Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure (2010) - full transcript

When Uncle John forbids Mandie (Lexi Johnson) from joining his dangerous quest to keep an old promise, Mandie and her newfound Mother take matters into their own hands. Joined by friends, they embark on a harrowing journey by train to protect Mandie's stubborn Uncle John. Grand adventure ensues as they race to outwit evil conspirators and dare to face the secrets of Lost Antler Cave-Mine. However, Mandie's most difficult challenge arises when she realizes that success will land her face to face with the one person she never wanted to meet.

A lifetime ago, I had a baby girl.

I named her Amanda

and held her one precious time
before she died.

"Heart Complications," Mother said,

and I believed her until last night,

when news came that my Amanda
is alive.

It wasn't enough for my cold,
bitter mother

to destroy my marriage to Jim Shaw

five days after it began.

She felt the need the cleanse

all traces of Cherokee ancestry
from her home,

even if it meant banishing my
child and lying about it.

I find solace knowing Amanda
lived with her father, Jim,

until he died.

But now that she lives with
his older brother, John,

who stopped speaking to Jim
14 years ago,

I'm not sure what to feel.

Aunt Lou!

Hurry down here!

Oh my gracious, sakes alive!

My sweet child!

Praise the good lord.

Land Sakes.

What took you so long?

May we offer you some refreshments?

Well, hot tea would be lovely.

I'm afraid we don't drink
that anymore.

I do. I never stopped.

Comin' right up.

My little Amanda.

My baby girl grew up without me.

Not entirely.

I bring news.

Where did you come from?

Asheville, the home of Mrs.
Mary Elizabeth Taft.

My mother, your Grandmother Taft.

The grandmother taft who broke
up your marriage

and told you I died being born
and separated us at birth

and told daddy you were dead?

That Grandmother Taft is who
you live with?

Not anymore.

She said if I left in search
of you to never return,

So I, I'm quite homeless.

Stuff and nonsense.

You can come live with us as
long as you want.

What kind of mother banishes
her child from her home?

A very sad one.

Don't you mean cruel or heartless?

Why did you live with her?

I'm all she has. Had.

I'm sure once she sees Mandie,
she'll take you both back.

She's not going to see me.

She will if you choose to live
with your mother.

Nobody gets on my train
without a ticket.

You losers.

We'll wash the windows and s
crub the floors.


We'll ride on the roof.

No, we most certainly will not.

My trains are never ever,
under no circumstances, late.

You have now wasted 42 seconds
of my time.

Excuse me.

Please? I just want to go home
to my warm, clean, safe, bed.

I bring John news.

Lost Antler Cave Mine.

Any news of that infernal hole
in the ground

Is not welcome here.

I will not keep anymore secrets.

Please excuse.

If I knock my ball through
those two hoops

And hit the stick, I win?

Yes, but if you hit your
Mother's ball,

You'll get another turn.

I don't need another turn.

Ah, slowly.

Think about it.

He's trying to postpone losing
to me.

Lovely shot, Darling.

Why try? I win.

Even if your ball hits mine,
mine hits the post first.

I still win.


There's no other option.

Why does he think for so long?

If I knew that,
you'd might never been born.

Jumpin' Jimminy.

Is that allowed?

No rules prohibit it.

There's always another option,

If you think about it long enough.

Now I'm afraid you, uh, must excuse

Me. Miscreants have discovered
Lost Antler Cave Mine

and a way to breathe inside it.

Ned and I leave first thing
in the morning.


If you both are gone when I return,
I will understand.

Send someone else.

No one will go.

No one?

No bold, risky,
young man with strong lungs?

It's too late for you, John.

What you're hoping for is unattainable.

Please, let it go.

What do you think, Mandie?

If I made a very special
promise years ago

but couldn't keep it and now
I have a second chance,

should I keep my promise?

Yes... If you take us with you.

Too dangerous.

Too dangerous for whom?

You're the one who nearly
died last time.

Down here.

Can you have this sent to Joe
right away?

I'd be needin' to ask Aunt Lou.

Before the telegraph office closes?

If I be gettin' into any trouble...

Blame me.

Aunt Lou, what do you do when
you're watching a loved one

on a collision course with disaster

and he will not listen to you?

Well, you wait for the crash

and pray there'll be somethin'
left to salvage,

or you don't let him tell you
or your daughter what to do.

Momma... Mother... Elizabeth.

