Manchukurisevelalo (2018) - full transcript

Anand "Ram Karthik", an aspiring young Radio Jackie. One day, one boy called the radio center and told that I am a love failure and now I am going to do suicide. After listing his concern, ...

" Snow Falling Time "

My name is Anand,

Anand Krishna!

This is my favourite place in Vizag…

taking baby steps with mom,

riding on dad’s shoulders.

Dad used to take me till that big wave.

Mom got busy after my sister’s birth!

Mom beat me for the very first time when I came to this beach without informing her.


Dad still recollects that day when mom had cried because of me

Partying with friends, fighting with them….

If Mother Scolds me, I feel hurt and I sit here

Never ending memories just like those waves!


Welcome to ‘Love City’



My day started with my Dad’s Question Mark Face on why was I up so early

Here comes my Columbus!

Hai Brother

Yes ?

The road around the street is under repair,
you can take the adjacent lane to the main road.


Thanks Columbus

M.S. Subbu Lakshmi’s divine voice gave a warm Welcome to the new route

Lady from a Telugu household making Rangoli

A Boy waiting with flowers for his Girlfriend

and lastly

Maestro Ilayaraja’s warm welcome to me into the studio with ‘Manchukurisevelalo'

Let’s start our program on a positive note…

It’s me Krish… Call me on 0891226622…


This is not the first time I am warning you
not to discuss your personal matters on the show.

Do those make any sense even?

You should go by the trend…

there should be rhyming in all that you say.

Personally, I do not feel like having lunch without a punch(line)

Rhyming and Timing is everything!

‘Timing’… It’s time for the show! I need your script to give the show TRP’s a lift!

Hey hey hey… Script… Lift! You seem to have got it!

Script Please

I do not have it

You can finish 10 scripts by the time a song is played.

This idiot does not even know the full form of TRP!

You start the program .. I'll push the words with the pilot pen

Radio City

Welcome back to ‘ Love City ’

Today’s topic is ‘ Crazy Love ’


Call me and share your crazy love incidents..
Let’s take the first call

Hello..This is Ramu

Yes Ramu

Actually…I proposed to a girl yesterday morning and she accepted it instantly

Very Good

She broke up with me in the evening



That was my reaction as well

I proposed to her in the morning,
we were in love during the afternoon...and broke up in the evening

What did you do?..Ramu

Loaned 4000 Rs!


Oh my God! Looks like the guy who loaned me is coming…Talk to you later…Bye sir

Ramu! Ramu! Raa

Started the day with a proposal and ended it with a break up

This for sure is ‘ Crazy Love ’

Let’s check who our next caller is…


Hai Tell us about your ‘ Crazy Love ’

Mine is not ‘ Crazy Love ’... But I am getting mad.


My Name Is Surya

I am in love with her for 3 years now

Very Good Surya..Did you tell her the same?

I tried many times...but i could not.....


She is my best friend

That does not mean you should not propose her

Not that I should not…

just in case she does not like it

You are worried that your friendship will be affected right?


Just in case you don’t tell her,

she will never know,

and what if she also has feelings for you?

She would have said it

If it is this difficult for you as a boy to express, imagine a girl’s plight!

This is quite common for those who are in love.

Just go and express how much you like her,

she will for sure agree

Even if she does not,

she will at least know that you are loving her.

whatever happens will only happen if you say

Paddu is coming!

Oh is it! Go then…all the best Surya

I have been hiding this for 3 years,

I cannot do it any further,

I love you Paddu

you took so much time to say this!...i was waiting for this moment


Who else will like us more than our friends?

So…lets hum a happy happy song in this happy mood!

Right or Wrong…Doing it is happiness

Sweet our Sour, Tasting it is happiness

Like it or Not, experiencing is happiness

If you look at it properly, everything is immense happiness..

Happiness when love happens

Love message by Kalidas

Writings on papers…happiness…


you miss the love....

Devadas’ liquor nectar….

Dull or Thrill…Life itself is a celebration…hey…hey…hey…



Gather your naughtiness and play lovely games…Age is a Happiness

Mom’s lullaby that words can’t weigh….is Happiness…

All the friendship with hand in hand…Happiness in us…

Childhood mischief….memories for a hundred years…more happiness…

Happiness is a colorful dream,

imaginations are Happiness…

Happiness is moonlight,

Cold is Happiness…

Happiness is the first wake up,

light is happiness…

Happiness is every relation,

life is happiness.



The concept of our program is….

One Second…

every program here should go as per my vision...

what mister

gave you the script…why are you still here?

You need my blessings?

Sir! You said you would shift my program to prime time.

Prime time is not pop-corn to give you as soon as you ask for it.

I need to get the permission from the Superiors

Motivation in you

the inspiration of bringing you up..must come in me

For now, give it an intermission and manage your mission first.

Give me once chance sir!


If you pester me like this for Prime Time,I will shift you to Crime Time!

You will commit suicide after reporting all those rape and murder related stuff


You know about him and why do you still ask?

If you stop trying because there is a problem, how will you fulfil your dreams?

I am not sure what this squirrel faced Guy wrote in the script.

Seeing the girl

Hai Listeners! Today’s topic on our show is ‘Love at first sight’

Love born at first glance

We heard in ' RAMAYANA ' that Sita loved Rama at her first sight.

All the love stories from Tretayug to Kaliyug began with Love First Sight.


let’s start our show with a poem on the magic of ‘Love at first sight’ by PD….

“At your first glance on the girl"

“At your first glance on the girl"
Lightning should come from your eyes

Thunders should strike her heart

In that love cyclone… Girl Father & Mother should be washed away..

Aaaa...Let’s take our first call....


I just heard Your PD’s poem Sir

and with his inspiration I too have something to say

Yes please

“Dear PD…Dear PD…

Your ears will be pierced if I start abusing you

Your body will get stiches if I start bullying you

Your photo will be garlanded if I come over to your office…Dirty idiot!

