say it...

They call me, they call me...

They call me, they call me...

Eat, eat and grow!

Why did you take
the baby's food, child?

She takes all chidren's food!

Mother of Christ!

She takes them all?...


Just look at that mess!

This is forbidden zone.

You didn't see the sign out front?

I don't know.

I have something for you...

Nothing is lost forever.

If you don't believe, come.
I'll show you. I kept it all for you.

I didn't lose anything.

I find everything!

The outsiders forget them.

All of you!

Nothing is lost forever.

They would have been stolen.

I find all these.

Outsiders forget them.

Who left this one?

This belonged to a foreign wanderer.

From too long ago.

He was hunting for treasures here.

And this?

I have this for the winter.

Belonged to a lady.

Very rich lady.

She lived here in the palace.

Where is she now?

Gone. She's sleeping now.

Whose was this?

This is the Queen's.

She'd given it to me one morning.

Even before the gates opened.

She had... given it to me.

Will you give it to me?

I will.

"If you're a dog.... me....

...a wolf tear me apart....

...and if you're my sweet mother...

...bend down and kiss me"

Come back here!

Not over there!

It's "mum-I-don't-know"!
It's "mum-I-don't-know"!


Come out!

Come down, now!

- The balloons!
- Look!

Come this way, quick!

Apostolos, come back!

Don't go away on your own, Christina!

Stop there!

Come back here right now!


Giorgos, quickly!

Come back here quick!




Lift us up!

Come down and play with us!

Get us up there!

Let's give you a name!

We'll call her a Queen!

Yes, yes!

"If you're a dog eat me..."

"a wolf tear me apart"...

"and if you're my sweet mother"...

"bend down and kiss me"

Paulina, come!

Who's up there?

Please, come down!

What are you up to?
Down! Quick!

Climbing up trees
is prohibited.

Come down at once!

Why are you there?

Is this your baby?

Ah, it's you who dived into the lake!

What's wrong with you?

Show me some ID.

What's your name?
Why did you dive in?

Are you looking for me?

Your ID, please.

Do you have a name?

I'll take you in!

Don't you have a name?

Your name and surname!
Your ID card!


They call me Maya.

Maya what?
Your surname!

Maya the Queen.

Don't you see?

The pistol! They have the pistol!

They have the gun! Stop!


Stop! They have the gun!

Not the trigger!
Not the trigger! Don't!



Beware! They have the gun!

Stop! It is loaded!

Stop! They have the gun!

Careful! They have the gun!

They have the gun! Attention!
It's loaded!

Stop!... Stop!...

Not the trigger!



Don't go in there!

Our children!

Stop it! Where are you going?

Stop the people!

That way!

My baby!


Dinos, don't you hear me?

- Help!
- Petros!

Don't go alone, you'll be lost!

Christina, come here right now!

Get nets!

Let's save the animals.
Get them together.

Please, make sure
the gates are shut!

Christina, baby, you'll be lost.

Help!... Help!...



Run fast!

- Notify Central Police!
- Yes, Captain, yes!

Call the Force, they must send men,
why don't they?

On their way!

They're crazy...

No, it's a lie... She hit the animals
and they got wild...

Some anarchists in there,
taking over the forest...

There's two groups of anarchists

Please, keep away from the gates...

The children are held as hostages...

They're foreigners... Arabs...

- It's a joke...
- Run, I said, the people...Run!

Keep him tight!

Boys, keep collecting the animals...

Direct the animals towards the exit...

Boys, chase the animals this way...

They're coming now,
what shall I do with them?

Spread the net over here!

And close that gate!

Call the Fire Department!

Yes, Sir, I did.
I also called the Guard.

Is there anyone in the cages?


Put her in!

"...the Minister has also been informed".

No need for extra vehicles.

Shall I get the dogs, Sergeant?

Excuse me, what's going on?

Some people set the animals free,
don't know really, it's quite a...

Did the beasts come out?
What is this?

Get the children out of here!
Get them out!

There's a nutty woman with a riffle
shooting her children!

She's young and strong, Commander.
Terribly strong!


Did they show up yet?

No, I didn't go, mother.
I'm about to, now.

Please, mother. Don't worry.

They must have gone to Aegli Cafe.

What did she have to do?

But it's already 8.20.

Okay, mother. I'll call you again.

I'll call you, mother. Don't worry.
I'm going there now.

No shooting whatsoever!

No shooting whatsoever!

Come on, come on!

Get the other one, quick!

Reporting to Captain...

She's grabbed a child...

She hurt one man from the Guard
and one from the Fire Department.

- We lost her!
- She hurt the little girl.

- She climbs us trees!
- Where's Sergeant?

Lieutenant, we're on Saligaros Hill.

My child!

My child!

My child!

Hold him...

Let me go!

It's our job we're doing, mister, please!

We've taken all the children.

They're in a wretched state. Something
has been done to them.