My friend Joe is bold and risky,
and probably as intelligent,

and I know the secret of the mine,

so with our help,
Uncle John can keep his promise.

Amanda, I don't need John's
permission to go somewhere,

and as my daughter, neither do you.

I'm not at all comfortable with this,

but would you go with me?

Follow him.

Just a minute.

Y'all need to fortify yourselves.

This ain't right.

Miss Elizabeth, that be like
lookin' in a woman's pocketbook.

Would you care to suggest an alternative?

Well done.

Start copying.

Under great duress and
against my will.

And very, very quickly.

Mandie, keep an eye out.

He's coming!

One more riddle.
No time.

Go, Aunt Lou.

Aah! Thank you, Jesus!

Don't you ever ask me to go
snoopin' around

or crawlin' around in cobwebs
ever again!

Yes, Ma'am.
Thank you, Ma'am.

Oh my!

Darlin', we could make you a beard.

You're not turnin' me in for
some reward.

Well, I would come get you
out of jail

just as soon as I collected
the money, Honey.

You'd leave me in there to rot.

I most certainly would not.

Perhaps you should put on
your thinking cap

to think of a better idea.

Perhaps we should bring more people.

Safety in numbers.

Are you worried about going?

No, not at all.

Good. No room for fear.

Now, this to guide the way,

this to interpret riddles
along the way,

and this, to protect the way.

Now, listen here.

Under no circumstances do
either of you

ever enter the cave mine.

And you have the whole trip to
put your pretty heads together

to make sure John doesn't either.

Are we agreed?

Mr. John, would you mind awfully

if we ignore the doorbell
while you're gone?

Not at all.

Will you please take care of Snowball?

If you'll please promise

to bring back everyone in one piece.

Rather unintimidating looking fellows.

Are we on schedule?


Joe, what brings you to Franklin?

Whenever Daddy left for trips,
Joe would visit.

But how did you get word to
him so quickly?

Ned helped me send up smoke signals.

Joe, did you forget your suitcase?

John, are you quite sure this
is the only option?


Provence Lavender.

You brought it.

From my time in France.

Your year in France.

Ned, keep him safe this time.


You'd think they'd stay to
see us off.

I think papoose tired of goodbyes.

We need him.

What if Mr. John sees us boarding?

He won't.

This area's off limits.

Kindly step away.

We'll just board right here.

No one boards by the caboose.

Well then, just a moment, please.

Not in one moment, now.

Well you, you can't mean to
load these all by yourself.

Stop it, stop it, stop it.

Kindly board if you're boarding.

Is this what you mean by being
on schedule?

Please take your seat, Sir.

Is there a problem here?

No Sir, no problem.

We are now 4 minutes and 22
seconds late,

All because of you.

I shall now go explain this
to him.

Is that really necessary?

Please forgive us, Sir.

Elizabeth Taft, meet Joe and Polly.

Pleasure to meet you, Miss Taft.

Oh, Miss Taft,
I feel like I'm in a dream.

You're ever so much more
beautiful than your photograph.

Thank you, Polly.

Would you please allow Amanda
and I a moment alone?

I cannot take care of them
and you.

We can take care of ourselves.

If those people that broke
into the cave

Found out a way to breathe,
why can't we?

I knew it.

We're going to the Old Cherokee
Gold Mine, aren't we?

It's not a gold mine, it's a cave.

It's both.

Are we going to find the gold?

I think so.

We're going into a poisoned
cave in search of rumored gold?

No. We are going to prevent John

from ever entering the cave mine.

Did you bring your science book?

In my suitcase.

We're gonna help Uncle John
breathe in the mine

so he can keep his long lost promise.

What promise?
To whom?

I don't know yet, but I think
it has something to do with gold.

Sugar Plumb, we're on the train.

We're going home.

Home sweet home.

Back to our warm, safe bed.

Shoowee, you smell!

So do you,
but I'm not dwelling on it.

We're going home!

That's all that holds these
cars together?

Step away from the railing now.

These cars couldn't accidentally
separate, could they?

Never happened, never will.

The hose clamp is locked,
the crank arm is tight.

Perfectly safe.

Keep away from the railing.

We are going to behave this
entire trip

So that we make it home
without incident.

Darling, what incident could
I possibly get into here?


It's probably a dead rat.

Where's my suitcase?

Joe, did you miss me?

I miss you both... Desperately.

