Man, Woman & the Wall (2006) - full transcript

When Ryo, a young magazine reporter, moves into a new apartment he is greeted by the passionate sounds of his astonishingly beautiful neighbor Satsuki. Realizing the wall dividing their apartments is paper thin, the captivated journalist begins to eavesdrop on every detail of the girl next door's life: her conversations, her bubble baths... her breathless cries. While Ryo's fantasies escalate into something bordering on love and obsession, Satsuki becomes increasingly hysterical over the bizarre and dirty phone calls terrorizing her every night. When their lives finally converge delusions and reality blur forcing the unthinkable to happen.

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"Man, Woman & the Wall"

Uh huh... Yea... That's interesting.

That's not good... Really?

What a thin wall!

Hey. How's the new house?

Oh yes!

The wall's a bit too thin that
I can hear voices from next door.

But this is the first time
I got an apartment with a bathtub,

so there's nothing much
to complain about.

- So it comes with a bathtub?
- Yes.

So you've finally
made it this far.

It's all thanks to
the Chief Editor.

Now you're at the peak
of your life.

Huh? You mean having a bathtub?

Yup, having an apartment with
a bathtub is the peak of your life.

That's just sad...

Am I really that low?

Isn't this just like the time
with the Romanian Pub?

I agree it's quite similar.

Don't you have anything new?

It is getting conservative
these days.

It's hard to get
interesting stories.

Keep working, informer.

Oh yea. An IT company
is working with

Singapore affiliated Chinese mafia

to control a Chinese company
from the back.

So you've got
something good after all.

They specialize in counterfeit
credit cards, pretty big business.

At the time...

I am doing my best but Mom
you should hang in there too.

Isn't Kazuyuki
taking the exam this year?

Cut it out.

What are you getting out of this?

When you get arrested,
your life will be all messed up.

Hmm? It's not here.

Welcome back.

Everybody, here you go!

The top news today is...

Good night.



Cut it out.

What are you getting out of this?

It's very... fun...

When you get arrested,
your life will be all messed up.

I want to screw you...

Hello? Yuta? Yes, the same guy.

I am so scared...

Yea, it's just disgusting.

Yea, please come over.

I was so scared...

Isn't this becoming more frequent?

At first it's just silent calls.

But now it's becoming threatening.

He said he wants to
screw me over...

I can't take it anymore...

Don't worry!
I am going to be with you.

But it's already been three weeks
this guy's a freak.

I think you should
contact the police.

The police...

The thing is, I was asked out
for a date by my coworker recently.


Of course I turned him down.

I suspected him because
he seemed a bit difficult...

But the voice is completely
different so it's probably not him.

He's definitely fishy.

Voices can be changed
easily on the phone.

Just watch for him.

Anyway, let's change
the phone number.

I will handle it tomorrow.

You can do that?

Well, if I explain the situation
to the phone company

they will get something done.

So Satsuki, you should
get in touch with the police.


It's great having you here.

Because, if I am by myself
I wouldn't know how to handle this.

I am the one
who's supposed to handle this.

We are dating
each other after all.

We've been dating for two months?

Yup, next Wednesday
and it will be two months.

So it's not been two months.

Yup, it's not been two months yet.

Don't you think
we get along well so soon?

Don't you like it?

Of course, I do.

We don't see each other often.

But I'm fine with that.

When I see you, I feel like fresh.

We get along well.

Getting along...

Getting along...

Oh my god, just do it already!

That's fast!

"24 hours eavesdropped"

What are you up to?

Ok... She comes back
when the train's not running.

She doesn't look like
she rides the taxis either.

That means she must be
working close by.

For someone like her
it must be a family restaurant.

That's correct


- May I take your order?
- Oh, yes.

- An order of chili cheese fries.
- Chili cheese fries.


Welcome! Here's the menu.


Sorry to make you wait.
Who ordered the junior burger?

Here you go.

Thank you.

Hello. Hi, I got
a package delivery notice.