You cannot write anything just because we are listening!

Thanks a lot for your affection!

This guy’s words had meaning along with rhyming!

Let’s see who our next caller is!




Why don’t you speak?

Sorry Brother! I am just fixing my peg.


Peg? In the Early Morning?

Not the Whisky, Brandy, Vodka peg you know of…poison!

Po…Po… Poisonnn???

I decided to end my life brother.

The reason I called you is to let you know that you are the reason for it


Yes you!!!

how come i am the reason?

I took the advice you gave a caller last week to propose his love and not hide it.

I proposed my love to my Girl Friend and she rejected!

I just want to die now!

Do you have to end your life just because your Girl Friend rejected Sir?

What else should i do?

How will a person like you who gives free love
advice on air understand the pain in life?

I might be the reason for you to propose her,

but I do not agree that Love Failure is the reason for your suicide


There is nothing called Love Failure!


Nothing called Love Failure?


How old are you brother?


You speak like a kid

What do you mean?

Had you ever been in love, you will never speak like this

So, you mean that I was never in love?

So, you say this when you are in love then?


Is it? Well then…tell us about your love story and lover

If you prove that there is no Love Failure I will Drop

This program is for you people to tell…not me

Tell us If you cannot, accept that what you had just said is wrong
and l will go ahead with my suicide.

Just in case you are thinking that you are in a fix

you should think twice before you say anything to a clever guy like me


I am just thinking from where I need to start

The topic that day was ‘Love at First Sight’, so you can start from there

I was walking along on the beach side that day…

Running waves in the moonlight,

the sea appeared more excited than usual.

After I walked for a while, I could understand the reason why!

She looked like a Peacock dancing on the Sea shore

Her face like smile

the silence between her lips.

The foam from the waves gently touched her feet.

Unknown anguish in her constant gaze towards the moon…

And then?

To know what happened then, tune into our show next week
on Radio City 91.1. Just another week of wait.

Till next week?

Hello…. Hello brother…

How many times should I remind you not to tell personal stories?


It was not my personal story

it was fictitious!


Yes Sir! Instantly cooked up story only to divert the caller from his suicide plot

You counted on that unwise caller’s words?

It is those people like him who commit suicide for petty reasons

What if he calls again?

Good for us

We will know at least that he did not commit suicide

What if he asks what had happened next in Your fictitious Story

I can figure out something sir…don’t worry!

What is the concept of the show and what is that you are doing?

Live programs do not run on concepts...
they run on improvisations! You have to improvise based on the situation

Hello Radio City 91.1

What had happened next? Did Krish meet the girl?

Which girl?

The girl he saw on the beach

Girl on the beach?

The girl from Krish’s love story

where is that girl to meet!..where?..where do you come from...Yoooo...cut the call

Hey Baby!

Here is a rose with a dash of love dose…
only if you could give me a smiling pose…

I have something for you on my feet! Do you need love?

Your Something is Yours...My Flower is Mine...My Lover is Somewhere...Aaaahhh..


Ware is sinkaa..

Sinka! Why do you look so tensed?

Kattappa is in the campus


What are you saying?

Fresh Chicken,

Singareni Kaatam Raju

Singarakonda Sivagami

How did you dare lay your hand on Kaatam Raju?

Kadhiri Kattappa

Jai Mahishmathi

Why don’t you give me an idea instead of smiling?

You need to praise their beauty for girls to fall for you

Sinka will sincerely follow your advice

Let’s see!

Hey Anand, are you up for the beach this evening?

Baby is alone for a while now, let me do a trial

Enough footage for Facebook

You are beautiful

In fact, you are very beautiful!

One more time

You are very beautiful

Say it loud

You are very....

Say it now

You look very angry

Hello mom

Why dint you come home?

I am at the beach

Ok. Come back early

Ok mom, I will

Bye Darling


She looked like a Peacock dancing on the Sea shore

Her face like smile

the silence between her lips.

The foam from the waves gently touched her feet.

Unknown anguish in her constant gaze towards the moon…


Did you not go to sleep?

Where have you been? You mobile is switched off as well

I did not check that

It’s ok. Come have dinner

I don’t feel hungry mom

What happened darling?

Senseless Fellows, Senseless Fellows!

Sir Script

I have decided not to write any scripts


I am being abused in live for my creative poems.

People like your fake stories and they call me up to know what happened next


Is that Krish?

I am his boss

What sir? Krish still did not start the program

He will. Can’t you wait till he does?

That is why I have decided

not to give Ph.D. lectures to a 10th grade students

For those who like fake stories, my creativity will be a burden

Go..Continue Your Fake Story

Sirrr fake story

I understand

Running the show without my guidance will be a challenge, but you have to.

My only concern is that my creativity is being killed

I will continue sir

Krish! What happened next? Did you meet her?

It happened

How did you meet a girl whom
you could not find on searching for hours that night?

Even if you had missed her,
how long it would have taken you to find her in Vizag?

I had the same thought,

but the next day

Did you see her?

Women’s Colleges, Engineering Colleges,

Cinema Halls, Shopping Malls,

Kailasagiri to Simhachalam,

Gangavaram, Yarada, Ramakrishna, Rushikonda, Bheemili Beach.

From Andhra University to Araku Valley,

apart from these,

Jagadamba Junction

Gajuwaka Center





Peda Waltair


I covered every nook and corner of the city for her


Girls are all the same brother. They appear, they make you run,
they make you fall in love and then they make you drink alcohol

Is it?

Brother! Do not let yourself down that you could not see her again.
If not her, someone else

Where is the girl to see?

Did I say I did not see her again?


That is what I thought you said till now?

You did not let me finish!

Ohh! Sorry brother

What happened next?


Party bro!

