Manhunt (2017) - full transcript

Accused of heinous crimes he didn't commit, a prosecutor sets out on a mission to clear his name.


Where's the boss?

She's not feeling well today.

We also ran out of wine.

Please come again.


We still have a bottle left.

Shall I warm it up?

Great! Thanks.

You are Chinese?

You speak Chinese?

A little.

I know a little of everything.

That's good.

Makes life easier.

Knowing too much can be a burden.

You come here often?

After all these years,

nothing much has changed.

People are still friendly.

I come here at this time every year.

Everything here

reminds me of those film classics.

I remember some of the lines.

"Sometimes a man

must face death when he flies."


"See how blue the sky is."

"Over there,

you'll blend in with the blue sky."

"Keep walking straight.

Don't look sideways."

You watched that film too?

What are you doing?

I'm a lawyer.

You need any help?

Tell him to get lost.

You two come drink with us.


Excuse me, gentlemen.

Dinner is ready.

This way, please.

What the hell are you looking at?

Hurry up, bitch!

You really don't need help?

Please stay out of this.

Nobody talks about classic films anymore.

They're too long.

By the way,

I have a DVD of a classic film in my car.

I can give it to you.


Go get it now.


Bring the wine, bitch!

We have the dirt on that official.

- Money will keep rolling in.
- Definitely!

Yep, it's definitely him.

Here you go, Father.

Your friend won't have to pay him off anymore.

God dammit. That guy almost ruined everything.

It was fate.

We were just having a chat about an old movie.

Just watch out.

Sometimes movie talk

is just a come on.

Let's go.

Our president, Mr. Yoshihiro Sakai,

will say a few words.

Thanks for coming and help me celebrate

this very memorable day,

the 65th anniversary of

Tenjin Pharmaceutical.

Tenjin has made enormous progress

because of your support.

I would like to extend

my special thanks to Mr. Du Qiu,

the brilliant international lawyer.

Three years ago,

we faced a tricky lawsuit

and he won it for us.

Without him,

Tenjin Pharmaceutical could not

have been listed on the NYSE.


Thank you very much.


Thank you!

Thank you.

I'm also particularly pleased to say

my son will take over

the development of a new drug

and replace me as the new President.

I believe he'll do an outstanding job.

I hope you'll support him,

like you have supported me.

Please show him the ropes.

Father. Thank you!

Mr. President!


Mr. Sakai.


Are you sure

you must go to the States?

I'm sorry!

It's my management's decision.

I see.

Please keep our secrets.

Asano-san, you're finally here.

Hello, Aoki-san!

What about the investigation
on missing persons?

It has been taken care of.

The Vice Minister is grateful to you

for taking care of the blackmailers for him.

He also said

when you had time,

he'd like to play golf with you.

Sir, Asano-san is here.



I've been waiting for you.

You can finally prove your worth.

Not really.

I know you don't like shots.

I made you


It's just as exhilarating.

A lawyer proficient in drugs is rare.

I hope Du Qiu would stay.

Stay, I need you.

Give me some hope.

See you in a bit.


How did you know?

The Qipao only looks good on Chinese women.


My Mom is Chinese.

Don't you find this boring?

Let's talk somewhere else.

You know Sakai well?

I don't know him.

I don't like to hear his name either.

I came here to see you.

But I don't even know you.

What do you want with me?

You won a lot of lawsuits for Tenjin

and know too many secrets.

They're not as clean as
they appear to be, right?

As a professional lawyer,

when I take on a case,

my job is to win it.

I don't care about anything else.

Do you ever have doubts

about your cases?

Which one?

Three years ago

the one Sakai just mentioned.


Let's meet again.

About the case you just mentioned,

I'd like to hear more.


The day after tomorrow at 3 P.M.

Time & Space Plaza at the Osaka Station.

What's your name?

Mayumi Tohnami.

Please call me Mayumi.


Is this 110?

Let me transfer you to our English service.

Just a moment.

This man!

He's the killer!

Who are you?

I have never seen you before.

She's dead.