Yes. I am wondering
if you can deliver it...

to Sugiura at Room 6085 instead?

Yes, Sugiura.

I think she will be back by 6:30.

Yes, sorry for the trouble.

Thank you.

I though she was pretty.
She went to work by train.

And I greet here later.
I wanted her to be my girl.

At that moment,
the train departure bell rang.

Hello, I got your package.

Oh! Thank you!

- I am very sorry for the trouble.
- No, not at all.

The thing is I am out at work
most of the time

so the delivery man said he will
just leave it with the neighbor.

- I am really sorry about this.
- Don't worry about it.

Did you recently move here?

Yes. I am sorry.
I didn't even let you know.

I am Kawase. Pleasure to meet you.

I am Sugiura.
Nice to meet you too.

- Sorry about that.
- Ok then, I will see you later.

Yes. Thank you so much.

- Yes.
- Ah, please take these.

Thanks so much for the package.

Eh? Is it ok?

Just sharing what I got.

A greeting gift
from the new neighbor.

Thank you.

Bye Bye.

How, how did you know this number?

It doesn't matter what you do...

I will be with you... no matter...



How did he find out
the new number?

This is weird.
Did you call the police?

Not yet...

I am scared, Yuta.

He said he's going to come...

- Don't worry,
- Just once a week?

- I will find him.
- For god's sake do it more often!

Damn it.

Hello? Yes, I would like to
place a request.

Yes, race queen please.


Sorry to make you wait.


Huh? Is that how it is?

I don't mind
but it is going to cost you extra.

Who are you?

I am Rena from Sukima Switch.

Sukima Switch?

Um, what is that?

I mean... but...

That's what people call a pervert.

I am becoming quite drawn to it.

So? You're living a quiet,
or should I say a silent life?

Miss Satsuki is becoming
the center of my daily routine.

I know more about her than someone
who share a room with her.

Well, yea. She's not
hiding anything behind that wall.

But you don't see
a girl like this nowadays.

She goes to work during the day,

and work part time at
the restaurant during the night.

She even sends money back home.

Don't you think that's admirable?
No way I could've done that.

That's true.

But, she comes back 3am
in the morning day after day...

when she finish her night shift.

Above all, I stayed up with her.

I get very sleepy from that.

- That's quite unhealthy.
- I can't agree more.

Oh yea.

There's one place where I keep
getting noise from the microphone.

Is it a malfunction?

How am I suppose to know? Come on.

But, there is only one place where
I can't hear well with the mic.

What do you think it could be?

Ask the master
of eavesdropping, Ono.

The debugger Ono.

Before, you know too don't you.

He places hidden mics in houses.

Later he goes to the owner...

and say something like
"your house is bugged".

After that he goes in and retrieve
the mics and get the payment.

He was the director of
the whole case!

At the end
he got caught for this fraud.

Your magazine featured this.

Now they say he's working
as a eavesdropper underground.

Yea, in that field
he's more famous than before.

Master of eavesdropping, Ono...

I can see your effort,

but normally shouldn't you
be using a wireless?

I was thinking about
saving up a bit...

This is because
someone else installed a mic.

Eh!? Who could it be?

That mic's radio wave
is interrupting yours,

creating the noise.


Hmm... Who could that be?
Satsuki is at work today.

He must be the one
who installed the mics.

It seems
he installed something else.

Let's go take a look.


Wow!? So this is
what the room is like!

It's different from
my imagination after all.


Ryo, here.

Ah, this is it?

I've seen this one on TV.

It's the type
you can place anywhere.

My magazine made a special report
on this type before too.

It seems
he's here to install this today.

What is it?

Wow, a hidden camera.

This type does not send off
strong radio signals.

That means he's not far.

Really? Is he a real pervert?

You're not
that much different either.

What do we do
with this and the mic?

Just leave it.

If we remove it
he will just install new ones.

That's true.

Let's move.

If we hang around for too long

he's going to be back
to check on the equipment.


