Mandingo (1975) - full transcript

Slave owner Warren Maxwell insists that his son, Hammond, who is busy bedding the slaves he buys, marry a white woman and father him a son. While in New Orleans, he picks up a wife, Blanche, a "bed wench," Ellen, and a Mandingo slave, Mede, whom he trains to be a bare-knuckle fighting champion. Angered that Hammond is spending too much time with his slaves, Blanche beds down Mede.

?? Hmm mmm ??

?? Mmm mm mmm ??

[Foot tapping out rhythm]

?? Mm hmm mmm ??

?? I was born
in this time ??

[Banjo strumming]

?? To never be free ??

[Washboard strumming]

?? Born in this time ??

?? To never be free ??

?? Wait all my time
for freedom ??

?? Now ??

?? It's too far ??

?? Up a hill for me ??

?? Now, you know,
my feeling ??

?? Is all I ever owned ??

?? Yeah ??

?? You know,
my feeling, now ??

?? Is all I ever owned ??

?? Well, you know, ah,
happiness is one thing ??

?? Mmm ??

?? I have never known ??

?? Yeah,
i don't understand ??

?? And I don't know
who to blame ??

?? Well--well,
i don't understand ??

?? And I don't know
who to blame ??

?? Yeah, and i
just keep on livin' ??

?? I just keep on
livin' the same ??

?? I am so tired ??

?? But I can't take
my rest ??

?? Yeah,
and I'm so tired ??

?? But I can't take my res
t ??

?? Yeah, you know,
my back ??

?? Is so worn ??

?? And I ain't ??

?? Feel that strong ??

?? Dear lord in heaven ??

?? Can you hear
my lonesome prayer? ??

?? Oh, dear lord
in heaven ??

?? Can you hear
my lonesome prayer? ??

?? Oh, save me
from trouble ??

?? Mmm ??

?? Trouble an' ??

?? Despair ??

?? I was born
in this time ??

?? To never be free ??

?? Well, I was born
in this time ??

?? Mmm ??

?? To never be free ??

?? Well, you know,
my time for freedom ??

?? Way up--way up there ??

?? With a halo on me ??

?? Way on--way up there ??

?? Where heaven be ??

?? Way, way,
way up there ??

?? Where heaven be ????

How much for this wench
and sucker?

She ought to be
worth 650.

That's too much.

I can't get more
than seven for them
in New Orleans.

Shuck down your pants.

Bend over.

You're wasting time.

He ain't got

You alter
some of them?

My pa never
altered a nigger,

nor have I.

On this plantation,
there's no altered
horse nor nigger.

When the bucks run
a-scared of that,

I wouldn't
be blaming them.

This buck's Cicero,
a runner.

Talks a lot.

Talks, preaches.

Stops the others
from doing.

he's a prime worker.

Make a deal on him.

Go fetch.

Ah. He moves fast.

A sound buck.

Good for the sugar cane.

Yeah. He might
last 7, 8 years.

1,500 for the 3 of them.

That's this one here
and them two.



Don't want to see
another batch?

No, that's enough
for now.

All right, mem,

send them back
to quarters.

See that those
three bucks

is chained
in the barn tonight.

Yes, master Maxwell, sir.

Back to quarters,

Papa! Papa.

Brownlee is the correct

is it not, sir?

That is, sir.

Ham, this here'’
’s Mr. brownlee.

Right charmed
by the honor
of your company.

Well, I'm right charmed
my own self.

Mr. brownlee
is a trader.

Well, you gonna
have slaves,

you got to have

That's right.

You can't eat them,

and you can't plow
them under.

Papa. Papa, doc redfield
come about big Pearl.

If she has vomit
or temperature,

she got to be

No, doc redfield,
nothing like that.

Well, let's see.

All right, now, Pearl,
breathe deep.


Git! Git!

What ails her, doc?

Doc redfield's
the best veterinarian
anywhere around here.

She a virgin?


Well, I reckon.

But you can't
never be sure

about a black wench.


She pure.

I've been saving h

like master Maxwell
tell me.

She a mandingo wench.

You don't let
just any buck
get to her.


Big Pearl,
you the only one

who can tell us
most certain.




Nothing ailing
the wench--

except she cravin'--

in the bud of heat.

She's hipped, plum hipped.

Old doc redfield--

he don't know

about nigger nature,
nigger symptoms.

Hammond, son...

You pleasure her,
she'll get better.

You don't...

She'll fall off.

I too black,
master, sir.

I not fitting
for you.

Master's duty

to pleasure the wenches
first time,

you know that.


[Pearl weeping]

Pure mandingo.

You got bucks,

I'd give s3,000
for a mandingo buck.

Need one to breed her.

When I was your age,

there wasn't no
14-year-old virgins

around falconhurst.

Hammond craves
the bright-skinned ones.

Why ever you don't
hanker for big Pearl.

I do hanker, papa,

She's powerful musky
is all.

No need for musk
to bother you.

Just soak them good

in manganade
and potash water.

I need some more milk.

Yes, sir, master.

you black scoundrel,

get in here,
help lucrezia borgia.

Tell them how many
suckers you brung us,
lucrezia borgia.

24, master.


These twins...

Are two of them.

She bred out now--

too old.

Yes, sir, massa.

I'm calling you, mem.

I'm begging you
to step face.

Papa, don't get yourself
riled now.

It ain't good
for your rheumatism.

I'll get master hammon

to take a piece
of your hide off of you.

Oh, no, massa,
don't hide me.
Please, sir.

I--i be spry.

Do you have
any religion

for your niggers,
Mr. Maxwell?

Hell, no.

More religions they gets,
the ornerier they gets.

Harder to drive.

Don't worry none about
their immortal souls?

They ain't got
no immortal souls.

They gets to thinking
they has souls.

They gets to thinking

they's as good
as white folk.

Mem, you reckon
you got a soul?

Well, a lazy,

stupid, god-forsaken
nigger like me

can't have a soul,


Well, some folks
think they got souls

and go to heaven,

Them abolitionists
up north done say
they's good as whites.