The body is stiff.

The police received a report.

The police is collecting evidence at the scene.

A young woman is found dead on the bed.

I'm Yuji Asano,

from the Osaka Prefecture Police, Division I.

Tell me what happened.

Did you know the victim?

Did you have
a special relationship with the victim?

I want a lawyer.

The suspect was caught at the scene.

The victim, a 28-year-old female,
was found dead on the bed.

Inspector, this place is filled with reporters.

Take the front door
and draw the attention of the media.

We'll take him out the back door.

The police is escorting the suspect
from the crime scene.

You killed someone,
attacked a police officer and took his gun.

Run now.

It will be your last chance.

The suspect resisted arrest and got away!

Over there!

The suspect escaped!

- Hey!
' Stop!

Out of the way! Stop!

The train for Nara

will pass through on platform 2.

For your safety,

please stand behind the yellow line.

- Damn it!
- Inspector!

' Tsuji!
' Yes!

Seal off all the exits along this route.

Call for backup!

Yes, Sir!

Two unidentified radicals

are holding a grade-schooler hostage,

They want US $2OM and a helicopter.

Stay calm, everyone.

The situation is critical.

Coming to you live at the scene.

Do as we say!

The truck is about to blow!

We'll blow up this brat

and the whole damn neighborhood.

We need time to fill your request.

Let us hear his voice to ensure he's safe.

Stop stalling, asshole!

Let the TV reporter in.


I dare you to shoot!

Who are you?

I'm a freelance reporter.


Stay back or I'll shoot.

Let me put you on a live cast online.

- Let the whole world see.
- Stay back!

Go ahead and shoot me.

In the meantime,

let me show them how I got shot

in a live cast.

I came here

well prepared.

An international live cast?


Your names

will be known to the world.

Hi, I...

How can I be a man like you?

Whether it's something you should do,

or don't want to do,

do it anyway.

I want to be a policeman just like you.

Whatever job you do,

never run from it.


- Take over!
- Yes, sir!

Inspector Yamura,

I'm Rika Hyakuta from the regional office.

I'm assigned to the Osaka Prefecture Police

and will work with you under
the First Investigation Division.

Chief Ito wants us

to back up Inspector Asano right now.


The suspect is Du Qiu, age 40,

Chinese male,

a lawyer for Tenjin Pharmaceutical

who shuttles between China and Osaka.

Inspector Asano

posted officers at all the station exits

along the subway line.

Sir, Chief Ito wants us

to join Inspector Asano.

If he had the subway station surrounded,

what's the point of going over there?

Then what should we do?

Open the map.

Yes, sir!

Inspector, we searched the tunnel where

the suspect jumped off the platform.

We didn't find anything.

The First Tactical Unit has arrived.

The suspect is highly dangerous.

We must catch him before he kills again.

If necessary, shoot to kill.

It's safe now.

Sir, this place is not on the map.

It's still under construction.

But, it's connected to Uehommachi Station.

Are you all right?

Thank you.

I'll help you clean up. Be careful.

Let her go!

Let her go! What are you doing!


Stay back!

Further back!


Put it down!

I said, put it down!


Put it down.

Put it down!


You put that down.

You really want to shoot a hole in her face?

You can't go anywhere with that idiot.

It's her first day.

Give her a break.

Take me instead.

It's dangerous. Stay back!

So now you're the idiot.

I just want her to know

you can't trust lawyers.

You don't know me.

Yes, I do.

Three years ago, I remember.

I was framed.

Then come with me.

Tell me the truth.

I don't trust cops.

Move! Get me a car!

Take off the handcuffs.

You won't get away with this.


You didn't say where we're going.

Shut up! Keep driving.

If I go back with you,

I'm dead.

There's only one end for a fugitive.

A dead end.

You still have a choice now.

How humiliating!

The fingerprints on the murder weapon

and the DNA of the hair found on the deceased

are enough to prove he's the killer.

As long as we catch him,

we can close file.

What is Du Qiu's motive?

The crime scene is his apartment.