That's it, there's no mistake.

Excuse me.

Do you know where the
Suguzaki Ichizen Ramen House is?

I am not from around here
so I am not sure.


I don't live around here
so I don't know where it is.

Ah. Got it. Thank you.

Yuta, you swine.


Oh hi.

- Thanks for the gifts from before.
- So you work here?

That's right. During the day
I work full time at a company.

But during the night
I work part-time here.

Really? I didn't notice at all.

I come here
quite frequently lately.

Eh? Really?
Sorry, here's the menu.

The canned crab from before
was delicious. Thank you so much.

No, it's nothing.

When you go out again,
please let me know.

You really saved me that time.

I look forward to my share.

I see. Next time
let's get Matsusaka beef.

Matsusaka beef? Yay!

Fried banana and cherry coke.

Fried banana and cherry coke?
Please wait for awhile.

"Patisserie Hiroaki"

Ah, Mr. Kawase

Oh, hi!

You have the day off today?

Today my work start
during the night. How about you?

I work till noon,

so I was working up
a sweat at the gym.

I see. Would you like to
have a cup of tea?

The cakes at Patisserie Hiroaki
are irresistible.

I know that store.
They're delicious aren't they?

So Mr. Kawase,
you work with the media?

That's right.
But under a small publisher.

I think I would feel easier
if you just call me Ryo.

Mr. Ryo, I am Satsuki.

Miss Satsuki.

During the day I work
for an importing company.

But I really wanted to
work with the media.

Really! You're kidding.
Working for a magazine company

you lose all of your free time.

But I am quite envious that...

you can get in a job
you're interested in.

Well, that's true.

To have play time and
work time merge into one...

is actually quite interesting.

So what do you do?

During work?

Meet all types of people
and gather information.

Do you meet anyone famous?

For us, we don't get the chance.

It's a pretty
old fashioned magazine.

Old fashion?

We don't have any luck with
the entertainment industry.

What exactly do you mean?

For example, introducing
the underground sewers.

- Underground sewer?
- That's right.

Normally you wouldn't
even think about it right?

But according to area
and its land,

there's actually various type
of underground sewer...

to handle
different kind of conditions.

Not a very popular field,

but some people think
it's a very interesting topic.

That's interesting...
And it's so true.

Isn't it?

Mr. Kawase, I mean Mr. Ryo.

I can't imagine you doing it.

Doing what?

Traveling to and researching...

every underground sewage
in the nation.

You can't just judge someone
by their appearance.

Do you travel a lot?

Well, yea, quite often.

That's nice.

Why? You don't travel
with your boyfriend?

Yea. He just got hired this year
and he's been quite busy.

So it's just not possible.

I see. Of course
you would have a boyfriend.

Though we've only
been dating for two months.

Ah, I see. Then you don't know him
all that well yet right?

2 months is the stage where you
really start to get to know him.

That's right.

How about you? Mr. Ryo?
Your girlfriend.

Me? I don't have one.

So Miss Satsuki's
already got a boyfriend...

What a dark life I am leading...

You said it.

If you date with me,
you will be able travel a lot.

You mean I get to
travel the waters?

Underground sewage.

It sure seems interesting.

Touring the waterways.

Underground sewage? Interesting?
You serious? It seems fun?

It's not fun?

It can't be.

I guess it can't be then.

That swine.

How are you?

I will get you soon.
I will have you...

What do you want!? Stop calling!

What are you doing now?

That freak.



Oh, what is it?

Could you come over today?

Today might be a difficult. I am
in the middle of work right now.

Something wrong?

It's that guy again.


It's seems like
it's getting more serious.

I am so scared, Yuta.

I really want to do something for
you but I can't get away today.

I will give the police a call and
see if they can send a patrol over.

I am sorry.

Don't be.

If anything happens
give me a call.

Being able to talk to you makes me
feel more calmed down now.

I feel alright now. Thanks.

