Man in the Dark (1953) - full transcript

A thug is convicted and undergoes experimental brain surgery to remove the criminal element in his brain. The operation wipes out all memories of his past life, including where he stashed the loot. He is abducted by his gang and they try to beat the truth out of him. His memories return in the form of weird dreams, and he and his old girlfriend track down the clues to find the money.

- You get prettier every day.
- Tell me about the beauty contest you won.

- You find a place to eat?
- I was unlucky, I did.


If I wasn't a good
friend of yours, I'd tell you.

- How's our boy?
- Playing it cool.

How is it Steve?

Yes, nice white walls
to mark the days off on.

Maybe I'll draw pictures
of guys with funny faces.

- Let's say your face.
- You'll be outside soon.

You can forget about going back to
a cell when this thing is over, that is...

- if everything works out all right.
- How would you like to have your lid opened?

I brought you some smokes.

Cops always give me something
I can't use, I don't have a match.

What would you want me
to bring you? A sack of jelly beans?

Good luck Steve.

- Where's the Martini I ordered?
- I'm to prepare you for surgery.

I'm on a holiday till Monday.
Take your toys and get out of here.

There's been a change in plans.
Dr. Marston is operating tonight.

I said Monday, I was born on a Monday.

I might as well
go on one, like dirty laundry.

Miss Millikan, on the Rawley case,
you know of any changes in plans?

I see, all right, thank you.

Surgery is still scheduled
for 8 o'clock Mr.Rawley.

Tell them not to break up
their card game for me.

I only work here.

Yeah, well, you're not
going to work on me till Monday.

- This sedative will relax you completely.
- Stab yourself with it. I said no.

You're making this difficult Mr. Rawley.

When I say no that means get out of here.


- You got trouble?
- Yeah, he decided to postpone his operation.

Bad decision, we don't
upset the doc's schedule.

You shouldn't have done that.

You get the banana cart,
we'll have him ready for surgery.

Bend your knees please.

- Hey Doc.
- Yes?

I never saw how I came into this world.

- I'd like to see how I go out.
- What you mean?

- Give me a mirror, let me watch.
- You won't see it for long.

I said I'd like to see it.

Bring him a mirror.


Sponge count correct
Doctor, instrument count correct.

- Fine job Dr. Marston, fine.
- Thanks.

- You might've made a little history tonight.
- I hope so.

- What kind of a night did he have?
- He's awake only once.

- Complain about pain?
- No sir.

Continue with the same medication.

- A Mr. Jawald to see you Doctor.
- Jawald? Who's he?

Wants to talk with you about Steve Rawley.

Send him in.

- Dr. Marston?
- Have a seat.

I came about Steve Rawley Doctor.

- How soon can he have visitors?
- Not for some time.

- Insurance investigator, eh?
- That's right.

People hock fur coats they haven't paid for.

Burn up businesses that are
on the rocks, you know.

I thought we kept this fairly quiet. How
did you find out that Mr. Rawley was here?

I know a policeman.

Well, what do you want to see him about?

I heard you were making
an honest man of him, I...

thought I might get some
honest answers for a change.

He's in no condition to talk to anyone.

He's just been through
a very serious brain operation.

Yeah, I can imagine. To make that guy
honest, you'd have to cut off his head.

It's our theory that certain instincts,
in this case, the criminal type...

can be removed by surgery.

Whether we've been successful
or not remains to be seen.

In any case, I doubt whether Rawley
will ever be of much help to you.

- What do you mean by that?
- If we are successful, he's lost his memory.

Then I'll refresh it for him.

There's a small matter of $130,000
he stole last Christmas Eve.

- That payroll was insured by my company.
- He can't be tried for that crime again.

And when he agreed to this
operation, he was paroled in my custody.

Right now, Rawley doesn't
even remember his own name.

He believes that his loss of
memory is due to a traffic accident.

It's important that nothing disturbs him
and that no one brings up his past.

