Mangalyam Thanthunanena (2018) - full transcript

Roy and Clara, a newly-wed couple who find themselves in a tight spot after Roy loses his job in Dubai. Will Roy manage to get his act together and deal with the crisis on his own?

From this day forward

until death do us part,

in ourjoys and sorrows

We shall be together

We promise in the name of God.

"O Jesus, who protects us always"

"We praise Our Lord everyday"

"We praise Our Lord everyday"

"When we go long distances together"

"You must give us good life"

"O Jesus, who protects us always"

"We praise Our Lord everyday"

"We praise Our Lord everyday"

(Crowd Cheering)

Come on, Cheer up everybody!

(Crowd Cheering)

Dear, what's happening?

Roy brother arranged it.

From where did he get the money for all this?

He might have borrowed from money-lender.

"Slowly, O Jasmine, won't you come this way"

"Where the "peeli" flowers bloom"

"Bedecked in silk and jewels"

"won't you come this way"

"Scattering dreams in the eyes"

"Beating the drums of rain"

"Clapping hands to the songs"

"Your marriage has come"

"Cloud pandal above"

"Jasmine pandal below"

"For this water-lily"

"Playing in you, Marriage has come"

"With the wedding chain of mango flowers"

"Marriage is calling you"

"With the wedding chain of mango flowers"

"Marriage is calling you"

Hey Kora, so many people are here.

Have uninvited people also come?

Well, who needs invitation?

Kora brother!

Hey! Don't sit! Come with me!

"The hearts of Angels overflow with kindness"

"Marthoma gave blessings with goodness"

"Dancing to the tune of "Thaa theyyam thaka
thaka theyyam"

"Marriage has come for the beloved boy"

"Bathing in the lake of Vallambal"

"Adorning with the feathers of white clouds"

“Dancing to the tune of “Thaa 'chewam thaka
thaka thew am“ ,

"Marriage has come for the beloved girl"

"To get progeny and good life"

"Lord will bless you"

"Dancing to the tune of "Thaa theyyam thaka
thaka theyyam"

"Marriage for the boy and the girl"

"Scattering dreams in the eyes"

"Beating the drums of rain"

"Clapping hands to the songs"

"Your marriage has come"

"Cloud pandal above"

"Jasmine pandal below"

"For this water-lily"

"Playing in you, Marriage has come"

"With the wedding chain of mango flowers"

"Marriage is calling you"

"With the wedding chain of mango flowers"

"Marriage is calling you"

"With the wedding chain of mango flowers"

"Marriage is calling you"

"With the wedding chain of mango flowers"

"Marriage is calling you"

'Sacred thread"

Dude! Drink slowly.

If he drinks this much,
his spleen will be on fire soon.

Not spleen, it's the liver.

Whatever it may be,

What's the point in saying after it's gone.

You should learn from him.

Even though there is this much liquor here,

He didn't even drink a drop of it.

He is really good-natured.

The good-natured guy is sitting there
after gulping a full bottle of liquor.

Did he?

Here comes the groom.

Dude! Have a peg just to boost your

Otherwise ifs ck, don": drink.

Go! Go!

Dude George! He is your only brother-in-law,

You have to advise him about family life.

Sure, I will advise him.

He has lots of advice with him.

I am telling you with the
experience of marrying your sister,

This family life is...

You go and sleep.


What happened?

What's this?

Brother-in-law, you will be answerable to god.

I will take leave then.

Ok ok. You may go, I shall...

- Good night.
- Good night.

Mummy! Did you see George?

There he is.

Roy, ck then.

- Roy brother! I have kept
the milk in your room. - Ok.

- Will it be spoilt?
- Go away!

Dear, that's enough.
Come here.

Aunty! What's up?

It's 100' clock.

Didn't she have any proposal?

No, sister.

We will get her married
only after she finish her studies.

Yes, that's good.

Or else,

What's up Royachha?

- What?
- Nothing.

He is on phone all the time.

I am relieved as he also got married.

“M; dear, come here.

It's already late.

Isn't this Ammini's son?

Dear, say bye to everyone.

Why do you get drunk like this?

- It's because of you dear.
- Because of me?

Sit on the ground.

- I won't let you go without answering.
- What's there to say?

Now you can start massaging.

Oh dear. See, that's great.

Dear, massage well.

Ok, let me see.

Don't you have any diabetes?

- What?
- Just joking.

- Diabetesl- Didn't you hear what he asked?

He is smart.

Sister! We are leaving.

- Roy dear, good night.
- Ok, good night.

- Dear, aren't you coming?
- Come.

- Bye Ansi.
- Come!

Ok then, good night to everyone.

Ansi, don't forget to text me.


- Can't you walk carefully?
- No problem.

She's flying inside the house.

Dear, you should study well.

And listen to your Mom and Dad.

And you should become a smart girl, ok?

Roy uncle, are you going to die?

These kids are so silly.

Well, how's your daughter-in-law?

She's a nice girl.

They both match very well.

Starting is good.

This is the moment I had been waiting for.

This is the dream I had seen.

This is paradise.


- This is not heaven, this is hell.
- Leave me.

- Yes, this is hell.
- You are the vampire in my dream.


You fool, if you don't know how to knock down,

you shouldn't not come to the ring.

Hit him man!

Yes, like that.

No, don't throw!


Whenever I start for something urgent,

this bicycle's chain comes off.

Why are you standing like you lost something?

What about the other thing?

Did it work?

Or did it flop?

So, again your plan failed.

If you want to see your wife's real nature,

All you need to do is ask for their gold to

What's up?

Nothing dear.

So, you have no work.

Our government has built all these bridges,

for jobless guys like you to sit.

Isn't it, George?

Dude Kuttappayi! You can go.
I will come later.

- Aren't you coming?
- You go!

Ok then.

Well, did anything work out?

Dirty fellow.

That guy wants to irritate me whenever he sees

Some people are like that.

When it's bad time for you,
they just stand and grin at you for no reason.

Nowadays, even jobless people
have started to tease me.

That's not what I am worried about,

How will I pay the money-lender tomorrow?

Brother! You don't worry about it.

There is a way.

What way?

Professor Kuruvi.

You mean Elias Uncle?

So, you asked her gold to pledge.

Yes, I did.

- She said she won't give it.
- Yes

Both of you had a big fight about it.

It should be him who advised you, isn't it?


There's a name to call the guys,

who demand bride's ornaments soon after

- "Dumb"
- Yes.

Brother, when I need money,
who else can I ask for help?

Dear, you are my nephew.

To convince ladies and get things done,

you are not as experienced as me.

Tea is here.

You have some tea.

Only tea?

Roy, wives are like elephants.

- They often...
- Do poop.

No! They become grumpy.

But all mahouts will have one thing
with them to tame any elephant.

That's Beaten rice and bananas.

It's hook.

With that small hook, they can tame any

God has given a similar kind
of hook to all husbands.

You just need to use that hook.

What do you mean?

Get lost man!

Love! That's the hook.

You should love her sincerely.

If you love her sincerely,
they will give you anything.

Is it?

Is that true?

But to love her...

Whenever I see her face, I feel like slapping her.

What brother said is sensible.

Dude, I am single.

After I die, all my belongings will be yours.

But now, I don't have any money for you.

If you do as I said, all
your problems will be solved.

Do you understand?

Ok then, you may go.

Brother, don't say like that.

Only you can do something about it.

Both of you may go.

Come brother.

How can you live alone in such a big house?

It's been a long time since your wife died.

Why don't you marry again?

Marriage, at this age?

You come here.

Marriage is like a mole on your face.


- Yes, can you erase it from your face?
- No.

What if it's a bindi instead of mole?


If it's a bindi, can't we change it as we want?

Smart man!

It's good that I came.

I will visit you often.

- Roy, I have a new idea.
- Foolish guys.

There's no use in telling you about it.

Brother, you be confident.

Everything will be fine.

God, please show me a way.

I had told the money-lender that I would
return the money tomorrow morning.

Don't know what will happen.

Hey, don't go.

You didn't take the rose flower.

I have stuck it very well with the tape.

Give it.