The fingerprints and hair sample

are not conclusive evidence.

You let him go, don't try to cover for him!

Inspector was trying to save me.

You let him get away first.

What did you say?


Don't speak out of turn.




You must work together.

Can we have a word?


Regardless of how brilliant you are,

people still don't understand you.


you'll always have my support.

Keep it going-

In pursuit of the suspect Du Qiu...

This morning a Chinese male

the Osaka Police carried out a manhunt...

is suspected of murdering

a local woman in his apartment.

The suspect resisted arrest and escaped.

The Osaka police released...

The paradox is

the evidence is too perfect.


The suspect is a brilliant lawyer,

why would he do such a thing?

You feel sorry for him?

There are too many things you can't explain.

Well...l think you have a point.

Don't smile.

Yes, Sir.

What about the CCTV?

We secured the CCTV

from outside the venue.

The victim Kiko Tanaka

left by herself at 22:15.

At 23:36,

Du Qiu left with another woman.

Another woman?

Zoom in and let me see.

Enhance it

Three years ago,

her fiancé

was charged and convicted of

stealing Tenjin trade secrets.

Afterwards, he died.


didn't commit suicide.

He was hounded to death

by that lawyer.


That guy up there looks like him!

Hey! Stop!





Try it.

Eat this.


Police! Don't move!

Don't move!

Have you seen this man?


Don't worry.

They are my friends.


You know who I am?

I saw the TV news.

You don't look like a killer.


You can use this towel.

It's hot.

Where is that idiot from the regional office?

Here I am.

There you are.

Well? How do I look?

I put on something more formal.

I spent all night

digging up Du Qiu's past.

Born in Qingdao, China in 1976,

he got his law degree at Columbia.

He also studied pharmaceutical law.


From now on, you're Du Qiu.

Feel what he's feeling.

Think what he's thinking.

The rest is for reference only.

The stab wound was inflicted
after she was dead.

If the time of death was around midnight,

he had plenty of time

before daybreak to run away.

Did the killer

sleep next to the body till dawn?


was it a deliberate set-up?

I think it's a set-up.

Traces left at the scene

will lead us to the truth.

The victim was not

attacked on the bed.

She was moved there after she was dead.

She knew Du Qiu

and had access to his apartment.

We only found her fingerprints

on the zipper and buttons of her clothes.

That means she took them off herself.

Her fingerprints were also found

on the turntable and wine glass.

She was drinking and listening
to music while waiting for him.

Du Qiu was still out.


she was confident

this man would fall under her charm.

The blood on the carpet near the desk

belonged to the victim.

There was probable

a fierce struggle with the killer.

She was looking out the window from here,

waiting for the killer.

When the killer showed up,

the mood has changed.

It was no longer a romantic evening.

Something provoked the killer

to kill her.

She was first attacked near the desk.

Based on the ligature marks on the neck,

the killer strangled her with a tie.


this tie was not found at the scene.

She grabbed the curtains behind the desk

to break from the killer's grasp.

This point

can be verified by

the fibers in her nails.

Calm down!

Calm down!


Don't cry.

It's not over yet.

The killer is left-handed.

Maybe there was someone else at the scene.

It's possible Du Qiu is innocent.

Those of you looking a job...

We only want 10 people.

Queue up if you want the job.

One by one, we'll give a check-up.

This black van

comes by every two or three days

to recruit workers.

It's rather popular.

What kind of job is it?

I heard they're doing research

for a pharmaceutical company.

They pay good money.

Those who went with them

never came back.

I have to go.

I have something important to do.

There's a saying:

you can lose anything,

but don't lose your heart.

We're conducting a search.

Please work with us.

Hey you!


Come here!

The one wearing a red shirt!

Stay where you are!

Let me go!

This case cannot drag on any longer.

The damage to our reputation is unthinkable.

Lean on the cops,

tell them to close file ASAP.

We're paying you good money.

Why didn't you get this done?

Mr. President,

there's a call for you.


Mr. Sakai.


I'm sure you've been expecting my call.

Perhaps we should meet.