I don't think my company
will see eye to eye with you on that.

- Good day Mr.Jawald.
- Ok.

But I've got a one-track mind
and 130,000 reasons to stay on that track.

- What do you call this gadget Doc?
- Polygraph.

- Sounds like something that eats crackers.
- It's commonly called a lie detector.

- Oh, you want me to lie to you Doc?
- No, it's just a routine test.

Well, get your contraption going.

- What's your name?
- James Blake.

- How old are you?
- Thirty-four.

- How do you know you're 34?
- Miss Quist told me.

Where were you born?

- I don't remember.
- Where did you live?

- I don't remember that either.
- What kind of work did you do?

By the looks of these, I never
did a day's work in my life.

Have you ever been in jail?

No, but I kissed a girl once.

You don't need your machine
for that, check with Miss Quist.

- Any more questions Doc?
- Just one.

Does $130,000 mean anything to you?


That's a lot of money.

- Good morning Blake.
- Hi Doc.

- How do you like my work?
- Very professional job.

- Ever do any gardening before?
- Not that I can remember.

- Well, keep up the good work.
- Oh, say Doc...

- I was curious about something.
- Yes?

Oh, I'm in pretty good shape now, I
eat like a horse, feel as strong as one.

- How long do I stick around?
- Not very much longer.

Oh? What do I do when I leave?

- What would you like to do?
- Gee, I don't know.

Maybe I ought to stick around
and do your gardening for you.

I don't know if I can do anything else.

I was kind of hoping that later,
I could help you out in the lab, but...

Well, that's daydreaming I guess, eh?

Without dreams men would
be pretty lost in this world.

- You can stay here as long as you care to.
- Thanks Doc.

How much longer we have to watch him?

What do you kicking about?
You're sitting in the sun, aren't you?

Last month you were pound on the pavement.

Hey, good looking.

Some friends to see you.


Hey Blake is getting away.

- What's this all about?
- Are you kidding Steve?

Steve? My name is James Blake.

Well, what do you know?
You grabbed the wrong guy.

We also picked up a tail, in
case you guys are interested.

Look, this is no time to back the car in.
The law is behind us, come on, step on it.

Hey, enough is enough. What's this all about?

We'll tell you.


Well, somebody is
going to be awfully embarrassed.

You haven't changed Steve.

Look, I don't know who you guys think I am,
but it's a cinch you got your wires crossed.

Steve, this is a gag?

You know something,
I think he's playing straight.

- Yeah, tried to be funny in the car.
- Had me in stitches, a real comic talent.

Look, why don't you call Dr. Marston
at the clinic? He'll tell you who I am.

Steve, are you joking? It's Peg.

For you two, isn't this a
little late for introductions?

- Ah, maybe he's off his rocker.
- Yeah, he's a nut.

A rich nut. He can't
remember anything, but he will.

When I get through with him, he'll
be able to count from one to 130,000.

We had to take the silent treatment...

from you when you were
in stir, but you're not in stir now.

So start remembering your old friends
and tell us where you hid that dough.

Steve, we all took the same chances, right?

I ask you, isn't it fair
we all have the same cut?

What out? What chances?

I never saw you guys before in my life.
Come, get out of my way.

- No Lefty.
- Peg, you left, buy yourself a mink coat.

- Grab his arms.
- Ok. Come on, Arnie.

Come on Steve,
don't make it tough on yourself.

Just tell us where the money is,
and we'll all be friends again.

There never was a time
I couldn't have taken you apart.

You fancied it up with talk.

Well, for a year now, I've been doing the
talking and it's worked out pretty good.

And now for your
afternoon edition of the news.

Police authorities are investigating
the disappearance of Steven Rawley.

Now going under the alias of James Blake.

Transferred from state prison to the Marston
Clinic for some undisclosed treatment.

Rawley made his escape today after a
running gun battle through the city.

Rawley or Blake as he now calls himself was
serving a 10 year term for armed robbery.

