Maïna (2013) - full transcript

Maïna is the daughter of the Innu Chief Mishte-nape, who witnesses a bloody clash between their clan and the clan of "Men of the Land Without Trees." Following this unsolicited confrontation, Maïna chooses a mission that will change her life. To fulfill the promise that she made to her friend Matsii on her deathbed, she embarks on the trail of their enemies to rescue Nipki, her friend's 11-year old boy that the Inuit have captured. But she is also taken as a prisoner by Natak, the leader of the Inuit group, and forcibly taken to the Land Without Trees.

Women don't hunt.

You have offended the spirits.

I haven't had my first bleeding.

Men can't touch me.

You are no exception!

Tekahera can do nothing against me.

Tekahera is a witch.

Maina killed the wolf!

Maina killed the wolf!

Now, it's safe
to play in the forest.

My daughter took a great risk.

I set him free from his pain.

Come, come!

I am not the same girl
as when you left.

You have been promised to Saitu.

I am not promised to anyone.

Now you must wait...

...for the Spirit...

...who will guide you for life.

Be strong!


The magic stones for hunting!

I see many herds of caribou.

It must be seen... our fellow Inuit.


These are my people.

That man... I've seen him before.

- They eat the children.

I know that girl!

She comes in my dreams.

She troubles your sleep.
You must chase her away.

No! When she doesn't come,
I become sleepless.

They come from
the Land Without Trees.

They eat raw meat,
just like animals.

They also eat... children.

You've never seen that, Saitu.

You are just repeating
what someone told you.

The strangers made us
an offering.

We must give them
a peace token in return.

Why doesn't Mishta-Napeu hand over
his Chief position

to the stranger
with the flat face?

I'm still the chief.
Not the strangers.

Not Saitu.

The tribesmen respect me.

Fear is not respect.

And Maina?

Maina belongs to the one
who will be chief after me.

You are not that one.

I must get Tekahera.

No... will not come.

Will he survive?

My daughter!

My daughter!

My daughter!

Your father was poisoned by Saitu.

How do you know?

I just know.

Will he die?


Do something!

I can soothe him,
but I cannot cure him.

This is for the bad fever.

And this balm is to heal wounds...

I don't see Manutabi in your life...

Neither Saitu.

But... I will always be with you.



The strangers have returned

to take our land.

We must drive them away!

By what right do you talk
to the spirits?

Let's wait for the chief to be back.

If one of you wants
to challenge me, speak!

Let's go!

Let's go!

You animals!

Take him and protect him!

He will show you the way...

How to escape from your dream...

Come on! Hurry up!

Come, see my mother.

He will be like a son to me.

He will be like a son to me.

They took Nipki.


They've taken Nipki!
Atetshi saw them.

Nipki is gone.

Atetshi is dead...

As well as...


You found your master.

You can do nothing against me.

This boy is a burden.

Throw him in the river.

It will take care of him.

Don't you dare hurt him.

Merqusak put him under
the protection of the Spirits.

The chief is dead.

And Maina is not here.

I came to speak to you.

She followed those
who have taken Nipki.

The woman is ill.

We have to go.

We can't take her with us.

This woman visited me in my dreams.

Relieve yourself inside her,

and let her die!

She needs time to get better...


Come. It is not with this boat

that you will be able
to brave the Great Waters.

We will travel on the rivers.

You're talking like a madman.

It's heavy.


What you have me carry is heavy.

I see, Nipki is a little girl.

We'll pretend to go hunting...

And then we'll escape.


There's nothing to eat here.

They've brought you along
to eat you.

They want to eat me?
I'll defend myself.

They will kill you first.

Then they will eat you.

If it were true,
they would start by eating you.

There's more of you to eat.


You go fish with Quujuq.

You go in the woods.

Do it. Do it!

Do it. Do it!


Talk to him.

How so?

"I need you."

I need you.

Are you going to eat me?


I need you.

I think they're talking about me.

No. They're talking about me.

I'm still hungry!

Nipki! Wake up!
Quick, let's go!

They don't have another canoe.

I don't care!

Nipki, go, go!

Do this.

That's the hardest one to do.

Who are you talking to?

Well... to Maina.

Maina isn't here anymore.

Help me.

Help me!

I don't know who I am anymore.

You are becoming yourself...

...a little more every day, Maina.

Stop rowing against the tide.

Are you alright?

Are you a girl?

There is nothing in your land.

Only for the one
who doesn't know how to look.

I want to go back home with Nipki.