Good Morning Students

Good Morning Sir


Java was designed by James Gosling.

Do you know which company helped him?



Oracle sir

Good guess,

but no.

Oracle Developed it

any one ?

Sun Microsystems.

One more question.

What was the language first used to develop the ‘WhatsApp’ we are using?



Oracle Sir

Don’t know you another name than Oracle?

Any guesses?

Did you get your seat in third counselling? You have joined pretty late.

No for sure!

She was noting down every question and answer in the class
In my opinion, you are a studious girl

He is Aa..


Her Name

I don’t know


Instead of writing the answer in the notebook,
you should have said it aloud in the class

You have a smile for everything.


No. Library!

So…the girl you were searching for ended up in your class


What do you think happened next?

How would I know brother?

Do you want to?

Don’t you want to tell us?

I do! I will get to know about her and tell you in our next show!

When the snow falls,

all the beauty like you…

you create hope on you..

the noise does not stop

Is one glimpse enough?

To make me lost…

The foot leaving the ground…

to fly in the air…

Oh dear, your walk…like the Niagara falls

Your words sounding…like a Telugu tune to the ears

Do not hide your heart, out of obligation….Oh partner…

Come soon…to meet my dream concealed by my eyes

It is like watching the same movie in a loop.

One week of my wait is not worth it.

I too feel the same brother.

This is not the type of girl I was looking for.

What were you looking for in a girl then?

At that moment we are to meet,

why do you keep looking for me

That music of silence even before I say a Hi

The time I let my heart out, all the naughtiness like me

Is following you enough? Do we become one?

Is being with you to share your dreams enough…

Adding life to a tireless wish…

For you to know that I am a walking shadow…not to go back…

For me to gift my breath to you!

I like your thoughts, but do you find such traits in a girl?

Not sure,

but life will be good if we can find

Is it?

How exactly?

Hey…Hey…What happened?

This feels good…

Heart wished for a bit

more of something…

My world has changed, the time has changed…
Changed like this with you…

Happiness… your beauty…should be mine…
Like those lines in the palm….

You had a nice dream…

after that?


we all are planning a trip to Araku tomorrow.
I hope you are coming as well.

No Anand.

Do you have any plans with your parents?

Nope. Will stay home.

You can come with us then.

Sorry Anand.

I don’t like it.

Ok. You should not anything you don’t like. Bye!

Dreams and Reality are far apart.

I wish guys understand this.


Who are you?

We are...

We are thieves


We have information that you have lot chocolates and ice creams in store at your home.
We just came to steal them.

Not lot of them, only two of them.


I don’t trust you. Guys! Let’s go and search.

We really don’t have any of those

Who is that honey?

Thieves apparently!.....Hai Aunty

Geeta did not tell you about us right?

Where is Geeta?

In the kitchen

I will ask her why.

Did you add cashew to upma?

Good Morning.

How did you all come uninformed?

Just to give you a surprise.

So early in the morning?

I did not say anything yet.

Your face says, if not you. Can you smile a bit?

Are you all from the same class?

Yes aunty. We all are from the same group and class

I will just be back. Come with me.

Very Nice

Did you all not go to Araku?

It is raining in Araku. One of my friends called me and informed.

Upma will get over...

Sinka is already in the kitchen.

Did you leave anything for us?

There was hardly any upma.

Hardly any upma?

Geeta…I have a lot of video games in my mobile.


Have it Sruthi.

Thank you, Aunty.

Have it son.

Aunty…you should make a post in FB if you want to give him anything.

FB? What?

Don’t you know FB?

This needs to be posted urgently in FB

Friends She is the second person in Vizag who does not know FB.

Who is the first one?

My mom.

Dad is home.

Hai Uncle.


They are Geeta’s classmates.

Aunty, let us discuss what we need to prepare for lunch over a cup of Boost.


Happy Birthday!

You must be wondering…why all this?

Small gestures like this can get us big treats.


Yes Treat! Our group is expecting a solid party from you.

Don’t you all want a party?

Yes We Want

Happy Birthday Geeta… Happy Birthday to you Geeta

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday

Thank You

Happy Birthday

Will you have all of it? Spare me some

Anand…our balloon concept got 5000 likes in 5 minutes.

Enough of your FB now! Geeta where is the party?

Come over to my place.


That is not where we are expecting you to treat us




Don’t we have anything?


give the sprite,we will drink

The Brightness of the sky comes together to form this Beauty...Standing on the seashore

Look at the waves..Racing to touch you

the moon much ever you can reach only her feet

The tired waves rise so hopefully...

Form into Breeze Showers...Gently touching you and feel happy, they won

Does he have this perspective on the side ... two eyes are looking surprisingly!

now smiling gently

Are you the lone child at home?

No Geeta. I have a sister.

Tell me Shruthi Don’t I have enough wealth and status?

Who said that?

You have more of everything.

Everyone has a day… even I do

Isn’t an animal missing from the statement?

You moron I can kick you to the other end of the sea.

Sruthi can you hear my inner voice?

Reach home safe and call me as soon as you do.




I need some more Drink

Go home, it’s already late.

Are you coming or not?

You did not call me as soon as you reached. Did you?

Day dream

Why will Geeta come here so early in the morning.

Geeta…this is not a dream.... O my god

Take whatever you want

I will have one first

Have you started it again?

I warned you not to have ice cream for a week

Let her have one.

She recovered from cold only today.

What are you waiting for? Put it back in the fridge.


Guess she is upset.

That hardly lasts a couple of minutes.

Hey…did Geeta also come?

Hai Geeta. Hai Aunty.

Happy Anniversary Aunty

Thank you

Sharat…she is Geeta, Anand’s classmate.

Happy Anniversary Uncle.

Thank you.


When did you come?

What happened to you sweetheart

Geeta Akka did not let me have Ice Cream

Geetha Look there!