After abusing her in the morning,

If I give her rose in this night,

will she accept it?

Won't she?

Of course, she will.

You carry on.

Well, you should never abuse a lady,
about her father.


Say about her mother.

Then they will feel even worse.

You may go now.

That's it.

"Rose flower, cute rose flower"

Two Porotta please,

No porotta for you.

God, hope this flower won't
turn into a wreath for myself.

What were you, Mom and daughter, doing

She was asking about things.

There isn't any chair for you to sit.

That's fine, I will sit here.

He's trying to woo her with a rose flower, idiot.

Dear, come close to me.

How are things at home?

It's a bit difficult.

The relation between me and you...

Don't you have anything else to talk about?

- Roy, why are you late?
- I...

Aren't you angry with me?

This tape...

I got angry suddenly, that's why...


Two bangles are there worth 1.5 soverign.

You may pledge or sell them.

You go and have bath.

I will serve your food.

Dude, any chance of getting something?

Will get but need some time.

Still I don't understand, why she gave
the bangles before you gave the flower.


Dear, please stop.

Have you borrowed money from somewhere


The financier's jeep is here.

Dear, I will just go and tell Roy.

It's your ex-girlfriend.

Why is she carrying letters?

Is she going to marry again?

She is coming this way.

- Roy!
- Yes.

How are you?

Of course, he is very much fine.

Tired of being too much fine.

Our Finance is opening its fourth branch.

That's nice.

After you got married, your husband
is getting richer and richer.

It's all because of his hard work.

He is hard-working and a strong believer.

See the name, St. Mary's Financers.

We have heard about it.
It's very famous.

I heard Your sister is topper in the school.

We offer scholarships to students who study

You should meet Sabu for that.

He wants me to be with him all the time,

He might scream like this.

You should come for the inauguration.

Of course.

Didn't you have any children yet?

Not yet.

Don't worry.

As Sabu is very hard-working, you will have

- I shall leave.
- Ok.

After being in love for 3 years,

she gave you her wedding invitation letter like

And you tried to suicide jumping
from this bridge, right?

These ladies are different only on looks,

But they all have similar character.

Whether it be Celine or Clara.


Sabu, Paackattukunnel Sabu.

This name suits you better.

Why me?

Sabu meaning financial difficulty.


I didn't sell the bangles.

I pledged them and paid the money-lenders.


Roy, shall I tell you something
that you like the most?

Sure, tell me quickly.

Tell me.

Shall I tell Daddy to arrange
a job for you in his bank?

No, Thanks.

I will find a job myself.

It's been 3 months since our marriage.

You couldn't find a job till now.

Is it because I borrowed your gold?

I told you so that you won't
have to beg if you earn something.

Now, you have to ask me
for money even to buy a tea.

Is there any guy in this place
who has never borrowed money from his wife?

We don't need your dad's money for a good

I am a high-class Christian.

I don't have to live
on my father-in-law's benevolence.

So, don't talk about it again.

No wonder you are like this.


You please go to sleep.

Mother Mary! What shall I do?

I don't balk,

but still everyone considers me as a dog.

Do you know the condition of jobless men?

No way to go back to Gulf.

What shall I do?

Please help me to find a way.

I will show you the way.

You come to the church.

I lost my job in Gulf because
of the economic recession.

Because of my bad luck,

I was in my hometown for my wedding.

Everyone on leave was sacked.

All my friends, who came to attend
my wedding, lost their jobs.

That's true.

Many people marry when they have bad luck.

You Play-

Father, that's not my concern right now.

- I am not able to go to Clara's house.
- Why?

I married her saying I was employed in Gulf.

And now, I am not able go back...

Tell me the truth, how much is your debt?

Around 10,11,12...

You fix a number.

15 thousand?


In gulf, were you working in
the factory manufacturing debts?

Whatever I saved from my job,

was finished with my sister's marriage.

I don't even have a single penny now.

I have to beg her even for daily expenses.

Whenever I meet your mother,

She tells me all the problems.

Her concern is that you are roaming
around without trying for a job.

What she said is right.

You are a stupid.

How can you not find a job till now?

Dear Roy.

There is a statement in the holy book,

That even his siblings hate a poor man.

Not to say about his friends then...

So, you find a job as soon as possible.

Othenlvise, you will get beaten like this.

Serve him the fish curry.

Where were you the whole day?

Your phone was out of range.

I had gone to Perumbavoor.

Tessy and George had come today.

Today is their first wedding anniversary.

They waited for you till evening.

Tessy is your only sister.

Why didn't you call her?

This is the fish she brought.

My Daddy always says that,

Roy is never available on phone, when needed.

Yesterday, he called you seven times.

Then he was complaining to me.

Is it?

Roy, why are you like this?

You serve him the vegetables.

Dear, why did your Daddy call him?

If he called seven times,

There will be something to trap me.

Daddy has arranged a job for you in the bank,

in the position of manager.


Oh St.Antony!

You heard my prayers.

This is all God's wish.

For him to get a job in the hometown,

I had offered 4 eggs.

That too organic one.

Is it Mummy?

Thank God it was fulfilled.

The Saint is very precise.


I had told Tessy to stay here for a week.

But George didn't agree.

His mother gets upset if she stays here.

Tessy will be really happy
to know that you got a job.

Mummy, shall we go and meet Daddy tomorrow

Of course. You both go tomorrow morning

Then, you should return tomorrow itself.

If she goes to her own house,
she will get stuck there.

ROY, Why did you stop eating?

Are you full?

Yes, when we eat food with Mom on one side,

and wife on the other,

We, men become full very fast.

There she sits with her mouth open, stupid.

- How much?
- 20.

Isn't that's Roy's car?

It's Shamsu.

- Hello.
- Hello, Roy.

- Yes, tell me.
- Where are you off to?

I am going to Clara's house.

I am here in the restaurant.

Roy, if you want to talk on phone, stop the car.

Don't talk while you drive.

- Yes, tell me. - When will you be back?

I have found a fantastic idea.

Really? What's that?

I will tell you in detail.

Can't say that over phone.

I had told you to stop the car and talk.

She won't let you be in peace even in the car.

- I will call you tomorrow morning.
- Then...

Stop, stop over there.

Stop there.

Get out. Who were you talking on phone?

A friend.

Was yourfriend in any emergency
to talk like this?


Come here.


Sir, please.

Sir, he was talking on the phone while...

Is it?

Where? Let me see.

You look smart.

Should be rich, right?

- Nothing like that.
- Shall I fine you 1000 bucks?

Sir, it was an emergency call.

Ok, then I will tell you about the fine details.

If you drive talking on phone,

it is charged under section 147.

With bill, you have to pay 1000 bucks,

without bill, it's 500 bucks.

I will pay without bill.

I will get the money from my wife.

- The cash...
- From wife?

Smart guy, you are a role model to all men.

Go and get it.

Com e fast.

Luckily, he agreed for 600 bucks.

Please give me 600 bucks,

I don't have any money.

I don't have, I won't give you.

Ask your friend who was on phone,
to bring the money.

Please, don't joke at this time.

I will be in trouble.
Give the money please.

Clara, where are you...


- Sir, look there.
- Why is she coming this way?

I don't have 600 bucks with me,

And I am not going to pay you.

I warned him 1000 times,

Not to talk over phone while driving.

You can arrest him if you want.

I can drive myself.

I can understand your situation.

Only me.

You may go.

- No case charged.
- Sure?

You may go.

My Phone.


You shouldn't have left him like that.

You could have given him some punishment.

- I will drive,
- Ok, you drive.

What better punishment could he get?

Mom, we are on the way.

Roy! Don't talk over phone while driving.

When I do something, it's a big mistake.

And when you do it, it's alright.

When I said it's me, they didn't say anything.


Come! Come!

- Mercy! They have come.
- Yes, I am coming.

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty.

Now and always.

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty.

God bless you.

- So, how are things going?
- Good.

How can it be not good?

It's my daughter Clara who's been with him.

No doubt about that.

I have raised her like that.

- Roy, you are working in Dubai, right?
- Yes.

- When are you going back?
- That...