As if they're moonstruck,
you cannot imagine...

Seen that woman before?

She's got a girl and wounded her.

She injured a man from the Guard
and one from the Fire Department.

But there are no more children in there.
We got them all, didn't we?

I think so.

Don't shoot her.

Don't shoot her.
There's people nearby.

Are you sure she got a child?

Yes, Commander.

Of what age?

I'm not sure. Around 25 or 30.


Where's the doctor?
You, get the doctor...

What is he?
What are you, man?

Take him in!

A woman in a red blouse and
a girl around six...

She took her and disappeared,
a six-year old girl...

The President is asking about
the fireworks.

Be careful at the exits.

- A woman in red and a girl around six.
- ...I heard it's her mother...

Beware, the child is in danger.

Spyropoulou, I.B.S...

That's the multinational
across the street.

Go there right across Amalias Str.
and check...

and notify any relative but give
no details, okay?

Excuse me.



Please, gentlemen. My wife and
my child are in there...

No entry, sir. Noone's in there now.
Leave us.

The park has been evacuated.

Tell me what's going on.

- Now, take him away...
- She's off to the sea now...

She went through the burrow...
The burrow.

Commissioner, Sir!

Dimitriadis was found shot!

Please, let us in!

I need more men and torchlights.
It's dark and we can't see anything.

Mr. Hartman himself is coming
in fifteen minutes,

to see the man in charge, since
there is some sort of problem.

You may use the phone here.

Mrs. Spyropoulou is on the first team,
for training...

She's the first woman ever to...


- Shall I call from here, Lieutenant?
- No, come down. We'll call.

I'm telling you, there's no precedent,
no problem, no reason to fear.

You're right.
I understand absolutely.

Mr. Spyropoulos, your wife
is in a bad condition.

You cannot talk to her.

She is dangerous.
She cannot listen to you!

Yes, she can! You see, next week
she's flying to America.

She's been tested.
The computer...

Mr. Spyropoulos, your daughter
may be in danger!

Please, Mr. Public Prosecutor,
don't let them....

Calm down. Wait.

Don't let him through!

Mr. Public Prosecutor, please
don't permit them to...

Vlassopoulos, legal adviser
of I.B.S. company.

This is our superintendent,
Mr. Hartman.

Police Captain, Fotiadis.

Mr. Fotiadis, we'd like to know what
this is all about,

what's the connection
to Mrs. Spyropoulou.

It's a horrible thing for the
company, too, you see...

I'll be frank.

I'm afraid she's caused all this.

Her husband says there's been
no precedent but...

Listen, Mr. Fotiadis. There's
a very serious issue.

The company has chosen her
for special training in the States.

She's a logic phenomenon,
a brilliant mind, so you see...

My concern is to get her out
of there alive.

Both her and the girl.

- Were they found?
- No, SIr.

He'll be in danger
if you let him in.

She's no human, Commander!

Here, Sergeant!

- The bear killed him too!
- What bear?

- All animals are away now.
- Are you mad? She hit him.

- A mad man is powerful.
- She killed her own child, too.

To all men of the Parliament Guard.
Move back to your Unit.

All back to your Unit immediately.

Stay close to him!

Let him go but stay close!

TV reporter: We are now within the
National Garden at 8.30.

I'm going inside. Mr. Dimakis, doctor!
Please, quick!

...a psychopath...
police are looking for....

Get me a bullhorn!

Quick, Mr. Natsis, please...

Don't let these people through,
we can't do our job here!

Kyritsis, do you hear?

You are responsible for his life.
Stand by him.

Keep your eyes open!
You hear?

Switch your lights off.
I'm coming via Herodou Attikou Str.




Mr. Natsis! Which it the Garden's
highest spot?



Zoe, it's me.

Zoe, don't be scared.

Zoe, it's me. Don't be afraid.


I came to get you out.

Where are you, Zoe?

Zoitsa, what have you done?

What's happened to us?

Don't go, Zoe!

What is she up to?

Zoe, where's Katerina?

Talk to me, fuck!


Let's go home, darling.

I can't go back on my own, Zoe.


My love, if you want...

We'll go live somewhere else.


Get the fuck out of here!

Did anybody call you?

Did anybody call you?

It's my own wife!

You made her into this!
You made her into this!

Get away... you fag!

She's mine! Mine!

She's come out!

she's in the playground!

Doctor, come!

Hold it!

Don't get close!

Don't go near!

"My poor soul passed...

...went over the top...

...went over the top...

Ah, it's gone and vanished...

...lost within the stars...

...lost within the stars...

In your scarf I shall lay...

...three qualities of this world...

...three qualities of this world...

..The sun and the wind...

...and the bright moon...

...and the bright moon...

Subs by never4ever for KG /July 2014

"Ah, songs are a wish...

...and take it along your way...

...and take it along your way...

...To the odors, to the colors... the tunes devote yourself... the tunes devote yourself..."