Elizabeth, those big cargo
beds are empty.

Somebody go tell somebody.

I will when the conductor returns.

Hey, that's the wanted man
from the poster.

Half of $1,000.

Do you really think they're
gonna give a reward

to somebody who's illegally
on this train?

Whoa! Ooh!

Oh, Bayne!

Darling husband of mine!

If you had a lovin' husband,
we'd know it by now.

Maybe we should jump off the
train here

Rather than go up to the next
station and back track.

Show me other map.

It's probably in my coat.




Somebody might hear you.

Somebody who?

Aaah! Help!

Help! He's a wanted man!

Somebody save me, please.

Where's your husband?

Your loving husband is here!

Polly, you go find the conductor.

You tell him you have the thief
and that you want half.

The $1,000 reward.

Go right now, Child.

Don't you take one itty bitty
step, Missy.

Lady, I know where you can find

ten times as much gold as
that reward.

Liar, liar, liar.

I'm a thief, not a liar.

Don't you wanna get you some?


The top of that mountain, yonder.

Oh, can we please not?

He just loves to play hide
and go seek.

We're not cuttin' off your
circulation, are we?

Lady, the terrain's a'changin'.

If you wanna jump off this train
alive, you best do it now.

Wait just a minute.

My little squash seed,

if that was gold in that there
sack that he's clutchin',

would we have to go on this
wild goose chase?

It ain't gold.

No, no, no, of course not.

No! Careful!

I'll show you.

It's a scrubber.

Helps you breathe when you're
in poisonous air.


I am! Where are they, Polly?

Out of sight.

We have to get that scrubber.

I am not jumpin' off a movin' train!

I don't think we should do this!

Of course, we shouldn't!
Pull, Mandie, pull!

Aren't we overreacting just a
teensy bit?


There absolutely,
positively must be another way.

Like what?

I don't know!

Mandie, your mother!

Harder! Pull harder!

It's too late! It's too late!


Elizabeth, meet at the cliff top!

The cliff top!

We are in so much trouble!

Only until we get the scrubber,
then they'll forgive us.

I promise.

Where are your children?

Can you please stop the train?

Town, four minutes and three seconds.

What have we done?

They'll send us to jail! Jail!

I'm trying!

Let's jump.

Then we'll leave you here.

No, we stay together.

May I give you the short version
now and explain later?

And, and will you please wait

until I'm finished before exploding?

It depends on what's happened.

Mandie, Polly, and Joe are on
the caboose,

which they have disconnected
from the train.

What's that for?

In case we don't catch up
with them.

We don't need it.

We're gonna take Uncle John's
ruck sack as a peace offering.

Let's go!

What if I get tired and slow
you down?

I'll carry you piggyback.
I'm tired.

How do we know where to go?

We follow the riddles.

I find caboose, you go to cliffs.

We need my knapsack!

I'm sorry, Ma'am,
we're detaining you for questioning.

After I've found my daughter.

I really must insist.
So must I.

After you.

My good man, for two horses.

We'll be back in a few days.

I'm John Shaw, thank you.

John, rip the back of my dress.


Thank you.

I had rather go alone.

I'd rather you make an effort
to keep up with me.

My feet hurt.

Tell them to stop.

Oh, gnats!

I hate gnats! Aah!

If we start climbing now,

We can get to the top of the
hill first.

And then we can attack.

Attack? No, outsmart.

Right now, outrun.

Go, go, go, go!

Alrighty. How do we attack?

Which way will they go?

"The easy way is quick to please

and set your aching bones at ease."


"But should you aspire to
race more swiftly,

you'll find a second path to victory,

if when the trail begins to narrow,

you persevere straight as an arrow."

How are we supposed to know
which way?

Well, if I'm roach,
I'm sick and tired

of Gaynelle Snow's constant jabbering,

I want the swiftest way.

You're so clever. Sadly.

I have an idea.

No, no way.



She's exhausted.

Who is?

How does that feel?

Better than I expected.

What if something goes wrong?

It won't,
if everyone does their part.

How do you know?

Have you even thought once
about how foolhardy this is?

Of course not.

Look, Joe's right.

I already knew that.

Honeybuns, you,
would you mind carryin' me, please?

Please, please?

No. No, no.

You too tired to carry on, Sugar Plum?

Of course not, Puddin' Pie.

Polly, pull me up, pull me up!