A general alarm has been
broadcast, roadblocks set up.

And police warned that he is probably armed
and in the company of three unidentified men.

Officers have been cautioned
that this man is dangerous.

They're crazy.

Also dangerous is the fire that
swept through a furniture warehouse at...

You see Steve? You're a very popular guy.

Everybody is trying to get you
for a personal appearance.

Seems we were all having
a little talk, weren't we?

I've done all the talking
I'm going to do for now.

Don't make me dot the I's.

No Lefty, let me try.

Ok, try it your way.

- Make him a man.
- Come on Steve.

Go on Steve, get a little memory exercise.

Steve, you were great.

- What do you mean?
- You running them ragged.

They're making lots of threats, but take it
from me, they don't know what time is it.

Oh thanks for stepping in when you
did, he wasn't kidding with that cigar.

He really mean to use me for an ashtray.

Oh Steve, you don't know
what it's been like with Lefty.

First cursing about you, then
chasing me around the furniture.

- He didn't catch me though.
- I guess for that he'd need a Cadillac, eh?

- You don't really believe that?
- I don't know what I believe.

This hasn't been the
happiest day of my life exactly.

Day isn't over yet.

What they feed you at
the hospital, jellied consomme?

What you want me to do? Turn simmer sauce?

- Where are we?
- Oh Steve, stop it.

Look, there isn't very much time.
You tell me where to find it.

In the meanwhile, you keep stalling
them with that wonderful act of yours.

And I'll go out and buy the
tickets for anywhere that you say.

Come back here and we'll break away.

Got everything here,
I brought all your clothes over.

For the 10th time listen, if you
want, I'll make a record of it. I-

They'll break in any second.

- Where did you hide the money?
- What money?

You really think I'm lying, don't you?

He's all yours.

- Get away from that window Steve.
- This calls for a $50 raise.

- I'll sail four.
- I'm out.

- What, no re-raise?
- I don't want to be greedy.

Besides, we're only playing for markers.

If I win too much,
I may never see that dough.

With me, a gambling debt is a debt of honor.

For me, an IOU is a piece of paper.

You got one and a dime,
you can ride the streetcar.


Two, eh?

I will check.

- Twenty five.
- Twenty five, eh?

- Would a pair of aces impress you?
- No.

No, if I had three of them...

- would it depress you?
- It would that.

- How come you suddenly got so lucky?
- Guess is my day.

Give me them cards, I want to count them.

What's the matter? Don't you guys trust me?

We trust you? You don't even trust you.

We know you too well, you always cheat.

How can I cheat in a three handed game?

- It ain't easy.
- You even cheat yourself in solitaire.

- Look fellas, I'm going down...
- Get off the line.

Let him finish.

You know, come to think of that
Arnie, I didn't see no ace of hearts.

We'll know in a minute.

Madam please, get off the line.

Well, I got a little news for you.
There's only 51 cards in this deck.

There's one missing.

I don't know if somethings missing.

- What is this? Russian dressing?
- Where?

I, how did that get there?

- Now eat it.
- Oh, Lefty...

Eat it.

- I want the police.
- I'll never go with him...

Come on, pick him up.

What you going to do, call the cops?

- How long do you think you can keep me here?
- Till you get smart.

And you weren't very smart
picking up that phone.

You heard the radio.

The cops are looking all over for you and
when they find you they'll throw away the key.

I don't remember, I don't remember anything.

Then we'll have to beat it out of you.

Now, you wouldn't want us
to do that, would you Steve?

Can't you remember nothing at all?


Not even this?

- No.
- Oh, you should Steve.

Because it was a beautiful caper.

No small gas station job.

Take it from me, was planned like a battle.

Believe me Steve...

no five star general
could've rigged it better.


Yeah, very.

Ok, listen closely
so you don't miss any details.

I remember the job
like we pull it this afternoon.

You figured it
so there wouldn't be a slip-up.

There wasn't.