Why does he need to go back?

Only fools go and work in Dubai and Europe.

Roy doesn't need that.

That's true.

If he is good, he can prosper here too.

That's right.

Here is the best example for that.

By God's grace, Roy has saved
enough for 3-4 generations.

That's great.

Then, for our Parish hall construction,

write a receipt for 50000 from Roy.

Yes, the construction of Parish hall
near the cathedral, has been going on.

With the help of few rich people here,

We could finish that work soon.

That's the reason we came here for a visit.

Isn't it priest?

50000, is not a problem for you, right?

No, it's not.

That shows his family's dignity.

Joby, bring me the cheque.

Here it is.

1 lac from me and 50000 from Roy.

Let things move faster.

You go inside and have something.

You come in.

They just came.

- Daddy!
- Roy! Come, sit.

Shall I serve one for you.

No thanks.

- Well, if you insist...

I liked that.

You should not do anything
that Clara doesn't like.

Sir, I have done all the accounts,

and have kept the account book inside the

Could you please sign this cheque?

I need to submit it in the bank tomorrow.

- If you are done, you may leave.
- Ok, Sir.

See you then

It's a big head ache to manage
this banking business alone.

When I went to Singapore last time,

I decided to appoint a person who can be

I just remembered one thig,

This ring on your hand, is made of platinum.

I bought it from Singapore.

Do you how much that diamond cost?

2 lacs.

It's cut from the same piece.

One on your ring and the other on Clara's ring.

When I see this ring on your hand,

I feel that my daughter is in safe hands.

Never take it off.

He has said it 100 times.
It's so boring.

She is my only child.

All these belong to her.

Roy, you are my son too.

You should get involved in all my business.

That's the reason for appointing
you as the Manager of Trissur branch.

Daddy, I am not familiar with banking.

Dear Roy, why are you scared?

I am here to teach you everything.

You bring your necessary stuff
and shift here this week itself.

You and Clara can live here with all comforts.

- Here?
- Of course!

You can't drive between Trissur and
Thodupuzha daily.

If needed you can go home on Saturdays.

Not only that,

We will also be happy if you both are here with

For me, living here... it won't work daddy.

Ok, don't decide now.

You discuss with Clara and then decide.

What's wrong in that?

- No, that won't work out.
- Why?

When Daddy is helping you to be on your

If I live here with you,

Who will take care of my house.

What about my mother?

Mummy told me to arrange a job for you.

She will be very happy to hear this.

Don't worry that She will be alone,

We shall appoint a maid to help her.

And every Saturday and Sunday
we can go there and meet her.

That can't happen.

She brought me up not to spend
her old age with a maid.

If she becomes sick, who will take her to

You always have silly reasons.

Just because you can't go to work.

Clara, now you are talking about something

You only have problem with what I say.

You don't have any value for my opinion.

Dear, what we were talking
and what are you talking now?

I know that you have more affection
to your mother and sister.

Don't make me mad, just keep quiet.

I always have second position.

You are a Mummy's kid, just a mummy's kid.

I always come second.

He used to love me a lot till his marriage.

After marriage,

Now I had to beg him for 3 days to get a

You lose your sons once they get married.

Wives get first place in their mind.

Yes, that's the reason I fled my daughter-in-law.

Now, she's at her house,

My son and myself at our home.

All are at peace.

It's the fate of all mothers.

Look, Roy is here.

Here is your medicine.

We both were praying here.

- Shall I go home then?
- Fine.

Don't need to worry that you are alone.

Ok dear.


Didn't she come?

Did you come alone?

She will come back after one week.

One week?

I knew it when she started from here.

So, I have to do all the work for one week?

What did Clara's daddy tell you?

Job is ready.

But I will have to stay there.

I would be able to come here
only on Saturdays only.

You are alone here.

So, I denied it.

Good boy.

You are so stupid.

You stay there and do your job.

Don't worry about me

If you go there, I can bring
Tessy and George here.

They have three sons there.

So, he won't have any problem to stay here.

Nobody's here,

only me...

This is the moment I have been dreaming

This is heaven.

Roy! Dear Roy!

Dear, Wake up!

Dear wake up!

Have some tea.

It's 7 o'clock.

Get up.

Where is tea?

- Don't you want to have tea?
- Yes.

Then make some tea.

Make one cup for me too, without sugar.

I don't feel good as I didn't have tea.

Thank God! He is at home.

I am tired of calling you,

Why didn't you take the call?

I had gone to Clara's house.

All husbands are like that.

They won't take any calls,
when they are at wife house.

Have you got any idea to make money?

Yes, I have.

What's that?

You get ready,
I will be back in half an hour.

Tell me what the idea is.

I will tell you.
We need to go to Peramangalam.

That's fine. I will take care of it.

Susan Thomas, fantastic.

- What?
- The name.

Who is Roy?

It's me. This is my friend Shamsu.

- Would you like to have a drink?
- Anything is fine.

No, Thanks.

I have some financial problem,

I lost my job in gulf.

I have some liabilities after
I got my sister married.

I need some money to roll now.

Neethu had told me that you would come.

Neethu is Shamsu's friend, right?

Not friend, I work as peon in the bank
where madam works.

That's how we know each other.

Then why didn't you apply
for loan from Neethu's bank?

That's because...

I borrowed an amount of 10 lacs...

- It's 12..
- 12 lacs.

It will be 13 lacs including the interest.

If I could get a loan from this bank,
I could repay that loan.

If you grant 15 lacs, we could repay
all the debt and be relaxed.

Isn't it?

Ok Ok.

Anyways, you submit the documents.

Let me check.

- Then, please come here tomorrow afternoon.
- Sure.

Let's see if we can do something.

Please, you should try
your best to sanction this.

It will be really helpful.

Don't worry.

Mummy, what happened?

This is about the 12-lac loan
you borrowed from Co-operative bank.

It's written that if we
don't pay within 7 days,

They will file a case and attach our properties.

Roy, please tell her to help us.

Are you worried because of this?

I will get some money within 2 days.

With that amount, I will pay the interest

And renew the loan.

You don't worry about it, ok?

(phone ringing)



Yes, tell me.

What are you doing there?

I was thinking about you.

I know, that's why I called you.

Is it raining there?

Not raining, but there's a big thunder.

Then it will rain.

Here it's raining heavily.

If you were here,
I would have slept hugging you tightly.

Hugging your...!

Yes, yes.

You are not romantic at all.

Who said I am not romantic?

I am extremely romantic.

Not just that, this is the
perfect time to be romantic.

You, naUQhTV!

Yes, I will be naughty.


Roy, I checked your documents.

But you can't get loan from our bank.

I am sorry.

Madam, I...

Madam, if you try, you can somehow...

Somehow means...

See Roy, your name is listed in the credit

Such a person can't get loan from any bank.

Shamsu, don't you know about all this?

I am sorry.

Madam, can you at least sanction a small

I can do one thing.

If you could bring some gold to pledge,

Maybe I can do something.

Shall we leave?

- Thanks for your time.
- Come dude.

If there was gold, do we need to come here?


He rushes as if she will
sanction him loan immediately!

What is this dude?
What you did is very bad.

Roy, you please calm down.

There will be some way.

What way? Nothing.

The notice has already come from the bank.

What can we do now?

For the time-being, let's have a lemonade.

Then you will cool down.

Two chilled lemonade please.

No soda, plain water is fine.

Shall I shake it?

- We are already shaken, So, you just mix it.
- Ok.

You don't be tensed.
There will be some way.

My bag! Give it.

Leave it.

- Give me.
- Move away.

My bag!


Get lost man!

Leave the bag.

Didn't I tell you that there will be a way?

That's it.

- What?
- Look there.

He is some poor goon.

He is the one
who will help you get the loan.

That goon.

What are you saying?

If you interfere now,

that manager will sanction
your loan in the next moment.

- Go and handle it.
- Me?

When you were in 4th grade,

You had broken Shiju's head
when he stole your card.

Go and break his head like that.

Should I?

If you go now, she would
give you even the bank itself.

Go and handle it.

We can get loan from some banks in this way.

