Man on a Ledge (2012) - full transcript

An ex-cop turned con threatens to jump to his death from a Manhattan hotel rooftop. The nearest New York Police officer immediately responds to a screaming woman and calls dispatch. More Officers arrive with SWAT and tactical command along with fire-fighters. The police then dispatch a police psychologist personally requested to talk him down from the ledge. However, things aren't as they seem.

- Last name's Walker.
- Yes.

Mr. Walker.

Room 2105, South Tower. Great view.

We also have a larger unit available
on the east side

I can offer you at the same price.

No, I think I'll stick with the view.

Is it too early for champagne?

Not at all, sir. Not at all.

Look! There's a man up there!

Look! Right there!

- Where?
- Right there!

Somebody call 911!

Hit him!
That's right, take him down!

All inmates...

So your final appeal
has been denied, Mr. Cassidy.

That's why I am here.

It's a waste of time. Can I go? Mmm-hmm?

Your old life is over.

You're gonna have to accept
that it's never coming back.

Not many men, let alone an ex-cop,
can handle a 25-year sentence.


Nick, have you ever
considered hurting yourself?

- Hurting?
- Mmm-hmm.


But killing,

every goddamned day.

Go ahead.

Hey, Cass.

It's been a while.

Yes, it has.

- That's new, Mike.
- Yeah.

I went shopping.

I'm about to be a married man,
so gotta clean up a little bit.

Who's the lucky guy?

You know, man. Hey, life goes on, right?


I'm sorry.

- Go on.
- No, we gotta flip this.

I mean, we dig up some new evidence.
There's things we can do. You know?

- It's okay.

No kissing.

Your brother called.

I'm sorry.

What'd he want? He ask for money again?

It's your dad.

- Yeah?
- He's...

He's dying.

- How long?
- Soon.

Look, I'll talk to the warden.

I'll get you a day outside of here.
No hassles.

- Mmm.
- All right?

Take care of yourself.


And when a good soul is taken from us,
it's hard to find reason to believe.

But having faith in God's promise,
and faith in yourself,

is your one true ally.

God bless you, Frank Cassidy.
You are truly free.


- Amen.
- Thank you.

- Thank you, Father.
- I'm so sorry.

Hey, Cass. I'm sorry, man.

It's nice to meet you, Nick.


Anything I can do, just let me know.

I'll be there, okay?


Ma'am! No contact!

Hey. Pretty girls can break the rules.

- Okay, I'll see you.
- I'll see ya, babe.

Is this the best you could do?

View of the goddamned tracks?

You killed him the day you went to prison.

That's 'cause I left him with a screw-up.

Oh, yeah? You know, Nick,
we're doing real good without you.

Yeah, looks like it.

- Hey! Break it up, you two!
- Break it up! Come on. Get up!

Get your ass back to prison!

Get off me! Get away!

- All right. Calm down.
- Calm...

Down! Down! Put your gun down!

- Time's up!
- Down!

The hell are you doing?

Put the gun down!
You got two kids, Donnie. Think about it.

All right. Take it easy, Nick.

Now get down and sit on your hands!
You, too.

Hey, Joey. Keys.

- Have you lost your mind?
- Keys!

- On the belt.
- Hurry!

You better not come back here.

Yeah, I didn't plan to.

I'm sorry, but you, too, Joey. Get down!

Nobody move.

Way to make Dad proud!

This is 3-12, prisoner escape!

All backup units,
prisoner's heading to the east gate!

Get a paramedic out here, now!

- See him?
- I can't see anything.

- Check the back.
- Look in the back.

What the hell happened?

He jacked the guards and took my car.


He's an escaped felon, Mikey.
They're gonna kill him.

Look! There's a man up there!

- Look! Right there!
- Where?

We got a guy on the roof.

I need an Emergency Service Unit
at the Roosevelt, 45th and Madison.

Shut down the block.
We got a man on a ledge.

Back up! Back up!

45th Street, between 5th and Madison,
is closed.

- What do you say, John?
- How are ya?

You gotta be kidding me.

- That'll make a mess.
- Oh, yeah.

No pedestrians. No vehicles.

- Call for the bag.
- Bring the bag.

- Just get away.
- All right, Mr. Walker. Stay calm.

My name is Jack Dougherty.
I'm here to help.

- Park my vehicle.
- Yes, sir.

- I want mobile command here pronto.
- Right away.

- Get this gas truck out of here.
- Okay.

Get the street locked up. Businesses, too.

I don't want this guy
falling on someone's head.

Get all these people back.
We gotta move 'em back farther.

Let's do it. Come on.

Dougherty, report.

All right. Hang tight.

Yeah, 21st floor.

Jumper's mid-30$,
looks like a professional type.

- And he's not talking.
- Got it.

Detective Marcus.

Listen, I need to talk to anyone on your
staff that had any sort of contact with him.

Bellhops, clerks, anybody, okay?

Yes, sir.

Don't do it, man!

Mr. Walker...

I want a woman.

All right, look. If that's what this is
about, what do you say we come inside,

we'll take care of whatever you need.
Blonde? Brunette? You name it.

Detective Lydia Mercer.

If she's not here in 30 minutes, then I jump.
Do you understand?

- I'll look into it.
- Then I guess we're done talking, Jack.

You're not gonna believe this.

- Wants Mercer.
- What?

He says if we don't get
her, he's going off.

His "Last Supper"?

Not a good sign. And take a look at this.

Yeah. More likely he's
going to the nuthouse.

All right. I want the print guys up here.
Get an ID.

And call Mercer.

What? Are you kidding me? Seriously?