They are up to come mischief!


Hai Geeta. Hey Sruthi! When did you all come?

Anand, come here.

One second.

How may Ice Creams did you have?

Ice Creams aa...Not even one

You asked me not to.

Wipe your mouth properly sweetheart!

Sweetheart, Mom is calling you for something.

Hello Sinka… can you hear me?

If we are destined to get what we had desired for,
things fall in place.

Geeta calling me to check if I had reached safe,

Mom picking the call instead, inviting Geeta

and liking her as well.

Looks like

The winds of destiny are towards us!

Why do you need all this?

Whatever you say or ask, Geeta only has a smile
to answer

Occasionally comes a little bit of anger

I recollected a joke my friend in the US shared me on WhatsApp. Sorry…Sorry

Can we also hear the joke?

It is a very popular joke in the USA

Don’t keep us waiting till the next show for the joke.

Why did the Chicken cross the road?

Why did the chicken cross the road? Is that a joke?

Yes it depends on the answer we think of

Coming up is a Megastar remake from Magadheera

Why did the chicken cross the road?


Why did the chicken cross the road?

I am not sure if she understood the question.

Why did the chicken cross the road I say???

Did you start drinking already? You bloody moron!

I never knew a joke would evoke such an emotion


if I asked... why the chicken lays egg?

Why don’t you (Anand) tell me the answer bro?

To get to the other side

To get to the other side?


Chicken crossed the road to get to the other side?

Thank God, I did not let my inner thoughts out…


Daily over there

you can sit here also

the people who sat there might have become software engineers

the people who sat here became Great Celebrities

hey..what do you say?


Hai Geeta.

Where are you all going?

Same question here, where are you going?


Are there special classes only for you alone?

There is a Student’s union strike in the University.

Get ready, we will go out.

Go have some fun with friends. Life is not only College and Home.

What about me?

You also can go.

Come on.

Just do it…whatever happens…

Justice will be done for life in this world..

Nothing happens if you keep thinking…

Let’s invite all the hardships with love…

Life is small….Hey…

Let’s reach every happiness by giving it some space....

Come over…crazy guy!


Yes dear

Are these the waterfalls from Bahubali?

Yes, and he is Kalakeya


Boom Boom say Boom Boom hey

Get your hands up Boom Boom hey..

Let’s make all the sorrows, a zero…Oh my bro Oh my bro..

Leave your narrow thoughts… Oh my bro Oh my bro..

Boom Boom say Boom Boom hey

Get your hands up Boom Boom hey..

Life has to be crazy my bro..

Life has to be crazy

my bro..

If there is hope, even a little of it

Won’t all happies be a goldmine…

Be it a bypass or a N.H,

we will reach the destination if there is a route…

One and only life for every being…Hey…

Let’s welcome every second of it…Hey!




Can we together on my bike?

why two bikes?

You need to be cognizant of the deteriorating Petrol reserves.

What can we do to not endanger our future generations?

What can we do?

Same College, same bike. We need to step forward towards realizing this goal.

The beginning of any great accomplishment is ONE (Person)

In this process, I am OK to even travel with you on your scooty

Can we go together today at least?

Looks like brother got pissed off




can we go to the beach?

When it comes to females, a male heart melts like ice

Serious looks do not really suit you.

Cheer up Anand Krishna!

Isn’t the sea very bewitching on a full moon day?

Yes, and I am seeing you for the second time on such an occasion

Second time?

When was the first time then?

In my dreams.

I am serious Geeta. I had imagined a Girl like you,

like this...on full moon night

beautiful sea

wearing a white dress and gazing at the moon.

I could not believe my eyes when I had first seen you for real.

I kept staring at you

Yes, you were staring at me?

Did you also see me that day?

Yes, for the second time

Second? Where was the first?

You were going past our house

This is for sure his deed. The guy above must have done this

The guy above…who?

who else...God

I was minding my way when he diverted me towards your home.

It is okay that he did,

but he showed me to you and not vice-versa.
He had left you to my imagination

and when I finally found you,
he made me search every nook and corner of Vizag.

When I almost left my hope that you were for real

he made you stand by side with a smile on your face.

he made you sit beside me with convey all this to you

What else does he have in stock for me?

What else!

He wants you to go home

You should not have let that moment gone. That was the best situation

What for?

Expressing your love

So soon?

How many more days do you need?

It is not about days,

just to understand what does she think about me

For you know that, first she should know that you love her

No way one will know about your love other than letting them know

Let he know brother. You anyways have to do it one fine day

If not for Surya proposing her, Paddu would have never known

Telugu women are very intelligent.

They make you tell them how much you love them.

No woman would reject a guy like you

True Krish! She will definitely say a yes



who else like us..except our friends


we are the number one show in Vizag

and out listener count is half a million now

Brother, what have you decided?

Such things are easier said than done

What a Following For this Fake Story!..


Are you still assuming this is fake ?

What have you decided Krish?

Does Geeta listen to FM?

No clue

When are you proposing her?

Do it brother. You will have to do it anyway

Anand always has his plans. We do not have to worry

What are you thinking?

Geeta is elder to me

How can a girl from the same batch be elder to you?

She is 1 year elder to me

Such petty things do not matter, as long as you like Geeta

Thank you mom!

Poets weave a thin cloth for you with their golden imaginative threads…

painters bestow divinity to the shape…

The sea offers her pearls…

mines give you gold…

Spring forests gift their pretty flowers for your decoration

What can I give you?

The smile on your lips when you see me

and a never-ending happiness if you wish so…

I Love you Geeta!


When did you come to India?

2 days

She is in your room.

She does not want to go with he mom

I will stay with you

Let’s go



What do you think about yourself?

Can you find a guy better than Anand?

What do you girls need basically?