See the way he's going.

He will get it for sure.

Yes, poor guy. He looks like
a wasp flying around a candle.

- Do you know who he is?
- Who is it?

He is Shibu, Thaamara Shibu.

He is accused in a stab case.

Accused in 8 cases?

Not eight, accused in a stab case.


What dude?

Manager's husband has sent to take the car.

Then why didn't you tell me this earlier'?

Sham su!


What is it?

Don't give up.

Move! Start the car.

Just think that you sanctioned a car-loan.

I am going to sleep.

I am tired of working.

You tell her to come back.

When she goes to her house,
always get stuck there.

- Dear!
- Yes.

Your phone is ringing.


- Hello Madam,
- Hello Roy, I am Susan.

Yes, I understood.

Roy, I called to thank you.

No problem, in that situation, anyone would...

Who is that guy?
Why did he fight with you?

Shall we meet if you have no problem?

Of course, I will come.

Madam, could you please
reconsider about that loan?

Yes, I want to talk about that too.

- Then let's meet at Lulu Marriot Hotel.
- Ok.

Also bring the documents when you come.


Ok, goodnight.


Yes, tell me




My loan...


When will she come?


Was that not Clara?

Mummy, you go and sleep.

Who else it could be?

What an idea!

After all these 20 years of friendship,

This is the first time
your idea is of use to me.

That's not the problem with my idea.

Because of your bad time...

What man?

Haven't you learned to
sit on this bridge yet,

After all these years?

I don't know balancing like you do.

She will take care of the loan.

Othenlvise, she wouldn't have called, right?

Of course.

When shall we go?

Not we, only me.

So when your job is done...

Come on dude!

Let me take care of myself first.

Then I will

Where is he?


Dude, take a shower before you go.


Welcome to Cochin Marriot.

Which way is the Restaurant?

This way, sir.

I came by bus.

There was heavy traffic on the way.

That's why I came late.

No problem, I also reached just now.

Madam, isn't this restaurant very expensive?

Roy, spending money like this is fun,
once in awhile.

It is not enough just to save the money,

But you should also know how to spend it

That's about rich people.

I am a pauper.

I shall pay the bill.

I called you here to thank you.

I have to treat you for saving me.

The other day, didn't you
meet that guy in the bank?

My husband had sent him, insult me.

Why does he do that?

He keeps sending people to
my workplace to create issues,

So that I would lose my job.

That's his intention.

Madam, didn't you try for a compromise?

We don't have to compromise
with people, whom we don't like.

We need to avoid them.

We are not divorced, but we are separated.

Roy, why are you looking gloomy?

Is it because of my story?

No Madam.

Is there any family where there are no issues?

If you ask my opinion,

It's better to compromise all these issues.

Once we start loving each other,

We will forget everything.

That's my style.

No one loves anyone.

No one can understand anyone.

Can you tell from the bottom your heart,

"that you love your wife sincerely?

You look sad.

Did I hurt you?

Nothing Madam.

I am not in a state to drive.

I can get a bus to my house,
from the stop nearby your flat.

Thank you.

I am very much relieved after talking to you.

Don't worry about loan.

I can sanction a loan of 3 lacs for you.

I can't thank you enough.

My house will be confiscated,
if I don't get this money.

Be confident.

Please come.

You don't have to come tomorrow
to sign the documents.

- Take a seat.
- Sure.

What would you like to drink?

I am fine.

Anything will do.

Then I will make some tea.

It's very beautiful view from here.

It's only my life that is not beautiful.

You take a seat.

I shall bring the documents.

This is the perfect place to live.

Nobody's there to trouble.

No dude, I don't need that loan.

It won't work out.

No one loves anyone.

No one can understand anyone.

Can you tell from the bottom your heart,

...that you love your wife sincerely?

"Unknowingly, for the first time"

"Silence fills my eyes"

"Silently, without fading"

"Your memories come in this night"

"From afar did you know this heart's suffering"

"From afar did you know this heart's suffering"

"As a comfort in my life, this moment is near"

Daddy, problems are there in everyone's life.

Even though we have problems,

we have to continue with our life.

Roy is good-hearted.

Even if he is not rich like us,

I love him,

and he loves me too.

He will take good care of me.

I will be very happy with him Daddy.

"On the path I came listening to your voice"

"A tune hum med by the breeze..."

"On the path I came listening to your voice"

"A tune hum med by the breeze..."

"When it is pulling my heart strings"

"Come near and dissolve as a melody"

"On your tender lips, unseen by anyone"

"I am searching for a drop of honey"

"On your tender lips, unseen by anyone"

"I am searching for a drop of honey"

"Come near with love's message"

"And dissolve in me as desire"

"Unknowingly, for the first time"

"Silence fills my eyes"

"Silently, without fading"

"Your memories come in this night"


When did you reach?

I reached by afternoon.

I had called you on phone,

But you didn't take the call.

Where were you?

I was...

Dear, you are here.

Who is this?

Did you forget me?

You go and change your clothes.

I will serve you food.

God knows if it's burnt.

Valsa sister came with me.

Daddy has sent her to
stay with us for few days.

Hasn't your daddy told you
that you need to ask your husband,

Before you appoint someone for house

My dear Roy, don't start a fig ht about that.

If Valsa sister is here,
that will be a help for Mummy.

Not only that, she cooks very well.

After I came, you didn't even smile at me.

Though I had gone to stay there for a week,

I couldn't stay without you even for a day.

That's why I returned immediately.

I thought you would be overjoyed to see me

And you would hug me.

Who told you that I am not happy to see you?

Yellow colour won't suit me.

Does it have to? Then it will suit.

Come near.

Which is this new chain?

Daddy bought it for me.

How much does it weigh?

4 sovereigns.

Then, let's go and have food.

Come on!

I will fill your little tummy
with all the food.

Here is the tomato curry.

Tomato curry, which I make is the best.

Try it once.

Valsa, aren't you eating?

That's ck, you have it.

That's how it should be.

She is smart.

I already had my food.

Dear, you pour the curry,
mix it and chew very well.

If you eat this, you will get a loose motion.

You won't get any illness.

Roy, do you have any problem?

You look very gloomy.

Roy, you don't share your problems with me.

You keep things to yourself.

Ok, now don't say that
I don't share anything with you.

Jesus, how will we repay all this money?

There aren't many days left.

We can pay it easily,

But only if you help me.

What can I do about it?

I don't have 2 lac bucks with me.

If I ask Daddy for help,
won't it be a shame?

Or let's ask Daddy for help.

Let's tell him that
we will return it on a fixed day.

No, it's a shame to borrow money from in-laws,

Why so much ego about this?

It's just a small help,
to get our things done.

Dear, it's you who has to help me now,
not your Daddy.

Roy, what can I do about it?

If you are talking about my gold, forget it.

When I have a need,
who else can I ask for help?

I don't know.

I don't have that much gold
to give you whenever you ask.

I am tired of this.

Have you ever taken back
any of my gold that you had pledged?

I won't give you my gold any more.

You calm down.

You are right. I will take back everything.

It's all because I lost my job.

It's not for buying alcohol or weed.

My visa will be ready soon.

Once I go to gulf, this problem will be solved.

My dear girl, look at me.

Listen to me.

How many chains do you have?


No, there are four including
the one Daddy gave this time.

How many necks have you got?

Only one, right?

Then why do you need four chains?

Roy, I won't give you my chain to pledge.

That's it.

Hey, I don't want to pledge it.

You have four. Let's sell one of them.

Enough to survive for the time being.

Aren't you ashamed to say like this?

If you wanted chain to pledge,

you should have bought me one yourself.

This is the chain my Daddy gave me.

I won't give this chain to pledge.

So, when I am in need
you won't give me that, right?


See, lfl can let you live in my house
and take care of you,

I know how to get it from you.

- Ok, you try.
- Yes, I will try.

If it's that urgent, your Mummy
has got a 5-sovereign chain on her neck.

You go and get that.

You stupid!

Get lost!

Get out of my house!

Halleluiah! Halleluiah!

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

Halleluiah! Halleluiah!