Polly, give me your hand!
Pull the rope!

Got it, get him!

Pull him up, Polly.
I am.


Ain't nobody steals from the
king of thieves.

Go, go, go, go!

Why couldn't you hold onto him?

You've been doing a great job
of it so far.

It wasn't Polly's fault.

We should have taken our time,
thought of a better plan.

It was perfect, if only you'd held on.

Mandie! Mandie!

Mandie, whoop.

Polly, Joe!

We propose a truce.

Why compete when we can help
each other?

They're gone.

Daddy said the cave smelled bad,
like rotten eggs.

Sulfur, ugh,
smells positively horrendous.

So, while inside the mine,

You breathe sulfur instead of oxygen?

Sulfur is a solid which
doesn't smell.

Sulfur Dioxide is a gas which
smells like rotten eggs

and can only be created in
the presence of air.

So, inside the mine,
there is some oxygen?

Yes, we need a tank to pump
the poisoned air into.

And a pump.

And a filter to let the oxygen in

But keep the Sulfur Dioxide out.

Worth a try.

And we need something to
connect to our nose.

Branches, John, branches!


Thank you.

I was in dire need of
additional excitement.

Liz, why did you come?

Why did you bring Mandie?

Can we please just stay focused
on watching where we are going?

Fine, we are focused.

Now answer the question.

How many excursions did you take

During the time that we...
Knew each other?

The exact number escapes me.

Shall we say several?


Why did you never take me along,
not even one time?

Because I had no desire to
infuriate your mother.

Why not?

Because Elizabeth, unlike my brother,

I cared what your mother thought.

I did not want to cause a rift
between you.

She's the only family you had.

You never told me that.

I guess I thought it was obvious.

I think we should try to take
the scrubber again.

No, just give me a little time.

I'll think of something.

If we can get to the top of
these cliffs first,

We could attack.

Since out smarting didn't work
last time.

But they have a gun.

I wish we could go that slow.

"A cliff so craggy and so wide

conceals its secret to the side."

That side's closer.

"Ascend now safe with hands of stone.

Be sure to climb not up alone."

With hands of stone?

I cannot climb this.

I'll help you.

Mandie, are your hands made
of stone?


Then how about you stop
looking at them

Like they might give you the answer?

You gotta think outside of
the ordinary.

Oh, right.
You're the clever one.

You solve it, then.

He will, faster than you.

I got it!

Hands of stone.

Elizabeth, is there any chance
you can handle a short cut?

Is this the way you would go
if Ned were here?


Then I shall give it a try.

I have an idea.

Yes, I think I can handle it.

Good. We're not finished.

If y'all hold the corners,

I'll dive underneath and get
the scrubber.

In my opinion,
this is not a good idea.

Nothing is a good idea in
your opinion.

I have good ideas.

Like what?

Like we don't attack people
with guns.

Bad idea.

Good idea.

Let's go now.


Take it off, take it off!

What are you doing?

We thought you were Miss Snow
and the robber.

They have a scrubber that helps
you breathe in the mine.

We've been trying to get it
for you.

That's why we separated the caboose.

Please take them home,
by way of the train station

so Mandie can ask forgiveness
and discover

how much she owes in damages.

But we were trying to help you.

By separating the caboose
from a moving train?

By getting your friends in
serious danger?

By totally disrupting my plans

or attacking your mother and
I at a cliff edge?

You promised he'd forgive us.

If we got the scrubber.

Uncle John!

Ah, and how much time do you
think Ned has wasted

looking all over the caboose
for this?

Don't you want to breathe in
the mine?

I want to get a chance to
follow Ned and mine's plan

Without the inept ruining everything.

We're not inept.

No, I would think foolish is
a more accurate adjective

For a child who separates a caboose

from a train while in motion.

Roach in the snows should
arrive any minute.

We can still get the scrubber
with the blanket.

Amanda, we are here to keep
John out of the mine,

Not enable him.

Why not enable him if it helps
him keep his promise?

Because it's not a promise
you'll want him to keep.

It better be.

Now, we are following John and
we are doing it my way.

Uncle John!

Would you please let us help
you keep your promise?

You want to help me enter a
poisonous cave mine?


To find a box which belongs
to your Grandmother Taft.

A very special box,
a 1,000 year old box,

and then you want to help me
return it

to your Grandmother Taft to
help restore

our relationship with her?

I didn't think so.