Listen to Krish on Radio City. You will understand what you are missing

Geeta does not like her little sweetheart going

Sorry Krish! We should not have forced you

as you said...we should have waited for some time

Without the girl having any liking
the reply will be the same whenever you propose

She prefers you as a good friend than a lover

All these girls are like this
They need college students to hang around, but software engineers to marry

Don’t we have the right to think even?

We do not ask you go jump into the sea for you to think about it
it is just a love proposal

You men never were able to understand us

Can you all please stop your nonsense?

why do you leave the main point

Look Krish, there is no guy in Vizag
who never had failed in love and never had Mansion House.

Let me know if you need company

You are 100% correct brother
1 week of spend for a girlfriend can give us one full year of Vodka!

Krish knows where exactly to stop
What is the kick, had the girl accepted his love?

Krish... I just send Primetime Proposal to the head office

Now tell me, isn’t there anything called love failure?

It’s Seenu

Yes, there is nothing called Love Failure

Didn’t your girlfriend reject your love proposal

I was rejected, not love

Did not get you!

what is there not to understand?

Love never fails

A statement that love does not fail is not enough, you need to elaborate

How do I explain him?

This is precisely the reason why a show
should always go as per a script and not with improvisations

You will hit such dead-ends!

‘Love does not fail’ – it is just a logical thought

and I am not sure if Seenu has the maturity to understand this.

Let us see if Krish has the courage to explain this to the audience understanding…

let's see... this story turns which way

I will try to explain this to you.

Tell me one thing, did you meet the girl after she had rejected you?



How can we meet again after she rejected on my face?

Ok, so you just started drinking after that?

You did not allow me to die, what else can I do then?

If your love is so eternal, instead of binge drinking,
did you bother to ask her the reason for her rejection even?

It is easier said than done brother. Did you ask your lover?

I would not have advised you without myself deciding to ask

Why late then? Go and ask her

Super decision Krish! Go and talk to her

Just think over it Krish

You will never know if you keep thinking. Go and ask her Krish

Don’t act in haste, they are just trying to provoke you

Don’t listen to these women

This is just the twist I like.

Krish..I will be waiting for the next show

Not that you should not ask...
your friendship should not be spoilt by doing so

No harm in him expressing his love
You just need to explain him the reason for your rejection

Looks like Krish does not have the right experience in dealing with girls.
She had left him without saying anything and now she will slap him!

Do you think that I need to change myself Geeta?

I am sure there must be something wrong in me for a friend like you to reject.

Is it because that I am younger to you?

If so, I am the unluckiest guy in the whole of Vizag.

I do not have goal for myself…friends…parties…. why will you even adore me?

Did I say anything about the reason?

Why do you make yourself less

I could only think of these Geeta

There are not the reasons and in fact you are not the reason

Why don’t you read Bhagavad-Gita
every morning instead of spending time on those books?

You do not stop doing this and
she does not stop giving you an earful either!

6 Years after our marriage,

I was reading this ‘Geetanjali’

when your mom came and whispered the news of your arrival.

I could not get enough of my ‘Geetanjali’s’ smiles
and read enough of Ravindranath’s ‘Geetanjali’ ever since


day after tomorrow is an auspicious day.
Step into your college at 7:10 AM sharp

They don’t even open the college gate by then

I told you not to prefer such colleges.

Why do you have to go that far for such a college?

Ok mom! I will try and request the watchman to open the gate

or at least put my foot in from around the corner

You both never take my words seriously


I think your mom does not like you going so far

The only train is half an hour late.

What can we do now?

Maybe a cup of coffee will do!

with beautiful green grass fields....

reed bed as the roof of the huts....

with the misty surroundings.....

our beautiful a Pretty Girl

One coffee please!

with traditional rangolis.....

and marigolds all around....

accompanied by the fields of Red chillis....

ready for our festival

Madam coffee!

Thank you

I am Anjali, and you?


‘Geetanjali’ Prakash?

in your happy life, Suddenly one day you got to know that... you have cancer!

in your last days, instead of your native place,you decided to stay peacefully in Ooty


i am not the guy with cancer and I do not have any such diseases


can I ask you one thing?


Who is that young girl with the traditional dress in your poem?

that girl...wearing Traditional Ghagra..Beutiful Half Saree

Oh, that lady? My friend


Girlfriend rather


Where does she stay?

In the US

Oh, so there are girls who wear traditional dress in the USA

Can I see her?

Why do you have to see her?

Is she as pretty as me?

Ah, she is pretty

She may be pretty, but is she a topper like me in academics.

India’s best engineering college had offered me a seat


Yes, how do you know?

My friend works as a faculty there

Are you coming to Ooty as well?

No, I am heading back

Is it?


I did not find what I was looking for in Ooty

How will you find when Anjali had not stepped in yet?

Prakash, I am not sure what you were looking for,

but these many days you were staying in the Ooty...without Anjali

but once in step in…

Once you step in?

Flowers will be full of life

streams will get a movement,

Air will jump in joy,

nature will be thrilled in ecstasy and overall, the Spring will celebrate

If you stay here for long, you will miss the train

Didn’t you like my peom?

It is good

Is it good?


you are go to Ooty by Train...Right?


Finish your coffee and catch the train.

If you miss it, you will have to take a taxi

Oh, I almost forgot!

Hot coffee turned cold

Mine too

Time flies when I am with you

You are leaving when Anjali just arrived

I have to leave

you are about to join a great college. Study well!

I should have come a few days before

New joiner?


Are you dumb?

I can speak

What is your name?


Don’t you know that you have to tell your full name?


Where is Prakash then?

I am not Maniratnam’s ‘Geetanjali’

I am Tagore’s ‘Geetanjali’!

When did Chiru do ‘Geetanjali’?

Whatever ‘Geetanjali’ you are,

meet us in the cafeteria at noon


May I come in sir?

New joiner?


Are you dumb?