Nipki will decide
when he becomes a man.

You can't.
You are intended for me.

Look! Look!

Here, now,
he belongs to you forever!

Why is the moon so big tonight?

Tonight, the moon isn't
the only thing that's big.

What are you doing?

I am making a mark.

Let me try.

I don't want to
if you don't want to.

I want to. You can.

So, there is nothing in our land?

Do you hear?
Those are wolves.

No. The wolves are
in your dreams.

Our home!

Our home!

Our home!


Our home!

Natak! It's been a long time!

Are you Inuk?

Your father is sick.

Your father can no longer hunt.

If you want us to live,
you're gonna have to hunt twice.

For the others too.

You're not an Inuk!

You, woman!
Come here!

You dare come to our village?

You will be in that igloo!

They will keep an eye on you!

Leave her.

They don't want you here.
- Why?

Your clan killed Merqusak.

The Inuit no longer have a shaman
to speak to our spirits.

Merqusak's parka!

Leave her alone.

Maina has nothing to do
with Merqusak's death.

You call her by her name?

She smells awful.

You'd better choose Mikijuq,
who's waiting for you.

There is no room here
for another mouth to feed.

I will take care of the family.

And the woman
and the child are with me.

You'll make a good Inuk.

Mikijuq was here before you.

Natak is not back yet?

Food is scarce.

The hunters have to go
further and further away.

Anyway, Natak sleeps
where he wants to.

Bad day. Not a seal.

Not even a small one.

Change places.

Don't go too far.

This is mussel.

This is seaweed.

Why, a frozen fish?

My mother taught me
her secrets.

Ok, let's go!

Don't abandon us, Tekahera.

We need your help.

Who among you
accompanied Manutabi?

The Great Waters have
returned his body.

We don't have a chief anymore.

Don't abandon us, Tekahera.

What are you doing?

I am with myself.

Here... no one notices me.

Would you like to go back home?

Maybe, but not alone.

Don't worry.

I'll be with you.

I wasn't talking about you...

He's for you.
His name is Ittuq.

He's yours?

Before, yes.
Now, he belongs to you.

Why are you giving him to me?

So that you'll stay.

Hopefully, the wind will die down.

We have almost nothing to eat.

I know one way to calm nature.

I'm going hunting with you.

I want to come.

Natak made the right choice.


You're scaring the seals.
Go to your own side.

Natak! Natak!

You never cease to amaze me.


I always knew she was a witch.

Natak is in love with a hunter!

Natak loves the best hunter
of them all!


Let me!

What are you thinking about?

I wondered...

...if you would let me return home.

Y es, you can go.

If you let me go...

...I choose to stay.

Does it look nice?

The seals are not coming
near the shore anymore.

The spirits of the sea are
holding them back

because your alien woman
took a hunter's place.

hunger will devour us.

Is it finished?

If he likes this,

you can get it done for real.

Tikittuq is my best friend.

We've hunted together
and we almost died together.

I am Maina.

I wear the marks of the Inuits...

...even though
I am from the Innu tribe.

And I belong to Natak.

May I?

It would be an honour for me.

And for her.

Maina has offended you.

She must be beaten for this.

He had no right to destroy it.

Tikittuq honoured Natak... asking him
to lend you for the night.

Your refusal humiliated him...

...and offended his best friend.

Would you accept to sleep
with a visitor to please Quujuq?

I'd be the one
who'd be pleased!

It's nice to experience
new caresses.

Natak is my man.

I don't want any other.

You're the only one who doesn't want
to change who I am.

Natak runs after the wind.

He wants you
because you are different...

...but he gets angry because
you are not like the others.

My tunic is made of seal
and caribou.

It comes from my people
and yours.

You did not choose
one or the other.

You sewed them together.

You have offended the spirits... mixing what comes
from the land,

with what comes from the sea.

You will never be one of us.

The wolf killed him!

It was not the wolf,

but someone guided by evil spirits.

But why?

But why?!

To cause you grief.


You didn't care for her.

Leave me alone with my sorrow.

Are we making peace?


It's Ittuq's fur!

You are asking me... carry your child.

Can I hold the baby?

Do not be impatient.

The time will come
quicker than you think.

Natak! Natak!

There are people in the forest.

And then, a few moons later,

guess who came into this world?

That's me!

And Tekahera helped you
come out of my body.

I don't remember.

After, your grandmother left us.

Now she's in space.

Last night, you were talking
to Grandmother.


You too can speak to her.


Hi, Daddy!