You picked Christmas Eve
for the job because this...

factory was going to
distribute a big cash bonus to its workmen.

All right, I believe you,
but I've heard enough.

Funny, we ain't heard enough.

Your silence is giving me an earache.

We all pretty upset Steve.

Lefty kept taking chances going to
see you and you weren't very hospitable.

How's Peg?

How's the dough doing?

I said, How is Peg?

Why don't you find out for yourself?

What you do with the money Steve?

I invested it in real estate.

- Every lot has a view of Catalina.
- Eh?

All right, I threw it down the sewer.

What is all this?

I'm getting awful tired of your coming up
here every month asking the same question.

If it wasn't for this wire, you'd
be wearing my hands for a necktie.

Are you running the store now?

We ain't going to wait 10 years.

As long as I'm up here,
consider the money is in escrow.

Incidentally, how is Peg?

When we heard
you've been moved to the clinic.

We decided we could take care
of you better than they could.

Look, you've tried everything
to make me remember.

I tell you nothing rings a bell.

- Hey Lefty.
- Yeah?

Remember the suit Steve
had on when we pulled that job?

Sure, dark brown one, kind of nifty.

So, look here. He's wearing a light one.


So he must've changed his
clothes before he got pinched.

That means he went home.

So that's where you hid the dough.

- Look, I tell you I...
- Don't tell us nothing.

- Let's go and get it. Cookie, get the car.
- Right.

You don't mind joining us, do you pal?

And if I said no?

Somebody pulled the plug.

Maybe I'd better get a hose.

Been reading the papers.

How's Sock Market?

Don't want to talk about him, eh?

Why not? He's something sacred?

Someone you put a monument up to?

Let's get something straight Freddie.

He's no good, he was never any good.

Remember what he did to me
the last night we were in here?

Was just a lovers quarrel.

Don't make me laugh. He never loved me.

Just something for him to hang presents on.

He gave you plenty
of them and that's a cinch.

Scalps Freddie, just scalps.


He wanted to show off in front
of a bunch of cheap hoodlums.

Give me another one.

Ah Peg, take it easy, will you?

I'm going to have to carry out of here.

Some Sir Galahad I wound up.

Oh Fred, what you do when you hate yourself?

I usually take it out on my wife.

Big help you are.

People always feel better when they talk
to me, that's why I ain't got television.

Well, looks like Steve didn't pay his rent.

- Let's take a look inside anyway.
- Ok.

Hey Lefty, this is easier.

A bird.

Well, go on.

Hey, what you got here?

A piece of paper with the number 1133 on it.

Stuck on the bottom of that drawer with tape.

Means something to you, doesn't it Steve?

1133 Steve.

And this place too Steve, the dames.

Remember the times we had here?

Steve, there was a picture of
Peg in there once, wasn't it?

Remember the bar, the
four stools covered with leather?

Remember the wonderful parties?
Remember the fun?

And that crack in the ceiling, you
always trying to get it fixed, remember?

Stop it. This guy understands
only one language. I speak it.

- Is that your handwriting?
- I don't know.

Give me a pencil.

- Here.
- Write those numbers again.

- Well, I'd say that's it.
- I don't know, could be.

Hey, he's gone.

- What will it be?
- Give me a beer.

Remember me?

- Should I?
- Sure.

A year ago, you sold me
some blood, Steve Rawley's.

I was the guy with the 30 pieces of silver.

When you got around to paying me was only 15.

You want the rest?

Papers say he skipped, I don't know where.

He had a girl.

Good looking fellow
like Steve probably had a stable.

I'm being real nice friend,
so don't stretch it out.

Some bars are horizontal,
others stand up straight.

- You got nothing on me.
- Don't start me look.

All right. She's a blonde, 5' 6?.

Something wouldn't be ashamed
to walk down the street with.

Where she live?

I don't know, she likes Martinis.

That's bad if you don't follow up with food.

That she gets across the street.