You'll back her up. You're my guy.

Sure, why not?
Everybody loves a good train wreck, right?



Jesus Christ, Mercer,
did I wake you up?

Of course not. Hang on. Just hang on a sec.

Are you kidding me?
We don't have time for this.



All right, what?

We got a jumper, and you're up.

- No, I'm not on the rotation.
- No shit.

The Roosevelt Hotel. 21st floor. Right now.

Oh, crap.

Roger that. We've got links with traffic
control, the precinct, and the hotel.

Get the cameras up. Anything on J. Walker?

We've got over 600 of 'em in the city.

Go figure.

- The Fire Chief wants a word.
- Got it.

It looks like we're in for a show.
Let's get it. Right over here.

Let's go from where he swerves around

Is my hair okay?


Don't fluff me, Paul.

Three, two, one.

Unlucky in love? Victim
of the stock market?

A young man contemplates death.

This is Suzie Morales reporting live
from Midtown.

Stretch it full down
to the corners, all right?

All right, got it.

Oh, man.

Good luck hitting this.

- Don't shove me, man.
- Hey! Back up!

I got a right to walk where I want.

All sealed off.



- You good to work?
- Absolutely, sir.

You'd better be. Get to it.

Mercer's on her way up.

Enter the Grim Reaper.


Welcome back. It's so
good to see you again.

Kiss my ass, Jack.

FYI, he asked for you. By name.

What's the scene?

Suicide note. His name is Walker,
but we haven't made him yet.

And he's not talking, other than to say
he's gonna go off in about two minutes.

Two minutes.

- Go get him.
- Two minutes.

- He ask for help?
- No.

- Drunk?
- He doesn't appear to be.

- Wedding ring?
- Nope.

- Demands?
- Just to see your pretty face.

One minute!

Coffee? Please. Don't make me beg.

You got it. But time is a-wastin'.

- Have you processed these yet?
- Yeah.

Another rough night, huh?

10 seconds!

Let's go. Tick-took.




- Two!
- Mr. Walker?

I'm Detective Lydia Mercer.
I understand you asked for me.

What brings you out here today?

Aside from the view?

Trust me,
this staring off into the abyss stuff...

It's no good.

Today is the day that everything changes.

One way or another.

What's gonna change?

I'm ready to die.

It's important to me that
you understand that.

I understand.

Oh, yeah.

Why me, Mr. Walker?


If you're really ready to die,
why'd you bring me up here?

You're famous.

Last month you were with a jumper
on a bridge,

and he died with the whole world watching.

I just wanted to know that I could get
a good crowd for when I go off.


Really nice work. Very impressive.

I saw the connection you guys made.
It was nice.

- Clear the room.
- I'm not going anywhere.

My scene. My room. Get out.

You heard her, guys. Let's go.

Way to keep your cool. Nicely done.

I'll give you five minutes.

We're getting a lot of static
from the store owners.

Do I care? I mean, get more crowd control,
all right. Don't break my balls about this.

The street stays closed
till I say it's safe.

You got any friends or family
you want me to call for you?


My father's dead.

Is that why you're out here?

In a way.

Do you want to talk about it?

You know, this job of yours...

It's a pretty grim way to make a living.

I prefer to focus on the people I help.

I'm hoping you're one of 'em.

You got a lot of friends on the force?


I bet you're not too popular
with the boys' club.

Yeah, it's him. No doubt.

- Anything at JFK?
- No.

Anything at the borders?

No, he's not gonna make
a mistake like that.

- Tom, listen.
- Yeah, what?

I want you to look through all
the cell phone and credit card records.

Nick and Joey Cassidy.

Okay. Right.

Anything reoccurring, anything unusual.
You run it through me.

All right.

I want to find him first.

I'd sure appreciate it
if you kept the gloves on.

Five minutes up already, huh?

I didn't ask for this, Detective.
You back me up. Are you in or out?

In or out? I'm in.

Let's go, guys.

I'll tell you what, Monica.

Uh-huh. I'm listening.

I'll host a dinner for the Gold
Circle patrons and their families.

David, I don't know what to say.
That would be incredibly generous.

- Well, it's for the children's wing, right?
- Right. Yeah.

I mean, in this economy,
that's the least I could do.

You're a dream. I knew I could count on you

- Yeah. Of course.
- Thanks.

Okay. Good. Bye.

Mr. Henry is here, sir.

What is it, Ted?

There's a problem.

- Not today there isn't.
- I've taken care of the planning commission.

It's the councilman.

It's too much of a risk
if they tie that money to me.

Look. I'll talk to Frank,
see if he has someone who can...

David, please.

- What's this?
- It's a gift. I'm sorry.


You know, when I sold my first building,

the bank sent over four hookers,
a pound of cocaine,

and then they flew us all to Paris
on their private jet.

Now that was a gift.

Tell me it's done, Ted. Hmm?

Tell me it's done!

Thank you for the watch.

He gave me a $100 tip on a $240 tab.
Can you imagine that?

240 bucks for breakfast?

- It is the most important meal of the day.
- Yeah.

Anything else unusual you noticed?

He's got honest eyes.

- You can tell a lot about a man by his eyes.
- My mother used to always say that.

Marcus, get this.
The techies didn't find a single print.

They did the whole place?

A little strange, don't you think?

Tell Mercer.

Yeah, be my pleasure.

Hey. You want a smoke?


- Mr. Walker...
- What?

I know you're desperate. I can see that.

But I also know this
isn't a normal suicide.

I don't know what's going on here.

But I can tell you, these people down here,
they don't care about you.