How about at 12,

at La Mélodie?

Find out how much he knows.

I don't care how, make him talk.

Don't let the police catch him.

Great! If we finish off Du Qiu

the case is closed.

"La Mélodie"

It's the name.

I want to get off these drugs!

Such a miserable life!

I don't like watching you suffer...

This is the last one. I promise.

Take a look,

our next target.

If you can't do it,

I'll do it myself.

What would you like?

What is it?

New lead.

Aoki, the lawyer who works with Du Qiu

just left the Tenjin headquarters.


He is connected to the case?


Asano put a tail

on anyone connected to Du Qiu.

- Welcome!
- Beef roll and chicken roll, one each.

What would you like?


Iced or hot?


Very well.

You came alone?

Where's the President?

Stop the car!

- Back up...
- Back up!

Sir! Asano and his team

are near La Mélodie.

As your friend

I must tell you

the more you know,
the more dangerous it will be.

I believe you didn't kill Kiko.

Do you know who set you up?


I think you're in this mess

because you're leaving Tenjin.

They colluded with Aether, a private fund

to develop new drugs with inhuman means.


the Kitagawa case?

He stole the formula

that was crucial to the new drug.

I heard it was a drug for the military.

What's the problem?

Take him out.

I'm a lawyer.

You need any help?

I can't get a clear shot.

That's against the Convention

on Psychotropic Substances.

Shoot him!

Key people who left Tenjin...

Shoot him!

Why do I always have to do everything?

- No!
- Out of the way!



Damn it!


- Bad news.
- What?

Aoki is dead.

Watch out!

Get out of my way!

What are you doing?

Damn it!

OK, you might be innocent,

but we have to work together.

You cops are all crooked.

That Asano tried to kill me.

You have no reason not to trust me.

- No reason?
- Yes.

No way!

Stop! Come back!

What is it? Let me go!


' Hey...
' Stop!

In the summer heat,

use our misty spray to chill out.

Join us for some fun!

I really didn't kill anyone.

I hope you can be my alibi.

You can prove

on the night that woman was killed,

I was with you.

We don't fall in love, Rain.

That's not what we do.

He's the first man
to do something nice for me...

What are you, five?

You should just go back to the children's home.

I just want to be normal.

It's too late for that.


don't waste time being angry.

We never know which day will be our last.

Do you like the soup?

There's a new job.

I'm doing this one alone.

I don't want your feelings
getting in the way again.

That guy is blatantly

running around in broad daylight.

Is he testing us?


he's just a fool.


With a shooting rampage,

people are running scared in Osaka.

There's more to this case.

There's a dark force behind it.

A sprat to catch a mackerel?

I see.

We found Du Qiu.

Let me see her face again.

What's going on?

He's with that woman again.

Their meeting at the station

was not accidental.

- Get back to work.
- OK.

Miss Mayumi,

what is he doing here?


Give him clothes and get a room ready.

He's probably hungry.


Just do as I say.


We'll talk in the morning.

Get some rest.

Your room is upstairs.

Miss Mayumi doesn't want anyone

near that room.

Don't push me.

What should I do?

You haven't slept for days.

Don't torture yourself

about things that have not happened.

I developed that drug to save lives.

I don't want them to use my formula

to do anything illegal.

I'm taking you somewhere.

I want you to remember forever.

Remember Masaki Kitagawa

who was charged for theft?

My fiancé


I'm Yamura from the Osaka Police.

I'm investigating a murder case.

I wish to see the lady of the house.

Please hold each other's hand.

Three years ago,

I could have been like them.

On April 3,

the day after the court passed the sentence,

I was standing right there,

waiting for him to show up,

waiting for my blessings,

waiting for my wonderful life to begin.

I thought I could get married while

the cherry blossoms were in bloom.

But they have fallen earlier

than usual that year.

The day he lost the lawsuit,

he only said one thing.

You'll find out sooner or later.

Perhaps only my death can prove everything.

I'm sorry.


Masaki told me

it was you.

You accused him of stealing the formula.