Damn sons of bitches.

Slavery was ordained
by god--

by god hisself.

Niggers are right happy
eating, working,



Cracks and loonies!

Papa, papa.

in other folks'’
’ business!

Papa, your rheumatism.

I don't give a dam
n about my rheumatism!

Don't do this,
don't do that!

Gets worse,
whatever I do
or quit doing!

Uh, sleeping...

With one of them
naked Mexican dogs...

They say it drains
the rheumatism

right out of the man

and into the dog.


A nigger
just as good.

One of them
drain off the rheumatism
good as any naked dog.

'Course, you'd have
to have that nigger

sort of curled up
around your feet,

and then you got
to press hard

and kindly
force the rheumatism
right out the soles.

That's right


Papa, I'm going.

Lucrezia borgia,

you tell Lucy
to get big Pearl ready.

Right glad
to hear that, son.

Good boy.

He look like he be
a right vigorous stud.


Shy about his leg.

When he was 6 years old,
a year after his ma died,

a pony threw him off,

stepped on his knee.

Now, just do
everything he say.


And don't
let no farts,

no difference
how you feel.

And don't forget
to say thank you,

whether he gives you
nothing or not.

You supposed to reckon
it's a prideful hour--

white master
taking your first.

This stuff smells awful,

Smells good
to white noses.

You know, I...

Heard doc redfield

Say a magnated wench
stay sweet smelling
for two days.

I be smelling like this
for two days?

Hush up, now.

I told you
not to let on
you're sick.

Go on, Meg, go on!

All right. Lucy...

Lucrezia borgia,
you can go.

You act like I told you,

Yes, mama.

You gonna have to help me
with my boots.

You glad about this,
big Pearl?

Big Pearl?

Sure, master Hammond.

Why mama say...


What'd she say?

She say...

She say it'd b
e right joyful.

She right?

Toby, you get out
of here.

How you all feel--

laying here chained

while the white man
walk about,

doing his pleasure
with a black girl?

May actually don't hav
e no feelings at all--

like that
peckerwood say.

Feelings like
some old dumb animal

That don't count no

y'all hear me?

In Africa,

our people born free.

That's right.

Free men...


Masters of our
own selves.

And of the forest

and the rivers
and the mountains.

Y'all think
that deep down,

that peckerwood
don't know

we's as human
as he is?

What for,
you reckon,

he keep us
from learning

and religion

and reading?

'Cause theyknow.

They's a-feared
that deep down
we is human.


You brung
that copy-out page?

Yeah, I got it.

Show these brethren
how to read.

"Oh, lord...

"Our god...

"Others, lord...

"Beside thee...








"Over us...

"But by thee...


Will we make..."






Be meaning
"to speak of."



Thy name."

[Door opens]

What are you
doing here, mem?

Let me see
what you got there.

Give it to me, mem.

Give it to me!


You can read,
can't you?

And write.

Who learned you, mem?

It was you,
huh, Cicero?

Damn! Get out of here!

My papa done well
to sell you.

Reading! You know
what you can get
for reading?

Go on!

There we go.





You got to keep
your feet

pressed hard
on his belly now,

so the rheumatism drains
right out from the sole,
all right?

Yes. Yes, doctor.

All right.



Well, good night all.

I'll do that,

You stay curled up there,

Good night, doc.

Good night, doc.

Good night.

Papa, I got to peel
mem's rump.

What's he done?

Well, he--

he's just been getting
too uppity is all.

You protecting him

What'd he do now?

Papa, I catch mem

He can read.


That dumb-ass,
broke-head, nigger read--

I don't want to see!

You know what
old Sam tucks do
with readin' niggers?

Puts out an eye.

Cures them good.

One eye, not two.

there's no damn use,

but one eyes
work as hard--

don't give
no more trouble.

No, papa, no.

I'll just whup him
a bit is all.

'Taint enough.

That's all, papa.

A larruping will do it.

Then whup him fierce.

you got to cut deep,

'cause a nigger don't
feel physical punishment
soon as a white man.

And you rub in
the pimentade after.

Hurts like hell,

but heals the scars
right clean.

And tell lucrezia borgia
to use fresh red pepper
in the pimentade,

fresh lemon,
and plenty of salt.

Yes, sir.

Good night, papa.

Plenty of salt,
i say.

Yes, sir.


You pray for memnon
tonight, massa?

Ain't no use
me praying for you,

seeing as how

you can do it
for your own self.

May after tomorrow--

after you been whupped.

Now, git.

Yes, sir, massa.

Master, sir?

What you want, dite?

Master, I knocked up.

Oh, I been looking
for that.

when my sucker come,

can'st I keep it?

It's for your own good,

So you won't feel bad
if'n we go to sell it.

Now, I lay me
down to sleep,

I pray the lord
my soul to keep.

If I should die
before I wake,

pray the lord
my soul to take.

Haul him up, pokey.


Don't want a beating.
Master Hammond, please.

No, please!

No, please, stop!


massa Hammond.

Go on, Meg.

You sure look a-funny
hanging there.

Shut your mouth, Meg.


Stand off from him--

so like--

and aim for his bottom.

You get him in the legs
it don't hurt him none,

but don't you slam
his back.

Yes, sir, master.

Go ahead.

[Grunting beneath gag]



[Muffled scream
with every blow]

[Beating continues]


You ain't
doing that right.

Give me that.

Now, this is how
you do it.

[Louder muffled screams]

Who the hell are you
to touch my niggers?

Why, cousin Hammond.

Don't you recognize me?

We was little ones.

I'm Charles.

Major woodford's son
from crowfoot plantation.

Cousin Charles.

Come up
to the house.

Oh. Master's misery drain
right through my belly.

You lie, little buck.

I still feel
my rheumatism. Here.

I hurt awful.

Get down there.


Where's Charles?

He's a-stuffin'

with lucrezia borgia's


Major woodford--

Charles' pa--

is bad pressed.