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

- Will you come today?
- Sure, I will come.

Now he will ask about my job.

Useless fellow!

Where are you off to?

You haven't got any job yet, did you?

In a way that's good.

If you get a job, you can't
roam around like this.

Well, can you arrange a job for me?

Don't say that you can't.

If you try it will be done.

Hey! Don't go. Please.

Ajob anywhere is fine, in CBI or Reserve bank.

If that's not possible,
even in Secretariat will do.

- If you try it will be possible.
- I will try.

Don't go. I will let you go only
after you arrange a job for me.

I will do.

Hey, I will keep reminding about it.

Roy, Kuttappayi was saying about some job.

- Leela sister, didn't you know that?
- No

If he recommends, one can get
a job in Reserve bank of India.

Really? Are you talking about our Kuttappayi?

Sister, your elder son is jobless now, isn't it?

- If you tell him, he will arrange it.
- Ok the dear.

Also tell yourfriends about it.

Let all the youngsters have job.

That's good.

- Did you have a fight?
- Yes.

- Was that a big fight?
- Yes.

Great, then you will get it for sure.

Usually she gives you
when you go back after the fight.

It's not like that.

She won't give it.

Then it will be a problem.

That Bank Manager is adamant.

He says that you have a lot of money with you,

but you are not repaying the loan intentionally.

I requested him not to send the notice.

But he didn't listen.

Don't worry, everything will be fine.

Nothing is going to be fine.

You come to my house and see.

It's a hell.

You are saying that because
you have never been to my house.

We will find a way.

Aren't you eating anything?

No, I don't want anything.

Are you worried about the money?

Your Daddy used to say that

A man becomes a real man,

when he has to face a financial hardship.

Dear, you don't need to beg anyone for gold.

You don't need to get insulted in front of

This is the chain James gave me 32 years back.

Then he had told me not to take it
off unless our kids are in need.

You sell it and pay the bank interest.

You don't have to be afraid.

When one door closes, nine doors will open.

Daddy had given you this chain.

What else do you have for his memories?

If I take it, I will be cursed by God.

I already have the bad-name that
I am trying to grab my wife's gold.

Now, I don't want to be known
as the one trying to rob my own mother.

What can I do with this chain?

I have you to remember your Dad, not this

You take this.

We need to pay 12 lacs.

If we don't pay 2 lacs now,

The loan amount will be around 15 lacs in total.

If they file a case,

we won't be able to repay it
even after selling our house.

You please listen to me.

You sell it.

It will be a relief for the time-being.

No Mummy.

It was you who said that when one door
is closed, nine doors will open

I will find a way to repay this loan.

You go to bed.

Me and your Dad has had lots of fights.

But your Dad never left me
alone even for a night.

Daddy brought this stone from Singapore.

It costs 2 lac bucks.

Do you like it?

This stone will be fixed on ourwedding ring.

This ring on your finger, is made out of

I bought it from Singapore.

Do you know how much does that diamond

2 lacs.

Roy, when I have this ring on my finger,

I feel that you are with me.

I will never take it off.

You should also not remove it.

Promise me.

The cost of this ring is
not 2 lacs, it's you.

I will never take it off.


- Sir, Isn't this Platinum?
- Yes

We don't accept Platinum

As per RBI rules,

Only Gold is pledged here

Not only here,

Platinum Jewellery can't be pledged in any

O Kay

She is correct

No metal other than Gold
is pledged in any Banks in India

That is the rule

In short, such cosy items
are all utter waste, isn't it?

Other than for flaunty purpose,

These don't serve any need!

That is the reason they're accepted
where they were sold!

One more option is there

A man in Thrissur gives loan against such

He may accept

Why don't we approach him?

Should we?

He charges exorbitant interest

You heard of Peruki Rapaayi?

He is the one

Should we really approach him?

I got no other options than this.

"Don't ask for bills"

"Default payment is injurious to Health"

These notes are not for fun

Hey, look at me

Even against the Underwear this Rapaayi gives

But if default a payment,

I'll take the right of your possession

In that case, you can trust us

Enough, take out the item.


Here it is

What is this? An Aluminium Ring?

- No No..
- Then?

It's Platinum ring

Item looks good

Studded with Stones also!

Those are Diamonds

No matter what they are!
Rapaayi has no problem

What is the cost of this in the Market?

Nearly between 2.5 AI 3 lacs!

For this?

what the price for this item is!

- Isn't this Platinum with diamond?
- Yes

- It costs around 2 lacs
- oh two Iakhs!

Shall I bring tea for them?

Not necessary

- Not necessary, is it?
- Yes

He says 2 lacs

So I will give around 2.5, 3..

I will give you around One lac rupees against

- What do you say?
- Oh no! Bro, I at least need 1.5 lacs

Othenlvise there is no purpose of pledging

What are you talking, man?
It's against my business policy

It's worth 2.5 lacs

You must give me 1.5 lacs, please"


As we belong to a same religion, I agree.

Take 1.5 lacs

But I deduct 10,000 as one month interest

Here is the balance one lac forty thousand.

Take it

O Kay

Are you haPPV7

- Don't you?
- Yes

Today is 7th

On 7th of every month, Interest amount
should reach my table, okay

If not, then there is no need for you to come

That's it

I'll reach it promptly

It's our word

Okay, go to Asokan..he is waiting for you

Hey lad! Stop

- Is this your wedding ring?
- Yes

- Yours?
- Hmm

- Does your wife know?
- No

O my Lord! Only now I really feel happy


No, I've been thinking
I'm the number one crook in the World

See you then

Don't worry, won't we redeem it in a jiffy!

" He should disentangle the many knots"

"Which tighten while untying them"

"And run along different paths"

"For this, he doesn't have talent"

"Falling, he caught the branch of thorny tree"

" put in jeopardy from all corners"

"He lives with distress"

"The time is now bad"

"Hardships, left and right"

"O dreams, flying losing the way,"

" He's a hapless one desiring a boon"

"The path will vanishmlegs will tire..."

"When will his fate-line change?"

"O dreams, flying losing the way,"

"He's a hapless one desiring a boon"

"The path will vanishmlegs will tire..."

"When will his fate-line change?"


Damn it!

- What happened, son?
- Nothing


"Carrying a hill of troubles on his head"

"faltering and falling"

"On the flying earth, below the eagle"

"There is trouble top to bottom"

"At this bad time, this has come"

"Poor thing! Even a tiger is under the rat's feet"

"The world is topsy-turvy on top of his head"

"He should disentangle the many knots"

"Which tighten while untying them"

"And run along different paths"

"For this, he doesn't have talent"

"Falling, he caught the branch of thorny tree"

" put in jeopardy from all corners"

"He lives with distress"

"The time is now bad"

"Hardships, left and right"

"O dreams, flying losing the way,"

"He's a hapless one desiring a boon"

"The path will vanishmlegs will tire..."

"When will his fate-line change?"

Kuttapauwhat happened to my job?

"O dreams, flying losing the way,"

"He's a hapless one desiring a boon"

"The path will vanishmlegs will tire..."

"When will his fate-line change?"

We don't add tamarind in Avival dish?

Then,it will spoil the dish dear

See and learn, child

Well, why are you fond
of tamarind all of a sudden?

Eh! Really?

Is it so?

About what?

For taking a little amount of tamarind,
are you people imagining things?

Is it for this I needlessly".


Do I need to send you back home right today?

It's my mistake, I shouldn't have imagined

How is that Possible?
Now I feel my Sis-in-law words are true

What did she say?

"If you want apples, you have to shake the

- That's what I also meant
- Correct

She didn't like it

Children of nowadays are like this only


Hates the annoying talk of mother-in-laws!

- Here, taste this
- No need

Come on.

Don't get angfy

You are not used to such chores, isn't it, deal'?

You've maids at home to do, isn't it?

Give, I will do

No mom, Your leg is hurt

Doesn't matter, I will do

This wasn't the life you
wished for, isn't it, dear?

Roy has no control. spending money

I told him to invite only 500 members for your

But he invited around 1000 members

Incurred an expense of four lac rupees!