They want you to jump.
That's why they're here.

But I do care.

Nick, can you hear me?

Is this thing working yet?

And I'm asking you to help me understand
what's going on.

We're here, we're here, we're here.
Just don't freak out.

I asked for you, because I needed someone
I could count on.

Someone I could trust, 'cause, chances are,
this ain't gonna end well.

It doesn't have to be that way.
That's your choice.

My choice? My only choice is easy.
All right? To jump or not to jump.

- This is gonna come down to your choice.
- I don't understand what that means.

You're late!

Midtown's totally grid-locked, bro.

Yeah. And you're the one person
in Manhattan who knew it would be.

You ready?

All right, let's go.

In breaking news, we have just learned that
the negotiating officer is Lydia Mercer.

- Are you kidding me with this?
- As you may recall, she was widely criticized

for her questionable handling...
- What? It's the news.

...of last month's tragic incident
on the Brooklyn Bridge,

where a young officer lost his life.

- One has to wonder about her suitability...
- I'm sorry. Roy, turn that off.

I hate this bitch.

Yeah, well, people love a celebrity, right?

I don't sleep since that happened.

It replays over and over in my mind.

I understand. I'm sorry.

No prints, no name, no credit card.
Who does that, Dougherty?

Obviously somebody with a history, right?

Why don't I have the guys
go look at some mug shots?

And you get back to the EDP.

The investors are running
about 30 minutes behind.

There's a jumper on the building
and traffic's a mess.

Why don't these people
just shoot themselves in the head?

Overnight time locks go down
in two minutes.

Would you try and relax?

- Everything's in place.
- Yeah? Everything but you.

Angie, grab this.


How you doing way up there?

Hey, Angie. Tell Joey to relax.
I can see his leg shaking from here.

Anyone who creates traffic like this
in Midtown should be shot.

I couldn't agree more, ma'am.

Are you hoping he jumps
in time for the morning shows?

- No!
- I give him an hour.

- I'll take the under.
- Fifty bucks.

Make it $100. Let's go.

Hey, you see me?

Yeah. I gotcha.

Don't worry.

Everyone's looking at me.

They were saying on the news
you're headed for Canada.

It couldn't have gone better.

You could have pulled
your punches a little.

Yeah? It's been a rough couple years.

Tell me about it.

Switching comms, hold on.

Ten seconds.

- Really?
- Eight.

- What?
- Seven.

- You're doing that now?
- Six.

Five, four...

The night locks should be deactivated.

That's all good.

- Hey, listen. This is your last chance.
- No.

- You don't have to do this.
- Joey!

No, listen. For me it's
family, and for Nick.

- Yeah.
- But you could just walk away.

We've been planning this for a year.
I'm past committed here.

All right.

Besides, you'd probably screw this up
without me.

Don't say that. No one's screwing this up.

I know. I'm just saying.
I got your back, all right?

- Ready?
- Huh?

- Ready?
- Yeah.

It's your show, bro.

Look at all these people.

Oh, can't disappoint them.

- Hey, what are you doing? No!
- Three...

Hey! Look at me!

- Walker! Look at me!
- Two...

- One!
- Don't!

Why don't you jump
and get it over with?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I've never felt more alive.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Nerves of steel.

Think I might need that cigarette now.

Last one. Do you mind sharing?

I can imagine how it must have felt
after that cop jumped.

Cops are superstitious.

And they would've run from you
like the plague.

Are you speaking from experience?

But you never quit.


Last year, you did 68 hours straight
in a hostage negotiation.

You got everyone out.

You trusted your instincts. You never quit.
You never gave up.

Why do you know so much about me?

Because you and I have a lot in common.

I don't think you wanna jump.

Is there a moment when you can tell

if someone's gonna go off or not?

Sometimes you know.

Sometimes you can feel them give up.

Don't give up on me.

I'm gonna get you off this ledge.

Since when do you smoke?

See if you can get a partial.

Nice work.

Hey, Nick.

We're in, buddy.

- Five, one...
- 5-1-6, double 2, star.

This is Suzie Morales reporting live
from Midtown.

Someone in this country commits suicide
every 17 minutes...

- What's going on?
- Jumper.

Bet it's a woman drove him up there.

It's money. Women jump for love.
Men? We jump for money.

Fricking economy.

- Where is it?
- The Roosevelt.

Is that a photo?

Of your dad?


He always stood by me.

Even when nothing made sense,
he stood by me.

People like that are rare.

Why don't you come in and tell me
about him? Where it's safer.

- Just the two of us.
- No.

That's not gonna happen.

Things will get better.

We're just gonna move in
for a closer shot.

Boys, get this chopper out of here!

Nick! Hold on!

What's going on up there?

Hang on! Hang on!

- Clear the goddamned air space!
- Get this out of here!

Are you kidding me?

Who is the man on the ledge?

And what drove him to such a desperate act?

Well, there's one thing for sure,

he has captured the attention
of the entire city.

For our next segment we are going to talk
to a forensic psychiatrist

who may be able to shed some light...
- Yeah, Tom, what you got?

There's a storage unit
in the brother's name.


You got a location?

Are you all right?

You want me to trust you?

- That wasn't ours! I'm sorry!
- You're gonna have that?

Come in!

I really hope I didn't need that.

Joey? Joey!

Just give me your hand. Give me your hand.
Come on.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

So, Mercer, what are we thinking?

- Jumpers jump, right?
- Exactly.

This guy has that capacity,
but he's not going over.

- Something's off.
- That's what I'm thinking. But what?

It's like he's waiting for something.

We need this ID.