Charles come
with a letter from him

asking to borrow money.

Do you
have a mind to?

May help.

If'n you take
to Charles' little sister,

cousin blanche.

Oh, papa, are you
starting that again?

It's time for us
to be a-thinkin'

of an heir
for falconhurst.

You need a white lady
to give you a son
with human blood--

not them suckers of yours
through wenches.

Pa, I wouldn't know
what to do,

not with no white lady.

And you can't have
no more wenches
if'n you marry.

Of course. Have them
just the same.

You doesn't talk about them
in front of your wife,

but she knows
you have them.

She wants
you should have them.

Saves her from having
to submit.

When she do submit,

you keep on your shirt
and drawers.

Plagues a white lady
almost to death
to see a man naked.

Not in New Orleans.


Them white ladies there,
i hear...

They strip it all off.

Every bit.


You just go take a look
at cousin blanche.

If she ain't
to your taste,

we can look around
at other white ladies.

Major woodford--

ha ha ha--

don't get the money.

[fiddler playing
yankee doodle]

Hello, sir.

My name's
Hammond Maxwell.

I'm Warren Maxwell
's son.

Hammond Maxwell,
well, if it ain't.

How's your pa?

Oh, he's all crippled up
with the rheumatism.

Oh, that's too bad.

And this here
is Charles woodford,

major woodford's son
from crowfoot.

Pleased to meet you.

The pleasure's
all mine, sir.

Make yourself welcome,
Mr. woodford.

Y'all come on in.

Thank you much.

Tell me,
does Warren still have

that wench
and that child?

Thank you, sir.

Little one ought
to be big enough
to breed by now.

Well, that's what
i come here for, sir.

You got an old
mandingo buck.

My papa craves
to borrow him that buck
to breed them two wenches.

But I haven't got
that buck anymore.

He dead.

Bull gored him
about three months ago,

and old zucks, he died.

Damn. I'm sorry
to hear that, sir.

My papa laid store
in him.

Warren Maxwell
and his mandingos.

They make the best
fighting niggers,


I crave one
for my own self.

A fine one.

One that can whup

This is Katie
and Ellen.

I hope they'll
be to your likin'.

Suit me fine.

Good night, then.

Thank you.
Good night.

You a virgin?

This one ain't,
huh, Katie?

Cousin Hammond,
you take the virgin.

I don't care
for hard work.

Cousin Charles, what
the hell you doing

kissing her
on the mouth?

What are you
doing that for?

Why, it makes
a man feel good.

She likes it, too,
don't you, pretty wench?

Yes, master.

You don't like
what Charles is doing?

No, master.

I don't like it,

Damn, it makes me sick.

Why are you looking
odd-like at me?

What for?

You tell me now,
no fibbing.

You tell me,
is it my leg?

No, master.

J-just you strange
for a white man.

How do you mean strange?

Caring what a white man
do to a wench.

Can you help me off
with these boots?

Yes, sir.

What happened to
your leg, master?

No one's ever asked that
straight out honest.

You know, they're always
pretending they don't see.


I do walk bad.

I thinks you walks
just fine, master.

Raise your head.

Raise your head.

Now you're looking
away from me.

I can't see you.

Put your eyes on me.

Look at me straight
into my eyes.

I can't, master.

I craves you
to do it, Ellen.

Niggers don't--

don't what?

Look a white man
in the eyes?

If you're
told to do it...

If asked to do it,

you can do it.


Don't you be afeard.

if you don't like me,
you don't have to stay

I like you, sir.

I want to please you.

Here we have
a capital woman
and her three children.

All in good health.

What will
you say for them?
Give me an offer.

I'll put the whole lot
up for $850.

$850. 850.



They ain't worth it.

Come on, let's
get out of here.

610 to the gentleman
in green. Do I hear 615?

Look at this lovely
wench, gentlemen.

I got a mandingo.

Pure-bred mandingo.

I want to see.

This is what i
was looking for,ja.


Playful as a kitten,

strong as
a bull elephant.

Good lord, ma'am.

I don't buy the pig
in the poke.

Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!

She carry on
like a man.

Is she buys him,

he's going to find
out tonight she
ain't no man.

Hey, you mean that
lady will pleasure
with that nigger?

That's a German widow,

and German ladies can never
pleasure without them.

How much?


I give you 3,000.

I'll pay the price
you're asking.

You're no gentleman,

trying to take the nigger
from the poor widow woman.

if you should crave
the make of him, ma'am

I ain't letting you
get him.


I'll pay more,
500 more.


Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!

Done! You
got a good boy.

whip smart.

I sure hate
to sell him.

What do you call him?

Mede, or galamede.

I'll come fetch him
in two, three days.

Hey, I got me
a fighting nigger!

Never been beaten up.

The mandingo my papa's
craved all his life.

Yes, sir, ain't
he something. Hee hee.

Mede, huh?

Mede. That's
a good name, mede.

Mede, huh?


Beatrix, my dear,

ain't cousin Hammond
the image of uncle theopolis?

Uncle theopolis
weren't that handsome,

and uncle theopolis
never looked at blanche
like that.

Blanche, do you think
cousin Hammond
is handsome?

It don't matter
if'n blanche thinks
he's handsome.

What matters
is cousin Hammond
thinking blanche is pretty.

You see, you don't
get the money

if'n she ain't
to his taste and
he don't wed her.

Oh, Charles.

I heard your pa.

Oh, my god!

Oh, that's
all right.

You ain't a weddin
g that Hammond.

Oh, yes, I am.
I'll be a wedding him.

He's a fine catch.




been to New Orleans.

Come from far away.

I'll tell him.

I'll tell him
what we done.

He won't believe you,

and papa would
throw you out.

Charles, I'm gettin'
out of this house...

And this family.

Cousin blanche.

Cousin blanche, wait.

You come to buy me?

Take a good look at me,
like I was a wench.

Now, cousin blanche,

am I to your taste?
You crave I undress?

Cousin blanche, I'm--
I'm terrible sorry.