Do you know why?

Because Sakai was killing people
with the new drug!

You think

what you know

is the truth?

You're hurt?

Just my leg.

It's OK, I got my meds.

Think we can still catch up with him?


When I see that cop again,

I'm gonna kill him.

I should call for backup,

just in case.

It's him!

He followed us from Osaka.

Are you OK?

Are you OK?


What the...


Damn it!

You know who he is!

Why are you with him?

I won't spare him.

Get down!

Does anyone not wanna kill you?

Happy about this now?

Before I met you,

my life was great.

We're stuck together.

Let's be gentlemen.

Of course.

Hey! Watch it!

Sorry, Grandma.

But I'm taking you in.

Now it looks like we're together.

If I have to drag your dead body back,

I will.

Tell him

on the night Kiko was killed,

I was with you.

Tell her.

The police gave all the evidence

in the Kitagawa case.

I never set up her man!

You were together

the night Kiko was killed?

Is this guy

telling the truth?

Whether I go to jail depends on you.

That night,

I was with him

till around 1 a.m.

You're his alibi?


Thanks for clearing my name.

Don't give me that.

Let's wait till we get out alive.

What happened to you?

Never mind. Follow me.

- Inspector?
- Get inside!

What's going on?

Stay away from the window!

Go upstairs and stay down.

Don't go near the window!


A cop and the killers always
at the same place and at the same time.

I don't want to die here, with you.

Neither do I.

You know how to use that?

Of course!

I've been hunting with my dad
since I was 6.

Back up!

Come on!

Over here!

For his sake,

brace yourself!

It's your turn.

I can't.

I'm right-handed.

Today, you're left-handed.

I can't kill someone.

Just shoot the feet.

I'll get the rest.




Get down!


Quick! To the hospital!

Inspector Yamura!


Wake up! Wake up, Dawn!


The new drug father gave me is too strong...

I can't feel a thing.

You're gonna make it, Dawn.

Are you OK?

- Hyakuta.
- Yes.

Take it off.

Take it off.


- Get the doctor.
- Right!

You were never with me today.

Were you?


You're free now!


Don't worry.

I'm not dead yet.

Are you OK?

We'll take over from here.

Grab his legs.

The bullet shot through his body

and came out in the back.

He's out of danger for now.

I'll let you know when he comes around.

Thank you.

Du Qiu got away?

What happened?

Get back!

I'm still your boss,

it's your duty to report to me!

I report to Inspector Yamura.

I don't take orders from you.

Yamura purposely let the suspect go.

I'm in charge of this case!

You still won't admit your mistake?

The drugs you're on gave you away.


you're no longer an Inspector.


What do you mean?

You want to kill me now?

First Division will be here soon

to arrest you.

All because of that asshole!

You've always wanted to stop the leak.

This is Du Qiu's notebook.


I have this.

Hello? Come here at once.

I killed Kiko.

Where are you now?

In Du Qiu's apartment.

Don't touch anything.

Let me handle this.

Father, don't listen to that asshole.

Yamura is onto me.

I must go abroad.

Why didn't you kill Du Qiu there and then?

If Du Qiu was dead,

none of this would have happened.

Are you blaming me?

Just think

I did what I did to protect your son

as well as

the reputation of the new President.


I have no way out.

Tell me,

how much will you give me?

Bitten by my own dog!

Look me in the eyes.

Do I look blind to you?

Get a grip!

You're the next President
of Tenjin Pharmaceutical.


I found something Masaki left behind.

I don't remember seeing them before.

Come, help me take a look.

There's something else I don't get.

What kind of drug would prompt

a private fund to spend such a fortune

on a pharmaceutical company?



A private fund from Bermuda.

They have been funding the research.

Sakai kept me out of this project.

This is what

they kept from me.

Masaki took this.


What does it mean?

It's the encryption
of a drug formula at Tenjin.

To ensure confidentiality,

Tenjin has its own encryption.

This should be the new drug
Masaki was working on.

Kitagawa-san, do you have it?

Give me the encryption.

Not yet.