All right. I'll see what I can do.

Suzie Morales reporting from Midtown,

where the eyes of the city
are riveted on a ledge 20 stories up

and the unidentified man...

- Go on!
- Is he gonna jump?

- Go on!
- Jump!

- Jump! Jump! Jump!
- Jump!

- Jump! Jump!
- Yeah, jump!

- Get on with it already!
- Shit or get off the pot!

Gotta love New York.

Maybe it's time you told me
what's really going on here.

Why don't you want us to know
who you really are?

Haven't you wanted to escape your past?
To be someone else?

Start again?

- Okay. We're clear.
- Hey.

How do you know it looks good
on the monitors?

It is so hard for me to love you
when you do that.

- You're so stupid.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on.
There's something new here.

- Do you see it?
- No, I don't see it.

It's up on the ceiling. Right there.

- Let me see.
- Hold on.

No, let me see. Let me see.


Back up.

- Back up, back up, back up.
- What is it?

That's a sensor.

- How do you know?
- I know. I just know.

Do you really wanna talk about this
right now?

That depends on what we're talking about,
doesn't it?

Okay, Joey.

In high school, I used to
break into houses sometimes.

- You broke...
- Really expensive houses.

That's how I know what that is.

Great. Great, so you were a thief?

No, no, no! I used to watch TV
and try on clothes, you know?

Unless the clothes fit. And that's all.

Is there anything else
you want to tell me about?

You got any felonies you failed to mention?

Excuse me? Take it down a notch. All right?

Because you probably
would've set that shit off.

All right. Do me a favor.
Visualize something positive.

If you could be anywhere in the world,
what would you be doing?

Nick, we got something
that isn't on the plans.

Nick? Come in.

Come on, anything.

Nick, I need you, man.
We've got a problem here.

What do you mean?

We don't know what it is.
It's some kind of sensor.

Like, if it was me,
I'd be having dinner at Roberto's.

Tell me about it.

Babe, tell him what you're looking at.

It's a little black bulb on the ceiling
about 4 inches across.

It's this little Italian
joint in the Bronx.

Roberto does amazing things with truffles.

- Bottle of wine...
- That sounds hot.

I'm gonna need a little more than that, bro.
What are you saying? I need an answer here.

Listen. This thing that we got here.

I think we should cool it down

before you get into trouble.

Look, Nicky. Numbnuts.
This is not a candlelit dinner.

We're sweating down here. What is it?

This thing?

I'm just looking out for you.

Is she hot?

- Oh!
- It's a heat sensor.

We have to cool it down.

- Cool it down.
- Yeah.

- Cool it down.
- Yes.

Why don't you come in this window
and I'll let you take me to lunch?

It's tempting.

But I don't think it's a good idea.

You got someplace better to be?

If I'm right,

that print you pulled off
our cigarette's about to come through.

What's it gonna tell me?


Son of a bitch.

- Listen up.
- Go.

Mercer, I got an ID on your jumper.
He's an escaped convict.

Nick Cassidy.

Cassidy. The cop that stole the diamond
off David Englander?

The $40 million diamond.

I knew I recognized this mutt.

Englander owns this hotel.

His office is here. His Jewelry Exchange is
right across the street.

- What the hell is going on?
- What did his little note say?

- "I will exit as I entered..."
- "Innocent".

- He wants people to think he didn't do it.
- Good luck with that.

I think he's more interested
in just having an audience.

Son of a bitch.

Pull his file. Find his family.
Toss his cell.

Who'd he ride with?

Mike Ackerman.


I can't believe this.

How's he doing?

Well, he's playing this very cool.
Like this is all some sort of game.

He always insisted he was innocent.

Do you believe that?

Look, he was my partner for five years.

So do you think he would jump?

He's got nothing to lose.

I'm on my way.

First Line Security. This is Nestor.

Yeah, Nestor. This is Detective Marcus
over at the Roosevelt Hotel.

You work for me today.
I need you to open up Englander's shop.

- Detective...
- Right now.

That's it, baby. Chisel.

Hello, everybody.

I'm glad you could make it.

I wish my dad could see this.

He was an immigrant.

Worked his ass off in the jewelry trade.

So he was more than a little anxious when
I decided to risk it all in real estate.

That's why I bought the Monarch Diamond.
You know, when I could.

To honor him.

You know, three years ago,
when the market tanked,

they said we were finished.

- Remember?
- Yeah.

But that's what's great about this country.

If you want it bad enough,
you can make it back. Hmm?


In this city, on this island,

we don't go to work,

- we go to war.
- Yes!

And if somebody takes something from you,

- you take it back.
- Hear, hear!

And more.

I had one precious jewel taken from me
a few years ago.

But now I've got another
that no one will ever steal from me.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're finally here.

To my new jewel, the Monarch Spire!

- Cheers!
- Congratulations, David.

You pulled it off.

Excuse me, sir. They've ID'd the jumper.

- So what?
- It's Nick Cassidy.

Nick Cassidy.

Convicted felon.

I didn't mean to disappoint you, Lydia.

I'm just curious,
does this little show have a point?

'Cause I'm seriously starting to doubt
your suicidal tendencies.

And I'm sure that your boss is gonna be
sending a team across the street right now.

Hold on! Nick, we're not ready yet!

Yeah, right now.

Are you having fun
jerking me around?

Are you trying to manipulate me?


Two years ago, I'm doing a
moonlighting gig. Real simple.

Escort David Englander up to Chappaqua
with the Monarch Diamond.

Yesterday, I'm doing 25 years
for apparently stealing it.

And today? Today I'm putting it all
on the damn line. And I need your help.