I do believe
you are.

Can I carry you to
church, cousin blanche?

Oh. A gentleman carries
a young lady to church,

everyone reckons they'
s gonna get married.

May hap we is.

Is what?

May hap we is
gonna get married.

How you like to?

You got
a nice plantation?

A big house?

Well, the house ain't
fine like crowfoot.

It's good enough for
just papa and me, but...

But I can build a house.

I just been waitin'
till I get married
to build a house,

a--a fine house.

Well, now,

I ain't, uh,

I ain't
really thought about
gettin' married much.

Papa, he say I got to get
married and sire me a son.

Is you all proposin'?

Yes, ma'am,
i reckon so.

I--i don't know
no other way to do it.

How you like to?

Don't kiss me yet,

unless it's
just a cousin kiss.


Well, do you
think the yellow

or the pink
is more prettier

on the new
Mrs. Maxwell?

Oh, ham,
I'm so happy.

Oh, and my ring...

I loves it.

It's much prettier
than mama's.

Ha ha ha ha.

Oh. You like it
when you kiss me?

Oh, I do. I do.

I crave you to do it.


What we do now?

Well, I don't
rightly know.

I mean, with
a wench I'd know,

but with
a white lady...Ha ha.

I reckon we got to
take off some clothing.

Not everything, of course.

Ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha.

All right.

What? Let's see...

Well, undo this.

Oh, yeah, I see.

Ha ha.

What for you get up?

i can't sleep seeing,
like, when I'm thinkin

what you
thinkin' about?

I'm thinkin',

I'm wonderin'...

What man you
had before me.

Hammond, where'd you get
that zany notion from?

You thinkin' i
don't know a virgin
when I sleeps with one

and pleasures?

I was, too, a virgin.

You was once,
but not last night.

Oh! Oh, how can you
think such a thing?

There was nobody!

I was pure...

Till you.

You might as well
tell me who he is.

I kill the son
of a bitch!

Now, you tell me who
pleasured you before me!

You--you're accusin' me...

You accusin' me of
somethin' I never done.

I never done it!

I never, never,
never done it!

I never, never,

you disgust me!


Oh! Hammond!


all is well?

Very well,
madame Caroline.


Your father has been
unfaithful to me.

He was one of
my best customers,

till a couple
of years ago.

I told you your pa
was a hell-raiser.

Yeah. Ha ha.

For Warren Maxwell'’
’s charming son,

is compliments
of the house. Ha ha.

Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.

You lucky bastard.
I never got it free
in my whole life.

Never will, either,
probably. Ha ha.

Hell, I don't care.

If I don't
have it for six months,
it's one more than your widow.

I'm gonna spend
my money--ohh!

Look at this gal.

That's it, walk
all over me, honey.

You'll get a cramp now.

Why, I've been
serving pleasure
to old men all day.

But I've been watching
your baby face ever
since you came in,

wondering how I was
going to get to you.

I ain't feeling
good, lady.

Oh, well, I can
fix that, honey,

all over. Mmm!

Hey, you do that
all over stuff?

Oh, for somebody
like him, mmm!

I reckon not, lady.


I'm on my honeymoon.

Oh, well, that's when
a gentleman needs good
lovin' the most.

He's got the
prettiest little
peach for a bride

back at the hotel,
just waitin' there
, layin' there.

Oh, but I can
show him things

his bride don't dream
they do it on Mars

where they got
creatures with...

6 arms and 12 mouths.

I reckon not, lady.

Maybe another time,
all right.

Well, if he ain't
goin' with you, I am.

Oh, come on.

What you doin' in here?

Master Hammond told me
to wait here for him.

Niggers aren't
allowed inside.

You a nigger.

I'm madame Caroline's
slave, and I'm telling
you to get out.

I'm master Hammond's
slave, and I'm staying

I said get out.

i said I'm staying

I said get out!


Stop it, Armand! I have
you whipped to death!

Stop them! Stop them!

Mede! Mede, stop that,
i tell you! Stop it!

No, no, let them fight.

$1,000 to the owner
of the winner.


$1,000 for you,
madame Caroline,

if your man wins.

500. 500, I bet.

Get up! Get up!

Get up!

I proclaim mede
the Victor.

[Cheers and applause]

God damn, mede!

Damn! Good boy!

That was damn pretty.

Hey, you hurtin'?

I'm fine, master.
Just fine.

Come on, come on
over here.

Wash your face off,
sit down. Come on.


Your winnings,

Ha ha ha ha.

you paid for him,

I'll double it.

Hell, I paid
$4,500 for him.



No, sir.

No, sir,
he ain't for sale.

Come on.

Then he must
fight my man--topaz.

In two months,
perhaps three.


All right.

Whoa. Whoa.

What for are
we stoppin' here?

The horse be tired.

Mede, you get him
some water.

Yes, sir.

Mr. brownlee come by.

Got a nigger he only
wants to sell me--Cicero.

Oh, yes, sir. He's
a troublemaker, sir.

I don't mind that kind.
I like to tame them.

Too many nigger risings
are happening.

the carolinas,

especially Georgia.

Folks still talk about
that nat Turner

and abolitionist
comin' down here

with that liberator
newspaper, I guess,

is puttin' ideas
in their head. Ellen!

Ellen! Yeah,
I'm talkin' to you.
Come here!

Mr. Hammond
craves to buy you.

You want to go with him?

Get your bundle.

Who's the wench?

Slave I bought
some time back.

She for the mandingo?

She ain't.

Here's falconhurst.

This it?

This is it.

Oh, now, my papa, we
mustn't tell him nothin'.

O.K., Hammond,
i swear I won't.

You hear me?
He never got to know
you weren't pure.

Bust his heart.
Bust it right open

thinkin' of falconhurst
going to a son of a--

hell, we all married.
Ain't nothin' we can
do about it.

Whoa! Whoa!


And this is the new missus.

Oh, well,
ain't she pretty?



You know...Ha ha ha.