I wish I can be with you
more often...

I am sorry I am not dependable
at a time like this.

That's not true.
You've been a great help.

Really? I am glad you said that.

Ok then, hang in there.

If you feel uneasy again,
give me a call.

Good night.

Good night.

Miss Satsuki,
that guy's dangerous...

Sorry to have you out during work.

Don't worry about it. What is it?

I am starting to worry.

What kind of freak
would do something like this?

He must be a pervert.

Excuse me.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Tibet style
spicy steamed dumplings.

Thai style spicy yakisoba.

Vietnamese spring rolls.

Spicy steamed dumplings,
spicy yakisoba, and spring rolls?

Will that be all?
Please wait for awhile.

So you're working
around here today?

I've been working with
30 companies since the morning.


But I can't handle it at all,
I am worn out.

Hello, this is Konishi.

Thank you, Mr. Isono. Is that so?

I am glad to hear it.
That's great.

That would really help me out.

I will be there in an hour then.

Thank you.

Phew, the client I was handling
this morning gave me the OK.

That's great.

It's been going well today.

I guess I should
go to the police after all.

Like I said.

Sorry, excuse me for a second.

Hello, Konishi.

Thank you. I am sorry
for troubling you a few days ago.

I appreciate it.

Regarding the goods
we talked about a few days ago.

We'll just go with it.

Thank you.

What was it?

- Don't worry, it's taken care of.
- I see.

Excuse me.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

Here's the spring rolls.
The rest will be here shortly.


- Delivery.
- Thanks.

You have a caring mother.
She sent you stuff again.

I will give you
your share in a bit.

Thank you!

Oh, and there's one more.

- Okay.
- It's moving...

You want to know what's inside?

- Eh?
- Come on in.


But I want to know...

Wow! Shrimps!

They taste great.
Take some with you.

I've never seen
live shrimps before.

Or should I say,
I don't know how to cook these.

It's easy, here.

It's okay.

Hey stop! Clam down!

Satsuki, help me out.

Watch out!

What is she doing?
Where did she go?

Ahh... That was great.

It makes me wonder what those
fried shrimps I've had before were.

Didn't I say that?

Wait, didn't you say
they look so sad before?

That's because they were alive
before you fried them.

Well, that's true.

Live shrimps and fried shrimps
are completely different.

They are.

Before they were fried
they looked like aliens

and it's just disgusting.

But when they are fried,

it's like "I know these,
fried shrimps, I've seen them".


You are good at cooking.

Well, I've been
living alone for awhile.

I got trained for it.

You don't cook often?

Not at all.

Eh? Why? It's fun if you try it.

Ahh... you seem to
get along with your family.

Well, yea.

For me, my family is
on the verge of breaking down.


When I was in high school,
a robbery case occurred in my area

At the time, my father quited his
job and was in the house.

For some reason
he was suspected as the robber.

Suspected as the robber?

My family was treated
as criminals in the entire area.

We got the stares, and my brother
and I get harassed at school.

But, the case was solved right?

They soon found the real robber
and my father's name cleared.

But due to this,

my father and mother divorced.


Wow, that's some
pretty serious talk.

It seems if you
have that happen once,

you just can't get back
on your feet again.

We moved and transferred,

and my mother was all drained out.


Wow, that's some serious talk.

That's tough.

But I can't see that from you
Miss Satsuki.

You seem cheerful

and it's hard to imagine you're
carrying all that on your mind.

It might be because
I try not to think about it.

I see.

But I won't forgive the police.
I hate them.

That's understandable...

You are strong.

When I talk with you, Ryo.

I feel I can say stuff that
I usually don't talk about.

Maybe because
you work with the media.

- Me?
- You're good at making people talk

Really? I am flattered.

Excuse me.


I'm in neighbor's room.

I was giving the
neighbor's package to him,

and he treated me to dinner...

Stop being an airhead!

I got some time now
so I will head over now,

I will be there in 5 minutes.


I will see you later.