You're not going after the gold?

You knew this was for
Grandmother Taft all along?

That's why I tried to stop him.

How can a box be 1,000 years old?

It's not unusual for royal
families to pass down valuables

throughout the generations.

For 1000 years?

Royal families?

I'm sorry.

I thought we were going to
help him find the gold.

A 1,000 year old box from your
royal ancestors isn't so bad.

How could he want to risk his
life for Grandmother Taft?

Why don't you just ask him?

Dapper men never make any sense.

That's what momma always says.

If we don't get to go inside
the cave,

Might we at least see the entrance?

It's at the river.


Where do you think?

Ah now, where did you get that?


She's not altogether inept.

"Beneath the river, behind
her tears

lay rich the secrets kept for years.

One stooped step shall be
your goal,

to pierce the window of my soul."

Good, now you can ponder that
while the two of you

serve as lookouts on the
other side of camp.

I think the rumor's true.

There's still gold in the cave mine.


I've been searching and searching.

Why are you helping Uncle John
risk his life

for Grandmother Taft?

You must ask John.

It works!

You're so clever.

"My dear Elizabeth..."
My dear?

"All my love, John."
All my love?

"My dear Elizabeth,

I do not know how to begin a
life without you."

"My dear Elizabeth...
With all my love, John.'

"My dear Elizabeth,

Do you still pray to the
ever lasting father,

as you call him?

I must admit, my dear,
that I do not.

All my love, John."

"Miss Taft,
I have erased you from my memory.

I shall return to my travels
with gusto.

Adventures await.

Farewell, John."


Isn't Mr. John absolutely,
positively the sweetest?


I know Papoose,
that she brings peace offering.

Did you see Gaynelle?

Hear her, far away.

"I tired, I hurting, I want gold."

Why do this for Grandmother Taft?

Your grandmother had an older sister

whom she adored.

That sister married a Cherokee

and they owned Lost Antler
Cave Mine.

Then came the "Trail Of Tears",

and though she was a white woman,

she marched with her husband
and she died.

It broke your grandmother's heart.

And it was rumored that the
sister had

put the family heirloom box,

with the gold, in the cave mine.

So there is gold?

Used to be, now I don't know.

But her father went back for
that family box

And was killed by a Cherokee.

And her mother died of a
broken heart.

And at 16 years old,
your Grandmother Taft

was North Carolina's
wealthiest orphan,

completely alone and blaming
the Cherokee.

So I promised your mother that
I would go back to that cave,

find that box,
take it back to your grandmother

and restore her relationship
to the Cherokee.

That is your very special promise.

I came, but...

But you were nearly killed by poison.

And your mother married your
father, my little brother,

and there was no reason to
try again.

Until now.

It's foolish, unnecessary and pointless

for you to go inside the mine.

Even if you do find the box,
Mother is so much worse now.

She'll treat you terribly.

Then I'll be as nice to her
as I can be.

It won't work with Mother.

You will fail.
I have to try.

How did Uncle John almost die
last time?

Stayed inside the cave mine
too long,

trying to solve a riddle.

We have to follow him.

And break our promise to Aunt Lou?

She'll understand.

Ow, ow, ouch my pinkie!

Shh, shh!

"Beneath the river behind her tears.

One stooped step to pierce
the window of my soul."

How can it be both beneath
and behind the river?

That's impossible.

I'll figure it out before you do!

Oh, oh!

"Without your heels against
the wall,

into the black abyss you'll fall."


"Those with patience soon
will see

the danger in numbers two and three,

and correctly time these
poisonous blasts

until this trial is safely past."

Be careful, slower.

But we have to hurry.

Steady, steady.

Let's go!

I don't care if you beat me,
Joe, just solve it.

Ned, stay with me.

"Remember now my lullaby

and blow to find the key that hides

within the notes that lie
inside the melody."

We, we're looking for a,
a pipe or a flute,

or, or even a hole in the wall.

John, I go.

No, no, Ned, you can't.

Can't speak!

Someone carry me up this hill.

Is this even working?

Of course.

That's, that's, that's, that's...!

Well, whoever it is,
he ain't no more.

Have you no shame, woman?


Waterfall beneath and behind
the river!

I absolutely,
positively cannot go in there.

I'm quite sorry.

Can you stay here alone?

I'll stay with her.

You don't have to.

Bring me some gold.

John alone, bad people ahead.

No rush.