You know, ever
since your ma died,

I've been wantin' anothe
r pretty white mistress,

and--and--and now
i got me one.

Papa, this is
cousin blanche.

She's your
daughter now, papa.

We're married
and everything.

Welcome home to
falconhurst, my dear.

It ain't fine ahead
like crowfoot,

But it's right
comfortin'. Come insid

Joshua, come
hold this horse.


You brought home
a mandingo.

Later, papa.
You can see him later.

Ha. A bride
and a mandingo. Ha.

What are you doing?
Don't touch that.

Leave that alone.
Go unpack the dresses.

Where's she sleepin'

wherever you like,
with a bed.

Oh, no, not in here.

We ain't gonna do
nothin' this evening.

Ain't you sleepin' h

you content to have
your wife cryin'
all night long?

What's your papa
gonna think?

He and ma
had separate rooms.

Won't make him think
we ain't happy together.

Well, I'll tell hi


You step outside
for a second.

Go on, go on!

What you gonna tell him?

That you had
someone 'fore me?

You decides to say
who pleasured you 'fore me,

I just might treat you
a bit better.

I might.

You goin' to that
wench of yours--Ellen?

What you doin' in here

what you doin'?
You just get out,
you hear me?

I don't want you
sleepin' in here.


Heaven be praised.

You sure he pure?
I don't want no half.

Oh, yes, sir.
I got the papers
right here.


What happened
to him?

Oh, he fought...
And won.

I'm going to fight him
again as soon
as I get him trained.

He look ruined.

His testicles,
they ain't been
teared out?

No, sir,
he's fine.

He's so big, he'd
tear the wenches.

Little bacon rind
gonna fix that.

Lucrezia borgia.
You saved for big Pearl.

Might as well
put 'em together
right away.

But, pa. Uh, no, pa.
But, now...

Mede's still
tired out.
He's hurtin'.

I ain't tired,
I'm ready.

He say you tired,
you tired.
Don't dispute.

Lucrezia borgia,
you take him
in the kitchen

and fill him up
right good.

And make him
swallow down about
half a dozen raw eggs.

Oh, I'll make him
swallow those eggs.
They'll choke him silly.



This worries me.


I see what's
botherin' you.

The papers say this mede's
the brother of big Pearl's.

Lucy's his ma.

They don't
know nothin'.

Mede was a sucker
when he was sold.

that'll be incest.

Works supperin'
with animals, works
fine with niggers.

Yeah, but what
you gonna do then

if the sucker
turn out to be
some kind of monster?

Snuff it out.

You got to get
certain ideas
out of your head.

How much
you pay for her?

Oh. 1,500.

1,500 for a wench.

Not bad. She was there,
and I boughten her.

She's gonna be
my bed wench.

Blanche ain't gonn
a like that.

Well, now,
you said yourself

white ladies don't like
too much pesterin'.

White ladies don't
like their husband
gettin' tender

with a wench,

Go on,
in you get.

Come on, Chuck
down those pants.
Get in there.



It hot, massa.

Get down in there!
Come on!

Papa, that rind
awful hot.

Got to be
to toughen his hide.

You reckon you could
soften him instead?

It's all right.

Just so it ain't
burnin' or scaldin'.

Them old romans
always salted
their fightin' slaves.

Can't stand it,
massa Hammond!
It hurt!

You stay there!
You got skin
like a sucker.

Any champeen buck'd
tear you up.




Get him on his back!
Come on! Get him
on his back!

Come on,
kick him again!
Come on, mede!

Get on top of him!

Man! Come on!

Get him!
Get him!

Turn his head, mede!
Get your arms around
him! Pull him down!

Come on,
flip him over!

Go ahead, man,
throw the water.

Come on.
Hurry up.


Damn, you a lucky buck,
able to fight like that.

Go on, get out of here!
Go on!


That right pretty,
mede. You comin'
along good.

Thank you, sir.

That's right. You're
gonna make a good fighter.

Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.

You wipe him off
and tell Lucy and
lucrezia borgia

to rub him down good.

Yes, sir,
master Hammond.

Yes, sir.

yeah, you're
gettin' good, mede

You're gettin' to be
a better 'n' better
white man's fightin' ani

when they gonna teach you
how to growl, grunt,
'n' maul?

Whoop! Whoop! Uh!

When you gonna learn
the color of your skin,

Just as soon...

As you stop puttin' on
your smilin' nigger

For massa Hammond.

You drink them toddies
like an old drunk.

Blanche ain't settled
down here yet,

and you
ain't helpin' her
ignorin' her.

And I thank you,
papa Warren.

Now, how that fightin'
buck do?

Hell, papa,
he'd have broke
that bonkin's neck.

He flipped him
so high--
is that all you
can talk about?

Your niggers!
That's all you
ever talk about!

Well, I'm
gonna tell you

My pa--

your pa's bust!

[Plate clatters]

Go after her, Hammond.
She your wife.

[Taps cane]

Go on, I say.


My head.

My head's
spinnin' around...

And around.

Just drunk.



The reason...
The reason I took
that toddy...

Was to get up
the courage
to say to you...

What I'm a-sayin'...

What I'm a-feelin'...

You ain't
touched me...

You want to be
with me?


You ain't
touched me.

I want you
to touch me.

Please, Hammond.

I need you.


Touch me.

Oh, please
touch me!


You sure are a strange
kind of white lady.


Time I was
a little 'un...

Lucrezia borgia used to
fan me to sleep.

Lucrezia borgia
say I knocked.

She say I been missin'
my time of month.

what she know?

She got 24 suckers.

They kinda itch, like,
and ache a little.

Mayhaps, she is right.

now you won't be
wantin' me no more

you'll be sellin'’
’ me again.

Oh, Ellen, honey,
now, I ain't never
gonna sell you.

You're mine.

You ain't mad.


This how mad I be.

You be gonna
sell our sucker?

No, I ain't.

No, I won't
do that neither,

but you're
gonna sell
dotty's sucker

now, now,
that's different.