Um... I have to go back to my room.
So I will excuse myself.

Ah, ok. Come again anytime.

It was delicious.
Thanks for the meal.

Good night.

Good night.

- Yes?
- Is this alright?

I know it's not Matsusaka beef.

It's Matsusaka beef! Or not.

Didn't I just say that?

But all these... Thanks.

Alright, come again anytime.

- Good night.
- Good night.


Who's that?

The neighbor I was talking about.

He gave me some of the stuff
he got in the package.

Oh? I see.

Is everything alright?

Eh? What are you talking about?

Ah, the phone harassment?

I guess I forgot about it.
Everything's fine.

That's good.

Huh? Stop.

Stop it!

Yuta, you're acting funny today.

You're the one who's acting funny.

Stop it.

It hurts...

Be gentle...


Don't be rough.

I know.

You're scary today, Yuta.

That's not true.

I don't want this.

You're interested
in the guy next door?

Satsuki, that guy's no good.

I tell you.

Damn it.

Good evening.

I am the one who's dating
Sugiura Satsuki next door.

Please take these...

I am wondering, could you
have sex with Satsuki please?

What are you talking about?

You've given her
quite a lot of gifts.

Tell me the truth, you just want
to have sex with Satsuki right?

I don't mind.

- You're an idiot.
- But, do it at her room please.

She will feel easier that way.

- What are you talking about?
- Please.


What is it?

Cut it out already.

- You waited?
- No.

- I got it. Taiyaki.
- Ah... That's good.

Thank you.

It's just as delicious as before.

It's different from
the others after all.

It used good red beans, and the
sweetness is right on the spot.

The outside is crispy,
and the inside is soft.

This will be it for awhile.

It's tough over here too.

I know.

You come here often
when you were little.


You don't remember?

You often trip over there
and cried about it.


You're such a helpless daughter.

Look who's talking.

The way they baked this
is good too.

It's probably because
they used good flour.


You're going back now?

It's a piece of cake till today.

Starting in two days
it's going to be hell though.

You're early today too, Satsuki.

I got early shift today.

Eh? You want to
go to dinner together?

Eh? Should I?

Okay! It's been decided. Let's go.

Let's go.

My mother said it was
all paid up a long time ago.

Okay, Hide close in,
close in, close in.

Kyoko, look frightened.

Over there yes. Hide, lines.

Whatever, just pay up.

That's not possible.

Don't make fun of me.

My mother said it was
all paid up a long time ago.

That old hag's...

That old hag's...



I know that old hag's lying.

But, it's surprising
you didn't turn me down today.


Because, usually girls
that have boyfriends...

have it pretty tough
in this kind of situation.

But don't they
at least go out for dinner?

Oh, really?

Isn't that the case?

Although I usually don't.

But you're such a charming guy.


Ryo, you've talked
about it before.

That the second month is when
you really get to see your partner.

I said that?

You don't remember?

Well, you said it.

Right now I can really feel
those words coming at me.

Oh, something good.

Isn't that a good sign?
What is it?

It's getting harder and harder
to understand him.

I thought he was
this type of person,

but recently
he's been completely different.

Seeing him like this
makes me uneasy.

I wonder if
I can still keep going.

If that's what you think
you should just quit.

Is it that easy?

I mean, isn't that a very
important part of the relationship?

If you are beginning to have
trouble seeing how you two connect,

then that's not good.

That's true.

There are many ways to make money,
and I am going to teach you.

I am going to teach you, so...

Please stop.

Before I sell you off you're
going to make some money for me.

Stop. Stop it.

Well, if I can't
get anything out of you.

There are others
I can get money from.

Like your boyfriend for example.

Give it back!

What are you doing!?

Bug off!


I see you've
got a lot of calls from him.

Yuta, phone call

Why is it me?

It doesn't have
anything to do with me!

Well, we'll just have
Yuta pay off everything.

This room...

I just can't shake the feeling
that I am being watched.