- Hey, ain't you forgetting something?
- Oh, sure.

Here's a quarter, beer.

Exeter 1133, mean anything to you?

- No.
- No?

Farmington 1133.

No, now lay off me.

I never saw the paper before.

I'm getting fed up.

And if you don't come through pretty soon,
you're going to need new front teeth.

Wait a minute, maybe
it ain't a telephone number.

Maybe it's a street number.

It could be a street
number, couldn't it Steve?

Or a social security number.
This is a waste of time.

- What are you trying to do, kill him?
- It could happen.

Get a load of this.

He had it hid, was stuck under
a drawer in his own house.

Hey. This could be the combination of a safe.

Take him and put him to bed.
Don't just stand there.

Right away ma'am, all right ma'am.

Get the size of that mouth boys.

And it's a mouth that can
yell and don't you forget it.

How do you expect him to tell
you anything in that condition?

Ah, get lost.

Ok, take him inside, he'll keep.

He's there all right, room 204.

- But he isn't having a picnic.
- I don't get you.

There some people with him as interested
to know where he hid the money as we are.

I don't think we should stand in their way.

- So, what do we do?
- Wait, watch.

I'll be back in a
couple of hours to relieve you.

If you don't mind Slavin, look
at that building once in a while.

All you have to do
to open it is turn the knob.

Well, if it isn't the man
who makes new heads.

Have a seat Doctor.

Used one of these for years,
since somebody told me to cut my throat.

Mr. Jawald, where is he?

- Why don't you ask the police?
- They couldn't tell me anything.

No one realizes the man's doubtful condition.

Police are looking for an ex-convict.

Technically he is
because he was paroled in my custody.

I'll tell you what he is.

He's Steve Rawley, a hood with
a record as long as your arm.

And I'll tell you something else about him.

He'll remember that money and try to get it.

You may have cut out a piece of his brain
but you didn't operate on his pockets.

- You're not a very cooperative man.
- It's not a very cooperative world.

My only interest in this case
is the welfare of my patient.

After I get the money, he's all yours.

- You holding his hand?
- What's it to you?

Maybe I'm jealous or maybe I figure
you're trying to hug the inside rail.

What are you talking about? Get out of here.

Haven't you done enough for one day?

If you're trying to cozy up to him
and cut us out, it won't work.

Steve is in real bad trouble
Peg, so don't count on him.

- You better play it across the board.
- In any race, you'd run last.

I got to get away.

- I got to get away.
- Yes darling, we'll both get away.

The police are chasing me, got to get away.

Don't, don't, don't.


Got to get away.

Steve, Steve, you're
tough and you're plenty sharp.

Don't let them, don't
let them outsmart you now.

Don't let them, don't let them.

Pick your lucky number, everybody down.

Put your money on the number, spin the wheel.

Lucky number 19.
Sweet candy for the sweet gentleman.

Here you are handsome, a nice big
box of candy for your best girl.

You're my best...

Never take me, never
catch me, put me in a cage.

Steve, Steve darling, wake up.

You were having a bad dream.

- You all right?
- I guess so.

I never should've left you alone with them.

Here darling, have a cigarette.

- Why you do that?
- You always used to do that.

Was I that broke?

You said you wanted to cut down your smoking.

- Oh Peg. Peg.
- Steve darling, don't.

I'm all mixed up, my brain is in
a scramble. Who am I? What am I?

It's the beating you took.

I'm to blame darling, I was hurt,
I thought you were trying to fool me too.


These are nothing.
They hurt on top, not inside.

And you know why? Because
is, is nothing inside to hurt.

I'm dead.

Your friends ought to be
arrested for beating up a corpse.

- If I'd only known you were so sick.
- Peg...

What I was saying just now in that dream?
Did it, did it make any sense?

- You said you were being chased.
- It's right, I was on an amusement pier.

Was Christmas Eve and was like a jungle.
I kept running, I don't know why.

I was blocked everywhere
I turned, then I was in a post office.