Our sucker, we...
We keep him,

raise him right here
at falconhurst.

Ha ha.
That make you glad?

Ha ha. Good.


Hammond, can i
ask you somethin'?


When our sucker
growed up,
can he go free?

Can you give him
his freedom?

You crazy
to be free?

Is you crazy
to be free?


Well, then what for
you want the sucker
to go free?

'Cause for a buck.
.. For a boy child,

A lot of misery
don't happen to hi

he don't get whupp
ed when the master
wants to whup him.

He don't get penne
d on a patch of land
like a pig...

Can't never go nowhere
or do nothin'.

Can't learn
to read or write lessen
he get beat or killed.


Forget about it.

I damn right gonna
forget about it.




It mean
that much to you...

Oh, Ellen, honey,
all right.

All right, honey.
The sucker can go free.

I promise you.

The sucker
can go free.



That nigger of yours--
Cicero--stole a gun
from me and run off.

Got some others
to join.

We ain't seen them
here, birch.

We done catched
two of them.

I'd like to help you
get 'em, Mr. Wallace.

Well, come on, then.

Mede, you come
with me.

Mr. Wallace!
Mr. Wallace! They're
in the south quarter!

Ha ha ha ha!


They in there!

They wounded
four of us!




It's Cicero!


I'll get Cicero!
Come on!

Come on, boys!
I'll get him!



Come on!



Aah! Uhh!

Mede! Get him!


You hold me
for a peckerwood?

Peckerwood'll kill me!

Be likeyou
killin' me!

You be puttin' the rop
e around my neck yourself.

What you think you is,
a hound dog?

Peckerwood say go fetch,
you fetch.

You see me hang,
you're gonna know...

You're gonna
know you kill
a black brother!



[Cocking triggers]



O.K., stiles,
ought to at least
check that rope.

Mayhaps I could've got awa
y, or be for you catchin' me.

You 'member that.

You 'member
thatall day.
Youkilled me.

You 'member that.

Youkilled me.

Because, like,
you just proved what
the peckerwood say--

we're just beasts,
willin' to do

kill each other.

No mind.
No feelin'.

Shut up, nigger!

Uhh! Leastwise,
i ain't gonna die
like you gonna die--

like a slave!

I ain't givin'
no lifetime of misery
and sweat

to this peckerwood!

I'd rather die
than be a slave!

You peckerwood!

That's right!

You peckerwood
was oppressed
in your own land!

Wewas free, and
you brought us here...

In chain.

Well, now we're here...
And you just better know--

this is just as much
our land as it is yourn.

And after you hang me...

Kiss my ass.



Orleans a long way
to go to see a fight.

This one gonna
be worth it.

I'm trustin' falconh
urst to you while we gone.

Take care
of everything.

You got him trained
real good?

Well, I reckon
he could use
another two weeks.

I fine, massa.

Whups anybody
you want.

Ha ha!
Ha ha!

Get in, mede.


Bye, mede!

Bye, mede!
Goodbye, mede!

Good luck!
Bye, mede!

Good luck, mede!
Mede, good luck!



Bring me
that wench

Bring her to me!

You heard me!

Fetch her!

[Glass breaks]



Get in this room.


You're gonna take
all your clothes off.

Get 'em off!

Miss blanche.

You hear me?

Ellen knocked.

You knocked?

You knocked?

I'm gonna whup
that sucker
right outta you.




Dirty, dirty,


You hear me?

You're a pig!
A whore!

A goddamn whore!

A pig of pigs!


Dumb animal!




Oh, god!

Miss blanche!
Oh, no, miss blanche!

Oh, no, miss blanche!
Get away from me!

Please! No,
you can't,
miss blanche!


Miss blanche!

Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah!

Leave her alone!




[Crowd talks



Messieurs et mesdames,
your attention, please!

This evening,

through the kindness
and gracious hospitality

of New Orleans'

patroness of all manly
and recreational sports...

I am alluding
to madame Caroline...


This evening...

This evening we are
privileged to witness

an epic battle

between Mr. Hammond
Maxwell's slave mede..

Yay! Hooray!


And the slave

belonging to
Marquis bena deveve--



Champion of the island
of Jamaica!

[Cheering and applause]

It is a fight
to the finish

with no holds


Very well,

Let them fight!

[Cheering and shouting]


Come on, mede!
Hit him back!

God damn, that topaz is
a seasoned fighter, doc!

God damn! Mede's whupped!
He can't whup him noways!

Come on, fight.








Come on!
Come on, mede!





Come on!

Oh! Oh!

I yield!
I yield the fight!

I'll pay the match!
Stop it! Stop it!

I yield the fight!
I yield the fight!


Come on! Come on!

Oh, no! No, god, no!

Let him go!


Mede, get up!






Come on, mede!



Go, mede!
Hit him, man!
Hit him!

Come on, mede!


Come on!

Yeah! Yeah!







Get up!
Get him up!

Get him up!




We won!

Papa, we won!

We killed him!

Stand back!
Mede, we won!

Stand back!

Stand back!
do you hear me?

Do you hear me?
We won!

Mede! Do you
hear me, boy?

Oh, god damn!
We killed him!

We won, my boy!
You did it!

I'll offer you
$10,000 for him.

No, sir. I ain't
a-gonna sell him,

not to make him
fight again.

He said $10,000, ham.

God damn it, papa!
You always wanted
a mandingo.

Now you encourage me
to sell him!

$10,000! That's more
than the purse.

No, sir! I ain't
a-gonna sell him.

As you wish.

We won some
fancy money.

Folks everywhere's gonna
hear about falconhurst.

Ain't nothin' worth
all this fightin'...

And killing.

You're letting him
say that?

I reckon I is.

You can rile me

I reckon you ought to
bring your wife a present.


White ladies
fond of them.

[Whooping and firing
pistol shots]

Come on, boys!




Ha ha!



We won!

We won!

Killed that topaz
just like that!

Bit him in the neck!

Blood spurtin'
like a fountain.