Don't you feel it too?

Something's fishy.

Who's peeping at us!?

I am gonna kill you!

...and I order a hot cocoa,

and what do you think
my friend ordered?

No idea.

A hot ice tea.

Hot ice tea... What in the world
is that suppose to mean?

I wouldn't be able to
understand that.

Ah, good night.

Good night. Thanks for the meal.

No, let's go again sometime.

- Good night.
- Good night.

What do we do with this?

If no one wants it,
I will take it.



I will leave the rest to you guys.

I am going to
get my share from Yuta.

See you.


This is a present from Yuta.

Mr. Konishi.

I have important business with
you regarding Satsuki Sugiura.

Mr. Konishi.

I'm not here!

Konishi, get your butt out.


Mr. Konishi moved out already.

I think it was 2 days ago?

Oh really?

I don't know what to do anymore.

The cell phone won't connect.

When I went to his house
I found out he moved.

I have no idea where he works.

He went missing and
I lost contact with him completely

Hmm... I don't know.
It seems like a mystery novel.

your left hand's index finger.

Using this kind of method
to shake me off.

That's so low.

Ok, thank you.

If I know he's going to do this,
I would've break up with him.

Ah. So annoying.

If he's that kind of man
isn't it just perfect?

You don't have to deal with him
and he disappears from your life.

Consider yourself lucky.

In fact, I think it's better
for you to thinking that way.


Hey, Ryo
do you find me attractive?

Of course.

- You think so?
- Yes.

Then have you ever thought about
having sex with me?

You are drunk aren't you?

Answer me.

Have you?

- Yea, I've thought about it.
- Eh? Since when?

Eh? Since when?

When we first met.

Ah... I suppose.

That's so dirty...

That means when I came here with
packages, you wanted to do me?

- You're too drunk.
- How indecent.

The thing is,

even though he breaking up with me
is still very irritating.

I don't feel sad at all.

I feel a sense of freedom.

That's right, maybe I am lucky.

Ryo, let's dance.

No, I am fine.

What is it?

Something wrong?

No, it's something with me.

What's the problem?

It's just...

you are different from
the Satsuki I know.

Isn't that a funny thing to say?

You don't know anything about me.


It's alright, I forgive you.

I am going back.

Don't worry, I am not mad or sad.

Good night.

Ahh... Good night.

Damn it.


What now?

What do you want?

Why do I have to
pay for your debt?

- Give it back.
- Debt? What debt?

Give my money back!


because of you,
my life is all messed up.

I want to screw you...

I want to screw you...

Yuta, don't tell me
you're the one...

It doesn't matter what you do,

no matter where you are,
we'll be together...



Such a pretty face.


Come on. Cry! Scream!


I got you... I caught you... See?

Someone help me...

- No!
- Cry, come one!

Cry, come one!

Get out, Satsuki. Get out of here!

So have you slept
with Satsuki already?

That's none of your business.

Did you make her lick?

Did Satsuki lick yours already?

Yea. It was great.
I made her do it the whole day!

What a witch.

Aren't you embarrassed?

What a shame!

Did you do her back?

Did you do her from the back?

Of course I did.

Back, top, whatever,
I screwed her over and over!

What have you done?


I am not going to
give in to your conspiracy!

You had sex with her!

You had sex with Satsuki!

Hey, that's no good, Yuta.

Out doing something like this...

Get ahold of yourself
and pay back your debt.

With that said, let's go, Yuta.

Yes, let's go.


- You okay?
- Yea, I am fine.

There's blood coming out,
what do we do?

- Don't worry, it's just a scratch.
- Really?

Oh man... He's really lost it.

He's crazy.

Ryo, I am going to
wash myself off.

When I am calmed down, I will
come back and properly thank you.

Got it.

Thank you so much.

Take it easy.

Ok. I will see you later.

So what did I tell you?

You're lucky
you broke up with him.


Satsuki! Umm... I... You see...

Let's begin.

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