I don't know how I got there, they were going
to mail me away with a three-cent stamp.

And you were in that dream Peg.

You were running the
wheel of fortune, you were spinning it.

- I won a box of candy from you.
- Wheel must've been fixed.

- Don't you think you better get some sleep?
- Funny why all this.

Why an amusement pier, eh?
Why did I always keep running Peg?

Steve Rawley was
frightened, was always frightened.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

No, go ahead.

If I'm this character everybody says I am,
maybe I'd better find out about myself.

You could find it in any police blotter.

That jungle you
mentioned Steve, we were both in it.

It was a world like
a flea circus, everybody packed in.

The scramble for nickels
never stopped, we grew tough..

You want to hear more?

Go ahead. I like to hear you talk.

You must be feeling better.

I guess I'll be all right
if I can just find my head.

- One thing.
- Yes?

Whatever else I was, I had good taste.

- Monotonous, isn't it?
- Yeah, this is the fifth day.

Any action?

Well, one of them went out this morning,
got some groceries, came right back.

They must've some plan, we're in the
unfortunate position, we have to wait.

I've waited so long, a little
excitement might kill me.

When it happens, it won't be little, don't
go playing bingo, it could happen soon.

I'll see you.

Ah, come on boys.

Let me in the game, will you?
I, I won't cheat anymore.

You think he's sorry?
You think he's repentant?

No, he'll never change.

- What do you got?
- Twenty.

You win again.

- You here to talk Steve?
- I came to borrow a cigarette, two of them.

Here, take the pack.

- Thanks.
- You know Steve, I'm a businessman.

- Is that so?
- Yeah.

With businessmen, time is money.

- Get to the point.
- I look at it this way.

You spent a year on ice,
that ought to be worth something.

Say, 50% of the take.

That's 65 grand net.

So let's stop kidding each other.
None of us are getting any younger.

I don't like being pushed around.

So even if I did suddenly
remember where I stashed the money...

it wouldn't do you any good.

I'd still charge you
the other 65 grand for damages.

Sit down Arnie.

Ok Steve, you got your smokes.

Now go on back in
the kitchen and start thinking.

You got exactly one hour, if
you don't come across by then...

well, we'll be out of
money and you'll be out of time.

- Do I make myself clear?
- Sure.

But you better get me
when my back is turned...

because I'm going to take at
least one of you with me when I go.

You gave him the ticket.

Don't get in an uproar, just an idea I
had to get him to lead us to the dough.

- I left the back door unlocked.
- You what?

Where he goes, we go.

Wait downstairs, give us
the high sign when they skip.


- They gave me an hour.
- What?

They're businessmen, didn't you know?

Within exactly 60 minutes, they're
going to liquidate their assets.

They're bluffing. Anything happens to
you, they'll never find the money.

If they work on me once more, I swear I'll...

No Steve, don't. That's the
old Steve, wild and crazy.

You said I came from a jungle, didn't you?

- I thought I found a new Steve.
- Look, this is me, whoever I am.

Don't try to put a halo
around my head, it doesn't fit.

Oh Steve, Steve.

Just stick with me, will you?

You mean we're going to start running again?

We got to get out of here.

I need something to jimmy that door.

Maybe this will work.


Peg, it worked, easy. Come on.

Peg, we're going to need money.

- I got $10.
- Oh, that's great.

- I got a ring we could hock.
- No, no Peg, big money.

- We got to find that dough.
- Steve, you can't be serious.

Why not? It's mine, isn't it?
I stole it. I served time for it.

- Now it'll give us a clear start.
- A clear start to where?

No, Steve darling, we can leave town,
get work. I can model. We'll make out.

Wait a minute. In that
nightmare there was a post office.

Could this be a box number?

Driver, take us to the post office.

Steve, change your mind.

- Maybe it's here somewhere.
- Throw it away.

Then we can throw away the past.

I have no past, it's a blank wall, come on.