It was all spent from the
loan amount taken from the bank

Had he been little careful,

he wouldn't face such a crisis

How will he?

He doesn't know that a
"Small leak will sink a great Ship"

This was because he lost the job, isn't it, Mom?

Othenivise this won't be his condition, isn't it?

No dear, that was not the cause

He used to lend money to others
when he had enough

He is good at lending

But poor in redeeming

He feels reluctant to ask

His dad was also like him

Many people have cheated him

In that case, I had too
many quarrels with Roy's Dad

It's from the dad, Sons learn to handle cash

In money matters, hold him tight

Otherwise he will go aloof

- I won't ask
- You needn't have to. I will ask

Is everyone doing well in the bridge?


Mom, can you give me the stem of this plant?


Yeah, this plant

Oh,Anthurium's Stem.

Not Stem, bulb!

Then, give me a bulb!

I referred you as BULB

For that, you need to plant the Sapling

Oh! Then let me buy the Vase and come

I'm taking leave

Tomorrow is 25th Wedding Anniversary of Kora

All of us are invited for the function

I'm tired of going with this leg

You and Clara attend the function

No way!

You hadn't been to their house after marriage

Clara has agreed to go

I've some work here, mom

What bloody work!
Whiling away time on the bridge!

Just shut up. Both of you must attend

Spend a day over there

You must see and learn how to live a happy life

O Kay

Is Clara at home?

She walked off to her house in a huff!


I just joked. She is at home

Invite Kora for dad's ceremony, okay

Here is the grain of the Yellow flower

O my goodness! Yesterday I prayed to get this

Where did you get it, son?

I stole it from Church Garden

O my Jesus!

Please come, all of you, let's cut the cake

Why hasn't Roy turned up?

He said he will be coming. He is sure to come

Still why hasn't he..

Here he comes

Please come

I was afraid that you wouldn't come

There were too many traffic blocks on the way

Doesn't matter

Can't you leave a little early?

Yeah..we left

Papa look over there

Is it over?

Please open this for me, dear

- Come near.
- What happened?

Aren't they a good match?

As if they 1110!!

Gulp it

Money alone is not my problem now

To tell the truth, I feel a distant with her

Man who always maintains a distant
with Woman is called as Husband

You just started your life

You will get used to it!

Still it doesn't set well should never set

If it does, then these women
will take things for granted

All husbands complain that his
wife neither loves nor understands!

If they start loving us more,

Then, we'll tend to dislike them the most!


Then what happiness do you lack with, Uncle?

What happiness! Irony!

I've being squeezed
under that devil's armpit since 25 yrs!

I hardly have strength to cry aloud also

In case if I do also,

Only this much I can do.

Dear! Aren't you coming?

Come quickly

Or else that devil will spit on it

Son Tinted.!

Does the food on the plate
pass via mobile to your mouth?

Put that aside and eat!

O my dad! I received a message in Whatsapp

I'm reading that

Who sent you the message?

What is the message about?

Vicar Father sent a group message

A husband who dances upon
the gestures of a wife,

is the real henpecked husband!

I'll be there

Clara was telling about Roy

That she is very lucky to get him

And Roy is a very good husband!

Fed up of you, dear!

Take away your hand!

Your hand is as heavy as my leg

With what dammit it's made up of!

If I happen to die of hiccups also,

Don't ever pat on my head

Listen Roy

Once when I had hiccups,
She patted me like this

2 Pegs of thick blood oozed out of my nose!

I mean it!

You are also lucky to get a wife like Clara, Roy

Is it not, Roy?

That's right

I really feel envy looking at your life!

Yes Yes

They are ideal couples, aren't they,

How is that not possible?

Because I'm her husband

You really imagine"

That I'm so. Speak

I totally belong to a different level

I'm not that real man you imagine

I'm that Man that you don't imagine!

I myself have got into a confusion asking
who am I!

In fact I'm a misty mountain

You only have seen the
top part of the mountain, is it?

Its bottom part.

- I've only seen it!
- Oh no!

Misty Mountain!

Where is your ring?

That is..

While bathing, I taken it off
and kept it in cupboard

Were you bathing inside the Cupboard?

No, I taken it off and kept it in Cupboard
and then went to bathe

And took bath in the bathroom

You promised me that
you will not take it off for ever


While bathing, amidst.

I will be back now

Where are you going?

I'm going to the junction to meet Bank Manager

I will meet him and be back

Well, where are you going, Roy?

He is going to the Bank

On this Sunday?

Do Banks operate on Sunday?

Come and have a cup of tea

Made of country breed cow's milk,
tea powder, Sugar

With my loving hands...

Enough...Stop it..

Isn't it a holiday today?

Wasn't the same thing I also asked?

Holiday is only for the Bank, is it?

But Managefs House will be there, is it?

As it's a Sunday, he will not dismantle
and go, isn't it?

I will meet and come, okay

He is going to Managefs house

I don't belive so

You come dear

I won't go back home until she's asleep

If she asks for the ring,

Then that will be the end of everything

Will that lead us to trouble?

I've almost gone mad

Why do you feel restless, Roy?

No, nothing"

Haseena has come.


Yes Mom.

Come dear.

Be careful.

Will you secure a rank this time?


Well, isn't your shuttling over yet?

You Naughty!

Enough of teasing.

We'll be back now

Buddy, come!

If I pedal, the chain will
come off...Let me push then"

I've an idea

Sell mom's chain and get the ring back.

Even if Mom gets upset for a while,

You can make Clara sister happy

Or else Clara sister will beat you to death.

You don't frighten me!

I will never ask for mom's chain

Some miracle will happen. I'm Sure

Definitely God will show a way

God only shows way to those who earn

How will God help a person
like you who earns nothing?

What miracle is going to happen?

If my brain works well,
then things will be fine.

Enough dude.

Okay, you go home.

Anyways, I will go home only after she sleeps

Are you planning to wander around till 11 p.m?

Have you gone nuts?

Then come, let's have Dosa from Toufique's

And a plate of Omelet, what do you say?

As you wish!

Be careful! Chain may come off

What happened?

See who is sitting at the Corner of the bench!


Hello, 2 Dosas

Oh my god!

Isn't he the guy I thrashed
in front of the bank the other day?

What is he doing here?

If go there now, he will grind
you for Side dish for his Dosa

Roy Side dish!

- Shall we leave the place?
- Come then.

Looks like his entire team is here!

Come, let's run that way,


Come fast!

Would he have come looking for me?

If that was the case, he wouldn't be eating

He would've eaten you!

You can neither go back home fearing wife,

Nor get out of here fearing him.

Bro! Did Roy come here?

Oh no! Bro-in-law is sure to stake my life!

Hello Sir, I'm L.l.C George

Many good schemes are there!

Jeevan Raksha Policy!

This is the right time to take a policy, Sir

Those fellows left!

Ain't I a real failure, dude?

Is that why I hang around with
you like an umbrella on the shoulder'?

Even if you are a failure,

You will definitely comeback

Sure to Succeed!

A Visa from Gulf will solve
all your problems, won't it?

That will definitely come. I'm Sure

Mark my words! Everything will be fine!

Come dear

Papa, why did you leave me alone behind?

His Papa died when he was 15,

It's been 15 years since then

Papa was his life

Shall we move?



It's Shamsu

Roy, don't talk while driving

Either stop the car and talk,

or put on the Speaker

She is correct

Talking while driving will only ask for trouble!


Once while I was returning from a Church

I saw a boy like him in a similar
car talking on phone while driving

A tipper truck that was going
to the opposite direction,

rammed over the Car, and squeezed
and shredded him into pieces!

Oh god! Will you just stay quiet?

You got only such scary things
to say if you open your mouth!

As we are coming from the Cemetry,

I just said thinking we shouldn't go back
to the Cemetery again.



Roy dear! It's Rappaayi

Your Rin...

Who is this Rappaayi?

Wr...Wrong number!

He was saying something.

- Yes Yes.
- No..

Like fin" or something"

Looks like a fraud!

Thank Heavens! Reached home safely!

I need to go out urgently,
will be back home at noon

Tell us where you are going!