You are nuts.

You care, remember?

You played this all wrong, Nick.

David Englander set me up.

You could've been sipping tequila
on a beach in Mexico.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Looking over your shoulder,
sleeping with one eye open.

That isn't freedom.

Standing here
in front of all these TV cameras is?

No one is gonna shoot me
with their grandmother watching.

Maybe you should tell me
the rest of your plan.

The plan is to prove that I'm innocent.

And this? This is my retrial.

I'm innocent!

I'm an innocent man!

Did you get that, Lydia? I'm innocent!

Now you go downstairs and tell your
bosses that I'm not going back.

Can you do that for me? Tell me, Lydia.

Yeah, Nick.

I'll go do that.

Here they come. Party of four.

Let 'em through. Make way.

- Watch your backs.
- Stay back! Stay back!

Hey, Nick, you hearing me?
We need more time.


Come on. Come on.

Let's make it rain.

You can't cross here.

What is that?

It's money!

I love this guy!

Make way! Make way!

- That's the entrance.
- Got it. Yeah. Got it.

Here. Take the camera.

Right here. Right here.

Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

They're animals!

- I can't get it. It won't stay!
- Get the gear! Get the gear.

- Keep out of the way! Out of the way!
- Move!

Get out of here!

How are you doing, babe?

It won't stick!

Just take a breath! You can do it.

I need you guys to turn around.

All right. We're good.

Joey, they're in.

Go! Go! Go! We gotta go!

Joey, talk to me.

Go! Go! Go!

Disarm 15, lobby.

Come on.

Hallway sensors.

What is the son of a bitch
doing on my building?

I don't know, Mr. Englander,

but I can assure you
the situation's completely under control.

- Under control?
- Yeah.

- Have you been outside?
- Yeah.

It's no accident that
this is happening today.

I've got a major press conference
in two hours.

The only place that Cassidy's going
is back into custody or splat on 45th.

This is a goddamned embarrassment.

You wrap this up now,
or tomorrow you're sucking fumes

on a parking scooter in Staten Island.
You got it?


Nina! Get me the Mayor's office.

This is where Englander
entertains the high-rollers.

1-9-6-7, pound.

Disarm the vault room.

The floors are wired with seismic sensors.

And over there we've got light sensors
and body-heat sensors.

- Whoa!
- And that's before you even get to the vault.

It's all clear.

Nobody's getting into that beast.

After you, gentlemen.

- Yeah?

It's Nestor. Englander's
is clear, Detective.

Good. I don't need that son of a bitch
crawling up my ass any more.

Roger that.

Let's go.


Why is tactical here?

- It is a fugitive situation, isn't it?
- Do your thing.

So where are we at?

He is acting
like he really believes that he's innocent.

Yeah? What's that make him?

An honest man or a sociopath.

He ain't an honest man. And I'm gonna
put an end to this show out here.

- Can you get him off the ledge?
- Yes.

He likes me.

Marcus, give her a little more time.

You have 15 minutes,
then I'm sending tactical. You got it?


Let's go, thief!

You sure there's nothing else
you wanna tell me?

Come on. Move! Come on!


Come on!

- Nothing you wanna tell me?
- You're starting to chafe me.

You don't wanna know everything.
Nobody does.

Sure I do.



Best sex of my life?

Well... Obviously.

Okay, wait. Hold on a sec.

The Monarch Diamond was
most recently held by David Englander

until it was stolen by Nick Cassidy,
the man on the ledge,

who was said to have cut it up
into untraceable pieces and sold it.

- It's a circus.
- I don't believe this.

Oh, man.

Time is running out here, Nick.

Tactical's on the scene
and I am tired of being played.

How far would you go to take down a man
that stole everything from you? Huh?

Your honor.

Your family. What would you do?
You'd do whatever it takes.

After I drove him to Chappaqua,
two of his thugs, guys in masks,

knocked me out
while he just stood there and smiled.

- The jury didn't believe that, Nick.
- That's right.

And neither did my lawyer.

And I have spent two years
banging my head against a brick wall,

'cause I know that the Monarch
never left his hand.

Why would Englander
steal his own diamond?

He lost $30 million to Lehman.
He lost another 20 in the real-estate bust.

He was that close to being bankrupt.

- If he needed cash, he could've just sold it.
- No.

He wouldn't do that, 'cause he wouldn't
want to be humiliated. He's too damn proud.

Two weeks after my conviction,

Lloyd's of London sent him a check
for 40 million for a claim.

And, poof! He's back.

Come on. I need you to believe me.

- Come on!
- Who were the thugs?

I don't know.
But I know that Englander only uses cops.


You know what it's like
to have everyone turn their back on you.

Even those closest to you.

Today is the day that
you can really save someone.


If you are lying to me about any of this,
I'm gonna push you off myself.

Watch him.

You're getting a little too comfortable
barking orders.

What's up?

How's he doing?

Mercer hasn't killed him yet.

Is he talking?

You know what, Mikey?

One day you're gonna stick your dick in the
wrong door and someone's gonna slam it.

I've got some papers
from his cell in Sing Sing.

Take 'em up to Dougherty.

Let me see those.

- I'll take these up.
- You do that.

Angie, Angie, Angie.


You're moving artwork, girl.

So what was the best sex of your life?

- You, Joey.
- Yeah?

Well, there was this one
guy in high school.

He was older. He had these hands...

Don't even mess with me. Yeah? Let's go.

When was that?

- A week after the heist.
- Did I have anything?

Everyone expected indictments,
but the case fell apart.

- That's great.
- That's all I got.