How hard can it be to find a pipe?

I'm gonna make me a big gold ring,

A big gold ring, a big gold ring.

I'm gonna make...

Will you please be quiet?

Big sparkly necklace,
a big sparkly necklace,

A big sparkly necklace...

You have the gun handy?

Emergencies only.

Define emergency.

I'm gonna make me a sparkly necklace...

A sparkly necklace...

If you don't shut your trap
and stop your flappin',

You'll scare the bats.

Bats? Bats?

I hate bats!

Get up.

Are you quite certain that
they're gone?

Oh no, there's plenty more.

Larger and larger the deeper
you go.

Excuse me?

Kindly let us pass.

We'll rescue Mandie's uncle
and exit.

What is he doin' here?

A wild goose chase.

But he'll be out of oxygen shortly.

Excuse us.

You, alone.

Your uncle does not strike me
as the wild goose chase type.

And he already has the gold,

So he must be after something else.

Something more valuable?

What kinda goose is he chasin'?

A foolish one.

Is there a riddle for this goose?

Ha, you're tryin' to make
something up real quick like.

It's hard rhymin' under pressure,
ain't it?

Tell us the riddle now.

"Patient eyes alone shall see

the light by which to set me free.

Reflect upon the path behind you

to illuminate the steps
before you."

Ah, well, I'll ask your uncle.

And if his rhyme matches yours,
you can go.

And if they don't...


I, I can't find the pipe or
the flute.

I'm getting you out of here.
No, no.

They've got Mandie.

Can I have some air?

Thank you. Goodbye.

Uh, just one small thing.

We don't have time.

Oh yeah, you do.

Give the man some air.

Lack of oxygen will keep him honest.

Now, tell me the
"Patient Eyes" riddle.

And your version better match
your niece's.

"Patient eyes alone shall see

the light by which to set me free.

Reflect upon the path behind you

to illuminate the steps
before you."

Alrighty then, you can go.

No! Where is it?

Can anyone see the pipe?


Now listen, there's an exit
where the box is hidden.

We can still make it.

Mandie, I should have come
back for your father.

I should have found him,
my little brother.

I should have forgiven him
before he died.

I'm so... Sorry.

Just thought this might help
a little bit.

No, Mandie, no!

Yes, Momma,
I'll meet you at the exit.

I don't feel very well.

And this thing isn't helping.

'cause you done broke it.

Wait here.

Come find me when I whistle.

John, John!

Howdy, Scorpion.

Did you find us some pack mules?

Free ones.

Now they only got two legs,

But that's good 'cause I
could get 'em inside the mine.

Well now,
that's a pretty little pack mule.

Excuse me?

We need four-legged animals,
not humans.

Get them outta here and don't
come back till you find some.

Uh, no, I'm gonna be down
that hallway lookin'

for the box that Mr. John Shaw
was after.

John, do you hear me John Shaw?


He said there's another exit.

Mandie, wait.

Ned sent me.

Well, that's the most
confounded riddle I ever heard.

Yeah, well Mandie and John
both said it identical like.

"Patient eyes alone may see."

I only told them half of it.

Can we please have some air?

My scrubber done broke.

Only if you mine me enough gold.

Go put 'em to work.

"Patient eyes alone may see."

Oh, I can be patient.

"Return the torch from whence
it came.

"The light by which to set me free."

"Survey the depths beyond the flame."

What if there's a pool in the
gold room?

"Reflect upon the path behind you

to illuminate the steps
before you."

Careful of the bats.

"Reflect upon the path behind you

to illuminate the steps
before you."

Path behind you.

No pool.

Pitiful, pathetic, pittance.


You think he solved it on
half a riddle?

"Return the torch from whence
it came."

"Survey the depths beyond the flame.

Patient eyes alone shall see

the light by which to set me free."

Light in the water.

"Reflect upon the path behind you

to illuminate the steps
before you."


Ow, ow, ow!

"Reflect upon the path."

I don't see a path.

"Illuminate the..."
The steps!

Illuminate the steps!

I told you.

Ow, ow, ow, ow!

The path is poison, Mandie,
we gotta go back.

No, there's another option,

and if we think long enough,
we can figure it out.

We don't have time!

Calm down.
I can't breathe.

I'll solve it before you do.

"Survey the depths beyond the flame..."

"Reflect upon the path behind me

to illuminate the steps before me."

Reflect, reflect...