Silly boy!

Clara dear! There is something fishy in this

Hello! Yes

When I called you before,

you were with your wife, weren't you?

Ah.. How did you come to know?

This is not the first time
I'm calling these kinds of frauds!

Roy! You don't wait till 7th, okay

Come within two days and take back your ring

Othenlvise I'll take it away

Oh God! Give me one more weeks' time

Hey, can you understand what I'm saying?

Situation is getting worse here

- No..- You come here..

- I'm cutting the phone
- Hello, that's"


Don't get tensed!
Think about how to arrange 1.5 lacs!

It's all my mistake, useless!

Ain't I cheating everyone?

I pledged even my wedding ring

I'm sure to die, you wait and see!

Why are you getting so violent?

Rapaayi is too wicked!

Somehow, we got to redeem the ring

If Clara comes to know about this,

then I can't ever live with self-respect!

My chest is paining!

Calm down, Man!

I can think of only one option!

Ask for Mom's chain

Sell it and redeem the Ring

O my God! Where are you dragging me to?

Give up your self-esteem!

Use your brains!

If it was me, I would do only this

Oh no! I can't find any alternatives!

Who is that driving Benz in the fields?

Who is that?

- Do you know?
- I don't know. May be you know!

You owe too much of debts, don't you?


- This is the man
- Referring to you only

Who is this trouble?

He is smiling at you!

You are Roy, aren't you?


In case if he's..

If I'm..

I'm Kurian Parackal

I'm your dad's old friend

I'm not sure whether you know me!

About 20 years ago,
I was running a Chit fund company here

When my company became insolvent,
I quit the place

By God's grace, I recovered whatever I lost

When my company became insolvent,

It was your dad who helped me lending some

Now I felt of returning back the money

That's why I came to meet you.


Take these two lac rupees!

Please accept this, son

Othenlvise I would feel remorse!

Thank god! Only now I feel relieved!

At least from now on I can sleep peacefully

See you children!

What a gentleman he is!

I thought you would deny
as it was your dad's money

He is not a human being

But God, my dude! Real God!

My dad didn't have a bankrupt friend

Shall we go to Thrissur then?

Dump the cash into that bloody swine's mouth!

I'm going to definitely bombard him

Do it!

Decorating his office with swindled money!

Hello! Where is Rappaayi?

If it's for redeeming the articles,
please ask there

It's full of mess here!

Damn it!


Hello, that's the matter before 25th..

I will let you know.


I will tell you. You please...

- Hello..
- Cut the phone, please

Oh Roy!

Babu Uncle!

So you know each other?

Then things will be easy!

Are you asking if we know? What a question!

He is Clara's Uncle

Her Mom's brother

What brings you here, Uncle?

- Weren't you aware then, Roy?
- No

Please be seated

We've taken over this bank now

Ourachhan has bought this bank

- Do you know who is Ourachhan?
- No

- Clara's papa
- Oh!

This bank is full of fraud!

More than half of the transactions are illegal

And Ourachhan has taken over it
at a very cheaper price!

Rapaayi, the former boss of
this bank is a useless fellow

His Children wants to sell
this and take him to America

And the thing is that,

his Elder son is handling all the dealings

Not a big issue

Few other metals and ornaments
have been pledged against cash

Such like Platinum jewelry

Some idiots have pledged
even their wedding rings!

And now we've taken a decision,

to handover the illegal items
to the concerned in 2 weeks' time

For that, we'll start sending
notices from next week onwards


- Then our business will be clear!
- Glad!

How is Clara doing?

Clara will take away Roy's life now!

She is very fine

Well, what brought you here, Roy?

L..Here..Not only me.. my intimate friend Shamsu

He came here to deposit 10 lac rupees in FD,

knowing that he will
earn higher interest here!

- Fantastic!
- Is it so?

Okay, carry on with the rest of the formalities

I will move then

Convey my regards to Clara dear


Okay bye then

Well, give me your address then

I have no address

When I get one, I will come

A man without address!

This is not fair, dude.

Putting me into trouble when
you were going to be trapped!

All your ideas have only devastated my life!

I know you will talk like this at last!

I make ideas sacrificing my sleep!

Now I'm afraid he might come to
my house looking for me!

Tit for tat!

It's like a CATCH 22 Situation now!

Let's go

Well, do I look like I am worth 10 lacs rupees?

Put the Seat belt

Only worth 1000-2000 bucks, ain't I?

Don't provoke me

I must find an idea to get out of this

I must get back that ring at any cost

How can you?

You can't step into that bank's vicinity again

He will start sending notice from next week

Somehow, they will find out that it's my ring!

Then I'll have no other option than die!

You are the 1st person in India to pledge
wedding ring in Father-in-law's bankl!

There is only one option now

Disclose the truth to Clara sis
and try to get off from this mess!

You imbecile! lfl do, the very next moment
she will walk off to her home!

You don't know her well! She is too fierce!

What else to do then?

I must get back the ring by any means

Or else my life will be like mango seed.

Roy, What did you say now?


Some Mango"

Mango seed!

Yeah I got it, Roy!! I got it!

The best idea!

Wait and see!

Turn right

- Right?
- Yes

Stop here..


At least tell me where you are going?

This is Althuruthi Colony,

where full of thieves and robbers live in

So please wait, I will be back now

Will this work out or cause another mess?

Oh no!

Please don't talk negative!

Jesus, don't know what's going to happen.

It was somewhere here.

Mayandi bro!

Who is that?

Is Mayandi bro at home?

Someone is looking for you

What is the matter?

Please come outside,

there is a task which will
fetch you good money!

What task, sir?

Okay, I will tell you.
When did you return from Jail?

This morning only, Sir

Don't you have the ability to cut big locks?

I'm the Number one in the field, sir

That I know. You are famous in Kerala

Come to the point, sir

One of my friends is waiting out in the Car

He needs a Ring

That Ring is in the bank

You must steal that Ring
from the bank and give him

In return he will pay you 10000 bucks!

I need to rob a bank, Is that all?

For that 10000 is too less, Sir

Give me at least 2.5 lacs

You Mangaandi!

I'm not Mangaandi! Mayandhi!

Well Mr.Mayandhi!

Aren't we helping you by buying the toxic
costly Vegetables supplied from Tamilnadu?

Similarly, a small help!

It's a small bank robbery,

for a little ring! Please"

Still 10000 is too less

It's just a matter of 25000 bucks!

For that you are asking 2.5 lacs!

I will pay you an advance of 5000 bucks

Next time, try to rob the State bank

Let the people feel happy

When do I need to come again?

Come day after tomorrow

- Ring will be ready
- Okay

I will come tomorrow

So this is the Photo of the ring

Platinum? Diamond?

No, Black stone polished!

Oh! You go happily, Sir

I will get it done

If he doesn't get back his Ring

then his life will be hopeless!

(TV dialogues)


All your problems are going to be solved

I'm going to Mayaandi's house now

I will collect the ring
and come to your house, okay

Roy, you used to watch this, don't you?


I'm fond of that child

If that Child was not there,
many of our families would've been ruined

Yes Yes

Son! What is wrong with you?

You gone of nuts?

Why do you laugh needlessly?

Hereafter it's Roy's time to laugh!

Keep it down

Our reporter Binu is giving updates,

Notorious thief Mayandi was arrested tonight

While robbing a bank in Thrissur,

He got caught by Police

He was in jail for the last two years,
for the theft of Idol from Pattambi tem ple.

What happened?


I need some water

Get some water quickly

Luckily escaped!

Will Police come looking for us?

How would they come?

That Paandi doesn't know who we are.

Things are slipping off our hands!

It's all my mistake

Everyone will know everything

Everything ends in failure when the time is bad.

I'm going

I can't face anyone

I shall also join you then,

I should've better joined Clara's Papa's bank

It's my nasty ego...

You can join even now

No, if Clara comes to know of all this,

She would leave me!

I know.

Wasn't I cheating her?

If you don't strangle my throat,

shall I suggest you one last idea?

Kill me..Better kill me

Is it to see my death?

Please listen to my idea first

You say it.