I'll be here withi
n, lucrezia borgia.

Fine, massa.

Come on, mede.
Get out of here.

Yes, sir, massa.



Hey, men. Help mede
out of here

and over to Lucy's
cabin, will you?

Yes, massa Hammond, sir.


Come on, doc.

Congratulations, mede.

Not every black man
get a chance to kill
another black man.

Kilt you a few more,
mayhap your skin
turn white.

But you don't
understand, mem.

That topaz...

He out to kill me.

I see two niggers
tearin' at each other
like crazy dogs.

Miss blanche...

She was tipsy.

She sent for Ellen,
and she whup her.

And she whup her

And Ellen...

She slip her sucker.

Where is she?

In the kitchen.

Master Hammond ain't
a-gonna see this.

Can't see you naked.

You tell him you're
ailin', understand?

You tell master Hammond
you slipped the sucker

because you fell
on the stairs.

Don't say nothin'
about miss blanche.

If'n you say anythin'...


I says nothin'
, master.



Ellen slipped her sucker.
Fell, she did.

On the stairs.


Oh, Ellen.

Lucky she
ain't ruined.

Ellen, honey,
you all right?

Lucrezia borgia,
come with me.


Oh, Ellen,
it's all right,
it's all right.

It don't matter.

Here, Ellen.

I brought you somethin'
from the city.

to make you pretty.

Go ahead.

Not that you need

For me?

They're pretty enough
for a white lady.


You're actin' za


You behave like
a Georgia bitch!

And look at yourself
in the mirror!

Ain't you got no pride?

You lookin' like this,

anyone should attract
a man more than you!

Comb up your hair!

Comb up your hair,
i say!

That's better.


Get in here!

It's Hammond's fault.

It ain't Hammond.
It's those toddies
you're so fond of.

No. He prefer
the wenches.

A man craves to pleasure
his wife, time to time.

Well, they do
dirty things.

They ain't got no shame.

Then you're gonna
do dirty things,

just so you
get him in your bed
and keep him there.

why for you two don't
act like real husband
and wife, I don't know

but you gonna

I ain't leavin'
this life

till I see my...
Own flesh and blood

here in falconhurst
to take over.

I want a grandson!

You got that gift
you fetched her?


You brung me a gift?

You two are gonna get
down to business now.

I'm a-lockin' you in,

and I ain't
lettin' you out

until you...
Done pleasurin'.







It's beautiful!

Ohh! It's just

Ohh, Hammond!



Everyone's gonna know.

Everyone gonna know
who your wife.


Ohh, Hammond.

Oh, when we build
the new house,

we're gonna
hold parties,

and we're gonna have
the very best of folks
from hereabouts.

The very best.

They gonna have to
travel miles to get
to falconhurst.

Oh, distance
ain't no problem,

not when the party
is elegant

and the hosts are...

Are of fine quality.

This house gonna cost
a passel of niggers.

Ham, tomorrow
we gonna make a list

of who we sellin'
in natchez.

Ohh, natchez!

Oh, yes, ham!

We can get some fine,
fine furnishings
in natchez.

My mama used to go there
all the ti--

the earrings, ham.

That were
a stupid thing to do.

That slut!

That wench of yourn.

You brung her
those earrings.

Otherwise, how else
she get 'em?

You might as well
brand your name
on her face!

And on mine!

Yes, brand 'em in
real good,

so everyone knows...

We's the women of
Hammond Maxwell.


I'm not your whore,
just to be marked off.

You like that black meat!

You'd rather pleasure
with a...Baboon!

I'll tell you

your papa,
he want a grandson...

To get a son, you have
to be a whole lot better
at pleasurin'!

And that man you had
before me,

was he
a whole lot better
at pleasurin'?

Well, since you want
to know, yes, he was!

Who was he?
You tell me
who it was!

Well, you know who he was!
You're just afraid to ask!

It was Charles,
wasn't it?

Yes! Yes, it was!



Wait, Hammond.

I was 13.

We only did it once.

Once. [Sobbing]

Two or three bucks on
this here list of mine

I ain't seen
this mornin'.


You seen ramilee?

Oh, there he is,

That's him
sittin' down.

Master wouldn't sell me
to no mean man.

Why he ain't gone
sellin' me?

We ain't never gon
na see each other
again, James.

Dottie, get movin'.
Get movin'.

Papa, we ain't gonna
sell dottie's sucker.

You tetched? We sold all
other suckers of yourn.

You take your sucker.
You can keep it.

Don't you touch!
Leave that sucker

Dottie, you take that
sucker! You get out
of here quick!

Go on!

You're a fool,



Just how I feel.


Ellen, get in
the carriage.

Oh, no, Ellen.

Ellen, honey, I ain't
gonna sell you.

I crave you come with me.

I don't understand you.

Goodbye, papa.

All right,

We're going.

[Banjo plays blues]

?? Mm-mm-mmm ??

?? Mm-mmm ??

?? Mm-mm-mm-mmm ??

?? Mm-mm-mmm ??

?? Mmm ??

Don't take him
away from me!


Come back! [Sobbing]

Come back! [Sobbing]

?? I was born in this time ?

?? Can never be free ??

?? Yeah, I was born
in this time ??

?? Can never be free ??

?? Well, my time
is a-seethin' ??

?? Way up on a hill ??

?? Mm-hmm-mm ??

?? Mm-mm ??

?? Ohh-ho, mm-mmm ??

?? Mm-hmm-hmm ??

?? Mmm... ????


Get in here.


Now, I want you to do
somethin' for me.

I want you to go
fetch mede.

You hear me?

Go fetch him.

Bring him through
the door...

And up the stairs,

real quiet-like.

Now...Go on.


No, mede, no.

Come in here, mede.

I'm a-tellin' you
to come in here.

I want you to listen...

'Cause I'm gonna
tell you a story.

I want you to listen good.

Sit down over there.

Do you hear me?

Sit down!



One day...

I was a-walkin' alone...

In the woods.