I just joined today

and my name is Gadde Geetanjali. I am from Vizag

It is already a week since the classes began.

Come in

Pig faced!

Hai Geetanjali!


How was Murthy’s class?

Be careful




I think I saw you before.

You were in my dreams, recently right?

Oh, it this a dream as well?

Can you please get up?

Let me be for a while Prakash. It’s nice!


did he leave?

Come get up

Thank you!

If my lecturer sees me with a boy, he will a worried soul.

Ok, leave it.
You did not stay when I had asked you, why did you come back again?


Spring just began and celebrations are being planned.

Where are you staying?

Friend’s room.

Isn’t it time for colleage?

Oh my god! Today is Murthy sir’s first class

and I have to be before time.

Bye Prakash! I will meet you in the evening, ok!

Can’t you be on time even for a day? Get out of my class!

Sir, I was on time. You came early rather

So, you teach me what time sense is… you stupid girl!


Looks like you are in a serious thought about something.

If it is about love,

let me help!

We have been trying for 3 years.What will you do?

Is he handsome?

That is the issue! I cannot utter anything when I see him and I come back

Why do YOU have to say it?

However handsome guys might be, not more than us.

They should forget themselves and stare at us.

You do not have to go to him.

Just stand in front of him and maintain eye contact.

Do not bother about anyone else near you.

Boys know very well why a girl does that.

See you in the party!


How did you know that I am here?

I am a pretty girl and I know where the poets are

Who told you that I am a poet?

No need for someone to tell me. I can figure it out just like that
as easy as having an ice-cream

I am not a poet

You can still have the ice-cream

Who is that?

I will check

Is this how your guys thrown stones into a girl’s house?

I am not sure, I have never done that

how can you? there are no stones on the streets in America

Come Lets Have Coffee

I cannot… in this cold

I knew, I knew you would say this

On a cold morning in Ooty, if a girl invites you for a coffee…
do you know what the stalwart Sri Sri had said?

What would he say?

I got it in a piece of paper so that I do not miss out on the flow.

‘Coffee is calling…another cup of coffee is calling…

go ahead...go forward...towards the cafe nearby

all you lazy, lethargic, aged brothers… you die…
I am going out for a coffee with my girl’!

Who is that…die, jump?

What do you write in your diary?

You say you are not a poet and you keep writing something.

Who are you?


Who is Prakash?

Won't you say? the diary...There is something

I got it.

I know all your secrets are in this diary!
I will get to know everything and return it safe


You are the sky

I am your cloud..

You are the happiness

And I am your smile…

I am time with all the seasons…

Bore fruit today for you….

I am the fun from a trickling cold breeze…

Shall I tickle you…without a momentary gap…

I will slip by your looks into your lap…

Will become a baby…

I cannot stop myself in your company…

Will be a waterfall…

Shall I be a woodfire in the cold mist…

Touching your body gently…

Shall I be the little drizzle in the hot summers…

Making you wet all over…

Shall I play the whole day

jumping here and there…Shall I run…

On those evenings after a tiring day…

Should I be the soothing lilly…

The man who designed Java is…

Are you even listening?


Tell me who designed Java?

Did you even understand the question?

Aren’t there any options Sir?

Get Up

Do you know the answer or not?

You are here to study and not to day dream!



I told you not to take my diary
Now you are sulking after knowing about me

This is not a diary... This is a notebook

there is nothing about you

Is that a story you are writing is Movie?


is Mahesh the hero?


Is it Pawan Kalyan,

who else?

My stories are not for stars, it is for people like you and me. A small love story

I like the way you described a woman

Looks like the woman resembles me



Till where have you come?

Till the party

Is it?

Be Ready, we will call you at 7


Prakash, come and join me for the party

Why me?

Me alone won’t be enough.

I need to take a revenge for all that we juniors had spent on them.

I will tell them that you are by boyfriend

It won’t look good

Oh, Prakash!

Bye, meet you tomorrow!

Oh mannn

What did you think of us when you gave us a treat?

Tell us, we won’t mind

Pig faced

We won’t think that way

You can think whatever you want, I need another chocolate

You should not eat more

Will you get me or not?

Come on babe…let’s rock!

Come on babe…let’s rock!

Murthy Sir

Please let Prakash know that I came here…

Please Tell Sir..






Guess the party went well

The had to spend a bomb. They will never invite me a person like me.

It would have been good if you had joined as well.

I kept two chocolates aside for you anyways

Take it

Thank you

shall I accompany you to the hostel?

Did you really come to India for filming a movie?

Why did you even get that doubt?

Do you know what does an American guy like you

who wants to film the spring night and snow filled moonlight

as a love story would do to a pretty girl like me?

What does he do?

Don’t you know?

I do not know as well.

I got a bit greedy and had my tummy full, can we sit and talk?

Let’s go

What should we do, man with the dimples?

How long would you stare at me like that?

Don’t you know why a girl gets close to you?

Oh God, looks like I have to train him to kiss.

holding like thissssss.....



What is the use in trying to teach you when your parents are the culprits?

What did my mom and dad do?

Had they given you the right upbringing,
would you have got drunk like this and misbehave?

What did I drink?

How do I know what Drink you had?

Murthy Sir, I do not get what you say!

You would not understand till the Drink goes down

What did I drink?

Whisky, Brandy…how do I know?


When did I have that?

Can you please leave my room first?

I did not drink and I do not have such habits!

Will you leave or not?

I did not booze, you are deliberately trying to….

Get out!!!

Where is Anjali?

I am asking you!

Prakash, you seem to have forgotten the reason you came here

What is that I am asking and what is that you saying?

I am saying this for your own good,

you are not on the right path

What happened?

Did Anjali come to the class?

It is not my job to track who came to the class and who did not

Tell her that I wanted to meet her

What does a boy ask a girl he newly met, as a first thing?