Listen to each and every word of mine carefully

- You've 2 lac rupees to redeem the Ring
- Yes

But Until Clara Sis's Uncle is at the Counter,

That is not possible

Suppose Babu Uncle is not at the Counter'?

You mean to kill him?

Not to kill him

- If he is not at the Counter,
we can go there, can't we? - Yes

- Showing the original ID proof,
we can redeem the ring- Yes

How much time do you require to redeem this

Approximately 10 minutes

10 minutes!

What if I move Uncle from
there for half an hour?

Won't our plan work out?

Yes! It will

Sure to work!

Couldn't you give this idea earlier?

What to do? He gives one by one.

In fact, I should've been born in America!

It was my Dad's mistake!

Hello Mr.Babu!

Oh Shamsu! Please sit down

Thank you

Sir, I'm tired of calling you.

It gets cut whenever I call

Well, I wasn't here for some time

Where were you then?

Well, I flew to Vatican to light!

To fight'?

It was my mom's childhood dream
to light something in Vatican

She is old enough, isn't she?

So, I lighted it!

You did a good thing

Your name is Shamsu and
how did you go to Vatican!

What if I go to Vatican?

Can I tell you something, Mr.Babu?


Only good-for-nothing dogs
talk of Caste and religion!

No that's...

Well, what happened to my 10 lacs FD?

That's what I would like to ask you.

What happened to my 10 lacs FD?

Well, why don't we sit out and talk?

Oh Sorry, I can't.

Would you like to have
some black tea with me?

- Hello
- Hello, I have brought him to the nearby bakery

- Go quickly.
- Take him to some far away Hotel

Yes Yes, I will take him to Taj then!

I only have 50 bucks with me.

Okay Okay

Okay, come back quickly

Sir, Menu

- What?
- Menu

Oh sorry, I can't eat that, I've diabetes

Sir, it's the list of items

Is it?

Get 2 Black tea and 2 Snacks

One Black tea and One snack will do

Babu uncle, eat something.
You must take something

- I surely don't need it.
- Don't refuse

Please don't com pel me like this

For my satisfaction!

Then get me a Sharjah Milk shake
and a piece of Burger!

Don't add Sugar

Are you happy now?

Why are your eyes welled up?


Looks like you did not eat anything today!

I feel very excited when I eat this

Eat slowly.

Milk shake will not fly to Sharjah by next flight!

I need to redeem a Platinum ring

Just a minute, Sir, let me check

- Are the Staff new?
- Yes

My good luck!

- Pardon, Sir
- Nothing

Earlier a person who ate Burger
and Milkshake had died!

Shall I order one more piece of Burger'?

Should I?

NO. right?

Sir, can you give me your ID card?


Hey you!

Oh my God!

Hey stop!

Stop there

Catch him


Catch him


Catch him


Mother Mary, I'm going to
disclose everything to her,

If that truth will devastate my life,

let if happen!

I'm tired of cheating everyone.

No, no. he will reach soon.

Have it sister.

- I don't want. You eat it.
- Just taste it.

Nothing. I will be back now

Enough of playing here,

Go out and play kids.

Go carefully

What is the problem, Roy?

What is wrong with you?



I am not"

...a good husband!

I was cheating you for all these days

I pledged the Wedding ring, which I had
promised you that I won't take off,

Now I'm not able to redeem it also

I've no job

...No income

...No savings

I've nothing apart from Debts!

I'm not the right mate for you!


I have repaid the entire loan
in the co-operative bank


What did you say, Roy?

That you own only debts

Now not the debts,

You got only me!



How did you arrange funds?

I sold off all my gold.

If I borrow money from daddy,

you will feel insulted!

My Roy shouldn't feel insulted in front of

It was not because I was greedy for gold,

that I denied giving it to you.

I considered all my ornaments
as our savings only

You've no job now, Roy

Just think Roy.

In case if there is any need for yourVisa,

Or if anyone falls sick,

We will have to ask someone for help!

Mom was very much upset seeing
your debts increasing day by day

Negligence in Cash dealings
causes debts to increase, Roy!

That's why I denied giving you the ornaments!

Still whenever you came to me asking for my

My heart used to bleed, Roy!

I know that you are struggling hard, Roy

At last when I realized that things
were going out of our hands,

I sold off the ornaments and settled the loan

After losing you.

What's the point of amassing
these Ornaments and Cash, Deal'?

You have a shower and change.

When all guests are there outside,
it is not manners for us to sit here

Let me go.

Then Roy,

The wedding ring you had kept in the
cupboard while bathing the other day,

is there on the Bible on the table!

If possible, wear it on yourfinger

"With silence as your language"

"You are as cool shower in the ears"

"As the beautiful clouds above"

"As auspicious flowers in me"

"I'll softly tell stories in your ears"

"Now I'll share with you all my desires"

"You are in me"

"You are everywhere"

"Happiness comes from the
poem hummed by somebody"

"You are in me"

"You are everywhere"

"Now and then, my heart enjoys your face"

Happy Birthday to you!

You forgot, didn't you?

Where is the knife to cut the Cake?

Here is the Knife

- What?
- Else do you want Axe?

Give her


Give him


Valsa became shy.

Roy, you pledged the ring
in my friend Rappaayi's bank

The moment he saw the address in your ID card

He informed me.

I immediately conveyed it to your Mom and

So all of you were..

Certainly! All of us were fooling you

All rings only have the worth of its metal.

But when its put on the finger,
we take a Vow,

that we'll live together with
mutual understanding and Trust until death

That trust is its value!

I was having unnecessary ego

But now I don't have it

Daddy, can you guide me in this Banking

His dad James,

Suffered a lot in need of money
during his last days

Your mom played all this drama

So that you shouldn't be in a similar plight.

Dear Roy!

Who else knows your mom better than you?

Here comes the chief adviser!

What happened Sh am sh u?

I went to have a black tea

Well Mr.Roy,

One minute, I got something to tell you

Where the hell were you?

As the situation is out of control now,

Let's look for some other girl!

Still this is the first time I'm seeing
a man cutting cake and divorcing his wife!

How did you manage to get a duplicate ring?

It's not duplicate, It's Original!


Why this make-up?

It's not a make-up, It's real!

- What happened?
- I was thrown with a burger.

So severe?

There was plate also with it.

Come and have cake

I came with a new idea.

You don't need it now, do you?

Give him a piece of Cake

A small piece according to his size okay!


Roy! We've reached

Come back a little early today

We had promised to visit Tessy's house!

Try to come before Baby's cake cutting begins!

I will leave early

You don't come late saying
you were busy at Boutique!

No, I've already informed

I will come with the gift for the baby

O Kay


"Baby on Board"

Good morning Shibu
Are you doing well?

Madam, do you give loans against ornaments?

Yes sir

- Do you accept Gold?
- Of course

We accept Gold

- It's my Wedding ring
- We will accept

How about the interest?

The ring got stuck...

Not able to take it off.

Sir, please wait for 5 minutes

"With silence as your language"

"You are as cool shower in the ears"

"As the beautiful clouds above"

"As auspicious flowers in me"

"I'll softly tell stories in your ears"

"Now I'll share with you all my desires"

"You are everywhere"

"You are in me"

"Happiness comes from the poem"

"Hummed by somebody"

"You are everywhere"

"You are in me"

"Now and then, my heart enjoys your face"

"I'll slowly open your eyes by a thousand

"I'll spread a lightning feather
by a thousand dreams"

"Who will blossom in this flower as honey"

"A bird's song will rise beautifully in the sky"

"I'll shower as snow lazily"

"I'll croon as a small cuckoo in you"

"You are everywhere"

"You are in me"

"Now and then, my heart enjoys your face"

"When the rain showers as
petals from the sky above"

"On the bosom of the earth"

"I'll wander through that as many small wings"

"We'll flow and fill in the
chillness drizzling softly"

"I'll softly tell stories in your ears"

"Now I'll share with you all my desires"

"You are everywhere"

"You are in me"

"Happiness comes from the poem"

"Hummed by somebody"

"You are everywhere"

"You are in me"

"Now and then, my heart enjoys your face"