Yeah. Thanks a lot.

Are we sure nothing's happening
across the street?

You can't steal something twice.

Especially if it's been cut
into a million pieces.

What if he didn't do it?

Please, Mercer.

- Marcus?
- Go.

What if there were other cops involved
in this Englander thing?

If you're trying to get yourself
even more despised within the department,

I'd say you're really on to something.

I just found out Cassidy
was cooperating with IA.

About what?

You remember when somebody disappeared
about a million bucks' worth of cocaine

out of evidence?

Cassidy gave 'em a name, Joe Walker.
Same name he checked in under.

And a week after Cassidy went up, Walker
and his car got pulled out of the Hudson.

Yeah. He had a blood alcohol level of .23.

Why don't you stop while you're behind?

Whoever was in it with Walker
had every reason to set Cassidy up.

You don't know that Walker did it.
It's just an allegation.

I know Cassidy's not on this ledge
to say goodbye.

Yeah? What's he saying?

"Fuck you."

- Lutz. Get your people into position. Now!
- Roger that.

Okay. It's game time, gentlemen.

- Let's go. Let's get your straps on.
- Yes.

- Pouch and headset, please.
- Got it.

Pouch. Headset.


Let's go, go, go.

Piece of cake, right?

- No.
- No? What do you mean, no?

- I don't think I'll fit in there.
- Babe, listen.

You can't hold my weight. All right?

We don't have time to talk about this.

Just like we practiced or Nick'll kill me.

Nick will kill you? I'm gonna kill you.

Be mad. Just be mad in the vent.

Get out of here.

Did I stutter?

You see that? You see that?

This is what happens
when a man gets pushed too far!

Right? It's always the little guy
who takes the hit!

There's no rich guys in prison.

Nick Cassidy could be any of us!

Nick Cassidy has always
maintained his innocence.

Do you believe he actually stole
the Monarch Diamond?

I hope he did. I would've done it.
Who wouldn't have?

- Mike Ackerman.
- Jack Dougherty. Welcome to the party.

- I brought the papers from Sing Sing.
- Great.

Hi. Lydia Mercer.

- I wanna talk to him.
- Yeah.

You ever moonlight for Englander,
or was it just Nick?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Was it a Joe Walker
who set that detail up for you guys?

- So what?
- So he did?

I didn't say he did. I said, "So what?"

You're not getting near him.

That's my friend out there.

And this is my scene.

Dougherty? Will you talk to her?

Look, man. It's the lady's call.

We will call you if we need you.

Thank you.

You better know what the hell you're doing.

And what's this?

I brought up some food.
I thought the kid might be hungry.

How are you doing, kid?

I'm hanging in there.

Bon app├ętit.

How are you doing in there, babe?

I can't do it.

What? Babe, the clock's ticking.
We gotta go now. Come on.

Don't panic, Angie. It's a sunny day.
The crowd's cheering.


Listen to this. They're
all cheering for you.

They're all on our side, Angie.



I'm in.


Just relax.

Keep it together.

Let's do this thing fast,
before the heat sensor catches up with you.


Light as a feather.

I heard that!

Yeah, yeah.

Tactical is setting up.
You need to come in.

I can't yet.

The whole world knows
who you are now, Nick.

You've inspired every reporter
to look into your story.

If you're innocent, it'll come out.

And if I go back into custody,
they're gonna kill me.

Nick! Don't leave me hanging here.

Look. I just need you to buy me some time.
Trust me.

I trusted that cop.

On the bridge.

I thought I had him wired.

I was supposed to be relieved,

but I stayed on, because I knew.

Only then,

suddenly I didn't know.

There's nothing wrong with your instincts.

Give me more time.

Hey, Mercer.

You're gonna wanna take a look at this.

He had bomb schematics in his cell.

Angie, it's me.

Okay, what do you see?

I see a mass of wires

coming out of a circuit board.

Okay, now find the main processor.

It'll look like a big low building.

- You got it?
- Got it.

- I got it.
- Okay.

Like you practiced, we're gonna short
it out to take out the sensors.

First, cut the red wire.

Red wire?

They're all red wire.

Nick, it's her light.
Babe, pick the reddest one.

- Hold on.
- She can do it, Nick.

Shut up. Just listen to me.

If you out the wrong one,
all hell is gonna break loose.

Come on, babe. Come on, baby.

- Done.


Good girl.

Okay, now touch the wire to the processor.

Okay, that sounds easy enough.

- It might spark a bit.
- Ah!




Do you hear me?

- Are you all right?
- Don't talk to me right now, okay?

I can now confirm that the bomb squad
has just arrived on the scene

and tactical units are on their way up
to the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel.

Time is running out for
this escaped criminal.

Is there a bomb?

You asked for my trust, and then this.

Well, this is the moment
you make your choice. Remember?

Mercer, tactical's a go.
It's time to clear the window.

It's your call.

Stand down, Mercer.

He will go over before he gets taken down.

That's assuming our track record's
on par with yours.

All right.

The bomb protocol says we clear everybody
but the negotiator. Clear the building.

No one has found a bomb.
This threat is a stall! He's playing you!

He picked you, 'cause you're in
no condition to do your job!

This is my scene! My negotiation!

God damn it!
Dougherty, pull her out of there! Now!

Lydia, come on! Clear the window!

What are you doing?



Jesus Christ!

All units! This is a hold! Repeat, no go!

- Mercer, get back in here!
- Shut up!

Stay back! Just shut up!


Moment of truth.

Let's see what we've got.

- I am so hot for you right now.
- Oh, yeah?