We may or may not find what we are searching for…
if you keep searching at the same place




What does a boy ask a girl he newly met, as a first thing?


Where are you?


Temple? Didn’t you go to the college?

I did not


I had to apologize for the mistake I did

What mistake?

For having those alcoholic chocolates!

That’s ok, God will consider your apologies

I keep saying that you have a smiling face
and just about the time when she is expected you have become dull


That lady in the traditional dress with a fog dupatta!

Is it?

Why is she coming now?

To confirm if I had said the truth

Why does she have to come this far just to see if I was smiling or crying?

When is she coming?

I warned you not come towards my room

Prakash asked me to

Exams notification is out.

The person who offered you a seat here should be blamed.

How was the journey sister?

It went well Murthy.

Hai Anjali!

My sister

Hai sisterinlaw

Traditional dress, fog dupatta… that was you right?

Will you let her in first?

Sure Brother

What do your parents do Anjali?

Dad is a professor in Andhra University and Mom is a homemaker

Do your parents know about Prakash?

His likes and everything about him?


His cinema dreams, not everyone will be comfortable with that

Why will they not like cinema?

Everyone likes to watch movies,

but they do not quite like people pursuing it as a career

Dad has respect Literature and Artists.

They will never say no to my likes.

Will your mom and dad like me,
given that I can only watch movies and not make them?

We lost our parents when we were kids.

Prakash and I were brought up by our brother in law

Do not feel bad. I will adapt you all and then you will have a family.

Give me that little one as my dowry

What dowry?

Oh, don’t you know this?

The trend of late is that girls take dowry instead of giving

that are from film Industry

Why are you laughing sis?

Anjali wants this little one as her dowry


Nice girl!



exaggerated! Who are you?

The dream or the art…!

Who are you?

The shining in the daylight…!

Careless fun...

Summer lilly’s look a like…

Venue for a celabration…!

Your honey coated eyes…are they to hunt…

Are those little smiling sounds…to defeat me..

No news till now in the air…

Gossiping trance…because of you..



exaggerated! Who are you?

The dream or the art…!

Who are you?

The magic changed its form to you…

Met me the other day…chasing me all over…

Another world touched the heart gently…

Should I seek you in the presence of these moments…

Why do you have to go now?

Will be back in a week

What will happen if you do not go, it is only for a week right?

Some work there. It will helpful to my sister if I go

Shall I come as well?


I mean, I will be back in a week

You both come to Vizag as soon as your exams are over.


Bye Murthy!

Bye Sister!




I will get down at the hostel


Please stop near the hostel

No.. No.. don’t stop! I have nothing to do there now,

will give you guys a send-off at the station and will go back

Why are you not saying anything?
I will get down at ‘Mettupallayam’ and head back.

don’t believe me, right?

No, we do!

How can you be so good all the time?
It is not always smiling, you should also show your anger when needed as well

Booked the cab. You will get a call on your mobile.
Call me as soon as you reach Ooty

I will be waiting for you. Come back soon!

Over! It’s all over!

I was always worried that this would happen!

What happened sir?

We do not have any other show for the No: 1 slot.
He ended the story and there is nothing to listen to in this show from tomorrow

We do know what to say Krish.

Should we feel happy that her love was a success
or should we feel bad that your love failed?

All the girls are the same.
They do not let you know anything till you are drowned

That girl’s behaviour was weird from the beginning itself!

Attempt was never made to understand that girl properly.That is the problem.

We understand your pain.

She is your friend and friend can only understand a friend’s love

Oh god!
A friend should understand a friend’s love? Who will understand a lover’s love then?

See Krish, this is quite common now a days!

Leave it.We will find a new lovely girl

The right advice in time. Krish, do not worry any more about this

Yes Krish, those you just advised you now cannot think of more

Can you please stop the crap?
You look for chances to fight with each other.

Whose problem is this? Krish’s or yours?

What should we do now?

Hello, Radio City!

Sir, why is Krish not picking up the call?

Krish just left

Krish left? The show it still on right?

Yes, but there is nothing else to say. It’s all over

All over?




What should i say to the listeners if you leave suddenly like this?

I did not see the time Sir

Hmmm...ok. What are you planning for today's show?

It is only your love and affection that placed the show at the No: 1 spot

For it to continue like that, let us start our show today with a fresh topic.

How about childhood love?

childhood love

Let's see who our fresh caller is


I don’t have any childhood stories

However, i have my doubts on the your story.

Not just me, in fact most of the listeners.

I do not deny the reason she gave to reject your love... did she land in Vizag from Ooty?

What happened to the guy who went to Ooty to script his movie?

And last but not the least,

May be it was only a 'story' she told just to reject you?


You are not as dumb as i thought Seenu!
Those were just the right questions, keep them coming !

We are at the climax brother.
Clarify our doubts so that we can start with a new topic


Is it because i travelled against your wish?

Did you express your liking for me at least once?

I really like you Anjali

Let it be! You don’t have to pretend just because I asked you.

I think it is only a one way thing from my side

every time i used to roam around you..this time also

True that you like me more than I do,


I am the first to like you.

Had you stayed for another moment that day,
I would have said how much I liked you.

I did not want to lose that happiness by expressing….

What is that happiness and why would you lose it?

You coming for me every day

looking around for me if I was not there…

those ice-creams, chocolates,

small fights with Murthy and many more to say…

Many girls are blessed with such happiness,

but it is only me who is blessed with Anjali!

Can’t you see?

he came upon us sir...

Where are you going?

Looks like that they got hurt

Sorry sir. Please don’t…

Don’t worry, I just came to check if you need any help

No worries Sir, I did not see you at the turning…Sorry Sir

Take Care

Thank You Sir

Hey Prakash,

you were doing something…Leave me

Leave me…Prakash

What did you ask me to do then?