I was just a-walkin'...

Just walkin' nice...

By myself.

And then...

You came up to me.

You were real sweet-like...

Real sweet-like.


All of a sudden...

You attacked me.

Miss blanche...

I never--

hush your mouth.

This is my story.

You attacked me.

You raped me.


When master Hammond
comes home...

Well, I gotta tell him.

I gotta tell him
what you done.

What you think
he gonna do?

Whup you?

Sell you?

Oh, no, mede.

He's a-gonna kill you.

He won't believe you,
miss blanche.

He'll believe me.

He won't believe
a nigger.

So, now...

Less'n you do
what I want...

I'm gonna tell him

I'm gonna tell him

Just like I said.




Ain't you ever craved
a white lady before?




Ahh! Ahh!




Master Hammond!

Whoa. Whoa.

Big Pearl done have
her little buck.

Oh, my god.
Why, that's wonderful.

Hold these, Ellen, will you?
I'll be right back.

My, baby,
you sure feel fine.

Oh, the boy,
he fine.


Where you going?

You all right,
big Pearl?

I'm fine, master, sir.

It just pop out like
a seed out of a peach.

Why for you want
tell that lie?

He sure is
a big varmint.

Oh, he's a champeen,
just like his pa.

Mede! Mede!

What's the matter
with you, mede?

Ain't you glad
what a fine sucker
you give big Pearl?

Has my papa
seen him yet?

No, sir.

I crave to show it
to him.

you come with me.

Ha ha ha.

I seen them others,

ain't no more than
black worms at first.

But this mandingo...

Purity mandingo.

Papa, he's
a ringtail snorter.

He's sound, too.

Look at his arms.

You see, Hammond,

it weren't no harm--

big Pearl and mede.

Yeah, I...
I reckon, papa.

Husband Hammond...

Welcome home.

You see mede's
sucker here?


Ohh, it right purty.

Two silver dollars
for you, mede.

You deserve 'em.

Take 'em.

I reckon mede's just
too proud to take
that money, pa,

ain't you?

Here, mede.

Take him back
to big Pearl.

You tell big Pearl,
give him lots of milk.

The way she tittied out,

she got enough milk for
a dozen suckers.

We can sell that sucker

for $2, 3,000,
i reckon, Hammond.


Papa Warren.


You crave a toddy?

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Behavin' most ladylike
, blanche.


I'm with child.

Hee hee hee!

That the reason you...
You actin' so nice?


Hold these, mede.


Why you turn
and walk away
from me like that?

What for?

You afeard
'cause blanche
gonna have a sucker?

Now, that's no reason,

It won't change us none.

We'll still be the same.

If'n that's what's
worrying you, it's wrong.

You always gonna be mine.

Ain't nobody never,
white or black,
gonna take your place.

I'm just scared,

Just scared.

I'll see you tonight.

[Blanche groaning
in labor]

[Mrs. redfield]
Now, push. Push as hard
as you can.

Now...Now again.

Push. That's it.


That's it.

Now push.

Yeah, yeah.

It's coming!
It's coming, it's coming!

Yes! There.

Now...Now push hard.

Don't you fret now,

My wife'll bring her
through safe and sound.

She's gifted that way.


In here,
help me a second.

Well, excuse me.

it seems
I'll be needed

did it come yet?

It come. It come.

And it ain't white.

What are we gonna do?

Well, what we'll do
is we'll just...

Untie the cord and
let it bleed to death.

Put it
in the crib.

[Blanche breathing hard]

Stand off.

[Baby cries]

[Crying stops]

That be it.

It's done.



Don't upset
Oh, no,

all right.


please say
it's not black

please say...

Please say
it's not black

please, please,

Well, it come.



It a boy?


Not yet, ham.
It all messed up.

You don't want to
see it now.



That poison
father used, doc,

to kill old niggers
can't work no more...

You got some?

In my carriage.

Get it.

Lucrezia borgia?

Lucrezia borgia?

Yes, massa.

Get down here.

Lucrezia borgia,
you've known about this

and not telling?

I don't mindin'
no white folks
doin' it,

but that white lady
know what she crave.

Miss blanche
never craved
that black ape.

Then what for
she sent for him

the second
and third time?

You're lyin'
, damn it,
you liar!

Four times in all,
while you was away.

You get.

You stay
in the house.

keep that
jabberin' mout

of yours shut.

Do you suppose
she could be lyin'

most likely
were rape.

She is scared
to tell...

Here, you sit up,
all right?

There you are.

Mrs. redfield.

She done taken
the baby away.

Here, drink this.


I only done it

'cause of you
and Ellen.



you rest now.

You just lie there
and rest.



Hammond, don't do it.

Ain't no other way.


If you kill him, are
you gonna be satisfied?

I don't know.

He didn't mean
nothin' bad.

Please, Hammond,
don't do it!

Don't you tell me
what to do.

Don't you think
you get in my bed,

you anything
but a nigger.

Now get out of my way.

You fill a big kettle
with water

and strike a fire
under it.

That's enough.

Get in.

Get in!

No, massa.

God damn!
Get in there!

Massa Hammond...

You can't know...

Don't know
what happened.

You--you know

I never do nothin'
against you, massa.

I always respect you.

I done think

you was somehow better
than a white man.


But you is...

Just white.






No, master, no!

a goddamned fool, mem.


Put it down, mem.

No, massa, no.

No, massa...

no, don't come
any further,
massa, don't..

Put it down!

Don't come
any closer, massa,



You crazy nigger!

Drop that gun,

you loony
black bastard!




[Blues playing]

?? Lord,
have mercy on me ??

?? I don't understand ??

?? And I don't know the plan ?

?? Well,
i don't understand ??

?? I don't know the plan ?

?? Well, I just keep
on livin' ??

?? I just keep on livin'
in the shade ??

?? I was born in this time ??

?? To never be free ??

?? Well, I was born
in this time ??

?? To never be free ??

?? Well, all my time
for freedom now ??

?? Is way up in heaven ????