We're only here for one thing. One thing.

- Okay, I'm coming over.
- Come on.

Holy shit.

Nice and slow. Nice and easy.

Holy shit!

- You want us to try and grab her, too?
- Are you kidding me?

We screw up this, it's all our asses.

Check in these, check in these.

Does this mean you believe I'm innocent?

It's a possibility. Tell
me there's no bomb.

Do you see the diamond here?

- It's gotta be here! Right?
- I know it's gotta be here.

Oh, no.

- Hell, no.
- No?

Hey, Nick.


- Just...
- What?

Joey, talk to me. Tell me what you got.

Who are you talking to?

Who's Joey?

I'm stealing the diamond.

For the first time.

It's not here.

- Say again?
- I'm sorry, bro.

It's not here.

It's not in the vault.

Oh, shit.

Okay, Joey. You know what to do.

Yeah. Copy that.

We need to leave in five minutes
for the press conference, sir.


We've got an alarm at Englander's.

Seal the building. No one gets out.

All squads be advised.
We've got an alarm across the street.

Jesus Christ!

You're kidding me.

Get up there. Take a look.

They're somewhere in the building.
Start with the ceiling on 15.

Keep them out of here.

Guys, give us a second.

Thank God.

- Find them!
- I'm on it.

Okay, listen.
What if I could get Walker's IA file?

It's not gonna matter.
There's nothing in it.

No, those guys,
they're cautious and paranoid.

They don't put shit in the file unless
they can prove it six ways to Sunday.

But that doesn't mean that they don't know.

All right, Marcus, she's
coming back in now.

- Get your people set.
- All squads stand by.

Jesus, Mercer. You got
a giant set of balls.

They're gonna hang you by 'em,
but they are huge.

Where are we with Internal Affairs?

Okay. He's expecting your call.

Internal Affairs. Evans.

This is Detective Lydia Mercer.
Dougherty said that you would talk to me.

Yeah, that's right.

You should see this.

What is it?

Just give me five minutes.

Ackerman, open this door!

Detective, I'm telling you right now!
Get back here and open this door!

Hey, partner.

So are you gonna jump or what?

Open the fucking door,

Where is everyone? Where's the negotiator?

Don't worry about them.
It's just me and you on this, Cass, okay?

Dougherty, what the hell's going on there?

Ackerman breached the door!
He locked us out!

- What?
- Son of a bitch!

All right. Call me back. Call me back.

Why don't you come on in off this ledge?

Let me help you.

- I can't do that.
- Don't be crazy, Cass. Come in here.


Let me help you.

I always wondered
if you were involved in this.

- Involved in what?
- There is someone talking to IA right now.

Whose name are they gonna come up with?

I'm your friend. Take my hand.

Shoot the lock!

All right, guys, clear out.

Whose name?

What the hell are you doing?

- I'm your friend.
- Jesus Christ.

- Get away from me!
- Go! Go! Go!

Take 'em.

I'm your friend!

Then why do you look so guilty?


Oh, no!


Suspect is back in the building.
Secure the corridor.

Get Marcus to call off tactical! Now!

Mercer! Get back here!
This isn't our show any more!

Attica! They're gonna take him down!

Attica! Attica!

- Hey, hey, hey! Paul, get this guy!
- Come on. They can't stop us!

- Get out of my way!
- Come with me. Come with me.

- Come on, somebody!
- Okay. Sir! Hey, hey, hey!

What are they gonna do, arrest us all?

- Sir! Sir!
- You wanna shoot something, shoot that!

Lock down floors 21 to 24. Assemble
personnel on 20, with a guest list.

- We will sweep up, room to room.
- Everyone break in teams of two.

Floor by floor, rolling cover.


What the...

LOOK at this.

- What?
- Heat packs.

That's what tripped the sensor.

Why would they deliberately
set the alarm off?

This is a nice gun.

I like it. Looks expensive.

- Who are you?
- You don't remember me?

I'm the brother.

The one sitting behind Nick in court
every day for five weeks.

Remember me now?

How quaint.

And your adorable little Chihuahua.

- She speaks, too.
- Shut your mouth!

Turn around, put your hands on the table.

Turn around, put your hands on the table.

Thanks for taking off those last couple
levels of security.

Nick had you wired.

There it is.

Don't move! Don't you move.

Bring down my family. Huh?

You drag 'em through the gutter, then
you think you're gonna get away with it?

Babe, the cuffs.

This might hurt.

Back up. Back against the safe.

Cuff yourself to it.

Do it!

I don't know what I'm going to enjoy more,

having you killed,

or watching you two suffer
through your pathetic little lives.


It's good seeing you, Dave.

- Nina!


We'll be back in two days.
Could you hold onto this for us?

- Of course, sir.
- Name's Cassidy.

- You're all set, Mr. Cassidy.
- Thank you.

- You folks have a great day.
- You, too.

God damn it. What?

The brother and the girlfriend
have the diamond!

They're in the goddamned hotel!


Cassidy's got a bomb trigger.

Take him out. Kill shots.

- Yeah. Go.
- Okay, so here's the deal.

Cassidy put us on to Walker.
A very bad guy.

We knew he had accomplices
and, suddenly, he turns up dead.

Which, you know, sort of
screwed up the case for us a bit.

I know what's in the file, Evans.
What's not in the file?

Okay, look.
There wasn't enough for a courtroom,

but internally we have strong
circumstantial on two other cops.

A Michael Ackerman and a Dante Marcus.

That's him!

Get out of the way! Go, go!

Everybody's pulling for you, kid!
Take this! Go, go, go!