This encryption is crucial to us!

It was something Sakai wanted badly.

They're testing the drug on humans.


when you see this letter,

I should be dead.

To make you happy,

I accepted Sakai's money.

I'm no longer

the nice guy you thought I was.

But my conscience told me

I couldn't give the formula to Sakai.

I hid the formula here.

I hope that someday it can be used

for the benefit of mankind.


I'm sorry about Dawn.

You two girls are like my own blood.

You can't imagine how sad I am.

Don't let her die for nothing.

You know what you need to do.

Don't let me down.

Yes, Father.

Good morning.

What happened?

Why are you crying?

I'm just happy

you have recovered.

Then you should smile.

Didn't you tell me not to smile?

I take that back.

You can smile all you want.

It's only that

your smile

reminds me of her.

Let's not talk about that.

Anything to report?

The ingredients of the drugs found at the scene

are identical to those Asano is taking.

The analysis shows it's a strong stimulant.

What a mess!

Don't get UP!

Excuse me.


- Yes.
- For the time being you're off the case.


I'm this close to finding the evidence

to put away Tenjin for good.

This time,

I can definitely close the case.

You let the suspect get away.

Three times in a row.

Du Qiu

is not the killer.

I urge you to investigate Asano.

Asano has disappeared.


President Sakai

asked a government official

to interfere with the investigation.

What kind of justice is that?

"Drunk driver hit a policeman's wife."

You still couldn't let it go?

Put yourself in my place.

What would you do if there's a suicidal cop

working for you?

It's time you get on with your life.

She definitely

would want you to do that.

For the past three years,

I've watched the research lab from the outside.

I often saw a black van

hauling a truckload of people
into the research lab.

But when it came out, it was always empty.

Thank you for your help,


Don't mention it.

You came to me
because you think highly of me.

Actually, I want to look in on my pals too.

The homeless are here for the experiment.

Hyakuta-san, this is Mayumi.

Du Qiu went to the Tenjin research lab.

I haven't heard from him.

If you find yourself in any danger,

you must try to get out.

Last night,

we found some files Masaki left behind.

We found the encryption of the formula

Tenjin has been looking for

Du Qiu said

we should tell Yamura about this secret.

The encryption is


I see.

Inspector Yamura is with the doctor right now.

Don't worry, I'll tell him later.


If this formula

is needed to produce the illegal drug,

this is the evidence that

will bring down Tenjin Pharmaceutical.

Open the door!

- Kobayashi!
- Hatamoto!

What happened to you?

We're supposed to test a flu remedy.

Are you alright?

Hideo Sakaguchi, follow me.


Inspector, the doctor said you needed rest.

You can't leave!

When Du Qiu told me the secret

about Tenjin,

he's prepared to die.

I'll go with you!


I have been suspended.


this is personal.


He looks so different.

- What's going on?
- Are you alright?

The security guards are armed.

They're not hiring handymen?

Something is fishy.

We should go!



Stay away from me!

Kill me! Hurry!

Kill me!


I'm also a fugitive.

I've been on the run from home

for 20 years.

My wife

is a perfect woman.

Do you regret

leaving someone you love?

The only thing I can do for her now

is not to interfere with her life.

Very impressive,

but perhaps a bit excessive?

We need our fighters to be under our control.

We have been experimenting for a year now.

You see these results.

We have something new.

An updated formula, exactly what you need.

It gives super human strength

but with total thought control.

Now all we need is a war!

Then, both militaries and terrorists alike

will become our happy customers!

Mr. President,

if we mix it with Kitagawa's anesthetic,

its effect can be pushed to the limit.

What is Du Qiu doing here?

He snuck in with the other lab rats.

Don't let him get out alive.

Mr. Du,

it's been a long time.

What did you do to Sakaguchi?

He volunteered for some basic tests.


will be Tenjin's greatest contribution

to the world.

A super drug,

designed for the battlefield.

You're murderers!

Injecting this drug
can instantly enhance one's strength,

making one immune to pain and fear.