"Reflect upon the path behind me...

to illuminate the steps
before me."

I figured it out!

Scorpion's coming.

Breathe, breathe.

Throw rocks at the,
at the tunnel ceiling.


All right, who's there?

And where are ya?

Where's the box?

What's the riddle for the exit?

Don't know.

Amanda! Amanda!

Amanda, Elizabeth Shaw!


Mandie, Mandie, help.

I can't.

You sound like Polly.


Yes, now help me.

The work of your inept and
unqualified niece.

I am sorry.

Now you can keep your promise.

They're mining Cherokee Gold.

Missed a spot.

No, no, don't stop.

You seem to be having a
mighty fine time.

We're quite happy for you to continue.

You can mine every ounce of
gold in this room.

I'll even pay you a dollar a day.

Then you'll have the privilege
of helping us return the gold

To its rightful owner, the Cherokees.

I have a college education.

I'm worth three dollars a day.


If you'll mine three times as
much gold as everyone else

in the same time,
you have yourself a deal.

No fair.

I got a college education.


You can't even disguise
yourself properly.

Ouch, you nincompoop!

Doggone it, woman,

you couldn't run a scam to
save your life.

Elizabeth, meet Jim's widow
and her friend.

Her husband, Zach Hughes.

I just wanna go home.

Who gets to open it?

Amanda's grandmother.

Gather your courage, Ladies.

We should like a word with
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Taft.

Please wait here.

I'm sorry, but I have no appointments

Currently scheduled.

Might they be expected

at the Taft Pig Farm down the street?

Mrs. Taft, please forgive our
breach in etiquette.

We were too anxious to send
ahead or dress properly.

Too anxious to see me?

To what could I possibly owe
this dubious pleasure?

Did John finally include you
on one of his trips?

My daughter was always so
anxious to join you,

I just presumed you never
liked her enough to take her.

The problem with presuming is
that you never know for sure.

Quite right.

But we all have our own little
presumptions, don't we,

Which are quite likely incorrect.


I'm quite certain they led
you to believe

that I annulled your mother's
marriage to your father, Jim,

because I don't care for the Cherokee.


I annulled the marriage because
your mother loved John,

Not your father.

And I simply could not abide
the dishonesty.


Oh, come now dear.

Surely this is not news.

Well, well, isn't it a relief
to have the truth out at last?

Are you really my grandmother?

Why did you tell mother I was dead?

Why did you send me away?

Because I did not care for
the Cherokee,

and because I could not fathom
raising one in my own home,

after what they'd done to my family.

But I doubt you've heard that
part of the story.

Quite the contrary, Mrs. Taft.

She knows everything.

We have brought you a gift.

I'm honored that you came all
this way

To give me a filthy potato sack.

It's been no trouble, Ma'am.

Aside from Amanda and John
nearly dying.

What could you have brought
that I could possibly want?

Absolutely nothing.

We'd be happy to leave and
never return.

Ha, I see my quick wit just
skipped a generation.

Mrs. Taft, we...
Cherokee believe it is proper

to return a thing to its
rightful owner,

no matter that it's been
decades out of her possession.

No matter how wronged we may
have been.

I sent so many to search for this.

Then no more would go.

Amanda found it.

Uncle John wanted you to believe

That he and I are decent people.

He couldn't bring back your family,
so we went after this.

Well, you do recall how to use
a bathtub, do you not?


Yes, you are my granddaughter.

Excuse me.

John and I were just having a
lively discussion

About what should happen next,

and I thought you should be included.

Given the choice,
where would you prefer to live,

Here or at the Shaw Mansion?

Elizabeth, would you please
slow down.

You assume that it's going to
be an easy decision for her,

but I don't see it that way!

Then we'll share her back and
forth until she decides.


Did you read the letters I
snuck in your purse?


If you really loved Uncle John
instead of Daddy,

Why did you marry Daddy?

I didn't think that John
loved me

and I had no reason to believe
that that would change.

I loved you the day we met
and every day after.

I loved you on every trip I
took alone,

and even when you married my brother.

And then you erased me from
your memory.

And then you returned,

and, no, I did not love you
when you arrived.

And I certainly didn't love
you on the train.

But then you had to go and
ride that horse

and not turn around when I
asked you to

and carry me out of the cave.

Elizabeth, I love you.

I always have and I always will.

Should I leave you alone now?

Absolutely not.