Everyone, out of the way! Move!

Where did he go?

Go this way!

Are you all right?

Joey Cassidy.

Room service.

Room service.

I didn't order any room service.

- Just stay there!
- Stay down!

Get down!

- Are you okay?
- Get out!

Don't move! Stay where you are!

Stay down! Stay down!

Let me see! I wanna see!

Oh, my God!


The guy's up there!

It always ends the same,
blood, snot and tears.

Now where's the rock, tough guy?

You hit like a girl.

Where you from? Jersey?

I'm from the Bronx.

Lutz, you need to call off tactical!

There is no bomb trigger!
We got jack shit here!

Mercer, this is nuts. I have orders.

Your orders are wrong!

Okay! Okay!

- He's not armed!
- I'm not armed!

- Hands in the air!
- Hold your fire! Guns down!

- Get down on your knees!
- Hey, easy!

- Nick, get down.
- But keep your hands in the air!

- Drop your weapons! Come on, guys!
- Down on your knees.

- We got him! We got him!
- Down on your knees!

Do not drop your hands!

- Get your hands up!
- Okay, okay. All right! We got it!

- It's under control!
- Mercer! Stand down.

- It's under control, Marcus.
- I said stand down!

- I'm not going anywhere!
- That's it.

Sergeant, arrest her for obstruction.
Right now, let's go.

- You gonna arrest me?
- Take her down to command.

- Get off me.
- Move your ass.

What the hell is this? You son of a bitch!

Yeah, yeah, okay. What are you gonna do?

We got intel he placed a bomb. I need
you to get your guys back down to 22.

I got this. Let's go. Saddle up! Let's go!

- We're clear.
- No.

No! Joey! Joey!

- I love you.
- It's gonna be okay, baby.

- I love you. I love you.
- No, no!

I got news for you, pal.

This is not gonna be okay.

Yeah, I know.

Here's where we're at, Mr. Cassidy.

You're dead.

But your efforts have earned you
the opportunity

to negotiate for the lives of your family.

Tell me where the rock is
or your little brother goes flying.

You earned what you got coming.
But the kid? I'll let him go.

- It's got nothing to do with him!
- Where is it?

- Throw him off!
- Hold on!

What are you doing?

- Don't do it, Nick!
- Shut up!

- Don't do it!
- Shut up!


There's two kinds of people in this world.

People who will do anything
to get what they want,

and everybody else.

You lose, Nick.


Clean this mess up.

You got 10 seconds, Nick.

Ten, or I'm gonna throw your brother
right off the roof.

Hey, buddy, she's had a pretty rough day.
I'd do what she says.

Cops have keys, you douche.

I don't know that this
is such a great idea.

You know what?
You promised me a suicide today.

Now give these people what they want.
Come on, Nick.

He had nothing to do with it!
You leave him alone.

Now it's five!

It's between us, you piece of shit!

- Four!
- Let him go!

- Jump!
- I'm gonna do it.

Mike! Are you okay?

Go on.

Take it easy.

Look. I'm sorry, Nick.

I didn't know they were
going to set you up.

I couldn't go to prison.
I'm just not that guy, you know?

Officer down! Officer down!

Request immediate assistance on the roof.

Nick, he's getting away!

Repeat! Officer down! Officer down!


I'm sorry, Nick.

Hey, one way or another...

- Nick!
- No!

Come on, folks! Stay back!

- David!
- There he is!

Let's go!

All right, freeze! Freeze!

So what's it gonna be? Hmm?

A shot in the head? Or back to prison?

Are you getting that?

You thought you'd get away with this?

See? I'm an innocent man!

- He has the diamond!
- I'm innocent!

I'm innocent!

I love you, man! I love you!

You got eyes in the back of your head?

'Cause I'm not through with you, pal.

Yeah, they're gonna
love you in prison.

Mr. Cassidy, you've proven that
you're innocent. How do you feel today?

Crazy day, huh?

But I would be proud to
work with you again.

You did good out there.

Thanks, Dougherty.

Looks like the Governor came through.

I'll let you two say your goodbyes.

See you around, Dougherty.

One coming out.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Let's get you out of here.

I figured I'd walk you out the back.
There's like a million reporters.

Now that you're off the ledge,
you got nothing to say to me?

- Spill it.
- What?

"What?" How'd you get the diamond?

Let's go someplace quiet.

That's right, Dan. It has been confirmed
that the man on the ledge, Nick Cassidy,

has been released from custody.

It's Cassidy!

Two years in.

Don't I know it.

Bartender! Change the channel.
I'm sick of this jackass.

Afraid not. That's my favorite channel.


meet my dad.

Your dad?

Frank Cassidy.

Alive and well.

Pleasure to meet you. Again.

You gotta be shitting me.

You're his father.

Get off now.

I'm so proud of you.

Get your hands off my wife.

- Girlfriend.
- Girlfriend.

Hold on a second.

Everyone, quiet down. Just quiet down.


Angela Maria Lopez.

Will you marry me?

- Hell, yes.
- Yeah?

Let me see it. Let me see it.

Try it on. Try it on.

I'm gonna assume that's a family heirloom.

It is now.

Drinks all around!

- Do you like it?
- Yeah!

Well, I'm running
Police on my back

I've been hiding
Police on my back

There was a shooting
Police on my back

And the victim
Well, he won't come back

I been running
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Running Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

What have I done?

What have I done?

Yes, I'm running down the railway track

Could you help me?
Police on my back

They will catch me if I dare drop back

Won't you give me all the speed I lack?

I been running
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Running Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

What have I done?

What have I done?

'Cause I'm running

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