One's combat ability

can be pushed to the limit.


it's a shame Kitagawa is no longer with us.

The formula he invented three years ago

will make up for the inadequacies

of our new drug.

It was his dream too.

Do you know where it is?

I won't tell you,

Masaki invented an anesthetic

to relieve a patient's pain,

The anesthetic is not for you

to kill someone with.

This research

is to test pain tolerance.

If she won't speak now,

make sure she never speaks again.


He's unarmed.

I'm never any good

at dealing with cops.


What brings you here?

It's none of your business.

Cut the crap.

Who do you think you're talking to?

Mind your manners.

Pardon us.

We have an honored guest.

I'm Yamura from the First Division

of the Osaka Prefecture Police.

First Division?

You should have been suspended.

I know the police inside scoop better than you.

I'm closer to your management than you think.

I'm looking for a fugitive.

You think I'm harboring a fugitive?

His name is Du Qiu.

Now I remember he's still here.

Maybe he was on the run too long.

He seemed a bit crazy.

He trashed up the place when he arrived.

We had him subdued.

I must take him away.

You have a warrant?

Have you forgotten you're off the case?

I'll swap him with some intelligence.

Like what?



Father! That's the encryption
of Kitagawa's formula.

Hold on.

You'll have the rest

when I see Du Qiu.

Very well.

I'll take you to him.

What do you feel,

when you lose someone important?

A pain.

And you will suffer it a very long time.

Why do you ask?

Because I think

I feel this pain.

The drug is extremely effective.

Even a lawyer can become a beast.

I'm not your enemy!

We have to stop them.


Sober up!

Don't let this drug beat you.

You're stronger!

The world is full of low life creatures.

I'm sure that I am...

You have to hang in there.

Stopping the progress of mankind

I'm trying, but it's really hard.

Let them make their contribution.

It's time to fight back.

- Kill him.
- Yes,


What are you doing?

Have you forgotten who rescued you

from the orphanage?

To be your lab rat?

Have you lost your mind?


I just got it back!


Damn it!

Just my luck.

Together again.

I guess it's our fate.


But my luck is always bad.

It rubs off on everyone.

Then I'm lucky I'm alive.



Allow me to demonstrate

the power of our new drug.

I want to prove

we're doing the right thing.

Enough, Hiroshi!

We should leave.

Destroy everything
on the new drug and the fund.

We must save Tenjin.


Open the door!

Hurry! Go!

- Get up!
- This way!


Look at you!

You call yourself a cop?

You useless piece of trash.

Wait! Watch out!

Are you alright?





Why are you here?

President Sakai sent me.

You'll follow the old man's order

and sleep with anyone?

I need the drug.

You want this? I can give it to you! Say it!


Whatever the old man has

will be mine!

Let her go!

- Let go of her!
- Go ahead and shoot!

You're worse than a dog!


Why Du Qiu?

It was his own rotten luck

he showed up at the wrong time.

That's the reason?


Stay strong.

Old movies

always end this way.

Don't they?

Du Qiu,

I knew

you'd become a threat someday.

I should have killed you sooner.

Drop it!

I must go to my son.

This drug...

could have made mankind stronger.

I don't regret any of this.


Inspector Yamura!

Are you alright?

Can't you see?


Can you get UP?

Chief Ito left this.

Are you alright?

He's seriously injured!

It's not that easy to kill me.

From now on,

we'll be very busy.


I was in the hospital for so long

I almost forgot how blue the sky is.

Everyone can enjoy the blue sky.

The world is fair.

Can't believe they're so close now.

Not long ago they were enemies.


are simple beings.


Do they even understand each other?

After what happened,

at least

I know you're a man of integrity.

Now that I'm leaving,

I realize everything here

is very precious.

It's almost time.

For a better tomorrow.

Come to think of it,

we have not been properly introduced.

Satoshi Yamura.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Du Qiu!

Nice to meet you.


This hand feels like something is missing.

We should go.

- Inspector.
- Hmm?

It's becoming popular

to get married on an old train.


Don't you think it's so romantic?