There it is, 1133.

- Can you tell me who rents box 1133?
- 1133? Just a moment, I'll see.

Yes, that's rented
by Hillside Linen Import Limited.

- Are you sure?
- They had the box for over 15 years.

Thank you.

Dreams, next thing it'll be tea leaves.
I must be getting soft in the head.

We don't need the money.

We don't, eh?
I haven't got change of a quarter.

The post office is only part of that dream.

Most of the time, I was
running up and down the pier.

It's a long shot but let's
give it a try, come on.

- It's only a nickel.
- Win a prize here, folks.

She was in my nightmare, she gave me that
laugh every time the police got close to me.

Come on.

Win a prize folks, just
a few more numbers open.

How's about one mister?
Win her a box of candy.

That's where I won the box of candy from you.

It was a crazy dream Steve.

All right, check your packages.
Get your packages checked here.

- Twenty-five cents.
- Thirty cents.

I said 25.

All right. Who's next?

Check your packages. Ladies, take a
load off your feet, check your packages.

Now, one...

Great little woman I married.
You'd think this concession was all hers.

When did you leave it mister?

About a year ago, just before Christmas.

Well, we don't seem to have it anymore.

- But that check came from here, didn't it?
- Yeah, his scribbling all right.

My scribb, look, I tried to tell, no...

no, I ain't going to let this
woman get my blood pressure up.

I just ain't going to allow.

- Now, when did you say you checked it?
- Last year, the day before Christmas.

Oh well, we only hold
unclaimed stuff 60 days.

After all, what can you expect for a quarter?

- Thirty cents.
- No doubt we threw it out months ago.

- Threw it out?
- Yeah, sure.

Yeah, for once this husband
of mine is probably right.

What was it you checked mister?

A package, a box of candy.
Please try to find it.

Box of? Who check a box of candy
and want it back a year later?

- It'd get stale.
- Yeah, like you after I married you.

- Boy, did I get into something.
- No, no, no, save your breath Mayme.

A women of your age, you know.
You ain't got much of it left.

Oh, if I have an inch, you have four. You
make me do all the work around here.

I make you work?

Now look, look, wait a minute, will you?
Will you please try to find my package?

Oh, yeah. Now, what was it
you wanted again mister?

A package, number 1133.

Oh, yeah, yeah. I'll take a look.

In the back.

Look on the shelf at the back of the clock.

You can't find anything else, you
might be able to find what time it is.

Why don't you go back home
to your mother May me, eh?

Hey, this might be it. We might get lucky.

That candy box can turn into another
kind of box Steve, one they'll bury you in.

Nope, nope, somebody must've ate it.

- Probably her.
- Very funny.

- Mind if I have a look?
- No, sure, go ahead, get yourself dusty.

- Thanks.
- I couldn't reach the top shelf.

All right, you can check it for a quarter.

How about that package Lady?
Check it for a quarter.

- Here.
- All right.

Hey, you're a lucky guy, but that'll
cost you a dollar and a quarter storage.

- $1.30.
- $1.30.

Here, give him five, come on.


Don't move your number.

Thirty-four is the winner.

Oh, what do you know? The candy isn't stale.

It is poison.

- Are you crazy?
- Maybe.

All of a sudden, a dollar is a piece of
paper crawling with germs, is that it?

You keep it I can't go on with you.

- I'm in love with another man.
- The guy without change of a quarter?

When you're in love a quarter
is just two dimes and a nickel.

What's the matter?

Company is coming, come on.
We can argue this out in Europe someday.

Send me a postcard.

- Having good time Peg?
- Sure, with popcorn.

Where's that meal ticket of yours?
I want to punch him full of holes.

Look, Steve and that money
are somewhere on the pier.

Come on, start walking.

Going somewhere Steve?

I was but I always got time
to speak to a friend.

Lefty, there.

- You take that track. I'll take this one.
- Right.



Pardon me, but do you
happen to have $130,000 on you?