Please..Leave me…

Let me be like this for a while, I like it…

Anjali came out of coma after 2 months

Keep her in observation for 24 hours and keep me updated every hour

I saw you somewhere. In my dream!

God.. where did you find this inncocent guy?

What did the doctor say uncle?

They will discharge her tomorrow


Have some food Geeta

Eat...I Will

How long will I have to ask you like this?

It is really tiring

How long will you be like this?

Please have some food

Prakash is an innocent guy.

I am the one who chased him…and killed him

I also want to die....

She is Not listening to us

Knowing that it was not you, saying that you are responsible for it is stupidity.

Small Girl...she understood when we said

How do I explain you and how many times?

We are leaving to the US

and we will never come back to you Geeta

Prakash is not going to come back irrespective of what you do.

Say ‘bye’ to Akka darling

Bye Akka!

No one wants to be with me

If you be like this for long, you will go away from yourself

Are you also leaving me Darling?

Have something Anjali.

We cannot change the past, we have to change ourselves

The earlier you recover, the better for you

I cannot resist my tears. I can imagine her plight

We do not have words to console you Krish

Looks like she had revealed her past only to say ‘No’ to Krish

Not necessary that rejecting Krish was the reason

Why don’t we ask Krish himself to clarify?

Krish, tell us the truth. Why did she reveal her past to you?

Tell us Krish

Tell us Krish

Tell us Krish

Tell us Krish

Tell us Krish

Tell us Krish

Tell us Krish

Will you all kill him if he doesn’t tell you? He should think of something now

We do not have time left for the show…Please



Silence is all I get from her.

That is the only answer for all my questions.

She told me everything

and then it is all silence.

I have to find my answers in that silence…

We do not get what you say Krish

What is there to be confused about, she indirectly said ‘No’

When did she? When did she say that she does not like Krish?

What else can we infer from her silence?

Silence is half acceptance, may be?

May be it was, in the good olden days.

Now, silence means you go and die your death

Have you started it again?



all of them are thinking in their point of view

and advising you accordingly.

Leave aside her silence,

what is your decision?

It is not what I decide, it is what the destiny does.

How did a fictitious story I told to save someone’s life turned real in my life?

What did she lose Prakash whom she loved immensely?

Why did it(destiny) get her closer to me and why is it taking her away?

Why did it make me so indecisive?



come home

Ok mom

Are tears hindering your vision..

Are they darkening your world..?

Clueless on where to head to..

Is vaccum travelling along..?

Is the merciless time pushing you to a devastation?

Oh heart…Oh heart…

I am at your mercy now…

Oh heart…Oh heart…it is all because of you!

All the unfulfilling memories

Should I touch them frequently

The little time we were together

Should I treasure it for the whole life

Strong belief that you would never go past me…

Such is that love…

The reason why…

the thought of you not being here…is not any near…

I do understand what you say.

It is difficult for us to know what she has in mind,

it is very difficult for a person to speak in geetha's condition

You cannot even ask her

You did whatever you could and irrespective of whatever happens you

to be as a friend....or love her forever

you said what you needed to say..she will think about herself

along with have a life

thinking about this..don't spoil your life

Uttering your name in my sleep….

All the dreams I come across are yours!

All the marks on my heart did not fade away…

How can I get wet in a new raining love?

Moist eyes haven’t dried yet…

How can I reach a new dream destination?

Accept… and go away from my past..

Reject….and stay in my yesterday?

at night....leaving all the moonshine

shall i go towards the sunshine....


that I had always wanted and... that i had always wanted to stay with me…
left me forever in a moment!

Something which I never expected
and someone who is younger to me came into my life,
and now his life is being ruined as well.

What kind of a life is this?

A human life runs itself through various phases, Geeta.



unexpected happiness,

unforeseen sorrow,

unforgettable memories, unbreakable relations….

they all touch your heart and go…like those waves do.

Some hit us hard and their impact lasts longer.

It is important that we recover from such jolts and move ahead.

All you need to think now

is what your heart want and what kind of a future are you looking forward to.

Your likes and choices are the ones which would create a future for you.


Oai...Anand Krishna..move aside

May I know the intension behind this, Ms. Gadde Geetanjali?

All those who sat and studied here later became big celebrities

I do not understand these girls!

Hello Listeners, Welcome back to my show
Special guest on our show today is Geeta


Say Hi!

Hi, I am Geeta!

So good to see you both together,

feeling even better to see another couple as well

Who are they sir?

Our Seenu

What happened…

why are your faces like that?

Please tell me,

he did not even call us on the show today.

OMG…did he commit suicide…?

No sir, nothing like that…


What but? Don’t , please tell me what happened

I called up Seenu to meet him personally.
He shared his location asking me to come


It is the same location shown in the map.

I think this is


do you know if this address here is that of Seenu?

I am Seenu brother, please wait for a while…I have some work

Oh my God!

Seenu : Please Come Out
Geeth : What happenend Anand? Why are you rushing?

Come down…

take a step…

another step

Tell me

I thought of ending my life after your rejection,
but I realized that my love for you will not die even if I do.
Why are you unable to understand that?

Why? Why? Why?

Because…I cannot you idiot!

Because I am married and because I have a husband as well


Can’t married women and women with husbands fall in love?

I have seen a lot of such petty things before my marriage.

Why are you both still in a state of shock?

Is there anything left to say about him…

say it right away…

if you are in shock, don’t you see that there is a lag in the scene

The address we visited is that of you sir.
The lady seenu proposed is none other than your wife

Hello…Radio City

Krish came here to meet me…

and I could not see him after that…

he is not picking my calls either.

How can I meet him urgently?

How long will you take to come to Radio City 91.1 office at Aseelmetta?

Just 5 minutes

How dare you…

to propose my wife

and to call me up to come to my office itself?



I will ensure that your generator is broken!